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Scene Study: The Verdict in the Story- It Is So Beautiful How You Remain


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This scene study is a little different in that there is not really any dialogue to discuss. But as with a lot of shared moments between B&B, more than just words are expressed.

Verdict in the Story is in my top ten episodes of all time, hands down, and I think the “That’s a lot of heart, Bones” might be my all time favorite Booth quote. I don’t have an official written down list of anything, so if I’ve ever said that ANOTHER line is my all time fave Booth quote, well…I’m not sure what to say.

 But Booth on the stand, defending Brennan’s character, but ultimately admitting she had time to commit murder is just a stunning scene. “Could Bones have killed Kirby? I…Temperance Brennan–I’ve worked with this woman, I’ve stood over death with her, I’ve faced down death with her. Sweets, he’s brilliant…he is, but he’s wrong. She could not have done this.”

…one of the most amazing, romantic moments of the show for me. And not in a flowery way, but in the gritty “they actually could have a life together and make it work” way that B&B seem to define. Gritty Romantic; it’s a new genre. Or scent at Bath and Body Works, either one. Ha.

But as Booth’s words and subsequent “Yes, she had time” echo through the courtroom, the soft strains of “Fountain” begin.

We then see Brennan standing outside the courtroom,

Inside the courtoom, the verdict is close to being read.

Notice the posture of every person in the room who is NOT Booth. Also notice the subtle way he looks toward Max below here.

The judge begins to speak, but Booth isn’t going to stay.

I love that. To me, it means sort of an “It doesn’t matter what the verdict is; nothing’s going to change between you and me” for Booth and Brennan. I also feel like it’s sort of an “I don’t want to be here if she’s not in here.” Or maybe Booth just wants to be near her when he finds out the verdict–or maybe he wants to be near her, FOR her, when SHE hears the verdict. Either way, I love it.

Perhaps Booth is just struggling also with what he would consider his part in getting Max off the hook, and he doesn’t want to physically see that unfold. Earlier in the episode, he and Brennan discussed how they knew Max was guilty, but that they couldn’t ‘know’ it perfectly. But I think we all know it, and I think Booth recognizes that side of himself, that he would (and has) killed for Brennan before.  Perhaps Booth feels a slight twinge of guilt that his previous ‘put the brain in neutral in the heart in overdrive’ resulted in this scenario, and he wants to see what Brennan is thinking. Or perhaps reassure her that he’s NOT mad. Or maybe none of those things. Thoughts from you?

Either way, the music continues and Brennan is outside, and we see Booth approach her. I love the starkness of the white building against their dark clothes.

They are both a bit guarded, which I think is fair. But still, Booth just walks toward her, and Brennan watches. And when he’s close, she moves closer, into his arms.

Still…no words between them.

Angela arrives, and Booth spots her first, pulling back immediately. Brennan doesn’t know Angela is there; she has her eyes on Booth.

I like how Booth sort of pulls away but remains close. It’s interesting then just how far back he DOES pull himself once Max arrives. Angela’s presence signifies a verdict (as she is no longer in contempt?) and Booth and Brennan turn to see Max come into view.

As everyone else walks toward Brennan (and Max), Booth walks away from them. It’s such a fascinating directorial/script writing move, in my opinion. It works–I would just love to know more about the motivation behind it. Does Booth feel like he’s intruding? Is he still having issues reconciling his time on the stand? With the fact that Max has been acquitted? With the fact that Angela found them hugging? Not sure.

The only dialogue comes from Sweets and Caroline, when he asks her if she’s going to charge Brennan. Caroline tells him he has to go back to school on that one; Brennan is one fine woman. Meaning–no.

It’s interesting to me that Booth literally walks away from this scene. Again, I’m not sure what to think of that. Does he feel like he doesn’t belong with Brennan when she’s with her family? Is he just giving her time? Is it just a directorial decision that really doesn’t need analyzed? Haha, well, possible. But that’s never stopped me before.

I think this might be the shortest scene study in history, as far as word count, but…well, the pictures sort of speak for themselves and then some. Perhaps it’s time for B&B to stop talking to one another so much and just look into each other’s eyes and see what happens.

