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Morning After Q: Who Will Make The First Move?


Good morning!

I have very mixed emotions/reactions to last night’s BONES/FINDER hybrid episode, but one thing I’m fairly certain of is this…at some point, either Brennan or Booth needs to make a move on the other.

At the end of last night’s episode, there was a new dynamic to their series-long tendency to share personal space. They’ve been open toward one another before, but usually we’re seeing them with a table between them, or a table between us and them. When they argue, they move right in, eyes flashing, fingers pointing, etc, etc. But when they are talking, or just ‘being’ together, there always seems to be something else between them or some sort of other notable distraction (like being trapped in an elevator, or a pipe that busts open, or a knock from Zack on the diner window). Not last night. Their bodies were open toward one another, and they were facing each other–not just looking at one another. There was also a very organic connection when Booth placed Brennan’s medal over her head. It was the kind of connected developed from being close to someone for a long time. It felt like it could have been very natural of either one of them to slide off his or her barstool, move closer and kiss the other.Β 

But…which one? I think part of the B&B appeal is that it honestly COULD be either one, and at this point, it’s just a waiting game. But when it’s all said and done, which will be the one to make that move? To lean in that extra inch, to keep the touch just a fraction longer, to let the moment linger just the right amount of time to create forward movement?


She is one more likely to take what she wants, but she’s also incredibly sensitive to Booth’s personality and would possibly defer to him.


He’s the more impulsive one who might be caught up in a moment and just kiss her, but he’s also incredibly sensitive to Brennan’s personality and wouldn’t want to make a mistake.

Interesting! To me, at least, haha!

What also strikes me as new is that there’s more of a possibility there. In the past, we’ve had hundreds of moments that COULD have ended with a kiss or something like that, but now there feels like genuine realistic anticipation. Or is that just me, too?

Thoughts? Who’s it gonna be? Brennan? Booth? Or, in some B&B symbiotic way–they both lean in at the exact moment and it just happens?

Discuss! (no spoilers, please!).

Peace, Love & Bones,



95 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Who Will Make The First Move?

  1. Very interesting… I did notice last night’s bar scene was more… care-free and intimate, at least compared to the last few. Brennan looked especially pretty in the entire episode.

    I’d have to say it could be either one… I think they are even now and really it’s just about timing… and maybe some pushing from outside sources.

    • I really enjoyed the bar scene. It did feel more carefree. Also, I found it interesting that the bar scene was not for their traditional post-case drink. Maybe I am mistaken, but the case hadn’t been solved yet right? They still didn’t have the murderer? It was a ‘just because’ bar visit as far as I can tell… I approve. πŸ™‚

      • Well, I thought they caught the murderer… technicalyl Walt did. At least the murderer of Brittany. I always assumed either Brittany or the English guy killed the other body they found.

        However, she looked dressed up, so I dunno? Kind of casual hanging out but not quite dating? lol

      • Wait…maybe I am wrong about the order in which things happened. I have the memory of a gold fish sometimes… I guess I have to go back and watch it again. Bummer. (That was sarcasm. Heehee. πŸ˜‰ ) Nevertheless, I loved that bar scene and the way they interacted with each other.

      • It was two separate moments. They’re walking down the street together when Ike and Leo drop the body off, so that was before the murder was solved. And then the scene where they’re at the bar is afterward. Between the two scenes, there’s also a daylight scene at the bar in Florida. And B&B are wearing different clothes. πŸ™‚

    • Regarding how Brennan looked, I was rather pleased that the scenes in Florida seemed to have her dressed a little more “Season 1” — don’t you think? I liked that look.

  2. You just asked the million-dollar question I guess!!! What was interesting for me in that episode regarding the B&B dynamic was when they are talking to Walter. He asks if they slept together and Brennan is prompt to say no (which for some reasons seemed like a kind of ‘Not yet’ to me). Then he asks her if she would sleep with him and what I liked what Booth’s reply. Because usually, any guy that would have been ‘so open’ about his intentions towards Brennan moreover in front of Booth has never been welcomed in the past … So I liked that instead of jumping to Walter’s throat, he makes a joke suggesting that he might get a chance, as for me it really means that he doesn’t have to prove anymore to others or to her that they are on the same path sentimentally. I don’t know if I explain this clear enough. But as you said, the end of the episode is clear about how open they now are regarding each other. I agree with Becca, timing is everything!! Especially for them!

    • I loved that scene! We didn’t see Booth’s face but we saw Brennan’s when she half-laughed, said “No” and looked at Booth. There’s a scene-study there, waiting to happen! πŸ™‚

      That “maybe you’ve got a shot” from Booth, followed by Brennan hitting his arm – that was just text-book flirting right there. No guy is going to make a comment like that about a woman he’s interested in unless he knows it will never happen.

      I could have used more B&B than we actually got last night, but when this episode ended, the way it ended with them in the bar together, I felt good.

      Things are happening. The right things.

    • YES! I took Booth’s reaction with Walter the same way. I think there is a small confidence there that wasn’t around before that there was no real threat to Brennan and Walter hooking up. Loved it. It was refreshing.

      • I agree. I was unsure in the promo when he said that, but in context, I loved that part. It was Booth flirting and feeling more confident about where he stands with Brennan. I especially loved how he mouthed ‘Sorry’ to her afterwards. It was adorable.

    • I do think that scene showed that Booth is much more secure in his relationship with Brennan right now and where it is headed. In the past he did normally act jealous of any man that made overtures toward Brennan, and really isn’t that his insecurites coming out…him thinking he can not have that type of relationship with Brennan? Now he realizes that it’s a possibility (probability) and he doesn’t need to be jealous of another man because that’s just not going to happen.

      Brennan’s reaction to it was great too, it did seem like the way she’d act if they actually were a couple, then to have him hold up his hand to shield his face from Walter (don’t you love the way they both seem to think no one else can see them when they do that) and mouths the word “sorry” to her.

      • THIS –> “I do think that scene showed that Booth is much more secure in his relationship with Brennan right now and where it is headed.”

        I also found it interesting that *I* was feeling the same way! In the past I have never approved of someone getting in the way of B&B getting together. While I liked some of the characters who ‘posed a threat’ (i.e. Sully and Cam), I immediately saw them as an obstacle for B&B.

        I didn’t feel that way about Walter. When Walter’s crush/ attraction to Brennan was made evident I found it endearing. I was thinking, “Oh, how cute!” I didn’t seen him as a threat or obstacle because at this point I am confident that B&B are heading straight for each other. I think this means that *I* am feeling more secure too! I like it! πŸ™‚

  3. I think it has to be Brennan this time. just because she is the kind of independent women who make the first step.

  4. I love this cuz that end scene they’re looking like in a date. It’s exactly what you said. But i think when the first move happen will be mutual. Both will do this together.My point of view is Brennan will feel ready to make the move and will feel that Booth is too so maybe cuz of that she left the delicious honor to him. I’m sure they’ll know the moment. both of them.And i’m anxious to see this happen.

