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Christmas in May


Disclaimer: as of the writing of this post, I haven’t seen the season 6 finale because it hasn’t aired yet. I feel at this point it won’t affect how I feel about what we just witnessed, so fingers crossed!

Ok, I get it; I totally get what HH was doing when he upended our TV world in the 100th and told us to have patience, that we would be rewarded at some point. I feel in hindsight that we’ve been given a gift; a gift that took two years to unwrap. A gift that definitely didn’t feel like one when Brennan broke Booth’s heart in the 100th, when he lost all hope on that bench in the season 5 finale, when he flaunted his new relationship in front of Brennan in the season 6 premiere, when he broke her heart in Doctor.

The real gift, I guess, came from the two-year renewal. A gift that could not have happened with all the intensity, the depth it has if Hart hadn’t been given the freedom to change the direction of the show bit by bit, “organically” as he likes to say, over an extended period of time. A one year renewal would not have resulted in the prolonged emotional separation of our favorite ship-the potential year to year alienation of viewers being always in the back of the network’s and the producer’s mind.

 But two years? So what if you left some viewers behind? You could tell your story the way you really wanted to, the one filled with pain and frustration and anger, with joy and redemption, without the ever-present ratings system hanging over your head like a hangman’s noose, always dictating how the story unfolds. Not that Bones ever did poorly in the ratings-it just felt that way from all the caterwauling heard in cyberspace. But it could have, so telling that story just the way HH wanted to was definitely an act of courage. To rock the boat when you didn’t have to? Hart was a brave, brave man in my book.

Not, mind you, that I loved every part of my gift. My “dark night of the soul” as I like to call it here came with last year’s finale. For some it was the 100th, for others it was Hacker or Hannah. The Beginning in the End left me angry and despondent (four idle weeks with the kids between the end of school and summer camp didn’t help), and just barely capable of tuning in for season 6. My source of aggravation came not from Brennan’s departure but from the frustration I felt in seeing Booth literally begging for a reason not to go to war and not getting one from a single person on the show-not Brennan, not Caroline, Parker or Cam. It was painful and left me shaking my head in disbelief.

But I tuned in to the sixth regardless, because the show had never disappointed me before and I had faith in HH’s abilities to tell a story. We’ve talked a lot about faith here, and that is exactly what it came down to for me; faith and trust. He asked for patience, and given how much enjoyment he had given me before, I was willing to be patient-he had earned it. Could the story of Booth and Brennan’s journey not just as individuals but as a couple have been told in a way that was more palatable to viewers? Maybe; the Booth/Hannah relationship wasn’t fleshed out enough for some; the distance between B/B left many unhappy and slightly ill. Certainly we can almost unanimously agree that the infamous sunglasses scene didn’t come off as was probably expected. But here’s the gift part: what we did get was a vision from a story writer; a vision uncompromised for the most part by ratings pressures or viewer expectations. A full love story, as complex and nuanced as anything that could be compressed into 40-some minutes of viewing time could be.

Without that gift of time, I’m not sure that Brennan’s recognition of what she was losing by wrapping herself in imperviousness or Booth’s new-found sense of patience would have been nearly as believable. There were many frustrations along the way and more than a fair share of “filler” episodes (The Finder and Feet come to mind) but we got great, awesome stuff with incredible emotional depth as well, like Doctor in the Photo and Daredevil in the Mold. Those scenes with DB and Ed were raw, mind-blowing and entirely believable, not the least because so much had happened before to set the stage for those cathartic moments.

Now that we have some distance and can view this two-year arc as a whole, I get to see how beautifully these last two seasons mirror and parallel each other and it makes me glad that I stuck around. In season 5 we see Booth, uncertain and unbalanced, wearing his love for Brennan on his sleeve. He misreads the situation and acts impulsively, setting in motion a chain of events that feels like a rollercoaster ride. Brennan distances herself emotionally and physically, unwilling to take a chance for fear of being hurt, or hurting back. They reunite, Booth held together by the band aid of Hannah, and Brennan with a new understanding of what she was missing. But it took feeling the void of all that had been taken away by Hannah’s presence for Brennan to come to terms with the full impact of that loss.

 Episode after episode she, and we, felt the awkwardness and the sadness inherent in that distance from Booth. He was there, but not in the way that she had come to need or that we had come to expect. It all leads to Doctor in the Photo and Brennan’s uncharacteristic move to knowingly put herself at risk, make herself vulnerable and become the gambler for once. She lost for the moment, but unlike the 5th season finale, she stayed put without closing herself up, something the old Brennan could not have done as summed up by Cam early in season 5.

And Booth? I believe that after Daredevil he came to terms with the fact that he couldn’t just cover up old wounds and hurts by moving blindly along and tossing the dice again as he had in the past. Gambling had been his solace after his childhood just as Hannah became his crutch after Brennan. But pain has to be acknowledged and understood before any healing can take place and any real forward movement can occur. He had to hit rock bottom for the thrill of the reckless gamble to wear off. So now I do understand why the agony of his rejection in the 5th finale had to happen. Without that, he might not have been forced to take refuge with Hannah. Without Hannah, Brennan would not have had her world turned upside down. And ultimately, we wouldn’t be where we are now. We might still just be coasting along, missing some incredible scenes on the way. It might have been Mulder and Scully, Jag, and Ross and Rachel all over again. Will they or won’t they until the bitter end when truly much of the magic has gone.

