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Morning After Q #1: Where Were You When…


Gooooooooood Morning, Bones fans! A quick shout out to your awesome selves for rocking BT here in the past 24 hours! I loved all of your ‘questions’ yesterday and the post ep chat inspired me to consider doing them in season seven!

We’re going to do TWO MAQs today.  This one is a little more lighthearted, and the other one is a little more ‘realistic’, so to speak.

Here’s the link (not that you can’t just look about five inches to your right, haha, but still…)

But what I want to hear about here is “Where you were” when you watched the finale–specifically the ending perhaps, or this…

Special Thanks to Ceeray for the pic!


Ack! But you know how sometimes, there are moments in your life, and you’ll always remember where you were? I think I’ll always remember where I was when Booth smiled at Brennan on the side of the street, you know? And I KNOW that Adele singing “Make You Feel My Love” will always make me smile and nearly cry a bit.

I’ll start…

Last night, I watched the finale at my parent’s house. When that happens, I sort of end up in the living room on my own–most of my family tolerates Bones at best, and since I have to watch the eps with my laptop on and pause the eps every minute or so to write what happens for my GMMR reviews, it would be annoying for the casual viewer…for sure.

So I was watching alone, getting into it, laughing and liking it mostly. And then my dad came in, and my sister, and they were sort of sitting in the back of the room. This is about ten minutes till the end of the episode on the DVR, so probably about 10 PM exactly in real time. My dad and sister were talking about something, and I just remember pausing the ep, saying “I don’t want to be rude, but will you please GO AWAY?!” haha!

They sort of laughed and apologized and whispered, and then my mom came in the room, and she was like “Do you know what happens?” and I said, “NO!” and she was like, “Oh, well, I”m going to watch you watch it.” And did. And my sister and dad are laughing, and I’m thinking, “GO AWAY!!!” and yes, I’m 31 years old, but it was like I was in middle school, and Bones was Growing Pains or something… 😀

So then, and you know, because you saw it…the ep was REALLY getting intense– the baby is about to be born, and all of that. And my dad says, “What’s with the blind thing?” So I have to explain THAT, and my sister asks if it’s going to be blind, and I say, “I DON’T KNOW!” and say that there was a promo for something no one expected, but since they’d talked about it in every ep, I didn’t think it would be the blind thing.  They were asking me questions, and I’m thinking, “I don’t really have time to teach you BONES101 RIGHT NOW. Read the 100DaysofBones blog or something!”

Meanwhile my mom is laughing, because SHE watched the ep upstairs in her room in real time, so she’s sitting there, already brushing a tear away, and I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT IS NEXT.

So then, we’re all sort of trying to figure out what it is. My thought is twin blind babies (so bad), but my mom just laughs and says no. Then I tell everyone to just be quiet, and I push play, and it rolls through, and just before Brennan says “I’m pregnant”, I thought…oh man, and wrote “She’s pregnant” down. And sure enough! LOL!

So I’m sitting there in just SHOCK! My dad is sort of nodding and making a humming noise (He and I were both firmly on TeamDIDN’T!), and my sister is still laughing about the fact that my mom knew before me.

And I think I’ll always remember it, just like that!

So how about you?

Peace, Love & Bones,



79 thoughts on “Morning After Q #1: Where Were You When…

  1. Where was I? In my living room with my husband, my sister, and her boyfriend. And I totally yelled, “I called it!” at the top of my lungs when Brennan said she was pregnant. I love, love, love this…and I love baby story lines…and I hate it when TV shows try to cover up real life pregnancies…and the way they did it is just so B&B…and maybe all the pregnancy hormones have addled my brain, but I don’t care!

    All I know is that after watching that final scene about 20 times in a row last night (er…early this morning), seeing Booth smile at Brennan, and seeing her smile back that I am absolutely, completely, perfectly, 100% satisfied with what I saw.

    The road will no doubt be bumpy and things won’t always go as planned, but they did it baby. They took the risk – and that is just freaking awesome. I can’t wait to see what season 7 brings.

  2. In a cafe in Hangzhou, China. My internet totally died on me this morning, so I had to flee to a wifi zone and wait for a kind soul to upload the episode online.

    I watched with my headphones in, open mouthed, and my flatmate (who constantly mocks me for my insane love of Bones) sat on the arm of my chair, and watched the whole thing without sound.

    Best news, ever!

  3. I was watching with my Mother last night in my living room. Poor Mom. Due to a family emergency last week she only got to see about 10 minutes of last weeks episode and never got the chance to see it again. You can imagine when Brennan said she was pregnant. Mom said, “what’s going on, what happened?”. I am sorry to say, I laughed. I was just too happy. Now I HAVE to see last weekes episode again (poor me ) and then this weeks (ah the sacrifices we make for our parents).

    When Max insisted that Booth kiss Brennan or something to show they were a couple and Booth gave her the kiss on the cheek, I immediately moved from the they didn’t do it camp to the they did it camp. A cousin partly spoiled last nights ender for me; but, I had decided that she was wrong and didn’t believe her. The last two minutes proved her correct; but, by that time, I sure didn’t care. I can’t wait for next season. Gosh I am very happy how the whole thing played out.

  4. I was sat upstairs in my bedroom, the sound of my mum snoring in the next room (it was 2.56am…give or take! LOL) filtering past my headphones every now and then.

    Unlike you Sarah, even in the build up i didn’t catch on to what was coming…apparantly i thought too much of the writers.

    Now i have had that miscomprehension righted and i’m sure i won’t make that mistake again!

  5. Here in Australia it’s about 11.30 am when Bones airs in the US so I was at work & had told the boss I was taking an hour off & that my phone would be off. So then he thinks it’s something bad so I had to tell him it’s Bones finale & he just cracked up laughing & put up a do not disturb sign on my office door! BTW this is the same boss who bought me a x-bones necklace for my b’day. All the staff know my obsession well.

    • this cracked me up – I’m impressed you didn’t take the day off. And that your workplace was ok with you watching there – fabulous 🙂

      • ha ha I took a sickie for DitP when it aired. Just as well ‘cos I was a mess! I have a great boss, we have a lot of give & take in our workplace.

