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Sweet Bones Disposition: A Moment



Happy Monday, and Happy 1st Day of Spring! It’s the time of year for sandals and flirty skirts and tulips and pink lemonade and baseball and yes, I’m an optimist in the spring!  The point is, I hope you’re having a great day so far!

This “Sweet Disposition” series won’t be 8 days straight, but I’m guessing I’ll have it completed by the next BONES episode. To kick it off, I want to talk about ‘a moment’.

Sure, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ‘moments’ in BONES history. Some moments we aren’t even privy to, if that makes sense. I know I’ve sort of come clean about the fact that I used to resent when we would hear about a moment we ‘missed’ (for example, I wanted to SEE Parker and Booth come over and go swimming with Brennan!!! WAH!!!),  but with your help, I’m getting better at being thankful for them (at least we know it happened, right??!!!).

The point is, there are a lot of moments to choose from. But as I was looking over all of the pictures I’ve pulled for these blogs to see what jumped out at me, this picture caught my attention, and I kept coming back to it.

Pal Monisse once told me it was one of her main favorite B&B moments ever, because it showcased that they were accepting how much they did and could rely on one another.

And I have to agree. It’s almost as if Brennan is saying, “I never wanted to need to be saved by anyone, but if I had to be, I’m glad it’s you doing the saving.”

That is sort of…um…I’m not sure what the right word is, but I think Brennan might be offended by it? Haha. Too sweet, perhaps. Too romantic or fairy-tale esque? Too much like the climax of a Nicholas Sparks book? Haha, okay, okay…moving on.

I still think, despite the overt romantic notion of it, that the sentiment is true. Brennan did not want to need anyone, and in this instance, she literally needed Booth to save her life. I don’t think she resents him saving her. I believe she is genuinely thankful that he came to her rescue and saved her from being eaten by wild dogs. That scene is so grotesque and intense!!!  But on top of that, when her arms are around Booth and they look at one another, and then she hugs him tight, I always feel like it’s more than just thankfulness there. What do you think? Not that thankfulness for her life isn’t ENOUGH of an emotion to be feeling there…I just sense that there is more going on.

But let’s not get too hasty. It’s not all Brennan in this moment. I think if we agree with the statement that Brennan didn’t want to need to be saved, but if she had to, she’s glad Booth is doing the saving, then for Booth, we can create a similar sentiment. He never wanted to need anyone like this, but if he has to, he’s glad it’s her that he needs.

Yes? No? Maybe so?

Booth takes his job very seriously, but this was more than his job…this was taking care of his partner. As baby-ish as he was about his injuries (and LOL at the way he whined about needing more pudding!), he was in genuine pain, and he might not have left the hospital for just anyone. Not that he would have let anyone die, if he could help it, but he might have just called in a team, vs. going himself. He never wanted to partner up with anyone, but now that he has–that he basically had to do it (to be more successful), he’s glad that SHE is his partner?

Sure, they’ll still bicker and argue and not always see eye to eye, but right there…in that moment, I think they are both realizing that it’s more than just…whatever they previously thought it was.

What do you think?

Peace, Love & Bones



20 thoughts on “Sweet Bones Disposition: A Moment

  1. THIS was the exact scene that got me hooked on Bones & why it is my very favourite moment of all time. I saw a spark between them that made me think ‘here we go’.

  2. Hey I do like that picture (it’s my avatar at Bonesology; well almost), and I do love the moment. I don’t think she could have hugged him any tighter than she did in that scene.

    I hadn’t really thought about it before but what you described makes perfect sense. Yes Brennan would be offended at anyone suggesting she needed to be saved, but in that moment she had definitely acknowledged that she needed rescuing and I do think she was very happy that it was Booth who rescued her. If it were anyone else I really can’t imagine she would have hugged them…she’d be more likely to pull away and into herself in that situation with anyone but Booth.

    Booth thinking that if he has to have a partner, he’s glad that person is Brennan also makes perfect sense. It is a bit funny isn’t it that Booth has been teaching Brennan what is means to be a partner…telling her what partners do for each other; when from what we’ve learned he’s not worked well with others before. He didn’t want to be a partner; but with Brennan, someone who is not even an agent, but is a “squint” he becomes the quintessential partner.

  3. I think Booth wanted to go save her himself, because he kinda put her in that situation by forcing her to get protection from the FBI agent that now was threating her.

  4. Ah, I would say that it is definitely preferable to Brennan that Booth was the one who was there. As strong and independent as she is, she would not have liked showing her vulnerability of the situation with anyone other than someone who has been accepting of that vulnerability without minimizing her strengths. Booth, of course, had already demonstrated himself to be that person.

