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Top Five Tuesday: The Stevie Wonder Method



So, you know, as much as I am about B&B getting together, I also (mostly) love the journey. I laugh at myself when I think back to season three or four or five, and all those moments where I thought, “They are SO ready!”  Not that I’m laughing in a mean way; I try not to judge my past self too much, because, let’s face it…there WERE several times when B&B were ready, and it just didn’t happen.

And I’m kinda glad it didn’t happen at those times. I really don’t want Booth and Brennan to sleep together/declare their love for one another/take those final steps…only to have them rescinded in some way. Or to have them break up in an unneeded manner.  It’s like…we’re too far into this for that kind of thing, you know?

I remember before the season four finale, someone interviewed HH on how he envisioned B&B getting together. At that time, a lot of us (And TV GUIDE) thought they would in EitB, but I remember HH saying he certainly knew what he DIDN’T want to have happen. I always wanted to ask him what THOSE things were, and to sort of see if what he was thinking matched up to what I was thinking.

I’d like to think that he has the same mindset, that once B&B give it a go, it will be forever. Not that they will never have troubles or anything like that, but that they’ll face them together. Not like Sweets and Daisy, not like Angela and Hodgins, not like any of these below five couples…who for one reason or another, inspire me to want B&B to wait as long as it takes.

Controversial? Well, you’ll tell me!

1. Penny & Leonard: The Big Bang Theory

Confession: I really, really, really don’t like Penny. The actress is great as her, but even from the start, the character made me cringe big time. If they want to have a show about the four science guys in their apartment, I would totally watch that over and over. But when the storyline moved toward Penny and Leonard getting together, I thought that was …not too terrible. However, now that they’ve broken up, and Leonard is with the lovely Priya…I find myself with the inability to even care that much about Penny and Leonard at all. I just want them to stop talking about it. I don’t want to get to that point with B&B.

2. Dana and Casey: Sports Night

To be fair, Dana and Casey never even actually GOT together, which is just one of the tragedies of this amazing show. I suppose that if it had been renewed for a third season, these two crazy best friends might have circled back to one another, but they never really got the chance. Things didn’t even necessarily end that nicely between these two, which just leaves a sour taste in my mouth sometimes.

But these two had SO much history; so much at stake, and so much to lose, and it just seems like at the end, they couldn’t make that final push, though neither one was very happy about it. I don’t want that to happen. Dana and Casey also quite caved in the peer pressure department, listening to Dan and Natalie in regards to the other. B&B have some peer pressure, but they also have their own time-table, and I like that.

3. Jim & Pam: The Office (U.S)

There was a time in my life when I would schedule my life around Thursdays and it had NOTHING to do with BONES and everything to do with these two. Now, this example requires some hand waving, as for the most part, the writers and show have done a REALLY great job with the Jim and Pam romance/life together storyline. The problem is…I’m just not that desperate to see it.

Sometimes I wonder if I’d be so rabid about BONES eps, after B&B get together. I’d LIKE to think I would (WILL) be, but the truth is that I haven’t watched two back to back episodes of The Office in years. It is casually funny, but I’m just not that into it. And if I’m honest with myself, it’s because I don’t have that fascination over whether or not Jim and Pam will ever get together. AND…that relationship isn’t even the engine that drives The Office, vs. our beloved show, where, let’s face it, B&B drives and the cases ride shotgun. So, I kinda don’t mind the B&B wait because I love the level of love I have for the show.

4. Luke & Lorelai: Gilmore Girls

Talk about must see TV for me! I LOOOOOVED Gilmore Girls. I mean, what modern day tv show makes a Court Jester reference?? One I love, that’s what! So when Luke and Lorelai got together and then broke up, well…it sort of fell to pieces. Christopher came back and Luke’s daughter came into the picture, and Rory was with Logan (never a fan of his!), and it just was never the same. I thought I would never really invest in a ‘ship’ like L&L again, you know? And then B&B came along (note to self: stop watching shows where the main characters have the same initials!), and I was hooked back in.  But just imagine that Booth and Brennan get together, and then Sully comes back and he and Brennan get married on a weekend away and Booth starts wearing the same backwards cap and flannel shirt everywhere, haha. That would be awful, for a lot of reasons. I actually like Sully, but the point is that if the writers are choosing between having B&B get together temporarily  or having them wait a little longer in order to prevent the need for any sort of other drama between them, I’d rather they wait. Just my opinion, of course!

5. Anne & Gilbert: Anne of Green Gables

Okay, so Gil & the Anne-girl aren’t exactly from a TV show, but they still work for this post, for me, because they were sort of my first all-time ship. At least, I can’t think of another one before them! But now, when I watch the movies or read the books, it’s so clear in the story, that they had a moment, and when they got to it, everything was good. There were several ‘possible’ moments along the way, particularly when Gilbert was ready for more and Anne wasn’t, but I think even he would agree that they both needed to grow and then come back together. And they CERTAINLY lived (mostly) happily ever after, something I want for B&B (by that, I mean the Anne books, and not that third movie that…never happened. I keep telling myself that). So like I said before, if it means it takes a little longer, I’m okay with that, because when it happens, it will be good as gold.

What about you? What other couples have you shipped or not? JD and Elliott? Chuck and Sarah? Castle and Beckett? Buffy and Angel? Darcy and Elizabeth? Fran Fine and Max Sheffield? Ted & Linda? A Grey’s combination?  How do those couples compare/contrast with B&B?

What I want is for B&B to get together for keeps. Like Stevie Wonder sings, “I believe when I fall in love with you, it will be forever. I believe when I fall in love this time, it will be forever.” You don’t have to take my word for it, Stevie will sing it for you, if you want…

Peace, Love & Bones,



89 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: The Stevie Wonder Method

  1. I don’t know anything about the shows you mentioned, so I am going to have to go with the ones I know. Like B&B, Castle and Beckett drive me crazy now and Mulder and Scully used to drive me crazy when the X-files was on. There are some characters you invest in and when you do, you so want them to get together. I like the couples that I know will not be an easy match. The ones that drive each other nuts, that bicker, that really believe in their friendship and really want to make sure that nothing will destroy that friendship before they move onto the next step and become serious. I don’t care for the couples who are oh so perfect together. I can’t think of any couple I know in real life that way and I don’t need the Cindarella story told to me for entertainment. I want the couple that worries about each other, that prizes their friendship over everything else. If you can’t be best friends with your husband or wife, then I don’t see the point of marriage. Thats just me. I am enjoying the journey of Bones, and of Castle. I want them to get together eventually and when they do I want what we have now. That friendship.

  2. I’ve never seen anything quite like B&B’s chemistry on television before–and this is the first time I’ve ever watched a show solely for that chemistry, rather than for a larger plot. I love that these two, all by themselves, are enough to make Bones my favorite show. Just by being who they are, they keep me breathlessly tuned in each week. I love the other characters, but B&B are my center. I was also a huge fan of Alias, but I watched for the plot rather than the romance–which is good, because Vaughn and Sydney’s chemistry always sparkled most when they were forced to be apart. Perhaps that’s because they were both fundamentally normal people (unlike B&B, with their hugely interesting flaws). I watched Alias because the plot twists blew my mind, so it didn’t bother me when those two were together and the electricity faltered–but had I watched for THEM, like I do for B&B, the show would have lost its appeal. Luckily, B&B are more complex individuals!

    That being said, I was a big fan of Lost, and in the course of a single episode (Flashes Before Your Eyes), Desmond and Penny became my favorite thing about that show. They were electric. Their story was compelling and beautiful and heartbreaking. I wanted them together so desperately. When they found each other, I literally screamed and began jumping up and down. It was beautiful and perfect and I don’t begrudge the showrunners for putting them together before the show ended–they had a LOT of story to tell. But after they got together, my joy turned to fear. “It’s too early for happily ever after,” I realized a few days later. “Something bad is going to happen.” I never want to feel that with B&B. I know they’ll have conflict, and I want to see them together before the show ends because I cannot wait to watch them get their wires crossed, but I want them to stick together through the conflict. I want them to be forever.

    And then there are couples like Shawn and Juliet on Psych, who are WAY more interesting together than they were apart. They’re cute and they just make sense, and now I can’t watch old episodes without wondering what the writers were waiting for. That’s probably because they didn’t give the couple a great backstory or character flaws to make their long separation believable. I am continually in awe of the Bones writers! If they have to play the tv game and keep their main couple apart, they have certainly done a great job of creating characters whose hesitation to date makes complete sense.

    In the long run, I think B&B take the best from each of these shows–their backstory is as electric as Desmond and Penny’s, their tension while apart surpasses Sydney and Vaughn’s, and when they do get together, I think they’ll be as cute and appealing as Shawn and Juliet. But I’m more than willing to wait, because when they get together, I want it to be forever.

