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Top Five Tuesday: Dazzle Me This


“The answer to the question that you’re afraid to say out loud is…yes. He knows the truth of you, and he is dazzled by that truth.”

For me, I’ve always (well, since it happened) thought this was sort of the crux of the series as far as Booth and Brennan were concerned. Brennan’s pre-rebuttal is that people would certainly love her because she is beautiful and intelligent, but Avalon tells her it’s more than that… that Booth (she doesn’t say his name, but it’s him!) knows the truth of her, and he’s dazzled by it.

That’s been one of my issues with this season. NOT that Booth has been more hesitant toward Brennan–that makes sense. But this idea that somehow the truth of Brennan has had to be modified in some way. We’ve talked about it a lot around here… has Brennan changed, in what ways, etc, etc. And I think Stephanie was right the other day when she said that Brennan did make some changes, but for herself, and because she wanted to.  Those changes we saw in the season premiere (being more open about saying how she feels about people, etc) were good and weren’t “character-reset” changes so to speak. I know, I know…the word reset puts fear into our hearts. HOW MANY TIMES CAN THEY DO THAT?!?!

But I think there’s a difference between character development and the changes that come with growth,and character destruction– which would be changing a character to fit the plot. We’ve seen both happen to Brennan this season, in my opinion. For me, it’s easy to tell which is which…when Brennan grows as a character, Booth is dazzled. When the character is being manipulated by the writers, Booth is not dazzled.

In other words, stop messing with the ‘truth of her’, writers, and just let her be herself! Booth (and a lot of us) were plenty dazzled already, you know? Not EVERY episode needs to be some lesson learned for Brennan! I liked what Lenora said in the comments of the scene study this week, that while most of the series has been looking at Brennan through Booth’s point of view, now we’re seeing him through her point of view. That was a new thought for me, and it helped me reconcile a few things.

Likewise, Janet pointed out the other day that it’s not as if Booth could ALLOW himself to be dazzled and that he purposefully stopped himself from feeling that way, and I agree with that. I think it’s happened over the course of the series too, and perhaps I just notice it more this season.

But I think even beyond that, beyond the fact that Booth wasn’t exactly in a place where he could allow himself to be dazzled, the truth of Brennan should have been able to resonate a bit more. When it DID, Booth was still dazzled, no matter who he went home to at night, you know? It’s not just her beauty or her intelligence. It’s the truth of her. How is it explained and measured? I don’t know…just that Booth still seems to be the measuring stick (so to speak, ha!).

I don’t know, y’all, am I missing it? It’s just that…I can’t even count the amount of times in the series we’ve seen Booth dazzled by the truth of her, and it was because, as he said to Hacker, “She’s just…Bones”. 

Again, I understand the purpose of character development, but from where I sit, her “just Bones-ness” didn’t need changed.

Here are a few examples, and then you can weigh in, and let me know if I’m just typing crazy! 😀

1.  Season One: Boy in the Bush

Brennan is very beautiful, that is true. And she does have sex appeal, but she’s not exactly sexy always. I don’t mean that as a dis, I’m just saying that Booth’s regular type seems to be a little more blatantly sexy. Brennan is blatant about sex, but that’s not the same thing. She can talk about sex, but she’s still wearing a button up shirt and lab coat. She’s sexy…I’m not saying she isn’t. I’m just saying that, in the above scene, her dress is very beautiful, and she looks beautiful in it, and Booth is blown away by how pretty she looks.

2.  Season Two: The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House

The ‘dazzled’ Booth feels in this scene is that she’s sharing with him. Yeah, she took Sully to Carly’s, but she’s cooking for him. She dismissed that cooking is a form of loving, but that doesn’t even register with Booth, who just cannot believe that she is taking the time to cook for him. Brennan shrugs it off as no big deal, but we can see that Booth thinks it’s a very big deal.

3.  Season Three: Santa in the Slush

She ALSO just kissed him under some mistletoe, sure, but this scene is one of my favorites of all time. It was my *I KNEW* moment–that they were totally in love and meant to be together and rush to blockbuster to rent seasons one and two and watch them in one week moment. Haha. Somebody was dazzled– let’s just say that!

4. Season Four: Critic in the Cabernet

Do not tell me that Booth’s brain tumor is messing with his ability to know whether or not Brennan is dazzling. That is all.

5. Season Five:  The Goop on the Girl

*shrugs* It’s just evidence. Evidence that he’s dazzled by her. And by the way she’s peeling off his clothes in the lab. Haha. It was such a “Brennan” thing to do, but that’s my point again…and my question to you. Would Brennan do this sort of thing now, and if not…is that a good thing?

6. Season Six: The Hole in the Heart

The look isn’t even THAT dazzled, but after a few weeks of feeling ‘undazzled’ by the turn of events, this confident and adoring look in Booth’s eyes works for me. Sure, there were a couple of moments this season where he was dazzled, like I said before (namely in the elevator and when she’s giving the science performance), but also like I said, those were very much “Brennan” moments–something she might have said or done at any point in this series. Sure, her bringing the potted plant here is a little awkward, but it’s also incredibly meaningful, and THAT is what dazzles Booth. She got his attention when he first met her, but she KEPT his attention in the Cleo Eller case when she shared how she knew Cleo’s parents felt.

Brennan doesn’t have to get it right for Booth to be dazzled by her– she’s been being herself and trying this entire time, and he’s been plenty dazzled. That’s why his comment this season about wanting others to know how special she was is condescending and pat BS that the writers can shove back into their own pens. I blame them and not Booth, as you can see, haha, but still…

Each character has their own level of interaction and knowledge of Brennan. Like we talked about yesterday, Angela gets to be Brennan’s BFF (or BBF), and the others sort of move closer to her and further apart at her discretion. But Booth…he knows the truth of her, and he’s dazzled by that truth. Always has and always has been.

So maybe it’s the writers who are afraid to let themselves ‘write’ that question out loud. Which is too bad, because they’ve already said it many, many, many times.

OOOOKAY! Haha, well, enough from me! I need to also make a list of the times Brennan has been dazzled by the truth of Booth, because there are also many. But for now, what are some other moments you can think of where Booth has been dazzled?

Talk to me!

Peace, Love & Bones,



74 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Dazzle Me This

  1. Quick answer: Night at the Bones Museum. If he were Egypt….

    More later, when I’ve had more time to think on it.

  2. I think the most obvious “dazzle” moment would be when Brennan helped Max get out of the murder conviction by implicating herself.

    What about when she spoke with Parker at the Diner about why he wants his dad to have a girlfriend, then offered the use of her pool.

  3. Another fast one: Wannabe in the Weeds — guess when? The look on his face while Bones is singing — that guy is a goner.

  4. I like your list; but, I have a few I thought were Brennan dazzling moments:
    The Soldier On The Grave: when Brennan sat with Booth, put her hand on his arm and listened (he needed someone to listen and this was the first hint of the dazzle to come)
    The Woman In The Sand: when she dressed up as the hot teacher that boys went crazy for (not to mention Booth)
    The Boneless Bride In The River: when Brennan let Sully leave without her, gosh Booth was so happy standing on the pier looking at her watching Sully sail away
    Critic In The Cabernet (the one you mentioned): my reasoning, Booth sitting in the hospital bed looking at the stuff being done to him and his constant searching with his eyes for Brennan and the smile he gives her when he sees her (gosh I just choke up when I see that)
    And from this season, The Maggots In The Meathead: when Booth is holding the red bow in his hand and looking at Brennan leaving his apartment, he knew that the phone was from Brennan and he is still amazed that Brennan can do something for him even though he is living with Hannah, now that was dazzle.

