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Scrummy Conundrum: Have Booth and Brennan Been Making Love This Entire Time?


Okay, okay…of course I don’t mean that they’ve been sleeping together. As a lot of us feel, if that were the case (Chandler & Monica style), someone will PAY! What I mean is…based on Booth’s definition (two things occupy the same space, two become one, etc)…is ‘the center’ that shared space?

We talked a bit ago about whether or not Brennan is truly the center, but let’s say for this argument that they are both equal halves (or complete wholes joined, if you prefer).

Have Booth and Brennan (and a lot of us) confused sex with making love, insomuch as they’ve been (to use a cliché), breaking the laws of physics for a long time. Isn’t that what Booth means when he says they don’t make sense?


Okay, also yes, there will be (BETTER BE!) a time when B&B do share the same space and that space is a bed/desk/couch/kitchen counter/nearest wall/back seat/ hockey locker room/ pool/ take your pick.

But until then, is there validity to the idea that the center already is that (and has lately been stretched?)

You didn’t think I was going to let you have a relaxing Monday, did you?
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45 thoughts on “Scrummy Conundrum: Have Booth and Brennan Been Making Love This Entire Time?

  1. If it is the case, it’s not very satisfying, at least not for me. The way Booth describes it, it’d better be something more than just their current state of partnership!

  2. Very interesting question for a Monday morning!

    I would be inclined to say, looking at it from a purely NON-physical point of view, that yes, they have been two halves of the same whole (or one) for quite awhile. At least they were prior to this season. I think the point of this season is that the center DIDN’T hold (HH said something similar at the beginning of the season when he compared B&B’s separation to a divorce and the rest of the Jeffersonian team to “the kids” and then asked the question: What happens when everyone comes back together?).

    B&B are now in the process of recreating that center. This time I think it will culminate with a physical coming together instead of just an emotional one – and when that all happens, I think we’ll see a center that is even stronger than it was before. But it’ll be stronger not because of the physical act of making love, but because the foundation, the very core of that center, will be stronger. Brennan is ready to commit. Booth has acknowledged the reality of their differences. They’re both willing to find common ground. Those are the building blocks for a strong foundation.

  3. Well Sarah, you know how I feel about the sex vs love thing!

    Yes, I think B and B have been “together” for ages. HH and DB have always said this –they are together, they just don’t have sex. This was spelled out for the audience this season via Angela.

    I think it’s a byproduct of our modern era that we (the general we not anyone specific) equate love with sex. If two characters aren’t having sex, absent some wacky scenario, they aren’t in love.

    Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, Elinor and Edward, Jane and Mr Rochester, Cathy and Heathcliff…can you imagine their audiences tossing away their books in disgust and saying “when are they gonna do it already! I do not accept this love story without some bodice ripping!”

    (Okay Cathy and Heathcliff maybe did…)

    There is a part of me that wonders if HH got so sick of hearing “why aren’t BB together yet?” that he gave us season 6 to say “see, this is what NOT together looks like”.

    • “There is a part of me that wonders if HH got so sick of hearing “why aren’t BB together yet?” that he gave us season 6 to say “see, this is what NOT together looks like”.”

      This is EXACTLY how it feels to me!! For all they have gone through, together and with each other’s support, they were DEFINITELY occupying the same space, becoming one. Now they are a far cry from that place.

      But hopefully this gives us another year (or two?) of getting back to the love making! (in every single way!) 🙂

    • Barbara –

      I’ve had a lengthy offline discussion on this point with rynogeny.

      I don’t think HH is lying. I do think there is intent to get them together. I just think that a lot of stuff could get in the way of that actually happening, esp if TPTB decide it’s better that way for whatever reason they may have.

      As i said, my main lesson this year is: believe nothing coming from TPTB. They may not outright lie, but they do put out disinformation and do tease the fans a lot. That’s their right, but it leads me to the conclusion that I can’t trust anything they say. That affects my expectations and therefore my satisfaction with the show.

