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Angela: Shipper-in-Chief Status Intact


 Good morning! Happy Finale Week!

Back in November of 2010, we held our own election here at Bones Theory: Rock the Vote: 2010. Six candidates for “Shipper-in-Chief were narrowed down to two, debates were held, and when all of the votes were tallied and the results were in, Angela was named B&B Shipper.

I was kind of shocked at the time, but I was okay with it. After all, the people had spoken via votes, and so that was that. It wasn’t that I don’t think she still wants B&B together, it’s more that I just wasn’t sure just how MUCH she cared. Every once in awhile, she might comment here and there, but she seemed, in the past couple of years, more concerned about her own personal life than the sheets-status between the two partners.

Then again, it’s not as if she had to devote her entire existence to getting Brennan with Booth, and perhaps she understood that it had to happen at its own pace, despite what we all wanted. Perhaps she saw from both of them that mentioning it too much would make them each skittish. Or perhaps she just figured that after all these years, one or both of them wasn’t interested.

Either way, now she knows something we don’t know…and I couldn’t help wondering: Does she deserve that honor?

It’s always possible that Angela knows exactly what WE know…that nothing else happened between B&B except for what we saw. Or it’s possible that Brennan was vague, and Angela knows just slightly more than we do. But I don’t think so.

I’m jealous of Angela, I guess! But at this point, I don’t mind her knowing–if there is something to know. Well, I should say, I mostly don’t mind her knowing. If someone gets to know, I want that someone to be me is what I’m saying 😀 . If that person is not me, I’m okay with it being Angela. I pretty much want to know one way or the other (though with Bones…there’s almost never one way or the other, haha! Lots of possibilities, I suppose!). I also am interested to find out what Booth’s reaction might be if he finds out that Brennan told Angela. Did Angela tell her Vice-Shipper (Hodgins)? Will Sweets be bummed?

I’m not trying to get into the “what’s between us is ours” debate again… but I do wonder how the scene might have played out differently if it had been Sweets checking in with Booth in his office, and then Booth just tells him, “Bones got into my bed last night.” At which point, any person who attempted to interrupt that convo would be shooed away Hodgins-style (except maybe Caroline. Sweets never quite manages to shoo her away, haha, right?) I guess I can see it going that way too. What if Booth had told Caroline, and Sweets tried to interrupt? What if Brennan had confided in Max, and Angela tried to interrupt and Max shooed her away?

Is it significant, I guess is my question, that it’s Angela who was chosen, of all of the characters?


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67 thoughts on “Angela: Shipper-in-Chief Status Intact

  1. Was Angela chosen or was she in the right place at the right time? Did she ask the right question at the right time? In other words, would Brennan have offered the information if the conversation with Angela had been different? It seemed as if they had already had some interactions earlier that day, but the earlier conversation(s) did not prompt Brennan to share what happened with Booth.
    BTW, for Brennan it seems unlikely that anyone else in the lab could have prompted that admission. As Brennan’s best friend and someone who had always encouraged Brennan to pursue or let herself be caught by Booth, Angela was the only person at the lab that Brennan would be likely to share this information with.

  2. Brennan considers Angela to be her best friend (along with Booth) so IF Brennan and Booth did anything then Angela would be the one that Brennan would tell. We have seen over and over that Brennan is not really capable of keeping personal stuff a secret when it comes to Booth. She usually has to tell someone and in this case, Angela seems the logical choice. As a general rule, whenever Brennan needs to unload something from her mind, she seeks out Booth. If Booth is the subject, she seeks out Angela (most of the time). Right now, I don’t care if Angela knows more than we do. Right now we are having a lot of fun just speculating. It makes the show that much more interesting.

  3. Honestly, it was perfect the way it was. At the very beginning of the series we’ve seen Angela rooting for them. Brennan confiding in her brings back the true friendship that has always been there…a friendship that has not gotten the attention it deserves these past few seasons. The closest we got was Brennan telling Angela she was like a sister and congratulating her on her pregnancy.

    As far as I’m concerned, this character, relationship driven show took it back to its roots when Brennan confided to Angela and I loved it.

    I think that if it had gone any other way, I would have punched my TV. Had Booth gone to Sweets, I wouldn’t have bought it. We’ve always seen Booth as a very private man when it comes to matters of the heart and it almost bothered me greatly that he went to Sweets about Brennan’s confession. Yes, he was confused and I think that was initially why he shared what he did with Sweets. Still I felt that telling Sweets that was crossing a line.

    The way we saw Booth in this episode also went back to the shows roots. He’s strong, protective and quiet. He was like the Booth of the pilot and I was more than okay with that.

    Bottom line: loved it. Wouldn’t change a thing.

    • I could not agree with you more, Shep. I love what you said here about the Brennan/Angela relationship and about Booth. I adore what you said about Booth.

      In this episode, we really got to see Booth being, well, Boothy. He was, once again, the strong, silent, protective Alpha male. I could see the quiet man that Brennan toasted in Con Man. We’ve had glimpses of him this season, but in the midst of everything else going on, he hasn’t always been shining through.

      I’ve seen comments about Booth here and there where people are confused by the changes this episode and wondering what we had missed off-screen. I found myself puzzled by their puzzlement, because I think everything we need to know has been shown and that we haven’t missed anything where Booth is concerned.

  4. I think it was a combination of Angela being in the right place at the right time and asking Brennan the right question and also that Brennan considers Angela to be one of her best friends (Booth being the other). I think given these things it makes sense that Brennan told her whatever did or didn’t happen and I am okay with it in that context, as long as Angela doesn’t share it with anyone else as it is not her news to tell.
    As for Angela being shipper in chief, I feel she deserved the title for the first 41/2 seasons but not so much now, of course this could be do to my issues with Angela in general so I’ll just leave it at that.

