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Morning After Q: So…Was It As Good For You As It Was For Me?


First of all, a moment of silence for…

My consolation is that Brennan acknowledged him as her favorite. Whether she was just saying that to keep him alive, I don’t know, and I don’t care. 😀

I do care about your opinions of last night’s episode, The Hole in the Heart. Did you like it? I did, very much.  I liked that, though we didn’t get to see the apparently juicy bits, Brennan and Angela had a BFF convo. I liked that when Booth calmly informed Brennan she would be staying the night at his apartment, she bristled a bit, but then knew it would make him crazy and lose sleep to worry about her all night along. And I liked how Booth was sort of surprised she agreed but didn’t question it.

I liked that Booth didn’t shoot to kill Broadsky, though I don’t exactly know why I liked that yet. I’m still thinking about that.

I liked Brennan wearing Booth’s sweatshirt. I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that, though she was clearly WANTING to sort of collapse against him and cry on his shoulder, Booth didn’t really act, and she had to ask for it. Of course, once she did, he agreed. Thoughts from you on that? Is it significant that Brennan had to be the one to physically move?

I liked that we didn’t see the morning after at Booth’s apartment. I liked that we know B&B slept together, but we don’t know if they ‘slept together’. What do you think? Are you ambivalent, or are you like pal Lauren who texted me last night, “They better not have! At the risk of sounding pervy, I wanna be there when they do it!”

Oh, and I liked Genevieve, and I loved Genevieve and Sweets. Come on, now!

A LOT of questions to answer! And perhaps even some answers we should question!

Let’s discuss!

Hey, also… be sure to head on over to Shep’s blog and weigh in on whether or not you think B&B actually DID  you know…it.

Peace, Love & Bones


PS…over at GMMR, I tossed out the idea of, in honor of Vincent Nigel Murray, submitting one random fact in the comments. Feel free to do that below as well! I’ll start again…

The letter “J” does not appear on the periodic table.


193 thoughts on “Morning After Q: So…Was It As Good For You As It Was For Me?

  1. If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.

    I loved last nights ep and am thrilled w/the, “did they/didn’t they” scene. Beautifully done and very tasteful!! Bones is back baby!

  2. Wow. Just wow. I had been already knowing about VNM from the spoilers I was not strong enough to avoid but there was still the matter of how and when. When Booth gave him the phone, I literally sat up and started freaking out. It was sooo sad! But I liked how they gave him such a happy anthropology moment before he was gone.

    **Booth’s “blood on his hands” in the conference room? It reminded me of Brennan’s blood from Harbingers on his shirt…what is it with Booth keeping the blood of his friends on him after the conflict is over? What does that mean??**

    ~Brennan’s very quick acceptance of staying at Booth’s? Hilarious.
    ~Brennan in Booth’s sweatshirt?? I died.
    ~Booth hesitating before physically comforting Brennan took me back to his “dancing to Seal” moment. My heart squeezed in my chest for him.

    (And yes, I think it was comforting only at this point, but this definitely could cause the dam to break so….yay!)

    I’m not sure how I feel about Booth sparing Brodsky. On the one hand, I wanted total retribution for our English squintern…but then I remembered how mad I was to have them kill off Gormogon and the Gravedigger so fast, that…maybe I want him to stay around so he has the potential to come back and wreak havoc, and have a more Epps like storyline. So maybe I’m glad Booth did that?? Still not sure!

    The ending: well my DVR cut off mid-B&B right at the end. Stupid American idol. So I saw her slip her arm around his and then stop. So did I miss a lingering glance? I saw Angela’s glance….so now Hodgins and Angela will know….something. Whatever Brennan told Angela….ahhhhh….anyway. Those are my immediate thoughts. Can’t wait to read everyone’s take!!

    Overall, loved the ep! Still, RIP VNM!!!!!!!

    • Oooohhh….forgot to add:

      Didn’t we decide last week that Brennan has to be the one to initiate the physical touching next? And then she comes into his bedroom in the middle of the night? Are we good or what? haha

      Also in regards to ED’s pregnancy: I don’t think they’d write in ED’s pregnancy at this point in the story. If they did reach a “relationship agreement” that night, then they are just starting a new facet of their partnership, and to throw a baby in the mix right now just doesn’t seem organic. And Hodgela is just now having their baby so the show would just turn into all babies all the time! They’ll probably delay the season a bit and throw that Finder show into the time slot. Its the perfect excuse for them to try it out (even though I’m not a fan!).

      My VNM fact: Silver, purple, month, and orange do not have rhymes in the English language (Although I did hear Eminem rhyme “orange” with “door hinge” in an interview which I thought was quite brilliant.)

      • The only thing that gives me a little hesitation about not thinking they will write in ED’s pregnancy is that HH likes to have a span of time in between the season finale and the next season’s premiere (like this past season’s seven month span). But who knows?

      • Jenny, you do make a really good point! Anything is possible on this show! But I do think that if HH was to do another mini time warp and we as fans lose months of B&B moments for him to fast forward to her being really pregnant, the fans would want his head! To go from barely touching, to *boom* pregnant with Booth’s baby? I’m sure the writers could do that creatively, but I feel Bones fandom might have a bit of a freak out if that were to happen!

      • But this is exactly why it would work to write in ED’s pregnancy under these circumstances. I can completely understand one night of sex in a moment of extreme emotional distress that may NOT immediately lead to them being a couple but could lead to Brennan becoming pregnant. I think the assumption that, sex or no sex, B&B are now a couple, is actually a big one. If they were to write in a pregnancy now, but delay them becoming a couple, you add another complication to the mix and are able to fast forward time enough to line up with ED’s real life pregnancy without actually losing any part of their “couplehood.” I’m certainly not saying that’s what’s going to happen, but I did want to throw it out there as a viable possibility.

      • Oh I am absolutely sure there would be fallout about it if it happened…but then there was about Hannah too…I could possibly see them doing something with flashbacks. Maybe come back sometime later and give us the story in pieces. Not sure to be honest but I could see it happening.

  3. When Vincent lay dying on the floor and kept saying “Don’t make me leave”, I felt bad for him and sad that he was leaving us; but, at the same time I couldn’t figure out why he was saying it. Brennan was so upset that she thought that Vincent was talking to her. Then, when Brennan came to Booth and asked him why Vincent would say such a thing, I got a chill when Booth said that Vincent was talking to God or the Universe. He didn’t want to leave. WOW. That made me weep.

    My thought on when Brennan came into Booth’s room and he pulled the gun on her was, whoa, he has a gun between him and her. He is not putting it down. Why? Then it popped into my head, he is using the gun as protection from Brennan. When he asked her if he should put the gun down, it was like he was asking, is it safe to lower my wall between you and me? Brennan gave him permission to lower the wall. She made the final movement towards Booth and he allowed it. I don’t think that could have played any other way.

    I was fine that we didn’t see anything (when Booth and Brennan were in bed), if anything happened that is. To me they are a private couple and I don’t need to see crazy sex to know they are a couple. Brennan putting her arm around Booth’s arm spoke volumes to me. They are finally a couple and at least for right now, they are happy.

    I am also happy that Brodsky was captured and not killed. I do know why I liked it though. Booth has been telling Brodsky that personal justice is no justice at all. If Booth had killed Brodsky then it would have made Brodsky right, that personal vengeance is ok. Booth stands for justice and the side of good. Killing Brodsky when he didn’t have to would have made Booth no better than Brodsky. I did take satisfaction that Booth stepped on Brodsky’s wounded leg though. It was a small revenge; but, somehow it was satisfying.

    • By the way, I forgot to give my bit of trivia:
      The most widely spoken Germanic languages are English and German, with approximately 309–400 million and over 100 million native speakers respectively. The group includes other major languages, such as Dutch with 23 million and Afrikaans with over 6 million native speakers; and the North Germanic languages including Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, and Faroese with a combined total of about 20 million speakers.

    • Great point about the gun! I was contemplating the same thing. Thinking why is Booth still holding it and why did he have to ask for permission to put it down!

    • I took the not lowering of the gun when Brennan appeared at the door not as something he was deliberately aiming at her but as a way of asking her if Brotraining adsky had a gun at her back and was forcing her into the room. By lowering his weapon before he ascertained whether or not Brennan was alone, he could have been leaving her defenseless. I took it as the sniper training kicking in–he’s in full-on go-by-the-book mode. That’s why I think he had a little problem letting down the guard last night…not because of the B&B history, etc., but because he hadn’t shifted gears yet and wasn’t sure that he really could shift gears until he got Broadsky. Letting them down long enough to comfort Brennan was only going to happen as a deliberate shift on his part, not a reaction to the fact that she was sitting there on his bed needing comforting. At least that’s how I read the scene. I’ll have to go back and watch it again…yes…have to go back and watch that scene again. Or maybe a couple (dozen) times. 🙂

      • I think you’re right about the gun. He didn’t know what had sent her into his room and wanted to make sure it wasn’t that something had happened that he’d need his gun to take care of.

      • I agree with Frankie. Booth was startled awake and trying to quickly get his mind alert…if Brennan was alerting him to possible danger, he needed to know. He knows Brodsky is still out there. I didn’t take the gun thing as necessarily keeping distance because pointing a loaded gun at his love seems extreme for just that. When the potential danger was dismissed he still didn’t make a move, and that was the distance to me. She had to come bridge that gap. The gun thing IMO was to protect them both from danger.

      • Yeah, but even after he was certain that everything was ok, he still didn’t lower the gun. He kept it aimed towards her and then he asked Brennan if it was ok to lower the gun. I am going to have to rewatch it to make sure though.

      • I agree with the concept of his training kicking in. As for Booth asking about putting the gun away…he really hasn’t established safety 100% and Brennan looks back over her shoulder. In asking that, he’s giving her the opportunity to alert him to danger or tell him they are safe. At least that’s what I think!

    • Ok, I went back and watched again and he may have been making sure that Brennan wasn’t under duress when she came through the door; but, it was still odd that after he saw no one was in the door he asked her if he should put the gun away. I may have just been ready to over analyze the show.

  4. I knew who was going to die, so that caused me to spend the first thirty minutes panicking anytime he was on screen and it grew worse as the episode went on… and I totally bawled like a baby when he died… Ryan is PHENOMENAL!

    As for the question… yes, there is a lot of evidence that points to something big happening… whether they are considering that cuddling, a kiss, sex, “I Love You” or something else… I’m not sure, BUT I’m leaning towards NOT being I love you and more towards sex because here is the thing… HH and crew are doing something they’ve never done before… so it makes sense that we would the see the “I Love Yous” on screen, but probably not their first time. I’m ok with it, if their first time is at least VERIFIED. I’m not sure we will know what happened until season 7… in which case… EVIL.

    However, I think the big change that is coming is probably something new, because otherwise the entire season was a waste, for me at least. If HH pulls anything to separate them as true partners, I’m going to be angry. Work partners is one thing… I think that could be interesting, but give them a chance to TRY at least.

    I could go on and on… but basically I do think they did it, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  5. I enjoyed the episode. I like the ambiguity of not knowing what really happened.

    Interesting, Brennan had to physically move and ask Booth to comfort her. But I think this goes to back to ProfeJMarie’s last posting “When the walls come tumbling down” They haven’t really touched all season.
    (PJM words) – – It is my thought that at this point, touching Brennan in any sort of intimate or affectionate way will cause those walls he’s built to come crashing down. I believe my exact words to Seels last week were “he’s going to be a goner.” I think he is acutely aware of this potential response, making me believe that y’all were right about Physical Touch being a primary love language for Booth.

    Even in this devastating circumstance, Booth is there for Brennan but maybe doesn’t want this to be the reason IT finally happens between them.

    For VNM – Isaac Asimov is the only author to have a book in every Dewey-decimal category.

  6. I just watched the episode again… and I feel… content. The information that I was given was all I needed. It fulfilled my criteria… but it was more than that. Vincent got a good sending off. I think this is what has finally brought the team back together. Not just physically together (no, I’m not talking B&B, I’m talking about the entire team), but emotionally together. The family is a family once again.

    Random fact: the burrowing owl (Athene cunnicularia) lives underground in abandoned rodent tunnels.

    • I also want to add that because I am content… I don’t feel like I need to know if they did or didn’t (for now), just that the main issue, the team, is finally resolved.

  7. I loved the episode even while I was totally emotionally wiped out by it. Seeing Brennan and Vincent all giddy at the diner was so cute, so sweet, and so sad because I knew (even though I still didn’t want to admit it–he’s been my favorite squintern~if I had favorites which I don’t ;)) that he would be the victim. Vincent and Hodgins with their dinosaur antics were just so fun. It really was just all so bittersweet.

    I really do have to agree with your likes. Yes we saw Brennan begin to bristle at Booth’s suggestion (well demand really) that she spend the night at his department, but no actual argument on it. I just loved that.

    I think the thing with Booth not killing Broadsky was that it of course further removed Booth from Broadsky…see we’re not alike. Also of course it leaves a place for another showdown later if it’s needed.

    I really need to watch it again. Last night I was still kind of in a daze when they got to the part in Booth’s apartment, but I think the reason Booth didn’t really act when Brennan came into his room is that he’s still at a point where he’s doesn’t trust himself to read her correctly when it comes to personal intimacy. He’s so afraid to read more into her words and actions that he’s just not reacting at all and she has to make all the moves. Maybe?

    As for if they did more than just sleep together, I just can’t decide. Every time someone weighs in on one side or the other in that argument I can see their point. I’m willing to just wait and see how this plays out in the next episode. I just hope they don’t leave things completely ambiguous into the next season. I don’t have to actually be there when they do it, but it’d be nice to see a bit of the lead up and the after. At least actually know for sure if anything happened. We don’t even know right now if they consider themselves a couple or not.

