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Morning After Q: Is Brennan Gambling on (or for) Booth?


Good morning, good morning!

Remember last week when I said after Blackout in the Blizzard I was pretty much questionless? Well, sure enough, as the days have gone by, I’ve thought of a few. And, you know…I want to save my Qs for you! So here’s the pregunta for this week:

Is Brennan taking a chance on Booth? Or is she taking a chance on love? (in my opinion, they are the same thing, but you might not agree!)

In Tober’s post yesterday, she took us back to the 100th episode, where we all remember Brennan said “I am not a gambler. I’m a scientist,” and she basically said change was not her thing, right?

So how do we reconcile that with her words at the end of Blackout in the Blizzard, when she says that “one day…maybe…we might…”

She’s talking about the ability to risk losing the rest of her imperviousness, and that he would grow to be not angry, and then they might try to be together.

Is that, or is that not, a ‘gamble’? Perhaps gamble is too strong a word, and I use it only for the context of her own words. But is it still taking a chance?

Remember when (in season one?) Booth insisted that Brennan had to respect the law, and she said if she couldn’t, she could at least respect Booth? Remember how Booth pretty much was speechless, but agreed? That’s sort of how I feel about Brennan in this situation. It’s sort of a “well, even if I don’t believe in love, can I still believe in you?” from her to Booth. To which Booth will one day have to reply with a yes or no.

But until that point, is Brennan dealing with ‘possibilities’, instead of absolutes? Is she ‘going with her gut’ and trying something new, or…in her own way, has she calculated the risk, weighed pros and cons, examined years of evidence and is now doing what is logical and the most appropriate course of action?

I don’t mean to imply that for one, she’s using her ‘heart’ and for the other, she’s using her ‘brain’, and that they don’t overlap. There is overlap there (kinda like a Venn Diagram!)

But I’m just wondering if Brennan is now the risk taker (I mean, is Booth a sure shot at this point), and as Barbara pointed out in the comments yesterday that…

I predict that as the season progresses, we’ll see Booth showing more interest in her, her interests, her way of looking at things, just as she’s done for him in all the other seasons. When he is ready again, what I hope (and think is reasonable to interpret) is that he will not invoke fate or magic or standards or Ones, but simply point out all the specific things he likes about her. Facts and evidence – that’s what will tell Brennan he does know the truth of her, and is dazzled by it.


Thoughts from you? Is Brennan, by her own words, taking a chance? Is she having faith, baby? (and I’m NOT sorry about the baby, cause you all know I love you).

Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones,



19 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Is Brennan Gambling on (or for) Booth?

  1. Good question. On balance I think what she has learnt, consciously or not, that where love and Booth are concerned (and I don’t think you can distinguish between those 2) is that she has to go with how she feels. She is going on faith that things can work out and that the risk is with taking – no regrets!

    Rationally speaking, you would have fears about hooking up – that you are both too different, that neither of you has made a long term relationship work, that he only just proposed to someone else, etc. She wants to put these to one side because she loves him.

    By the way, I totally agree with Barbara’s viewpoint – I always foresaw a getting together scenario which had Booth giving evidence for his love (prove it to me – End in the Beginning anyone….!) – and I can kind of still see this happening. Anyone seen the end speech in When Harry Met Sally, that kind of thing.

    In the same way I can kind of see Booth needing evidence other than words that Bones really loves him – in a way that he would really understand – like her putting him or say Parker before herself – could that conversation in one of the early season 6 episodes be foreshadowing.

  2. Thoughts from you? Is Brennan, by her own words, taking a chance? Is she having faith, baby?

    Brennan has actually been through quite a lot in the last few years, she almost lost Booth and did lose Zach in The Pain In The Heart. Then she almost lost Booth again in The Hero In The Hold and again in The Critic In The Cabernet. This is a lot to take for someone who fears that there is no one in the world that she can count on to stay with her, not abandon her. Over the years she has started to count of Booth to be there for her and yet he has come very close to death and this has scared Brennan. This is one of the reasons she gave to Angela as to why she was going to Maluku. Booth might get hurt and she couldn’t prevent it. She has never really had faith in anyone and for her faith is not something to count on. She does have science and she does have logic. She has seen the worse case scenario of what the future could be if she does not let anyone into her world. She saw the lonely death that the doctor had in Doctor in the Photo and she doesn’t want that for herself. She has seen what walling yourself away from people can do and she knows that she wants to live a fuller and happier life. Since DITP she has really tried to change how she interacts with people and specifically, Booth. It is not through faith; but, through actually having a break down and coming to the understanding that love is a real possibility in her life. If she wants Booth, and I really think she does, then patience and understanding of Booth and his insecurites will get him, not faith that magic will somehow get her what she wants. Brennan has admitted in the past that she does have faith; but, it is in science and the facts that she can see.

