Bones Theory

Mid-Week Quickie

You might think that if you’re getting a notification from me in the middle of the day that it’s in error, as I tend to do that, haha, but this is legit. If you haven’t weighed in on Rynogeny’s post about Booth as a gambler, be sure to do so!

But I also wanted to take time to promote the new BonesGraphicNovel–the Easter edition.  It’s titled “The Eggs in the Basket”, and it’s super funny. All of the editions kill me with their creativity. I love how they are actual moments from the show, but with new dialogue. Sometimes I like them even MORE than the actual dialogue from Thursday nights, haha.

No matter where you fall on the “Jesus is not a zombie” scale, this entry in the fantastic BGN series is worth a look. It’s light and funny and features Caroline, Parker & Sweets among others. Check it!


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