    Oh and random fact: When you kiss, 200 million germs per second are passed between mouths. Or so I’ve heard.

  8. I know they did it due to the clock read 4:47 I think Booth didn’t kill brodskey because Booth is not a killer like brodskey RIP VNM

  9. Personally, I *loved* the B&B moment. Booth’s God = Universe immediately reminded me of Brennan’s Yeti = arctic bear. It doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s what you believe. And we believe the same thing, whatever it’s called.

    Given that HH & Crew would never have been able to make the entire fanbase happy, I’m glad they chose this particular scenario. There’s something very organic and natural about going to someone for comfort and taking a few steps past strictly ‘comforting.’ I can see it evolving – Booth’s kisses to her forehead, a tilt of the head from Brennan and voila! The G-rated version has a lot of violins and sheer bed curtains waving in a slight breeze. The R-rated version is a lot more fun.

    So, me? I’m thrilled. I pretty much got almost exactly what I wanted, especially with Booth’s smile at that very possessive taking of the arm Brennan did at the end.

    • Forgot my trivia.

      The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time television were Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

  10. I am still reeling from one of the best episodes, if not the best episode, of Bones! And I’d write a book if I put all my thoughts down…but I’m feeling lazy, so I’m not! I agree with Lenora about Booth not taking the personal vengeance path, but I have another reason I like that he didn’t kill Broadsky. Don’t get me wrong…even on twitter I screamed for Booth to kill him! However, after seeing him lose control in the interrogation room in The Signs in the Silence, I was thrilled to see him be so in control of this situation (the whole episode really). Granted, he had the benefit of his training kicking in…snipers, and FBI agents for that matter, are not trained to lose control…but he’s still human. We saw how his emotions and loss of control caused him to doubt himself last week. To tell Brennan he didn’t want Parker’s love to be about luck. So yay for Booth and his control, for showing he wouldn’t stoop to revenge and for being the father to Parker he wants to be. He can hold his head high. He got his man the right way.

  11. Due to the fact that I live in China, I have to wait til the episode airs (8am China time) and then sit around the whole day wondering what the morning after question will be (the evening after question for me!).
    So today I couldn’t wait, am just going to type this up and jump in with my observations, assuming that they’ll tie in:
    Brennan enters Booth’s room at 4.47am. On my third viewing of that section, it struck me. Why show that time?
    The End in the Beginning. Guess what time Brennan gets back from the club and slips into bed with Booth? 4.47am. Almost wet myself.
    So, what does this mean? Well, I suppose the question would be, ‘Did they or didn’t they?’ I for one felt completely under the impression that they went there. But the ambiguity was put there to make us all doubt and torture ourselves, so let’s think.
    By setting the time to match the scene in End in the Beginning, we draw distinct parallels to that moment. But what are we supposed to glean from this? On the one hand, it could be there as an omen of (sexual) things to come, referring back to their last physical encounter. On the other, it could just be adding to the confusion – can we really trust an omen like that which derives from a situation that didn’t actually take place?
    Either way, Brennan’s smile when she thought about being in bed with Booth didn’t look anything other than completely genuine, with a touch of bashfulness, which was just adorable. I haven’t read what anyone else thinks yet, and can’t speak to anyone about it as I’m stuck in a whole different time zone, so maybe I’m preaching to the converted on the BB relationship consummation.
    Basically I just noticed the times on the clock and wanted to share my excitement with you all.
    The smile on Booth’s face at the end as Brennan held his arm made everything perfect for me. I feel terrible for sitting here grinning like an idiot, despite the death of my all time favourite squintern.

    • Wow…nice catch! Could mean nothing but in Bones world I highly doubt it!

    • To add to the confusion over the time 4:47, many fans have interpreted that scene from The End in the Beginning as being the real B&B in the future, after they’d already established themselves as a couple, essentially what B&B are to each other at the very “end” of BONES. So, taking that into consideration, what does that time mean in this context?

      One interpretation is for it to be a bookend to their relationship, like a signifier that this is the beginning of their relationship. Another, as suggested in other posts, is that it signifies B&B intimacy/making love, since we’ve only seen that clock with that time in that context. Or, it could just be the writers playing with our heads and putting a recurring number in the show that doesn’t actually mean anything, like the number 47 in Alias or 1013 in The X-Files. 🙂

    • In Season V finale, the horder also had a clock set at 4.47 ,but it was blinking.

  12. I really like this episode. The fact that we didn’t get to see what happened in the bedroom or really hear the convo with Angela was genius IMO. It made me think of Hitchcock. It was either the Birds or Psycho (can’t remember). In the beginning the actress is sitting on a bed talking on the phone and the audience’s perspective is partially blocked by a wall. Fabulous cinematography. As a viewer you subconsciously try to tilt your head so you can see around that doorway. I felt that way last night. The writers and director made us an an audience realize this was meaningful, personal stuff going down–Interaction that we definitely want to know about. But, in the end, they kept it personal between B&B. We emotionally shifted in our seats, if you will, to try to see the whole thing. Loved it.

    • I, too, like the old-fashioned quality of the scene and the ambiguity (kind of like the cut from the couple on the beach to the waves crashing.) What sells me on the fact that something important happened is Angela’s reaction to Brennan from the bone room on: she knows and her look is all that’s needed. Booth and Brennan are more subtle– in fact, Booth’s look in his office afterward is contemplative but doesn’t really give anything away. Whether they had sex or not, they appear to be a couple at the end of the episode. That’s all I really wanted.

  13. Oops…forgot my fact… Kentucky is the state where both Abraham Lincoln, President of the Union, and Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, were born. They were born less than one hundred miles and one year apart.

  14. At first I was bothered that Brennan had to ask for Booth’s comfort but then after some thought … he’s really been all about not making the same mistakes this time (at least that is how I see him, post Blackout in the Blizzard). In the past he was the one driving the intimacy train. Sometimes nudging, sometimes pushing, but all that stuff “partners share things,” guy hugs, his plea that she forgive Max, “pop the heart into overdrive,” all of it culminating in “let’s give this a shot.”

    I think Booth has decided or realized that it has to come from her, it has to be her choice. All the progress Brennan made this year came without anyone’s help, just her own reflection and choices. (Yes, we can argue that the Booth & Hannah situation motivated her, but ultimately, Brennan came to her own decision).

    So this time he’s waiting for her. But you know, he did tell her to come and sit with him and he did take her hand, so it’s not as if she had to beg. The hug and the lying down together was a new level of intimacy for them, and I think Booth just felt it needed to be her decision to need him that way.

    Did they do it? Don’t know, don’t really care. The final scene makes it clear that they are together in every way that counts.

    • I’m still reeling from the fact that she went into his room. As Booth was holding her, he did say “That’s why I’m here.” So, I don’t think he wanted her to sleep over just for protection. But he saw how she was affected by VNM’s death, and thought he should be available for comfort, should she decide she wants some. It was so heart-crushing to see how she initially interpreted Vincent’s words.
      For the record, I think the smile and looks she exchanged with Angie could have been from only what we saw or going all the way, so it wasn’t conclusive for me. The 4:47 is more of an indicator, but still can’t really say. I actually do love the ambiguity.

      • You know, we’ve been focusing on Brennan’s morning after reaction but the next scene we see after the bedroom is Booth. He seems totally at peace, which makes me think they didn’t have sex.

        In Blackout, they established that when Booth lost his anger and Brennan lost her imperviousness they would at least try to be together. By asking for comfort, she surrendered the last of her imperviousness, and Booth displayed nothing but calm and determination, so he’s not angry anymore. While they were waiting for the casket, again, Booth just really looked at peace. And not at all worried that she wasn’t going to show up, even when Sweets put it out there that she might have run off again.

        I just don’t think sex would be the thing that assures Booth of her commitment. He knows she can have sex for any number of reasons, including ones that have nothing to do with love. Of course they could have had sex AND a conversation, but again, it’s sort of moot, because they are clearly together at the end of the episode.

      • OMG yes Barbara – can you believe you can actually say that – FINALLY?

        “they are clearly together at the end of the episode”


  15. The did they or didn’t they, is a non-issue for me. I think it was intentionally written to keep the audience wondering. It also allows them to either write in, or out, Emily’s pregnancy. OOPs, in the grief of losing VNM, Booth and Brennan did, it, without any fore thought of any type of protection/birth control. The other scenerio is that the affection and being together all night was what put the smile on Brennan’s face. I really don’t care either way. The clock either signifies that they did have sex, or that now after spending the night together they are officially, together.

  16. The clocks, the clocks! (Sorry to sound like Tatoo from Fantasy Island.) Wasn’t that the time from End in the Beginning? (and two clocks?!!!)-I do so totally think it happened, and Angela’s reaction just nails it for me. AHHHHHH! Be back when more coherent.

  17. Glad to see so much contentment on this site 🙂 Was feeling like the only one….

    So, did they? Maybe. I just like how subtle it all was. Compared to when Booth was with the other thing and we heard and saw far too many details, this discretion is exactly what I want from B&B. I love that we aren’t sure, but are just observers to what is happening. I love that Angie knows more than me but that she was speaking for me when yelling at Hodgins to get out 🙂

    Whatever has happened, we’ll find out, eventually. For tonight I’m just feeling totally rapt that two of my ‘friends’ have FINALLY hooked up – in one way or another 🙂

    I didn’t know that VNM would be the victim. I actually was expecting the new FBI agent to be it. Totally surprised me and I sobbed like a baby.

    Awesome episode 🙂

  18. FACT: Texas is the only state that can fly the state flag at the same height as the US flag.

    I’m still reeling from the episode. While the death of VNM was so sad and heartbreaking, it was a must (mainly b/c the actor got another job). We needed to have both Booth and Bones feel something outside of their own problems/issues. For Bones, we saw her deal with emotions regarding what someone ‘thought’ of her and it bothered her greatly. Her rock, Booth, was there to comfort her. Although, she had to make the first move. I think this was greatly played since this season was mainly about Bones finding, acknowledging and voicing them instead of Booth assuming what they were.

    Anyway, do I think they did it? Is there compelling evidence that supports it? We have the clock, which I too gasped and squeed, then yelled at my 3 year old who told me at that exact time he had to go potty, (thank God for the pause button on the DVR). We had the smirk. We had looks. We had the arm link at the end. But we did not have actual words. HH is a smart man and found the new question for everyone to deal with; “Did they or Didn’t they?”

    Personally, I am just going to assume they held each other until proven otherwise. Because as sweet as it was I want confirmation 🙂 6 seasons watched every episode, read fan fic, written fan fic… dang it, I want continue to see everything leading up to and after because I love this relationship these two characters have.

    On a side note, Booth telling Brennan that she WILL stay at his apartment with that look of utter protectiveness…. the most erotic thing EVER.

  19. Sorry-more calm now. It’s like we said before-he’s been avoiding touching her because that would be it for him; and apparently, it was. I loved the scene just prior to the bedroom when she is fixing the pillow. He says “let me help you with that” and you can just tell he’s dying to grab her and even does a little lunge, but she says no, she can do it herself and then he backs away. He didn’t want to comfort her (or himself) until she was ready, which is why she had to make the first move. And i stick by what I said yesterday; we’ll find out soon enough (or maybe not), but I believe End in the Beginning is what we missed, hence the clocks.

    On to other favorite moments: VNM’s death was incredibly powerful; that they could achieve that after making him spend the better part of the episode in a T-Rex costume is remarkable. My heart broke for poor Booth and Brennan; she thought VNM was talking to her the whole time. The phone ringing-the minute Booth gave it to VNM I knew, and I felt terrible for Booth. And Booth’s face when he was pressing his hands on the wound? Man! Also, Brennan immediately thinking of Booth when she says that she saw it all, he did everythingl that he could, he was brave-because she knows he’ll beat himself over the head with that one. And when they’re all together in the room? DB infuses Booth with the most amazing haunted look at the end of the scene. Regardless of how much he says he blames Broadsky, not himself, I’ve got a feeling that Booth might be paying for VNM’s death further on. And ED in the bedroom-no words. It was a beautiful way of incorporating the running theme of the season, the way she feels that she is pereceived by others. It made me feel terrible that she was seeing herself in that way, and I loved how Booth was so gentle with her. Did anyone think it was possible to laugh after the death scene? I didn’t-and found myself surprised when i was laughing later on when Angela told Hodgins to shut up. A great episode that brought out just about every possible emotion in the audience. Sorry, I’m babbling, but it went above all expectations for me (and I had many!)

    • Maria, you said this yesterday, I don’t believe we will be witnessing any actual action at this moment even if it does occur-instead we might be getting eased into the relationship we’ve all looked forward to by being shown bits and pieces here and there, leaving us on hot coals all summer (in a good way!). I think that’s why we were given the bedroom scene in the End in the Beginning two years ago-that might just have to be our moment for now, maybe a snapshot of what might have actually happened.

      I was impressed when you said that yesterday and I was more impressed after I watched the show last night. I didn’t pick up on the clocks; but, now that it has been pointed out to very slow me, I say, Wow girl. Your are quit the psychic.

  20. Forgot my random fact:

    Banana peels make excellent shoe shiners.

  21. Speaking of facts, was “chicken skin gloves” the last fact Vincent gave us?

  22. Why did Jake Broadsky have to take an access card (supposedly to the Port) when he already had one because he worked there? Either his astonishment that he had been tracked to his ship was based on the sheer coincidence that he actually was known there, or there is a loose end because the HH team wouldn’t have put that in there for no purpose whatsoever! Anyway, I find that to be a very irritating anomaly.

