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128 OTHER Things To Talk About!


Okay, so it’s the day of the Bones finale, and that is some serious stuff. If for some reason you did not notice the gigantic manifesto about NOT talking about the season six finale here at the top of BONES THEORY, then let me kindly remind you. Don’t talk about it.

If you do talk about it, I’ll delete your comment.

 I have never really had to do that before, but I will. I swear on Booth’s biceps that I will indeed. 😀

 Having said that, I encourage you all NOT to click the email notification button today. I will do my best to patrol the comments, but just in case…well, I’d hate for anyone to be spoiled. I seriously considered not even having a post today, but I also wanted there to be a place in the universe for people to feel safe and unspoiled.

But I’m also not too worried. Because BT people are cool people, and we’ve done such a fantastic job being spoiler free, and we’re gonna keep it that way.

Having said that…there’s still plenty to talk about. 128 OTHER episodes, in fact!

Here are a few questions that aren’t exactly FULL post material, but something might strike your fancy enough to comment on it. And thanks to pal Janet for helping me brainstorm:

1. Do you think Dr. Goodman would approve of how Cam runs the lab?

2. Are Jared and Padme married by this point?

3. How does someone earn Booth’s trust?

4. If Zack’s character was saved because Hart Hanson didn’t want to make fans sad– only to be barely kept around in a less than satisfying way, but VNM’s character was killed in a very honorable way, which character death is the most ‘gratifying’ (which is the worst word to use, but I’m drawing a blank on a better one!).

5. If you had to create a ” _______ in the _______” title for the Pilot Episode, what would it be?

6. Which BONES character would you want as your partner for a game of Trivial Pursuit? Scrabble? Euchre?

7. Who made the first move, Booth or Cam?

8. Favorite song (or songs) used in a BONES ep or moment?

Okay, okay, so I don’t have 128 things on my list, but there are certainly several to discuss. Or perhaps another non-spoilery discussion will generate. I’m cool with that! So don’t let me stand in the way…get to discussing!

Peace, Love & Bones



131 thoughts on “128 OTHER Things To Talk About!

  1. Frist thanks for the blurb about not spoiling this day for the rest of us. I want to be totally suprised when I watch tonight.

    1. I think Dr. Goodman would think that Cam is too lax when it comes to running her shop. She lets Hodgins get away with a heck of a lot. I love this experiments; but, we know what Dr. Goodman thought of them. Remember the pig in the woodchipper? Enough said.
    2. Jared probably is married to Padme. Don’t know what else to say on that one excpet that Booth thinks he is a pain in the toosh so ….
    3. I think the only way to earn Booth’s trust is to be upfront and honest. He hates a liar and he hates dishonesty. He is such a private person that even if he trusts you, I think he has a hard time excepting people into his inner circle. He has few friends and since he has partnered up with Brennan his pool of friends has seemed to have shrunk to just her, Cam and grudgingly the squints.
    4. Vincent had the more horrific death. He was so full of wonder and had a child-like approach to the universe. Like Cam said, if the worse things he ever did was what he confessed to with the Jeffersonian people, he was really an angel made into an angel.
    5. The daughter in the cemetery lake
    6. Brennan for trivial pursuit (Vincent before he died), Wendell for Scrabble and Booth for Euchre (I don’t know what Euchre is; but, Booth could teach me.)
    7. Cam made the first move
    8. Bring on the Wonder

  2. I don’t think Dr. Goodman would approve of Cam’s almost continual use of “I’m the boss!” It’s very low-self-esteemish, and frankly, a little beneath a woman of her qualifications.

    “The Camel in the Straw” would be my episode title.

    And I’d want Hodgins for my Trivial Pursuit partner.

    That’s all I got. Distract me!

  3. Just a quick one to start!

    Fav song on the show: Hot Blooded
    (I heard it on the radio this morning! Hopefully its a sign of a great night!! haha)

    Show Titles:
    The Man in the Mirror
    The Belle of the Ball
    The Cabbage in the Patch
    The Sand in the Surf

  4. ooh great idea! Ok, fun game…

    1. I think Dr Goodman was stricter than Cam, and she’s much more focused on the crime solving (apparently because she used to be a cop – when though? She’s very highly qualified and pretty high flying and not that old, so I’m not sure where she found the time?!) So, I’d think Dr Goodman might be slightly disproving, but having said that I think Cam understands the group and what they need better – I think she’s closer to them personally.
    2. I’m not sure about Jared and Padme. I kind of hope not. I find it hard to care about Jared, because, well, I can’t stand him 🙂
    3. Honesty, integrity, a willingness to show their vulnerabilities. Booth appreciates the shades of people’s characters – I think he considers brown-nosing politicos like Hacker to be insincere and weak of character.
    4. It hurts me to say it, but I think VNM’s was more affecting (I don’t know about gratifying). Vincent was unfairly, brutally, shockingly murdered – cut down in his prime. Zach broke the law and was complicit in the obstruction of justice whereas Vincent was an innocent. For me, that makes the loss of Vincent more upsetting. People get annoyed about the Zach ending because it was unresolved. I find the unambiguity of Vincent’s death more ‘satisfying’ from a story point of view.
    5. “ The Diatomaceous dirt in the girl” / “The start in the story” / “The Girl in the Lake”
    6. VNM for Trivial Pursuit (sob), Brennan for Scrabble. No clue what Euchre is 
    7. I don’t think either of them made a move on the other – they’d already shared enough ‘moments of weakness’ together to know where an evening like that was heading.
    8. ‘If a Fall’ – Lizz Wright, Dr in the Photo; ‘Running up that hill’ – Placebo, Judas on a Pole; ‘You’ – Fisher, Boneless Bride. There are so many 🙂

  5. So glad that you keep this site completely spoiler-free 🙂 However, since I live in Sweden, I’ll have to wait another day or so before I can download the episode. I won’t come back here until I’ve seen it but I look forward to reading your reactions to and opinions about the season finale 🙂 I guess I will also have to stay off Twitter, lol. It was actually Hart Hanson himself who spoiled me about The Gravedigger’s death (he did apologize for it later though) on Twitter, so I am being super-careful these days. Enjoy the finale and I’ll “see” you on Saturday or Sunday! 🙂

  6. 1. i think Dr. Goodman would just be glad that he didn’t have to do it. he was not a herder of cats.
    2. haven’t a clue and like a lot of other people i don’t really care. except for the fact that Jared’s wedding would most likely have had an interesting effect on Booth.
    3. i’m not sure people do, i think his trust might be another of those things that he just goes with his gut on.
    4. they are both horribly ‘gratifying’ to me. though VNM was my favorite squintern, i only had to have a new favorite because they took my old one away. also, if their ‘deaths’ had been reversed, i would’ve still been crushed by Zach getting shot, but i’m not sure VNM being Gorgonzola’s apprentice would’ve hurt me quite as much.
    5. i’m horrible at these. ‘the woman in the scandal’ is the best i got.
    6. Brennan, Brennan, Brennan.
    7. the first time they were together, i think Booth did. not because Cam wouldn’t but because that’s who Booth used to be. the second time i get the feeling it was mutual.
    8. ‘Fountain’ Sarah Lov–the verdict in the story.

  7. 9. Why haven’t we heard anything else about those classic cars Booth works on for ‘relaxation’?

    10. Ditto, Brennan’s puzzles.

    11. Do you think the Gravedigger would have won her appeal?

    12. Does Caroline’s ex-husband ever sing on set the Ghostbusters song?

    13. Should Fox, or Emily Deschanel, market a line of Temperance Brennan jewelry?

    14. How many times did Cam watch the Angela/Hodgins sex vid before she gave it to Angela?

    15. Which guest star would you most like to see? Hint: Any answer other than James Marsters is WRONG.

    • Ha!!
      11.) no, I think she’d have lost. poor Sweets though, he’d have been a mess.

      13.) They totally should! I think there’s good market for her jewelry.

      14.) I think she watched it once…. all the way through 🙂

      15.) I’d like to see James Marsters (with his british accent) and I’d love to see Sarah Michelle Gellar…. 🙂

    • 15. I would like to see Nathan Fillion and Jamesa Marsters (with or without the british accent)

  8. 1. Yes and no. He obviously thought she was qualified, but I’d say no because no one is going to 100% like the way others do things. The fact that he is never mentioned again suggests he doesn’t know, or doesn’t care.

    2. Maybe? Yet another plot line dropped.

    3. By being very good at their job and helping others.

    4. VNM. At least we know he can’t really come back, unless a ghost. If I hear one more person say, “Bring Back Zack!” ugh!

