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Scene Study: The Boy with the Answer- We’re Partners; That’s What We Do


Good morning!

Do you ever have an idea about something, not say it out loud, and then it sort of comes true and you wish you’d said it publicly? Haha, it’s all pride, I know, I know…but that does happen to me. Whether it’s an arbitrary baseball score or the next song on my iPod or a plot point on BONES…I always am half gratified to be right and half bummed that there’s no way to prove it!

Well, that sort of happened to me with this scene study. I had it planned last week–to post last Sunday, but because of Mother’s Day and a couple of other things, I just didn’t get to it. I was thinking that Hole in the Heart would mirror Boy with the Answer–that we’d see a difference in Brennan’s reaction to her own reactions regarding Booth, if that makes sense. Not that I’m the only person who thought that, probably, but you know…now that it did happen that way, I was like…oh, rats! And YAY! Haha!

I love Boy with the Answer– it’s just a ridiculously good episode. Is it bad that I’m sort of dreading/ambivalent at best toward this week’s finale? I don’t think I’ve loved a Bones finale since Woman in Limbo, and I think it goes back to what we’ve talked about before– Hart Hanson perceives season finales and the subsequent season premieres to be two-parters. I always feel the most resolution after the next-to-last eps of a season. Who know…I could be wrong!

Either way, I should stop talking about it, and talk about this scene!

For a little history on this scene, Heather Taffet is about to stand trial for the GraveDigger crimes. The team finds evidence of a previous GD murder, but because they are also witnesses against Taffet, they are not able to do the investigation into the boy’s death.

Brennan drops her charges against the Gravedigger, and Hodgins is horrified. If you have time, go back and watch the scene between him, Brennan and Caroline at the lab. They are both incredibly fierce and it’s lovely. Hodgins also agrees to drop his charges, but he’s not happy about it.

That leads to this scene at Brennan’s apartment:

Brennan gets a knock on her apartment door, and it’s Booth…

“Okay, so…the Gilroy kid….he was last scene at the Rockland Mall,” Booth begins, quickly getting down to business. He’s going to check Taffet’s credit cards for that area and date.

“But Caroline says you can’t give expert testimony if she’s prosecuting your case,” Brennan reminds him.

“I told Caroline to drop my charges too,” Booth tells her. And then…

I love the subtle, but so weighty, expressions on Brennan’s face. To me, there’s a hint of wanting to tell him he shouldn’t have done that. But she also knows exactly why SHE had Caroline drop her charges, and she knows she can’t stop Booth from doing the same thing–probably for the same reasons.

I like how Booth is sort of vulnerable about it (the same as in Hole in the Heart, when he insists she’ll be staying at his apartment, then is sort of surprised when she agrees for him).

“I’m not going to let you do this alone,” he tells her.

Again, Brennan doesn’t even say anything. Sometimes I think that one reason Brennan said no in the 100th is that she is completely aware how intense Booth feels about her. Not just in the ways of love, but also in protection, at the risk of his own life, etc. And she just doesn’t see herself as worth the risk of him– or at least, she didn’t. It’s not that she doesn’t understand how much he cares for her, it’s that she DOES know, and the magnitude of it makes her uneasy. Not in a stalker way, but in a way in which she is not sure she deserves that much of him. I think Booth feels the same way about her. I don’t know that he knows how much she cares about him (at this point, in season five), but I think he struggles with whether or not he’s worth her affection.

He tells her that Caroline is going to see the judge in the morning, and then they can dive into the case.

She’s almost serene about it, and she says, “Thanks, Booth.”

I don’t know if Booth was expecting an argument from her, but he’s more on edge than someone who was just completely agreed with.

“We’re partners. That’s what we do,” he tells her.

Maybe sort of a “Baby, please let me be your partner,” kind of a thing?

I don’t know, y’all, but to me, that look says, “I know it’s more than that for you. I know it.” But she’s also still glad that he’s there. She thinks (or knows) that Booth is a really good man, and there is part of her that loves that about him.

He says, “Right?”

And she just smiles more and nods.

But then she grows solemn, as if to think, “If only it were that easy.” She says, “If Taffet is acquitted on this count, she can never be tried again.”

“Maybe that’s why she wanted us to find the boy,” she adds.

“Yeah, well…she’s arrogant, like Sweets said,” Booth argues. “And she’s misjudging you.”

“I have nightmares, Booth.”

