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Morning After Q: Two Truths & A Lie


Good morning! Let me ask you this:

If Booth and Brennan were playing this game (where they tell two truths and one lie), what would be the two truths you would WANT them to share with the other, and what would be one lie you wouldn’t mind each one saying?

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34 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Two Truths & A Lie

  1. Two truths:

    Booth: Hannah WAS a consolation prize.
    I am afraid that you are going to take off when things become too uncomfortable for you– when things become too emotional between us.

    One lie:

    Booth: I know a great deal about relationships and how people interact with one another. (Okay, it’s a partial lie.)

    • I don’t think for Booth that ‘Hannah was a consolation prize’ is a truth. I don’t believe he sees her that way. I think he really did love her. It just wasn’t the right kind of love at the right time.

      • I agree with you. Certainly at the time he said that she wasn’t one – he believed that. Is it a lie if you believed it at the time? Did Brennan lie when she said she couldn’t change? She believed it at the time.

        Booth’s lies have really been to himself, not Brennan, and vice versa. And I think a lot of the things that viewers see as issues for them are not issues for Booth and Brennan. Specifically Brennan. I do not think Brennan faults Booth for Hannah at all.

    • I agree with you Barbara. Booth told Brennan that he needed to move on and Brennan said she knew. I don’t think Brennan blames Booth for moving on. She thought it was best at the time.
      By the way, I was watching The Predator In The Pool last night and I noticed that when Brennan talked about dating Hacker she smiled and thought the conversation with Booth in the cafe was fine; but, the minute Booth started talking about dating Dr Bryar, Brennan kind of cut Booth off. Brennan may have told Booth it was ok to move on, but deep down, maybe not so much.

      • Lenora, I saw that last night too! She was going on and on about her date, but when Booth was grinning and happy about seeing his date again, BAM!, she clammed up so fast and tried to look disinterested! haha! Oh Brennan! Admit you want a ticket on that ride!! 🙂

      • My point, my dears, is that the definition of a consolation prize is to something you get when you cannot get the one thing you prize the most, or in this case, the person you prize the most. Yes, Boothy boy did move on and all that, but he settled for someone that was (as we saw even if he did not) was not going to work out. It’s not meant to be pejorative.

  2. Booth to Brennan:

    1. Truth-I love you.
    2. Truth-I am dazzled by you.
    3. Lie-Of course, you’re not abrasive. 🙂

    Brennan to Booth:
    1. Truth-I love you.
    2. Truth-I am dazzled by you.
    3. Lie-Sure honey, I love your beer dispensing hat. 🙂

  3. Booth
    1. Truth – I love you
    2. Truth – I have loved you since the day we met.
    3. Lie- I love it when you are honest with me and everyone else

    1. Truth – I love you
    2. Truth – I’ve loved you for a very long time
    3. Lie – I don’t mind when you get impatient with me when I am not sure what is going on

  4. Booth’s two truths: what really happened to his mom, who the consolation prize really was

    Brennan’s two truths: the real story behind her ‘grandfather’ getting her out of foster care, who Juan Guzman is.

    Booth’s lie: the reason behind his aversion to clowns
    Brennan’s lie: that she thinks he is a good singer

  5. Oh this is easy…

    I want to do you.
    I want to do you.
    I don’t want to do you.

    That works for either! But seriously…

    Brennans choice topic should be Booth’s fake death.

    We all know the lie to be that she really WAS able to compartmentalize his fake death.
    The two truths should be how she actually handled it.

    I’m undecided on Booths topic.

    It could be Brennan’s relationship with Sully…because there were a few lies already told during that time.

    1. Booth lied to Sully about wanting Brennan.
    2. Booth lied to himself that he would have been okay if she left for a year with Sully.

    The truths could be that he was happy when sully left and he was even happier that she stayed.

    OR he could do it around his relationship with Hannah…

    Truth #1. Deep down he knew hannah wasn’t the marrying type
    Truth #2. He rushed into attempting to make the perfect life with Hannah because it was too hard to be around Brennan.
    Lie: Hannah wasn’t a consolation prize and he really had no trouble leaving brennan alone that night. (Okay so that’s two but that was a pretty big deal)

    That’s all I got. Great question!

  6. Gosh, I’d love to hear both of them just come right out and admit that they love each other (and have for quite awhile) without any beating around the bush.

    For the other truths:

    Booth: How he really felt that night in the SUV when Brennan told him she had regrets. Heck, I’d love to know where his feelings for Brennan stood the entire time he was with Hannah. Was he successfully able to compartmentalize up until that scene in The Doctor in the Photo, or was it always a struggle for him to keep his distance?

    Brennan: The truth about the coma dream book (how much of it did she write?) and why she deleted it.

    For the lies:

    Booth: That it doesn’t annoy him whenever Brennan corrects him.

