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Top Five Tuesday: Alpha Male, Baby!


Hello, hello!

You know, I don’t always get into other website competitions of characters, like who is the best couple or anything like that, but there is one out there by E! about who is the MOST Alpha Male on TV…and frankly, I feel I must promote our man David Boreanaz as Seeley Booth.

As pal jenlovesbones said on Twitter the other night, “This contest makes no sense to me. No one knew what an “alpha male” was until David Boreanaz graced #Bones.” And I had to laugh and agree. So, if you are so inclined, here is the link. Go vote!

Meanwhile, here are five times that prove that even though it IS true that Brennan is ALSO alpha, and it’s true that Booth is (as Brennan said),  the “quiet man, the invisible man, the man who is always there for friends and family”  he is ALSO the #BoothChickaWowWow man we can’t get enough of!

(Special thanks to pal Tory for helping me choose!)

1. Uh, yeah

In this scene from Woman in the Garden, Booth goes after a much-feared gang member, literally shoves a gun into the guy’s face and tells him not to mess with Brennan. Not as an FBI thing…just as a partner thing. As an alpha male thing. As a “Still does it for us in every way” thing. And of course as the “It kills me that Brennan will never know about it” thing.

2.  Oh, and this one too !

In Season Two, Aliens in a Spaceship, Booth has no room for games. He also has no room for snarky writers who seem to be getting pleasure from the elusiveness of the GraveDigger, particularly because Brennan is missing. So, Vega can help, or he can die. Those are his two choices.

3. “That Guy”

The thing about Booth is that as much as he has evolved, he also does have “That Guy” qualities. It is what puts Brennan slightly on edge (as well as Sweets). But the reason Booth needs to be That Guy is so we can see that for as confident as he is, he’s also complex. He likes status, but not empty status. He likes being the best, but not at the expense of others. He’s not afraid to be standing there, starko in his socks and St. Christopher (or in his bathtub, or in the lab, or…), but he doesn’t go around showing off.

4.  Here’s what I want you to do…


It’s rare that a moment I see in a preview after one episode will STILL surprise me when it actually airs the next week. But this moment from Passenger in the Oven always does. Always. It did in the preview. It does today, and it did when it actually happened in the episode. The episode is cute enough, and Booth certainly looks his part, but for the most part, he’s sort of fetching things for Brennan. But when he comes around the corner, sees her in the glasses and just blinks and then smiles…and THEN makes a move? Well, that… ***wipes brow*** …That is what Boothy-dreams are made of.

5. All the needed proof

I know I’ve said before that I just don’t like Proof in the Pudding because it’s TOO perfect. It really is. But that doesn’t change the fact that perfect Booth isn’t also perfect. From the way he shoots down Hacker to the way he shoots his way into the Jeffersonian to the way he shoots the perfect shot… well, he shoots, he scores. Booth, Booth, he’s our man. If he can’t do it, no one can!

6. (please, like I could stop at five)

In season six, people have been mourning the loss of AMB, and while it certainly is a little different, I still think his current characterization matches up. When it comes to himself, he’s vulnerable. When it comes to Brennan or protecting her. Watch it!

I also love how Brennan, who absolutely could knock that guy to the next zip code, just chooses not to. I don’t see that as weak; I see it as just letting Booth be Booth. And she warns the guy, takes Booth’s coat like they’ve practiced it or something, and then they go along their business. Done and Done.

Okay, enough from me. What do you think? What other moments prove that Booth is THE Alpha Male? When he’s in uniform (hockey too!)? Whenever he’s got a gun? When he’s leading an FBI meeting? In the interrogation room? Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love and Bones



85 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Alpha Male, Baby!

  1. I’ll get back to you when I’m done swooning. ;-D

  2. Fatigues!

    Even the baby duck would look alpha in fatigues, but Booth? UBER alpha male.

    Pause to swoon again.

    OK, now I can continue.

    Especially when he saves the little boy from the terrorist.

  3. I love it when Booth tells Brennan things like, who goes first? The gun goes first? And she pretty much goes along with it more or less.

    I think number 1 says it all though. Track down a gang leader, threaten to blow his brains out if he hurts Brennan. Then he shows up at the funeral, late, Brennan fusses at him, and he doesn’t feel like he has to tell her why he is late. That is so Boothy.