  6. #1 — Thanks for the screencap. More please. How bout the VERY BOOTHY glance at her after that kiss! Or at the endddddd! haha

    #2 — Where was I? Well, I help coach a softball team, and some crazy person scheduled a DOUBLE HEADER last night! So OF COURSE the games took till 8:58 pm, which I noted in my panic to drive home.

    And yes, I have DVR, but I wanted to be watching live so I could be a part of the post-ep discussion! (And I’m so glad I did!)
    I rushed home, threw my stuff in a pile, ran to the TV and instantly got my Bones started.

    (Also, earlier that day, I had my roommate go home and extend the DVR for me and I’m SO GLAD I did because the ending happened at 10:03 and I would have missed the craziest thing I’ve ever seen on Bones! Whew!)

    I sat **this close** to the TV and watched intently for any little thing. Therefore, I noted Max watching them with interest, I enjoyed the Hodgela-ness, and I noticed all the Baby reference by “Wanda”. She did mention it twice, to Max and Booth at the alley.

    I also took great interest in the fact that Brennan announced she was his fiancee and flashed a ring. My brain instantly flashed to the Roxie/boxing episode. Booth started out with girlfriend, and she totally upped the ante, also something just hit me….Booth did not look surprised at her saying that…so hm………but it sure surprised me!

    Then the end. Wow. I left the DVR running, ran to my room, and fired up the ol’ computer, excited to see what my Bones friends thought! And everyone was as incoherent as me, which cracked me up! I’m so glad I’m not alone now!! This blog has made the last month so much fun!! You guys are great!

  7. I watched alone in my living room at 5 am. That was 8 hours ago. And when it finished and after I replayed the final scene about 50 times (no kidding) I had to get up and move around the house because that kind of happy energy just needs to flow or it will give you an apoplexy. So I moved to the loo and couldn’t stop stomping my feet, jumping up and down trying not to scream. And my husband found me like that and he actually looked around me to see if there an plane in our living room or something because I just couldn’t put it into coherent words.
    He had to grab me by my arms and ask ARE YOU OK? to get me to actually reply…
    He went back to bed mumbling something that was most definitely like “mad as a bucket of snakes”.


  8. Where was I? In my living room, alone, because I watch all Bones eps alone. I have an inate need to watch every nuance. I was watching on my laptop, crying over Hodgins and Angela’s baby, and knowing it was going to happen, but refusing to admit they would go there, and the phone rang.

    I screamed, answered, and told my daughter to call back later. She continued to talk, and I hung up on her.

    After, the scene, I had to watch again, and again, because I was in shock. Then the anger sunk in, and I was devastated. I wanted the romance first, but after the fifth viewing, I realized that this can be good. This can be very good, because I do have a good imagination. A very good imagination, and now the fanfics will roll.

    • I just laughed out loud at you yelling that she needs to call back later. And then actually hanging up. That’s the kind of mom I hope to be someday : )

  9. I originally watched the episode yesterday morning at home in my bedroom. And after seeing it I pretty much knew it was a family affair. I immediately texted my “sister” and told her I was coming over. I say sister in quotes because we’re not actually related but her mother who I met when I was 17 is like my second mom. Of course I got them addicted to Bones.

    So I walked in the house with my dinner and sat down with them to watch. Jessica, my sis was incessant. Omg the baby is blind isn’t it? They have twins don’t they? Omg its two babies. Between her constant pleading with me to tell her what was happening and chatting on about SAT prep I had to explain what she’d missed. But knowing what was coming, I got out my phone and set the cam up. I pressed record just as they Bones and Booth began walking down the street.

    As soon as I can upload it I will because her reaction is classic.

  10. I was in my bedroom surrounded and pinned down by cats (I have four) and thinking, I can’t reach the phone and Whatever Happens, there’s going to be a race to see whether my sister or ‘i can dial faster.

    I won.

  11. I was posting the 128 comment to your 128 questions comments, because I just couldn’t leave it at 127. And right as I started to say something, “I’m…..I’m pregnant.”

    And I just – wow. And then Booth went from, “Huh?” to “Whoa” to “THISISSOFREAKINGCOOLANDI’MSOHAPPYYOU’REHAVINGMYBABY!” all in about two seconds.

    And just like that, I melted.


    • That smile from Booth was all I needed to send me into a hiatus happy land. I’ve been waiting all season for that smile. Hell, make that 2 seasons – since tEitB.

  12. I was at home with my husband. We watched it live. He was all like, “I called it! They did it!” I had been hesitant to call it, though now I wonder why I doubt myself.. probably because I try to think of every scenario so I’m not caught of guard… so of course the obvious scenario catches me off guard. 😉

  13. Love these stories! Just makes me grin all over again! I did what I always do. Turn off all the lights in the house, sit down about 10 minutes early, SCREAM the second the Bones tag starts & then hunker down. Every single person who is ever at my house knows…you Do Not Talk during Bones!! If someone’s first visit to my house happens to be during Bones, that person is warned prior to the show starting! The second the opening credits roll, I scream again! (The dog & kids have gotten used to this now!) Every commercial break, I scream yet again and then either pick up my phone to see what everyone is saying or run like a mad woman to the computer to do the same! Last night saw more than its fair share of screaming and OMG’ing!! I’m still grinning today!

  14. Here in Australia, sitting in my bedroom alone at about 1.30pm with phones off, with my 2.5 year old twin boys asleep – I think – in their rooms.

    I purposefully took them out on a big adventure to the city this morning so that I could a) avoid the computer and spoilers and b) so that they would be exhausted enough to have a nap today. I’ve been waiting for them to lose their daytime sleep all year, and it sure as hell wasn’t going to stop today.

    They were quiet the whole time which allowed me time to watch in peace. And wasn’t mummy happy 😀 I probably neglected them this arvo though, because I was so spaced out and constantly needing to check this place. Oh well, I’ll give them my attention from now on…

    PS. Oh, and given I tried for 3 hours to find a copy after the Canadian screening, we had a big adventure yesterday morning too. Does that make me a bad mother? Maybe…

  15. That is a beautiful story, hahaha…

    I never get home from work until around 9 on Thursdays, and that’s if I rush, whiiiiiiich…. I obviously DID. The episode was set to record, but I live with my family–uh, there’s 8 of us, and a limited number of televisions, haha. So my sister–she’s a fan, but she thinks I’m crazy, haha, which may be valid. 🙂 she’s not a…rabid fan? (Do I really want to call myself that? No. Am I? Basically yes.)

