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Morning After Q: Dude, Where’s My Evolution?!


Hey, good morning! Happy Friday!

So, I know that not ALL Bones eps can be groundbreaking, but I struggled with The Feet on the Beach, because it felt sort of ‘regressive’.

I didn’t need declarations of love from B&B or anything like that, but I also didn’t need an episode in which Brennan is called to task for her approach to her world-renowned-ness.  I’ll be honest, I’m kind of bummed. I’m also kind of confused. I understand that they deliberately had Brennan NOT apologize to Dr. Filmore in order to prove that she didn’t necessarily have anything to apologize for. And yet, at the end of the episode, there was still the vibe that she somehow had not learned her lesson. I need to watch it again, I suppose, but that is still my impression.

It wasn’t just Brennan, however.

Cam, though she’s always struggled honestly about how to best deal with Michelle, seemed to sort of falter in doing the right thing.

And Sweets…I’m not sure whether the episode proved his tactics (with Cam and with Brennan and with Douglas) were effective or not?

{Edit: I forgot this part!}

And what about Booth? He was practically perfect in this episode, which is…nice, I guess, but that’s not really the trajectory his character has been on this season, right? Is he still angry? Not that I need an update on that in every episode, but again…this one just didn’t seem to fit.

I’m sort of getting off topic, but the point is this…where was the character growth? What ‘lessons’ learned in this episode help any of them in their paths to life? Like I said before, not EVERY moment on the show has to be an amazing moment…often it’s the journey we later value as having been really important in the characters’ lives anyway. Maybe THOSE are my questions…how does this ep fit in the ‘journey’, what from this episode will we value later on?

I’m always anxious to hear your thoughts, and this week is no different.

Peace, Love & Bones,



127 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Dude, Where’s My Evolution?!

  1. I was excited for this week’s episode, but I felt it was just… not good. The actors are great… but the writing? meh

    We just didn’t need ANOTHER episode where Brennan is cold-hearted only to be nice at the end. The ONLY thing I can see of this as part of the journey is that Booth no longer was getting annoyed with her. In fact, he seemed like a supportive boyfriend more than anything… just without the pda. The scene in the car where he says he wants the world to see what he sees in her, that was the only really great moment for me… the rest of the cast’s scenes were just meh… So yeah… I don’t really feel like she did grow in this episode as a person, unless it was just to see that Booth sees her differently and likes her for it. *shrug*

    I think it will be interesting to look back and watch this episode in the right order. It technically comes right after the Finder episode so it might make more sense to us once we can re-watch season 6 in the correct order. Who knows.

  2. I think the themes in this episode: apology vs contriteness doing what you thought was right at the time, taking the hard way vs the easy way, validating others — these are where BB are in their relationship.

    Neither one of them needs to apologize to the other for what has happened since the 100th. They are both contrite, learning from their mistakes and ready to go forward the right way not the easy way, while validating each other.

    • I think that’s a great point here–connecting the apology vs. contriteness with the happenings of this season. Yeah, I get what people are saying with this being “just another” episode where Brennan alienates people and then learns her lesson in the end, and to an extent I agree, but I think there was value in hearing them have the discussion in a subtext-nod to what they’ve been going through since the season 5 departure. Neither one of them has anything to apologize for, but they both caused each other a great deal of pain, and I think it was valuable to establish a healthy sense of contrition for the past–as the past–as opposed to unnecessary groveling and apologies.

  3. To follow up on your edit– I don’t think Booth was perfect at all. Brennan was spot on with her analogy of and FBI agent who only investigates murders in February.

    As for growth, when he talks about Fillmore in the car, he’s talking about himself too. And in the coda, we see Booth getting a big dose of reality check…love also means having your sock choices and coffee habits mocked for 30, 40,50 years.

    For anyone who thinks Brennan is being made to change for Booth I think this ep shows that is not the case.

    • I just re-watched the episode because somehow things are clearer the morning after. hehe

      I just wanted to thank you for pointing out the apology vs contriteness. I think the B&B growth was subtle for this episode but I agree, Booth is talking about himself as well as Fillmore. Brennan gets that, I think, to some degree at least.

      I don’t think Booth comes across as perfect, but maybe less angry, or it’s not the focus of the episode.

    • Barbara you last sentence there about Brennan and change. I wondered if that was at last in part the point of this, that Brennan is still Brennan and will remain so. She may change her attitudes on love and relationships, on the value of things she previously thought not worth her attention, but at her core she’s still Brennan. She will still say what she thinks, she will not be stiffled.

  4. This felt like a throwaway episode, and every season has them (especially after big, important episodes). But what really upset me was how Brennan was portrayed. Why was she being lectured by Booth on how to have empathy and be a human being?! Didn’t we get past the idea that Brennan lacked empathy in season 1? I mean, yes, she’s always been more understanding with victims’ families than colleagues/rivals, but I felt it was a bit forced. The one thing that sort of saved the whole scenario for me was the conversation in the car when Booth said that he wanted other people to see the Bones he knew. That was sweet. I was also able to tell who the killer was from his very first scene (that eyeglass adjustment), which is rare for me when watching Bones. The whole episode felt very formulaic. I did like the body farm, and the forensic podiatrist was awesome; I googled, and it’s actually kind of a cool job.

  5. “Regressive” about sums it up. Agree that not all eps can be groundbreaking but still, this instalment fell way short of interesting to me.

    I struggled to like or be interested in any of the supporting cast of characters, with the exception of Hodgins. And if not for the car convo when Booth suggests that Brennan clue people into the other (and apparently, secret???) facets to her personality, the entire thing would have been forgettable.

    Some parts were funny. I especially liked Brennan’s joy at seeing the bodies festering away at the body farm, but not even those scenes could save the episode.

    It was also regressive in a more general sense, in that the momentum of the blizzard episode was nowhere to be found. I wasn’t expecting B&B to directly reference their conversation about getting together some day, but I did expect to see glimpses of the attraction present between them in the elevator and at the conclusion of that episode.

    Just about to post when I caught up with what Barbara said above: “I think the themes in this episode: apology vs contriteness doing what you thought was right at the time, taking the hard way vs the easy way, validating others — these are where BB are in their relationship.”

    I didn’t pick up on this when watching the episode but I think this is an excellent observation.

  6. Ah Sarah…

    A post entitled dude where’s my evolution? You’re going to make me quote it aren’t you…

    Booth: evolution is a long process. It takes hundreds of years.
    Brennan: thousands.
    Booth: why do you always have to correct me?
    Brennan: to help you evolve.

    True story..evolution is a constant process. Just as the world spins, we the tiny little beings on it keep changing. But guess what else? History repeats itself.

    Keeping these two things in mind I found this episode totally plausible with the trajectory bones has been on this season.

    Cam has been concerned about Michelle since the beginning of re season so you know those months ago was when she applied to columbia for her. She was a parent doing what she thought was best for her child. Last night she came clean about what she did. Michelle’s reaction showed how much SHE has evolved. In essense…she corrected Cam and now Cam can evolve from that.

    As for Booth & brennan…I think we saw some evolution in the path they are on. Notice how she touched his arm and called him her partner proudly? Um, boo yeah.

    As for Brennan re: filmore. Totally plausible. She wrote the article in the past and she was defending it. Her focus was not the feelings of a man she’s never met and it didn’t need to be. It was business…not psychology.

    At work this past week my team put out a HUGE data report that went out to our industry. We’re getting feedback from people who are disputing us and my immediate reaction is to be on the defense. My data is good. My conclusions are valid. Same for Brennan. She wasn’t caring about making him feel better and we all know how she feels about psychology. She didn’t buy that.

    Bottom line: Brennan wasn’t being mean or coldhearted because she didn’t know any better. She was defending her career. Does that mean she hasn’t evolved? No.

    But remember…evolution is a long process.


    • I agree with everything you’ve said here, Shep.

    • What Shep said. 🙂

      I’ve got a lot to say about this ep but she put it so succinctly that I will just let her speak for me. 🙂

      • I agree with you. I would only add that it seems odd that it is Sweets and Booth who are telling her to apologize for something that is pertinent to her field. She isn’t in a position to ask either one of them to apologize for some aspect of their profession. I think it might be somewhat ironic that Sweets (who hasn’t always seen eye-to-eye with Brennan and has “experimented” on her in the past) would expect an apology and Booth (who was with Hannah and gave Brennan all of 5 seconds to decide to be with him) would lay out a case for her apology. The pot calling the kettle black. . . .

    • All this=yes.

  7. This will definitely go on the list of “Not One of My Favorites.”

    When was Brennan ever deliberately mean to someone? When did she take joy in someone else’s pain (unless you count the injuries she gave Howard Epps)? When did she point out her superiority in a spiteful tone, not just as plain fact?

    So, why now?

    The only redeeming moment for me was Booth’s comment about letting her light shine. (And speaking of Booth – DB, dude….get some sleep or something. Makeup can’t hide the signs of the morning after from high def.)

    I thought Dr. Filmore was beyond annoying and if I were Canadian, I’d definitely be complaining about the stereotype painted with such a broad brush. Regardless, Brennan seemed to enjoy being the cause of his paralysis.

    No, I’m not a happy camper this morning.

    • On the Canadian thing: Hart Hanson is Canadian so if he’s okay with the portrayal of the Canadian doctor, then so be it.

      I didn’t see Brennan being deliberately mean….IMO, Brennan gave her professional view and if the doctor took it personally, that’s his problem. As Brennan said, “He’s a grown man.” I liked Hodgins point, Talk to Brennan, say what you have to say, she’ll take it. I grew really tired of everyone coddling and validating the foot doctor.

      • Poor Canadians…they get no respect, even from their own! *lol*

        If Brennan had been just matter-of-fact in her other comments to Dr. Filmore, I would feel differently. But there was a flippant, glib tone used and combined with the smile/smirk she seemed to have, that annoyed me. There was no reason to push her in that direction.

        I also did not understand why she was so defensive in the lab with Dr. Filmore, when they were going over the feet. It smacks of insecurity and where her work is concerned, she is not insecure.

        Again, not one of my favorite episodes.

  8. I didn’t see Brennan taking joy in someone else’s pain. I saw her being the same, totally direct and without modesty, as she was last season.

    Fillmore was a wuss and his paralysis was not her fault- he chose hoe to react to her honest assessment –ooh another Booth parallel!! (Not the wuss part – the paralysis part)

    I will have to rewatch the ending but I swear when Brennan said there was more she was contrite about she was going to be serious…but either she wasn’t quite ready or saw that Booth wasn’t quite ready and changed course.

    • So, so true!

    • I agree Barbara. As much as they were getting on Brennan, they were getting on, Fillmore as well.

    • I saw little bits of just-about-to-venture-into-depths-emotional in the end conversation too–I was glad they restrained themselves though; I think a break from high drama was kind of nice this week, even in an admittedly sort of lackluster episode.

