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Morning After Q: Does ‘More Than Luck’ Mean More Than Fate?


Happy Friday!

As I was watching the end of last night’s episode, I know I was probably over-analyzing each look and word between B&B (hey, it’s my job…and I want a raise! 🙂 ), but one thing that did strike me as particularly interesting was when Booth and Brennan were talking about Parker.

To me, it seemed synonymous with love–that is, Booth doesn’t want Parker…hmmm…how do I say this…he didn’t want his good fathering ways to be just something Parker is lucky to have, he wants it to be more than luck…perhaps love? That last part is my thought. You?

So if that’s true, then does more than luck mean more than fate? In other words, is Booth saying that he wants the love in his life (including Brennan, I think) to be about love and not luck or fate?

Thoughts from you?

One last thing…I know there is a lot of scoop out there about next week’s ep, including a promo vid, but since the ep has not aired, it’s still technically a spoiler, and therefore, since we are still spoiler free here, we won’t discuss it! Please, pretty please. 🙂   Besides, there is still plenty to discuss about last night’s episode, including whether or not some of you turned into Caroline/Booth shippers. And she WAS flirting with him, haha…at least, that’s what it looked like to me. She doesn’t just call ANYONE squinty with a smile, you know?

Okay, okay, enough from me…let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones,



62 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Does ‘More Than Luck’ Mean More Than Fate?

  1. Loved Caroline flirting with Booth. So awesome. 😉

    Regarding the love not luck/fate theory – I think it’s a good one (and no, I don’t think you’re reading too much into it). It may not seem like much, but if it means what you think it means, then it’s a huge step forward (for Booth especially). Honestly, I didn’t spend a lot of time analyzing what they said when I was watching last night mainly because I spent the entire 30 seconds squirming at the intensity of the moment, and mentally screaming at them to kiss, or hug, or touch already! Great episode all around though.

    Lips zipped about the promo. Is it next Thursday yet?

  2. You found yourself overanalyzing?? Haha Yeah me too…ever since I found this blog last month, I’ve been Bones-crazy, rewatching eps you guys mention on my Netflix, looking for whatever scene goes with the swoon-worthy screen caps that are posted here! (Thanks for the Booth screen caps by the way!!)

    Last night….yes, Caroline was totally flirting with Booth, as per usual. And he was flirting back as per usual. Remember him kissing her while she’s driving in Harbingers? But their dynamic is awesome. It’s not romantic, its just friendly awesomeness.

    I agree with your thoughts about luck vs. fate. He had such a bad childhood, he wants Parker to KNOW that he’s loved and that the things Booth did were deliberate and for his benefit, that Parker knows Booth loves him and can see it in his actions and words. Booth wants to do a complete, purposeful 180 degree turn away from his father. 30, 40, 50 years from now, Booth wants Parker to be able to tell people that he had a great dad, and a wonderful upbringing. He wants Parker to be a good person and he wants to be that shining example to him of being a good man.

    The thing that gripped me the most this episode was the interrogation of the parents when Booth loses it. I know we’ve discussed here wanting to know more about Booth’s background…and definitely got it. When that man hit his wife and Booth ended up punching him, I lost my ability to breathe! Booth looks up from the man on the floor and the look in his eyes…..whew. I wanted to jump through the screen and give him a big ol’ hug. I knew in that moment that Booth had witnessed violence against his mother, and I hurt for him. I literally sat straight up during that scene. Good thing I was watching it alone! And then later, as he’s walking with Brennan and talking about losing his temper, I wanted her to give him a big ol’ hug for me! I loved how he said he never wanted Parker to see that side of him. I did feel like they got more of their mojo back as far as their relationship. He was able to open up a bit more about himself, and she was empathetic and there for him.

    And then they showed the promo. I know, no discussing it…but wow. That’s all. 🙂

  3. Sarah, that is exactly what I thought last night — he means more than Parker.

    I admit, I am biased because my pet theory all season has been that Brennan would use her heart, Booth would use his brain and BANG! Meet in the middle, perfect combination, etc, etc.

    He considers what they would be like as a couple in Blackout, he experiments in Truth in the Myth to see what happens when they disagree, he speaks her language to compliment her in The Finder. He is exchanging his idealized view of romance for something real.

    Its not that either of them has to change…Brennan can be open to love without having to believe in fate or magic or yetis. Booth can still think luck put them together, but understand and acknowledge that effort is what keeps them together.

  4. I agree with BB, when Booth lost it and punched the father last night, after he hit his wife, the first thing that popped in my head was “Booth is probably flashing back to his father”. Booth had already seen the father try to grab Brennan earlier and that made him angry to start with, then, they found that the girl was abused as a child and this had to make Booth even angrier. When the father finally lashed out at his wife, Booth just couldn’t stand by and see someone else hurt. He reaacted and I for one was not shocked. It upset Booth that he could just strike the guy like that and he does worry that he has his fathers rage in him; but, we have only ever seen Booth strike bad guys. There is no way on God’s green earth that Booth would hit someone that didn’t deserve it. He worries he would; but, we also see that he does try to control his rage. In this instance, it was just too close to home for him.

    I think Booth believes in fate and luck and he worries that ones he loves are in his life through luck. He wants to believe it is through fate. He wants to think that life is not so random that the good things in his life happened because of the luck of the draw ( a gamble he won).