Thoughts from you on this scene?

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40 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Verdict in the Story- It Is So Beautiful How You Remain

  1. Like you this is in my top 10 episodes of all time…it’s VERY near the top!

    The scene with Booth on the stand…it kills me every damn time. So few words and yet so much is said…one of those scenes that reminds me to be grateful that we have a cast that can do that. No words required, it’s all in a look.

    For me, Booth stepping back and then leaving is just his way of giving her time. He’s letting her have that time with Max with no distractions. Plus he’s aware that Russ in particular still isn’t that comfortable around him so maybe he was giving the family as a while time to decompress and find there footing again.

    Or maybe it means nothing at all and he was just going to pick up the car. Who knows?! LOL

  2. Great post! This is one of my favorites scenes, too. I agree that Booth is conflicted in his feelings about Max’s inherent guilt, both in the part he (Booth) has played in attempting to bring Max to justice and also because Booth feels he’d do the same as Max if he had to for Brennan.

    I think he walks away when her other friends and family arrive because he feels that “what is ours is ours” feeling and he’s still, at this point, very private about his personal feelings of “friendship” with Brennan. I think he becomes more comfortable with family and friends seeing them together in later seasons, but all their big moments tend to be private at this point.

    • Great episode, great scene, great analysis! I had never noticed the postures in the courtroom before, but now that you’ve pointed it out, I love how Booth and Max are the only ones slouching and everyone else is straight in their seats. Things like that is definitely why I read BT!

      I’ve always loved the fact that Booth walks away when Angela arrived. I agree with Natalie that they have a very private “friendship” (major air quotes on that one) and later on, he recognizes that this is a moment that Brennan needs with her father and he knows to step aside even more. However, they still get their over the shoulder, smoldering moment of B&B silence, for which I am grateful. Words are so overrated with these two!

  3. This episode is among my top 10 too. Always kills me see how is hard to Booth have to say on stand that Brennan had time to commit murder. And the end scene in front of court house is one of the most romantic B&B scenes that i saw. I think Maybe Booth walks away not cuz he thinks he don’t belong this moments of Brennan w/ her family but i think he wanted left Brennan enjoy for the first time a Father and Daughter tender moment with Max. And that look they share while she hugs Max is that kind of What happen between us is ours.

  4. This is also one of my all time favorite episodes/scenes .

    I believe one of Booth’s dominant qualities (especially at this point in the series) is his selflessness. (it can be both positive and negative, and it’s one reason he continually ignores his own pain/desire until it’s unbearable). According to Booth, he’s always fine. Just fine.

    If you asked Booth what he was thinking during this scene, I think ‘himself’ is the last thing on his mind. He’s thinking about Brennan, and how she’s feeling. He so worried about her and what she’s just been through. He desperately needs to make sure she’s okay. If she’s okay than everything is okay. As soon as he sees her with her family, he believes she’ll be okay. He doesn’t see himself as that important to her, (or anyone else to be honest.) so he walks away, and tells himself he’s glad she’s fine. He’s happy that she’s happy, and any pain he just put himself through, and any conflicting thoughts he might have had don’t matter as long as she’s happy.

    I see some parallels between this Booth storyline and the one in The Critic in the Cabernet. He wants to give Brennan what she wants, no matter what it costs him.

    • I didn’t read your post until after I posted mine…but it appears we totally agree on the selfless Booth…the one who protects everyone…tries to make everything right for them…a lot of times at his own expense. He’s been this way with Brennan…letting her have whatever she wanted…from the beginning. Sometimes I got a little ticked that he put up with some things she did and said…wanting him to stand up for himself more…but in this case, he did absolutely the right thing.

      • I definitely agree with you :), and I find it so interesting that Booth is always talking about doing the right thing and all that it entails. I find myself sad for Booth a lot of the time and this is one of those times. He doesn’t realize that it takes a special kind of person to do what he’s been able to do. He thinks anyone would do what he did in his situation. He doesn’t realize that he deserves to be appreciated. Did you notice that he doesn’t walk away until after Brennan breaks eye contact with him? After she’s thanked him with her eyes and gone back to hugging Max, he knows he’s not needed. His facial expression changes slightly in that moment, and he gives a tiny nod of his head. He’s convinced she’ll be okay now, and he leaves (but hesitantly, because I think there’s a part of him that wished she needed him).

