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When the Walls Come Tumbling Down


The lack of physical contact between Booth and Brennan this season. Discuss.

WAIT. Didn’t we just talk about this a couple of days ago?

Yes, we sort of did. Stephanie, in her post, “You Say You Want a Resolution” talked about the disappearance of the UST (unresolved sexual tension) and I really liked her take on that whole issue. I had never thought about that particular aspect…probably because she looked at the big picture, while I am mired in the little details. 😀

So, perhaps you will humor me in my microcosmic world. Nicole did this great post back in October about the meaning behind Brennan’s touch (“I Hate Psychology”: The Deeper Meaning Behind Brennan’s Touch”) and said this:

“Why does Brennan touch Booth? In my opinion she touches him to keep a connection between them. She needs to be reassured that he’s there so she reaches out for him, literally. She has found herself in this serious relationship (not quite the romantic relationship we all hope for but serious anyhow) and now she needs the keep a connection so she won’t be abandoned again. She’s been abandoned by others that she’s loved deeply (i.e. her parents, Russ, Zack) and it’s hard for her to keep the connections she has because of her fear of being abandoned. She needs that connection. Touching Booth, whether she realizes it or not, is how she keeps her connection with Booth. It’s how she knows that he’s still there.”

I think she’s right on with this… and Brennan’s hand on Booth’s arm is ever present in almost every episode this season. I really feel like she’s good to go with Booth, don’t you?

Shortly thereafter, Sarah followed up with “Booth and Brennan and The Five Love Languages” where many people agreed with the idea that both Booth and Brennan have Physical Touch as one of their top 2 languages of love, or preferred ways of receiving or giving love and I really liked ShrinkyMojo’s take on it:

“Brennan is the only one that is allowed to touch Booth. He cringes if anyone else tries to, backs away and basically withdraws from any sort of touching or hugging, unless he initiates it.”

I remember blabbering away that I did not think Physical Touch was one of Booth’s primary languages, but when I contemplate what I have been seeing this season, I am inclined to change my mind. Bear with me here, as I will admit that I am now going to just drift away from a well-organized essay, and simply share some evidence and my reactions, and hope that it will elicit some great insights from all of you.

I miss Booth being all over Brennan. I mean, who doesn’t?

And all through this season, I’ve been sad that not only do we not have THIS,

End scene Boneless Bride - Booth's arm around Brennan

but we haven’t even had THIS,

Cinderella in the Cardboard - Booth's hand on Brennan's back

And I think it is partly because of THIS:

Mastodon reunion hug 1Mastodon reunion hug 2

(I call this the “oh-crap-I-totally-thought-seven-months-away-AND-meeting-someone-else-would-help-me-forget-how-totally-amazing-this-woman-is” reunion hug.)

I think with that hug, at that moment, that Booth very clearly needed a definite physical separation from Brennan, to do what he could to keep himself from something he didn’t think he could have.

This whole season I’ve been thinking about how Booth NEVER touches Brennan – well, okay, yes– except for pulling her away from the car in Doctor in the Photo and a couple of high-fives. Very impersonal. However, in trying to find photos from season 5 to demonstrate how often Booth used to touch Brennan, I discovered he didn’t touch her nearly as much as I thought I remembered. This changed the tenor of how I decided to approach these thoughts of mine in this way:

Why do I feel like this is such a big deal THIS season?

Upon further re-examination of season 5, I found six instances of Booth touching Brennan, but all were of a much more intimate nature:…

The reunion hug at start of Harbingers in the Fountain:

hug at the beginning of Harbingers

The embrace and kiss on the head later in Harbingers:

I got you baby scene in Harbingers

(BTW, fun fact: I had to replay this scene a dozen times and crank the volume to finally hear the "baby" part that everyone kept talking about.)

Brushing her hair away from face in Night in the Bones Museum:

Booth brushing Brennan's hair back in Museum

The hand holding in Tough Man in the Tender Chicken:

Booth grabbing Brennan's hand in diner in Tender Chicken

The thank you hug in Proof in the Pudding:

booth's thank you hug in Pudding

And the “heart-crushing” (Please, I need someone to come up with a replacement phrase for that blasted ‘heart-crushing’ expression. Please.) hand-holding in The Beginning in the End:

hands at end of season 5 finale

These touches were different than prior seasons… this was not the “casual” arm about the shoulders or the fanfic-glamourized hand at the small of Brennan’s back. These are deeply intimate, and I think that this is why I found the lack of contact this season so drastically different.

