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Scene Study: The Devil in the Details- Life is Very Good


Hello, again!

Hope you are having a good Sunday.

This scene from season five is one that has sort of developed into one of my all time favorite scenes. Do you have scenes like that? At first watch, it was certainly very sweet, and I liked it very much, but didn’t think a lot of it. Yet, I come back to it over and over.

The episode revolves around a body found in a church, and that setting creates opportunity for Booth and Brennan to bicker over religion. That’s nothing new, but it’s almost always funny and fun.

I love that it’s one of the things they are likely to NEVER agree on.

The scene opens to Booth and Brennan at the diner at night, after their case is closed.

“I need to ask you some things,” Brennan begins, and I love that. In my mind, one of the reasons Brennan is so attracted to Booth is that he is fascinating. She likes learning more about him. He’s very private, and she is curious. I don’t see her as curious in a judgemental way, but more that once she knows something, she files it away as stored information. And I like that in this instance, when she says she needs to ask him some things, it’s because she wants to know more about him. She wants to know his thought processes.

“You gonna ask me about God and the devil?” Booth asks.

“Yes,” Brennan nods.

“You’re gonna ask me how God can place such a burden on good people.” I like this from Booth, because I think it shows (even if we didn’t get the next convo from B&B) that he is feeling the burden of that question he thinks Brennan is going to ask.

“No,” Brennan replies. “I’m going to ask you how you still believe in a kind God after a case like this.”

I love this from Brennan as well. She’s not questioning the existence (or in her mind non-existence) of God; she’s wanting to know Booth’s thoughts. Booth is thinking about God and justice, and she’s thinking about Booth and justice. It’s sort of along those lines of when he said to work with him, she had to respect the law, and she rebutted that if she couldn’t respect the law, she could at least respect him. Brennan and Booth both need each other to be himself or herself in a lot of ways. That’s probably a discussion for another day, but the point for this post is this–I like that Brennan isn’t really weighing God’s motivations, she’s measuring Booth’s reaction to their shared experience.

“Is my faith shaken?” Booth asks, and Brennan nods.

“Yeah,” Booth nods. “It is.”

“It is,” Brennan clarifies, which I also like. She had a sense or thought that that might be the case, but I think she’s surprised to hear Booth admit it.

I don’t know if there’s another word for vulnerable, but Booth just is whatever that word would be. I think Mariu100 described it well the other day when she mentioned that if Booth would let people see more of himself, more people would like him a lot, but that he doesn’t necessarily see it that way. Booth thinks (like a lot of us think, I suppose. Or maybe it’s just him and me. Not complaining…haha) that his imperfections will drive people away, and he’s guarded about those ‘truths’ of himself.ย  Maybe Brennan is teaching him here that his thought process on believing in his faith is good? Not sure about that.

“I’ll go home tonight, and I’ll lie in bed…I’ll toss and I’ll turn, and I’ll beat myself up. ย I’ll question everything.”

“Will you get your faith back?” Brennan asks.

“Always have in the past,” Booth answers, and I think there’s a subtle shift in his expression. He’s a little more confident maybe?

Brennan also smiles a little bit, still curious and slightly amused at his logic, or perhaps she’s pleased that she has the answer to her question. “So you have faith that you will retain your faith.”

Booth sort of smiles at her, but doesn’t reply, and so Brennan asks him why.

“Because, Bones,” he answers. “It’s…

“The sun’ll come up; tomorrow’s a new day.”

“I know that feeling,” Brennan admits, a little shyly perhaps, and I love the way Booth’s eyebrow just quirks right up. Say what? ๐Ÿ™‚

“Really?” he asks, sweetly surprised. “You know what it feels like to get your faith back?”

“When I see effects, and I’m unable to discern the cause,” Brennan begins.

…”My faith in reason and consequences is shaken.”

I like the way Brennan admits this, just like I liked the way Booth admitted his experiences with doubt. Their honesty here is good, and sometimes they are honest like this but just not always listening (the scene where they talk about leaving marks on people in their lives in Science in the Physicist, for example), but here they are.

Booth gets that same concerned look that Brennan did when she thought HE was struggling with one of his truths (faith). In her case, it’s reason, but it’s that same idea–he needs for her to be herself in a lot of ways.

