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He Chased Her Until She Caught Him



Haha, the title of this post is something my dad always says about how he convinced my mom to be with him. “I chased and chased her until she finally caught me”. It’s kinda sweet, and they are still going strong nearly 35 years later.  But when he says it, it’s clear in the tone of his voice that he WANTED to be caught. My mom usually just rolls her eyes, but she also usually smiles and shrugs. Yep, pretty much, she says without saying anything at all.

And as I think back to how WE met B&B (Pilot ep) compared to how they met one another (100th ep), I think it sort of applies. We’ve talked about it before, and I’m sure we’ll talk about it again after today– Hart Hanson talks in the Pilot commentary about how he always wanted one of them to be chasing or rushing after the other. We see physical manifestations of that often, including the Pilot ep (including my all time fave, when Brennan does that little three-hop skip step after Booth’s agitated sexy self in the lawn of the freaking Jeffersonian!), but in more subtle ways, we see it in their relationship. We see it in their partnership, and we see it in their romantic relationship; it’s like they are chasing the other until they get caught. They want to get caught.

Booth and Brennan are both highly self-controlled people who, for the most part, do not let themselves be taken advantage of. Sure, they do each have certain people who are able to perhaps ‘play’ them (Max, Jared, etc), but for the most part, no one ‘makes’ either of them do anything. In that way, it’s interesting to see the way they both have allowed themselves to fall for the other, to both chase and be caught. While neither one might admit it, the rest of us mostly agree, which by my count, puts the score at about 8,000,000 to 2. I’m not just talking about romantic interest either; I’m talking about work and friendship too.

With Booth, we see the lone wolf–the guy who scoffed at the idea of anyone suggesting he “partner up”. With Brennan, we see the expert at forensics who began to learn there was just as much to learn about the living.

Booth sought her out at a lecture; she convinced him to let her help ‘broil’ the suspect.

They argue and part ways.

Booth seeks her out again (after weeks or months of trying to get her to talk to him), but within minutes (hey, in tv-time at least 🙂 ) of speaking with him, SHE’s the one demanding full participation in the case. I love that!

Fast forward a few moment-filled years, and they are flying on a plane. Brennan expresses that she misses some part of her anthropologist career. Booth is sensitive about it and takes it personally; she doesn’t want to work with him any longer–the thrill is gone. It’s all his fault; he made her leave the lab.

Brennan laughs at him–the way SHE remembers it…she insisted on helping.

The way I remember it…they are both right, which is fun and special.

What do you think? DID B&B both ‘allow’ themselves to be ‘caught’ by the other (in various ways)? Are they still chasing one another?

Talk to me!

Peace, Love & Bones



15 thoughts on “He Chased Her Until She Caught Him

  1. So this is how I get to post early – come online late my time and it’s early your time 🙂

    Are they chasing – yes – and I’m loving it! This new game of ‘we both feel it but we need to be ready’ is the ultimate chase: who catches who first? Will it be mutual? Who lets themselves be finally caught? When? How does it finally happen?

    Ah, bliss. A perfect place to be. They are finally, really, chasing each other 🙂

  2. Yes, and it’s still a chase. I think it will be until one or both realizes they are ready for the next step… talk about awkwardness. heh

    I just hope they keep chasing once they are together.

  3. They’re chasing each other since the first time they put their eyes on each other. And is perfect and delicious to watch. I think now they’ll chase each other even more and i hope they catch each other very soon.

  4. As soon as they saw eachother the chase started, and will always continue. They’re so competitive they will never give up. And I believe that they each have let the other catch them in certain ways since that first meeting. Not all in big, ground breaking ways; most in ways small enough so that there is always something more to catch or let fall.

    And I love that little three-hop skip that Brennan does in the Pilot. I remember listening to the commentary and hearing them talk about the skip, and then I replayed it over and over. It’s so adorable 🙂

  5. I agree with linda, the chase is on.

    Sarah, I agree about the side skip steps that Brennan did when blackmailing Booth to let her go with him out into the field. He is walking across the lawn and she is skipping along beside him. He is being blackmailed and he doesn’t like it. She doesn’t care. I just love that scene.