    I also like, The Woman In Limbo, when Booth talks to McCVicar just before McVicar talks to Brennan:
    Special Agent Seeley Booth: You got two ways to look at this. One is, you score a private chat. The second one is, you attack her, and I’ll drill you through the forehead.
    Vince McVicar: How can I possibly attack her?
    Special Agent Seeley Booth: I’ll decide what is and *isn’t* an attack- like say, a hiccup.

    Just awsome.

  4. Booth is always an alfa male. My favourate time this season was the “This land belongs to Seeley Booth” line litrally claming his land baby, hot stuff.
    In regaurd to other males he is also the one they go to for advice even though reletively Hodgins is the more sucsessful male…in the sense he is married and has a sprog on the way which means he is much further along societys accepted life path.
    This is just my opinion there are differnt types of Alfa male and if we are going to talk about Booth being the most alfa male we have to have a clear catogory for alfa male, yes Booth may be the most “Bowchickabowwow” but is he really the role model we would like people to look up to.
    Booth may be older but I think Hodgins may be wiser. It would be intresting to do a comparison. Hodgins may not be all “guns a blazing” but he certinly is a good man, which makes him just as much an alfa male in my opinion. A hugely funny scene they could show us would be Booth going to Hodgins for advice after all Hodgins had anger issues and he managed to get over it Booth needs to get him some Hogie advice. Yep I am fomally puting Hodgins up for alfa male of the jeffersonian.
    1) He is incredibly brave- loving angela is dangerous, he had been hurt before but is willing to go for it again.
    2) he is always giving advice leading the inturns, into trouble sometimes but…
    3) he is charesmatic, we all love Hodgins.
    4)he is a good father see blizzard ep…
    5)he maned up when Angela thought she may be prego with Wendals Baby.
    6)He acted like a big brother to zack.
    There are many more I’m sure but I cant think of them now.
    A hugely funny scene they could show us would be Booth going to Hodgins for advice after all Hodgins had anger issues and he managed to get over it Booth needs to get him some Hogie advice

    • I think in many ways Hodgins is the unsung heart of the show. He is a very warm, believable character and TJ plays him so well. Personally, I think he is very underused and wished we got to see more of him (and, say, less of Sweets). I am not a fan of Angela but I can just about put up with her when she interacts with Hodgins.

      But, saying that, he is no Booth. I loved tough guy Booth in the picture 1 scene – and I must say it kind of surprised me at the time.

  5. hehe awesome. I’m having a stressful morning and this literally just took the load off my shoulders and made me hide a smile, so thanks for that! It’s good to remember what’s important…ha

    Basically, Alpha Male Booth = be still my beating heart.

    I can’t wait to hear everybody’s ideas on wicked alpha male moments, but I’m going to go with a shallow one.

    In Salt in the Girl when Booth goes into the high school gym to chat to the suspect called Clinton who at that point no one believes could have slept with all those pretty popular girls and got them pregnant. Booth increases the weights on the bench press and Clinton’s like, ‘there’s no way you can lift that’, before Booth goes ahead and pumps some iron.

    Haha, I’m a bit embarrassed at the admission, but I love that moment from an alpha perspective. It’s not my fault, it’s evolutionary. Brennan would back me up 🙂

    • Oh my – thank you for validating my shallow moment, too! I also love when he does that. But I think I only love it because I know Booth – if that is all I saw, I would have been unimpressed. 🙂

      • Same ep, less shallow alpha-ness: when he makes Clinton meet him at the diner and gives the kid a good talking to. Alpha is not just about physical muscle, it’s also about being a leader and setting an example of how to be a man.

  6. A certain segment of the fan population characterizes these moments as…ahem, “Boothgasms”. All apologies to David Boreanaz, we are not objectifying you, sir, just your character!

    Bullet in the Brain gave us multiple Boothgasms…knocking the stuff off the table, dragging the table, mounting the table…um, excuse me a minute….

    One of my favorite moments not on the list is the end of Knight on the Grid when he’s at the shooting range. To go the complete opposite way – the scene in Intern in the Incinerator when he’s playing Cam’s fake boyfriend, the way he triumphantly holds up that universal remote and batteries – he just knows it’s the perfect gift and I love that it’s wrapped in newspaper, such a guy thing to do…

    Plus he always looks stunning in dressy/casual wear.

