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Morning After Q: What’s So Funny?


Good morning!

You’ve probably seen this before, but on the off chance that you haven’t, you should take a look. So funny!

Okay, but in the spirit of April Fool’s, I thought it would be nice to discuss the humor used on BONES. We’ve talked before about how BONES doesn’t fit into the standard “Comedy” or “Drama” categories, I know I’ve said before that I really don’t like procedurals in general,  and those statements are still true. Every once in awhile, I’ll see some sort of NCISCSI5-0L&O version of some sort of something or other, and I just shrug. It’s mostly not for me. I can’t connect to it. That doesn’t make it bad; it’s just not for me.  But…Bones IS for me, and I love it.

And I think a large part of that, beyond the character development, is the humor. Man in the Bear was my ‘first’ fave episode, and “Where is my bear poop?!?” along with “The skin in the scat has a sun on it. What is that, a haiku?” are included in my fave quotes of all time.

I think David Boreanaz is as funny as he is anything else as an actor. It’s subtle in facial expressions and voice tone and sarcasm and it totally cracks me up. Likewise, Emily Deschanel is just killer with her deadpan portrayal of Brennan at times. The season six discussion of Venus being a rough neighborhood? That’s…it’s funny!!   The other characters/actors are funny as well, of course, but there’s just something about Brennan and both her attempts to be funny (I can be quite amusing!, she brags!) and when she is funny without trying that crack me up big time.

I can’t think of a single episode that doesn’t make me laugh. I was thinking the other day about the hilarious scene between Sweets and Brennan in Bones that Foam (I think!) when they are ‘working’ on facial expressions of emotions. I love that DB directed that scene, too!

Lately, I’ve been noticing that moments in episodes make ME laugh, but not really anyone else who might be watching in the same room as me. It makes me wonder if I love the characters because they make me laugh -OR- if they make me laugh because I love them.

Does that make sense?

Enough from me…I want to hear from you! What episodes make you laugh the most? How important is it that there is levity to balance out the gravity of the situations? Which do you prefer: funny moments that break the tension in a serious case – OR – the lighthearted humorous cases?  What are some of THE funniest quotes on the show?  There are SO many, I couldn’t possibly even begin to list them. Of course…that’s where you come in!

So, I’ll ask again… What’s So Funny?

Peace, Love & Bones



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  1. I’ve never seen that video before but I just watched it like ten times in a row!

    One of my favorite episodes humor wise is The Double Death of the Dearly Departed. I know that’s not a favorite among some fans, but I laughed the entire episode. It just seems like something that would happen to me and my friends… or family, for that matter.

  2. Bones fans are much more tolerant of the humor. Watching with my family, they absolutely DETEST how Brennan looks like a brain dead idiot when making jokes. They hate what they have done to her character in S6 esp.

  3. I laughed so hard at the very end of The Gamer in the Grease, when Brennan puts the quarter in the video game and immediately lost. Their banter after that was golden – “Maybe it’s your math.”

  4. “Why would a gang leader cooperate?”
    “I’m gonna ask him really, really nicely, Bones.”
    “You know that book I’m reading about getting along with your co-workers? It says that sarcasm is never helpful. I can lend it to you if you want.” LOL

    “you can’t kill them, they have names!” aaaw zack

    and probably my fav… “elephants are not purple, this is wrong.”

    • That’s one proof among others that Brennan did understand/do sarcasm at the beginning of the show and was NOT that literal like everybody is assuming she of course would be in S1…
      That’s the Brennan some of us are talking about, the one that made us watch the show, the one that was just great the way she was, flawed of course but who isn’t?

  5. The humor on Bones can work well but when dog piled like Brennan’s version of humor in the past three seasons. It just sets a new cringe factor. The Bones that Foam scene was appalling for Brennan go back and watch earlier seasons she could distinguish between varying emotions to cases without any help, she looked like a silly pratt.

  6. I think I laugh because I love them and I love them because I laugh. Since I’ve known these characters for a long time, it’s kinda like laughing when my friend do something funny. And yes, BONES is HILARIOUS!! As a person who does enjoy the occasional episode of CSI, NCIS, Hawaii-Five O etc. (yes…seen them all), I must say that BONES is definitely still my favourite crime investigation show (with a humorous twist!).

  7. The problem with the humor is when the character Brennan becomes the joke rather than making the joke. It is beyond embarrassing now.

  8. I adore how funny Booth is. When he smiles. We smile

  9. “i wouldn’t bet a date with Colin Farrell on it”
    “i know him, he’s funny.”
    “Funny is Will Ferrell, sweetie. Hot is Colin Farrell”

  10. I can’t only choose one or a few quotes as there are too many to choose from. But as you said, there is not one episode of Bones where I didn’t laugh. And that’s what I love about this show so much. That there is humor in it and that it is good/subtle (or not sometimes) humor. 🙂

  11. “Jesus is not a zombie!”

  12. I actually really hate that scene in the Bones that Foam. As Janet J. mentioned above, it was humor at Brennan’s expense; it was a character killing moment for me.

    I do enjoy Double Death as an all-out farce; I look at it as a Trouble With Harry/Bringing Up Baby sort of purposefully wacky.

    But other than that, the best humor on Bones is the subtle stuff. Everything Hodgins does or says is GOLDEN. Hodgins and Booth in Two Bodies in the Lab in the hospital with the pudding? Hilarious. That episode really shows the balance of humor and drama; these horrifying scenes of Brennan fighting Kenton are interspersed with Hodgins and Booth in the tiny car and Hodgins in that hat! And his Intense!Eyes and Booth looking like he’s stuffed in a toy car…”crack heads aren’t detailed oriented”…even now when I watch it I’m worried/laughing/worried/laughing….

    One of my other all time favorite lines is Brennan visiting Max and Max says he’s an outlaw not a criminal and Brennan says it’s “a distinction lost on me, and, I imagine, your victims.” That’s the beauty of Bones humor. Subtle stuff in the midst of serious stuff.