      Aside: the only really important equation in marketing is

      Satisfaction = Performance – Expectation

      I’ve stopped expecting anything that won’t upset me, so I’m prepared when they do something horrible. Things are better now, but B&B are still pretty far away from each other, which continues to upset me.

  4. Thank a lot to make me have B&B dirty thoughts early in the morning ! Well, In fact is obvious they’re making love with each other since the day thye met on their minds. B&B are making love with each other on their minds in different and ways and places. Aganst the wall, back seat of the SUV, Bren apart, Booth’s apart, well after H disaster i think not so much but you can name it and i think on their minds they already did everything on everywhere included page 187 !!! That’s why where the time they start to do the real thing not longer only on their minds you’ll be breathless and B&B too cuz they’ll won’t stop anymore.

  5. I think Barbara has a point, There is a part of me that wonders if HH got so sick of hearing “why aren’t BB together yet?” that he gave us season 6 to say “see, this is what NOT together looks like”.

    If you think about it, Booth and Brennan have been “together” pretty much since “Bonesless Bride In The River”. When Sully left, that left Booth without a rival for Brennan. Brennan had other relationships; but, nothing like Sully. After Sully left, Booth and Brennan were in constant orbit around each other. They had a little separation when Zach went to Iraq; but, once he was back at the Jeffersonian, Booth and Brennan worked together all of the time. Ok, not, for a few weeks when Booth was shot by Pam; but, I hope you understand what I am getting at. They always need to be together. If Booth went out in the field with anyone else, Brennan let Cam or Booth know she didn’t like it. If they are not working together, they are having chinese food, or french fries, or coffee together. They pop up in each other’s apartment. One is always calling the other. They hang out with each other when they don’t have to. They are most definitely a couple and yes there does not have to be sex involved to be a couple. And yes, season six has definitley show us what Not being together means, when it comes to Booth and Brennan. Actually I had never thought of season six like that; but, now that we see how they are apart, we will now appreciate it even more when they are completely together. They may not make sense to Booth; but, they do make sense to me. They love each other and though there are huge differences between them, there is also a love they have together that will make those differences moot.

    • It makes me laugh how Booth ‘doesn’t understand them as a couple’! What, exactly, has he been thinking all these years as he was building a life around her? 🙂 All of a sudden he worries about it? Silly, silly Booth. Ironically, Brennan seems to have settled that question already and doesn’t seem too phased by it. 😀 That a girl!

      And something else I have struggled with- when did they go from having pie after a case to drinking all the time? I understand that they’re life is full of stresses (and certainly more so than anybody could really endure in real life) but it made me kinda sad when Booth tried to get them to have ice cream at his place after a case and Brennan scoffed it and they ended up with beers (in a much earlier season). Does it mean something that they aren’t able to unwind/destress without alcohol? Did it change when their feelings, the strength of their partnership, was beginning to mean too much to them? I know it’s a show, and they do it all the time (as lots of people do) but I enjoyed their ability to lean in on each other without the booze.

      • I think Booth’s “we don’t make any sense” comment wasn’t worrying it was more like “after all we’ve been through, here we are again, ain’t life crazy”.

        As for drinks vs. pie – i think you hit the nail on the head there. Sharing meals was intimate in a way having a drink is not. Booth didn’t just give her ice cream – he fed it to her. That’s not a partner thing, and they knew it, hence dialing back to ‘I’d rather have beer.’

      • The pie scenes went away because of Sweets. Sweets pretty much told Brennan (with Booth within hearing) that Booth trying to get Brennan to eat pie was a form of suduction. If you know your brother has a problem with alcohol and you experienced your fathers rath after he had a few, I would think Booth would be leary of drinking at all. Beer can be bad but knocking back shots has to be worse. I wish there was a little less booze and a lot more ice cream.

  6. First: apologies for the excessive length of this post.

    In a word: No.

    This may be a semantic issue. I’m not sure. Or, you may be making the argument that DB makes that they are already together, but I don’t see how they are already “making love” even if we don’t mean the sexual act.