  5. You know, your post brought up an interesting idea in my head. Angela, as Brennan’s best friend, is her go-to for emotional chats (when Booth’s not available or if its about Booth haha) but who does Booth have? He initially was not fond of the squints, but he has embraced them as part of his team, he trusts them, and they are “Booth’s people” now. But we also know he has not been close to all of them (Zack, “the English squintern”, etc.) He has had some screen time with Hodgins but they aren’t like buddies that hang out. Booth’s most meaningful conversations that we’ve seen are with Gordon Gordon and now Sweets. I’d say that now, Sweets is Booth’s “Angela”. I would love to see a scene where Sweets calls Booth to his office to explain his new relationship with Brennan. It’ll blow little Sweets’ mind I think 

    But, to answer your question(s), I don’t think Booth would be mad/upset with Brennan sharing with Angela. He knows they are best friends, and as close as the team is anyway, and how intuitive Angela is, she will find out sooner than later. Will Sweets be bummed that Angela knows? Maybe a little bit as a psychologist he would just want to know, but he’d also understand about Brennan/Angela’s friendship. I do believe that Sweets will also find out due to his nature of just reading people, and hopefully a male bonding moment with Booth! Will Angela tell Hodgins? Not yet, but I think at some point she will. Is it significant that Angela was chosen? Um…not super significant beyond the fact that Angela is her BFF, we needed a good BFF moment between them, and Angela’s always been the one encouraging her to get a ticket for that ride. So it just makes sense to me.

    • So I don’t feel mad at Booth for talking to Sweets about Brennan’s confession. I don’t think it was crossing a line necessarily since I think Booth was not talking as a patient of Sweets’ but as a friend. Booth might not admit it, but I think he has formed an attachment to Sweets, and values his thoughts. Sweets might be the baby duck, but they’ve all imprinted on each other by this point. So if Sweets is truly Booth’s “Angela” then I’m not feeling mad/disappointed at sharing things with each other.

  6. Perhaps the controversial question Seels is not directly asking is, based upon the way some have felt about Booth this season, would we feel differently if we had viewed a scene between Booth and Sweets instead of Brennan and Angela?

    Or perhaps I am simply the one stirring up trouble. This is probably the truer statement.

    At any rate – the fact that Angela handled it so nicely has restored some of my faith in her. Everyone needs a friend beyond his/her partner to share things, right?

    • I think that we did not even have a chance to have a Booth/Sweets scene because at this point, Brodsky was still on this loose. Booth had a job to do. For the same reason that I am on “Team Didn’t”, I am also thinking this was not the time and place for Booth to be confessing anything to anyone. He had to have a focused mind, but anything relationshippy on the back burner, and get his man. Sniper wise that is. 🙂 So while we may see Booth talking to Sweets later, now is not the time. But I am curious to see what Sweets does if given this information…like as in the 100th when finding out they’d kissed. haha His reaction was priceless!

  7. Well history has shown that when Brennan wants to talk about personal things like relationships she either talks to Booth or to Anglea. Since this involves Booth she decided to open up to Angela, but only after Angela expressed an interest in what was going on with her. I don’t know if she would have sought Angela out if she hadn’t asked the questions. So I think it was a case of the right person asking the right questions at the right time.

    I was happy to see Angela acting like a true friend again. There have been times over the past couple of seasons that I haven’t been too happy with her, and have felt she wasn’t the best friend that Brennan could have. She did go a ways in redeeming herself in this episode. I thought she did act like a true friend.

    Now as for as for the question about if Brennan had told someone else, of if Booth had told someone. It probably wouldn’t have been as alright, but it just wouldn’t have been the same circumstances.

  8. Although it drives me crazy to wait, I’m glad it was Angela. Guys just don’t go around admitting stuff like that, not unless directly asked, usually.

    Booth himself said it before, Angela can smell relationships, so I don’t think he’d be mad.

    I’m leaning more and more towards them just saying we’re ready or I love you, no sex, yet. 😉

  9. I think Angela was the logical choice of someone to confide in for Brennan. I can’t think of anyone else she would go to.

    But I really can’t compare Brennan telling Angela about getting into bed with Booth with Booth betraying Brennan’s confidence by exposing her to Hannah. That’s different even than telling Sweets – the one was seeking advice, the other was laying someone bare in front of, virtually, a stranger. No comparison.

    And you guys are starting to talk me into Team Didn’t, so stop it. You’re killing my buzz!!! 🙂

    • Aw no not a buzz kill. Even if they didn’t (which I believe is the case) something great still happened. From all appearances they are now in a place they’ve never been before, and that is a really good thing.

    • Aw…and here I thought that I was the only one around here still on the “something happened and it definitely could have been sex” train.

  10. I really don’t see Brennan confiding in anyone else in the lab but Angela. And that I was glad to see– it matters little to me that Angela knows something that we don’t know. The way it was handled was tasteful given just how traumatic VNM’s death was to Brennan.

    While Booth might confide in Sweets, I’m not convinced that Sweets would be super supportive of a B&B relationship. When Booth was with Hannah, Sweets kept bringing up “what about Dr. Brennan?” but since her dismissal, he seems to be questioning Brennan. Certainly the circumstances have called for him to question Brennan, but I’m wondering that if Angela is speaking for the audience in her desire to find out what happened with B&B in Booth’s bed, if Sweets is also a kind of audience voice questioning her heart, questioning if she’s ready for Booth.