  9. I think this will go down in history as the equivalent of the double death of the dearly departed. Except not as funny. It almost feels as if Fox has been messing with the order of the episodes again. Which is not news anyway. And what was that the stereotypes? I would be annoyed and old socks had I been born Canadian.
    And Brennan would not have missed that slice in the bones (or whatever the hell that was) because that is just not her.
    Cam, though, true to character (or lack thereof sometimes). It is not the first time that she gets (or tries to get) her hands dirty. I wish I could respect her more. Hell, just for kicks, that the writers would do her a favour and let me respect her more. She is new at being a mother, but not so much at being a person… And a person of the law, more importantly…

    • I may be the only one, but it bothers me when Cam refers to herself as a “mother.” I guess I know why she’s doing it, but she’s Michelle’s guardian, not her mom. If Michelle doesn’t mind, that’s all that matters but I feel as if that word is used to soften Cam and it really doesn’t work for me.

      • Cam is just a guardian and not a mother?! Is a mother only defined by a person who gave birth to a child? I just trying to understand your view.

      • No, there are all sorts of definitions of ‘mother’ and if the child thinks ‘mother,’ that’s all that counts.

        That was simply my opinion.

      • Cam does have that back story with Michelle though— she dated her dad when Michelle was young and was a mother figure to her at that point.

        I think Cam really wants to be a “mother” to her. Hence the whole thing about not letting her fly off to Hawaii at Christmas because she didn’t want them to be “just two people who don’t spend Christmas together” or something like that.

        That said, what she did was still not good.

      • She got away with it, though. Instead of really coming clean, she let Michelle think it was a test so that Cam’s deception became Michelle’s growth moment.

        That moment took me back to Cam reworking the evidence so that it showed guilt where none existed. No, she didn’t fabricate evidence but she wasn’t honest either. That’s a pretty negative character trait.

  10. I thought Hodgins’ disapproving look to Cam was another great moment.

    I love words, so I will say I love the vocabulary lessons I’ve been getting from the show. I actually wished I could have heard what Brennan was going to say about “regret”.

    This episode surprised me, too, with what it focused on. Not that I was expecting anything, but I wasn’t expecting this. Brennan’s professional demeanor has been discussed from time to time, but she’s always dismissed others’ comments, just like she initially did in this episode. But in true Brennan fashion, even after being dismissive, she really thinks about it, and comes up with a response that’s still true to who she is.

    Brennan and empathy. It’s not about whether she has the capacity or not. It’s about when she decides to use it and on whom who she decides to use it. Even though it dangerously sounded like he was implying Brennan wasn’t human with some of his comments, to Booth’s credit, he wasn’t actually saying that in the context of all his comments. (I won’t even comment on Sweets’ comments.) He just wanted her to ease up on the harshness, the cold exterior front. That’s it’s okay to let a guard down every once in a while for the sake of peaceful relations. I also don’t think anyone has to always make right choices themselves to encourage others to do the same. It’s true that Brennan could stand to be a little less close-minded and more thoughtful. That being the point the writer’s wanted to bring out, I guess, they did come down pretty heavy-handed on her.

    I laughed a lot during the episode, so I’m good. Can’t have a Blizzard every week.


      I hated him even more than usual this episode. He had a fat lot of nerve lecturing Cam on ethics when he sought out a total freaking stranger and shared his opinion of Brennan – opinions he formed in the course of being her THERAPIST!

      Dear Sweets: I hope the chupacabra bites you in the testicles next week.

      I was glad that he was there to hear Brennan’s non-apology, and made to look foolish when he threw the bowl at foot dude.

      We can’t have a Blizzard every week but I think the reaction to this ep shows how the long hiatuses really suck the momentum out of the series.

      Oh and on the Canadian jokes, being that HH is Canadian perhaps there was an element of making fun of the boss?

      • “We can’t have a Blizzard every week but I think the reaction to this ep shows how the long hiatuses really suck the momentum out of the series.” This!

      • Let’s not forget Sweets helping Daisy cheat on her FBI exam…..

  11. Before discussing the actual episode, I have to say that even since watching the promo, I was almost sure I wasn’t going to like this episode much. The way they focused on Brennan’s reactions in the body farm made me cringe a little, cause I don’t like it when they (in some episodes and CERTAIN WRITERS) try to portray her as a “freak”, so to speak, to use that as a source of jokes/comic relief. Yes, Brennan has her quirky side, but on occasion I’ve felt they’ve taken it too far.

    That said, and having seen some not-so-enthusiastic comments on Twitter this morning before watching (European fan here), I approached this episode with great apprehension… and I was relieved to see I was wrong to do so. 🙂 Yes, that episode may not be hugely significant in the grand scheme of things, but I was satisfied with it. Brennan’s “quirkiness” was not overplayed (kudos to Emily for that!) and I… yes, I’ll say it, I loved that she defended her opinion. I agree with what shepherdstv said, when she wrote it she only cared about the science and the facts and she it was her job to judge the podiatrist without caring about his feelings. If scientists cared about not hurting someone’s feelings when they did a scientific publication, science wouldn’t be science. And, given her character, it was totally understandable that she wouldn’t try to sugar-coat anything she said to him, that she would wait to see him prove himself, and then, praise him in her own unique way. And I liked that scene between them at the end, I thought it was spot-on, keeping Brennan’s integrity as a character and a scientist but also showing her softer side. I agree with the above statement that “Brennan will always be Brennan”; I want that. Sometimes in the past it felt to me that what the writers were trying to say was that if B&B were ever going to be together, it was Brennan who would have to change most and Booth the one to “make her see the light”; that frustrated me a bit. After the last scene in Blizzard, where they BOTH admitted they have issues they need to work on, and this episode, I’m happy. 🙂

    I’ll also agree with shepherdstv on what she said about Cam, and I love the way the whole situation between her and Michelle played out: the breakup, Cam’s hesitation about what to do, and Michelle’s decision. I love how they showed that young people can many times be more idealistic and solid in their opinions compared to their parents, who have taught them those very same principles but find it hard to stick to them themselves for various reasons (like wanting the best for their children). I’ve seen it happen often lately in my family, from unimportant to more important things.

    As for Booth and the B&B interactions, I had no idea this episode was shot after the Finder episode (thanks Becca!) so it might indeed be interesting to go back and rewatch them in order later; but I agree with Becca (even though the thought was not formed in my head in such concrete terms as she wrote it 🙂 ) that it’s probably the first time that Booth was not snapping back at Brennan regarding her atittude, but was supportive and trying to get her see things from a different angle without totally dismissing her POV. I also agree with Barbara’s analogy between the themes of the episode and where B&B are at the moment; and I quote “Neither one of them needs to apologize to the other for what has happened since the 100th. They are both contrite, learning from their mistakes and ready to go forward the right way not the easy way, while validating each other.” Subtle, but great.

    P.S. Case-wise, though, I have to say I was not very impressed; maybe because I was able to sense who the murderer was right away? That eye-glass adjustment was a huge give-away…

    • P.PS. Just cause I forgot… don’t get me started on Sweets in this episode. I think I’ve never had such a bad reaction to him before. Was he even *allowed* to reveal to Dr.Filmore information about Dr.Brennans personality and psych? Not a fine moment…

      • Oh I’m sure it was a violation of doctor/patient confidentiality, but I also think that in his own misguided way, Sweets was actually trying to defend Brennan.

  12. Maybe I’m still stuck in Skole’s “Inferno” from yesterday or maybe the migraine I had last night made me see things, but I DID see evolution in last night’s episode. Keep in mind that I’ve only seen it once and I may change my mind a bit after I watch it again, but here’s my take:

    According to Skole’s list from yesterday, humility is the first step up the mountain of purgatory. Skole’s definition of what this might look like specifically referred to Brennan learning humility – and I think this is (a little bit of) what we saw last night. I’m specifically referring to two scenes here: the scene in the SUV and the scene at the end where Brennan makes nice to Dr. Filmore.

    What I did think was a bit of a regression was how hard Brennan was on Dr. Filmore earlier in the episode. Perhaps this was necessary to make the point, perhaps as Sarah pointed out in her GMMR review, it’s a matter of professional competition, I don’t know. But I thought she was a little harsh. Anyhow…

    B&B’s conversation in the SUV was my favorite part of the episode. I felt like there was a lot of honesty in that conversation and that that honesty (as awkward as it was at times) was a good carryover from Blizzard. When Booth told her she leveled Filmore (and that it hurt him), there was more than a little, “I’m speaking from personal experience here” in his facial expression and tone of voice. And I absolutely think Brennan picked up on that. And she understood the pain associated with it – basically that what she says has the power to hurt people. And I think it was a humbling realization.

    Oh, and Booth telling Brennan that he knows the way she truly is? Totally a flashback to Harbingers when Avalon told Brennan that Booth knows the truth of her and is dazzled by it. And that Booth actually told her the truth and risked being vulnerable with her in that moment, instead of being impatient or snippy like he has in the past, showed a great deal of growth on his part as well (in my ever so humble opinion).

    For me, the lesson in humility really came to fruition in the scene where Brennan “fixed” Filmore (except that I don’t think she did). Sarah called it a “heart” moment in her GMMR review. Maybe I’m reading it totally wrong, but I saw it as a psychology moment (which would, ironically, make it a “brain” moment). Sweets tells Filmore earlier in the episode that he understands how Filmore feels because Brennan has spent three years ridiculing his life’s work. She thinks psychology is a soft science. And yet, in that scene, it’s actually psychology that fixes Filmore’s arm, NOT Brennan. Filmore’s arm not working was a physical manifestation of a psychological problem (psychosomatic). He lost his confidence because Brennan basically invalidated his entire profession. What Brennan gave him (rather than an apology) was validation. That validation restored his confidence and the use of his arm. It wasn’t some miracle of the heart, rather the physical issue was resolved when the psychological issue was resolved. It was Sweets’ “soft science” psychology that fixed him. I’m not sure Brennan would ever admit it, but I don’t think the fact was lost on her either. Again, I think it was a lesson in humility.

    As far as Cam is concerned, I think she learned her lesson too. How incredibly humbling is it to be taught the honorable way to act from a teenager?

    No. I don’t think this was a throwaway episode at all.

    • Oh I loved all the Cam bits. Her inability to grasp the nuances of teen love, assuming the boy dumped Michelle because she wouldn’t have sex, then seeing the logic in him not wanting to be tied down to one person… were hilarious and true. Cam and Brennan are secret twins, really.

    • Loved the “heart vs psychology/brain”, “apology vs validation” part. I agree wholeheartedly.

    • Yeah, I kind of liked this episode too, although I agree that after the high of Blizzard this one was more of a plateau. The podiatrist was great; lilke Jude the science dude, I wouldn’t mind a repeat engagement. And I appreciated the fact that Brennan was not offering an apology as we know it, but rather the validation that you mention. Sometimes the truth has to be looked at a bit more carefully in order to see all of the parts that compose it. So maybe the guy’s specialty shouldn’t deserve it’s own category in the world of forensics, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that he was dead-on with his findings. As to Cam, she’s always been a bit shady in my book, a pragmatist who sometines resorts to questionable means in order to effect some good. I didn’t see last night as some out-of-character moment, and I kind of like that ambiguity in her. Plus, she told Sweets to shut up-amen to that! (I’ve been uttering those very words to him-and then some-quite a few times myself this last year…)

      • I can’t figure out why, but Dr. Fillmore reminded me a lot of Bunsen Jude too…odd… Maybe just in how reluctant Brennan is to accept either of them as legitimate scientists?