    My vote about BB: yes, it’s all good. Booth has to be the strong leader of the couple, and Bones finally relaxed her grip on her own strength, to rely on his. This was what was shown at the concluding scene.

    Vincent also said, “I’ve had a lovely, lovely, time,” which could be a lesson for everyone on a really cool way to talk to (the Universe) when we are about to leave this life….

    Thank you for this lovely, lovely, forum.

    • I understood this as Broadksy didn’t really work there, but used the access card to fake being a worker. As we saw when he scanned in, if your access card works no one questions your identity.

      My opinion was that he thought he’d killed Booth and was getting the hell out of dodge on the first ship that was leaving. He didn’t know the team had found out about the access card so he thought he was undiscoverable in the shipyard.

      • I agree, I thought Broadsky was shocked that Booth was still alive. We never learn anything about a new paid target for Broadsky, so I think it was all about getting back at Booth at that point. He visits Paula’s grave (who apparently was his girlfriend), says his goodbyes, plots and carries out his revenge and is en route to escape when Booth shows up.

    • I got the impression that Broadsky started going to the port after he stole the card; it’s been several days since he killed the guy, giving him enough time to make the bullet that killed VNM. But I’ll have to rewatch the whole thing-I was too preoccupied with the other stuff to really concentrate on the case.

      • I agree. Cam said Leisinger had been dead for approximately 5 days so that would have given Broadsky time to scope out the shipyard and plan Booth’s death. I did think he may have been on the ship because he was after another target, but he may have also been trying to escape. Either way, he was surprised to see Booth alive.

      • Maybe the broken hand forced Broadsky to delay killing whomever he planned to kill besides Booth.

  23. Did you know that no piece of paper can be folded in half more than seven times?
    (Here’s looking at you, Mr Nigel Murray)

    I loved the episode. I did. I am… elated. I cried and I laughed and I am still thinking about the 4.47 in that clock and how deliberate it was showing it.

    To be honest, I don’t care if they had sex or not. Whatever happened in there, love was made. They went there. And wasn’t that smile in Brennan’s face the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? Whatever happened, it was well over sex. That was the look of someone who is dazzled. She figured out something. And it is good.

    Yeah, I’m not that discreet, and I would want to be there, to see it with my own eyes, to bear witness and all that. But this? This was lovely in the way of that first kiss when you are a teenager. Made me check my cynicism at the door for the day.

    And what I have been saying all along in fan fiction, that Brennan would be the first one to move came to pass. As if she was done with walking. She is now running. She took the heart when Booth couldn’t carry it. For both of them.

    And that is what love is all about.

    And they got back to touching each other.

    Can’t wait for tonight to watch it again.


  24. Gosh this was a fantastic episode on so many levels. And it left me with so much to think about over the next week (and probably even the entire summer). Here are my thoughts:

    B&B bedroom scene: Loved it! In my opinion they (the writers) handled it perfectly. I personally think the 4:47 on the clock and the looks Angela and Brennan kept shooting each other through the rest of the episode are pretty strong evidence that SOMETHING more than what we saw happened, but I’m perfectly okay with either scenario. I also agree with K that the ambiguity in the scene allows them to write ED’s pregnancy into the storyline if they so choose. Also, did anyone think it was significant that the clock wasn’t flashing this time like it was in the season five finale? A sign, maybe, that things are moving forward, as opposed to the end of last season when B&B were kind of stuck in limbo (or dare I say, moving backwards)? Or am I totally reading too much into it?

    The conversation between B&B in that scene was…well it was spot on. I picked up on the fact that VNM was begging not to die in the original scene, and also that Brennan misunderstood him so it wasn’t a surprise when she asked Booth about it in his bedroom. Brennan is so literal and I think her reaction was completely natural. And I think I almost cried when she told Booth that if there was a God, He would have let VNM stay and Booth replied that things don’t work that way. It was so…real. How many times do we have to ask that question and face that answer in our own lives? It was so very human, and realistic, and for me the conversation itself was infinitely more meaningful than what may or may not have happened afterward.

    Booth and Broadsky: This is another area where I think the writers did things absolutely right. I’ve seen TV shows where people have taken the kill shot in that situation (when they didn’t have to) out of revenge, and I was happy that Booth didn’t. That’s what everyone (including Booth) was afraid of leading up to this episode – that Booth would kill Broadsky even if he didn’t have to. That he didn’t even hesitate to take Broadsky alive proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Broadsky was wrong on all counts. Booth IS the good guy.

    Booth: There were a couple of things Booth did (or didn’t do) in this episode that I found intriguing.

    First, I totally expected him to feel a massive amount of guilt about essentially being the cause of VNM’s death. That he was able to acknowledge that the fault lay completely with Broadsky and that what happened was an unfortunate accident represents a huge step forward on his part. Combined with the way he told Brennan she was staying at his apartment without all the usual overprotective, “you’re my partner, it’s my job to protect you” posturing, led me to think that he might be shedding a little bit of his white knight identity.

    Now I realize that a lot of people (Brennan included) may have thought that his statement WAS overbearing and overprotective (and very white knightish), but the way he said it really stuck out to me. For once he DIDN’T make it all about the fact that protecting her is his job. This time it was clear that he wanted (needed) to protect her because of who she IS (and what she means to him) and not because it’s his job (which we all know was just an excuse anyway, but still, it’s nice to see it actually happen).

    Oh, and one more thing. In honor of the late, great VNM: a cockroach can live several weeks with it’s head cut off (thank you Google). Eeew! Is that really true?

  25. Oh gosh. You know I’m still sort of in a shock, but I think I can at least get out that this was a great episode. I mean I cried like a baby and was sure annoyed when my friends/family tried to comfort me, With “it’s just TV”. Yea I know that, but man, I just really liked Nigel-Murray; I’ll miss him. I’m still not sure about Brennan but I at least know he was my favorite. Anyways, on to analyzation. 

    I, if anything, would call this an episode for the coping mechanism. I really was glad to be able to see all of their reactions and get to know them better through that. Sweets’ reactions were probably the ones that interested me the most because instead of following his heart in the matter, he relied heavily on the science or what exactly was going on psychologically speaking. I understood him being that way when Booth ‘died’ because he knew the truth and was doing it for his study (still very wrong), but I wasn’t expecting him to be the ‘hard case’ in this episode. This time it was for real and I guess I just always knew Sweets as the comforting type. I think I’ll need to study his whole deal in the episode for a 3rd time…

    Other matter of business: No. They didnt sleep together. I firmly believe that and no amount of smiling on Brennan or Angela’s part will convince me otherwise! It just doesn’t sound right to me. Brennan was emotionally distraught when they laid back and it would almost seem like Booth or Brennan would be taking advantage of that situation if they had. SOMETHING happened, I’ll say that, but not sexual intercourse in my own opinion.

    And I’m with you Seels, I’m not sure if I’m happy or upset that Booth didn’t kill Brotsky. But I think I agree with Sweets the most in saying, “Professionally” I’m glad (more so of my “profession” of not wanting Booth to get his heart ruined with guilt etc.) and “personally” — I’m not.

    Oh and on the Physical Brennan deal, I think it was necessary because I felt she wasn’t asking Booth as much as she was herself. Over the past season she’s really being growing into her final realizations, and I think his open heart and arms made her need to question her own to be open right back. 

    Fact: People say on average over 15000 words a day.

    From Nigel-Murray: (I’m pretty sure this is right. I haven’t watched it in a while but I’m pretty sure he said) Humans can type 1000 more words with their left hand than they can with their right.

  26. it’s after midnight and I really need to go to bed but I can’t stop reading all these fabulous comments.

    Sigh. Contentment.

  27. Really loved this episode! Not sure if it’s my fav or not, but it definitely ranks right up there!

    B&B: I’m not sure if I think they did “it” or not, but either way is fine for me. As for Brennan making the first move, it definitely would have been Booth in the past but I think after everything he’s been through over the past year, he’s not going to make the first move this time…it will have to be Brennan. I know she told him her feelings in DitP but I think he’ll have a hard time putting himself out there to her again without her making the first move. Loved how she didn’t argue with him about going to his apartment. He was very matter-of-fact about it.

    Broadsky: Loved that he didn’t make the kill shot! I am also surprised that he didn’t feel overly guilty about VNMs death, since it was directly related to Booth having him answer the phone. I expected him to beat himself up with guilt over it.

    VNM: I totally didn’t pick up on the fact that he was asking “not to go” to God or the Universe…not until Booth explained it to Brennan. I was so emotionally wrecked by the scene, I wasn’t analyzing any of the dialogue. I plan to rewatch (multiple times, I’m sure), and will pick up a lot of small things that I missed the first time around.

    As a “hats off” to VNM: Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks or it will digest itself.

    I am a nurse, after all. I had to choose a medical fact!

  28. Sigh. In control sniper Booth! Can he be the next BOTD around here??

    One thing that just popped to my head was how nice it was to see Booth totally in control as FBI/sniper guy. In recent times the guy has gone through alot physically and mentally and wondered if he’d sort of lost it a little bit. He gets out that gun, puts his earpiece in, and goes to work. I loved, loved that. Also, that Brennan was in his ear, giving him that bit of bone expertise that she could give to help him win. What a great team they make :). The more I think about it, the more I truly love this episode! And we were getting so worried!! I feel weird saying that because VNM died, but it was all handled SO well.

    And I think the 4:47 was to hint at things to come, not that its already happened. I just feel like that’s too easy, if that makes sense. I think this was a HUGE step for Brennan to make that first move, and I’d love to see more baby steps between them before “it” happens. haha Also, with Angela doing the baby thing, I think it would be weird to have another baby storyline right then.

    • The earpiece and the “clicking” conversation over the phone? So well-done… intensely real and highly suspenseful. Taut. Loved it.

  29. My mind is still buzzing so I’ll just post my fact: If the population of China walked past you in single file, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction. RIP Vincent. :’)

  30. Jane Bond, what a beautiful, beautiful post. I don’t have really anything to add,except that I really loved this ep. Glad I stuck it out through all the stuff I hated to get to this. Really looking forward to the season finale. Thanks to all .

  31. Warning: I am about to gush. I don’t blame you if you don’t read all of my babbling. Lol!

    Where to begin? I think I can jump on the bandwagon and say that I just loved this episode so, so much. I think I held my breath almost the entire time and I literally sobbed. VNM has always been my favorite Squintern and gave me some of my all time favorite Bones quotes: “I won’t fair well in jail…I’m lovely” and “I’m clever with ribbon,” and many more. Love that guy. I had heard Ryan got a new show, but I didn’t connect the dots until a few days before. I was in denial while watching so I took a lot of anger out on Genny. I was hoping it would be her. If she ever comes back, I’ll apologize. I was SO upset when VNM died, but I felt like we had closure. I thought his send off was made of quirky perfection.

    As for the “Did they or didn’t they?” debate: I don’t care. When I was talking with Owl last night, she and were saying that we feel content. That is the best way to describe it. I am not wondering, or questioning, or even speculating. I am perfectly at ease with what we were given. The X-Files has trained me well. Give me a mysterious, unfinished bedroom scene any day. Ambiguity and I are best friends at this point. Haha!

    Also, Bones isn’t always the best with continuity…we have some wibbly wobbly timelines up in this show (major points to you if you know what other show I am referencing there. 😉 ), however, I do love when they have little call backs such as the 4:47. It’s like HH is letting us crazy hard core fans know “It’s all ok. This is the *beginning* of something new and wonderful.”

    Finally, I concur with what most people are saying here. At first I was hoping Booth would kill Broadsky, but then I realized not going that route was proving that Booth *was* the better man in this situation. I don’t think we were the ones that needed the reassurance. It was for Booth. He didn’t need something else to feel guilty about.

    Random Fact: In the average lifetime, a person will walk the equivalent of 5 times around the equator…or so Google tells me.
    RIP VNM. I LOVED YOU!!! :’)

  32. QUESTION: Why didn’t the team go into hiding?? That montage before the shooting showed most of them standing plainly in front of large glass windows or strolling outside! And clearly the Jeffersonian lab was not very protective either…they could have been sequested in a more hidden place to work on the case until Broadsky was caught. I understand Booth being out in the field to catch him, but why weren’t the squints protected more? Booth took Brennan home “for safety” but what about the others? Pregnant Angela?? Anyone?

    I just thought of this so bear with me. Anyone have a good explanation?

    • When it comes to the safety others, as we have seen in the past (Man In The Cell for instance), Booth usually only concerns himself about Brennan. The others can protect themselves. I did not notice that Angela slept in the Hodgins office while he worked all night so they did think that far. It was dumb to do a walk about in broad daylight while Brodsky was on the loose though. They should all have been indoors. As for the Jeffersonian not being safe. It does have armed guards and who would have thought that Brodsky would use thermal imaging to see into the glass building. That was clever and I sure was suprised. Also I guess HH wanted us to wonder and worry about who Brodsky was after so I guess he needed them to put themselves in danger.

    • I don’t think anyone was expecting Broadsky to go after members of the team at that point; Sweets had just sort of offhandedly thrown out the suggestions that he hoped Booth would stay alive because they might all be next on Broadsky’s list since they were on Booth’s team. After the shooting, I’m sure everyone was on high alert, which may be why Angela stayed in the lab with Hodgins. The Jeffersonian was still a relatively safe place to be. Besides, Broadsky was not entirely dishonorable; his main target was always his perceived enemy, Booth. VNM was an accident.