For some, maybe this season already was too late, but I don’t see it that way. A matter of perception, I guess. Like I said earlier, seeing the two years as a whole and not just as a collection of individual episodes has given me a new appreciation of the effort and courage it took for the show’s producers to allow their main characters to embark on this journey. And the two seasons really do parallel each other in many ways.

 I immediately thought of the upside down man on Avalon’s tarot card, the one that signified Brennan, when the world-turned-upside-down reference was made in Doctor. Avalon said that Brennan was at a critical junction, between life and death. She didn’t mean a physical death in that opening scene; she was referring to the death of the heart. If she couldn’t see the world in a different way, she was going to miss her chance. After the quiet suffering of the first half of the 6th season, this is exactly what she came to understand in Doctor. That sense of loss gave her the courage to finally take a chance and open her heart, regardless of the outcome, because feeling something even when painful was better than not feeling at all.

And Boy with the Answer/Beginning in the End and Signs in the Silence/Hole in the Heart mirror each other nicely as well. In Answer, a dead child that can’t be helped; in Signs, a living one that was saved. Brennan wanting to leave one case behind while embracing the other. In both sets of cases threats hang over one of the main characters, the Gravedigger in one and Broadsky in the other. But in the end, Brennan deals with the strain in a completely different way. Where in Beginning she closed up and ran away, in Hole she opens her heart and stays, trusting she has what it takes to make things work. Lovely stuff indeed, with many more parallels between the seasons that maybe you all can all provide.

So now we’re back to a one year renewal where things may once again become “safe,” or maybe not. Maybe we need a little safety, to feel comfortable again for a while given all that has happened. After all, it has taken two years of upheaval, not just three days, for our world to be righted again. But I’m glad that HH rocked the proverbial boat, and I’m still a shipper all the way-maybe more now than ever.

 I love my gift, Hart.


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  1. Sorry, I am a little speechless. The first BT post where every single word is exactly how I feel about Bones.
    I can say, however, that your parting line made me tear up. This post is perfect.

  2. Oh wow. That was perfect. Thankyou for posting this today. I think many of us can see the light and can look back on the past 2 years with warmth.
    Your discussion of the parallels was eye opening, and it makes me look forward to watching the seasons again more than ever.
    I’m so glad I stuck around and didn’t get caught up with the negativity that has permeated chatrooms during this time. I feel like I’ve learnt just as much going on this rollercoaster as B&B have. And I look forward to what happens next.

    Well done.

  3. I agree… Wait and see was the motto during those past 2 years… LOT of people have screamed, yelled, insulted HH during this time, specially since the beginning of the 6th season… for what??? NOTHING…..

  4. Thanks, great post. I guess I am one of the few that wasn’t really upset with the story being told in season 5 and 6. That is not to say I wasn’t unhappy with some of the things done (Booth’s crushed heart, Hannah, Brennan’s crushed heart); but, I saw those things as part of the vehicle that would take me to the part of the story that I wanted to see. Bones has been a great story. It does take you up and down like a rollercoater; but, Man, what a ride.

  5. That was an amazing summary and analysis. Bravo!

  6. Yay!

    And this line: “but from the frustration I felt in seeing Booth literally begging for a reason not to go to war and not getting one from a single person on the show-not Brennan, not Caroline, Parker or Cam. It was painful and left me shaking my head in disbelief.” — Just wanted to say “EXACTLY” to this. That always made me so sad.

    And yay for our gift!

    • I agree with you and Marie on that one. How was Booth supposed to make a decision that was right for himself when noone would tell him that they needed him to stay? He had to have felt like noone was on his side at that point.

  7. Hi Mariu

    Thank you for this analysis, for how it so thoroughly reflects what is in my heart. When season 5 ended it took some effort to remain positive. I repeated “In Hart we trust” like a mantra for the summer months. And then it was September. I don’t think any thing was ever so difficult to watch. So cringe-worthy. I wanted to keep my Brennan and my Booth safe and unharmed. But it was never to me. There was never a moment that I could have not watched the show. Never a moment that I could abandon them.
    It cost me. Which is silly, because it is just a TV show, my husband repeats and repeats. But it cost me. Mostly, after the first day we see Hannah, it cost me even my writing. I was unable to write FF. But I could not look away.
    It bugs me that Fictional characters have this hold on me.
    Some years ago I lived with a Croatian girl that a paper stuck with magnets on a fridge “When God sends you a rocky path, he always provides strong shoes”. During most of season 6, I had to remind myself of that. I don’t think I have rewatched any episode before Doctor in the Photo. I just couldn’t.
    Here I am still. Happy that there is one more season.
    I hope during that season that Hart and writers and the producers- and even Fox- remember that season 7- seven!- cannot or should not at least- be about a few struggling viewers or new viewers. Your are not going to get many of those. Season SEVEN should reward the ones have been with these characters, that have lost nights of sleep and that worries and been more than viewers. The ones that have lived the other six seasons of Bones.
    Regarding the parallels: spot on. Bones is all about parallels. It’s not just about the viewing experience, but has a writing spell. The writing is, for the most part, beautiful. Why else would we have so many great lines, so many things that we use as signals to identify each other as Bones fans? Won’t “breaking the laws of physics” be forever a Bones thing?
    And now that we have had six seasons we can look at the big picture, it composes such a phenomenally intricate piece of writing where parallels dominate the landscape, where the writing is circular and never lost track of itself. There a constancy in those parallels. And I love like I will forever love Wuthering Hights or Pride and Prejudice. Because it is great literature. Just by a different vehicle.