  5. I think it’s going to have to be Brennan who makes the first move. Booth already put it out there that he wanted to give It a shot and she rejected him. I think it’s her turn to let go of her fear and give them a chance. The moment between them at the end last night was a very intimate moment between them. They are becoming more comfortable around each other. I really hope that it’s Brennan who cracks first, even though most would expect it to be Booth.

  6. I did notice the ease they had with each other, and I loved it! The whole medal storyline was all kinds of awesome. First, apparently Brennan was willing to share that part of her past with Booth. Second, Booth is the one who suggested that item as something she wanted to be found. Third, Brennan’s reaction getting it back. Fourth, Booth putting the medal on Brennan in the final scene. And the necklace she was wearing was one of my favorites of hers. She looked really nice.

    Those are just my thoughts on B&B, but I know I haven’t really answered the question, because I’m not really sure.

    • I noticed that, too, that it was Booth who suggested what she say she lost without actually telling Walter what it was. “Tell him about the thing…” head nod head nod head nod. It was obviously a personal story she’d shared with Booth, and he let it be her decision as to whether or not to share it further.

      And I also loved Walter’s comment when he brought the medal to Brennan, that so often the treasure he found turned out to be something other than what the person thought they’d lost. And my Tempy got choked up and emotional. Ain’t gonna lie, I got a little teary right then myself.

    • YES! I loved the whole medal storyline. I absolutely adored that Booth knew that about her past and that he suggested that Walter find it for her. I know Booth was trying to prove a point by having him find it, but I also think that Booth knew how much it would mean to Brennan if the medal was found. It was wonderful that Walter found it for her, but I think we can thank Booth for making it happen. Does that make sense? Am I reading too much into things again? Haha.

  7. The scene was definitely interesting! I was urging them to get that little bit closer, but of course that didn’t happen.
    Who the first one to crack will be is THE question of course.
    On one side you could say that Booth already tried once and it should be Brennan now, on the other hand she already put her feelings out there as well.
    Both probably have the same kind of fear: rushing each other. Brennan because she might believe that Booth is still angry and that she is not the best judge of when time is right and Booth because he doesn’t want to rush her once more and is probably still scared of rejection.
    Perhaps they could just both me at the exact same page at the exact same time and do it together, it would be beautiful but I’m not sure if it’s likely.
    Like some saide before, it’s probably all about the timing, and hopefully this time it will be good for both of them!
    It doesn’t really matter anymore to me who makes the first move, as long as it happens, and soon! πŸ™‚

  8. I agree with you. I think that despite people were displeased with very little B and B it was one of the more telling episodes, relationship wise, than we have seen all season. I feel like for the first time they were comfortable with each other again, and it was by far one of the better last 5 minutes of the show this season. I think it showed him being a little less angry, and her being a little less impervious πŸ™‚ and aren’t we all waiting for that day …. besides that I really like Walter… fun fun episode!

  9. I don’t know who will make the first move, but I hope we get to see it.

    I have this nightmare vision of the series finale, where something dramatic happens, we see B&B sort of moving towards each other and then the scene cuts to the two of them waking up together – cue commercial and a whole summer to do nothing but think about it.

    That would drive me nuts.

    • Did you mean series finale or season finale?

      I’ve actually proposed that the season finale would be the two of them together talking about their relationship (nothing dramatic though just quiet moment between the two of them), they move in for a kiss, lips meet and the episode (and season) ends. πŸ™‚

      • Season finale, *SEASON* finale. Whew. Thank you for catching that. If we got all the way to the end of the series and THAT was our final episode, I might literally explode.

  10. I’ve long felt that their coming together would be in one of those quiet moments where it’s the two of them together having one of their discussions, and I don’t mean bickering but just talking. They’ve always done the thing where they lean toward each other when talking and it’s often seemed a kiss could come next (and darn that it never did). What I’ve pictured is that in on of those moments they would move that just a little bit further and kiss and that would be the start of the romantic part of their relationship.

    It does seem that they are finally close to that, and at this point I really don’t care who makes the first move, but with their history I think it would be great if they did just both move together; something where no one is sure who made the first move and it can be something we as fans will debate for the rest of the series (however many seasons more that may be).

  11. Last night episode was very interesting, and I really like the dinamic between them, and I’m glad that I’m not the only one who notice this…
    I guess we will see them together soon, but I really don’t know who will make the first move, after this season I would say Brennan, she really want this and she is more open, but after Booth said that he need a time, I don’t know if she will say something (again), but in the other hand Booth could to the first move but I think he is scared to make the wrong way (again) e make a mistake. I guess both will do the first move, I think will be one of this scenes we can feel the love and they will feel the love and that is the right place and the right moment to make a move

  12. I thought Booth really made some forward progress. Not only did he know what to suggest she test Walter with finding, but he knew how much it mean to her to get the medal back. Then when he puts it around her neck, it was with some sentiment and care. Booth reached out and she needs to reach back. She was flirting by punching his arm — silently saying ‘you know I am not going there with anyone but you’. Loved that! I think the next move should be Brennan’s.

  13. well, I think it’s 50/50, even odds as to who would make the first move and since we can’t discuss spoilers, I can’t bring up what events might tip the scales one way or the other so….I’m just going to talk about the episode.

    The promos led me to believe there would be more of the Bones cast than there was and I found myself not paying much attention during the Finder parts because I was wondering when they would get back to the Bones parts.

    Personally, I think it would have been better to just have Walter in a Bones episode, in DC, to introduce him, and then do a proper pilot. But I am not a network executive so what do I know.

    All B&B scenes were adorable, period. I know there was talk that the “I’m not trying to have a conversation here” line was allegedly rude on Booth’s part, but I just don’t see it. Brennan thought they were having a chit chat about odd people they know, he wanted to focus on the case.

    At the bar, they were so boyfriend and girlfriend. Jealous!Booth came from the days when he was unsure of his status in Brennan’s life and insecure…now he knows he has nothing to worry about, so he can joke. That smack on the arm and the mouthed “sorry”? That’s a couple.

    Of course he would know about the thing and of course all he has to say is “the thing” and Brennan knows what he means. They know each other that well.

    Interestingly, in the sides, Walter propositions Brennan again when he brings her the medal and she says she doesn’t sleep with men out of gratitude. I’m glad they cut it because it would have detracted from the touching aspect of the scene. Also, yay continuity, because Woodside is what she said her school was in season 1.