    Anyway, my sister usually fights off the interruptions of the dvr from my brothers trying to watch basketball and record whatever weird stuff they record at the same time.

    So I get home @9, run to my room to find that my sister has gone out for the evening. And my stomach is just like, oh. No. They didn’t. But yes, they did. My brothers recorded over the finale. The dvr listed it as 3 min. long. Up. Setting.

    So for an hour and a half I’m frantically searching for some streaming version, and right as I find one, my sister walked in. I had kind of hoped we wouldnt have to watch together, because I feel like she judges me when I cry/ squee, hahaha. But I was nice and told her she could watch with me, so we set my laptop up on my bed, turned out all the lights and sat on the floor to watch it. To be honest it felt like we were worshipping at a gory, weird, mullet-y altar, haha.

    And it turned out to be one of the best Bones-viewing experiences I’ve ever had with her. She let herself get a little giddy, I was less self-concious about my obsessive tendencies, and we just had a grand old time! The last five words–I called what was happening as soon as I saw Brennan in the hospital, no sooner–but as I actually heard her say the words, my brain just sort of…shorted out, haha. And that’s where we’re at today! I’m super excited to watch Part 2 of our Finale/Premiere 2-hour special! Haha… I’m going to need until September though to wrap my head around this… 🙂

    • ” To be honest it felt like we were worshipping at a gory, weird, mullet-y altar, haha.”

      This is pure gold! I cannot stop laughing.

  16. I don’t own a TV and I usually have to wait until Friday to get the video off the internet, but I begged a friend from church to let me watch on her TV last night. She doesn’t watch Bones, so of course I was answering all sorts of questions from her during the commercial breaks. After the last break, though, I gave her my “ask me anything else and not even Dr. Brennan will be able to identify your remains” looks and she quietly left the room. I swear I held my breath throughout the entire scene on the sidewalk. Then I exploded with “I can’t believe he (meaning Hart) went there!” I was so excited and happy and giddy. I couldn’t wait to get home and get on the internet cause wouldn’t you know it.. my friend has a TV but no computer!

  17. I was at my computer at work… listening to my pal Gum yell at me to finish… i’m one of those… obsessive compulsive watchers, where you know… I rewind a part i really really liked about 50 times WHILE i’m watching it… SO glad i watched it before my husband… Gum finished first, and she kept messaging me to finish, and i do believe for the first 10 minutes, all we could say was… ‘wow’… just… ‘wow… wooweeeee’ wow…

    She’ll attest to that 🙂

    Then we spent the rest of the afternoon making ‘his lime in her coconut’ references. Yes, we’re twelve. 🙂 All of the characters brought their A game. Max the shipper, Hodgins the freak out new dad, Wendall the foil… Angela the one on top of everything… which brings us to B&B … wait, what?

    The most important thing? The writers did it right. I can’t wait until next season…so i guess i’ll have to write it for myself. You game, Gum?


  18. It was Wednesday, b/c I live in Canada and I was in my living room, running around with arms flailing while my husband and son sat in the other room with their ears covered. (They came home half way through and didn’t want to see the ending. They know I’ll watch it again with them). Then spent the rest of Wednesday and Thursday busting a gut until people I knew had seen it and could chat. Loved it BTW

  19. Since I live in Norway and don’t have a TV I watched it this morning on my computer while eating breakfast. I was left a happy!tears, squeeing mess, so it was probably good that my roommates weren’t home to see me wander aimlessly around our apartment in my dressing gown with a goofy grin on my face lol. Also my tea got cold because I was too busy watching to drink it. Bones apparently take priority over everything else lol

    Also, I was completely dumbstruck by the pregnancy even though I did read all the signs. When Brennan sat in the waiting room my thoughts did go a little “does she look a little more deep in thought than the normal I’m-waiting-while-my-best-friend-has-her-baby? And asking Angela about how it was?”, but I figured I was just reading into things because of the impending Baby Deschanel-Hornsby. So when Brennan stopped and started on the “I’m..” my eyes got as wide as saucepans as I realized that maybe I wasn’t reading into things after all.

    I don’t have any RL-friends to flail over Bones with, but I had to take a phone call to my mum (whom I’ve converted into a fan and B&B-shipper (at least I think she is, she keeps commenting on how adorable they are), but we’re only just finished the 3rd season) just to tell her the episode was awesome and that she had to yell at me a little so I’d start working on my exam essay instead of just sitting around in a Bones-induced haze.

  20. Haha, oh how I love this!

    Well, when Thursday evenings come around, my folks (especially my father) knows that come 9pm, I will be downstairs (where the big screen is) watching Bones in the dark. 🙂

    I moved back home after my college years ended, which is fine. I adore my parents (we’re more like a team or a band of buddies), and love sharing things with them. They are TOTALLY HOOKED on Bones, and almost every single night I hook up the Wii, turn on Netflix, and we sit through as many as we can until they either fall asleep or the internet connection craps out (which happens around a certain hour….Weird).

    …So basically, they know Thursday nights, since I get home from work in the evening and then have the new eps of Bones to watch without them—They know, no Bones for them that night.

    Although now, the season has ended so that won’t be a problem….and at the rate we are watching them, they’ll be ALL caught up by September. 🙂

  21. I watched it with my friend and we were totally dumbfounded when it happened. All I said was “Oh my God.” haha. My sister didn’t watch it because she was working on a paper but she heard us talking about a baby. She thinks it’s Cam… Is she going to be in for a surprise!

  22. Oh that smooch, how I love that smooch, these little love birds…

    Where was I? Called in sick from work, alone at home, stayed in my bedroom, crouched in front of the laptop watching real time tv streaming, coz in hong kong it was Friday 9am when it aired. Screamed my heart out after the ending & desperate to discuss with someone. And since no one else in my life really cares about the show, the pathetic me has restored to share the shocking news to my mom who was at work. My mom who has been sort of being forced into watching the first 2 seasons with me years ago has absolutely no clue what I was talking about, so I have to remind her that ‘you know the show with an asian dish name’ (minor explanation: the local tv station has created a clever Chinese name for BONES which played around a word pun of the name of an asian dish) and my mom was like ‘oh, that guy is the cop and the lady lead is a forensic personnel, rite?’ And I tried to re-tell the b&b story in 3 mins in order to break the pregnant news, so Seels, your family is pretty supportive. thanks heaven for this blog.