    • Squee! OMG, Barbara, I can’t believe I’ve never put that together before, but you are SO right about “Double Death” being reminiscent of “The Trouble With Harry”. I ADORE “The Trouble With Harry”. Which probably explains why I liked the episode so much and the fact that I laughed all the way through it. There are just so many great one liners and so much witty banter. Same goes for “Bringing up Baby” or any of the classic screwball comedies for that matter – “It Happened One Night” and “The Philadelphia Story” come to mind. There are others, but I would totally get away from the point of the discussion.

      Though I must say, anyone who says that BONES would lose something if B&B get together seriously needs to watch “The Thin Man” movies. Nick and Nora have it all – witty banter, sex appeal, eye sex, crime fighting, danger, and oh yeah, eventually Nicky Jr.

      *ahem* Pardon me, my classic movie geek is showing. 😉

      • I love “The Thin Man” movies too!! B&B’s witty banter is so reminiscent of them, and yet Nick and Nora still managed to do their cases married and eventually with Nicky Jr. It always gives me hope for the B&B storyline everytime I watch!

  13. What is the Bones in the Foam scene people keep mentioning?

    • During the episode, Brennan tells Sweets that she wishes she could do what Booth does, as in interogate and read people, so Sweets tries to train Brennan. They sit in her office, and he’ll make an expression and she has to work out what emotion he is displaying and also try and deal with the emotion accordingly. It’s funny!! Definitely worth a watch!!

  14. I think Bones is very funny, both DB and ED are great at pulling off that subtle humor I have always loved (I think the X-files is hilarious, for goodness sake! Haha). Like you said, DB with his facial expressions is pure awesome. My favorite ED is when she delivers very blunt one liners like, “You need to Google Venn diagram” and “Why is everybody saying ‘hello’?” Those kinds of lines never fail to make me laugh.

    I think my favorites are often the episode where the humor is woven in with a more serious case; the do it so seamlessly! However, I do quite enjoy episodes like Double Death. I think Barbara said it perfectly, I appreciate it as a Bring Up Baby kind of thing, and why not? They can totally pull it off! I just prefer that not all episodes are like that, I like the subtle, deadpan stuff better.

    Also, as we know, Hodgins completely cracks me up! I love the pudding line that was mentioned before, but TJ Thyne is so good that he can deliver even the silly lines (like the Spud Jokes in Blackout in the Blizzard) in a manner that makes them hilarious and not embarrassingly bad jokes. Haha. I love him. He is really skilled a switching back and forth between the deadpan humor and the all out silliness.

    One last thing…”It’s not George Clooney!” (That always amuses me.)

    • Yes! Exactly! Agree, agree, agree!!! I will add that there are several moments in EitB that I think are quite funny!

  15. I love the humor or Bones. My Mom and I both watch Bones together and we do a lot of sniggering during most shows. I will have to say this ones really makes me laugh:
    Booth: Would you like me better if I was a woman?
    Brennan: No I would not.
    Booth: Why?
    Brennan: I’d be jealous that you might be prettier than I am.
    Booth: I would be too. I’d be hot! Smokin’ hot!
    (From The He In The She)

    Of course, most of Hodgins experiments ending up making me laugh my head off too. I also love it when Brennan tells jokes. She tries and most of them are eye rollers but I still laugh. Maybe I laugh because I really like Brennan and know that she has changed and wants to be able to tell jokes to make Booth laugh. She is so proud of her jokes and that is probably why I laugh. Not at her, by the way, with her.

  16. Oh my gosh I love the humor on Bones. The all out wacky stuff, the subtle humor that Barbara mentioned, and everything in between. I’m probably one of the few people who thought Double Trouble in the Panhandle was campy enough to be absolutely hilarious. However, now that you mention it Sarah, I find that I tend to laugh during episodes a lot more than my husband. So perhaps I am the one who’s crazy. Oh heck, I don’t care. I love to laugh.

    One person I think brings a lot of great humor to the show that I haven’t seen mentioned yet is Cam. Her interactions with the interns are priceless. I think she really shines in those moments.

    I have a million favorite funny moments, so I’ll probably be back commenting all day as I remember them, but here are a few to get started…

    “You humped the gun” (from the end of The Blackout in the Blizzard). I thought that line was hysterical. Although my husband still looks at me oddly every time I repeat it. (“stop shrinking around the bush” was a good one too). Oh, and I loved the end scene with Hodgins and Angela’s father and those adorable little baby hats. “Tequila…your father…but we won!”

    “Wipe it off into evidence bags, and whatever you do, don’t swallow.” (The Body in the Bag).

    “Yo. Sup” (The Maggots in the Meathead when Brennan goes into the club)

    The entire scene when Booth and Sweets interrupt Brennan’s date with the botanist in the Diner in The Man in the Outhouse.

    The scene at the end of The Science in the Physicist when Brennan tells Booth that she’s always known he was stupid.

    Booth on painkillers telling Perotta to keep Brennan safe in The Princess and the Pear. “If anything happens to her…you know, that silky black hair…that soft skin…”

    Most of The Critic in the Cabernet. “Whoa!” “Horse!”

    I could probably go on and on, but I’ll leave it at that for now. 🙂

    • Oh, I had forgotten about that one :

      ”Booth on painkillers telling Perotta to keep Brennan safe in The Princess and the Pear. “If anything happens to her…you know, that silky black hair…that soft skin…” ”

      Makes me smile, big time!!

    • I’m watching Critic in the Cabernet and the entire word association scene make me giggle hysterically!

    • And the best part is that when they are at the crime scene and he says whoa for a third time and she STILL says horse!

      Ok, I’m done now…. maybe. 🙂

  17. I’m blanking on the name of the episode, but when they x-ray the body that’s full of metal pellets and it rises off the table, Brennan screams, Booth draws his gun which goes flying – “I won’t tell that you screamed if you don’t say anything about the gun.” Or something like that.

    Funniest. Ever.

    • I forgot about that one! The X in the File.

    • Bar none, that is, I think, my favorite scene too!

    • X-Files was my favorite show of all time prior to the arrival of Bones. To have my two favorite shows in one? Fangirl Heaven!! I squee’d and laughed my way through that entire ep! But that MRI scene was absolutely hysterical!! Another moment I thought was funny was when Brennan admitted she was an alien anthropologist here to study us and Booth told her “No probing.” I loved (and I think Booth did too) that Brennan threw herself into the joke and went with it!