      • Right! Broadsky was not actually gunning for the team members. He killed Vincent because he thought it was Booth. He was using the heat scope to find his target and thought the guy answering the phone would be Booth.

  33. Another fantastic episode…so sad…and beautifully done.

    Even knowing who was going to be killed, it still made me cry like a baby…first time ever for a Bones ep. I am a little upset, because I really liked Vincent. He was my favorite squint, and I will miss him.

    It doesn’t bother me one way or the other, if B&B actually “did it”…but the 4:47 time on the clock was a little confusing for me. Are we supposed to believe this is a replica of the same scene in EitB? For me, yes and no…but I can’t divulge my reasoning…yet. Anyway, if they didn’t do anything but cuddle, I’m ok with that. Just the fact they were occupying the same space was enough for me…and I like that HH & Co don’t feel the need to show us every little detail. That’s what my imagination is for! I can make it as good as I want. 😀

    And I was thinking the same thing as Barbara…totally agree on the way the scene in Booth’s bedroom went down. Booth waiting for Brennan to ask for comfort, and once she did, he immediately takes her hand. Well done.

    Brennan’s reaction to Vincent asking to stay, not wanting to leave, while looking directly at her, was interesting. She may be improving and changing, but she couldn’t “see” that Vincent wasn’t talking to her, but an invisible entity…something you believe in, even if you can’t see it. And Booth, again, shows her that not everything she sees can be explained in logical, tangible terms.

    I liked the fact Booth didn’t kill Broadsky…cause he can come back next season and wreak havoc, but also because Booth IS the good guy. This is what separates him from Broadsky. It would have been easy to take him out, but he doesn’t. Booth doesn’t take a life unless absolutely necessary.

    Two of the most significant scenes for me were how sure Booth was that Brennan would show up at the end, even though Sweets was doubtful, considering Brennan’s penchant for running away from emotional situations. Booth was confident Brennan wouldn’t run out…because “she said she’d be here.” If nothing else, Brennan does what she says and he knows that. And the entire manner in which she handled Vincent’s death showed how much she’s changed. No compartmentalization. She genuinely let her emotions go, cried and grieved for Vincent…and bought a potted plant. *sigh*

    Plus, when Brennan wraps her arm in Booth’s and they walk off…same scene, to me, as in the 100th…but with a different outcome. 😀

    Oh…and I can’t ignore how much emphasis was placed on Booth’s entrance into the Lab when he comes in to talk to Angela…and then ends up on the platform…a place he hasn’t been since before the 100th…or how connected all of them were in the end scene. They’re back to the team they used to be. The center has returned…and everyone is back in their respective positions in their orbit. That made me smile… 😀

    On my second of three viewings last night (yeah, I was up until 1 am…and then couldn’t go to sleep still thinking about it and that darn song Da Lime in Da Coconut was going through my head! Ugh…LOL!), I noticed the words on Paula’s gravestone…”Love Endures.” I think that says it all…and fits perfectly for B&B.

    • “Plus, when Brennan wraps her arm in Booth’s and they walk off…same scene, to me, as in the 100th…but with a different outcome.” <—THIS is a great connection! I love it. 🙂

    • Wonderful comment, ShrinkyMojo! You said so much of what I feel.

    • Loved your comments. I too loved the fact that the team was all together again (the core team at least) and that Booth was back in the lab. I have been missing that so much and their connection brings so much to the show.

      And I’ve seen it now 3 times and have both cried and laughed each time. I will miss Mr. Nigel-Murray and his strangely interesting facts, but you have to love that the writers could make us laugh again within the next few scenes (poor Hodgins getting yelled at by Ange!).

  34. Ok- My boss just had a legit VNM moment! A random factiod just came up in conversation! Too good not to share!

    Did you know that they recovered canned goods from the Titanic wreckage that were still just a-ok to eat even after they pulled them out of the ocean after all of those years?

    (He worked with the guy who found the Titanic…or something. Pretty cool!)

  35. I was so excited/anxious for last night’s episode. And while I’ve only watched it once (so far), I think there’s room for it in my top 5, and it could possibly be my favorite episode ever. It’s got some tough competition though.

    I judge an episode by how I react to it while I’m watching it for the first time. And I told some friends on twitter last night that if you had seen me during last night’s episode, you wouldn’t have considered me a fan. You would have considered me a lunatic.

    That episode had everything I love about Bones – a title that works on many levels, Brennan’s laughter, nerdy science, squinty shenanigans, Booth in the lab, raw emotion, true teamwork, edge-of-your-seat suspense, Booth with guns, Brennan being overly squinty, Hodgins translating (I loved that they were in Booth’s ear while he tracked Broadsky), Brennan/Angela friendship, B&B shared looks and a shared connection for the ages.

    I was leaning toward thinking they did, but I can easily convince myself that they didn’t. For this (and the entire episode really), I say, well played HH and company. Well played. I like how as of right now, Booth, Brennan, Angela, and maybe Hodgins are the only ones who know anything about what happened that night. I like to think that we don’t know for sure what happened between Booth and Brennan because what goes on between them is theirs. But I would like to say that I think the fans (even the content ones, such as myself) wouldn’t argue with a tender romantic scene between B&B where they’re spending time together just for the sake of being together. I would like a scene where people can’t say that something only happened because of some particular circumstance.

    I liked Genevieve, and I’m with you on the idea of Genevieve and Sweets. I loved how she was all, “Yes sir. No sir.” with Booth. I wouldn’t mind seeing her work with Booth and Sweets again.

    And last, but not least, in honor of my favorite squintern – Hummingbirds can fly backwards, but they can barely walk.

  36. Dang it! Sorry… I keep forgetting things I want to add: VNM as the T-Rex was probably one of my all time favorite things Bones has ever done. Just wanted to throw that out there. 🙂

    • He was so adorable! No other squintern could have been the T-Rex. I think those scenes, coupled with the team’s send-off at the end, made a fitting tribute to a character who seemed to have been well received by the fans, well loved by many.

    • Well, dang it, MFLuder, I’m with you on the T-Rex . My favorite, too. VNM made a perfect T-Rex. And I’m loving all the factoids everyone has found. A very entertaining morning!

      And…I’m really going out on a limb here, but this reminded me of the episode on Angel where Angel and Spike had the big argument about the caveman vs. the astronaut. (I can find connections in anything, I swear…) Just had to add that in… 😀

      • I am jonesing for a James Marsters guest appearance so baaaaad. I know my head would probably explode, but I’m willing to take the risk.

      • Ahhhh! I can’t believe you brought up Caveman v. Astronaut!!! I had the SAME EXACT THOUGHT!!!!!!!! Love it!!!

      • Oh, how cool would that be…Marsters and DB together again! *sigh*
        They played off each other so well. Talk about bickering! LOL!!

        MFLauder…I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of that Angel scene…I’m feeling normal again. Ha!

      • LOL! Caveman vs astronaut? Wow. As if I needed another reason to add Angel to my “must-watch” list… Guess I know what I’ll be watching this summer. 😉

  37. My thoughts on 4:47 – it was an Easter Egg, a little gift to the diehard fans.

    Two things that occurred to me this morning:
    1) Brennan told Vincent he was her favorite – I am not sure if this really true, although he is the first intern since Zack that she’s written a paper with, but if she did lie in that moment to make him feel better AND knew what lie would make him feel better shows that she really has a lot more empathy than people (SWEETS!) give her credit for. I am absurdly comforted to know that those were the last words Vincent heard.

    2) At the end, everyone shared a fact Vincent told them, but it’s Brennan who actually knows something personal about Vincent. I did sort of wish she would have shown up wearing her iguana as a hat – and offered no explanation whatsoever! – but the hydrangeas will do.

    • Yeah, the iguana as a hat would have been perfect! Maybe she’s not as good with ribbons as Vincent was?

      • Laughing my head off over here. The iguana hat would have been perfect, but Mr. Nigel-Murray’s ribbon-tying skills are legendary. 🙂

    • Yes, I think it is very significant in terms of Brennan’s personality (and note I am not saying “character development”) that she was the one person who offered not a replication of what Nigel Murray told, but of something relevant regarding him. She was listening, she was paying attention and, ultimately, she was the one who made it about him.


    • I remember when the character Zack left the show, Brennan was the only one that thought she didn’t know him on a personal level. This time she is the only one that really know something personal about VNM.

  38. I want to construct a proper comment for this post and this outstanding episode, but all I can muster right now is a fact in honor of our beloved “English Squintern”:

    **Due to special coils located inside the nostrils, Tyrannosaurus Rex would have had the second best sense of smell of any creature during its time (best only by Daspletosaurus) **

    (Had to do a dino one…..Had to) Miss you Vincent.

  39. This was a an awesome episode and I feel like I don’t really have anything to contribute to the awesome insights already here on Bones Theory until I at least watch it again.

    That said, I was very happy that Booth didn’t kill Broadsky. I think it was indeed a way for him to separate himself from Broadsky. He was definitely in calm, cool, collected FBI/Sniper mode though.

    I’m also glad that Booth isn’t feeling the huge load of guilt I expected. I wasn’t wanting that setback.

    As far as did they or didn’t they? I feel like with the way things were done last night that I don’t necessarily need to know yet. Whatever happened was something beautiful and I honestly don’t think I want it to be sex yet. Brennan was so distraught and that is never a good situation to do something huge like that. I do think the clocks have something to do with it and I liked whoever said that it could represent the beginning of something new. I almost see the privacy of that scene as “what’s ours is ours” and it was fitting and appropriate for our favorite “couple”.

    Anyway, beautiful episode I really need to watch again. VNM will be missed and it was so sad but again, as someone said, anyone who can pull off an episode that runs the gamut of emotions and has you taking a character seriously after he was arm wrestling as a T-Rex and then laughing at the scene with Angela, Hodgins and Brennan…well, my hat is off to you (HH)! I thought Booth’s explanation for VNM asking not to be made to leave was beautiful too.

    Anyway, in tribute here is my random fact(s):
    “Underground” is the only word in the English language that begins and ends with the letters “und”.

    and a crocodile cannot stick its tongue out of its mouth.

  40. Ok, first things first. I LOVED the episode, the looks are back, and I loved the idea of not knowing. HH said it would be something that never happened before, and that rather fits it. I liked the foreshadowing and the possible back shadowing.
    For example, the time on the clock, when she came into his room last night was 4:47, and when she came into his room in ‘EiB, the time was 4:47. WOW!
    Maybe some foreshadowing for a future episode? As in, at the end of EiB, she stated she was pregnant, maybe at the end of CiG, the same announcement?
    I also love the new character introduced, Genny Shaw. Tina Majorino, is a great actress, and I hope they continue to fit her into the episodes. I will never forget her in ‘Andre’, one of my favorite movies.
    I was against them ‘doing it’ from the beginning, but the way HH introduced it made me change my mind. I wouldn’t mind if they ‘did it’, and possibly write in the baby? I’m not sure on that one.
    I will miss Vincent. Other than Wendell, he was my favorite. I will be watching him on ALPHAS though that premieres in July. I laughed and then cried at his awesome performance. Then when watching it the third time, I started to cry from the beginning. This is one episode I will watch over and over.
    I think the permission for a hug was a subtle way for Booth to tell her he needs to know her feelings. She has hurt him many times, and I think he needed that. Also, I think he was a little insure about what to do in reference to her reaction.

    My random fact: The first known contraceptive was crocodile dung, used by Egyptians in 2000 B.C. It seems the right way to say good-bye to Vincent Nigel-Murray. RIP

  41. I do apologize for all my comments on this post, but people keep bringing up such interesting things!!

    #1. This is definitely an episode like “coma dream” where I will have rewatch it to catch things. Probably multiple viewings are in order. They did so much and it was wonderful, but I’m sure I missed half of the awesomeness in the first viewing.

    #2. Can I just say how awesome it is that we are all honoring Vincent by throwing out random facts? I feel like I’ve learned so much today reading these posts!

    #3. Is there a way we can start a new post RIGHT AFTER the finale? A live blog during the show would be too distracting, but how fun would it be to open something up right away for us to gush about?! Just a thought!

    • I think I’m going to have to take my photo down because it makes it too obvious that I’m posting obsessively! 🙂

      I just wanted to second the finale-post option. That would be great, without the attention-lapse of having it while the show is being aired.

  42. I know I am posting too much today; but, I had to say this. I am not getting any work done and it is all HH’s fault.

    • I know. Especially because so many comments keep on popping up. How am I supposed to concentrate on anything else?

  43. Ugh. It really bugs me when I watch a movie or show and over all it is excellent, but they don’t tell you the exact ending. Like Inception or Black Swan or now an episode of my favorite show.
    In my opinion, the writers made it seem like they “did it”, but I don’t think they actually did. I think Brennan’s smile could have just been from the fact that they are close again and on the track to a real relationship. And she’s happy!
    Booth was very calm and collected the next morning and showed no emotion or contemplation about if they did it. I fell like he would have reacted differently if they had gone further. I think he was calm and content because they are going where they were suppossed to since the first time they met.
    And as for Angela, well I freaked out when I saw them comforting each other in the same bed too. It was so innocent that it was perfect and if I freaked out, I’m sure she was too.

    Random fact pertaining to bones:
    Undertakers report that human bodies do not deteriorate as quickly as they used to. The reason, they believe, is that the modern diet contains so many preservatives that these chemicals tend to prevent the body from decomposition too rapidly after death.

  44. I will probably come back and join the discussion here, but I had to say, as sad as I genuinely was to see VNM go, I think the fans-leaving-facts tribute has made me sadder than anything. 🙂 It makes it all feel so much more real, sigh… 🙂

    My Fact: Raw cashews are poisonous. Any cashews claiming to be raw in a grocery store are in fact steamed instead of roasted.