    I felt sorry for Brennan in all of this. She was dealing with a child that had been abused and we find out that her childhood in foster care may have been even worse than we have been led to believe. I thought it was wonderful that she put everything into finding out what was going on with the girl and how sympathetic she was. You can see that Brennan really wants to be able to show more emotion and hates that people think she doesn’t care. Time and again she has only seen Booth give her the validation she needs. I think Sweets deserved the slap down he got from Brennan. Sweets behavior was uncalled for and you could see that Booth was not happy with Sweets and Caroline was uncomfortable.

    Yes, loved Caroline and Booth together. I think Booth is the only one that Caroline cares for in her profesional world and doesn’t mind flirting with him once is a while. Booth seems to like it.

    Ok, this is spoiler free but I did see the promo and all I can say is, can’t Fox move the show up to Monday and then replay it Thursday? Come on, give us a break.

    • Two things:

      1. I think you’re missing a key part of what led to Booth punching the father: Sweets’ interrogation. I “got” what Sweets was trying to do with the parents, but I’m not so sure Booth did – at least not at first. Part way through the interrogation Sweets gives Booth a reassuring look as if to say, “It’s okay, this isn’t what it looks like” and I think that’s because he picked up on the fact that Booth was losing it. Now I’m not sure if Sweets realized that his tactic would cause the husband to outright hit his wife (or that Booth would react by punching the husband), but it’s clear that he was trying to get the true abuser(s) to give him/herself away. I’d be willing to bet that watching the way it unfolded threw Booth completely off balance and essentially flashed him back to his childhood. So when he hit the guy, I think it was like he was hitting his father. I’m not pointing this out because I think Sweets was wrong to do it, but because I think it’s key to understanding why Booth lost control.

      2. I don’t think Sweets was in the wrong when he criticized Brennan in the diner. Don’t forget, Sweets has a painful history in foster care as well. Remember the scars? It’s clear his reaction to Brennan came purely from a sense of empathy for the girl. He simply didn’t realize that Brennan was on his side until she explained herself. It was a misunderstanding between friends, and one that was cleared up with a simple explanation. Don’t forget, Brennan didn’t even start empathizing with the girl until Sweets took her aside on the lab platform and made the connection for her between what the girl was likely feeling and how she (Brennan) would have felt in foster care. THAT was a result of HIS history. This episode wasn’t just about Booth and Brennan’s painful pasts – it was about Sweets’ too.

      • I recognized what Sweets was doing in the interrogation room and I believe Booth did see that too, after Sweets gave him a few facial expressions; but, I think Booth was still more riled by the guy hitting his wife. Sweets excalated the situation; but, I think Booth would have reaacted that way whether Sweets had been involved for not. He flashed to his father and his rage boiled over. He couldn’t let the guy strike his wife and not reaact.

        I think Sweets has been around Brennan long enough to know that she doesn’t give up on cases because things appear to fit. Brennan has to have absolute proof before she says a case is over or solved. Yes, he was horribly abused as a child; but, Booth went through hell himself and yet he backs Brennan up. Booth gives Brennan the benefit of the doubt when it comes to her job and so should Sweets. I just think as a trained psychologist, Sweets should be a little more professional. Instead of assuming he knows what someone thinks, he should ask, especially when it comes to Brennan. She keeps a lot of things to herself so people can’t read her like they do most other people. She isn’t an open book to be read by everyone.

        On the other hand, I do get that Sweets past does effect him in more ways than he may think. It colors his world view and how reaacts to the suffering of others, especially children. I do see that he would want Brennan to do everything possible for the girl and that makes him human, just like the rest of us.

      • I’m glad you mentioned it was about Sweets’ past too.

        I mentioned to a few folks that the scene with the girl, Amy/Samantha, Sweets, and Bren— All the foster kids—was my personal favorite because of its weight. And the weight was felt and shared by all of the characters in that scene. Watching it, I nearly teared up myself at the pained and yet caring/understanding looks on their faces.

        So much brilliant acting in this episode…..WITHOUT words. Which is one of the greatest about this series.

        *claps for everyone*

      • I have no clue where this is going to end up in the order of the comments, but this is a response to Lenora’s response to me…

        I get what you’re saying, Lenora, but I don’t think the guy would have hit his wife if Sweets hadn’t riled him up, therefore Booth wouldn’t have hit him. I’m not sure Booth was thinking clearly enough or was detached enough from the situation to have been able to rile him up to the point where he hit his wife, although he might have taken a shot at Booth.

        You make a valid point about Booth already being on edge because the guy hit Brennan, I just don’t agree that it was the catalyst for his reaction in the interrogation room. Sweets’ tactic was to essentially excuse the abuse – to shift all the blame onto the girl – in an attempt to soothe one or both of the suspects into talking. What was interesting is that it was the WIFE who opened up, not the husband. She’s the one who said that they were just trying to make the girl mind, but she was clearly also being abused. I would be willing to bet that that woman did not abuse her “daughter” but she sure as heck defended the one who did. Witnessing that had to hurt – especially if it reminded Booth at all of his mother.

        And as far as Sweets in the diner is concerned, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. 🙂 I don’t think he was reacting as a trained psychologist in that moment, but as a hurt kid who had been there and done that and was upset that someone who he thought understood the situation from the same deeply personal position as him, didn’t. Clearly he misunderstood her position, but I think it’s understandable considering how close he was to the situation. If we’re going to cut Brennan slack because of her past in this case, then I think we should cut Sweets some because of his, that’s all.