    I find this to be an extremely important moment, too – I believe it is the foundational moment that starts the chain of evidence that leads Brennan to have that faith in Aliens in a Spaceship that Booth will find them.

    I think for Booth, though Brennan might possibly mean more to him than the average partner, the fact that she IS his partner is all that it took for the personal responsibility to kick in and warrant him to go after her himself. Though we don’t necessarily see it yet, at that point in the series, retrospect definitely tells me that this is a pretty concrete (and not cement) part of who he is.

  5. I love the intensity of this moment. I’ve always thought that this was the moment that really solidified the whole “partners” thing for them. There were moments before that (Booth sticking the gun in the gangbanger’s mouth for instance) that kind of indicated that a shift was starting to take place, but this was THE defining moment, for both of them, I think.

    This is quite possibly my favorite scene, if not my favorite Bones episode ever, although I would NEVER definitively admit that! 🙂

    I can totally see Brennan being glad that it was Booth who saved her. And I’m definitely not seeing any evidence that she didn’t want to have to be saved – at least not at that particular moment (I’m thinking she’s just thankful that she WAS saved), although I could see her having second thoughts later after the adrenaline wore off!

    On Booth’s end, I do think duty played some role in his actions. He was responsible, however unwittingly, for putting her life into danger, and we know that he takes care of his own (too much sometimes). So yeah, I think he felt duty bound to save her. BUT, as has already been mentioned, he would have been justified at any point along the way, considering the nature of his injuries, to step aside and let someone else take over – Hodgins at the hospital, the FBI agents at the warehouse, etc. But he didn’t. Instead, he risked his own life (okay, maybe not his life, but he definitely caused himself a lot of pain…no, strike that, he went in without a vest so if Kenton had hit him before he hit Kenton, then yeah, it could have been his life) to save hers. That tells me that she was way more than just a “duty” to him.

  6. I love that moment too and I agree with Leesa about the spark it created ;). With this moment, I started to see them as a possible THEM and not only he and she (if that makes any sense). It took courage for him to leave his hospital bed while being injured and I do agree that he would not have done it for anyone else work-related. On the other side, she would DEFINITELY not have reacted by hugging a random agent saving her … No way!
    I think it is the moment when her walls start to crack. While wanting to be alone and thinking she deserved to be that way, that moment indicates her that on some occasion you might need someone on your side and that it is okay.

  7. Sweet Disposition has been my favorite song ever since I heard it in 500 Days of Summer when I saw it in theaters. And I’ve listened to the song at least once a day since then, usually more than once. Needless to say, I love the song. It gets me moving in the morning and lifts my spirits when I’m down. So I can’t even begin to describe my internal monologue (had to be internal, I’m at work, ha) when I saw this theme for the the posts. It sounded something like this: “WHHHHHAAAAAAOHMIGOSHTWOOFMYFAVORITETHINGSINONEPOSTSOEFFINGHAPPYANDEXCITED!” Yeah, something like that. With a lot more nonsensical syllables in all caps, of course. I always thought that Sweet Disposition was a perfect song for them, and I really wished that the song would play on the show, preferably when B&B were finally ready to be together and they slow motion ran into each others’s arms (only slightly kidding).

    Also, what a great moment. Subtle yet monumental, so much communicated in so few words and a hug.

  8. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this moment for three reasons.

    1. Up until this episode of season 1, Brennan has always been the “tough, independent girl” who doesn’t need anyone and can get herself out of anything. Seeing her so vulnerable (and very possibly in mortal danger brought out a totally different side of her–I actually considered what would have happened if Booth didn’t show up in time…and it made my stomach turn). What I remember very vividly is the moment Booth shoots the crook and Brennan (with her expression still frozen in horror, tears streaming down her face and all) looked at Booth…and OMG…it was INTENSE!

    2. How Booth had to get her bounded wrists off the hook by lifting her with his shoulders were, IMO, a BRILLIANT way for a “first hug” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    3. This moment was very “this is going somewhere” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. A couple of episodes before this episode came, we had already seen how Booth valued Brennan and was willing to threaten and possibly kill a gang leader to protect her. His fierceness in wanting to protect her had cropped up in The Woman In The Garden so when Two Bodies In The Lab came and Brennan was put in peril again, Booth really had no choice but to make sure that Brennan was rescued. Though injured, Booth had to make sure that everything was done to make sure that Brennan was saved and if that meant additional pain for him, then so be it. Considering how Booth feels about Brennan by this time and his anxiety that he may have been the one who caused her to be in jeopardy, well, he probably thought the pain was the price he had to pay to save Brennan from a situation he put her in. That seems to be how Booth is. He takes responsibility for his actions and the actions of others, right or wrong that is how he is.