    (sorry for the length)

  8. Excellent post! I find myself still marvelling over the awesomeness of HitH. Not awesome because of VNM’s passing, but it flat out amazing. I have watched a least a scene or two from it every day since and I just gets better to me every time! (Though, I still cannot watch the VNM dying scene. I also can’t watch Mufasa die in the Lion King. Too painful!)

    But this episode healed the hole in my heart. It definitely has been a roller coaster, and by the time we get to DinP…I’m going…what’s happening?!!? But as we’ve stated so many times, the awesome DB and ED give the most heartfelt performances, I cannot look away! There have been some scenes, even in this oft-maligned 6th season, that I cannot literally pull my eyes off that screen. I truly had not given up on the show at all because they did enough to keep me hooked.

    Honestly, I didn’t even care about Hannah that much. I knew she was a temporary plot point, and I figured her presence would somehow get our duo together, so I just bided my time. But I really really cannot get over how much I loved this last ep. I spoke to my parents a couple days after, and they cried. Even my dad, who doesn’t do that. You cannot help but be affected by what we just saw.

    And how brave to make that episode 2nd to last and not the finale! My mind is spinning as to what we are in store for! I am definitely optimistic.

  9. I’ve seen a lot of television and a lot of movies. Even knowing that B&B are endgame, the Hannah storyline made me nervous… because I cared so much. Now, I can look back and realize she was vital to getting us where we are now… and I’m ready… bring it on Hart!

  10. Last night, I watched the most recent promo out for “Change in the Game.” It’s an interview with ED and DB and there are flashbacks from previous episodes woven through.

    One of them is the look on Booth’s face in DitP, when Brennan tells him she “missed her chance.” That look, that expression – I’d never noticed it before. It was his worst nightmare. Brennan confesses to feelings for him but it’s too late for him to do anything about it. She’s sitting beside him crying, he has tears in his eyes and there’s nothing he can do. Nothing. And my heart just broke for him. And for her, but in that moment more for him. Everything he wanted was right there, and he couldn’t reach out and grab it.

    I’m grateful for moments like that, and for season 3 (my favorite), which kept me coming back.

  11. Bravo! If I could give this post a standing ovation, I would! It’s really wonderful. I haven’t always loved every single thing that’s happened this season, but for the most part I have really enjoyed it. I knew I could trust that everything happens for a reason in this show. I truly believe that.

    No one can deny that we have had some power house episodes and some of the best performances we’ve ever seen from DB and ED on Bones thus far. This whole season, as I’ve been seeing doubt in the fandom, I just keep telling myself it’s about the journey, there’s a bigger picture, and in HH & Co. I trust! This post sums up how I’ve been feeling about it! I really can’t want to watch Season 6 straight through. I think it will make things feel even more cohesive and connected once I do, and I love it!

  12. Thanks for all the kind comments; and thanks once again to Sarah for posting this on my behalf since I’m so incompetent with the computer. What I wrote truly reflects how I feel about this show-that like all great television, or literature, art or music, it has the capacity to make us think and feel beyond just the immediate. I appreciate the fact that as much as we had faith in the Powers that Be, they also had faith in us an audience-trusting that we would be mature and patient enough to sit through the gradual unveiling of their great story. In an age that worships immediate gratification in all its forms, it’s good to be remined that good things still come to those who wait. Wonderful things, in fact. And a friendly reminder: don’t forget to add five minutes to those DVRs! Patience may have served us well, but no one’s going to want to wait ’til Friday to see the end of this episode!

    • I am, once again, reminded of the fantastic Joshua Radin song that HH & Co. used in a Season 6 episode called the Rock and the Tide.

      “Settle down I said to myself, things that come with time will always be better. Everyone gets what they want to fast these days, no one knows the way to make things last.”

      I really, really, really think this song could be the theme for the season! I have faith that we’ll get to this part of the song soon too: “Hey baby, I’m through waiting cause I need you now, I’ll show you how you can take my hand and save me.” OR did that just happen last week?! I need to go ponder now.

      Everyone should really check out the whole song. 🙂 (Sorry…my music nerd is showing…again. Haha)

  13. This was fantastic. You’ve summed up pretty much exactly how I feel about this journey. It really is a gift. Thanks for reminding me.

  14. Your description of how you felt after the Season 5 finale parallels how I felt at that time as well. Thereafter, our opinions diverge. I believe the two year renewal was a wonderful opportunity that was squandered by the Show’s creators. The Hannah story arc was poorly written and poorly executed. While I admire ED’s and DB’s performances throughout that debacle, the quality of the show itself suffered. Because there was so much emphasis on Hannah, the other supporting characters were cast aside. The second half of the season has redeemed itself somewhat in that regard. I don’t have a direct line to HH (and he should be happy I don’t), but I suspect that this two years of story telling is not as well planned as you posit. I interpret the abrupt departure of Hannah as an about face in story telling, motiviated by criticism of the Show’s direction, the knowledge that they needed to capture the Idol audience, and fears of lacklustre Season 6 DVD sales if that train wreck continued. I sound really negative, and actualy I’m generally full of squee for this show. I just don’t think that HH deserves the credit you’ve given him.

    • The story is not ours to tell. I am sure that HH has a bible that has the overall plan he has for the show. He wanted to tell a very complicated story and to do that he had to tell it his way. Some of us may not agree with parts of the story; but, since we really don’t know what the whole story is, we have to let him tell it his way and hope that the end justifies everything in the middle. I have read books that have driven me absolutely nuts while reading them and yet in the end when the novel was done, the parts of the book I thought were nonsence turned out to be the most important part of the book as it explained the ending. That is how I view Bones. A very complicated novel.