  5. LOOOOOVED last night’s episode.

    I took Booth’s “more than luck” confession as an acknowledgment that love takes WORK–that you don’t just fall into it. You work for it. That’s Booth all over: putting things right. Working for it. DOING little things to show he cares, rather than just assuming that the other knows his love (like we discussed with Hannah, and like he’s always done with Brennan). Very Boothy, from day one. And yet, in another way, I also see this particular instance as a sign of growth–he’s finally recognizing that sometimes you WORK for love by working to change YOURSELF. That’s a new idea for him, and I love it. They’re so close! I know we’ve said that for so long, but I honestly believe it. They’re so close, and I am so in love with it.

    • My thoughts exactly; I thought he meant work and not just fate or luck, which is a change for him since he is such a big believer in fate guiding one’s actions. And the look he gave her at the end? Gave me goosebumps, which leads me to think that he wasn’t just talking about working hard at a meaningful relationship with Parker, but with Brennan as well. He may be the guy that trusts in fate and luck, but he’s no longer going to take any chances by going only with that when it comes to the most important people in his life.

  6. In my opinion, anything in life that one can consider a stroke of luck can be associated with a reason. You won the lottery…yes it’s lucky but would you have won had you not played?

    Would you have gotten into that college had you not applied yourself in high school?

    Would you have gotten that job had you not made an effort to get a connection at the company?

    To me Booth’s comment about wanting it to be about more than just luck and Brennan’s original comment about parker being lucky can be seen as the ongoing storyline of how they jave and how they still are changing each others core foundations and belief systems.

    Booth has always believed in luck. Brennan never has. Booth has always believed in fate. Brennan still doesn’t. Booth is now saying “I want to give my son reasons” to consider himself lucky. He’s looking for the logic in the equation. He’s already done this once before in the proof in the pudding. Brennan gave him reasons to trust on that episode.

    If you ask me we just need one instance of fate to get Brennan caught up.

    And one thing…once you guys are done debating this if anyone wants to discuss the promo, there’s discussion open over at my blog. I’m not trying to steal any of Sarah’s fans..just saying if you all need a safe spoiler friendly place to discuss that which shall not be discussed here, I got ya backs.

    Great question as usual Sarah! Love talking theory with you.

  7. Parker is lucky, in the sense that one particular sperm met one particular egg and resulted in him. But I think Booth also wants him to realize that more than being just lucky that Booth is his dad, Parker should (someday) understand how hard Booth worked to be a “good” father. For me, that’s the meaning behind ‘more than lucky.’ My babies are all grown up with babies of their own but I wanted to call them up and tell them how much I love them, right then and there!

    Speaking of that last scene, did anyone else feel the words Brennan didn’t speak? I don’t know what she would have said but there was a moment, right at the end before the camera moved back . . . a pregnant pause (no pun intended, Em!) when I could feel something….something….about to be said. I’d love to know what Brennan was thinking, right at that moment.

    That was such a wonderful episode. When Bones gets it right, they get it RIGHT.

  8. By the way, does anyone else think that Brennan is considering having a baby again? A Booth baby? Just a thought that popped in my head when she told Booth that after Angela’s baby was born she would be the only one without a child. Caroline interrupted a very interesting conversation.

    • I think Brennan is wanting a family, and more than just her family of squints. I think she wants somebody (or -bodies) to share a life/home with, based on some of her other recent wistful comments. Saying Cam and Paul were a nice couple, recalling a pleasant family memory, looking at the young girl’s family picture and saying they look so happy. And because of her strong feelings for Booth, he’s still her #1 choice for all of that. I wondered if that’s what she was thinking in the ending scene when she was telling him Parker was lucky to have him as a father. She would want her child to be so lucky.

  9. Spoiler free zone, but let me remind everyone, the promos are carefully cut and do not necessarily show us what we think they show us. One of the lessons of s6. Actually a lesson that really begins with EitB. No expectations, no disappointment.

    Episode last night:

    I want to re-watch before I comment in more depth, but i gasped when Booth went after the father. And, the look on his face afterward — you knew exactly what was going through his mind. “Am I no better than my dad and this guy?” Bravo, David!

    BTW, brava, Emily. Brennan really ran the whole gamut of emotions last night — and let it show — huge for her. The look Booth gave her in the diner when he said they knew she wasn’t so cold — it’s been a long time since we’ve seen that.

    As usual Caroline nearly stole the show (Hodgins too, BTW). As a big-boned old lady, I too am now a Caroline + Booth shipper. I LOL’d at that comment, Sarah.

    Back at ya’ later.

    • How about Caroline and Pops? He’s got the Booth charm. He’s the Booth senior edition.

      • Actually I’ve thought that Max and Caroline would be a good pairing.

      • Angelena…that is genius! We saw them interacting a bit in the coma dream when he was using her phone and I think I had a fleeting thought about them but it didn’t stick around 🙂 …it would be so interesting too because he was prosecuted for murder…and she’s a prosecutor! Maybe they might be a good “opposites attract” example for B & B to look at! And then Caroline would be Brennan’s stepmom?! ah hahaha And Booth (hopefully) will be stepson/son-in-law to both Max and Caroline?!? Oh I am loving the possibilites. How can we will this into existence?!