  3. First, I’m verklempt that you quoted me!

    Second, yes, I think Brennan is “gambling” in one sense, but really all she’s doing is following up on her declaration in Doctor in the Photo. She said she regretted not taking a chance on Booth and she didn’t want to have regrets. Brennan is a woman of her word. Once she’s made up her mind about something, she does it.

    After Blackout, I read a lot of fan response that Brennan’s talk about “losing the last of her imperviousness” somehow negated or “took back” all she said in DiTP. I don’t get that at all! We might make assumptions on what Brennan might have wanted or hoped for in that car, but at the end of the day, all she said was that she had regrets and didn’t want to have them.

    And let’s not forget, she said that before Booth proposed to Hannah. That has to affect how she sees her “chances”. Booth continually pointing out that his feelings for Brennan are “in the past” doesn’t help either.

    I think Brennan needs to believe that if she can withstand the worst possible outcome – which would be becoming involved with Booth and having it end – not him dying, she’s actually already had that experience! But breaking up.

    She’s basically just been through that experience…watching him with Hannah. (I think her breakdown in DitP was about more than just Lauren Eames, it was the sum total of watching Booth love someone else, with Parker loving Hannah too that was the cherry on top. She’d essentially lost her entire surrogate family by the end of Bones on the Melted Truck).

    Losing the last of her imperviousness is asking herself if whatever potential happiness she’d have with Booth would ultimately be worth the pain she very recently felt and is still feeling. The look on her face when she asked Booth if he was going to stop her from doing the math, and the look when he said he was “just mad” — Brennan is still processing a lot of hurt.

    Which makes it all the braver, IMO, that she is putting it out there at all! I know “someday maybe we can try” doesn’t sound like much of a commitment but it’s as much as Brennan has ever offered to anyone. She is who she is and she can’t change overnight.

    I don’t think she’s having faith – I think she’s well aware it could all be a big fat disaster. But I think she’s realizing it is something she has to do for herself. Angela said it back in season 2 – if you aren’t willing to risk being hurt, you miss so much. Brennan knew that, in an intellectual sense, back in season 2, but here in season 6 she got a front row seat to how much she was missing, watching Booth be in love with someone else.

    I do think though, that it’s not just about Booth. It bothered me last season when Cam warned Booth that if he changed his mind about Brennan, she’d never trust anyone else. It made Brennan sound fragile and almost childlike. Maybe pre-Maluku Brennan was that way, I’m still uneasy with that line…but I do think that should Booth totally lose his mind and not want Brennan (won’t happen!) she wouldn’t give up on love.

    In Bikini in the Soup, she’s angry that all those men are calling her. It bothers her that she has become this person men can call at the last minute, because they know she’d never be committed to anyone. I think Brennan wants to be a different person, period, and if Booth is the one she’s with, so much the better.

    And really – that is a far healthier attitude to go into a relationship with than “fate brought us together”, IMO.

    • I think you are absolutely correct– she has been gathering evidence all along to show her what she has to lose if she loses Booth in her life. His distance in the early part of the season was not lost on her. She’s evaluated everything along the way, assessed how everything has made her feel and she is trying to act on it because the results (watching Booth with Hannah, becoming like Lauren Eames) are much too hard on her.

      There is a fragility to Brennan and we’ve seen it, but I agree, Cam’s line to Booth was off the mark. Brennan does have a soft core, but she also has a strong backbone and that hard shell she can affect make her a very formidable person in my book. Her admission about being an “impervious substance” suggested to me that she was willing to open her heart. She’d found a way to do that through all the experiences that she’s undergone. Being able to change and allowing for the change makes her strong– maybe stronger than she was before.

      I know that the question is whether Brennan is gambling on Booth, but I really don’t think she is. She knows that he gives his all to the relationship– she saw how he was with her (that’s where I think she got the line) and she saw how he gave up some things for Hannah. I don’t doubt that Brennan might also look at Booth’s choices and see that he does not have to give up time with his friends in order to be with her because they share those friends.