    • I completely agree with the sadness and finality associated with the fact tributes. You could always count on completely random quotes coming out of VNM episodes and because of him I know way too much about useless things!! Will miss him terribly. Couldn’t it have been Daisy????

  45. Let me start by saying I really liked the episode. I had two small issues. *small rant* It did make me sad that it seemed that Brennan had to pretty much ask Booth to hold her. If he was hesistant at all, I wanted a look of relief or happiness or something positive once he started to hold her. I understand that it was a tough situation but I just wanted him to show a little happiness that the woman he loves is in his arms. The main thing that bothered me was the fact that he closed his bedroom door! You ask this woman to stay at your apartment, you have her on your couch and you close the door?? Nevermind you’re staying in the apartment that Broadsky has already been to but you leave your door closed so that Brennan is the first one hit? That part really bugged me. Ok – ranting over.

    When I first saw the episode, I thought that they definitely had sex. Angela clearly talked to Brennan about something Brennan did after getting into bed with Booth. However, now that I’ve seen it a second time, I don’t think they had sex. Since Brennan IS so literal, I feel that the first words she said to Angela would not have been, “I got into bed with Booth” but rather “I had sex with Booth,” although, what does go on between B&B belongs to them so, actually, I have no idea if they had sex or not.

    Finally, when VNM was dying, I was crying, it was so sad. It continues to amaze me how I can go to feeling so sad about that seen to being so happy about their send off for him at the end.
    For VNM, “When a person dies, hearing is the last sense to go — the first is usually sight, followed by taste, smell and touch”

    So maybe…he wasn’t looking at Dr. Brennan but he heard and felt her comfort.

    • Natbor! I think you completely got it! Brennan is SO literal, that I think should would have just said “I slept with Booth” or “I had sex with Booth”. She said what literally happened, she got into bed with Booth. I think that is our little clue!

      Also the potting plant was perfect. Classic Brennan. She knew she was supposed to bring something but she was still just a little off. I thought that was perfect.

      And yes, my email account is exploding, and I am very distracted today…but its sooo worth it! I am loving this!

    • Maybe he just closed the bedroom door to give her some privacy. It’s not like she had a bedroom door to close, so the only way she’d have privacy would be if he closed his.

    • I totally get where people are coming from with Brennan being so literal that she might have directly said she had sex w/Booth. But, I feel like so much of what we’ve been seeing with her development and the emotional attachment that it entails, I don’t think she would have been that direct right away.

    • Ok. This has not been a productive work day. I keep thinking about the episode. So I rewatched the episode. At 41:33 of the 43:28 minute show he gives her this amazing look…(this was right after she says that VNM’s favorite song was the lime in the coconut and Sweets says that was his jam)


  46. Can anyone help me with my initial question?

    **Booth’s “blood on his hands” in the conference room? It reminded me of Brennan’s blood from Harbingers on his shirt…what is it with Booth keeping the blood of his friends on him after the conflict is over? What does that mean??**

    No one else has mentioned this…am I reading too much into this part? It leaped right out at me on the 1st viewing but maybe I am overanalyzing? It just seemed like the “weirdest coinky dink ever”!

    • It leaped out at me too. I am not sure what to make of it. I looked at his hands and I didn’t see a lot there. Remember he had a lot of blood on his hands when he was holding them over Vincents wound. It may have been a Brennan observation that was just a little jaring when first hearing it and didn’t mean anything except that Booth really had some blood on his hands and he should have washed them more thoroughly. Of course, this may have been HH playing with our feelings.

      • But, didn’t Booth really (metaphorically) have blood on his hands, too? I mean, he gave the phone to VNM. What if he’d given it to Brennan to hold? Would Broadsky have recognized the outline of a woman in the thermal imaging or would Brennan have died in Booth’s place?

        I know Booth said he didn’t blame himself, and Brennan immediately leapt into “make sure Booth doesn’t blame himself” mode, but I have to wonder if those thoughts weren’t in the back of Booth’s mind, nonetheless.

        He’s so grim in the apartment, I think those thoughts did creep in.

    • I don’t think he intentionally left the blood on his hands, rather it was dried blood that he missed when he washed his hands. I think Booth initially took Brennan’s comment to mean that she blamed him for Vincent’s death, which is why Angela had to clarify.

      • And can I say how happy I was that Angela did jump in there to say “She meant literally”. I was happy that first of all she realized that’s what Brennan meant, and secondly she spoke up so that there would be no misunderstanding. Before she said it that’s exactly what I was thinking…I just expected Brennan to say it, not Angela.

  47. Guys, I know this is HH’s show and all, but it’s really HH & Co. Let’s give props to Carla Kettner for writing such an amazing, heart-crushing and heart-warming episode. She also wrote “The Doctor in the Photo”, and I know many of us loved that episode for the same reasons (perhaps more heart-crushing than warming, though). Check out some of the other episodes she’s written for BONES and see if you’ve enjoyed her other works:
    (she is a co-executive producer, but her episodes will say “Writer” next to it)
    BTW, you might want to also check out Janet Lin & Stephen Nathan’s lists, because they wrote last weeks episode.

    • I for one can say that when I say HH I do indeed mean everyone involved. It’s just easier to say HH. But I can’t speak for everyone else. At the moment I haven’t had the time to check and see who wrote each episode, etc. so thanks for that, but you are right, Carla Kettner does deserve credit for writing such an amazing episode.

  48. I think the whole gun idea was because he was unsure if Brodsky was there. I also agree with Janet that she wouldn’t say they slept together. She has become less literal, and more private with things concerning their relationship.

  49. Did you know that a shrimp’s heart is in its head?

    Did you know that that was a very tasteful and frustratingly ambiguous way to put them together?
    Yet, I really liked it. The story really was about VNM and Booth’s pursuit of Brodsky; to complicate matters further with a snippet of them in bed together, “in bed together”, did not really seem appropriate.

    So much this season has set us up for that moment and I think it had the right balance of everything. They sent off a character the right way– giving him moments to be his “weirdo self” and allowing the whole tragedy to unfold in a way that gave us and the main characters a reason to mourn his loss. Anyone tuning in last night would have felt his loss even though they had not seen him up until that point.

  50. I, like lots of other people here, thought they handled the bedroom scene with Booth and Brennan perfectly and the fact that they used 4:47 was pretty freaking perfect.
    I was fortunate enough to be at the Paley Center panel on Monday night and the first question Ausiello asked Hart, David, and Emily when they came out was ‘did they, or didn’t they?’ (which by the way, I love that THAT question is now the central question of the show because let’s face it, ‘will they or won’t they’ no longer applies). They all smiled and replied ‘no comment’ but Hart did say that we would know definitively in the season finale so, thankfully, we won’t have to wait that long to figure it out.
    What was really significant to me was when Brennan linked arms with Booth at the end of the episode. Over the years, we have very rarely seen Brennan initiate physical contact with him and the fact that she felt comfortable enough to do that in front of everyone confirms for me that even if they didn’t do it, something significant happened that represents a positive, big step forward in their relationship. And Booth’s accompanying little smile at the action was freaking adorable. THIS is what I want to see between Booth and Brennan. I want to see them react to the little touches that now hold a lot more meaning and I want to see them adjusting to the shift in their relationship. Beginning a relationship is always a little awkward and I want to see them try and figure it out. SO many story line possibilities there, a lot more than thinking of ways to keep them apart, in my opinion.
    And for my fun fact: Around 200 buffalo roam on Catalina Island, off the coast of Southern California, descendants of a few taken there in the 1920’s for a movie and left there.

    • Kim, I totally agree with this statement: “THIS is what I want to see between Booth and Brennan. I want to see them react to the little touches that now hold a lot more meaning and I want to see them adjusting to the shift in their relationship. Beginning a relationship is always a little awkward and I want to see them try and figure it out. SO many story line possibilities there, a lot more than thinking of ways to keep them apart, in my opinion.”

      I don’t need (or necessarily want… although I probably wouldn’t complain) PDA to the max. I want subtle looks and touches we’ve always had, but in a new context. I want to see the courting process. Heehee. 🙂

    • Very happy for this bit of info: “They all smiled and replied ‘no comment’ but Hart did say that we would know definitively in the season finale so, thankfully, we won’t have to wait that long to figure it out.”

      If this had been the finale, I’d be okay with not knowing. I’m okay with not knowing right now. But, since there IS another episode, I would not be okay with not knowing after that episode. So, I’m glad they’re not going to play that game with us.

      Well, alright, I know nothing is truly definitive until it happens, so I hope that HH really is telling the full truth in that statement. 🙂

    • Oooh! You were at Paley!? You lucky ducky! That must have been awesome! 🙂

    • Oh, I agree – you were so lucky to be at Paley! And I too want to see all of the little touches and the courting. I have always disagreed with the whole Moonlighting curse that people put out there over this show. It is going to be so entertaining for them to be in a relationship. Can’t you just see Booth at a lecture for the Peloponnesian War, more Max/Parker science experiments, and all the other possibilities?

  51. In going through my old emails this morning, I just found this one from a friend, and had to add my factoid for VNM…

    July 2011 has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This only happens once every 823 years.

  52. @bb — quite honestly I took blood on Booth’s hands Booth’s “subtle” way of actually blaming himself. He can he say doesn’t all he wants, but if I’ve grown to know Booth — I know he doesn’t have a problem with possibly even WANTING to take the burden of that kind of guilt.

    I just for some reason can’t see Booth being quick to just “wash” away all that had happened in the moment of wondering what he could have done to prevent Vincent’s death.

    For me his distaste at himself is continued in his questioning of if he should have shot Brodsky in the back when he could. He definitely feels guilt and probably was still wading in the “what if”s.

    Hopefully that made sense and connects dots I was hoping to connect! If not I’ll try again later when my brain would like to expand more on my gut’s thoughts.

    • XWolfspridex, I think you helped better explain it! “I just for some reason can’t see Booth being quick to just “wash” away all that had happened in the moment of wondering what he could have done to prevent Vincent’s death.”

      In Harbingers, he was sitting there with Brennan’s blood, thinking he should have done more, protected her better. Caroline had to help him feel better and order him to change his shirt and get on with it :).

      Maybe it was his way again of showing that he felt that he hasn’t done enough. Again. Feeling like he should have done more. This time it was Brennan (yay!) instead of Caroline that had to built him up and say I was there, you did everything you could.

  53. I agree with the idea that Booth didn’t completly wash all the blood off, because that was his reminder of what happened to Vincent. I think he felt remorse for not knowing him, handing him the phone, and not killing Brodsky earlier. In Harbingers he also didn’t change his clothes covered with Bones’ blood. I think he uses that as a reminder of all the deaths he has witnessed during his life.

    I wonder if the guilt from handing him the phone will surface later.

    • Right at the end of the episode, when the others are still singing and begin to turn away, Booth quietly closes the door of the hearse and has a certain look on his face; I don’t know if it’s regret or remorse, but it stays that way until Brennan takes his arm. After seeing how horrified he looked immediately upon VNM’s passing, my bet is that this whole guilt thing is going to resurface later.

      Once more, back to that unbelievable death scene. I just saw it again and it became clear that Booth knew that Vincent was going to die as soon as he saw that blood beating out. What with his background, he must have known. Brennan on the other hand was so involved in the moment that I feel she thought he had a chance, which is why she told Booth not to stop the pressure. The differences in their level of awareness at that time made the scene more real and sad becuase Brennan was so innocent in that one moment. It reminds me of a story about when my grandmother died; she had been in a coma but at the last opened her eyes. My mother was happy because she thought she had awakened, but the other kids knew this was just a death reaction.

      • I thought the same thing during the death scene, that Booth knew right away that he wasn’t going to make it. I think he gave it a good try because of Brennan. He wanted her to know that he did everything he could to help VNM.

      • Jenny. And Brennan made sure to tell Booth that she knew that Booth had done everything he could to save Vincent. I thought that was great. She knows Booth so well.

      • And that Angela said “She meant literally.” Before Brennan even could. I thought that whole scene spoke volumes about the event bringing the team closer and how well they all understand each other.

  54. So first, my factoid, in honor of VNM: The honey possum, a small marsupial from southwestern Australia, has the largest testicles relative to body size of any animal on the planet. If a human had the same ratio, they would be the size of watermelons and a wheelbarrow would be needed to cart them around. Further, in a side-by-side comparison, their sperm is larger than any other animal’s sperm, including the blue whale. Thank you Science Channel. (Also, am I the only one reading all these random facts and hearing Ryan Cartwright delivering them as VNM? :P)

    I loved this episode. Absolutely loved it. It had it all. Carla Kettner, if you are reading this, you are a freaking genius. I’m going to have to go back and look at the writing credits on my favorite Bones eps; I know she did DitP, which I adored, and now this one. When I saw her name on the credits of this episode, I flailed a little, because I knew it was going to be an amazing ride. I was not wrong.

    Ryan Cartwright was brilliant. Other than being able to say that, I am left truly speechless by his performance.

    I knew it was coming, so I wasn’t shocked by Vincent’s death. I teared up during the death scene, and kind of forgot to breathe during it, but the thing that really made me cry was Cam’s reaction to having to call Vincent’s mom and hearing Vincent’s mom’s reaction. Just thinking about that makes me well up again.

    I loved the way Booth quietly and simply said “You’re staying at my apartment tonight” and the look Brennan gave him before she said “okay.” A searching look, but no argument, just “okay”. OMG. Just wow. It was truly brilliant.