    I don’t see the “center” as Booth meant it by the reflecting pool or as they meant it in Mastodon as meaning that they are occupying the same space and thus breaking of the laws of physics.

    First, I have always interpreted Booth’s statement about making love and breaking the laws of physics fairly literally. He is talking about the difference between making love and having sex. Those are two different things emotionally even if they seem the same physically. So, I don’t see “the center” as discussed as being a place where they are breaking the laws of physics and becoming one in that sense.

    When I interpret the notion of them being the center that must hold, I see them as being the center in two ways:
    1) They explicitly acknowledge that they are the center of their “de facto crime fighting unit.”
    2) I also think they became the center of each others’ lives — or did — and are trying to find their way back to each other now.

    This is making me cry.

    For four years they were moving in this direction, slowly. They never discussed it. They were just becoming more and more a part of each others’ lives. I think that the coma dream was, in a way, the first “discussion” of really being together as a couple. In the early part of S5, I think they were moving in this direction — or HH wanted us to think they were. We see this movement in many of those ealy episodes:

    * Harbingers — Booth acknowledges his love for Brennan; Brennan is confronted by Harmonia with how Booth feels about her
    * Bond in the Boot — that plumbing scene and what it tells us about Brennan’s feelings toward Booth
    * Neighborhood — being his village and giving them the key to the pool

    I could go through all the episodes up to the 100th along these lines. I will note that in the Dwarf in the Dirt, Foot in the Foreclosure, Night at the Bones Museum, and Goop on the Girl, we really see how their closeness is growing and evolving. The scene where Brennan says Booth may be right about love and their discussion about soul mates at the end of Bones on the Blue Line are other moments when we see how their relationship is evolving. And, of course, Bones ignores the truth to protect Booth in Proof in the Pudding. That’s a huge step for her.

    But, then we get the 100th episode. It may be a well-done episode. DB amd ED are amazing, and DB did a terrific job directing, but I still hate it and I still hate the direction it has taken us. Especially because it seemed such an abrupt turn around from where they had been going in the earlier part of the season.

    But, that’s another issue that’s been debated to a fare thee well.

    So, I’m not sure what you mean by “making love” in this context. I think they were acting toward each other like people who love and/or are in love with each other. But, I don’t see that as “making love.” And, at this point they are still very far from occupying the same space in any way.

    As to Booth’s remark about them not making sense, I don’t see it that way either. I think it’s his attempt to find peace of mind. He has to reconcile everything that has happened in the last year. Especially how he could love Hannah and ask her to marry him once he knew that Bones does love him. (I’m working on an essay about the proposal, so I won’t get into that here.)

    In a way Hannah made more sense. She didn’t run away from him; in fact, she ran to him, leaving a job she loved and traveling half way around the world to be with him. She was an openly loving person. She shared many traits with Bones, even if she was Bones “lite.” She didn’t speak squint. She wasn’t dismissive of his capabilities. She was considerably lower maintenance than Brennan.

    But, she wasn’t Bones, and Bones is who he really loves. But, he still has to get past all the pain from Brennan as well as Hannah. And, he has to trust Bones with his heart again. Given their history, that’s a risky proposition. In some very real ways, the two of them being a couple does not make sense. If you think about it, even being partners doesn’t make a lot of sense, especially given what happened on their first case.

    In short, the two of them occupying the same space in any way (just being a couple, just being partners, or making love) doesn’t make a lot of sense. They are too different in many important ways. Still, we have known, as has everyone around them, for years that they belong together. Love often doesn’t make sense.

    So, again, I guess I am interpreting things fairly literally.

    Now I really have to go write an exam for use at 1:30 today. I stayed up all night playing videogames like an idiot.

    • When I first saw the 100th, I was as shocked as you were. I thought all the episodes were leading up to the opposite of what happened.

      However, since what happened did happen, I re-watch the pre-100 episodes with an eye toward looking at all the ways B&B were NOT moving in the direction you described.

