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If You’re Gonna Play the Game, Boy, Ya Gotta Learn to Play it Right.


Hello, Bones Theory!           

  I’ve got another theory for you, but I have to say that every time I sat down to write this, only fanfiction came out. Stories of Brennan leaving with the only explanation being that Booth is a gambler.

            This all started with talk of Billiards in my History of Theatre class. The play we read [The Cherry Orchard by Chekhov] contains a character who often, randomly, makes billiards references. Our teacher claims that the character, Guyev, makes the references because he feels as if he has lost control. Billiards is a game of control. And…here is where I lost the class and my brain got all Bones-ified. [Yeah…like YOU haven’t gone on a Bones tangent in your lives. =p ]

            Fade to the first flashback in D-Day [100th]. Booth is playing billiards. And he is winning. He is completely in control, and everything is fine. As Cam helps point out to us: he won, so it’s okay.

CAM: Speaking of which, you look like you’ve been up all night.

BOOTH: I’m fine.

CAM: Meaning you won.

            Pause. Now, we know that Booth “takes a gamble” on Brennan. He calls 8 ball to the corner pocket and he scratches. Then he meets Hannah, who doesn’t know [presumably] about his problem, calls 8 ball to corner pocket and sinks it. Then he calls 9 ball to side pocket and scratches. After each loss, he loses control.

            Okay. Back to D-Day. They are at the bar and looking at each other like this:

And then they go outside.

Booth tells Brennan about his gambling problem.

And Brennan looks at him like this:

While many may not see it, OwlStory and I do. Brennan lost it. Right there ^^^. That look in her eyes tells us all we need to know. She no longer wants him.


            She now knows he is a gambler.

            She doesn’t want to be something that is gambled on.

            Sure, she kisses him still, but doesn’t go ahead and sleep with him. The feeling is lost. She doesn’t feel like a person anymore. She feels like a game. Now, perhaps she didn’t “anthropomorphize” herself and a game like that, as Seels pointed out, but I think she definitely senses a shift. She realizes something, and it’s not positive. If you watch the scene [from when they exit the bar to the kiss], I think it is very clear that there is a negative presence after he confesses his problem to her. For those of you few who went off to watch the clip. What do you think? Do you see it too?

            Face back to reality. Or at least real-time in Bones. Sweets tells Booth that it’s got to be him because he’s the gambler.

Camera to Booth

“Make that work for you,” Sweets says.

Another shot to Booth

And then a shot to Brennan

Her facial expression can say a lot of different things: Hope, Anticipation, Giddyness, etc.

But for me, it’s a look that I give almost daily: the “I should have known this would happen. I can’t believe I thought any different. *scoff*” followed closely by “I’m gonna kill Sweets”. Brennan is an intelligent woman. She knows what will happen.

            So when Booth stands in front of the Hoover building and asks her to be with him, she says “I am not a gambler. I am a scientist. I can’t change.” However, what I hear is “I don’t want to be your gamble.”

Now. Is this a stretch? Maybe. But let’s continue.

Booth is a gambler. In Woman in the Sand, Brennan freaks out about Booth being in the casino. He ends up telling her how it started:

BOOTH: This kind of reminds me of the first time. I walked in the Desert Inn with 35 bucks in my pocket and I walked out with a cool 10 grand. The next night, I lost everything. Tapped out my ATM trying to get it back.

Booth played and played and kept losing that second day. He didn’t play a different game. He didn’t take a break. He kept gambling. Then he met Brennan and his problem seemingly went away. He didn’t need Craps or Billiards or Poker anymore. He had another game: her. Now, does he realize it in that precise moment? Probably not. In fact, I don’t believe he realizes it until Woman In The Sand. But, still. In the thirteen months less a week that Booth and Brennan were apart between first meeting and the Pilot, Booth doesn’t gamble. What does this mean? Did he, in fact, realize it that night outside the bar? Or did he have his epiphany during that year apart and that caused him to “chase after her”.

            Fast forward five years of partnership and Brennan leaves for Maluku and Booth finds Hannah: another gamble. She may not be a gamble at first. She may be the “real thing” that he wants, and yet, she becomes a gamble. Somewhere between him leaving Afghanistan and the proposal, she became a gamble. Booth has to see it; it’s the same game. What do you do when you’re losing at one table? You switch to another one and hope your luck is better. And it is for him, for a while. Brennan even tries to warn Hannah:

BRENNAN: One thing, Hannah. (Hannah turns back) I want you to be sure about this.

HANNAH: The phone?

BRENNAN: No, although I understand the misunderstanding. No, about you and Booth moving in together. Booth will give himself to you completely. And it will be very painful for him if you aren’t as serious about the relationship as he is.

HANNAH: I am. But thanks though.

She tells Hannah that Booth will inevitably be “All in”. Hannah has been warned. Hannah has warned Booth about her nomadic style. But then, Booth proposes. Paying no attention to the “odds” or the cards in his hand, Booth goes all in. But the dealer, in effect, won. Sure, Booth should’ve known that Hannah wasn’t the marrying type, but he had to. He’s a gambler; it’s a compulsion.

            Now in the last few episodes, I’ve had hope for Booth. After Daredevil, I thought Booth would “walk out of the casino” or “fold” or “put down the pool stick and leave”. And for a few episodes, he has. He even took his poker chip out of his pocket and tossed it on the bar.

            I, sadly, do not have the answers to any of these questions. Personally, I think that what Booth feels for Brennan may be that similar to the way a child feels about a toy another child has. He only wants it because it’s something he hasn’t had. I know that’s a big statement to make, but I made it. =p

            Well, what do you think? Does Booth’s gambling addiction affect his world as much as I’ve stated? Or is he “cured”? What are some pre-100th episodes that portray Booth taking a gamble? What about Brennan? Hannah? Where do they fit into all of this? Were we more tolerant of his potential gambles because the stakes weren’t as high? Is it possible that Brennan is both attracted to that part of him and also nervous about it? Will Booth be successful if he only can learn to plays his cards right, or does he need to forget about gambling altogether?

Let’s discuss!


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  1. Oh man, you’re killing me. I was just writing something last night about how I thought it was incredibly romantic that Booth gave up gambling when he met Brennan. It never occurred to me that he transferred his gambles to his personal life.

    I think Booth’s romantic misadventures (particularly the Hannah thing) stem less from a gambling rush and more from his romantic idealism, his desire to have be married and settled, and have a whole family. He is sometimes so determined to put his ducks in a row that he ignores the signals he’s getting from the object of his affections. If that has anything to do with his gambling addiction, it’s that both of these issues likely result partially from the destruction that his father’s alcoholism brought to his family.

    I disagree with you that Booth views Brennan as a toy he can’t have. If that were really the case, if Brennan were his big gamble, feeding his addiction, then why did he wait 5 years before making a move on her? Why did he content himself with years of friendship when he could have made the gamble (indeed, an even riskier one) years before? Part of me feels this way because of Booth’s admission of his gambling problem in the 100th episode flashback. This indicates to me that his motivations, at least consciously, are exactly what he says later in the episode. He felt that he had met someone special, and it was worth it to give up the gambling, lest that ruin something potentially great. Although okay, now I’m thinking… wasn’t his son already born then? I’d think becoming a father would cause him to stop gambling, if anything would. Maybe you are right, and I’m just mad because it’s kind of an ugly take on their relationship. haha

    • An interesting perspective! I don’t know if Booth really sees Brennan as a toy he can’t have. I agree with you in that if she was his big gamble, why didn’t he take the greater risk earlier on? Why wait it out if he’s seeking the thrill? Hmm.. perhaps more pondering before I can really comment…

      • There’s this scene in the Body and the Bounty where Booth takes the bounty hunter in to be questioned. She’s trying to convince Booth to let her go so she can keep looking, saying that she’s been after the guy for a while and it’s the thrill of the chase. And Booth gets this look on his face like he knows firsthand what that’s about. So maybe part of it really is the thrill of the chase for Booth?

  2. I think Booth walked away from gambling the night he first kissed Brennan. He kept the poker chip in his pocket as a reminder that if he played his cards wrong, he would lose what he wanted. I think when Booth was turned down for romance the first time; he realized that he had done something wrong, he just wasn’t sure what. He gambled with his budding relationship with Brennan and lost. After their big argument and “break up” he probably thought about what he had to do get back into her circle and eventually found a way. I believe that Brennan became Booths big gamble. Why go back to someone almost a year after a very heated argument with someone who says they hate you , unless it is to take the big gamble that you can get her to work with you again? I don’t think Booth had love in mind when he wanted to get Brennan to work with him again. He really saw how brilliant she was and knew that working with her could only enhance his career. He was intrigued by her and probably wanted another chance to see if romance was “in the cards” also.

    On the other hand, Brennan IS a scientist and sees no value in gambling. When Booth told her he was a gambler, I believe that this made a terrible impression on Brennan. She isn’t one to take gambles and taking up with someone who does would probably be something she wanted to avoid. Even when they started working together again, she would sometimes make comments about Booth’s gambling in a most unflattering way. You could see the look in Booths face when she would say things like he was a degenerate gambler. I think it took quite awhile before Brennan stopped considering Booth a gambler and had faith that he was less compulsive. I believe it came to the forefront when Sweets goaded Booth in 100 to take a chance. The look on Brennans face was one of total unhappiness. She knew Booth would take the gamble and she couldn’t.

    I think it is significant that Booth threw the chip on the bar after being rejected by Hannah. He gave up on gambling. He gave up on trying. Brennan was there and saw the chip on the bar. This may have made a bigger impression on her than we know.