  3. I will admit I was a shipper for 3 of the 5, you mentioned! Casey & Dana, Jim & Pam and of course, L&L.
    With regards to L&L, still makes me angry with the April and Christopher storylines. Though, I maintain L&L lived happily ever after in Stars Hollow. Still stings Dana & Casey never got season 3.
    > #6 Harm and Mac from JAG. it took 9 YEARS. Tension, trust, love, partners, and best friend-ness all there. Throughout this time, they tried to be together, just couldn’t make it work, but that sure as hell didn’t stop the love they shared for each other. IMO, totally worth the wait.
    > #7 Joey and Dawson – Ohhh the drama. Dawson loved Joey waaaaaay more than she loved him. She always just wanted to be his best friend. She was unsure of their relationship but always knew they wouldn’t be together in 30 years. I dig the Joey & Pacey togetherness more.

    • I just finished watching all of Dawson’s Creek so I feel obligate to say: TEAM JOEY AND PACEY!!! Woo! Haha! I was a Joey/Pacey shipper right from the start…mainly because I just LOVED Pacey and Dawson rubbed me the wrong way.

  4. Talking about ships here are we? *Cracks Knuckles, starts typing* Where to begin? First of all, THIS: “I really don’t want Booth and Brennan to sleep together/declare their love for one another/take those final steps…only to have them rescinded in some way.” This is one of my biggest fears for B&B I really just don’t know if my heart could take it. I agree though, I think once HH let’s B&B get together, it will be for the long run. We better not see any serious (or multiple *cough* Ross and Rachel *cough*) B&B break ups….

    I like to say I have Chronic Shipper Syndrome. Seriously. I am like addicted to shipping, so there are many couples out there in TV Land that I love to see together. However, the couple that started it all and is still my OTP is Mulder and Scully from the X-Files. I appreciated how Chris Carter and company handled their romance (for the most part). We waited about 8 or 9 years (!!!) to actually see M&S together, but it was worth the wait. And Chris Carter didn’t teases as much as Hart Hanson does, so it wasn’t really as painstaking, in my opinion. However, that also means with the X-Files, you have to look a little deeper to see the signs sometimes. It’s not a fluffy show; the love reveals itself in different ways. I liked that it was clear that M&S’s partnership had developed over the years into and deep, lasting friendship, and then into love, but it was fairly subtle. I approve. (I wouldn’t throw an alien baby into the B&B mix though… but a normal, human baby would be just delightful!)

    And I don’t even want to think about B&B being like Angel and Buffy. I am such a Bangel shipper and I am still upset I didn’t get a happy ending for them, but that’s Joss Whedon for ya! Darcy and Elizabeth? Any day! I love every bit of that story. It could be frustrating at times, but in just the right way! I am such a hopeless romantic…I’ll never make it out there in the real world. Haha!

    • Chronic Shipper Syndrome? Ha, I’d say I have that too. 🙂

      As for The X-Files, I think since Chris Carter had always pretty much insisted that they would not be a romantic couple it did kind of keep the shippers at bay (a little bit). I remember all of the demands on the message boards back then, the shippers wanting them together and wanting to see it on screen; the noromos insisting that if that happened they were out of there.

      I just decided that unless something happened onscreen to directly contradict it that they were already a couple but keeping it quiet so we weren’t seeing any evidence of it (this was before I discovered fanfic and all the possibilites there). Hey we weren’t with them 24/7 so had no idea what they might be getting up to when we weren’t around! And you know with everything else going on in the show that was actually good enough with me. Of course there were some episodes in there where something would happen to Scully and Mulder would barely spare her a glance…I remember things like that would get blamed on the director instead of the writer. With Bones everything seems to be blamed on Hart.

      Bones is just much more open in the shippiness of the couple and we’ve always definitely known that no they are not together as a couple, it’s not something that they are just keeping to themselves, so that has not been an option open to us to believe (other than fanfic of course). I do think that them being so clear on if they are together or not will result in a payoff that we never really got with the X-Files. We’ll actually get to watch them become a couple, be a couple, and grow as a couple. At least that’s my hope and if they do that hook-up just to break-up thing with B&B I will be throwing my shoes at the TV.

  5. Oh God….Dana and Casey. Many sleepless nights about those two. God, I miss Sports Night.

    And amen on the Penny and Leonard thing. I never liked them as a couple. It just never tracked for me.

    And as for B&B…I am so with you. I am willing to wait as long as it takes if we can avoid a House/Cuddy-like debacle. I want to see them just like they are now, only with more nakedness. Together. But if they’re just going to break them up…I can live with them just being good friends. I’d rather not have the Baked Alaska at all then to have it snatched away from me before I get to the ice cream layer.

    Patience is a virtue. For a good reason.

  6. Sarah, I have long believed this is going to be a Gilbert and Anne thing.

    HH used to write for Road to Avonlea – when I learned that I was just “oh, no worries! It’ll all be good in the end.”

    However, it’s interesting that you acknowledge your interest in the Office dramatically dropped after the Jim and Pam romance was resolved. While I don’t believe in the Moonlighting Curse, there is no denying that conflict and tension are what drive storytelling. If the main couple are not the source of those, it has to come from somewhere else.

    To use Anne of Green Gables as an example again – the books LM Montgomery wrote after Anne and Gilbert resolved their romance feature TONS of new characters and entire chapters are devoted to these people and their problems. Anne becomes a bit player in the books that bear her name. Critically speaking, the Anne books set after her marriage are the least admired and the least popular as well.

    I do believe that Bones will be able to tell some good stories after they get B/B together but I also think the show is going to lose some viewers and probably some mojo. There just won’t be as much to discuss the Morning After.

    If the show were still in its season 1-2 mood, which was more dramatic, I could see episodes in which the cases continue to highlight the work B&B must do to be a successful couple. The show does more comedy than drama these days so I expect so see grosser bodies, more bizarre crime scenarios and farcical situations like Double Death of the Dearly Departed or Maggots in the Meathead.

    • Oh, Barbara, what you said at the end scares me (and is a good point to keep in mind). I hope the show doesn’t get cutesy and bizarre and farcical after they get together. I want real, serious relationship moments that tug at the heartstrings, like EVERYTHING in Blackout in the Blizzard (which brought real drama for Hodgela AND B&B, but ultimately reinforced the love in each couple). I hope we see more episodes like that, and not a regression to season four.

      • There does seem to be more balance in serious vs. lighthearted episodes in seasons 5 and 6. Perhaps the writers found their footing since season 4. (that seems to have been the big transitional season among writers. There are very few writers from the first 3 seasons still around, besides HH of course).

        I just feel like we need to be realistic as viewers. The show still has a lot of masters to serve and if the constant question of will they or won’t they has finally been answered, something else will need to replace it as the promotional draw.

        As much as *we* enjoy those real, serious, relationship moments, they aren’t the focus of the show. Mystery and science and gross bodies are.

      • Barbara, I so agree with you about being realistic as viewers and the show having a lot of masters to serve. I know they appreciate their fans, but I get tired of hearing people tell HH how to run his own show. He has creative license, and I respect that he doesn’t jerk the show around always trying to cater to the whims of fans who don’t speak for everybody anyway. But I liked season 4 (can tolerate silliness more, I guess); only a handful of episodes were silly, but how can I hate the season that gave us an ice-skating couple-y B&B and a metaphorical sharing of scars?

    • To use Anne of Green Gables as an example again – the books LM Montgomery wrote after Anne and Gilbert resolved their romance feature TONS of new characters and entire chapters are devoted to these people and their problems. Anne becomes a bit player in the books that bear her name. Critically speaking, the Anne books set after her marriage are the least admired and the least popular as well.

      I’ve done a lot of reading about LM Montgomery, and part of the problem with the later Anne books have to do with what was going on in her personal life when she wrote them; her marriage wasn’t great and she was suffering from depression. The first three, Anne’s House of Dreams, Rainbow Valley and Rilla of Ingleside were written in succession at a happier time in her life. Stylistically they are all similar: the chapters have titles and if you read them in publication order, the whole thing feels much more cohesive then reading them in “order”. Windy Poplars and Anne of Ingleside, however, were written and published 15 and 18 years after Rilla was published.

      I recall reading somewhere that LM Montgomery’s publisher pressured her to write the last two, but I can’t find a source for that right now. My theory is that the pressure, combined with her personal problems at the time, account for the the stylistic differences – and the fact that they are not as loved as the rest of the series. She wasn’t a happy person when she wrote them, and it shows. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of WP or AoI, but I love, love, love the other ones and my copies are very well worn from repeated readings.

      • I have read all of the Anne books countless times and always heard that she was pressured to write the last book. That always really confused and sortof hurt me because Rilla is my all-time favorite book and was just so beautiful. I am tremendously relieved to hear that It was actually Anne of Ingleside that was written later at a less happy time for L.M. Montgomery. That explains the more melancholy feel of that book and Windy Poplars. Thank you for sharing that!

      • You’re welcome Loraine! I know how you feel about that – I had the exact same reaction when I first discovered that information. After finding it out, the two books made so much more sense.

        And I totally agree with you about Rilla. I adore that book. I actually read Rainbow Valley and Rilla before I read the other books in the series (though I had seen the movies). The end of that book has got to be one of the best endings of any book ever. There is so much “scope for the imagination” in it, and yet, it’s absolutely perfect on its own.