      If anything, I think Brennan is gambling on herself. It was a bigger admission, I think, for her to say that she was “stronger” and less impervious than it was for Booth to say that he was angry. While Booth was clearer about what he wanted: love, fate, etc. he wasn’t telling Brennan anything new. She was. She was saying, I am changing– improving– and I would be willing to be with you in the future. It offers another layer to her “no regrets” talk.

      • I agree that Brennan made a bigger admission to Booth in that she is changing and improving. I am not sure I would call it a gamble though. She is very intelligent and probably has a plan thought out as to how she is going to handle Booth in the future. She will make sure that each step she takes will be in its proper place before she makes it. She is very rational and I just don’t think she is a gambler. She said she wasn’t in the past and don’t think she can do that now. I think by telling Booth that she is improving and is getting stronger and less impervious; she is preparing him for a future that will include her. She is very aware about how hard Booth took her “no” in 100 and since he was rejected by Hannah he is very angry. I think she will probably be saying things like this in the future so that when the time comes Booth will have confidence that Brennan can committ to him after all. She wants to make sure she has not doubts about Booth and Booth has not doubts about her.

      • Lenora (I wanted to reply to your post and I don’t know if this will be in the right spot):

        Maybe “gamble” is not the right word to describe what Brennan is doing/going to do. Certainly, she is in uncharted territory for her. In a sense, she is an explorer when it comes to her feelings for Booth and how she wants to proceed. But you are right, I think; she’s not going to go into this without first thinking everything through as thoroughly as she can. She knows just how devastating his rejection was to her (how many times have we heard her admit to her feelings?) and she knows just how badly she hurt him in rejecting him. But she’s never really committed to another person before on this level and she’s doing something that is truly unique for her. (We know she was living with Peter, but we don’t know what kind of relationship that was besides contentious at some point.)

        Brennan has the ability, I think, to make this work. But her reaction to his admission of being angry and when he was “going to get back out there” seemed as if she was both worried he might unleash on her and then that he might pursue another Hannah. (Her reaction seemed guarded at best. Her admission was quite telling, but still somewhat guarded.) She sees thinks more clearly in some ways than he does. His burning of the dates seems whimsical and while she plays along, it seems like it is a safe place to humor him. It gives them both an out for the conversation that they don’t seem to want to pursue.

        Scientists explore and while her “experiments” are controlled and don’t predispose an end result, I think she might actually believe that the end game is to be with Booth. If that’s true, she’s already got a result in mind. Is it a gamble to get there? Or is it something else?

      • AmandaFriend, I have seen last weeks episode twice and both times I thought Brennans’ reaction to Booth saying that he wasn’t angry with her, was one of guarded suprise, mixed with a small measure of relief. That he might persue another Hannah never crossed my mind. Booth is so angry at his predicament that I don’t think he will be willing to put his heart out there for anyone right now. When he does, I really think that he will be open to trying to get together with Brennan, not a someone else. Why else would he want to write down a date when he and Brennan may be able to at least try to get together? I think he just wants to be sure of Brennan and himself before he becomes serious with anyone again. I think he wants to be able to really enter into a relationship with Brennan that is not just physical. He wants to be emotionally invloved with her and he knows that is going to take time for both of them. I think Brennan is being very brave in persuing a goal that is really outside of her past experiences.

  4. All good comments so far, but they haven’t addressed a key issue, one that I have always wished Booth had addressed in the 100th. Brennan is NOT not a gambler. Maybe in the gambling for fun sense, but she has already taken some big gambles in her life on her heart and on people.

    BTW being a gambler and being a scientist are not opposites. In fact, scientists have to gamble every day. Good scientists gamble when they develop and test a hypothesis. There is no guarantee they will get the results they expect. They may disprove their most cherished beliefs. In this sense Muluku was a huge bet that didn’t pay off scientifically. But on to the people bets.

    She gambled when she reconnected with her dad and Russ. She didn’t trust either of them at that point. She didn’t know if her dad would really stick around. She had no idea what she would get from Russ. She also was going against her scientist self in ignoring the facts of his crimes.

    She gambled on Booth when she decided she wanted to get more deeply into crime solving. At that point her opinion of him wasn’t great, and she knew that there was no way this could work unless she was willing to work with him specifically. Her success in the crime solving endeavor was entirely dependent on Booth as a person and as an investigator.