  3. Addicts never stop being addicts, they just transfer their addiction to something else.

    In this case, I think Booth transferred his addiction to his single-minded focus on his job and ‘catching the bad guys.’ I don’t think he transferred to Brennan – he’s too hands-off with her. I also don’t think he transferred to Reporter Barbie or relationships in general, because his main focus is still his job. Even The Proposal happened after a drunken guys-night-out with Sweets, not on its own merit.

  4. I agree that Brennan’s interest in going home with him fizzed completely when he revealed himself, but I don’t think it was because she was suddenly viewing herself as a gamble – after all, he wasn’t saying he was a gambler in a “it’s all good, baby” kind of way, but rather confessing a weakness to her, something he was telling her he was trying to change. (The fact that we’ve not seen any evidence of that yet at this point is irrelevant, because she only knows what he’s telling her.) So the only conclusion I can come to is she was spooked because she didn’t want a relationship, just a casual affair. And he ruled that out by his confession.

    I’m honestly not sure I’m understanding some of your other points, because it sort of sounds like you’re saying he’s not capable of love, at all, for anyone, and that women are always just objects to him – games to be won or lost? That’s not how I see him…but then I wrote the love post!

    • Maybe just not capable right now, and it might be what HE will have to work on from now on.
      Even if the show is called Bones, that doesn’t mean it’s all about Brennan. Shows change and the premise of this show was supposed to be about Brennan (the show was first named “Brennan”) working with different FBI agents but mostly with Booth (12 episodes) at first, it was not supposed to be a love story or Brennan’s journey or then her journey but not love-based I guess, it was supposed to be a procedural. Dawson’s creek ended up mostly about Joey and Pacey.
      What I’m trying to say is, just because the show is called Bones, it doesn’t mean only Brennan has things to learn from Booth and has to change, especially after a long time. Booth being mostly okay, and Brennan inadequate was enough for 3 seasons. (but maybe that’s why they regressed her in S4, so that they could go on on Brennan’s evolution and wouldn’t need to take care of Booth, I hope not)
      What is the point of all the dramatical back story of Booth since S4 if it is not to make him damaged too and overcome it too?
      People say Brennan is the more extreme one, so of course she will change the most, but I think that Booth is quite extreme too in his beliefs. It’s not like he is that well balanced.
      But since most people have the same beliefs as Booth, or at least they would like him to be right in real life or just in tv, people don’t see how he is rigid about them, but view this as him keeping faith in this beliefs, but saw Brennan as rigid/cocky/arrogant when she used to be so sure about her science.
      But personal beliefs aside, both were cocky/self-assured about their POV, and only Brennan became more flexible, not Booth, so maybe it’s time he becomes more open too, and they find a middle ground between a cynical/pessimistic view of the world and an unrealistic/too optimistic view, between blind faith and fear, between gambling and science.

      • I don’t think it’s been all about Brennan needing Booth. Barbara, in the comments below, has made some very good points about Booth needing Brennan. Even in “The Killer in the Concrete”, he needed her full support.

        I guess one can view the show as a strong woman who turns weak for needing a man. But I see it as a woman had become totally self-reliant, but then realizing that it’s difficult to stay that way when she knows she’s missing out on certain things in life that she’s decided she wants. No man is an island; I don’t think that’s what strength is about, IMO. I still see Brennan as strong. A lesser woman’s career probably would have suffered under so much emotional upheaval she’s been through recently. She still has her intelligence, which she values and is not ashamed of. But she’s human, and she has her weak moments, and it’s normal that every once in a while she wants someone to lean on.

        I don’t think the show has been shy about Booth and his weaknesses or faults. They just haven’t been dealt with head-on; it’s been more subtle. I think that Brennan has even helped with some of them with her strengths – her truthfulness, logic and rationality. I guess I just don’t want to hold my breath with the show being as thorough with his development as hers. I’d be impressed, though.

      • Hmm. Thanks for your response, but I’m still rather confused. I agree that the show’s not just about her growing and changing even though she’s still the central figure. I know people who still cling to the original idea for the show (that she’d be working with a lot of FBI agents) as a way of dismissing Booth, but the truth is that original idea went out the window when DB came on board. The reason for the name change – from her name to what he calls her – is to reflect that it’s about both of them, even though she’s still the central character.

        I’m all on board for him changing and growing as well. He is a flawed character, and that’s something we’ve not seen enough of, I think. But I get very confused by the ways some people seem to want him to change.

        Perception is a big issue, here, because I realized a while ago just how differently fans view them. I once had a fairly drawn out exchange with another fan ranting about Booth’s continual insulting of Brennan, while insisting that Brennan had never, not once, said anything even remotely insulting to him. Um, okay. I see them as pretty balanced in that respect, but whatever.

        Here, it sounds like the idea is that she started out all science and he started out all heart, and that she’s changed on that while he hasn’t? And to a certain extent, I think that’s true. I think Brennan was portrayed in the beginning as believing that science held all the answers, that there wasn’t anything that couldn’t be solved with science and intelligence. That relationships were ephemeral and rather pointless. I think she’s portrayed as seeing him as nearly irrelevant in the beginning – he needed her to solve cases, and there was no vice versa. She didn’t need him at all, beyond that she couldn’t access the puzzles she wanted to solve – the murders – without him. And she’s portrayed as puzzled and even a bit resentful when his ‘gut’ proves to be right sometimes, and wants to learn how to read people the same way he does, because it’s another skill she can rack up, another way of proving her superiority.

        I see comments from people now that make me think some people feel she’s lost too much, has changed too much. That because she’s accepted that science possibly doesn’t hold every single answer to life, she’s weakened as a character. But I don’t think she’s lost anything, certainly not her commitment to science. A large part of the reason she went to Maluku was to prove to herself she was still a scientist first. That having people in her life hadn’t changed that, hadn’t taken it away from her. And I assume that since she came back, she answered that to her satisfaction.

        And Booth values her intelligence and science. This week, I’ve seen people noting his line about liking to see her do math as if it was something new. But he’s always respected her intelligence and abilities – why would he have wanted to work with her, otherwise?

        Did Brennan have to change, have to get to the point of allowing for the possibility that love and relationships are important? That while science is important, maybe there are questions in human existence it can’t answer? No, of course not. She could have stayed the same, and some people would have liked that better, I think. But there would be no relationship between her and anyone else, by definition.

        I guess this long winded reply is really an attempt to understand exactly what and how Booth needs to change in this respect. (As I said, I see him as flawed, not perfect, and have my own list of areas I’d like to see them show him growing in.) But I get the feeling in conversations like this one, it somehow has to do with his views on love, his certainty. Even here, if I’m understanding correctly, you agreed with my interpretation of Tober’s post – that she’s saying he’s not capable of love, but simply using women as gambling objects, suggesting that that’s what he needs to work on.

        But what does that look like? Does he stop believing in love? Does he need to tell Brennan he’s wrong about the importance of the heart? That there’s not someone for everyone? Does he need to become more like her, or the way she was? Perhaps deciding that sex is just a biological function, that monogamy is overrated? Or maybe it’s his tone of voice, that if he’d stop acting as if the heart is the answer, it would be okay? If he’d stop talking about his beliefs on love? I’m not being sarcastic here, at all, btw. I’m honestly trying to figure out which behaviors or beliefs of his in this respect are problems. How do you want him to change? What would be an improved Booth?

        And then there’s the question of – if he’s never loved anyone, what will it look like when he does? Specific behavior and actions? What is it he needs to do or be? And if he’s never done anything that wasn’t tied to gambling, has never had a relationship that wasn’t using the woman in the place of a billiard ball, how will anyone know when he’s no longer doing that?

        Please, please understand that these are all completely serious questions. I’d like to understand how it is people want him to change, what they’re looking for, and what would make him worthy of Brennan. (My next set of questions would probably be what a relationship between Brennan and Improved!Booth would look like, how their interactions would change, but I need to wait until I understand who Booth needs to be to formulate those!)

      • I see them saving each others in the earlier show as equality in their ‘professional’ partnership, and I did say that I see more equality at the beginning of the show probably because their relationship was more professional. And generally people use early examples to prove that they are equal, but like I said shows change, and it seems to me that the more they are getting closer, the more their ‘personal’ relationship develops, the less they are equal, the more they become stereotypical. I’m afraid the show started of with an original couple, role reversal, and will end up with them healing, getting together, and falling back into the classical gender roles they would have never deviated from if it weren’t because of their trauma.
        That was not what I expected when I started watching this show. I hope I’m wrong.

      • Since I can’t reply to your reply to my reply (!) I’ll reply here. I absolutely see why a reversal where they fall back into classical gender roles would be a concern, though I’ve not seen anything to indicate it has to happen. Men – classical ‘he men’ who are less emotional and more rooted in rationality (even if they’re not scientists) – can believe in love without becoming feminized, right? They love but remain guys, operating more in the realm of rationality than emotion? So why couldn’t Brennan?

        I’m less sure of what it would like for Booth to become more typically masculine, and the irony of it is that’s what I think some people seem to want – they want him to be less a heart guy to balance Brennan becoming more comfortable with emotions. But wouldn’t that actually move them toward that reversal back to traditional gender roles?

        Regardless, I don’t think that’s where Hart’s heading, a reversal back to stereotypical gender roles. He was too proud of that aspect of the show when he addressed the writers’ conference in Canada in Feb 2010. So I expect to see Brennan continue to be more comfortable with logic and rationality while still open to love.

      • I agree about the irony you are talking about and that’s exactly why this show/life is driving me crazy about these questions lol

    • In response to a comment in Rynogeny’s second post in this thread of back-and-forthness…

      “And Booth values her intelligence and science. This week, I’ve seen people noting his line about liking to see her do math as if it was something new. But he’s always respected her intelligence and abilities – why would he have wanted to work with her, otherwise?”