I love the variation of motivation behind his seriousness toward her, in just that moment. He wants justice as much as she does, and he knows that giving up his rights to the trial is hard, but he understands. And he is quick to make that statement. But when she shows vulnerability, he can’t help but be affected by it.

“Hodgins is bleeding,” she tells him. “You’re…drowning…”

Booth probably prepared a ‘battle plan’ of sorts on the way to her apartment. He figured she’d resist his assistance, but he was prepared to fight her on that. But now, she’s showed no resistance and is in fact opening up to him about nightmares– something he knows a few things about.

“I can’t help anyone,” Brennan confesses.

“Look, alright, you know what?” He finally speaks, moving toward her. There is just something about the way he looks when he’s walking toward her that gets me every time.

“She’s never going to get the better of you,”

“Alright? Just know that,” he continues. But there’s the rub, as Brennan cannot ‘just know’ something without fact or evidence. This later leads to her fearing for Booth’s safety and walking away from him on the sidewalk. But for now…

“Alright? I promise,” Booth adds.

Somehow he manages NOT to kiss her fears away and carry her off to bed, haha. And somehow we manage to overlook the fact that depending on which camera angle we’re seeing, Brennan’s leaning on Booth’s other shoulder. Oh well!

If you have the means, watch this scene with the volume off. Watch what’s not being said. Think about where Booth and Brennan were at this point in their relationship. Booth has as much given up on a romantic relationship with Brennan–agreeing to be just partners in truth. Brennan is preceding (I believe), Booth’s later edict that “The last thing I want to do is hurt you”, but she can’t quite protect him, or herself, and maybe this time she both does and does not know what that means. Don’t listen to their words; listen to their eyes. See their personalities. I see and ‘hear’ a lot of determined love, from both of them. Booth and Brennan have always been very determined. They’re partners…that’s what they do, after all.

Peace, Love & Bones,



PS!  I saw the requests to do an ‘immediately after the ep’ discussion here, and I’m all for that! I can set up a live chat room and people can chat, or I can just make a ‘post’ go live, and people can just comment with one another. Is there a preference? I guess we could do both as well? I should say that I can’t be around immediately after the ep for a couple of hours, as that is when I write my review for GMMR. But I’m more than happy to set it up here and come around when I’m done writing. I took the day off on Friday, so I’m good to stay up ridiculously late and party hearty (I’m looking at YOU West Coast!) 😀

Let me know!


24 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Boy with the Answer- We’re Partners; That’s What We Do

  1. As always, great scene study! I love this scene and episode. It is just so intense. I think I will go back and watch this scene with the volume off and focuse more on the subtle things. I never really thought to do that. Also, I know exactly what you are saying with the whole not voicing what you are thinking will happen with something and then it does. That happens to me all the time! Lol. I love the idea of a live chat on here after the finale!! I don’t have any friends or family that I can have a real intense Bones chat with because they all think I’m crazy for how involved I can get into a tv show. They just don’t understand! Lol. Anyway, sometimes I feel the need to discuss an episode immediately afterwards so it would be nice to come on here and chat with all you awesome Bones people after the finale. 🙂

  2. I absolutely love these scene studies!! They always make want to go rewatch the episode. And I agree with you that episodes before the finale tend to be better, I’m especially thinking of the last 2 seasons. I did love the finales to season 1 and 2 and last year’s finale made me wish, HH had done another AU one, haha. Not that I didn’t think the season 5 finale was good, but it wrecked me so much, I’m ready for a more uplifting one!

    • Yeah, the last finale was really tough. I think HH wants us to be entertained but know it’s just fiction. And we know it is, but it’s his “fault” for creating characters we care about so much and having actors that carry those emotions so powerfully across our tv (or computer) screens. A lot of people were angsty and on edge earlier this season because B&B were angsty and on edge. After the last episode, most commenters here felt very content, and that’s how B&B seemed to be.

  3. Brilliant facial expressions. I like to analyze this scene, but it’s so chock-full of subtlety I have a hard time, so I’m glad for other thoughts. I tend to think this is one of the moments that kind of pushed Brennan into wanting time and space. The timing of Maluku was just convenient for her. I’m with you that she is aware of a lot more than what she lets on. She hasn’t changed her mind on saying no at this point, and she knows he’s supposed to be moving on. But she can see he isn’t really, yet she still wants to reach out to him but there’s some guilt there because it’s not really fair to him.