    • I have to agree loved X In The File. This scene was absolutely funny. I also loved the sarcastic Sherrif. He had some terrific lines too.

  18. Love this post!!!!!!!!

    For me i much prefer the episodes that have humour in them to lighten the mood as opposed to the more purposely humourous episodes. For example i enjoy both Double Death and Double Trouble but i don’t love them. They’re trying too hard to be funny and it doesn’t always come off. Also i don’t enjoy slapstick humour so much…as a child yes. Now? I like to think i’m a bit maturer than that! LOL

    For example i’m watching Judas and the lines ‘I’ve seen this movie. I get killed on the way home’ ‘Then don’t go home’ made me laugh. And yesterday i watched EITB and i basically laughed or smiled the entire way through. That’s what i prefer….the sarcastic humour or the one liners within another moment.

    Bones isn’t the best at ‘obvious’ humour but the one liners? And the sarcasm? They nail it!!

  19. (Hodgins) “We did, however, find 36 waffle irons. No syrup though, so what’s the point?” (The Beginning in the End)

  20. The funniest episode to me was the Jersey Shore one this season. “Eureka! A gathering of guidos!”

    And Double Trouble in the Panhandle is one of my faves, and it definitely makes me laugh.

    I do like how the show has both serious moments (the crimes and the relationships) as well as humor, but the fact that it’s funny isn’t why I love it (compared to CSI or that type of thing, which I never watch); I love it because it makes me feel something. I actually feel invested in the characters; often, I relate to them. I think it’s a combination of good scripts and great acting, but I think so much of the show reads as authentic. To combine that with gross science stuff, to me (I study gross science), that’s just perfection.

  21. I do love the humor in the show, both the overt and the subtle.

    The episodes like Double Death and Double Trouble do remind me of Bringing up Baby and I absolutely love Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant…comparisons to them cannot be a bad thing.

    In the less obviously funny episodes or moments sometimes it’s just an expression that can set me off. In Crank in the Shaft; when Booth makes the comment about the Blue Hawaiian (something like why am I naked and who are these people) it’s Brennan’s expression, and then Booth’s expression in response to hers that I love so much. It’s great and I can rewind and watch that several times. Cam also does wonderful expressions in reaction to what’s going on around her that can be so funny.

    Everyone’s reactions and expressions in Critic when Brennan was telling them she’d decided to have a baby and would use Booth’s sperm; that scene is just priceless. How can people see this show and not love it?

    Yes Hodgins is great, TJ can play off of anyone and deliver gems. I loved the Hodgins/Zack scenes, but they’ve done a wonderful job in still having that humorous dynamic in his scenes with any of the squinterns. It is different with each one, but with any of them we still get wonderful funnies.

    I love that Bones is not your typical procedural. I do watch those other shows, or have in the past; but, Bones is so much more. The humor, the relationships, the heart make it just so much more than your standard procedural.

  22. I prefer my Bones episodes serious, but I have to say, Man in the Bear, Baby in the Bough and Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood get a lot of laughs from me.

    My favorite line, though, (I don’t even know why I think it’s funny) is when they learn about the lionfish murder weapon in Predator in the Pool. “We call him Bob.” Is so subtle, but so great, that I’ve named my pet betta after him!

    Usually it’s Hodgins that makes me laugh, and most of those moments have already been mentioned.

    I love the “these hips say ‘I be male'” “This part says ‘I be female'” from He in the She. I don’t know why, but Vincent’s reaction always gives me the giggles.

    • We call him Bob reminds me of Killer in the Concrete and Brennan’s eventual acceptance, then insistence of “Icepick” and “Cement Head.” Her little stick figure drawings are so cute and precise- stick figure Icepick has one leg!

      • I completely missed the stick figures the first time, and actually went back and got a screenshot. Loved it.

  23. So, I can see Owl’s post in my email but not here for some strange reason. So, Owl, YES! Vincent Nigel Murray always makes me laugh! He is my very favorite Squintern! One of my all time favorite Bones lines is in EitB when he says, “I won’t fair well in jail…I’m lovely.” Haha! And this season when Hodgins and Angela tries to announce the pregnancy and he just keeps hiding his face. I can’t remember the exact line, but whatever he said at that moment killed me. So funny!

  24. Hodgins using the nunchucks. And, then Vazeeri using them like a pro. Thinking about it made me laugh.

    Hodgins and Sweets stealing the car. Sweets meowing.

    More later.

  25. first, I found this website a few weeks ago and I love reaing the posts and comments. I finally found ppl who love bones as much (more?) than me. that said, the funniest line I can think of right now is the jersey shore ep when brennan tells angela about the documentary she watches about them. when angela tells her that reality tv is not the same as a documentary brennan says very seriously that angela is wrong. ED delivers that line perfectly.

    • That is fast becoming one of my favorite episodes. Brennan is so serious, so sure she knows all about these people from studying the ‘documentaries.’

      When she meets them and oh-so-seriously says, “..’sup..” I almost died. And I can’t even describe her ‘crab posturing’ without lol’ing.

  26. Most people seem to detest Yanks in the UK, but in the first part of that David is hilarious.

    The driving scenes, esp the one where he ends up in the middle of traffic screaming that he hates England. And, then getting out of the car when they get to the palace.
    When he is examining the barrister’s wig.
    The interactions with butler and then with the family.
    “I think it’s boobies.”
    That he’s sleeping in her lecture.
    Dumping the tea in the river.
    Oh, any scene when they are away from DC when he compares his accommodations to Bones’s.
    When Brennan tells Wexler not to call Booth a cowboy because he’ll like it.
    “Hey, Bones, they’re the British us.”

    Not Booth, but Wexler commenting on how casual the Americans are and later telling his squints to be quiet or leave.

    In the second part: when the rower tries to hit Booth and then comments about his hard head and then Booth asking why everyone there seems to keep hitting him that way.

