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Morning After Q: Show Me the Money


Good Morning and Happy Post-New-BONES Day!

Brennan is all about evidence and with people telling her things directly and unequivocally.  No colloquialisms, no turns of phrase.  That being said, I used to think that Brennan always really needed to hear the words of evidence from Booth in how he felt about her – perhaps the direct words ” I love you”,  “I will never leave you”, or “I don’t want you to change” or something along those lines . . . but now I’m suddenly thinking she no longer does, that she has all of the evidence that she needs and now it is Booth who needs the direct words from her.  Using the closing lines of last night’s episode, he needs to hear Brennan say, “We make sense.” Last night’s episode (The Truth in the Myth) and perhaps the last episode (The Feet on the Beach) indicate that Booth is perhaps testing the waters in order for Brennan to spell it out to him just exactly how she feels.

Is Brennan secure with how things stand between she and Booth?  Is Booth? Do they need more evidence to draw their conclusions? What words do they need to hear from each other?


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  1. I do think he’s testing the waters, which is why I can’t wait for next week’s episode! We will finally see how HE feels towards her with a little competition. 😉

    I think he will need to hear her say something that proves her love, but what it is, I’m not sure.

  2. That’s an interesting question.

    There’s something going on there. The whole business about the Yeti left me a bit puzzled. He is pressing her about something. It seems to tie in with the comment last week about her not wanting the podiatrist to be as good as her — with feet.

    He wants her to say something, but I’m not sure if it’s “I love you” or something else. Is it “I love you” or admitting that she doesn’t have all the answers/isn’t always right?

    Is it just that he hasn’t gotten past being angry yet? It’s almost as if he’s trying to provoke her. Messing with her head about the Yeti. Obviously not finding her jokes funny, but not coming out and saying it. Even the point last week about letting other people know what kind of person she is.

    Then he smiles at her in a way that seems to say “that’s so you, Bones.” I don’t know what to make of it all.

    Maybe more later when I’ve had a chance to re-watch the ep. Right now I’ve got places to go, people to see.

    • I think it ios more along the lines of “So you think you love me? let’s see you you prove it when I say something that goes against all you believe”
      It’s easy to love someone when that person is all that you need. He want to be loved with all his glitches. No ifs, not buts, just acceptance.
      I’m just not sure she passed “with a lot of colour” because she tried to explain it away with the “reality”. or maybe she did, because despite of what she knows to be real, she went to an awful lot of effort to not just summarily laugh it off, but to prove that he was right about something- just not the whole lot. Sort of like a negotiation.
      I’m good with that. To me she passed the test.
      And he had this daft little smile that made me thing that he thought so too…


      • I got the giggles over that grin. I’ve had that same grin when my 3-year old grandson does something particularly funny, when I’m thinking “You’re just the cutest thing!”

        That’s the grin he was wearing. Hence, my giggles.

    • There’s something going on there. The whole business about the Yeti left me a bit puzzled.

      Brennan’s constant jokes, fact spouting, word definitions–she’s using these ‘conversational tactics’ in the same way VNM used to use trivia, to avoid intimate communication. This is why she’s so awkward about it and why Booth always seems so annoyed with her when she does it. Go back over the season and you’ll notice the eyerolling and irritation Booth displayed toward her always happened when she was spouting some fact or trivia or was trying to tell a ‘joke’. Because of her avoidance B&B almost never have real conversations like they used to and I think this is what makes Booth so irritated. Who can blame him? His Yeti ‘confession’ was his attempt, I believe, to force Brennan to bring their interactions back to a more personal level. Poor thing was just so happy that she ‘had his back’ he was almost giddy. She showed that she believed in him even if she didn’t believe in Yeti. She put in a real effort to prove he’d seen something and that proved to him that she cares.

      Brennan is naturally funny when she’s not trying so hard. It’s just awkward and embarrassing when she tries to force the jokes, like she’s almost desperate to avoid really talking to Booth. After the Hannah fiasco I think she’s afraid of what he will have to say if they actually communicated on a deeper level.

      What does Booth need to hear from Brennan? What we all need to hear from the one we love: “I love you and I can’t live without you”.

      • oops, forgot to subscribe.

      • Yes! The connection with VNM! There was a line in his last ep which was such a shout-out to Brennan and the fact that they both use facts to avoid intimate conversations. I see Booth’s responses as you do. he’s trying to get her to just talk to him – all the time.

