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Dinner Party Game: Bones & B-day style!


Good morning, my friends!

If you’re like me, you’ve been in some sort of work or class team building feel-goodery in which people who normally want you to spend all of your time making them money are now insisting that you share about your personal lives. Um, okay…

If you’re like me, you’ve ALSO been the person who makes other people do those ‘ice-breakers’, as they are sometimes called. It’s true; sometimes I’m the boss.Β  For the most part, the ‘get to know yous’ are uncomfortable and don’t actually build any team morale beyond the shared experience of “we all hate this”, but every once in awhile, there is an exercise that is fairly interesting. One of those such exercises is “Dinner Party”.

If you’re starting a conversation with someone and want something to talk about, ask that person to name three or four people he or she would want to have dinner with. The choices can be any alive or dead person. It’s fascinating to learn who people want to hang out with.

And it got me to thinking…if I could share a birthday meal with any BONES character, whichΒ  (character) would it be? As I considered it, I found that I could not decide, as it all depended on the kind of meal I was going to have. Having a fancy brunch is different than a late night drink, right? Then I thought, “Why choose? Why not have them all?” So I’m going to. It’s my party blog after all, and I can cry talk about sharing meals with fictional characters if I want to. πŸ™‚

So, without further ado, here are the characters I’D want to share a meal with on my birthday.



This would be at the diner, naturally, and I think I would like to have breakfast with Sweets. He seems like a morning person, and he’s optimistic. Having breakfast with him would be a great way to start a great birthday. I know I’d leave there thinking it would be a wonderful day and a wonderful year. Menu: french toast, chocolate milk.


A little more fancy, I think I’d want to join Hodgins and Angela at their mansion. Can’t you imagine it? There’s some sort of outdoor eating area near a pool, and we’ll be served mimosas and fresh peaches and raspberries and granola. And bacon. It will be fancy, but fun, and we’ll gossip about inappropriate things while using the finest china and crystal.


I would love to meet Brennan for lunch–somewhere trendy and probably too expensive.Β  (Sidenote: It’s about time Brennan had a birthday on the show, I’m thinking!) We’d talk about books we are reading, and although we might not understand what the other is talking about on every point, we’ll still be glad to be spending time together. I’ll try to get some sort of scoop on her feelings for Booth, and she’ll probably change the subject. I’ll just smile and eat my fries and over-priced sandwich.

Happy Hour:

At the end of the work day, I’d want to unwind and drink with Cam. She’d be chill enough to have a good time and snarky enough to make fun of other people in the bar, probably. I’d have a Vegas Water probably.


You’d be able to tell just by looking at me that I smell fantastic, and when I answer my door to see Booth there in a pair of dark jeans, a while polo shirt and a clean shave, you can be assured he’ll smell just as terrific. He’ll smile at me and put his hand on my back as he escorts me out the door. He’ll take me somewhere most people don’t know about–the kind of place with good food and better music– and I’ll say something incredibly witty, and he’ll lean in and smile, his dark eyes sparkling. And…well, that’s probably enough.

Drinks & Dessert:

Confession…lately I’ve sort of had Wendell on the brain. Not sure why (and this past week’s episode, despite his strange behavior, hasn’t changed that). Maybe it’s because I’m (now) 31, and he’s…well, how old is he? Not 31, I’m pretty sure. Haha, and yikes at the same time. But yeah, he’s the one I can imagine meeting for a late night drink. It would be fun and casual and flirty, and at the end of the night, I’d smile and walk away.

Um, having said that…who would I share my ‘birthday suit’ with? Well, that honor goes to this guy…

…as a team building exercise, of course!


Okay, enough from me. How about you? Take to the comments, if you’d like, and letΒ me know who you’d invite to your birthday:




Happy Hour


Drinks & Dessert

And in the meantime,

Peace, Love & Bones,


PS…I’ll be back later today in a couple of hours with a scene study of one of my all time favorite BONES moments.


15 thoughts on “Dinner Party Game: Bones & B-day style!

  1. Breakfast: I know these are not #Bones characters, but I’d love to share a breakfast of splendid doughnuts with the honorable Steven Nathan and Hart Hanson.
    Brunch: I think spending brunch with all the squinterns would be a rip roaring good time with lots of laughs and chatter.
    Lunch: I’d like lunch with Sweets. He is very cheerful and would make an excellent lunch companion.
    Happy Hour: Oh I’d just love to knock back a few drinks with Hodgins and Cam, can you imagine the fun!
    Dinner: I think dinner with Brennan would be a fancy affair as long as I did not have to eat vegan. A couple glasses of wine and some girl talk, with I’m sure a lot of, “I don’t know what that means” being thrown around on both parts.
    Drinks & Desserts: I will provide the drinks and Booth can provide the dessert………………!!
    Haha, fun, fun, fun……Mary B πŸ˜‰

  2. I really only want the one course – Dessert & yes that would be with Booth!

  3. Breakfast of fruit and oatmeal with Bones to kick start my brain
    Lunch with Vino delectable so I can learn all the trivia to impress my coworkers with later
    Candle light dinner at an insanely extensive restaurant with Seeley Joseph Booth. we would feed each other bites of our dinner until the tension was unbearable and we when to his apartment with private desert of chocoholic and whip cream

  4. First off….Happy Birthday, my friend! πŸ™‚

    Breakfast: Brennan. I am not much of a breakfast person, but I think I would love to sit down with Brennan and a couple of omelets and just chit chat. Yes, she’s not much for that…but after an hour of trying to understand what she is saying, I should be wide awake for the day.

    Brunch: Angela. We could have fruit and hang. Maybe dissect the crazy interpersonal relationships in the lab. Fun, fun, fun.