    Boneless Bride: The scene at old Chinese lady’s house. When Booth knows that the old lady said Bones wasn’t good for the prof and Bones says it can’t be and the prof. says he’s right.
    Then when the old lady looks Booth over and pinches his cheek.
    “Ahoy, the boat.”
    Booth along the lines of: I’ve/we’ve got a bone.
    And, Sully “me too”
    Brennan trying to make the joke “No bones, no bones. I’m the second one.” She’s trying so hard.

    Any scene with Booth and an inanimate clown. Even when he shoots the clown on the truck in a kind of “oh my gawd, did he just do that” kind of way.

    Gordon Gordon on the cocky belt buckle and when he’s deconstructing why Booth is uncomfortable in the lab. And, Booth keeps changing how he’s holding hands and arms and it keeps being embarrassing in some way.

    Oh, enough, but there are just so many LOL moments along with even more laugh to yourself.

    • I love “ahoy the boat” and when Booth and Sully are both coming up with funny ways to combine wedding and burial (“deadding”) in front of the Chinese anthropologist.

  27. I crack up at leat once every Bones episode and get a goofy smile on my face when I think about the moment again during the rest of the day, no matter how depressing its been.
    One of my favs from The Secret in the Soil
    Hod: Well, hello my exotic princess
    Cam: What a charmingly inappropriate greeting Dr. Hodgins
    Zack: I think he’s talking to a bug
    Cam: Well now I feel a bit, rejected

    Also, I always laugh when Brennan has moments where she is ablsolutely unaware that she has something (usually something positive about herself) that she isn’t supposed to because its just not nice. Like in The Proof in the Pudding where all of them are having breakfast at the diner and Angela remarks that if they were being tested then they all failed. Brennan just lifts her finger and is like ,”Not me, I figured out the truth”. In The Wannabe in the Weeds Booth says that she probably makes Pam feel inadequate
    “You know because you’re a well adjusted woman.”
    Bren: “And a bestselling author, I was n the New York Times list for 18 weeks and I won the..”

    Brennan picks up a fry and crunches it.
    I love this scene because its both funny and Brennan looks SO CUTE when she eats that fry!!!!

    Okay, need to stop…..need to calm down……focus on breathing before someone calls an ambulance

  28. I was going to stop after the french fry comment, but it reminded me of another funny moment when they are sitting in the truck for stakeout (in Titan on the Tracks…I think) and Brennan taps Booth on the shoulder and goes, “Um, excuse me.” SO CUTE! Watch again, I bet you’ll giggle. 🙂

    • I love it when she does that! So cute.

    • hehe, I love that, and then I love afterwards when Booth is like “but I can’t get to the princess on the other side” and then they exit the car and Brennan’s like “what princess?” hehe
      also, I believe that’s the first episode that Booth is asked “where did you find her?” and he says “A Museum” – I love that line. 😀

  29. Speaking of humor, I miss people calling out “King of the lab!”

  30. Bones makes me smirk and smile rather than out right laugh. A lot of the things I find funny are funny because of how well I know and love the characters, so perhaps wouldn’t seem amusing to less committed viewers (haha).

    I much prefer the subtle, sarcastic and facial humour to the out and out ‘going for laughs’ humour.

    The first things I thought of when reading the post and comments below are:
    ‘getting out of this car is like being born!’
    and ‘so random y’all…in the vernacular’
    ‘I’m walking!’ Sweets
    ‘You can’t help being a sexy scientist any more than I can help being a sexy FBI agent. We are what we are’
    Booth’s hangdog expression being rolled on the trolley half naked and Angela gleefully offering to help experiment on him ha.
    ‘I don’t know, putting testicles on the outside didn’t seem like such a good idea’

    Haha, i’m sure I’ll think of more 🙂

  31. I am going to try to add a couple.

    — In (I think) Girl in Suite 2103, when Brennan is differentiating between the relative tiny-ness of the feelings of Alex from the State Dept & his size. Ha! Booth is horrified. Basically any time Booth is horrified, I’m laughing.

    In the season four opener when Sweets is trying to give Angela romantic advice. ‘Your love is the party wagon–think about it’. Hahahaha!

    When Brennan says ‘Giddy-up’ to Booth in the elevator in Death in the Saddle, and Booth just tenses up. Love.

    When Zack asks Booth if he can set up a time to talk about sexual positions.

    When Booth got so excited for the Stadium bleachers that he did a little Eagles cheer 🙂

  32. “I’m ready for you to blow up my mind.”

    Brennan was so endearing here. I giggle every time I see/think about this. 🙂

    • From the same episode, Skull in the Sculpture –

      Hodgins: I’m totally shocked.
      Brennan: Yeaaah, they should NOT be doing that on the forensic platform.
      Cam: That’s a method of termination I’ve never tried. But bravo, Dr. Sweets.


      • Don’t forget “I was going to say that I had an accident, but I don’t like to lie” from when Brennan poured the beetles onto the sculpture.

  33. I love “The Double Death of the Dearly Departed” so much! Hodgins speech and so on. It is really sitcom 🙂

  34. Um, guys? We have completely left out everything Caroline says, because everything she says usually is quite funny. “Not that I haven’t been distracted by a pretty face — yours, for example.” Love her.

  35. Santa in the Slush is full of Caroline quotables. My 2 personal favorites:
    “I have a puckish side that will not be denied.”
    “No Christmas tree. No way. Not even if you squeeze his buttocks.”

    Also, the entire conversation between Brennan, Booth and Sweets over the sexless mistletoe kiss had me in fits of laughter. “I’m all ears.” 🙂

    • Yes! “I’m all ears” is one of the scenes that made me laugh the hardest. I giggle every time I see the credits with him wearing those ears.

  36. Sarah – thanks for sharing that vid – it was absolutely hysterical. A perfect way to start off this post. And now I find myself wondering about the back story of the prank, because it is priceless.

    I think my favorite thing about the humor on BONES is that sometimes, it’s dark. Sometimes it’s subtle, but mostly it’s just real. The conversations and humor feel real and not forced like you sometimes get on other shows. And they give their audience credit for being smart. Which I love.

    And all of you who have said you laugh when no one else is laughing – I do the same thing. Glad I’m not the only one. 😉

    Okay so some of my favorites:

    Any scene where Booth is mispronouncing things and Brennan is trying to correct him.