  3. This is an interesting question, and honestly, I’m not sure exactly what I think. I picked up on what Booth said last night and it felt kind of odd because it seems like he’s reverted back to trying to prove (to himself this time, maybe?) that they CAN make it together – as unexplainable (ha ha) as that fact may be to the two of them or anyone else. Maybe that’s exactly what you’re trying to say? Anyway, if I recall correctly, he spoke in the present tense, which is also odd because they’re not officially together (at least as a couple)…yet.

    There’s an odd vibe between them now…like they’re in limbo and they’re both (not to mention the viewers) just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  4. I loved the ending of last night’s episode. Not so much his “We don’t make sense,” but that little jacket pull he did as the traffic pulled away and the camera was on him. I could hear him thinking, “Yea. Figure THAT one out, smartypants!”

    Especially after she went to such lengths not to disprove what he said he saw, but to prove that he did see it. She’s not like Galileo’s accusers, and she showed it. So, Tempy, figure out why it is that we shouldn’t make sense, but we still do.

    I think they’ll both hear what they need to hear, because each one is attuned to what the other wants. They will instinctively give the other one the right words, when the time is right.

    • I really enjoyed your take on his, “Figure THAT one out, smartypants!”
      That’s adorable! I wish we had really heard him say it. It would have been some playfulness on his part that I’m pretty much dying to see lately.

      • I had a similar thought in my head when watching that scene but, to me, he was thinking something more of, “Ok I let her know that I’m thinking about her. I did a good job. Now it’s her turn.”

        btw, do you think it’s intentional that Booth still doesn’t introduce Brennan as her partner? From what I remember, it’s been awhile…
        He called her his colleague in last night’s episode.

      • @natbor
        I don’t read anything into the introductions. I think Booth switches it up every now and then. Sometimes there isn’t a formal introduction at all. In previous seasons he occasionally used a different word other than partner. They are partners, and they know it whether it’s announced on a continuous basis or not.

    • It actually reminded me of that question that Angela asks Zach in the 100th “can God create a bigger rock that he can push?” she has to figure it out. It’s just not the same if he has to spell it out for her…

  5. It seems to me he’s challenging her… purposefully seeing if he can rattle her. It’s kinda odd to watch since he’s been stepping in to defend her and supporting her for so long… but the challenging is definitely for a purpose. What he’s thinking, I couldn’t really speculate. But what I do think is worth noting is that Brennan is stepping up to the task quickly and thoroughly. She’s right there with her explanation of the Yeti and willing to engage him. That’s rather important. If he’s looking for her to be willing to be on the same page as him she’s proving she’ll be there, with her science and all. 🙂
    The awkward dance has begun. Until they collapse into each other, they’re going to be bouncing off each other for a little while. Testing, challenging, flirting, encouraging….

  6. Commenting for email, cause I really wanna see what people say about this. For the first time since I began watching this show…I’m confused. And I don’t like being confused.

  7. I admit, I was very grumpy after last night’s episode. I was annoyed at Booth for being annoyed and for seeming to take his anger out on Brennan even though she’s not the person he’s mad at (according to him).

    Then we had a tornado warning and as we hovered in the bathroom while 80mph winds blew around our house I got perspective!

    I had predicted that we’d have this period – moody Booth with Brennan trying to fill the role of the lighthearted half of the partnership. It is harder to watch than it was to predict.

    The diner scene was interesting. At first, I thought it was obvious that Booth was pulling her leg. Then that “you talk a good game” line came out and I was like, whoa! (horse). There was a weariness there, even a bitterness. I think Brennan felt it too, based on her reaction.

    When she followed up with her research – her way of saying “we can believe the same thing for different reasons” – he appears touched…I thought he felt guilty but on rewatch, I just see satisfaction, not guilt. I’m not sure if I think that’s good or bad, honestly. But in light of the final scene it’s like he’s realizing “she is really willing to find a way to make this work”.

    The ending…I could not wrap my head around at first. It was too abrupt. Chad Lowe is usually a better director. The final two scenes seemed shoved in. As Frankie707 said in chat last night, it took longer to look at the still pictures of this scene than it did for the scene to play out.

    I also didn’t like the cab. I realize this scene is different, it’s optimistic, etc…but the symbolism of the cab is SO important to their relationship, I felt it was wasted at this struggling stage. Don’t show me a freaking cab AGAIN until they are both going to get inside it.

    So the very ending…I think we see Booth getting his mojo back. That little jacket tug is a “yeah, I’m back” gesture. I don’t think he likes not having the upper hand in a relationship and that sounds worse than I mean it to, because it’s not a chauvinist thing. It’s more like – Booth had been this insecure sad sack and Brennan was all “I’m the new me!” and Booth perhaps didn’t want to go for it until they were back on equal footing. Where he teases and she pushes back and that’s pretty much what we saw as she got in THAT DAMN CAB!