      Booth is much more intelligent than the other characters acknowledge. I remember several times throughout season 4 I believe, GGW and Sweets pointed out that Booth likes to be underestimated. I think he acknowledges the fact that Brennan claims territory over the scientific/intelligence sector of their partnership. It allows her to bring something specific to the table, and he’s able to bring intuition to the table as well. I think you make an excellent statement that he’s always respected her abilities and given her credit for them. I was reading other comments on other websites (gasp!) where people were making similar claims that this was something new.

      Also, I love this connection you make here: “The reason for the name change – from her name to what he calls her – is to reflect that it’s about both of them, even though she’s still the central character.”

      Brilliant! 🙂

  5. I think HH mentioned this in an interview about the 100th episode, that Brennan became his new addiction, but only after the interviewer asked whether or not it was the case. So I don’t know if HH impulsively agreed thinking it could be a clever explanation he hadn’t thought of it, or if it has always been a part of the SL.

  6. Bones Theory is great. Hearing different people’s views on a matter. If Brennan thought she was a gamble that tied to his addiction, it would have made more sense for her to say “I’m not a gamble” instead of “I’m not a gambler.” Also, I think all intimate relationships have a built-in gambling component to them regardless of whether someone has an addiction or not, and people have to trust each other not to betray them. So yeah, in a way she was a gamble, because he was taking a chance on her, but isn’t that what the dating game is all about? The person doing the asking always risks rejection, and since I don’t believe in fate, no one can be 100% sure.

    I do think it’s an interesting point about some of Brennan’s hesitation to start a relationship with Booth would be because she sees him as a gambler. I don’t know if it’s true, but it would make sense. She’s very close to him, and sometimes being that close informs you enough to not get close in another way, and she’s not the type to be blind to his faults. She can still be accepting of his faults as his friend, even grow to love him, but it could be a reason that it’s a bad idea to be with him.

    But…I don’t know. After his confession, I don’t think she necessarily lost interest. She just realized that they weren’t on the same page. I even think that for a few years, if Booth said he wanted to have “just sex” with her, she wouldn’t have had any problems with that. But her own feelings toward him eventually evolved and she knew enough about Booth deepening feelings to know that sex with him was out of the equation.

    And Brennan being a “toy” he couldn’t have? Okay, some guys just like a challenge, but I would like to think that in developing their partnership and friendship, he would have come up with some better reasons to want to be with her.

    • I agree that Brennan would have been open to a sexual relationship with him – certainly in season 2 up till the time she found out about Cam. I think there were plenty of times in seasons 3 and 4 too…she’s quite captivated by his little speech on sex vs. making love in Death in the Saddle and in Fire in the Ice they are absolutely adorable together. If he’d tried to kiss her there on the ice, I don’t think she’d have stopped him.

      I always found it interesting that there’s a line in Critic in the Cabernet – Angela is talking to Brennan about getting pregnant, and Brennan says they are doing insemination because Booth said the other way would create too much of an emotional connection. So clearly the Other Way was discussed offscreen!! And Brennan looks SAD when she says that too.

      • I don’t think it was discussed off screen, I think that already back then Brennan knew Booth’s view on sex, and for Booth it is never just about sex, so it would not have been just about reproduction, so she knew he would be against it IMO.
        Something btw that Brennan should know scientifically speaking. It’s known that having satisfying sexual relationships (also simply having a nice conversation and laughing) release oxytocin that is the hormone of emotional attachment, that means that you can fall in love by having sex lol

  7. First off, this is gonna be LONG. I have so much to say.

    Yes I agree that once Booth confessed his gambling problem, Brennan was “over it” and that’s what made her decide not to sleep with him. However, I imagined her thought process as:

    “Whoa! All I did was suggest we have sex. Why are you confessing this deeply personal secret to me? Who does that? What do you want from me?”

    I think she was afraid and even a little appalled at his immediate offer of a commitment – he made a huge confession before he even kissed her!

    On the subject of transferring his gambling problem to Brennan – yes, I agree there too, but I look at it as his addiction…he has an addictive personality (not surprising since his father was an alcoholic).
    It doesn’t have a sexual component – the addiction – I think he just has a very strong need to have her around. I first noticed it in Gator in the Girl; he is frantic about NOT working with Brennan. He is not looking forward to therapy in itself, but his repeated motivation to get out of it is to go back to working with Brennan. That desire is ultimately what gets him to start talking to GG. After Sully becomes a factor, he inserts himself into their relationship all over the place. By the time of Boneless Bride, he’s frantic again. I don’t think its sexual jealousy, but given that Booth has just told Brennan he won’t have another relationship with a coworker and his otherwise reasonable attitude toward Sully, and the fact that Booth continues not to make a move on Brennan, I don’t think it’s about sex (yet).

    Booth just wants her – he wants to be the main, most important person in her life. His absolute GLEE when she does not go with Sully is adorable but kind of sad too. You can see him thinking “she picked me! she picked me!”

    Of course then in the next episode comes the panic, because he wonders if she picked him because she wants something more from him, which he is not prepared to offer.

    Fast forward to season 3 and she’s avoiding him. Booth falls to pieces! He is desperate to see her, he uses Cam to manipulate Brennan into going into the field with him. He knows exactly how long it has been since she last called him. In their first therapy session, Sweets says Brennan may be assigned a new FBI agent and Booth immediately says “that’s not going to happen.” He has a need to be with Brennan and he will not let anything get in the way of that.

    Again in season 4 we see him protecting their partnership from Perotta, and interrupting her dates, and being jealous and yes, you can argue it’s sexual jealousy again, but its more complicated than that. He does not want to share any part of her, even the parts he doesn’t partake of, if that makes sense. Poor Brennan! Booth sends a lot of mixed messages. But I think Booth does not act on his attraction to her because his need to have her around, period, is too great to risking getting involved with her romantically and having it not work out, and having her leave, forever.

    Now onto the controversial topic of “is Brennan just a toy he can’t have.” I’m not sure I’d use those words, but I do think that in season 5 Booth was not sincerely in love with Brennan. Hear me out! I think his coma dream allowed him to envision the two of them together and he liked it. But coma dream Brennan was not Bones. She was certainly similar but the differences highlight all Booth’s insecurities.

    “Bren” from the coma is not visibly smarter or more accomplished or wealthier than Booth. They are equals at the club, loved by all (although Bren tells him ‘especially you’). Coma Bren trusts Booth completely and he has utter faith in her as well.

    So Booth wakes up and he’s in love with Brennan…but which one? Up to the 100th, I see Booth as mooning over Brennan, idealizing her, ignoring her little quirks that would usually annoy him. He’s also back to tricking her into coming out to crime scenes. Avalon says Booth sees the truth of her, but I’m not sure what to make of that. it’s clear Brennan doesn’t believe it.

    She’s a realist; all Booth’s talk of fate and being the one and the standard and he just knew – all that is exactly the wrong thing to say to someone like her. If Booth really did know the truth of her, he’d know that.

    So all this is why I think the separation and even Hannah, was good for B&B. They were apart for seven months with no contact: Booth went cold turkey on his Brennan addiction. He even developed feelings for someone else, showing him that Brennan is not the only one for him, as dictated by fate.

    In the bar, in Daredevil, he says he’ll get her a new FBI guy. It’s clear that’s a hard thing for him to say, but he does say it, in contrast to years of insisting that he would never allow that to happen.

    His addiction is finally over: he doesn’t need to be with Brennan on ANY terms. He can get by without her.

    And yes, this *is* good. Because now he can see the truth of her. Not as the partner he NEEDS to have, not as the “One” fate dropped in his life, but as just Bones. In Killer in the Crosshairs he invites himself to a boring lecture that she likes – would Booth from any past season have done that? Even in season 5 when he mooned over her, he lashed out at her profession.

    I predict that as the season progresses, we’ll see Booth showing more interest in her, her interests, her way of looking at things, just as she’s done for him in all the other seasons. When he is ready again, what I hope (and think is reasonable to interpret) is that he will not invoke fate or magic or standards or Ones, but simply point out all the specific things he likes about her. Facts and evidence – that’s what will tell Brennan he does know the truth of her, and is dazzled by it.

    • Love your analysis. I hope your prediction is right. Having these two talk things out is like pulling teeth, but if Booth can’t tell Brennan why he loves her other than fate, I would have to really wonder about his love.

      • Well I see a lot of signs of hope….trying not to write another novel here…

        I have a very long, detailed theory about season 5 being a bookend, mirror, callback to season 1 and season 6 being a bookend, mirror, callback to season 2. Themes, plots, motifs, guest stars, props, camera angles – the whole nine yards.

        The opening scene of Killer/Crosshairs is IMO, a callback to the closing scene of Man in the Cell. As Brennan sought out Booth on his day off, he seeks her out. In each case, one is surprised to see the other there. In MitC, Booth says he is there to make things right, but he doesn’t know how. I think he has the same motivation in KitC. He wants to make things right with Brennan, but this time I think he does know how.

        He sought her out – and the blocking in that scene clearly tells me he was not out for a casual jog and happened to spot her. He was looking for her, we all know it! He does not roll his eyes at her science talk, he just jokes that she can’t use it to finagle a win. He asks to spend the day with her doing something she likes. He wants to make things right.

        A lot happens in Blizzard, but some of the more subtle moments are when he says he likes watching her do the math and acknowledges that she doesn’t believe in fate and instead of taking offense when she jokes that he thinks microwaves are magic, he just smiles and accepts the teasing. All new behaviors for Booth this season. He was pretty harsh during the Hannah era.

        And the fact that Brennan does still say she doesn’t believe in fate or magic – she’s changing, but she’s still Brennan. A lot of viewers see Brennan as getting weaker, molding herself to fit Booth, but if that were the case, would she still insist its meaningless?