It is my thought that at this point, touching Brennan in any sort of intimate or affectionate way will cause those walls he’s built to come crashing down. I believe my exact words to Seels last week were “he’s going to be a goner.” I think he is acutely aware of this potential response, making me believe that y’all were right about Physical Touch being a primary love language for Booth.

Dates on a slip of paper? Disappearance of anger and imperviousness? “One year from now” coffee cart date? Sure, these are all great foreshadowing signs, but “Ima risk it” and say the walls will come crumbling down when Booth touches Brennan in the way that she has been doing with him all season.

Or not. I’m a good waffler that way.

So, to recap:

The lack of physical contact between Booth and Brennan this season. Discuss.



40 thoughts on “When the Walls Come Tumbling Down

  1. You missed the kiss in The Parts of the Sum of the Whole (the present time kiss, not the flashback kiss)! 🙂

    Seriously, though, this is a fantastic and thought-provoking theory, Janet. I never realized that Booth backed off that much in the minor touchy-feely department least season. I do think your theory and mine mesh quite well together though, in that the conclusion in both cases is that physical touch is being avoided primarily because it is the one thing that has the most potential to do them in.

    Oh, and I love your description of B&B’s welcome home hug. That’s awesome!

    I have to get going now, but I may be back to comment more later after I have a chance to think things through a little bit more.

    • Holy crap you’re right! How could I forget that photo??? Maybe I subconsciously blocked that one out… I will see what Sweets and GG have to say about that.

      • I think the list also missed the hug in Boy with the Answer? But again, that’s a highly emotional moment, and came at a time when he was desperate to keep a connection and temporarily not worried about having to restrain himself since he’d already put everything on the line. This theory makes a lot of sense.

  2. “The reunion hug at start of Harbingers in the Fountain” –>Ummm…yeah. Can we get a screencap of the moment right after the hug, where he gets this look in his eye like he’s in the coma dream and he’s married to her and wants nothing more than to pull her closer and kiss her like crazy. It’s one of those DB-just-took-my-breath-away looks. No matter how many times that I watch it, I keep wanting him to just go for it. JUST KISS HER BOOTH!!!!!!!! haha

    To me that was the “best” touch of that season. He was soooo happy to see her and that they were back to their partner work, I just wanted Brennan to pick up on that and really hug him back. And the resulting convo where Angela calls them out about being *connected* in the coma dream, and about Brennan being pregnant in the dream…the looks Booth was shooting at her, like “please remember that connection and that you loved me”…aghhh! So painfully awesome!

    Can I cheat a little bit about what “touching” is? I would like to add that looks are like a touch sometimes. B & B can shoot each other a look, or just one to the other, and it feels like a touch. Many commenters talk about the amazingness that is the acting of DB and ED. So you know, I haven’t been one that has been bothered with the lack of touching this season, because DB will shoot ED a look, and its almost palpable. A look can almost be a physical caress. So while I’m looking forward to the future…perhaps what the oft-mentioned promo suggests?? hehe …I’m also OK with this season as far as “touching” because their connection is never completely gone as long as they can gaze at each other 🙂

    Does that make any sense?

    • I posted before this was posted, so I guess I’m posting twice, but I needed to respond to this. I agree that the looks, are touching, but I also noticed that the looks are lacking in this season. I think they avoid the intense looks from the previous seasons, or at least stop them too soon. But, with that said, I think the looks have improved during the past few episodes, and I am also looking forward to the future,

  3. First, And the “heart-crushing” (Please, I need someone to come up with a replacement phrase for that blasted ‘heart-crushing’ expression. Please.) hand-holding in The Beginning in the End: How about “Please, don’t let go”. That is what I think of when I see that scene.

    Your right, Booth is protecting himself. The hug he gave Brennan when he came back from Afghanistan could not have been more clear. He thought he had moved on; but, one hug undid all of that. Sure Hannah came back into his life a little while later; but, I have come to think that Booth racing towards Hannah was his way of racing away from Brennan. Brennan had told him she couldn’t commit to him and he feared that at that point, anything he did may cause him pain, so retreating into Hannah’s arms was his only option.