    I forgot to mention how much I love the song ‘make you feel my love’, when I first heard the ronan keating version I thought it sum up b&b journey beautifully, and adele version and the context its been incorporated are breathtaking. They finally used a song that I know in the show, squeal!

  23. I was watching Bones in my room with my cousin. She got me into the show in the first place and this is the first episode almost live we’ve watched together. We laughed a lot and it was kind of like a slumber party. Then the last scene started and we both just got really tense. That’s when my sister who also watches Bones started to open my door. By the way my sister is five episodes behind, so has no idea about what has happened between B&B or Vincent. Well anyway both my cousin and I hear the door and we just scream go away at the top of our lungs while I’m trying to pause and turn of my just in case my sister comes in anyway. She did come in and we both just got up and shoved her out of the room and tell her to come back in ten minutes and to not wait by the door. When Brennan said she was pregnant with Booth’s baby we squealed like little girls. We were in complete and total shock, we really thought they weren’t going to write ED’s pregnancy into the show. After we calmed down a little and re-watched that scene a couple times it finally sank in and we were quiet, but really excited. After about another five minutes we started talking like they could have at least given us a kiss, and not some lame kiss on the cheek, we wanted a real kiss.

    • Ok, a kiss on the lips would have been nice. But I would not call that kiss on the cheek lame by any stretch. Their faces before and during the smooch, and their reactions afterwards revealed a lot, IMO. (I think I’ve re-watched that scene at least 10 times now.)

      • You know, what I liked about that little kiss on the cheek was that it was so natural. There was none of the tension we saw in earlier episodes when touching was involved. Booth wasn’t all “Oh, hell….she’s going to kiss me….be cool, be cool, be cool” etc. That whole moment was just completely normal, exactly what you’d see between two people who are aware of each other, attracted to each other, and involved with each other.

        And all without words.

        She looked at him, raising her eyebrows and asking silently, “Well?”

        He looked at her, grinned and smirked like a 16-year old, and cocked his head, “Come sit on daddy’s lap, sweet thang.”

        He gave her that buss on the cheek and eyed her up and down as she walked away. Really, I was looking for the comic strip bubble above his head filled with ‘Yea, I’m gonna get me some of that!”

        The only other thing he could have done was slap her butt as she walked away – which would have been epic.

        No wonder Max rolled himself away with that grin on his face. That little scene, that was our answer to the are they/aren’t they a couple question.

      • Thanks for describing it, MJ. Even their little laughs at the end said something.

        I think we should be careful with jumping to conclusions about what kind of couple B&B will be. Not all couples are the handsy type, or do the whole PDA thing. But if we get moments of affection like that, I’ll still be grinning like a Chesire cat.

      • Yep I think that kiss actually showed that they really were already a couple. No discomfort at all, and the look from Max afterwards, he so knew something was up. Then Booth’s response to Max’s look, yeah he was totally already with her.

      • I wonder if that was scripted? It seemed so natural, that I reckon they just let DB do his thing and surprise her with that kiss.

  24. I watched it where I always watch it – sitting on the sofa, alone, across from a very large television, so large that in close ups, people’s heads are larger than they are in real life. (This big tv makes the replays of the good parts even better!) My husband does not watch with me. Let me rephrase that – he won’t watch with me. I think he thinks laughing at me and rolling his eyes is more fun than the show could ever be.

    Anyway, I had a nice, big glass of sangria in my hand, which was a fine idea until the baby was born. I was barely breathing, my hands were shaking, and I had the nervous sweats (tmi, maybe?). I assumed various positions over the last few minutes – I pulled my feet up on the sofa with my knees up under my chin in a tight little ball, I stood up, I sat back down, I stood up again, I sat back down. My husband came through the room and I tried to look all chill kicked back with my feet up on the coffee table. As soon as he left the room, I nearly climbed over the coffee table. I let out what I thought was the strangest little sound when they said the baby wasn’t blind – a shaky little gasp-cough kind of thing – but then I outdid that sound with the strangled, scream-y, squee-y sound that came out at the end.

    Then I watched the best parts over and over again. The kiss on the cheek at the bowling alley – at least 20 times. The ending – probably more like 50.

    Then I went to hang out with my favorite Bones fans on twitter and Bones Theory. It was a good night.

  25. Well, being a freak fanatic I am, before it started I rearranged my Bones DVDs into altar formation on my desk, failed at making a cake to celebrate and ended up making brownies instead. Yay for feasts! But anyways, by the time this was all done I rushed out the door, brownies maybe only 10 minutes out of the oven since by the time I left it was 7:40. Then I was headed to a Bones buddies house who are an older couple to just lay down the foundation and possibly their pain at harboring a known, addicted 17 year old.

    Bursting through the door, I was all giddy and she tried to settle me down enough to stop beating a happy beat on everything and eat something (as if I needed it) and I ate hastily while they were finishing up another show before Bones. But at last, their chiming clock rang and I started my freaking out yelling, “IT’S 8 O’CLOCK!!! 105, QUICK 105!!!” which is the channel of Fox if you couldn’t guess. With a laugh they did my bidding(probably out of fear of me running through a wall if they took any longer) and I cotinued my ranting at the commercial of the X Factor before at last, familiar music and I saw the content warnings which I then let out another outburst cry of “DLSV”(said out as Dill-sev) because I love a complete episode full of DLSV.

    Well  it started and I went along the usual: laughing at every facial expression Booth had, and every adorable thing, hitting the peak when Booth kissed her on the cheek. I. Freaked. I was sitting beside my friend and I immediately grabbed her arm and put my head on her shoulder, just like I had when Vincent had been shot, minus the tears.
    Anyone realize how insane I am yet?

    Anyways it pretty much was just like that with me breathing just like Angela the entire time. Well then the ending came along and I wasn’t sure I was breathing anymore. I mean afterwards I was relativey laconic. All I could say was, “No…wow…uhh” and “ohhhhhh myyyyy goshhhh.” Then of course they had to catch the remainding hour of The Mentalist and had to multiple times shut me up when I spoke over my time limit during commercials. How they put up with me I still don’t understand, but I am grateful! Eventually though I left and literally ran inside the house and gave my dad a hug. No reason other than just being that happy. Then I found my mom who was in the process of stripping to get in the shower, but I didn’t care. I gave her a hug anyways.