      • Thank you for the insight. I adore Rilla of Ingleside too, and remember sobbing profusely when Walter died.

        I remember reading that when Kevin Sullivan made the 3rd Anne movie, one of his motivations was to make a film about Canada in WWI. And I thought…why didn’t he just make a movie of RoI?

        Anyway, whenever I am feeling down about Bones, I remind myself that Kevin Sullivan did make the first two, excellent, Anne films and that HH used to work for Sullivan, on Road to Avonlea. It will all work out in the end.

      • You’re welcome, Barbara. 🙂 Trust me, you are not alone in sobbing when Walter died. I started crying when Little Dog Monday started to howl and didn’t stop until well after Rilla gave Una the letter. And then started crying all over again when Jem finally came home. And it doesn’t matter how many times I read the book, I cry all over again.

        I had the same thought when I read about the third Anne movie being set during WWI. Rilla was already set up for him. But he clearly had his own agenda, which is a real shame. Rilla would be beautiful on film, if done right and kept true to the book.

        I only recently found out that HH worked on Road to Avonlea, which is very cool. It was one of my favorite shows for a long time. Gus and Felicity got their eventually, I have no worries that Booth and Brennan will too. 😉

    • Oh see I think there will be just as much to discuss after they get together! Just like we’ve seen with Hodgins and Angela’s romance, there’s more to them than just getting them together! Now they’re dealing with a baby and what that means. We’ve seen their relationship reach an entirely new emotional level. There are lots of possibilities for B&B after they get together. Remember in FitF, Brennan has been tasked with telling Booth what Pops asked her to at the right time. This leads me to believe Pops could pass away in the course of the show. When else would be the “right time”? Brennan will have to help Booth through that! Or perhaps the entrance of Booth’s father! Endless possibilities!!! I agree with HH in that we should just sit back and enjoy the ride he’s taking us on through the lives of our two favorite characters. I like how the show has transitioned in phases from dark and serious to occasionally light and comedic back to some extremely serious moments. It’s just like life, you know? And it kind of showcases the B&B friendship. In the beginning, B&B really couldn’t relax around each other. Everything was case-related in terms of their interaction and serious. Over the years, they’ve built a relationship together. They’ve broken down barriers and can be relaxed together. It would only make sense that over time the show would display this transition in its’ tone as well. Also with Brennan becoming strong instead of impervious, she’s breaking down walls and interacting with people moreso now. She’s even telling jokes! I think this is just a phase that the show is going through because of Brennan’s current state of growth.

      Although I wouldn’t mind a return to more displaying of forensic anthropology every now and then.. But I guess that’s the anthropology student in me coming out… hehe!

      • I completely agree, tlm. I know I kind of insulted season 4 earlier because something about it doesn’t really click for me, but I do think that Bones ultimately works well as a ‘romantic comedy’ type of show. It has relaxed as the characters relax, and in the process, we’ve discovered new sides to the characters. I enjoy that. Episodes that make me laugh can’t possibly be all bad! And yes, I also completely agree that there are endless stories that could be told about B&B together. I just hope the writers have the courage to tell them. That’s my only fear–not that the opportunities are scarce, but that the writers won’t take advantage of them. I don’t want the show to deal with B&B’s coupledom by going any quirkier (or gorier) than it is now. I think it’s hit a good balance. I just think that some drama is necessary to keep things real. These are people who’ve dealt with a lot of difficult things in their lives, and they spend each day solving murder. It would be dishonest of the writers to discount that. A little bit of seriousness every now and then is important, and there’s been a nice amount of that lately. I hope the writers keep it up!

      • I see what you mean KM! And I must agree. I do hope the writers have enough courage to take the show to that level. Bones is unlike any other show, to me anyway. I hope they really do take it fearlessly to the next level. 🙂

  7. Of the shows ships you listed the only one I watched was Gilmore Girls and I absolutely loved Luke and Loreli together before they ever really got together. They really were awesome, then when they finally became a couple it was great. Then all of that mess happened with an unknown daughter showing up for Luke, the problems starting between L&L and I could just see it all falling apart and then when Loreli woke up in Christopher’s bed that was it I stopped watching. I hated it. I checked back in a couple of times but just couldn’t stick with it. I did watch the series finale, but I really felt they had destroyed something great there.

    Now about that season 4 finale of Bones. I was actually not looking forward to it when they started all of the talk about them beind in bed together because at that point I really didn’t think they were ready for that. Brennan and Booth were really way too far apart on what they believed a relationship should be for it to work, and I really do want it to be where once they are together that’s it; they are together for good. I just hate that together, apart, together crap. With this show, with these characters they can find other ways to create drama!

    I did think that as we were getting toward the end of season 5 that they were much closer in their definition of a relationship, but I guess those writing the show decided Brennan just wasn’t ready for that yet. Now as we near the end of season 6 things are looking like maybe they are finally both headed for the same place at the same time. I just hope the writers are teasing us.

  8. In 1995 (I was twelve) I got my first crush on a couple when the legendary BBC rendition of Pride and Prejudice came out (the One with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle). The only problem was that the story ends when their relationship begins ( Although it allows for endless fantasizing).
    I only knew the first three Anne books because those were the only ones available to me in those days. I only found out about the rest years later in a bookstore during a holiday to England. By then I could read them in English. I will always have a soft spot for those books. No one was better at writing gossiping, nagging, and loving women than Montgomery.
    Buffy and Angel were my teenage ship. Epic and utterly impossible. What teenage girl doesn’t go through the “swooning about the unrequitedness of it all” phase? Of course that had to end painfully. How could it not?
    After that I moved on to Gilmore girls, and the way that fell apart was not only one of the biggest television crimes ever, but it has also been my biggest fear for Booth and Brennan ever since. GG was one of the best television series ever made, and it just got destroyed. I can forgive Hart Hanson and friends for a lot. But if one of the following things happens it will be unforgivable.

    First: B and B get together, but HH and Co are so scared of boring viewers that they break them up again for something absolutely ridiculous (Like when Luke broke up with Lorelai because her parents were overbearing. Come on! Like that was new to him. And I’m refusing to talk about April)

    Second: That the show gets cancelled before they get a chance to finish the B and B story properly because they waited too long.

    They. Cannot. Do. That. To. Us.!

    Castle and Becket are entertaining bus basically B&B light. I don’t know any of the others you mentioned.

    Oh and thanks for bringing up the third Anne film. Here I was, blissfully in denial after seeing it a couple months ago. Thanks. Really. :-p

  9. 1st time writer. Sarah, I love your website and your writing on GMMR. I love the literary references, the psychological insights, the emotional connections. Thank you so much – your website rocks!

    Favorite ships: By far the biggest one was Mulder and Scully, and like many fans, I just ignore seasons 8-9 when they absolutely destroyed both characters.

    I also loved Anne of Green Gables, which I first watched as an adult. Everything about that show was perfect; the music, the scenery, the acting, the photography, the humor, the editing, and especially, the sweet story between Anne and Gilbert. Anne is not my name, but I use it when commenting on anything online. My middle name is Ann, but I decided long ago to use Anne with an E because it is more interesting. : )

    Our whole family adored Gilmore Girls until the whole Christopher debacle. Both GG and XFiles gave a quickie romantic resolution in their final shows, but there is no doubt that it left a bitter taste because of the shenanigans that preceded them. Still, without those positive resolutions I think their future sales would suffer. I have never watched Buffy or Angel and a big part of that is because I know in advance the romance is doomed. I like complicated stories and while I don’t always have to have a happy ending, if I am going to commit to a long series I do need to believe that it will work out in the end.

    Along with many other writers here, I don’t mind if it takes a long time for them to be a couple, as long as they stay a couple when it occurs. My teenage daughter finds all the complications that have prevented them from coming together very annoying, but I have found them to be mostly realistic. These are two damaged people who needed a long time to heal.

  10. Oh L&L! As someone who watched Gilmore Girls from the very first episode to the very last live on the air, I thought that L&L had killed me on shipping. 7 seasons only to have it end like it did? Seriously not cool. I know that there were outstanding circumstances in this case, you know, like Amy Sherman-Palladino leaving her own show (can you imagine HH walking away from Bones? God forbid) but still, the whole show fell apart when they did.

    When I stumbled across Bones (in between Seasons 4 and 5) I really did think about L&L in the back of my mind as I watched B&B interact. I never realized before why I wanted these two to work out so badly and why I take them being together so personally: Because Gilmore Girls scarred me for life. So I’m all for taking the long view with B&B, any step forward is okay with me, but I don’t think I could handle a break up. They’ve just been through too much, both together and individually to allow that to happen now. It wouldn’t be fair.

  11. To be fair to Jim and Pam, I don’t think the resolution of their romance is the only reason The Office isn’t a must watch show for me anymore. I’ll admit that the dance between the two of them was a large part of the reason I watched the show in the early days, but my waning interest in the show now has more to do with the fact that it simply isn’t that funny anymore. If there was anything negative about them getting together it was that they stopped teaming up together to torture Dwight (or at least they didn’t do it as often). I never understood why that part of their relationship kind of went away after they got together, because it certainly didn’t need to.