        There are other things I could say but….ARGH! No spoilers here!

      • I agree that the fact that she still doesn’t believe in fate and magic is encouraging, but she also said that she still has to change, so who is to say that her last changes won’t be about fate and magic? I’m not saying it will, I hope not, it’s just something to keep in mind 🙂

    • Oh boy you didn’t lie, that was long! lol
      I will have to read it again, but so far I think I agree.
      I would just rephrased “He has a need to be with Brennan and he will not let anything get in the way of that. ” as “He has a need for Brennan to need him and won’t let anyone else (even herself) help her.” I mean he will be reluctant at least.
      You mentioned girl in the gator, and I would add this dialog:
      WYATT: No, it’s just that earlier you said that you weren’t used to drinking tea with men. Which suggests to me that you’re usually pretty rigid with your assignment of gender roles.
      BOOTH: What? No, no! My partner is a woman, kay? A woman who needs my help.
      As far as I remember Booth thought that Sully was competent, so Brennan didn’t need him.
      I think that is his problem, his incredible need to be needed and yet he chooses independent women.
      He also didn’t want Sully to help in bodies in the book, again, he wanted to be the only one to help Brennan. Personally I don’t find that appealing, because I think that if Booth really loved/cared for Brennan and wanted her to be safe or get help, he wouldn’t care who would protect/help her – him, someone else or herself – and that’s why I don’t get why he doesn’t want Brennan to have a gun, he could teach her how to use it in the field, but no, he wants to be the one to protect her, I find that disturbing…

    • Wow, Barbara! WOW! And I’d love to hear more about your theories mentioned in your comment below about seasons mirroring! 🙂

      • Oh gosh, it’s such a long list!

        The big ones for me are Max coming to visit Brennan with a gift from her childhood. In season 2, he brings her snickerdoodles and begs her to remember them, and she doesn’t want to hear it. In season 6, he brings her a shell and is ready for her to dismiss it, but she volunteers the memory – that he told her you could hear the ocean.

        That bookend shows how much Brennan has changed.

        The second one is the final scene in Blackout in the Blizzard vs the final scene in Man in the Cell.

        In both cases, they are sitting on benches after Booth broke up with someone and talking about the need to make things right. They say nearly the same words “you know what I mean”. In both scenes Booth is trying to explain why they can’t have a relationship. But now it’s “why we can’t yet”. Their body language is totally different, the attitude is totally different and it’s because back then, Booth “didn’t know how” to make it right, but now he does.

        Those are just two of a bajillion examples. I totally predict season 6 will end with the Hodgela baby, just like season 2 ended with the Hodgela wedding.

    • From now on, I’m just going to wait until you post and then respond “yeah, what Barbara said.” Love all of your commentary here. And I agree about the changes you mention below in Booth’s behavior/approach to Brennan in the last couple of episodes… a new sort of acceptance and tenderness that also stood out to me.

    • Just as a note – for what it’s worth, I don’t think Booth wasn’t in love with her until the coma dream, and that it was Bren he was in love with, not Brennan, after that point. There are a number of scenes and eps from before that which only make sense to me if I date his being in love with her and knowing it to mid-S2. But I know a lot of people interpret both of them very differently than I do.

      • I agree with you on this, rynogeny. He was in love with her long before BitE. Just look at his face at the end of Murders in the Book and when she tells him Sully has asked her to run away with him. In the former he just gives up and walks away. In the latter he looks stricken. Or some of the smiles he gives her. Don’t have a specific example. He glows. Glowing is about love.

      • Even if he was in love with her before the coma dream, there are still people who think he was with an idealized version of Brennan, that he was projecting his desires. Just like he said at the end of headless witch in the wood:
        BRENNAN: I sure know how to pick’em, don’t I?
        BOOTH: Well, you know. Our perceptions are alway colored by what we hope and what we fear, what we love. We do the best we can.

      • I don’t think he ever had any idealized vision of her. How could he — given how the first case ended? I really believe that he’s always had a pretty good idea of who she really is. In the early going, she was often insulting to and dismissive of him, and he knows she thinks he isn’t all that smart (which is a vast underestimation of him on her part).

        Some people have a different opinion on this, but I don’t see how a person can think that he ever had an idealized image of her. His ability to support her and work so well with her is based on his understanding of her — warts and all.

      • I’m going with Rynogeny, Angelena and Avalon on this one; he he’s known the truth of her for a long time and is dazzled by it. To me, that’s love-and I too believe this was going on way before the coma dream.

  8. It’s an interesting perspective, but one which I’m not sure about. If Booth gambles to feel in control, then he sure picked a game he was not good at with Brennan. While he’s full of confidence in his job, around Brennan he often seems tentative and unsure of himself, always pleasantly surprised when she deems one of his qualities as good. Not making a move on her for 5, possibly 6, years doesn’t fit the profile of a guy who just has to bet one more time; gamblers are not known for their patience. I do agree that Sweets used the gambler in him to goad him into a declaration, but feelings had been building up in him for a long time before this happened. At this point, it was a matter of time, and not just an impulse.

    There’s no doubt that he changed because of her, but I don’t think it was due to any sort of transference of addictions-he just wanted to be a better man, one worthy of her attentions. I do agree that in a way he is addicted to her, in the sense that he is drawn to her in spite of himself, but this is what love can do to people. Viewed from a gambling perspective, every relationship any of us has is a gamble-that things will last, that our hearts won’t get broken at some time, that we will find happiness and fulfillment with another.Yet, I don’t think that makes us gamblers in the sense that only the moment of the bet or the initial wins keep us invested in a relationship; for most of us, and I would include Booth because of his self–control in approaching her, what happens after the relationship has begun matters as well, even after the initial romantic giddiness, the thrill of getting what we want, wears off. I believe this is why Booth took time to know and become friends with Brennan before making another move; she was just too important to him for any type of hasty gamble.

    Addicts use their addictions to help them feel more alive, to fill an empty place in their lives. The initial rush of the bet, the drink, the purchase gives them the momentary feeling of belonging that is lacking in their everday life. I just don’t see Booth doing this with Brennan, although I do believe he might do that with his job. Yes, she brings out the best in him because he wants to be better for her, but she’s also laid him low plenty of times, yet he sticks around. I’m certain that he does want her for the rest of his life-not just for the moment when he’s finally “gotten” her. And I feel that when she said no to him the first time it wasn’t because of his gambling confession, but because she understood that there would be strings attached to the act-lots of them. and while impervious, she wasn’t strong enough for that kind of emotional commitment at that time. Which is why, now that she feels stronger, she seems open to the idea of being with him in the way he wanted, despite any of his lingering gambling issues.

  9. rynogeny, I can’t comment under your post for some reason, so I hope this makes sense…
    I totally agree with you about early Brennan only seeing Booth as a means to an end – she wants to use her skills in this new arena of murder solving and he can facilitate that. Gordon Gordon shrewdly picks up on that – she wants to learn to do what he does so she can do it without him, so she won’t need him.

    I think Brennan (then) definitely viewed needing as a weakness and being needed as an annoyance, at best. She gradually comes to accept Booth’s quid pro quo philosophy then wonders if it has somehow weakened her. But by the time she comes back from Maluku I think she’s ready to want needing and being needed. This is one of the ways she’s “improved”.

    You mention the line about liking to see her do math as something that isn’t new – but I think the…well, tenderness in the way he says it is something new, at least this season. Yes, he’s always respected her intelligence as skills, but I compare it to the chicken autopsy earlier – he found it amusing in a party trick sort of way, but in Blackout, it was and endearing quality. He was shy about it…he couldn’t even look at her when he said it.

    I don’t think Brennan is changing her core beliefs, as I said in my earlier post. And I’ve heard the same critiques you have about that.

    As for how Booth should change – you didn’t ask me, but I’ll answer! I just want him to be more realistic about love. I want him to accept that Fate isn’t why he loves Brennan, watching her do the math and the fact that she’ll open his pill bottles and smash a guy with a two by four and always stand by him, except when she’s sitting are the reasons he loves Brennan. I want him to accept that it won’t always be easy and she’s going to be literal and he’ll have to ask for what he needs sometimes because she won’t just know all the time. And she might run off on a dig or work all night but it won’t be about rejecting him. That he doesn’t need to rescue or fix her and it’s okay to let her rescue and fix him a little bit. I just want them to be equal partners – needing each other and rescuing each other just as much.

    • Barbara – That last paragraph says it all, but the opposite of what you say. He doesn’t love her because of fate. He loves her because of all those things you’ve noted — or loves her in spite of them. He really does love her as she is. He does know the truth of her and he is dazzled by it. He doesn’t want her to change for him. He wants her to change for her: so she can be open to loving and being loved. Yes, he wants that for her with him — always the subtext when he’s talking about eventually — but if Sully could have done it for her, he would have supported that because he wants that for her.

      They are equal partners. They need each other, if only to get their jobs done. Neither of them would be as good at solving murders without the other. That’s why Booth sought her out in the first place — and went back to her a year later. He saw what she could do for him. That’s why she agreed to try it again: she saw it as a way to prove herself in a new way, but she couldn’t do that without the access he provided.

      I think that mostly Booth needs to listen to himself — and not let Sweets keep goading him into stupid gambles. While I don’t think that he was rushing her after 5 years, he might have thought about his comment that “you can’t rush her” before deciding that he had to move on

      Being open to the idea of loving and being loved and willing to take the risk is how Brennan has improved. She’s still brilliant, beautiful, belligerent, butt-kicking, fearless, etc., etc. But, now she is open to love. Similarly, I don’t see that Booth needs to change all that much. He still appreciates the value of brains and science. He too is still butt-kicking, fearless, protective, lion-hearted, etc., etc. He just needs to take his own advice.