    Like oh so many others have said, I am content with how things are between Booth and Brennan. Did they? Didn’t they? I really don’t care. And I don’t mean that to sound like I don’t care about the episode or their relationship, because I am, if anything (and as impossible as it sounds), even more invested now, but whether they did or didn’t seems like a non-issue. It’s a giant tease, and it was brilliantly played, and yeah, I’m wondering whether they did or didn’t… but it feels like it doesn’t matter. Because they no matter what happened in that room, the center is back, baby.

    I loved the scenes in Booth’s apartment. I did question the wisdom of them being there knowing that Broadsky had already broken in once, but I’m going with the thought that Booth changed his locks and added a few new ones, so it would be harder for Broadsky to get in if he tried again and they’d have time to react.

    When the camera panned to 4:47 on the clock, I thought something along the lines of “oh Hart, you are an evil, evil genius.” That was just an awesome little touch. And then when Brennan stood in the doorway, suddenly I was hit with the fact that, holy crap, the scenes in EitB took place in Booth’s apartment! How did I miss that before!? I went so far as to re-watch the opening of EitB to see if the clocks were the same color. They aren’t. But there are so many camera angle parallels in those two scenes I wanted to squeal.

    But that scene… OMG, that scene was just perfect. Brennan questioning. Booth being comforting. And him wrapping his arms around her as she sobs on his chest… *swoon* If we never find out what happened after that scene cut, I think I’ll be just fine with that.

    Overall, it was an amazing episode and well worth all the hype and buildup.

    • Question, Jade: (And I’m in the “they didn’t yet” camp here)

      Do you think, IF they just cuddled, was Booth able to fall asleep, calm because he was with his love…or did he have to recite saints to fall asleep?? 🙂

      • Oooh, good question, bb…. I am on Team Didn’t as well. If for no other reason than, even though I think we don’t have to know what happened after the scene cut, I don’t want “IT” to have come as the result of riding the tide of emotion that comes from losing someone close to them.

        To answer your question, I’m going to go with this: Brennan sobbed herself to exhaustion and fell asleep on Booth’s chest and he just held her. I think he probably prayed, thought about Broadsky and life, the universe and EVERYTHING. Maybe he dozed a little bit, but I don’t see him falling back to any kind of decent sleep after that; but things being the way they were, I don’t think he needed to recite saints either. I think they both just found peace and comfort in each other, and something fell into place between them. Like Barbara said up above, Booth looked peaceful in the next scene; I’ll add that he looked a little pensive. I think Brennan was pensive too and trying to make sense of the emotions tumbling around in her head.

      • Haha Jade I agree with you too, I was just throwing the reciting saints thing as a bit of a joke 🙂 Your take on it is how I see it too!

      • The last time they shared a bed (Double Trouble In The Panhandle) it was in that small trailer. I am pretty sure he probably didn’t sleep then either. If they did nothing else, at least Booth got to hold her in his arms this time.

      • LOL bb, I thought you were probably joking about the reciting saints thing, but I do think it is worth pondering what he was thinking then. Given the circumstances, and the fact that Brennan was falling apart in his arms, definitely not a list of saints moment.

        Lenora, you know I’d never really thought much about the sleeping arrangements in Double Trouble. But now that you bring it up, I imagine there was some kind of chastity pillow barrier, and a lot of staring at the trailer walls trying to ignore the fact that the other was six inches away. Saint reciting would have definitely been in order then. Alternatively, for Brennan, the periodic table. 😉

    • I started crying during Cam’s scene too! I managed to hold it together during the death scene, but the idea of Cam having to call his mother and listen to her crying, and then see Cam crying…that team dam just blew!

  55. This is only the 3rd episode of Bones that made me actually break down in tears. Absolutely amazing stuff from Carla Kettner.

    I have been going over every little hint in the second half of THitH, andd right now I think I’m in Team Didn’t. I keep changing my mind though, but we’ll know for sure next week! But they’re definitely more together than they were in that rather awkward pillow scene. They were very unsure of themselves until there was a considerable distance between them. Overanalyzing? Probably, since Brennan fixed that very satisfactorily.

    Pretty much everything I loved about this episode has been mentioned by all you lovely people, so I’m just going to post a couple. I like how this episode gave a sort of resolution to Booth’s anger issue with very subtle hints and not shoving it in our faces: his acceptance that VNM’s death wasn’t his fault, not snapping at Brennan’s “You still have blood on your hands” like in the previous sniper ep, and not killing Broadsky.

    How sweet was it when Brennan desperately grabs the phone when it rang?

    Lastly, I love how Bones, both the show and the character, is branching out from death and affecting the living instead (like the psychologist said in the Devil in the Details, perhaps a more honorable pursuit). Signs in the Silence, considering a relationship with Booth, openly grieving for VNM and even telling him he was her favorite. Great evolution from “My most meaningful relationships are with dead people”, right?

    I can just imagine VNMsaying this: Did you know “Stewardesses” is the longest word that is typed using only the left hand? Not pertinent, I know, but there you have it.

    • Hehehehe, middlemoon, over analyzing is what we DO here. So don’t worry about it, you’re among friends; over-analyze to your heart’s content. 😉

      You’re right, though – the scene in the living room was a bit awkward. I think it was meant to be, and I loved that it was. They’ve been walking on eggshells around each other for a while, and even though some of the togetherness has been back since Blackout, the fact that Brennan is in Booth’s space overnight, for the express purpose of him knowing where she is and keeping her safe – it wasn’t said, but we all know that is what was going on – is going to create an awkwardness.

      I too, loved that Booth did not kill Broadsky. And even though Booth said “then help me get revenge” to Genevieve, Booth is not that guy. Revenge is not what he does, and he does not get to make the call. That would have made him no better than Broadsky. If he had blown Broadsky’s head off like he threatened if Broadsky made a move, he wouldn’t have been our Booth. The only way it would have been okay for Booth to kill Broadsky (both for his own peace of mind and for ours) would have been if it were to save the life of another person, or if Broadksy had pointed his rifle at Booth. Then he would have been fair game.

      But Booth had to neutralize the threat, and since he was already injured, shooting Broadsky in the leg was a good way to neutralize him as a threat. And I will admit to chuckling an evil little chuckle and grinning when Booth stepped on Broadsky’s bullet wound. I hope it hurt. 😛

  56. So far, Brennan has lost two favorite interns. First she lost Zach to Gormogon (true he didn’t die; but, she lost him none the less) and now she has lost Vincent. That she didn’t physically or emotionallly distance herself from the situation says a lot about Brennan’s emotional growth. I thought it was meaningful that Booth was very confident that Brennan was just running late and would show up for the send off of Vincent. His assuredness in Brennan is also growth for him. Booth has never been totally sure where he stands with Brennan and Brennan’s new found strength allows her to stand up to lifes disappointments and allows Booth to see that Brennan can be counted on to be there for him and for others. Brennan’s new found strength gives her and Booth the confidence they both need.

  57. I’m sorry – I know I’m over-posting but reading about the awkwardness between B&B in his apartment, before bed, I had a light bulb moment:

    It’s the “good night” scene in GWTW. Ashley has managed a visit home from the war. He and Melanie are about to go into their room for the night and Scarlett is standing there, on the landing. Everyone says “good night” and Melanie takes her husband, the man Scarlett thinks she’s so desperately in love with, into the bedroom and closes the door. And Scarlett is still standing there and the moment is so thick . . . There’s so much going on there left unsaid.

    And there’s so much left unsaid in those moments before Booth slowly, very slowly, closes the bedroom door. “Fraught with meaning” are the words that come to mind.

  58. There are parallels to the coma dream as many people have alluded to, but there are other aspects of the B&B relationship that have been mirrored in B&B:

    The first time for Angela and Hodgins was after an emotional upheaval– probably soon after his rescue/escape from the Gravedigger. Their significant talk to reunite occurs in a jail cell; B&B reconcile in the cage of an elevator. They “get together” because of the emotional upheaval of a baddy– the Gravedigger, Brodsky. Hodgins was friendly with Wendell, the SO; Brennan’s friendly with Hannah

    There’s the shout out to the episode in which Booth is “killed”– Sweets is going to sing “Lime in the Coconut” after Brennan lets go and does her rendition of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” (Where would we be without Fat Pam?)

    I loved the episode because it was so beautifully consistent with what we’ve seen in the Bones universe in the past and because it allowed each person to shine in their own, special way– Angela got to be the mother to the squint family, inquiring about everyone’s welfare; Hodgins was the one who glued the puzzle pieces together (and translated for Brennan when needed); Cam was the boss who shouldered what responsibility she could for the aftermath of the tragedy; Sweets provided psychological insights that weren’t really needed after VNM’s death (which I think is his way of dealing with tragedy– in many ways he is like Brennan that way) because everyone understood. As someone said earlier, they are a family again. The center is the center again. . . or until we’re hit with whatever the bombshell is.

    • “Sweets provided psychological insights that weren’t really needed after VNM’s death (which I think is his way of dealing with tragedy– in many ways he is like Brennan that way) because everyone understood.”

      That’s exactly the way I saw it, so thank you..

    • Oh good not to be alone on seeing the multiple parallels with “Wannabe” i.e. The Lime In the Coconut (off-topic: sounds like a Bones episode name…). I don’t want to spam with details, especially since we’re all smart people here and we can see them if we look, but I myself couldn’t stop thinking about that episode.

      Then again, it’s one of my favorites so that’s understandable and expected.

      • It does sound like a Bones episode title! If the series ever comes to an end – and I know it will, but I don’t like to think about it – the finale should be named “The Lime in the Coconut.” I mean, “The Beginning in the End” and “The End in the Beginning” are already taken, and “The End in the End” just won’t do!

  59. So much of what I’ve been thinking has already been said, but just a random aside that struck me: I liked Genevieve, and I hope she’s a recurring character (and I can definitely see some potential chemistry there with Sweets), but what I liked the most was seeing Booth as her supervisor. We always see Brennan as the boss of her team (sorry, Cam), and how she interacts with them and learns to encourage them even when she does it awkwardly, but we don’t really see Booth as the boss. And what I noticed immediately is that he saw Genevieve’s concern about messing up and told her she did a good job in a really supportive, genuine way. I love little moments like that that show us aspects of Booth’s good character.

    I also think that the best revenge was Booth not taking the kill shot. What a perfect way to show Broadksy how the good guys really behave.

    Random factoid that I learned during a summer internship at the “real Jeffersonian” (the Smithsonian): flat fish are born with eyes on either side of their bodies, but because they swim with one side facing the ocean floor and one side up, during their larval development, one eye migrates so that they end up as adult fish with both eyes on one side.

    • I had proposed elsewhere that Geneieve could be a recurring character next year. Brennan has her squintern, Booth could have his own version of that with her. I think it would be a good way to see someone who talks cop with him as opposed to everyone else on the show who talks science; and could be a good way to lighten the load on ED. The main opposition I saw to that theory was that it would take time away from the others in the lab, if less time was spent there.

      I guess we’ll see next season. 🙂

  60. Okay, I’ve gotta ask because this is driving me bananas. At the end of the scene in Booth’s bedroom, after Brennan asks if Booth will hold her, he says: “Yeah. That’s why I’m here. I’m right here.” He murmurs something else after that (actually two things I think) and try as I might (I’ve watched that part of the scene over and over again), I cannot figure out what he says. Any guesses anyone?

    • Someone I follow on tumblr posted this:

      Hole in the Heart
      Bones: He kept saying: “Don’t make me go.”
      Booth: What?
      Bones: Vincent. He was looking at me and he was saying: “Don’t make me leave.”. He said that he… that he loved being there. Why would he think that I’m the one making him leave? What king of person am I?
      Booth: No. Come here. No, no, no, no, no Bones. You got that all wrong, all right? You got it all wrong.
      Bones: No, I… I heard him. You did, too. “Don’t make me leave.” That’s what he said.
      Booth: He wasn’t talking to you.
      Bones: I was the only one there. And you. He wasn’t… he wasn’t talking to you.
      Booth: He was talking to God. He didn’t want to die.
      Bones: No, Vincent was like me, Booth. He was an atheist.
      Booth: Okay. He was talking to the universe, then. He didn’t want to go. He wasn’t ready, Bones. He wanted to stay.
      Bones: Well if there was a God, the he would have let Vincent stay here with us.
      Booth: That’s not how it works.
      Bones: Can you just…?
      Booth: Yeah… That’s why I’m here. I’m right here. I know it’s hard.
      (They cuddle into each other’s arms)

    • “I know, it’s hard.”

      I had to turn on the closed captioning to catch it.

    • Thanks guys!

  61. Hey, did anyone notice the the photos for “Change in the Game” that Booth is wearing his Cocky belt buckle again? Hmmmm….wonder what that means?

    • It means he was wearing that other belt-buckle in response to the sniper, once he caught Broadsky he could then put his sniper past behind him again and return to his cocky FBI agent persona.

    • Sarah likes to keep things spoiler-free here, so we are not supposed to discuss promos for upcoming episodes. (But Frankie’s explanation is what David B. said).

      • I have always felt that he stopped wearing the Cocky belt buckle when he was with Hannah because Bones had given it to him. I figured that once he was with Bones for good that the Cocky belt buckle would be back.