  13. I feel like this episode was more fore the people who watch Bones for the crime and grossness not the relationship part.Which is fine because we need those sometimes–just wish the killer wasn’t so easy to spot. Knew it was him once we first saw him… I didn’t mind the episode 1)doesn’t have Hannah anymore 2)still had a few good moments even though it was brief. I loved that Booth wanted Brennan to let everyone in on her secret–that she does care, that she is human. -that was a sweet moment. I also liked the ending scene with BB.
    I think we all need to realize that this episode still beats the episodes from the beginning of season 6. We can’t get too greedy. At least Hart gave us ‘hope’ from the blizzard episode. That was a huge step.
    Overall though i agree with the evolution comments from above!

  14. I just have one question… If the murder victim died from his feet being severed by a lawn mower, then how come his shoes were in perfect condition, minus a little mud? Man….

    • Well I couldn’t understand how the mower blades would get to him to cut off his foot in the standing position. The guard over the blades could have had to knock him down and the slice could have been at an angle from the fall, but they said on one leg it was straight indicating he was in an upright position. Maybe I just didn’t understand what they were saying. I pondered on it a bit then just decided it’d be one of those things I’d let go and just go along with it.

      • Agreed! As a forensic anthropology student though it can be a little disheartening at times… I just quit watching it for the forensic aspects and turned into a full-fledged B&B shipper! 🙂 Which seems like a fine trade-off to me!

    • Beats me. Could’ve been walking around barefoot…

    • I just thought that this crazy dude they got them from (the one Sweets was talking to on the screen in the FBI) had cleaned them a bit before wearing them. He was the one who snatched them from the victim’s feet, wasn’t he?

      • Yes, but the guy’s feet had been severed and the top of one of his feet had been sliced by the blade, which means the blades would have had to cut into his shoe if he was wearing them when he was murdered. He died from bleeding out, so they’d have to be drenched and soaked with blood. And if he wasn’t wearing the shoes when he was murdered, did the murderer just put his shoes back on him after he was dead? Just didn’t all add up to me.

      • Oh, I see what you mean. Yeah, that doesn’t add up much, unless we’re missing something…

  15. I’m with you S…this episode left me confused.

    I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it. I just…i dunno. It was distinctly average. (Although I think that may have something to do with the fact i stayed up until 3am to watch it. I think if i’d have watched it this afternoon I may have felt kinder towards it. It just wasn’t a ‘stay up to the early hours’ kinda episode. But that’s really not there fault, that’s mine! LOL.)

    I found myself annoyed a lot which is unusual for me.

    The Podiatrist spent the entire episode rubbing me up the wrong way. I don’t like weak man and he was so pathetic it was unbelievable. Maybe if i was a nicer person i’d have felt sympathetic or pitied him but i’m not. So i don’t. I reckon he was suffering from ‘Little Man Syndrome’…he needed to man up and grow a set. He basically threw a hissy fit because someone disagrees with him…ridiculous!

    Sorry…i could moan about him ALL day. (Although Shep did point out that he’s not as bad as Daisy!! LOL).

    Anyway…Sweets annoyed me. Speaking about Brennan the way he did. Encouraging the prissy Dr to confront her as if she was in the wrong. She wasn’t and the way he (and Booth) were referring/talking to her rubbed me up the wrong way. (Thankfully Booth redeemed himself with his little car speech and Sweets DID throw something at the prissy doctor…made me like them a little more!).

    And Cam….man i could have swung for her at times! The scene with Sweets….god. I could have hit her and done it with a smile on my face…AND I LOVE CAM!! Not. Cool.

    Loved Michelle though…she grew up and did the right thing. Here’s hoping Cam can do the same!!

    I was even annoyed with Hodgins for about 30 seconds and that’s a long time for me! But…he has the most awesome disapporiving face AND he complimented Brennan so all was forgiven.

    In terms of character progression i didn’t see much BUT then again i guess we can’t expect them to come on leaps and bounds every episode. Booth and Brennan seemed more settled together. Much more comfortable with each other and i saw some of their old spark. Maybe that’s enough 😀

    P.S. OMG Angela…seriously? Some stranger makes digs at you supposed best friend and you agree with him?? Jeeze…even the fact your married to Hodgins doesn’t make me feel nicer towards to. Lucky for you you’re pregnant…i’d feel bad if i hit a pregnant woman! LOL

    • On Fillmore the podiatrist, yep that man irritated me. He’s trying to get the field of forensics to validate his work as a specialty forensic podiatry and yet when someone in a scholarly paper repudiates his work instead of answering and backing up his claims he gets all passive/aggressive (someone with psychology training please correct me if I’m using the wrong term there, but it’s what seems to fit for me) and does that whiny baby thing. I mean yes recently my job caused me to develop a twitch in my eye and I complained about it, but that was a stress reaction and I did my job and was praised for it. Man up dude, she trashed your work then confront her, prove to her you’re right, but don’t act like a kicked puppy; you put yourself out there you should have known you’d be challenged. This was about work, about a field of science, he should not have turned it into something personal, and Brennan was not in the wrong. So maybe she could have been kinder when face to face with him, but for her it was all about the science, not about the personal.

      • I’m not convinced that Brennan wasn’t in the wrong. Like I said, I had a migraine last night so concentrating was somewhat difficult, and I’ll have to go back and watch the scenes again for clarification, but I thought the gist of Brennan’s argument was that forensic podiatry was TOO specialized to be included in the field of forensic anthropology. I don’t see that as being about science as much as it’s about Brennan arguing that what she does is superior to what he does (because he only deals with 1/4 of the human body). The dude did figure out how the victim died after all. Medical specialists are extremely valuable in the field of medicine in the area in which they specialize precisely because they have additional training in that area. Same goes for this guy.

      • Frankie….we agreed again.

        Man…the world has tilted on it’s axis once more 😛

  16. Okay my last post on the topic (yeah right!)

    I’ve thought for a long time that Brennan’s overall theme for season 6 was “you can change without giving up your self.” It was most obvious in DitP, but I’ve seen it in other episodes too. Last season she thought she could not change, she’s seeing now that she can and that she can change without becoming a false version of herself.

    I think Booth’s season 6 theme was ideal love vs real love –and I know not everyone agrees with my belief that Booth over-idealized Brennan in season 5. However, this ep fits nicely into that theme as Booth sees Brennan for who she is, flaws and all. Hannah might not have been annoyed by the coffee thing, but then Hannah probably never paid that much attention to how he drank his coffee. Remember that line in Bones That Weren’t? Hannah says “I love how you know me” — she did not, in turn, bother to know him. Real love vs ideal love.

    • Spot on, as usual! 🙂

    • Great comment, and I loved what you said before “love also means having your sock choices and coffee habits mocked for 30, 40, 50 years”. You’re so right. And I love that they decided to do that.

  17. I struggled with The Feet on the Beach, because it felt sort of ‘regressive’.

    Look at the subtext! The forensic podiatrist was ‘paralyzed’ because he not only felt demeaned and humiliated by Brennan, who pretty much destroyed his self esteem, he was also afraid to confront her and express his anger. When he did express that anger, and Brennan’s acknowledged that his feelings were valid, it was an emotional catharsis that ‘freed him up’.

    Look, many of us are angry at Booth for the way he treated Brennan. Don’t you think she is as well? That she feels demeaned and humilated by how quickly he moved on to Hannah, and how he pretty much shoved his ‘love’ in her face? Yet she has never really confronted Booth with her feelings. When he went on at her about having compassion for hurting someone so much that he was paralyzed he could have been referring to himself and Brennan! And he doesn’t even realize it!

    Brennan HAS regressed by retreating into herself once again. She is sublimating her anger at him because she’s afraid it will drive Booth even further away from her. She doesn’t feel ‘safe’ expressing herself in a totally honest way.

    I have a feeling ‘The TRUTH in the Myth’–the ‘myth’ being Brennan’s seemingly cool attitude toward everything that has happened—will begin the progress toward a cathartic confrontation, with the ‘radical honesty’ ep being the denoument.

    • I really like the connection to the Booth and Brennan side of things, but I feel like it was–is, really–way more Booth that has been the paralyzed, angry, Dr. Fillmore in the analogy. I definitely felt like he was not-so-secretly referring to himself in the SUV scene. I just don’t really see anger in her. All I see from her towards Booth is compassion and an understanding that, if I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t have thought her capable of. She cares about him, she loves him, and she’s been so patiently waiting for him to be okay again–no pressure from her at all. I think he’s the one who’s felt paralyzed by his unexpressed anger and pain. I don’t mean it was wrong of him to do so, but he’s been the one to sort of shut any discussion down since he and Hannah broke up–the ultimatum after the proposal, saying no when Brennan asks if they should discuss them “now”… I think he’s getting there, and I have to qualify, unlike Dr. Fillmore, I don’t think his anger has been towards Brennan specifically, and he says as much during the Blizzard, so it’s not quite the same. But, though she never wronged him necessarily, she did hurt him, and there was a kind of paralysis there, in his “I need to move on” without really moving on, and then again with Hannah, whether she wronged him or just hurt him, that pain also left him paralyzed, making him pretty well just shut down, particularly with Brennan in the aftermath.

      • I just don’t really see anger in her.

        IDK. Mayhap she was taking her anger out on Dr. Filmore by being rather more personal in her article than she needed to be? And then she talks about Booths ‘stupid socks’ and his ‘foolhardy approach to coffee’. That really sounded like a passive-aggressive expression of anger to me.

        he’s been the one to sort of shut any discussion down

        Exactly! This is bound to be frustrating for Brennan. She must be feeling repressed, don’t you think? She can’t express ANY of her feelings, about him, about Hannah, about their situation as it stands–which, imo, amounts to a stalemate– and all of these roiling emotions are bound to come out sooner or later.

        Remember, Brennan is Iceland. Icy on top but a volcano underneath.

        But yes I agree, Booth is angry as well but I have a feeling he’s more angry at himself than he is at Brennan. In addition, I think a lot of his behavior towards her during the Hannah fiasco–the rolling eyes, the impatience—had a LOT to do with the fact that she more or less turned into VNM, and still is to a certain extent. She was and is avoiding intimate communication by spouting trivia and word definitions. Brennan must feel like she won strike>Jeopardy the jackpot and then squandered her good fortune.

  18. Thank goodness for Bones Theory. You are all making me feel so much better about this episode! I agree that themes of apology and contrition are very relevant to B&B on their current journey.

    I was a bit annoyed last night–but not by Brennan. I felt like the characters were acting like Brennan was being horrible and cold and heartless, when in reality, I was basically on her side. She was defending her professional integrity. I think her professional drive–and pride in her ability–are really integral parts of her character. She has a lot of respect for her work! It bothered me that the others (especially Sweets) were acting like she was being cold on a personal level. As far as Brennan was concerned, it was all business. I supported her. And I definitely do feel like Sweets was out of line. He should know by now that Brennan empathizes with the best of them; she just doesn’t always know how to show it.