    Another little moment I love, Man in the Outhouse, when he offers Brennan the surrogate date and they leave Sweets’ office, he opens the door for her – both doors. He doesn’t always do that, he might open one and she opens the other. This time though, he makes a point of reaching in front of her to open it. It’s as if, having declared this a “date”, even a surrogate one, he’s in full date mode.

  7. I love Alpha Male Booth. Swoons. “He is very male” He is a protector. With everyone not just with Brennan, with the squints, his family, friends. He is kinda cocky with it too not taking any crap, season 6 sniper arc is very alpha male. The standoff with Broadsky. Love it. Favorite moment too many to choose from!

  8. Ok! I must say that I love your #6 … Having a moment like that in season 6 while he was ‘in love’ with somebody else … It gave me hope as his actions were still sepaking for his heart – as far as I am concerned.
    Your #4: That smile!! For me it speaks loudly: ‘if you were an ice-ceam or a piece of pie …’ :))
    The #5: for me this one is all about Brennan. I think that is one of the first moment (if not the first ever) that she deliberately lie to spare him some pain. And for me that was a huge step for her and basically her heart speaking instead of her brain and logic.
    You could have added the moment you wrote about a few days back in Two Bodies in the Lab : when he saves her despite his injuries. Though it is probably more chivalrous than alpha-male 😉

  9. Ps: You gonna have to stop putting posts like that one about Booth as you’re going to make me fall for the guy :))))))

  10. Yeah, um, I love me some Booth when he gets all up into people’s faces on Brennan’s behalf. Even if Brennan’s usually capable of kicking said bad guy’s butt all on her own.

    I love all the moments you mentioned (except maybe #3. I’m kind of like Brennan in that episode, irritated that he really was “that guy”). Oh, and I second “this land belongs to Seeley Booth” (really anything related to the sniper arc) and the shot of him at the firing range at the end of The Knight on the Grid.

    • I have to agree with you on the specific example in #3, when he mentions that he had different girls under the bleachers from week to week. Booth! Shame on you!

      The thing that doesn’t *really* make him “that guy” though, is that he remembers all those girls. Brennan points it out in the case of one girl, at the end of Player Under Pressure, but every time Booth mentions his youthful loves he remembers their names and specific details of his relationships with them. In every moment *but* that scene in #3, Booth’s attitude is not of cocky conquest , it’s of sweet reminiscence.

      • I agree about him not being “that guy” Barbara. I may find Booth’s attitude in the bulk of The Boy in the Time Capsule to be irritating, but his “philistine” confession at the end gets me every time (I actually just watched it yesterday). In fact, I always get a little bit irritated at Brennan when she laughs at him for thinking his shame over laughing at his friends bullying/not standing up for the kid was the humiliating part.

    • Oh my gosh. “This land belongs to Seeley Booth.” I just swooned out loud.

  11. I’m sorry; I’m still lost in a fog remembering that scene from Passenger in the Oven.


    I would also add, any time he does the lean (See: While You Were Sleeping for a definition), e.g. the pilot episode; the Thai food scene at the end of The Girl with the Curl.

    Also, any time he shoots a gun.
    Also: Cocky belt buckle.

  12. Proof in the Pudding when he shoots the glass door to get in is just so damn hot! That’s all I need.

    ps. I started to type this 10 min. ago but had to go watch the scene a few times.

  13. ok, racking my brains and it’s not working, I have to know! What episode is the ‘that guy’ conversation from? To what are they referring?

    • The Boy in the Time Capsule when Brennan tells Booth the story about brainy smurf and he snickers. She tells him that he was “that guy” in high school and Booth spends the entire rest of the episode trying to come up with a humiliating story of his own to share.

      • Ah yes of course, thanks for the recap! Can’t believe my internal Bones encyclopaedia let me down. More homework required, obviously 🙂

        I like it how Booth spent the episode telling stories of his youth and being ‘that guy’ because I think it’s quite realistic that Booth enjoyed the fruits of his charm and good looks before he matured and became the stand up guy he is now.

        It also creates a realistic parallel to Brennan – obviously she’s a very beautiful and admired woman now, but back in school she wouldn’t have been the type to get (or want) the handsome jock Booth. It’s another example of how you might not have expected their paths to cross so successfully later in life.

  14. Haha such an awesome post!

    I want to get in on that Twitter action, what are your nicknames? Bones Theory should have a Twitter account IMO, but I did not find one?