    So, I’m much less grumpy this morning. I think they are where I expected them to be and from here on out it *should* be blatant flirting…if they keep following the timeline I predicted. Fingers crossed!

    • Excellent comment about the cab. Excellent…


    • The cab, right?!?!? I DON’T WANT TO SEE ANOTHER ONE. Like ever!

    • AMEN! I really despise cabs now. Said the same thing last night. Don’t ever want to see one again. EVER! (Except I wouldn’t mind just one more cab scene as long as it was Booth driving away while Brennan watched. I was reminded, though, that would most likely never happen…but a girl can wish.)

      • I felt the same way about the cab!! What a wasted scene. Especially because the ending in the bar was similar to the end of The Boy with the Answer.

      • It seems that Booth is still angry although it’s not clear what he’s angry about. He seems to want her to prove herself to him and every time he pushes at her, she comes up with some way to prove to him that it doesn’t matter how hard he pushes, she’s still going to stay put and she’s going to deal with whatever he throws at her on her terms. It seems like a test– how far can I push you before you’ll run off to Guatemala (or some such place) to look at skeletons? And each time she comes back with something that works for her and for him as well.

        He didn’t bother reading her while he was with Hannah because he didn’t need her. But now that she’s made clear that she wants to be a couple and is waiting for both of them to be ready (his confession in Blizzard was clearly unclear like whether he was pulling her leg about the Yeti or not) it’s almost as if he’s throwing up obstacles and arguments and seeing if she really meant it.

        It’s as if he is trying to make trouble. He overreacts to her comments about Broadsky and despite evidence from the past, he tells Sweets that she equates him with Broadsky and is picks arguments with her about it. He gangs up with Sweets against her about Fillmore, the foot guy then pushes her to apologize even though she might be right. He tells her the Yeti story and then attacks her as being a “flat worlder” or the equivalent.

        It’s the petty, moody, petulant Booth at work here. And Brennan is clearly trying her hardest to find a common ground for them. It’s an interesting dynamic. Next week might be a powder keg given the small clip in the preview. I almost want Brennan to do more than just smack him at this point.

      • AmandaFriend: “It’s as if he is trying to make trouble. He overreacts…..picks arguments with her about it. He gangs up with Sweets against her about Fillmore, …He tells her the Yeti story and then attacks her as being a “flat worlder” or the equivalent.

        It’s the petty, moody, petulant Booth at work here. Next week might be a powder keg

        I agree. He may not be aware of it but he’s pushing and pushing her in hopes of igniting a confrontation. Sooner or later it’s gonna blow. They can’t keep avoiding their issues.

      • Funny – I liked the cab scene because it showed movement forward/pregoression, and I thought it was intentional. They were both happy and laughing when she got in the cab,and drove away, unlike the last two times. I will have to rewatch it.

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one who got a little frustrated with that cab. It just felt like something important was going to happen, and it turn out to be a little anti-climatic. =(

  8. I do think that Brennan has been collecting evidence all along. She’s listened to what Booth has said about love, and relationships, she’s observed those around her and how their relationships have developed, and she’s reached her conclusion. I don’t think she needs for Booth to prove himself to her, she doesn’t need him to say or prove that he loves her; she does accept it now (maybe it’s really that I hope this as opposed to thinking it is so).

    Now Booth, hmmm. I think that he does realize he loves her, and she loves him, but he worries about the possibility of a lasting relationship with her. It’s been proposed elsewhere that the whole thing with the Yeti last night was a test. Maybe it wasn’t so much a test, but a way to try to get Brennan to open up a bit to possibilities. She does have a habit of just dismissing things out of hand because they don’t fit her predefined expectations of what science says about the universe we live in. She doesn’t even consider the possibility of other things, if science says not then that’s it she shuts any other idea down.

    In the 100th Brennan dismissed a romantic relationship with Booth out of hand. She had decided that it would not work between them. She couldn’t be what he needed so that was that. With the way she looked at the Yeti situation last night maybe she wouldn’t be so adamant that they can’t work as a couple, she’ll be willing to look at the situation from another angle. ??

  9. It was an interesting episode and it left me…puzzled. I can’t place my finger on it, other than to say that my overall impression was that Booth was testing her with the Yeti. Although I feel like it started with a tease at the diner, her answer made him dig in. At this point, the issue ceased to be a little joke and became more personal, although I don’t believe that was Booth’s intent when he first brought the Yeti up. And while I do agree that he’s still a little touchy, I get annoyed when people go on and on about how preachy Booth is, as if he purposely gets on a high horse every morning and doesn’t get off til bedtime. I think his struggle the whole time as seen through his many conversations with Brennan has been to find some common ground between them, one that even he’s not sure exists. I don’t feel that he necessarily wants her to share his opinions on everything; it’s more like he unconsciously wants her to see that even when things don’t make any rational sense, like them together, they can still be. He also needs reassurance from her that this is so, because he isn’t quite sure himself. Hence his little question as she gets in the cab: would she be able to accept a relationship that defies the bounds of logic?