    5. If you had to create a “ _______ in the _______” title for the Pilot Episode, what would it be?
    The Intern in the Lake

    6. Which BONES character would you want as your partner for a game of Trivial Pursuit? Scrabble? Euchre?
    VNM and Dr. Brennan

    7. Who made the first move, Booth or Cam?
    I’d like to say it could be either one.

    8. Favorite song (or songs) used in a BONES ep or moment?
    I always loved the songs playing when Angela finds the girl in the dessert (Rain) and the song that plays when Angela and Hodgins get each other on the dating app… (lifeboat by miranda lee richards)

  9. 1. I think Dr. Goodman understood Brennan better than Cam did initially and would have disapproved of the way Cam interacted with Brennan in the beginning (power struggles and all). Currently…well, I think if he didn’t exactly approve of her methods, he would at least respect the rapport she’s built with the team.
    2. I think no.
    3. Be real.
    4. I’m probably in the minority here, but I’m okay with the way Zach was written out of the show. Sure it was shocking and unexpected and definitely not something I wanted to have happen, but it was something I could accept. VNM’s death was certainly shocking, not so unexpected (I broke my cardinal rule about not reading comments on other sites and a commenter on GMMR spoiled it for me), and definitely not something I wanted to have happen, but again, it’s a part of the story and I’m okay with that. So while neither “death” was “gratifying,” I can accept both as part of the story and go on from there.
    5. The Senator in the Spotlight
    6. Trivial Pursuit – VNM would have been a no-brainer, but in his absence, I think I might have to see if I could get Zach out of the loony bin on a day pass. Scrabble – definitely Hodgins. Euchre – I had to Google it, but since it’s a card game, I’d have to pick Booth. If gambling is involved, I’d go with Brennan.
    7. Cam without a doubt.
    8. My Ghost (Glass Pear, from The Dwarf in the Dirt), Runnin’ Up that Hill (Placebo, from Judas on a Pole), Rain (Patty Griffin, from The Skull in the Desert). I’m sure there are more, but these were my initial favorites.

    Oh, and if you’re looking for something to keep you occupied today, and you haven’t been around Bones Theory since Sarah started it up last July, you can always go back and read some of the old posts – there are a lot of good ones (if you haven’t done so already).

  10. 1. He’d probably have a few suggestions, but I think he’d be fine with her! I’d imagine he’d be like Clark though and expect a few more moments where the personal didn’t interfere with the work.

    2. …I hope not. I’d imagine that would seriously annoy Booth and rush him to marry when he sees his baby bro starting to get ahead of him! Not too annoyed though; I bet he still thinks Jared and Padme were a little rushy to get in to it.

    3. Oy. I think someone just has to start with having a good, accepting heart. Just for starters. I believe Booth really appreciates a person who is just themselves and isn’t afraid of that. And of course if your genuine, he might be genuine right back. Honesty and nobility have to be at least two keys if anything. And then voila, the start of trust. But no means is that it in full. But it’s way too early and I’m way too excited to try and be deep.

    4. Vincent’s. In a very morbid way, I love when people die for certain causes, or are kept alive in a very strong memory within the other characters. Things like that speak to me and usually it makes me love the character and the show even more. It also helped me realize how much I actually cared about VNM. I didn’t really realize that his character made me so happy until he was lying in the floor in a pool of his own blood. A horrible way to find out you love someone that’s for sure…And though I love Zach, if it wasn’t gratifying or overly sad I probably would not have cared about him nearly as much. Season 3 might have been rushed but over all I was satisfied to say the least.

    5. “The Start/Beginning in the Beginning” Only to entertain our multitude of important episodes with the world beginning in it! 
    PS: I know you all probably noticed it but I just wanted to point out that the most common title names have had the world “heart”, “end”, and “beginning” in it. Because I like being overly analytical.

    6. Hmmmmmmm. I think it depends on how much I want to win! If I wanted to win, I would want either Zacheroni or VNM(in a corporeal state). But if I was just wanting to have fun? Booth by all means. I don’t know how close we would get to winning out of the realm of sports and movies(compared to everyone else and a specialized other category), but I would have a great time.

    7. Ooh. Hard one. Um, based on what I remember when it comes to meaningful glances, Booth. Not to mention that I can’t help but think she’d be more focused on work at that time. Still…I’m pretty sure Cam made the first move on Grayson so I think the two of them are pretty tied evidence wise. Just because, let’s say they made a move at the exact same time, realized what was up and realized that they should probably kiss now.

    8. Way too many, but the first three that come to mind are:
    “No Envy, No Fear” – Joshua Radin, Double Trouble in the Panhandle
    “A Light On a Hill” – Margot and the Nuclear So So’s, Aliens in a Spaceship
    “Fearless” – Cyndi Lauper, Harbingers in the Fountain 
    “Mmm” – Laura Izibor, Parts in the Sum of the Whole (Song that was sung by the murder victim)

    And SOOO many more. But that’s a good start.

    Well that was fun! Now I’m to be relatively off the internet to assure my own safety from the spoiler pirates…and to actually get some school work done.

  11. 1. I think he wouldn’t like how Cam runs the lab, because she really doesn’t have the control Goodman had. she’s much less serious, and I don’t think he would like that. But I think Cam’s management style works for the lab…they needed more freedom than what Goodman gave them.
    2. They probably are married, but I wish we knew more about it and how it affected Booth
    3. Someone earns his trust through honesty, I think. And being open and sharing things about themselves maybe? I’m not sure.
    4. I would say VNM’s death was more “gratifying” because it had an definite end, unlike Zach’s. Zach’s departure was confusing and sad, but VNM’s death was an actual ending that made sense, even though it was so tragic.
    5. The Girl in the Lake
    6. VNM for trivial pursuit, Brennan for scrabble. No idea what euchre is, but brennan
    7. I bet it was mutual…if not then Cam
    8. Can’t limit myself to one!
    Bring on the Wonder – The Boy in the Shroud
    You- The Boneless Bride in the River
    Fountain- Verdict in the Story

  12. Also thanks so much for making sure the site is spoiler free! I live on the west coast but I’ll join in as soon as I see the episode!

  13. Fun post!! 🙂

    1.) I don’t think Dr. Goodman would approve. He definitely had more of a ‘boss’ vibe with the rest of the group. We see both Brennan and Hodgins doing things Goodman tells them to do even when they’re unhappy about it. That being said, Cam is actually part of the group and more of the boss in an administrative type of way… Dr. Goodman was never one of them, but Cam absolutely is.

    2.) You’d think that Jared and Padme would be married by this point, but Booth never talks about going. It’s never been brought up at all. But, I’d think it’s probably already happened.

    3.) I think it takes honesty, integrity, and time to earn Booth’s trust. Definitely time. He doesn’t let people in quickly.

    4.) I’d say that VNM was more gratifying even though it made me cry so much. I still feel unsettled about Zack’s whole story line…. It still feels unresolved to me (perhaps due to it feeling so rushed just to tie up loose ends). And honestly, with the evidence the show gave me, I still don’t find it believable….

    5.) The Heart in the Bone

    6.) I’d always choose Booth if I had the choice… I’m not that competitive, and the others would probably be annoyed at my lack of competitiveness… also, I love Booth.

    7.) I see Cam making the first move the first time they got together. He was probably a mess over Rebecca, and Cam saw this sexy vulnerable guy, and wanted to give him a hug (and more…) I know that’s how I feel when I see ‘sad Booth’.

    8.) I think someone else said it, but I’d have to go with Running up the Hill by Placebo in Judas on a Pole… but there’s others I love too.

  14. This is a great way to stay spoiler free though I don’t have an answer for all of the questions you asked.
    1. Even though Goodman wouldn’t run the lab like Cam does, I think he would appreciate how successful it is and give her props for that.
    2. I hope not — It would make a great date for B&B and we would get to see Booth in a tux.
    3. Clarity and consistency of ethics earns Booth’s trust.
    4. Definitely VNM’s. I didn’t care for the Gormagon arc too much. Even though VNM’s death is heartbreaking, it is more realistic.
    6. VNM for Trivial Pursuit. Hodgins for Scrabble — he knows all the weird bug and slime words. Booth for Euchre definitely, he would make it fun.
    7. Cam probably made the first move. I don’t see Booth ever thinking that relationship would last and so he wouldn’t have tried to start a fling.

  15. . Do you think Dr. Goodman would approve of how Cam runs the lab? No, because she doesn’t control Brennan like he did, however, I always got the sense he was more “Jeffersonian” than just “lab”.
    2. Are Jared and Padme married by this point? No, but soon. then they’ll live in a small town in India and we’ll never see them again.
    3. How does someone earn Booth’s trust? Total 100% integrity.
    4 Zack’s “death” was worse for me in 2 ways – we knew him for 3 solid years, they made him a bad guy, and there has always been this idea that he might come back. Sort of like what the lab does for people, closure brings peace.
    5. If you had to create a “ _______ in the _______” title for the Pilot Episode, what would it be? Maybe not for a pilot, but how about the Start in the Race.