  15. I had a very similar reaction to jenlovesbones when I first saw that survey. Alpha Male. I really don’t think any of those other guys compare to Booth in that department, and that list provides the perfect evidence to support my claim! (Brennan would be proud..I’m using evidence. Heehee). When I think Alpha Male, the very first image that comes to mind is Booth threatening the gang member in The Woman in the Garden. It is a prime example of the Alpha Male in his native environment. 😉

    I also adore Proof in the Pudding. He totally goes all alpha male to protect ‘his’ people. Passenger in the Oven is one that I probably wouldn’t have thought of, but I love it!

    • I agree about the survey. I like Darren Criss but in what world is he considered an alpha male?

      • I do definitely think that Darren Criss’s character is an alpha male, but *nowhere* near our Boothy here. 🙂

      • Yeah, I think people just vote without regard to if the actor actually fits the category. One comment was about Darren Criss singing like an angel. Tell me what does that have to do with being an Alpha Male. I think we need to give them a definition–with a picture of Seeley Booth to demonstrate the definition. 🙂

      • Sorry–completely off topic here but does anyone else think that Darren Criss and Eddie McClintock (Sully) look like brothers? Throw in the guy who played Simon on Firefly and you’ve got a whole family of them–maybe they should make a movie together.

      • I totally agree!! (Which unfortunately the results are already in…Darren won) What were these people thinking?!

        And Carrie…you are so right! They do look like the three of them could be related!

  16. @Janie thank you for pointing out that Booth is protective of EVERYONE! It annoys me when fans just comment on how it is Brennan * sighs * like the other characters and his alpha maleness to them doesn’t matter or count.

    • Although Booth is protective of everyone because of his nature, I still think he is over-protective of Brennan. I think that’s what a lot of people are getting at. For example, he doesn’t try to intimidate just anybody’s dates. And I think his protecting her has more to do with his feelings for her than just being a stand-up guy.

  17. Yep. These moments definitely make me say “YOWZAAAA!!!”. And why are they even doing a poll to see who’s the biggest Alpha male?? It’s obviously Booth. Hands down!! Seriously!! I mean…I’m a big fan of the Vampire Diaries too, but as gorgeous as those vamps are…they are not as Alpha male when you compare them to this mortal!! YEAHH!

  18. I’m mopping up the drool from my computer right now.

    He is an alpha male, but he’s not douche (well, except for when he was with Hannah).

    @thesciencegirl is right… the LEAN. Man oh man, I’d love to be the recipient of *that*. Remember the Science in the Physicist right after the failed cannon-in-the-lab experiment, when he shields Brennan by *ahem* throwing her up against the wall?


  19. Wow Sarah, you’re spot-on. He’s sooo boothy!

  20. I love squint Booth battling the creepy paramedic with his (Ummm, Brennan’s) inadequate gun. When he’s all bloody and takes that one last shot, that ” one hell of a shot”-wow… I also love courteous alpha Booth pulling the chair out for Brennan in Gordon Gordon’s restaurant. It’s such an old-fashioned guy thing to do (so maybe the old days weren’t all bad.) Oooooh, and Booth pulling Brennan out of the wrecked taxi cab; he can’t get her door open so he lifts her out the window. And throwing his body against hers whne there’s an explosion at the lab…and when he’s the only one who stays to help Zack deal with the bomb he just triggered when they were going up against Epps, or rushes in and kills creepy doctor and calls Brennan “baby” in Harbingers (sorry, can’t remember all the episode names and sort of in a hurry, but I’m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about!) I’ve got more, but I’ll save some for the rest of you…

    • Just two more, cause I can’t resist all-in-black FBI Booth taking out Gormogon and uber-alpha male Booth taking out the corrupt sheriff after the hostage stand-off in Con Man (I like how he gets angry at Brennan in this episode, too; we’ve rarely seen him do that.) I promise I’ll stop now! (Is it bad that a lot om my favorite moments happen to have Booth taking someone down? Maybe I need to talk to Sweets.)

      • You mentioned the one I was thinking of that I’d not seen anyone else list: Booth leading the charge down the steps to take out Gormogon, cap on backwards. Oh, and going in to rescue the little boy at the end of The Woman in the Car.

    • I agree with all of your examples. The wrecked taxi cab scene is so nerve wracking. I loved it. I also loved the scene in Con Man where Booth and Brennan share that piece of cake. He is so sad and she is quietly sitting next to him, being there for him. Aww.