      • I’m not sure why you are saying that what you are saying is the opposite of me, when it seems to be exactly the same?

        We may feel that Booth loves Brennan for all those reasons, but canon tells us that he has never SAID that to her. What he SAYS to her is “I just knew”.

        Brennan is very literal. She is not going to make an intuitive leap from “I just knew” to “he loves me for X,Y,Z reasons.”

    • Thanks, Barbara. I appreciate your explicit statements about what you want from Booth, and they all make sense to me. Some of them I agree with, though I suspect I don’t see him as far away from being there as perhaps you do, while others I’ll have to think about some more.

      Does he really believe that Fate is why he loves Brennan? Or only that Fate brought them together? And is he really expecting a relationship to be easy? Or for her to always read his mind about what he needs?

      Would he assume if she went off on a dig that she was rejecting him? I don’t think so. Some of us were debating the other day whether she was running when she left him after his coma. I don’t think so, and I don’t see anything in Harbingers to suggest he felt abandoned by her. She had a job to do, and went to do it, but not before talking with his doctors. She believed he was okay, and was upset to find he’d not yet returned to work when she came back. And there’s nothing in there to suggest he wasn’t fine with her having gone.

      Maluku was different, because she was running, and so was he.(Which doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have gone on that kind of possibly-world-changing dig.) But in the general course of things, if they began a relationship? I can’t see him expecting her to give up going on digs. He’s too proud of her, understands her too well for that. IMO.

      • I agree about the Harbingers trip…I don’t fault her for going. She goes every summer. And I agree that he’s proud of her work and wouldn’t want to stop her…that’s not quite what I meant – argh, sometimes I do not articulate well!

        What I mean is that he is going to have to trust her when she says she’s changed. They kissed and the next day they had a huge fight and she avoided him for a year. She was confused about their relationship and she decided to go to Maluku for a year (yes, I also agree that was necessary). But it is a very Brennan thing to do – get scared, get mad and withdraw, often quite dramatically.

        Booth has a history of giving up easily. He does not know why Rebecca turned him down, he just assumes and it’s Brennan who – Five years after the fact! – helps him to learn the truth. He even asks Cam, long after the fact, why their relationship didn’t work out. So yes, I think this dynamic will be an issue between them. She has a history of running, he has a history of not asking why the women in his life leave.

        As for the others…I think I said uptop that he may know on some level why he loves her, but he hasn’t articulated that for Brennan, or for himself for that matter. He’ll say things like “you’re the only smart person I really like” and “I like watching you do the math” but those could just as easily be friendship statements. Brennan has insecurities about being lovable, I think she needs to hear some real words from him.

        As for relationships in general, I don’t know if he necessarily expects it to be easy and perfect, but I do think he has an idea of what a happy family is and does (“You fall in love and get married. It’s what people do.” is what he says anyway), and I *definitely* think that Brennan thinks Booth has a specific idea of a “perfect” relationship, which is why she says she can’t give it.

      • This is just bugging me: fate didn’t cause him to love her. Fate gave him an opportunity. He came to love her for the various things that dazzle him.

      • Barbara, I think you bring an interesting point up here about Booth having a history of giving up easily. And I think it’s interesting to note that Booth told Sully not to let Brennan bully him into giving up on her. I think Booth needs to take his own advice! Haha!

    • Barbara –

      I think he does get these things. He doesn’t have to figure them out. He knows it won’t be easy. He understands that she will go off on digs. That’s cool. That she’s the “worlds leading” makes him proud. It’s why he wanted to work with her in the first place. I just don’t see these as things he needs to figure out. He knows them.

      I will grant you that he may need to explicitly say to Brennan “Bones, I love you because…. and that will never change,” but I don’t think that the lack of that is where her issue really lies or used to lie. I think she believes that Booth loves her. She questioned whether she could love him enough/the way he needed/needs and for all time and whether his love could last once he sees her up close. The why might help her believe that he will always love her and that he thinks she is capable of giving him what he needs.

      • Angelena – the issue isn’t what we know, or think we know, as viewers who get to see all of Booth’s actions and conversations and secret looks and the conversations he has when Brennan is not around.

        The issue is what does Brennan know?

        Of course Fate didn’t make Booth love her – Fate doesn’t do anything! I don’t even believe in fate, and neither does Brennan. But what does Booth SAY, over and over again, fate, magic, I just knew. Brennan is literal. If Booth says “I just knew” that is what she hears. No reason, he just “knew”.

        These things are meaningless to Brennan.

        All the things you say he gets – does Brennan know he gets them? I don’t think so. Does Brennan think he loves her? Well I think she believes that he believed he loved her – then. But Brennan herself feels pretty unlovable, IMO. She knows she’s brilliant and talented and beautiful but I don’t think she feels deserving of love – at least not Booth’s love.

        I’m sorry that bugs you, but I guess we’ll just agree to disagree.

      • Barbara –

        Now we are in agreement. Booth understands her, so that’s not where the problem lies. The problem is that he hasn’t necessarily communicated what he feels and knows so well to her as she needs him to. One aspect that he may not truly appreciate.

        Sometimes it takes a while to reach agreement even when we are in agreement basically when you’re communicating this way.

  10. OK, so much to respond to. I take a number of issues with toberlove and with Barbara and probably be with others, but I will focus on these issues. This will go on at some length.

    First, I do not think that Booth ever saw Brennan as a toy he can’t have. At first he wants her help with cases, but he eventually realizes that there is much more to her than just the scientist. The closest to a toy I would go is to say that she’s a puzzle he is trying to solve. But, he wants to solve the puzzle because of how he feels about her, because he amazes her not because he just wants to get her in the sack. I think it’s that he is dazzled by her that makes him want to understand her better.

    I also think that he was in love with her long before BitE. The coma dream just brought to a conscious level where he could no longer deny it.

    I have know a couple of people (men 😉 ) who dazzled me even with their shortcomings and I just wanted to know them, to understand them and be as close to them as often as I could. In those cases, the emotion was probably more lust than love, but there was also a tremendous respect and appreciation for what made them dazzling. So, I can see Booth’s pursuit of Brennan in that sense too.

    I can go along with the idea that his confession to Brennan in the beginning put her off. I think it was probably more because of the implication of a commitment of some kind, but I also think that his being a gambler put her off. As someone noted, she called him on that on occasion and was actually quite demeaning in how she addressed the issue. He is not a “degenerate” gambler.

    As for Brennan as an addiction as evidenced by behavior to keep her near. I’m inclined to see that more as her coming to be his closest friend, who understands him well and who he can trust implicitly. In other posts, people have noted that while Booth seems to know a lot of people, he also seems to be a loner with few close friends. The loss of a friend like that — or the loss of their physical presence can be pretty hard. I have twice had a friend with whom I did nearly everything. In one instance we saw each other almost daily. We had our own abbreviations for things and so on. When she decided to move, I would have liked to do anything to keep her around, but knew that there was nothing I could do about it. When your life is that entangled with someone, even only platonically or for work, their loss can be very upsetting. I’ve hung on to jobs where I had an excellent boss beyond what I should have because I hated the idea of facing a new boss and all the adjustment that that entails. When something is working, you don’t want to let it go, and you do anything you can to keep it.

    I also think that by Sully, he is beginning to have non-partner feelings toward her, so his desire to keep her near so that things can develop is even stronger. But, note, he consistently supports the relationship with Sully. (Telling Sully not to let her push him away. Telling her not to push Sully away. Telling her to go with Sully on the boat.) He “loves” her (whether just as partner/friend or more) to want her to be happy and Sully seems to do that for her. That’s the real proof of love: wanting the best for someone even if it doesn’t include you. An addict can’t do that.

    I would say that I think he did know from the very beginning. It may not have been fully conscious early on, and it may have been more about the career benefits early on, but I do think he knew from the get go that this woman was going to be huge in his life in some way.

    The gamble in the 100th: many people think he should have know better, etc., etc. I think tho’ that Brennan had made sufficient progress and their relationship had progressed in S5 to a point where he had more hope than he’d ever had that they could move forward. Evidence: end of Night at the Museum, end of (is it) Dentist in the Ditch, end of Bones on the Blue Line, end of Bond in the Boot, Foot in the Foreclosure, Proof in the Pudding, Dwarf in the Dirt and probably more. And, I think that Sweets’s nudge also played a big role in his taking the gamble.

    Now about Hannah. I won’t go into everything I think on this because I am working on something about it, but I’ll make the basic argument. First, I have no problem with the fact that he got together with Hannah in Afghanistan. I don’t think that that in any way indicated that Bones wasn’t the one or that it meant that he didn’t really love Bones. I think the circumstances (Bones’s rejection and then running off to Muluku and being in a war zone away from everyone he loves), excuse/justify whatever happened under that fig tree. He got some comfort when he desperately needed it.

    I also think that shacking up with Hannah did not devalue anything with Bones in the love department. For one, he was clearly not expecting Hannah to show up in DC. Once she did that and given the circumstances in which in invited her to move in, I don’t see that he really could have done anything else. And, Bones had never made him feel that wanted. She had never run toward him like that, only away (repeatedly — and even when he needed her most; i.e., immediately post coma). In a way, Hannah had cornered him.

    Moreover, I always thought that he was protesting way too much that he loved Hannah and was being the perfect boyfriend. I always thought that he was trying to convince himself as much as he was trying to convince everyone else. So, I don’t think he ever really loved Bones any less. I think he wanted to, but he never was able to, even after Hannah became a fixture in his life.

