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Is Brennan Actually “The Center”?


Good morning!

Here’s a question to start out our week; is Brennan actually the center (as in “we’re the center, and the center must hold”)?

Beyond the “The show IS called “Bones” after all argument, and within the context of the actual characters, is Brennan the actual center around which the other characters ‘revolve’?

Does it just so happen that Booth revolves the closest to her? If they are all tethered to Brennan by some length; he’s just the tightest? Or is he an equal 1/2 of the center?

Does anyone else tether to Booth, or is that tethering an extension of the tether that exists to Brennan? Is the only reason that Booth ‘fell away’ from the center (in the season five finale) because Brennan had already stopped ‘holding’. Was his breakaway only a result of hers? Or was hers a result of something else he had done, making him still part of ‘the center’?

I’ve been thinking on this, and I’m curious for your thoughts.

Peace, Love & Bones,



36 thoughts on “Is Brennan Actually “The Center”?

  1. Excellent question!

    I think that they are both necessary for the team to exist.

    However, we’ve seen a few other agents work with Brennan in the past, but I don’t recall actually seeing anyone replace Brennan on the field for more than a scene. To me, that says she’s more the central focus. Booth and the others have stated before that without Brennan, all of them would leave.

    I honestly think he fell away because she disrupted the partnership by leaving. If she has never left, he would have still hung on to hope for the future. So, I guess I’m saying he fell because she let go.

  2. I believe that Brennan is the center around which everyone else circles. Booth considers himself to be part of that center that everyone revolves around and as a crime solving unit he is; but, Booths’ center is Brennan. He is drawn to Brennan and relies on her to be by his side, to be his partner. The investiagations revolve around Booth and Brennan; but, Booth revolves around Brennan.

    Booth considers himself to be Brennan’s partner and friend so where ever she is, he wants to be. It was Booth who sought out Brennan to work with him. He needed the best in the field to solve the unsolvable. The murders that no one else could solve. She is the reason he is so successful in his quest to bring in the bad guys. Brennan aims him (like a hose, HA HA) in the direction of the murderer and he uses his skills to close the deal. If Brennan were any where else, then that is where Booth would want to be.

    Brennan is the reason that the squints are at the Jeffersonian in the first place. They are there, to learn anthropololgy from the best in the field, Brennan. As Booth told Cam, when she talked about firing Brennan, “The squints would flee the Jeffersonian like the French army”, and Booth with them.

  3. Wow I’ve really not thought about this before, and I think it’ll be very interesting to see everyone’s comments. I have a feeling it’ll be one of those times where I am swayed by comments, but more in the way of wanting to debate a point someone makes as opposed to just agreeing with comments. Does that make sense? Maybe I’m just feeling argumentative this morning…it is still early Monday morning after all.

    OK right now I’m leaning toward making an argument that it is Brennan who is the center. That Booth is tethered to her, and yes he is tethered closer to her than the others are, but he’s not actually part of the center (of course after reading others comments I may feel differently). OK now let’s see if I can explain what I really mean there.

    When Brennan went away for an extended period it all fell apart. Yes I know that the others left too, but that’s part of the point. If Brennan had stayed the others would not have gone, at least not for such a long period of time. If just Booth had left for the year (which turned out to be 7 months) then I think the team would have been able to continue working with another FBI agent. It would probably have been rough, with much more friction, but I think they’d still have been successful.

    Brennan really does seem to be what holds them all together. Even when through the first part of this season Booth was distancing himself from the rest of them the team still worked, still solved cases, were still a team.

    I don’t know. I’m still not sure, but that’s the way I’m leaning right now, I may change course later and say the two of them together make-up the center, and I believe for their personal lives that is true, and for them to be fulfilled in their personal lives they do need each other. If they settle with someone else there will always be something missing for each of them, but that’s another issue all together.

  4. “Oooh, that’s interesting.” (That sounds better if you say it like Rachel does in the Friends episode where she and Monica are in a contest against Chandler and Joey and lose their apartment…)

    Anyhow, I have mentioned at some point that I love Booth-centric eps and might love the show to be about him, but that I might not like it as well if revolved more often around him instead of Brennan. I think this is the case for me because Brennan and her surrounding role and environment add that unique element to the show that makes it more than just a standard cop show with a pretty FBI agent. 🙂

    That being said…I don’t have an overall answer to say definitively that Brennan is the center…because here’s the thing. I think if Brennan left unwillingly, everyone might follow, but leaving of her own accord is a different thing. For example, if Booth hadn’t decided to go to Afghanistan, would Hodgins have actually left? He said he had no interest in training in both an anthropologist and FBI agent… but what if it had only been the forensic anthropologist?