“Two plus two equals four,” Brennan answers. “I put sugar in my coffee and it tastes sweet.”

“The sun comes up because the world turns. These things are beautiful to me.”

I love Booth’s reaction to her.

I would say the word beautiful is floating around in his mind, though maybe not in any way associated with solar system revolutions and a lot more to do with the woman with the pretty blue eyes.

“There are mysteries I will never understand,” Brennan continues. “But everywhere I look, I see proof that for every effect there is a corresponding cause–even if I can’t see it. I find that reassuring.”

Meanwhile, what Booth finds reassuring is that this lovely partner of his is sitting by him and not anyone else. Or he’s thinking, ‘She is really beautiful. Like seriously beautiful. Like really…wow, wow, wow”.

“Life is good again,” he smiles.

I don’t think Booth WILL go home and toss and turn, right? At least not about his faith. I think this conversation with Brennan helps him work that out…it gives him answers instead of questions. It builds him up and he’s not beating himself up about it.

Brennan smiles and sort of laughs, but agrees. “Life is very good.”

Booth smiles, “Yes it is.”

They both smile, and I think Booth says “Amen”, and then Brennan laughs again. She might also be checking out how beautiful Booth looks in that black leather jacket.

Yes, they are both very beautiful, but more than that, they find ‘ease’ when they are with the other one, I think, and THAT is very beautiful.ย  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as it’s said, but for me, it’s that ‘beauty’, more than anything else, that I want back on the show. Remember in Death in the Saddle, when Brennan agrees with Booth about crappy sex, and he says “Wait…I just won that argument?”, and when she agrees, he is floored, and she just smirks, somehow still having won? It’s great and cute and fun, but these shared moments like in Devil in the Details where they BOTH share and both come away feeling better are more satisfying. They are the making love version of convos, hahaha.

I think lately we’ve had several scenes with B&B that, while still do end with them clinking beer bottles together in agreement, are more along the lines of one of them being able to say, “Wait…I just won that argument?” vs a scene like this, where they are actually talking through one of their differences, not changing the mind of the other on a stance (in this case, God), but still finding THEIR connection to one another–their shared experience and how they view things.

This conversation (between B&B) is pretty on paper, but it’s even prettier “in person”, if that makes sense. The words are meaningful, but because it’s a moment shared between these partners, the meaning is increased, for me at least.

If you scroll through all of the beginning photos, we see that there are several other diner customers, but when the scene is over, it’s just B&B and their coffee. There is just something about this that makes me smile a lot. I could never be a waitress– I could never carry a tray or remember any details, even if I wrote them down, but if I had to be a waitress, I would totally be one at the diner. Can’t you just imagine watching B&B week after week, hearing their conversations? The diner (I think) is open 24 hours a day, so it’s possible B&B talk for a lot longer. I just love the idea of them doing that…spending time in ‘their’ place until they are able to have a ‘them place’. Or something like that!

Hey, one last comment in general. Every once in awhile, someone still sort of apologizes for his/her comment, stating they are sorry they wrote so much or gushed so squeeingly (or squeed so gushingly)…but let me just point out that I just wrote over 1550 words about a 2 minute and 6 second scene. So…don’t be sorry. Gush on!

Peace, Love & Bones,



19 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Devil in the Details- Life is Very Good

  1. FIRST COMMENT!! Yayyyy

    Aww, I loved this post sooo muchhh! This makes me want to go rewatch the scene/episode because I don’t think I actually liked this episode that much. I don’t know why :/ But yeah, rewatching it soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    I like how you pointed out that there were a lot more people at the beginning of this scene in the dinner than at the end of it.

    This is such a wonderful scene! Aahhh squeeee ๐Ÿ™‚ BNB FOREVERRRR

    Yes, I decided to use their “gush on” pass haha. Haha, you did write that many words over a 2 minute (and 6 second) scene and we love you for it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wonderful post as always ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. *your “gush on” pass

    oops, my bad haha

  3. These conversations show the complexities that they are trying to negotiate with one another and the ways in which they can come to an understanding, if not a compromise. This particular scene shows they have common ground even if they are not truly talking about religious faith so much. Project their conversation to the future, especially this season, and it becomes an interesting exercise in possibilities– Booth questions whether Brennan can hold up her end of a relationship by questioning her reactions to him as a sniper and so on and she steadfastly hangs in there– one and one is two and sugar sweetens the coffee. It’s the basis for what is happening now between them– a questioning of the faith in the other and an acknowledgment that maybe, just maybe, all those late night conversations are adding up to something for them. Perhaps Booth wakes to find that not only is his faith restored, but he’s not alone.