      • Angelena, that would be real hoot if Caroline and Max hooked up. It would be so funny if Booth ended up as Caroline’s son-in-law and could you imagine Brennan as Caroline’s daughter-in-law. The possibilities are simply hilarious. Thanks.

      • ohhh, Angelena, Max and Caroline really are my OTP.

        On the show, it would be so freaking hilarious. I see Booth walking in on them flipping out “my eyes! What has been seen cannot be unseen!” Brennan would be all “so? Sex remains high on the hierarchy of needs well into the senior years.”

        Booth would have to tell Sweets, who would be unable to look Caroline in the eye all episode, Brennan would tell everyone at the lab, who would have a similar problem with Max.

        Our lips to Hart’s ears!

  10. 1. I love that this case was so totally unique and different from any other cases. For the first time in a long time, I loved the case more than I cared about BB interaction (I know!).

    2. Amazing acting, from everyone, especially ED for her restrained emotions still peeking through.

    3. I love that they pointed out that Brennan WANTS to be able to show her emotions the way others do, and is upset when people assume otherwise.

    4. I love that they brought back Brennan wanting a baby, an issue long ignored (though not wrongly, I suppose).

    5. I almost died watching the promo.

    That is all.

  11. Forgot:

    6. Hodgins = incredible.

  12. Just a quick comment before I go to bed (yes, it’s nearly midnight on this side of the planet):

    Thank you for staying spoiler free – this may be the only safe place to be this week…

    See you tomorrow 🙂

  13. Booth wants Parker to know that his childhood is good because his father worked hard to make it so and not just because he is lucky. I think that desire translates into all areas of Booth’s life, including his relationship with Brennan. He knows now that he has to continually work at successful relationships. Loved Caroline! I think she knows Booth needs a little ego boost and she is able to give him that. Brennan’s insecurities were showing through and she was able to work through them. B & B were able to see each others’ insecurities and be there for each other. Loved this episode including the way the case was handled.

  14. Oh yes, I forgot a shout-out to Hodgins. I love his reaction. Where are my keys, Babe?! haha

    But back to Booth (of course!)…I can’t remember if he ever mentioned his dad hitting his mom ever? but I can’t remember that if he did, so it was kind of a new revelation to me. Sure, we know Booth himself suffered absuse, but his mom wasn’t necessarily a recepient. I think we just learned that yes, his mom was also abused, and that young Booth saw it. Did his dad permanently do something to his mom? Is that why he never mentions his past? But yes, Lenora reminded me that Booth stood up for Brennan when the father got mad, and then again when he struck his wife. I know Booth is a natural protector, but this felt personal. It felt like Booth had lived this reality in the moment he punched that man. Kudos to DB in that scene because I literally sat up and gasped at what I saw in his face. Now, I just gotta know more about Booth’s mom!!! What really happened??? And does Booth need a shoulder to cry on? I’m just saying I’m available. 🙂

  15. Also, I know they cut promos to suggest things that make you come back, and that its not necessarily how it appears…but that was a LOADED promo! Something big (not sure exactly what) will happen, and I rewatched it like 5 times on my DVR because I don’t think a promo has ever grabbed my attention that much. Its probably to you, my new blog friends, that I feel so personally invested now 🙂 I’m truly loving the conversations and friendly discussions!!

  16. I absolutely loved last night’s episode, and I haven’t like any episode since the last sniper episode, so I’m very happy & excited. There are a couple things I would like to mention.

    First, in the opening scene in the diner when Booth and Brennan discuss what to buy the baby. I love how they are buying a gift together. They’re not a couple (yet, fingers crossed 🙂 ) and there’s no actual reason they should do it together. But of course they are because it makes sense. Brennan could have easily said okay, you buy a stuffed animal and I’ll buy a microscope. But they wanted to do it together. And I liked that. So couple-y.

    Also, I don’t think anyone mentioned last week’s episode when Wendall called Brennan abrasive and she acknowledged that it was true. But at the end she asked Booth what he thought about it and you can see it really hurt her feelings. She only feels comfortable baring her soul and feelings to Booth. Yet in this episode she could not separate herself from the case and tried to convince Sweets and Vasiri that she is not what they think. Normally I don’t think she would. She would just ask Booth what he thought. That showed tremendous character growth.

    One thing that didn’t make sense is when Amy asked Brennan how to remember when she was little. I don’t see the comparison. Brennan was 15 – of course she remembers. How was Amy supposed to remember from when she was 3? But I liked how they tied in the whole stuffed animal thing.

    Great episode in all – I knew there was a reason I loved Bones 🙂

    • It sounded like her memory, in context of the conversation, was from when she was younger than 15 years. And I think that while you’re probably right, I think the purpose of Brennan’s comparison was to let Samantha know she’s not alone in her difficult and abusive childhood, and that Brennan made it through and Samantha can have happiness after those horrible kidnappers she lived with.

      In addition, I can believe that she can remember a bunny from when she was three – if she had started telling some long story about when she got it and how her birthday party was so awesome, etc., I’d question it more.