    In a way he’s also testing the waters to see how serious she really is about a possible relationship with him. He got burned so badly before that he’s not diving back into that pool until he’s sure there’s enough water. Is it fair for him to be testing her at this point? I don’t know, but it’s something he clearly needs to do so I’m not judging it. It certainly didn’t seem to bother Brennan too much. It’s clear she “passed” the test in his eyes when she came up with the bear; you can see how touched he was that she didn’t blow off his prickliness in the diner and instead tried to reach for that common ground without sacrificing her principles in the process. And totally with you Barbara on my hopes for blatant flirting, if that end scene was any indication. By the way, how cute was it when he said to the producer, “I don’t know what that means?”

    • I also thought I saw a little pride there when she faced off with the tv host guy (who is Sweet’s real life dad, by the way!)

      • What is ironic in regard to that scene is that just before it, Brennan just did for Booth what in that scene she qualified as the opposite of science…

      • Thanks for the info-I was just trying to find out who he was! Loved the tv host, but I have to agree with John Francis Daley that he doesn’t look much like his dad. Though now that I know who he is, I’ll have to take a second look…

  10. I don’t see that Booth was testing Brennan to get her to change. She already has changed from where she was. She admitted that in 6×16. He acknowledged he knows who she really is in 6×17. I think Booth’s ‘tests’ are more his way of validating to himself why a relationship with Brennan would work out, as opposed to trying to get Brennan to change or open more. As he told her when she got in the cab, “We don’t make sense at all.” And I think the yeti thing was just his way of trying to prove to himself why they do.

  11. If it was a test I’m not sure Brennan passed it.
    It seems Booth might be worried that she will analyze everything that will confuse her (relationship-wise) since she doesn’t like the feeling of it, and we know how she fights her negative feelings. He might be afraid that then she will try and find or not (and then remain confused and balk) an reasonable explanation that might be right or wrong and might be bad for their relationship… Like he wanted her to accept confusion as a state of mind.
    And then it seems he tested her again by saying that they don’t make sense and maybe see what she will do with that. Will she try to make them make sense, or will she accept the confusion and go with it?

  12. At first, when Brennan was trying so hard to tell a really bad joke in the SUV, it seemed as though she was forcing humor into their conversation. I was puzzled about it and Booth’s reaction was kind of strange; but, then as it went along and I saw the cute (almost proud) smile on his face after telling her that he couldn’t laugh because he was afraid he would run off the road and she agreed. I realized that this seemed like he was testing Brennan. She was trying to be amusing while he was trying to be serious and I felt that he was pushing her back for a reaction. That she agreed that safety came first actually cracked him up and she may have confirmed something he was trying to understand.

    Then we had the Yeti story. I felt he was pulling her leg; but, she was determined to tell him he was wrong and it appeared he didn’t want to back down on his Yeti sighting. I realized then that that to seemed like another test. “What do you do when I tell you stuff that is impossible to believe? Do you go along with it? Do you flat tell me I am wrong? What do you do?” I thought it was wonderful that she put in a lot of research to prove that he indeed could have seen something, just not a mythical figure. Booth seemed pleased. Brennan had passed her test. But, what was the test. I thought about it and I feel that the test was “Do I have you on my side?” “Are you really ready to consider that we are a strange couple and that it will take acceptance and understanding on both sides to make it work?” He even told her, “We don’t make sense”. He is puzzled that they are so different and should not get along together at all and yet they do. He wants Brennan to see that they are an unusual couple and that it should not matter if they are both on each others side, that they are willing to believe in each other.

    Did anyone else think it was very funny when Booth brushed off the meat eating butterfly from his shoulder. I just thought it was so funny that he was grossed out by the idea of a butterfly who was a carnivore.

    I agree that the cab was a little on the irritating side. I flashed back to their first case they worked together, when she jumped in the cab, and told Booth, “we are not spending the night together.” I don’t know why I flashed to that scene; but, maybe this was supposed to be symbolic. Last ngith the cab scene could have meant, We are not spending the night together now, maybe someday though. Of course, this could just be wishful thinking on my part.