    I have missed the self-assured touches that Booth used to give Brennan. He knew he was one of the few that could touch Brennan and her not back away from that contact. She is not a demonstrative person and we could probably be safe in saying that over the years we haven’t seen Brennan touch very many people. I always loved Booth bursting into whatever room Brennan was in and pushing and pulling her out of the room to go somewhere. He was comfortable doing that and after awhile Brennan even thought it was funny. (Judas On A Pole, Bones: “Why do I always feel like your abducting me?” *hits Booth*, laughing. )

    I also think your right that Brennan touches Booth all of the time to maintain contact. She needs that connection. She considers Booth to be her best friend and needs to reassure herself that he is really still with her. You know she is aware that Booth no longer touches her. She has given Booth room to rethink their relationship and I believe that is the smart move. She knows that Booth needs time to see that she is there for him. I believe once Booth really does hug or lets himself touch Brennan the dam will indeed break and he will not be able to let himself just remain her best friend.

  4. I agree that Booth does not use touch as a physical language, except with Bones, and of course Parker. I think, because of his past abuse issues, he doesn’t always see touch as a good thing, so he reserves that for very emotional occasions.

    In addition, his lack of physical contact with Brennan is his way of controlling himself. Just like his lack of personal contact this season. His need to create a physical distance between himself and Brennan was necessary, so he could form a bond with Hannah. I think he regretted that hug in MiR, and the only way he could keep those walls up was to stop physical contact. He knew that even one intimate touch would be his undoing, so he stopped all contact. (And by intimate i mean the back touch, the ‘guy hugs, etc.)

    I also noticed that even after Hannah left, he still avoided physical contact with Brennan, but this time it was because he wanted to wait for himself to heal. He knew he would need time, and physical contact would create a total loss of control. Like Sweets said, “Well, did the dam break?”
    He knew the minute he was allowed to touch her again the dam would break and there would be no going back.


    • Great post! Will resist the urge to simply agree with everything you said. I do agree, though, vehemently, but I’ll confine my twopeneth worth to picking up on some of the points raised.

      I think it’s telling that both Booth and Brennan seem uncomfortable with physical contact, unless that contact is between them. It could be as a result of their fraught childhoods or it may be that the work they do requires an emotional detachment that sometimes is difficult to turn off when dealing with matters of a personal nature. Whatever the reason, it’s a nifty way for the writers of the show to convey that B&B share an emotional connection that extends beyond anything we’ve seen them share with someone outside of their partnership.

      That’s why I think Booth has refrained (and I think he’s had to work hard to do this) from touching Brennan this season, and also why (good catch by you, btw) his physical contact with Brennan last season spoke of much more than friendship or attraction. Last season he couldn’t help himself. Last season he was starting to believe that they could be more than work partners.

      I’d guess…and, yes, I’m aware that my next statement makes clear that I’ve now taken to second guessing fictional characters and imagining their interactions off camera and off script…that despite engaging in a romantic and sexual relationship with Hannah and Sully, (leaving Rebecca aside as I think first time round this may not have been the case) Brennan and Booth remained hesitant (or perhaps it didn’t really occur to them) to communicate their affection and connection through touch. Touch, that is, which didn’t lead to sex or occur as a result of a significant event – e.g. Hannah winning over Parker or Sully proving that sometimes there’s nothing in a nickname. Maybe I’m being unfair to those relationships, but I don’t think so. That’s not to say that with time the sort of unthinking contact that B&B display wouldn’t have become a feature of those relationships…it might of…but honestly, I couldn’t give a flying fig offa that infamous fig tree about those now defunct plot devices. The key thing is that that connection has been there from the beginning with B&B. That connection exists without them having had sex.

      So where does that leave me? Oh yes. I agree that once Booth starts to touch Brennan again (allow me a moment to shriek like the loon that I am at the mere thought), it’ll be all over for him. Resistance will be futile. If he touches her (even it’s not overtly sexual in nature – giving comfort will do), it’ll be the end of him.

      Off to work now. Crap! Is that the time? My lunch break could now be construed as taking the afternoon off! 🙂

  5. Wow, I need a moment. That reunion hug at the beginning of Harbingers – look at how he’s holding her. Look how total that embrace is. His arms are completely around her. He is so wrapped around her that his fingers could touch his own body. It brings to mind all those sappy romance novel lines about being so close to each other, you can’t tell where one body ends and the other begins.

    That is way more than a hug. I’m getting misty just looking at that captured still photo.

    One thing I’ve really missed is the lack of touching. I think it’s still there, but barely, especially on Booth’s side. I remember Body in the Bag, the episode immediately following DitP. I was so ANGRY at the end of that episode, because Booth barely looked at Brennan, barely acknowledged her. The woman bares her soul to you, jackass, and you can’t even look at her??!!?? I sizzled.