    6. Which BONES character would you want as your partner for a game of Trivial Pursuit? Scrabble? Euchre? Booth for all 3 – why, I’m horrible and he can whisper the answers in my ear and then comfort me when we lose.

    7. Who made the first move, Booth or Cam? 1st time-Booth, second time Cam (I believe they even say that on the show – “my old girlfriend wants to try again).

    8. Favorite song (or songs) used in a BONES ep or moment? So many. But My Ghost and “She loved me all night long” (see, darn it, this is trivia) are ones I looked up on the internet afterwards.
    9. Why haven’t we heard anything else about those classic cars Booth works on for ‘relaxation’? Because he doesn’t. Too rich, goes along with the very expensive suits he also wore – look into my eyes and forget… just forget…

    10. Ditto, Brennan’s puzzles. Hm… I don’t remember this one. But once again….forget…just sleep…

    11. Do you think the Gravedigger would have won her appeal? Nope, but who really doesn’t think there is another gravedigger out there?

    12. Does Caroline’s ex-husband ever sing on set the Ghostbusters song? Nope, but someone sang it to him at least once a day.

    13. Should Fox, or Emily Deschanel, market a line of Temperance Brennan jewelry? Great idea. Real stuff is pretty expensive.

    14. How many times did Cam watch the Angela/Hodgins sex vid before she gave it to Angela? Umm…none. She saw Hodgins butt, stopped tape and oogled to her hearts content.

    15. Which guest star would you most like to see? Nathan Fillion from Castle, I would love to see Brennan and Castle together, he would drive her crazy.

  16. 16. Let’s think positive – Booth and Brennan get married. Is it Vegas or a formal/church wedding?

    17. In bed, does Booth call Brennan “Bones” or “Temperance”? Tempy?

    18. If Brennan has a dedicated ringtone for Booth, what is it?

    19. Parker mentioned Brennan doing cannonballs into the pool. Does she wear a one-piece, bikini or tankini?

    20. Booth and Brennan are grandparents. What do their grandkids call them?

    • 16. At a Justice of the peace
      17. Babe
      18. You Are Not Alone In This – Mumford and Sons
      19. One Piece – Caution thy name is Brennan
      20. Pops and Mam

      • Sorry! Meant to post this here, not below!

        MJ – I love your questions 

        Here goes:

        16. Don’t think Booth would do Vegas, and Brennan wouldn’t do Church so I’m thinking neither of those. Personally, I’ve always imagined them getting married outside – maybe in the grounds of the Jeffersonian
        17. ‘Bones’ for sure. I have a proper pet peeve for fanfiction where he suddenly starts calling her Temperance or Tempy for no reason. The nickname is THEIRS, it’s special, there’s no reason to get rid of it. (I feel the same the other way round, he’ll always be ‘Booth’ to her I think’)
        18. haha ‘let’s get it on’ I hope. Maybe Hot Blooded
        19. I think she’d go for a practical one piece
        20. hmm interesting. I’ve honestly never thought of it. ‘Bones’ and ‘Pops’ maybe

      • 16. There’d definitely be a wedding; I can’t see them giving poor Booth another child out of wedlock. Jeffersonian, Justice of the Peace, but I could see her agreeing to a church wedding if she felt it meant that much to him. Which it probably wouldn’t, since he’d already be getting what he wanted the most-her. But reception at the Jeffersonian for sure, maybe in the Mastodon room, far far away from that awful platform.
        17. Bones, but occasionally “baby”-and maybe she calls him Seeley, all whispery and low…aaahhh!
        18. The Poco song
        19. One piece; way more practical
        20. Pops and Bones

    • 16. Neither. I agree with Sophia – something on the grounds of the Jeffersonian would be awesome.
      17. Bones for the most part, although I could see him calling her Temperance or Brennan in a really tender moment. NEVER Tempy. As far as I know the only people who call her that are her dad and Russ so Booth calling her Tempy in bed would just be creepy.
      18. Hot-Blooded. Or maybe the Superman theme song? 😉
      19. One piece
      20. Pops and Bones

  17. Show titles:

    The Heart in the Brain or
    The Brain in the Heart

    Boom. 🙂

  18. This is a great way to stay spoiler free today! This is the first season that I have tried not to read any spoilers and I have found that I do enjoy the episodes a lot more.

    1. I think Goodman would probably want a little more order, but overall I think he would be happy with the way Cam runs it because they still get the job done.

    2. I don’t think Jared and Padme are married yet, but they are still engaged and will be getting married soon.

    3. I think someone could earn Booth’s trust by always being honest with him.

    4. VNM because I started watching Bones half way through season 4 which was after the whole Gormogon and Zack thing, so watching the VNM death play out as a new episode was much more emotional for me.

    5. “The Beginning in the Partnership”

    6. Trivial Pursuit- VNM or Brennan, Scrabble- Hodgins, Euchre- Booth

    7. I think that Cam made the first move, but Booth definitely showed interest before she made the move.

    8. It’s hard to pick, but probably Keep on Tryin’ from Killer in the Concrete because I love that episode and the scene with Booth and Brennan singing it in the diner.

    See you all back here tonight after the finale 🙂

  19. 1. I think he probably would. Actually in my imagination he’s still involved with the Jeffersonian even though we don’t see him. If he was unhappy with her performance he’d be able to have her removed. At least that’s my theory on the set up. 
    2. I really wish they would let us know if Jared & Padme are married. I don’t want to guess, I don’t want to assume, I want to know!
    3. My guess is you earn Booth’s trust by being a straight-shooter. If you’re upfront and honest, you treat others well, then he’ll come to trust you.
    4. I would have to go with Vincent Nigel-Murray. Now if they had gone with the Gormagon kills Zack for not joining up with him, instead of Zack being swayed by Gormagon’s logic then the fans would never have known just how wrong things could have gone, and we’d probably still be lamenting his death. With what happened there we are now thankful that Vincent was killed instead of being turned into someone who betrayed them all.
    5. Title for the pilot episode? Well since they are normally case based: Intern in the Lake. (I haven’t read through the comments yet…has anyone already suggested that?)
    6. Trivial Pursuit: well prior to last week Vincent, now I’d say Brennan, she sure does know a lot of facts. Scrabble: Hmm can I pick Brennan again; if not maybe Hodgins? Euchre: I don’t know what that is.
    7. Do you mean originally or in the season 2 episode? If in season 2 Cam, definitely!
    8. Oh geeze there are way too many favorite songs for me to pick one. I always have trouble picking a favorite.

    Oh and thank you for emphasizing that this is to be spoiler free. I’m afraid to venture too many places on the internet today for fear of being spoiled. I don’t want to know any more than I already do about tonight’s episode.

  20. MJ – I love your questions 

    Here goes:

    16. Don’t think Booth would do Vegas, and Brennan wouldn’t do Church so I’m thinking neither of those. Personally, I’ve always imagined them getting married outside – maybe in the grounds of the Jeffersonian 🙂
    17. ‘Bones’ for sure. I have a proper pet peeve for fanfiction where he suddenly starts calling her Temperance or Tempy for no reason. The nickname is THEIRS, it’s special, there’s no reason to get rid of it. (I feel the same the other way round, he’ll always be ‘Booth’ to her I think’)
    18. haha ‘let’s get it on’ I hope. Maybe Hot Blooded
    19. I think she’d go for a practical one piece
    20. hmm interesting. I’ve honestly never thought of it. ‘Bones’ and ‘Pops’ maybe 🙂

  21. Question I want answered (and thought I was going to get in Pinocchio in the Planter): why the h*ll is Booth afraid of clowns?

    Music: As much as I hated the ep, I loved the song: Kandy by OneEskimo from Beginning in the End. Also, My Ghost by Glass Pear at the end of Dwarf in the Dirt. There are others, but those two sent me right to iTunes.

    Trivial Pursuit: In VNM’s absence – Hodgins — unlike Brennan he does know something about pop culture. You can’t do well in TP w/o it. Or, Booth, because I’d just like to sit next to Booth. ;-D Scrabble — Hodgins or Brennan. Or, Booth, because I’d just like to sit next to Booth. ;-D Euchre — Booth, because I’d just like to sit next to Booth. ;-D

    On the Pilot: Depends on whether you want a title that describes the case or that describes that the pilot wasn’t really the beginning without really telling us that it wasn’t the beginning.

    • I’m with you on the clown thing. I hope they will tell us why Booth hates/is afraid of clowns in season 7. They could at spend at least 2 minutes of the show on that. Please HH??

    • LOL I just saw this – I added the clown thing as a question down below, too. C’mon Hart, we want to know why Booth’s so afraid of clowns!

  22. Ahhh, I love all of these questions! What a fun way to celebrate Finale day. 🙂

    1. I feel like Dr. Goodman was a really good administrator, but he seemed…less about the administration side than Cam? He always seemed like the boss, but his anthropologist self would get…caught up in things, if that makes sense. It’s not that Cam isn’t about science, but it doesn’t seem to…distract her in the way it did Dr. Goodman sometimes. I feel like administration was never what he wanted or was cut out for, so in my head, he’s probably glad someone else is doing it.