  5. First of all, can I say how inappropriately happy I am to open my inbox in the morning and see a New Post from Bones Theory?!? haha

    That being said, thanks for those screen caps. Anyone who needs evidence of Booth’s feelings and dazzlement (is that a thing?) need only to look at those Boothy gazes.

    I also agree that the outdoor tree scene in Santa in the Slush is probably what turned me into a B&B shipper right then and there. The kind things he does for her! And Parker helps 🙂

    Times I can think of where Booth is “dazzled”…hm…every episode? haha I’ll try to stick to five as it is “top five” day!

    1. Both “Hot Bloodeds”. In the first, I think he’s pleasantly surprises she knows the music and more so when she gets into the song. In the 2nd, she can play the guitar. As the team agreed, guitars are hot.
    2. “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. Hellloooooo Happy Booth! It makes me stop breathing to see how flat-out happy he is at watching her sing.
    3. Mayhem on a Cross. Oh. My. Word. The Ending. Brennan sharing her story, emotional, Booth handing her the handkerchief, forgetting Sweets is even there, and asking her if she is OK. I could watch that scene a million times but it doesn’t get old.
    4. Their first meeting. Shown to us much later in the 100th, but Booth’s inital look at her speaking…well, he’s a goner right then and there haha. I think, on some level, he “knows”…something’s gonna happen with this one. He’s intrigued.
    5. Brennan’s reaction to VNM. To our utter frustration, Booth had been keeping his distance. Brennan comes in, completely unglued and it gets Booth to reach out that hand to her. Before that, as she’s speaking and crying, he’s just watching her, listening. I think there is a bit of “dazzlement” right there, that she is opening up and she is showing true emotions. It helps Booth to help her break the stalemate and be able to comfort each other.

    So basically my moments are when Brennan opens up. Whether happy, sad, singing, or sharing her past…it is coming out of her shell, her imperviousness, and showing the truth of her that she hides from most of the world. Remember, he knows what kind of a person she really is and it’s time she let the rest of the world in on the secret. I think that in the moments she does that, he is dazzled by her letting her truth be seen.

  6. Oh boy, this is going to be interesting – I have a possibly unpopular opinion coming, brace yourselves 

    I’ve kind of been thinking lately that Booth isn’t dazzled by Brennan anymore. (Ducks to avoid thrown objects whistling past head)

    Ok, what I mean is that he’s not dazzled in the same way. This season we’ve seen a very different Booth to what we’ve seen before. I believe that Booth was in love with Brennan for years before the 100th episode. Possibly since the season 1 finale, and I can’t watch the Christmas tree scene without my heart almost stopping at the love in his eyes. But after the coma dream, he suddenly became aware of it and that changed everything. He was suddenly very obvious in his ‘courting’ of her, the look on his face was plain to see – he wasn’t afraid to hold her hand and tell her he’d die for her. I think he was so dazzled that he became blinded by it. He thought she was pretty much perfect. But after the 100th – her behaviour in the episodes after and then disappearing to Maluku with barely a backward glance, taught him otherwise.

    The Booth we’ve seen this season is one who isn’t blinded by adoration for her anymore. And I think that’s ok. He knows her, acknowledged her weaknesses and come to terms with them. He’s calm and secure now. He still loves her, but it’s a more equal love, a love balanced by her willingness to love him back.

    • Sophia, to me it is not so much that the dazzle is gone; but, the dazzel is suppressed. Booth felt that Brennan had abandoned him when Brennan went to Maluku. When this happened, Booth finally moved on and let himself become involved with Hannah. While this was going on, Booth did his best to resist Brennan. How sad was the look on his face when Brennan had the seashell to her face (Bullet In The Brain). He was dazzled even by that; but, he had to tamp down any feeling he felt for Brennan and felt sad for his loss. Now that he is free from Hannah, he has still been protecting himself from Brennan. But, I agree with Sarah, in Hole In The Heart, we are now seeing Booth seeing the light shining from Brennan again. It is not an intense dazzle; but, a soft glow that is compelling for him.

      • hey Lenora – I understand what you mean, and for a long time I agreed that this season (specially when Hannah was in it) he was trying to ignore / supress his feelings for her. But then once Hannah was gone, and he was still being kind of the same, I started to think that he wasn’t hiding his feelings – they’d genuinely changed. I think he loves her, but not in the same blinded, dazzled, fairytale way. I think that’s a good thing in the long run – it’s more realistic and they’re more even. Booth was remarkably steady-handed, confident and calm in his interaction with Brennan in the last episode. He looked to me like a man who finally knows where he stands, and is happy there.

    • Sophia, I quite agree. I thought Booth’s season 5 adoration was unhealthy, actually. And if you ask me, it contributed to Brennan’s rejection, because she knows who she is and she isn’t perfect and eventually, reality would enter into the equation. The higher up you go on the pedestal, the farther you have to fall and all that.

      In Goop on the Girl – that screencap above – is an excellent example. She invites him for Christmas dinner by pointing out that his own family shunted him aside which apparently means they don’t love him. In the past, I think Booth would have snarked at her, but he just gets all goopy eyed and calls it a sweet invitation.

      I breathed a sigh of relief when Booth got on her case in Death of the Queen Bee, because it showed he was coming out of the fog.

      Brennan does not strike me as the kind of woman who wants to be worshipped and adored. I think she wants to be respected and loved.

    • I can totally see what you’re saying, Sophia, and I agree.

    • Sophia,
      I think you’re right. He isn’t dazzled by her. Being dazzled was only good for us, the die hard hopeless romantics that dreamt of that. Dazzled means that the person has lost the faculty of steady vision, especially from gazing at too bright a light. A dazzled person does not see the what is really there, but only has perceptions. I may be neat-picking here, and Booth is very perceptive (for a man, lol) but I much prefer this Booth that sees her clearly, past that veil of magic, of dazzlement. This Booth sees exactly. He sees her clearly. And this is the Booth that is no longer moving towards her, but with her in the same direction (when you get to my age you will know how much more satisfying this is). When it comes down to it, in really life, you don’t want someone adoring you blinded by you light, you want someone who sees you as you are and is OK with it. Rita Hayward used to say that men went to bed with Gilda (her most famous sex kitten part) and woke up with her and didn’t like it. They were dazzled by the shine of the screen, the magic of the film, but they never saw the truth of her.
      Now that booth is past the enchantment- and not because he is disappointed, but because he actually dropped the veil he had over his eyes or the magic, if you will- things have become more real. And for the first time he is contemplating as a certainty that him and Brennan make sense. For real.
      And he made a commitment, back in the BitB.


      • Again, I agree, and I really don’t think it diminishes the power of those hopelessly romantic moments to acknowledge that now they have been tempered with a little reality.

        They still mean what they meant then – that he loves her, but now – it seems to me – that it’s more like “I have known you at your worst, and I choose to love you anyway”.

        Now for my controversial statement – I think Hannah was important and necessary for Booth and I think he did love her and that was also important and necessary for Booth. From Death of the Queen Bee to Beginning in the End, things are mighty bleak for Booth. Despite saying he needs to move on, he appears to me to be resigning himself to a life of pining away for the woman he loves but can never have.

        I think it was important for Booth to know he could love somebody else. That what he feels for Brennan is not a doomed inevitability, but a choice he’s making. I know Gordon Wyatt says “the heart wants what it wants” but the mind has a say or two in the matter also.