    The opening scenes of both Judas on a Pole and Verdict in the Story. They crack me up every time.

    -The Goop on the Girl: “Should I get some mistletoe?” “It’s just evidence!” and everything connected to that scene – before and after. And the scene with Booth, Brennan and Margaret.

    – Con Man in the Meth Lab: “We’re gonna need a, er a fire extinguisher, then maybe some sort of … trauma counselor.” and a little later from the same guy “Would you be all upset if I had a little cry?”

    -The Passenger in the Oven: “Bones – all right, what I want you to do is take off your glasses, shake out your hair and say ‘Mister Booth, do you know what the penalty is for an overdue book?'” “Why?” “Never mind.” And then the unspoken bit when she does just what he asked and looks confused. I love that.

    – The Woman in Limbo: “What kind of person could use this on a human being?” “What kind of person could use this on a pig?” … “I think I just became a vegetarian.”

    – Spaceman in a Crater: the discussion about loafers and whether or not aliens would wear them to blend and Hodgins being offended.

    – The Finger in the Nest: when Brennan shoos the opossum away and then tells Booth to go after it and the ensuing “possum” “opossum” debate.

    – The Science in the Physicist: “You’re testing me in the cancer chair!?!”

    – Santa in the Slush: “Because you’re all ‘Dr. Brennan’ and ‘Special Agent Seeley Booth’ and I have a puckish side that will not be denied.” also from the same ep: “I’m all ears.” “Take off the hat.”

    – The Girl in Suite 2103: “There is a loop people and I’m in it. Not only am I in it, I’m the big curvy part.”

    – The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House: “Mmmm… this is unbelievable.” “You like it?” “I’d like to be alone with it.”

    – Mastodon in the Room: “Why do we only solve crimes when we have a dead body?” “Seriously? Because I’m a pathologist and she’s a forensic anthropologist. Fresh dead; long time dead.”

    I could probably keep going, because there isn’t a single episode I haven’t found something to laugh at, but I’ll stop there. 😉

  37. One of my favorite humorous scenes someone else mentioned – the part in Two Bodies in the Lab where Hodgins turns to Booth and says, “Maybe you shouldn’t have had all that pudding.” – the way TJ delivered that line and the look on his face was absolutely priceless. It never fails to make me laugh out loud. And Booth saying, “Well, crackheads aren’t that detail oriented” – hilarious.

    Another one of my favorites is in The Knight on the Grid where Booth & Brennan are talking with the archbishop – after the part where Booth is first mortified that Brennan won’t address him as ‘Monsignor.’:
    Archbishop Wallace: There’s so much evil in the world. Sometimes I wonder if I’m little more than a band-aid.
    Booth: Amen, Monsignor. Amen.
    Brennan: Thanks, Steve.

    Brennan isn’t Catholic, let alone religious at all, and he says that they can call him Steve, so it shouldn’t be funny that she actually calls him that. But with the archbishop in his full dress robes, to see him addressed as just Steve is surreal enough that it’s hilarious (to me, at least).

    • I always LOL when Brennan says “Thanks, Steve.” Perfect example of an excellent Brennnan one liner!

      • There are so many amazing lines in this show, but this one for me always makes me lose it. DB is so sincere and then she is so casual. It’s the tag team effect, but it delivers so well!

    • hahah this whole post is making me laugh! Firefly, I like the examples you provided. I also like Hodgins’ quips. Almost every episode has something that makes me laugh. Here are a few that haven’t been mentioned…

      (The Women in the Car) The beginning just makes me laugh and feel uncomfortable for Brennan at the same time.
      “How do you juggle twin careers as a best-selling author and a crime-fighting scientist?” “I do one, then the other.”

      (Man in the Morgue) There are so many funny moments. In addition to “Jesus is not a Zombie,” we have:
      “Graham? Graham?” “Cracker.”
      “Bones has amnesia because a voodoo murder put a spell on her to keep her from solving the case of John Doe 361”

      (The Girl with the Curl) “So yours was a cultural structure predicated on the equation of beauty with power. You instinctively align yourselves with someone with the greatest potential for societal supremecy. It’s a Darwinian pressure you’re too young to bear.”
      “I need to know if her hips are even.” “Is that slang? or do you really mean than?” “Just stand behind her and move your hand above to her rib cage, gauging if it’s an equal distance on each side.”

      (Death in the Saddle) “Hey is for horses.” “That’s funny Bones!” “I found it on this website about horses.”
      “Here I’m Annie Oakley.” “Naturally.”
      “He didn’t just up and join a bunch of mustangs, did he?”

      (The Man in the Outhouse) “He can hold his breath for three minutes down there!” “Under water?”

  38. When I first started watching Bones, I sporadically caught reruns on TNT. I didn’t realize that the characters’ personal story lines were so important. I assumed it was more like the Law & Orders and CSIs that I was used to. I would recommend it to my friends who were also familiar with other crime shows, but I would tell them that Bones is different because it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    By the time my interest in Bones shifted from just that – interest – to something closer to obsession, I had changed my perspective on the show, of course. Bones is different for many reasons besides the humor, and maybe “not taking itself too seriously” is the wrong phrase here. But I still like to think that maybe by not taking itself too seriously, it’s a more entertaining show that the Law & Orders and CSIs that I find I’m barely interested in anymore.

    The humor is always clever, most of the time it’s appropriate, a lot of the time it’s geeky or tech-y or science-y (which I love!) and sometimes it’s incredibly charming (which I also love!).

    I think each character has their comic strengths, but I’ll focus on Cam, mainly because once I watched the shows in order (very important!), I didn’t like her when she first came along. But I grew to love her character because of gems such as this:

    Cam: ”I love being a hero.”
    Brennan: ”A heroine.”
    Cam: ”Mmm, sounds too druggie. I’m going with hero.”

    Other people have posted some other great Cam lines here too – the one about the loop and the one about fresh dead, long time dead.

    I love Cam because she knows the science well enough. She’s an expert in her own right, and she belongs in the lab. But she has the perspective of a “normal” person, and the actress’ timing and delivery are impeccable!