    2. It would only make sense that they were–it seems like enough time has potentially passed. With as quickly as Jared decided he wanted to marry her (no judgment, even though it sounds like it, haha), I can’t imagine they would wait a super long time to get married. Though I do hope against reason, probably, that they haven’t, so we could see it…or more see Booth and Brennan see it, haha.

    3. Oh boy, that’s a doozy. Not an easy answer, that’s for sure. I’m trying to look at the people Booth does trust… A quick, pat answer would be that…his gut would have to decide the person was okay, haha. He’s not a particularly suspicious or paranoid guy, but he doesn’t blindly trust everyone, either. In general, I think his gut makes the decision–there’s not a whole lot a person can do on their own to make it happen, except just be above-board. But how someone earns Booth’s trust personally? I don’t know that I have an answer figured out for that…I look forward to reading others’ answers!

    4. I read that the main reason Zack was changed from victim to accomplice was to make the job-loss easier on Eric Millegan, that Zack was supposed to be a victim at the end of a theoretical normal-length season 3. However, since season 3 was cut short, his job was getting cut some 6 or 7 episodes early, so they made him accomplice so he could guest on a few more episodes thus making up for a little bit of the loss of wages thanks to the writers’ strike. When I learned that, the weirdness of the Zack-as-accomplice storyline was pretty seriously diminished. Plus, I think they did such a good job in the end of following through on it–they didn’t do it halfway, which made it better, though never ideal. Vincent… I think I just prefer Zack’s out-going because he’s theoretically still “out there” in the Bones-universe, which makes me happy, regardless of how weird or undignified his exit was, or of how seldom we see him now. Vincent is dead, no matter how honorably his death was portrayed–he’s still dead, and that just makes me sad.

    5. I’m terrible at title stuff. It would be easy to come up with a case-centric Blank in the Blank title, but I feel like the pilot should have a more epic title, a la Beginning in the End, or Hole in the Heart, etc. etc. Have at it, Everyone-more-creative-than-I!

    6. Waaahhh, we would ALL want Vincent for Trivial Pursuit! Boohoo. I don’t have the heart to pick someone else yet. I’m going to abstain from Trivial Pursuit for a while in honor of Vincent, haha. Cam, Hodgins, Brennan–they all have advantages for scrabble in that they have a whole other vocabulary in their science-y training that lay people know very little of–it’s a toss up between them. Euchre, definitely Booth. First of all, the gambler, duh, and second of all, we know how good he is at molding people’s perceptions of him. He would be a fantastic Euchre partner I feel like.

    7. Ugh–I’m going to blame Cam just because I can. Those were not fun times…and I’m loathe to believe Booth asked for it. Ick. I love Cam as Booth’s Friend, but NOT as Booth’s Friend With Benefits. Gross.

    8. Um, EVERYTHING. EVER. Haha. I think When I Fall by Lizz Wright fit in SO beautifully with Doctor in the Photo, that’s a favorite for sure. Also, one of my right-now favorites was Soft Shock by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in Sign in the Silence. There is something gorgeous about that song, and the moment in which it plays was also just beautiful. Man, that was a great episode for me…

    Well, this was fun! I feel like it’s a fitting way to head into the finale, reflecting on the show as a whole… fun times. 🙂

  23. Sarah, this is truly and inspired idea for a post; I love it!

    1. I think Dr. Goodman would approve of how Cam runs the lab because of their success rate. I think he’s also happy that he doesn’t have to explain all the expenses that the lab incurs because of all the experiments and subsequent damage. 😉

    2. I think Jared and Padme are married. And I think it happened between Doctor in the Photo and Body in the Bag. Hannah wasn’t there because she was on assignment. And Pops gave him the third degree about why Brennan wasn’t with him. Which fueled Booth’s guilt about it all.

    3. One earns Booth’s trust by coming through when the chips are down and not compromising one’s integrity for the sake of glory. He also appreciates honesty and hard work.

    4. VNM’s death, is hands down the more gratifying end because it gives us a sense of closure. It hurts, and he was an innocent, but there is no ambiguity left and there are no questions left in the wake of his passing. Well, there is one… but it’s got nothing to do with Vincent. 😉

    Zach, on the other hand… if you go back and re-watch season three you can kind of see some hints that Zach is somewhat withdrawn from the group, but they weren’t blatant, and there was no warning or build up throughout the season. Just, BOOM, Zach’s the killer. Further, they threw a lot of information at the viewer in Hole in the Heart, but didn’t answer a lot of questions. The biggest thing I found myself wondering is how in the world Gormogon even got close to Zach in the first place. His world revolved around the Jeffersonian and he lived in the apartment over Hodgins’ garage and he’s awkward in social situations involving his friends. What kind of social situation was he in that this guy even had the opportunity to approach him? And why didn’t Zach ask Brennan or Hodgins or Angela or Cam or even Booth about being approached? None of it makes sense. Zach, at heart, is a good guy, so reconciling that he was ever in cahoots with a cannibalistic serial killer is next to impossible to do.

    5. I love the suggestions for a renamed Pilot that everyone else has, but I’ll through in my own here: The Squint in the Field; The Blackmail in the Garden; The Bond in the Cemetery; The Balance-Sheet in the Partnership

    6. Trivial Pursuit: VNM, Brennan or Hodgins. Scrabble: Hodgins or Booth – I’m sure he has lots of sports terms he could use. Euchre: Booth or Cam. And I’ll add one – Risk: Booth; can’t think of anyone I’d rather dominate the world with. 😉

    7. Booth totally made the first move because he is kind of THAT GUY. But Cam kept coming back for more because, well, he’s Booth. 😉

    8. Kandi – OneEskimO. It’s a heart-crushing scene, but OMG it’s perfect, too.
    And The Rock And The Tide – Josh Radin from Sin in the Sisterhood.
    Happiness – Oh Darling and When I Fall – Lizz Wright from Doctor in the Photo
    Everyday – Toby Lightman from Couple in the Cave

    The people who choose and find the music always do a great job, but this season the music has been over the top awesome. My Bones playlist just keeps getting longer… not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

    I’ll add MJ’s questions in too:

    9. We don’t hear about Booth restoring classic cars anymore because he doesn’t have enough free time anymore. He and Brennan have such an amazing closure rate that all the tough cases go to them and what little free time he does have, he spends with Parker.

    10. Ditto for Brennan’s puzzles. Except that she’s not spending her free time with Parker, she’s spending it writing more books.

    11. No way the Gravedigger walks. Though if she had, I suspect that she would have met a suspicious end… The only question being who got her: Max or Cantilever Group? 😉

    12. LOL!!!! Yes.

    13. If not market a line, give us better closeups so that those of us who make jewelry can do it for ourselves.

    14. Cam’s not talking, but all signs point to at least once. Maybe twice. 😉

    15. Oh man… anyone from the Buffyverse would be funny. Especially if they give Booth a look and say something like “you look kind of familiar… have we met?” Castle has done those little nods to the Firefly fans and they are hysterical.

    16. Outside in the Jeffersonian Gardens because that’s where it all began.

    17. Bones. Also acceptable are Babe or Baby. Both of which annoy her, but she lets them slide in bed. But she only ever calls him Booth because that’s who he IS.

    18. She just uses the old-school phone ringer, but a picture of him pops up that he doesn’t know she took.

    19. One piece or a tankini; sarong with either.

    20. LOL!! Pops and Grammy Bones.

    • 4. ZACK: He (Gormogon) first approached me three months ago at a symposium on burning plasma diagnostics. (Pain In The Heart)

      • Thanks Lenora, I had forgotten that line.

        But even that doesn’t explain it well enough to me. It doesn’t seem like a conversation you strike up in the middle of a symposium. And Zach isn’t the type to just accept a casual invite to after symposium drinks or something. It just… I don’t know, it seems like a plot device to me. 😛

      • I agree with you Jade. After all when the Government was interviewing everyone at the Jeffersonian, Zach said if he ever had a question as to wether or not to tell a state secret, etc. to someone, he would ask Dr. Brennan or Angela first. I would have thought that would apply to a cultist serial killer also. Just put it down to a rush job and them not wanting to kill Zach off. It didn’t bother me like it did a lot of others since I saw the first 4 season, one right after the other in a few weeks time. I didn’t have time to wonder about it then and it is too late now.

      • Yes! That conversation is exactly the one I was thinking of, Lenora.