    Brennan says she doesn’t want to work with another FBI guy. I don’t think Booth wants to work with any other forensic anthropologist, but I honestly think he would (if Brennan chose to leave on her own) simply because he does what he needs to do to catch his bad guys – he is not hampered by non-standard techniques or even his pride if it means he can be successful at his job.

    There is not necessarily a Hodgins working with Brennan if there is no Booth creating the crime scenario. There is no Cam. Certainly there was Goodman, but he was a self-professed administrator whereas Cam is actively involved and hired specifically for the criminal forensic side of things. There’s not even Angela if there hadn’t been a facial reconstruction that Brennan needed because of Booth.

    So, that paragraph above seems to indicate that Booth is the center…but, I don’t think this is the case.

    So maybe my final decision is that Booth and Brennan are indeed equal halves of the center.

    • I agree with everything you said! Wouldn’t change a word! (Except for maybe the Friends part at the beginning cause I didn’t watch a lot of that show! I’ll think of Mulder’s voice from X-Files instead!) I think you’re right on the money though.

  5. Well I think the best evidence is the season 6 opener. Without Brennan there is no Lab, period. Yes she is the center.

    Remember when people thought the Earth was the center of the solar system? Let’s pretend it still is and that it reperesents Brennan. Booth is the Moon, revolving in his own orbit around her. The rest of the squints are other planets, some closer, some farther.

    When Brennan left she released Booth from her gravitational pull, flinging him into the icy nothingness of space where he drifted until he was tragically sucked in by Black Hole Hannah.

    I never faulted Booth for avoiding the lab or the squints during the Hannah era. He felt he needed to make a clean break and focus on the new life he was building separate from Brennan’s world. If anything I thought it sad that even after all this time he doesn’t see that the squints consider him a friend in his own right, not just Brennan’s partner.

    • Ooh, yes! The moon. Booth can be the moon! 🙂

    • Loved “Black Hole Hannah” — BTW, I’ve got a Criminal Intent rerun on and KW is the wife of the decedent who has been framed for his murder.

    • I could also understand Booth’s need for distancing himself to build a new world not revolving around Brennan and his love for her. I thought the same thing re: Booth and the squints, that it was unfortunate. We know they celebrated at least one of his birthdays, they rescued him from the gravedigger, and they were at the hospital when he went in for brain surgery. Brennan has assured him they are all “his” squints, and when Perotta came on the scene, they were sure to tell her “We’re Booth’s people.” But I guess it’s still through Brennan.

      I can’t quite decide what I think yet about Brennan being the center. Maybe I’ll come back later today with my response. But I’m loving the responses so far.

  6. In terms of character development on the show itself, I would definitely say Brennan is the center. We’ve talked before about how Booth sometimes has to suffer in order for Brennan’s character to be developed and about how we’re probably not going to see the same level of character development for him that we’ve seen for Brennan (which is actually kind of sad). All those things, to me, point to him being outside the center (perhaps just outside, but outside just the same).

    In terms of his role within the show, as much I would like to say he’s part of the center (and a lot of that is probably due to the fact that I WANT him to be part of the center), I think I have to agree with Frankie. If we had seen just Booth leave at the end of last season, I don’t think everything would have fallen apart the way it did. There would have been a few speed bumps, sure, but as long as Brennan had been willing to work with another FBI agent, I think things would have been okay.

    So I think my official answer is going to be yes, Booth is a part of the center, but only because he’s an extension of Brennan. 😉 By the way, Sarah, I like your “tethering” terminology. Good visual.

  7. 1) ProfJMarie – loved the Friends reference. That’s one of my fave eps and I can hear Rachel saying that in my head.

    2) Topic
    I think that B&B are the center. Brennan doesn’t become “Bones” without Booth. Brennan doesn’t get into murder solving without Booth. And, so on. And, much hinges on Brennan getting into murder solving. The murder solving has become the center as we see when everyone rushes back to save Cam’s job and the lab. Therefore, B+B are the center.