    We could really see how Brennan was affected by this case. But she’s a private individual, so she’s hardly going to admit her fears to her colleagues in public. Especially when she’s trying to stay focused in order to best Taffet. I’m glad Booth showed concern earlier on, because I think that’s why she allowed herself to tell him about her nightmares later on. I think it was similar to what happened in the last episode. Booth ensured that she wouldn’t be by herself later on, because he knows she doesn’t always react right away in public. And he was more than willing to comfort her when she did come to him. The way he said “That’s why I’m here” gave me the sense he was prepared for that.

    On another one your points, the whole “knowing” versus “facts” is a really big issue for them. Probably their biggest, in fact. This is really where have to work the hardest to understand where the other is coming from and respect their view. Maybe even speak in the other person’s “language”. I think we have seen them attempting to find common ground recently.

    • She hasn’t changed her mind on saying no at this point, and she knows he’s supposed to be moving on. But she can see he isn’t really, yet she still wants to reach out to him but there’s some guilt there because it’s not really fair to him.

      This is a very good point and it is what I think of when I see this scene. When Booth says, “We’re partners. That’s what we do,” to me, he is pleading with Brennan to continue the partnership they have. He has given up on being with Brennan as anything more than a work partner and friend; but, he wants her to confirm that she will still be his partner, that she will be there for him as a friend, if nothing else. I think Booth, at this point, could see that Brennan was thinking of herself as being alone in the world and that she may have been considering leaving the partnership. She can’t help those she loves and feels that the pain of trying is too much. He said he was going to move on; but, at this point he really hasn’t and Brennan knows it. She is more worried about Booth than she was in 100 and the nightmares are definitely not helping. At this point, Booth could see that things weren’t right between with them and he didn’t know how to fix it. I thought that his dropping his case against the Grave Digger was his way of telling Brennan he was on her side. He was hoping that she would see the overture as an offering. It is sad for both of them that Brennan didn’t see any way to escape the pain she was feeling, the worry she was feeling except to leave for Maluku later on.

  4. “Determined love.” –Well said!

    I just love the little moments where Brennan, if only for a moment, lets Booth comfort her. She tends to keep herself distant, compartmentalized, and impervious…But I think she’s over the years started to realize that being “strong” instead of impervious means that you recognize and acknowledge your emotions. And that its OK to lean on someone when you need a strength pick-me-up. I think these two are so in tune with each other, they know when its OK to take that extra step and give comfort, no matter what their personal dynamic is exactly at that moment.

    They are happy when each other are happy (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun karaoke) and they are sad/understanding when the other is sad (many gravesite vists). This scene study is great, because its such a brief scene, but it means so much. Could Booth have called her on the phone to relay that information? Definitely. Did Brennan know that and realize he came there for her? I say yes. There is a knowing look on her face, that you alluded to, that yes, she knows he is there as more than a partner. Like in “Glowing Bones”, when the officer said he does not talk to his partner like they do, I think both have always known they are not “just” partners. Remember when we saw Booth’s first look at Brennan speaking. Oh yeah. It’s never been “just” anything between these two!

    And when Brennan confesses about the nightmares…that is a HUGE moment. Its her way of saying, “I trust you, you understand” that she is not ready to verbalize yet. I think the look in Booth’s eyes speaks to the fact that he knows this is a big deal for her, and even though its personally hard for him to hold her without “holding” her, he is willing to be there to help her in this moment. (Also see: dancing to Seal, helping her with VNM’s passing). And since Brennan knows how deep his feelings are, for her to allow him to comfort her in these ways I think is a huge leap for her, because she knows what all these togetherness moments will lead to at some point (we hope!!) and she’s OK with that.

    (Again, props to these actors. To be able to say things without speaking, and that we can read them loud and clear. )

    • Also, I’m for you making a post that can go live so that we (during our work day Friday!) can be able to read all the posts…in a chat room, awesome observations and comments could be missed. That’s my vote 🙂

  5. I understand you’re thought about the idea not expressed. It has happened to me many times. Sometimes I think my idea is so different from what everyone expects, that I don’t say it, then when it just so happens that I’m right, I cringe because I didn’t talk.

    Well, I loved this episode. It seems that I say that all the time, but this is one that I’ve watched over and over, many times, just this scene. If the season ended with last week’s episode I think I would have been happy. The question about did they or didn’t they, didn’t matter to me, because I have been watching them do it with their eyes for years.