  21. I agree with those noting he’s protective of more than just Brennan. Watching The Skull in the Sculpture last night, I was struck by how protective he is of Angela.

    And the last time we watched The Proof in the Pudding, my nephew commented he thinks Booth is as hard on Agent White as he is when he throws him over the rail is because of how rough White was on Hodgins earlier. I don’t know if that’s so, but thought it an interesting thing for a guy to say.

    • Ohh that is interesting! I’ll have to go back and re-watch PitP. Booth is protective of “his” people. 🙂

    • Gosh, I love that scene from the Skull in the Sculpture…If you are going to hit on Angela at least be classy. Love that!

  22. Booth is most definitely THE alpha male to me. No question…no contest. The rest are just pale imitations.

    Everyone has already picked my other favs…so…even though I’m not sure this qualifies…it is along the lines of The Boy in the Time Capsule, so I gotta add it…The Woman at the Airport. When Booth is on the rooftop talking to the victim’s friend…and he *protects* her…very alpha male, but sweetly, I might add…from the security guard who wants her to leave, I was so touched…and Booth is gorgeous, as usual, leaning back in that lounger…oh, my. Being alpha male doesn’t have to mean action-oriented, but a man exuding confidence and in control of a situation. Smoldering goodness…hmmm.

    And I love it when Booth gets right up in someone’s face…giving them that look-right-through-you glare that says *don’t mess with me*…and punctuates it with that adorable little grin. Gah…I melt right through my chair.

    Case in point…the scene in The Man in the Cell when Booth is talking to Zach and Hodgins, and Zach suggests that Booth do a boolean search…I just love *that look* he gives Zach while zooming right into his face…and then trying to leave the lab threatening to shoot them if they dare call him back again…until Hodgins does when Zach discovers the location. I love Booth’s stance as he walks towards them…jacket pulled back…hand near his gun…omg. So funny…and such Boothy alpha maleness. Always makes me grin from ear to ear. 😀

  23. Thought of another one – in Girl in the Mask when Booth and Brennan question the pimp and Booth tells him to distract him with ‘something shiny’ and the pimp says, ‘that shiny enough for you?’ and Booth does that thing he does where he pushes up into someone’s face (and you get the beautiful side profile) while making use of the fact that he’s taller than most people and says ‘what did you say?’ and Brennan has to say, ‘Booth, come on, let’s go’. Love that. Booth doesn’t like pimps, and I love that about him ha.

    Also, in Proof in the Pudding when he comes back to his car and he’s surround by agents from the place Agent White works. Even though Agent White is huge, Booth so isn’t intimidated by him and jokes around about sports and taps them with his ID. So confident, so suave. Swoon. This is a very enjoyable post for a Tuesday evening 🙂

  24. No body has mentioned Killer In The Concrete yet. At least I don’t think so. How Alpha can you get to defy your torturers and not even scream out when they put a hot screwdriver on your leg. Which, also reminds me of Two Bodies in the Lab, when Brennan is listing all of the bad things that his medical x-rays show that has happened to him in the past and he just says maybe she shouldn’t be looking at them. He is really cool.

    • oh yes, love love that whole ep. Only a true alpha male can make joke about being a pig in a blanket.

      • Ha. I just loved the way they are asking the question and because he knows the answer he can’t resist saying it; even, rolled up in a rug with a cloth (was it a towel?) stuffed in his mouth. That man is something!

      • How about being tied up in the chair and telling Max he is under arrest.

  25. I love this topic so darn much… *swoon* or should that be *Boothgasm*? 😉

    I saw that EW poll a couple of days ago, and before I even clicked the link my thought was something along the lines of “well, DUH, it’s Booth, baby. Hands down.”

    Sarah, I love that you included Brennan’s speech from “Con Man” in your introduction, because I absolutely adore that speech. I actually teared up a little bit when she gave it because I thought it was so beautiful in its simplicity and truth. Of course, my reaction may have something to do with the fact that The Quiet Man starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara (Republic Pictures, 1952) is one of my all time favorite movies, and after hearing Brennan’s speech, it struck me that there are a lot of great parallels between the two main characters, Shawn Thornton and Mary Kate Danaher, and Booth and Brennan. For anyone that hasn’t seen it, you should. It’s a beautiful story.