    That being said, I thought Booth was right in his approach; it seemed to me like he was the only one who understood that this was a professional rather than personal issue. In a way, then, he was making progress–using his brain to understand Brennan’s perspective, but still tempering brain with heart. He was supportive of her, rather than rolling his eyes, and that was a nice change. His argument, in short, was basically, “Yeah, it’s not personal, but he’s taking it personally.” That’s a pretty logical distinction to make. In the long run, her final “contrition” was also a combination of brain and heart. She refused to concede that “forensic podiatry” should be recognized, but she recognized HIM as a person. Brains and heart, Bones. Brains and heart.

    I know the episodes weren’t filmed in this order, but if we think of these events as the direct response to the events of Blackout in the Blizzard, I actually buy it. Brennan’s outward personality gets a little more rational after she and Booth share vulnerable moments, so from my perspective, she was basically taking a “let’s get back to business” approach. Her supportive/ slightly antagonistic relationship with Booth was reminiscent of past seasons. For the first time, they’re getting back to their old dynamic. I can deal with that for now.

    But here’s what I find interesting: she thinks his socks are silly. Am I the only one who was intrigued by that? She doesn’t understand his socks. She doesn’t get it. And yet, she still seems to take comfort in those socks. She likes when Booth’s wardrobe is quirky; she always ribs him when it’s not. (In season 2, for instance, she made a big deal of his black socks when Gordon Gordon made him wear them. In season 5, she also seemed upset that post-coma Booth didn’t immediately wear his funky tie and socks. She said she knew he was himself again when he wore his striped socks, and she later told him that she liked his cocky belt buckle because it was Boothy.) The same things that make Booth Boothy are the things that make him a little bit silly. The things she doesn’t understand about him–the things she might even judge him for–are the same things she loves about him. She takes comfort in what makes them different. I find that very interesting, and I think it says something beautiful about them. They’re never going to totally understand each other. They’re always going to be at odds. And yet, somehow, they love each other more because of it. They know that they need each other.
    That makes me so excited to watch them in a relationship someday.
    I think that last scene was my favorite part of the episode, just because of its implications.

    • Man I love Bones Theory! lol Great comment on the socks exchange! I was just thinking about it, especially with regards to the Season 2 and Season 5 moments you mentioned, and also the 100th episode(“tiny symbols of rebellion” that “free thinking mavericks” wear..? =) ) but you summed it all up better than what I had in my head! 🙂

    • I’m with you on the socks issue, but I remember reading an article or two where HH discussed that he liked his characters to have contradictions in things they’ve said/done in the past against things they say and do in the present. I think he said it made them more realistic because we all have contradictions within ourselves. I think that’s ultimately what the silly sock comment was supposed to represent.

      • I think the contradictions thing is more of a way to get away with inconsistencies and let them do whatever they feel like it lol
        That being said, I don’t really see any contradictions here. In mansion she only mentioned his boring ties (and she might have just been quoting Booth here, Brennan tends to that. If Booth has qualified this kind of ties as boring, she would of course do the same), it’s Cam that notice his normal socks. That doesn’t mean she didn’t already find his socks ridiculous (or even the ties).
        Everybody doesn’t like some things about their loved ones, but if something happens to them, we are glad to see these things back because they defined who they are as a whole. That’s how I interpret her reaction in Harbinger, his socks was the sign that he was back and she was glad he was, even if she doesn’t like his socks, they are who he is and the sign that he is himself again, even if she doesn’t like everything about him 🙂

  19. Oh and on the filming vs. broadcast order. From what I’ve read it was always intended that the Finder episode be aired in the slot it will be aired. They just had to film out of order because of scheduling and availability. The availability of the actors as well as the facilities in Miami….they used the Burn Notice facilities and some of the crew and that show starting filming for the new season again last month.

    In this case the difference in filiming and broadcast order was not caused by a switchup from Fox the episodes were intended to be aired in this order.

    • Interesting. I’ll have to try and look that up because I’ve only read about it being episode 17 originally.

      If so, that makes me feel better because I’d really hope it wouldn’t be this stale after the finder.

  20. I struggled to like this episode, but in the scheme of things, it highlighted…again…odd behavior by nearly everyone. We’ve seen this happen many times this season, so I have to believe there is a method to the writers’ madness in portraying Cam, Sweets, Brennan, the podiatrist, etc. as over-the-top and off-their-game. How many times have we been confused, upset and angry by the characters’ behavior this season? A lot. I just can’t quite figure out how all this is going to play out…and truthfully, I’m a little tired of being annoyed.

    I agree with Sarah that Booth was the only one who seemed himself…almost perfect, at least more so in light of the rest of them. The only scene I liked at all was B&B in the car and their conversation. Always amazes me how these two can *talk* to each other without actually *talking* to each other…and totally understand the other…you know? Baby steps in the evolution department. And because this episode was switched to be broadcast before another, I have to wonder if something happens in that episode that causes this distance between B&B…that I see…after what we had in Blackout in the Blizzard. It did feel more like regression…so again, I agree with Sarah. No progression really.

    Although I will probably never re-watch this episode, it did have a point…to make us annoyed and upset. Mission accomplished. Something’s up…and I think we were supposed to come away with mixed feelings. I remember reading a critic’s review of another show that talked about how an audience feels cheated when they aren’t let in on a secret…even a little…and yeah, it didn’t work so good in that case, either…but I think that’s what we have here…a failure to communicate. Why risk irking the fans? There better be a darn good reason…and I just hope when an explanation is forthcoming, it’s believable…but I’ll probably still feel like I was cheated.

    • I agree with you ShrinkyMojo, I felt not so good about this episode. I was watching it alone and I was very irritated. I think also, that Booth was the only “normal” one and Hodgins. If the episode was switched or not is irrelevant, because something is still off and even now I let every wild imaginations enter my brain to figure out what is going on. However I am hanging on a little bit more on my theory.
      Barbara your comment on silly socks and coffee for the next 30, 40 and 50 years was very funny.

      • You’re right…switching episodes is irrelevant, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who sat there watching this thinking…what the heck? And, yes, I *got the messages*…thank you very much…I just didn’t want to beat over the head with them. Again.

        Did anybody else think that the Canadian foot podiatrist sort of looked like a thin version of HH? Here’s a thought…maybe this was just a spoof and not intended to be taken so seriously? I could get onboard with that. 😀

  21. Ok I lied- not my last post. In re Cam I do not think her behavior with the college application was out of character at all. From the minute we meet cam — she is all about results not process. She thinks the husband is guilty in mother and child in the bay and only wants evidence that supports that. In girl in suite 2013 she is willing to fabricate an evidence packet-faking a college application is not far from that.

  22. Are the writers trying to proove that Sweets is wrong about Brennan? because Sweets says that She has this inhability to connect to people while Booth says that she knows how but wants to “keep it under the hat”. It they are making a parallell on how the world sees Brennan vs. her true self, I’m allowed to welcome this episode – Although it had a few moments that didn’t feel right or suitable – as a good one.
    I would love that beacause it would also discredit Sweets; who I think is lately being the most unreal character in the show.

    sorry for my english!
    love the blog Sarah!

  23. Yes, this episode was totally about evolution. In the wrong direction. I am actually surprised at how angry I got – I never got so angry with a Bones episode before.

    Remember when Brennan said “We tell the truth. We do NOT flinch”? Well, her own team, the people she cares about – they MADE her flinch when she was trying to tell the truth. It was all under the disguise of ‘oooh, you should be nicer to people’ and ‘ooh, you have no empathy’ but it was actually an attack on her scientific integrity.

    I am a scientist, just like Brennan. Scientific progress is never made by being nice to people. Scientific progress is made by being harsh and by challenging people’s accuracy and methodology and findings, by calling them out on their crap and by maintaining standards. I have seen people being torn apart at conferences for poor research. And they took it because it wasn’t personal and they knew it. It’s never personal: you’re either correct or you’re not. ‘Being nice’ doesn’t come into it at all. And you know what? The people whose research was being ripped apart never whine ‘ooh, you’re not being nice to me’. If your research is crap, then you should be called on it and you should take responsibility for it.

    Forensic podiatry is not a science. Brennan is absolutely correct in saying so and in standing her ground on it. She, as always, maintains scientific standards, but she is

    I’m angry with the writers for being too abysmally stupid to make a character as complex and intelligent as Brennan be precisely what she is: a top scientist.

    I’m angry with Booth for being an idiot (I lost so much respect for him in this episode). For God’s sake, if he of all people doesn’t know anything about the way scientists interact with each other after working with Brennan for so many years, then he’s a lot less intelligent than I thought. Plus, he’s an FBI agent. He should know that cases are made in court on the basis of proof, not on the basis of emotional appeals (although those may come into it sometimes).This is something that Brennan has been telling him all along.

    As for Sweets, don’t even get me started. I knew he lacked integrity – something he has demonstrated numerous times. Apparently he lacks brains too. He’s got a PhD, he should know how the scientific world works. He should know what Brennan was doing there. If he doesn’t, then it means that his research is just about as crap as I thought.

    What a load of nonsense. They ARE vindicating the idea that wishy-washy ‘heart’ things are all that matters, and things like ethics or integrity are totally worthless. This is not the show I used to love.

    Does Kathy Reichs even consult on this show any more? It seems to me that she probably doesn’t, judging by the portrayal of Brennan the scientist of this episode.

    • I’m a bit lost here. A medical professional who specializes in one area of the body and who has a history of successfully assisting in criminal investigation made a bid to be recognized for those skills, and Brennan shot him down. She’s absolutely entitled to defend her professional field, but that’s not the same as vetting scientific research. Fillmore was annoying in many ways, but it wasn’t as if he were demanding to be taken seriously as a forensic astrologer.

      This was an opinion piece – Brennan expressing her opinion that a mere podiatrist could not have anything of significance to contribute to the field of forensics, never mind that he already had.

      Maybe I missed something in the episode because I’ve only seen it once. But if there were references to actual research, I didn’t catch it.

  24. A lot of people seem to be unhappy with this episode. I thought it was ok. Not the best; but, not the worst either (those would have to be Hannah stories).

    At first I was kind of bumed that everyone around Brennan was acting like what Brennan says is cold and unfeeling and yet the under current seemed to be something else. We had a podiatrist who is timid and weak, who let someone upset him so much that he loses the feeling in one arm. That person, Brennan, didn’t negate what he did out of spite; but, out of logic. That is who she is. She was addressing a subject and gave her opinion. She wasn’t commenting about the skill of the podiatrist, just that it was unneccessary to have such a specialized field. The comments being made to the podiatrist by everyone else seemed to be, “look Brennan can come across as cold and logical but that is because she is very dedicated to her field and it isn’t personal.” They seemed to be trying to get Filmore to understand that she says what she thinks is right and does not really consider how her statements effect the person hearing it. It is not personal. They know that and they were trying to get Filmore to understand that. At least, that was my take and I could be wrong. I guess I need to rewatch it again tonight.