    But then I rewatched the episode and I saw that even through Booth’s discomfort, even through his disconnect, he still couldn’t resist touching her, even if it was just a hand on the elbow as they walked through the Chinese restaurant, or a hand on the shoulder to guide her in front of him. And I felt better. The steam sort of dissipated. A little.

    I did not notice that Booth doesn’t really allow a lot of touches from other people. That’s fascinating. It brings to mind yesterday’s topic about them being a couple already, even if it they don’t admit it.

    Can’t wait to see what other people say on this subject!

  6. I hadn’t realized the lack of touch in season five (*smacks self in forehead*) Of course! It makes perfect sense.

    Remember how completely unnerved he was in Blackout when Brennan forced him to his knees to compare body parts? He was clinging to the sides of the elevator to avoid putting his arms around her. And I do not think he put a stop to that massage because of Sweets. No sir. Booth knew he was enjoying that Thai massage just a bit too much. (And part of my thinks Brennan just made up this whole “let me massage your inner thighs to ease your back pain” business. Mmm hmm. Sure, Bren.)

    I agree that she’s trying to reinforce their connection with her touches this season, but I also think since Blackout, she’s trying to indicate “I’m here. I do want this. You can trust me.”

    Because really – it would not be unreasonable for Booth to worry that if they do become involved, Brennan might panic and disappear again. It has been her habit. (Imagining a scene in which Booth asks her to surrender her passport before they sleep together for the first time).

    For all her difficulties reading people, I think Brennan reads that loud and clear in Booth so she reminds him with her words and presence and touch – she’s sticking around this time.

    And because Booth is – well, Booth! – he’s not going to lead her on. He said he wasn’t ready yet, physical affection might indicate a readiness he doesn’t feel yet, so he’s not going to go there. Yet.

    But yeah – there’s only so long this can last.

    • That Thai massage looked a little suspicious to me, too 😉

    • “(Imagining a scene in which Booth asks her to surrender her passport before they sleep together for the first time).”
      My imagination just ran wild! 😀

  7. Excellent post! I think you were spot on. This is basically just rehashing what you said, but there is definitely a difference in the physical contact in S5. It’s less, but it’s more meaningful. The way I’ve been interpreting it is that S5 Booth just can’t trust himself the way he used to. When I say that I don’t mean in the Sweets way…in that he isn’t trusting what he’s feeling because Sweets told him it was just about his brain surgery. What I mean is that he’s come to this full realization that his feelings *are* real and that dream made him see what he was missing. He can’t trust himself to touch her in such casual ways anymore because it’s not casual for him, those touches mean so much now. Make sense? Am I reaching?

    (Also, those picture (and captions) just made my morning. *HappySigh* AND I love the “Ima risk it.” It may be an unpopular opinion, but I am very excited The Finder got picked up. I plan to use that catch phrase in daily conversation. 🙂 )

  8. Of course I’m not done commenting!

    Here’s my theory (based on both our theories), working in reverse order:

    from the end of The Blackout in the Blizzard to present: the lack of touching is as I mentioned on Monday – a deliberate attempt on both their parts to avoid temptation.

    season six prior to The Blackout in the Blizzard: Part of it’s clearly due to Hannah (the physical connection to Hannah helps defuse his need for a physical connection to Brennan), but I think a large part of it is also as you described – that hug in Mastodon just about did him in. Touching her was too risky.

    Season five: Booth can’t help but touch Brennan in emotionally charged situations (which is why we have all those heart-stopping moments) but now that the coma dream has brought his feelings painfully to the surface, touching her in that casually flirtatious way is no longer casual (at least not for him). It’s serious. And (particularly early in the season) he’s not at all sure of Brennan’s feelings for him, so he backs off rather than risk giving himself away.

    Bottom line: S5 Booth is still prone to giving into the intensity of his emotions, but S6 Booth is much more restrained. Why? His motivation for keeping his distance from Brennan is much stronger in S6 than it was in S5. S5 Booth was still somewhat…innocent. S6 Booth has been been rejected, essentially abandoned, tried to make things work with someone else, been rejected again, and, finally, been given a second chance at what he wanted all along. All that adds up to quite a bit of motivation for him to keep his distance. What was initially about protecting himself is now all about not wasting second chances.

    But yeah, I’m with you. Once he touches her, all bets are off (but I think he knows that).

