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The Change in the Game: Post Ep Forum Discussion!


Hey, y’all!

Okay, so a couple of groundrules:

1. No bashing any live person (actor, writer, show creator, other fan).

2. If for some reason other sites are already posting spoilers for season SEVEN, please do NOT mention any of those things here.

Sound good? Other than that…enjoy! I’ll be back soon!


191 thoughts on “The Change in the Game: Post Ep Forum Discussion!

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ll come back when I can form a thought other than a happy scream.

  2. I think I’m in shock… WOW!

    • The song fits so well. I loved it. It took me three times watching, but finally i got it. Best ep so far.

  3. Oh. My. I’m still a little speechless. It just ended. For now just:

    Buck Truck.

    Wow. I don’t…even know. Be back soon…

  4. I really liked it but cannot yet form a coherent thought. Can’t wait to see what everyone else thinks.


  6. OMG that was crazy I cannot believe i just freaking saw that!!!! I love Booth’s smile when she told himm he news, it was just too cute 🙂

  7. I’m in full agreement with you, MJ.

    Going to go twitch some more. Really can’t articulate anything else except a long string of capslock nonsense. AAAH.

  8. They got me. They got me so good. I thought they were gonna string us along, with Max catching on to them and everything…but wow. wow. wow. I can’t think straight!!!! Can anyone articulate this yet???

  9. I AM SO HAPPY!!! Booth’s smile was perfect. *sigh* I can go to bed a happy girl tonight 🙂

  10. I’m disappointed with the episode itself. Until the end, it was a little boring. But I did looove Booth’s reaction at the end!

    I have no idea how I feel about the ending itself though. Still processing…

    • I have to add that in the 5 minutes since the episode ended, I already watched Booth’s reaction 4 times! Love it!

      • natbor, I am the same way. For an undercover episode, it was a little boring. I’m still processing the end too, but I have re-watched it many times. Well, as many times as you can in 22 minutes!

      • I wish I could edit my last post. I just have verbal diarrhea because I have such mixed emotions! The look on Booth and Brennan’s face in the diner scene… the look on Booth’s face when he kisses Brennan’s cheek in the bowling alley…and the last scene! The music at the end was also so beautiful! Sorry for the multiple posts…

      • Oh I’m with ya there watched that ending heaps of times I really think that booths smile is priceless. Just shows how much he has wished for this to happen! I cannot believe that just happened to be honest!! Was insane!!

  11. My did they/didn’t they question was answered completely with Booth’s expression after the kiss on the cheek. Did you see him scope her up and down as she walked away? That was a look with the thought “Yea, gonna get me some of that!” behind it! And Max saw it. Max totally saw it.

    Oh, I love this show. Mama Bones!!!

  12. I’m happy, but also a little sad that after 6 years of reading into to every look and gesture we didn’t even get to see a heartfelt kiss or something depicting the moment leading to something that has changed both of their lives forever. I still love the show, but I feel somehow cheated.

    • Maude, I’m feeling that too….but maybe we’ll get to see it in flashback or something? After ED has her “real” baby?

      Well, Change in the Game was certainly right!! It completely took me by surprise. Never saw it coming. Not sure if I like it yet or not. My brain is still squeeing over Michael Staccato Vincent plus B&B flirting plus the ending to even say my feelings yet!

    • I feel a little cheated too. I wanted to see something, and if that makes me a voyeur, so be it. I wanted to see something romantic and lovely (borrowing from VNM, of course). Romance in the movies and on tv and in books makes us believe that romance can and does exist in real life. I just needed a little something more. *sigh*
      From B&B, I mean. The love between Angela and Hodgins in the moments before their baby was born was so beautiful. Let’s face it, even Brennan cries more often than I do, but I came close right there.

      • I needed to hear this disappointment validated, thank you, haha. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I loved the episode, I loved the outcome, but it felt a little…deflated. That on-the-cheek kiss was definitely something, and the “big reveal” was done in a way that definitely got the most shock value, but I would’ve liked something a little more…ugh, something, haha, I’m not sure what. I had the same sort of vaguely-unsatisfied sigh at the end. But just vaguely, mind you! There’s a big part of me that’s dancing around, too, haha…

  13. The did! She finally bought a ticket on that ride! So excited; I’m not even upset that we missed their courtship. I bet what we get will be great!

  14. Yeah the flirting in this episode was at an all time awesome. Also, Buck Truck. Also, I’m still freaking out.

  15. I was right about something for once!! 🙂 B&B baby…yeah! HH and crew are still evil geniuses though because we still don’t know for sure if they’re a couple or if it was just that one night…Regardless, I am so excited.

    • now you have made me afraid that it was just one night haha but i really dont think that that was the case because with B&B its all or nothing and i doubt that they would do a one nighter, if they do i would be really really mad

      • I just mean that if it was a one night thing and they decided afterward that they weren’t ready yet, maybe we’ll still get to see the official becoming a couple in the fall. On the other hand, they may already be a couple and we’re purposely not being shown the details. Argh! Either way they’re evil geniuses!

      • I am still holding to my theory of HH & Co. pushing us forward again in the season premiere so that we kind of “catch up” to ED’s pregnancy. Then receiving bits and pieces in flashbacks or something like that. Totally something they would do and how else do you follow this up? Especially when ED is already what, halfway through? They seem to really like those lapses in time between seasons.

        Steph…we kind of called it didn’t we? If you all could have been a fly on the wall in the room we were in when the final scene played out! I’m surprised the kids didn’t wake up!

        I really don’t want it to be a one time thing though!

    • Oh I totally think there will be a time jump so they can line up the pregnancies, but don’t forget, they’ll probably start filming episodes in July. Season seven won’t premiere until late September at the earliest, so the baby will most likely be born on the show several months after ED delivers in real life. That’ll give them more time to work with.

      I’m not so sure about the flashbacks though. With the exception of the 100th episode and a few flashbacks related to Russ and Brennan when they were younger (which were also case related), Bones doesn’t do flashbacks. That’s one of the reasons I think they may work out the official couple thing farther into the pregnancy. Although that really would kind of suck. They love each other and are having a baby together. They should BE together. Argh! I repeat, HH is an evil genius. An evil, evil genius.

      • I feel like this ending was a little different than past seasons, because the questions we have (to get us to come back next season) seem to be a mystery to the audience only. From the looks Booth and Brennan give each other throughout the episode, Brennan’s ease in accepting to be Buck’s girlfriend/ ring wearing fiance, to that beautiful expression on Booth’s face at the end… it seems like some conversations have been had… it’s just that we the audience has been left behind. I’ve never felt that way in the bones universe before… but it did the trick, i’ll certainly be coming back to find out what happens 🙂 (and to hopefully catch at least one kiss… just a kiss, it’s all I ask for :))

  16. I absolutely loved all hte Hodgela scenes and loved how “Buck and Wanda” in this episode were not a couple-y as the were in season 4 (perhaps baceause they were trying to not make it so abvious that they slept together and i agree with MJ that ha made it really obvious when he kissed her on the cheek.