    I think that Booth may have been fascinated with Brennan before Brennan was fascinated with him. She pretty much told him she hated him during their first case and didn’t want to work with him. He pursued her and had to let her work with him in the field to get her to reconsider working with him. So, in esence, Booth was the one doing the chasing first. I think Brennan started to do a little chasing of her own after the Man In The Morgue. She wasn’t chasing him very hard, sort of ambling toward him; but, it still seemed like forward movement to me. The chase has at times been slow, been fast, stopped dead in its tracks, been backwards and then slowly moved forwards again. They have been doing this for quite awhile and it has been quite fascinating to watch. They both love each other and value their friendship very much. The chase they have been doing is complicated and they have both stumbled in their pursuit of each other. Hopefully it will all be foward movement from here.

  6. I agree, and this is why I don’t worry about their relationship post-sex as some people do. Just because you get caught, doesn’t mean the chase is over.

  7. I love this idea and it is an illuminating way to see their relationship.

  8. In the odd seasons, Booth pursues Brennan, in the even ones, Brennan pursues Booth. After this season they will be “even”, three apiece, hopefully paving the way for running toward each other, not after each other.

  9. I ABSOLUTELY love the idea that they’re chasing each other. I’ve never even really thought about it this way before. As far as who is chasing who I agree that they’re both kind of chasing each other at various times. It’s like Duck, Duck, Goose. Who is the first one to be caught? LOVE IT!

  10. It’s also interesting to see how they chase one another. Sometimes the chase is more professional, sometimes more personal. Certainly each wants something from the other– to be fulfilled in a way that other people cannot possibly do. Even if Hannah had stuck, Booth would continue to need Brennan in his life because of his connection to the Jeffersonian and crime solving. While we didn’t see it as much this season, it is still Brennan who knows more about him and it is still Brennan that he goes to whether he realizes it or not.

    In the second season, Brennan and Booth were almost getting tangled up with one another because of all the physical chasing and whatnot. (They both tried to get through doors at the same time with some B&B moments.) We saw that again with Brennan in Killer because she stands there like “I’m not going anywhere” when he turns to her about their next step in their hunt for Broadsky’s target. Then she’s practically on her toes chasing him as he’s bent on retrieving his rifle. Body language is something that we as viewers are constantly analyzing and their body language tells us so much about the chase and who is doing the chasing and how well the chase is going. Right now it looks to be Brennan’s turn (as someone pointed out) to chase.

    I really don’t see why the chase would have to change that much if they put them together as a couple. Their views are so different on some things that one or the other will certainly challenge the pervading mindset and create the conflict that’s necessary to sustain a viewer’s interest.

    • I agree. Booth and Brennan as a couple would be very interesting. They do have strong opinons about things and the conflicts they have and how they would get around them would be fascinating to watch. I would imagine the bickering would really be intense at times. We can only hope we actually get to see that phase of their relationship soon.

      • I miss the bickering, but I realize that if that’s all they ever did for 6 years we would be bored and I think the writers would be stretching to find something for them to bicker about. I think there might actually be a phase 2 of bickering — they commit to one another and then they have to deal with the day-to-day matters of living together as well as functioning as a partnership. They’re very professional, for the most part, but the moments when they break that 4th wall of sorts and their discussions are on display for suspects or officers or others have always been fun to watch. As they grow more comfortable with one another again, it will be interesting to see how “the chase” develops since I’ve always considered the bickering part of the chase between them; they’re chasing each other’s ideas to find common ground or a compromise.

  11. Great post, I too love the ‘chasing to get caught’ idea, and agree that that part of their dynamic would live on and be great to see once they’re in a relationship.

  12. Awww. I like this post, too. Gives me warm fuzzies!

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