  4. I’ve always liked this scene. Although it’s not a fave ep, it does include two other very good (and unique) moments: when the loony bin shrink calls Brennan on her dismissive attitude toward his work, and when she admits that she sees the value in his work. (That’s not a Brennan bash, believe me.)

    I’ll second Aly on never noticing that the other patrons have left the diner.

    I’ll also second your comment, Sarah, that it would be nice to see something like this now. They are still so far apart, still so unsure of themselves and of each other.

  5. Wise-acre comment: When Booth says he’ll beat himself up and toss and turn, I’ve always thought that that was a moment where he could have said something to the effect that he wouldn’t so much if she were there to hold onto (him).

    I know that that probably would have freaked Brennan out, but it’s one of several times that season where taking a step seemed to fit. The end of Night at the Bones Museum and the end of Bones on the Blue Line are the two most obvious.

  6. Another fantastic scene study! I never considered how this B & B chat differs from so many others. I love that they can respect each others views and want to understand them and find common ground instead of looking to invalidate the others’ views. Part of what makes Bones such a great show is that they are willing to discuss these types of topics and they do it so well.

  7. And, thanks for all the great posts today.

  8. One of the things these scene studies always do for me is highlight just how gifted our lead actors are (supporting cast too, but they aren’t in the scene studies, usually so…)

    DB and ED are just immensely talented and I can’t say that enough. I feel obligated to keep saying it, since “procedurals” never get any love from the industry. Those little eyebrow lifts and leans and subtle changes of expression – ah…let’s all chip in and commission a custom Emmy/SAG/Golden Globe hybrid trophy and send them each one.

    I do think Booth’s happy expression here isn’t just “my partner is beautiful and I love her” but also “hey, this could really work, despite all our differences”. Of course in hindsight his happiness here is also incredibly sad.

  9. This has to be one of my favorite Bones scenes, and episodes (nunchucks, Sweets’ “I’m sorry for your pain” :'(, Phillip, Arastoo and this scene…).

    Booth and Brennan are the happy medium to my own faith — like Booth, I’m Christian, I believe in God and that Jesus isn’t a zombie (;)). Like Brennan, I have looked to/for “evidence” for my faith, and I see a result, even if I don’t know the exact cause (in many cases, I attribute these to God). There is so much peace at the end of this episode. I love it, and I have rewatched it often. The 2+2=4 part is my gmail status, and has only been changed once since the episode aired over a year ago.

    This scene says so much. Booth and Brennan, although different in their beliefs, can still agree, at heart, that their faith will return. It’s like GGW said once to Sweets (I believe in Dwarf in the Dirt), on the outside, they appear so different, but when you really get down to it, they are very much the same.

    Also, the look on Brennan’s face when she asks Booth if he will lose his faith has always felt to me like she’s scared that he will lose his faith. She doesn’t want that part to change about him, although she disagrees with him. I find that very fascinating. I don’t know what to make of it, yet, but it is fascinating, nonetheless (sorry, Wendell :P).

  10. Great study of that scene! I loved that they were able to find common ground in the area of faith. Booth has faith in God, Brennan has faith in the natural order of things, but there is the common ground of having faith, seeing it shaken, and regaining your course. I agree that they often have the “making love” of conversation and also the “making love” version of looks. The looks they throw to each other… ๐Ÿ™‚ To bring up the royal wedding for a bit, I did watch the commentaries and everyone kept mentioning the little looks and comments the couple gave each other through the ceremony. William would lean over and say a little something that would make her smile, or Kate would just look at him lovingly…and in my little Bones-loving heart, I thought, OK I can see their connection, because that’s how Brennan and Booth look at each other ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Is that weird to connect everything back to Bones? Because I do that. A lot.)

    I just love these little moments the writers give us, and the way that David and Emily give us such a fine way to bring them to life. Yes, this scene was definitely squee-worthy, and anything with Booth in a leather jacket is never wrong.

    • “They are the making love version of convos”. Only B&B can make that sentence seem completely and totally accurate. I love that.

