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Top Five Tuesday: Can I Interest You In A Spin-off?


Hello, hello!

First of all, a quick, big, smooching congratulations to my first BONES best pal, Lauren, on the birth of her beautiful daughter yesterday! Some of you from the old Boneyard days might remember her as laurensolo, author of the AMAZING fic series “Girl with the Key”, “Couple on the Steamboat” and “Man with the Diary”.  Some of you don’t know her at all, but believe me when I say she’s awesome. I’m sure her new little squintern princess is also awesome.

Okay, back to BONES. This TFT is a little different in that it’s not that I’m listing the top five best spin-offs to come from BONES; it’s more that I want to see what you think might be good potential spin-offs.

Don’t get me wrong, I know this week’s “The Finder” ep is NOT a spin-off–it’s more just a crossover. (Sidenote: Am I the only one who is saddened that we have a Bones episode that doesn’t follow the same title format as every other single episode except for the pilot? I’m being genuine when I say I’m literally grieved and bummed out about it. I mean…why?!? I’m just so opposed. I really need to get over it. But I never will. For the sake of this post however…)

Since this week’s ep is NOT a spin-off, it got me to thinking…what might be some actual, legitimate spin-offs I could actually enjoy?

Here are five that came to mind, and then of course, you can weigh in as well.

1. Sweets

The show could even be CALLED “Sweets”, and I’d be on board. For one thing,  his character is young, so there is a lot of room for character development there. Sans Daisy, naturally! Plus, his job (and in this show, he’d actually do it!) would bring him into contact with really interesting people. Plus he’s a near genius, and all of that…yeah, I’d totally watch it. I think it also opens up the possibility of bringing BONES cast members on as special guests. I think John Francis Daley has the acting chops to pull off his own show, and I think the (sort of) Dougie Houser, MD-ness of his position at the FBI would make for an interesting dynamic. Sweets is sort of a ‘plot-pawn’, ever since Verdict in the Story (and before that, I guess), which is too bad. I think if that character had room to actually grow and develop, we’d see him make some mistakes, learn from them, probably get taken down a couple of notches, but also really…just grow up. And fall in love and all of that stuff. Now I really want it! I’m not saying I’d start “Sweets Theory” or anything like that, but I would totally watch it.

2. Wendell:

I think of all of the squinterns, he’s the one who is the most ‘down to earth’ or un-cartoonish. That was true even BEFORE this season when all of Brennan’s students seemed to have gone off the deep end. But Wendell is pretty steady. Like with Sweets, he’s young and smart and is pretty savvy but still has a lot to learn. He’s attractive enough, and the hockey jersey doesn’t hurt. 🙂

Neither does that!  But he also seems like a genuinely good person, and I’ll be bummed when this show is over because it will mean no more Wendell on the screen.

3. Woodchucks

Okay, okay, maybe not the woodchucks specifically, but certainly some sort of children in the sciences fictional show could really be fun. Confession–in my mind and on my desktop, like probably in a lot of your desk drawers, is a 1/2 finished manuscript that in my mind is a Bones Jr type book. Not to give away the ending or anything, but it’s a 10 year old boy (let’s see…mother is an anthropologist and his father is a police chief), and he and his friends learn lessons when they are transported through time to important anthropological discoveries. Of course, he also has a faithful dog! Haha, okay, I’ve said too much. But the point is…I can totally imagine that BONES would inspire and could inspire a lot of children toward science, and a show involving experiments and ‘safe’ cases could be really wonderful.

4.  Brits

Obviously, Ian Wexler is no longer alive, and so technically, this could never happen. But I would absolutely watch a British version of “Bones” with good chemistry, gory cases and quick, witty banter. Pritchard and Wexler were both very cad-ish, so I don’t know that I would have really warmed up to them enough to love them on a B&B level, but it’s possible. And, are you thinking what I’m thinking? A UK version of BONES means an even greater likelihood of Stephen Fry as Gordon Gordon!!