    Then I waited patiently for them to finish their chores and at 11:04 I proceeded to rewatch, at last, on my DVR. I basically acted the same way I did at my friend’s house, except this time when it was over I was able to watch the cheek kiss 20 times over, Hodgins’ joyous crying, and Booth’s ending reaction to her being pregnant. It was great.

    Yea, obviously I haven’t forgotten any details.

  26. I watched sitting in my living room. I’d put my glasses on watch the TV, then tilt them down (or take the glasses off during commericals) to read my twitter feed and see other’s reactions. Back and forth in that way through the whole show. Then as soon as it ended I started the episode again, I just couldn’t wait to rewatch.

  27. I HAVE A STORY!! Where was I? Well, I might have to give you a bit of background in order for you to understand. I live in Australia, so every Friday afternoon after school you’ll find me sitting in my room, computer on my lap, stripey socks on, hair up like Brennan in DTitPH and laughing, crying, gasping and talking quite loud to myself. However, this week was the week of my school play, and tonight/last night was closing night, completely disrupting my usual BONES itinery. I know, terrifying isn’t it?

    I had an hour between the end of band rehearsals and being called for the play (yes I do ALOT). I went searching for my friend who was doing back stage and found her in the study center, glued to her computer screen. I asked and she replied “I’m watching Bones.” I was so excited that links were up that I almost squealed right then and there. She told me I could watch it after she’d finished as she was nearly done. It may have been the most frustrating few minutes of my life. I didn’t want to spoil myself by seeing the end first, I’d lasted so long, restrained from any downloads from Canada.

    And then it came to what I now know was the last scene and she began laughing and crying simultaneously. I ran out of the room, blocking my ears and eyes. I didn’t want to see her reaction!! I reentered the room, and my only-up-to-fourth-season friend asked “So does that mean… (that BB are together)?” I snapped at her with, “Don’t you dare ask that question until I’ve finished watching this!” And so I began! Of course megavideo complained that I’d watched 75 minutes of video about halfway through, making me wait half an hour for the rest. I seriously finished the episode 5 minutes before warm-up! I doubt I will ever forget the night I watched the Change in the Game! I LOVED IT! 🙂

  28. I have had the best time reading where everyone was. I am picturing the different scenarios in my head & I am laughing loudly A LOT. 🙂

    Nothing else like a Bones fanatic/maniac!

  29. Oh wow. Love the stories – and ladies, the questions yesterday were a blast; I had so much fun with that. This group is just so amazing! I am so happy I found Bones Theory. 🙂

    I work nights, which means I don’t always get to watch episodes live, and accounts for why I only discovered Bones last year. (TNT, I can not thank you enough.) Last night I had to work, and when quitting time came, I wasted no time getting home to watch on my DVR.

    So I watched by myself, in the living room, with a beer. (Sounds like an answer to Clue, doesn’t it? :P)

    I laughed all the way through the beginning. As soon as I saw that kid throwing the temper tantrum and the woman asking him if he knew what happened to kids who throw fits, I just knew what was coming next. And I still laughed my head off. Oh Bones, you have warped me… and I don’t care. 😉

    It just got better from there. I laughed. I squeed at the cute moments between Booth and Brennan at the diner and the bowling alley. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I spent most of the episode with a big goofy grin plastered on my face.

    Every time Wanda!Brennan said something about babies and children I thought things along the lines of “Suuuuuuure Hart… nice red herrings to tease us with. You’re not going to go there. You’re just messing with us. Oooookay, yeaaaaah riiiiight, Booth and Brennan are having a baby. Ha. Ha. Ha. You got us.”

    And then, the song started. And I know the goofy grin fell, and I was just… rapt is the best word I can come up with. I was completely carried away by the moment. I had never heard the song before, did not pay attention to the lyrics, but thought the melody was just perfect. And that’s when the tears started… I was crying at how beautiful the song and the montage of moments were. (I have since listened to the song a zillion times – if you didn’t see the fanvid posted in last night’s post replies, go watch it, it made me cry all over again.)

    When the doctor carried the baby to the bassinet, I’m sure I held my breath with Hodgins and Angela. It seemed to take an eternity and I almost said “TELL US!” and I had that fleeting moment of “oh no….” when she turned around. And I just kept crying happy tears all through the rest of the episode. Not sobbing, just happy smiling tears.

    I love the moment when Brennan slipped away to see Angela and then asked her what the experience was like. It was such a Brennan question, but it was also so much more. It felt more like a heart question than a brain question, and I loved that.

    And then, the end. Oh. My. Gosh. The end. When Booth asked his question. And there was that pause, I thought for sure that the words out of Brennan’s mouth would be something like “because I’ve been thinking again about having a baby. And want to have one with you.”

    I did NOT expect “I’m pregnant”. Not in a million years did I expect that. I thought Hart and Stephen were toying with us. My jaw literally dropped. And I just sat blinking as the screen faded to black. My mind just went blank for a few moments. And then somewhere deep in my brain, that noise that Daisy made in TBitE started. But since it was after one am, I did not actually make the noise, I just kept it inside and did a lot of mental jumping around and flailing. And the big stupid grin reappeared.

    And then I got online and came to Bones Theory and ended up having a lovely chat with Sarah until very, very early in the morning. 🙂

    • You know really I also was expecting more of “I want to have a baby with you”, not “I’m pregnant”. Then we’d get next season of them trying to get pregnant and maybe the I’m pregnant in the season 7 finale. They really fooled me. 🙂

      • LOL! Glad I’m not the only one that was thinking that. They got us good. And I’m still giddy about it.