  5. First, also one of my all-time favorite B&B moments and episodes. The ability of DB & ED to tell a whole story with a small movement of a facial muscle is really highlighted in this episode.

    Jacqueline: Love your point about the parallel with Critic. More than anything, it seems, Booth wants Brennan to be happy. He has even told her to run away with Sully at great obvious (to us, if not Brennan) pain to himself.

    Also, great hands. 😉

    Sorry to do this, but there is a glaring directorial mistake (or maybe DB just can’t stand being hidden like that 😉 ) at the beginning the scene on the steps. You can clearly see Booth with hand in pocket behind the column where he’s standing until it’s time for him to walk out to Brennan. It isn’t important, but once I noticed it, I could no longer watch the scene without looking for it.

  6. This scene is one of the best examples of how words could actually be distracting. It’s much more intense than words can express…and I love it we get to have these amazing moments. I treasure every one of them.

    Now…it’s down to the verdict…and Booth goes out to be with Brennan, because he doesn’t want her to be alone…no matter the trial outcome. It seemed natural to me that Brennan wanted to be alone on the steps of the courthouse, mentally preparing for the verdict…having had only herself to rely on in the past…which makes it just that more poignant that Booth is going to make sure that doesn’t happen this time. He knows she’s worried, and he wants to give her his shoulder to lean on…be the one to stand by her…probably because he does feel somewhat guilty that he’s played a part in trying to convict her father, but more so because he wants her to feel that she is not alone in this. Going to her BEFORE the verdict is even known is his way of saying I’m here for you, regardless. Lean on me and let me take some of your pain. I love that Brennan doesn’t hesitate to walk up to Booth and hug him….and despite her need for solitude, she accepts Booth’s comfort without skipping a heartbeat.

    When Booth backs away when he sees Angela, it makes me a little sad. The spell of *what is ours is ours* is broken with Angela’s appearance…and he gives Brennan the space…to be with her best friend…and then her father. None of this is about him…it’s all about Brennan…what she needs, and Booth fades to the background, letting her friend and father have their special moments, too.

    The part of this scene that catches my attention…from these images above…is Brennan hugging Max but looking at Booth the entire time. She never takes her eyes off him…and he can’t take his eyes off her either. I just love that! I saw in her eyes how grateful she is to Booth for just being supportive…knowing what she needed when even she didn’t know…just one of those Boothy things he does.

    When Booth walks off by himself, I’m again a little sad that he doesn’t stay. But he was there for Brennan at the most crucial point…and now is the time for her to be with her father, not him. Booth’s job is done.

    • Perhaps while Brennan is hugging her dad, but looking at Booth, she is silently thanking Booth for giving her the gift of her father. So many times he’s butted into that relationship with his own two cents about her need to forgive her father, give him a chance. While she’s hugging Max she realizes that it was because of Booth that she has him in her life. (A humble, You were right) She’s grateful and finally just puts her head on her father’s shoulders and lives the moment. And with that, Booth walks away.

    • I never really thought that Booth walked off at the end. When Brennan and Booth break eye contact, he just seems to walk down a bit to let her return to having her moment with her dad. I think he still sticks around for her…

  7. Well the courthouse scene is really a microcosm of their whole relationship so far, isn’t it? Booth will not let her suffer alone, he only cares about her happiness, he is willing to step back because he knows it’s not just about him….

    Hmm….am now musing about the FF scene at the end of Daredevil providing a bookend to that; giving Brennan a chance to do for Booth what he has always done for her….

    *off to muse*

  8. I’ve always interpreted Booth’s “That’s a lot of heart, Bones” to be his reaction to her offering herself as a suspect. It’s kind of praise, kinda WTF are you doing? After their conversation in the diner, he knew she was up to something, but he didn’t know what. And offering his help, “no perjury” involved, didn’t mean he wanted to be part of putting her on trial.