    I’m also pretty sure the private detective Hodgins hired to find Birimbau also rated him a seven, but I’m not certain…

    Anyway, Booth putting the medal on her neck reminded me of the end of Yanks in the UK when Booth gets his medal. It was sweet. And yep, they’ve clearly gone from “at a bar, not looking at each other while one of us cries” to “at a bar with the bar between us” to “at a bar, facing each other with nothing between us”. I like the bar metaphors more than the cab metaphors.

    Another itty bitty thing for me — when Ike and Michael Clarke Duncan’s character drop off the Bad Guy In a Box, B&B are going somewhere together after hours. Booth is in his going-out clothes. Case isn’t over, so it’s not post-case drinks.

    Finally – Sarah, I was so certain you’d comment on Booth in his snug t-shirt at the end of the episode. It’s not a white polo but it has the same effect in my book!

    • Yes! I knew it wasn’t a traditional post case drink. By the time they get to the bar the case is closed, but they didn’t know that would happen. It was a ‘just because’ thing I think. LOVE it.

    • Haha! I seem to have blocked that part out (t-shirt). I was sort of in a red haze at that point, so I don’t remember. Also, it’s possible it might be a v-neck? In which case, I most certainly would have blocked it out, as I have a physical aversion to men in v-necks. Makes me want to gag. I’m serious, haha. I think Booth wore one last season once? With a blazer or something? Ugh, gross. *shudders in disgust* gag, gag. I do, however have an inkling of a black dress shirt at some point that was mighty, mighty fine. Booth was also annoyed while wearing said black dress shirt, which does me just dandy! Hahaha.

  14. I think b/c he is as an ‘alpha male’ brennan will let booth make the first move. he already knows she won’t say no. I may sound like a preschooler but I find myself angry at the finder for taking away 90 percent of a bones episode so I will definitely not watch if it becomes a series. as an aside, no one mentioned almost-blonde booth in miami. so for the record, I like dark haired booth much better.

  15. I don’t know who I *should* make the move, but I just have this feeling that it will be Brennan. It just feels right to me for some reason.

  16. I’m hoping for it to be both of them πŸ˜€

    It would fit with Booth and Brennan…both of them coming to the decision at the same moment, both leaning forward that extra inch or two, closing what little gap there is. I would love it!

    Also I like the idea of, say, 20 years from now when they’re retelling their ‘How it happened’ story, that they’ll argue over who moved first. Who started their relationship….you can see it, right?

    “Hell no Bones…you were just sat there, looking at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and i couldn’t resist. I leant forward. I kissed you and now…here we are!”

    *cue smug smile*

    “I think you’ll find you’re mistaken Booth. You were sat their staring at me and i didn’t think you’d ever move so…I leant forward and I kissed you. So…really the last 20 years is thanks to me. After all…i am the genius.”

    *cue satisifed grin*

    Love. It. LOL

  17. I personally want it to be the both of them to just kiss eachother in the heat of the moment because that would be so much more magical and perfect to watch (kinda like it almost happpend at the Night at the Museum). I think this is likely to happen, but if it doesnt happen that way, i think it should be Booth to go up to Brennan one day when they are at the bar and say “I’m not mad anymore”. And Brennan will know exactly what he’s talking about, just like she did when he told her what to tell Walter to find. It would be perfect that way and since he seemed so sure of himself when Wally offered to sleep with Brennan, I think he will be confident enough to make a move- and Brennan better accept or else I think I might throw a shoe at the TV or something haha πŸ˜‰

  18. I don’t know that there’s going to be a ‘someone moves first’ moment, because I think we’re already there and it will just be a matter of them looking at each other and knowing it’s time.

    When I say that about already being there, I don’t mean I think The Moment has happened behind the scenes or anything like that. But rather, they’re already a couple in all but the final, physical acknowledgement of it. I’ve had a theory since Blizzard, and I’m at risk here of seeing what I expect to see, rather than what is…but so far I’ve not seen anything that doesn’t support the theory.

    And that’s that…they became a couple that night. They acknowledged that they belong together, and made a commitment to each other. And I think everything we’ve seen since then has been sort of illustrating that in different ways so that when they take that final step, it will feel completely natural and organic. I sort of think we’re going to see them touching more in a casual way, and wonder if at some point they won’t just look at each other, and know, and lean forward and kiss.

    I’m sort of thinking there may not be a big discussion of it, more like a simple acceptance of what’s there.

    Obviously, I could be wrong, but that not only fits with what I feel like I’m seeing, but also with what I think would be wisest from a story point of view, in terms of keeping viewers once they are a couple.

    There are two groups of fans I’m concerned about (from a ratings point of view) once they’re together. The first are those who don’t want them to be a couple at all. They like the show as it is, etc., etc. So the best way to keep them is to say, ‘see? They became a couple in an organic way that didn’t really change the show itself.’

    The second are those who have, unconsciously, identified ‘B&B getting together, aka, sex’ as the end of the story. Even people who are prepared to swear they’ll keep watching the show afterward…many of them won’t because they’re so focused on that (their ‘getting together’) that they’ve framed that as the end of the story and once it happens, they’ll lose interest without even understanding why that’s the case. They’ll watch for a few eps and then start missing weeks, ‘must catch up on Bones some time…have three eps waiting for me.’ But if there’s never a moment with a huge ‘this is IT’ feeling to it, because they’ve gradually moved there…those people might keep watching.

    I’m not saying I think we’ll find out they’ve been having sex all along. Just that that step will flow so naturally out of where they are now that it won’t have the ‘before and after’ feeling to it. (i.e., before this ep, they were Not a Couple, but now, everything is changed, and They Are.’) I think he’s trying very hard to avoid that kind of thinking.

    Of course, I could be wrong. πŸ™‚

    • I am of mixed feelings on the idea of whether or not Blizzard marks B & B as a couple.

      I definitely feel that they made a commitment to each other at the end of that ep. And I definitely feel that there really isn’t anything that will truly keep them from fulfilling this commitment.

      On the other hand, subsequent episodes did not make me feel they were really a couple… yet. Prior to 100, they were a couple. 100 to S5 finale, they still felt like a couple. It seems like it would be easier to accept some of the issues in Feet and Myth if we looked upon them as a couple, but for me, there needs to be a much higher comfort level in existence to consider them a couple.

      Last night’s ep was as close as I’ve seen them all season to this feeling. I can agree with those who feel that the sexual component is not the final proof of coupledom (although, I think consummation solidifies this “social contract” between the two), but I need a little more to give me the fully “together” feeling.