    • DB said that he stopped wearing it because of the sniper arc so that’ll be the reason he gives… but I like to think it has something to do with Brennan 😉

  62. Oh my goodness, there is NO way I’m reading through all of these comments! Wow. Everybody is out in force today.

    My answer, put simply? Yes. It was good for me. The episode had everything I could ever want in an episode of BONES, but I’m not surprised at that. I AM surprised, though, that it’s definitely in my top three of this season (and top ten all-time, too), given that I still despise The Pain in the Heart with all of MY heart. I loved Hodgins and Vincent being goofy and sneaking away from Cam off of the platform. I loved Booth’s “I don’t even want to know” while stalking through the lab towards Brennan’s office. But just now…I can’t remember much else. Well. I remember crying with Brennan about VNM’s pleas to the Universe (he just sounded so little), and then laughing madly and crying at the same time when Angela freaked out.

    I don’t give a flying baboon’s tush if they slept together. Didn’t last night, don’t know. Frankly? When they do, I don’t want to see it. That’s none of my business and it would make me rather uncomfortable. The only things that have changed from last night in my opinions are that I’m more okay with the rookie agent girl and that I’m more okay with Booth not doing awful things to Broadsky. MORE okay. Not completely okay. Like Sweets, I think on a personal level that he should have shot the man in the back of the head and been done with it.

    Just…going to take a while for me to stop wanting to sniff like a little girl every time I think of Vino Delectable. For him: To get pink hydrangeas, one must have an alkaline PH level in the soil. Hydrangeas are also a flower generally associated with heartfelt emotions and gratitude.

  63. How many “Lime in the Coconut” references is this on Bones? Sweets invited Cam, Angela and Hodgins to join him for karaoke at the beginning of Passenger in the Oven and said he would be singing that song.
    Hard not to think of Brennan seeking comfort from Booth after the “loss” of another intern; the same thing happened in at the end of Season 3 with Zach.
    Brennan: “I never gave him anything.” She then heads to the steps. Booth follows. Reads her the letter she sent Zach when she hired him as her intern. Booth: “I think you gave him something great, Bones.”
    Brennan puts her head on Booth’s shoulder.

  64. Sweets sang Lime in the coconut on the treadmill in the beginning of The Body in the Bag.

  65. I knew It was VNM when Brennan said to him “Broadsky is an expert on close quarter combat” and VNM said “I assume I’ll be dead very soon”, I felt so bad I found out so cruelly. I really liked him and his trivia/confessions.
    Great ep. brilliantly made!!!
    Fact: The back side of the nobel peace prize has three naked men with their hands on each others shoulders… a peaceful picture!

  66. I am going to need a full afternoon to read everyone’s fabulous comments, so I will save that for tomorrow and simply answer your questions, Sarah. 🙂

    So, how do I feel? I did really enjoy the episode, though I wish I hadn’t been so spoiled for it. I was really disappointed at how the promo had given so much away of the apartment scene, and since I knew who was going to die, I spent most of the first half waiting for it to happen with baited breath. I am definitely going to have to watch again. VNM’s death totally slayed me despite the fact that I knew it was going to happen. I even choked up, which I never do! It was exquisitely performed and very moving – kudos to Ryan Cartwright!

    I will say this about B&B – I agree with many that “something” definitely did happen, because there’s a definite vibe between B&B in that last scene, not to mention Angela’s incessant all-knowing smile (that smile was mocking us all!!!), but I sincerely hope that they didn’t consummate. I just would feel really ripped off if “it” happened without us being able to see at least some part of it…the initial tentative kiss, or the morning after; no need to see the actual act, but at least some closure as to what happened (I’d be cool with a flashback, but not just a verbal explanation). As fans who have waited for this for so long, it just seems like a rip-off for them to just launch into a dating relationship without witnessing those first hesitant steps. There is just something magical about a moment like that, and I want to see it!

    I will wait on the finale to tell me what happened, and I am hoping it will leave me more satisfed. Right now I’m just anxious for next Thursday!

    • Oops! Forgot my random fact 😀

      Alert, in Canada’s Nunavut territory, is the northernmost permanent settlement in the world. It is only 817 kilometres (508 mi) from the North Pole, and has less than 100 residents.

  67. When I rewatched it, I caught VNM saying all those comments about how he would be dead very soon, and “stop I’m already dead”. It just made me even more sad, if that is possible. His death was heartcrushing and I have to admit I could not control myself and sobbed like a baby…
    I just really loved this episode, and like most others, I don’t care if they slept together or not, because it doesn’t really matter. They’re clearly together, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out.
    And you gotta love the many lime in the coconut references in Bones 🙂

  68. factoid in tribute of VNM: The liquid inside young coconuts can be used as substitute for blood plasma. Don’t know that is actually true but I got it from a random fact generator and it mentions coconuts so it fits!
    I loved everything about this episode. Definitely on my ever growing list of favorites. Kudos to Carla Kettner.
    The B & B scenes were so wonderful… not just the apartment scene but the working together to help Vincent, the constantly backing each other up, knowing that they can rely on each other… the trust is back and stronger than ever. So… about the apartment scene… I didn’t catch the time on the clock connection but glad others did. I really thought they just comforted each other, possibly said some loving words to each other without saying ‘I love you’. I don’t think they had sex but I wouldn’t be too upset if they did. I think Brennan (in her conversation with Angela) was just pleased with herself that she was able to make the first move and trust herself and it worked! If they actually had sex I think she would have said Booth and I slept together or we had sex or something emphasizing the “we” instead of ‘I’ got into bed with Booth’ or however she put it. When Booth first said ‘you’re spending the night at my house’, part of his reasoning was that he knew they needed each other — not in a sexual way just in a closeness way. In other words, it wasn’t completely about protecting her. If it was, I think he would have been in the living room. When he held the gun on her I do think he was in full FBI mode and wasn’t ready to drop it until he had a full assessment of the situation. Loved that he was able to explain Vincent talking to God (or the ‘universe’).
    Booth’s ability to track and catch Broadsky and that he didn’t shoot to kill shows he is totally a stand up, good guy.
    I could gush on and on about Ryan’s performance and everything else. Just can’t say enough good things!

  69. I’m in for a post finale wrap party here at BT too.

    Oh, and my random factoid:
    Lemurs on the island of Madagascar have 2 tongues.
    RIP lovely Vincent.

  70. angela gives the best facial expressions… i though she was going to have premature labor after brennan told her she went to bed with booth. and the best bestfriend ever! telling her husband to go away so as not to interrupt brennan’s confession… oh, bones’ producers and writers are such a tease…

  71. I loved this episode, so I apologize as well for rambling. First one in a while that I’m “having” to watch again and again! It reminded me of the last moments of “museum” when there were so many smiles between the two of them. I really want your friend Jenny to do a Squee-cap on this one, she cracks me up! anyways…

    Did-they/Didn’t they – well, I think something happened, and my take upon rewatching is that both were a bit unsure of where it put them the next morning. Personally, I don’t think they did, but I do think that there were some moments of serious cuddling and….but clearly, some change occurred. If you rewatch (I know, but you must), Brennan isn’t the only one staring aimlessly and not working the next morning. So whatever happened, they don’t seem to be sure about it themselves. That’s why I loved their smiles at each other when they saw each other for the first time after (did I mention I’ve watched a couple of times). I think they had all these questions until they saw each other again – then they just fit, but I think Brennan relaxing into Booth when she took his arm comforted Booth not only about Mr Nigel-Murray, but also about “them”. The making the bed scene was also fabulous, you could feel their tension. (Last B&B hug – mastadon). Brennan also looked in the bedroom scene like she had been crying all night before finally going into Booth.

    Loved as well, and screamed a bit at my computer, when Angela yelled at Hodgins to leave (speaking for the entire audience) But then we followed Hodgins – mean HH, just mean.
    I was spoiler-free and promo free and loved that I was. Even though I’m dying, I’m holding out for 7 more days (don’t get to watch til Friday).
    LOVED Emily D’s voice – how can HH get her to sing more on the show. Hated, that the consequence of mandatory rewatching of B&B scenes at the end mean that I have the Lime in the coconut stuck in my head all day – oh, the sacrifices.
    For VNM – we inherit our mitochrondria from our mothers, the muscle with the highest mitochondrial levels are our hearts, therefore, our hearts always belong to our moms.

    • Oh my, I just realized upon rethinking, that Brennan was the target, not Booth. Broadsky was already position, he didn’t expect Booth to be there. I think the call was to tell Booth that he just shot Brennan. Oh, that’s going to come back in the 7th…Is it mean to think Hurrah?

      • You know, that is very clever and entirely possible; it may be a little too layered though (and I know it makes MY head spin), but it could work. Broadsky feels that Booth killed someone he loved (or at least worked with), and he would hurt him back the same way. I still think the target was tied to the phone, since he killed the person who picked it up and not a random target standing on the platform. But interesting, nevertheless… Any way you see it, there’s a lot to dredge up the next season, if they want to go there (and I hope they do); and Broadsky’s still alive, to boot!

      • Yeah, but he shot the person with the phone and he knew (or at least he thought he knew) that Booth had the phone. The thermal imaging allowed him to see when someone answered the phone, but not who it was. There were plenty of other people in the lab at the time of the shooting so if he were specifically going after Brennan he’d have to have had some way to identify her – and he didn’t. I thought for a long time that they would have Broadsky go after Brennan, but I don’t think that’s the case based on the way it played out. Besides, Broadsky made it clear that he was out to kill Booth.

        As far as why Broadsky could expect Booth to be at the lab, I think he had the camera at the crime scene so he’d know when Booth found Leishinger’s body. He knew Booth would work the case until he solved it – which meant going to the lab. I’m guessing if Booth had answered the phone and it hadn’t shown on the thermal imaging, he would have found a way to lure Booth to the lab so that he could take the shot then.

        Now I can totally see Broadsky trying to find a way to go after Brennan from prison in a future episode, but I don’t think she was the target in Thursday’s episode.

  72. If you look more closely at all the significant glances in the second half of the episode, the initial bones/angela conversation suggests that something definitely either did or will happen. however, the first look at booth in the hoover is very serious-he doesn’t really look like i’d expect if they had hooked up. i think the key scene is right after brennan hears that booth kills broadsky. the look she exchanges with angela seems to be more than just that she’s happy that booth is okay.

    i wouldn’t be surprised if nothing happened physically, but that bb had come to an understanding that they would go for it after everything was over-that after broadsky was resolved, something could happen. this would also explain the slightly awkward looks and shared glances in the final scene.

    • I agree – the look of joy at hearing Broadsky had been caught seemed to have a deeper meaning. Booth looked a little too focused to me the next day – he had a job to do before he could relax….and I don’t see Booth getting that involved with Bren in that context.

      The final scene for me shows a sigh of relief, an element of nervousness yet Bren’s assured arm link was so telling – they are moving on…together. I just loved how it paralleled the 100th – his trenchcoat, the arm link. Glad they put her in red though – a break from the women in white…

      • I also hope that they didn’t do it under those circumstances, but I took the look to be more of a pensieve look. Like did I do the right thing last night? I just hope HH doesn’t tie in the baby by having it be a mistake made because they were both looking for comfort.

        Did anyone else hear the rumor about Bones not returning until January next year? If that’s true, then they won’t be writing in the baby. I will miss Bones, but if this is the way to keep out an unplanned pregancy, I will be ok with it.

      • Love that last comment about the red coat on Brennan. I’ll take it as a good sign 🙂

    • Thank you! You put your finger on what I had been circling around–I sensed throughout the scene with Brennan in the bedroom that Booth was just not going to go there until Broadsky had been taken care of. As he said in the diner, he needed to be focused on Broadsky until he got him. However, there were looks, moves, ways of keeping the door open for Brennan–not shutting her out completely. I loved the little hint of a smile right after they said goodnight. I loved that he didn’t follow up the argument about God with her. I loved how strong he was when he told her she was going to stay at his apartment and how he looked a little like the wind had been knocked out of him when she said yes without too much argument.

      I wholeheartedly agree that his look the next morning was more pensive than satisfied–he’s focused on his mission. Brennan, on the other hand, seems uncharacteristically shy with Angela, as if she really doesn’t know wholly what is happening for the first time in her relationship history…or quite how to interpret it (or interpret herself?). All in all…Team Didn’t. But perhaps Team Soon.

      But loved the episode. As others have said, will miss VNM. My fact: one of the “flower meanings” of the hydrangeas that Brennan places on VNM’s casket is gratefulness for the recipient’s understanding.

  73. i think that scene was better than the bed scene.. (ok, its a tie…) but the look on his face when he said that… he was not suggesting her to sleep in his apartment.. he was commanding (ordering) her, like there was no other way or like if she is not going to agree, he would be the one to stay in her apartment… but she agreed immediately, like she doesn’t want to argue with that or wanted to do it so booth won’t have to worry about her… (sigh, sigh, sigh)
    i’m so glad i am not the only one in the world who is hooked up and is so addicted in this show…

  74. Jade–Brennan reciting the periodic table while Booth recites the saints??? Love it!!

    ~A few people have mentioned Cam’s scene about VNM, and I have to say it redeemed the character a bit in my mind. I’ve not really been a big fan of hers, but I’m starting to feel compassion for her character…its hard to be a boss with those squints, who were already a team with out her, and then Brennan sometimes…being a boss is tough. And with duties like informing a parents of a shooting, wow. I felt for her there, and I’m glad Angela was there to talk to her.
    ~Also, is it weird for me to get a little misty-eyed at reading all the VNM quotes??? Every time I read a new post with a random fact, it just warms my heart to see this outpouring of love towards VNM in the form of these little tributes!
    ~Finally, I spent ALL friday at this website refreshing and refreshing, but spent most of Saturday out and about….only to check at 11:30 at night and find TWENTY THREE new posts just on Saturday! Loving our little chat on here everyone! It has been a blast!