    Sweets also has the interests of the FBI to think of and until we know where he really stands, his “knowing” can cast a cloud over their relationship. I’m not sure Booth would go to Sweets although it might be a good counterpoint to all the interactions they had this season regarding Booth’s relationships with B & H. But I’m much happier to see her interact with Angela because we know we’re on firmer ground with her. Despite everything, she’s a romantic who shows she’s got Brennan’s best interests in mind. Sweets has two loyalties that could upset the delicate balance.

    • I agree with you that Sweets loyalty is split. He works for the FBI and Booth is well aware that Sweets could cause trouble with their partnership if and when he finds out. I still maintain that all Brennan has to do is say that she will not work with anyone else but Booth and the FBI will cave on the issue. Even if the FBI threatens her because of contract issues, Brennan is quite capable of getting her way. She is a genius and would think of something to keep Booth as her partner at work and in life.

      • I remember Hacker saying he gave himself a permission slip, so to speak, to date Brennan. Maybe that’s all B&B would have to do – get permission.

        You know, if they really end up in a relationship.


      • I agree the show has created enough wiggle room to restore the partnership if it were ever disrupted– Hacker’s permission, Brennan’s expertise, their success rate, etc. Conflict makes story so it makes sense that something might become a bump in the road for the partners when they become a couple. Sweets could become the bump in the road– he’s been a speed bump several times along the way as it is. (I’m not trying to be a nattering nabob of negativity, I’m just onto the tricks.) Angela might be the ultimate shipper, and we’ve been given a number of clues from people that they’re in B&B’s court– Cam, GG, Clark, even Sweets, so the idea that someone or something conspires against them and tries to pull them apart makes story. (It’s very anti-shipper, isn’t it?)

        I do think that we’re in for more Angela/Brennan interactions next season to help support the couple. And who else would we want?

  11. Loved the scene between Brennan and Angela. They may not talk as much as they used to, but they still share the big stuff (Angela told Brennan she was pregnant before she told Hodgins in Mastodon) and so I wasn’t surprised that Brennan confided in Angela. I am curious about whether or not Angela “already knew” about the conversation B&B had at the end of Blizzard though. For some reason I feel like that should be a significant piece of the puzzle.

    As far as Booth is concerned, I don’t really see him admitting anything to anybody, but if he did, it would definitely be Sweets (assuming Sweets didn’t figure out that something was different between B&B on his own first). I do agree with what BB said about Booth being in sniper mode though. While I don’t think that fact would have necessarily prevented sex the night before (as my husband pointed out, John Connor was conceived while the Terminator was after his parents), once Booth was back on the case the next day, he wasn’t going to allow his focus to be swayed. I’m not sure what to think about that pensive look on his face prior to Agent Shaw coming into his office to tell him Leishinger’s boss was in the interrogation room, but from then on out, he was definitely in the zone.

  12. And to think at the time I was a GG/Sweets voter…Well, I still love GG, but Sweets messing-with-your-head-all-season-long approach made me more than a little annoyed, though GG would still have my vote. But you go girl, Ange! I think that know that she knows, she’s going to prove herself an invaluable asset in the B/B relationship, whatever it is (and I’m still on team did, btw…not that it would matter either way.) In fact, not only was I annoyed at Sweets, I actually don’t want him anywhere near B/B with his probing, disturbing questions. I want unqualified, whole-hearted support, and I believe Angela is perfect in that role. For Sweets-lovers, please take no offence; I actually like Sweets, it’s just he’s been kind of a nudge lately when it comes to B/B.

    Besides, as AmandaFriend pointed out, Sweets might be put on the spot if he finds out about the relationship too soon and B/B would be aware of that. Sweets is ethically beholden to the FBI (though not above helping Dasiy cheat on her test, btw), and my guess is that there are rules against going out with your partner. Not that Brennan couldn’t ultimately get around that, but I think it will be a last-resort kind of thing. If Booth tells anyone at all (which I think he won’t), I would be happy if it was Cam. She really cares for him as a friend, and I think she would be overjoyed for him without being a pest. My guess though, is that he won’t tell but Cam (or whoever) will find out because when it comes to his Brennan, our Booth is a pretty transparent guy. Anyone looking at that last scene in Hole could have seen Booth’s heart brimming with happiness when Brennan took his arm. And Angela, I could totally see her not telling Hodgins right away. I think of her as kind of a girl’s girl and I believe that she would try to keep Brennan’s confidence to herself, at least for a little while. In any event I would like her to try, because Hodgins is SO not discreet…

    • Maria, I definitely don’t take offense…I’ve felt the same things too…but after Mayhem on a Cross…I don’t know, it just changed everything for me on how I view Sweets. Though he can be annoying, so can Brennan, so can Angela (the sweetie thing grates on my nerves sometimes! haha)…so I forgive his annoying tendencies. I guess after MonC, I just see him as this kind of lost soul trying to fit in, and he does provide helpful consultations and interrogations that help crack cases. His character is there for a reason, and no matter if we like how he goes about it (not telling Brennan about Booth’s staged death, pushing Booth in ep 100), we do get interesting results that do bring out emotions and actions in our characters.

      • I totally agree with you that his character most definitely serves a purpose on the show. And normally, I don’t mind a little shaking up because Booth and Brennan often need some pushing. It’s just that I don’t want him messing with them right at the beginning. I’d love to see his reaction when he does find out though; especially if he feels that he missed the clues. Besides, wouldn’t it be just a little bit fun to see B/B dodging his questions for a while?

      • Maria, I would love to see them trying to hide a relationship. They would be terrible at it and it would be hilarious to keep seeing them deny something everyone else knows is going on. Brennan is terrible at lying and when it comes to Brennan, Booth can’t seem to keep his feelings hidden.