      To use your examples:

      *Harbingers – Booth may be aware, but so many other things about him have changed since his coma that he’s unsure if he’s even himself – he says as much to cam. As for Harmonia – why on earth would Temperance Brennan accept the word of a tarot card reader as truth? Brennan does NOT believe Harmonia has any divining skill, Brennan rejects all magic, psychics, etc. I don’t see why we should believe that Brennan puts any stock in Harmonia’s predictions. This episode also shows how upset Brennan is that Booth is not just like he was. She does not like change.
      *Bond in the Boot – In the sink fixing scene, Booth says they don’t keep secrets, and yet they are both keeping secrets right then! Brennan lied about wanting to learn plumbing, Booth is keeping a BIG secret…what Brennan says is that sometimes, from Booth’s perspective, she thinks their differences are surmountable…sometimes, from a certain perspective…a lot of uncertainty there
      *Neighborhood – she gives them the pool key, but outright dismisses the idea that she could be Booth’s girlfriend.

      She wasn’t ready. She just plain was not ready and in every episode of season 5 that shows her getting ready, there’s an element that shows why she’s not there yet.

      So, got that off my chest…

      Now, occupying the same space…I don’t look at it as occupying THE same space, but as having the same space in each other’s lives. There’s a Brennan-shaped hole in Booth’s life that no other woman can fit into. There’s a Booth-shaped hole in Brennan’s life that no other man can fit into. In that sense, I think they occupy an equivalent space, which is synonymous with “same” and yet not quite the…um…same!

      • I saw the same thing as Barbara in season 5-a Booth that was in love, but wasn’t entirely sure of that, and a Brennan that definitely had affection for her partner but still seemed to prefer the safety of their surrogate relationship over anything deeper. Nothing in Brennan’s behavior led me to think she would just bound into his arms if he declared his love. In fact, in some ways season 5 made things worse for her. While she may have enjoyed a romp in the hay with Booth prior to this season (and who wouldn’t-hay, grass, sand…oops, I digress), the depth of her feelings for him increased dramatically after he almost died and this made the stakes a lot higher for her. Now she had something major to lose if she slept with him and things didn’t work out-her heart. During most of season 5 I see her almost refusing to acknowledge those adoring, hand-dog looks he gives her during the beginning of that season, although it’s partly his fault after the “atta girl” comment. This isn’t just hindsight-i felt this way when I was watching those episodes firsthand, which is why Brennan’s reaction in the 100th didn’t seem to come out of the blue for me.

      • Barbara –

        I agree in part. Yes, things weren’t perfect in early S5, but they were both beginning to face their feelings — individually if not together.

        I do agree that Brennan wouldn’t give Harmonia much credence, but I also think she was struck by what Harmonia said. The look on her face isn’t her usual disdainful look. There’s some surprise and uncertainty there. And whether because of Harmonia or not, Brennan is looking at Booth differently in early S5.

        Although I mostly agree with you, I still think it was a rude 180 that HH pulled on us. If, as some say, it was just because he was sick of hearing “why aren’t they together” then it was certainly not organic or driven by the characters. Once again people are making an argument in support of something that they hate (what happened to B&B over the last year). I guess people have to find their own peace of mind about it. But, I will never accept that it was organic or necessary. That is not to say that I wanted them to jump into bed in S5, but that I see the road HH took as a typical soap opera trope — the oldest plot device in the book. I will always see it as a failure of imagination and courage.

        Maybe they’ll be stronger — or maybe the residual effects of what has happened will keep them from ever really risking their hearts again. While they seem to be heading in the right direction, I still don’t trust TPTB to get them to eventually. And, now they have this nifty excuse of ED’s pregnancy if they want to throw another wrench into the works.

        The one thing we should have learned is that you can’t trust anything they say about what is coming.

      • Well the “sick of hearing they weren’t together” was really sort of a joke on my part.

        I don’t see the 100th as a 180. I think every season there’s been groundwork laid for getting together and not getting together. You’re right, that the storytelling *isn’t* always organic because HH has to answer to a lot of other people and I’m sorry, but no matter how sure we devoted fans are that we will be just as happy to have them together and we don’t believe in a Moonlighting Curse, etc there is a huge audience of casual viewers and focus groups that tell a whole different story and Fox and HH unfortunately have to consider that too.