      • Barbara, I think you got it!

        ~~Gordon Wyatt says “the heart wants what it wants” but the mind has a say or two in the matter also.~~

        Thus the beauty of our Bones. Heart and brain. 🙂

      • Also I think a lot of us were not really getting this season too much…but I’m thinking now that it might have to do with our heart/brain dynamic shifting. Traditionally, it has been Booth=heart, Bones=brain…but after episode 100, its like Booth shut off his heart, and Brennan shifted hers into overdrive. Booth started behaving with his brain, and coming off differently then we are used to, while Brennan ran off to Maluku because her heart was struggling to be free, she was starting to become aware deep down of his feelings for her and hers for him…and then in subsequent episodes, we saw Brennan’s heart really coming out.

        Perhaps that’s what has led to discomfort with some of Booth’s actions, because he was acting more like early Brennan without his usual heart. They’ve been in this weird limbo because both are out of their comfort zone.

        I think the looks between Brennan, Booth, and Angela do not necessarily mean something physical happened in HitH. I think we are seeing some equilibrium restored in the heart/brain dynamic. I think they are learning from each other, Booth with a little more brain, and Brennan with a little more heart. When they find that right balance….yay! 🙂

      • Booth wanted the fairy tale romance with Brennan in the 100th– the 30, 40, 50 years of bliss and when Brennan says no, it’s the swift kick in the head for Booth that spells doom for his “dream life.” Last season was about the possibilities; this season is about the probabilities, or the realities, if you will.

        I agree, this season he is not dazzled by her; in fact, he’s almost looking for reasons why it shouldn’t work or wasn’t going to work as if he’s trying to convince himself he’s done the right thing by moving on. He’s a cautious man now and not because he’s afraid she’s going to run off, but because he’s been hit with the reality.

        She dazzl

  7. I love the expression on Booth’s face at the end of The Critic in the Cabernet. All kinds of gooey “I love you” and “for once it doesn’t matter if I’m giving myself away or not” moments. Delicious. On an almost completely unrelated note, there was a scene in last night’s House episode where House asked Cuddy to scrub in on a surgery he was having because he trusted her to make sure the doctor didn’t screw things up. Total flashback to this scene in Critic.

    On to Brennan. I know you hate it, but I still love the conversation in the SUV in The Feet on the Beach. It doesn’t come across as condescending to me all. Sure, we know Booth is dazzled by her, but perhaps, after everything that had happened between them up until this point, they both needed that reminder? Or maybe I’m just making excuses for the writers. 😉

    As to the issue of the “lessons learned” this season – I’m actually mostly willing to forgive those as well (dare I say I’ve liked most of them?) While it’s true that Booth and most of us have been dazzled by Brennan from the very beginning, I think the hard truth is that not everyone she interacts with IS dazzled by her. Even back in season one, Brennan’s at times dismissive and condescending attitude alienated people. I think the big picture storyline of this season has been about her learning to have an open heart – but that’s not just applicable to Booth – it’s applicable to everyone. I’ll admit it kind of got a little frustrating hearing her argue that she’s not as cold and uncaring as everyone thinks with every squintern between The Feet on the Beach (or thereabouts) and The Hole in the Heart, but it certainly underscores the fact that she’s now aware that her words have an impact on people. Plus, I think that fear was perhaps meant to culminate with VNM’s death and Booth’s reassurance that she wasn’t the one VNM was talking to. Dare we hope that she’ll be a little bit more confident of her ability to relate from here on out? Either way I suppose it’s all a matter of perception.

    Okay, moments when Booth is dazzled by Brennan:
    “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” at the end of The Wannabe in the Weeds
    That little black dress and her performance as Roxie in The Woman in the Sand
    That she can do complicated math in her head. 🙂 (The Blackout in the Blizzard)

    • OMG! That scene in House! I was thinking THE. EXACT. SAME. THING. I yelled at my TV. I was like “BONES!” I got so excited. Sorry random moment. 🙂

    • Steph, I too, LOVE that scene in the SUV in Feet on the Beach. Last night TNT showed The Girl in the Fridge, and I was struck by a similar exchange in that episode:

      BOOTH: … Listen, Bones, I know you care about this case, but I think you should let them see that.
      BRENNAN: So, I should perform?
      BOOTH: Just a little bit, yeah. I mean, do you see how I portrayed myself as a no-nonsense, tough-guy cop?
      BRENNAN: You are a no-nonsense, tough-guy cop.
      BOOTH: Exactly! And I think that it wouldn’t hurt if the jury saw who you really are.
      BRENNAN: Well, I don’t know who you think that is, Booth, because this is who I really am. Just this.

      He could already see the truth of her then. I’ll bet there are other times outside of this season where where Booth has been encouraging her to let people see what he sees in her, and maybe we (or I) haven’t noticed them for everything else that’s been going on in the episodes. That and this season they’ve been hitting us over the head with a hammer with it a bit.

      I don’t watch House, but I had a Bones flashback moment of my own at the end of Castle last night. I won’t say more in case there are people here that watch Castle who haven’t seen the ep yet. Don’t want to spoil it. But there is a definitely a Bones moment; two actually.

  8. I adore this post!

    One of my favorite scenes is the one in Wannabe in the Weeds… dazzled by her singing… heck, even I was!

    I think he was even dazzled back in other episodes like TMitFS… even if he was high, hah.

  9. I’m having a difficult time thinking of any other times Booth has been dazzled, because of that screen grab from ‘Santa in the Slush.’

    That look – THAT look – I mean, she can’t even see it that well because she’s yards away and there’s a fence between them and snow falling and . . . . I don’t care. We were allowed to see it, and the truth of both of them is in THAT look.


  10. Sarah, I am not going to answer the question you asked!

    I am going to comment on a couple other things in your post, though.

    While I think that Brennan’s character has…shall we say…been tweaked (to avoid that R word) over the seasons and that Emily Deschanel’s delivery of her lines has become more affected and stilted, I truly see no evidence that Brennan is being made to change any of her fundamental beliefs. “The truth of her” – as an atheist, a woman of science and logic, who makes no apologies for her expertise or her ego, who rejects all notions of fate or myths or magic, who wants evidence before she makes up her mind – I do not see any proof those things have changed. And the Brennan who doesn’t always know the social niceties, but will then suddenly make a huge gesture of generosity, compassion, or love – I don’t see any proof they’ve done away with that truth, either.

    Now – onto the issue of every episode being a lesson for Brennan…

    This show wavers between extremely subtle storytelling and extremely “ouch, my head hurts from all the falling anvils” storytelling. When Sweets makes some snotty comment about Brennan being cold or unfeeling, yes, that’s anvil storytelling. The character of Sweets should know Brennan better, but the writers are using his character to remind the audience of the way Brennan is perceived by outsiders. Or of how she used to behave (when he points out that she may not turn up at Vincent’s memorial).

    I am not sure why the writers feel the need to hammer those points home so relentlessly. Perhaps they think there is a huge crop of new or casual viewers who don’t know Brennan’s history. Perhaps they looked at viewer reaction to the first half of the season – where I think things were handled more subtly – and saw how misinterpreted certain scenes were, and thought “oh man, we better make it glaringly obvious!”. Or maybe it’s the hodgepodge group of writers this season.

