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Morning After Q #2: Reality Check- How *Exactly* Will This Work, Bones?


Hey, hey!

Here it is, our second MAQ for the day (here’s a link to the first!).

 I wanted something a little meatier than just our shared experiences around the world, and as I was chatting last night with pal Jade, she brought up the question, “So how are cases going to work?” And we talked about that for a bit, but neither one necessarily came to any conclusions except to agree that it would make for a good MAQ.

So…I guess that’s the thing. Will their partnership be severed? It’s one thing to have a relationship and have it be discreet and disclosed to the FBI. It’s another thing for Booth to take a pregnant (with his own child, no less) Brennan into the field. Also interesting will be Brennan’s reaction to any sort of removal from the field. On the one hand, she is stubborn about being able to do it, but on the other hand, I can see her being INCREDIBLY fierce about this unborn child.

Booth will have his personal experience to fall back on, but Brennan will likely read a ton and want to know absolutely everything. But that’s…I don’t know, I’m getting into minutiae here.

Big Picture: How is the show going to pull this off exactly? And of all of their season finale storylines, this one sure can’t be ignored! Ha!

I don’t want Daddy Daycare: Bones Edition, and I am just insanely curious, I guess. I don’t mind that Brennan is pregnant (I don’t think…I’m still processing it), but it’s more that I just can’t wrap my mind around the reality of that. And once she’s done being pregnant, there will be a baby.

And I’m not saying that I don’t think the writers CAN write about that sort of thing…I just don’t know how it fits into the literal framework of the show, as in a 45 minute procedural/etc.

Thoughts from you?

Peace, Love & Bones



156 thoughts on “Morning After Q #2: Reality Check- How *Exactly* Will This Work, Bones?

  1. The short answer? No idea, haha. I’m still processing as well–I expected to feel bereft as we go on summer break, but I’m almost more relieved to have so much time to think it through, ha!

    And don’t get me wrong here–I’m happy about the Hodgins/Angela baby device (wow, ESPECIALLY after last night! So gorgeously well done!) but their baby stuff felt, well, device-y to me a lot of the time. So whateve They do, however They work it out, I’m hoping Booth and Brennan’s baby feels less like a plot device and more like an actual part of their “real” story, if that makes sense.

  2. I got this opinion from

    “Maybe she was dreaming while napping in the waiting room. I mean, I know Emily Deschanel is pregnant, but maybe she was sleeping in the waiting room and just *thinking* about that happening??

    And odd that Angela chose to use the words “it was a dream” while talking about the labor and delivery when they had the and the coma thing and the whole “nothing happens unless first a dream” deal in the 100th episode…”

    So I’m not sure “exactly” how this will work! I’ve heard two theories that I tend to believe (and this might be a knee-jerk reaction to the shock) but I think I could be in the “Dream” Team (groan!) or the terribly unfortunate miscarriage “team” (sounds horrible!).

    I say these two options, because I am trying to anticipate our favorite evil genius’ decisions. I was firmly on “Team Didn’t” I think because I was trying to think in Bones rational mode. Surely they won’t go that crazy route, we just had the VNM RIP episode, and Angela just had a baby and….well I didn’t take into account the scope of the evilness of the writers!

    I gotta put my Bones like logic aside and follow the Booth mode of putting my heart into overdrive haha.

    • Hi!
      can’t link cause im posting from my cell but Stephen Nathan confirmed in an interview last night that it wasn’t a dream and it is most definitely real. 🙂

      • He also said that it’s not gonna be all baby all the time. The baby won’t even be in every episode. It will probably bring Booth and Brennan even closer together-if that’s possible. It’ll show us more of cute Daddy Booth. 🙂

  3. Well I am torn Sarah, because what you are asking for is speculation and mine would be informed by the Stephen Nathan interview which might be considered a spoiler. So I don’t feel I can answer really.

    My personal opinion is that the pregnancy storyline is a horrible idea and it will kill the show.

    • To be honest, I’m worried too. But I won’t say it will kill the show unless it actually kills the show. I’m still going to be watching just to see it all happen.

  4. I have no idea…right now i’m struggling to care.

    One TV program with two children under the age of 1? I lose interest just thinking about it…

    I don’t expect them to involve the baby (once it’s born) in every episode but it will be involved…and i’m not sure yet if i have the inclination to watch.

  5. They can have Brennan work in the lab until she has her baby and then when she is able, go back into the field. I don’t think the FBI is going to interfer. After all Brennan said this herself, she is the best anthropologist in the world.

    I don’t think any of this is a dream. Booth’s look on his face made me believe the pregnancy was real. He is very happy. His dream is reality.

    I think the dream was mentioned because this it is the end of that chapter in their life. “Nothing Happens unless first a dream”. Booth dreamed of being married to Brennan, of her being pregnant. We then had a lot of drama because of that dream (no need to go into it since we all know it). We now see the repercusions of that dream. A reality that Brennan wrote about and Booth dreamed about. A baby in their life. I love the idea and can think of a lot of ways that they can work this.

    HH said this was a game changer. It most definitely is. I wanted to be happy when the season finally happened and I am.

  6. I truly hope this does not go down the dream route. I would be frankly pissed because that is just too repetitive, to jerking around with the characters, let alone the fans.