    Further on that point, cases never get solved without the input of both the brains and the heart. Brennan and the squints can’t solve cases on their own any more than Booth can, at least where this type of case is concerned. I’d argue that Booth can solve some cases on his own, but the squints probably couldn’t solve any, even with access to the bones and particulates. While this is how it always works, it is highlighted in some cases. Notably in Aliens in the Spaceship when Booth tells Bones that he’s thankful that God saved them all because without any one of them, they wouldn’t have found Brennan and Hodgins.

    I agree that Booth most likely doesn’t leave if Brennan doesn’t leave at the end of S5.

    I think that had Brennan not gone and Booth had gone, they would have become less focused on murder solving. Brennan has worked with other agents, but she generally doesn’t like it, and most other agents find her difficult to work with. Any other agent would also know that if anything happened to Brennan (or any of the squints), they would have Booth to answer to.

    I’d also argue that it’s the need to maintain the professional center when the personal center is gone that leads Booth to his relationship with Hannah and his spending less time with the squints/at the lab. In order to be just Bones’s partner, he had to establish a separate personal life/center for himself.

    • I agree with you Angelena, if Brennan and the Squints were to work with another FBI agent and something happened to them, all I can say is, God help that FBI agent. He or she would be toast when it comes to Booth.

      The FBI does have a problem in that Brennan only wants to work with Booth. That is why I think, if and when, Booth and Brennan get more serious with each other, the FBI will have no choice but to over look the relationship. If they want Brennan, they have to go along with her wants. If she wants Booth then she gets Booth. The FBI would be crazy to interfer in that scenario.

      • Totally agree Lenora on that last point. Also feel confident that HH will write it that way ;-D — and I still don’t feel much confidence about anything with HH. ;-D

  8. I was beyond bored today and so your post gave my brain a much needed shake.

    I guess I don’t just see one centre. I see three.

    1) The Work Centre – for me, Booth now resides smack bang in the centre. I think if Brennan left the Jeffersonian of her own accord, then Booth would continue to liaise with the squints (I think if Brennan were forced out, the squins would lead out after her). But if Booth left, I’m not sure Brennan would stay. That’s not to say that she isn’t committed to the work they do, but I think she’ll always feel the pull of pure science and the potential for adventure in far flung places. I think her dedication to her current work is also wrapped up in her dedication to Booth. I think Booth’s dedication to his job is much more cut and dried. He loves Brennan and he cares deeply about his job. If there were no Brennan, he would still be a dedicated and driven agent.

    Also, I think in the beginning Brennan shared the centre with Booth. But since then relationships have formed between the previously disparate parties, and those relationships will hold irrespective of Brennan’s influence or actual physical presence. Case in point: Angela and Hodgins.

    2) The Romantic Relationship Centre – Brennan necessarily shares equal space with Booth.

    3) The Show Centre – I think Brennan is the centre. Everything revolves around her character…sometimes, sadly to the detriment of others.

  9. I think of them a bit like the parents of the family. It can survive as a single-parent household, and perhaps one of the parents is more hands on, but they are both part of the center. But I think that, as much as B&B are the center of their little crime fighting unit, that they aren’t really at the center of all of the personal relationships. I think that if the whole group were to separate again, this time forever, that everyone would pretty much be okay… except for Bones, Booth, and Sweets (aww, Baby Duck). Angela and Hodgins have each other, plus Wendell is a really good friend to Hodgins (in a way that I would have like to see Booth be his friend). The almost total lack of real connection between Brennan and Angela (and likewise between Booth and Cam) this season has even diminished the importance of some of the close friendships they had within the group. I think it’s clear that people were affected and changed by the group’s temporary dissolution between seasons 5 and 6. But it’s hard to say how much of that was due to the center cracking, the passage of time, or just physical distance.

    Anyway, what I do think is important is that while the team can still function well and get the bad guy, regardless of what’s happening between Booth and Brennan, that when those two aren’t in line, a bit of the magic is missing. Whether they’re romantically involved or not, I do think it messes up the mojo when things are off between them, as it was frequently during the Hannah period. And when I think about the pinnacle of the professional and relationship centers being aligned, I think of the “The Verdict in the Story.” They all rallied together (around Brennan, natch) as true friends, above and beyond their professional relationships. It felt, to me, like a family closing ranks to defend and protect one of their own. It’s something they would all do for each other (see: any of the Gravedigger episodes), but when it comes down to it, Booth and Brennan are the center (the parents), and Brennan is kind of the mom (not because she’s maternal, but because, should the parents divorce, guess who the kids are most likely to stay with?).