    In a way, she gambled when she didn’t go with Sully. Gordon Gordon gave her an acceptable explanation (not ready for being aimless), but it really was about Booth.

    Every new intern is/was a gamble. That has to be especially scary given what happened with Zach. And, bringing Angela into the lab was a gamble that Angela could use her artistic and technological know how in the very different environment of the lab.

    She was gambling in a way when she agreed that Sweets could study B&B’s partnership.

    Granted: she prefers gambles that she can evaluate “scientifically” but she has taken a number of gambles that can’t be assessed with anything other than her heart.

    In any case, I think she made her first bet on Booth a long time ago. And, she has frequently bet her life on him. In many ways, she has already bet more of her heart on him than she has ever bet on anyone since she was a child. So, she is a gambler (which is not the opposite of being a scientist). The two can co-exist in a person. Although she may be leery and scared, letting herself love and be with Booth really isn’t that big a gamble.

    ’nuff said for now.

    • I would say yes and no to this idea….yes, there is an element of “gambling” in science, but as a scientist, Brennan does not form any expectations of the outcome of an experiment. She may have a hypothesis, but she is not banking on it being right or wrong.

      A gambler is essentially an optimist – always hoping for a certain outcome – the best possible outcome.

      This is B/B’s central conflict from day one of their working relationship. He develops a theory and asks her to find the evidence to prove it, she wants to look at all the evidence and see what it tells her.

      Even with Max, Brennan couches her decision to have a relationship with him in terms of science: she conducted an experiment and evaluated the facts and objectively concluded that her father loved her.

      In terms of their personal relationship, in the 100th, Booth was an optimist, thinking of the best possible outcome (30, 40, 50 years). Brennan, while she’d probably claim she was just being a realist, was being the ultimate pessimist then – only considering the things that could go wrong.

      Again, my hope is that they will meet in the middle and both be realists and say it could be great, it could be horrible, let’s do it anyway. Booth is already getting there on his end, by asking “what about after” in the elevator, Brennan is getting there on her end by saying maybe they can try.

  5. I don’t think she’s gambling, I think she’s taking a chance. And I think the differences between the two are more than just semantics.

    Gamblers get their thrill from the act of gambling, from the roll of the dice or the turn of the card or the changing score. The buzz comes from the gamble, not the result.

    Brennan is taking a chance. I think she’s fully aware what the worst-case-scenario results could be, but she’s decided the risk is worth the potential reward.

  6. I think Brennan is definitely taking a chance. I mean, at this point she’s the one that’s willing to do it. Booth is done chasing her around and she had her opportunity to say ‘let’s do it’ and she said no. When she realized that she made a mistake, Booth wasn’t around anymore for her. Now that he’s single again, I think Brennan has realized that if she ever wants to get anywhere beyond ‘partner’ with Booth she’s going to have to start making the moves. I think she’s being wise, because thus far, she’s taken it pretty slow. Booth is still upset (as seen with the throwing of peas). Personally, I’m really impressed with how Brennan is taking her time and taking a chance with Booth (while risking her impervious heart). It takes a lot of guts (and heart) to take chances like this, especially after being burned before.

  7. I believe that her saying she is willing to risk her imperviousness simply means that she’s going to be strong, let down her walls, and try to actually love Booth… not just have a friends with benefits relationship with him… that she’d try to be emotionally involved with love and all that jazz.

    I think she’s ready, but wants to make sure HE is ready also… because it would be scary and hurtful if he wasn’t and they tried and it failed… because I doubt they could go back to being “just partners” again if it failed.

  8. In DitP Brennan tells Booth “I don’t want to have any regrets”, “I made a mistake”, and “I missed my chance”. Telling him that was a huge risk – it could have destroyed their partnership and their friendship – but she did it, I think in part so she wouldn’t regret NOT telling him. At that moment, she needed for him to know exactly what was in her heart.

    Fast forward to Blackout. She’s being open and honest with him. I think that what we were seeing in the elevator was her trying to get a sense of what he was thinking. And by the end, they’re both on the same page in regards to “eventually”.

    Personally, I love her speech at the end and don’t understand the backlash some people have had about it. She has grown and changed and she can see it in herself. Her analogy is lovely and very scientific, and her word choice is important.