      • I agree that the story is not ours to tell, and I’m on board for what happens, but that doesn’t mean I can’t offer criticism when the story telling is poor. I don’t agree that Bones is like a complicated novel. Authoris have the luxury of crafting their novel, editing it and re-editing and finally a finished piece is published. A television show is a much different beast. Its direction is influenced by the studio, the network, the advertisers who will or will not support it, and the audience. While the Show’s creators may have an overall picture of how they would like the story to be told, they serve many masters and cannot stick solely to their vision. Ultimately, the network has to buy it. I have seen interviews with HH where it was obvious to me that he was re-writing his own story to fit in with what they were doing. Booth’s joining the army is a case in point. Was he in the army or was he a contractor? From the season 5 finale it was obvious he was in the army, but the time the season 6 premiere rolls out, he’s a contractor b/c they needed to get him out of there in less than a year. This is one example of why I believe the two year renewal was not as well planned as some believe.

    • I’m inclined to agree with some of this assessment. I don’t think I agree about the pull out of Hannah being directly connected to ratings or criticism – I really do believe she was never meant to last a whole season – at least according to HH/SN interviews.

      That being said, I believe the 100th and the S5 finale might have been in play from the start, but how they chose to work through S6 might not have been figured out until towards the end of S5.

      The nature of TV writing, I think, still mandates an “on the fly” kind of writing – meaning, it has to be adaptable to a huge number of external factors. So, perhaps we give HH credit for his attempts to stay true to his vision in the face of these realities – faults and mistakes and all.

    • Thank goodness someone else isn’t so thrilled with Hart.

      I agree with you, Huronia. This essay is brilliant, and I agree with mariu100 about how I felt at the end of s5. But, I also agree with you, Huronia, about s6.

      Also, as much as I want to believe we are going to get to eventually, in Hart I do not trust. We still don’t know exactly where B&B are which means he still has room to take them someplace other than eventually. I hope he is taking us there, finally, but I still don’t trust him and never will again.

      And, I still don’t think there was anything organic about how this story went. Decisions were made that the show would be best served by ripping them apart and then driving them even further apart. I’d argue that the only way to end that organically would have been to end their partnership and any relationship between them at all. Note: many, many people argued for that — the Booth bashers who wanted him to go off with Hannah and give Brennan someone who would really love her. Trials and tribulations don’t necessarily lead to a stronger relationship; a lot (most?) of the time they destroy the relationship.

      Maybe I can accept that B&B together is the endgame, but I don’t really trust him on that at this point. But, I agree that there has not necessarily been a lot of the how we get there fully plotted out. Maybe the big points were, but the details were not until they got to the execution of each season. Even then some details weren’t tied down until episodes were being written, and they had the response to some episodes. Or, they just like torturing their most loyal fans. I don’t see any other way to explain the discrepancy between what they said and what they did a lot of the time. For example, at first they said Hannah would only be with us for 5-6 episodes. Then they wouldn’t say. Then they said she might be back — and so on and so on. Or why did Hannah get shot pursuing a story about a dirty cop? Did they really mean to give us such an intriguing plot point and then just drop it? That makes me suspect that they were waiting to see how the audience reacted before deciding what to do with Hannah.

      I also think they were surprised by fan reaction to some specific moments where fans did not see what the writers intended. Does anybody know what they intended with the sunglasses scene? Or, how many fans saw specific looks or actions of Booth as being mean to Brennan? Did they intend for some fans to conclude that Brennan deserved better than Booth?

      I could go on in this vein, but I won’t.

      This essay is brilliant, but I still see a lot of ex-post rationalization of what Hart did. To rationalize trusting? What he did was very upsetting and many of us didn’t like it when going through it. Now it seems that people have to justify hanging in there anyway and being happy with the show again. But, we don’t need to do that. It is perfectly ok, to still hate the part that was so-o painful and not now applaud it as being brilliant storytelling. He seems to have worked it out, but it is fair to question his intentions, his motives and the quality of the execution.

      • Angelena, I do understand what you and Huronia are saying, and definitely your right to say it. I felt much of the same feelings during “strike season” where they COMPLETELY ruined things for me for a long time.

        Mini-Rant Warning:
        I mean, come on, the Gormogon wrap up?? They give us such a crazy serial killer guy but then its just some random nobody? Who we don’t even get to hear speak, he’s just taken down immediately? And then Zach working with such a psycho??? Then they give Zach a disfiguring injury so he can’t come back to work ever again. And then they give us awesomely creepy Fat Pam, who I could have seen as a great recurring character is introduced but killed off immediately (though it was fun to see Brennan take her down)….and then….Booth pops magically back up from what was clearly an awful injury in time to take down some bad guy who was soooo terrible we had to stage the whole death thing to capture, but we don’t know anything about him, he’s just another random dude!!

        Why they did not just pick ONE storyline to wrap up with the shortened season and pick the rest up the next one I will never know. Also, I read that DB said they were going to do some Booth backstory things that season but they had to table it. So why not table some of the other stuff too? They wrapped it all up in what was one huge cluster**** for me.