  10. Brennan is definitely the center of the Bones universe, but I don’t think we would be nearly as enthralled with her if we weren’t mainly seeing her through Booth’s eyes. It is in her interactions with him that we often see the best and most captivating side of her because I honestly think that is how he (and therefore the audience) sees her. Her flaws (as she herself has defined them) are also brought into focus through her interactions with him and are colored for us by what he thinks they are. When the show began, they had jointly agreed that they wanted to be together professionally, but only Booth chose to really tie himself to her emotionally. She was intrigued by him and what he brought to the table, but she didn’t want to involve herself in a messy emotional way. We all know that it happened eventually, but she was fighting it the whole way. Brennan had to choose to make her heart vulnerable to Booth; he had no choice the other way around, so I definitely think she’s the’s got the larger “gravity force”, pulling everyone around her into her world. And like Barbara said, without her there is no lab as we know it.

    That Booth fell for Brennan almost immediately and allowed her to see all of his hidden vulnerabilities speaks volumes about her magnetism-we saw it most pointedly in how he looks at her right before they kiss in the flashback. She obviously felt their chemistry and the danger in that, but only he looked truly besotted. At that point she had the ability to walk away and did; there’s no way he could have. Even after the rejection he remained tethered to her-once again, he couldn’t be the first one to walk away. Only when she left their partnership did he force himself away from her orbit and (temporarily) into Hannah’s asteroid-strewn path. But Brennan’s pull continues to be awfully strong, and we see Booth falling right back for her despite his best efforts to protect his heart from their interactions.

  11. I think that the trust Booth and Brennan have in each other is the “center”. It is in moments where it is strongest that the lab is the strongest, it is in moments where it is weakest that the lab is the weakest. Now, with them, there are three types of trust — partner trust, person trust, and trust in themselves, and I believe that all three combined make up the center, forming the trust between the Jeffersonian and the FBI, and the trust between the squints themselves within the lab (and in periphery, Sweets).

    Their partnership was formed when they learned to trust each other. Booth even said it himself — “Partners, they share things. It builds trust.” Neither of them shares things easily, even with each other. Now with Blackout in the Blizzard, I believe that trust in each other as people (around the partnership, which I think is more solid now, but still relating to this), is stronger (which allows them to share more). I also think that their main issues are trust issues. Brennan needs to be able to trust that Booth won’t leave her in their eventual relationship (therefore, becoming “stronger” to use her words). Booth needs to become less angry at himself — didn’t his friend tell him to share his past to his partner in season 1, to resolve his anger? Booth has to trust Brennan in that respect. You can’t share things with someone you don’t trust.

    Brennan appears to be the center because it is her issues with trust that we have followed. She is, after all, the main/title character. It is the effect Booth has on that trust, and his own trust in her, that creates that center, and by periphery, the squints.

  12. Okay, so just to put another astronomical metaphor out there: I see Booth and Brennan as two suns of a binary solar system. One of them – Brennan – with a slightly stronger gravitational pull; and thus all the others orbiting either of them.
    The first half of S6 showed Booth trying to disentangle himself from Brennan’s gravitation – and this was not one of those times when he could break the laws of physics… Nice try Booth; maybe try again in another setting!
    Sorry for the far-fetched visual; in my time zone (Hungary, Central Europe), it’s way too late for me to form coherent thoughts (especially in English)!

    P.S. I loved the Black Hole Hannah simile – I could work with that in my small universe, but I’m afraid that it would lead too far 😉

  13. Ah, Barbara, I had become a Star Wars geek long before I got addicted to Bones… and it still shows. I guess I might not be the only one this way :)) ?

  14. Brennan is the center if this group. Booth sought her out to help him solve the sometimes unsolvable cases. He couldn’t do it on his own or with the resources at the FBI. She is the figurative leader at the Jeffersonian and the group looks to her more than Cam when trying to figure things out.