    That’s the way I read their scene outside the courtroom, too. How hard was that for Brennan, knowing her father was guilty but in the end, offering herself as a suspect to help set him free. Brennan, who is only concerned with finding ‘the truth’ was a participant in disguising it. To me, their embrace was her need for comfort and Booth’s need to give that comfort.

    Season 3, as shortened as it was, is probably my favorite season. There were so many great moments – including my number one favorite, Booth’s reaction when Brennan kissed him on the cheek (Santa in the Slush, I think?). Best. Moment. Ever.

    • She kissed him on the cheek in “Knight On The Grid”. I always listen for his foot to tap the floor after she kisses him as it adds to the look of “what happened here?” on his face. Just love that scene.

  9. Loved your take on one of my favorite episodes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and those lovely, lovely photos. Agree with many of the observations here, but would like to throw in a potentially different idea just for kicks. Part of me thinks Booth walked away from her to give her space, but another part of me thinks he’s the one who needed the space. I think his own heart had taken him way past “the comfort zone.” I think he needed to back away to remind himself that they’re just partners and that he shouldn’t be holding onto her like that in front of her family and their friends. He needed to regain his own stability. Because he’d just lost it walking through that case with Bones.

    Once he’s standing there, though, I think much of what they’re both thinking as they watch one another silently is that they’re each more than just a little amazed by the other. He’s watching her hold her father tightly knowing that she helped free Max despite her certainty that he was guilty. Booth looks a bit stunned or dazzled. He’d have to be–that was very unexpected from Bones. She definitely appears to be floored by the realization that Booth would have said the things he said–that he would have been right there with her as she followed her heart–that he followed his own in doing something so contrary to pursuing the justice they both seek so doggedly. She might be thinking that Booth might be right. That her heart can do things the way that his does.

    Or not. I know I sit dazzled and amazed every time I watch that scene unfold. Wouldn’t change anything about it. Not one moment. Next time I watch, I’ll be thinking about what you’ve left for us here.

    • It’s also one of my favorites. I definitely agree with you, he needed to step back because he was being drawn back in by her. Booth is all over the needs of the people in his life and she was basically a damsel in distress during the entire mother murdered/father convict ordeal. I think it was a glimpse for him of what he wants, even if he didn’t realize it at that moment… or maybe he did, and that’s why he walked away.

  10. The thing I love about these scene studies is that they show just what awesome actors this show has. I say this a lot but really, if there were an Emmy category for Outstanding Performance Without Dialogue, DB and ED win every year.

    I love spoilers and I even read the “sides” – parts of the script that are leaked when casting guest roles. Sometimes I’ll read dialogue and go “eh, that sounds kind of dull” and then when it’s on screen it had eight layers of depth and it’s just — how much subtext can they even fit in one sentence!

    • I agree totally and 100%, Barbara. Scenes like these would not be possible without these two amazing actors. They may not have Emmys to show for their efforts…but they sure have our love and devotion. The public accolades would be a great acknowledgement…but don’t get me started on a why-I-hate-the-Emmys-and-Oscars-rant. I’d end up sounding like Hodgins with his conspiracy theories. 😀

  11. Oh my, DB looks very Angel leaning up against that column. That man could teach a class on the successful use of facial expressions (probably without saying a word too). What a smoldering set of screen caps!

    You know, I didn’t like this episode AT ALL the first time I watched it. I struggled a lot with the fact that Brennan knowingly got her father off on a murder charge. It just…bugged me. But now? After watching it several times over the summer (and probably once or twice since then too), I can easily say that it’s one of my favorite episodes.

    As far as why Booth moved away, I actually like MiseryMaker’s thought process – that it was Booth himself who needed the space. I could definitely see that being the case.

    But yeah, great scene, great episode, great scene study, and great pics. Off to take another look…:)

  12. ‘Perhaps it’s time for B&B to stop talking to one another so much and just look into each other’s eyes and see what happens.’ Amen, sister! Amen!