    So what about that proposal? I am beginning to think that the gamble was actually in the other direction and that it, in fact, wasn’t all that big of a gamble. He had learned that Bones (the Standard) might actually be available to him. I think the end of BitB he is at least wistful in watching her through the diner window with the shell, and I really think there was confusion and regret and in that look. But, there’s still Hannah. What can he do? It is against his values to just dump her for Bones.

    Then drunken Sweets pokes at drunken Booth about being 40 and never married and how awful that is. And, then he even accompanies Sweets to the jeweler where Sweets proceeds to wimp out. Someone has to grow a set and Booth’s the big brother, so he sees it as his responsibility to make the grand gesture. And, Booth is no quitter. He can’t cut the grand gesture off. He has to follow through.

    Now I think that subconsciously, at least, he knew that Hannah wasn’t likely to say yes and that that might actually be a good thing because it was a way to jettison Hannah without having to be the dumper. So, I think the real gamble was that she might not say no. Which is not to say he wasn’t genuinely hurt and is not to say that he was consciously thinking this, but to say that there was a lot more going on there than what was going on on the surface.

    Yeow! I’ll stop now.

    • Addiction really is a loaded word, and I can see where “strong need” or similar might be a better way to phrase it.

      I agree with most of what you say about Hannah – that Booth needed comfort, that her appearance surprised him, that he tried too hard to make the relationship perfect, that it doesn’t mean his feelings for Brennan are or will be less.

      But I don’t think he proposed in an attempt to drive Hannah away, not even subconsciously. He said in Sin in the Sisterhood – you pick a wife and you stick with her. Brennan’s confession in DiTP was only that she had regrets. At best, it was an implied offer, but it wasn’t a promise or a commitment.

      It will long be a subject of debate – should Booth have known she’d say no…I say, no, he had lots of reasons to think she’d say yes. Sure, one time that we know of, she reacted badly to the thought of a proposal. But she gave up her job for him, came to DC for him, moved in with him, met Parker, talked to Parker about being his stepmother and adopting kids! Her words said one thing, her actions another. Now we know she was only doing it for novelty’s sake or just to avoid making waves (she knew it would end the way it did, she thought they’d have more time) but Booth is out there looking to be loved, he saw what he wanted to see.

      But again, this will ultimately be good for B/B. Booth can look at his relationship with Hannah and see that love isn’t doing all the seemingly “right” things, closing the toilet seat, making dinner, even moving in…it’s what Brennan does. The math and opening the pills without being asked and helping move the chairs and knowing how to respond when he tells her why they matter.

    • And, he turned back to Bones pretty fast. IMHO

    • Angelena, those are my thoughts too. He gambled with the proposing to Hannah, to get out of the relationship, but still had feelings come to the surface about the rejection.

      • Exactly! Even if you really don’t want something to work out, the rejection can still be very painful. He might not really want her, but he also doesn’t want to be rejected by her, because rejection hurts.

    • Also in “Sin in the Sisterhood” at the end Booth and Brennan agreed that Monogamy was the way to go, because none of the 3 sisters were happy with the arrangement. Booth, even if not married to either of the 2 women in his life, had to make a decision and he gambled with the proposal to Hannah.

  11. I have always thought and always will that her deciding not to sleep with him in the 100th episode was due solely to the fact that he told her that he felt it was “going somewhere” and she didn’t do relationships. She was only in it for the sex, so when he wanted an actual relationship she bailed. It had nothing to do with the gambling. I also never seen his relationship with Brennan as “gambling” or that the only reason why he wanted her was for some “toy” or part of a “game”. Maybe a part of his addictive personality, but I mean, an idealized version of “love” has similar “symptoms” if you will. I know I hated being apart from the man I fell in love with…was I an “addict”? Or was I just in love…how do you decide that Booth is addicted to Brennan and I was just in love with a wonderful man?

    I have never thought that Booth’s issues were connected to the gambling…I have always felt that Booth’s issues with love and with Brennan and with Hannah were a result of his abusive childhood. The need to be the best at whatever he does, the need to love and be loved….that’s what drives him…not so much the gambling…and I think he just desires that love and that family because he didn’t have that growing up. Of course, I have to wonder…did he have that at one time? When his Mom was around? He wanted those seats so badly in Blizzard because he was trying to recapture that “one perfect day” with his Dad..are his beliefs about love and fate and wanting a wife and a family his way of trying to recapture a life he had with his Mom and Dad? I have always felt that his Dad’s drinking and abuse came after whatever happened to his Mom.

    I feel that Booth and Brennan are the closest they have ever been to being on the same page about love. Booth says he needs time to find the “inner peace”. I think that now that they are at this point…rather than one chasing the other…they can grow towards the final goal of them being together…well…together.

  12. Booth wants to be around Brennan because he needs to be able to rely on someone in this world and he has chosen Brennan as the one he trusts to be on his side. I don’t think he is addicted to Brennan. If he transferred his gambling addiction to anything it is his job. He yearns to solve murders and right wrongs. He wants to make up for the deaths he has caused and he needs Brennan to do it. She is brilliant at what she does and has been a huge help in his campaign to bring murderers to justice. His big gamble was going after Brennan the second time and talking her into helping him do his job. He can be compulsive; but, when it comes to gambling for real, he has managed to stay away from that. That Booth has interfered in Brennans’ past love affairs, to me, is Booth trying to protect his turf. In the early years, he needed Brennan to be by his side while he is doing a very dangerous job. His fear that Brennan would find someone else to take up her time with would probably be problematic for Booth. He needed the dedicated scientist that is willing to work with him for long hours and days at a time. The last thing he would have wanted was someone taking Brennan away from him.

    I think as the years went by, he began to see Brennan as a possible romantic partner; but, he really was afraid that any change in their partnership would be a huge risk for him. That he hesitated for so long to pursue Brennan in a romantic way is proof to me that Booth really was not the gambler he and everyone else seemed to think he was. It was only because of Sweets working on Booths impulsiveness that caused Booth to make a gamble and try in 100 to get Brennan to commit to him.

    I don’t think Brennan is the toy he can’t have. She is the woman he loves and whom he values as a great friend and partner. His fear that he could actually lose her has made him make some choices that only now have caused him to reconsider how he thinks of Brennan.

  13. I think Brennan changes her mind about Booth in the scene of their first kiss because she knows that he confessed his addiction to her because he wanted the relationship to go somewhere and she was only interested in a sexual relationship with no strings attached.

    I think Booth tried to do it right. He tried to put it all out there in hopes that he could have an honest relationship without hiding who he is. With Hannah he gives that up. He acts the part of the man with no demons in hopes that the ending will be different.

    • I gotta say, I totally agree with Brennan in that moment. I mean, who does that? You have one date and a sizzling kiss and suddenly the guy is talking about the relationship “going somewhere” and revealing life secrets? No. Just, no. That’s my cue to RUN!

      Their relationship started off at a sprint and has had to work back up to a slow trot.

    • Excellent point about Hannah….he did act the part and I don’t think Hannah knew all of him….Interesting how the outcome wasn’t different….

  14. I liked the post. I thought it brought up some great points. I can see on some level Brennan not wanting to be his gamble….totally. I see him proposing to Hannah as a gamble…..the stakes were high and he took it.

    I still argue that Brennan said no to him because she felt like she could not live up to the standards he has for love.

    Someone said that they think Booth will lay out the reasons why he loves her other than fate and magic. I do think that is when Brennan will listen to him. Evidence is what she needs and when Booth tells her why he chooses her then we might see the magic. She does not believe in fate and magic. She has been very consistent there. She is moving to the middle and when Booth moves to the middle with her then they will find there moment! Looking forward to it.

  15. Great post and great replies.

    I don’t think he sees Brennan as a toy he cannot have or even a puzzle to solve. She is someone he has come to trust and rely upon who is also a person he has fallen in love with. She balked in the 100th because, as someone said earlier, she didn’t do relationships. She also needs to know him better for there to be something more and I really don’t think she was looking for that at all. In many ways, she was the more serious side of Angela– less free-wheeling and more studious in her selection of potential mates.

    Booth’s proposal is part of that romantic nature he has honed. Brennan balks at the idea of couplehood because she cannot live up to his ideals of romance and she does not want to hurt him or hurt their relationship– it’s why she asks if they can still be partners. Booth’s actions might look compulsive, like those of a gambler, but they are fueled by his need for love. Part of that is fed by his need to prove he is not like his father. Booth can control some aspects of his life and he does so with great competence. But his personal life is messy– Hannah’s presence has to be honored and he does the honorable thing by living with her rather than sending her off to some hotel. He starts to see her actions in a different light than Brennan’s and he takes it as evidence that she is special, she is the one and he ignores anything to the contrary. In a sense, it becomes a gamble– a compulsion– to propose marriage against the odds. When he loses that bet, he’s pissed because he knows he’s not only played a sucker’s bet, but he’s also been rejected a second time. (How many of us think that when he gets with Brennan it will be like a “marriage”?) I think later he realizes that Brennan is still around, still supportive and hasn’t changed who she is (even though he changed a bit around her.) Did he gamble? Yes. Was it a combination of compulsion and romantic notions? Yes. He lived through hell as a child and wants to create the “perfect family” and while Hannah might have appeared to be the ideal, he chose poorly.

    • Minor point: Hannah’s rejection was the 3rd at least. Don’t forget Rebecca.

    • “Brennan balks at the idea of couplehood because she cannot live up to his ideals of romance and she does not want to hurt him or hurt their relationship– it’s why she asks if they can still be partners.”

      I 100% agree….