  17. How often can we post? i don’t want to use up my quota too fast. 😀

    “Act like a couple” and she takes his arm. Just like last week. See?

    God, I love this freaking show.

    • “Act like a couple” and she takes his arm. Just like last week.

      I caught that too. It’s as though when forced to ‘act’ like a couple, she thought, well, how do I act around Booth now that we are a couple?

      “God, I love this freaking show.” Me too, MJ. Me too.

  18. I thought something was up when Wanda said that she and Buck were engaged. Brennan WOULD NOT ALLOW IT when she was Roxie, remember? And to show off a hand with a ring?? I was thinking OK, they are for sure dating now….but would have neverrrrrrrrrr guessed at this!!!! Blast you, HH and your evil posse! haha

    • Aaahhh! Me too! (I don’t even need my own comment. I’m just piggybacking on all of you!)
      Brennan was so anti-commitment when they went undercover as Tony and Roxie. This time, she was all about it. Because she’s committed to Booth in real life on the show (if that makes any sense), and she’s ok with commitment because being with the right person changes everything.

  19. This episode definetly evoked mixed emotions.
    I am happy 4 Ang & Bones
    Yet I felt cheated out of seeing an emotional / loving exchange between BB

  20. Oh and the Angela and Hodgins labor/birth scenes were awesome. They totally made up for the ridiculous false labor scare a couple weeks ago. And the hat. I LOVE that adorable little blue hat!

    • I loved how Hodgins aimed for that moment of complete calm, ever so slowly removing his lab coat…and then PANIC. They were great, both Angela and Hodgins! So glad the baby is OK too!

    • haha ikr i cried many tears of joy during this eppisode. especia;;y when he said his name was going tjo be Michal Sticcato Vincent

    • I really liked the Angela and Hodgins scenes as well. They were very well done!

    • I think Michaela got labor exactly right. The leg twitches and the fidgeting – if you’ve ever gone through natural childbirth, you recognized those little movements. They’re uncontrollable.

      And the look on Hodgins face as they waited for the news about the baby’s eyes. Amazing. I was all sniffly.

  21. PS did anyone think Baby Hodgens’ name was too long

  22. My only issue right now that keeps half my brain not squeeing is I want to know if they had sex that time after Vincent’s death or have they done it multiple times?….

    The only thing is I’m still having a hard time singing a sex scene in that kind of emotional distraught.

    But over all I’m still soooooo happy. And that one kiss on the cheek? Oh gosh, I squealed so bad. I…need another break. Be back again with more thoughts.

    PS: I like that I’m not as laconic now.

  23. PS: Does anyone else thinkg Baby Hogens’ name was a little too long? Or maybe that’s just me?

  24. How did she find out so fast? Didn’t they say its been 2 weeks? (My brain is struggling to grasp a coherent thought here!)

    • Didn’t she say in HitH that she still had a month to go? And now she’s two days overdue? That’s at least four weeks, depending on how you measure a pregnancy month. So, there was a little more time in between false labor and when little Stacc made his appearance.

      Yea, I call him Stacc. Dibs on the first babysitting gig! 🙂

    • It may have been about a month (i dont exactly know how long you have to wait to be able to tell if your pregnant but i think a month is long enough…right?) anyways BONES has always been a little shaky when it comes to periods of time and how long its been between episodes so it really is hard to tell

    • The timing is perfect actually.

      In The Signs in the Silence Angela had a month to go in her pregnancy (which makes her approximately 36 weeks)

      In The Hole in the Heart Brennan said they hadn’t had a case in over a week (which puts Angela at between 37 and 37 1/2 weeks)

      In tonight’s episode, Angela is 2 days overdue (40 weeks and 2 days) which means that it’s been between 2 1/2 and 3 weeks since “that night” in The Hole in the Heart.

      You can get a positive pregnancy test within about 2 weeks of conception.

      And yes, I am anal about things like this!

      • Wow. Are you an OB or a midwife or something? That was amazing. Thinking about time when it comes to ‘Bones’ makes my head hurt, so I usually chalk it up to time being a flexible construct on this show. Thanks for the breakdown. 🙂

      • No, I’m pregnant with my fourth child so I have lots of experience. 🙂

      • Oh, and I’ve been specifically been paying attention to the “timing” and anything relating to Brennan and babies since the news broke that ED was pregnant and HH refused to divulge whether or not they were writing the pregnancy into the show. Gotta cover all the bases after all!

      • Congratulations to you! And way to keep up!

      • Thanks! 🙂

      • Congratulations, Steph! That’s awesome! 🙂

      • Thanks Jade. 🙂

  25. im not sure y my post went thru so many times? But although i think his name is long i like that they found a way to remember Vincent ❤

  26. … I cant even wrap my head around WHEN Bones even got pregnant. I feel like we missed out on the most important step of the relationship. lol. they aren’t officially dating, yet they are going to have a child?

  27. it’s only been twenty minutes…. it’s still not totally sunk in. I have mixed emotions about the bomb at the end. I also loved Booth’s reaction. This is like a dream come true for him. Of course he’s dreamed of having a baby (the old fashioned way) with Brennan. But, I’m also so worried (perhaps as the writers intended… to torture us over the summer). Last time a B&B baby was mentioned, Brennan didn’t want Booth to actually be a father, and I hope hope hope she’s changed her mind now, but since we (the audience) have no idea how B&B are currently defining their relationship, I still have to worry about my Booth.

    Also, I have two opposing thoughts about what this baby could mean. While I don’t want a rushed wedding (I mean seriously, they JUST got together) I also don’t want Booth to have another baby out of wedlock…. off to muse…..

  28. Well I can say this for sure y’all. I WILL NOT be concentrating on work tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait for all of us to gather our collective thoughts and blow up my inbox Friday!!!!!

  29. More coherent; I’m thinking they’ve been (possibly) a couple now for 4-6 weeks. Booth wasn’t even taken aback by the announcement, he was just so happy. Plus they seemed couple-y in the bowling alley, although maybe it’s just wishful thinking. Though not sure why she would reassure him that he’s the father, if they’ve been together for a while. Maybe one of our exact Brennanisms. And was that the best looking Booth ever and the most beautiful Brennan at the end? My saint recital is over-aaaaaahhhhhh……! Kisses and hugs all around, people. So it was Christmas in May, at least for me-Feliz Navidad, everybody!

    • Personally, I think she told him he was the father for two reasons.

      1.) She had once thought about being inseminated, so maybe she told him to keep him from thinking that she’d gone ahead with that idea. Although, if they’ve been intimate (in every sense of the word) for some time now, I would hope she wouldn’t do something like that without talking to Booth about it.