    It saddens me the distance they travelled from each other over the this season (and the end of last). These beginning seasons they were so up in each other’s business and space. Lately they have pulled back so much. And no, I’m not in denial of what has happened, it just pains me when I view these earlier episodes. So much ground to regain between them. So much faith and trust to place in each other to be at ease and comfort again. Sigh. It will come. (And nothing like a road trip to help that, eh?!) 🙂

    I agree with the comments mentioned above about the selflessness Booth lives by (Jacquelyn, ShrinkyMojo). He functions in a system of justice that is a bit subjective (like Max) and I believe he is conflicted about what Brennan has done to cast doubt upon Max’s guilt. He probably resents Max a little for making Brennan widen her definition of justice (Kinda like, You better be worth it!- in the glance as he walks out of the courtroom). But he’s going to be there for Brennan because what she did was a sacrificial act of the heart that he is so familiar with. I like the idea that he didn’t fully step away until she stopped looking at him.
    ‘He’s happy that she’s happy, and any pain he just put himself through, and any conflicting thoughts he might have had don’t matter as long as she’s happy.’ — That is love. Laying down your life (reputation, innocence) for someone you love- Brennan for her dad, Booth for Brennan…

    I guess I don’t have any real thoughts of my own today but gleaming AMENS! to those already said above! 😀

    And as much as I LOVE Seel’s ability to fill in the gaps between B&B, I would so sincerely LOVE to hear HH or DB or ED’s thoughts behind these scenes. To be a fly in the writers’ room would be a happy day for me!

    • I totally agree with your first point.

      Although I am glad that things seem to have turned the corner for B&B, they still seem so-o far away from each other, so tentative in their dealings with each other, that it is still breaking my heart. This is most abundantly clear when you see earlier eps like this.

      They were a bit more playful in the most recent ep, but it’s so tentative, so careful, I wonder if they will ever be able to get back to being able to simply enjoy being together, to hug each other without a second thought in support as here. Those things seem so far way now.

  13. Verdict In The Story is in the top five of my favorite episodes. Thanks for the pictures and this scene.

    What I always find interesting about this scene is that Brennan’s best friends, Angela and Booth, are both standing to the side and away from everyone else as Brennan hugs her father. The two people that love Brennan the most, separate themselves from Brennan and everyone else. They give her room to be with her father, someone Brennan loves and at the sames time doesn’t trust. They make sure this is a Brennan and Max moment.

    At this point in their relationship, I always felt that Booth considered Brennan part of his family. He loves her because she is Brennan. This may not mean that he is “in love” with her; but, he does love her and would do anything for her. When Brennan was standing there on the steps, waiting for the verdict, Booth felt that it was more important to be with Brennan when she found out the Verdict in The Story. This is what family does. They stand by your side in the good and the bad. Booth is a loyal friend and partner and he once again proved to Brennan that he was the person in the world that she can trust and rely upon. No matter what.

  14. Also, there are no shots of Brennan’s face during their hug. (at least from the recap above) The moment is not about her and how she’s feeling, it’s about Booth. It’s about his offer of comfort, security and support.

    He’s such an awesomely written male figure. (inho) I’d like to meet someone like him. (gorgeous or not!)

  15. This is, hands down, my favorite BONES episode. I’ve watched it probably more than 30 times, according to my netflix anyway. Any time I’m sad, nervous, exhausted, or facing a tough situation, I watch this episode. I find so much comfort in watching Booth comfort Brennan, up close and at a distance. But at the same time, she subtly comforts him. It is this episode that makes me certain that when we see Brennan and Booth together, it will be it truly will be as Booth likes to say “magic”!

  16. (Hey, what happened to my post? I think I accidentally erased it! Anyway………)

    I haven’t read the omments yet so someone else may have mentioned this. I think when Brennan first sees Booth on the steps, she assumes the verdict is in and Max has been found guilty. even though Angela smiles at her, I’m not sure she processes the fact that Angela’s smile means Max is also free. I love Brennan’s own smile when she sees Max coming toward her. Have we ever seen her smile like that before?

    My take on Booth’s feelings at this point is that he is not sure yet himself what outcome he desired, but that he wanted/needed to be with Brennan when they both learned the verdict. I believe that if Max were convicted, Booth thought he would lose Brennan forever. No more partnership, no more friendship, no more possibility of any romantic relationship no matter how remote and unacknowledged it was at that point. And he did not know the outcome when he left the courtroom, although he probably guessed when he saw Angela’s expression.