    One more thing! The last time I laughed really hard was the Brennan/Wendell scene when Wendell said, “We are looking for a horny farmer, yes we are.” I had to pause it, I was laughing so hard! Then I hit rewind so I could laugh some more!

  39. Wait! One more thing! What I love about Bones Theory is knowing that if we were ever to watch the show all in one room together, there is no chance a single one of us would ever be laughing alone.

  40. I seems that the more I think about it the happier I am today. Thanks Sarah.

    The Princess and the Pear (Hodgins expression is so funny in this one):
    Hodgins: What’s with the long face there, sunshine?
    Cam: Mr. Fisher just broke up with his girlfriend and he’s feeling a little down.
    Hodgins: What about me? My girlfriend and I broke up — I gotta see her at work every day.
    Fisher: Well, obviously it hasn’t blackened your soul like it has mine.
    Hodgins: There was some light charring.
    Fisher: I’m dead inside.
    Hodgins: Okay! You win. Happy?
    Fisher: Not that I can ever remember

    The Boy In The Tree (Booth absolutely hates for Zach to talk to him for just this reason.)
    Zack: Sometimes, when you’re not busy, I wonder if I could ask you a few questions about sexual positions?
    Booth: If you even try, I will take out my gun and shoot you between the eyes.

    The Man In The Cell (It is so funny that Hodgins points to Zach. )
    BOOTH: I am walking out of here. You try and stop me again, I will shoot both of you. (Booth exits.)
    ZACK: (Pulls a map up on the screen and whimpers.) Mmmm… Ummm… (Turns to face Hodgins.)
    HODGINS: What?
    ZACK: I really need him to come back.
    HODGINS: (yelling) BOOTH! (to Zack.) Whatever you got better be worth dying for. (Booth enters menacingly, placing a hand near his gun.)

  41. I found another one… Brennan’s imitation of the scene from The Mummy in Night at the Bones Museum. Took a while for that one to sink in for me, but after I saw The Mummy last week, it makes it even funnier. Actually, she’s great that entire episode.

  42. I had the best time reading through all the above posts!

    For my money, it’s hard to beat “The Man in the Bear” for laughs. The B&B banter is delightfully snappy, and this is the episode which made me fall in love with the show.


    Hodgins – “Human flesh tastes like frogs legs.”
    Angela – “As if I need another reason never to eat frogs.”

    Booth – “You’re a smart-ass, you know that?”
    Brennan – “Objectively, I’d say I’m very smart. Although it has nothing to do with my ass.”

    And my all-time fav:

    Brennan – “Do you realize when we go to trial he could use the insanity defense.”
    Booth – “The guy is nuts.”
    Brennan – “Yes, but is he nuts because he got a brain disease from eating human flesh, or was he already nuts the first time he ate flesh, *or* did he just lick his fingers after surgery?”

    • The last paragraph is one of the reason that got me hooked on the show ; the fact that she was stating all the possibilities and not assuming the simplest scenario. (plus the time in man in the fallout shelter when she didn’t want her judgment to get biased by the victims’ possessions ; which happened in conman in the meth lab, she jumped to conclusion by assuming that the jacket was the victim’s and they got the ID wrong! They could have used that to show how much she had changed and not for the best when it comes to science…)
      And now when I think that she gets blindsided, even by her interns, because of her objectivity and her motto “not jumping to conclusion before all the evidence is in” I feel sad 😦 That is what being a scientist is for God’s sake!

      BRENNAN: Well, what did you and Amy tell them?
      RUSS: We said I went to Burma.
      BRENNAN: Burma?
      RUSS: Who cares where we chose? Burma’s on the other side of the world.
      BRENNAN: Russ! Burma doesn’t even exist anymore!
      RUSS: What happened to it?
      BRENNAN: Well, It became Myanmar.

      Booth to Zack: I need you to be Dr Brennan.
      Zack: I don’t know what that means.

  43. I love “cocky” Brennan, but really she’s just stating facts. And when she mixes up phrases.

    The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle: When Booth, Sweets, and Brennan are in the diner one day and Booth is kind of seeing Catherine. I think that whole scene is funny. Booth and Sweets ban Brennan from talking about testicles, and she makes a “logical transition” to talk about Booth’s “social contract” with Catherine and how she is “intrigued by their developing relationship”. Sweets says he’s impressed, and Brennan responds nonchalantly “You’ve known me for 2 years, Sweets. You should expect to be impressed by me.” HAHA

    The Parts in the Sum of the Whole:
    Brennan: Obviously I passed with a lot of color
    Booth: You passed with flying colors
    Brennan: Yes, I know

    Other Brennanisms: “I don’t follow events past the Industrial Revolution”, “How do you even know it was a bastard”, “It seems to me that someone like you could benefit hugely with an association with someone like me.” Okay, okay, that whole conversation gets me.

    I can find something to laugh at in every episode of BONES. As others have said, TJ Thyne is great, especially with his experiments. I love when he and Vincent dropped a chicken and it bounced off the ground and hit Angela. Most of the other shows I watch are comedy, so I don’t mind even when it seems over the top or too ridiculous to others.

  44. I’m probably the only one who thinks this way, but every time I see Hodgins, I think, “That’s the guy who pee’d himself on CSI.”

    Which makes his lines even funnier, actually.

  45. Booth: “You know what, you have kids and then we’ll talk.”
    Brennan: “That’s a lot to ask for a little conversation.”

  46. i love vincent Nigel-Murray.. he is the best squintern.. and cam’s reactions are always priceless, i love the look on her face when sweets and daisy are being all “less than sign, numeral three!” “oh my god i’m gonna yak”. My fav though is when Hodgins and Nigel-Murray do an experiment “but I’m all set up and everything” then later:

    “what did i tell you?”
    (h and nm turn slowly and sheepishly) “that we aren’t allowed in the same room together without supervision..”
    “because.. we were stupid enough to fire a cannon indoors”


  47. “i don’t know what that means”
    “She’s got enough pent-up sexual energy to power a small mid-western town!” angela talking about Brennan
    “You’re a smart ass you know that.” – “Objectively I’d say I’m very smart although it has nothing to do with my ass.”