    When it comes to how Booth reacts towards Brennan, Booth seems to have changed how he deals with the things that Brennan says since the beginning of this season. Instead of rolling his eyes or being snippy, he was trying to be on Brennans side. He talked to her about an apology to Filmore only because he wanted Filmore to see what he sees. That Brennan is a caring person, she doesn’t bother to explain herself and she doesn’t lie to sooth someone else. She is forthwright and what may appear as cold and brutal to someone else is just Brennan being honest in how she deals with people and situations. Brennan does not understand sarcasm and the approach Filmore took to make Brennan see that she may have been too harsh with him would never work. Brennan would have better understood if Filmore had just said “I appreciate that you have an opinion about my field; but, I felt that you may have gone over the line and the attack seemed to be personal”. Brennan would have been more than happy to explain what she wrote and why. Booth knew that and I think that is why he was trying to get her to apologize.

    I liked that Brennan is comfortable enough to tell Booth that she thinks his socks are silly and that she would rather he test his coffee before drinking it so that she doesn’t have to hear him complain all day about his burned tongue. Brennan is being honest with Booth and Booth knew it. I thought it was interesting that he seemed to start to bicker and then decided that he wouldn’t and told Brennan he wouldn’t which of course seemed to set off a round of bickering (they stopped the show at that point; but, that is what it looked was going to happen) . They appear to be more comfortable with each other. Both Booth and Brennan seem to be trying to be more aware of each other reaactions when they say something to each other. They are doing a little less bickering and a little more listening.

  25. This is one of those gray area episodes. I understand that sometimes Cam is about results (which is seen in many ways throughout her tenure at the Jeffersonian) and I understand that Sweets doesn’t really understand Brennan nearly as well as he would like us to think (I couldn’t figure out if he was serious about some of the things he was saying or he was saying them to get Fillmore to open up. (I’ll have to watch again.)

    In the light of contrition and apologies, I understand the thematic core better.
    This season I’ve wondered if there are some scenes that were shot but edited out that would help explain some things better. (No one will ever really explain the sunglasses to my satisfaction.)

  26. The episode bored me. I just got really tired of them slamming us on the head, again, that Brennan is clueless with understanding what people are saying. I never felt this way in the earlier seasons. Yeah, she was quirky and didn’t know pop culture and didn’t always respond correctly in a social setting but after 6 years with Booth…she’s still the same person…if not worse (at least in this epi). They continue to pound us on the head with this characteristic of Brennan’s that is completely unattractive. If she’d been THIS person in the early seasons…I can’t say that I would have been rooting for her to hook up with Booth because she’s not likeable the way they portrayed her last night. Enough already. And regarding the actual story last night….I sometimes think we let the writers off the hook….writers that are not writing interesting, exciting episodes….because we focus on the relationships of the show and say…welll…I only watch for B&B scenes…etc. (I don’t know if this is said here but I do know it is said at other fan sites…so I’m not accusing people here of doing this). The truth is…many stories have been sub-par (at least to me) since season 5 but I still watch because I want to know what’s going to happen to B&B. But in the meantime, I am subjected to stories that I find boring. I love B&B but I don’t love what they’ve done with the writing since season 5. It wasn’t even the introduciton of Hannah that threw me this year (although it was painful to watch). It was poor writing that disappointed me this season and this epi was full of it. Yes, we’ve gotten some wonderful epis this season, but the majority of them have been lacking. Anyway…sorry for going off on a tangent. I guess I’m gonna say something I haven’t wanted to say because I felt I would be joining the ranks of many other fans and i didn’t want to be THAT person…but…I miss my old Bones series. I really do.

  27. I have kind of mixed feelings about this ep. I’ve only watched it once thus far. I thought some of the exchanges were great – like the opening scenes – both with the border patrol guys, and then the one with Booth, Brennan and the foot doc guy on the border. I just thought they were both funny.

    I thought the guy begging the Mounties to not give his shoes to the Americans, and the tongue-in-cheek nice Canadian jokes to be funny.

    I thought Brennan’s enthusiasm at the body farm was great – although I questioned the ease with which they were able to just walk in – and the entryway littered with rotting corpses was pretty nasty. Makes me wonder what the set up at a real body farm would be… but not enough to actually want to find out. Gross. 😛

    I thought that Booth’s horrified looks and his reactions at the body farm were hysterical. No one does a horrified and appalled facial expression so well as DB.

    And I LOVED the line where Booth told Brennan to let people see the the person that he knows her to be. I thought it was the best part of the whole episode, actually.

    The rest of it though left me feeling a little… meh is the best word I can come up with.

    Foot doctor guy was annoying. Whiny and annoying. “Whaaa, Dr. Brennan doesn’t think I’m legit so my arm stopped working.” Really? He’s gotten that far in his career and he’s so utterly destroyed by what Brennan wrote that he’s had paralysis for a year? Please. As GG would say “grow a set!” I mean come on. Didn’t this guy have to defend a thesis at some point? Isn’t the point of scientific analysis and discovery to keep going when presented with an alternate viewpoint? If someone doesn’t agree, or feels you don’t have enough evidence or facts, don’t you keep going and keep providing proof until people change their minds? AND since his forensic podiatry is not recognized by the forensic science board, clearly Brennan’s not the ONLY one who feels that way. Yeesh! Sorry, I’ll step off the soap box now.

    And Sweets… usually I like Sweets. Or at least tolerate him. But this time, I wanted to smack him upside the head Gibbs style. “Hi new guy, I’ve worked with Dr. B. She can be mean and insensitive. I know why your arm doesn’t work. Let me fix you.” WTF? I come back to whiny foot doctor needing to “grow a set!”

    And everyone telling Brennan to apologize to the big baby? Come on. She’s said worse to so many different people. It’s not HER fault the guy can’t take criticism. It’s not like her words have magical powers of paralysis. Hell, if that were the case, State Department Guy from The Girl in Suite… whatever the suite number was, would have been paralyzed the moment they met. The squinterns would be stacked up like cord wood in the corner… And I could keep going, but you get the point.

    And the end… okay, I like that they are back to post case drinks and chatting. I liked that Booth told her that he was proud of her for what she said to the whiner. (Even if I think she didn’t have to say it.) But the rest of it? Am I the only one that cringes a little when Brennan starts defining words like a walking dictionary? Booth’s not a moron and he has a decent vocabulary. I realize that it’s a device for the writers to get their point across, but it is getting a little old; if you have to explain it, maybe you need to rethink where you are going. And her comment about the socks rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe striped socks on an FBI agent are a little quirky, but it’s part of who he is and I like that they’ve stayed true to the socks, especially since he’s gotten rid of the belt buckle and the flashy ties. I like that the powers that be have allowed him to hold on to this aspect of himself – I think it’s meant to tell us that he’s still Booth even though things are kind of rough right now.

    And as I’ve been writing this, I recalled what HH said post “sunglasses gate” about what they were trying to accomplish. I wonder if we’ll find the same kind of explanation for the the whole Brennan needing to apologize thing when the dust settles on this one. It will be interesting to see.

    • See I think the whole point of the episode was that Brennan *didn’t* need to apologize.

      She didn’t!

      She made things right – on her terms and in her language.

      When I think of the things Brennan said about the podiatrist – they are the same things that could be said about Booth. “He’s a grown man.” “How is it my fault he can’t manage his own life?”

      What Booth said to Brennan about the podiatrist he might has well have been saying about himself. “You leveled him.” (And paraphrasing – the guy is hurt, that’s wasn’t your intention, but it happened and a little compassion wouldn’t kill you.)

      I’ve said before – I do not think we are ever going to see a big fight, or B & B begging each other for forgiveness. She wasn’t wrong to refuse him when she truly felt she could not return his feelings, he wasn’t wrong for moving on. It’s not her fault he went on to start a disastrous relationship with Hannah, but it’s not his fault he felt hurt and wounded and started the relationship either.

      I just think this episode is telling us – no one is going to be blamed or punished. We are just moving on.

      • “See I think the whole point of the episode was that Brennan *didn’t* need to apologize.
        She didn’t!
        She made things right – on her terms and in her language.”

        Right on, Barbara! Actually, I agree with everything you said, but people have had differing opinions of the apologizing/not apologizing thing, so I just wanted to highlight it again.

      • But the point is that she DIDN’T need to make things right in the first place. She was criticising Filmore from a scientific perspective, rather than attacking him personally. Forensic podiatry is not scientific field of inquiry. It’s as simple as that. There’s nothing to make right. I’m a scientist and we DON’T apologise to each other for doing out jobs. If someone’s too sensitive then they should definitely look for a different job, because they can’t cut it as a scientist.

      • I wish we could actually read the article that she wrote. Did she actually discredit his science on a scientific basis? Or was it more of an opinion piece? She didn’t have to “make right” for writing the article. I wouldn’t have thought any less of her if she didn’t add anything more to her critique of his work. But I do think more of her for adding on a few tidbits about the value of his work in an effort to be more fair about it. From what I could tell, nobody was saying his results were not scientifically sound, and I thought that’s what she thinks is most important anyway.

      • “From what I could tell, nobody was saying his results were not scientifically sound, and I thought that’s what she thinks is most important anyway.”

        No, they were objecting to the idea of forensic podiatry being a legitimate field of enquiry, which it definitely is not. His results may have been scientifically sound, but this did not mean that he was anything more than a ‘garden variety podiatrist’, which Brennan was correct about.

      • I see your point, Barbara. I really do. And I see the parallels to Booth. I saw them when I watched the ep.

        That said, I’m still left feeling that they could have made the point they wanted to make without using Dr Fillmore’s hurt feelings as a device to get us to that point. A year without the use of an arm seems a little excessive to me. And during Brennan’s speech at the end, she told him that they couldn’t have done it without him. I’m sure she was telling him that so as to not hurt his feelings more and tell him that his contributions were valued…. however, my mind immediately started yelling “yes you could! you’ve been doing it for five years and a half years!” Because even for his assertions that Dr Brennan missed the kerf marks on the bone, we’ve seen her pour over remains with a fine tooth comb. She would have found it.

        Aaaaaanyway… I do agree with you that we are not likely to see a fight. And I’m okay with that. But I think they are still walking on eggshells a bit when it comes to each other, which is perfectly understandable. What would be nice though, is to see them get back to the point where they aren’t afraid to squawk at each other and have an in-your-face and intense disagreement on something. You know the kind I’m talking about, where they are on opposite sides of the room, and everything else just fades away, and they slowly migrate towards each other, each passionately defending their own side of the argument until they are inches from each other. When they do that again, I think we’ll all know that they are back, baby.

        Festina, thank you, your comment has helped me clarify what I was trying to articulate before. Brennan’s article seemed to be that of a professional peer-review type. That being the case, I found it difficult to believe in the plausibility of Fillmore as a scientist if his feelings were so easily destroyed by a peer-review. I’m not a scientist, but with what I know of the rigors of the peer-review process and the constant defense of theses, I have drawn the conclusion that the sciences are not for wimps. And Fillmore was, imho, a wimp. I get the point they were trying to make with the episode. I just didn’t like the entire way they got to it.

  28. Wow, there are a lot of comments here (a couple of mine, already.)
    I guess I also come back to mixed feelings. It hardly seems fair to blame Brennan for Dr. Filmore’s paralysis; he should have been confident in his skills and let his science speak for itself. For once, Sweets is a good example for that. Now, people have said how tough the academic world is and in particular science, and that may be true, but some people are just jerks about it and that doesn’t make it right. Not saying Brennan is a jerk. The criticism should always be directed towards the work, not the person. I pretty much agreed with Brennan’s ideology here. But if she really said that Dr. Filmore was 1/4 the expert as she, that’s pretty harsh. It was like she didn’t appreciate the work he did AT ALL. I still like what she said to him at the end, because she held her position but came to appreciate his contribution.