  17. Man, I will definitely be rewatching that episode ASAP, but I don’t need to in order to know that this is one of my favorite Bones episodes of all time. Everything was just right, and I’ll bring up a few of my favorites: the girl who played Jane/Samantha was amazing-I know the word is overused, but this was a role that had to be played in just the right pitch to be believable and that girl just nailed it. What a lovely, heartcrushing performance. The sutle interactions between Brennan, Sweets and Amy-so much said without actual words; you could just feel their painful memories coming to life. ED could not have been better, especially in her show of vulnerability as to how people perceive her. Amy’s attorney-she came across as extremely competent and sympathetic, a perfect counterpoint to Brennan’s initial need to be clinical. Booth and Caroline; how cute was that? She’s always doted on her fave FBI guy, and I’m definitely with her that you’re never too old for a little friendly flirtation-I mean, who can help themselves when he’s around? I don’t care if you’re ninety-it’s still hapenning. Angela and Hodgins-they somehow always manage to let their love shine through in their scenes without it becoming embarrassing. Hodgins is awesome (although dude, with your huge car collection, would it kill you to drive something a) bigger and b) safer with you baby mama on board?) And the scene with Booth and the girls’s dad: unbelievable and very powerful. You could literally see the rage and then the disbelieving shock in DB’s eyes as the scene unfolds-my jaw dropped. It certainly brings to mind Brennan’s comment about the warm, reassuring brown eyes and their owner’s capacity for great violence. It was the angriest I’ve ever seen Booth, and it was right up there with the post-break-up scene in the bar as one of DB’s most moving performances. I can’t say this enough: I know ED and DB are actors in a role, but they make their characters come to life with such incredible “realness”, it sucks me right in as if I was living their scenes right there with them. I really just don’t think you can give them enough credit for that.

    By the by, I’ve noticed a recurring theme for Brennan in the last few episodes-her need to be seen as a person with real feelings and not just clinical opinions, a theme reinforced by Booth a while back when he said he wants others to see her as he does. I’m wondering where that’s going, as well as if Booth’s control issues will be explored further. Sorry to gush, but this episode is exactly why I watch television.

    P.S meant to say it before, but those pictures from yesterday’s post should have come with a warning. People with weak hearts might have needed to collect themselves prior to forging ahead.

    • Maria so well said! I completely agree with how you explained Booth’s anger and his two moving scenes this season. Also Ive also noticed Brennan’s need to be known as not a cold fish. This has definitely been recurring lately so wondering where its going! (Also I agree about the pictures! I think I got a little weak myself!)

      • I wondered if there’s a recurring theme involving the titles of the episodes? Last week’s toast to “things we don’t say” and this week’s “Signs in the Silence” struck me as complimentary.

        Maybe I’m just late to the party of people who already know that?

    • The silences between B/B have always been loaded with significance, but they now seem to be more front and center than ever-the silence right at the end feeling particularly meaningful. I’m also thinking the “sign in the silence” refers not only to Amy, but to Brennan’s deep emotions which she seemingly can’t voice. To anyone who looks closely and can interpret the signs (always Booth), it’s obvious that Brennan is a very passionate and caring person-the volcano under Iceland-but to others, more evidence is needed before they can see her as Booth does.

  18. Quite simply, I think Booth was telling her that he is not the gambler anymore. Gambling is all about luck because the odds are always against you. When he said to Brennan that he wants it to be about more than luck, he is telling her that he is not going to take a gamble with them, that it has to be about more than that this time.

  19. If they are to become a couple with any lasting power (which will happen), it seems that they have been moving toward a middle ground– on in which both of them can co-exist with their POVs. Their values about justice and the sanctity of human life and respect for people are generally the same, but for Brennan to call Booth “lucky” harkens back to “Woman in the Sand” and the conversation at the 100th that broke everyone’s heart. That’s as significant as Booth’s protest that he wants his parenting to be more than just luck– it is a conscious choice to be the man he is. We saw last night that Brennan made conscious choices to be a different person (yet stay true to her quirks and principles) in order to help the girl. I think we’ve been seeing Booth not only challenge her to be sure of her, but he’s also redefining where he is in relationship to her.

    Is luck synonymous with love? Perhaps it is in Booth’s world. Pops made a choice to take the boys away from an abusive father although he was “lucky” to have happened in when he did or we might not have Booth at all or the same man he is today. Booth doesn’t want to leave his parenting to chance– he chooses to be the kind of parent he is with his son. Is he choosing to be the kind of man that Bones needs as well?

    If you really want to be with someone, wouldn’t you make small changes in order to accommodate them? Both Booth and Brennan will alter their approach and did last night in order to get at the truth for a stranger. Both, it would seem, would alter their approach for someone they love– Booth for his son or for his partner.

    I think Brennan’s comment about Parker being lucky to have Booth is as significant as Booth’s that he wants it to be more than just luck. They are both treading into each other’s territory. Both saw some small part of their childhoods mirrored in the life of Amy/Samantha. Booth can burn a date and send the smoke to some mystical place in his imagination where dreams come true, but it is clear he understands that his actions will speak for him– his actions as a father and as a man.

  20. I caught that line too. The other time the word luck is used by Booth is when he says to Hannah “how did I get so lucky” this season. I think Hannah fell into his lap. There really was work in that relationship. I think Booth makes a real effort and fights his demons to give Parker the father he deserves. I think he is feeling the same way about love. It doesn’t just fall into your lap.

    • I’m really glad you brought up the line about “how did I get so lucky” from Booth… I thought I had remembered him saying something like that and I feel that it really highlights this fate/luck idea. Hannah was lucky, Brennan is real (although, I still believe in “fate”, too…if that makes any sense – which it might not when you consider fate and luck to be very close synonyms). This is an extremely simplistic way for me to express the much more complex thought I have in my head that I cannot figure out how to explain. HA! Fortunately, so many others, here, are doing a good job of it, so I will happily leave y’all to it.