    Lunch: Cam. Soup and salad, a quick cocktail, some gossip…a nice way to continue the day.

    Happy Hour: The Squinterns. All of them except Daisy. We would drink for free when Vincent dominates the bar’s trivia contest while drinking only ginger ale.

    Dinner: Sweets. Urbane, witty, intelligent…who wouldn’t want to have Sweets for a dinner companion? Plus we wouldn’t have to go anywhere too fancy, and we could relax.

    Drinks and Dessert: Booth. Duh. A slightly seedy, dark bar…nice, intimate dance floor…then dessert consisting of FBI Agent ala’ whipped cream. Yum.

    Aaaand I’m spent. That sounds like a nice day. πŸ™‚

  5. Haha, I loved this. And agree with dinner plans πŸ˜‰

  6. Sarah, I think you planned the perfect day. I don’t think I would have done anything different. What can I say? Great minds think alike. I especially approve of the “happy ending” to the day.

  7. When I go out to dinner, I always check the dessert menu before ordering my entree. A girl has to keep her priorities straight and dessert is the most important part of a meal. Just as cake and ice cream are the most important part of a birthday — well actually the presents are — but it all starts there: Seeley Joseph Booth as dessert and present. ;-D… The dots are the drool. ;-D

    I’d be too excited to need, or even be able, to eat anything else all day.

    Wait, that gives me an idea. The Seeley J. Booth diet. Dream about Seeley for breakfast. Dream about Seeley for lunch. A sensible dinner and Seeley for dessert. ;-D (Are you old enough to remember those SlimFast ads?)

  8. This is just too funny! Love your choices. Happy Birthday!

  9. I’d have dinner with Booth and Brennan and just sit back and enjoy their banter. Yep. And maybe ask a few inapropriate questions to make them squirm and steer the conversation somewhere interesting πŸ™‚

  10. Breakfast – I think breakfast with Vincent would be interesting. I am not a morning person; so, I like to be around perky interesting people in the morning. Vinny would be the ticket as he would just be too funny. Brunch – If I did Brunch, then Sweets would be a nice choice. He is a positive personality and the conversations would be very interesting. Lunch – I would like to have lunch with Gordon Gordon. Gosh his take on the world is very interesting and we could have interesting conversations about food and human nature. Happy Hour – tough one, I don’t drink alcohol so I guess I would want to be around someone who wouldn’t care if I drank or not and I would think that was Wendell. He is so nice. Dinner – I would like to go to dinner with Booth And Brennan. I would like to sit back and listen to them talk. I wouldn’t want to talk at all. I just love to hear them talk and that would be great for me. Drinks & Dessert – I wouldn’t mind a coke and pie with Booth later. Just because. No other reason.

  11. Happy Birthday Seels! A bit belated by now but still
    Thanks for the post, I love the concept and I liked your choices. I laughed so much, it was just what I needed to relax after a day at work.
    hmmmn now my meal choices…

    Breakfast; I’m not a morning person so I would go with Cam, I’m sure she would be witty and not talk too much so early in the day.

    Brunch; Angela, I think any catch up with her is sure to be lots of fun

    Lunch; Booth and Brennan, I would join Brennan in stealing Booth’s fries and then I’d start a conversation with Brennan that would make Booth blush and get all uncomfortable. πŸ˜›

    Happy Hour; Like Jen’s idea of having it with the squinterns, maybe include Sweets as well.

    Dinner; A delicious meal prepared by Gordon Gordon, I could spend all night talking to him but instead I

    would have to cut it short so I could have Hodgins for desert, … I mean have desert with Hodgins πŸ˜€

    Now Caroline is the only person left to catch up with maybe I could have a drink with her sometime

  12. Can I just throw in there, how about lunch with that lovable rascal Max Keenan? I would get his take on how much of a hard time will he give Booth once he starts sleeping with his daughter or in the alternative for taking so damn long to do so! Ah, love Max!

  13. Happy belated Birthday Sarah!!!

    I’m excited about this already πŸ˜‰


    Brekkie with Gordon Gordon. He always makes me giggle and i need a laugh in the morning πŸ™‚

    Brunch with the lovable Max Keenan and his gorgeous daughter Temperance Brennan. I love their relationship so i’ll enjoy observing their dynamic…and i’ll remind Temperance that she has a wonderful (if flawed) father.

    Lunch with the Sweetness! Time for gossiping about Booth and Brennan…and then we’ll spend the rest of the time flirting until he realises he can do better than Daisy and then…well, you get the gist πŸ˜‰

    Happy Hour with Clark, Fisher, Nigel-Murray and Wendall!!! (Notice who I’ve left out?!). Drinking, flirting and causing trouble. The perfect night πŸ˜›

    Dinner with my man Hodgins. I could stare into his gorgeous blue eyes all night over candlenight, flirting and giggling with him until he realises he can do so much better than Angela and then…well, you get the gist…again πŸ˜‰

    Drinks & Dessert with the one and only Seeley Booth πŸ˜€ Flirting…drinking…and then i’ll eat dessert off of him πŸ˜‰

  14. Happy Belated Birthday! πŸ™‚
    Breakfast: I’m going with Cam for breakfast.
    Brunch: I’m going to go with Hodgins and Angela as well. I would love to see Hodgin’s mansion!
    Lunch: I think lunch with Parker would be so fascinating! He would give me the inside scoop on Booth!
    Happy Hour: I’m turning 19 on Thursday so I’ll think I’ll skip this one.
    Dinner: Dinner is the meal you spend the most time on so I would spend it with Brennan.
    Drinks and Dessert: I’m gonna join everyone here and pick a certain Special Agent πŸ˜‰

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