    I’ve been reading other reviews of the episode, and a lot of other reviewers seemed to like it. But I think they are not as emotionally invested in the show and don’t take it too seriously. Sometimes I wonder if I should do the same…

    • I don’t think the issue is that Brennan needed to apologize for WHAT she said as much as she needed to apologize for HOW she said it. I don’t care if the guy was a wuss or not or even if “forensic podiatry” is a legitimate field of study, he was a professional colleague and Brennan showed him a basic lack of respect in the way she treated him (never mind what she wrote about him). Judging from her reaction to Booth in the SUV and her reaction to Filmore when they were looking at the feet together and trying to one-up each other, Brennan was, at least to some extent, trying to prove that she was the better scientist. And that means it wasn’t just about discrediting Filmore’s science, it was personal. Either way, I think Brennan showed a lot of consideration and maturity in what she said to Filmore at the end of the episode and I absolutely think she did the right thing. She didn’t back down on what she believed, but she did give him the respect he deserved as a professional and as a fellow human being.

  29. I’m sorry-I’m constantly writing off topic here lately but does anyone know the name of the actor who played the murderer in last night’s episode? he’s not listed among the cast on IMDB–I know I recognize him (I think from one of my daughter’s TV shows) and it is driving me nuts not to know where I’ve seen him before. Thanks.

    • He’s in the twilight movies as mike but I don’t remember the actor’s name.

      • He also played the younger brother in Joan of Arcadia…another show that Hart Hanson was show runner for (followed by Stephen Nathan). The actor’s name is Michael Welch.

      • He was also in a season 7 episode of Stargate SG1 entitled “Fragile Balance” where he played Jack’s unfinished teenage clone. It’s one of my favorite SG1 eps, and the kid did an amazing job with the role; he did a great job with this ep of Bones, too. When I was watching last night I kept thinking he looked familiar, then when I re-watched this evening it suddenly dawned on me who he was and I had a happy fangirl moment. 😉

    • Michael Welch

  30. OMG, im struggling. I love bones and, as you all know, am totally invested in it. And I haven’t read the comments above that might open my eyes to wider themes and missed moments, but I have to be honest. For the first time ever, I was like, ‘i am so bored’. There really wasn’t anything in that episode for me. Nothing happened, and it didn’t help that I knew who the murderer was from the first time he appeared on screen.

    I’m not sure what I’m missing here, but I hope you guys enjoyed it l. Here’s to next week x

  31. I didn’t mind the ep. I wasn’t expecting fireworks after the brilliance of the previous episode. Bones does that – follows up a great ep with something less brilliant.

    I picked the killer instantly – the camera lingered on him that second too long.

    I loved Booth’s line to Bren in the car about ‘letting other people in on the secret’. For me, that was enough to show acknowledgement that he knows she’s special and that they had had their conversation at the end of Blizzard.

    As for Brennan’s portrayal? Well, I’m just used to that now. She regresses sometimes…especially when work is involved.

  32. What Brennan needed to “make right” was that someone was hurt by her words. Whether she was right or not or what her intentions were. If I slam a car door on your hand, it hurts, even if I didn’t mean it and it was your fault for not moving quicker. It still hurts.

    Sure, she could have said “tough sh9t, I hurt your feelings, so what, get over it, you wimp!” but part of being a human being is not enjoying the suffering of others. Foot guy was clearly upset. Brennan was in a position to make him less upset NOT by apologizing, but by telling him that she valued his skills, which was TRUE.

    If you can make someone feel better, without lying or making yourself look bad, why the heck would you refuse to?

    That was Booth’s point in the car. It’s not your fault he’s upset, but he respects you so much that a kind word from you would mean the world to him, and it’s no skin off your nose to give it, so why not?

    • “What Brennan needed to “make right” was that someone was hurt by her words.”
      If this were true, then us academics would spend most of our time in cowering in corners crying. “Getting hurt” does not come into it, nor should it. It’s all about scientific merit and frankly no one gives a crap as to whether you’re hurt if your claims to scientific validity are nonsense. And claiming that you’re establishing a new field of research called ‘forensic podiatry’ is just that. Nonsense.

      • Okay but this is a TV comedy drama, not a documentary on how scientists behave. Dramatic license is at play in every single episode.

        Of course forensic podiatry is nonsense – this is a show that sent it’s leads undercover to the circus. The show deals in nonsense. At no point did Brennan ever say that she had changed her mind about the pointlessness of his field

        She simply told him that he had value. I can’t get outraged over that, sorry.

      • So showing basic respect for another human being is not acceptable in the scientific world these days? Seriously?

        Filmore was clearly good at his job. Brennan told him that (without validating his so-called “nonsense field” by the way). How is that a bad thing?

      • Honestly, I think to an extent, Brennan would agree that it wasn’t necessary for her to make it right with Dr. Fillmore. She basically said as much for nearly the whole episode. He’s a grown man, etc. etc. She took a “can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” kind of stance up until the very end. It would seem that the SUV conversation was what convinced her ultimately. If that’s the case, then she very obviously wasn’t validating Dr. Fillmore because it was what she needed to do as a professional scientist.

        Regardless of whether I agree or not, I can absolutely see that maybe Dr. Fillmore was a wimp, that if given enough time in the lab she would’ve figured out the kerf marks on her own, that if he ever wanted a respectable entree into the legitimate scientific community at large, he’d need to learn to suck it up when criticized, and that it was totally unnecessary for Brennan as a scientist to apologize, or show contrition as it were, to him. But based on what seemed to change her mind–the conversation with Booth–she did it for reasons completely unrelated to what a scientist would do, and I think that’s a place the show’s been trying to go for honestly ages. And what do I say ‘trying’ for? They have been going there…from the very beginning, really. Brain and heart, whether or not the job should be their whole lives, etc. etc. It wasn’t the first time her humanity, if I can put it that way, won out over her scientist self, and it won’t be the last.

        That scientist part of her is so important, and great, and everything, but it’s a part, and it’s a part that she’s made the whole, and used as a barrier for so long. It seems out of character for her to do something a mania-for-truth scientist to do–getting her dad off of murder charges, lying about the ID of remains for a friend, apologizing to a forensic “podiatrist”…but there’s the rub. It is out of character in a way. She’s learning to let the scientist part of herself become a part again, and let the locked-down, feeling human part of her breathe again, which sometimes means doing those things that, to a scientist, seem ridiculous or unthinkable.

        And to be fair to her, she did it in a way that didn’t compromise her position intellectually.

    • See… if they had come at it from a “hey, does he have some skills? yes? did he help? yes? why don’t you tell him?” standpoint, I probably wouldn’t have batted an eye at the whole thing. She’s done the same thing for the squinterns any number of times.

      And if Fillmore hadn’t been all “woe is me, she dissed me, it paralyzed my arm”, I probably wouldn’t have batted an eye about him either.

      What rubbed me the wrong way was that Booth and Sweets were both encouraging her to apologize as though she had done something wrong; which she hadn’t. She gave her perspective on the validity of his scientific inquiry. It’s not as though she set out to be deliberately cruel to Fillmore or attack his value as a human being. At least that’s not the vibe I got.

      I also don’t think anyone is suggesting that Brennan not show some compassion for another human being. Or that it’s wrong for scientists to show compassion towards each other. We all know she’s quite capable of doing that. She is just cautious about whom she is compassionate towards.

      I’m sure we’ve all had our feelings hurt from time to time; I know I have. But only I can control how I react to that. I can let it paralyze me while I wait for an apology that may never come, or I can keep going. I choose to keep going whether or not I get an acknowledgment of said hurt feelings or an apology.

      And that’s what my problem with Fillmore is. He froze in a moment and couldn’t – or wouldn’t – move on. Framing the case for Brennan needing to apologize around her somehow being responsible for Fillmore’s reactions to her words didn’t feel right. I mean, if not for the case, she wouldn’t even know how he had reacted to her article. What would he have done then? Let his arm wither and shrivel up until it was a useless lump hanging off his shoulder? I know it’s a tv show and they had a point to make, but the guy bears some responsibility for the state he’s in.

      And really? Before the completion of the case, how could she apologize or even acknowledge him as a scientist and make it sound sincere? “Gee, sorry about your arm, hope it gets better, but I stand by my article”? That wouldn’t have worked. She had to see him in action; or at least the results of him having been in action to be able to subjectively comment on his skills.

      • I agree that Sweets and Booth were both in the wrong – Sweets especially. I guess what I don’t understand is why that’s not okay…? Just as we saw with Cam’s storyline, our beloved characters are allowed to be in the wrong sometimes.

        For me, the fact that Brennan did not, in fact, do what they suggested, shows me that we viewers were *supposed* to think Sweets and Booth were wrong and Brennan was right.

        Well, I’ll qualify that – Sweets was totally wrong. Booth had the right idea in spirit, what he asked Brennan to do in the diner was wrong.

        I’ll even go so far as to say that Fillmore was written as whiny and unsympathetic so we would think HE was in the wrong too.

        Booth is still on his personal growth journey and one of the things he has got to do is give up this notion of “normal”. In the diner he asks Brennan if she doesn’t ever want to be “normal” and to her total credit, Bren smacks him down. She’s better than normal, thanks.

        One of Brennan’s most admirable qualities, IMO, is that she is not ashamed of who she is, and not willing to be a false version of herself just to make other people happy. I think this is an attitude Booth envies, honestly. He’s always been very invested in doing “what people do”, and being “normal.”

        Certainly as we saw in the last scene – she’s not going to stop being Brennan just because she loves Booth.

        I just saw this episode as totally validating Brennan’s way of thinking. Heck yeah, Sweets and Booth were wrong – they were supposed to be.

      • Barbara, I love your comments! I could quote them all but I’ll limit myself to:

        “”Booth is still on his personal growth journey and one of the things he has got to do is give up this notion of “normal”. In the diner he asks Brennan if she doesn’t ever want to be “normal” and to her total credit, Bren smacks him down. She’s better than normal, thanks.

        One of Brennan’s most admirable qualities, IMO, is that she is not ashamed of who she is, and not willing to be a false version of herself just to make other people happy. I think this is an attitude Booth envies, honestly. He’s always been very invested in doing “what people do”, and being “normal.” “”

        Thank you for putting that out there! I wholeheartedly agree. I love that about Brennan. She’s better than normal, thanks; and she’s not ashamed of it. Maybe what the writers are trying to say is that she maybe needs to be a bit more modest about it if she wants to improve her interactions with “normal” people; and maybe they have a point in that.

        What just now occured to me though is that maybe that was the whole point of “I’m a scientist. I can’t change. I don’t know how.” being there in the 100th episode. Many fans didn’t like it because she HAS indeed changed in many subtle ways, but maybe the whole point of it was that Booth needs to understand he can’t change her. Following up your previous comments on the subject, I agree that Booth had a somewhat idealised notion of his love for Brennan before (maybe because he idealises love in general) and somewhat thought that if he could make her see he was right, they could be together and happy ever after (which was sometimes too obvious and kinda frustrating for me, as I said before). But it doesn’t work that way, because then she wouldn’t be the person he fell in love with. He needs to accept her as a whole. And maybe that’s what this is all about.