5. Zack.


While I completely hated the way he sort of returned to the lab and no one but Booth seemed to have a problem with it, I do wish that we’d had more episodes where they consulted with him on cases. And, I think while the audience for it might be kind of small, it would be kind of a cool show– to have a genius like Zack be locked away and consulted on cases. It doesn’t have to be B&B, it could be anything. Plus, there would be that mystery of why he was in there, what he’d done, surviving his surroundings, etc, etc. I’d watch it. At least twice!

Okay, enough from me. What other possibilities are there? Would you watch any of these shows? Yes, no, maybe so?

Let’s discuss, and while you’re doing that, I’ll be busy thinking of ways to change the title of this week’s episode. Hahahaha. Kidding. Sort of. Or not at all.

Peace, Love & Bones



56 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Can I Interest You In A Spin-off?

  1. OK first on the title of this week’s episode. The so could have called it something like “The Finder in the Swamp” and stuck to their normal naming convention, so I’m totally on board with you there! I mean if the show is picked up and then release on DVD I don’t think this episode will be on their box set, it’ll be on the Bones boxed set!

    Now on to the possible spin-offs. Those are some good ideas, I can especially see the Sweet’s spin-off working, and oh the Woodchucks would be a perfect fit on Discovery Kids! They could call Zack’s spin-off King of the Looney Bin! No?

    How about a spin-off with Max;his life in hiding. They could go into how now that he doesn’t have to hide he just can’t stop. This would explain why we so seldom see him on Bones after he put his life at risk to stay near his daughter and get caught by the FBI.

    Oh there really are so many potential spin-offs here. Life at the Craker Box. Yes I know it has bad memories for Bones fans, but… 😀

  2. I think a Brit version of Bones would be totally awsome and I would definitely watch. I already watch Law & Order: UK.

    Believe it or not , I would love a show with Sherrif Jerry Bonds (actor Ben Giroux) in The X In The File. I just rewatched that episode a few days ago and I think a character like Sherrif Bonds would really be interesting to watch on a weekly basis. I mean, law enforcement in Rosewell, New Mexico. They could do a lot with that show. They are close to the Mexican border, kooks visit the place on a daily basis, etc. I am not even a writer and I could come up with several scenarios for episodes. Of course, they would have to use Ben Giroux because he totally nailed that part.

    • Yes! I love Sheriff Bonds! I think he should be joined by Sheriff Becky from Queen Bee and they could be a wisecracking couple of Sheriff’s solving crimes… 🙂

  3. Despite i don’t like so much spin offs would be interesting see one with Wendell. He’s the kind of guy that would draw some audience to his show and would gove us great stories too. Max Keenan would be great too. See him involved with his con man friends would give amazing stories.

    • I agree, I am not looking forward to the Americans No offence ruining Torchwood and what they did to skins recently ouch.

  4. People, people, people……CAROLINE needs her own show!!! I would empty my DVR to make sure I caught every episode of Caroline.

    I could get behind a British version *if* it was made by the Brits. Americans don’t do British well. It all ends up looking like Mike Meyers or something.

    • Ooh – I will second a Caroline spin off!

    • They could do frequent cross-overs with Bones. The times that they do catch a killer and are able to bring them in, the case could then be passed on to Caroline and we could see that portion of the case on her show. Of course not all would be from Bones since not all of their cases would work out that way, but for the ones that do we’d have built in reasons for seeing Bones peeps on Caroline’s show and to still see her on Bones. 🙂

  5. Meh – who cares about the spin-offs – I would simply like to have everyone tell you to finish your Bones Jr.!

  6. I’m kinda “eh” on the whole spin-off thing, but I’d definitely watch a Caroline-sentric one!

    Please wish laurensolo a very big congrats on the birth of her sweet princess!!! I loved that FF series. It was awesome.

  7. I am all for a Sweets spinoff because it would get Sweets off of Bones! Yes, by all means, spin him off, away, into oblivion.

