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Sweet Bones Disposition: A Laugh


Happy Saturday, my friends!

Just want to say thanks to each person who weighed in yesterday with BONES moments that make you laugh. 100 comments later, and I’m laughing more than ever. Some moments I’d forgotten about (‘Thanks, Steve”), and ALL of the ones you all mentioned helped me remember why I really love BONES.

I love when a character is serious for comedic effect, but I also love when B&B laugh with one another. Sometimes I waffle back and forth between “genuine affection” and “shared pain” as to what will be the ‘glue’ that keeps B&B together and what ‘ruins’ them for anyone else. And then sometimes I think…can’t it be both? Is it possible that they are good for one another because of BOTH of those things? And so much more?

And then my heart just expands three sizes and tears well up in my eyes and I think, “how wonderful!”.

I want B&B to be happy together in life because they are…wait for it…happy together. Not so much that they’ve ‘paid their dues’ or they’re too close to one another to be any good to anyone else, but because they are happy.

Sometimes we love people (with all kinds of love) because we have to. They are our family or our closest friends, and even when we don’t like them much, we still choose to love. B&B have that. They sometimes put it under the ‘umbrella’ of partnership. They don’t always like each other or get along or want to be in the same room as one another, but they know it’s important to still work together.

But sometimes they do like each other. Sometimes they do really get along. Sometimes, no matter who else is around or what else there is to do…they want to be together in the same room. They are friends, though I don’t think I’ve ever once noticed one of them call the other a friend. Have you?  Perhaps they can’t admit they are friends to one another. Perhaps being a friend of the other would be too intimate. Putting all of their affection for the other under the topic of ‘partnership’ makes it easy to explain. And Booth said it himself during the Cleo Eller case, “Partners share things”. So if they share dinner, or a movie, or a key to a pool, or a bed in an RV at a circus, or a drink after a case, or a spring roll, or a secret or two…well, that works, because partners share things. That’s what partners do. They are partners, so they have a good reason to do those things. It’s very rational and clear cut, expectation wise, which suits Brennan and Booth both.

But if they are friends, then that is more. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like it would be more. After all, a lot of us have friends and we’d LOVE to have the connection B&B have. The issue is that B&B have rarely admitted that they enjoy each other’s company outside of work. The end of Bond in the Boot is one example, and that scene is so charged with potential that it’s no wonder we rarely see more examples of it. The end of X in the File is another.

And this season three example at the end of Soccer Mom in the MiniVan is also an example of just enjoying each other’s company. Of course, Booth is also drunk, and I think at this point (in season six), we can take the relatively few examples we have of Booth being drunk to conclude that Booth can be funny when he’s drunk, he can be serious when he’s drunk, but he always, always is just a little less in control of his true self.

That’s another post for another day, but the point is that in this instance, B&B are sharing a moment and a laugh, and it’s very warm and pretty and special.

And I think that’s what we have to look forward to in the next few episodes. I’m hoping so, at least. I don’t know of anything that’s coming up…I’m just guessing based on the end of Blackout in the Blizzard. In that scene, they both laughed ‘at’ the other. Not in a mean way, just in the “You’re sort of crazy, but I really like you” way. Booth had a little chuckle in his voice when he admitted he liked seeing her do the math, and Brennan laughed at him when she brought up the fact that he thinks microwaves are magic.

And when she laughed, he did too and leaned toward her, nudging her shoulder with his and proving his point, using a potato as an example. I think B&B will find themselves doing that more and more…leaning in a little closer, teasing one another, proving their points with smiles and affection until one of them just opens his/her mouth to say something else and out pops something like “I like you,” at which point the other will blink and where in the PAST they’d both likely cover it up or backtrack into (as pal Nicole so aptly put it the other day) “The Partner Zone”, this time, they will probably kiss.

Hahahaha! You are probably laughing at ME and my fan-fic-y ways, but I still think it’s possible. Here’s just hoping there won’t be a stadium seat arm between them the next time. I’d rather they just be very close, like at the end of TSMitMV.

Yesterday, we laughed a lot about past B&B (and others) moments that were laugh out loud funny.  When B&B get to the beginning of the rest of their lives, I know I’ll be laughing then too. But probably also with tears streaming down my face while I just think, “How wonderful!”.

Peace, Love & Bones,



19 thoughts on “Sweet Bones Disposition: A Laugh

  1. I love this. It’s really just wonderful. I definitely think we’ll see them in more laughing bonding moments in the future.

  2. In the deleted scenes for Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond, Booth & Brennan have a conversation in the SUV about Zack; Brennan is still having difficulty processing how Zack could have done what he did and Booth is telling her that deep down Zack is still the same person she knew and they both come around to the same terminology, the idea of a “true best self”, the person you really are at your core. They agree that Zack’s true best self would never have gotten involved with Gormogon.