      • You guys are definitely onto something! It reminds me of the fun they had at Sweets’ expense when he was asking them if he could study their dynamic:
        Booth: I just think he doesn’t want to admit that he likes us.
        Brennan: Do you like us?
        Sweets: What?
        Booth: And he wants to spend time with us.
        Brennan: Is that true, Sweets? You like us?
        Booth and Brennan: [singing] He really likes us.
        Sweets: All right, you know what? I’m sorry I made the offer. I take it back. Forget it!

        I can sooo imagine the fun they could have messing with him! haha

  13. Just incase you missed it:

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    THURSDAY (Fall)
    8 p.m. The X Factor results show
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    8PM: THE X FACTOR Results Show
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  14. I voted for Angela before. I really loved her reaction to Brennan’s revelation and her special smiles later on. I think that made it more exciting, too. I think she’s always wanted them together, but she also knew she didn’t have all the answers on relationships based on their conversation about “belonging” in “The Predator in the Pool.” Also, there’s only so much she could do or say, because Booth and Brennan are grown adults and ultimately it’s up to them what they decide to be. But she’s thrilled because she wants Brennan to be happy, safe, and loved, and thinks Booth is the one to provide that.

  15. I’m glad Angela knows. I always liked it when Angela and Brennan have their “girl talk”. I think her reaction was perfect!! 🙂 🙂 If she didn’t deserve to know before, she did after reacting the way she did!! Maybe that’s why Brennan told her so much. The only downside of this is Brennan breaking the “what goes on between us should be ours” code but I’m not gonna sweat over that too much. It makes good sense that Brennan would tell her since Angela’s really her “friend” and not just a co-worker (although I like to think they’re all one big happy family).

    Oh. And I think technically Booth was the one that invited Brennan to sit on the bed. But I mean…who’s keeping score anyway?? Just sayin’ 😛 *wink wink*

    Can’t wait for next week.

    • I guess “technically” he pulled her over there, but she breached the doorway and came into the bedroom all on her own! He slept in a different room with the door shut and would have stayed so all night if she hadn’t come in. She comes in crying, in his sweatshirt *swoon!* and just stands there, the guy can only take so much! He’s gotta try and comfort her. But even then, that’s as far as he goes. He would’ve let her get up and go back to the couch. But no, she leans into him and is asking to be held. Which obviously he doesn’t mind doing, but I would still say she initates the situation by first coming into his bedroom, and then leaning into him. Which, I love.

  16. After all is said and done, I want to see Max’s reaction the next time he sees Booth and Brennan together. He seems to have a sixth sense about people, like Booth does. Booth and Brennan can deny that things have changed between them all they want to Max; but, Max will see through them immediately. HH, I really want to see that scene played on screen not just mentioned later. Max is a huge shipper ( I think a bigger shipper that Angela) and I think he would be really smug about the whole thing.

    • Yes, I’m looking forward to their next interaction with Max. Booth and Max certainly have a unique relationship.

  17. Okay sorry if I repeat what anyone has already said but i haven’t been able to read all the comments.
    I think that it makes sense that Brennan told Angela, whatever happened, whether it was just cuddling or more. Brennan and Angela are BBF’s after all :D. The kind of friends you fly across the country to the middle of the desert for, the kind for whom you order your ‘just partner’ to fly across the country for. I think we don’t get to see that many Brennan and Angela moments now because they both have gotten entangled with the men in their life (obviously Hodgins and Booth), but there is alot in Bones world that we don’t see on screen. Although I am concerned that there hasn’t been even one convo between them about the baby being potentially blind when it obvious that even all the squinterns also know about this. I hope we see some resolution of that. Bottom line, whatever happened I’m glad that Angela knows and I don’t think that Brennan would have told anyone. I also don’t think Angela told Hodgins, at least not within the time frame of the episode.
    I don’t think Booth would be upset if Angela knew, as long as she wasn’t squealing and spreading the news.

    • I was very touched when Hodgins mentioned that VNM had given him a list of other things that had a 1-in-4 chance of happening. Little comments like that (or mentions of Booth and Parker swimming in Brennan’s pool, etc.) flesh out the characters for me. They’re glimpses of the lives we don’t get to see, hints of what goes on behind closed doors, so to speak.

      I appreciate them all. They give me the warm fuzzies.

  18. It had to be Angela. Brennan was the one who initiated it, she was the one who made the move, she had the right to brag to her bestfriend that she did something bold and out of Charecter. However i was dissapontd by her reaction. I would have preferred her to have been silent for longer but i guess there timing issues! lol

    Booth has Cam, if he should talk to anyone about this i think it should be her, they are old friends. she is all sentemetal and musshy at heart in my opinion. she would have a better reaction to the news.

    I think it would be most entertaining to have sweets not know for a considerable amount of time… it could lead to really humourous diologe. and maybe code-names, it could be a running joke that the phychiatrist cant see whats right in front of him. and then after a while pretending he doesnt know to save there jobs.

  19. From will they or won’t they to did they or didn’t they. I guess if it’s anyone, I’m sort of glad it’s Angela, although I am with the group that thinks Angela hasn’t been the greatest best friend lately.

  20. I’m camp No They Didn’t. Everyone already said what I would say except this:

    Nobody shoos Caroline. No one. They can try, if they have a death wish, but it would be unwise and unsuccessful.

  21. First up, my apologies, Sarah, if this is considered hijacking today’s post topic, but something has really been bugging me since I first saw it mentioned on Friday and I just have to ask: What’s up with the assumption that B&B are now an official couple (and I am not being snarky, I am genuinely curious)? From where I’m standing, and considering everything that’s happened to get us to this point, that is the LAST thing we should be assuming right now. The truth is that we don’t know WHAT went down in that bedroom (and yes, I think that SOMETHING – whether it was sex or some sort of additional conversation about the state of their relationship – happened), or for that matter how either Booth or Brennan really felt about it in the aftermath. I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade or anything, but…

    I get that Brennan’s arm tuck at the end of the episode seemed very couple-y, but the comparison has already been drawn to the 100th episode (same trench coat, same action) and, well, that’s just not the scene I think of when I think couple. I guess what I’m saying is that we really didn’t see anything in The Hole in the Heart that we haven’t already seen before. It’s like Angela said – B&B were a couple before, they just weren’t having sex.