      • “In the diner he asks Brennan if she doesn’t ever want to be “normal” and to her total credit, Bren smacks him down. She’s better than normal, thanks. ”

        I thought about that last night too. When you think about it, people around her are not actually asking her to be a “good” human being, but a “mere” human. WTH?! lol

  33. I was okay with this episode. I don’t expect them all to be awesome, and I liked it better than a few I can think of.

    I don’t think Brennan was portrayed as cold. I think she was portrayed the way she frequently is, of choosing not to consider the consequences to other people of her actions. (Which is not the same as saying she never considers her actions, or never cares.) She assumes she should be able to say anything to anyone, and and as long as it’s true – or she believes it is – everyone should understand and respect her for it.

    To me, the point of the ep is that the people who’ve taken the time to see beyond it know there’s more to her than that. They know she’s compassionate, that she cares deeply, that she’s a loyal friend, that she’ll work tirelessly to find justice for victims, will place her life in danger to identify the unknown. They see more than what the average person sees in her, and they want others to see that, too.

    Brennan uses honesty as both a shield and a weapon. If she’s ‘honest’ and gets rejected in response, it’s clearly not her fault. Saying whatever she wants to others, no matter how hurtful or disrespectful, keeps them at bay while allowing her to justify it – they’re not rejecting her, but truth, after all.

    That, I believe, is where she was when we met her. And now she’s softer, some, because there are people in her life who’ve proven they won’t go, no matter how cruel she is. (Sorry, folks: something can be 100% honest and still be cruel. If it’s true but doesn’t make a difference beyond hurting someone, it’s cruel.)

    I think we’ve seen that she will now stop and consider her actions and words with those she cares about, perhaps especially Booth. But she still defaults to the position of ‘I’m not going to think about whether something is necessary or not, or if there’s a way of saying it that wouldn’t be cruel. I’m just going to say it, with no thought for consequences’ with other people.

    Was it necessary for her write her opinion piece stating that forensic podiatry is not a legitimate subfield? From what I can tell, yes. Absolutely. She has every right to defend her professional field. Did she have to do it in such a way as to completely devalue another human being’s contributions? No, she didn’t. And in the end, that was the point: she didn’t apologize for defending her field, but acknowledged that he had value, that he’d contributed something important. She gave him a measure of dignity, recognized his worth.

    I keep seeing people justifying what she did because Fillmore was a pratt. But that is absolutely not the point. He was a human being – one who’d made some actual contributions – and Brennan ignored that, devaluing him in the process. It might have been easier for people to understand the point Booth and the others were making if Fillmore had been a more sympathetic character, but the fact that he wasn’t doesn’t make her devaluing of him right.

    I don’t see this as a regression of her character so much as another step of slow growth, because growth is frequently 3 steps forward, 2 steps back. If she now pays attention to what she says to people she loves, at least some of the time, here she’s portrayed as not considering a stranger at all – particularly one she views as threatening to her. (As she clearly does – he’s disrespecting her field, and therefore threatening her standing.) But by the end, she’s figured out it’s possible to be honest and respectful. Will we see her learn that again, in some other form? Probably, but that’s sort of how human growth works.

    I think we’re going to continue to see her struggling with this. Honesty is an integral part of her personality, and, IMO, one of the reasons Booth loves her. I believe we saw in Killer in the Crosshairs that he needs that from her, needs to know he can count on that from her. But she also uses it as a defense mechanism, to push people away.

    As to the perception that she alone changes, that Booth is presented as not having to do so…I reject that, vehemently, and have a lengthy post at Bonesology doing just that. In fact, I think you could make an argument that he’s changed more than she has – it’s just not evident in every episode. But then, neither are her changes.

    • Rynogeny-

      I wanted to comment on what you said about Filmore being an unsympathetic character as it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot this morning. I can’t help but wonder if he had been portrayed as a stronger character (more like Booth maybe?) who was less annoying, that maybe people would have been a little more sympathetic towards him. But maybe that’s the point?

      You know, “a person’s a person no matter how small”…or wussy, or annoying, or [insert your own adjective here].

      It also crossed my mind sometime between last night and this morning that we saw something very similar to the Filmore storyline play out in The Killer in the Crosshairs when Brennan pointed out Booth’s similarities to Broadsky. I think she, obviously unintentionally, “leveled” (to use Booth’s term) Booth in much the same way that she leveled Filmore, we just didn’t see a physical manifestation of it. In Booth’s case, the conflict was all internal (and Booth was labeled as being oversensitive in that episode because of it). BUT the end result was the same. Brennan validated Booth in much the same way that she validated Filmore and that made all the difference (for both of them).

      I think the take away message (for all of us, not just Brennan) is that words can hurt and that while honesty is a very good thing, it oftentimes can, and should, be tempered with kindness.

      Okay, stepping off my soapbox now.

      • Exactly. The truth is, she did the same thing to Sweets – for several years – that she did to Fillmore. She dismissed his field, his eduction, his expertise and essentially devalued him. The difference was that Sweets is stronger than Fillmore and didn’t let it bother him. And then he saw a different side to her when she opened herself up emotionally for his sake in Mayhem. I think after that point, it was easier for him to distinguish between Brennan’s feelings about him, and her feelings about his profession.

        But the fact that it didn’t hurt Sweets (at least that we saw) meant, again, that no one thought it wrong for Brennan to do it. If she behaved that way towards a sympathetic character who was hurt by it in some tangible way, people might well take a different view, or at least understand the point being made. But because no one liked Fillmore, they’re glad she treated him the way she did.

        I suspect a lot of people who are defending Brennan for the behavior would be leery of being friends with her in real life. It amuses me, sometimes, that people all assume Brennan would treat them differently than we see her treat the majority of people she encounters. But in the real world, most people avoid those who are rude, prickly, condescending or cruelly honest (i.e., honest when there’s nothing to be gained by it.) It’s somehow funny watching her do it to others, particularly people we don’t like. But if it were us? Different story.

    • Can’t reply to my reply to Stephanie, and I want to qualify something. So I’ll reply to myself, instead. (Because, yeah, the show has me talking to myself…) I wasn’t saying that in RL, no one would like Brennan if we got to know her. But rather, I think that’s part of the point of the show: she has people who love her in spite of how she is with them. They see her true heart and know that she’s worth getting to know, worth loving, even if/when she hurts them.

      But if we look honestly at how she is with many of the people she encounters – if she treated us that way, would we be able to look beyond that initial rudeness and see the beautiful spirit inside? I’m not talking if we encountered her as a victim (or loved one of a victim) or a suspect, because we accept that she’ll treat those people in certain ways – though even there, I’ve winced more than once when I put myself in the shoes of a victim’s loved one. But watch how she treats others – cops at crime scenes, other professionals, etc. The question becomes – if you met her, and she treated you that way, would you make an effort to see beneath the condescension?

      That’s the point her friends are making I think. The know the truth of her, and want others to know it, too.

      • Um, yeah, that’s a great point about knowing “Brennan” in real life rynogeny. A lot of people (on this blog especially) are extremely loyal to Brennan’s character, but a large part of that is because we’ve seen EVERYTHING that Booth and Sweets and Angela and everyone else has seen that makes her worth knowing and loving and defending. We also “know the truth of her.” But would it be so easy to defend her if we didn’t already know that truth? Wow! Talk about food for thought.

    • Rynogeny…
      I agree with you 100%…it’s very difficult to have a friend like Brennan…or in my case, a relative. This is probably why I struggle with Brennan’s character, because it hits too close to home. My cousin is super intelligent…and she’ll remind you of that fact every time she sees you. She doesn’t believe in psychology, always has to be right and have the last word, alienates just about everyone around her, has no real friends and speaks her mind no matter who she hurts. I could elaborate, but you get the point…it isn’t endearing when you are the target.

  34. Right on Barbara and Stephanie. I agree. Brennan could show some respect for Fillmore as a person and as someone who can add value to the process. Doing so doesn’t mean she has to agree with him on his life’s work. Kind of like she can appreciate some of the things Sweets says or does without overturning her opinion that psychology is a soft science.

    What I didn’t like in the ep: The case was weak and the facts of it didn’t make much sense. I think they spent too much time on the gross out factor of rotting bodies. This did seem to be a bit of regression for Brennan to me. It is as if she needed to invalidate Fillmore to validate herself. I saw it as a bit of insecurity on her part which is a little odd.

    What I liked: In the ep where Cam cheated on the college application it seemed like filler. I am glad they showed some of the results of that. Thank goodness someone in that family has some ethics! Cam was still trying to justify her own actions (asking Sweets to validate them) instead of recognizing that Michele needs to live with the consequences of hers which Michele was completely willing to do. Good for Michele. As a struggling parent of two college students, it bugs me when someone gets something they don’t deserve because they work the system and some other deserving student loses the opportunity. Of course, Cam doesn’t even think of all that.

    I liked Hodgins very much in this ep. He handled the disapproving look thing very well. It was enough to get the point across without being preachy.

    I was actually proud of Sweets. I thought he was defending Brennan by trying to get Fillmore to cut her a little slack and not take her brashness personally. He saw an opportunity to help and he did his best to do so (though throwing the dish at him was not the best test of his paralysis even though it ended up working). I liked the Fillmore character. It was an interesting opportunity to have a different squint than the interns this week though I wouldn’t like to see him be a regular.

    The episode was too light on B&B interaction of course. I liked the car conversation. I am not sure how to take the thing about the goofy socks. I always thought Brennan liked them as a sign Booth is not a follower — they are Boothy like the belt buckle and the ties. Did she change her mind or was she just trying to test Booth’s reaction?

    • “I was actually proud of Sweets. I thought he was defending Brennan by trying to get Fillmore to cut her a little slack and not take her brashness personally. He saw an opportunity to help and he did his best to do so”
      I know there’s a lot of Sweets bashing going on for this episode, but I saw what you did – that he was actually defending Brennan (in a roundabout way, perhaps, but it was what he saw as the best way to try to help Fillmore.) That’s Sweets’ schtick – he zones in on the big issue that is bothering the person he’s counseling and uses that- in one way or another – to relate to that person and try to get them to open up. He did this with Brennan in Doctor in the Photo. He did this with Booth in Killer in the Crosshairs. And he doesn’t say anything about Brennan that Brennan would be upset about him saying – she knows how others sometimes see her, she even acknowledges that to Fillmore, but as Hodgins says, “She can take it.”

      I had mentioned to someone else on Twitter, the writer for this episode was Pat Charles, who also wrote “The Bones That Weren’t” – the episode with the infamous sunglasses scene. So maybe this is another one of those instances where certain moments were written intending to be tongue-in-cheek but just didn’t translate that way on screen to a lot of people watching it.