    Booth and Bones say so much without ever talking, that I often think we don’t need to see the love scenes, because they already did it with their eyes. In the scene when he tells her he dropped the charges, it’s as if she says, “I’m not good enough for you to do this, why don’t you understand that?”
    Then when she tells him about her dreams, it’s as if she says, “You are my life, and I could never lose you, but I know I don’t deserve you.” It’s strange that I never noticed the mistake in the camera angle. I usually pick up those errors when I watch a show, but this time I totally missed it. I was so caught up in their feelings, that I never saw the mistake in the scene. This was one scene that I wished ended up with a kiss, but I knew in their relationship at this point that was impossible.

    I agree that in the 100th, she is aware of his feelings, and she doesn’t think she deserves him. That also surfaces in the last scene when he asks her into the bar and she refuses, gets in a cab, and never acknowledges his question. “I’ll see you tomorrow, alright?”

    As for a chat, I would love it! I also watch this alone. I have no family or friends who are as dedicated as I am. They all think I’m nuts. I know this is true, because I get these strange looks from them whenever I bring up Bones. I will also stay up late, and be a zombie the next day. However, it will be worth it, because I will have had my Bones fix for that week.

  6. I like the idea of having a post go live right after the episode. Under normal circumstances, I’d probably be up for a live chat too, but my sister and her boyfriend are coming over to watch the finale so I’ll have someone to talk to immediately afterwards even if my husband does his usual and falls asleep on the couch. 🙂 However, if you decide to go the live chat route, I can always join in for a little while after they leave. Can’t stay up really late though, I live on the east coast and 6:15 comes awfully early in the morning.

    On to the scene study. I kind of wondered if we’d see parallels between The Hole in the Heart and The Boy With the Answer as well, but I honestly didn’t see the similarities that I thought I’d see. The Boy With the Answer is a hard episode for me to watch primarily because I always feel like I’m watching Brennan start to shatter into a million tiny pieces. We see it in the dream sequence, the scene in Brennan’s office, in her apartment, at the end outside The Founding Father’s…it’s evident throughout the episode, really. It’s tough because Booth can also see that she’s losing it and yet, try as he might, there’s nothing he can do to stop it. I really thought The Hole in the Heart would be that same type of brittle episode for Booth. And yet it wasn’t. He was strong throughout – stronger than he’s been all season, really. It really surprised me when it was Brennan who broke down instead. Interestingly enough, she didn’t shatter this time the way she did last time. Why? Because this time she was willing to share the burden. Perhaps that’s why, as sad as it was, the end of The Hole in the Heart was much less painful, and infinitely more hopeful (for me at least), than the end of The Boy With the Answer.

    • Yes, I agree on that! I find myself a bit bummed that we DIDN’T see the case affect Booth in a way that Brennan was the one who comforted him in some way. Seemed like a no-brainer to me. I didn’t know that Brennan needed another ‘lesson’ so to speak. I’m not complaining (and neither are you!), but I guess it just solidified that we won’t really ever see a Booth arc– everything will always revolve around Brennan’s development. That’s not a bad thing…just not what I was expecting this season at all. I keep tossing around that idea…did Booth need to break down, or did he need the re-assurance of the team that he was needed, and therefore then he gained strength? He was shocked by Angela’s words to him and Sweets’ words to him…sort of a broader “Grow a set” in a way…that they both reminded him that his life matters to them, and matters in the scope of their own lives. I think the sniper life might be somewhat solitary (though Pal Rankor would know better than I do), so that ‘solitary mindset’ might be a trap Booth could have fallen into , and if not for the team (and perhaps that was the significance in having Genevieve with him on the case) he would have?

      Not sure about that…

      • Sometimes I think they elect not to do the obvious because it could get too redundant. Brennan and Sweets do not always get emotionally involved in all cases involving foster children, Booth doesn’t always get emotionally involved when abuse plays a part, because it’s really not necessary to revisit the same issues unless they’re going to bring out a new point of development for one of the characters, particularly Brennan. I think the second episode of the sniper arc was about Brennan supporting Booth, being behind him 100% for whatever he had to do. And she showed it in this past episode, just in less dramatic ways: telling him he did everything he could do to save Brennan and calling him brave, spending the night at his place when seeing it was important to him, staying out of danger (because she’s quite stubborn and doesn’t always listen), and taking his arm at the end.

      • big oops…doing everything he could to save VNM

        I guess Booth really couldn’t afford to break down since he needed to take down Broadsky. He didn’t know VNM that well, yet he was the last one to watch the hearse drive away. I really wonder what he was thinking. Sadness? Guilt? He definitely looked like he felt better having Brennan by his side, though.