    So where’s the proof that anything has changed? I’m not saying it hasn’t, I’m just saying that if we can’t assume sex happened, then we can’t assume anything else happened either.

    Like I said, I’m not trying to be rude or rain on anybody’s parade, I’m just really, really curious.

    • Rats. That last part doesn’t make sense. I guess I should have said if we can’t assume they had sex, then we can’t assume they’re an official couple either.

      • for me, it wasn’t just the arm tuck. It was the way Booth looked down at her arm as she took his. The way they looked at each other when Brennan arrived at Vincent’s “memorial”. The fact that Booth was so calm and certain that she would be there. “she said she’d be here, she’ll be here”, or something to that effect.

        And the looks Brennan and Angela exchanged after Brennan announced that Broadsky had been captured – and the look Angela gives the two of them at the memorial.

        To me, I see a bridge having been crossed. Perhaps I will get my heart broken on Thursday (or Wednesday, if my Canadian friends spill the beans) but I think they are together.

      • To me it was the absolute calm that Booth had in the last scene. Like Barbara said, he was so calm when he assured everyone that Brennan would be there. When is the last time we have seen Booth not fidget waiting for Brennan. Usually, he kind of looks around for her or plays with his dice or lighter; but not this time. His hands were in his pockets and he just seemed to be waiting. The look he gave Brennan when she tucked her arm with his just seemed to be couple like also. Of course, some of us may be way off; but, it is fun thinking about it. It sure beats the grumbling we were doing at the beginning of the season. I’ll take happy speculation over anger any day.

    • Stephanie, I definitely understand where you are coming and I agree with you. Assuming they are going to be an official couple now is like assuming they went for it at Booth’s place. We don’t yet know anything for sure. I don’t want to try to speak for everyone, but I think most people are just having fun speculating the “what ifs” that this episode left us with. I am firmly in “Team Didn’t” as far as the late night cuddle session…but as far as coupledom…I truly don’t know. Although the arm holding is the most public display between them (that wasn’t undercover), it really doesn’t signify anything. I’m hoping they illuminate that a bit more on Thursday!! Really hoping its squee-worthy!

    • Steph, I’m with you on this one.

      I’m firmly on Team Didn’t. Like you, I think that something of significance occurred between Booth and Brennan concerning their relationship. What that is, I could probably speculate on all evening. No matter what it is, it clearly means something to Brennan. That said, however, I think that jumping to the conclusion that they are now an official couple is ill-advised… especially since HH seems to be a card-carrying member of the Evil League of Evil. (And I mean that in the nicest way possible. 😉 )

      The arm tuck and the smile are, as you say, very “couple-y”, but it’s also just plain old Booth and Brennan-y. They did the arm tuck at the end of Proof in the Pudding, which was pre-100. But everyone seems to remember the one in 100 because it’s so iconic. And there are a laundry list of times when Booth has draped his arm across her shoulders, which could also be perceived as “couple-y”.

      As to your question about proof that anything has changed, I believe something has. With the exception of the hug in Mastodon, and the touching that happened in the elevator in Blizzard, they’ve spent all season barely touching, and being jumpy around each other. Just the fact that they are clearly comfortable in each others space again is significant for their relationship, whatever direction that relationship may take from here.

      For me, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, I believe that the arm tuck and smile are an indicator that Booth and Brennan have come back to the center and the center is holding again.

      • Jade-
        It’s kind of funny, because if I had to pick between the two “teams” – I’d be on team did, although my reasoning for thinking they could have had sex that night is probably different from most people’s. As it is, I prefer to try and walk the line between “sex happened” and “something else significant happened.” Unless HH is both evil and a masochist, that clock meant something…which leads me to the conclusion that it couldn’t have been nothing. That being said, I can see sex happening in a moment of great emotion before I can see them sit up in bed together at 5 o’clock in the morning, in said overly emotional state, and have a rational conversation about the status of their relationship.

        I certainly agree that they seem to have found their center again – but as I said before, the only thing it seems like we can say for sure is that they’re back to where they were before. I’d love it if they were more, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were, but a jump of that magnitude is something I’d rather see solid evidence of before I assume it happened.

      • LOL! Steph it is quite possible that HH is both evil and a masochist and is tucked away in his evil lair reading fan debates and cackling with glee… 😉 (Props to Shep for that mental image in her post from last Friday; I can’t get it out of my head.)

        That said, you raise an excellent point about the clock. Dammit. 😉 I totally overlooked the clock after my initial thought of “HH you’re an evil genius”.

        I guess I now find myself firmly on “Team Didn’t… or Did They…?” I hate waffling, but I can see both sides of the argument.

        On one hand, because I’m stubborn, I’m holding firmly to my thought that she cried herself to sleep in his arms and he stayed awake holding her and thinking. Then, in the morning, or rather later on in the morning, after the emotional storm had passed, they had breakfast and made some promises that once Broadsky was dead or behind bars, they would have A TALK.

        On the other hand, in the aftermath of what happened with VNM and the reality that it could have been either one of them, I can see where riding the emotional wave and having sex is plausible. I just really don’t want that to be the case, because then that opens up a whole new can of worms with the potential for: “we crossed a line” or “were we ready for that?” or “insert other drama here”.