      • And that’s part of the problem, isn’t it? That we all view things so differently? To me, they’ve had much more of a couple feel, post-Blizzard, than they did prior to the 100th, because nothing had been spelled out between them at that point, and I didn’t think Brennan was ready. (Some days, I feel like the only person in the fandom who wasn’t shocked by her response that night. :D)

        There was a couple vibe between them at that point – don’t get me wrong. And I would have said so at the time. But it also always felt a bit ‘off’ to me in a way it doesn’t now, because I know they’re both on the same page. As you note, maybe not as comfortable with one another, but I’m okay with that (in Feet and Truth) because they’re finding their way to a new place, working out what it’s like to be somewhere they’ve never been before.

      • I get what you’re saying about the “off” feeling before the 100th. For me, there was an attraction between the two of them that was unacknowledged and somewhat unequal. Unequal in that I think Booth felt the pull of that attraction more than Brennan did, or more than Brennan was willing to acknowledge, even to herself. And because it was unequal, their relationship was off balance.

        And now, it’s not. Off balance, I mean. They’re coming at each other from the same starting point, and neither one is trying to rush the finish.

        I like that. It feels right.

  19. I agree with everything you’ve said rynogeny, from the commitment made in Blackout to the viewers who will lose interest once IT happens.

    Without invoking “the curse” I will say that Fox et al are in this to make money, bottom line. If their market research tells them that going a certain direction with the show will hurt them financially they don’t go there. Its not HH purposely tormenting the fans. The man has a life and family and career. He has better things to do! However IT happens will be a combo of storytelling and what TPTB think will be best for the show ratings-wise.

    Personally I don’t want to see BB having sex. They are like good friends to me now. I want them to have their privacy. I’d be fine with a fade to black, wake up the next day scenario.

    • I agree with not wanting to really see anything. Not even the sexytimez noises and the sheet olympics, like we saw with Booth & Rebecca/Cam/Hannah, etc.

      But I would like to see the build-up, or the aftermath. Something like Booth’s coma dream works for me. That was very well done and didn’t feel cheap at all.

    • There’s actual story logic behind fears of The Curse, having to do with the emotional climax of a story. Once that’s over, people are ready to move on, even if they don’t know why. And people who have, unconsciously perhaps, identified B&B getting together (which, for many is sex) as the, er, climax of the story..they’ll lose interest once that happens. So Hart’s task has always been to find a way to move them to being a couple that doesn’t have that ‘climactic’ feel to it.

      Honestly, every time I see someone complaining about the delays and griping about when they’re going to ‘get together’ I think it’s more proof that he’s been right to delay – because people who clearly see the whole show as about That Moment are the very ones who won’t be watching after it happens. People who blew off the end of Blizzard as another delay? Yeah, the show will be over for them when it happens because in their mind, that’s so clearly what the story is about. If nothing short of B&B in bed with an obvious commitment between them will satisfy you…then once it happens, you’ll be satisfied in terms of story and will move onto something else, some other story.

      What Hart’s trying to do, I think, is to re-frame the story. To de-emphasize that final step to the point that it doesn’t have that feel of ‘big emotional climax’ because it was developed so gradually.

      I don’t know whether we’ll see them having sex or not. Maybe not, since he showed that in TEitB (which, of course, will be another point of anger for people.) But I think we’ll clearly see lead up to it, and possibly some scenes like what we got with Angela and Hodgins in S2. Honestly, I know people who’ve already said that unless they see as many B&B-sex moments as we did Booth/Hannah moments, they’ll feel cheated.

      Hart can’t please everyone, and another theory I’ve got is that a large chunk of the fandom is going to be livid the morning after they become a couple, because no matter how he does it, it won’t be what they’ve waited for. (Perhaps especially if I’m right and it’s all rather low-key.)

      But then, I think he knows that.

  20. Responding to Ryn even though it won’t let me!!

    Just wanted to poke my head in to say i wasn’t shocked by Brennans response to Booth in the 100th….now you can continue as you were πŸ˜›

  21. First off, since I am new to posting here—- I can’t tell you all how awesome it is you have a site like this. The Bones fandom (along with every other) always has too many folks who like to go off on angry rants and do nothing but complain, not actually taking the time to break down what’s really being told and not appreciating the story-telling. So thank you for doing this, and proving that there are a good chunk of us out there who have heart AND brains.

    Ok now, so I’m really really pleased you wrote this, Seels. I wasn’t too thrilled with last night’s ep (though again, the “general fandom” was all juiced on the “hater-ade”….I’ve been trying to ignore such comments). We know what Hart was doing, and it was a clever idea, but honestly—-shouldn’t be counted as an episode of Bones. I kinda wish it had been a scenario more like this: they aired “the Finder” pitch, then an actual full-on Bones ep after. (damn you, 10 o’clock news….)

    In terms of our dynamic duo, despite what people say, B&B are so much more mature at this point in the season—-the the sense that that innocent, playful flirting has taken a bit of a backseat (because the cards have been laid out on the table for both of them)…..They both are well aware of how the other feels, they addressed it (though a thorough Sweet-sesh is in order I think), set their own “dates” and burned them—signifying that someday they not only will be ready but actually HOPE and WANT that day to come.
    So, the way I see it, the cases since that little “candle-wish” scene, might have been a bit dry in terms of their interaction, but really it’s just them adjusting and settling in. I also think (for Booth mostly) he is focused on his work. Since his break-up with Hannah, what he said in the bar to Brennan (“You and I are, PARTNERS”….) because it’s safe and it’s comfortable—-he knows how to do it, and is good at it. People are saying B&B have shut-down or are going backwards. WRONGO. They’re EVOLVING people. Sometimes a part of growth involves seemingly regressive behavior.
    Sometimes in order to go forward, you need to take a step back….and just listen and feel your way through. That’s why everything that’s been happening this season, painful as some of the moments were, I realized they weren’t painful because they were poorly executed….but painful because things like this HAPPEN in life.

    I’m no major in love and relationships, I’m like Brennan in that I’m a bit of a “late-bloomer” with that sort of thing, but in my few (but precious) experiences, and my extensive observation of just about every situation— I can look at what’s going on here and just say, “Yep.”

    A good friend and former flame, once said these words to me (and they just stuck):

    “Love, is the single worst, and most ridiculous thing ive ever experienced….If I’m hurt, them I’m hurt – even at this point, I love to love – It’s what I do well, beyond anything.”

    (Dude is crazy, but good man, good man. Learned a lot from him.)

    Love is ridiculous but it just happens, and with B&B I’ve noticed with each episode following the Blizzard, they are acknowledging pieces of what needs to be a part of their foundation for a lasting relationship…and it’s being done in a somewhat subtle way. I LOVE that because there are dedicated thinkers and lovers of this series that SEE it.