  13. When I heard the title of this week’s episode, and knowing HH cryptic messages, I couldn’t help to associate the “myth” with the theory that B&B can’t be together because they don’t fit each other well. As the episode was going on, some things kind of confirmed my assumption:
    1) Booth’s attitude. He is deliberately or purposely challenging her. That mix of moodiness, sometimes indifference, unrational beliefs (the Yeti) and poorly sustained opinions (the whole FotB apologize, though I loved his “secret” speech, or the fact that he called her “Geocentrist” haha!), is being brought up to contrast with Brennan. But she has responded in a non-opposite way in both situations. She is being kind of finding a way to mold a truth that fits both of them. Don’t know if I let my point clear here…
    2) “We don’t make sense”… It’s like a way of saying “yes… we’re opposites, we can’t make it work, we’re only a hotter version of Mulder and Scully, we are soo going to suffer the “moonlighting” effect… YES! but only apparently, that’s the myth. Because underneath it all there is a truth that says we have something bigger and better.”
    As the Yeti thing, B&B are also left in this ep. as a riddle for us.

  14. I really enjoyed the Yeti story, and I loved Brennan’s reaction to it! Brennan stayed true to herself, yet she was also there for Booth at the same time. She dismissed the idea of what he saw as being a Yeti, yes. (I think she may have been confused about whether or not he was joking as a part of her “learning how to read people” experience too but I’ll have to go back and watch it again.) But when she realized that Booth was “serious” about what he saw, she didn’t dismiss him. She put quite a bit of effort into helping Booth find the “truth” of what he saw- the white bear or whatever she posited it was. I’d have been disappointed if Brennan had been like “Oh you saw a Yeti? That’s awesome and I completely believe you without putting any thought into what you are saying! Giggly giggly go!!” I like that she laughed at him, realized it was a sensitive issue with him, and then she looked into it. If she’d taken a huge personality reversal and been gullible, I’d probably have thrown my shoe at the tv! I think Booth was enamored with her and how different she is- not like a certain gullible blonde bimbo that comes to mind. He is realizing that Brennan can and will still be his “Bones” while showing him consideration and love at the same time! I think he needed to see that side of her and accept that as a form of her showing him love (granted this was about a Yeti, hopefully in the future we’ll get a glimpse into something a little more substantial than that! LOL)

    • And I think the viewers are being shown that Bones is and will still be Bones. I’ve read/heard lots of commentary to the effect that Brennan is changing everything about herself for Booth and these last two episodes, IMO, hammer home that no, she isn’t. She’s changing her approach to life in general, but she’s not giving up any of her core Brennan-ness (even when it’s the annoying stuff!)

      • I completely agree! When I spent hours disappointed or upset at an episode, then to find a few episodes down the road that what I was upset about has been resolved. This is all the more reason for me to just sit back and enjoy the story that HH is telling us. Everything happens eventually.

      • I agree….It is actually Booth I can’t figure out. But I think both weeks have been that Brennan is still Brennan.

  15. I could definitely buy the Yeti story being a test, but who was Booth testing – himself or Brennan? I went back and watched some key scenes over again this afternoon, and I think I have to agree with whoever said that Booth seems irritated or annoyed in several of the SUV scenes – especially when Brennan was trying to joke around (by the way, I loved Brennan’s dark side of Booth’s moon joke). But again, was he annoyed at himself for not “getting her” or at Brennan for being awkward?

    If Booth was more of a gambler before – inclined to leap without fully considering the consequences, then what he’s doing now is exactly the opposite. It’s like he’s finally actually realized just how different they are and how immense of an impact that could have on their relationship if they’re not careful. So maybe he’s started doing a little bit of evidence-gathering of his own – just to prove to himself that when they finally both say “jump” they’ll have what it takes to keep things together.

    What will they do when faced with their differences? Will one or both of them refuse to move, and by doing so let those differences drive them apart, or will they try to find common ground? The Yeti story is a good example. He pushed and she pushed back – but only to a certain point. I think Brennan proved last night that she’s capable of finding that common ground and, as Barbara said, of doing so without sacrificing who she is. Clearly she passed the test with lots of color (and Booth noticed too). 🙂

    So the question is – what about Booth? Did he pass the test? Is he confident that he’ll move when the situation warrants it or is he afraid that he’ll continue to push back until either she runs or he crushes her? I’m not entirely convinced that he thinks he has.

    • Booth’s test is the waiting itself. The very fact that he is fully considering the consequences of a relationship is the test he’s passing. Old Booth would have said “Love conquers all!” and leaped. Like he did with Hannah. Now he’s taking a page from Brennan…what are all the variables that need to be addressed here? What is the likelihood of the outcome of our experiment in love?

      He’s improving too! (Sorry, I had to say it!)