  11. This too is one of my all time favorite scenes! “I put sugar in my coffee and it tastes sweet.”- it is just classic Booth and Brennen…the reason we all love them! Thank you- this was an excellent start to my day (and Happy Birthday)!

  12. I donโ€™t see her as curious in a judgemental way, but more that once she knows something, she files it away as stored information. And I like that in this instance, when she says she needs to ask him some things, itโ€™s because she wants to know more about him. She wants to know his thought processes.

    I like that Brennan keeps a Booth List. She knows all of his injuries, knows when he changes something about himself and worries about it. She knows Booth and uses that knowledge as a stabilzier in her life. She counts on Booth as someone who will be there for her and she likes that she basically knows what to expect from Booth. She knows Booths strengths and weaknesses and it bothers her when he questions his beliefs. She has a firm idea on how the world works and she counts on Booth having the same firm grasp. He may not have the same idea about how things work; but, I don’t think that matters to Brennan as long as she understands his reasoning. If Booth believes that it is ok to lie to children at Christmas time then she knows he has a reason for it and it is important that she understands why.

    When I saw this scene I saw the concern that Brennan had that Booth may have questions about his belief. Even though she doesn’t believe in God she knows Booth does and it would be upsetting to her if he were to suddenly not believe. It would upset her idea of who Booth is. She knows that Faith is part of who Booth is and to take that away would be to change the Booth she knows. I know they both argue about Faith and Brennan likes to point out what she considers superstition; but, she knows that Faith is part of who Booth is and I don’t think she argues about religion to change his idea about how things work. She argues religion to make sure that Booth understands what she believes in and what she doesn’t believe in. I think a lot of the bickering they do is because each wants the other to understand their point of view. Where Brennan can list the many injuries that Booth has suffered in his life, that she can also list his many beliefs and ideas about how the world works is just as important to her. She wants Booth to know her in the same way. That is why I like it when she tells him that sometimes her faith is shaken also. This lets him know that she too has doubts and she knows how to overcome them in much the same way he does.

  13. Wow! You have a birthday and we get three BT posts in one day? I like how this works! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. The look in his eyes at the end of this conversation is to me exactly what Avalon speaks about when he says that Booth is dazzled by her truth. There is no doubt that he finds her beautiful-outside yes, but also inside-and this is a wonderful example of that. It’s like when he says in Blizzard that he just likes looking at her doing the math. Everything about her resonates with him and leaves him feeling overjoyed. The scene also goes to show how much Brennan has come to rely on Booth as a stabilizing force in her life. When she thinks he may be faltering in his views she seeks reassurance that his beliefs are still intact. Not because she necessarily believes the same things that he does or even wants to, but because his ability to have faith and to remain solid in his world view gives her comfort that he’s a person she can trust and depend on.

  15. I really love this scene, too.

  16. Great scene study as usual! I love this scene so much. I wouldn’t say it’s even close to my absolute favorite–I can’t help adoring the love-ier scenes, haha. But the fact that scenes like this exist–scenes in which the attraction, the romance, whatever is all backseat to simple human connection–the fact that we get to see scenes like this is what makes Booth and Brennan so epic as a television couple. I like that there are scenes in existence where they don’t leave us squeeing because “Oh, they almost kissed!” or “Did you SEE the way he looked at her?!” (I mean, ANY scene is bound to have a little bit of this, and do I ever love it, haha), but we’re thrilled to pieces to see it because we see such a deep level of relationship between them–one that goes so far beyond the common UST kind of relationship on TV. This scene doesn’t make me swoon like a southern belle the way many of the others do, but it makes me heave a sigh for the beauty and depth of this kind of human connection. SO well done.

    Also, I appreciate the permission to gush. I know I will absolutely be taking liberties in that direction in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚ And happy vaguely belated birthday, Sarah! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Lovely post S.

    If i’ve said it once i’ve said it a thousand times, i love your internal thoughts on these scenes as much as the scene itself!!!! So so funny. Love it ๐Ÿ˜€

    I do enjoy this scene… a lot. Unfortunately i am too tired (i blame the vodka!) to write up anything coherant but…i love it.

  18. great post ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve never commented before, but i really appreciate everything you do on this blog, and i love coming to read it everyday…it really is something i look forward to!!

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