        Zach’s exit from the show had more of an impact on me the second time I watched, because the first time I saw it was out of order on TNT. I was catching episodes as I could. It wasn’t until later that I watched them all in order on Netflix, and saw the kind of relationship that had been built amongst the characters that it had more of an emotional impact. And I could understand why it was so devastating. I mean beyond the obvious of having sweet little Zach be an apprentice to a cannibalistic serial killer that is. 😛

  24. Oooh, I thought of a couple:

    21 – They do a crossover with another procedural; which one do they do it with? Castle, NCIS or NCIS: LA?

    Personally, I think Castle would be the most fun. 😉

    22 – A case comes in and all signs point to vampire activity; which they find out it really isn’t, but until they get to that conclusion, how does Booth react?

    I’m going to go with him being jumpy and more creeped out than he is about clowns; which would be hysterical.

    23 – Speaking of clowns… Why is Booth so afraid of clowns?

    I bet one startled him as a little kid and he’s clearly never gotten over it.

    • 21. Castle, Castle would drive Brennan up the wall
      22. Booth would be creeped out and crossing himself once in a while, just in case
      23. Maybe his Dad was a part time clown. Just a thought.

      • LOL Lenora, I agree. Castle would drive Brennan up the wall; and he’d probably be a total fanboy of hers. Which would just add to the being driven up the road. And he would invite her to the poker game, which Booth would encourage her to go to, so she would go. And she would win it all and never be invited back. 😉

        And I can totally picture Kate and Castle bickering in the lab or Booth and Brennan bickering in the Twelfth. Which of course, would open up the inevitable “do they remind you of anyone?” type lines by the various side-kicks.

        *sigh* I blame HH and Andrew Marlowe for these ideas with their tweeting a few weeks back… 😛

    • 21. My immediate thought was Lie to Me. And now look what happened!

      22. Grossed out. Like the cannibal episodes.

      23. His father left him behind at an amusement park when he was little to get a drink, and forgot to come back for him. The clowns were trying to be helpful, but . . .

    • 21. Definitely Castle–I’m so proud of Bones for being such an anti-procedural procedural, and Castle is the only show that comes close to achieving anything similar. I’m a little snobby, haha.

      22. I’m undecided on which one would play Devil’s Advocate about it, but Booth and Brennan would definitely play that little pitted-against-each-other game where one of them says aliens/witches/sasquatch/vampirism is ridiculous and unscientific and the other tries to convince otherwise. I could see Booth being the believer, but then I could also see Brennan brining up creepy anthropological traditions in which the vampire myth has its roots, haha.

      23. Personally, I don’t think anyone needs a reason to be afraid of clowns. They’re just plain creepy, aren’t they??

      • #23, my niece is afraid of clowns, she blames it on watching IT when she was little (after being forbidden to watch by her parents). She has several stories of creepy clowns and why she continues to be creeped out by them into her 20s. Maybe Booth had a similar experience; although he’s too old to be frightened of clowns based on the movie IT.

      • I had an uncle who was a professional clown and I thought he was creepy looking when he was dressed up. I thought it was just me. I don’t care for clowns either.

  25. (Is it 8:00 pm yet?)

    24. What character we’ve only seen once would you like to see in a recurring role? (Me, the night watchman from DitP)

    25. Design/describe B&B’s wedding rings. (Yes, I am a little stuck on the wedding thing. What? I can be romantic!)

    26. Booth and Brennan – Democrat or Republican?

    27. I can’t recall if we know B&Bs astrological signs. If we do, what are they? If we don’t, what do you think they are?

    28. Besides B&B, who in the lab would be most able to get away with murder?

    29. What scent is Cam’s “pungent” body lotion?

    30. Does Cam wear Spanx?

    • 26. Booth is a closet Republican. 🙂 Brennan is a Democrat…or maybe a Libertarian.

    • 24. It is a toss up with Jude the Science Guy and the Night watchman
      25. I don’t care for rings, so I guess simple bands
      26. Booth is a conservative Democrat and Brennan is a liberal Republican
      27. Booth is Cancer with Leo on the cusp Brennan is Leo with Virgo on the cusp
      28. Cam
      29. God knows
      30 no, she doesn’t need it

    • 24. Micah from DitP and Pritchard from Yanks in the UK. I’m also up for seeing more Noel any time.

      25. If Brennan even agreed to wear a ring, they would be simple bands. Probably platinum since she seems to like silver. But they wouldn’t be anything fancy or with lots of bumps and ridges because those would get snagged on rubber gloves and Booth would not want her taking it off all the time.

      26. They’re both independents. Though Booth leans more to the republican side and Brennan to the democratic. 😉

      27. My astrology is rusty so I’m not going to try to guess specific signs, but whatever they are, they are both fire signs and astrologically should clash and don’t make sense together.

      28. Hodgins.

      29. LOL! Patchouli and sandalwood.

      30. Hell no. She doesn’t need them.

  26. 31. Did the Gravedigger have an accomplice?

    32. What is Angela’s real name?

    33. If Daisy and Sweets ever get married, will Daisy a) keep her maiden name – Daisy Wick, take Sweets last name – Daisy Sweets (ha ha), or hyphenate – Daisy Wick-Sweets (sounds like an illuminating piece of candy).

    • I like these questions too!
      31. She seems like such a control freak loner, so my gut says no. But, it’d be great if she did, because I loved that story

      32. I was always under the impression that her real name was pearly-gates… but how about Tenuto-Tango 🙂

      33. though I really hope that day never comes, I think she’d keep her maiden name. She’s probably been published under that name and she must be close to her doctorate, right? But, Wick-Sweets does sound like Candy 🙂

    • 31. No. I think her ego forced her to work alone.

      32. Let’s see….give Stacatto Mambo, I’m going with Glissando Mussette (thank you, Google)

      33. I think Daisy would keep her last name and convince Lance to change HIS name. Lance Wick. Wow – that sounds like page 187! 🙂

    • the truth be told, I sure would like to know what Angela real name is. It has to be pretty horrible or embarrasing. Poor Hodgins, at least he had the guts to stand up to his father-in-law and tell him know to his name sugestions. Wouldn’t it be funny if Angela had twins? This is not a spoiler, I don’t know anything about tonights show. I just thought it would be funny to think what would happen if they were so sure she was having one and she ended up with two. (it happened to someone I know, sonigrams are not infallible I guess).
      As for Daisy, the less said the better. I think Sweets should dump her and date Genevieve.

    • 31. Yes. Someone creepier and more unexpected than she is.

      32. Acapella Marimba

      33. She’d keep Wick. (Don’t do it, Sweets!)

    • On the gravedigger deal, I can’t help but think she had to. How in the world would she be able to do everything she did without at least some kind of help? I mean she’s small! And unless she has super strength I have no idea how she dragged Booth out a window and onto a ship if i may use the biggest victim as an example. To me, it makes sense. The question would be if they’re still out there or did she kill them too? Dun dun dunnn.

  27. Saint Jude, Saint Christopher, Saint George, Saint Anthony, Saint Francis, Saint Barbara, Saint Monica, Saint Patrick, Saint Paul, Saint Joan, Saint Theresa, Saint John, Saint Claire…is it eight o’clock yet?!!!!!

  28. 1. Do you think Dr. Goodman would approve of how Cam runs the lab? I really liked Dr. Goodman, and there are times when Cam annoys me. Dr. Goodman always great personal advice and seemed to see things that others missed. I liked his sensitivity and his brand of decorum. This doesn’t really answer the question, expect to say that maybe he would approve of Cam if only because he didn’t have to do “political” things anymore and worry about court cases.

    2. Are Jared and Padme married by this point? Not sure, but I would love to see the episode.

    3. How does someone earn Booth’s trust? I love this question. I agree with everyone else, a person would need to be honest and driven by a set of morals and ethics. However, I also think Booth respects people who are good at what they do and take pride in being the best. In this sense, he fits right in with the squints. I think, lastly, a person would need to show Booth they are willing to sacrifice in order to do the right thing–that would mean trust for Booth.

    4. I hated to see either character go, though I loved Zach way more than VNM. Sorry…

    5. If you had to create a “ _______ in the _______” title for the Pilot Episode, what would it be? I’ll leave this one to those who are more creative than I.

    6. Which BONES character would you want as your partner for a game of Trivial Pursuit? Scrabble? Euchre? Don’t care–I would take whoever would have me, just so long it was the entire gang playing. How fun!

    7. Who made the first move, Booth or Cam? Don’t really care, expect to say that I didn’t particularly like that whole interaction. But I am biased because I am re-watching seasons 1 & 2 right now.

    8. Favorite song (or songs) used in a BONES ep or moment? I love it when Booth and Brennan sing together. Music is such a non-factual thing that binds them together. They are really vulnerable when singing together, or dancing around to music. Plus, I love karaoke.

    9. Why haven’t we heard anything else about those classic cars Booth works on for ‘relaxation’? Maybe because we are too busy looking at Hodgin’s cool cars when they make guest appearances? I don’t know. We haven’t really seen much of Booth’s personal space yet in the series. It makes Season 7 all the more exciting.