    I know that Brennan considers herself to be very independent, and she really is; but, in this instance, after fighting with Agent Kenton and losing, she knew her life was probably over if someone didn’t find her. The look of terror on her face when she was gagged and hung up on the chain was pretty stark. When Booth shot Kenton and got Brennan off of the hook had to be pure relief for her. I agree with others that she hugged her rescuer because he was Booth. She hated to be touched by most people at this point and really was constrained when it came to interaction with other people; but, Booth had saved her and he was her partner and friend. She hugged him for comfort and relief.

  10. I think the semantics of the words “saved” and “rescued” as used in this context are important.

    Brennan doesn’t need to be saved, but in this instance she did need rescue and Booth needed to be the one who was there for her. Could he have handled it if someone else had rescued Brennan instead? Methinks not.

    Love this scene. Not as much as I love love love Booth digging frantically in the dirt in Aliens in a Spaceship, but still. Love this scene.

  11. It’s funny how the episode starts off with Booth being almost annoyingly protective and Brennan resenting him for it. He begins by intimidating her almost-date and then hovering over her in the lab. That her life was only theoretcially in danger at that point makes no difference to him; he still hovers, in an almost possessive (although entirely delightful) way. Brennan doesn’t like it-she feels that she can take care of herself well enough, and even harrumph’s a little at Angela’s “knight in shining armor” speech. She ends up at her apartment against her wishes with Booth in tow (she wanted to stay at the lab), and only then do we see a change in their dynamic. When Booth insists on staying Brennan could have kicked him out, but I think that she starts to appreciate the fact that he’s so concerned about her. She’s been on her own for so long now, unable to fully trust anyone and depending only on herself, that on some level it must feel good to have someone looking out for her well-being even when she’s not sure what he’s all about. So she lets her guard down a little and they have that giddy moment when they’re just being goofy and their chemistry kicks in-only to be interrupted by that inopportune explosion.

    I understand that part of the reason he leaves the hospital is because he feels guilty over accidentally putting her in danger, but even before he has his epiphany with Hodgins he’s already been in overprotective mode towards her. I honestly don’t see him going the extra mile like he did for someone else. Grilling their date? Sleeping over at their apartment? Telling the guy not to let her out of his sight? I believe this kind of uber-concern is reserved only for Brennan. Even if if her final danger hadn’t been caused by him, I’m sure that Booth would have crawled out of his bed if need be for her, just like he went back gun-in-hand to threaten the drug dealer. Without knowing it, he’s taken her on as a part of his life that he feels responsible for. And Brennan? I’m not quite sure what triggered the change that allowed her to rely on him so fully, but it had already begun at her apartment and developed more fully in the hospital. After seeing his x-rays she has her “evidence” and begins to understand that what he does is not just a show to impress her; he’s the real deal, the kind of person who puts others above himself. She can rely on him because he means it. So I completely agree with you that this moment “seals the deal” of their partnership in many ways: she’s allowing herself to trust another for the first time in a very long time, and he’s allowing her to become a lifelong part of his essentially lone-wolf existence. Sidenote: that end scene was so beautifully acted and heartfelt that it also “sealed the deal” for my obssessively wanting them to be together 4ever.

  12. I will go as far to say that I think Brennan being saved by someone else than Booth would have been damaging for both Brennan and Booth (and not just their relationship).

    At the point in our timeline when this happened, Brennan was not ready to show vulnerability to pretty much anyone, let alone someone that she didn’t know or trust. Needing to be rescued like this by a stranger would probably have given her confidence a hit and made her draw back in her shell even more than she already was. It would have destroyed her proces of opening up and growing emotionally. Like HH has said, it is extremely important for Brennan to not be victimized, like the people she gets on her lab table. That’s also where the karate classes and her love for guns come from (and probably a layer of her emotional Walls as well)

    For Booth not to be able to save his partner (whom he feels very very protective towards) would probably have killed his confidence. Especcially now that we know his selfconfidence and selfimage is more fragile than we knew then). Not to mention the feelings of guilt that you know would have eaten him. Imagine what would have happened had Brennan not survived this. It would have destroyed him in more than one way.

    Booth needing to lift her off that hook gave them both the perfect excuse to get some much needed physical contact. In a purely comforting way of course 😉

    The way this all played out (Booth being the one that saves Brennan) made it an exercise of trust for both of them, and moved their relationship forward, wich is why this scene is shippy heaven. I believe someone else saving Brennan would have had the exact opposite results.