    At that point, he moved away for several reasons: because he didn’t want to intrude, because he knew he had bent the rules enough to allow Brennan to introduce reasonable doubt and felt guilt about having done so despite seeing the joy in her face, because his mind was in a whirl and he didn’t trust himself around Max. What on earth could he have said to Max at that point? “Congrats, Max, you old con man. Like father, like daughter, huh?” That must have been going through his mind. That’s what I think his bitter almost-smile means when he meets Brennan’s eyes as she hugs her dad.

    • Just reread my own post and lest anyone construe it as Booth bashing or downplaying his affection for Brennan — NOT. I agree he would do just about anything for Brennan, including threatening a gang leader or one of Max’s old cronies should any perceived harm come to her. But I do think he might have had a little niggling wonder whether he had been conned, despite his reluctant admiration of Max as a stand-up criminal and his happiness for Brennan that her family has been returned to her.

  17. Booth, to go against his own principal and find a way to help a friend set free her father from being charged of murder, is in my eyes the ultimate sign of love. And then he tells her, that she has a lot of heart to take on the burden of being a suspect too. So he sees in that action, that his help towards a relationship between Brennan and Max has been successful and he can step away from them, knowing she is safe.
    Yes this scene is one of my favorite ones too and I have watched it many times. It just gets me all the
    time, what awesome characters this show has.
    But isn’t it a bummer, that Angela has to come between them always in the wrong time? Look also at “Night in the Museum.” Party P……..!

  18. The first time I watched this episode I was not nearly as invested in the show as I am now. Originally I didn’t like it as the breach of ethics bothered me too much. Now I try to ignore that aspect and just appreciate the overwhelming emotions shown. Booth’s eyes just ooze love and Brennan’s ooze gratitude and amazement at the gift he gave her. My original take on why Booth steps away was that he somewhat regretted what he did but now in hindsight I think it is a combination of wanting to give her space and some family time and Booth needing a little space. He just spilled his heart out in open court for all to hear and I think he was overwhelmed by the depth of his feelings for her. The last thing he needed right then was for Angela to push him about his feelings which might have happened if he stayed. Stepping away was the right thing.

    • Yes, I thought the same about the ethical fallout of this scene. I am not a lawyer or Judge, so I can’t really interpret the law. But I think Caroline would have said something if there was anything not legal.
      I also think Booth was still a little bit uncomfortable with all of this, because later in another episode he said something like this: “And this comes from a woman who got her Father off Dead Row (or similar).

  19. Looking at that last screencap, Angela is as far away from Brennan/Max as Booth is. Even Russ is close to the action, but outside the bubble of Brennan/Max.

    It really is about a father and daughter forgiving and reuniting. Not only did Brennan give her dad a great gift in helping him get out of jail, she showed him great trust. In jail, he couldn’t leave her again. She’s giving Max his freedom, either believing he will not leave her again or willing to accept it either way.

    I know we tend to analyze everything in Booth/Brennan terms, but the show is about Bones, and at the end of the scene, it’s her moment, I think.

  20. This is my favorite BB episode of all time. It always will be. Even the episode where they eventually get together… It can’t top this, because this whole thing was them. This episode contained nearly every facet of their relationship.

    I wish they did more courtroom episodes. Verdict and BWTA were both great.

  21. ahh, I need to go watch this episode right now! I’d def say this makes it in my top 5 (clearly I’m not the only one).

    One of my favorite parts is when Booth and Brennan are at the crime scene together and Caroline shows up to tell them they can’t works together anymore. And Brennan is like, “What? Because I laughed at Booth?” And Booth in this super sincere voice is like, “Yeah, that really doesn’t bother me.”

    They’re both just horrified that Caroline is splitting them up. And then in that little cocky voice (because Brennan can be really cocky too) she tells Booth. “Well, you’re not going to solve it without me” And gives that little head shake that’s very Brennan.
    I think I love almost every scene and dialogue in this episode. From Clark’s “I have lain with woman” speech to Booth’s “that’s a lot of heart” tortured admission on the stand. As much as I continue to enjoy Bones, regardless of the storyline, watching this episode does make understand why there’s so much nostalgia for the earlier seasons.