        Whew. All that to say…I do understand your frustration, I really do!! Also, I was not really that disappointed with 5 and 6 because anything is better than that awfulness I just described. They did fix that past junk I feel with the revolving squinterns and character development. I wasn’t sure about it all, but it grew on me. And since they sort of “made things right” after all that, I think I have justifiable confidence that the writers will make it good. Even when I was personally upset that B&B weren’t together, I truly was OK with Hannah because I’d always felt her to be temporary. Hacker too. Since B&B is the endgame, let’s be honest, its gonna happen, then all the stuff they do in between here and there I don’t mind so much.

        Now with this Broadsky thing, they did not have Booth shoot him dead. So while they may or may not bring him back, there is the possiblity of it. Did the writers learn their lesson from that awful awful Gormogon etc, nonense? I think they really might have.

        So while I do respect and understand your feelings, the way they’ve brought back the show after the strike makes me hopefully that they are being careful and have a plan. I guess we will have to watch and see!

        (End of rant)

  15. Amazing post – really nicely written and made me all warm and fuzzy for HH and Bones 

  16. I read all that while sitting in a dentist chair. Still am. Hopefully i didn’t smile and almost giggle and cry too much to ruin their work…

    Bones has definitely taken me for a wild, crazy ride. I still dont plan to get off anytime soon.
    Thank you Hart, David and Emily, and every other single member of that crew! This sounds cheesy, but you guys seriously changed my life and got me through the hardest times.

  17. oK. just have to say 2 things … hurrah for tomorrow (although actually Friday for me) and double YEAH for having a year seven.

  18. Bravo Maria for putting this out there. You’ve got guts girl! I like it!

    Two things really stood out for me:

    1. “We might still just be coasting along, missing some incredible scenes on the way. It might have been Mulder and Scully, Jag, and Ross and Rachel all over again. Will they or won’t they until the bitter end when truly much of the magic has gone.”

    This is very, very true and not something I had thought about in quite this way before. As much as I loved the back and forth of earlier seasons, and as romantic as Booth’s season five blind devotion to Brennan was, that all needed to change in order for the characters to change. Growth is what I want for my characters, I don’t want them to be static – and if growth means pain (both for them and me), so be it. I’ll take the pain, and the satisfaction it ultimately brings, any day.

    Honestly, Bones would probably have done fine had it coasted along on the strength of the UST between B&B until the bitter end, but as you said, we would have lost so much along the way. And you know what? I’m not sure most of us would be here talking so obsessively about Bones if that had been the case. The 100th episode completely changed the way I watched Bones (still not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing! ;)), so much so that had that episode never happened, I guarantee I would still be just a casual observer.

    2. “So now we’re back to a one year renewal where things may once again become “safe,” or maybe not. Maybe we need a little safety, to feel comfortable again for a while given all that has happened.”

    I don’t think things will ever be completely “safe” where B&B are concerned! It’s kind of ironic considering the vocality of the online shipper-fandom, but from a ratings perspective, I’m not convinced that B&B as a couple is at all a “safe” place to be. It could be, it has the potential to be (historically, there have been successes, but there have also been failures), but all of that is a huge unknown. In a business where numbers make you or break you, I think it’s worth mentioning that change – any change – involves risk. And that’s something we should all remember (and appreciate) should HH and crew decide to move forward with making B&B an official couple.

    Here’s to change!!

  19. I agree with the sentiments of this post, though hesitantly because I’d rather makes such statements when everything is said and done. HH is often full of surprises, and who knows what’s in store. So much is debatable with what went on this season. To be honest, we may never know if things went exactly the way even HH&Co. wanted it to. I don’t know anything about producing a TV show, but I can tell it’s a very complex thing. All in all, I think they have done a good job navigating through all the obstacles to tell a story. I’ve never seen anything but full-out dedication and love for what they do from them. I am still intrigued in the story.

    I have two analogies, and I’m not sure which one fits me better or makes more sense. The first one is the kind of loyalty sports fans have. They don’t usually stop supporting their team because of unpleasant things (a losing season, losing certain players, bad management.) I’ve never been that dedicated of a sports fan, but I’m amazed at their dedication, and they have their reasons for sticking with their team. I think I’m kind of loyal to BONES in that regard, and my reasons may differ from others. My second analogy is my parents. I think I have great parents. Not that they did everything right (don’t tell them I said that), but I think they did the best that they could do, and I can accept that they aren’t perfect. I know they love me and want the best for me. I think the people of BONES work very hard to do their best week after week to provide great entertainment for us, and maybe things don’t always turn out how they planned, but they just keep moving forward and they believe in what they do.

    In short, I don’t need rose-colored glasses to appreciate and love this show. But calling certain things mistakes is debatable, especially if they were intentional. I enjoy the writing of some episodes better than others. I’m okay with that. It just makes the good episodes that much more awesome.

    • I agree C-bones – some of the things I frequently see called ‘mistakes’ are actually things I don’t mind / quite like!

  20. I definitely believe it is Christmas in May.

    An old saying comes to mind…”You never know what you’ve got until you lose it.”

    It was painful to watch Booth try to hold onto Brennan in season five, and equally painful to see Brennan in season six watching Booth with Hannah and try to come to terms with her feelings. They both had to deal with the loss and the consequences of their actions…making their “eventually” more poignant and meaningful. When they finally together in every sense of that word, they will have weathered the storm, a little frayed and damaged, but stronger than ever.

    And HH didn’t do this for the casual viewer …it was all for the die-hard fans. He’s produced an episodic TV show that Joe Public can appreciate on its obvious merits, while the crux of the story…the journey of B&B…brings an entirely new dimension and richness to the show that’s extremely rare and much more satisfying, for me, than a predictable…and might I add…boring relationship. Yeah…HH has spoiled me, in a way. I expect a lot more from characters than I used to…and it’s all his fault.