    Maybe one of them being ‘victimized’ and needing the other will be what finally gets these two together one day (my little sniper theory right there)

  13. Another thing to add to this, is at the end of this scene Booth “needs” her to drive him back to the hospital. 🙂 I always appreciated the balance of their individual strengths and the balance of their relationship in this episode.

  14. I don’t know what to say other than…I love this scene! I sometimes wonder if it was at this point that Brennan began “crushing” on Booth. At the hospital later on, she unconsciously leans towards him, but has to scoot back, and she seems a little embarrassed about that.

  15. Ahh…this episode has one of my favorite Bones quotes in it…when Angela says…

    “Booth is a big, strong, hot guy who wants to save your life. I mean, you actually have a knight in shining FBI standard issue body armor.”

    Which of course is tied completely into my white knight syndrome theory but…I will save it! I do love all the points made thus far and really don’t know if I have anything else to add. I do think this is a turning point in their partner relationship though. Booth definitely seems to need to be the one to rescue Brennan and she is definitely relieved when it is Booth who does the rescuing.

  16. This to me was sort of the definitive, solidified Partners moment for them, as some others have said. I don’t know if this is going to come out right, but a lot of the “partner” things they’ve done before this moment, they’ve done…well, alone in a way. The partner stuff is coming together before this, but I think this is the first…together moment, the first moment where–I don’t know if I’m saying this right–they’re on the same page almost, like the first time I look at them and say, They’re a team.

    There are other moments that to me say “a partnership is looming on the horizon,” like the gang-member threat, like Brennan giving him her parents’ file–a lot of others can be argued as well. But this moment, they’re physically, outwardly on the same team. We see them clash on so many things–reason, truth, intuition, science, instinct, justice–constantly, especially in the first season episodes where they’re still “feeling each other up,” haha. But in this moment, that’s all gone–all she wants is to live, all he wants is to keep her from harm–neither one of them care how they do it. Even if it took one of them nearly being killed, they had a moment where none of that factored in, none of it mattered, and it was just her needing him, and him needing her to need him.

    Okay, I think I went, like, a hundred miles too far on this, haha, but I can’t help it. It’s one of my absolute favorite moments of the entire show, and I can’t help but imbue it with buckets of meaning it probably doesn’t have at all, hahaha…

    They always have–and always will–have their disagreements, their little, and sometimes big, bickering moments. But I treasure this moment in particular because it’s the first time they have to let down their guard, let go of all the little hang-ups of their partnership, and just

  17. Love this moment, Sarah. I absolutely love it. The only problem with that picture, is that it doesn’t show the seconds before that (which is one of my all time favorite BONES moments) when Booth tries to lift Brennan by her tied wrists, realizes he can’t because of his own injuries, so he tries again a different way, ending up with what we see here. Talk about your knight in FBI standard issue body armor…

    I love what everyone has said about the differences between Brennan needing to be rescued versus her needing to be saved. I hadn’t given that much thought before, but it makes total sense. I also agree with the sentiment that this is where the partnership started to coalesce.

    To answer your question about what else might be going on behind that look Brennan is giving Booth, I think maybe part of it is that she has been let down so many times in her life, maybe she’s realizing that here is someone she can truly depend on. And if that’s not a good basis for a partnership, I don’t know what is.

  18. ahhh! I just watched this episode yesterday! And it might be my second, third? favorite episode of season1. I do think it was a big turning point for them. I mean they were able to relax and have fun together (singing hot blooded in the apartment). But they also had each other’s back. Brennan when the fridge exploded and then Booth when he saved her. And then Brennan again when she canceled her date to stay with him. This was def one of those giant step forwards in our partnership moments.

  19. I just love this! 🙂

  20. I love you S…you know that right?! LOL

    But…that’s an awful lot being read into one scene.

    I agree that Brennan never would have wanted to be saved. I also agree that she’s glad he’s there to save her.

    But Booth….i think in that situation Booth would have got out of that hospital bed for anyone. If it had been someone else other than Brennan…man, woman, whoever and HE was responsible for handing them over to the bad guy? He’d have been out of that bed…his guilt wouldn’t of allowed him to not leave. The fact that Brennan is his partner is all it took for him to leave…and it would have been the same for whoever his partner was.

    It’s one of my favourite moments between them, don’t get me wrong. It’s when, for me, the spark from the Pilot was reignited. It had kind of been on the back burner but i started to see more than there partnership again.

    It’s also one of my favourite episodes…ever 😀

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