      2.) I also think it’s important that she said, “You’re the father.” (That is exactly what she said, right? My overstimulated brain is having trouble with short term memories right now.) Brennan usually chooses terms that are stripped of context. She could have come up with some clinical way of telling Booth that he had ‘contributed’ to these circumstances. But I think the word ‘father’ carries with it the implication of parenting. Choosing that word was an important consideration on Brennan’s part.

      • a moment to speak as devil’s advocate:

        is there any kind of possibility that Booth and Brennan still have not been intimate, and she got inseminated with Booth’s sperm at some earlier date. Another way to explain why Booth needed to be told he was the father.

        I really really hope it doesn’t go that way…

      • You know Jacquelyn, I’ve seen other people post that, but it doesn’t quite make sense. If they were working towards becoming a couple, why would she do that? I think that would have totally freaked Booth out. He smiled so nicely, he didn’t seem shocked or surprised. It would just be very odd to me. But hey, I was completely floored by the ending, I have no idea what’s coming next!

      • to bb (I couldn’t reply to post)

        I also don’t think it makes sense for a lot of reasons, some even in this episode. I guess i’m wondering if the writers are leading us to think of it as a possibility… just because nothing was actually confirmed. But, yes, Booth’s smile is compelling evidence that the baby was conceived the natural way :).

      • Jacquelyn-
        I thought about that too, but I agree with bb – it just doesn’t make sense at this point in the game for Brennan to do something like that when she’s *this close* to getting a shot at the real thing with Booth. Plus, did you see her face when she told him at the end and her apprehension throughout the episode? She was scared about being pregnant and she was scared that Booth would be upset. Notice she didn’t smile until after he did. If she wanted a baby badly enough to use his frozen sperm, she would have been a lot more confident (and I think she would have asked him first anyway)…so I don’t think you have anything to worry about. 🙂

  30. “Nice to meet you, The Raven”

    LOL! Okay, I’ll be back soon. 🙂

  31. Im still wxtremely shocked, i havent had any coherent thoughts since the episode ended haha i dont even think i will be able to sleep tonight

  32. I’ll just say for now….since Angie said to Bren: “….It was a dream.”


    “Nothing happens unless first a dream….”

    Oh boy, IT HAPPENED.

    Wherever this leads, Bones buddies, we shall be there 🙂

    • Ok, I have to admit, I did get a little nervous when Angela said that about it being a dream. I was like, oh crap, here we go again. “Nothing happens unless first a dream…” And then second a dream? Did Booth and Brennan have to have separate dreams before eventually can happen? Oh, I don’t like where I’m going with this. See why I can’t sleep after a new ‘Bones’ ep airs?

      • Ah, but there’s been a shift.

        Dream is becoming reality.

        And honestly, I like how it kind of happens in a way people don’t necessarily want or expect…That’s life. Full of curveballs, and hardly anything happens exactly how we expect it to…but the essence of it is there.

        The fact so many feel both hopeful/scared/confused after this is entirely appropriate….because I’m willing to bet that is exactly how Brennan feels.

        I think the fact I feel this way just made me fall in love with Bones more…..

        I’m ignoring the hate, and look forward to the next chapter…whatever that entails…

      • I know no spoilers for season 7, and I don’t want to know any. I just know that with this cliffhanger, it’s bound to be good, and as always, I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.

    • The “It was a dream” statement was for sure making reference to what happened in the coma dream and bringing us back full circle to 2 seasons ago. Did you notice that when Brennan told him she was pregnant in TEiTB we got the same smile from Booth after she told him she was pregnant in this episode? My heart just melted. She was so unsure about the whole thing…even asking Angela what is was like. She waited for reassurance from Booth that everything would be okay, because she can neither control nor run from this situation. She finally lost the last of her imperviousness.

      • So glad you mentioned the smile– I mean everyone said how utterly adorable it was to watch it spread across his face but YES it was the SAME look of shock/pure joy as in the dream. 🙂 🙂 Yay!
        Love it.

  33. Ok, I’m feeling way too gushy and mind-blown right now, but I just have to say, finding this blog last month was the best thing ever. It has made this last few episodes so fun to find crazies to share my Bones obsession 🙂 haha I’m loving reading these posts come in!


  35. I just wish they had had a gentle kiss at the end…some physical connection. Then it would have been perfect.

    • I think that makes it more of a tease. HH wants us to tune in to Season 7. I think if we had gotten everything, some people might not have felt as compelled to keep watching because B&B are “done”.

      • I agree. I don’t think we’re supposed to know for sure exactly where they stand romantically. There were plenty of signs that something might be up when they were “undercover,” but did you see the distance between them in that end scene? Pretty sure it’s deliberate.

      • C-bones, I agree with you. It’s almost as if the did they/didn’t they question has been answered, but the will they/won’t they question remains. I mean, it’s partially answered, but not fully because we haven’t seen them as a couple. It’s actually pretty clever how the powers that be did that. They really pushed the story along, shoved it pretty hard actually, but they left those of us longing for that B&B togetherness wanting more. *sigh* (again!)

      • That’s exactly how I felt! The will they/won’t they just wasn’t answered. Stephanie mentioned the distance between them in the end scene. They want us to keep coming back for more and now we have a whole summer to think about it…! Argh!

      • I have to reply again because I totally agree with Stephanie. Questions still remain. And everything is deliberate.

        Here’s a thought: Is it possible that their physical intimacy came first, possibly helped along by VNM’s death, but that they’re still falling in love with one another?

      • I think it’s possible that one (probably Booth) or both of them was afraid (after that night) that they still weren’t ready and therefore decided to not make anything official yet. But at the same time I have a hard time believing that Booth, if they weren’t an official couple yet, wouldn’t want to take that step immediately upon finding out about the baby. Either way, I really don’t think their love for each other is in question at this point. I mean, did you see the look on Booth’s face when she told him about the baby?!? Ahhhhh…..

  36. OMG i dont even know what to say at this moment! I absolutly loved this episode, even though it was all kind of thrown at us, when talking about B&B. Although i kind of guessed that she was pregnant when she mentioned all the smells in the bowling alley, but i wasn’t sure if it was just a nod towards Emily’s real life pregnancy. the Hodgela moments were amazing, my sister and I were literally holding our breathes as the doctor checked the baby’s vision. SOOOO happy he’s ok!
    I am super happy but extremly frustrated at being left hanging after that revelation! 🙂

  37. I’m just dying right now because my computer is not in the same room as my DVR. So I can’t rewatch and rewatch and chat at the same time!!!!!

  38. I can’t believe I’m gone tomorrow until Sunday and can’t read all the posts til then-whaaaa! Have fun! Talking about leaping off a cliff…

  39. Please tell me you all will be posting this summer!!! I just found Bones Theory….and I wanna keep the good BOnes vibes cominggg!

    • Cheers to that.
      Posts, stories, theories…..and definitely a comic. I need to do that, pronto.