        I saw where someone else (I’m sorry I don’t recall who, I’ve read a lot of posts this morning 😛 ) said that they felt like they just found out good friends are having a baby. I think that is such a great way of putting it. We are all clearly in that boat and it’s a full on party boat! 😉

  30. I was home on the couch in my family room sitting next to my mother. I’m finally home from college and I was SO EXCITED to watch Bones with my mother. After the first hint from Wanda about a baby, I yelled “MOM. SHE’S SO PREGNANT.” And she didn’t believe me. For every baby hint after that, I kept telling her she was pregnant and she kept not believing me. Then the final scene. All of a sudden I was on my feet screaming and I don’t know how I got there. And my mother looked at me and said, “Damn, girl.” It was wonderful. Booth’s face was wonderful. Brennan’s face was wonderful. I really hope they open season 7 with a scene similar to the opening of EitB…Brennan walks in, takes off her shoes, and 4:47 begins again. =D

    • “I really hope they open season 7 with a scene similar to the opening of EitB…Brennan walks in, takes off her shoes, and 4:47 begins again.”

      YES! How can we make this a reality?! Great idea!

      • OMG that is a GREAT idea! That would be so cool! Albeit she’d waddle in, complain about having sore feet, roll into bed in an ungainly fashion and her boobs would be the size of watermelons (been there, done that *sigh*…) *lol*

  31. I too, am crazy about Bones. My husband used to watch it with me, but he doesn’t even bother anymore. Lucky for me, this week he is working on his teacher’s credential and so was out of the house to work on it in quiet. So, I sat on the couch in front of my tv, one of those old ones that weighs 50 pounds and needs a converter box and bunny years, praying that the station wouldn’t cut out. Lucky for me, the whole episode went smoothly, with no one but my dog Suzi to hear my wild laughing and HUGE smiles. As soon as the episode was done I called my husband, because even though he doesn’t care, I love sharing my joy with him. As soon as I told him what had happened, which took a little while because I was still laughing like a maniac, he started laughing. And it was just one of those moments, where I knew that even though I was being a little bit crazy, he loved me for it.

    • Oh, and I forgot. The saddest part of the whole episode for me, was not the actual show. It was that I don’t have dvr, and so I couldn’t go back and re-watch the entire episode, which I immediately felt like doing as soon as it was over. The tv just got bumped up on my shopping list to #1.

      • I don’t have a dvr but COX Cable offers “on demand” which means I can rewatch Bones episodes over and over for free. You might want to check with your local cable company and see if they have that option. I love it. (Plus I buy the DVDs as soon as they are available and try to wear them out that way)

  32. Bonjour ! well, i got up earlier this morning to watch bones before going to work.. so i was sitting in my kitchen drinking my cofee.. while watching this episode i laughed, i almost cried, but in this end i was jumping all around, in shock just TOTALLY HAPPY and sooooooo excited !! i re-watch the scene, i loved it!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh !!!!
    Later in the day I texted my aunt who’s watching Bones too to have her reaction about the episode, and when she did watch it well she was all excited too just like i was..! so there i was at work laughing alone behind my computer and thinking about that with a big smile on my face !

  33. Unfortunately, for some reason my friends like to hang out on Thursday nights. Luckily, I have dvr so I agreed to hang out with them but I told them I was only staying out until like 11. None of them understand my obsession. Lol. My family watches bones, but they probably wouldn’t if I didn’t and they all had school in the morning so they were all in bed which I was happy about because my brothers and sisters do not understand the need for it to be quiet while I am watching tv. Lol. I got home around 11:30 and also had the office season finale to watch too. I was an office fan before I started loving bones, so I always watch it first. Plus I was really dreading bones ending for the season, so I was trying to delay it as long as I could. Kind of silly, I know. Lol. So, I got done watching the office and put on bones. The whole time leading up to the end when she kept making baby comments and talking about the baby when they were walking down the street I thought that she was just going to say that she wanted to have one. I totally did not expect her to be pregnant. When she announced that she was my jaw literally dropped and I had to rewind it like 8 times to make sure it really happened. I just kept saying OMG! OMG! to my empty living room. Lol. Then I came on here and chatted for a little bit while I tried to get over the shock.

  34. I actually missed the finale when it aired; roommate is moving out soon and friends were in town and I just couldn’t extricate myself. Part of me might have been just a wee bit resentful, haha. By the time I got home, it was well past midnight and I had to be awake in 6 hours, but that didn’t deter me. I set up my laptop on the foot of my bed, put on my most comfortable pajamas, hugged my stuffed bear, and pretty much alternated between giggling and not breathing for the entire episode. I think my roommate actually walked into my room to use my bathroom at some point, but it hardly even registered because I was so wrapped up in the episode. And then I got back on Twitter (I had resolutely stayed away since Wed night to avoid being spoiled) and discovered that 2 friends of mine also love Bones and we’ve been bonding over that all day. I keep catching myself staring off into space thinking about the end, and I’m pretty sure I’m wearing a goofy grin too 🙂

  35. I watched on Wednesday night in Canada, so I’ve had to delay talking about it until now! I was supposed to play softball that night but our game ended up being cancelled on account of our abysmal weather we’ve been having. Either way I was going to skip the game. 🙂

    Anyway, I watched in my living room, bundled up on my couch with my husband sprawled on the floor. I had my laptop at the ready to join in the Canadian Bonesology chat after the episode. I grilled and chuckled through the whole episode, anxious for the last few minutes since I knew that that was going to be when the big reveal would happen. I had been up on the the speculation from last week’s ep and I knew a pregnancy was a possible scenario, though I thought there was NO WAY they were going to do that. Then, as I watched the ep unfold, as Brennan kept commenting about being obsessed with Angela’s pregnancy, about how she didn’t want her and Buck’s child to behave like that girl…all of that started the bells ringing in my head, and I thought, “No way…they aren’t going to go there, are they??!”
    I knew as soon as she paused on that street that she was going to say she was pregnant, I just knew, and I wish I could say I was happy, but I wasn’t. 😦 My first reaction was literally, “I can’t BELIEVE they did that!” I felt really cheated.
    I’m really glad so many of you were happy with the ending, and are happy with what this means for the show. I’ve had some time (and some rewatches) to come to terms and be somewhat satisfied and somewhat excited for what is to come in Season 7. Bar none though, that smile on Booth’s face, and Brennan’s worried face clearing with a return smile sealed the deal for me. Everything is now A-OK 🙂

    • I will say when the episode ended, I was just kind of stunned because I just really did not think they’d go there right now. At first I could not decide if I was happy about this, or upset. I did immediately watch the episode again and by the time it was finished the 2nd time I was well on my way to being happy about this.

      Then this morning I read the SN interviews and decided I was excited for next season and very ready for what it will bring.