  9. Yes! Yes! Yes! That first hug when they came back in “Mastadon” forced all that physical touch to a screeching halt. It’s interesting that it hadn’t completely stopped with the 100th. He held her while dancing at her school reunion, and he held her when she admitted having nightmares. It looks like he wanted to embrace her at the airport before she left, but it was a really difficult situation, and that’s when I think he started protecting himself in that way. But that impulsive welcome hug after “moving on”? That just wasn’t going to work anymore.

    Booth is very aware of Brennan physically. He bought her a perfect-fitting (very well-fitting, in fact) dress in “The Woman in the Sand”, and that was two years into their partnership. Even in tDitP this season, after Brennan gave him the height and weight of the victim, he knew they were close to her own measurements. How did he know? Maybe she told him, but extremely doubtful she would tell him his weight. Maybe he saw it on a document, but that’s not as interesting. It’s much more fun to think about him coming to that conclusion based on what he’s seen and felt (her height in comparison to his, the times he’s had to carry her, etc.). Either way, there aren’t too many reasons of why he should know and remember that information, right?

    The intimacy is coming back, little by little, but more on the looks and conversation side of things. I did notice Booth’s little touches in “Body in a Bag”. But there was another moment in the last episode that I’m really surprised no one’s mentioned yet. After telling the parents they were not allowed to see their daughter, Booth did escort Brennan away with a hand on her back. But, um, yeah, three instances I can recall this entire season including the initial hug, because I’m not counting grabbing her to keep from getting hit by a car. I am so ready for it to come back – something, anything, even if it’s not the same thing. Maybe that was all a part of HH’s evil plan to up the ante.

    Oh, can I just say how tickled I am seeing more posts mentioning other BT posts. That’s how awesome this site is – it’s become a reference for itself!

    • I think that is a good observation about Booth being the one that bought Brennan the well-fitting dress in “The Woman In The Sand”. The fact is, that they both know more about each other than the other may realize.

      Brennan knows about all of Booth’s injuries and likes and dislikes. She keeps a Booth list. To me that is her way of connecting to Booth. She keeps track of her Booth observations and uses them to reassure herself that he is the one she count on to be there. Why remember the little things about someone you don’t care about? She most definitely cares.

      Booth is acutely aware that Brennan doesn’t like to be touched by most people and as he has said in the past, she is his standard when it comes to women. I think he has taken comfort in the past that Brennan has allowed him to hug her, pull and push her around and yet she rarely protests. He is aware that this is not the norm for her.

    • The interesting thing about the reunion is that Booth initially protested and put more space between himself and Brennan when they started dancing. It wasn’t until he realized what the song/missed prom experience meant to her that he consented to the more intimate closeness that Brennan wanted. Once again he gives into the emotion of a situation – something that I’m not sure we’d have seen him do this season given the barriers he’s put up.

  10. I just wanted to add that not even all of their physical contact prior to S5 was only casual, IMO. I’ll buy that the hug in “The Woman in Limbo” was just for comforting. But the first “guy hug” and the hug in Hodgela’s wedding didn’t look casual, at least not from his end. His expression for those times are like the cat that ate the canary. I often wonder if he knew what he was doing.

    • I wonder how much ED and DB know about HH’s plans for the end of the road, so to speak. You would think, from an actor’s point of view, they both would want to know as that information could be helpful in their character portrayals.

      For example, JKR shared with Alan Rickman information no one else knew about Severus Snape and there are moments in the early films when you see something there in what he does, something that makes you go hmmmmm. The inside information Rickman had made his characterization of Snape more consistent throughout the 7 (8) films.

      • Oh I think they know. In the commentary for Two Bodies in the Lab, DB explains Booth’s reaction to David the internet date by saying “hey, that’s his (Booth’s) girl.”

        Hart has always said they were a couple without the sex, DB said that too. In all honesty, it has never once seriously occurred to me that the series would end without B&B as a couple. There were times when I thought it might happen in the last 90 seconds of the very last show, but I have always been convinced it would happen. So I figure the actors must know too.

      • I also think that they know as they are co-producers for the show, therefor they would be Privvy to information that other actors would not.