    • This is going to sound really horrible, but I was kind of hoping we’d be left with some questions about the status of B&B’s relationship going into season 7 so we’d have plenty to talk about on BT this summer!! Does that make me a really terrible person?!?

      • There are still plenty of questions in regards to their relationship…..they’ve just kinda morphed into different questions….

        I’m sure someone will scrounge up a good list.

  40. Just wanna say for the record: That baby has a great name….And hat. 🙂

  41. Seels, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts soon!

  42. oh, another random thought…. I loved that Booth was able to translate Brennan’s technical language about the dead body, “dead first, and then ground up” Ha!!

  43. I’m happy to read so many positive reviews because I am so disappointed. I liked that Booth said girlfriend but Brennan said fiance. That’s progress. I liked Max’s comments in the diner & bowling alley. He represents all of us who can see something happened although we’re not sure what. But after years of dissecting every word and facial expression I felt cheated how they put them together. & I choose to believe it wasn’t a one time thing. if they’re together it better be the whole package.

    And I was on Team Didn’t. Go figure.

    • You’re not alone. Many folks felt cheated in some may…heck, I understand it. But ultimately, I feel content in my slight discontent because I keep going back to “that’s how we are supposed to feel.” Such a wild mix of emotions running rampant through the fandom right now.

      Once the dust settles, I think things will start to clear up. Relationships evolve and change, they must—as did this one. We expected to see more because in the past we were seeing so much tension. A lot has happened between these two, and the fact that after all this time our expectations aren’t exactly filled….it’s just a comment on how things go in life I suppose.
      We get to feel what the are going through, yet we can’t possibly feel every little moment….and dang it, we’d do ANYTHING to get a glimpse of what exactly goes on between each stare and gesture.

      They’re mature and beyond hints. They just know. And for them, it doesn’t need to be shown.

      “What happens between us….That should just be ours.”

      (damn you, Brennan…. 😉 )

    • I understand your disappointment because I also feel like key changes happened to B&B’s relationship off camera. But, upon my rewatch (happening currently) i’ve decided that they are at least boyfriend/girlfriend or something monogamous. I’m basing this on the exchange between B&B in the diner. I’m definitely reading a lot into this, but the look on Brennan’s face when Booth tells her she can be his girlfriend, and her responding ‘Fine’ really makes me think they were already together at this point. It’s like Booth is thinking, “not a stretch” and Brennan’s like “well, I suppose I can utilize my own personal experience to help my character” at least I hope that’s what it is 🙂

  44. Anybody else think it was kinda hot when Booth whipped off his wig all fast and FB of I like?


    • Me…me…me! Loved it! It’s always hot when Booth takes charge..*swoon* I was looking forward to Booth removing that darn silly wig…but it did make me laugh…cause it was SO bad.

    • Seels–Yes! I thought that was super hot when he got all FBI on everybody! Also, hot when he kissed her on the cheek and looked her up and down! Whew!

      Jacquelyn–YES! I LOVED when Booth was able to finally translate Brennan-speak into regular terms! I thought that was amazing! One of those lines that seem throwaway on the surface but really mean a great deal!

      Stacy–You know, after my mind processed this curveball (wow it look me like an hour!) I had the same thought myself. And I was like noooooooo no negative nancy thoughts on Michael Staccato Vincent’s b-day and the B&B bombshell…but it creeped in my head nonetheless. It is a viable theory. However, I was firmly on “Team Didn’t” and look where that got me. Totally freaked out, that’s where!

      Buck Truck.

    • Haha, um….yes? And the fact that he did it while giving that bratty little girl what-for made it oh so much better. 🙂 I loved that, “Watch your mouth!” Could the baby hints have BEEN any heavier??

    • Oh good lord, yes. I like Take Charge Booth. A lot. 😉

    • Yes, definitely loved that!

  45. oh wow – just finished watching – was so not expecting it to go there. So they did do it… oh wow.

  46. Totally didn’t guess the murderer tonight, which has become a rare thing with these later seasons.

    Totally didn’t guess the bomb at the end either…don’t hate me but I wonder if they’ll have Brennan lose the baby somehow next season? Not a spoiler, just my own musings. It would let them write in ED’s pregnancy, throw a curveball, AND satisfy fans who feel cheated about having this baby when we didn’t even really get the official romance. Plus two baby storylines? Doesn’t seem too likely.

    Loved Max…I was nodding along with you Max! Something is up! Although not what we thought.

    And I loved how Brennan kept finding ways to discuss “if Booth and I had a child”…oh Brennan, you can’t fool us by calling him Buck! Even though you did.

    • I bet when everyone rewatches they will see so many signs like that and go, “Of course!”

    • Me and my friend said the same thing about Brennan losing the baby, for the same reasons you stated. That would be horrible but I think it’s a possibility.

    • I’m wondering if perhaps the reason they went ahead and wrote in the pregnancy and are furthering the story line so quickly is because they only got a 1 year renewal. Theorhetically, this could be the last year of the show and they always said they would get together before the end.

      Just a thought! And if something happens to the baby, I would be devastated! I think we’ll see the relationship “stuff” next season. IMHO.

    • No, I can’t even think about Brennan loosing baby 😦 I’m too pretty sure that 7th will be the last season. Pregnancy and child brings many new plots to show, because B&B still are very different people with different opinions about marriage, raising child and so on. We probably will see their bickering about moving in, wedding. Plus we can expected problems with they partnership, because FBI don’t allow romantic relationship, in our case they expecting a baby.

      But I sure at the end of the season they will be together as a committed couple with a beautiful child 🙂

  47. Hey, 100 comments in two hours? That’s a new record, babies! Thanks to each person for coming around! I’ve loved reading your thoughts! West coasters- see you in about 50 mins! 🙂

  48. I really dislike baby storylines on television shows. I hope that next season, the Booth and Brennan baby isn’t the focal point of every conversation and dialogue written between them. I found the whole Hodgin’s and Angela baby story quite boring. They talked about nothing else. I am not going to be happy if I have to listen to more boring baby dialogue again next season. If Brennan has to be pregnant I don’t want to have to hear about it in every other sentence. I am one fan who isn’t happy about the baby angle. It is what it is though. I just hope it doesn’t take over the entire season.

  49. Poor Angela. Brennan tells her she can’t stop thinking about Angela going into labor but it’s only because Brennan’s pregnant! I thought Mikaela did a great job in the episode. Very believable!

  50. A couple final thoughts before I finally crawl into bed (although I don’t know how I’m ever going to get to sleep).

    SN said in an interview that the direction they took the show in was something that hadn’t been done before. At the time I wondered what on earth they could do that hadn’t already been done, but in retrospect, I think allowing for this level of intimacy without showing ANY of it definitely fits the bill. That lack of on-screen intimacy definitely leaves me wanting more, but I think that’s the point. It all ties back to the need to maintain some sort of tension.