    Brennan states that she’s gone from being impervious, to be strong. The analogy that comes to my mind is the process of tempering. It doesn’t matter what the substance is: metal, glass, chocolate, etc; but the process is essentially the same. In order to make the substance stronger, heat, pressure and cooling are added, sometimes repeatedly, to make the original substance stronger than it was. It makes glass stronger and safer, it takes steel from being brittle to being strong enough for swords, and makes chocolate stable at room temperature. Tempering is a good thing. There’s probably a whole discussion topic right there – the tempering of Temperance Brennan. 😛

    Anyway, back to the original question. She believes in Booth and she knows what she almost lost, and she’s not going to repeat her mistake. To me, that doesn’t say that she’s taking a gamble, it says that she’s taking a calculated risk on Booth, on love and on finding true happiness.

    • I agree with you, Jade. I totally believe that Brennan has a new-found confidence in herself, and she’s not about to let Booth get away this time. No. Way. She’s gotten a second chance that I don’t think she expected…so she’ll stand (or sit) beside him until he’s ready.

      I’m with you, too, on Brennan’s speech about imperviousness vs. strong…I thought it was great. It was very Brennan-like. Tempering Temperance Brennan…great idea! She’s adding strength, not taking anything away from who she is. In DitP Brennan realized that by feeling nothing she created a life of nothing…and she doesn’t want to be like Lauren who died friendless and loveless.

      So Brennan doesn’t have to gamble on Booth…he’s already hooked on her…as he’s always been. That was evident to me at the end of Blackout in the Blizzard. They are on the same page…maybe not on the same sentence…but close enough to know that what they have is special and deserves a chance. Writing down dates is just about as positive as you can get. It’s not an IF anymore…it’s a WHEN.

      • I’m not sure that Brennan considers Booth such a sure thing. We know he’s still hooked on her and always has been, but in Brennan’s world, he is currently only available because he proposed to Hannah less than a month ago and she said no.

        From the show, here is what we know Brennan knows about the situation re Booth and Hannah:

        1) he was clearly distraught the night of the proposal
        2) he reacts violently to Hannah’s name
        3) he repeatedly describes his feelings for Brennan as “the past” and “in the past”
        4) he says he’s mad, but not at Brennan
        5) he needs time before he can get back “out there” – and frankly, “out there” could mean anything to Brennan. We know he means her, we don’t know that she knows that.
        6) at some future date, he will be ready

        Obviously it’s implied that he will be ready to try with her. But I don’t see any evidence for Brennan that the trying is going to work. As a *viewer* I know it will. From Brennan’s POV, it is still a considerable risk.

        She doesn’t even know that he still loves her, IMO. And until he says it, or words to that equivalent, and explains why he proposed or somehow discusses Hannah, if only to assure Brennan that he’s over her, Brennan is still taking a huge, huge risk with her heart.

        Which is why I am so proud of her!

  9. Sorry to go OT but Sarah, you emailed me and I lost your reply address before I could respond in full. Could you email me again?

  10. I think Brennan is taking on risk on herself. She is “gambling” on whether or not she could do this. I think she knows Booth can. Booth has shown her over and over again that he would commit to a woman. He is frustrated and angry right now but I still think he is Booth.

    I do believe Booth has some “Ideals” that he needs to work on but in general I think Brennan believes Booth could do the 30, 40, 50 years.

    So the biggest gamble she is making is on herself. To give up her way of thinking that everybody leaves. Is she willing to let the walls come down and believe that her and Booth can do it for 30, 40, 50 years? I think that is what we are seeing.

  11. I think there’s a lot of semantic discussion going on here. I’m going to continue it. Taking a chance or a risk is gambling, is placing a bet on something.

    I’ll go along with the notion that gamblers do it for the thrill, but just because you don’t get the thrill or because you carefully calculate the risks doesn’t make it not a gamble. If you go into something unsure of the outcome in any way, that’s a gamble. Even if you derive your hypothesis from evidence, when you go to test it, you are still taking a gamble: your evidence may have led you to an incorrect conclusion. A common example: do you have causation or merely correlation (sorry for the statistical speak)?

    Many of us think nothing of the risk we take every time we get in the car, but think twice about it when we get on a plane, even though the “evidence” is quite clear that flying is safer than driving. We think because we have a kind of control when driving that we don’t have when flying that that makes the outcome of a drive more certain. It doesn’t. Driving is still the bigger risk, the bigger gamble — a bad bet most of us take every day.