        Maybe it’s selfish of me as a viewer, but I don’t want sex between Booth and Brennan to have the potential to be another piece of baggage sitting on the floor between them. The hopeless romantic in me wants their physical relationship to be breaking the laws of physics and magic and everything else Booth has told her it can be between two people.

        The realist in me does not have any expectations that sex will then pave their winding and rocky road together with gumdrops and sunshine. Even after their relationship is consummated, it won’t be flowers and rainbows and butterflies all the time. They will have their struggles. I’d be disappointed if they didn’t. That just isn’t who they are and it isn’t what this show is about. They are two very strong-willed, stubborn people and they work in high stress, demanding jobs. They are going to have their problems. And I am okay with that. I just don’t want their physical relationship to add to the drama; it would be way too soap opera-y.

      • I can’t reply to below, but I guess I wanted to comment on the bed scene.

        I have a really hard time believing that Brennan would be that smiley over a talk coming up. I’m not sure they had sex, but it had to be something BIG to make her gushy like that… she’s not one to express an emotion involving Booth in such a big way.

      • Jade-
        Hmmm…maybe I’M the masochist because I really think I’d be okay with sex between them opening up a whole new can of worms, provided of course, that they actually tried to talk through the issue instead of sweeping it under the rug and pretending like it never happened. Talk about awkward! But provided there’s still forward movement, I think it could work. You know, shake things up a little bit, release some tension, then when cooler heads prevail, sort through everything like two rational adults. Horrible idea? Oh well, I tried.

        Seriously though, I have no doubt that sex between them, under any circumstances, would be pretty special (you know, with all Brennan’s talk about stamina and whatnot ;)). The bottom line for me is that I just don’t see sex as equal to commitment (which is how I can see them having sex but still not being a couple). You can have sex in a committed relationship, but it’s not the sex that makes the commitment, know what I mean? Between the two of them, at this point, yeah, sex would inevitably open that door, but they still have to decide (together) to walk through it.

      • Okay, Steph, the proverbial light bulb has turned on. 😉

        Maybe instead of the question being exclusively “did they/didn’t they?” it now has the addendum of, or has changed to, “if they’ve been a couple without having sex; can they have sex without being a couple?” and “if they have had sex, does that mean they are a couple?”

        Putting it the way you have, if the can o’ worms that got opened, upon reflection, yeah, I guess I would be okay with it too. Providing that, as you said, it didn’t get swept under the rug and was actually dealt with. Because dealing with it like adults would certainly be something that hasn’t happened on TV before. Or if it has, it’s been on a show I haven’t been watching. 😛

        Up to now, Brennan’s philosophy has been “sex ain’t love” (to quote the song title). And Booth’s philosophy has been that it’s kinda like pizza, even when it’s crappy, it’s still pretty good, but he’d prefer the good stuff. And sex between them is definitely going to complicate things. So watching them go from “just partners” to “OMG so that’s what breaking the laws of physics is like?” to “okay, so what’s next?” and “where do we stand?” and “where do we go from here?” I can see that happening, and I think watching them figure THAT out would be quite a lot of fun.

        Double dammit… now I’m not sure what team I’m on… :p

        I Think I’ll go with “Team Is It Thursday Yet?” 😉

      • Amen! I’ll join that team! 🙂

      • Okay, I wouldn’t have minded one way or another, either, except they already brought it up in BitB. They weren’t quite sure how to answer the “Then what?” question, so they were holding off to be ready, I thought. So if they didn’t figure out it, and they did it anyway, I’m thinking what was the point in waiting? I guess either way, they have something to figure out.

        I’m definitely on “Team Is It Thursday Yet?”.

      • If there is such a team, I’m really on the “I’m glad something good came out of this” team. I can see both sides of did they/didn’t they, but I’m leaning toward didn’t because their coming together should be a choice out of love or desire and not just comfort. It complicates the complicated even more. But I didn’t write the scene, I have no real inside info and aliens have not taken over my brain, so who knows? I like how the show handled it– tastefully. Angela’s joy can mean so much– and I, for one, am grateful that we got that much: hope. Hope took a beating this season and I’m just glad it’s back.

  22. At the moment this conversation was taking place on my television on thursday, I definitely shrieked at the show to take the camera back to the Brennan/Angela conversation…. but, upon reflection I decided that in the grander sceme of Bones, it’s alright that Angela knows before I do.

    I often feel like Brennan and Angela have ‘girl talk’ conversations that they just don’t have time to show us all in our 40 minute a week glimpse into the Bones world. I like to think that Angela knows pretty much everything that’s going on with Brennan as the ‘best girl-friend’. Definitely on those nights when Angela’s helping Brennan with her books… I can just see them drinking wine, talking about sex and men…of course Booth would come up, right?

    I don’t have much real evidence, but in Harbingers in a Fountain, it really seemed to me that Brennan had confided in Angela about how Booth thought he was married to Brennan. Though, at the same time, I found it interesting that Angela was not told about Brennan writing a pregnancy into the book…

    Other times I think it’s perhaps a mix of conversations and Angela’s intuition…. like in The Mastadon in the Room when she immediately sees Brennan’s feelings for Booth even when Brennan’s not exactly voicing them. I’ve always thought that Angela has been more aware of Brennan’s feelings for Booth than Booth himself was. Of course that’s not the case anymore, but I believe it was in past seasons.

    I do think it was the right choice for Angela to be the chosen confidante in Hole in the Heart… I can’t see it being anyone else besides her.

  23. I still dislike Angela….with a passion.

    Honestly i don’t think there’s anything Hart can do to make me truly love her again…from the beginning of S4 i realised just how selfish and self centered she actually is (and i actually had a epiphany moment last night. I realised she’s actually been that way since S2, i just didn’t realise it!). So maybe it’s not Hart or Angelas fault? Maybe i just wanted there to be more to her than there is?