    It also has to be difficult to keep the story fires going when HH never knows from one season to the next if his show will still be on the air. I’m sure he had an outline, but filling in the meat of the story is a never-ending dilemma. I’d find it hard to believe that fans of other shows are completely happy with every single plot and episode they watch. I can hear Brennan saying storytelling is not an exact science. Sometimes you hit the mark and sometimes you don’t. Fans are fickle…and fulfilling their every expectation is impossible…you can only hope that you’ve woven your story with complex characters and a thorny path that holds the fans’ interest. To which I make my point. If we didn’t care so much for B&B, we wouldn’t still be here.

    A lot of people disliked…ok, even hated…Hannah…but she did show us the difference between a real relationship built on friendship and a superficial one with no depth. Not fleshing out Hannah was, I believe, the intention all along. She served a purpose. While fans bemoan the use of a love interest to propel the stagnant B&B relationship, I don’t see any other plot device having the same effect. It had to be a person, not an event, that woke both of them up…to realize what they meant to each other.

    B&B are flawed characters who don’t always know the right thing to do. They stumble, they fall…but in the end, they learn, grow and change. It’s painful, exasperating, and beautiful.

    So…I have no problems with season six, despite a few plot devices that seemed contrary to progression and continuity, but then I’ve learned not to expect perfection in storytelling that’s controlled by a network as much or more than its creator. A sad fact, but there it is. It’s a business first and a story second.

    I have faith that HH intends to change the game in a positive way…and it’s refreshing to know he isn’t a protégé of Joss Whedon. LOL!

    What HH does from this point forward will be the challenge…and I hope he’s able to pull it off. I’m rooting for him. 😀

    • Well said, shrinkymojo. I think you said what was in my brain but maybe I couldn’t fully explain…so thanks!

    • You obviously said it way better than I did. Thanks.

    • Thanks ShrinkyMojo you hit the nail on the head again. Yes, at the beginning I was a little bit stressed out about season VI, because events did not get resolved, questions hanging in the air and character were out of character. But looking back now, at the eve of the season’s finale I feel much better and satisfied. Still have a theory in my mind, but hope tomorrow night we know for sure what’s going on.
      (Or ?????).

      P.S. A warning for everybody. Don’t go to any other forum after tonight, because Canada can see the finale ahead of us and there might be people writing about it and will spoil the ending for us.

  21. I appreciate your comments about my post…and I appreciate the comments each of you have made. We may not agree on all points and have different ways of expressing our views and opinions, but they’re all good. 😀

    OK…I just had a light-bulb-moment…and probably others have already thought about this…

    The connections between the scene in Hole in the Heart where Booth is comforting Brennan in bed, telling her “It’s ok, I’m right here…that’s what I’m here for” and the scene Harbingers where he’s holding Brennan after being stabbed by the bad doctor…saying practically the same words. I wondered at the time why the blood from Brennan’s wound was on Booth’s shirt over his heart…when in reality it was in the wrong place…but emotionally, it wasn’t. Kinda ties in to Brennan mentioning the blood on Booth’s hands after VNM takes the bullet meant for him. Is this making any sense or am I just off on a mindless tangent?? Wouldn’t be the first time…LOL.

    Does anyone else get the feeling that B&B have now come full circle? Which brings us right back to the season 4 finale…The Beginning in the End.

    Seems to me like the proverbial *reset button* that HH&Co loves to tease about, don’t you think?

    • Shrinky, you are not crazy at all. The first thing I thought of after B&B laid down on the bed (well after squeeing my head off) was how similar it was to Harbingers. The blood on his shirt seemed OK on the placement to me, especially if he gathered her close to him. But yes him still having blood on his hands longer after the event than he should have was VERY reminiscent of him keeping Brennan’s blood too. At least then, he had Caroline to order him to change his shirt…so Brennan brought it to his attention this time…except for in her abrupt, Brennan-y way!

      What does it all mean? Well, smarter people than I can reason that out…but I think it means that he is literally going to be there for her, whether its to physically save her life, or support her emotionally. That’s why he’s here :).

    • I just realized I made a typo…I mean to say The End in the Beginning! Sorry about that.

      And bb…I wouldn’t have been surprised if in the same vein as Caroline telling Booth to change his shirt, Brennan would have told Booth to go wash his hands again…LOL.

      All I could think about was we’re back to the “happy ending” of S4…the dream. I kept waiting for another dream to show up in S6…but it didn’t…so “Nothing Happens Unless First A Dream” had to refer to EitB. Or did I miss something?

      • I think you are right that “Nothing Happens Unless First A Dream” refers to EiTB. First the dream then the reality that grows from the dream. When I saw that on the wall, I thought wow, we had the dream and now we see what the results of the dream is.

    • I think you made perfect sense with what you said, Shrinky.

      My one complaint about the blood on the hands scene would be that it was hard to see. I’ve watched it on TV and on Hulu and I just couldn’t see the blood on his hands. In Harbingers, Booth is sitting there with blood all over the front of him from a stab wound in the arm. In Hole in the Heart, he had his hands all over Vincent as he bled out from an arterial bleed, but Booth didn’t get any blood on his suit, his shirt or even his face when he sat back and put his hand to his forehead in defeat.