      • I remember an interview with ED after the 100th where someone asked her whether or not she’d always known about the ‘history’ (as in the flashback stuff to the Gemma Arrington case, and their kiss, etc), and she sort of laughed in her lovely way and said no, that she wished she’d had sort of. That she certainly hadn’t been playing Brennan as if that ‘history’ was part of the character. And I remember thinking I was kinda GLAD that she didn’t know about it. I liked the idea that her characterization of Brennan (to that point, and beyond) was very organic based on what she knew, and that there was something to learn about Brennan’s past. 🙂

  11. How about a “cardiac squeeze” moment? Just kidding. This was such a delicious post, perfectly skirting any unmentionables…But anyways, in total agreement that the minute he lets himself really touch her, he’s a goner. His pre-season 5 touches to me have a more possessive quality to them; post-coma, the touches are definitely fewer, but they seem more affectionate. And that return hug in the park? A great exapmle of so much being said without any wordy explanations. He’s overjoyed to see her and without any thought embraces the living daylights out of her until he realizes what he’s doing. Thought takes over, we see his expression change and he deliberately takes his hands away and holds her at arms length. He was willing to hold her for as long as she wanted up to last year’s finale, but he can’t do that anymore because it hurts too much. So that was that with the touching up to now, although as Blindassassin noted, those quasi-touch looks he was so fond of giving her before have slowly crept back in later this season, but only when she wasn’t looking. He was allowing himself to go there once again and I think this scared him into trying to solidify his relationship with the blond one. Post Hannah, he’s still careful and did back away from Brennan in the elevator, but after their talk I was happy to see him lean into her more intimately when they were sitting on the stadium seats, and more recently, carefully put the medal around her neck. Dare we hope for a lot more? Stay tuned…

  12. I think you’ve hit on one of the major issues this season…the lack of touching on Booth’s part…but there were good reasons he didn’t. Since I’m running late this morning (story of my life), I’m unable to fully expand what I’d like to say, but here’s the jist…

    Brennan always felt the need to touch Booth, as you said, to reassure her that he is physically there…but for Booth, touching Brennan is full of emotion and feelings…which is why he hasn’t been touching her all season, except for the occasional hand on the back. Anything more is off-limits. In season five, Booth was taking every opportunity to touch her, connect to her emotionally, hanging onto his dream, and hoping for more than holding hands, but Brennan didn’t reciprocate…and ended up leaving. Booth was heart-crushed.

    Booth hugs and touches with his heart, and he doesn’t do those things with people unless there is that emotional connection. Hence his hesitancy and uncomfortable stance if others try to touch or hug him. Other than Brennan and the women he’s been in relationships with…Rebecca and Cam…the only other people he hugs or touches are Pops and his Army buddies…people with whom he’s shares real feelings.

    The hug at the start of Mastodon was bittersweet…and I think you tagged it very well. Touching Brennan brought back that old spark, and Booth was deeply affected by it…but he, sadly, can’t and won’t act on it anymore. Brennan dashed his hopes of ever being anything more to her than a partner…but the emotional component is still there…he still has deep feelings for her…but the hope of anything more than a hug is gone. And I see that regret of lost hope evident in his face during that hug. *sigh*

    I assume Brennan hesitates to touch Booth as her way of giving him space and time…seeing as how any touch now has a whole new meaning. First and foremost, she needs him to understand that she is there for him, physically standing by his side. But Booth still hasn’t been able to touch Brennan. He’s been holding back, afraid to let himself fall into that emotional trap, unless he’s absolutely sure Brennan is serious and won’t run off. Slowly, Brennan has been reassuring him she is serious, ready for more, and Booth is starting to believe she is. The walls are crumbling on both sides.

    I think we’ll know when Booth is ready…because he’ll be the one to initiate touching Brennan.

    • I just have to expound on that post-coma dream hug. The way he was SO excited to see her is something I haven’t seen since the karaoke night, when he was watching her with such happiness. Pure joy.

      I think the Booth-faking death thing really shook Brennan up and has added to her reluctance to “go all the way” in a relationship with Booth. She tried to hide it but you know she was seriously messed up at the thought of his death. She realized that loving hurt, and shut herself off. But man, that karaoke night when Booth was just watching her….that is like one of my favorite Bones moments ever. Ever. So then post-coma dream, he’s still in that place of loving her as his wife, and he hugged her so. tight. and his face had that pure joy again. When he composed himself and set her away from him, and he kept gazing at her to gauge her reaction to the things Angela was saying….whew. It was heart….wrenching? (Can a heart be wrenched? I think so!) One of the most heart-wrenching scenes to watch Booth emotionally and physically have to pull himself away.