    About who will make the move…..Honestly, it’s anyones game now, though if I think about it long enough I always seem to come up with the “mutual agreement” idea. I feel in a way, since they are leveling out and getting to that equal ground again (Booth ceasing to be angry, Brennan losing her imperviousness), when IT HAPPENS, it could just be that moment, that one little glimmer, and they know that the time has arrived.

    Okay, THAT was long. My apologies. I love this show too much.


    ~Min ❀

    • No apologies! We all love it too much and your comment was great. I LOVED this: “Sometimes in order to go forward, you need to take a step back….and just listen and feel your way through. That’s why everything that’s been happening this season, painful as some of the moments were, I realized they weren’t painful because they were poorly executed….but painful because things like this HAPPEN in life.” πŸ™‚

  22. A few thoughts….
    1. I loved how at the bar, Booth says that he doesn’t like the Seeker and Brennan can’t make him. To me, that was his jealously popping up once again, in a tiny, playful way, because Brennan tried to justify what Walter did. (BTW, I also loved the exchange with Booth & Brennan about the medal. Previous comments really said it for me.)
    2. I think eventually when they get to one of those moments when they are being really intimate (sharing their thoughts and feelings, as opposed to physical contact) I can see one of them talking about Brennan’s strength, and then talking about Booth’s anger. It is hard for me to see them kissing without having a conversation about it. The very fact that Booth asked Brennan to give them a chance tells me that what has prevented the physical relationship so far is they’ve both known how they could never have “just sex” with each other. I think they’ve pushed that into the realm of almost all kinds of physical contact, and so that has to be discussed.
    3. I enjoyed the Seeker, but I am a little concerned about Walter’s comment about the Bones lady being his chance at love. Lame attempt to get the Bones fans to watch the Seeker. I’m not buying it, and if they had left that part out, I would have happily added the Seeker to the list of shows I follow.

    I hope that all made sense. Love this blog. Love the fans. Love Bones.

    • He’s not going to be a serious romantic rival for Brennan’s attentions. In one interview, someone noted that Walter is looking for his ‘one’ and finds her on a regular basis. Brennan’s beautiful and interesting, so of course he was intrigued…but appeared to be nearly as interested in the woman who died, even if Brennan was the one he said that about at the end. Note the lack of response from his friends to the remark – my understanding from the interview is that they hear it on a regular basis. (That he’s found his ‘one.’)

      Given that about the character, it would actually have been odd if he didn’t express interest in Brennan. But it’s not any kind of serious thing.

  23. Personally, I’ve always considered B and B together; it was just a matter of semantics. I think that’s why Hannah didn’t bother me too much; it was a painful storyline to watch unfold but I never considered that B and B wouldn’t eventually reunite.

    Before The Finder aired I read lots of concerns about a Walter-Brennan hookup and I was mystified. Like rynogeny, I saw Blizzard as a commitment-even a commitment ceremony. Neither character will be interested in 3rd parties now.

    Building on another of your comments ryn, since Hannah’s departure, BB coming together “officially” has been pretty obvious, IMO. Around the same time, I saw a marked increase in Castle popularity…coincidence? I don’t think so. As one UST couple is resolved, attention shifts to the new shiny thing.

    • I also noticed the increase in popularity if Castle, although I’m not really a huge fan of Castle. I think the reason I dont like castle as much is because although they have that UST, their chemistry is just simply not as strong as B&B’s chemistry is and has always been. So the more and more I think about this, i come to the conclusion that I will never see a show/storyline that can compare to Bones. (and also Castle sooo copied Bones and i could never forgive them for that haha).

      Sorry if i strayed off topic, but i just really felt like I had to get that out there.

      • I watch both Castle and Bones, but I agree that Bones has the stronger chemistry. I’m more invested in B&B getting together. I feel like I still need to be convinced that Beckett really likes Castle like that. But overall, I find it entertaining. I don’t really like when people use one couple to say what the other couple should do. That really annoys me, because they are all different personalities and they have different dynamics. I don’t see the Castle people getting them together any time soon, so I think it’s just a TV thing where the producers need to keep interest to keep their show going.

      • I didn’t mean to knock Castle – I think Castle is a good show. I just think the sudden surge in its popularity – especially among the irate Bones fans – is being attributed to a superior handling of “the ship” or “the UST” and in my opinion, it’s really just because people like to watch the early stages of a romance more than the later ones, and Castle is still in the early stages.

        I fully expect unhappy Castle fans to be gnashing their teeth in a couple of years, wailing that Andrew Marlowe lied to them.

      • I am a Castle and Bones fan. Believe me when I say I talk to Castle like I talk to Booth when the episodes are running and I am feeling frustrated at them. Both are insecure when it comes to the one they love. If the fans at Castle are saying that their show is different from Bones when it comes to the lead starts and their simmering love; then, I think some fibbing is going on. I don’t visit Castle fan sites so I don’t know what is being said. I have noticed a big increase in Castle viewership the last few weeks and I am happy that has happened since I want the show to continue; but, if people are switching over to Castle from Bones because they think matters of the heart are being treated differently over there then they are in for a big let down.

      • I didnt mean to come off as if I hate castle. I’m just simply not a HUGE fan, but I still watch it on a weekly basis because I just have weakness for UST like that. And I hope the creator of Castle can play his cards right- just lilke Hart has managed to do all these years (for the most part)- and i believe he has a game plan and is determines to follow it.

        And in reply to C-Bones: i sorta hate the fact that I am comparing the chemitry of B&B and the chemistry in Castle too, but when i watch the show I cant really help it. I can just imagine what it would be like to be a fan of Castle and not knowing about Bones and maybe then i could see castle in a new light (although i would NEVER give up Bones to watch any other show haha πŸ™‚

      • At the risk of looking like an idiot here, what is UST? The acronym is used repeatedly and I’m clueless.

    • It means Unresolved Sexual Tension.
      And dont worry, I had to google this a while back to figure it out haha πŸ™‚

      • Ahhhh. Thank you. My last experience with this type of fandom was Harry Potter. We don’t discuss UST in Harry Potter. Unless you’re talking about slash/fanfic. πŸ™‚

      • haha I know what you mean, Bones is like the first thing i have really obsessed about enough to be involved in fan pages in a really long time. And sadly i never read Harry Potter, I only saw the movies (your probably gonna kill me right about now haha)

      • I was deep enough into HP to cover several people. You’re good. πŸ™‚

      • I am another HP refugee! Sometimes I have to dial back because with HP there was a sense that EVERYTHING was super significant so I have to tell myself “some stuff on Bones is just for TV!”

      • I know, right? With the exception of the occasional Mark Evans, everything JKR did was on purpose. And these writers are definitely not JKR. Especially the guy who did Feet on the Beach and the “sunglasses” episode. I’d like to know when he (she?) writes another episode. I’ll prepare myself for disappointment.