    I think that Brennan’s insistence on evidence is sometimes her protesting too much. She’s looking at “evidence” and doesn’t like what it is telling her — often because it’s forcing her to a conclusion that goes against what she has come to think is true. One response to that is to devalue the evidence, claim it isn’t evidence. Think about her response to the “intervention” about Jared in Conman in the Meth Lab. She had formed an opinion about Booth based on what Jared told her. Why was that “evidence” from Jared more acceptable than Cam’s “evidence” about the Booth boys’ past? I’d argue because it was telling her that she had relied no something as “evidence” that she shouldn’t have. She doesn’t like being wrong and she has learned a lesson, so then she claims that what Cam says is not “evidence.”

    She understands that personal testimony of this kind is should be weighed against the interests of the persons testifying. Apparently she didn’t consider that with Jared, taking his words at face value. But, the lesson should not be to dismiss Cam’s evidence, but to weigh the interests of Cam against the interests of Jared in evaluating that evidence. That at least causes her to go seek out more “evidence,” but it’s still anecdotal. Jared doesn’t know for a fact what Seeley did; he draws a conclusion based on the evidence/experiences of his past with his brother.

    People’s thoughts and experiences are evidence. Anecdotal evidence, perhaps, but still evidence whose validity, like all evidence, must be evaluated. As Proof in the Pudding and Pain in the Heart (and probably other eps) remind us, even physical evidence can be manipulated.

    So, I think we’re all on the same page fundamentally even if we’re splitting hairs on the semantics. It’s a gamble, a risk, a bet, etc., but it is calculated. She has gathered and weighed something she considers “evidence” to help her evaluate whether this is a risk, a gamble she wants to take. What it really boils down to, though, is that she has come to accept her own emotional responses as a useful tool for evaluating the evidence, if not evidence itself.

    ’nuff said.

  12. I haven’t been able to read all the comments yet (damn work getting in the way of Bones Theory!) but I will put my tuppence in if that’s ok…

    What I love about Brennan these days is how totally brave she is. I was about to write ‘fearless’ but then I realised that was the wrong word (relevant though, hello Cyndi Lauper song that played in HinF). But it’s only an impervious substance that can be fearless, not a strong one. (Any one else annoyed that in all these years, they never thought of the word that so clearly sums up early-seasons Brennan? After all that thought, still the writers best us – damn and treasure them at the same time!)

    She is being so brave. She’s made her mind up about what she wants, and she’s totally going after it. In Blizzard, I got the impression that Brennan was really pushing for that conversation about ‘us’. Sure, Sweets brought it up – but she was glad he did. She’s waited week’s (we don’t know how long, grrr timeline) since Daredevil for it to be the right time and yes, she does want to talk about it.

    She’s brave – she brought up making love with Booth. Um HELLO?! That’s HUGE from Brennan, we’ve never seen anything like that before from her. And she was totally knowingly flirty with him about it, which I love. love. love. (It made me laugh – I’ve had Thai massage and am pretty sure nothing to do with the legs / groin help the upper back. Nice direction Boreanaz – haha I kid)

    And then at the end, even after they’ve had that daft comment of how as a couple ‘it would never work’ (which I don’t for a moment believe either of them think) she’s still the one who brings up how ‘maybe we could try to be together’. It made my Bones-day (ah hell, let’s be honest, it made my whole day!) to hear her say that. She’s basically dismissed what he said mere hours earlier and she still knows its what he really wants. I like this about them; they are confident in each other (maybe not in themselves). Since Brennan told Booth what she regretted, we haven’t seen any ‘oh my, I never thought she wanted me’ woe from him. They are both so aware of what they mean to each other, what the other wants. That’s refreshing, no mixed messages. For so long I thought Booth didn’t think she wanted him, and I thought the 100th reinforced that, but from what Ii’ve seen since, that was never actually the issue.

    Booth bless him, his voice nearly cracked on the word ‘love’ in Blizzard, he could barely voice it out loud. This is what makes me think it’s actually going to have to be Booth again who gambles. Gambles on something he’s lost so many times before, something he believes he’s done gambling on. He’s so wounded and this strong, amazing woman is going to help him take the steps towards risking his heart again. Isn’t that what he meant by ‘putting himself out there’ again’? Being ready to gamble on love again. And her helping him? That’s love, baby. Never so much in my life as after that episode did I think, ‘man, Booth is one lucky man to have her beside him forever’. And of course, her rewards once she does will be plentiful and beautiful.

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