      • I agree that Booth is going through a test of his own…waiting with lots of patience. He found out the hard way…more than once…that diving headfirst into a relationship didn’t work, so I believe he is definitely going about it this time with Brennan in the opposite fashion. Both of them are weighing the evidence they’ve collected…trying to sort out how the pieces of their puzzle fit together. Pushing each other is one way to find out how much pressure the other can take. Better to know now if one of them will fold and run…so I see the reasoning behind the pushing. If either of them remains static…unmoving…unchanging…then no progress is made at all. We hated that Booth proposed to Hannah, but in the long run, her rejection was just the thing that made Booth re-evaluate his romantic ideals that have led us to this point.

        It just occurred to me that Booth had patience when he was gambling, knowing that if he concentrated on the next shot, he’d win. He had patience as a sniper…waiting to get the right shot. He has patience when working on FBI cases. He’s even been patient with Brennan over the years…so it seems ironic that the *patient* man couldn’t be so patient with love. Just a thought that makes me wonder…where’s the math that says have patience in all things but love? Maybe that’s the lesson Booth is finally learning.

    • I had the same question….is Booth being tested? Brennan, with all her fears and belief system about love, needs to know….this guy is for real and he will never leave me. Yes, they are still loyal partners but he just recently left a relationship and that must sill bother Bones. Can you imagine what’s going through her head…..can Booth really love me if he could fall in and out of love with Hannah so quickly? What did Booth really feel for Hannah? With her inexperience in this department…some straight talk is going to be needed to clear all misconceptions, doubts, fears and even then…a risk is going to have to be taken by both. They can pile up their evidence and the pros and cons of being in love with each other, but in the end they’ll have to risk it. In this they are on an equal playing field because both their histories have left them with failures and doubts about love. All the testing in the world isn’t going to move them….they just gotta jump at some point and I’m anxiously awaiting this moment.

  16. I didn’t have high hopes for this episode…after last week’s…so I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it a lot, which makes me a happy camper today. It made just the right amount of progress, IMO.

    I liked that Booth chooses to spend most of the episode teasing Brennan…which reminded me of the season 5 finale when he tells her that the Pyramids are better at change than she is…which he follows with the comment that he’s just being affectionate…i.e., teasing. And that’s what I get from this episode. He’s being affectionate when he teases her…and I found that reassuring, as it seemed that a little of the old Booth was peeking through.

    Even though Booth ends up seemingly a little harsh on her in the diner, a little bitter maybe…it’s understandable to me. He really needs to know where Brennan stands…so sometimes a little *thump* on the head is more effective to get people to listen. He’s already made it clear that he’s not going to put his heart out there and get it crushed again, so I think he has every right to want and need evidence. Brennan took up the challenge…and won.

    The old Brennan would not have even given Booth the time of day about the Yeti. She would have dismissed his belief in seeing the creature as purely nonsense. Now she doesn’t have to believe in the Yeti to believe that Booth does. She understands that it’s important to Booth that she validate his beliefs, even if she doesn’t share them. All he’s trying to do is get her to see possibilities that she hasn’t yet experienced herself. That’s helping a person grow. So, I guess I’m saying he was testing her. If she can accept their different views on the existence of a Yeti, then there’s hope that she can accept their different views on everything else.

    In the end scene, I think Booth feels a little proud that he got Brennan to think outside her scientific box…and he’s proud of her, too. She’s given him reason to hope that their opposite beliefs can be overcome. And contrary to what others felt about the cab…I felt the opposite. Here’s a scene we’ve seen twice with poor results…but this time it’s a positive outcome. They parted friendly and laughing. The universe is starting to right itself again. Of course, the next time we see a cab I want them both to be in it…putting the cab issue to rest. Ha!

    Also wanted to comment that I really liked the overcoat Booth was wearing…good to see something besides the trench coat. And did you notice that Brennan was wearing the necklace she wore in Foot in the Foreclosure? I know…I try to find meaning in the tiniest of details…

    To the last question…do they need to say those words, *I love you*? I think so. It’s the icing on the cake. No matter what else they say to each other or how they act, those words are the epitome of acceptance. When you tell someone *I love you* what you are saying is…I like who you are…I feel good when you’re around…my life is better with you in it…I need you to love me back. It’s scary and painful to put yourself in such a vulnerable position (just ask Booth)…so I don’t see those three little words being spoken for a while…but I do want them both to say it…eventually.

    • Yes, that is the Necklace of Burgeoning Romance. Also seen in Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House during the mac & cheese scene!

      I am waiting for the Depression Bangs and Trench Coats of Heartbreak to disappear. Then we’ll know it’s time for the Naked Bodies of Eventually.