  16. Hi,
    This is my first time replying at Bones Theory. I would just like to say I love this site and have been lurking for quite a while. Having said that on with the Bones stuff!
    (oh and toberlove I go off Bonesified tangents ALL the time, seriously! Usually multiple times in one day ^-^)
    This is something I have thought about alot, Booth transferring his addictions onto Brennan. In fact, for all that the writers focus on Brennan being ’emotionally stunted’ and what not, I have always believed that she is on fact the more emotionally mature of the two. Jared says once to Booth in the End in the Beginning (I am 99% sure i am lifting this example from bones theory itself) ,”You think that everything you feel is true” which is an extremely accurate way of describing Booth. Hats off to Barbara who just summed up very effectively why Booth only realised his love for Brennan after the coma dream, he was in love with coma dream Bren, not Bones in real life. However, I think its important to point out at this juncture, that I feel that Booth always loved Brennan just not in a romantic, head-over-heels, pining for you kind of way he appears to in season 5. I think they both love each other very much, but they do need to pin point why they want to be together before they do so. I think Booth’s way of proposing a relationship to her was extremely rushed; after looking at that shot of Brennan, it seems she had made up her mind about what she would say when Booth inevitably brought up the matter after Sweets’ prodding. Was it the gambler in Booth that made him do that? maybe, not too sure. Throughout season 5 Booth struggled with his feelings for Brennan, it seemed as if he just needed that little push to get him to initiate the ill fated word vomit that followed.

    In my head Brennan, ever pragmatic, has contemplated this scenario and figured out what she would say to him; what she fears the most is exactly what we have discussed here, that Booth only wants her(in the romantic sense) because he has never had her before and will tire of her easily like a child with a shiny new toy. She values her partnership with Booth above all else, she loves being his best friend and confidante, she has weighed the pros and cons, she will maintain the status quo for the rest of their working lives if it means she will always have Booth as her partner.

    Booth…… a child at heart, and like most children I think that he thinks that if he just gets Brennan (or for that matter any other woman he has loved) to say ‘yes’ to him he will be a happy man, that the story will be “and they all lived happily ever after” from there on. After Daredevil I think his illusions may have been broken and while this is a painful, it is going to be good for both of them in the end, because life is not a coma dream and as much as they love each other no-one’s life is as perfect as that seemed and they need to accept each other for who they are before they can expect any semblance of real happiness as a couple.

  17. Okay, wow – can’t keep up with all of these comments! I’ll do my best not to be repetitive, but I would like to speak to a couple of issues that came up in the post and comments.

    First – the toy he can’t have. Yep, Tober, that was the point with which I do wholly disagree. I just think he is more mature than that, that’s all. I feel that there is plenty of evidence to support the idea that he does not think of any women this way and has the utmost respect for them.

    However, the gambling theory? Very fascinating. Looking at how he approached Brennan after the meeting with Sweets in the 100th could certainly corroborate this idea and how he reacted. He realized he lost, remembered what it means to lose that big, and says “I gotta move on” . . .possibly indicating the next gamble. The “what will she do if I do move on?” I do not know if this is a conscious realization in this gambling scenario, but I can see it fitting.

    Then Hannah. Angelena mentions that perhaps the gamble with the proposal is one that believes he will lose with her. At least I think I am interpreting that correctly? (If not, I wholly apologize.) I disagree with this, because the look on Booth’s face just before Hannah’s answer and just after her rejection stunned me. I mean, I kind of sort of believed that he really loved her, but those moments finally really showed me that he absolutely did and the gamble (and I can definitely see it as a gamble . . . he kind of went in on adrenaline and blind hope) resulted in a crushing loss.

    Someone (I’m so sorry – I scanned back, and I can’t remember which of you mentioned this) mentioned the significance of the poker chip (along with Tober, of course) and I absolutely agree that Booth tossing it on the bar at the end of Daredevil has great significance.

    I think, in the end, as I now process these thoughts, that Booth is still the gambler, but it is really all about love. He is addicted to love – we get a nice reveal in Blizzard where Booth was clearly starved for love from his father, and the rejections and perceived rejections from the women he has loved in his life deeply affect him. The poker chip on the bar is hugely symbolic — maybe it is his reminder of that he can lose when he gambles.

    As a recovering gambling addict, he will never truly be able to see things as NOT being a gamble. He will always be a recovering addict, never a recovered one. So, in the end, will he still view taking a chance with Brennan a “chance” or a “gamble”? I think so, but were he not an addict, we might still classify it as a gamble and not think poorly of it.

    Rose-colored glasses? Perhaps. It would not be the first time I’ve worn them. 🙂

    • I agree he was devastated when Hannah said no….however now….I do think when he truly looks at the situation he has to think that was expected. I believe her when she said “I said it lots of times…you weren’t listening…” I believe that….I also believe that Booth was not “listening” to Brennan on why she said no to him “I don’t have your kind of open heart.”

      I believe with Hannah, Booth was in love with the idea of love….I think he loved her because he wanted to and he wanted that life that marriage offers. I don’t think he knew Hannah as well as he imagined and I definitely don’t think she knew him like Brennan does.

      Booth saw Hannah as his last chance for the life he dreamed of with marriage and family. I think he meant it when he said “We are partners” that is what we are in Dare Devil to Brennan….but I think now he is seeking out his best friend who is the one person that knows him completely and she accepts him.

      Such an awesome perception of their story….

      I know many people disagree with the idea of Booth’s gambling addiction being Brennan and then Hannah….

      I also think Booth definitely has some growth that is needed…. not just Brennan.

      Such a fun discussion.

  18. I know people who have addiction problems. One thing you notice, when you see addicts make decisions, they are often based on skewed perceptions and the uncontrollable need for something. Addictions are more often than not emotionally based. It is trying to fill a need or void that they have. I do see Booth friendship toward Brennan as a sort of an addicts addiction.

    Booth projects his views on his partnership, personal relationships and what life should be like based solely on his personal view, often disregarding what others are saying to him. He more often, than not he projects his views on things and totally disregards what is actually happening around him. He often fails to listen or hear what others are saying because it goes against what he thinks is his sometimes jaded reality. Take Hannah for instance, he is around when she is reacting and saying things that would point to the direction that she isn’t ready for marriage or what Booth is wanting. Yet, he totally disregards all this because it doesn’t figure into what he want or how he thinks thing are. He is in love with being in love. He isn’t listening or focusing. He is only taking what he is feeling and disregarding everything else. It isn’t a healthy functioning relationship because he is only paying attention to his side of the relationship and not Hannah’s. Addicts are blind to truth’s. They are only concerned with themselves and what they are experiencing. This is a sign of addiction, totally disregarding facts and truths so that what the addict want or thinks they need can be obtained at all cost. Booth wants love, family and commitment. He is not really concerned with where that comes from this season. He just feels that it has to happen or his ever having what he want is never going to happen. He is done with it, he will avoid it at all cost because as a gambler that rush is over and unattainable now.

    Then there is Brennan, the 100th was about himself and what he wanted, not necessarily what Brennan might need or want. It wasn’t really about them, in my opinion. Booth totally disregarded what Brennan was saying because he didn’t get that instant gratification of her saying, yes. He gamble and when she turned him down his immediate reaction was that he was done and moving on. Several month later we has Hannah and because she is willing and able, he has his fix again and is going to go all in. He totally disregards what is happening or being said in this relationship, yet again. It doesn’t seem to matter what Hannah might be saying or telling him because his is all ready in and is going for the big bet. He wants what he want and is willing to take the gamble even when the odds aren’t in his favor yet again. He is a gambler, who has addictions. This will never change until he sees that gambling comes in more forms than one.

    • I’ve said it before, but I don’t see any evidence of Booth moving on after the 100th until she says she’s taking a break from their partnership. I’m not sure what he was supposed to do about the declaration; just as many people complained that it was too soon and too aggressive as they did that it was too late and not strong enough. He loved her, hoped she’d be ready, there had been signs for all to see in season 5 (and I for one saw few poinitng to the fact that she definitely didn’t want a relationship with him); so he went first-someone always has to, and was hurt by her no. This happens all the time in real life and few would blame it on the fact that the person going first is gambling by wanting more. A risk worth taking after six years, yes; an irresponsible gamble, I would argue no-not after all they’ve been through together.
      As to Hannah, she shares half the blame in the debacle that ensued. She left her job, moved in with him at first offer, and was warned pretty seriously by Brennan about how much Booth would put into a relationship. In a way, they were both refusing to see what the other person was all about. There was also plenty of misleading on both their parts, whether conscious or not.

  19. Re Booth changing, I lguess I love many of the aspects that some people complain about, and I’d hate to see him without them. Yes, he’s overprotective, overbearing, bossy, too romantic and insecure at times but in a way I find these qualities totally Boothy and thus charming because they also indicate passion, commitment and deep affection. I also love how Brennan always calls him on behavior that she finds unacceptable-if it bothers her, she brings it up. The only area I see for major improvement for Booth is how secretive he is about certain areas of his life and how he often refuses to explain how these affect him, as if explaining himsef is weakness of some sort. He expects people around him to be able to understand why he behaves a certain way without giving them the benefit of context and I believe this has caused a lot of msunderstandings, particularly between him and Brennan. It’s not fair to either her or himself; she can’t always tell what’s bothering him or where it’s coming from, nor should she. She shouldn’t have to drag it out of him every time. I hope that talking about his dad and how he feels about Brennan is only the beginning of a new willingness to share for him, so that they can continue to communicate in an the same open manner we saw in Blizzard. I’ll put it in a a way Booth can understand: Avoidance=bad. Communication=good.

    • Totally agree about those boothy characteristics I wouldn’t want to see change. I also agree that he needs to work on being even more open with Bones than he already is — especially given that he knows that she has difficulty deciphering emotions and emotional situations..

  20. There comes a time when you can’t reply to replies anymore! What a great discussion we are having.

    Waaay back up there somewhere is a discussion on the issue of when Booth fell in love and with whom.