  35. I’ve already commented like a million times, but…I’m going to again. 🙂

    I knew going in that this was going to be kind of a filler episode–I would never say throwaway, haha. I don’t think even my least favorite episode is a complete throwaway. But from the promo, I think it was pretty obvious that this was going to be one of those sort of blah episodes. Those promo guys are such sensationalists, spoiling everything there is to spoil, haha, so I figured that if all they could show was Brennan giggling with glee at the explosion of a distended chest cavity, then we were in for a pretty mediocre episode. So I guess I went in with lowered expectations, which made me enjoy the episode a little more than I probably would have. I still thought it was mediocre, but I do think it had its merits.

    There were some funny times–“Don’t let the Americans take my shoes!” and Hodgins’ disapproving face was good times. The case, meh, it was okay–the body farm was pretty compelling I suppose. Cam’s plot-line…is it bad that I can’t seem to care much about Cam’s storylines? It was just there, as far as I was concerned. Good for Michelle though.

    This will never be anyone’s favorite episode I feel pretty confident saying, and that being said, anyone who enjoyed it at least a little bit probably found the SUV conversation a particularly redeeming part. For me, it was a quietly great moment that just couldn’t make a mediocre episode any less so. So as blah as I felt about the episode in general, I did really enjoy that moment.

    In the past, all of these talks between them about how a “normal” human being interacts with people and what not, they’ve often felt the slightest bit Pygmalion-esque–as if cold-robot-scientist lady is a little bit of a project. And really, I mean that in the least skeevy way possible–I know that makes Booth sound like a jerk. I don’t think Booth has ever really thought of Brennan as a “project,” but sometimes the “education” he gives her feels a little bit project-y. And that his exasperation with her is what comes across the heaviest most of the time doesn’t help. But this time, I thought this time was beautiful. There was no judgment (even though there was maybe a little bit earlier on), no exasperation, just honesty. It was small, but it was new.

    Also with the SUV conversation, that it seemed to be what changed her mind is significant too in my opinion. The only actual reference I can think of is Coma-Dream-Brennan, when she laments how people always think she’s so cold, but if Coma-Dream-Brennan is anything like real Brennan, then I think we can say that people’s estimation of her as cold, unfeeling, even inhuman…it bothers her more than she would ever admit. To have Booth finally stop reinforcing that idea (even if it’s only been unintentional), and tell her that he knows she’s not like that, not really…it must’ve meant a lot for her to hear that if it made her go to Dr. Fillmore, something she repeatedly claimed was unnecessary. I thought it was sweet that we got to see a manifestation of sorts of her seeing herself through his eyes–minus the Booth-being-dead part, haha.

    So was it the episode the best ever? No. Even in my top…100? I’m pretty sure no, haha. But was it 100% disappointing? I would say no, not in my opinion. That moment was a quiet and small big deal to me, if that makes sense. 🙂

    • I agree with the comments about it being a throwaway episode…nothing special at all. I almost always enjoy the closing scenes with Booth and Brennan at the diner for Founding Fathers, but there was nothing special about this last scene. I also haven’t been too thrilled with the sniper arc. By the way, the actress who plays Michelle is older than John Francis Daley (Dr. Sweets)!

  36. I think what annoys some of us is that the writers keep creating “new” “rational” ‘flaws” in Brennan that some us think are OOC (most if the time).
    What would be refreshing, is the show validating Brennan’s rational way of thinking sometimes instead of mostly pointing out the bad, and have someone else of course learn the brain-based lesson, and have Brennan teaching it. Have other people becoming more rational instead of only having Brennan become more emotional.
    Another freshing stuff would be Brennan learning a lesson on her own, or surprise us like she used to do with a moral lesson one would not expect from some like her without anyone else’s influence.
    Another stuff would be to point out more often the bad/wrong in being all about the heart, and to stop saying stuff like only compassion/regret/etc is being human, and thus suggesting that rationality is not a part of being human, that only the heart is and not the brain.

    “our beloved characters are allowed to be in the wrong sometimes.”
    True, but only Brennan is ever clearly shown being in wrong on the show, even when she is not for some of us lol

    • And by brain-based lessons I’m not just talking about avoiding contradictions (e.g Max vs Padme)

    • An example of Brennan surprising us and Booth and thus being 3D, is when he learns that she not only loves music (something emotional), but jazz that requires intuition. I know it has nothing to do with learning a lesson, but it does illustrate my thinking about Brennan being surprising/3D on her own.
      There would have been a difference between what happened on the show in this episode, and Booth opening up Brennan to emotions and then initiating her to music. What I feel is happening too much lately on the show goes along this fictional example of Booth initiating Brennan to emotions then music, instead of having Brennan being a 3D character. IMO
      I hope this makes sense.

  37. I forgot about what Sweets did in pain in the heart. When you think about it it is kinda the same situation. Rationally speaking, he was right, national security was in the balance (the majority’s sake against one person’s sake), but we know he did that for his own sake too and to someone he knew on a personal level, so in the end he is more in the wrong than Brennan was in this episode, he knew what he was doing. But did he ever apologize for putting Brennan trough such a hard time? Something that may have caused her regression in S4. Did he ever try to make up for it? No.
    An apology would not have changed anything for Brennan, but I can really see everybody else still on the show thinking that it is required and yet not doing it when it comes to themselves, as seen in Sweets case or Booth who used to make direct comments to Brennan about her non-humanity and never apologized for them and unlike Brennan, they know what they are doing. Brennan usually notices it after, and then feels bad and try to make up for it, “usually”…

  38. I agree with mrg873 about the SUV scene. In The End In The Beginning we had this dream conversation:
    BRENNAN: Cam says everybody thinks I’m a cold fish.
    BOOTH: Nah, what you are is Iceland. Cold to the touch, but underneath you’re all volcano.
    BRENNAN: I don’t like people thinking that I’m a cold fish.
    BOOTH: Look if you were really a cold fish, you wouldn’t care.

    This conversation was a dream; but obviously something Brennan thinks about, worries about. She hates for people to think she is cold. She wanted Booth to recognize that she isn’t, so in her book/dream, he tells her she is not. Now, Thursday, she actually hears Booth say to her that he knew the secret of her and wanted others to see it.

    Booth [to Brennan]: What makes us human bones is that we can feel compassion and regret.
    Brennan: I can tell this is really important to you, why?
    Booth: Because I know what kind of person you are, and I think it’s time you let other people in on your little secret.

    This was Booth’s version of you are not a cold fish and this is what Brennan has been wanting Booth to say for quite a while. I think this whole episode was just so that we could hear this conversation in the SUV. It may seem like a small thing; but, relationship wise, this is something that Brennan needed to hear from Booth just like Booth needed to hear, Brodsky is bad and you are good. This was a forward moment in their relationship and I was pleased to see it.

    • I have been trying to figure out why this scene struck me so hard, and you did a great job of pointing it out.

      I think the hiatus is what really hurt me in terms of looking at this episode as progress. I loved the scene in the SUV but have had a hard time accepting the rest of the episode. Now that I’ve watched it again and had some time to process, I appreciate it more.

    • Excellent observation. I think it’s easy to forget that while we saw Booth’s “dream” all the dialogue would have been Brennan’s words, from her book. She made “her” Booth say what she wanted to hear.

    • I really like the connection you’ve drawn here. Despite how I disliked parts of this episode, I think I’m going to agree with you that the point was for us to see Booth verbalize that he “knows the truth of her”, for Brennan’s sake and our own!

    • Don’t forget the connection to the 100th episode too. It’s Booth that, in *real life*, in the scene where they search the judge’s cars, calls her a ‘cold fish’. We know that Booth’s dream was his comatose brain’s interpretation of what Brennan was reading him, so hearing that in the 100th made me realise that either Brennan hadn’t forgotten that moment, and it stung, or that Booth hadn’t, and felt bad for having said those words to her… and that manifested in the coma-dream, subconcious-ridden reality.

  39. There are some things about this episode that I really didn’t like, but there are also some great moments.
    – I understand that the podiatrist was unhappy with Brennan’s peer review, but the passive aggressive comments about her to her colleagues were sort of petty and got old fast.
    – Brennan is a professional (to a fault one might say), and there is just NO WAY that she would write that someone is “ just a quarter of the expert she herself is” in an academic piece. This is the kind of stuff from the writers that annoy me to no end, just like the time when Booth completely destroyed a crime scene in “Brain”. (Besides there is no way Brennan would use the word “quarter” this way. It’s totally inaccurate! :-p)
    – And my biggest problem: The way Booth and Sweets described Brennan. Especially this line:
    “Wouldn’t you just like to be a person like the rest of us instead of someone who paralyzes people?”
    W.T.F.!? That’s an extremely odd and hurtfull thing to say to someone you love. Especially when you claim to “know the kind of person that they are”. I’m glad Brennan didn’t budge after that conversation. And I hope next time they pick a writer that actually watches the show (what with Sweets saying Brennan is incapable of empathizing with people, when a couple of months ago he told her she was overidentifying with a victim).

    However, I actually liked Booth telling her to show her ‘secret’ to other people. Because it reminds me of people who are so in love with someone that they want the whole world to see how great they are. It’s sort of a Boothy way of gushing isn’t it?
    I also liked Brennan calling Booth on his quirks in the final scene. He does it to her so often that he kind of had it coming. Besides, I don’t think she was too serious about it. But it did show she’s nobodies doormat.

    Any day now, Booth will stop trying to change Brennan, Brennan will give up the last bit of herself that’s hiding behind facts, and then they’re ready.

  40. kind of funny that a “filler” episode generates 120 comments!

    • LOL. I wonder what the record on this blog is.
      I don’t know about other people, but I’m perfectly content with saying “meh” to a few episodes (contentness will go away if the ratio is off). Every season has them. The question is, how many? Moreover, the BONES audience is broad, and what someone doesn’t like another person can. It doesn’t have to be bad just because I think so. I do feel as though I will need to rewatch the season after it’s done and see what I change my mind about.

      I really appreciate the commenters who pointed out the important things that did happen to signal progress (which for some people is debatable, I understand.) I don’t know the writers’ intent, but I am amazed that viewers of the same program can have such strong varying reactions – I think that’s cool. I’ve never written on a blog before this one, but one thing I have learned. My opinion/interpretation is just that – an opinion because I’m viewing it through my own perspective. Maybe it’s right, maybe it’s wrong, but maybe it’s partly right. This blog is awesome because I think most of the people on here understand that when they comment.

      • Love this comment….

        kind of funny that a “filler” episode generates 120 comments!

        I was prepared to not be impressed….but I liked it.

        I see evolution….I see a less angry Booth, a Brennan holding her own but listening to Booth, taking the good and making her own decision to validate the podiatrist. I laughed, it was funny. I see B and B moving forward and returning to their friendship.

        I think I was prepared for the worse and ended up enjoying it.

  41. Wow! Can I just say how great it is that so much discussion is being had about all this?

    Thanks for giving me so many more things to think about (which is what I like to do with Bones, not just ogle and squee at Booth…)


  42. I agree with most of the comments above this:

    The actors did a great job as usual, but after post-episode thinking, the plot/writing was just kinda mehhh. This was probably a filler episode, but we’ve had some *great* filler episodes. I didn’t like how Brennan was so (there’s no other word for it) *cruel* at the beginning, and then just apologized at the end. They all were somewhat regressing in this episode :/

    That’s all. Thanks 🙂

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