    But I digress… I love all the moments you guys have mentioned. The lean. The looks. Shooting out the glass in the door at the lab (I think I stopped breathing for a second when I watched that :P). The over-protectiveness of everyone. And Shrinky – I love that you included the scene from the Woman at the Airport. If I hadn’t already been head over heels in love with Booth before I saw that scene, I would have been after watching it.

    I have two instances to add to the list. The first is from “The Man in the Morgue” and the fact that Booth seemingly drops everything to rush down to New Orleans to be with Brennan. I love that he is fighting for her throughout the episode and puts his career on the line for her when he picks up her mother’s earring at the crime scene because he believes in her so damn much. And I love the end when he just gives her back the earring then quietly leaves with that little smile. “Does that prove something?” Angela asks. “Yeah. It proves something.” Yes, Brennan. Yes it does.

    The second instance I have to add to the list is from the end of “Blackout in the Blizzard” when Booth and Brennan are sitting in his apartment. He asks her what she thinks the chances are that he and his dad sat in those same seats. She replies with “let’s see… sixty thousand seats…” and pauses as she does some air calculations with her finger, he leans closer, watching her intently, she turns back and catches the look he’s giving her and he kind of laughs at being caught staring. She says “are you going to stop me?” and he kind of looks a little shy and says “no, I like watching you do the math, that’s all.”

    For me, that is a pure alpha male “boothgasm” inducing moment. I just adore the fact that he’s not intimidated by her intelligence. He loves the fact that she’s smart; in fact, from the look on his face, he’s dazzled by it. He loves her brain, he loves watching her brain work and he is not afraid to admit that to her. It takes a strong alpha male to not be intimidated by a strong woman with a brain that she’s not afraid to use, and to love her all the more because of it. I love that about these two. I love that about their relationship. And I love that about this show.

  26. Interestingly, I recently wrote this line for an unrelated project:
    “As romantic as it seemed like his protective nature could be, in reality it was a little nerve-wracking.”
    Because honestly? If my own husband were that much alpha male, I would be a bit irked and freaked out about him getting in physical confrontations. Physical fights are scary.

    And yet, without a doubt it is totally hot to see Booth in his uber-alpha male mode be it the protective thing or the charm thing or whatever. 🙂

    #6 I don’t know what it is with that scene, that moment, but I love it. I love that this character does not ever seemingly fear physical confrontations AND that he would seemingly have no reason to. Who doesn’t like her man to always come out on top for such things? 😀

    And with what other above have been saying about Booth’s reaction to strong, intelligent women – I am in full agreement that THIS is extraordinarily sexy, as well. Oh wait, was that the topic? Sexy, hot Booth? I’m afraid I’ve gotten lost along the way…let me go back to the photos, I mean POST…

  27. I love all of these six moments! But I also swoon hardcore when Booth leans into Brennan at the end of “Girl with a Curl.”
    His arm muscles in that t-shirt look enormous (he’s so strong!).
    He gets inches from her face (kiss! please kiss!).
    He stares right into her eyes (which, in my mind, is simultaneously a very confident and very intimate move. I’m melting already).
    He smiles, just a little bit (I love Booth’s little half smiles. They’re just the right amount of cocky).
    And then he shows her that he knows her, and they speak together. (I’ll have some Thai food with you, Booth. But only because you can read Brennan’s mind.)
    Then he breaks into a giant grin (even more irresistible than the half smile, because it comes from a place of pure boyish joy).
    And he has to wag his finger at her just to keep from throwing her onto the table and making out.
    Maybe I’m extrapolating with that last one.
    But seriously, I love that scene.

    • I totally agree, that is a great moment – one of my favourites. He was so gorgeous in that scene. Funny that such a hot scene took place whilst he was with Cam.

    • Oh I also love the way he just scoops Brennan up in one motion at the dance class. And the little girl says his muscles are so big and he’s just all “thanks”.

  28. Ok, I lied. I just can’t keep away from this topic. I’m always touched by how he confronts Brennan’s dad about his sudden appearances and disappearances; I think that Max really began to see something there for Brennan when Booth gives him his “you think she doesn’t feel it” talk. Same with Russ-Booth isn’t just protective of her body, but of her heart as well. And I swooned when he faced the Russian mobster that Hacker was afraid to mess with-talk about making Hacker look like the utter weeny he is. Oh, and the hockey scene, where he pummels the other guy over the dirty hit (Cam liked it too!) and then later cuts his cast off for the sake of gathering “evidence” from the other players-definitely top-dog material. And how about the scene in the prison where some convict tries to touch Brennan and he automatically moves her over to the other side. He does that an awful lot, touching and guiding her, hovering almost. It’s always awesome to watch. Oh, and the scene where he drives the sports car really fast to freak the salesman out. Stop me, someone!