    The only other “couple” I’m familiar with from the list is Anne and Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables, but it’s literally been years since I’ve watched the movies or read any of the books (I know, I know, I’m a horrible person).

    As far as other couples I’ve shipped…I’m not sure I’ve ever wanted anyone to get together as badly as I want to see B&B get together. But I’m with everyone else – I’m willing to wait for B&B if that means that once they get together, they stay together (not that everything will be perfect, but that they will stay committed to each other through the tough times and not break up for some supremely stupid reason like Angela and Hodgins or House and Cuddy did).

    Let’s see, a couple other examples of relationships that didn’t end the way I wanted them to…

    I was a big, big Sawyer/Kate fan with Lost. I thought they had great chemistry and were pretty much perfect for each other. Although I could totally see the value in the Sawyer/Juliet redemption storyline, I was still a little bit ticked that it ended the way it did. Especially since I HATED Kate and Jack together. Although honestly, I’m still ticked about the entire ending, so maybe that’s not such a good example.

    Another couple I always wanted to see end up together (that didn’t) was Samantha and Martin on Without a Trace. Even so, I really was okay with the way the show ended (Samantha together with her baby’s father), and I honestly would have been okay with just about anything but Samantha and Jack Malone together.

    There have been plenty of other couples that I have wanted to see get together over the years (some did, some didn’t), but not nearly as much as I want to see B&B as a couple. The chemistry DB and ED have is…just…wow! ‘Nuff said.

  12. I hope no one minds if I bring my rocking chair in here, but I’m going to show my age here and go back a few years to “Cheers” and “Moonlighting.”

    The show that gets mentioned so often when people talk about WHEN?!? in relation to Brennan and Booth is “Moonlighting” because it failed so spectacularly after they slept together. Personally, I think that’s a bad comparison because there were a lot of other factors in play that brought down that show – not the least of which was the continual soft-focus on Cybil Shepherd that was just freaking annoying. Maybe that’s just me. Aside from the Vaseline coated camera lens, their bedroom romp coincided with Bruce Willis becoming Bruce Willis, Movie Action Hero. Shepherd also had twins and her filming time was cut almost in half, so they were rarely rarely on screen together. The show had worked so well because Bruce and Cybil fed off each other and suddenly, they weren’t ever together.

    “Cheers,” I think is more of a valid comparison. But if any of you are old enough to remember “Cheers,” the show was still really good and very funny after Sam & Diane started dating, with their basic incompatibility (except in bed) written into the storylines. The fact that they slept together didn’t kill the show or the chemistry between Sam & Diane.

    I’m going to fall back on what makes me happy – the remark Barbara (I think) made that this show is at it’s core a love story.

    And now, since you mentioned Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, I’m off to daydream a little about Colin Firth. 🙂

    • If you listen to Hart, he says he doesn’t believe in the “Moonlighting” curse, though people accuse him of it. Or they say he’s too scared. I don’t think he’s scared, I think he’s aware that it takes a lot of careful deliberation to do it correctly. I think it’s wonderful that he is taking great care to not just throw these two characters together because a heap of people want him to. He wants to make sure to stay true to the characters he created and do it an a manner that most of use can be pleased with.

      • The real Moonlighting Curse is that the lead actors were difficult to work with and hated each other. Bones will never suffer the Moonlighting Curse!

    • aw, thanks! And it’s true that I really do think what we are seeing a love story…albeit one that is played out against the background of murder and mayhem.

      I don’t see a plausible scenario in which B&B get together and say “oh what were we thinking!” because they either already have or are in the process of hashing out their issues. When they do get together they will know exactly what they are in for.

      It frustrates me to read some critiques of the show that say Hodgins and Angela are the more “mature” couple and the “real” love story.

      I think both couples are equally mature; the only difference is that H&A did things the usual way – fun, sex, love, deepening commitment – and B&B are doing it backward.

      I also think there is more than one kind of love story and as much as I disliked Hannah, I think her existence was ultimately good for the B&B relationship. Love that is tested and even waylaid, but then found again, is just as valid as love at first sight.

    • I agree with Barbara. Bruce and Cybil hated each other and their attitude came across when they acted together. DB and ED get along great together and it shows in their acting. If the chemistry is not there then all is not well with a show. That is why I really hate it when people talk about the Moonlighting curse. The curse was the actors not the show.

  13. Oh, and Angel and Buffy? Pfft. Teenage angst crush.

    Spike and Buffy, there’s your romance.. It’s too bad their moment came at the end of the world. 😦

    • I was never a Spuffy fan. I absolutely loved Spike and I really think that he loved Buffy, but it kind of turned into an abusive relationship and I just couldn’t get past that. And maybe it’s just the Bangel lover in me, but I don’t think Buffy ever loved Spike the way she loved Angel. I also don’t think Angel ever really got over Buffy. Cordy was awesome and there was totally something there, but it wasn’t the same. Just had to get that out. See? Hopeless romantic. HOPELESS. LoL.

      Also, Firth as Darcy? *Swoooooon* 🙂

      • I always thought of Spike & Buffy (Spuffy? LOL LOL LOL love it!) as more a Dom/Sub relationship than an abusive one. Buffy is a closet submissive – you heard it here first. 🙂

        I just never bought into the Greatest Love Ever! between Buffy and Angel. It was too Harlequin romance, too much the product of Angel’s tortured soul reaching out for salvation.

        Since this is Bones Theory not Buffy Theory, I’ll won’t go on. Even though I could!! 🙂

  14. Mind process: heard of them, heard of them, heard of them, heard of them… ANNE AND GILBERT! I have to say… watching the movies (this was before I read the books) I was a shipper. Then I read the books, and got totally confused because the movies got them together differently than the books (although I just watched Anne’s first rejection of Gil… and it’s so close to the 100th, it’s creepy, and not at all like the books). I could live on L.M. Montgomery books, though. There is a short story collection of her stories that is entirely made up of romances, and is called At the Altar. My favorite of those stories (of all of her stories, really) is “An Unconventional Confidence”. It’s one of those cute stories where the unexpected happens in the end, and it’s really great.

    OK… I have to admit that I “ship” books (and that is very loose) more than TV/movies because I don’t watch tv/movies much, other than Bones (and Castle, and the NCISs). I actually tweeted this last night… but I actually was someone that watched Bones for the cases/science. For years. It was only at the end of season five (and I mean the END of season 5) that I decided that I actually watch Bones for more than just the cases (even though I had been since then end of S4). I still watch for the cases, but it’s also for (mostly) the characters.

    You know who we need? Hercule Poirot. Seriously. The man is a gigantic shipper and set someone up in every book (at least that I’ve read).

    Actually, I’ve thought of one couple on TV for me — Sue Thomas and Jack Hudson on Sue Thomas F.B.Eye. It was a great show, ended too early. They were adorably awkward but also had a really strong friendship (plus some cute flirting moments). I never thought of permenance for them, though. I don’t know why. I just never did. Probably because I came in so close to the end of the series (about six episodes before it ended), and in the process, I missed most of the good moments when I watched early on — I didn’t know the history. With B&B, I started right off from the beginning, although I skipped season 2, and the middle of S3. Overall, I knew the importance of their history. A strong history. I do see a forever with them. I think. I hope. I’m not a future thinker. I’m a history major. I’m more of a past thinker.

    • Owl, I totally agree with you on Sue and Jack, and that Sue Thomas ended way too soon. I only discovered the show in reruns, but there isn’t enough of it for my liking. Another good show canceled before the magic could totally play out… But Sue and Jack are just so perfect for each other – I love watching the chemistry between them. (And it doesn’t hurt that Yannick Bisson is freaking gorgeous… 😉 )

      • I love the fact that you actually know of STFBE. And it really did end too soon. Seriously… with the way the last episode ended… there could have been so much more (plus that Tara/Bobby possible thing in “To Grandmother’s House We Go” — I couldn’t decide if I was OK with that one or not… Stanley was kinda adorable). *sigh* I’m STFBE nerding…. Haven’t done that in too long.

      • Because I’ve caught it in reruns, I haven’t seen STFBE in order, so I’m not sure which one is the last ep. I really need to watch them in order… but I really liked Tara and Bobby together; that had potential and they were so amazingly cute together. And there is nothing wrong with nerding about a show. Isn’t it why we’re all here? 😉

  15. Anne and Gilbert: first, last, and always. I grew up with the Anne movies (have not nor will I ever watch the third one!) and books and Anne and Gilbert are just an indelible part of me. I love them so much. Their story parallels Booth and Brennan in a lot of ways, and I love that.

    Pacey and Joey: This relationship carried me through high school and I love that the writers were smart enough to know the real thing when they saw it and let these two end up together. I didn’t expect them to and was so thrilled.

    Jim and Pam: In my mind, the show ended when Jim asked Pam for a date after turning down the job. I watched some after that, but for me that was just the best moment ever and I did lose the desperation to watch after that.