      • Sarah, To me, this season has been about Brennan’s search for a normal life. When Brennan’s parents left her, she felt more than abandonment. Brennan was dumped into a Foster Care system that treated rather badly. This uncaring system caused her to abandon any hope of a normal life. Without hope for that normal life, Brennan detached herself from any thoughts of love. She cut herself off from love and close contact with those around her. The Boy With The Answer, to me, was the beginning of the creshindo of her pulling away from those around her. It ended with the Doctor In The Photo when she realized that her life could only be lived if she let others into her life. The rest of the season has been about Brennan’s re-entry into a life that includes love, caring, friendship, hope and ultimately giving your heart to someone, taking a risk, feeling the pain that she has always feared.
        Booth has gone through a crazy year. He felt that Brennan had abandoned him when she went to Maluku and tried to make a go of it with Hannah. When Hannah was no longer in his life, he felt himself being drawn back to Brennan. He has allowed himself to re-enter into her life in a way that he had only dreamed of in the past.
        We are seeing this season through the eyes of Brennan. We are seeing her fight with herself, her battle with a solitary life versus a life of connecting to others. We are seeing the lost Booth, the struggling Booth through Brennan’s eyes. We are also seeing the attempt by Brennan to include Booth into her life without the strings that Booth needed in 100. She has been waiting for Booth to see that she is there for him. He too does not have to live a solitary life. He too can live a “normal” life.
        (My computer crashed after I had typed this up so I had to rewrite it. I don’t think I have explained this as well as the first draft. Gosh I hate it when that happens)

      • Booth is a hunter of bad guys both as a soldier and as an FBI agent. It’s what he’s trained to do so when he loses a friend in battle he carries on because the welfare of his company depends on it. VNM was a fallen soldier in Booth’s battle with Brodsky and Booth had to act as team leader, being strong, because his team needed that both in order to survive and to take out the bad guy. Brennan is a team leader as well but not in a battle situation which is why she needed Booth to reassure her when she faced such a situation. Booth’s breakdown came in episode 13 in the bar over circumstances and defeats which struck at his personal sense of self. He would never break down in on the battlefield. He’s far too highly trained for that.

      • “I guess it just solidified that we won’t really ever see a Booth arc– everything will always revolve around Brennan’s development”

        Well I read one interview with HH, and he said that there was supposed to be a Booth arc during the strike season, but they had to bail on that with the shorter season. I think he said next season will delve into Booth’s backstory more.

        Beyond that, I think they haven’t given us a huge Booth arc, but mini arcs over the years. Like the bar scene after Hannah rejects him, we get a whole bunch of his feelings he’s kept inside. Or in HinH when he was talking with the “ghost” and we find out where Parker gets his name and how Booth felt, and how that changed by the end of the episode and Booth finally feels at peace about it. Or the many references about Booth’s sniper career, that there is a different between killing and murder, and that Booth’s hates taking a life. Glimpses ino his relationships with different women, his son, his protective vibe towards those he cares about, his warming up to the scientific squints, his relationship with Jared, meeting his gramps, etc.

        They do give us Booth arcs, but they are very subtle sometimes. I am definitely interested into delving deeper into what made him who he is today, his mom, his dad, what really happened, there is still much to tap into. A Booth storyline would be great, well anything involving Booth is great to me! 🙂

  7. I always saw fear as Brennan’s overriding emotion throughout the Taffet trial. She fears she cannot out-think Taffet, she fears she cannot be there for Booth, she fears she cannot protect the people around her. While she can reveal that fear to Booth, which is a huge step for her, that fear that she isn’t enough is her motivation for “running” later.

    The parallels to The Hole in the Heart are interesting: she still carries the fear that she isn’t “humane” enough and she seeks comfort from Booth. But this time, that comfort can be accompanied by something else because she’s made it clear to Booth that she wants to be with him at some point in the future. Hole in the Heart is different because this time she is not climbing in to a cab and taking off; this time she shows up and stays put– with Booth. I think that’s the bigger message in The Hole in the Heart than whether or not they were intimate. TBwtA is a fine parallel to THitH and pretty appropriate for today. Given that they aren’t doing the same thing in the same way, it would follow that the insanity of doing the same thing in the same way is kaput. The “proof” is found in not only the way she and Booth interact afterward (or even in the looks from Angela) but also in the potted plant. It’s Brennan all the way, but it’s the heart of Brennan that is open whereas before– fear held her in check, choked whatever hope she might have been able to give to Booth or to the members of her team. Sweets is expecting the worst of her– Angela’s not 100% certain, but Booth is. And Brennan doesn’t let him down this time. In THitH, she shows up, she takes a chance with the plant, she joins in with the song, she joins Booth at the end. The fear might be there, but she’s in control now. Or her heart is.