    Angela: “I wouldn’t bet a date with Colin Farrell on it”
    Brennan: “I know him, he’s funny.”
    Angela: “Funny is Will Ferrell, sweetie. Hot is Colin Farrell

    “Phalanges! phalanges! Dancing phalanges!”

    the best one: “I need substitles walking in here.” – Booth

  48. Jude the science dude had me crying; especially when he was with Hodgins (anyone up for a drinking game?); likewise Hodgins’ whole manic performance in Double Death when he looks out the window and sees Brennan and Booth carrying the body-Angela’s expression is too much. And who can forget “nothing brings people together like a Christmas lung fungus”? And anything Stewie the baby said in Critic; the whole “make a direct deposit like a man” and “are you going to leave a helpless baby alone with a murderer” were priceless.

  49. I have two (okay, three) more. From The Woman in the Car (when Booth and Brennan went to the father’s house to talk to him and Booth noticed the guys in the car that were watching the house):

    Booth (walks up to the car): FBI
    Guy in the Car: US Marshals
    Booth: US Marshals?
    Brennan: Forensic Anthropologist. That’s why no gun!

    And speaking of Brennan and guns, I love the scene at the beginning of The Man on Death Row when Brennan applies for a gun license from Booth. It’s priceless!

    Ooh, and Caroline listing Brennan’s “accomplishments” in The Man in the Morgue:

    Caroline Julian: Fine. Stop me when I get something wrong. Trained in three types of martial arts, two assault charges, registered marksman with the NRA, hunting licenses in four states…
    Booth: You hunt?
    Brennan: Only for food.

    I am having entirely too much fun with this!

  50. (Girl in the Salt) BRENNAN: Im not dissing only his religion (referring to Arastoo being muslim), I think all religions are equally ridiculous.

    Later that episode, after Angela broke up with Roxie
    BRENNAN: so, will you guys remain BBFs?
    ANGELA: BFFs, best friends forever

  51. At dinner my friend and I were talking about this, and she asked me to add “More potatoes!” and the dye moment from the Blackout in the Blizzard.

  52. Reading through all the above posts was so worth it, even though I know I’m going to repeat stuff. I love Bones for every type of humour it brings, but mainly the sarcastic remarks or Brennan’s completely serious conversation about the surface of Venus being “a tough neighbourhood” or… hehe nah I love it all. I’m always the one laughing my head off at every little bit while my family just sits there wondering what happened 😛 Here are a few of my faves:

    – The “Thanks, Steve” comment in The KNight in the Grid – my mum is pretty much in tears of laughter every time as well
    – “Skole”- Brennan’s expression and seriousness of the whole moment, and the way that Clark tries to impress her but just… doesn’t.
    – “Elephants are not purple, this is wrong” – that probabaly my favourite and then later “Phalanges, Phalanges, Dancing Phalanges!”
    – The whole of A Night at the Bones Museum – anytime when Brennan is squeeing over anything its just so adorable, and in that episode she was so excited about it all…
    – The Diner scene in The Man in the Outhouse – i think most of the quotes from that scene have been mentioned except for this one:
    BRENNAN: Uh, we share an intellectual bond. I don’t have physical feelings for him. He understands that.
    BOOTH: Not if he’s straight. (to Sweets) Right? Am I right?
    SWEETS: You are hot.
    – Pretty much the whole of “The Critic in the Cabernet” – “Woah””Horse”- and EitB as well
    – I love Cam’s various quotes through the series “We are tighter then a nun’s knees on this one.” and “I am a diuretic seagull, people. Everything goes through me” and the one about the curve
    – “I did, however, find thirty-six waffle irons. No syrup, though, what’s the point?”- i quote this one whenever I can.
    – The MRI scene in The X in the Files- “You know, I won’t say anything about the scream if you don’t say anything about the gun.” “Those terms are satisfactory.”

    There are probably so many more that I’ve forgotten. Pretty much every facial expression cracks me up aswell. *sigh* I love Bones

    • – “Elephants are not purple, this is wrong” – that probably my favourite

      Absolutely! I use this with my husband all the time 🙂 Our son has a blue favourite elephant, and I think of Bones everytime I see him with his ‘afalent’

  53. I’m watching The Mayhem on the Cross and the scene where Brennan goes crazy in the interrogation room.. hilarious!

    “There are no rock concerts in prison.”

    • yes, yes, I love that! Booth gets her started, but then she just goes nuts! And especially love the way she turns her chair around and sits in in backward. Sweets’ expressions the whole time are equally priceless.

  54. OH MY GOODNESS how could i forget! The man in the cell when Brennan gets a gun from the mall!

    Angela: How do you deal with the fear?
    Brennan: I have this.
    Angela: Oh my God! That thing is huge. Woah, wow, that’s like movie huge.
    Booth: Where the hell did you get that?
    Brennan: The mall.
    Booth: The mall?
    Brennan: Yeah. It’s pretty big, right? Bigger than the one you have.
    Booth: Excuse me, it’s not the size that matters. It’s how you use it.
    Brennan: Well, I think size is pretty important.
    Booth: The point is that you shouldn’t have a gun in the first place.
    Angela: If you do have one, bigger is always better.
    Booth: You’re not helping.
    Angela: Right. Yeah. This does seem like a private conversation.

    i love Angela’s smirk as she says that last line 😀 tehe

  55. I think I’ve read through all the comments and not seen this one…the opening scene of Man in the Cell where Brennan is applying for her gun license and Booth asks if she’s been arrested and of course she was..,by him, and he asks for the name of the arresting officer and she asks if he needs her to spell it and the reason she wants the gun is “to shoot people”…of course it’s all for naught as her application is DENIED!

    • I love that reason…”to shoot people.” And she’s so serious about it, like that’s a great way to phrase it on an application.

  56. Okay, I’ve read through all of these – laughing my head off the whole time – and I can’t believe that no one has mentioned (and I can’t believe I forgot about!) the following from The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle. I laugh my head off every single time I watch this scene:

    Cam: Fabric softeners permeated the soft tissue. Everything’s swollen. Speaking of social contracts, do you like your gynecologist?