        I think HH has done a very good job of putting in enough “evidence” to make an “official” coming together plausible at the end of every season, and also enough evidence to make a continued keeping apart plausible.

        As for trust – HH has said over and over that B/B are endgame. It’s not the end yet. To me, it’s that simple. The guy is a businessman. The idea that he would purposely lie to the fans to amuse himself — I just think he has better things to do with his life, you know? Practically speaking, how is it to his advantage to set up a six or seven years romantic story and then NOT have it pay off? It would effect DVD sales, the popularity of repeats, the popularity of his future shows…

        It’s just…I don’t see how “lying” to the audience benefits HH in any way, unless he just enjoys…what? Annoying total strangers? Again, I just think he has a whole life going on and he’s really not rubbing his hands together thinking “I will upset the viewers and that will amuse me!”

      • I believe it was HH’s maddening plan the whole time to shake things up in B/B’s relationship-just hear the narrator’s voice in the End in the Beginning before the start of season 5 (and I paraphrase): “there’s a storm approaching” and all the references to “the man” and “the woman” not being the same now as they were or will be.

    • Another thing to remember is at the end of season four, they were renewed for season five and six. So even if HH blew everything up in the end of season five…HH knew he at least had season six to “fix” it. So when he pushed for a two year renewal, I think he knew exactly what was coming. He said “We have talked about for years what would it look like if we put someone perfect for Booth in between Brennan and Booth.” Now I definitely don’t think Hannah was perfect for Booth and I really did not enjoy the first half of season six and not a lot sense the 100th….but looking back….I am not surprised this is how it is working out. I do hope they get that really deep friendship and chemistry back. I see glimpses but it isn’t there yet and as much as I want them together….I don’t want them together until their friendship is solid and that spark is back!

  7. Hmmm. Well I have started thinking those that say they are already together have been on to something, and that Angela was exactly right when they returned for the sixth season & she said that they were already a couple except for the sex.

    So I guess season six is a season of adversity in their relationship and they’ll come through this stronger than ever, and when they are ready to start making love physically instead of just metaphorically they’ll have an even stronger base to build that lasting relationship on.

    Reading your post I just had this sudden image of the ying/yang symbol representing them; the center. It was pulled a bit apart this season and now it’s coming back together, and this time I can just picture it swirling, becoming more entwined so that it’s much harder to pull apart in the future. Something to where its hard to separate one from the other because the are so wrapped up within each other…like a spinning swirl. 🙂

    Of course it’s Monday morning, I’ve only had one cup of coffee and I might be typing nonsense. It’s just the image that came to mind and it made perfect sense to me.

  8. I wish we could “like” individual posts….someone tell WordPress to get on that, mmmkay?

    I don’t think they’ve been “making love” but I do think they’ve been “creating love.”

    At least, they were until this season. I’ve been rewatching the series starting from the beginning and the difference from where I am in the rewatch (just starting season four) versus switching to new episodes is jarring. It’s one thing to complain in my head about this year, it’s another to see it in stark juxtaposition with a previous season.

    But, watching the buildup also makes me feel better about the outcome. It feels like a very slow, deliberate pace – “creating love” so when those laws of physics come into play, they will both know what it means to break them.

    • I so get you about previous episodes. Yesterday’s scene study made me teary eyed. They were so close, once!

      I now think that it was actually happening too fast for Brennan – which is crazy to say when the audience is thinking “SIX YEARS! GAAAHHH!”

      But Brennan is not like regular people, which sounds worse than I mean it.

      • I totally get that.

        I also believe that B&B could have had a torrid, physical relationship six years ago that stayed within the bonds of ‘physical’ and flamed hot and burned out quickly.

        But, I’m glad it didn’t happen that way. Look what they – and we – would have missed.