    The Finder is not really a crossover- how can you crossover with a show that doesn’t exist? It’s a backdoor pilot, a term I learned as a child when I asked my mother WHY my beloved Facts of Life was suddenly all about Jo’s tomboy cousin and her widower father who owns an car repair shop (fun fact: Jo’s tomboy cousin was played by Megan Follows of Anne of Green Gables fame!)

    My spinoff would be Squinterns! – the wacky adventures of five Jeffersonian hopefuls, trying to find love, success and the admiration of Dr. Brennan. There would be a running gag with them always trying to subtly sabotage each other’s thesis projects and Brennan would be an offscreen figure, like Charlie on Charlie’s Angels.

    Now for a crossover – I want a Bones/House/Fringe/Lie to Me extravaganza. Brennan falls ill with a mysterious illness. Hodgins calls Walter, convinced its an Alternate reality virus. Cam calls her old friend Cal Lightman, because she thinks Brennan is faking it. Booth kidnaps House at gunpoint and threats to end him if Bones is not cured by the end of the day. Gratuitous sex scenes with Cam/Wilson, Foreman/Olivia or Wendell/13 optional.

    • That’s actually exactly what they called it in one of those articles yesterday. A cross-over with a show that does not exist (yet). :~O

    • A Sweets as profiler show would work. There was a show called the Profiler, so the concept makes sense. Or make him the leader of a behavioral sciences unit a la Criminal Minds.

  8. Wendell, yes-so easy on the eyes… I’d also love to see a show about Avalon Harmonia-she was so out there, a perfect mix of kooky and seriously accurate! The stories would be endless. And as much as I love Caroline, I’d miss her mothering Booth on the show, so I don’t want her to go. Sometimes she seems to be the only one with any common sense. But I’ll put in my two cents for Jude-I just loved that guy, and also for the laconic technology-challenged sheriff and the judge/barber in that tiny town where Angela and Hodgins got married. I thought they were a confetti-tossing hoot!

  9. Bunsen Jude would be awesome, maria! How about combining Bunsen Jude and the Woodchucks. They could be regulars, like the Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader class.

    Looking at those screen caps makes me miss Brennan without bangs and with fitted clothing (I know, she’s pregnant, not her fault now).

    It also suddenly occurs to me that for all the talk in PitH of Zack’s horrible injuries and needing prosthetic hands, the solution was basically just to have him wear a pair of gardening gloves. I guess it would have been a waste of the SFX budget for just the one epsiode!

  10. People, people: The Bugman. Suave, debonair billionaire with secret identity solves crimes or maybe does the millionaire thing giving money away.
    Or Angela and Hodgins could be Hart to Hart in the 21st century. Maybe they could solve art theft cases with bugs. That might actually make sense since bugs could identify where things have been and when.
    I love the idea of a Caroline centered show. I could be like Law & Order, but in two shows. The squints who solve crimes in one show and prosecutors who take them to court in the other show. More courtroom stuff.

    • Love the concept, but would change the title to Arthropod Avenger.

      Love, love, LOVE Angela and Jack as H&H. They’d be H&M-H. The only drawback would be losing them from the actual show. It would have to be a two-hour block, with frequent crossovers.

      • Love that title, but it’s hard to say. Try it 3 times fast.
        Arthropod Avenger, Arthropod Avenger, Arthropod Avenger ;-D

  11. OOH! And, Cam could be Quincy for the 21st century.

    • Every time I think I’m probably way to old for this group, someone makes a reference that eases my mind. Quincy – what a great show.

      • I’m pretty old (57) and I know I’m not the oldest person active in the Bones arena, if not BonesTheory.

      • Well, I lived on a steady diet of Ironside, Kojak, the F.B.I., Hawaii Five-0, Emergency, Starsky and Hutch, etc. Scary, ain’t it…

      • And, don’t forget Ryan O’Neal as the hot young rich hockey playing Harvard student/Harvard Law student in Love Story. Made a big point of seeing that movie the day it opened: Christmas Day in 1970.
        I am old enough to have watched Peyton Place, although I didn’t.
        Now he’s an old man. Yikes!