    I really love the phrase “true best self” and I think it describes who B&B are when they are together. So genuine affection, shared pain, sure all those things matter, but for me the real glue of B&B is their ability to be and allow the other one to be, their true best selves.

  3. When I watched Blackout in the Blizzard’s last scene, my body was super tense. I was just waiting for that tension to be dissolved… I wanted it to be dissolved!

    I’m looking forward to the next few episodes… to see how they interact as partners now that they have both admitted to a possible future.

    Can’t wait. 🙂

  4. Brennan identified Booth as her friend way back in Season 1 Woman in Limbo in her book dedication. “To my friend and partner, Seeley Booth.” So yes, I think they have at the very least admitted it to themselves that they are at friends with each of them keeping their options open for something more.
    I can’t wait to see how the rest of this season unfolds and if we get the “something more” by then.

  5. Booth said to Brennan she was the only smart person he likes. Brennan has stated that Booth was her friend to the world in her book dedication. I don’t need it pointed out that by either saying that they are friends or that they like each other when it is obvious that they are/do.

  6. I think this is a wonderful series you’re doing Seels.
    I just really want to say that that feeling your describing, you know, the heart swelling to three times its size when you think of B&B and them sharing love, pain, happiness and the rest of their lives together in their beautiful and unique way, that happens to me too, all the time. Glad to know I’m not alone.

    • @Sarah and @Loonydoc : you are definitely not alone on that one!! LOL
      Beautiful post as usual. I think you’re right about the term Partner being used to cover up the rest, since what they mainly share is their jobs. Maybe that will change once they move on to their next step!
      And yes, I will cry too when they will get to the beginning of the rest of their lives!! I love them too much I think 😉

  7. (This is my 2nd attempt! I forgot to put my details last time and lost my entire post 😦 )

    I love this post!

    As Lisa said above Brennan did call Booth her friend in her book dedication in S1. BUT i think it’s a lot easier to write something than it is to say it out loud. Personally i think it means something that they haven’t spoke the words aloud. All we really here is Partner. Is the friend implied? Maybe…but still i find it interesting that they’ve never referred to the other as ‘friend’ (i could be wrong…it happens! LOL). Even when talking to Sweets it’s partners.

    But more to the actual point of the post. Some of my favourite B/B moments are when they laugh together, be it at each other, themselves or a third party. I don’t think it happens enough (but maybe i’m just picky?) so i love it!

    I think by now everyone knows i don’t think they’ve reached the ‘In Love’ part of their relationship (particularly Booth) but what i am most looking forward to when i see Booth fall for Brennan is more of these moments. More of them teasing one another. Where they laugh and can just…be. No expectations just taking pleasure in one anothers company. And allowing themselves to take that pleasure.

    I can’t wait for it, i really can’t 😀

  8. The first time I remember hearing anyone refer to BB as anything but partners was Jared in season 5 introducing Brennan to Padme as “partner-slash-friend.”

    I actually prefer partner to friend as partner has a lot of other connotations that friend does not.

  9. BOOTH: Sweets, I can only hope that one day you’ll know what a real partnership is.

    Up until Brennan coming into his life, Booth didn’t do the partner thing. He worked solo most of the time and apparently didn’t have many friends. Then he became Brennan’s partner. As they worked together, they began to bond, to tell each other secrets. The relied on each other. Booth and Brennan turned a partnership into a friendship. A very deep friendship. Neither is willing to give up their partnership/friendship. They have grown comfortable with each other. They laugh with each other. The sheer joy of their laughter in The Beaver In The Otter says it all to me when it comes to how well they like each other and how they can have fun together:
    BOOTH: Have you ever dined and dashed? You know the concept, right? We’re gonna run out of here without paying the bill.
    BRENNAN: No, that-that’s stealing.
    BOOTH: That’s why they call it bad, we’re doing something bad, you ready?
    BRENNAN: No, no, I can’t! Really?
    BOOTH: One.
    BRENNAN: No. Are you serious? No.
    BOOTH: Two.
    BRENNAN: Oh my god! No. (she screeches hilariously and runs away, Booth puts some money on the counter and they run to the car together)

    I smile everytime.

  10. This post is just lovely. I posted a few times months and months ago but haven’t since. I’ve just been enjoying the discussion here everyday. I immediately thought of the one time that I remember Brennan verbally referring to Booth as a friend. And I’m not even sure it counts but it’s from The Secret in the Soil which is from Season 3. Booth and Brennan are in a session with Sweets. Here is a snippet of the dialogue.