    • LOL! Thanks, bb! I suppose if she were to need more to recite after she ran out of elements, she could start listing bones in the human body, but that almost seems like it’d be too quick and easy for her. 😉

      I haven’t had a problem with Cam, though I haven’t always cared for the side stories with her, particularly with Michelle. I loved the Doctor in the Den, but the story late last season with Cam dating Michelle’s potential ob/gyn and the on-going arch this season with the college stuff rubbed me the wrong way. I also could have done without Cam’s attitude about Valentines Day in The Bikini in the Soup, but I won’t rehash that.

      Sometimes I feel like they’ve got this great, strong female character with Cam, and they are at a loss as to what to do with her. She’s had to be the cat-herder/school principle in the lab, and it’s a great role for her, but we haven’t really gotten to see her shine in that respect this season. For a split second when Hodgins pulled Vincent away to show him the T-Rex costume, I expected, even wanted, Cam to say something like “I better not have to separate you two again!” It would have been a brilliant beat to add to the scene, and you could almost see a “oh, I hope they don’t blow up my lab again” look cross her face.

      What I miss most about Cam, is the relationship between her and Booth. That is a great friendship and it has allowed us to see sides of Booth that we would not have otherwise been privy to. I’m not sure we’ve heard a “Don’t call me Camille”/”Don’t call me Seeley” exchange at all this year. I miss it a lot and I really hope they bring that relationship back into play.

      I don’t think it’s weird that you’re getting misty eyed over all the factoids – every time I read a new one, I hear it in my head in Ryan Cartwright’s voice as VNM. 😉

      • Was just laughing about the comment about Cam being a cat herder and had just seen the following quote from The Science in the Physicist:
        Dr. Camille Saroyan: What did I tell you?
        Dr. Jack Hodgins: [Hodgins and Nigel turn slowly] That we aren’t allowed in the same room without supervision.
        Dr. Camille Saroyan: Why?
        Vincent Nigel-Murray: Because we were stupid enough to fire a cannon indoors.

        Not that Hodgins doesn’t have others to get into trouble with, but VNM was in some of the classics!

  75. I’ve just rewatched ‘key’ scenes…I’m putting myself in ‘no sex camp’. For as ‘intense’ as it may have gotten in there (and it may have gotten pretty heavy), I think that Booth would have needed to close out the sniper situation before embarking on that level with Bren.

    Why? Well, the look on Angie’s face after the call that Booth got Broadsky says to me ‘your man got him, now go get him’. Bren’s said ‘ yeah, here we go’.
    In the final scene, it’s clear that things have changed, and I love Bren going to her man. I figure if they’d done the deed, Booth would have put his arm around her or something – it seems like a very Boothy thing to do. What we see though is Bren’s reassurance that she is ready to move forward with him (in contrast to the ending of the 100th). There is no way (IMO) that either party would be unsure and regret it after a night together.

    Plus, I ‘know’ that Cocky wasn’t coming back until Broadsky was gone – it feels right that Cocky be there when the deed is done 😉

    Hope we find out soon….

    • Plus, I ‘know’ that Cocky wasn’t coming back until Broadsky was gone – it feels right that Cocky be there when the deed is done 😉

      Is it wrong that I’m giggling completely inappropriately at that statement? 😉

      • So not wrong, because I’m giggling too. I love this idea. I have thought about this from many angles, and I am definately on the didn’t side. I agree that the ‘look’ from Angela said. “Go get your man.”

        In the beginning I was a Cam fan, but lately I have found Cam to be mean, and her sarcasm seems uncalled for. I don’t understand where they are going with her character, but I don’t like her anymore.

        I also don’t know how much information Brodsky would have on Brennan and Booth’s relationship. Since they were not open about it, even to each other, he would have had to know Booth on a deeper level than was apparent in the three episodes we saw. i don’t think they would sit around and talk, even before he became ‘off the reservation’. In the BtB, Booth seemed like he hadn’t talked to Brodsky in a long time, so how would Brodsky have enough information to go after Brennan. Besides the phone was targetted, and he knew Booth had the phone. There would be no reason for him to give the phone to Brennan.

        One more fact for VNM: A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.
        Because, twit seems like a British word.

      • 😉 No, it’s not.

        Is it wrong that I wrote it? Possibly, but hey, we gotta laugh right?

  76. There is so much to say about this episode. What was the most clear and dear to me is how much
    Booth and Brennan really need each other.
    He needs her to tell him that he did everything he could and she needs him to explain things to her when she’s taking what people say too literally

    What somehow doesn’t leave my brain alone after seeing this episode are the following lines:
    – “Booth, she means literally”
    – “No honey, you did something exactly right.”

    In both cases it was about Angela ‘translating’ for Brennan, and I love it, but at the same time it somehow bothers me.
    I understand how Booth misinterpreted Brennan’s comment about the blood on his hands, but it worries me for their future that he didn’t get it while Angela immediately understood (both what Brennan meant and how Booth took it), especially since he knows her so well. I’m very curious about where that will lead.

    And I didn’t really understand Cam’s comment about the plant. It had me going “huh?”

    I’m a bit miffed that we got so little Brennan/Angela time this season, so I’m waiting with being pissed about the cutoff of their talk until after I’ve seen next week’s finale. But they better make it worth it!
    So the European bit the dust huh 😦 . Vincent was my favorite squintern.
    About the ‘bedscene’ I don´t mind that Brennan had to ask Booth to hold her because to me it felt like he made the first move when he said `come here´ and then pulled het down to sit on the bed. I like that he sort of comforted her brain first.
    I don´t really care whether they did or didn´t because I´m exited about either scenario, but if I had to bet I´m on TeamDidn´t
    My random fact: Arthur Conan Doyle (The creator of Sherlock Holmes) believed in fairies.

    • I see the first comment as a translation, but not the second. Angela just responded so quickly before Brennan really got a chance to analyze Booth’s reaction. We’ve seen cases before where she says something he takes offense to, but she then tries to explain it differently. It doesn’t really worry me too much, because they have always had those moments, but they always get through them. Yes, they have a special connection, and they often have a special understanding, but they are also very different and don’t always understand where the other person is coming from. I think it’s quite normal for that to happen in any kind of relationship. How the misunderstanding is dealt with depends on the strength of the relationship.

      I thought the second comment was just Angela reassuring Brennan after Cam’s comment (which I was wondering where did that come from). I really liked how Angela and Booth were there for Brennan and stood up for her. What’s with Sweets these days? He told her she was one of his closest friends, but really hasn’t been giving her the benefit of the doubt lately. I don’t hate him or anything, but I’d like to expect more.

      I missed Brennan and Angela, too. But Angela can be a little pushy in her talks with Brennan. Now we can be sure that Brennan came to her realizations on her own and it wasn’t force-fed to her – nobody was telling her what she was feeling or doing or how she should be feeling or acting. Also, I think Brennan thought she basically brought the whole thing on herself, so I don’t think she would readily talk to anybody about that.

  77. Delayed but……………..i LOVED it! Loved loved loved it!

    I only had one small problem though.

    I couldn’t figure out if i was more sad that Vincent had died….or that Daisy hadn’t!!!! I still don’t know the answer to that…and i am praying that Daisy gets hit by a truck, bus, car. Some kind of moving vehicle…that’s not too much to ask, right?

    And i am SO shipping for Agent Shaw and Sweets! All together now…..SHAWEETS!!!!!!!!

  78. I just watched the key scenes *again* and a couple final thoughts. I mean it this time. Final thoughts!

    I think that Booth’s motive for asking Brennan to stay at his apartment was mostly an act for peace of mind. Like Brennan told him by the couch, he needed his sleep to go after Brodsky. If he was worried about her, he would not have slept as well. In his midn, Brennan isn’t “ready”, so I don’t even think anything romantic was there in his question. That was also what surprised him at her quick acceptance. He figured on more of a battle. So then the scene at his place was super awkward because he is wondering why she said yes so quickly if she isn’t ready, and she’s sleeping on the couch and not in his bed because she’s thinking he’s not ready for that intimacy yet, even if she’d be sleeping there alone. So they are both in “are they ready yet” limbo before 4:47 🙂 And Brennan took that step to break the stalemate and come to Booth. Glad she was the one!
    I really like Brennan for going to his place so quickly, and for thinking of his sleep by taking the couch. She knows he needs to be focused on this task, and she’s doing what she can to make it easy for him, helping to relieve him of some worry and getting rest.
    She’s still doing awkward things like telling Booth he still has blood on his hands, not realizing those words said so bluntly could hurt (thanks, Angela!), talking too much scientific terms on the phone while he’s trying to be a sniper (thanks, Hodgins!), and bringing a potted plant to a coffin. So she’s still the sometimes-awkward Brennan we love. However, the things she did to help Booth prepare for battle would not have been things she would have even thought about a couple of years ago. I love that progression in her. In think she’s realizing there’s little things she can do to “deserve” his protection and caring and give back a little bit in her own way.
    I also think Booth realizes this, because at the couch, after she gives her little speech, he tells her that is very logical (with that Boothy grin) and she says thank you (for noticing I’m trying) and gives a little Brennan grin. I think he sees her efforts and is pleased. She sees that he sees and she is pleased.

    Ok. I’m done. For real. 🙂 I think!

    • I’ve watched it a few more times since Thursday and I think you bring up an interesting point. We are supposed to see that Brennan will still be “our” Brennan, even if she and Booth are intimate. She’s still herself, regardless of how much emotional development she goes through. I’m glad they gave us that, as I’ve been worrying (as I know many have) that she might not still be “our” Brennan.

      Also, I know someone mentioned Booth losing his “white knight” complex as his emotional development throughout the season after the Hannah fallout. I think it is interesting to note Sweets’ statement and Booth’s response in his office in regards to this development. Sweets says to Booth that he has to get Broadsky, or he’ll come after the rest of the good guys because Broadsky perceives them as on Booth’s “team”. Booth reacts in a genuinely surprised, concerned way to this. I’ve watched it several times, and I’m really surprised Booth didn’t think of that before. Are HH&Co. trying to show us that Booth losing his complex of needing to protect everyone around him? Honestly, I’m not sure.

      Take that scene and look through it at the scene where Booth tells Brennan to stay the night. I do agree with you that Booth asking Brennan to stay the night at his place was more for his “peace of mind”. But I think it’s different than his usual, almost aggressive, protective mode that we’ve seen before. This time it feels different to me.

      Anyone else notice this or have thoughts about whether or not Booth’s changing too?

      • tlm2338: I’m the one who mentioned Booth starting to let go of his white knight identity. I didn’t think about it in relation to his conversation with Sweets, but it fits there too. But yeah, it really stuck out to me because his reaction in several situations was completely different than what we would have seen in previous seasons. I’m still not sure what that means yet though.

        bb: I’ve watched the episode several times since Thursday as well, and I would add that perhaps Booth wanted Brennan at his place that night (in addition to the previously stated reasons) because he knew there would be fallout and he wanted to be there for her when it happened. He said it himself – he’s lost friends in war – he knows what it’s like. That this might be the case is reinforced (for me at least) when he’s holding her on the bed and says: “Yeah… That’s why I’m here. I’m right here. I know it’s hard.”

      • Yeah Stephanie I completely agree with what you said. I think its a combination of both things, that for his peace of mind, he wants her close, but also he was with her during the Zach thing, plus like you said, he has been there…and watching someone shot and killed right in front of you, especially someone you are close to is hard, and eventually the shock will wear off. My main point is just that he told her to stay with him because of those two things, and not necessarily romantic. I think that maybe, by the couch, he started thinking about how hard it might be to have her there so close, but so far…and that’s why he closed the door so slowly, thinking “Someday…” but the intial invitation I don’t think had any kind of romantic undertones.

      • bb: Oh I agree, no romantic overtones in the least. If this were to turn out to be a situation where either one of them had an ulterior motive or was attempting to take advantage of the situation, then I’d be very upset. I’ll buy sex in extreme emotional circumstances (and I think you can argue that both were under some pretty heavy emotional stress – whether Booth let it show or not), but not in a “yeah me, I made the first move!” type of scenario.

  79. Please forgive the numbering; your analyses are fantastic!
    1. Give credit to WGN for their Saturday scheduling of archive episodes.
    2. So, just saw “Harbingers.” The hug between B & B, then, mirrors their hug at their reunion after being apart for months, Afghanistan, for Booth, and (where Brennen went). In “Harbingers” it was a reunion after Booth’s brain surgery and recovery. At both occasions, the camera is on Booth’s face, which snaps from joy, in the first seconds of the clinch, to grim/sorrow/disappointment. Both times.
    3. His ‘heart’ was ‘open’ to her, in a profound and genuine sense. Hers was NOT open to him, even at such a moment of emotional reunion…. And HE could FEEL that absence, which was shown on camera.
    4. With the term provided, above, I’m firmly on Team Didn’t, but with this proviso: the episode title, “Hole in the Heart,” would have been too cruel to refer solely to Vincent. It ALSO refers, and I feel confident in this, to the HEALING of another “hole” — the “hole” in Brennen’s. Which is the cause of her morning-after joy, of their new connectedness (see my remark, above), and which is the result (wish we had italics!) of all the events which came before — especially Vincent’s passing.
    5. Brennen and Booth’s very on-duty-professional behavior the following day, throughout the day and including the very stand-offish phone conversation, “yes, I understand,” regarding Booth’s success (that WASN’T him calling??), was their (it looked odd) effort to separate, very precisely, their ‘own’ story-line from the work of catching the bad guy(s). (Practicing for the future…) They pulled that off admirably!
    6. I’m sticking with my B&B analysis, above.
    7. Thank you for the feedback!

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