      • Oh yeah. Based on what we know of Brennan’s season 1/pre-season 1 character, if she’d gone home with Booth that night, it might have been great sex, but she’d have snuck out before he even woke up and not taken his calls. Or maybe she’d say “that was great, when can we have sex again” and keep sneaking out before he wakes up, or kick him out before he could even fall asleep until Booth just got tired of it, like Peter did. And with Peter, they fought all the time and didn’t like each other anymore, and ending their relationship with her hitting him with a baseball bat.

        Not the ending I want for B&B!

      • Barbara,
        I don’t know if it was a problem for Brennan that it was happening too fast, as that it was happening at all. Part of Brennan’s protective measures, to escape from being hurt, is that she chooses to put up walls and never really feel anything. She chose to keep her emotions locked up and tried to keep from forming emotional relationships, to prevent herself from being hurt. When you choose to live like this it feels safe. She felt comfortable and secure being able to do this. The longer she spent with Booth and the closer they became this was harder and harder for her to do. She did become emotionally attached and even voiced that being part of Booth’s life became very important to her. I don’t think this was an easy admission for her to make. I don’t think it had anything to do with how fast it was happening, but that she was unable to resurrect those walls again that made her feel safe. She tries to protect herself emotionally, but now she also feels like she has to protect Booth, too, because that emotional bond does exist. Loving someone usually means that you care more about their happiness and not always about your own. I see that Brennan has always cared more about Booth and less about herself. She doesn’t feel that she is what Booth needs but at the same time she wishes that she could be enough and that it would be possible for them to be together. She just doesn’t see or can’t imagine how that will work. Also, she just doesn’t believe that anyone could love her forever, or that she wouldn’t end up disappointing Booth and cause him to stop wanting to be around her for the rest of her life.

        I think Brennan is like regular people she just chooses to remain closed off and appear different intentionally. She knows how bad it hurts when the people you let yourself rely on dissappear from your life. Acting odd or different often keeps people from wanting to get to know you and from getting too close. Just look at how her personality changes from episode to episode or from season to season. Their has to be an explanation for this. Sometimes I wonder if Brennan isn’t a better actress than we think.

        I think that Booth often equates sex with love, but I believe that Brennan puts more store in the emotional aspect of love itself. Booth wanted to add sex to their relationship and Brennan wanted to keep that sense of love without bringing sex into it. Booth places a greater price on the physical aspect of loving, where I think Brennan has tried to guard the emotional component of their relationship. Booth has distanced himself from Brennan since her rejection and she has tried to remain close. Because Brennan didn’t want an intimate relationship with Booth, I don’t think that he feels that she cares for him at all, in a romantic sense.

        Booth to me now feelslike he has given up totally on love. He is just waiting to build up his walls so he can hang around Brennan and not let whatever may happen between them really effect him too much. He doesn’t see or believe that Brennan is capable of really loving him, but is willing to give it a try because at least he knows or thinks he knows what it’ll be like because he thinks he knows what he’ll get in a relationship with her. I now see him going into a friends with benefits relationship with Brennan without being aware of how much Brennan has really come to love and care about him. I hope we see Brennan opening up more instead of it appearing that she has to some how change who she is.

      • K –
        Interesting points, but I disagree that Booth only sees the physical side of love. I think quite the opposite. That whole discussion in the horsey episode is about the emotional content, not the physical content of sex when it’s lovemaking.

        The fact that he has waited all these years and after their first case never went there again, shows that he is not just about the physical side of love. He wants more than just sex with Brennan.

        Brennan is the one who only understood the physical side of love, seeing it only as chemistry and biological imperatives. Over time, and with Booth’s help, she has begun to see more than that. I don’t think her refusal to go there was about the emotional side of it, but about the potential damage to their existing relationship if they didn’t work out as a couple. Granted that’s really an emotional issue, but I see it, as someone discussed, as her protecting herself because she didn’t believe herself capable of loving and didn’t trust that someone could love her forever.

        Bones is he head and Booth is the heart.

    • I LOVE your ‘creating love’. That is a more true statement when it comes to love in any relationship. For anyone. It’s something you work towards, even if, in their case, they are blissfully unawares they are doing it. ❤ I love them for that.