    In times like these, it helps me to separate what has to be done for the Show with what is being done for the Story. There are parts of the sniper arc, for example, that make no sense, logically – I mean, why is Broadsky going to the trouble of setting up this giant crane when he could just shoot Booth while he’s walking out of the Hoover building, or you know, break into his apartment again. But the crane was a cool shot! And when never do quite understand why Broadsky is working at the docks, but it provides a visually dramatic and interesting setting for the Booth/Broadsky showdown so I cheerfully suspend my disbelief.

    I am not so cheerful during the Obligatory Weekly Reminder That Brennan is Not a Cold Fish, but again, I think it’s a Show thing, not a Story thing, so I am able to let it go.

    • Broadsky is at the docks to leave town and needed the spotter’s identification for access. He thinks Booth is dead and FBI will be looking for him relentlessly.

      Those are just my thoughts.

    • I agree about their subtle and anvil-like teaching moments. I’d rather have subtle or not at all. But I have your same perspective about it being a show thing, so ultimately I let it slide.

      At the risk of going against the norm, I think Brennan really did have to change in some aspects, at least if there was hope for B&B being together. She had to believe in love, she had to believe she was worthy of receiving love, and she had to believe she was capable of giving love, and be willing to be vulnerable in that process. She was none of that in the beginning, but if you factor those changes in someone’s life, they are going to have significant impact on their behavior.

      • Yes, I agree that if we want Booth to be loved back instead of just loving, Brennan had to make some changes.

        I do think Brennan believed in love. She might think it’s chemicals too, but before she loved Booth she loved her parents and her brother and Angela, heck, she told Hodgins she loved him! And she loved Zack, even though she never said it.

        I think season 4 is the most revealing of her attitude. She constantly asks if love is worth it, if the pain of losing someone is worth the temporary happiness of loving them. It’s as much the hammer-into-our-heads theme of season 4 as “Brennan isn’t really cold” has been in this season.

        I think in season 5, she decided No, it wasn’t, hence saying no to Booth and running off to Maluku, where she perhaps realized that you can’t reason your way out of loving someone.

        Was it you or someone else who said we are seeing Brennan more heart-y and Booth more brain-y. Booth is realizing that you can make choices about who you love, it’s not just a heart decision, and Brennan is realizing you can’t just tell yourself you don’t want to love someone and poof the love goes away, it’s not just a brain decision.

        Little bit of heart, little bit of brains – that’s the magic combination for the show.

      • I didn’t say it, but I think I believe it. Some people have been upset at the heart-y Brennan, like it’s an indication that her rationality wasn’t good. But I don’t think it was her rationality that was being challenged, just her hyper-rationality that couldn’t categorize or explain love and emotions satisfactorily. And Booth’s ideas of love were challenged because sometimes it came across that the kind of love he believed in had no room for rationality.

        When it comes to themes of the seasons, I look at it as an indication of what Brennan is really struggling with, what’s really on her mind. I expect her thoughts to come up frequently as she tries to make sense out of what she’s feeling. It’s when it comes from the outside, where everyone is telling her what to do that rubs me the wrong way. I didn’t find Booth’s comment in the SUV about wanting others to see what he sees as condescending, but I did think his comment in the final scene about him being proud she apologized to be condescending. What redeemed that moment is that she actually didn’t and told him so.

      • Can I take props here? I did say that about heart-y Brennan and brain-y Booth.

        It took me awhile to catch on to it though. I’ve been reading posts about people upset/mad with Booth’s actions and Brennan “losing” her rationality. I was trying to pinpoint what it was exactly…and I think the development shook up the brain/heart dynamic.

        I think Booth took up with Hannah and all that fall out because he was thinking with his brain and not his heart. He was trying to make a relationship work where perhaps before he would not have. He wasn’t relying on that lionheart we love.

        Brennan has been definitely feeling her heart side for some time, but its been slow. I think her trip to Maluku was her freaking out at that. Her constant telling people that she isn’t cold is to her realization that her demeanor has been off putting to people and she’s trying to correct it. In DitP, she finally ‘fessed up to her heart feelings. Also, HinH, she’s allowing herself to put that heart-y Brennan out there.

        They are learning from each other, Booth is struggling with getting “brainier” and Brennan is struggling with being “heartier”…and they bridged that gap a little bit after that bedtime cuddling I think :).

        Once they find their footing (which I think they have made great strides already) they will be a stronger and better partnership on hopefully more than one level! Heart and brain, Bones. Heart and brain.

    • Hi Barbara

      Tru dat!

      You could get whiplash from the backs and forths between the “trust your viewers intelligence” and the “you are all newbie morons” kind of attitude. And I hate when lazy writing gets in the way. Bones is for the most part the best writing on TV. But sometimes it just sucker punches with the idiotic antics, like Sweets being unkind, mean and downright petty to Brennan. That grates at my nerves. And these characters and this story do not deserve what is done in the name of ratings.


  11. Surprised no one has said it yet, but you can’t forget the ‘heart-crushing’ scene in The Goop in the Girl. Heck, that moment onward he stays dazzled. I think that’s why sometimes it feels distant or not there. Because he has a “be-dazzled”(I can’t believe I just said that) moment and it stays a twinkle in his eye until usually the end!
    Anyways,I love it when Booth is simply dazzled when she opens up and says what’s on her heart. Sometimes even more so than when he thinks she’s a hot smokin’ mama.

  12. I would also add:

    the look on Booth’s face when she joins in “Keep on Tryin” by Coco

    the look on Booth’s face when he suggests champagne to toast Padme and Jared engagement and Brennan tells Booth that they shouldn’t do that because Jared is an alcoholic

  13. I think xWolfspridex is onto something. I think we need two Dazzle lists. They are distict, yet equally awesome. Smoking Hot Mama Dazzle and Showing her emotions/truth Dazzle. Here’s a start:

    Smoking Hot Mama Dazzle
    ~Night at the Museum
    ~Librarian glasses
    ~Wonder Woman

    Showing her emotions/truth Dazzle
    ~telling Booth about her nightmares
    ~Both Hot Bloodeds
    ~Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    ~Hole in the Heart VNM emotions
    ~Doctor in the Photo

    Well, that’s a quick start at least! Anyone care to elaborate?

  14. Just to speak up in defense of Brennan’s “character development”: I think she was fine before, but I also think she hasn’t changed any of the traits that dazzled (and still dazzle) Booth. She’s still herself; I honestly see her as still herself. But to examine the events of the past couple of seasons: after the 100th, she wanted everything to remain exactly the same between them. The woman who once said “everything changes” (fire in the ice) was now asserting, “nothing really has to change” (beginning in the end). When Booth left and reminded her what she taught him–that things do have to change– I think Brennan was inspired to change herself. But I don’t think she changed her core qualities (which Barbara articulates well, so I won’t repeat them). I think she changed the way she relates to people, particularly to Booth. She began to wonder what she wanted out of her relationship with Booth and what kind of person she would have to be in order to get there. Brennan didn’t have to change her core self, but she did have to adjust her behavior around people and her willingness to be open and vulnerable. This has been a season of adjustment for Brennan because she’s making herself ready for Booth. To be fair, though, I also see Booth adjusting himself for Brennan, recognizing that HE needs to change (like at the end of “sign in the silence” or “blackout in the blizzard.”) At his core, Booth is still dazzled by Brennan. He’s just had more trouble showing it.

    But yes, I agree that Booth has never cared much whether other people see the truth of her. He sees it, and that’s what counts. I know the season four finale isn’t technically OUR B&B, but I love when “Mr. B” tells Bren, “What you are is Iceland. Cool to the touch, but underneath, you’re all volcano.” He says it with such confidence, like he loves that he knows this about her, and I think he loves that the volcano is all for him.