    Brennan: She’s extremely competent, yes, but I don’t think she’s accepting new patients. I thought you were happy with Dr. Oxenburg?

    Booth: Alright, can you two just save the lady part discussion for when I’m not here?

    Cam: Dr. Oxenburg moved to California and I am looking for a doctor for Michelle. She’s at that age, ya know?

    Booth: No. No, no. No. We’re not going to be discussing your daughter’s sex life. Because A, she’s a good girl; she doesn’t have sex and B, you’re touching a dead body.

    Brennan: I don’t follow your logic.

    Cam: I’m always touching a dead body, Seeley. If I let that be a variant of conversation, I wouldn’t –

    Booth: Oh, oh, ho. Okay. Can someone just please remove the eyeball.

    Cam: Ooh. This is not an eyeball.

    Booth: What is it?

    Cam: I’ll put it this way, our victim was male.

    Brennan: Would you rather us go back to talking about lady parts?

  57. Oh my, I have tears from laughing so hard! Thanks for the post Seels, and all the comments just remind me of all the funny moments that I love.
    Favourites of mine, though there are too many to choose from since every ep makes me laugh or at least smirk;
    Hodgins to Daisy in 6×09
    “I am King of the Lab, and you? You are my serf.” heck Hodgins all the time makes me laugh.
    Banter between Booth and Brennan.
    Cam and her awesome facial expressions!
    and Caroline, need any more be said. 🙂

  58. Aargh, I don’t really have time to be posting here — life is hectic ATM — but I really cannot resist this post. Okay…so I started watching Bones because it made me laugh. I saw Sweets at some point and watched the whole episode because of him, because he made me giggle. I don’t do other procedural shows, except when I occasionally go on weekend binges of SVU. I like to laugh. I like good characters, I like nice stories, and I like to laugh. DDotDD? The first time I watched it (my first episode of BONES!), I literally could not breathe. I laughed until I was coughing and seeing stars and clutching my head. I know, I know — the humor was ALL WRONG. So wrong. Doesn’t mean it’s not funny.

    Speaking of ALL WRONG, “You combine your ‘don’t get between women’ rule and ‘you’re like sisters’ observation, I come up with you dated sisters.” “They’re identical twins. Yeah, it was all wrong.” “No, it’s all right!” and…as a matter of fact, Sweets makes me laugh a lot of the time, now that I think of it. This exchange between Sweets and Hodgins (who would be my favorite — if I had one, after Zack) never fails to make me giggle myself into coughing fits:
    “SWEETS: How are you going to get past the dogs?
    HODGINS: I don’t know.
    SWEETS: How are you going to start the car?
    HODGINS: I don’t know.
    SWEETS: How are you going to get the car through the gate?
    HODGINS: I don’t know.
    SWEETS: How are you going to evade the angry bikers?
    HODGINS: Oh, I haven’t got a clue.
    SWEETS: Okay, good plan. What do I do?
    HODGINS: Survive and tell the story of my love.” and then when Hodgins’ insane tuckus falls off the giant wall, “What happened?” “…just gravity.”

    I…can’t get through a scene with Hodgins without laughing. 98% of the time. I know that’s probably the point, but good lord. TJ Thyne has the absolute best face ever. His facial expressions are just — lordy. In Man With the Bone, “When you got three doctorates and you tell the F.B.I. you need more samples, who’s gonna argue? One doctorate…yeah, maybe they argue, but three?” and then a minute later, “Like I said, I AM the bug man!” And I know I’ve mentioned this here before, but it really bears repeating — Man in the Fallout Shelter was AWESOME. Beyond H/Z trying to sneak off with the alcohol, “You robot reminds me of you. You tell it to turn, it stops. You tell it to stop, it turns. You ask it to take out the garbage, it watches reruns of Firefly.” makes me giggle rabidly.

    Hodgins lounging in the gross goopy lye bathtub. I’ve got to say, “The skin in the scat has a sun on it.” would be the best haiku ever. It might end up on my headstone. Every time I hear “Woah!” my brain goes “HORSE!” and I’m just glad I’ve never said it out loud because I’m pretty sure that would not help with peoples’ perceptions of my sanity. Hodgins with his cannoli and his straw. Hodgins and the Dude. Oh, Hodgins and the Dude. That one kills me. I was so not in the mood to laugh at that point in the season, but I giggled like a rabid twelve year old and gained a new drinking game in the same instant. Oh! I wanted to mention Plain in the Prodigy because it never fails to amaze me, but I almost forgot — and it’s probably NOT PC for me to cackle rabidly at this, but I do. I can’t help myself. “Wait. Dr. Brennan wants me to put on a jumpsuit and walk along a railroad track? That is not a good look on a brother.” Oh, Clark.

    Okay, enough rambling. Time for me to go to bed. I’ve already spent an hour I shouldn’t have typing this up. It was worth it though, for the happy end to my day.

  59. When Angela says “testosterone spill on aisle four”. Best line ever! Forgot the episode title but it is when Booth is jealous of Sully.

  60. Hodgins. Enough said.

    The episode with the sharks (The Predator in the Pool?) and Hodgins goes, “I look like Richard Defryuss, don’t I? We’re gonna need a bigger boat!” I cannot get through that scene without laughing crazily.

    Another big one: the episode where Brennan has two boyfriends and when Sweets and Booth walk in on her date with the botanist and first they check him out and defend her honor, sort of “do you have kids?” “never married” “he has kids. Never been married” Booth just shakes his head slowly. I love that part! And then they tell her he is gay, and Booth comments on his food choices. I love it!

  61. Okay, I haven’t combed through all the responses so it might have been mentioned but the scene in Intern in the Incinerator where Zach and Hodgins throw the dummy and Booth and Brennan think it’s a body.

    B: Who is it? Is he dead?
    Z: No, but probably because he was never alive to begin with. (THEN BEST LINE EVER)
    Hodgins: Oh, look at this! The Gestapo, interfering with free inquiry.

    I laugh out loud every single time! I think it’s been mentioned but almost anything Hodgins says is great!

  62. It was the humor that endeared me to Bones in the first place and let me see past the rotting corpses.

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