    • I had actually “spoiled” myself after seeing some comments on YouTube. I was on Team “They Could Have”, but I didn’t really believe Brennan was pregnant. I think I was treating it more like a rumor, because when I finally saw the end of the episode, I was in shock. Yes, I knew, but the confirmation still blew me away! And I’ve been thinking about it, and how could we have ever expected them to do anything the typical way? I think a lot of people expected them to go slow and careful. Hah! But I’m cool with it because I thought it was a realistic scenario.

      After “The Signs in the Silence”, I remember thinking that I felt like Brennan really wanted a family to call her own, because she had a few wistful moments. Now, she is getting it much sooner than she anticipated, and Booth is too. I can’t wait to see how they deal with it.

  36. I watched by myself after racing home from a work thing that almost made me miss the finale! Stupid work. I just wanna point out that they didn’t NECESSARILY sleep together last week. I mean we don’t know for sure how much time elapsed between last week’s snuggling and last night’s announcement, right? I still believe they DIDN’T…obviously they did at some point but I like to think that all that happened last week was the holding.

    • Stef I’m with you a 100 %. At first I was sad to be a part of Team Didn’t, and that I had been wrong…but ya know what? I’m back in Team Didn’t camp! I think the cudding maybe opened the door, and after defeating Broadsky, maybe they just went for it…but I just can’t see such a touching, I’ll just be there and comfort you hug in this grief be the actual start of the relationship. But they had plenty of time after getting the sniper to “make it official”. So back on Team Didn’t!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOT!

      PS. Thanks to hulu I just watched the ending AGAIN. DB’s face changing from completely emotionless to “coma dream” joy is perfection. Sighhhhhhhhhhhh……..

      • Stephen Nathan said in an interview that you count on that there has to have been a least a month passed since Vincent’s death when last nights episode happened. You could be right. They did have plenty of time after Brodsky was captured.

      • The only problem is that what SN said doesn’t fit with the time line they gave on the show. Angela said in The Signs in the Silence (when she had the false labor scare) that she still had a month to go and The Hole in the Heart had to have taken place more than a week later (remember how Brennan said they hadn’t had a case in more than a week?). Angela is two days overdue in the finale which puts us at a month between Signs and the finale and between 2 and 3 weeks between Hole and the finale. That shortens the window by at least a week, maybe two.

        Could she have gotten pregnant the night after? Sure, anything is possible. But I’m thinking that birth control would have been high on their priority list in a scenario like that whereas sex in the emotion of the moment isn’t usually conducive to remembering to use protection. Pregnancy while on birth control is always possible but certainly not as probable. Perhaps I’m over thinking it way too much, but I simply think the comfort/grief sex scenario is much more plausible.

        However, all that being said, I think they purposely left it open to interpretation so people could believe what they want to. 🙂

  37. The same thing happened to me! My brother was so confused and I had to keep explaining stuff to him and I was about to scream.

    #1 beat line: You run, I swear I’ll shoot you!
    Ahhh, I love Booth!

    The baby thing was a surprise, but I think I’m most mad about the it’s-the-season-finale-and-now-we-have-to-wait-til-September-to-find-out-what-happens part. 😦

  38. Thanks to hulu, I also just re-watched the show! Here are a few things I noticed the second time:

    1. Booth’s smooch on the check to Brennan was great. I agree with the rest of the bloggers that his up and down look as Brennan walked away was hot. BUT, what absolutely convinced me they were a couple from that scene didn’t have anything to do with Booth (though his smirk as she went over to get her kiss was good), it was Brennan. Her laugh as she turned to go interview hercules said it all to me. Such an easy going, I love what just happened laugh.
    2. The bunny–the conversation about what gift to get Angela and Hodgins went completely over my head the first time I watched. But when Brennan gave Angela the bunny and said “Its from Booth too,” it suddenly click. The only time you really give a joint gift like that is when you are a couple!!
    3. I agree with those in the “didn’t” camp. I don’t have a strong feeling about it either way, but the logic of the argument is good. It is possible they didn’t the night VNM died, but did at a later night. I am in the camp that they have been having a relationship for the last 4 weeks or so between episodes, so it makes sense to me.

  39. Oh, one thing I forgot from my own story. After the ep was over, my dad pulled out his best Maury Povich impression. ‘Booth…you ARE the father!!!!!!’ Haha! He went to bed Han Solo and woke up Darth Vader.

  40. Living in Australia makes it a little difficult to keep up with current episodes of Bones, but this season I have seemed to of managed ok. We don’t have super fast Internet speed here in OZ so sometimes it can take a few hours to download a 42minute episode. Anyway with Canada having seen the episode early, it meant that I could watch it on Thursday night (my time) instead or Friday afternoon. I was willing to wait and watch on Friday but I’m 40 weeks pregnant and I though if I don’t take this opportunity to watch it now, I’ll go into labour and not be able to see it for about a week (having a newborn in the house with a 2 & a 4 year old is going to be very hectic I imagine lol). O I watched the season final wrapped in a blanket, sitting in front of the computer on a very cold winters night watching and listening with headphones on. I was crying during the birth of baby Hodgins, and was absolutely silent during the final scene as I was Team Didn’t all the way. So I have one question for you all and here it is. With B&B sleeping together last episode, do you think they have continued to do so (being in a relationship as such now) or do you believe it was a one off comfort thing and they just happened to conceive. Why do I ask? Because with everything B&B have been through together, I’m a little disappointed that such a great moment in their lives might have happened at a time of weakness and not out of love.

    • I don’t know if they’ve continued to sleep together. I don’t know which situation would make more sense in context of the affection shown in the last episode. They could have slept together that night, or another night, because I think at least a month passed between the episodes.
      I will say, though, the “time of weakness” may have very well revived/set free the love. I don’t think she needed to be comforted all morning. So they could have their moment of comforting, and after that, settle into a new awareness of themselves. It’s just hard for me to imagine that anything they do for each other isn’t done out of love, because the love is just there.

    • If B&B did indeed have sex (and conceived) that night, I think it’s absolutely possible (and in fact, probable) that it had everything to do with love. Why do we assume that if sex happened in the emotion of the moment that it wasn’t an expression of love? What Booth did when he comforted Brennan, what he said to her, WAS an expression of love. That scene, that night, had love written all over it!