    Brennan: That it doesn’t annoy her whenever Booth plays dumb by purposely mispronouncing words (Gorgonzola anyone?).

  7. The two truths are easy.
    Truth 1 for both: I love you.
    Truth 2 for Brennan: I’m still afraid that I can’t do this. I will give it my all, but I’ll need your help.
    Truth 2 for Booth: I have loved you since the day we met, but I had lost all hope that we could ever be a couple.
    Lie for Brennan: Serious — You don’t have to explain (the proposal to) Hannah.
    Humorous — I trust your gut.
    Lie for Booth: I’ve never lied to you.

  8. For both of them:

    1. I’m afraid to love you, because of the risks involved.
    2. My life would be incomplete without you.


    1. We can stay just partners forever. Nothing has to change.

    • Your truths made me misty. I don’t want the lie to be communicated because then it would be another reason to keep them apart until the realized it was a lie. No more keeping them a part!!!!

  9. Truths
    Booth to Brennan:
    #1 You said you couldn’t change but you have and so have I. We help each other evolve.
    #2 I never stopped being in love with you. It just took me some time to realize that.

    Brennan to Booth:
    #1 We both told Sweets how we felt about each other. My love for you was never in the past.
    #2 We don’t make any sense as a couple but I don’t need us to make sense to try to make this relationship work.

    Booth to Brennan:
    I love everything about you.

    Brennan to Booth:
    I know our relationship will work.

  10. My additions to the list:

    Truth 1: Remember that funeral I was late for? Since we’re being honest, I think it’s time I tell you the real reason…
    Truth 2: You are amazing. I really wish everyone could see you the way that I do.

    Lie: No, really, that’s not why I don’t like it when you drive. Honest Bones, the way you go on about your car’s features doesn’t bother me a bit. Because that cruise control and the auto backing thing? You have to admit, that’s pretty impressive!


    Truth 1: I yelled at Jared and knocked him off his stool for the way he led me to believe erroneous things about you. Had we not been in public, I believe I would have hurt him even more severely for what he did.

    Truth 2: Hank asked me to tell you something when the time was right, and I think that this may be it…

    Lie: No, it doesn’t bother me when you correct me all the time. Why would it bother me?

    (I’m not really keen on what I came up with for Brennan’s lie, but man, it’s hard to see her lying to Booth about anything except, you know, bones floating in pudding….)

  11. Brennan
    Truth1: I am aware that what sweets says about my defense mechanisms is not complte “B.S.” I am scared
    Truth2: As a result of my fear, I sometimes pretend to be less aware of what’s going on between us than I really am. I’ve known for a long time that we are not just partners.

    Lie: I love your socks

    Truth 1: I rushed into a relationship with hannah to cope with the pain of loosing you.
    Truth2: I know the truth of you, and I am dazzled by that truth

    Lie:Your not abrassive, your just honest.

  12. Oooooooh i love this game!!! OK ok….so.


    Truth 1- I never slept with Hacker. (I kinda think Booth thinks she did…it’d be good for him to know she didn’t 😀 )

    Truth 2- What Pops told her (re his dad) to tell Booth when he is ready

    Lie 1- If your job as a FBI agent goes wrong you could always make it as a singer.


    Truth 1- The real reason i was late to Maria and Augustine’s funeral was because i was threatening Ortez for putting a hit out on you.

    Truth 2- I want to have wild monkey sex with you! (Or words to that effect…i’m easy 😛 )

    Lie 1- I’ve always loved you *ducks and runs* 😉

    Yeah….it took me about half an hour to come up with another truth each. So many choices!!!!

  13. Booth truth 1: I really was not ok after the debacle of the 100th. I hung around not just to be your partner and friend, but desperately hoping you’d change your mind because I love you and life is empty without you (sappy and the verb timing is off, but hey, I still want to hear it!)

    Booth truth 2: I really wanted to hold you after your confession in doctor in the Photo, and I’m sorry that I hurt you so much after I came back with Hannah. I wanted to show you how I didn’t need you and could move on, but I didn’t realize you would care so much. And “the one?”-it’s you alright.

    Booth lie: Sure honey, I can wait as long as you want (technically not a lie, but we know he wants it baaaaad…)

    Brennan truth 1: I left for Maluku because I was terrified of what needing you so much would do to me. I’m sorry that I asked you to stay and then I left and broke your heart.

    Brennan truth 2: you are so much better (and hotter) than Hacker or any of those other dudes I went out with. I only dated Hacker to prove to myself that I wasn’t completely in love with you. And the Catfish lady, i really didn’t like her. OOh, one more (sorry I’m cheating): the sex scenes in my books, Angela may have given me some help, but I wrote them with you in mind…

    Brennan lie: sure honey, i can live with all those Christmas decorations and sports doohickeys of yours. Just let me move some of my incredibly significant anthropological/archaelogical items over to the side to make room for your mountains of stuff. And my misericorde knife? It’ll will look really nice next to your hockey whatever.