    10. Ditto, Brennan’s puzzles. Maybe it is a zed meditation and she simply breaks them up after she is done and puts them back in the box. Nothing to see.

    11. Do you think the Gravedigger would have won her appeal? No

    12. Does Caroline’s ex-husband ever sing on set the Ghostbusters song? No, but please bring him back, I love Caroline.

    13. Should Fox, or Emily Deschanel, market a line of Temperance Brennan jewelry? I love Bones’ sense of style. I would buy.

    14. How many times did Cam watch the Angela/Hodgins sex vid before she gave it to Angela? Good question. I think zero.

    15. Which guest star would you most like to see? I’d love to see more of Kathy Reichs.

    Also, since some of these questions seem to be more about hopes for future episodes, can I just add, I’d like to see Bones and Parker interact more next season? I love Booth as a dad, and as Bones has come out of her shell more (ex. the dinosaur vs man presentation) she would be great with Parker, which would be some nice character development for B&B.

  29. 31.Who made the first move (assuming a move was made), Booth or Brennan? (Alternate question for those who are sure they didn’t, who would you expect to make the first move?)

    32. What happened to all the mothers? Do HH & Co have mother issues? (Brennan, Cam and Sweets all lost theirs, but we’ve heard nothing of the others.)

    33. What really happens on page 187?

    34. Will we ever meet the iguana and what is its name?

    35. If Cam were to be transformed into a character in one of Brennan’s books, who would she be and how might Brennan present her in the novel? (Remember that Dr. Goodman said that Brennan presented her “world view” in her writing.)

    My apologies for any repeats. This is fun.

    • I’ll just answer 31. Brennan made the first move or will make the first move because Booth is too afraid to mess this up. He has to make sure Brennan is ready so it has to be Brennan who breaks the impasse.

    • 32 – What DID happen to Booth’s mom? Who is Angela’s mom and how did she hook up with Billy? I mean, that guy is proof that playing the guitar will get you laid.

      33. Wouldn’t we all like to know. I’m guessing it involves oral sex.

      34. And where does she keep it? It’s a live iguana, right? Why don’t we ever see it?

      35. Cam in one of Brennan’s books is a lonely, caustic spinster who steals office supplies and smells like the 8 cats she has at home. She dies horribly and gets eaten by the cats. (No, I’m not a Cam fan.)

    • 31 – Whatever happened, it just happened. They looked at each other and knew the time was right. It was Fate, baby. (Is that too much of a cop out answer? :P)

      32 – HH and Co have mother issues. Just like Walt Disney. 😉

      33 – I’m with MJ on this one – gotta be oral. Because it’s that thing that he does, that only he does like that.

      34 – Darwin; after Charles Darwin, of course. And I totally want to meet him. And I want to know the circumstances under which VNM used him as a hat. 😉

      35 – Cam would be a variant of the cop character that she is in EitB. I love her in that. “Otherwise, I gotta pursue this line of questioning in a graceless manner.” Her delivery was just perfect.

    • I totally want to see the iguana! I don’t think we’ve ever even heard it referred to before this season. And I would have loved to see VNM wear it as a hat.

  30. 1. I think Goodman would be fine with Cam’s management of the lab – he was wilfully blind to Hodgins and Zack (and even Brennan) on a regular basis, so he knows what she is going though.
    2. No, I think thier marraige would have been mentioned even in passing, or they would have attended.
    3. I think he instinctively trusts “salt of the earth/duty bound” types (ie – someone who served their country, worked with their hands), but if your are part of what he thinks is the elite, silver-spoon, white marble tower crowd (whether it be money, power or academia), only with time, proving again and again, your honesty and good intentions.
    4. Vincent. Or Deputy Director Cullen’s daughter, if that counts. That was very awful, too.
    5. The View in the Mirror
    6. Trivial Pursuit – If not Vincent, then Hodgins; Scrabble – Brennan; Euchre – Angela.
    7. Cam. For sure Cam. But Booth was plenty receptive!
    8. Running Up That Hill – hands down. Love it! Then probably Bad Luck – mostly because of the visual – Booth naked in a bathtub!

    On another note – I can’t wait until 10:01 pm to find out what you all think of tonight’s episode. I am a Canadian, and this is killing me!

  31. MJ and Maria:

    MJ–You had me LOLing at “Does Cam wear Spanx?” She HAS to with those super tight dresses she wears!

    Maria–I love your idea of naming the saints to get through this day! I’m not Catholic though and I don’t know them, so what can I name…??? Hmm…how about all the different Boothy glances? Booth amused at Brennan, Booth attracted to Brennan, Booth upset at Brennan, Booth about to kiss Brennan, Booth thinking about Brennan, Booth determined to save Brennan…..

  32. Since today is sort of a random thoughts day: Here’s one…

    I don’t hate Daisy! (ducks rotten tomatoes)

    She represents Brennan, well the younger Brennan before all her lovely development. She’s focuses on her career, hyper rational, loves Maluku anthropological trips…Yes, she is annoying…but sometimes isn’t Brennan with her abrasive/rude comments sometimes? She’s the “brain” and Sweets is the “heart” of their relationship. By no means are they anywhere close to the awesomeness that is Booth and Brennan, but I kind of can see parallels.

    Is that weird? I don’t mind Daisy’s presence on the show because I see a bit of Brennan in her (ducks rotten apples) and maybe her “heart” will teach her things too along the way? Maybe????

    • I don’t love her, but I don’t hate Daisy either. I think she plays annoying so well. I think it’s fun to watch how other people react to her, and I think there are similarities with her and Brennan. Not so much a Sweets/Daisy shipper, because they are just too confusing for me.

  33. 7.5 hours and counting

    39. Where does the next tattoo Billy gives Hodgins go? What is it?

    40. Does Russ send Brennan emails just to say, “Marco”?

    41. What was the amount on the check Brennan gave Angela?

    42. Brennan and Booth – matching sweaters for the Christmas card picture?

    • Oh!

      43. Brennan and Booth’s first role play – librarian and patron or naughty criminal gets arrested?


    • 39. His pecs. A car, a guitar or a gun.

      40. LOL! Yes. And texts.

      41. Whatever it was, it had at least five figures. Maybe six.

      42. Nope. She thinks the idea of the Christmas card is a silly custom and as an atheist, refuses to sign any cards with religious sentiments in them. So she offers a compromise of sending out generic winter greeting cards. He insists on a picture, but she draws the line at the sweater, so they end up in white button down shirts, jeans and similar Boothy socks. 😉

    • 40. Ack, I hope so! I miss Russ…

  34. Man, I am starting to feel like Spammy McSpam Pants here, but this is too much fun!

    I realized I forgot two songs from the ones used in the show in my earlier post. So I’ll add “Keep on Trying” – Poco, and “Pride” – Syntax.

    44. What songs that aren’t used in the show make you think of the show or Booth and Brennan?

    Hands down, for me “Crush” by DMB makes me think of Booth and Brennan. And “Hesitate” by Stone Sour has resonated for me at times this season. It feels like a snapshot of the turbulent times we’ve watched.

    45. What happened to Sid and Wong Foos?

    He’s still there, but he kicked the whole gang out after getting too many complaints from the other customers. 😛

    46. What have Booth and Brennan picked up from each other?

    Brennan is now a season ticket holder for the Capitals and Booth is doing yoga for his back but would never admit it. 😉

    • Welcome to the club, I am having a lot of fun answering the questions today. I should be working (and I am between questions, I promise)

      44. Ephipany – Staind and You Are Not Alone In This – Mumford and Sons

    • 44. “Anywhere But Here” by SafetySuit. There’s a really good fan video set to that song that I think I watched a million times last summer as I was impatiently waiting for the start of season 6. The correlation with Bones is so strong that now I have to remind myself that it’s not actually from Bones.

      45. He sold out to the Royal Diner.

      46. Ha ha, Brennan as a Caps season ticket holder. Can I just say that we’re Caps fans (in fact, my husband IS a season ticket holder) and he gets all excited every time Booth mentions the Caps. We’ve also spent pretty much the entire season trying to find a full length shot of the poster of Alex Ovechkin that’s hanging in the diner (the closest we ever got was the opening diner shot in The Blackout in the Blizzard).

      But to answer the question – Booth secretly listens to (and enjoys) Brennan’s Tibetan Throat Singers CD. Brennan wears crazy striped socks to bed even though she thinks they’re silly.

      • Oh gosh, Steph, I must have missed that vid mention last week. That is beautiful! And a great song – totally agree that it fits for our intrepid duo. I’ll be adding that to the iTunes queue.

        I agree that the hockey is totally DB’s influence. And I like that the sports fan stuff fleshes Booth out so much. I saw a little Stanley Cup model sitting on the counter behind Booth’s desk the other day and had a flailing double fangirl moment. Of course, I’ve watched so many eps in the last few weeks I can’t remember which one it was in. But I saw it! :p

        And thanks for pulling for the Bruins. Right now, we need all the help we can get!