  21. Hey ! That was the best episode in like AGES !! Hodgins, Angela, Cam, Caroline !! EVERYONE !!

    Two times in which I was screaming at Booth to touch Brennan :
    1) In the Hoover when she said “I’m sorry I’m being foolish”, I just wanted him to hold her hand!!
    2) The last scene, just watching them made me ache. I was hoping he’d put his hand on her back, or around her shoulders .. Why didn’t you do it, Booth 😦 ?! Maybe that’s the silence before the storm, considering next week’s promo (I still can’t breath) but let’s not talk about it ..

    As much as I’m in love with Bones, there’s something that’s always bothered me about Brennan’s past. They always make it sound like she didn’t have a childhood, which is very weird in my opinion. Her parents didn’t disappear until she was 15, so she pretty much grew up in a normal house, a loving one I dare say. What she missed was a few of her teenage years, and that’s what affected her to be who she was in Pilot.

    Cheers to Emily Deschanel for her great acting !! It’s a shame she hasn’t got an Emmy yet, really 😦 !! + I might die waiting for next Thursday :S

    • That always bothers me too. Her memory of sitting on her mother’s knee made it seem like that was one of the last memories she could recall of her mother. I would think she would have some strong middle school memories of her mother at least. I could rationalize the situation and say that she was trying to think of a memory that Amy/Samantha could relate to.

      Anyway, this episode was breathtaking in the way everyone acted and the episode itself.

      • In Woman in Limbo, Brennan said she used to “borrow” her mother’s dolphin belt. That’s probably middle school memory, so I think you’re right about choosing a memory that Amy can relate too.

      • “They” seem to do that a lot, insert dialogue that makes it sound like Brennan was raised in foster families from a very young age. Not that I’m discounting that her experience as a teenager was traumatic, but she had her parents and family until she was what, 15?

  22. Can we have a “Bones Promo” post for anyone who wants to talk about it?!?! I’ve seen so many comments today about it (mine included!) and I’m just bursting to talk to someone about it!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  23. Sarah, when I checked BT this morning, I had to laugh. At the end of the ep last night, I had a thought something like “I’ll bet the MAQ is about this scene…” and then I got distracted by the promo. 😛

    I loved the end scene; and the scene in the interrogation room that led up to it. I know I’ve said it before, as have others, but how DB does not yet have an Emmy, or even a nomination, is beyond me. The scene in the interrogation room was intense. I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes I feel like I can kind of tell what’s coming next. Not this time. I expected the bad guy to yell at his wife and give something away; I did not expect him to backhand her. And when Booth reacted? Holy. Crap. I literally jumped a little and my jaw dropped. It was just a superbly done scene, and the play of emotions and the internal struggle apparent on Booth’s face at the end? Wow. Just wow.

    But back to the end scene… I think the thing I loved most about the it was that Brennan initiated talking about what happened in the interrogation room. Booth didn’t tell her what happened and probably would have never brought it up. Brennan “heard about it” and broached the subject with Booth. She knew it had to be bothering him. She brought it up, he tried to drop it, and she wouldn’t let it go. How many times have we seen him do the exact same thing for her?

    And I really liked that Booth voiced his concerns about what he wants for Parker. He doesn’t want Parker to “see that side” of himself. Does that mean he’s afraid he’s going to lose control when Parker is around? Or that he’s afraid he’ll lash out in anger towards Parker? That he doesn’t want Parker to know what happened to him as a child? Something I’m not thinking of? I don’t know what the answer is, but my instinct is probably “yes”; as in “all of the above.”

    What Booth can’t see is that what he did to the baddie was done in defense of another. Does it make the loss of control right? Probably not; the guy was, after all, in FBI custody and assaulting people in custody is usually frowned upon. But it’s not like Booth just up and slugged the guy in the face for no reason; he was defending someone who else was also in custody.

    Booth is a big, tough guy, but he has many vulnerabilities. He has allowed Brennan to see them from time to time, but usually he keeps them all bottled up. But this time, he let her in because she asked and she pushed. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to burden her, like he feels he’s not worthy of having someone share his burdens, although he has taken her burdens upon his shoulders many, many times in the past. And I loved that Brennan opened herself up to him and pushed him to talk.

    The scene is a little reminiscent of the one from Soldier on the Grave when she just listened to him. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t try to coddle him or offer reassurances. She just listened. I found it interesting that she didn’t reach out and touch his arm this time, but that they held eye contact instead. I feel like that choice was more intense and more emotional than a touch on the arm or shoulder would ever be in that situation.