      That’s not to say that I’m looking for gore or blood and guts, but seeing Booth with Vincent’s blood on him, or seeing Booth staring at his own hands after releasing his grip on Vincent’s chest would have added a lot of impact. Being able to see the smears on his hands when Brennan tells him he’s got blood on his hands would have been good, too. That’s not to say that I’m complaining about how the scene was done, more wondering why they made the choices that they did.

      As to what it means, bb, I think it may have something to do with who Booth is. He carries physical reminders with him as long as he can, and then they transfer to emotional baggage. Hero in the Hold illustrates that with the flashbacks to him carrying Teddy around after he’d been shot. In Harbingers, regardless of the fact that Booth got their in time to save Brennan’s life, he wasn’t there in time to keep her from getting hurt. In Hole, his request unknowningly put Vincent in harms way.

      The thought has just occurred to me that maybe that’s got something to do with why he tossed that ring as fast as he did when Hannah said no… He didn’t want the physical reminder because the emotional baggage was already there and way bigger than the ring would ever be.

  22. Fantastically lovely essay Mariu100! I really enjoyed your introspective look on the last two years, and I am wholeheartedly uplifted by these sentiments. I have loved and hated the last two seasons, been frustrated and sorrowful, yet encouraged and motivated to keep watching. While I don’t necessarily agree with all of the directions the characters have taken on this road, I am thoroughly glad we are now (hopefully) back on the same, true path.

    I love this show. 🙂

  23. Allso THANK YOU Mariu100 for the wonderfull writing. I agree with a lot of it. I have a folder were I put copies of my favorite post and responses in to safe them. I know paperless is the way to go, but I still like hard copies. I am old fashion.

    • omg i do that too!! My friends thought i was crazy for keeping a folder of random post that i liked, so im really glad im not the only one haha

  24. I’m sure in the idle moments between Bones’ finale and the premiere next season, the wailing and gnashing of teeth will be more of a distant memory. I do appreciate your post– HH & Co. have told a story with a great many parallels, a great many events foreshadowed. I was struck by how vulnerable and open Brennan is in The Hole in the Heart– she feels almost too much and grieves VNM, but also questions her own humanity. Her imperviousness is erased in that one horrible moment– she not only seeks to comfort VNM, but she comforts Booth as well. Booth’s anger at Brodsky is completely understandable, but rather than lash out and shoot to kill the man, he stops him and only indulges in stepping on his leg. He has lost his anger– even for such a senseless and brutal act– and he is able to believe in Brennan to assure them she will be there to see off VNM’s body.

    Compare their behaviors in TSitS, the week before– Brennan has to slowly come to see her “denseness” and lack of compassion until she becomes the child’s champion and reason why she is reunited with her family. Booth’s rage at the father is tempered by his confession at the end that he does not want to repeat the behavior of his father with his own son or allow his son to see that anger.

    Some people have complained that we didn’t need to keep being reminded that Brennan wasn’t cold, but I think that was the plan– to chip away at it until some personal connection was too great for her and forced her to open herself up. Of all the interns, VNM was truly the most child-like (except, perhaps for Daisy) and his death after his enthusiastic engagement in the dinosaur research is doubly felt because we lose that child-like joy. Brennan’s early morning breakdown was also childlike in its reasoning and misinterpretation, but there was a reason for it. She’s stripped bare of all her defenses and the walls are washed away in a flood of her tears.

    Booth, too, is a study of calm, not anger. Angela washes aside some of his concern for that in the conference room when she tells him that Brennan’s reminder about the blood is purely literal. In his office, he is calm and when he says he wants help seeking revenge, there is no anger, just calm. His demeanor in the interrogation room is calm; his pursuit of Brodsky is controlled– he has three chances to shoot Brodsky and he does not shoot wildly or without warning, like Brodsky’s shots; he gives his prey a reason and he gives his prey fair warning.

    At times Bones has quite beautiful, masterful moments and other times, not so much. But there are usually reasons for what happens if, as you’ve pointed out, we’re patient enough and open enough to see them.

  25. this post is exactly how i’ve been feeling lately…it’s perfect!
    I always knew I should trust that the things that happened in season 5 & 6 would work out eventually, but I was sometimes so upset that I forgot that there IS an endgame.
    And I’m so glad for the last two seasons, even though there have been bad moments, because they are so important in the entire story!

  26. I’m glad that there is a positive turn in events, but I remain skeptical that HH won’t turn things around again.

    And, I’m sorry, but I remain unconvinced 1) that all the sturm und drang was a) necessary or b) well executed and 2) that one can trust HH as to where we are going. It may be good storytelling, but HH is not infallible. And, it’s not necessary to like everything he does or defend/find justification for things that one doesn’t like.

    On the sports fan analogy: I’m a Yankee fan (protects ears from jeers). In bad years, I still love ’em, but I don’t try to make lemonade out of management’s mistakes.

    • I think even the most diehard fan would agree that some of the storytelling was flawed and probably could have been handled differently. In this case, sometimes the ends justifies the means, but we’re still just speculating. The finale and how their relationship is handled in the future is still to be seen.

      BTW, I’m a Cubs fan and sometimes I think that’s why I can be incredibly patient with Bones. I’ve got more than a 100 years of oops!, oh-no-you-didn’t, and close, but no cigars (or rings.) At least with TV, fanfiction can erase so much of what was so bad (or painful.) Unfortunately, there just ain’t anything to fix a bad ball club’s season results.

      • We’ll always have Wrigley…and Ronnie Woo-Woo. Is it too soon to say there’s always next year? Maybe we should hire Hart to write a script for the Cubs. We’ve already suffered every conceivable agony in the books that HH could throw at us (what with goats and interfering fans), so now all he has to do is get us to home plate!