      So to me, that is one of the best touches ever because it just had so many undercurrents of feeling, happiness, relief, hope, sadness, distance….I know, I’m in DB heaven and I’m gushing too much, but it was very powerful to me. I am hoping, hoping, hoping we get another super-happy Booth moment because seriously, that guy is always being the steady rock for everyone else…he needs to have FUN. Some Hot Blooded, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Married and Pregnant With Brennan in a Coma Dream FUN!!! He deserves it, does he not?!

  13. Great post. I haven’t given this much thought lately so it’s nice to have other people’s takes on it. That’s the thing I love about Bones Theory. There is always something to make you think about in regards to Bones. I agree that once Booth really touches Brennan he’s a goner. He’s kept himself in check for the last “eight” months and I think the mortar in his brick wall is starting to crumble… and it’s going to be fantastic and totally worth it! It better be worth it, darn it!

  14. Since everything I could possibly want to add….has been said by all of you already (and everything well-put!)— I will just say I think (if you haven’t seen it already, and if you have a moment)—Do a search on youtube: “bones safe”, and watch that.
    That just does it for me. Fits…all of it.

    Brilliant post. Thank you for this.

    • Just saw the video. Thanks.

    • Oh wow. That just makes me want to watch it ALL again. From the start. Even Season 6. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      Anyone who reckons these two have a sibling relationship now needs to watch this. These exchanges don’t happen with my brother…

  15. I use to pay attention to every look and every touch between Booth and Brennan but after awhile, I realized I was too obsessed and had to stop that. It’s hard dealing with this much UST. It was like an internal fire and I had to quench it.

    So I’m just rolling along and waiting for whatever happens now.

  16. Great post, I think I agree with everything you said and what everybody else has said.
    I love your description of the reunion hug.
    I hadn’t noticed in S5 how little Booth touched Brennan until you pointed it out, I now want to rewatch the whole season so I can see it for myself.
    I am now just going to wait for the dam to break!

  17. I don’t have much to add.
    Except, just a few days ago, I finally realized he says ‘Baby’ in Harbingers. AHHHMG!
    Re: heart-crushing aka gut-wrenching, do-i-have-to-climb-through-the-tv-and-make-you-hug-or-something, if it’s anything more than hand-holding, how could they get through seven months apart. Ahhhh, that scene gets me EVERY TIME!
    Ok, I’m done.

    Link didn’t work “Booth and Brennan and The Five Love Languages” – unless my computer is out to get me.

  18. Ok, so I just re-watched Tough Man in the Tender Chicken based on that lovely screencap….and there is yet ANOTHER touch!! At the very end at the bar, Booth is wondering if he’s still got it as far as catching liars…and Brennan grabs his arm, looks him right in the eyes and assures him that “at half speed he’s twice as fast as anyone else”. Got Netflix anyone? It’s amazing…you can scroll right to all the B & B moments! haha 🙂 But if you can, I would recommend rewatching the restaurant scene and the bar scene at the end. Both have very meaningful physical touches and looks, and say very profound things about each of them. I somehow had looked at this as a throwaway episode and had not watched it in some time, and I had forgotten these moments. “I would die for you, I would kill for you” and Brennan telling Booth “I want to know what YOU think”….wow, I think I have a new favorite episode now! Thanks again, Bones Theory!! 🙂

  19. We’ve seen exact evidence of this kind of behavior from Booth before. After the 100th where Brennan rejects Booth’s “let’s give us a shot,” there’s a whole scene in the subsequent Death of the Queen Bee where Booth is beyond hesitant to dance with Brennan at her high school reunion.

    And then he does anyway and we see the most heart wrenching look on his face while he’s dancing to Seal with our girl Brennan.

    So this isn’t really new to us, and is a very Boothy reaction.

  20. Oh wow – where has this post been all season? Perhaps the Boothbashers out there would have settled a bit if they’d actually thought about the interaction at this level.

    Fabulous responses, Everyone. I’ve always loved the subtleties of this show – and this topic is way up there. Their physical ‘intimacy’ has always caused a thrill, but whilst at times this season it’s bugged me without being able to put my finger on why, this post highlights exactly where Booth is coming from. I never fully appreciated that Mastodon hug until today. Wow. Thank you.

    Also, a perfectly timed essay, Janet. Me hopes us Bones Theorists will all be in a tizz regarding this area before the season is over… I am very much ready to see Boothy Baby be a goner!

  21. Huh.

    That’s all i’ve really got.


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