    • Interesting that in Boy she is afraid that she has too many feelings, too many relationships that compromise her ability to outreason Taffet. In Hole, her breakdown with Booth comes down to the exact opposite, that she night not have been caring enough, that she was perceived as not being able to connect sufficiently.

  8. I took the Friday off too! Sorry…just had to say that. I am SO excited it’s not even funny! LOL

    Anyway…i really really love this episode. The scene between Hodgins and Brennan on the platform…just brilliant. SO much…passion and emotion. Epic.

    Excellent scene study…and you know where i stand on Booth loving Brennan so i’m not even going to go there….except to say he didn’t 😉

  9. This was a good episode, especially considering the trial took over the regular pattern of trying to figure out who did it. It turns out it’s just as difficult trying to prove the guilt of the person they know did it and trying to determine who actually did it. It’s interesting to see Brennan’s objectivity unraveling (and, by association, she herself coming unglued) to the point where she needs to escape. I re-watched the scene and saw the camera switch with the “guy” hug. How did I never notice it? And since no one shares my obsession with the show (not even my sister who actually likes it), a live chat after the finale would be a good idea. I really really hope it lives up to our expectations, though.

  10. One of my very favorite scenes for the very reason you gave: you could watch the whole thing on mute and it wouldn’t affect one bit what you feel about that moment. Booth is the fix it guy; he’s sensed Brennan’s discomfort earlier on an is trying to make things right in the only way he knows how-by doing. He’s going to have them drop his case; he hopes this is enough for Brennan. But it becomes obvious pretty soon that he can’t fix it just with that, because you can’t do battle with someone else’s nightmares. So he resorts to what he does best, the physical and the faith-based. He approaches her decisively and and then holds her to try to comfort her, like he’s done many times before. In the past, this has usually been enough. He then urgers her to have faith in him when he tells her that everything is going to work out-it’s a promise. It’s as if he wants to will her into believing it. But ultimately, you sense that he knows he’s losing her bit by bit, which adds an even more desperate note to his pleas. The full awareness of the fact that he’s lost her is written all over his face in that painful final scene, when she breaks his handhold and slips into the cab. It’s a wonderful, horrible scene that left me feeling like I had been punched in the gut, which is exactly how Booth must have felt at the time.

  11. So, I just watched the scene with and without volume. Holy cow. I’m so glad you suggested that, Sarah. This post alone gave me a new appreciation for the scene and this episode, but with the volume off the emotion kind of becomes overwhelming.

    I was particularly struck by Booth’s expressions throughout the scene. He goes from this bundle of excited nervous energy that’s raring to kick the game plan into action, to worried and almost at loose ends in a matter of what? A minute and a half? It’s not the first time I’ve been in awe of DB’s masterful grasp of the subtleties of facial expressions, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but wow. I was blown away.

    And Brennan. Wow. How does ED manage to go from determined and impervious, to vulnerable and scared in the same span of time? I almost started crying just watching the looks crossing both their faces. The undercurrent of emotion in this scene, if you play it without volume, is intense. Add in the dialogue and the slight quiver in Brennan’s voice as she’s talking about the nightmares, and the bit of desperation in Booth’s as he tells her she’ll get through it and Taffet won’t beat them, and I come back to being able to think of nothing but holy cow.

    And I see the parallels between this episode and The Hole in the Heart. The nemesis thing is there, but so too are the reassurances. In BwtA, Booth is reassuring Brennan. He tells her she’ll get Taffett, they’ll solve the case. They’ll figure it out together.

    In HitH, Brennan does the same kind of reassuring. First in the diner when they are talking to Sweets and she delineates why Booth has to go after Broadsky and they share that look as he gets up to go. That look reminds me of this scene from BwtA. Then later on when she keeps assuring Booth that VNM’s death is not his fault, and that he needs his rest so he can kill Broadsky. She knows what he has to do. She knows that he doesn’t necessarily like that he has to do it, but she’s going to be there for him all the way and do whatever she can to help him catch Broadsky.

  12. for the first time I was read “We are the parents”. Hmmm ))

  13. This is probably one of my favorite scene studies!! 🙂

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