    That being said (clearly I have a compulsive need to justify the characters’ actions within the world of the show, not just as writerly decisions), Sweets was being a jerk, and Booth has developed a soft spot for Sweets this season, so maybe he just wanted to show Sweets why he was so wrong.

    And now, a moment of being dazzled!
    Booth’s facial expression when Brennan starts singing “Keep on Tryin” at the end of “Killer in the Concrete” gets me EVERY time. His face just lights up with joy and surprise. He is truly dazzled by her in that moment, and I love it.

    • oh, also, I agree with the idea that he’s not dazzled in quite the same way anymore. His love is more grounded now, and that’s ultimately a good thing.

    • I agree. If anything, I would just say the focus on what Booth has been fascinated with her on has shifted ever so slightly.

      I think possibly he’s just more cautious as they change — if that word works. Is it possible even that they’re so busy ‘dazzling’ each other(sub-consciously of course…most of the time.) that really they’ve moved past the stage of that word and went on to the bigger cousin of a synonym that can express so much more than dazzle can? And with a bigger word and more realization comes said trouble. Which just means complicated…

      I should really learn to stop doing these during class…if so maybe I could make better points. But I’ll just leave that to you guys seeing as we seem to be on the same page for the most part.

  15. THIS times 100: “Stop messing with the ‘truth of her’, writers, and just let her be herself! Booth (and a lot of us) were plenty dazzled already, you know?”
    I’ve struggled with this season for many reasons. Of course, the H-bomb was chief among them. But now that she’s gone and the whole B&B relationship is slowly being repaired, I can’t help but wish that the writers would fix the other things that have gone wrong this season. For me, one of the biggest wrong turns is the blatant changes in Brennan’s character (those not for the better, I’m certainly not arguing with changes such as her choice to say ‘making love’ in the elevator scene).
    Barbara said it well:
    “I think that Brennan’s character has…shall we say…been tweaked (to avoid that R word) over the seasons and that Emily Deschanel’s delivery of her lines has become more affected and stilted”
    Love Emily, love the show, but when I watch previous seasons, I can’t help but get nostalgic for how things (Bones herself) used to be.
    It’s like the open letter to Hart you wrote in October begging him to ‘take care of oher.’ I don’t feel that he has and it makes me sad.
    Sorry, that didn’t really answer your questions,but I miss the dazzle.

    • well, but it’s not just Hart. To what extent are Emily’s acting choices her own? Or the episode director’s? (I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the two eps I think B&B are most like themselves are the ones DB directed. Just saying!)

      But Emily is the leading lady and a producer and even if the producer status is just a label, I can’t imagine she has no say in how her character is portrayed.

      Without being spoilery – in this week’s episode, Ryan O’Neal objected to something they were going to have Max do and they changed it. So the actors do have a say, it seems to me.

      We the audience may think it’s a mistake, what they are doing with Brennan’s characterization, but a whole lot of people involved in the making of the show seem to be okay with it.

    • although Nora, I feel compelled to point out that right after the part of my post that you quoted, I said I did not see any fundamental difference to the character’s beliefs.

      I think she is being played differently, I don’t think the character herself is actually different.

    • Is there a link to that “Open Letter”? I’d love to read it!

  16. I know a lot of people really hate what they perceive as major changes in Brennan; but, I think there has been a method to HH’s madness. We first saw Brennan begin to change after Stargazzer in the Puddle. Zach went off to Iraq and Brennan felt abandoned by the one she loved the most in this world. She blamed Booth for not stopping Zach from going and retreated into her science. Then Zach came back and she stepped back from her retreat (but not all of the way – she had changed). Then came Pain In The Heart and she lost Zach for good. With the loss of Zach she retreated further into hyper rational science. If she couldn’t understand they whys of her loss she could compartmentalize it and ignore it. With that compartmentalization came a cost. She became more rational, less understanding (because she didn’t want to understand, not because she couldn’t understand). She tried to keep herself from becoming too involved emotionally with anyone, including Booth. It was a struggle for her; but, she was determined to not love anyone so that when they left her, she would feel no pain. I think this compartmentalizing became so strong that by the time Boy With The Answer came she couldn’t allow herself to feel anything for anyone. She was confused and tired of fighting her emotions. She was afraid that her abilities to care for someone, anyone, would just cause her more pain than she could bare. She went to Maluku to escape but it didn’t help her. I think DITP was the point she finally realized that she had to live in the world and not just observe it. She had to risk the pain of love to get love. That love may exist and she deserved to have some in her life. I know that a lot of people will say I am over analyzing the changes I see in Brennan; but, I want to say that the changes I see in Brennan are not that major from season one. She is still the brilliant anthropoligist who is sure of her abilites and does not bow to anyone when she feels she is right. On the other hand, the change I do see is that now she sees herself as being able to love someone for who she is. That love is real and not just a chemical reaction.

    Ok that turned out long and I am not sure I fully explained what I am thinking; but, I think it conveys most of what I am thinking. Brennan is dazzling to Booth because he has been since the first time he saw her. Just go back and watch episode 100 when he walked into the lecture, saw Brennan and his jaw dropped. He was caught by her and hasn’t been free since. The dazzle he saw in her is still there, he is just aware that there is more to her than what you can see.

  17. I agree that earlier seasons were great for hopeless romantics, almost like a little chick-flick wrapped inside a forensic show. But like Barbara said, it really wasn’t healthy for Booth. He was going to donate his sperm, even though he didn’t want to, because it was what she wants? It took Stewie from Family Guy to finally knock some sense into him. I don’t know if he was exactly blinded to certain things, but he wasn’t going to let it stop him. For example, the plumbing scene in “The Bond in the Boot.” Brennan said she feels close to him in spite of all their differences; he says they don’t matter anyway. Also in the beginning of the season, Booth was talking about two different people working past their differences and Brennan said they couldn’t. They were at opposite ends of the spectrum, IMO. He was basically ignoring the differences, while she was using it as evidence that they couldn’t be together as a couple. But you have to have middle ground in order to work through the difficult stuff.
    Is it less romantic that Booth isn’t fawning all over her like we were used to seeing? I think that answer will vary depending on your perspective on love and romance. Personally, I’d prefer the love to be real and not blinded, and I think that’s what Brennan would want, too. But he still can be dazzled, and has been at times this season. But it’s unrealistic to think that once Hannah left, he was going to just go back to being dazzled by Brennan like before. He had a fresh wound on top of another wound that hadn’t fully healed. And he was angry. Still, he was usually in a lighter mood around Brennan, and that said a lot to me. I think he was dazzled by her staying by his side, I think he was dazzled by her Valentine’s gift, I think he was dazzled by her gift to VNM, and I think he is and will always be dazzled by her trust in him.

    • oh that was beautifully said, C-Bones. “He is and will always be dazzled by her trust in him.”

      you make a good point about the chick flick wrapped in a forensic show, too. Let’s face it, Booth has taken a beating this season. A lot of people are very angry with his behavior and clamor for the “old Booth.”

      For 45 minutes a week, old Booth is certainly very appealing. Few women would say no if a gorgeous, sexy man wanted to adore them unconditionally and expect nothing in return except the opportunity to adore them unconditionally!

      But that’s a fantasy. Since this is a TV show, it can certainly be argued that there is nothing wrong with letting that fantasy keep on going. Not everyone wants to watch a show with true to life dramas and problems because they have those in their actual lives. Entertainment is often escapist, after all. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with viewers thinking “hey, I started watching a show in which hot FBI guy falls madly in love with sexy but awkward scientist gal and now I’m getting this relationship drama and I don’t like it.”