    If Brennan wasn’t part of this group I don’t think there would be anything holding Booth to his current position. It is my belief that he is still at his current position because of the work he is able to accomplish with and because of Brennan and her group. If Booth were to leave, the Jeffersonian would continue to function and serve a purpose, whether they worked with the FBI or not. If Brennan were to leave, there would be no reason that Hodgin’s and Angela, at that point would still want to stay. Angela is a free spirit and I could see her talking Hodgin’s into traveling and exploring different options. The group is together because they work as a team and enjoy what they are able to accomplish together.

    The group could work with another agent. I don’t know if Booth could work as well with a different group of scientists. Booth and the FBI would probably see different results working with a group that wasn’t the current Jeffersonian group. This tells me that Brennan is the glue and Booth likes to be as close to it as possible where his work is concerned.

  15. They can function on their own without the other but then you don’t have the magic they’ve created together. They are equally the center. Identifying themselves as the center meant they were saying to each other…there is something VERY special about our little unit because of US. We must hold this together. Once they met….they were done for….no one can replace what they have together.

  16. The different answers really reveal all the ways the question can be taken, don’t they?

    I’ve been thinking about it all day, and am puzzled by my own response. I feel like I want to say that yes, Brennan is the center in at least some ways, but all the examples I come up with I can then refute.

    For example, professionally…while I liked the point they were making to Brennan’s character in Mastodon – that she was important – the actual story line for it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t think you can have a character be both a world class anthropologist and the person who, if she leaves her institution for a sabbatical, causes it to fall apart. If she can’t go on digs, she’s no longer that world class anthropologist.

    The real reason things fell completely apart is that Hodgins left and took Angela with him. In one fell swoop, Cam lost her entire team. Plus, replacing Brennan, at least, was taken out of her hands. We’re not told whether she was allowed to search for replacements for Hodgins and Angela.

    Does that mean Brennan is still the center because Hodgins and Angela left? No, because Hodgins deliberately ties Booth in there, as well: “Because I have no desire to break in a new forensic anthropologist and an FBI agent, do you?” And Angela? Angela didn’t leave because Brennan did, but because Hodgins did.

    That’s not to say Brennan’s not important professionally. When they’re in the lab, I think there’s a very real way she’s the center. They all run their results past her, not Cam, and she’s the one in charge of the forensic aspect of the investigation. And I think that’s what Cam’s acknowledging when she says, “I’ve really enjoyed working for you.” So Brennan is definitely the center there.

    In terms of overall cases, though, I think the point the show has been trying to make for years is that it takes Brennan and Booth together to solve them. That without him, she might work with another FBI agent, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’d have the same success rate, for a lot of reasons. (Would another agent be as willing to trust her? Would she be as willing to trust another agent’s ‘gut’?) And Booth would and could solve some cases without her – he didn’t become a Special Agent without having done so. But he wouldn’t solve nearly as many. The magic – to use a Booth term – is what they’ve got together.

    IMO, the show constantly re-emphasizes that, that they’re both needed – the center must hold, the importance of both brain and heart – and then expands that out to the rest of the team (what Booth says at the end of Aliens, and then a secondary point they were trying to make in Mastodon about the importance of all of them.)

    Where Booth fits apart from her is stickier. In the first few seasons, I think the goal was to show that they were all a family. This season, they’ve appeared to be saying the opposite, in respect to Booth’s relationship with Cam, Hodgins and Angela, though I don’t know if they intended to say quite what they’ve managed to say to many people. I suspect not, based on a tweet from SN a few weeks ago.

    But if Brennan is the center of the squints in a way that Booth is not, she’s not quite the center of all of them, I don’t think, because Booth is Sweets’ center. He’s close to Brennan, yes. But Booth is his go-to person, not Brennan.

    So…a complicated question where the answer depends not only on how you understand the question, but also the view point you take in answering it. 🙂

  17. Well, to contradict myself a little bit, I guess maybe they are both the center even when the show maybe emphasizes her journey more. Would I watch the show if either Brennan or Booth left? Most likely no, becasue I’d be too crushed. Would I watch it if anyone else left? Yup, I’m pretty sure I would-I’m pulled in by the appeal of B/B’s relationship.

  18. I’ve been trying to come up with my response all day, but I think you summed up some of my thoughts pretty nicely.

    I think it was the case before that they would refuse to work with other people (maybe kick down some walls or use blackmail). But I think that now, they could, especially if they were forced to, but they really don’t want to. They are a pretty smooth-running operation at this point, in terms of everybody having their role to play. And they are professionals who are only satisfied with a job well-done. It just so happens that they are (or they think they are) the best people to get it done.