  22. This is a great episode, and like everyone else – one of my favourites.

    In particular, my breath catches in my throat when Booth is on the stand and it dawns on him what Brennan has done. You can almost see the ‘oh no’ moment cross his face just before he says my all-time favourite Booth-line, ‘that’s a lot of heart, Bones’. Something that always strikes me is how much he wants to be able to disprove her new ‘interpretation of the facts’. I honestly believe that Booth would rather Max get convicted than have to admit that Brennan had time to commit that murder. Not because there’s the slightest possibility she did obviously, but because it goes against his personal ‘partner-code’. He was confident in why he had to testify against Max, he didn’t like it, but he could rationalise it within the confines of his job. But in those silent seconds on the stand and he’s looking at Brennan, she’s looking back and her eyes are almost pleading with him. If not pleading, then there’s definitely permission there.

    There is a quick, powerful moment when he looks at Max and the look on his face is a mix of resentment and resignation a ‘I can’t believe what you’ve made her do, and in turn, what I’m going to have to do now’

    It’s a beautiful moment when they hug outside – I love that he went out to be with her. It reminded me of on the dock after Sully left, she turns around and there he is – she’s a bit surprised to see him but he’s there for her. This time, she’s not surprised at all that he’s there, just grateful. That hug is probably one of the only times in the series when she’s let herself be comforted by him so unhesitantly.

    Something I noticed in the last seconds of this episode – when Booth is walking down the steps away from Max and Brennan (incidentally, I believe he’s moving a bit further away, not leaving), an attractive woman walks up the steps in front of him and you can see Booth turn his head to look at her. I don’t know why that makes me smile, it just does, it’s very natural and human after the emotional episode.

  23. I also LOVE this scene. I think it is one of my favorites. So much is said without words, by using very intimate looks between the characters. Every time I hear Booth say “That’s a lot of heart Bones”, I cry. You can see his feelings in his eyes at that point. He knows Brennan well enough to know that this decision was well thought out, he knows how much she agonized over it, and he knows that she knows the consequences of her actions. I also noticed the look that Brennan gives him back, she knows the pain it caused Booth to answer this question, and she is hurt by causing him that pain. I think this is one of the few times that Brennan actually makes a decision from the heart; it is one of the major emotional changing points for her. I also think they both realize how deep their emotions are becoming toward each other.
    I agree with the idea that Booth leaves to be with her, FOR her, when SHE hears the verdict. He know how emotionally difficult this experience has been on her, and he wants to help her deal with those emotions. Remember, she was very ‘impervious’ at this point and her walls are just starting to break down, so he feels she needs him to help guide her. I watched this scene repeatedly and as he approaches, her it’s as if her look says “Do you understand?” and he gives a slight shoulder shake and the look on his face says, “I do” but this is a big step for you. Then he takes her in his arms, to let her know how much he cares. I think this was one time he needed the hug more than she did, because he needs to know she is still there and he will be with her no matter what happens from this point forward.
    On the next point, I think Booth leaves because he wants her to recreate that father- daughter bond between her and her father. In the previous episodes, he has pushed her to visit her father; he knows that she was very close to her father growing up, and he wants her to have that closeness again, so he walks away. He doesn’t want any conversation between him and her about what happened in the courtroom. He wants her to only focus on her father, and as she hugs her father, she looks to Booth as if to say, “Thanks for giving me this back”, and I love Caroline, when she says, “That is a fine woman there”, because she also knows how hard this decision was for her to make. Booth walks away as the refrain from the song goes “It is so beautiful how you remain”, because he knows he is the constant in her life, and he WILL always be there no matter what she does.
    Well this went a lot longer than I wanted, but like I said this is one of my favorite episodes, so I kinda got carried away. I also would like to thank you for these blurbs; I look forward to them every day.

  24. Hey Sarah,awesome post!
    I have been reading this blog for a long time and my list of fav Bones epidsodes doesn’t always match up to everyone else’s, but this one is definately high up on the top 10 of mine too.