      • Ha! I’m with you on Brennan’s trench coats. I actually thought we got rid of THOSE after DitP, but guess not. Darn. But then again…maybe they’re still around to hide Emily’s baby bump.

        I also forgot to add…unless I missed something…isn’t this the first time Booth has been with the whole group at the FF…since forever? I know they wee all at Brennan’s apt. in DitP, but this is the first time Booth joined all of them for a drink. Nice to see things getting back to *normal*??

      • “Depression Bangs and Trenchcoats of Heartbreak” Well said.

      • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like that hairstyle on Brennan.

      • Love it!

      • I am waiting for the Depression Bangs and Trench Coats of Heartbreak to disappear. Then we’ll know it’s time for the Naked Bodies of Eventually.

        Loved seeing the jewelry on her last night! I think we’re seeing progress very quickly in those departments. In promos for the Finders ep we actually see Brennan boobage and NO trenchcoat. ‘Bout time she reminded us, herself, and Booth that she’s still a woman. No trenchcoat and the bangs are swept to the side in promo shots of the radical honesty ep as well, so it’s moving along quite nicely!

    • I didn’t have a problem with the cab either. If not symbolic, it was practical since they had been drinking. And it was nice to see it pull away in a happy time. That poor cab doesn’t deserve all that negativity. It was just doing its job 😉

    • Shrinky, I wish I were feeling more eloquent, but I really liked what you had to say about the ep, and I agree with you; especially on the cab bit. I kind of rolled my eyes and cringed a bit when I first saw the cab, thinking “not again…” but then I gave it a second and thought, “oh wait, this is totally different than before, they’re both smiling and laughing… this is good.”

      Thanks for pointing out the necklace, I missed it completely. I’ll keep my eyes open for it on the re-watch.

      And I totally agree with you on the “I love you” thing. They will need to say it, eventually, but that time has not come yet. But when it does, I have this feeling that it will have to be Brennan that says it first. In fact, I think it kind of has to be her that takes that step first, but I don’t think it will be anything grand or planned, just an honest, in the moment thing.

    • ShrinkyMojo, again, I agree with you on a lot of things. Thanks!

  17. “What makes us human is that we have compassion and regret.” In last week’s episode, Booth says this to Brennan when telling her that she should apologize to the podiatrist because he was hurting. In the Foot on the Beach, Brennan demonstrated that she does have that compassion but she didn’t need to apologize. She shows that again in yesterday’s episode. By justifying Booth’s story, she was compassionate and didn’t need to apologize for not believing him. It’s also interesting that Brennan states that does not believe that cryptozoology is a science because it takes a myth and works backwards to make it scientific. And that’s precisely what Brennan did with Booth’s Yeti story! Maybe Booth was trying to make her more sympathetic toward the cryptozoologist too.

  18. I love how observant this group of fans is! I missed the necklace and a few other things so I will just have to watch again! I liked this ep better than last week’s but I was still a little disappointed. Most of the ep was spent elsewhere; not enough on B & B. I agree Booth was testing her ability to investigate theories instead of just dismiss those she doesn’t agree with. I loved that she passed this test. However, Brennan’s jokes seemed awkward and forced and it seemed like Booth thought so too. They are on edge all the time. I would like to see them let loose and have some fun and spend more time together and outside of work.
    I too was surprised the cab scene was back. I took it as a sign that they are ‘going for a different outcome’ because neither of them seem to be bothered by the fact that she got in and and he didn’t. They have moved passed the worry that she will permanently leave without him since they are looking forward to their ‘eventually’.

  19. I don’t get why people are so pleased with Booth’s testing and think that Brennan passed it.
    Booth was trying to teach Brennan a lesson that goes against her faith in reason (which is logical, otherwise it wouldn’t be teaching). Her faith in reason, as stated again in this episode, is that even thought there are mysteries she will never understand, for which she will never find a rational explanation, she still believes that there’s a rational explanation for them. Booth saying that: “Just because you can explain something, doesn’t mean that it’s explainable.”, is the opposite of her faith in reason, he was saying that there are stuff that are not explicable, that not every phenomenon has a rational explanation even in theory.
    Now, it is Booth’s right to think that way, I just don’t see it how it is positive for them…

    • And if he was actually saying that just because in theory you can explain something, it doesn’t mean that you can in practice, then there’s no lesson because that is exactly Brennan’s faith in reason…

    • Well I guess all of this is supposed to be “confusing” lol

      • I don’t think he was testing her faith in reason so much as he was testing her faith in him. When she first dismissed his ‘sighting’ out of hand he was angry and called her the equivalent of a flat earther, which obviously hurt her feelings. I don’t think he would have lashed out at her like that if she hadn’t hurt his feelings with her disbelief. It was personal for Booth. When she went to so much effort to prove he’d seen something he didn’t praise her for her scientific open-mindedness, he thanked her for giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  20. I agree with Sunnynala above. I meant he was testing her faith in him not in reason. She trusts Booth enough to know that he saw something in this scenario and she went out of her way to find out what it was even though reason told her it is not a yeti. If it were someone she didn’t care for, then she wouldn’t have made that effort.