    Despite the fact that we’ve been given a few huge revelations in the past two episodes, there’s still an awful lot we don’t know. You’ve gotta admit that it takes an insanely devious (not to mention genius) mind to think something like this up. Is the pregnancy storyline trite? Perhaps. But you’ve gotta admit that the delivery (no pun intended) was certainly not.

    We knew (thanks to the end of The Blackout in the Blizzard) that B&B would be together eventually, so the how’s and the why’s aren’t really an issue for me. Throwing an unexpected pregnancy into the mix at this point in the game doesn’t derail anything, it just ups the ante a little bit. Besides, you didn’t think HH would make things easy for us, did you?

    See you all tomorrow morning!

  51. Just have faith you guys. I’m clinging to that. I was wondering with alot of other people what was going on this season. But then Hole in the Heart changed everything for me. It was one of the best episodes I’ve seen of anything ever, hands down. I think I “got it”. There’s probably more twists than we can ever think of coming, and we just have to wait it out! I don’t think they’d do the same ol’ baby storyline right after Hodgela (which I didn’t mind, I found it cute), so I think we have to sleep on it. Rewatch the ep about 15 more times, and then consider the possibilites. I’ve regained faith in the show based on last week. If they can give us that….I’m hopeful, truly.

  52. Okay, so I literally just got done watching the episode and I feel like I can’t even think right now! I am completely shocked! I don’t know how I feel about this. I am incredibly happy, but there are so many questions.

  53. I just finished watching about 15 minutes ago, and my jaw is still hanging open in shock. Holy. Cow.

    You know that noise that Daisy made in The Beginning in the End? I think I’m making that in my head….

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I had a big stupid grin on my face the whole ep, cried during the birth sequence, and then my jaw dropped. Holy. Freaking. Cow.

    I think this pretty much confirms that HH and SN are members of the Evil League of Evil. And I love them for it.

    Is it September yet!?

  54. I loved Booth’s grin at the end — same exaggerated smile as in the coma dream revelation — just loved it. Also, the Hodgins/Angela story line was just wonderful and well done. There was so much happening in the episode though that I wish they would have had a two hour finale just to fit everything in. Maybe I was just too excited but it kind of felt rushed. I love how Booth just happens to know that Max bowls and that is his league. Alot happens that we don’t get to witness — darn it. But maybe that is a sign that their relationship is more official than we have witnessed as well.

  55. Like I’m really happy, but I feel really cheated too. I hope there are some flashbacks next season. I can’t believe that they just ended it. Like OMG!!!!!!!! We have to wait a whole summer for more Bones and they dropped that bombshell on us!! Loved Booth’s smile by the way.

  56. so that was a big bomb at the end. i think my scream could of broke a window! I didn’t think HH would write in the pregnancy. During the episode though, i saw all the baby signs–specially with the girl who was a brat. “just an awful child’ etc… but never expected the ending, i thought maybe she would bring up the fact that she wants kids but not that she WAS gonna have a kid!…Booths face was priceless at the end!!!! also agree with the other posts that the smooch Buck gave Wanda was awesome!! And Booth was extremely HOT when he pulled off his mullet haha. i am still in aww and in shock with this episode!!!

    i am also so glad that i found this website! none of my friends watch BONES so they don’t understand my obsession!

    • I understand what you mean Krissy, none of my friends do either. When I finished the episode my jaw literally dropped. If I couldn’t come on here and talk with you all about it, I don’t know what I would do. lol

    • I’m totally with you. I sort of… kind of… shrieked at the end of the episode. I was expecting Brennan to confess to wanting children… not a confession that she’s having Booth’s child.

  57. After being stupidly, deliriously happy to learn they finally got together. I started to feel a little cheated that we didn’t get to see even a kiss or cuddle etc. Now I’m hoping we may get a few flashbacks in S7. They are never going to give us everything in one hit are they? So now I have something to look forward to & I’m happy with that. 🙂

    • That’s true Lessa, it is something to look forward to. Okay, is there any way this could not be real life again? Like we come back next season and it was just another dream. Wouldn’t that be horrible!?

      • Just read latest interview with SN & it is not a dream. It’s real. Yay!

      • I thought about the “dream” angle, but when Booth had his coma dream, we did find out that it was all a dream before the end of the show….and of course, we knew it was a dream anyway because of the “dream” LOL. My point being, I think we would have found out at the end of the show that it was a dream and left with some other type of cliffy…..

  58. Let me first say, I laughed my head off this episode. Between the bad hair, bubble gum, and baby panic, I was so entertained! Of course, once I got to the end, I had a feeling what was going to happen, since Brennan could not stop talking about babies. Buck and I’s baby is not going to grow up like that type of thing. So amazing.

    This is definitely my favorite episode and I am not a bit disappointed. In fact, my expectations were surpassed. If you think about it, the show has vary rarely showed Booth’s relationships. It was always like, bam! there’s a 2 year relationship that just ended, bam! there is Booth in bed with his ex, bam! there is Cam in bed with Booth, bam! there is hannah. What I do think is special about this relationship is that, while we’ve seen perhaps a bit less than we’ve seen of the other relationships because we never actually “saw” anything, we have seen more in the affection and the looks. The looks at the diner, the looks at the bowling alley, the look of wonder at the news of the baby. They are totally a couple and have been for however many weeks. I will let season 7 tell me the exact length later.

    One thing I really want to point out is the physical distance isn’t an indicator to me of their emotional intimacy. It never has been really with B&B. At least, not once it became a real relationship. Sure Booth would give Bones the occasional hug, but mostly they tapped beer glasses, exchanged sideways glances and in general, kept their distance unless the practicalities of life necessitated it. The fact that in this episode they weren’t touching all that much isn’t an indication to me one way or another. But that’s just me…

    Love this blog. Love all of you bloggers.

  59. Am I the only one disappointed ? The episode started out great but at the end I felt sad. Two weeks ago in The Sign in the Silence Booth & Brennan weren’t even touching each other .. And now she’s pregnant? And they’re happy about it, no questions asked? I have faith in my favorite show and I’m surely looking for season 7, and yet I feel cheated, especially after having to watch Booth and Hannah for half of the season. That actually felt like Season 7 from the X-Files.

    Another thing was the lack of Cam and Sweets time, and I still didn’t get the purpose of having Max in the episode. At least we got The Look.

    • Plus we were waiting for B&B to be ready for a relationship together for 6 years. Now all of a sudden they’re ready for a baby?

      • I understand where you are coming from. I am happy, but I can’t help but wish they would have given us a little more. I really don’t know how to feel yet. I feel like I can’t really judge everything until next season when we see how much they are going to elaborate on things which is very frustrating because it seems so far away!!

      • Yeah, I know, September is gonna take forever *sigh*

    • About Cam and Sweets: I remember reading them saying that we will get back to their backgrounds/storylines next season—-so I’d definitely look forward to that. 🙂

  60. Well, I am glad it is real but I really hope that next season they clear some things up! Now that the initial OMG, happy, euphoria is wearing off I am starting to feel a little angry. They could have showed us a little more than they did at the end!