      I do think that what we are getting may turn out to be enjoyable too, but in a different way.

      People do change, and love changes, and anyone who has been in a relationship more than a few years knows it’s not the same in year 6 as it was in year 1.

      • I, for one, appreciate a little bit of reality with my TV (really I do, I wrote an entire BT post about it last fall). Don’t get me wrong, I love “white knight, mad-about-Brennan” Booth, and I’ve had my share of struggles with some of the things he’s done this season, but I really, really appreciate the growth. Where he is now, where THEY are now is, in my opinion, ultimately so much more beautiful and meaningful than all of the swoon-worthy moments of past seasons.

      • I actually think that in this case, reality is more satisfying than fantasy. Women may have loved the “old Booth” how he was, and want a man just like him, but he just doesn’t exist, which just makes one disillusioned. Every man (and woman) is flawed. It would be nice if everyone made the right decisions all the time. But what do you do when you’ve made mistakes and have so many regrets? Is there any hope left? To see two people work things out when they go through so much together, that’s beautiful to me.

        I feel “contrite” for people who signed up for one thing (fantasy) and feel like they’re getting another (reality), but I don’t think it’s a reason to bash the show (bad writing is, however.) For example, I feel that way about GLEE, but it’s not a bad show just because it’s not going the way I want it to go. I know some people hate interviews with the producers and/or actors, but I think what they say sheds important light on the direction of the show. I don’t think it’s really about how Booth has been in love with Brennan from Day 1 (which may or not be true). It’s much broader than that. From what I’ve gathered, it’s all about the journey of these two people and the strong connection they share.

      • C-Bones:. . . .I actually think that in this case, reality is more satisfying than fantasy. Women may have loved the “old Booth” how he was, and want a man just like him, but he just doesn’t exist. . .

        I almost said something like this in the post I wrote about my girl-crush on Brennan. I hear a lot of “Brennan isn’t likable IRL” and I always want to say, “Yea, but in real life, Booth isn’t perfect, he’s . . . well, he’s David Boreanaz, screwing around on his wife.”

        Now that the story has moved along, I’m not exactly okay with what they’ve done to Brennan but I kindasortamaybealmost see why they did it. It does make her more of a real person and less a caricature. Almost. But, I think the change could have been a little less ham-fisted than it was at times.

      • Count me among the “I like a little reality with my entertainment” crowd. I can see the “chick flick-y” moments in Bones, and I can see where Booth has a definite white-knight syndrome, and white knight appeal, but I guess I’ve never seen him entirely in that light. Perhaps that has something to do with the way I came in to being a Bones viewer; I’ve only been watching for a little over a year, and would not have discovered the show if it weren’t for TNT.

        The first ep I watched was Woman in the Garden. It opens, and they are short with each other and awkward. Booth’s short with her and Hodgins later on in the car. He tries to intimidate the woman with the baby into telling them where Jose is, and argues with Brennan about that. His body language throughout the episode is really that of a cocky sonofabitch. He’s got a huge chip on his shoulder through the whole episode, but it was somehow very appealing to watch. And then at the end I was totally gobsmacked by Booth sticking his gun in the gang banger’s mouth, and then up against his forehead. Holy. Freaking. Crap. *swoon* That has white knight written all over it on its surface.

        But if you take a second look. He stuck a gun in a guys’ mouth and said he’d end the guy if anything happened to his partner. White knightish, sure. But it’s also assault with a deadly weapon and not entirely legal (not that putting a hit out is either, but roll with me for a minute.)

        The next ep I saw was The Man in the Morgue. Again, sort of white knight-y, Booth comes in to save the day. But he’s pushy. And short-tempered. And tampers with evidence at a crime scene. Yeah, he does it because he doesn’t believe she committed the crime, but it’s still illegal.

        The Girl in the Fridge, he gets what he needs from Brennan by telling the prosecutor to question her past, and then brushes it off as nothing personal when she yells at him for it. And hell, in the Pilot she calls him a rat bastard. And he earned it.

        I could go on and on, but I think I’ve made my point. Booth is complex. For all his good points and all his strengths; his sweetness and sensitivity and his internal moral compass and his code of honor and ethics, he can be a real jerk when he wants to be. He can be sullen and moody and petulant and even downright pouty. He’s got a lot of insecurities, has an incredible impatient streak. He’s got a short fuse at times, and can be manipulative and even downright mean and nasty when he wants to be.

        But all that said, I really would not have Booth any other way. I find the fact that he is flawed to be incredibly sexy, and even when he does things that piss us (and Brennan) off, I don’t mind. I think it makes the character even more realistic. And if he were a goody-two-shoes Dudley Doright, he’d be kind of boring. And there would be no spark and no chemistry. And no show.

        So all that said, I guess you can also count me among the gals that would not mind having a guy like Booth in their lives. Not because he is a white knight, but rather because he isn’t. He’s a great mix of bad boy and white knight, and that dark edge is all kinds of appealing. I’d certainly take the good and the bad. And we know that Brennan likes it. 😉

      • “I almost said something like this in the post I wrote about my girl-crush on Brennan. I hear a lot of “Brennan isn’t likable IRL” and I always want to say, “Yea, but in real life, Booth isn’t perfect, he’s . . . well, he’s David Boreanaz, screwing around on his wife.” ”

        The above…in a nutshell!

  18. In TPitP, when Brennan says she’s an exceptional partner, I’m always intrigued by Booth’s response because most people would have some kind of sarcastic remark. He immediately says “Yes, you are” in total seriousness (hint of a smile, though.) I think that’s an instance of him seeing the truth of her.

    There’s definitely a different feel to Brennan’s character, but I don’t know how much of it is intentional and how much of it isn’t. But since I also don’t feel she’s changed in fundamental ways, I just go with the flow. But I love it when she’s relaxed and open with Booth. Those two just aren’t the same when they don’t have their close connection. I think they’ve been closer recently, and of course the last episode is the closest they’ve been in a long time.

    As far as Brennan continually insisting that she’s not cold, I think it’s all a part of her introspection phase. It’s always bothered her somewhat, but not enough to change. She didn’t even know how to change, even if she wanted to. But now, she can see that her actions, even if logically justified, can come at a heavy cost. She’s still not quite sure how to change, but she’d rather give it a try than not try at all.

    • C-bones: ‘It’s always bothered her somewhat, but not enough to change. She didn’t even know how to change, even if she wanted to. But now, she can see that her actions, even if logically justified, can come at a heavy cost.’ – this. This is why I don’t mind the changes that have taken place in Brennan, because the changes were necessary.

      Not necessary for the audience, we loved her as she was. Not even necessary for Booth, who also loved her as she was and even agreed to carry on working with her when it probably wasn’t healthy to do so. But necessary for Brennan, so she can live the life she’s realised she wants.

      Brennan of ‘old’ wasn’t capable of a loving, committed relationship. She’s now the one who’s made leaps and bounds of progress in being open and willing to love Booth. She’s the one who brought up making love and ‘trying to be together’ and last week made the ultimate move when she asked him to comfort her. That was HUGE. We’ve never, ever, seen her ask for that before, but she wanted it and was finally brave and able enough to ask. Those are changes to her character, but changes I’ve welcomed because, ultimately, those are the changes that are going to result in her being truly happy.