    Brennan could go back to her regular duties at the Jeffersonian if they ended their partnership, but I don’t see the FBI letting go of her skills just because of that, and she understands her skills are very specialized. She would get reassigned another agent. She might even go out into the field still – making sure the evidence is not tampered with is very important to her job. But I think it would just be a job to her, even if she considers it important. I think it turned out to be a little personal when she agreed to help him balance out his cosmic sheet.

    I’ve heard people mention that Booth has probably passed on a lot of promotions just to keep working with Brennan. I haven’t heard anything like that suggested in any episodes, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Sometimes I kind of feel sorry for the Booth character. Ever since he met Brennan, he seems a little lost if he’s without her. The whole Hannah thing blew over like he was spinning his wheels as fast as he could, but it turned out he hadn’t really gone that far. Maybe one could say Brennan was a little lost without “her” Booth this season, but I don’t know if I would really say that. Well, her whole world turned upside down after her confession, so there’s that. I guess they’re even. 🙂

    I’m not trying to negate what they have at all, because it is so awesome. I want these two kids to have their eventually. But they do seem kind of fated for each other.

  19. For what it’s worth, my two cents go in the direction of the tree in the forest. Brennan is Bones, the name of the show, ok, sure. But she was only Brennan the professor or Brennan the anthropologist before the whole team came together. They see her. Sure, not all of them with the same accurate detail, not all of them in the same light, but they see her. And I have a nagging feeling that she was not really seen before this team came together. That she was not really anything before them. Because she was the tree in the forest. But the team, they see her. They know her. It could even be argued that they know the truth of her. They are the reason she makes a sound.
    Booth? Ain’t our guy special? He was the first one to hear her. To see her. That is, imo, his greatest, his best achievement in life. That makes him a great person. He was the first to be dazzled.
    And he shapes her, he helps her be all her potential, sort of like Pygmalion. She wouldn’t be Bones without him (obvious in the name thing, but she would not be this person we actually feel empathy for without him. And out hearts go to Bones, not the Brennan she was before Booth, because, let’s face it, if you meet someone like that in your life, at best, you create distance.
    So, in way, she is not the actual centre. THEY are the centre. For what they make of each other. And for who gravitates towards- or around- Sweets, for instance, gravitates to Booth. His role model, his daddy figure, his man crush. Not to Brennan. And what to say of Caroline, all protective of Booth, mothering him in a way I’m not sure he had been before her.
    Together they are a new entity. Sort of like a piece of puzzle is still a separate entity when considered alone, slightly weird shape, indefinable, but when it comes together with the others, it becomes something bigger, something meaningful. Something different. Something better.
    Does it make sense?


  20. My initial reaction was NO!

    Then i thought about it and decided Yes.

    Now i am firmly in the ‘I don’t know’ pouting stage of things.

    Hmmmmmm…….i think i’ve used up all my words for today. I may have to come back later!

    Very very interesting question with no easy answer S 🙂

  21. I can’t understand why some people writes that Brennan can successfully work with any other FBI agent. She said that her true passion it’s anthropology – digs and so on. She works with Booth only because of Booth. She loves him, she admire of him! She wants to help him to catch a bad gays! She does it in favor for him! She said than Booth is only FBI agent she want to work with.

    They are equal parts of center. Brain and heart. Can you imagine show without Booth? Can you imagine this level of friendship and partnership with Brennan and any other FBI guy? They became a family for each other. THEY ARE the CENTER.

    Why only Brennan? I can’t get it at all. She is brilliant but without Booth she would be only famous scientist, weird woman, impervious substance, closed for any kinds of relationship. He gave her almost new life, new possibilities, new purposes…

  22. Brennan is the centre. Everyone fled the Jeffersonian as soon as she left for Maluku. Hodgins said to Angela he did not want to break in a new FBI agent and supposedly a new anthropologist. Booth left because Brennan was leaving. Even if Booth did not have the Afghan mission, he would have assigned a new agent to the Jeffersonian. Even Sweets left. Sweets works for the FBI not for Brennan and Booth. Yet he too packed his bags.
    Cam is the only one not linked to their little family until after they came back to save her job.

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