  29. Ahhh, one of the best topics. 😀

  30. Ahhh, one of the best topics. 😀
    I pretty much love every episode with Brennan’s dad. I love that Booth’s doing his job, but he really just wants Bones to be with her dad. I love the line in Stargazer in the Puddle, “I hate to hurt Bones.” I really just love it cause its in season 2, and they’re not nearly as close as they are later on. Booth hasn’t really admitted anything about Bones very much yet. I really love all of the episodes with Max. The one about Max’s trial is really good too, cause as the end when the both walk out of the courtroom and he just hugs her, it’s really great. He’s just letting her know that he’s there for her. And also in season 2, The Woman in the Sand. Um, basically the entire episode. Enough said. 🙂

  31. Oh. OH! WAIT! Have we really gotten this far without someone mentioning “The Boy in the Shroud”? There are a lot of great moments in that one, but my personal favorite Alpha Male moment from BitS is “I’m with Bones, Cam. All the way. Don’t doubt it for a second.” No hesitation. No backing down. He just steps right up and tells it like it is.
    There’s no mistaking how serious he is about Brennan, even early in season two (and even when an old friend like Cam is involved). I LOVE IT.

    And what about the scene in “The Plain in the Prodigy” when he confronts Michelle’s boyfriend? I love the way he pulls back his jacket to reveal the gun. “I’m also a trained sniper…” Hilarious and oh-so-hot. Booth’s always watching out for the people he loves.

  32. Ahhhh — too many moments!
    Heck — there’s probably enough that you could name one, if not more, moments from each episode where Booth went all alpha. Even in Con man in the Meth Lab in which Brennan says he wouldn’t be classified for the job. But he is. We know he is — and she totally knows he is no matter how many times she outwardly expresses it.
    But hmm…it’s hard to narrow down; there is so many ways he is an Alpha. I mean in the charming way, the strong way, the brave way etc….yum.

    So for now I’m just going to go with a topic.
    I think Booth was definitely proving himself as an alpha in all the stuff he did when Brennan found out about her mother and then when they were searching for info on her dad, as well as when they found him. He stuck by her through it all and also proved to be very brave and courageous. I mean he was a shoulder for her to cry on, he stood up to every obstacle, and went out of his way to find information for her. I think those are pretty good qualities to have if you’re going to be qualified for the alpha job, and he has them and more. But there are sooo many moments. Goodness, I’d be here all day if I tried to name them all.

  33. Wow…this is tough because he’s so alpha male in almost every episode for s1-4. I’ve enjoyed every episode that puts Booth and Max in direct conflict. Booth’s protective instincts shine through every time. I loved when he and Max physically fought prior to Booth arresting him. Not only was it downright funny…but it was also HOT. How many actor’s or characters can be hot and funny in the same scene? Hmm? The Epps episodes also demonstrated Booth’s protective instincts for Brennan and for the whole group…but mainly Brennan. I enjoyed the Epps episodes specifically because they got Booth all fired up. This is what I’ve been missing since season 5 began….a “fired up” Booth.

    • OMG how could I forget that scene of Booth & Max fighting. Shame on me. I love that scene! From Booth putting his gun on the back of that car, taking off his jacket, rolling up his sleeves, the bullet in his mouth…dang! Love that scene.

      There’s another scene – Booth isn’t doing anything per se, but it’s in season 1 and he walks into Sid’s with his jacket off, and slung over his hip, held in place with by the butt of his gun. I just love the way he looks in that scene.

      If they ever do a box set of all seasons on dvd I want one of the extras to be “In the Costume Department With Booth” and it’s just him dressing and undressing.

      • You know I bet they’ll want a lot of extras and they’ll have to cut things short.

        They can the parts where Booth gets dressed. I’m willing to compromise.

      • I enjoy watching his bum in that fight scene..yup…he’s got a nice one ….lol.

  34. Oh my.

    Just found this and it will require ALL of my attention later tonight.

    Seriously, as much as I love snag (sensitive new age guy) sweetie puppy love Booth, Alpha male Booth just gets me at a very basic level. The man is hot and makes my ovaries pound.