      • Maria, it looks like I watched all of the shows you watched. I just loved The F.B.I. Maybe that is why I started watching Bones. I love stories about the FBI, even off the wall ones like the X-Files.

      • Thankfully, O’Neal’s plastic surgery isn’t quite as bad as some in his age group ::cough::kennyrogers::cough::. He still looks pretty good for an old fart. 🙂

  12. Sweets or Caroline would work…I don’t want any of my faves to leave the cast, but Caroline isn’t on that much, so she could easily do crossovers.

  13. My suggestion for a spinoff would be the tossed engagement ring gets its own show. The whole show would center around the ring. It would start off with the person who fishes it out of the water, its journey to the pawnshop or jewelry store that purchases it from that person. The show would them follow the lives of those that purchase it from the pawnshop or jeweler. The ring is cursed, so it would be interesting to follow all the damage and havoc it would cause in other peoples lives. At the end of series it could end up back in the water where it was originally found.

    The series finale of this spin-off would take place eighty years in the future where someone has purchased the ring at a garage sale and is wondering if it is worth anything and history behind it. They take the ring to an episode of Antiques Road Show where the jewelry expert looks into its history and finds out about the Booth and Brennan saga. The expert will tell of the rings curse and the reason why that ring never should have been purchased in the first place. The damage this ring has done to the owners of this ring will shock its new owner. After hearing about its history, the final ring owner will return the ring, with an engraved warning now inside it, to the river it was originally flung into. This person will then collect all the stories about this ring and publish the story behind it. It will become an instant must read. Bring success and prosperity to the person who returned to its original burial place.

    • Is the name of the last person to find it Smeagal? 😀

      • MJ,

        I’m just the person who cames up with the idea. You’ll have to ask the producer who sells it to the network, what she or he’ll end up naming the characters. It will be successful though. I will have a good entertainment lawyer who’ll make sure I get producer credits and a big percentage of the advertising dollars it brings to the network who buys it.

      • *lol* That’s what I get for going all “Lord of the Rings.” No one got it. 🙂

        I still think we could name one of the Orcs Hannah. 🙂

      • I totally get the LOTR reference!

        “My precious!”

      • MJ,

        Not a Lord of the Rings fan. Sorry, I didn’t understand where your suggestion was coming from.

      • No, my apologies. I saw “ring” and “cursed” and was off to the Shire. 🙂 It’s a good thing you didn’t mention an orphan taking a train from London or I’d have gone all Harry Potter and really confused things. *lol*

      • I totally thought that was a LOTR reference as well.

    • “The ring is cursed…that ring never should have been purchased in the first place” haha
      It does sound interesting, though.

    • The Curse of the Blonde Journalist!

    • As i was reading this i could just imagine at the end of the first scene, when the new owner has found the ring, just before the theme they zoom in on the ring and do a big “dun dun dun” with the music.
      Awesome idea!! : D

  14. What about a Gordon Gordon show, where he counsels patrons and employees at his restaurant on their relationship problems?

    • another awesome idea!

      The Chef’s Table, starring Gordon Gordon!

      Join us each week as Gordon Gordon Wyatt provides nourishment for the body and the soul while counseling a couple in crisis!