    I agree there’s plenty of evidence for Booth being in love with Brennan anywhere from mid season 1 on. However, this is one of the things where the TV show and the needs of the TV show interfere with the storytelling. Any given season of Bones could be the last (until they got that 2 year renewal in season 4). Because B/B are endgame, each season had to have enough stuff to make them coming together as a couple believable and enough stuff to make it not believable.

    If Season 1 was the only season and the series ended with Booth and Brennan looking at each other over the dedication page of her book and telling Russ to get lost, I’d totally buy it. If season 2 was the last season and B&B left the wedding and had passionate sex on the steps of the church, I’d totally buy that. If season 3 ended with Brennan leaving the hospital after seeing Zack and telling Booth – I’m sorry I hit you at your funeral I was just so upset that I thought you were dead, because I love you – I’d totally buy that too.

    That’s the merry dance the show has led us on. But the fact is, they never did get together and so I have to look for reasons why.

    Love and in love are different things. I don’t think falling in love is like flicking a light switch either. It’s a process. When I say Booth fell in love in his coma dream it doesn’t mean he didn’t necessarily love her before, but it is now a feeling he is fully aware of and cannot resist acting upon.

    Whether it’s the real Bones or Bren – I’m going to stick by my thoughts on that, although I totally see the other side of the argument.

    I just want to stress that I love these characters – especially Booth – to bits! Anything I say about them is not intended as a bash or complaint. They are complex characters. When I say that I think Booth was confused in season 5 and not seeing things as they were, that’s not a knock on him or a claim that he doesn’t really love Brennan. It’s just how I see the storytelling.

  21. Very interesting post! Unfortunately I am crazy busy at work today so I haven’t read any comments. Sorry if this information was covered (I can’t wait to read everyone’s posts tonight!) I just wanted to point out..

    A lot of recovery programs, I’m guessing Gamblers Anonymous as well, often state that a person may have to hit bottom to take action. While Booth may have recognized that he had a gambling problem in the past, I don’t think he ever knew how it may have carried over into his
    personal life.

    I believe the day he kissed Brennan was the day he first decided he REALLY wanted to recover. I just don’t think he knew how to do it.

    Booth, the gambler, hits bottom after Hannah’s rejection. Hannah’s rejection served a very important purpose. Booth cannot gamble in his personal life. He needs to carefully think about what he wants before
    making his decisions. I believe that’s why he isn’t pursuing a relationship with Brennan.

    I would really love to write a post based on the 12 steps of GA. Until then, I’ll point out that once upon a time Brennan may have been an impervious substance but I believe she lost it in DitP (some of it may
    have come back after the following episode but certainly not as much as she seems to imply in the latest episode). She knows he’s struggling with addiction and I want to believe that she will be there for his

  22. Wow! Great discussion, everyone! I am going to enjoy reading over the theories and meditate on them! GREAT TOPIC!

  23. Wow Bones Theory peeps – you all totally rock! Brilliant post Tober, very thought provoking! I love how there are so many different ways to look at the same story and all the different inflections and meanings everyone sees.

    I’ve read so many great comments that I can’t gather my own thoughts, so for now I’ll just say – bravo, I love this show, I love this site and I like you lot very much too 🙂

  24. Even though Booth had a gambling problem, I think he was already in recovery during their first case. When Brennan backs off and goes home alone that night in the rain, it was about her fear of commitment and his desire to commit and not about the gambling. I don’t think Brennan ever felt like he was gambling with her. And Booth never thought of her as a toy — if that were true, once he has her, he would get tired of her and move on. That is totally against his nature and belief system.
    In the Las Vegas ep when Brennan makes the degenerate gambler comment it is as if it is the first time she has thought of it in years. I think she is using the word ‘degenerate’ in a teasing way and only because she thinks he can handle it. If she really thought he couldn’t be alone in the casino, she wouldn’t have let him be alone there. There are other times when Booth makes a bet ($20 with Sweets in the He in the She) etc. and he never loses control.
    When Booth takes the gamble with Brennan in the 100th and with Hannah in the proposal, I think it is more about trying to do the right thing including following Sweets’ advice than it is about gambling. This time around he is thinking and planning first instead of gambling with rash decisions.
    Good post and good thoughts all. Interesting (and passionate!) discussion.

  25. Holy cow. What an interesting topic, and an amazing discussion. Just amazing. This is why I love this site so darn much!

    One thing I want to say is that I don’t think that Booth’s confession had anything to do with Brennan stepping back after that kiss. If it had been, I think she would have stepped back before the kiss.

    Before the kiss, Brennan had expressed interest in him, and he in her. There is a definite attraction between them. Then when he gets her drunk to fire her, her first thought is to look at him and conclude that if they aren’t working together anymore, they can have sex. He’s quick to call a cab. They race outside, and he stops her to confess his gambling problem. She pauses and gives him a look, but I interpret her look as more one of wonder that this amazingly hot guy is baring her soul to him, mixed with a little bit of “I don’t know what that means”.

    I think that if she were put off by his gambling, she would have backed off right then and there. But she doesn’t. Instead, the whole time they are talking, she’s moving closer to him, they’re moving towards each other – towards the center if you will – and she was all in on the kiss. They were equal participants, it wasn’t one more than the other; and as she pointed out to Sweets, there was tongue. The look on her face while recalling it, with her small smile, she’s remembering it fondly, not as something she regrets.

    And the kiss was hot. Way hot. And in the rain. Nothing hotter than kisses in the rain, and they had their first one in the rain… *ahem* Where was I? 😛

    Anyway, I think she was being truthful about her reason being the tequila, especially after he asks if she’s worried about regrets and says “that would never happen”. I think she just didn’t want their first encounter to happen under a tequila induced fog.

    That said, I agree with the thought that Booth was all wrong with his “I’m the gambler, lets give this a shot” approach. That is when Brennan panicked. But I don’t think that the panic has to do with Booth and his gambling or feeling like he’s taking a gamble on her or playing her. I think it has everything to do with being terrified of losing him.

    I think that even if Booth had started with his “evidence” of couples who have been in love for 30, 40 or 50 years, she would have freaked and said no. She just wasn’t ready for him – wasn’t ready to take that step. In her world, romantic relationships and romantic love don’t last. Love means opening yourself up to pain, and that’s not a chance – a gamble – she’s willing to take. She’d rather live with what she has with Booth – being friends and partners, knowing he’s always there for her – than take a chance and risk her heart on something that she doesn’t believe has the power to last a lifetime, and in doing so risk losing him forever.

  26. I’m going to try and keep this short for once, haha, especially since so much has already been discussed. My brain is just mulling all of this over, so I have little to add (at least I hope it’s little, haha).

    I just wanted to make the comment that sometimes I think we focus a little too much on the gambling side of the issue. Hear me out and see if this makes sense.

    Booth’s being a gambler is not the problem in the way things have gone down for him, in my opinion. The “problem” is that no matter how great the risk of failure, Booth will lay everything on the line, based on heart/luck/fate/whatever. He takes huge risks against terrible odds with very little justification apart from gut feelings. And yeah, that has to do with gambling, but I don’t think they’re the same thing. I think that all-in tendency is part of Booth’s personality–something that was manifested in his gambling problem, not caused by it.

    I actually think Booth’s being a gambler is important, too. To have a romantic relationship under any circumstances I would say actually requires a gamble to varying degrees. Brennan says “I am not a gambler,” and I don’t think she means anything by it apart from, “I can’t take that risk.” Going back to the coma-dream, she can’t give up control over personal happiness. Yes, she isn’t a gambler, but I would say that’s a requirement of being in a romantic relationship.

    And going along with that, yes, Booth is a gambler, and yes, he is an all-in kind of guy, and yes, that’s earned him a world of hurt these days. But I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. I think that how open and generous he is with himself is a rare treasure, and honestly, I hope he doesn’t change that. Don’t get me wrong–I hate having to see him take the knocks he’s been taking. But I guess that’s where his gambling comes in. He’s all in, and that either means filthy rich or flat broke.

    I don’t think he needs to stop gambling–I think that would be a step backwards really. But he needs to gamble in a smarter way–something I think he’s already learning to do. He’s not rushing into anything straight away after Hannah. He’s basically flat broke at the moment, and he’s taking little steps with Brennan, maybe building up some bank so that he actually has something left to gamble with when the time comes. But he’s taking it slow, weighing the risks, paying attention to his limitations of the moment, and really looking at the evidence and the odds.

    So this turned out long, and I actually have no idea if I was even answering any questions or just rambling. It’s late, haha. There are so many different ways to go with Booth and Brennan and gambling, but we’re doing a pretty admirable job of trying to get at them all, aren’t we!

    Great provocative post! It’s brought some great discussion, and made me think long and hard!

  27. *scratches head in confusion*

    Huh….i both agree and disagree.

    I will come back when i can think of a response! LOL

  28. Please forgive me, but I think this is provocation post. Or this is ravings of a madman 🙂 Many readers said this before. He really love Brennan and really love Hannah. He wants to be with Brennan, they are best friends all last years, committed friends, they completely understand each other, they can to give their lives for each other. He loves her and wants to be with her.

    When he was rejected he lost faith and found other woman. He loves her too, maybe in other way, like substitute, but love seriously. He has a religious education, he always wants to have family, children, lovely wife. This is reason why he proposed to Hannah.

    This all have nothing to do with gambling.

    What about Brennan and her first rejection. It’s obviously – she wanted just sex, nothing more. Booth with his confession (which had nothing to do with “just sex”) frighten her. She was so impervious 7 years ago, she didn’t want any relationships.

    This all so simple 🙂 Booth is a good man, his live and his relationships – not a just gamble!

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