    Ok, did i just say that?

    • It’s okay Linda, you’re among friends here, we won’t tell anyone you said that…. you know, especially since we’ve all been saying pretty much the same thing all day. 😉

      I swear, if they could figure out how to clone Booth and sell him, they’d make a freakin’ fortune on our sales numbers alone. :-p

      • Renting would be fine.
        Seriously I do not understand how Emily Deschanel is able to properly function on the set. I would be a puddle of goo.

        And Jade, you had the 69th comment. tee hee hee.

    • What? Yes you did….

  35. hehe, i love coming home to a swoonfest concerning Alpha Male Booth… just reminds me of how how much I love Bonesbooththeory!!

    Fatigues, Passenger in the Oven, Bullet in the Brain, bathtub scene, Science in the Physicist… I have to agree with the myriad of AMBooth moments, I don’t see much competition with him and everyone else!

  36. This has been such a great post where I have laughed hard at some of the comments and others where I’m thinking ‘glad it’s not just me who thinks that’.
    It has certainly made for one uplifting day.

    • Don’t you just love that even through all the deep and analytical discussion we have here, it is this topic that just sets everyone off and connects us all, making us all squee and drool like teenagers. Sometimes it’s really not about the brain…

      And no, it’s definitely not just you 😉

  37. What about The Beaver in the Otter, at the very end of the episode when Brennan decided that she’s never been bad. Booth decided they’re going to dine and dash. The really cute part is when Brennan is giggling ans squealing and running out, and then Booth puts the money on the edge of the table. 🙂 That scene is so cute and I love how happy she is about it. 😀 It’s my favorite scene with Booth doing something for Brennan. 😀

  38. When he’s got a gun!!!

    *dreamy sigh*

    I don’t know what it is…but there is something about a man with a gun. Any man looks better but when you look like Booth (David) to start with…i am SUCH a gonner! It’s just so…masculine. And RAWR, we can’t forget RAWR!

    Also in the Hockey uniform. I love watching ice hockey (i don’t understand a thing but i love to watch it!) because it’s just such a…violent game. Or at least it looks like it is…and Booth in that uniform. The added attitude he gets when wearing it….so god damn HOT!!

    (Also with this game i am very much in Cams boat. ‘I like it a little too much’ 😉 )

  39. I don’t mean to be mean or anything, just stating my opinion.
    I really really don’t get all the fuss about Booth’s alpha maleness, and yes I’m straight 🙂
    Mostly it irritates me or I don’t even notice it or don’t qualify it as alpha maleness…

    • Either you get it or you don’t. We all have different ideals when it comes to men and women. Most of us consider Booth to be the ideal man. You may consider someone else to be. There is no right or wrong.

  40. Just going to add that I too love Alpha Male Booth. 😉

    The first screen pic of the six is my favorite… with so many others being close seconds…

    I just love, “This land belongs to Seeley Booth!”

  41. I just watched Woman in Limbo and Booth was all kinds of awesome in that episode! When he plays hardball with the US Marshalls, Brennan asks him, “Won’t you get in trouble?” and he just says, “Well, we’ll find out.” Picks up the sketch and leaves!

    Also a couple of times in the episode, Booth clears the room and for some reason I just love that. One, when Brennan is talking with Hodgins and Zack and then when they go with Russ to see the car. And of course, who can forget, “You attack her and I’ll drill you through the forehead.” That episode is just made of awesome.

    A lot of the times, Booth is swoon-worthy when he’s protecting Brennan but also when he’s solving the case. In Soldier in the Grave, for example when he figures out that the captain of the unit was hiding what happened and he busts into his office on the base, grips the guy by the lapels and throws him against the wall. “I don’t know what the hell you’re fighting for, Fuller, but it sure as hell isn’t my country.”

    A more recent example that comes to mind is in Killer in the Crosshairs when they have the snarky weapons maker in interview and the guy is giving all kind of lip and Booth just gets in his face and tells him to draw the damn schematic.

    I know there’s a lot of grumbling about how Booth is less, I guess Alpha male for lack of a better word, over the past few seasons, but I don’t think that’s true. I think he’s still fierce when he needs to be.

  42. Booth hunting Broadsky at the end of Hole in the Heart. Enough said. Booth + Serious Gun + him
    “clicking” to respond to Hodgins and Brennan = SWOON. So, So, SO HOT. Booth got his man.

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