      • UST: “The Deliciously Incurable Disease”.

        I think I have decided to do a blog post on all my favorite pairs throughout my years of books/tv that fall in or around this idea.

        (quite a few….geez, people…..we are sick)

        Thankfully, it seems Bones isn’t simply a tease. At least feelings were actually admitted. Thank you, Hart.

    • *raises hand*

      I think i was one of the few all for a Walter & Brennan hook up! No concerns for me…just hope πŸ˜›

  24. Ok, no one has mentioned it; but, I just loved the scene when Brennan was kind of freaking out because Walter was biting her security pass and he miight ruin the security strip. Booth, who didn’t want her to give Walter the card in the first place, had to rescue her card. He absolutley looked like he was going to rip Walter’s arm off if he had to to get Brennan’s card back. I don’t know, I just felt it was so Boothy. Brennan is upset and Booth is going to fix it.

    I also loved the scene when Booth told Walter he had a chance with Brennan and then hid his mouth behind his hands and said sorry to Brennan. Like other people have said, in the past, Booth would have had something caustic to say and would have tried to be physically menacing towards the flirter. Last night he was relaxed, sure about his feelings and knew that Walter was no threat. We have been waiting along time to see Booth so relaxed and sure around Brennan and Brennan was so relaxed about what was going on also. Walter flirted and Brennan pretty much shot him down. She didn’t take him seriously, didn’t even think about it. Booth and Brennan were so relaxed together that we could see, they ARE a couple. They have finally become a couple.

    As for who will kiss first, I don’t care. I see they are a couple now, just give them time and both will be ready for that next step. I can wait for the kiss right now because I am so happy that they are finally happy.

    • He is really protective of Brennan. Even when Hannah was around, that didn’t change much.

      It’s probably only me, because I’m contrary like that, but it bugged me that Walter is taller than Booth. I love tall guys – it’s a running joke among my friends about my 6ft. minimum height requirement for men – but I want Booth to be the tallest, biggest, baddest dude in this particular circle. If there are anymore crossover shows with The Finder, Booth needs to wear lifts. πŸ™‚

      • Haha – well, for me it helped to see those muscles in that shirt at the end of the ep… those arms are definitely bigger than Walter’s . . .

  25. Well, interesting episode. I fast forwarded through any scenes that didn’t involve Jeffersonian or FBI members so it was a quick ep! But the B & B drinks scene was very nice to throw in for us :).

    I noticed right away they were sitting differently than usual, face to face with no table or anything in between them. They were both in “going out clothes” and looking very pretty/handsome. They appeared very relaxed. I love how Booth got to be the one to put it around her…maybe he needed a reason to touch her ala Brennan’s tie straightening fascination!?!? If so, cute!

    I also like the familiarity in Booth reminding her she lost something, that they have shared other stories in other conversations we were not privy to.

    I did not understand at all the Booth going AWOL story and “the finder” connection, or why Booth would have sought out a man he did not like, or why Brennan would respect his “gift” but not Sweets’. But I digress, that’s just me venting about a pilot episode taking over my wonderful show! πŸ™‚

    But I am very glad they gave us still some B & B moments that were very touching and do continue the 100th episode/elevator conversation fallout.

    The bar scene was just plain great. I love seeing them so relaxed and happy just spending time together. Not gonna lie, I’m still hoping for a Night-at-the-Museum-emotion type of kiss to happen between them in “real life” outside of a coma…but still. A very sweet scene! More please! πŸ™‚

    • Question…how can you watch an episode and fast forward it?

      I’m only asking because i don’t understand it…i can’t get any enjoyment out of an episode unless i actually watch it all.

      Fast forwarding anything let alone the majority seems like a waste of time to me…i’d of just watched something else! LOL

      I dunno…i’m just curious. It’s like people who skip parts of movies or pages of books…it blows my mind! πŸ˜›

      • Well Laffers I’m with you on that, but it could be that we’re both very inquisitive by nature (read nosy). πŸ™‚

        If I skip scenes in a show or movie or pages in a book I just feel like I’ve missed something so important. I can’t do it, even when I know there is something there I won’t want to see/read.

        You know people say “Curiosity killed the cat.” but they are ending the saying before it’s done. At least my mother always had an additional sentence to that saying: “Satisfaction brought it back.” So it was the unfilled curiosity that killed him, having that curiosity satisfied revived him, so that means it makes sense we always satisfy our curiosity instead of dying from it. πŸ™‚

      • I’m with you. I always feel if, the writer wrote it, I have to read it and that means no skipping pages. If the producer or writer feels that something is worth filming, then it must be worth watching. If it isn’t, well at least I won’t be suprised down the road if something in the scene is mentioned later. I always say I am going to sit down and just watch the first part of this show or that movie and I end up watching the whole thing. Maybe I am just compulsive.

      • Well, laffers18, I do not usually do this…but after a few scenes of only the Finder crew, I was just not enjoying it. I watch Bones to watch the team work, and I just was not interested in the new people. Most of the work someone already commented was a bit redundant, so I think I caught enough of the storyline. I did watch the scene between Brennan and the Finder, as well as all the Jeffersonian scenes and the lovely B & B scene so I got by B&B fix πŸ™‚ If its a normal Bones episode, I would not miss a moment! Does that make sense? I just had no interest in watching a Finder epsiode when I’m in the Thursday Bones mindset!! πŸ™‚

  26. I’ve been thinking about this now for a few hours, and it ties into something that’s been bugging me and that I figured out last night. BTW, the episode had nothing to do with me figuring this thing out.

    While things are getting better, I think they are still very far apart. I’d been trying to find the right words when discussing how they are together with a Bones friend. They’re subdued. They’re very low key. They are treading very lightly around each other. They don’t have that playfulness that they had.

    What I figured out last night is that they aren’t bickering and banter (ing?). Those scenes where they’re discussing something heatedly causing someone looking on to assume they are a couple. Like in Glowing Bones and Cinderella. You can’t do that with someone that you have to tread lightly around, that you have to worry about whether they’ll misinterpret or be insulted or upset by something. And, that’s where they are. Booth immediately assumed that Brennan’s questions about his motivations toward Broadsky meant she didn’t understand how much having to kill bothers him. In Daredevil, when Brennan asked if he was drunk, he had to add that he wasn’t “a drunk.” Everybody (Booth anyway) is still all sensitive.

    As for last night. I kind of think that they were closer when Booth would lean across the diner table so far, it looked like he was going in to kiss her. Things may have been a tad less fraught, I had no sense of that last night. Even putting the medal on her felt more like “I’m proud of you” than anything else. I watched the scene several times to be sure.