    Desmond and Penny: Just beautiful. Everything about it.

    • I totally agree with what you said about Joey and Pacey. I was happy that they realized that Pacey and Joey had the more mature, more lasting love that Joey and Dawson were lacking. It was a happy surprise for me…last weekend. Haha. 🙂

  16. I think that I am a serial shipper – perhaps I need therapy!

    My first shipping experiences started when I wasn’t even a teenager (see what I mean!) and were Moonlighting and Scarecrow and Mrs King. (I also loved Anne and Gilbert as a child but funnily enough I have never really thought of them in a “shipping” context until now.)

    (By the way, I agree on the Moonlighting front. There were a lot of factors at play there. Also, the relationship was a little different – they really were quite caustic to each other at times. It was more of a love/hate thing there. They weren’t the close partners/friends that B&B are – B&B are much more like Scully and Mulder who were really already a couple before they were a couple.)

    In the nineties, I loved Ross and Rachel in the first 2 series until they turned Ross into an idiot. I loved Clark and Lois and Doug Ross and Carol in ER and Maggie and Joel in Northern Exposure.

    I then moved on to Scully and Mulder who probably are my all time favourite couple and that’s when I started to realise I was a bit of an obsessive when it comes to these will they/won’t they relationships.

    There was then a year or so when I was a Kate/Jack fan – but I think that ship was probably the most one sided as I just really fancied Jack/Matthew Fox. Kate, I could take her or leave her.

    So, that brings me on to Bones. It is only on satellite in the UK which I don’t have but I had read about it – and someone had compared it to the X files in terms of the UST dynamic – so I thought, sounds like it is for me. Conveniently I moved back in with my folks for a few months whilst having some work done at my house who have satellite and I caught a couple of episodes. I was hooked straightaway. I think Bones could work with B&B as a couple provided that they keep the banter and the cases are strong enough. Hey, Hart to Hart was quite successful wasn’t it….!

    For now, I am trying to hold myself back from getting into Castle. That could just send me right over the edge…!

    • I agree about Kate/Jack. For me, it was all about getting with Matthew Fox! 🙂 Once Kate got caught in the net with Sawyer, I wasn’t as invested, but am still pleased they ended up together.

  17. I think Beckett and Castle are very similar to B&B in a lot of ways, and that is why I love that show too. They haven’t gotten together yet, but oh boy what chemistry they have! They have shared one kiss and that just made me want to see more. They have also, just like B&B, both admitted their feelings for one another (maybe not out loud but still). Love love love that kind of relationship, that grows sloooowly, even though it drives me crazy. Also loved Lois&Clark, which is what drew me to both Bones and Castle.

    I am also a big fan of Fringe, but now that Peter and Olivia are finally together, for real, that only means that something will tear them apart. We know that the other Olivia is pregnant with Peter’s baby so there will come a time when everything will fall apart. Awful.

  18. To be honest, I’m not a habitual shipper. Most romances leave me cold because in the shows I watch I don’t think the relationship is developed enough or I just can’t see them working out in real life. Besides, I’m not naturally inclined to fall in love with ‘ships. Hell, to be honest I’m not sure I would even call myself a B&B shipper. It’s not the main attraction for me, analysing their every gesture is tedious to me, and I haven’t even ahted any of the other characters B&B have been involved with. But I do want the eventually to happen, I think they are almost at a point when they are actually ready and I think they could actually work as a couple. That’s a testament to the development, writing and acting of this show and why I love it so much.

    Here are some ‘ships that have managed to capture my heart:

    JD&Elliot: I think they’re are great together, a lot of fun and once they grew up and matured they worked together really well. I loved the S8 finale and their last episode on S9.

    Angel/Cordy: My OTP, now and forever.It’s just such a beautiful and well developed story to me, a couple who start as almost strangers, become collegues, then friends, then best friends and in the end fell in love. I know lots of my fellow shipper hate how it was handled, whether it’s in S3, S4 or S5 but I love it all. I think the way it was developed in S3 is perfect, S4 is tragic and heartcrushing (and yes mess up, but that’s the kind of girl I am) and S5 shows perfectly just how much Angel needs her. You’re Welcome is an episode that never fails to make me cry but I still love all of it. They are so perfect for one another yet they never got the chance. Excuse my, while I go cry a bit. 🙂

    Luke/Lorelai, Rory/Logan: I remember liking both pairings but it’s been years since I watched the show so don’t know what my current feelings are.

    ‘Ships I don’t like:
    Buffy/anyone: She has an annoying habit of sucking the life out of her boyfriends. Angel is barely 2 dimensional when he’s with her, Riley systematically lost everything else he had going for him and Buffy didn’t even love him (enough) and Spike S7 makes early Angel look like the most interesting character ever. I don’t really have a problem with Spike’s arc but he’s so boring in S7. All 3 of them are so much better off without her.

    Castle/Beckett: I don’t really see a reason why they wouldn’t get together. I just saw the Dana Delaney episodes and Beckett makes a comment about how ‘it’s complicated’ when DD asks why they aren’t together. I’m not really seeing what’s the complication. Maybe I don’t pay enough attention, but I don’t get it. (I’m on S2)

    Mulder/Scully: Maybe I don’t get the chemistry because I never found them to be that interesting.

    • Oh, I forgot one: Paige/Lucas from Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Other World books. She has lots of great different realtionships, and I love many, but P/L’s my fave.

  19. I loved David and Maddie on Moonlighting-no wonder people still talk about the show; those two were on fire the first two seasons, only to crashland in the third. I agree with Sue that while they had great sexual chemistry though, the characters were never developed as friends so that when they got together there was nothing to actually keep them that way. And then the real curse began, perpetrated by the showrunners: the ridiculous obstacles to break them up, including her ending up pregnant with another man’s baby. Talk about a romance killer. Maybe they were trying to reset the characters to season 1, but we all know they didn’t get there. This happened on Lois and Clark as well; so many weird and seemingly endless things happened before the wedding that people began to tune out, never to return.

    I’ve wondered (haven’t we all) about whether B/B could keep the audience invested in their relationship if they slept together. I say yes because they have so many issues to work through even while in a relationship; things that I at least would love to see played out. There’s religion, finances, kid discussions, his overprotectiveness, her independent streak, on and on. Tension keeps us watching, and I don’t think B/B are in danger of running out of that any time soon, whether separate or together. Whatever happens, I absolutely want them to end up together and I want to see what that is like. And like so many other posters, once they get together I don’t want them apart, ala Ross & Rachel or Buffy and Angel. Those relationships still smack of betrayal to me and if it wasn’t for Monica/Chandler, Jim/Pam and Joey/Pacey I might have given up already on the notion that any tv show is ever going to give us shippers a break. And I would like to say something nice about HH and Co.; he’s always said that he wanted character and relationship development to feel organic and not totally manufactured. As frustrating as it may have been, I believe he has accopmplished that so far. Given the ratings (and despite the vocal negative tribe), I suspect others may feel like I do. I still care very much about what happens with my fave couple, so HH couldn’t have been totally off the mark.

  20. Buffy and Angel? I hated the fact that I wanted them together because they were AWFUL together. So happy when Cordy became a viable possibility (although, not really, of course, with the curse and all), but then, well – that was very sad.

    Ross and Rachel -did not like. Monica and Chandler? LOVE. And this is what I see with Booth and Brennan. Deep friendship which will equate to a healthy, strong, mature relationship. I am in absolute agreement that it would be horrible to bind them together, then rip them apart at some point in the future. Ick. From all I have heard about Gilmore Girls, I don’t think I can get myself to even start watching that show.

    Without a doubt, when you take away the sexual tension and anticipation, things on a show change. However, the way things stand now, I could find myself very frustrated if, for some reason, they waited until the end of the series to bring them together romantically. The magic between Booth and Brennan really does embrace their differences. Their bickering will not change. Their debates will not change. Their competition and one-upsmanship will not change. All of the many things they have in common will not change.

    Inasmuch as I think Gilbert and Anne could have come together sooner – so too, could B&B – certainly by the 100th, no? However, I do not begrudge the journey, as it is still excellent rising action in a continuous plot cycle. As an incomplete story, I’m still on the ship.

    • Guh, I guess I ‘ship more than I thought because I forgot Monica/Chandler! They were great!
      And I’n glad you can at least acknowledge that B/A be awgul together. I can kinda get why people would like them Angel’s a pretty perfect boyfriend when it’s the only role he has, especially to romantic teenager, but they just were not good. Both were much better apart.

      • I loved the Angel/Buffy episodes; but, I agree that they were terrible together. Angel lost out everytime he tried to make it a go with Buffy and he finally had enough and walked away. For a teenage girl, she had way too many problems for Angel to overcome. I loved Angel with Cordy though. I just wish they had not brought in Conner and had Cordy and Conner get together. I really hated that. Of Course, Cordy was not Cordy; but, we didn’t know that for quite a while. Oh Well. As long as they don’t mess up Bones like that.