    • Lenora, I’ll have to check those two songs out. I don’t think I’ve heard them.

      Ditto Steph on Safetysuit – do you happen to have a link to the vid? I’m always up for a good fan vid. The people that have the time, patience and talent to make those amaze me.

      That’s awesome that you’re a Caps fan! I’m a Bruins fan, so I’ll be distracting myself with keeping up with the game until I get home from work and can watch the episode. Just have to keep telling myself that DVR means no commercials… DVR means no commercials… :p

      LOL!! Love the idea of Booth listening to the Tibetan throat singers. And Brennan in striped socks; she bought them when she got back from Maluku. Off the internet. So no one would see her buying them and get the wrong idea. 😉

      • I wish I could find the link for the Anywhere But Here video. The last couple times I checked I couldn’t find it on You Tube. Ferryboat Dreamer is the person who made it (the same person who did the video for “Safe” that was mentioned on here last week). I’m assuming it’s been taken down for some reason.

        The whole Caps connection with Bones is pretty cool being that we’re fans. I’m thinking we have DB to thank for that as he’s a pretty big Flyer’s fan.

      • Oh, and I’m officially nominating “Safe” by Britt Nicole to be added to the list. The lyrics are so perfect for B&B. I’d been keeping my anticipation for tonight’s episode pretty well under control until I went back and watched the Ferryboat Dreamer video again (wow is it good). Man. Now I’m all excited again!

        And Jade, I’m rooting for your Bruins to beat Tampa Bay since my Caps are no longer in the play-offs (thanks to Tampa).

      • The Mumford and Sons song is hard to find try this

    • 44. The Curse by Josh Ritter. I was listening to his new album last May when I first started watching Bones on DVD, and the two became linked in my mind (the song’s sort of a tragic love story between an archaelogist and a mummy). I’ve since see fan vids and fic that link the two, so I guess I’m not alone.

      • I was going to say–I think Sarah posted a link to a fic about that song a while back, and ever since then the song and the show are forever linked for me. The story doesn’t even 100% fit, but I can’t ever listen to that song without seeing Booth and Brennan…it’s a great song.

  35. 47. What did Brennan’s letter say in the Aliens in a Spaceship episode?
    48. Which of the characters do you think you’re most like?
    49. What undercover operation/characters would you like to see B&B take on?

    • 47. I think an interesting addendum to this question would be, “who was it to?” I’m not convinced she wrote it to Booth, but if she did, I guarantee it didn’t say “I love you.”
      48. Booth. I think way too much with my heart.
      49. I’d like to see them (especially Booth) go undercover somewhere squinty like a science lab.

    • 47. I love you Booth. I miss you.
      48. Wendell
      49. Military/NCIS sort of thing, I love Booth in a uniform. Especially dress blues.

    • 47. “Booth, don’t blame yourself. This is not your fault.”

      48. Brennan, mixed with Cam and a pinch of Booth. 😛 (or maybe I just want to pinch Booth…)

      49. LOL! Wow, great question. Hmm… High rollers in a James Bond/Ocean’s Eleven style story. My classic movie nerd self would ADORE seeing the once teased homage to film noir, which I believe was nixed because Fringe did the same kind of thing. Still would love seeing it though…

    • I should answer my own questions.

      47. I think it was either a “You’re a good partner and a good man” kind of thing to Booth, or maybe something about forgiveness for Russ. I was gonna say Max but then I remembered that he wasn’t in the series until later that season.
      48. Honestly? None of them really. I thought I’d identify with Brennan when I first began watching because I’m a female scientist and she was so kick-butt (and I’d like to think I am too), but our personalities are very different. Actually, Fisher reminds me so much of one of my guy friends. He’s got that same depressed but lovable shtick and they actually look very similar.
      49. I agree with Stephanie: Booth as a scientist or professor would be awesome. And, even though others seem to disagree, I love them as circus performers, so something similar would be cool… maybe a Magician and his assistant?

    • I feel like I’ve read a million fics about that letter, and I must preface this by saying I don’t think it was to Booth, but if it WAS to Booth, this was the best version I ever read (I’m allowed to put someone else’s writing I hope? haha. It’s by Mia101 on by the way):

      I know little of love, and I’m not sure I understand the heart well enough to ever have explained. But if my heart had ever been capable of speaking, I think it would have spoken of you.

      I just really love that last night–my jury’s still out on whether that’s a Brennan-y thing to say, but I still think it’s beautiful regardless, haha.

  36. 50. Does Booth play any other sports besides, hockey and bowling?
    51. Is Caroline really from Louisiana? If so, where, Cher’?
    52. Do Caroline and Booth hang out sometimes (off camera)? Booth seems to know a lot about her personal life.
    53. IF Booth and Brennan were to move in together, whose apartment would be the one they moved into? Don’t forget Booth collects stuff and so does Brennan.

    • 50. I would say he probably played football in high school. And I could totally see him playing two-hand touch with Parker or his FBI/hockey buddies in the backyard (if he had one).

      51. I don’t think so but I think she probably lived there at some point long enough to pick up some of the regional sayings.

      52. I have no clue, but if they do I totally want to see it!

      53. Neither. They’d buy a bigger house in the suburbs and take the Metro to work.

      • 60. He plays basketball, at least I’m almost positive he mentioned that in the episode with the basketball player crushed behind the bleachers.

        51. Caroline is from Baton Rouge. Much cooler than being from N’awlins.

        52. Oh, absolutely. Booth appeals to her puckish side.

        53. They would buy a bigger apartment in Brennan’s building. It has a pool.

    • 50. I thought he said he was really good at basketball, but looking at him, what wouldn’t he be good at? (Good Lord, down girl!)
      51. Baton Rouge? An interesting, genteel yet rough-around-the-edges kind of town-just like Caroline.
      52. They’ve probably hung around each other during many cases, killing time at diners and court halls.
      53. Her place; he rents, she owns. But it’s going to take lots of Angela’s decorating skills and a very large storage facility to figure out what to do with all that stuff!

  37. Look at us – we may get to Sarah’s 128 questions yet!

    And Sarah, I just want to say thank you, again, for this great site. Look what you’ve done – brought people from everywhere together, to chat about fictional characters and share bits of themselves in the process. I’m having a Luna Lovegood-ish moment . . . “It’s like having friends!” 🙂

    This internet thing, I think it may really catch on. 😀

  38. All I can say is, don’t talk to anyone about Bones, Outside of this site. I just talked to a cousin of mine and she blurted out something about tonight. Now I am just mad as can be. She ruined a suprise. Darn it. Why can’t people contain themselves?

    • I’d stay off the internet. Places that were supposed to safe for me were NOT safe at all. People just don’t appreciate letting a finale be a surprise anymore.

  39. Besides 128 qs looks like there will probably be 128 comments as well. I have a completely unrelated question but does anyone watch how I met ur mother on cbs? At the end they demolish a building that looks like the royal diner. They show the awning for a second and I think its the same set. I really hope someone else noticed. I find it very interesting that two different networks use the same set.

    Only four hours left …. yay!!!!

    • I noticed…just happened on Monday. My boyfriend and I looked at each other and said “Did you just see the Royal Diner?”

    • I love How I Met Your Mother! Totally freaked out Monday night because Ted wore a t-shirt that my husband owns. Then they freakin’ blew up the Royal Diner! My heart skipped a beat. I’m wondering what the connection could be. Was it an inside joke between friends (or foes) in the business?

    • I saw how i met your mother and thought it was funny how they blew up the diner… I had already noticed that the shows use the same sets though! its pretty weird.

      • What other sets do they have in common? It’s a good idea to combine sets. It saves them money. Its funny though: one show is set in DC the other in NY but they both film in CA and barely try to hide it. I’m beginning to think the snow from the blackout in the blizzard wasn’t real **wink wink**.

    • Where the show is made doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with what network the show is on, so even thought the shows are on different networks, they could be produced in the same place. More telling is the production company.

  40. We need more questions!

    54. Who does Brennan resemble most (hypothetically speaking of course) – her mother or father?

    55. What exactly does the Cantilever Group do? (Has this been mentioned on the show before?)

    56. What would be a good title for Brennan’s latest book?

    • 54. her Mom
      55. They are a the Hodgins family. Hodgins is the the Canteliever group. He does have lackies working for him though. Referenced in Alien In A Space Ship and an earlier show
      56 No Bones About It

    • 54. Mom
      55. Didn’t Hodgins say once they “made money”? I always thought they were some kind of large investment company with lots of fingers in lots of pies.
      56. Words of the Dead

  41. 54. Will Booth ever get his St. Christopher medal back-I liked it (and I’m stuck on saints today.)
    55. Could Max be a government informer these days? I always wondered about the coma dream when he says he works for the same person as Jared.
    56. Will Booth ever find out that his grandfather made his dad leave?
    57. If they are together, will Sweets find out on his own, or will they tell him-and when?
    58. What happened to Brennan’s grandpa, and why did no one think to call him when her parents left?