  61. Don’t feel cheated! Yes we missed a huge part of the BB relationship. But i feel like HH never disappoints. Most of us thought the worst of him when he brought that Hannah chick person on to the show but now,i am like Hannah who? haha. So i feel like we might get plenty of action from BB next season–even if its not hard core making out- there will be great flirty scenes, cute kisses,great bickering and plenty of eye sex haha. so i am okay with it =) HH has many angles to play with next season, and i really hope Brennan having a miscarriage or something isn’t one of them–i read someones post who mentioned that and made me sad-though i could see HH think it. That would for sure take BB relationship to a different playing field.

    • I was just wondering that, if they would do a miscarriage storyline. I hope they don’t, I am super happy that Booth and Brennan are going to have a baby!! I just am so shocked and didn’t expect it in a million years and don’t know how I am possibly going to wait until September for more Bones with an ending like that.

      • haha i know right! September is forever away! i just really want to know how HH is going to approach season 7.ahh.. Because it will be interesting to have two babies on the show. So its likes ‘is that too many?’.. i guess i am getting off topic cuz this is suppose to be about ‘the change in the game episode’ but my mind is just going crazy. maybe i should just go to bed haha.. Goodnight everyone and i am still all giddy and its been several hours..oh dear..

    • If they did a miscarriage storyline (unless it was a late-term), wouldn’t it be pointless to even write in the pregnancy line…. I’m just assuming that they are actually writing in the pregnancy line because of EDs real-life pregnancy. If they write her in as miscarrying, they would still have to contend with her very pregnant real-life body, so that would kind of defeat the purpose of even writing it in. JMHO.

  62. P.S. Planning to watch seasons 1-5 (and 6 if I can get it) over the summer. Season 7 will be all the more fun after that intensive prep.

    • You can purchase S6 on Amazon, all of it, within the next day or so. All of the other 22 epis are already available. If you buy a pass, they are 94 cents per episode.

      • Thanks! My husband told me about this, but I insist on getting the dvds. I know you can preorder Season 6 already, it is just whether or not I can buy them all at once. dvds are expensive! But this is the only television show I have ever bought the dvds of…. 🙂

  63. OMG OMG OMG! I know I’m blabbering, bear with me for a second, pretty plz

    1) love that booth knows max’s bowling team name, just show how close b&b are
    2) the ‘you can be my girlfriend’ comment & that kiss on the cheek were dead giveaway, and booth still try to act normal after max noticed something’s up, LOL
    3) I was on Team Didn’t, so yeah I feel a bit cheated in missing out those important moments, but I have to agree it’s a very clever way to keep us guessing over the summer and tune in for the new season (and I WANT IT NOW!). Crazy thought, may be they didn’t ‘go there’ in the scene we saw in HitH, but finally became a couple in between 2 episodes, see I’m already guessing, it’s gonna be a really long summer.
    4) I love Hodgela moment too, especially Hodgins facial expression while waiting for the doc to check the baby vision, makes me tear up. Love that they changed the kid middle name in remembrance of Vincent-the-delectable.
    5) kind of ambivalent on the b&b baby thing, on one hand I can understand it from the production pov and it opens up so many possible story lines, on the other hand, I don’t want having-a-baby-together rush the romance & I want to see the process leading up to the baby (I don’t just mean the sex, mind you), but then again when did our favorite couple do things the ‘normal’ way? On the other other hand (running out of hands now), we will see crazy-over-protective-alpha-male booth fussing over brennan, that’s super hot, rite?
    6) ok may be i’m seeing things, I think I saw that chicken wings tower thingy in the background, right when that Maldonado guy stretched his legs. another nod to the coma dream, maybe, along with the ‘4:47’ happened in the last episode. Nothing happens unless first a dream, apparently boothy boy has his dreams come true. Oh how I love booth’s face change from completely shock to understanding to lighten up with bliss and excitement and love, bravo DB. And I think booth dumbfounded expression prompts brennan to say ‘you’re the father’.

    Argh… that’s all, for now. Last year I swore I’d stop being obsessive over a tv show, and here I’m again, skipping work to watch the finale on-line, so much for my self-control.

    • I’m with you on the already guessing about season 7. Lol. I finished watching the episode like 40 minutes ago and I’m still just like OMG, I can’t believe that just happened!! I keep rewatching the ending on my DVR and it shocks me every time.

      • I think I re-watched the smooch and the ending more than 20 times now, that’s really unhealthy, haha… I guess given the kiss on the cheek we saw, steamy PDA shouldn’t be lacking next season. And oh the looks between b&b, max urged them to be more affectionate, brennan gave booth a not-so-sure look, booth returned with a come-hither smile (squealing & swooning)

        I just want to say I’m glad to find this blog, you guys are amazing with excellent opinions and yet respectful of others’ pov. I live in hong kong, the local tv station is still airing season 4 and the english tv drama doesn’t create that kind of buzz anyway, so it is really great to be able to come here & share thoughts on the show we all love so much, thx ppl.

    • yep – Booth’s face at the end was exactly what i needed 🙂

      I feel like I’ve just found out some of my best friends are pregnant. Speaking of obsession…so damn happy!

  64. Thank goodness for fanfiction where B&B can hug and kiss all they want. I’ve already started reading some, but the more I do, the more I feel like it was a smarter choice to not have them do that. Woman announces she’s pregnant, man is excited, they hug and kiss with whispered declarations of undying love – that really sounds like the end of a movie. Not the feel they want when they are not trying to wrap up the show.

    • Yeah, and I think they were going for a really really big shock factor. Which they definitely achieved!! I think ending it without a kiss or hug and just that declaration that she was pregnant and then Booth’s smile was more shocking than if they added in some conversation because they announced it and then ended it leaving fans saying, did that really just happen!? OMG!

  65. One of my favorite Bones videos is set to the last song in the finale:

    FerryBoatDreamer2010 really has some beautiful videos. I fell in love with the song first from watching the video and was so excited it was played tonight. Someone mentioned the one she did to the song “Safe” a few days ago.

    • Awesome video! For some reason it just put me completely at ease. It reminded me how amazing B&B are together. They have so much history. I can see how this baby storyline can work. I think I can go to bed now… maybe. Lol 🙂 Goodnight all!!

    • Wow!! Stephanie mentioned this vidder in the conversation earlier in “128 OTHER things to talk about”. I imagine this gal’s hit-counter is going to skyrocket. If you haven’t seen the vid for “Safe” check it out. It’s amazing.

    • Thank you! I loved this. I cried. 🙂

    • I’m so glad someone posted this video…..I thought of this one right away when I heard Adele playing in the background…. 😀

  66. Another thing that just came to my mind, is the diner scene in The Hole in the Heart, the “BANG! Mama Bones” scene =p !! We should’ve known then *sigh* .. I’m happy for B&B but I don’t want Bones to turn into a cheesy family drama show.