      • Sophia, I like what you said about the changes not being for us or Booth, but for herself. I think many of us (at least me) can identify with feeling that way. I have friends and family who love and accept me exactly as I am, warts and all. But when I make changes to better myself, it’s so I can be more proud and happy with the way I live my life, not to devalue myself.

  19. I’m not sure in my own mind just how dazzled Booth is or isn’t, but it is a “dazzling moment” in which Brennan puts the seashell to her ear and Booth is watching her. I like that scene because it is so indicative of their relationship this season– they are really operating in two different spheres and there’s so much between them, yet Brennan can relish the interaction with her father and Booth is stuck unable to really act because he’s with Hannah and he’s messed up with Brodsky and he’s sworn off his partner. And yet he watches.

    I like the choices that were made in that scene because it leaves room for interpretation, but it is still very bittersweet and shows just how distant things were between them.

    But the best heart moments, the best dazzle moments? Looking up at the stars, or cooking dinner for Booth, or putting herself in danger to protect her father, betting on Booth– those moments still resonate and suggest all is not lost. Just that Booth is more rational and Brennan is more emotional and somehow, changed as they both are, they are still, at the core, the same people. The writers might have been a bit heavy handed with Brennan this season, isolating her and forcing others’ judgments on her, but I think the essence is still there.

  20. So, I have some to add to the list, but they aren’t dazzling in the typical starry-eyed reaction kind of way. I think of them more as the quiet moments instead of the big blatant dazzling ones.

    The first is in The Woman in the Garden, when Brennan takes down the gang banger in the hallway. I really think Booth was dazzled by her there. And then I was dazzled by him going all Alpha male on the gang banger at the end of the ep… 😀

    The second is in Woman In the Sand, but not the jaw-dropping knockout dress. Rather, her confession at the end that she bet on him so that he wouldn’t lose. He got kind of a dazzled there and gave her that half-smile that is so typically Booth-y.

    The third is in The Baby in the Bough, when Brennan goes from her “the town is dying, let it be” attitude to “I’m going to make phone calls and MAKE someone fix this” to “they won’t, so I’m going to”. Booth was really, truly impressed with her there, and it showed.

    Fourth, I think in Cinderella in the Cardboard, he was dazzled by her admission that she is jealous of him and Angela and Hodgins and wants to believe in love the way they do. For her, that was a huge admission, and he was touched that she admitted it to him.

    And I think that the end of The Finger in the Nest should get a mention here, too. I just love this scene, and the look on Booth’s face while she’s apologizing to the universe on Ripley’s behalf. Poor Ripley… 😦

  21. I have read alot of comments above about how Booth’s love for Brennan is more grounded/ realist now. This may be a good thing in reality but it is crap TV. I for one dont need to be reminded about reeality when watching fiction lol!

    They would not have had to Ground his love for her if they hadnt made such a big deal about it being fantastical/ dreamlike in season 5 and in the coma dream. Bear with me I’m trying to form an argument but I am not the first person you would invit into your debate team.
    Facts that I consider to be true about this- they may not be the truth you believe but this is my evidence
    1) Booth realised his love for Brennan in his coma dream- it became fated for him then. He saw that as a sign, a guiding light to his future.
    (Hence sweets warning about Brain scans- trying to take him back to the place he was in before his dream, a place where it was freewill guiding him not fate)
    2) He put a premium on the dream gave it significant worth, that anotherr person may have not ie Brennan.
    3) Brennan saw the dream as just a dream. Not a sign from the universe that they were ment to be together.
    4) Brennans rejection, tossed his sign from the universe into a puddle. He became ungrouded in his reality. SHe should have said yes he was given a sign, he expected it to be easy.
    5) Booth wasn’t following his heart that night on the steps he was following his dreamsa signal.
    (I should point out now that I belive in signs from the universe I just think Booth misinterpriated his signal- the dream was ment to show him that he should trust his heart but instead he took it as reasurance that it would all work out his way eventually)

    So in answer to your topic Booth was dazzeled by his dream, of what they could have. It made him go gaga.
    Now he is back to a place where his freewill is guiding him his heart is leading him not a dazzeling Fantisy life.

    • I would completely agree that Booth was dazzled by that dream which, like many dreams, was not based on reality but the possibilities. Brennan, who is much more grounded in the reality throughout that season and this, sees the realities.

      The bright, shiny dream that was can still be, but both people have to want it. Booth forgot, as you point out, that tiny little bitty fact. It’s why, I think, he’s forged ahead without the reminders of Brennan in his wardrobe (although he still favors the striped socks) and he’s tried to cast her in the role as a partner only and then bristles when she isn’t even that. Brennan says no to the dream because she’s so grounded in reality and so uncertain of herself beyond the “beauty and intelligence” that she can offer. Either way, it shifts their universe and what was once dazzling has become tarnished.

  22. I agree with many of the prior comments contrasting the dazzled Booth of season 5 with the more wary Booth of season 6. I think he still loves Brennan, probably in a truer way now. You know, as I look back over this season, it’s funny because there was a lot that I didn’t enjoy at the time (Hannah, for one thing), and a big part of that was the distance between Booth and Brennan and the lack of dazzling, but now at the tail end of the season, when I see this new dynamic between them, I like it. I see a method to all of the madness. I sort of feel like Booth had a crush on Brennan last season, and anyone who’s had a crush knows that the fantasies you develop about the object of your affection often don’t match up to the reality of that person. Now, of course, Booth knew Brennan and was her friend and partner, but in some ways, Bones, his partner, and Bones, the woman he loved (or thought he loved?) didn’t quite match up. I think it took that break between them (and growth for both of them) for him to really, really see the truth of her and accept it… as less than perfect. For all of its unevenness, I think season 6 has produced some of my favorite Bones episodes. I don’t think I’ve ever cried more watching a television show than I have this season. So much of what the characters have been feeling and realizing about themselves and their relationships rang true to me, particular Brennan learning how to really open her heart and become vulnerable. It’s a lesson I’ve been learning in my own life this year. I don’t think Brennan was able to accept that Booth was dazzled by the truth of her for 2 main reasons: 1. she was afraid, and 2. she knew that he was dazzled but didn’t think he really saw her truth (she may have been a little right about that). So, if the alternative is that now, after a lot of pain for both of them (and us as viewers!) that Booth really does see the truth of her, and she really can accept it, I love that, even if it isn’t as shiny and fantastical as we may have hoped. It’s more authentic, somehow. And honestly, I think that each of them is becoming more comfortable and reassured with each other, and once Booth has a commitment from Brennan that he can trust, I think the dazzle will be out in full force.

    • This – I love this!

      • I keep thinking of scenarios for next season and how the struggle between them can play out as they try to make their relationship work as lovers and as partners and face the various things that life throws them. I think the dazzle will be back, but so much more grounded in reality as to show that the small moments are as precious as the big, romantic gestures. Look at all the small moments between them that some of us have been mourning this season, Bones’ clilches all: Jasper, Brainy Smurf, late night Thai, and so on. The show celebrates the small moments or the small gestures: Brennan brings Tommy guns to him for Valentine’s Day, for one, and while it isn’t something we see him “dazzled by”, it is one of those inappropriately appropriate things that Brennan does that show how well she understands him. And while we don’t see a significant look between them, it certainly is a moment that defines how much she is willing to do for him (I put it in the same category as the phone.)