    Seriously, every single time I watch this episode( and I watch it alot) I scream ‘Why don’t we have episodes like this anymore?!’ There are few episodes that can match the emotional depth of this one, and that’s saying something because Bones usually has alot of it ( I’m thinking of your post called “Bones makes me angry” or something similar).

    I think its lovely that Brennan smiles at Booth when she’s hugging her dad.I think at that moment she KNOWS(not talking of knowing the way Booth said he did) but she knew something. Maybe she knew how important he was to her, maybe she really REALLY realized what a good man Booth is maybe she was just grateful. But whatever it was, it was beautiful to me.

    As for Booth walking away, I am kinda lost but I do have one theory. I think its somewhat of a what’s-between-them-is-their’s situation going on here. I feel the emotional support Booth gives Brennan is one of those things that is just for the two of them; in the scene in the courthouse this sort of comes out into the open. He may want to keep this just for them. Who knows what happened in the days immediately following this episode. There’s a lot of time in Bones-verse that we don’t get to see that I REALLY wish we could.

    And now that I have used the word really so many times I shall stop.

  25. This episode is definitely up there in my all-time favourites. It is just so awesome in all ways.

    Personally, I see Booth’s leaving the courtroom and choosing to be with Brennan in that moment as ultimately him showing that no matter what the circumstances, he’s always on her side. (Side note: Thanks so much for pointing out Booth’s posture in the courtroom scene! I had never noticed that before!) Earlier in the episode the team is lamenting over the fact that it’s them against Brennan, and Booth encourages them to pursue justice, because that’s what Brennan wants. He tells her just before he testifies that none of them want to be working against her, and even though he knows he’s doing his job, I think he still feels like in some way he’s not giving her the support he would normally be giving in this situation. Him going to be with her when the verdict falls demostrates to me that since he couldn’t be her support system during the trial, he is definitely her support in the end. He stands with her/by her in the end, as he ALWAYS will.

    I remember talking about this episode some time ago and someone pointing out the gravity of the moment, and so I went back and rewatched the episode with a renewed outlook. When I first watched this episode I didn’t really appreciate how serious Brennan’s sacrifice was – that she could actually be arrested for this crime and how detrimental Booth’s testimony, his admission that she had “time”, could be to her. It makes me think that in some small way, Booth also went to her and wanted to be with her in that final moment because perhaps he knew that he might have put her in jeopardy and that moment on those steps might be her last moments of freedom. I don’t mean it to sound melodramatic, just that it could have all gone wrong for her after his testimony. If Caroline had been some random prosecutor who didn’t know Temperance Brennan and her integrity, she could have easily followed up on her as the next accused.

    All in all, it’s a phenomenal scene/episode and I’m so glad you posted it as a scene study!

    • P.S. I totally forgot to add why I think Booth walks away at the end. I think he wanted for Brennan to have that moment with her father, because she made a huge sacrifice for him and they deserved that moment together, but it’s so brilliant that they’re looking at each other even as she hugs Max, because it’s like she was saying, “without you and what you did today, I wouldn’t be having this moment.”


  26. You know, it’s funny… the first time I watched this episode, I had only seen season 1, but not season 2, and it is probably the first episode that really, really affected me and made me want to watch it over again and again (so I did). If this episode (and in particular, this scene) is THAT POWERFUL even if you don’t know what is going on in the episode, then it shows the strength of the writing, acting, and everything else on the show. Moments like this last scene are why I watch the show.

    I was just thinking about Booth’s supportive distance (that’s a fun new phrase)… and then I started thinking about the Woman in Limbo. I would say that up through season 3, maybe up until this moment, Booth’s focus was was on Brennan. Like others have mentioned, Booth is selfless, to a “t” — and I think that is part of what was going on. It was like he was holding the rope for her while she was going down into a cavern, and at the end of season 3, at Pain in the Heart, he decided to tie the rope to a tree and go with her.

  27. Oh yeah!

    This was my first Bones epi, with Booth defending Bones on the stand as the first Bones scene I saw, and well, look where I am now:) His passion and words just blew me away and I needed to know how one man could speak so certainly about another person.

    An absolute favorite episode. Wow. This man held the woman in such high esteem that it was captivating.

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