  24. I’m going to respond before I read any comments, so I may repeat things others say. I can’t help but think about my own experience raising my two wonderful children (now young adults!). As a single mother who’s worked fairly hard to make sure the kids had the right upbringing, had the right values instilled, had the best opportunity to succeed that I could provide them with…I totally get where Booth is coming from on the Parker aspect of your question. I have heard more times than I can shake a stick at how lucky my kids are they have me as a mother. (I am NOT touting my own horn…I have a point.) Hearing my kids are lucky is nice, it’s appreciated, but it’s not enough. The second I pat myself on the back and sit back and say, “Yeah, my kids are lucky,” it allows me to relax. Relaxing in my vigilance is unacceptable. It means I’m not still trying my hardest. I’m not still working like crazy to make sure they are provided for and protected. It is my responsibility to show them through my words and actions what is important in life. That you have to work hard for those things which are important. And how much more those things mean when you have worked so very hard for them. I would be entirely undeserving of their love and admiration if I gave them anything less than my absolute best. It’s about more than luck. It’s about effort. It’s about devotion. It’s about commitment. It’s about love. It’s the same for Booth. It’s not good enough to say his kid is lucky. He has to always work his hardest. To learn from his past experiences and pass those lessons on to his son by his words and his actions. I can also say from past experience, when talking with folks, it is possible to relay information about an entirely different circumstance by talking about another. A lesson within a lesson. So, yes, I think Booth really means what he says and I think it’s directly related to Parker. But I also think, given the look he gives Brennan, that he is trying to get her to understand *they* are about more than luck as well. If they want to move forward, together, it will take work and they will never be able to let up if they want it to be the best.

    As for the Caroline/Booth relationship…I love it! They admire each other. They protect each other. They respect each other. They are both jokesters. They both fight the good fight. They are kindred spirits. Because of their age differences, they aren’t really equals, but when people are such good friends, it’s not a parent/child kind of relationship either. It takes on a flirty vibe. It’s what happens when people are so very comfortable with each other. There’s no baggage of a potential relationship. It’s a friendship that’s allowed to develop. It’s a friendship that allows them the freedom to just be themselves with each other. I think they are absolutely adorable and I SO look forward to their scenes together!

  25. First I have to say how much I loved, loved, loved this episode!

    It’s always fun watching Caroline flirt with Booth. Since the flashback, we could see she thought he was special, even if she grumbled that he wanted her office. By her own admission, she doesn’t like many people, but she’s got a big ole soft spot for Booth…and so do I (*sigh*). She’s impressed by his professional skills and his looks, a pretty hot combination. She may be older, but she’s not stupid. 😀

    I nearly melted in a puddle at the look on Booth’s face after slugging the father. Just pure DB awesomeness! It was absolute perfection.

    Losing control in the interrogation room scared Booth. He instinctively reacted, most likely recalling his father hitting his mother, and the protective, white-knight side of Booth lashed out emotionally to the situation. That brought painful memories he’s still not willing to talk about (telling Brennan “never mind” when he mentions his father, and can’t complete the sentence). He’s beginning to deal with this, slowly opening up, but until he’s really able to talk about it, he won’t be able to heal those old wounds. Hope they continue to expand on this story next season.

    I liked the analogy of the stuffed bunny representing the heart/emotions…that it was more important to a child than a stimulating mobile (a more *logical* choice), which led Booth and Brennan to conclude, after the case, it was the better gift for Angela’s baby.

    And can I just say I was thrilled to hear them both speak in the term *we*? Squeeee!! I didn’t care if it was a friends *we* or a couple *we*…I just needed to hear them say that.

    And Parker is lucky to have Booth as a father. He has a father who loves him above everything else…and is willing to do anything to make sure his son’s life is better than the one he had. For Booth to even think he could lose control, expose his dark side, in front of Parker or possibly harm Parker must be the worst thoughts he could have. His violent outburst in the interrogation room was the eye-opener he needed to realize he has to make changes in the way he handles his anger and emotions. That without logic or reasoning, he’s unbalanced…and since this season is all about change…we see both he and Brennan working at combining reasoning/proof with their hearts/emotions to solve their problems and issues, striving to become healthier individuals, and closing to each other.

    This was a very powerful and well-done episode that really brought out the best in everyone. Can’t say enough good things about it. Except that I’m anticipating even more goodness next week….whoa…horse! 😀

  26. Most of the things I would say have already been said, but there is one thing that is bugging me like crazy:

    Seeley Joseph Booth has not just learned that relationships require hard work, not just luck or fate or gambling. He has known this all along. Ditto that he has always understood that you need reason as well as emotion (HEAD + heart) to make a relationship work, heck to make anything work.

    He isn’t so much learning these things now as much as he’s been hurt enough (by Bones as well as Hannah), and he’s hurt Bones enough that he isn’t up to rushing into anything right now. Just going very slowly back toward Bones while Bones is going slowly back to him. Not a bad idea given the circs, even if it’s driving us crazy. They both are painfully aware that a lot has gone down between them and that it will take time and care to get to a place where they can move on from. He needs to be sure of her, and she needs to be sure of him. They both need to be sure of their own hearts and minds too.

    Anyway, I loved the way they looked at each other at the end. And, I agree that the moment seemed to scream for a hand on an arm or an arm around the shoulders, but it was ok. It’s where they are now, and that’s way better than where they’ve been.

    • Well, I guess I just disagree that he already knew all that.

      • The man only seems stupid because 1) he deliberately tries to look that way and 2) because of who he is with all the time — real geniuses.

        He started working with Brennan because he saw what science could bring to his investigations. Because she was totally head, he had to balance that with heart, but he is clearly not just about heart/emotions/gut. Actually what he really understands is people which takes both head and heart.

        He worked at the relationships with Rebecca and Hannah and over the years has worked incredibly hard to take care of Brennan and to help her grow. He has been trying to teach her about love almost from the beginning.

        He may think that meeting her was luck/fate, but he knew very well that turning that luck into what he wants would take time and effort, both of which he gave her an awful lot of for five years and is now giving her again.