  23. I’m not uncomfortable with one of the main themes of this season, Booth’s desire to allow Brennan to be seen in the same light he sees her. It’s more for me along the lines of that age-old question, if a tree falls does it still make a sound if no one is there to hear it? As kind and caring as Brennan really is, does it count if no one but Booth sees it? Pereception has always mattered to Brennan, even in earlier seasons, although now that she is making more of an effort to be demonstrative I think it disturbs her somewhat that people still can’t see it. Of course it all came to a head with VNM and his dying words-she truly was upset that he might have died thinking that she was cold and uncaring, that his last moments on earth might have been impacted by her behavior to him. This is the type of situation I believe Booth was trying to avoid, her getting hurt because her actions were misinterpreted. Not the case with VNM, as Booth assures her, but you can’t help but try to get someone you love to be seen in the same positive light that you do.

    And for my dazzled moments? When she agrees with his love-making speech, when she kisses him on the cheek in the hospital after he takes Russ there, right after the mistletoe kiss, when she tells him it’s not JFK in Proof in the Pudding, when he holds her during the slow dance and last, but definitely not least (and one of my faves already), when he looks at her right before he closes his bedroom door in Hole. Honestly, during that last one I thought, who could possibly refrain from following him through that threshold at that moment…not me!

  24. I love when Brennan sings Girls just wanna have fun and Booth stares at her with the best smile on his face! I can hardly blame that fat girl (Pam, is that her name?) for getting really, really jealous, lol. It is just an amazing scene. I think most of us feel we need more of Booth being dazzled now, after Hannah, because we need to see that he loves Brennan for real. At least that’s the way I feel about it. I need him to prove that to Brennan and she needs to see it.

    I think Brennan would undress Booth in the lab again (okay my mind just went into the gutter for a sec there but seriously haha) but I do think she would hesitate or notice the way the others reacted and be a bit concerned or confused about that. I don’t see that as a bad thing, just a natural change in her since she has had these friends for years and she seems to have been pretty lonely before then.

    It is different for me because I started watching Bones, season 1, in december last year and have now caught up and have to wait one week for each episode like everybody else instead of watching as many episode as I could possibly fit into a day, lol. But I don’t think that Brennan has acted that much out of character this season, sure some changes are there but it is not a big deal for me. She’s still the same, good old Bones.

    Great post, as always 🙂

  25. Holy cow, Seels, you expect coherency after that?

    Shot after shot of adoring Booth, including the grey sweater?

    Nup. Not gonna happen. Need to go back and drool for a while before the brain can even begin to function.

  26. Okay, I just had one more thing of the characterization of Brennan, and it has more to do with the lovely ED herself. I do love her, mind you, but to me she is not one of those people who I say sounds and looks the same from year to year when I watch interviews from years ago to now. I don’t even think she looks exactly the same in RL as she does on the show, somehow. So changes in herself, just as a person, can affect how she plays the character. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

  27. Ok I’m back:

    She ALSO just kissed him under some mistletoe, sure, but this scene is one of my favorites of all time. It was my *I KNEW* moment–that they were totally in love and meant to be together and rush to blockbuster to rent seasons one and two and watch them in one week moment. Haha. Somebody was dazzled– let’s just say that!

    Me too! Exact same moment, exact same reaction. I just had to know who this woman was, that this man would look at her like that and do that for her.

    As for a ‘dazzle’ moment: can’t recall the ep (*slaps oneself* ‘Bad shipper’) but when Bren loses it in Sweets’ office in order to defend Booth. That kick ass approach, I feel, is something that Booth has always loved about Bren.

    And with that comes the 100th flashback – almost every scene- but especially when he sees her for the first time, and then when she punches the judge.

    • Linda (and others)…I so agree with your SitS “dazzle” moment. And the subsequent, “Thanks for the gum.” Squeeeeeee!

      Can we make a special Emmy for intense, smoldering/dazzled glances? Because DB deserves a wheelbarrow full of ’em. When he is looking at Brennan in that Boothy way…its like the best thing ever. Dancing with Brennan to Seal, seeing her in the Roxie dress, Night at the Museum, etc etc etc….I can watch those scenes so many times because they are simply mesmerizing! Ok, I gush. But seriously. DB/Booth is so great!

      • I DO watch those scenes on repeat. I’m thinking one of my hiatus projects needs to be ‘create a montage from all seasons of these dazzle looks and watch on repeat’.

        mmm…easier or harder than writing a fanfic?

      • Hm…..well Linda, I’d say:

        Easier–on the eyes
        Harder–because you won’t get anything done for a week as you re-re-re-watch your montage 🙂

  28. One of my favorite ‘dazzle’ moments:
    “That’s a lot of heart, Bones.”

  29. Did anyone mention in Season II, “Killer in the Concrete” when Brennan and Booth are sitting at the diner, after Booth was just tortured, and she asks him if he knows the song her dad sang to her “Trying.” And Booth starts to sing it for her and she joins in, and they just sing and laugh and stare at each other from across the table. *sigh* mutual Dazzle… can anything be better?

  30. Hi! Quick question that’s completely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My web site looks weird when viewing from my iphone4. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to resolve this issue. If you have any recommendations, please share. Thank you!

  31. I think we have more dazzling in this season. In the third episode of this season, Booth was a kinda bothered about the woman who got murdered when she was trying to make something of herself. Brennan said they seek justice to honor her life and he looked like he was pretty dazzled there. Also in the winter finale when she told him she could see the “bones” of the house and how wonderful it would be whole, he was definitely dazzled. Hoping to see more dazzling moments, even Brennan being dazzled by Booth.

  32. I think Brennan believed that the ‘colder’ or detached she is, the better she is at working her cases like she said to Booth in tBwtA when reviewing Taffet’s case. The only thing is that she does not separate professional life from personal life. She hasn’t changed fundamentally but she is learning to separate her personal from her professional life which would not be so easy for her because she sees it as one and the same.
    Her family are different as they existed before the professional side developped. Everything else since then just falls under the professional unbrella hence the reason why she does not understand why people don’t always do everything in a rational way.
    Now that she is learning that work is work and play should be play, she understands that when it comes to personal relationships, things don’t have to be rational but you need to go with your ‘gut’ sometimes to keep the peace.
    Booth also is learning that going by your gut is not everything. You have got to think about all the pros and cons in situations before you jump in with both feet.
    Booth’s changes are a lot deeper than Brennan’s which is why we feel he is holding back. He needs to process his intended actions towards Brennan and then make a conscious decision as to what expected outcome will be before he does it. Brennan’s changes have been seen in that she is more open but she can only be as open as the other person will allow so she takes her cues from Booth and if he hesitates, she hesitates too.
    She has all the facts she needs and she is working hard on keeping her brain in full speed for her professional life and her heart at full speed for her personal life hence all the so-called ‘robotic’ behaviour.
    Brennan still dazzles at every turn and she still dazzles Booth but it is the reaction to the ‘dazzlement’ that has changed – more thought goes into what his response should be and it’s only when he just can’t help it, like Blackout, that it shines through.

  33. We’re now on season 8 and the dazzling is still there 🙂

    • Yup…just look at this man’s face

      • Despite her intelligence and the sometimes cynical way she looks at life, there’s an innocence to Brennan that I think Booth responds to. She’s almost childlike, sometimes, in the way she takes pleasure in particular moments or gets excited about simple things.

        It’s very cute and loveable and ED plays that side of Brennan perfectly.

      • I so agree with you, MJ. Her character is definitely a study in contrasts. I also think about her cool, sometimes icy exterior, but then moments later we see how soft she is at her core. I believe her to be a strong woman, and yet she can seem so fragile. With Booth, you know he loves her strength, but at the same time you know he wants to protect her from all physical and emotional harm.

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