      I mean, I know I'm among friends when I say this, but I'd LOVE to have someone spend so much time trying to protect, support, encourage, and 'get' me. Deep, long, *sigh*.

    • +1 (thumbs up icon)

  9. very interesting question. (and so many great comments already! I’m with MJ on the wishing we could ‘like’ posts) I believe absolutely that B&B love each other, and would do anything for the other, but I don’t believe they’ve figuratively ‘made love’ yet. To make love as opposed to just sex, you have to totally let go of your fear, wear your vunerability on your sleeve, and let the other person see every part of you. There have been moments when either Booth or Brennan has been ready, but at this point they’ve never been ready at the same time.

    I love Barbara’s point about BinB. I feel like B&B have constantly been keeping secrets from each other (of course always in the name of protecting the other person) but until they are truly open they’ll never be able to make love.

    I remember a previous post talking about the line B&B have set for themselves. I see that line as the edge of a body of water, and we’ve seen them test the temperature by dipping a toe in many times. Usually they find it too cold and back off immediately, but on the occasions where someone jumps in, the other does not. The jumper finds themself alone, soaking wet in freezing water…. it takes some time to recover from that shock to the system.

    At most i’d say that B&B made lots of ‘foreplay’ up to the 100th episode. They’ve both had to recover from shocks to their system since then, and hopefully through more honesty and true understanding they can begin to figuratively and literally ‘make love’ soon :).

  10. In my mind I kind of see them as two rings linked; usually very close to being perfectly superimposed (we wish!) but not quite. After the 100th they went as far away from each other as they could but they were still linked at the very edges. They’re now working their way back to the center, but even though platonic love is all well and good, I definitely think you need to add “making love” to the mix in order to achieve a true union of souls for these two. Partly because well, frankly, I want that, but also because Booth has always put so much value on making love that I think he’s sort of infected Brennan with his view on the signifcance of the act. Plus symbolically, making love becomes the ultimate show of trust in each other; trust that they can work out as a lasting romantic couple. They both know that after sex there can be no going back to surrogacy anything, no more friendship/work partnership if they sleep together and it doesn’t work out-hence the massive importance associated with the act.

    And me, personally, I’m holding out for the Egyptian room. Like Brennan, I’m nuts over Egyptology (can you imagine her enthusiasm there?) and besides, just about everyone else and their brother has used it-it’s B/B’s turn!

    • Maria, I am hoping that they come together in Brennan’s apartment. The Egyptology room is Angelas place. I think about Booth and Brennan talking about something or nothing at all in Brennan’s apartment. They come to the realization that neither wants to leave each other and they make love surrounded by the things that makes Brennan who she is. I just think it would add beauty to the scene to have two very attractive people making love, surrounded by beautiful works of art that Brennan feels are so important to her that she has them in the place where she lives.

      • I just don’t see B&B having sex in the museum. I just don’t think it’s them. Booth is too private…and for their first time? That should be more intimate than adventurous. I’m sure Brennan would be all for unusual times and places, but not until they were more secure in that aspect of the relationship.

        I would have to agree with Brennan’s apartment. Booth’s apartment is, while not exactly *tainted*, is now associated with his life with Hannah. Which is not to say they can’t EVER be there, but again, not for the first time. Symbolically, it would be like replacing H with Brennan, which we know it’s not, of course, but from a storytelling point of view…

        Although I have to be honest…I just don’t think we are going to see a lot of sex scenes with B&B even when they are together. I think it will be implied, but not shown.

      • That’s one of the ‘would never happen in real life’ things that has always bothered me. People get fired for that kind of activity in the workplace. Angela and Hodgins using a bed Cleopatra slept in for a sex romp? A priceless historical artifact being used for a nooner? I wanted to fire them myself. Being caught on security cameras? Fireable offense. There are some things you just don’t do at work.

        And I definitely don’t want B&B to go there at work.