        I really don’t buy the whole Booth doesn’t accept reality argument. That he’s so in love with love that he doesn’t see what’s right in front of him. I also don’t buy that either the “proposal” outside the Hoover or the proposal to Hannah were just crap shoots based on his delusions about those two women.

        Just MHO.

      • I do get what you are saying. I guess my thing is – if Booth is already together like that, what is his growth and change that we see/saw in season 6?

        I don’t think the overall theme of the show has ever been “change Brennan because Booth’s way is better.” ie “Change the girl so the hero will want her.” I’ve been watching HH shows since Road to Avonlea and I just don’t think that’s who he is as a writer or creative person. His couples change on both sides.

        I want to see something about Booth that demonstrates growth. Maybe I’m looking too hard, I don’t know.

      • He has grown, I’m just saying that he was not a some love-crazed idiot who thought “love was all you need” as recent comments from so many people imply.

        What he has learned: that he needs to be more open about what he is feeling. That he may need to more carefully consider where the woman he loves is and not be so spontaneous with proposals of various kinds. Last night he was reminded that he has a lot of rage that he can lose control over. Just some examples.

      • I’ve never watched an HH series so I have no expectations which is a good thing for me. I’m finding expectations about this series kinda hurt. I didn’t start watching this series thinking that Booth was going to have to change and grow. I liked him the way he was. He may not be perfect but he’s a better man than most out there…warts and all. If I had any “expectations” based on interviews given…it was simply that Booth would REVEAL more of his character….like an onion being peeled, we would see more and more of who he is. That’s it….not that he had to change. I really haven’t like what they’ve done with him these last 2 years. My hot, sexy, kick ass FBI guy isn’t always around…though we did see him a little bit in this last episode. Before this season..he was Saint Booth…this crazy guy in love with a woman that would rather take a job thousands of miles away from him rather than face her fears with him at her side…helping her along. Because that’s what he would have done if she’d stayed…helped her conquer whatever fears she had about love..if SHE had allowed him to do this. Up until the last two years…this is who Booth has been…the one person to 100% completely trust, but they (HH) decided to mess around with his character by having him hook up with someone else for whatever reason…doesn’t really matter to me how he justifies what he did…I just think it was a bad decision to focus his attention on another woman when the story pre 100th was all about B&B loving each other. Booth’s relationship with Hannah changed how some people perceive him…so much so that they question whether he ever really loved Bones……that SHE’s the consolation prize….that even if they hook up, their relationship has changed and not for the better….it will always be a bittersweet “love” between them. How is this good other than it “seems” to be following real life? Well, I was up to seeing a fantasy that took me away from real life issues which Bones did up until the last 2 years. Sorry for such a downer..but I loved Booth pre season 5 and I miss that guy.

    • Thank you, SJ! Very well put.

  27. I LOVE the Booth / Caroline dynamic! She would do anything for him and vice versa. There is a strong admiration and dare I say love, not romantic love, but love. The first time we met Caroline she flew to New Orleans because Booth asked her to. She’s got his back and she knows he’s got her’s. We all know that Caroline is sassy, but she only allows him to see ‘this’ sassy side of her. It’s sort of become their “thing.” If we have to have some Brennan-lite episodes next season which, let’s face it, we will, let’s have Caroline / Booth HEAVY episodes to tide us over!

    • I agree! Well said 🙂

    • Caroline flew to New Orleans? I always thought she was a federal prosecutor stationed in New Orleans, especially with her Cajun/French patois. Did I miss something?

      • New Orleans is a Federal District; but, Caroline works out of the D.C. Federal District because we heard about her being married to the defense lawyer in The Man In The Mansion and that they have a daughter at M.I.T. (Booth said she used to be married to the lawyer). We also saw here berate Booth in 100 and implying that he wanted her office (this is in the Hoover building). It is implied that Caroline is from Louisiana because of her Creole Patois but she lives and works in D.C.

      • Ahhh, I missed those clues. This is why I keep you guys around – to fill in the blanks. 🙂

  28. I just watched this most recent episode today, and I was really impressed by it. I usually write rather long comments here, but since I’m late to the game, I’ll keep it short.

    When Brennan remarked that Parker is lucky, I think she was comparing Parker’s situation to her own, as well as Booth’s and Amy/Samantha’s. (This remained unsaid, but I think Brennan also meant that Parker is still lucky despite his parents not being married, which we know Booth thought was important.)

    I read what Booth said about Parker like this – Parker is lucky in the sense that children can’t choose their parents. But the parents have to play an active role in parenting in order to be the kind of parents a child is lucky to have.

    I think there was a subtext there, aligning the parent/child relationship to the life-long, committed relationship between two people. We can’t choose who we have that spark, that connection with. Call it fate, call it luck, but something brings two people together. It’s not enough though. It isn’t all there is. It’s the active role the two partners play in their relationship that makes the relationship last.

  29. I just want to add one thing, because I totally agree with your statements. I just loooved this episode, especially the Brennan-Side 😉

    But did anyone just noticed Brennans changing necklaces, too? First, in the diner she wore a necklace with two strings and a pendant, then when Sweets talked to her at the platform, she suddenly wore another necklace, and it switched several times during the episode.
    Its not a big mistake, but strange anyhow.

    I just noticed that, because I always love Brennans necklaces ^^

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