    Who knows….but what i think in regards to Angela being that person told is that, for me, they have been trying to back track with her character for a while. They’ve failed but they’ve tried. And giving Angela this ‘honor’ (if that’s what it is…depending on how it goes it could be a curse) is another way to say ‘Look….she is a good friend, see!!! Brennan thinks so too!’. Redeeming her in a way…but if you like her you won’t see it that way which is cool too.

    But I am right….as always! LOL J/K 😉

  24. I’ve said for a long time that I had stopped looking at Angela as Bones’ BFF…that Booth had replaced her in the department (yes…even after what happened this year) …which is one reason I would cringe when people wanted to see a Bones/Angela conversation. I can’t go to a back story to fill in the holes of what may/may not have occurred between Angela and Bones. If it’s not there for me to see or hear…then I can’t fill in a story to make me feel better. So…the writers using Angela to reveal a confession from Bones….while I was happy to see something…I didn’t think more of Angela because she was chosen to be the one to “know” what happened. Shipper she may be…but they reduced this role a while back….especially when she got involved with her own life. Although, as Angelena said, Bones would never have said this to anyone else. So…someone had to be used in this fashion to progress the story. They isolated Bones to such a degree that the only person she could talk to was Angela.

  25. ..well…sometimes fanfic can fill in the holes…sometimes….

  26. I don’t have to like Angela to consider a shipper. She doesn’t even have to be the bestest friend on earth. But she has been the most vocal in voicing her thoughts about Brennan and Booth. It’s no mystery that she roots for the two of them to get together. She’s more prone to get up in their business, too. I still think they are friends, but maybe not how they used to be. She had her own relationship issues, and now she’s more focused on her family. It’s not a bad thing; it’s life. I’m single, but dynamics change whenever one of my friends gets married. I had a hard time liking Angela for a few seasons, to be honest, so I’m not just trying to defend a beloved character of mine. I’ve been able to tolerate her a lot more in a stable relationship with Hodgins, though.

    • C-bones, I think you phrased my current feelings about Angela perfectly! I too have been able to tolerate Angela A LOT more since she and Hodgins got married. Before it was always incessant “sweetie”s, constant talk of her having sex, then not having sex, then forcing Hodgins into multiple proposals because they weren’t right enough, then the weird exhusband thing, then Wendell (????), then Wendell and Hodgins talking about how she’s the best person they’ve ever met and people that date her get better by just knowing her…I flat out didn’t get her character, though her BFF moments with Brennan were good. But after reconnecting with Hodgins, entering a stable, committed relationship…I have been actually liking her more and more! And they hit just the right note in this episode with her. Supportive wife to Hodgins, then making Hodgins leave the room, then the Brennan moments, it was just right. I’m liking this version of Angela much more than the first 4-ish seasons 🙂

      • We are in total agreement, then, because those are the reasons why I wasn’t really feeling her character. Although the “sweetie” thing doesn’t bother me. I think I really started to give up on her when she made Hodgins propose several times. I mean, if you’re gonna marry the man, just say yes! I never thought she was a terrible person, and I still think she’s good at heart. I guess I’m nothing like her, so it makes it hard to relate to her when I don’t understand her.

  27. I just have to add: if Brennan keeps taking Booth’s arm like that and Booth keeps having that crooked smile on his face when she does, it isn’t going to be a secret for very long. 😉

  28. I’m ok with Angie knowing something that I don’t. For me, she has been the ‘chorus’ in this show – voicing the opinion of the audience. eg ‘you were a couple just without sex’, and then ‘and there’s no chance with Booth, right’ (in relation to potential sex with Hacker – eww!). And countless others I’m sure.

    She’s the first of the group (including us) to find out, and that is brilliant writing and plot development in my eyes – create an even tighter bond between us and the rest of the gang.

    IMO, Booth would never have told Sweets – bc what’s between them is theirs. Yes, I know what he did ‘back then’, but compare that Booth to this Booth. He was so calm at the end of this latet ep – all is right in his world, so he doesn’t need to share. Back then he was a mess, and whilst it might seem as a betrayal to Bren, I see it as a desperate act of blabbing from someone who is messed up. When Booth is happy, he is confident and sure and doesn’t need to talk. Bren, on the other hand, is being a woman. We share. We confide. And who better than to one of her closest friends who has been rooting for them all along.

    Whenever I watch that scene, I expect to hear a ‘squeeeee’ from Angie as Hodgins is heading towards Cam. I am just waiting for the camera to go back to that convo. Brilliant editing.

    As an aside – THANKYOU Canada! I’ll be watching from my humbe Aussie abode at Thursday lunchtime rather than Friday because of you 🙂

  29. First thing: this has been a super thought-provoking discussion for me! A lot of things being talked about that I’ve never considered before–always good times. Moving on…

    I really want to speak to the whole Angela-as-best-friend issue for a minute. I agree that more Brennan-Angela-friendly moments would be enjoyable, but I don’t think a lack of them constitutes Angela being demoted necessarily. I think a lot of the sort of…pull-back on the Angela-Brennan relationship has been completely valid and acceptable within the confines of the story. Angela’s status as best friend seems to have given way to Booth, but if we’re going along with Angela’s couple-minus-sleeping-together idea, then doesn’t that make sense? I mean, of course, regardless of romantic relationships and what not, a woman needs her girl friends, but to an extent, doesn’t a natural distance come in? It doesn’t make the two women any less friends; it just means they don’t have the same time on their hands for the other that they used to. And Angela, I mean, if there’s any excuse for being focused on your own life and problems as opposed to your best friend’s, it’s that you have a child growing inside of you, as much as I found the pregnancy plot a little bit overkilled. Anyway, all I’m saying is that they can be–and I believe still are–best friends even if other aspects of their personal lives have crowded the other out a little bit. I know for myself there are certain girls who, regardless of how much time has passed, will pick right back up with me where we left off. Okay, end rant. Sorry about that!