    So who will go first? Well, first they have to get there, and I don’t see how they get there soon. The other question is whether it will be mostly driven by circumstances or by one of them finally deciding, “now’s the time.” Accidental or deliberate? Circumstances could be when for some reason they are pushed close together and being so close the heat starts to rise. Then one stumbles or just leans over a bit too far and voila! lips touch. But, there’s also the thing with the dates from Blizzard. They get to the date one of them put down and that leads that one to open the discussion.

    Net, net — whatever I expect will likely prove wrong, so I’m remaining undeclared on this matter.

    • I’m just going to throw out there that your reaction might be part of that inevitable let-down rynogeny described above. Now that we know where the train is headed, the various stops between here and our destination are not exciting.

      I see no difference between the intimacy in giving Jasper the Pig and the intimacy in placing the medal around Brennan’s neck. They are both personal scenes that demonstrate how well Booth knows her and how much she trusts him. The difference is that in season 2, it was new and we didn’t know what would happen and now we’ve seen them for years and we know what will happen.

      And honestly – isn’t that what a long term relationship is? You’ve known someone for years and you know what will happen?

      • Barbara, I definately agree with you. I think the medal scene and the other scenes are the same. I mean i wasnt really let down by last nights final scene because while a lot of fans think them getting together is the end, many of us wont stop there, we want to see the life after they officially get together.

        I remember I used to watch this Colombian soap opera ( the original version of Ugly Betty) and what got me mad was that the show itself was amazing and i just did not want it to end but the final episode came and they got together AND got married in the series finale and then the show just ended with a picture of their wedding. I DO NOT want that to happen with Bones and I trust Hart not to do that to us. So for me getting near the ending that we all know is gonnna happen in Bones is not such a bad thing because i will look forward to the aftermath, if you will, of Bones.

      • Barbara –

        It’s not the let down, and it’s actually the opposite of what you’re suggesting. I still don’t know what will happen. I have learned not to believe anything HH, et al. say about what is going to happen — until it happens. To me, just because there was a commitment apparently made in Blizzard, doesn’t necessarily mean they will get to that place.

        So, I do see a difference with Jasper because at the time they had not yet hurt each other deeply. Now they have and that means that they are being careful with each other. That’s what I see. Yes, they are getting back to trusting and being playful and all that, but it’s baby steps. Also, given their history, I have to wonder if baby steps forward will be offset by giant leaps backward.

        I guess I haven’t been able yet to let go of my cynicism toward and distrust of HH and where he wants to take the show. I have hope for eventually now, but I am not yet convinced that we/they will get there. So, it’s not a post-coupling let down; it’s a pre-coupling wariness about what will actually happen.

      • Honestly, Angelena, I do not understand why people mistrust Hart Hanson. I do not see any logical reason for Hart Hanson to purposely anger and upset the fans…just, why? He has a life, and better things to do with it than drive total strangers crazy.

        He’s a businessman and Bones is one of his products. If he does not package the product in a way that people will like – they won’t buy it. It makes no financial sense to end the series without BB together because that will make the reruns and dvds less popular to a large segment of the fans.

        He’s a writer, and you just don’t spend six or seven years writing a story with one ending just to change it at the last minute, rendering all your work moot, for the sole purpose of annoying people.

        Apparently when people say they feel betrayed and lied to they are referring to the season 4 finale, but all that ever seemed to me was typical hyperbolic promo teasing, that was taken way, way too much to heart by the fans. I think HH didn’t realize the extent to which online fandom would take his words as gospel and feel personally betrayed when their interpretation turned out not to be onscreen.

        I spent a lot of time in the Harry Potter fandom and I can’t tell you how many plot ideas, hints, and red herrings JK Rowling threw out that ending up going nowhere. And the fans were upset. And in every single case, when you got down to the original quote or comment, it was something that the fans had taken way out of context and extrapolated and just got carried away with.

        I don’t feel betrayed. I think since season 2 it’s been glaringly obvious that BB will be a couple by the end of the series and everything that’s happened is just a step on the way to that.

  27. I’m totally with folks on the whole intimate shift in their dynamic. During the final scene, I turned my head at the wrong second and thought Booth had kissed Brennan (on the forehead, but still!) when he put the medal over her head. Their body language made me buy it for a second and I had to rewind to be sure I was wrong. That’s saying something, baby!

    In regards to the Curse…I get why people worry, and I have very mixed feelings about it. I kind of stopped watching the Office after Jim and Pam got together. Not on purpose, I just kind of…faded. But, I think part of that fading interest was connected to Jim becoming a boss. He grew up…he wasn’t funny. I realized I was dissappointed not because the tension was gone but because the writers had fundamentally changed the characters’ dynamic. More than Pam (who got into a few less hijinks), Jim became >boring< and I was upset because I didn't see why "growing up"–getting married, having a kid–had to be a bad thing, had to shift their characters so drastically. They fell in love with the goofy versions of themselves after all! I think the bits of the last season or two I've seen have returned Jim to his former glory, but after a season or two or boring Jam (not to mention the show got substantially less funny through 5 and 6)…it was too late for me.

    In the case of B&B–I don't think their chemistry would alter if they were together. They would still bicker (maybe even more). They would still have different worldviews that clashed. They would just also be boinking! I think the writers have kept what is great about Jack and Angela individually alive in their incarnation as Hodgela–and this gives me hope for the eventual B&B relationship. The supporting cast is also well-rounded and enjoyable on their own, which makes the emotional core of the show a little stronger than that of the Office.

    For all of these reasons, I'm totally of the opinion the Bones folks can avoid the Moonlighting/Jam curse…but I also understand the trepidation. Whew, sorry for the novela!

  28. I know we still have a ways to go with BONES, but now that everyone is mentioning that B&B are already basically together except for the whole no having sex thing, I can’t help but have that feeling where it’s almost over and near the end. I’m probably just crazy but I just feel sort of sad because all of this leads me to think about how that day when the series finale comes, I will be so sad to not be able to look forward to a new episode of Bones. I dont know if anyone else feels like I do or if Im the only one but I just feel…empty inside when I think about this.

    • Nope. You’re not alone. With some of the criticism I’ve seen today of last night’s ep, I’ve found myself thinking, ‘but this way, we still have four more eps to go before the summer hiatus! The Finder wasn’t a normal Bones ep, but we got some really lovely moments in a ‘bonus’ episode.’