    • Family drama definitely doesn’t have to be cheesy. Modern Family is one of my favorite shows, and I think it’s a good example of that.

    • nope, that scene is from SitS, i remember when i first watch that scene, i was thinking the way booth gave that whole ‘mama bones’ speech is very much like a guy reassuring his girlfriend not to worry, they will have their own little one sooner or later… guess he doesn’t waste any time

      don’t worry, given these 2 characters, turning them into anything cheesy or boring will be very difficult, simply the naming of the child (i’m guessing it’s a girl) will be lots of fun…

      • Yeah, and I love how the shock effect was pretty much “BANG! Mama Bones!”, even though it didn’t happen because she looked at Angela’s baby like he said, lol. I don’t even know if he really imagined being a part of the process at the time.

      • Ooops – Sorry, my bad, I mixed episodes ! LOL at Booth not wasting any time =p ! Yeah, when Hodgela’s baby turned out to be a boy I just felt B&B’s gonna be a girl ( I knew Brennan was pregnant before I saw the epi — selfish people who spoiled it 😦 )

  67. Hooo, you guys. It’s taken me this long to calm down and I hope people are still up — jeez, it’s one AM. I’m not even particularly calm and rational now, but Garth Brooks’ rendition of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ (the first one I ever heard of it, so) is very soothing. Ha! I’ll admit without shame that I recognized it and immediately started sniffling. You have to know the scene’s gonna be good when they start with the awesomely sappy music — especially that song. I mean, really! The last few minutes were…beautiful. Masterful. I expect NOTHING less of the writers and actors and everybody, but my expectations were blown away and into smithereens. Hey, even my basic requirements for entrance into my top episodes were met (I bawled and laughed like a rabid hyena in the same span of fourtysomething minutes!).

    I didn’t before and still I am…glad that we didn’t see any part of the actual babymaking, haha. That’s…too personal. I would just feel terribly uncomfortable, but maybe I’m a prude. I dunno. I’m still floored by the fact that THAT was the path they chose to take. Evil geniuses. HOW I didn’t manage to get spoiled on that, I don’t know. I TRY to be, and…well. I even stopped sniffling to stare way too stupidly at the TV for a while. Probably should have known what with THAT song playing, but jeez. Way to startle a girl.

    This episode was awesome. I can even look past the undercover stuff which just generally makes me twitch. I WAS slightly distracted by Max’s presence and the fact that Brennan WASN’T arguing against being pretend-engaged; I mean, it’s been how many years? but still. Then by that obnoxious demon child (I really should have caught the myriad references to their kids not being that way, oi), and the KILL ME NOW PLEASE hair on Booth’s part at least. That part I could have lived without, but them making a point to show that Angela’s job wasn’t easy was nice too. Hodgins continues to bring a smile to my face no matter WHAT he’s doing, but his Perfect Calm To-Be-Daddy for all of twelve seconds was spectacularly hilarious.

    Brennan’s insistence upon BEING there for Angela was really sweet, and very awesome. The little offhanded comment about picking a fight or something so they could be there made me snicker way too hard. Go big or go home, right? And slipping out from seeing little Michael Staccato Vincent (crap, I missed the Vincent part because I was giggling at the nod to Billy) to go see Ange was just perfect. Rewinding a little bit, I believed the tension and worry on Hodgins’ face before they found out that the baby was okay.

    And now…I’m just going to leave it there and flail some more until I can rewatch a few dozen times. And sleep. Maybe in that order.

  68. LOVED IT!

    I wish next week was the start of s7, but at least I’m not all depressed like I was last year, and I’m not worried that there will some unpleasant surprise (like a certain war correspondent). And, over the top happy Booth beats sad and lonely Booth any day. That man has the most amazing smile. ;-D

    Loved when Booth went all FBI and tore off the mullet. On the mullet: it’s actually amazing that you can take a gorgeous specimen like Booth and/or David, put a mullet on him and suddenly you’ve got a skuzzy idiot. This ep’s version of Wanda was priceless too. I think the people who should get the Emmy for this ep are the hair stylists.

    I would also give a shout out to David Hornsby: thank you, sir. SN can say all he wants that they were thinking about revisiting Brennan’s baby wish, but I feel quite certain that they wouldn’t have gone this way just yet had Emily not been pregnant in RL.

    I can also see why they said they were jumping off the cliff. There have been plenty of babies on TV (even on Bones), but clearly this one is going to be different. I am looking forward to s7 without trepidation, unlike a year ago when I wasn’t sure I did want to see s6.

    • Yeah Angelena! So has HH redeemed himself AT All in your opinion?

      And that mullet? Crazy creepy! Like really, really, “how could you do that to such an incredibly good looking guy” creepy.

    • Ditto on mullet & hair stylists, they managed the impossible, turning DB from hot to not

    • I totally agree about the mullet totally changing his looks. I thought the same thing!! LOL

  69. Favorite Scene: when Max tells B&B that they needed to be more affectionate to seem like a real couple…the look Booth gave Bones…priceless…for me….loved it!

  70. Whew boy. I agree with everything said above, even the parts that seem contradictory, but mostly I’m just floating on a cloud!

    2 Things to add:
    1.) Booth didn’t look surprised, just happy. On top of their general physical closeness in this ep, the fact that Booth wasn’t all WHUT? makes me think they’ve been together more than that one night.

    2.) I will pay the powers that be VERY GOOD MONEY to see Sweets’ reaction.

  71. Oh, pals, I awaked and need to work, much work, but I am reading all comments and can’t stop! That was great epi and BT readers are great! I love you all 🙂 And I love childbirth scene and very last scene and Booth’s facial expression and her smile and their couple-y style. I was craying…

    Some time ago I wrote that if they will write in Emily’s pregnancy it will be alien to plot. But… I after have seen the finale scene and I can say only that it was VERY NATIVE, very beautiful, cute and so on…

    “I’m pregnant. And you are father” – oh, brain explosion! And he was SO HAPPY! I need 7th season immediately! :))

    • “I’m pregnant. And you are father” – oh, brain explosion! And he was SO HAPPY! I need 7th season immediately! ”

      Amen to that!!! Cannot wait!! I could watch that ending over and over and over………. So beautiful…

  72. As a note to folks who have doubts/concerns about the episode: Go check out the interview with Stephen Nathan on the TV Line site….Might help. He gives a better idea of all the “why’s and how’s” that have arisen with this “baby boom”.
    (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post a link to it here, so yeah. hahaha)

    Season 7’s gonna be a doooozie….