    All that isn’t to say that I’m the biggest fan of Angela ever or anything–I mean, I love her, but I have all my little bones to pick with her as much as with anyone on the show. But I was pretty happy for Angela that she got sort of the BFF-gossip pay-off before anyone else. I’m with you, Sarah–wish it had been me, haha. But if not me, then Angela suits me better than anyone else on the show. To me, Angela has just always been about Brennan, has always been for Brennan. Looking back through this season, and the subsequent ones, I think Angela was for Brennan and Booth being together way less because it would be awesome, and way more because it would be so good for Brennan. She shipped them for Brennan’s sake, not for the sake of…them. Does that make sense? She wanted them together because as a best friend, she could see that Booth would be good for Brennan. And that’s why she backed so far off early-on this season, because Taken-Booth would not be good for Brennan. And now that Booth is back on the market, she’s back on board the Shipper…Ship? Haha.

    So I think it’s fitting and nice that Angela gets to be privy to it–all she’s ever wanted is for Brennan to experience happiness, and love, and life, and family, and now she gets to see her best friend on what could potentially be the first step to all of that, and with Booth, no less, which makes it so much better. What doesn’t Booth make better? But what I mean is I think it’s sweet that Angela, who’s been such a friend to Brennan (imperfectly as she may have been), can share in this…utterly unexperienced excitement in Brennan’s life. Brennan’s never done this before–has never wanted whatever this is before–but Angela’s wanted it for her for…forever it seems, and so I’m happy for Angela that she gets to be a part of it. Maybe it’s an audience surrogate thing again, haha–my face sure looked like Angela’s “What happened?!?!” face during the bed scene, and here’s to hoping we’ll get to grin the same way Angela does for the rest of the episode. 🙂

    • whoa. Um…long. 🙂

    • yes! I agree – Angela decided not to ‘take a ride’ on the Booth train(oh God…that sounds so wrong…again…) back in season 1 and has wanted him for Bren the whole time. She deserves to be privy to whatever happens. I love her stand back and watch/smile knowingly approach. nice, subtle, appropriate. She is so rapt that her friend can finally have what she deserves. And yes, ANgie is definitely our surrogate. SHe reacted exactly how we would – including kicking out her husband so she could find out the goss. What a girl!

      • Angela might have focused on her own problematic love life and treated the men in her life with some disdain, she has mostly been a voice of reason for Brennan. The exchanged looks between them suggests that something significant has happened between the Bs. The look that Brennan gives her after finding out that Booth got Brodsky seems almost to be one of “oh, this doesn’t fix everything, there’s so much that still needs to be done.”

        Or not. Ask 20 people about the significance of Booth looking out the window before he talks to the trucking boss and you’ll get 20 different suggestions. Angela once said that she was “addicted to chaos” and has shown that in her love life. While she’s very settled now, she still would have offered Brennan some advice that might have ignored some of the crap between the Bs and told her to go for it and allow time and intimacy to help sort out the mess. Whatever did or did not happen, Angela not only reflects the audience’s need to know, she’s encouraging to her friend, certainly something Brennan would need especially as they all realize that Booth’s in danger.

        I think we “missed” a significant talk between Brennan and Angela earlier in the season, something probably never filmed/presented because of time, but we know that Angela advised her to “move on.” It’s what friends do– sometimes tell you something you need to hear even when it is not what you want to do. Angela’s been that for Brennan, a voice of reason this season. Even if nothing happened beyond comfort and a step toward a relationship, it’s not farfetched to have had something like this happen in the bone room:

        Angela: That’s good, right?
        Brennan: Yes.
        Angela: Then trust in it. You trust Booth, don’t you?
        Brennan: Yes.
        Angela: Then take the chance. You know more than anyone how quickly a person can lose that chance.

  30. I think Angela is the only one Brennan could have shared her news with and Brennan seemed almost bursting to talk about it once she got started. I am glad Angela is able to share in her happiness. Brennan really deserves a good female friend.

    I doubt Booth would be bothered by it. If he was, he would not have been so willing to let Brennan take his arm at the end, even though only Angela witnessed it. Maybe I am reading too much into the ending but I took that as a couple kind of thing — not really a public display of affection but a confidence that ‘we are in this together’ kind of way. Sweets has been too unreliable a friend/therapist for Booth to have told him. I agree he would be more likely to go to GG or even Cam before Sweets. I don’t think Booth has the need to share what happened yet as there is probably not all that much to tell — yet.

  31. I absolutely loved the scene where Brennan told Angela she and Booth had slept together (ah, you know what I mean, I don’t think they had sex). I kind of always felt like Angela is our voice, the fans’ voice, on the show, you know? And in this scene Angela was definitely voicing my own feelings. I laughed so hard, it was perfect. Isn’t that exactly how any of us would react if Brennan told us about this?

    Basically, I think she deserves the honor of being the one who knows because she is the Queen of all shippers. Even when Booth had just been dumped by Hannah she talked to him about finding someone else (ahem, Bones), and that is more than even I would do in that situation because through the whole Hannah arc I wanted to puke all over Booth (sorry but it’s true). Even now, I feel bad about the whole Hannah relationship and proposal. I still think Booth and Brennan need to talk about it some more, he needs to admit how incredibly thoughtless the whole thing was.

    OK, got a little bit off topic but go Angela! 🙂

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