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the comments today. I mean, I always enjoy the discussion here at BT, but some of the spin-off conversations had me giggling! Thank you all for being such wonderful and proud TV nerds! Can we get Joss Whedon to champion the Arthropod Avenger? 🙂

  16. First off there would never be a British version of Bones. American Crime shows are glitzy whereas Crime-shows in the UK are either Gritty and Edgy with Dark Humour. Which I think is awsome- N.B. if you are looking for a good Gritty and Edgy Crime drama from the Uk I hearby will plug Silent witness theres an antropologist/patholigist in that but only start at season 8 in my opinion the first half is way too old now. we also had a show called Vexed which was a Crimedy. Hillarious it basically made a mocarry of all other cop shows but wasnt completely gimicky. OK thats my Patriotism over for a while. (who knew I had it in me)
    Second point I personally think that a show about Zack would be more amusing if it was a pinky and the Brain senario. Every episode would consist of zack and his ‘Pinky’ counterpart trying to escape the mental institution and take over the world and then failing every time.
    Wendall should give up the Anthropologist crak and become a doctor who gose around his old nabourhood trying to repay them for putting him through college, solving mysteries and holding science fairs. It totally could portait the good parts of coming from that kind of background. But has been done before.
    I would not give Sweets a show he already gets enough airtime on this one.

    However I would give Hodgins one. He would do experiments and give disaproving looks and it would just be hilarious. TJ tyne for 45 minutes of hillarity yes please.

    • I have seen some episodes of Silent Witness on BBC America and I liked them. They can be really gross; but, so can Bones.

      • The bodys look really realistic. One of the reasons I like it. There was an episode with a Bog Body that was reall really good.

  17. She’s a federal prosecutor, he’s an affable sociopath’ can two people on opposite sides of the law find lasting love together?

    Caroline & Keenan, coming to Fox this fall!

  18. I read an article somewhere after the season five finale suggesting a spin-off about “Hodgepodge and Mr. Adventure” which I thought was quite hilarious. Sweets and Hodgins were pretty funny trying to steal the car from that biker gang.

    Caroline and Keenan would be pretty funny too. 🙂

    • Hey, i read that article too!! I remember laughing, thinking it was hilarious and then sat back and thought… actually that could work!!! lol

  19. Okay, first of Seels you are definitely not alone about the title thing!!! At first I saw it and I thoguht, wow we’re getting awful close to airing date, shouldn’t they have a proper title by now… and then it hit me that it wasn’t going to change!! Totally bummed me out!! And like Frankie707 said right up the top, it wouldn’t difficult to change it!!

    I’d definitely watch “The ANTHROPOD AVENGER” – but only once bones has finished (and i pray that day is far away) because I don’t want even LESS screen time for Hodgepodge then there already is…
    I’m not sure whether I’d watch it, but I’d definitely support a kids version of Bones (also I’m telling you to finish your awesome sounding book!). I’m not a kid, but I’m close to it, and Bones told me what I wanted to do with my life. I mean, it didn’t brainwash me or anything, I’ve always wanted to be an anthropologist, but never knew the name or quite what it entailed until I watched Bones, looked it up on wikipedia, and was like “HEy this is exactly what I’ve been talking about my whole life!”

    Okay, my two cents would probably go to Squinterns!! and “Caroline and Keenan” tho. I could definitely imagine a game show-esque version of Squinterns (“Daisy Wick, you have been voted out of the Jeffersonian”)- even tho I know that probably wouldn’t work. And Caroline and Keenan would be cool! I’d imagine it a bit like White Collar. Now I’ve only seen about 1 episode of this show, but it’s the same sortta thing; wrong side of the law helping out the right side of the law.

    Oh and “Curse of the Blong Journalist” all for that one Barbara! Loved today’s comments!

  20. SWEETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’d watch this show. I’d love this show. I’d be addicted to this show. And i’d love this….wai, did i say that already?! 😉 Like you it would have to have no Daisy…i’m still holding out for her to be hit by a bus at some point. The possibility is slim but i’ve never let that stop me before 😛

    I’d quite like a spin-off with all the Squinterns (MINUS DAISY!!) actually….i love the 5 lads together. It would be epic…one show with VNM, Wendell, Fisher, Clark and Aristoo (sure i’ve spelt that wrong but hey ho!). Love. It.

    Although the Zack show i could do without…i’m very much over that now!

  21. I would really love a Zack spin-off. Life in the loony bin or something. Or better yet. Bring him back to BONES!!

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