      • I agree with this wholeheartedly, Steph.

        In fact, I can kind of envision a moment where it has moved from the comforting embrace to something more intimate, but before it goes to far and too hot and heavy, they kind of pull back and… I don’t know how to put it… Check in with each other is the best way I can think to put it, and just confirm that what’s going on is about more than just reacting to Vincent.

        *sigh* Dammit… I’d been hoping to get out of this without getting bitten by any rabid fanfic bunnies… :p

  41. I was sitting on my bed with my laptop, home alone. I was enjoying the episode but I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. It seemed like a pretty chill, “normal” Bones episode. Then I thought, “Oh Hodgins and Angela’s baby is going to be blind.” Then I thought as Booth and Brennan were walking down the street that she was going to say that she wanted to have a baby.

    When she told him she was pregnant I shrieked… really loudly. Then I kept saying “Holy Crap!” over and over. I hadn’t expected this at all. I guess I should have seen the signs. *sigh* And what’s worse is that I really had no one to tell. Thank goodness for you people. 🙂

    Still basking in the shock of such an announcement.

  42. I sat in the living room next to my husband watching it in real-time. At the end, I screamed “WHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT??” in an unbelievably loud voice. And, yes, I’m 29, but I was screaming like I was 12 (and Zack & Kelly were on Saved By The Bell 🙂 ) but I was completely shocked.

    I also made my poor husband watch several scenes over and over again while analyzing B&B facial expressions.

    • I’m not married, but God bless the husbands who put up with their Bones-obsessed wives, lol
      My friends and family have to put up with it, though.

      • Hey! I let me husband finish watching the basketball game before I re-watched the episode last night! 🙂

        But yeah, he’s put up with me talking Bones non-stop since last night (okay, for the last few weeks) so I’m about ready to nominate him for sainthood.

  43. Aw. Great question and great answers! I was at home in the living room watching with my husband. We have a DVR but watch it live and I sometimes rewind to hear or see something again. I’m not sure what I did without DVR… My husband had read on Twitter what had happened but thought it might be just a rumor so he was waiting to see. I think my heart and breathing stopped for a few seconds, I just gaped. My husband said “I told you they did it! He totally gave her the (euphemism for sex involving Italians and their sausage)!” *rolls eyes* At first I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see any of the hooking up part but then I realized that it’s really realistic. In fact my best friend got pregnant after she had been only living with the new boyfriend for a month, so no time to settle into romance. I might be still a little disappointed depending on what we see next season, but right now I’m happy. I loved the look on Booth’s face and the relief on Brennan’s! Then after watching the end again several times, because I am a crazy person whose life is a hot mess, I sobbed for half an hour because I can’t have children. This is my reaction to finding out anyone is pregnant, friends, celebrities, fictional characters, so at least I’m consistent! And as an aside about how enmeshed Bones had become in my life, my friend just had her baby a few weeks ago and I got to be there for everything until they took her away for a c-section! Bones was on in the delivery room while we were pushing (yes, I was pushing too. I couldn’t help it…), and her partner said “look honey, it’s that show you like with the skeletons.” I said “Booth is wearing the sexy green jacket.” She said “Oooo!” Then a little later she said “I’ve been pushing for hours”. And I said “no you haven’t, Sweetie, Bones is still on.” She said “ugh”. 🙂 Anyway, she has a beautiful baby boy! One of the best experiences of my life and of course Bones was on. 😉 Also, Angela has really been reminding me of her this whole season so I’ve been messaging her bits of dialogue. I totally used that “you’re forming a pancreas line!” 🙂 So sorry for the aside, but babies and Bones are everywhere! I’m looking forward to what they do with this SL!

  44. Thursday was a very busy night for me! I had to go to graduation, and then went out to eat with my family..( the whole time speculating with my cousin about what was going to happen in the finale). We didn’t get home until after 11, so thank goodness for DVR! My hubby played on the computer then feel asleep, he’s not a bones fan ( :[ ). I sat up in bed watching, and was caught by surprise by the end. Though I shouldn’t have been, because during the episode.. i kept thinking ” she sure keeps bringing up having a baby with buck a lot.” and it did cross my mind (briefly) that she might be having one, but i dismissed it! I do have to say I thought they did, before this.

    It was very entertaining when my cousin called me to today and left a message “oh my god.. i just watched bones!”

    hehe. I have to say it was a very good season finale! ( and ❤ booth's smile)

  45. I was at my parent’s house visiting them for a few days. I decided to extend my trip to Friday so I could watch Thursday night finales with my mom. She and I sat in the kitchen and watched on the tv there because the other one isn’t HD. My dad and sister came home about half way through, and fortunately they didn’t try to talk to us. Mom had told me if they did just to turn the volume up really loud. Both of us are pretty quiet while watching tv, but as soon as it faded to black, I looked at mom and said, “I had a feeling that was coming.” She said she had too. I noticed the hints throughout the episode, but they didn’t really sink in. As soon as the last scene began though, I knew what Brennan would say. Loved it!

  46. I watched the episode with my mother and sister in the living room. And well, my mom is a former childbirth educator, so she yelled at Angela and her midwife(?) more than once for being stupid. And apparently the chest hair thing happened with my dad (except that was his neck) with my little sister.

    I actually knew the ending (I’m horrible) beforehand, and it kept me up that night before. I must have fallen asleep around 1AM, and was up at 5AM, STILL THINKING ABOUT IT. *shakes head* Then I watched it that night, grinned like a fool at the ending (I think I’m OK with it), and continued to think about the whole episode throughout my college graduation rehearsal and graduation yesterday when the speeches got really boring. Still thinking about it. So obviously my criteria was fulfilled.

  47. I watched it Wednesday night in Canada, earlier than most other Canadians because I have satellite, so I watched a maritimes channel at 5pm my time (wasn’t airing until 8 where I was). I live alone, my boyfriend is elsewhere in the province right now, so I was in my basement suite watching by myself.

    The ending scene? I cried. I shrieked “OMG!” over and over and over, got shaky hands and cold fingers. I went oto Tumblr to vent off some of that hyperness, it didn’t really help. Hands were shaking almost too bad to type. 😉

    The final few seconds with Booth’s smile were the highlight of the episode. I’m so stoked for season 7, and can’t wait until the summer is over.

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