  73. I know I’m late, but OMG… I cannot believe that THAT just happened 😀

    This hiatus is going to be soo painful haha

  74. I loved it.
    I LOVE this.
    I don’t know exactly why. This is not how I imagined them getting together. This is not what I thought I wanted. I had a feeling, with the Hannah storyline, that this would be “the” season, but I expected more build-up between them in the last few episodes of the season. More flirty, cute moments like those in season five. More anticipation. I expected that we’d know for sure when they became a couple–I thought there’d be a MOMENT, and we’d see it. No ambiguity. I expected (and wanted) to watch them share their first OFFICIAL kiss (aka the first one that ends well and is not blackmail or a dream) as I screamed with glee. I expected it would take a while after they started dating before they fell into bed together (Booth’s traditional like that). That’s how I imagined it. That’s how tv couples usually do it. I certainly never expected that they’d start their foray into coupledom with hot hot comfort sex.

    But you know what? I expected that because it’s how tv usually works. Bones is different. Bones took a leap into something new entirely, and I love that.
    And here’s why I love it: ultimately, in my opinion, it makes SENSE for the characters.
    B&B have a funny relationship with the art of conversation. Talk is loaded for them. Though they share a lot with each other, they also compartmentalize a lot, so the words they do choose carry weight. They’ve talked about their relationship (what it is, what it isn’t, what relationships in general mean for both of them) a lot–it’s like Booth knows exactly what it means to be in a relationship with Brennan (and Brennan knows what it means to be in a relationship with Booth) without even actually being in that relationship. It’s like the actors/ producers have said: they’ve been a “couple,” in their own way, for years. They’ve talked about sex vs. making love. Brennan knows she could never just have a fling with Booth; he’s a relationship guy. Making love is a miracle in his eyes. Booth knows that Brennan knows this, and he knows she turned him down in the hundredth because she knew what it would mean to be in a relationship with him. So even though their relationship started with sex, it wasn’t a fling. It wasn’t just sex. They’d both talked it out in advance, and they knew exactly what kind of covenant they were making when they slept together. Brennan could’ve pulled back from the passion like she did in the rain in front of that bar during their first case. But she didn’t, on purpose. They both know what that means.
    So, since they’d talked about it in their own way before it even happened, they didn’t have to talk about it after the fact. They just knew that they were together. They didn’t have to define it. The more I think about that, the more I love it. B&B say everything with their eyes (I know I’m not the only one who loves that about them), and they’ve got this kind of sacred silence between them. They just intuitively know each other. For them to talk it out or “define the relationship” would be so awkward. I just can’t picture Booth ever having to tell Brennan, “I’m your boyfriend now.” She would just know. And it’s my opinion that if there were no pregnancy, then that label (“boyfriend”/ “girlfriend”) would be the only real change for them. They’ve done so many couply things for so long that it wouldn’t look that different on the surface, besides kisses and hand-holding and dating. They already fight like a couple and support each other like a couple and flirt like a couple. Sure, it would be different if they were dating because they’d be freer with their feelings, and sure, I would’ve loved to see more of that. But on the surface, it wouldn’t be a HUGE shake-up. This is.

    B&B are each “all or nothing” personalities. We saw that with Booth and Hannah: he commits and never lets himself look back. We saw that with Brennan in the hundredth: she turned him down because she knows that side of him and felt she didn’t have enough to give. I always figured that when this show did get them together, it would be forever. This is forever. Angela said so when she thought she was having Wendell’s baby: “you’re linked through another human being. A soul.” They literally went from the “nothing” (label-wise) to the “all.” There was no in-between. There was no “boyfriend/ girlfriend” mode, and no flirtation beforehand (we’ve discussed their lack of physical contact lately). They’re like magnets. They had to keep distance between themselves, but when the wall came down, they literally fell into each other. Nothing happened with words–it all happened with actions. That’s very B&B.
    And they still haven’t labeled what they are. They’re just them–but they’re definitely together, and that’s what matters. This is the “different outcome.” I love it. I didn’t expect it, but I love it. I’m still worried about how it’ll change the show, but Brennan HAS expressed desires for a baby, and Booth’s smile–that smile tells me that everything will be ok.

    • “I LOVE this.
      I don’t know exactly why.”
      It looks like you do know exactly why, lol. That was very well put. I also agree about how they’ve had mini-talks in the past that make it clear where they stand. I think one example is – “You can love a lot of people, but there will always be one you love the most.” To me, that explains Hannah. He doesn’t have to excuse or put down his relationship with Hannah to justify one with Brennan. And since he made that statement directly to her, I think she understands that. Besides, Brennan is in a better position with Booth, having his attention whole-heartedly, without him making pledges of lifelong friendship to any of his other female friends. I believe they do know how they feel about the other.

      Interesting point you made about the “sacred silence” between them. That is what I’m noticing, because B&B are at peace (or have some kind of understanding) with their status more than the audience sometimes. We have the tendency to think we are privy to all their thoughts, feelings, and doings. That is simply not the case. We see the looks that they give each other, but I honestly don’t know what they are communicating half the time even though I see that they do. We are not “in it” with them, we are outside observers. We can only see and feel the reverberations of their connection.

      I get what people are saying about wanting to have seen more and having those moments deliberately not made known to us. My reaction is more like “You rat bastards!” (to HH & Co.), and then I laugh, because I think it’s evil genius. But my obsession with the show has also turned B&B into something like my good friends (fiction, I know), so in a way, I’m not 100% sure I really want to see them “getting it on” anymore than any of my friends in RL. Genuine affection, inevitable disagreements with an undercurrent of love might be what’s in store next. But as others said, it is fiction, so anything they want to show us beyond that will be fine by me. I still think there is room to figure themselves out as a couple even with a baby in the mix.

    • Also, another example of a talk before that gives understanding. Brennan knows that sleeping with Booth would be the equivalent of making love. That’s why I agree with Stephanie that it wasn’t just comfort sex. It was about love, including the moments leading up to it.

    • Beautifully said!

    • KM, well said. Could not have said anything close. Great job.

  75. Hey everyone! First time poster here haha.
    I just want to say it feels really good to read all these positive comments on here, it’s definitely not the same in other places on the internet =)
    As for my thoughts, I had thought about them making her pregnant since The Hole in the Heart and I hoped that they wouldn’t do it, I was sure that it was the worst storyline possibility! Then during the finale (which I loved, every minute of it), I could slowly see it coming and I was freaking out (and NOT in a good way) riiight until she said it. And then Booth smiled and that Adele song was playing and all was right in the world.
    “Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it, NOOOOOOOO!!!”
    “I’m pregnant, you’re the father”
    “AWWWWW YAY :)” => pretty much how it went in my head. Sorry for the weird post, I just woke up.

  76. I had a case in life. My friend lost in a real casino the house. Wife left and took the children and the work he had lost. But as another friend once told him that at online casinos, he won a car! Well, first friend went to Internet cafes to register with the casino, got free chips for $ 10 and won in 2 hours which was enough money to rent an apartment. Then he won both the home and car, but his wife has not returned! Because he met a girl who did not cast him into trouble and was close! That is life, my friends!

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