  21. It doesn’t matter how many times I read Anne of Green Gables, I still want to yell at Anne when she tells Gil no. And then I cry my eyes out when she thinks he’s dying and holds her vigil at the window, then gets the word from Pacifique Boute that Gil is going to be okay. And then I cry some more when they get their moment. It happens every damn time. I know I’m a hopeless romantic, but I don’t care. 😉

    I wish that someone would do a real adaptation of the first three Anne books on screen. The first Kevin Sullivan film is okay, and I love Megan Follows and Colleen Dewhurst and Jonathan Crombie, but after that one, it all kind of turns into fanfic, I like it for what it is, but other than Anne and Gil’s kiss, I really just don’t love it. (And Sarah, I am in perfect agreement, the third one should not ever be mentioned. EVER. Gah. Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen.)

    Anyway… I love the parallels between B&B and Anne and Gil. And until I came here to BT, I had never even considered them, but now that they’ve been mentioned, I totally see them. Anne and Gil finally had their moment when they were both ready, and it gives me hope that B&B will too. When they are both ready.

    I hope that B&B’s moment is not “diamond sunsets and marble halls”, I hope it’s a sweet and simple “I just want you” moment, akin to “Love Takes Up the Glass of Time” in Anne of the Island. (Can you tell I’ve read it a lot? 😛 ) After everything that that B&B have been through, I kind of feel that a huge grand moment would be almost too much. And perhaps it would be even a little bit anticlimactic to have an “I just want you” moment, but I think I’d be okay with that. Especially after Blackout in the Blizzard. I just really hope that we get to see them as a couple, because I think it’d be fun to watch them work out the “couple stuff” while they’re still solving cases.

    As for my other shippy fandoms:

    I’ve been watching Castle from the start (longer than I’ve been watching BONES) and while I ship Castle and Beckett, I think they still have a ways to go before they are ready to be together.

    One of my all time favorite ships is Laura and Mr Steele from Remington Steele. Talk about your UST… Those two probably didn’t invent eye-sex, but they did it really well.

    I always liked Jack and Sam on Stargate, but I’m kind of glad that never went anywhere beyond the AU/time travel scenarios (God bless sci-fi) and the longing looks and eye-sex. It would have just been weird if they were together in the “real world.”

    I’m totally shipping Annie and Ben on Covert Affairs and I can’t wait to see what they do with that. And the chemistry between Justin and Kate on Fairly Legal is awesome. USA really knows who to do a good character driven show.

    • Wait… you know STFBE AND you have read the Anne series (and I agree about the movies, REAL adaptations would be amazing… I’ve actually never watched the third on purpose)?!? Please tell me that you’ve read more LM Montgomery books. I… kinda own a copy of everything but the book that was just published posthumously and her journals and two poetry books.

      • LOL! Yep, I know STFBE, have read the Anne series, and I’ve read other LM Montgomery books, too. Admittedly, I have not over-read her other works like I’ve over-read the Anne series (and it has been a long time since I last read any of her works) but I have The Blue Castle on my re-read list… which will happen when I’m done reading Kathy Reichs’ books.

        I don’t own as many of LM Montgomery’s works as I would like and have them on my “need to round out my collection” list, but I do love her stuff. In high school, I read anything of hers I could get my hands on. I have volume one of her journals, and I have an Annotated AoGG which I love, but I don’t have any of her poetry or the posthumously published book.

        And good call on not watching the monstrosity that was the third movie. It was a complete train wreck. Save yourself the headache. It really is terrible. I only finished watching it because it was SO bad, I needed to know how it ended just so my brain wouldn’t implode. 😛

  22. Anne and Gilbert! I loved all these books.
    But I was raised by a “shipper” – loved Scarecrow and Mrs King and how about Remington Steele! Loved that one. Biggest problem these shows had was when they put the relationships first and left everything else to go away. That’s why I would really love the cases to get more dramatic, serious and more complicated while they work on the relationship.

    Book that did it well though – Naked in Death. Great romance where after the 2nd book their married. This reminds me so much of B&B that I want to send Hart the whole set.

    • Oh, I so heart the “In Death” books. Every once in a while a story will pop up about a movie or TV show being developed and who’s being cast as whom and I’ve yet to see an Eve Dallas or a Roarke that meets the vision in my head.

      But you’re right – Eve and Roarke are a perfect description of a partnership that is still fascinating.

    • Ah! I forgot about Scarecrow and Mrs. King!!! My mom actually named me Amanda because she liked how Bruce Boxleitner said the name. I think my mom was a secret shipper! lol.

  23. Oh man, Anne and Gilbert were definitely my first experience with shipping. I couldn’t really get through the books as a kid, but I loved the movies (and at 28, I still have an annual movie marathon on a rainy Saturday). I love the way their friendship and then their love blossomed, and how their story ended, though I always wished I got more than a few seconds of closing credits to enjoy the conclusion of their story. Watching the scene where Anne runs after Gilbert’s train to say thank you and goodbye. Ugh, kills me, in about the same way that the Bones Season 5 finale did.

    As for tv shows, I am just now watching Gilmore Girls on dvd for the first time (currently on season 3), and I’ve heard what generally happens with Luke and Lorelai, so I’m mentally prepared, though there are other aspects of that show that I really enjoy even more than shipping their relationship.

    I was really into Dawson’s Creek, and I was always team Pacey, so I was very happy with how that show ended. At the same time, I was very into Felicity, and the whole Noel vs. Ben thing. The show jumped the shark a bit in the final season with alternative reality dreams and such, but I was always a Noel fan, and was disappointed that Felicity ended up with Ben.

    Ooh, another example from my childhood: Angela and Tony on Who’s the Boss.

    Bones is the first show that has inspired me to engage with its online fandom (and that’s how I learned the term “shipping” a few months ago), and so it is probably my most intense ridiculous fascination with a fictional couple.

  24. I totally agree….When they get together I want it to be forever. I know they will have problems and I can’t wait to see them. I love where the show is at right now. I DID not want them to get together in the blizzard. I just thought it was too early for Booth. I want them to get the friendship back. The bickering, the deep connection. Then they take it from there.

    Love your post as always and I believe when Brennan goes all in she will go ALL IN…and I think Booth knows he can’t go all in right now so he is telling her he needs time….Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  25. I forgot to say that I agree with everyone that the 3rd Anne of Green Gables movie should just be ignored, it was a blatant attempt to make money regardless of the actual story line.

    I too love the In Death series by J.D. Robb. They are a spectacular couple who manage to maintain the romance in spite of being married. A big part of why I like that series, and Bones, Gilmore Girls, and Anne, is because of all the wonderful secondary characters.

  26. I have to be honest, i am a big fan of angel and buffy and since i’m ony 14 the only reasn why i know about those shows is through being a fan of DB. so when i started watching buffy i only watched to see the buffy and angel scenes, and i still only watch for those scens becaue thts the only parts that i really want to watch most of the time. I think if i was 14 back then though, i would have enjoyed all aspects of the show and would have continued to watch even after angel left. I don’t want to be so negative so i will say that they were realy great actors and am a total shipper for buffy and angel.

    Since you mationed JD and Elliot, i think them going out and breaking up didnt affect much of the sow for me because to me the show was mostly about the comedy and after they broke up they still had the comedy factor in it. I still shipped them befoe and during the time they went out but it wasnt the main f ocus of the show as it is on bones.

    Now hen it comes to bones i completely agree with you. I dont mind wating becasue hey are what drive the show. Like a certain sheppard said in a certain show (Firefly): “to me it doesnt matter so much as where i go, but HOW i get there”
    I think that is very important. We al want hat momentto happen when they just cant resist and go for it and end up together, but it wont mean much if they have only know eachother for a week. It wil mean so much more if they have kow eachother for 6 years and throughout those years there has been thata undelying sexual tension. I think that is Hart’s plan and i love it. That is what makes B&B so different from the other couples.

    Side note: i am not a huge fan of Castle but i am still interested to see how the creator of that show will come about
    bringing those too together.

  27. *Castle spoiler alert* How cute that you talk about shipping the day after Castle brings up “shippers” in the script and even uses “Esplanie” (Esposito/Lanie) which is the ship name, I believe the fans came up with! 🙂 Honestly I think my first ship was Luke and Laura on General Hospital when I was a kid. Now the age difference seems a bit pervy to me. 🙂 I loved Maggie and Joel on Northern Exposure, Remington Steele. I was a Ross and Rachel shipper, a Chandler and Monica shipper and a Joey and Rachel shipper. I initially was a Spike and Buffy shipper because I started watching in S4 and I LOVE Spike, but when I went back and watched earlier episodes of Buffy and episodes of Angel I became a Buffy/Angel shipper as well. Just another weird contrary thing about my personality. I ship Buffy and Angel when I’m watching them together and I ship Spike and Buffy when I’m watching them together. I like how the “after” fan fiction sometimes has Buffy with Spike and sometimes with Angel. I also shipped Cordy and Angel after watching Angel. I know. I’m “complex”. 🙂 Castle and Beckett is an obvious ship and I have to say I find myself shipping Ryan and Esposito because have you seen how freaking adorable they are together? 😉 I loved Kate and Jack because I love Matthew Fox. (I just want to lick the screen when he’s on it ;)) And I never got past mid S2 of Lost… I watched one episode of The Office with Jim and Pam and badgered my stepson to tell me what happened between them! So now I need to go back and read the Anne books because I haven’t read them in 20-25 years… Can someone tell me which books are just depressing and I will avoid those? 🙂 I suppose I’ll have to start reading the JD Robb novels now too! I am a huge Nora Roberts fan I just have trouble with her mysteries because the violence freaks me out… More and more as I get older… I am just a hopeless romantic. It’s probably the only optimistic part of my personality. I might as well enjoy it. 🙂 I agree that when B&B get together, they need to stay together. Anything else at that point is too soap opera-y for me and seems false and contrived.