    • Well, I don’t disagree with you that there were many things that could have been done differently and possibly better-certainly the first half of the season was painful to watch for the most part. We’ve all probably worked out endless scenarios of how things could have happened in a less upsetting manner-I know I have. And whether or not there was a master plan is open to debate for many; I see one, although I don’t think anyone would say that HH and Co. had all the details of that plan in place two years ago. HH probably worked out a general outline of where he wanted the characters to be at a certain point (he’s always said he knows how it ends) and filled in the blanks as circumstances, and occasionally viewer reaction, would dictate.

      I’ve definitely shared in your pain and fully understand the criticism directed his way; it’s the fact that he had the gumption to shake things up in such an unexpected way that I admire. I too don’t feel that I have to justify HH’s every move, but I tend to see what he’s done in terms of process and appreciated the risks he’s taken to tell his story. When I look back at the last two years, I can see his vision and his passion for these characters in every unexpected turn of events-regardless of where we end up in the future (mind you, if B/B end up going their separate ways at the end, I will be at the front of the line right there with you pelting Hart with stones). Ultimately for me, the unexpected has resulted in a decent amount of heartburn, yes, but also in some of the most thoughtful television moments I’ve seen in a long time-but I can understand and respect why many people would see things differently.

  27. You guyzzzz…..I have Man on the Fairway on right now and our intrepid duo are driving to an interrogation. Booth is frustrated at Brennan’s questioning him, and she responds that she learned how to poke and prod from him…then she leans over and pinches his cheek, and we get a lovely Booth grin and laugh!! What a cute moment that I had completely forgotten about!

    PS…look what you guys have done to me! I saw this and immediately thought…I gotta share this at Bones Theory!!! hahaha

  28. I am just glad that I am not the only one that is wayyyyy to invested in fictionally character’s lives….From the 100th on I have felt like this was happening to close friends of mine and I hurt deeply for them. I tried to keep the faith but I did waiver….

    Glad things seem to be working out for them.

  29. Whatever the topic is tomorrow, I hope it’s one that creates a lot of email. I’m going to need help staying off Twitter so I won’t be spoiled before tomorrow night.

    • LOL! I was just contemplating NOT doing a post for fear that people will come on and spoil, but then decided that those of us who don’t want to be spoiled NEED a place to be to hang out. So each person had best be on the best behavior tomorrow 🙂

      • I concur with MJ…I think I can stay away from spoilers…but I just need something to help pass the time…besides work 🙂

        Also, are we doing a post-finale post? I can’t believe tomorrow is Bones Thursday!! You guys have really helped the week fly by with great posts and comments!

      • Glad you’re going to do a post, Sarah. It’ll keep us distracted from the temptation of wandering into SpoilerTown.

        And I love the note at the top of the page telling spoiled people to scram. Very nicely put. 🙂

      • thanks for that note above Seels, I feel like you’re looking out for everyone’s sanity.

        You have done such a powerful job of guiding us away from the edge of the cliff this season- so to speak -that we’d all be shattered if some numnut spoiled our sanctuary.

      • I have been up since 4:30 am trying to find a friggin link to watch the episode online. Because, let’s face it, if I can I want to. But I haven’t been able to! [insert comic strip cursing here]

        So, dammit, I still have to be spoiler free. [insert louder comic strip cursing]

        [and more comic strip cursing]

      • LOL MJ, your post cracked me up. I hear ya love, I hear ya 🙂

  30. I totally agree!! I’m in Australia and it’s driving me insane here since I won’t be able to watch it til afternoon tomorrow!! I will be living in a bubble! Love reading the comments and theories!

  31. Yes, I need this to be a safe place I can visit. It has been very hard this afternoon trying to find some little link to humanity…I mean the episode.

    Kristy, I’m in that same Australian bubble. I’ll wave at you from freezing Melbourne.

    • Haha Linda! Yeah it would be freezing there! Although it’s not much better in brisbane! It’s insane simply cannot wait to watch the ep! Also cannot wait to read the comments in the aftermath!

      • I feel for you guys in the US today – it’s a horrible feeling knowing one look at the wrong site or comment and you’re going to get spoiled. Being in the UK I can only watch the latest episodes on Friday evenings – which means all season every Thursday night (my time) I’ve logged out of all Twitter apps and spent the whole of Friday in ‘radio silence’ before racing home after work to watch on a Friday night.

        Difficult decision for me today – do I watch it tonight (before the US) or Friday evening? I’m out with friends for drinks after work tonight, so I’m thinking to give the finale it’s proper ceremony and concentration I should wait till Friday evening. What do you guys think? It’s going to take superhuman levels of self discipline to wait, but I think I’m up to the task…Can’t believe finale day is upon us. This is it till September, I can’t believe it. Have a great day everyone. x

  32. Well Sophia let me just say you have better self discipline than me!! I don’t know how you could do it. Have a good day! And let the change in the game be a good one!

  33. Thank you for this post and for positive thinking! I’m with you.

  34. I’m a new reader here, and just wanted to say that I absolutely adore reading this blog and everyone’s posts. You are all amazingly talented writers and I am so happy to see others enjoy the series as much as (and in the same ways that) I do.

    Absolutely amazing 6th season finale, watched it early because I live in Canada. If anyone has a Tumblr page, I can be found at

  35. Aww, I loved this. It was so perfect. Especially the last line 🙂

  36. Nicely said mariu100.

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