    • Sorry, posted at the same time, so mine are 57, 58, 59, 60 and 61.

      • 57. Jared is a jerk and will keep it (I don’t like Jared – sorry)
        58. Max doesn’t trust the governent so I doubt it.
        59. I sure hope so. He deserves to know.
        60. I think Sweets would have to be told because he can be blind when it comes to people he loves.
        61. Good question. It would be nice if they told us in season 7.

        Its been fun. Talk to you guys tomorrow.

    • 57. I think Brennan should buy him a new one.
      58. Anything is possible. He’s definitely been hiding something. And I could totally see Caroline being his government contact. 😉
      59. I hope so.
      60. I think Sweets will figure it out.
      61. He was the unfortunate victim of an ill thought out plot device.

  42. 62. If Brennan was a tree, what kind of tree would she be?

    63. Did Brennan ever realize that she saw Sgt. Parker, by his grave?

    64. What should Hodgins buy Angela for a baby present?

    65. Do you think Angela has a nude painting of Hodgins?

    • 62. An oak tree – tall and strong and not at all likely to bend when the going gets tough.

      63. You know, I hope she does. It’ll be one of those things she can’t explain away with logic or reason, kinda similar to Booth telling her, “it doesn’t work that way” in The Hole in the Heart. Call me crazy, but I think she needs a few things in her life (like her and Booth) that defy logic.

      64. Bling baby.

      65. Can I just say that I find this question hysterically funny? Knowing Angela, yes she does and she painted it. In the Egyptian room.

  43. Good morning all 🙂 What a beautiful day inside our bubble 🙂

    Just a quickie to start – haven’t had time to read all of the above, and I’m leaving the house this morning so that I can avoid the computer.

    – I’d choose Booth as a partner for every game…but I wasn’t really thinking Scrabble…

    • Seriously though, what a fab idea for a post, and where this post went is fantastic! What a great way to spend your day – so much fun! I love all those extra questions, wish I had the time to respond!

      I’ll be back to chat later 😀

  44. 66. (I don’t want to be mean but…) whose idea were those bangs?! ED is great regardless but come on.

    67. When b&b have a child (even if the series ends without actually showing it I choose to believe they will end up together and eventually have adorable mini booths and brennans) will Brennan allow Booth to teach his religious beliefs without putting them down?

    68. is it 9:00 yet???

    • 66. The haircut (including the bangs) was for the movie ED did last summer called The Perfect Family. They decided to keep it for the show. I wasn’t so sure about them at first, but I love them now.
      67. That, of course, is the difficulty in having parents with opposing religious backgrounds.
      68. I know, really!

    • I’m a bigger fan of those bangs now than I was at the beginning, but I think it’s partly because they’ve grown out a little. It always drove me crazy in the earlier episodes–if they would just learn how to style them so they didn’t look so…off-kilter? They still sort of drive me crazy when she’s got her hair back. I should never speak this many words about the hairstyle of a television character, haha…

    • I’ve alway thought that dealing with 67. (the kids + religion issue) would be the basis for a great episode.

  45. Quick note guys, I’ve been strong and haven’t watched the finale today, which means I have to check out now for 24 hours till I have seen it. Let me say, thanks for all the fun today with these questions, its been great! I really hope you all enjoy the show and I can’t wait to chat to you all about it 🙂

    Here’s to a lovely summer of, if not bones, great bones theory 🙂 x

    Ps. My question is, in double trouble when booth asks Brennan if she’s always this spontaneous when it comes to sex, she answers yes. He gives her this look – is the look curious because he does think she’s spontaneous, or sceptical because her suggestion of how to rock the trailer to stimulate sex wasnt that spontaneous sounding? Haha. Enjoy your evening guys x

  46. 66. What is Brennan’s middle name? ( I refuse to accept Hart Hanson’s answer!)

  47. I’ve got to get through this quickly so I can cook and eat dinner before our show airs! I’m getting so anxious!

    1. Do you think Dr. Goodman would approve of how Cam runs the lab?
    (Disclaimer – I didn’t really care for Dr. Goodman.) I don’t think he would have approved of Cam being hired to run the lab. (It’s been a long time since I watched the early Cam eps, so correct me if Dr. Goodman had something to do with her being hired.) But I think that he would have preferred someone from a more scholarly background, as opposed to Cam’s law enforcement/medical science background.

    2. Are Jared and Padme married by this point?
    (Disclaimer – I didn’t really care for Jared either.) So I don’t really care if they’re married. I hadn’t given it a second thought until just now.

    3. How does someone earn Booth’s trust?
    By not putting on an act or trying too hard. By just being themselves. By admitting their weaknesses.

    4. Zack/VNM
    It felt to me like VNM’s death fit into the storyline in a more natural and organic way, so it was easier for me to accept, while still very upsetting. (Does that even come close to answering the question?)

    5. If you had to create a “ _______ in the _______” title for the Pilot Episode, what would it be?
    Aaah. Can’t think. The pressure of naming the pilot is too great.

    6. Which BONES character would you want as your partner for a game of Trivial Pursuit? Scrabble? Euchre?
    Hodgins, Brennan, Booth

    7. Who made the first move, Booth or Cam?
    The very first move? It’s a toss-up, but I’ll go with Cam.

    8. Favorite song (or songs) used in a BONES ep or moment?
    These are the Bones songs on my iPod:
    Keep On Tryin’ – Poco
    Kandi – One Eskimo
    Rain – Patty Griffin
    Bring On The Wonder – Susan Enan
    Collide – Howie Day (There’s something weird about this one. It’s only on the DVD or it’s not on the DVD or something. Anyone know what’s up?)
    Also, I get really happy whenever I hear the theme song. It is the ringtone on my phone, and while I acknowledge that this is as nerdy as all get out, I really love it and don’t intend to change it.

  48. I would just like to say how completely awesome this is. I always know I can come here to BT and not be spoiled. I’ve been lurking around Twitter today trying to be very careful not to click on anything that might accidentally tell me something I don’t want to know!

    No time to answer all these AWESOME questions, but I’ll give some of my favorite songs:
    Bucket’s of Rain – Beth Orton
    When the Pain Dies Down – Chris Stills
    No Envy No Fear – Joshua Radin
    Rain or Shine/Save You – Matthew Perryman Jones
    Fountain – Sara Lov
    I Turn My Camera On – Spoon
    Kandi – One eskimO

    Those are just a few! I have a list of songs from Bones that I listen to all the time, I didn’t mention Keep On Tryin’, Fearless, or Running Up that Hill – but those are all favorites too! I’m on the west coast and tend to head to the gym before Bones so I won’t be tempted to peak at the east coasters thoughts! 🙂 Thanks again for making this a spoiler free space!

  49. On the under cover question: anything where Booth wears fatigues. I think Brennan would also look very cute in her own little set of fatigues.

    On songs they should use, I’m channeling my younger self: I heard Quincy Jones’ “Just Once” last week. It’s perfect to me. There are a lot of oldies that when I hear them I think are perfect for B&B.

    BTW, in the basketball player under the bleachers ep, Booth said he was good enough at hoops to have gone pro if he hadn’t thrown his shoulder out.

    69. Will Booth ever tell Bones about the gang leader?
    70. How did Cam and Booth meet?
    71. What was the first case the Caroline and Booth worked on together? That’s a flashback I’d love to see.
    72. Is Caroline’s daughter a squint (she goes to MIT)?
    73. If B&B get married, who will be Booth’s best man? Parker, Jared, Hodgins, Sweets?
    74. When will Gordon Gordon be back?
    75. What was Brennan doing in Cuba?

  50. While I’m waiting for 9pm to roll around, I started watching The Beginning in the End (thinking about yesterday’s post about how episodes might mirror each other). Question (sorry it’s not a fun one!)

    Brennan makes an observation that even though Booth said he didn’t want to go to Afghanistan, it seemed like he wanted to. Do you think that’s true or is that just an excuse she was telling herself?

    • I think when Daisy told her that Sweets said he was surprised Booth hasn’t left for war earlier, she felt a little guilty that she was keeping him here. But she should know not to ever listen to anything Sweets or Daisy ever say. When will they learn???

  51. Sorry for posting again but we’re at 127 comments and we absolutely have to get to 128.

    So……OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. 76. What happened to Sully in the caribbean? Will he ever come back?
    78. What does 4:47 really mean?
    79. What are their birth dates? (it would be really cool if they had a chapter where it is brennans b-day or booths – think about the presents!)

  53. 80. in Double Trouble in the Panhandle: how did they sleep? I recall Angela saying there was only one bed 😉

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