  21. I too have been puzzling some of Booth’s questions. It seems to me that they switched places – Brennan with the joking (which she doesn’t do well and kind of freaks me out) and Booth’s factual challenges. However, perhaps what Booth wants Brennan to say is – I have faith and belief in things that don’t make sense – translation (not murder) that even though we don’t make sense, we still work and are real. Sigh. I’d really like some better cases and some complicated plots to put this framework into.

  22. I am bit confused about the scenarios being presented to us in the last few episodes. I am feeling almost that everything is just a POV from Brennan and the rest of the people are all Pawns. She is evolving through this, with all the questions she had about her relationship and partnership with Booth and her life she felt at ease and secure in. Now it is unprotected, because she has so many relationships outside her comfort zone and it still scares her.
    I don’t think that she has to change a lot and I don’t think Booth wants that. But she should let people see who she really is, not just brain, but a lot of heart.

    About that dreadful Trench coat, was there a sale somewhere which I missed? I live right outside of Washington and I only need a coat maybe for 3-4 month a year. They are outside, the Trees and Grass are green, the Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and if you lived through a summer here, you don’t wear a coat. You be sweating bullets.

    • I live in the Baltimore/DC area too. I’ve noticed that the trench coats have been pretty much a constant year-round and so I tend to think it’s a style/wardrobe thing. Plus, HH has admitted that they’re not keeping track of how much time is passing on the show, so I doubt they care about matching wardrobe to the seasons either. I’ve also noticed that Angela pretty much wears sleeveless outfits year-round – it can make your head explode if you think about it too much. 😉

      My personal pet peeve is the fact that it’s snowed in every Christmas episode. We NEVER have snow at Christmas. 🙂

  23. I’m not sure if anyone brought this up, as I didn’t read through all of the responses. But the “myth” conversation practically reverse mirrors the myth conversation about Santa in Santa in the Slush when B&B are in Kris Kringle’s apartment above the toy store. In this scene, Brennan says that all of this info is further evidence that Kris is the mythic figure known as Santa. Booth comes back with a line asking Brennan if she even knows what a myth is. Booth says myth meaning from magic (or something along those lines). And Brennan comes back saying no myth meaning from mythos, latin for word (or something along those lines). Any thoughts on the significance of this conversation role reversal?

    • I thought about it, it also reminds me of the role-reversal in mummy in the maze, where Brennan in on the priest’s side and Booth is not, and Brennan ends up saying that even a empiricist can have a heart and that in the end have to make a leap of faith.
      I guess, there’s a meaning since Brennan says that Booth were just using the wrong “word” to describe what he saw. I guess that in the end they may tell us that when we think about it, Booth and Brennan don’t have opposite POVs (like it has already been suggested by GG), it’s just a matter of semantics, of definitions, the same way Booth said that they don’t have the same definition for “magic”, yet they were talking about the same thing.
      I don’t know how to express what I mean clearly, sorry ^^

    • There was also a role-reversal about what is and what is not a sport, so maybe they just like to argue for the sake of it lol
      In santa maybe it was just for the laughs, or it was another way to imply that Brennan way of thinking is flawed since she was almost ready to believe in Santa just because there were evidence of his existence, that even back then she was rationalizing something that didn’t exist, IDK…

  24. Brennan already believes in things that don’t make sense. In 5×14, tDevilitDetails, this conversation happened at the end:

    Brennan: When I see effects and I’m unable to discern the cause, my faith in reason and consequences is shaken
    Booth: And then, what happens?
    Brennan: 2 + 2 = 4; I put sugar in my coffee and it tastes sweet. The sun comes up because the world turns. These things are beautiful to me.
    There are mysteries I will never understand, but everywhere I look, I see proof that for every effect, there is a corresponding cause even if I can’t see it. I find that reassuring.
    Booth: And life is good again
    Brennan: Life is very good.
    Booth: Yes it is.

    Like someone already said, it could be that Booth wants Brennan to stop dismissing other people’s opinions just because they are not scientific enough for her especially in light of the previous ep, tFitF.

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