    • Guys, just kidding on the Egyptian room sex (well, sort of…) But I definitely wouldn’t want it to be their first place. I’m actually hoping for Booth’s apartment, because I want Brennan to be the one to make the choice whether to leave or to stay; it might make her feel a little more in control. Any bets? Hers, his, never, on assignment? It better not be never!

      • Actually on assignment would be a pretty good plot twist. They wouldn’t have to tell anyone and we could see how long it would take for the others to figure out.

      • ahhh…on assignment actually makes sense, because they really are freer with themselves away from DC. Not just the undercover episodes but from Man in the Bear all the way to X in the File.

        Otherwise I’d say her place, although we’ve barely seen the inside of her place this year. I’m not in the “fumigate Booth’s place, it has Hannah cooties” camp, but I guess I see it as not the right place for their first time.

      • I would love the on-assignment scenario, especially if they tried to hide it. I don’t think they’d be able to hide it, at all, but it would be hilarious to watch them try.

  11. I’m writing on my phone so I’ve tried to arrange my thoughts as succinctly as possible!

    I don’t feel that booth and Brennan have been ‘making love’ all along because, to me, making love is about honest communication. It’s the physical representation of emotional honesty, and although we’ve seen booth and Brennan grow more open with each other, we have very rarely (three times I can count) seen them be totally honest about their feelings for the other. Without that honesty, there can be no making love. (that sounds a bit melodramatic doesn’t it!)

    I think that’s where we are getting to now. In previous seasons they could have got together, they could have had sex, but I don’t think it would have been with as much gravitas and deliberacy as what it’ll mean if they go there in the future. They can’t go there now without really talking and understanding what it means to them both. That will make for a deeper connection at the time.

    (The first time at least, after that I wanna see some firey passion!)

  12. How many college level instructors to we have that are fans of Bones? I see in posts all the time people teaching at the college level or prof or working on a PhD…I have seen references to canceling their night class, writing exams and working on APA papers…Seems like the Bones crew is well educated and intelligent or at least those of this that hang out here… :):):)

    • I am just the token math geek in the crowd…I don’t interpret and analyze nearly as well as you guys do…I am more a part of the “literal” crowd!

      • You are not alone! I’m a math geek, as well as several others on here, and our interpretations are just as valid. Although, I will give those formally trained in literature and writing their credit, because they do an excellent job of expressing themselves.

  13. I think Booth’s concern about ‘they don’t make sense’ is his way of asking Brennan to provide some confirmation as to why they do make sense. Their connectivity is really stretched thin and I think they will need some serious discussions to bring themselves back to the same page. It might take a close call or some other personal event to bring that discussion about.
    When they do get together, I vote for Brennan’s apartment too or on assignment. Either would be much preferred to Booth’s apartment and of course not at work! Brennan’s apartment would mean that she would probably be the one extending the invitation and I think Booth needs that.

  14. I haven’t had the time read the comments section yet, but is it possible that S6 is the dream that the writers of the show were referring to on the side of that wall in Ep 100?

  15. So glad i didn’t read this Monday! My brain can’t take this kind of thought that early in the week! LOL

    Now…can i just say NO and leave it at that?! LOL

    Well ok….i think you could twist Booths words to encompass their relationship as it stands now, but then again when you put your mind to it you can twist anything to suit you. (When i say you i don’t mean ‘you’! LOL. I mean people in general…we twist thinks so suit a theory or an argument we won’t to make. It’s how we roll! LOL).

    But in this instance i’m just going by Booths words and what HE meant. And when he says they don’t make sense i think he means exactly that…as a partnership they shouldn’t work but they do. (Which Sweets has been saying since the year dot!!! LOL).

    Nothing to do with anything deeper or more than was on the surface…plus, he said it almost in jest. He was being…Boothy 😉

  16. As of episode 22 ,Brennan crawled into bed with Booth. In the last scene of the Scene Finale Brennan tell Booth that she is pregnant and he is the fathe

  17. In the season 6 finale Brennan told Booth that she was pregnant with his baby, and Brennan went in to bed with Booth in episode 22. Proof positive they had sex at least once and yes,we can get pregnant the first time.

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