    SWEETS: No, no, no, this is good, let’s talk about conflict. When you guys argue, how do you come to a resolution?
    BRENNAN: We don’t argue.
    SWEETS: Come on, remember, zone of truth, right here.
    BOOTH: Fine. We might bicker a little bit, but that’s not arguing.
    BRENNAN: Bicker? I don’t bicker.
    BOOTH: No? What about the whole environmentalism thing?
    BRENNAN: That was a discussion.
    BOOTH: You pretty much told me my penis was going to shrink if I didn’t eat organic food.
    BRENNAN: That’s not bickering, that’s being a good friend.
    BOOTH: My penis is just fine, thank you.
    SWEETS: Now we’re getting somewhere. All right, I think we’re in that truth zone.

    Does this even count or is she just trying to win an arguement? LOL! Also this scene cracks me up. Did it make the comments list yesterday?

  11. Hey 😀 ! This is my first time participating here & I have to say I really love this blog ❤ !! So thank you for putting so much effort into it :* !

    Now to Bones, this post made me think of the end scene in Fire in the Ice; it is one of my favorite B&B scenes, how they were having fun together, no restrictions & so natural with Brennan's laughs all over the place.

    Another scene I remembered is a one from The Verdict in the Story. Brennan said she didn't know why Angela refuses to testify. Booth told her "maybe because she's your best friend", and Brennan's reply was : "You're my friend, and you don't mind". I think this is one of the rare times I've heard B&B acknowledge their friendship.

  12. Whether they’re willing to acknowledge it or not, Booth and Brennan’s friendship is one of the best things about their relationship. I love watching those moments when they are able to just relax and enjoy being together.

    Plus, they have this amazing ability to play off of each other that is simply a joy to watch. Part of that is thanks to ED and DB’s amazing chemistry, part of it is great writing. I especially enjoy watching them gang up on Sweets (Poor Sweets! But they do it so well…). There are some hysterical scenes in S3/4 where they work off of each other perfectly. Some examples have already been listed, but one of my favorites is in The Verdict in the Story when Sweets asks if he can study them for his book. They are absolutely flawless in that scene and I just love it.

  13. This post and subsequent comments fill me with good, warm, fuzziness. Your line, “..but I also love when B&B laugh with one another” is, for me, an epoxy that holds people together and gets them through their shared pain and whatever else. For all that a few might have been unhappy with the Prius scene in Sisterhood, they would not likely have laughed like that with anyone else, because they knew it was “safe” to do so with each other.

    I am with you in the ultimate “How wonderful.”

  14. I never really mind that they don’t talk about their friendship that much… I think I’ve said it before here but I believe the idea of partnership is so much more important and symbolic to both of them because they’ve never had that with anyone else. They both have friends, but partnership is uniquely theirs.

    I also love when they laugh together – I miss their sessions with Sweets when they used to work off eachother and just torment him. One of my favourite scenes has to be this one from The Man in the Mud when Booth is annoyed about their “date” saying that he would rather go bowling, or to a firing range or climb a war then MAKE something. Brennan says “oooh” and Booth replies “What? What oooh?” “Well, what Sweets would do in this situation is he’d jump on word usage. He’s going to ask you why you’re resistant to making.” Sweets is offended, ” I JUMP on the semantics? That’s a really aggressive turn of phrase.” and Booth is pleased that Brennan has pulled the focus from him, “Pulling. Is that an aggressive word too?” he questions Sweets, who is replies suspiciously, “Okay, what, did you two plan this?” “It’s paranoia! That is paranoia.” Booth laughs. and then Brennan leans forward and looks at Sweets somewhat with laughter in her eyes “Since this is a truth zone, I will tell you the truth. We didn’t plan anything.” – sorry, I had to recount that whole scene just because I miss couples therapy so much, not for the huge breakthroughs made, but for the constant teasing of Sweets that occured

    BTW, I’m with you Seels, my heart grows a little bigger everytime they laugh together or just look lovingly at the other. I want them to be together because they’re happiest that way; I want to laugh and cry and think “How wonderful” too.

  15. One of the best things about Bones is the end scenes that end with Brennan and Booth having a conversation that we can’t hear anymore but is obviously continuing without us. The end of Bond in the Boot and Blackout in the Blizzard are great examples (and Gamer in the Grease). It just gives you this sense that they’re going to hang out and chat and laugh for another hour or something, and they’re just the cutest.

    Sometimes I get the feeling they go a little off script, right about where the screen is going black after the end scene but we can still hear them bickering in their cute way.

  16. I wish I had something more eloquent to say, but this post made me laugh and smile. And I love that fan-fic-y little scenario, Sarah. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if something like that happened, but no matter what happens, it’ll be amazing and wonderful and heartfelt sigh worthy, I’m sure. 🙂

  17. I know this is it late, but I love this post!

    Especially your “fan-fic-y ways” 🙂

    Thanks! 😀

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