  14. Brennan:
    Truth: That really was the body of JFK and you should grow up and realize you can’t trust authority under any and all circumstances.
    Truth: You hurt me when you said you love Hannah and she is not a consolation prize. Now I feel like if we get together *I* will be a consolation prize.

    Lie: I don’t mind it when you try to teach me how to be a human being.


    Truth: I have a problem admitting my mistakes and taking responsibility for them.
    Truth: I’m mad at the world because nothing turns out like I want it to.

    Lie: Expressing gratitude to you for being such a good FRIEND to me when the woman I loved broke my heart is the same thing as admitting to a lie.

    Yes I’m mad at Booth. Shizz needs to get real.

    • You are assuming that Brennan will feel like a consolation prize.

      Telling Booth about JFK would just be cruel. Brennan has no desire to purposely hurt Booth.

      • I agree Brennan has no spite for Booth, but telling Booth about JFK would be a *great* idea. I for one have had enough relationship talk between these two. Telling him the truth about JFK would be a great and helpful confession that encourages Booth to defend his idealism of the military/US gov’t in a mature way. If he can’t deal with the reality, and reconcile his idealism with reality, then it’s stubborn romanticizing. This would also be a good way for Booth to grow in terms of balancing his heart and brain.

      • I’m with you Barbara; the guy has taken a huge emotional hit for his country and Brennan knows that. Truth without context is cruel, which they’ve never purposefully been to each other. Thank goodness that their ability to forgive any perceived wrongdoings is greater than that of a portion of the viewing audience. Besides, there’s a slight possibility that the body was not JFK’s, so she can tell herself her words were not entirely a lie.

      • See, I always thought Cam and Bones (and the show) was selling him short by acting as if he couldn’t handle the truth. And earlier Booth was well aware of how ambiguous being a sniper was, no matter how just the cause. That episode ending bothered me because it cut off Booth’s idealism from reality, and implied Booth wasn’t mature and intelligent and strong enough to reconcile his beliefs with the truth. In retrospect, seems to set up a lot of problems for later as well regarding Booth’s romanticizing tendencies going unchecked.

      • You are assuming that Brennan will feel like a consolation prize.

        And you are assuming she won’t.

        Telling Booth about JFK would just be cruel. Brennan has no desire to purposely hurt Booth

        It WOULD be cruel if Booth were a child who doesn’t deserve to have his fairytale illusions shattered just yet. Booth is an adult and he can handle the truth.

  15. crap! e-mail.

  16. Honestly, I think anything prior to the 100th is water under the bridge for these two. After all that’s happened since then, that stuff is ancient history and not what’s affecting their relationship now.

    Brennan’s truths might be: 1) I pretended that your relationship with Hannah did not affect me, but it did, deeply. and perhaps 2) I am pretending not to be as ready as I am to move forward, because you seem reluctant to do so.

    Booth’s truths might be: 1)You say you’ve changed and I want to believe that, but how do I know you won’t run off to Guatemala the next time our relationship is more than you feel you can deal with? When you left for Maluku I was devastated and I can’t go through that again.
    2) When I was with Hannah, I behaved in ways that I usually don’t and I’m ashamed of that. I’m holding back with you now, because I need to reconcile that behavior and make sure I don’t make the same mistakes with you.

  17. I wouldn’t want Brennan to admit to what she did in Proof in the Pudding or with Jared. Both of those would just hurt Booth and not prove her true feelings for him.
    Brennan’s truths:
    1. Why she went to Maluku and how heartbroken she was about Hannah
    2. That she believes in love
    Brennan’s lie: That she never questions his abilities about reading people and relationships.
    Booth’s truths:
    1. More about his relationships with his parents and where they are.
    2. That he is scared
    Booth’s lie: that there are things about her that bug him — her abrasiveness, her sometimes condescending tone.

    • I’m not sure her abrasiveness and her sometimes condescending tone áre the things about her that bug him though. I think that those are things that bug fans.
      Booth can be condescending in his own way to Brennan too, and her abrasiveness is a double edged sword in the sense that there have been times it worked in his favour (I remember times when he enjoyed her abrasiveness to people/suspects/Sweets 🙂 ).

      Something about her bugs him though, but it mostly seems to be her awkward jokes, and her tendency to take everything literal. Those are the instances when he gets snippy (and his version of condescending) at her.

      I might be wrong though but that is what I remember. But people seem to remember the things that annoy them the most best.

  18. This topic gives a good oversight of the peeves that have been festering in the fan community. The creators should read this! (or not. depends on how you look at it)

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