    • I use a lot of :)’s apparently. I am not a fan of LOL…

      • You really should finish LOST if you can. Jack’s hair gets better and better. Oh, geez, I love Matthew Fox! And Jack’s story becomes something very beautiful.

      • You really should. As a Jack/ Kate shipper there are lots of good moments throughout the other series and the finale is very touching. I actually saw Matthew Fox in the flesh last week – he is in a play. He was playing a role that was definitely not Jack and he had a dodgy beard so not so ogle worthy but he was fantastic, very charismatic.

        I suspect we are unlikely to get David B on the London stage but maybe Emily some day! (Sorry, off topic!!)

      • I might finish Lost. My stepson would be so pleased as it is his favorite show ever! Oooo. Matthew Fox on stage! I would enjoy that. Did you see the interview where ED and DB talked about doing a Vegas show after Bones? That’s what I thought of when I read that! 😉

      • I love the whole Jack/Kate angle, although i didnt like kate with sawyer so much, i dont know, i love sawyer but at the same time i feel so sympathetic for Jack because of his whole past. Like he’s the good boy and sawyer’s the bad boy in all of this and i dont even know how to explain myself, i just like jack and kate better. I remember when sawyer and kate were stuck in the cage and they satisfied their biological urges, man i was screaming at the tv because i really really wanted to see her and jack! But im still on season 5 and havent finished it, cant wait to finish it, but i have too many things going on right now (that and i also dont have netfix anymore :() So yeah, what do you guys think about kate and sawyer? am i the only one who didnt like them together?

      • Daniela – as I stated in my comment above, I was a big Sawyer/Kate fan (judging from the responses here, maybe I was the only one!?!). I absolutely hated Kate and Jack together and always thought she and Sawyer were a much better fit (plus they had awesome chemistry). “You taste like fish biscuits” is probably my favorite Lost line ever. 🙂

  28. No one has mentioned them yet; but, I liked Malcolm and Zoe on Firefly. They were best friends and very loyal to each other. The odd thing about them is Zoe married Walsh; but, still remained with Malcolm on his ship as his second in command and she was still almost fanatical about how loyal she was to Malcolm. If the series had made it past season one (and since Walsh was killed in the movie) I always thought that Malcolm and Zoe might cross the line and marry. Their dedication to each other is very Booth and Brennan like.

    • But Malcolm was in love with Inara, and she with him. The stumbling block there was her career. Now the episode where Wash finally broke out with his jealousy over Zoe and Mal’s relationship was good. Him saying that he wished they had slept together in the past so it’d be out of their systems and he wouldn’t have to worry about the missed opportunity thing was excellent (of course the fact that Mal and Wash were being tortured at the time made it just so much a Firefly moment).

      I think the thing with Mal and Zoe really was the fact that they had faced so much together in combat, had been through so much that what was between them just would never fit into a romantic relationship. But yes there was definitely something that got Wash upset, because Zoe followed Mal unconditionally (and called him Sir!).

      • Oh! I have a granddaughter due to be born any day now and my son and his wife are naming her Lily Inara. Now I know where that name came from.

        This blog is good for so many things! 🙂

      • But, I figured since Inara wasn’t going to give up her career and Walsh was dead, Malcolm and Zoe may get together. When Walsh showed his jealousy during that torture scene I figured he knew something we didn’t and after that I was interested in Malcolm and Zoe as a couple. Poor Walsh. Even though Zoe could really blame Malcolm for Walshs death, Zoe still stayed with Malcolm. I just thought there had to be something between them.

    • I agree, after watching the epiosde war stories, it was obvious that Malcom and Zoey had something going on. I dont know what i would have thought of that before because War Stories happens to be the first episode that i saw of firefly so im not sure whether or not they hinted those thing before that episode. It was quite obvious that they were trying to work a Malcon/Inara angle and i liked it because of the fact that Inara is a companion and her job is to basically hook up with other guys, so commitment is sort of not her thing (kinda like Brennan :)) and Malcom is a loner in some ways whetehr he chooses to or not. But anyways back to my point, I think Zoey and Malcom had something very special and i always thought it was a little odd for Walsh and her to be married. I’m pretty sure if Walsh wasnt in the picture something would happen – i dont know what- but they have such great chemistry that i think that would have been a great story line to work with- only if Walsh wasnt there of course 😉

  29. I had to comment mostly because as it turns out we are kindred spirits! Although I didn’t know what a ship was way back then, looking back on it, Anne and Gilbert definitely were my first ship. And Anne and Diana were the best BFF’s ever.

  30. I have three words: Rachel and Ross!

  31. All right, I’ve been reading BonesTheory every day for a couple of months now, and now I guess I’m coming out of the cracks to comment 🙂 Funny that it was a post about not-Bones shows that prompted me! Anyway, I haven’t seen many of those shows, but my go-to, must-see show before Bones was The Office. And the Jim and Pam relationship was pretty much the main reason for that (like someone said above, I definitely have chronic-shipper syndrome). I thought my life would be complete when Jim and Pam tied the knot. Needless to say, it wasn’t, hahaha. The quality of the show really dipped in that season and now watching Office episodes just makes me kind of nostalgic and sad, because even though it’s okay now, it’s nothing compared to what it used to be.

    But this isn’t an Office blog, and I’m getting off topic. So back to Bones. For me, Bones kind of redefined what is was to be invested in a TV show, in a “ship.” So, yes, I kind of think my life will be complete when B&B get together (not really, haha. Okay, maybe I think that a little bit…) but I also have that little voice in the back of my head reminding me what happened to Jim and Pam. I really don’t want that to happen to B&B. That would, for lack of a better word, suck. I can’t imagine watching Bones episodes in the detached way I now watch The Office.

    But B&B are a totally different couple. Jim and Pam were the cute, joke-y couple. B&B have way stronger chemistry and I think their relationship will provide plenty of storylines, conflict, etc. (in contrast to Jim and Pam’s, which has only provided for a few minor conflicts and is usually just the “awww” part of the show). And of course I want those “awww” moments for B&B. But I also kind of want them to tug at my heartstrings and remind me how strong their connection is. Bones and B&B do this thing where I’m laughing hysterically one moment and crying the next and that’s kind of what I want in a B&B relationship (not so drastic, of course. Just…ups and downs that keep it interesting).

    Whew. I kind of feel like I’m stating the obvious, so sorry 🙂 It just feels good to write it down, haha.

  32. Of your list, I only know Anne & Gil…makes me wonder where I’ve been, but I sort of missed the other shows. I definitely shipped Lois & Clark back in the day…and once they got together it was all over for me. And I’m assuming that the triangles etc of Beverly Hills & Melrose place don’t really count…

    What made me laugh though was the reference to the 3rd Anne movie. I saw it for the first time just this past weekend…having rewatched the original 2 after some discussion here, I found it still shrink wrapped in my DVD cabinet. So I watched. Yeah. 3 hours of my life I’ll never get back. I’ll just stick with the original story, methinks.

    It did strike me how similar A&G’s experience was to B&B’s. Made me realise how timeless the b&B story really is. That people will get together when they are both ready.

  33. I loved Gilmore Girls when it was on and I have the set of well worn DVD’s. The writers definitely messed up the show with Lorelei cheating (well I count it as cheating) and then waiting til the finale to have them get back together. There was so much unmet potential there. I always liked Monica and Chandler better together than Ross and Rachel. I loved the Joel and Maggie dynamic on Northern Exposure. My sons used to say ‘we have to be quiet so Mom can watch her “Moose” show’! Good times! Jim and Pam are great together and I thought the Office handled their relationship wonderfully. I hardly ever watch it now because the other characters just seem a bit over the top for it to be fun. So I don’t think the dip in viewership is because Jim and Pam are together. I was a big Moonlighting fan as well as Remington Steele but now that I have Bones, nothing else compares. B & B just can’t be matched in their chemistry. Definitely they should stay together once they get there!

  34. I think my first ever ship was Ron and Hermione (books count right?). As soon as their bickering began I started to ship them, and I was only like 6. I guess, now I think about it, there are so many similarities between them and B&B. They are both best friends, both constantly bickering with eachother, both fundamental opposites and both are drawn together to fight evil. And after 7 books, and that nagging feeling that something was happening between them that no one else knew about, they finally kissed 🙂 (sorry for anyone who hasn’t read the books…) And my little-girl shipper heart was finally satisfied!!!