      In terms of it finishing altogether, though…based on what we’re hearing, it’s quite possible they’re going to get a two year renewal, so assuming enough people do watch after they get together, we still have some time left. πŸ™‚

      • I’m glad to hear that we might get the two years renewal πŸ™‚ although (i dont want to seem so pessimist but,) at the same time if we DO get the two years, i hope that is when the show concludes- not because i wouldnt wanna watch it but because I dont want Bones to end up like ER or something where it just goes on and on forever and eventually the ratings are going to plumet if it goes into the 9th or 10th season. I want Hart just to tell his story the way he wants to and conclude it when he wants to, but it will be sad nevertheless when it does end. (I feel like I’m contradicting myself, but maybe its cuz im just a little tired haha)

  29. UST – unresolved sexual tension.
    As for how it applies to B&B, I think it has been much subdued or even gone this season. And something else has taken its place. I love that they are getting closer to an actual relationship, but I feel like the steaminess is diminished dramatically. I want to see it come back when they are an actual couple. (They are so close already, I can’t imagine we’ll have to wait long).

    As for who will make the first move, it would be more meaningful and dramatic, I think, if it was Brennan. Season 6 has been about building the emotional connection between B&B. And the character with the most amount of positive emotional growth has been Brennan. Putting her self forward to Booth would be the ultimate culmination of her growth.

    Either way, however, would be just dandy to me.

  30. Upon re-watching the episode today I find that even with the de-emphasis of the Bones cast, there are themes and motifs that further our story along.

    With Feet on the Beach we had contrition, with Truth in the Myth we had compromise, with this episode we had the theme of finding what was lost. Walter says that sometimes you find something besides what you lost…isn’t that what we are seeing with BB? They are finding the relationship that they lost, but also a new relationship.

    And, the final debate on Walter’s blackboard is optimist vs fool, which is a key issue in Booth’s personal journey.

  31. Because Brennan said no initially I agree with all who posted that it would be more meaningful if she made the first move. Booth needs to know from her that it’s ok to move forward on a physical relationship-permission if you will-but I would be extremely pleased if things just happened naturally and they sort of both fell into the moment. And the medal? So sweet that he remembered how much it meant to her and that he was holding it in the end scene. A detail man all the way.

    As for last night, I really enjoyed the B/B interactions but found myself annoyed by the constant cutting back and forth between B/B and The Finder folks. In a way, it felt a bit like a disservice to both shows because we didn’t get enough of either. Still, I know they had to do things this way and I guess it wasn’t really too bad, although it’s really making me crave next week’s episode. As an aside, not that I’m squeamish or anything (I watch Bones-and Fringe-for cryin’ out loud!) but no amount of lovely ab time can make up for that truly cringe-worthy scene of Walter on the potty. I felt like Phoebe on Friends when she saw Chandler and Monica making out through window “My eyes! My eyes!” You know it’s bad when you find yourself looking back at the Booth/Hannah gymnastics with a little fondness. At least those abs have never been thus compromised.

  32. I agree with most of you who perceive B/B as being already a couple. After the blackout episode, they’ve had some kind of mutual understanding.

    I really don’t want to make a guess who will make the first move. Although I would prefer they do it at the same time. Something like an unexpected ” I love you’s” to each other, out of the blue, leaving us like… Hey! did they just say what I thought I heard?

    If I remember right, was it Angela who said B/B were already a couple but, they weren’t just having sex? Maybe that’s why they’re inexplicable. They’re emotionally connected, they’ve been wanting to make each other happy in the best possible way they can, they protect each other, they get annoyed at each other, and at the end of the day, they resolve it… etc… etc.. etc.. but they don’t sleep together… I think they’re being a couple is defined much much more than having sex. But at some point they know they need to define and formalize it.. thus, the dates.

    Here in my part of the world, we are having bones reruns as a “prep” for season 6 (though I mostly watch bones on the internet). Anyway, they showed the 100th last night and it was interesting to sort of look back at the conversations/transformations/dynamics B/B had since the 100th.

    P.S. Newbie here. Thanks for this site. πŸ™‚

  33. Well, your post made this episode more palatable. Made me want to see the last 5 minutes of the epi again.

    My vote…it will be our man Booth… :-).

  34. Brennan and Booth are playing “chicken” and I seriously hope neither one swerves. They should crash into each other at the speed of light! Yeahhh! As for your question. My money’s on Booth. He’s the one who needs to stop being mad. I think Brennan’s ready!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ YAAY!

  35. I re-watched the episode last night and found that I enjoyed it much more when I viewed it as the “bonus” 23rd episode (makes me wonder if the Finder pilot has been in the works since they first announced they were doing 23 episodes last summer) instead of as a pilot episode for the Finder that just so happened to guest star the Bones cast (when what I was expecting was a Bones episode). I thought there would be much more crossover between the two and when there wasn’t, it kind of left me in a bad mood.

    Anyway, I know I’m late commenting (I couldn’t bring myself to comment until I had watched it again), but in terms of the question asked, I’m betting it’ll be a mutual decision…but if it’s not, I think it’ll be Brennan who makes the first move.

  36. Together would be good – but chivalric Boothy all the way for me.

    I just love though,how you’ve managed to generate so much discussion from such a Bones lite Bones ep.

  37. I think if they go in conjunction with canon, it’s going to be Brennan who makes the first move. With the exception of the kiss outside the Hoover, Brennan has been the one to initiate every kiss with Booth – even counting what she wrote in Beginning in the End, where she not only initiates all of the kisses, but initiates the lovemaking as well. Then there’s the Tommy guns, and the rubdown in the elevator, and the talk in the elevator – all initiated by Brennan. And that question she posed to Booth in The Finder – THAT was squinty flirting pure and simple. Not Booth’s answer to her. Brennan’s question was her way of batting her eyelashes at him and asking Booth if he thinks she’s hot. So I think she’s biding her time and waiting for that door to Booth’s heart to open, and when it does she’s going to make her move.

    • Oh that is an excellent observation! I hadn’t even thought about that! Although I would say they were both flirting. His answer was carefully crafted to get a certain response – which it did, with her little smile. I’ve wondered before what it will look like when they are both knowingly, purposely flirting at the same time and this is a glimpse.

  38. I felt a little panicked when I saw how touched Brennan was after receiving the medal from Walter. My head was screaming, “If HH brings Walter in to force Booth to make a move, I will be pissed.” Booth also looked hurt when Brennan mentioned that without Walter, the girl would never have been found. On my first watch, I felt that Booth and Brennan were becoming more best friends than lovers. Both the scene in the beginning with Walter hitting on Brennan and Booth and Brennan at the end at the bar reminded me of the dynamic of opposite sex best friends. I had hoped that the Booth/Brennan friendship was already solidified and was headed toward the direction of being lovers. I didn’t get that sense of romance. Maybe that’s what they need right now; particularly, Booth. After reading everyone’s comments, I’m really looking forward to re-watching the episode with the sense that maybe B&B have the confidence that they belong together and it’s only a matter of time.

  39. bb- I still don’t get it but each to their own πŸ˜€

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