    Ok, now for TV… other then Chase and Cameron on House (i’m still annoyed about their divorce btw…) and B&B of course I don’t think I’ve ever watched a TV show live and shipped a couple… (oh, there was Radio Free Roscoe? ANyone ever watch that show.. i used love lily &roy.. anyways) However, I am one of those tv classics kinda teens and consequently have been obssessed with Friends, Cheers and Frasier in the last few years. (Chandler&Monica, Diane&Sam and Niles&Daphne FTW!) I must agree with MJ above and say that Diane & Sam is probably the ship that most applies to B&B. I loved these two, together or not, (probably more when they were together as it was the only time when they would stop complaining that they weren’t!) Their chemistry was sensational no matter their relationship status, and they were complete opposites. They bickered non-stop for 5 seasons and it worked. But no matter what, B&B will still be my favourite!

    • An HP reference! Woot!

      For the life of me, I never understood why anyone shipped Harry and Hermione. It was all too obvious, right from the start, that it was R&H, and H&G. And that was just canon – the movies made it even more obvious.

      • I remember reading the first book and shipping Hermoine/Ron Harry/Ginny immediately… the young shipper in me. 😉

        I didn’t start shipping B&B until the end of season one. Granted, I’m a nursing major so at first I was just so in awe of all the anatomy talk and loved knowing what they were actually saying. At the end of season 1 I swooned when he saved her and then when her mother’s remains were found… I was hooked. 🙂

  35. Okay first I have some thoughts about some of the couples you listed. Amen on the Penny and Lenard thing…I never liked them as a couple. However, I unlike a lot of people ADORE Penny. I think she really helps to make the show…IMO those episodes where Kaley was out because she had broken her leg and we didn’t have Penny were some of the worst in BBT history. And I’m one of those weird people who ship Penny/Sheldon. I’m pretty sure it will never happen but if it did I would fall off the couch squeeing in excitement.
    And L&L on Gilmore Girls I think were the first couple I ever shipped. I have to have been in fifth grade when that show started and right away I said, “Why aren’t they together? They BELONG together!” Which then later I rejoiced when they ended up together and cried when they broke up…I’m still not sure I can forgive the writers for that one…broke my poor little shipper heart. Which I then said I was never going to ship any couple like that again and I’ve broken that promise to myself about a million times in the years since.
    As for other couples…Mal/Inara and Kaylee/Simon on Firefly. Mal and Inara just never got the time to have their story told. Even with the movie after the show was canceled it was just never enough time. And Inara’s career was a pretty big block there. But I think if Mal had more time to show here how he felt (And admit it to himself) she would have given it up to be with him. And I was SO excited when Kaylee/Simon finally happened at the end of Serenity. One of the only couples I have ever shipped to have a happy ending.
    And of course Castle/Beckett on Castle. I don’t think they’re ready to be a couple yet, but the progression is coming along nicely and by this time next year I really hope they are ready to take the leap together…or take it a little sooner if they’re ready earlier.

    You know I’ve never thought about how B&B could get together and then break up…that is a horrifying though. After L&L on Gilmore Girls I don’t think I could ever do that again. I’d have to stop watching until someone could inform me it was all okay again. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be frustrated with the B&B storyline in the meantime with this crazy drawn out “will they/won’t they” because now it really has become a “when will they” which depending on how things go could be a million years from now! I just hope that we get to see some of the after for B&B. I want to see how they handle blending their lives together…see the little quarrels that come from being with someone and loving them. I’d feel a little cheated if we didn’t.

    • With L&L they wanted to create some more drama. GG is my all time favorite show, but even I can admit that the first four or five seasons were the best. I actually gave up on L&L when she got with Christopher because I thought, “There is no way they can mend that bridge.”

      With B&B, since we are in season 6 and they are just now approaching the idea of it possibly working out, I think that they won’t put them together unless they will stay together… meaning they might not be together until season 7… maybe not even until the end.

      In my perfect Bones world, there will be something that throws them together in the finale and they make it official… and then season 7 and 8 would be them dating.. maybe even a wedding at the end of 8… then they come back and get pregnant in 9 and we see a Bones baby in 10… however, they may never get married and just have the baby… who knows… now I’m just daydreaming. 🙂

  36. I think that like everyone here I would wait, wait and wait rather than have BB get together and then break up and then get together again at the end or something awful like that. Seriously, all I can think is Ross and Rachel. I LOVE friends (present tense because I still love it) and can quote most episodes nearly word for word, but I NEVER watched for Ross and Rachel. They were cute at first and just disastrously funny later. But disastrously funny should NEVER apply to BB! Once they are together, that needs to be it, the conflict and the issues that they’ll have, they need to be able to work through that together because isn’t that what this whole journey has been? Getting them to the spot where they can come together without everything else falling apart!!

  37. So many comments, so little time… 😉

    Unless it’s one of those things I’ve imagined, I think Hart’s actually said that once they’re together, he won’t split them up. That makes sense to me because of the kind of story it is, and how difficult it would be to write them having been in a relationship and then split up, while still being partners, in love, and ultimately heading toward a permanent relationship. (All requirements of the show.)

    That said, I’m glad they’ve not gotten together before now, because I think their relationship is stronger for it. I know not everyone feels this way, but I like seeing a relationship tested – not because I like to see characters in pain, but because of what it teaches them. It’s beautiful, really, for someone to think, ‘as badly as I hurt you, you stuck with me’ or ‘as hard as it is, we’re still here.’ Because it means they really can trust one another with anything life throws at them. My heart’s broken for both of them at different times in the past year, but I love what both we and they have learned about themselves. What we’ve got to see about the depth of their relationship that we would never have seen if they’d gotten together in S4.

    As to other ships…yep, I shipped Anne and Gilbert, too. My favorite books of the series are the ones where they’re together. (Confession: I can not read the scene in Rilla where Jem comes home and is greeted by his dog without sobbing rather hysterically. Truth.)

    Beyond that, I haven’t had a lot of really dedicated ships. Let’s see …Scarecrow and Mrs King, Buffy and Angel, (it would be really weird to also list Buffy and Spike, too, wouldn’t it?), John and Aeryn on Farscape was a big one. (Think I might be the only one to mention them…) Honestly, my biggest ship besides B&B is Eve and Roarke from the In Death novels. 🙂

    I’ll finish by noting that I’ve written reams recently at Bonesology about genres and Booth and Brennan. While I think comparing other stories and ships is a fascinating way of seeing new things in our favorite couple, I think it’s useful to be aware of the differences in genres because what happened to many of these other pairings isn’t going to happen to B&B because Bones isn’t the same kind of story. For example, The Gilmore Girls was a drama, not a romance, even less a ‘romantic dramedy’ which is how Hart’s described the Bones. I think that’s really, really important for understanding what he’s doing, or directions he might go in.

    • I loved the ship of John and Aeryn on Farscape. There are also several ways in which they remind me of Booth and Brennan. Of course it being in the SciFi genre made large parts of the storytelling different than what we can get from Bones, but it still did have at it’s center John Crichton who was a romantic, a man in love with a woman, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and eventually the guy got the girl, they married and had a baby (barely got the married in there before the baby), the end (of course it took a mini-series to actually get the marriage and the baby).

  38. *sigh*

    I remember my first ship. Buffy and Angel….and really, i was shipping for something that could NEVER happen. A vampire slayer and a vampire living happily ever after…doomed from the start. What it did do is give me a bit more patience when it comes to B/B…i mean, at least when they get together they have a chance, right? Brennan isn’t going to have to kill Booth to prevent the end of the world and i mean…what could be worse than that for a ship?! LOL

    I did then ship for Angel and Cordelia….unti. Joss totally ruined it for everyone 😛

    I admit after Buffy i tried to avoid shipping for any couple. Seriously…when Angel left i was heartbroken. And when they had that episode where Angel was human and we got a glimpse into happy Angel and Buffy….damn it, it put me back in my recovery! Damn you Joss!

    Anyway…next ship was Grey’s. I was all for Meredith and Derek…and then they screwed with them every which way. After the 15th break up (ok i’m exaggerating a tad but you get my meaning!) i was over them…and no they’re happily married and struggling to have a baby. But it’s kind of too late as my interest has dwinddled…i don’t want that to happen with Booth and Brennan. I don’t want them to finally get together, only to not give a damn.

    Now…now i only have two ships. Booth and Brennan. Castle and Beckett. I will admit that i have a tad more faith that the latter of the two couples will be handled better but…i’m hoping HH can pull it out of the bag and prove me wrong 😀

  39. I loved Scrubs so much several years ago. And I was devoted JD/Elliott shipper. They came together and broke-up several times. They dated other people. Early I was thinking that it can be pattern for B&B relationships. Maybe they can have some break-up’s, but we will see them together!!! We so much want this love moments!

    But after this wonderful post I became fully agree with you – when they will get together it will be forever!

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