    After the initial burst of happiness I now realise that this is like being pregnant, happy about, and then realise you cannot pay for daycare… Yeah, I don’t want this to become a parenting show or a marriage management show. I want them together, with their baby, but I want them out, in the field, catching bad guys and being the witty couple we want them to be. I’m pretty sure that this can be pulled off. Just enough of lazy plot lines or crazy ratings plot lines.
    If they go down the miscarriage route, they will be repeating Moonlighting where Maddie loses their baby as soon as Cybill Shephard gave birth. THAT was the true curse. They killed it. I hope these writers are smarter, but I kid you not, let Hart make this one more dream and I will curse all the hair on him to fall off!


  7. I think it will work because this is a unique case. After read the interview with Stephen Nathan, I feel much better about how it will work.

  8. I too think she will be in the lab during her pregnancy, well in the latter stages anyway. And I’m sure the Jeffersonian will have excellent daycare facilities!
    You know what I’m not too fazed how they will go about it. All I know is I don’t have to spend 4 months moping about a sad ending…ahem S5. At least this time they both had smiles on their faces at the end.

    • Hey more than once this season either HH or SN had mentione the Jeffersonian’s daycare facilities when discussing baby Hodgins. I’m sure they were thinking that if only we knew it would get used by more than just that little one. 🙂

  9. Look at how Jack and Angela’s pregnancy was handled. Every bit of dialogue was baby centered. I don’t think I can stomach another entire season of this from Booth and Brennan. I was personally bored to tears with Jack and Angela’s storyline this year. I don’t like baby plots.

    Realistically I am looking where this story might end. The show’s cast only has contracts through this year. In order for this to not be the last season, with this cast, all contract negotiations will have to go smoothly. This will not happen. Do I really want to watch where Hart and Stephen are taking Booth and Brennan next season if it is going to be the last? Not really. They will not be showing us a romantic and wonderful story. Bones has turned into the stall, and mess with the audiences minds and emotions show. The characters have become tools instead of storytelling vehicles. I look at this show as a whole and the Booth and Brennan as a whole. Do I like these characters now? Do I like the story they are telling with them? My answer now is, no!

    I don’t like what this story has turned into at the end of season six. Booth and Brennan’s story was suppose to be special and unique. It isn’t anymore. Booth knocks up Brennan after a night of grief sex. He shows absolutely no romatic emotional feeling towards her this entire year. He is annoyed and irritated in every episode, but his phantom love is still there. I never saw it once this entire season. Booth and Brennan are now going to be like the big fake Brennan and Hannah friendship. We will be told its there, but never shown its true. This is going to be what this entire series boils down to for Booth and Brennan. A phantom relationship that’ll be illuded to but never shown. The series finale will be Booth and Brennan leaning in toward each other and …… THE END. Thats all the audience will ever get.

    Yet again this year, we get a storyline that sends Stephen Nathan out to give an interview to explain what, we the audience are suppose to infer and see in their writing of this story. This show is telling us what to see and is no longer going to show it to us. I am tired of having to have things explained to me as a viewer of this show. If it doesn’t make sense and you have to explain yourselves over and over, the story isn’t working. It just annoys me as a viewer. This is what will continue to happen now with the stories that they are introducing. They won’t make sense and Stephen will be sent out to the press to explain to the dense audience what they are attempting to do, yet again. Why write a story that doesn’t make sense. I’m not enjoying it at all. Its not fun anymore. It used to be. The Bones I wanted to see will never happen.

    • I don’t know about the rest of the cast, but the leads have contracts through the end of season 8.

      • Becca,

        At the Paley panel Hart and the actors made it seem like the contracts were only through seven. Hart said there wasn’t a two year pick up because there wasn’t enough time for contract negatiations along with the other behind the scenes negatiations. David was asked if he’ll continue to play Booth and he basically hinted that the money will have to be good, come contract time.

      • Negotiations. I hate it when I don’t read what I write before posting.

    • I think I need to disagree with one of your points, K.
      You say that Stephen Nathan is sent to the press to explain to us mere mortal where they are going with a particular storyline.
      I’m convinced that those outings are one more selling device, just like a promo or comicon. He never explains anything, he just muddles the waters a bit more and, invariably, he teases, he does not answer. It’s a sales technique that feeds on the need people have to make sure they have all the answers. But here’s the thing: Bones is a complicated story. And it can be read or viewed and certainly interpreted in as many ways as there are viewers. That is why Seels made this a home for so many people who need to discuss and dissect every scene, every look, every choice. Why should a particular person be right and the other wrong? It also feeds on the viewers impatience and lack of trust that they can like or dislike. That need for immediate gratification.
      Quite frankly, wherever the show is going, I will go as well, because we spent so many seasons being sad with the endings that today and for this whole summer I will just enjoy the glow of a surrogate love story.


      • “Quite frankly wherever the show is going, I will go as well, because we spent so many seasons being sad with the endings that today and for this whole summer I will just enjoy the glow of a surrogate love story.” Very well put.

    • K, I can feel your pain, but don’t give up yet. Everything will happen eventually.

  10. Honestly? They can do what they like.

    I’ll be watching 😀

  11. I had a theory for the end of this season. It did not pan out, but now I have more proof it will happen in the beginning of season 7 more than ever. There is so much information in earlier episodes which make sense to what happened in the last few minutes of this last episode. And it will answer why we saw so little physical contact between our favorite couple in season VI, especially in the second half.
    Of course if I find out that I am wrong with my thoughts later this fall, I will be happy for the news about the Baby, but something’s is off. It was sweet, but not that earth chattering finale I was looking for. I think Hart Hanson has more for us. Where is the cliffhanger? Is it the question how and when this Baby was conceived? Or if and when they became a couple? I am in the camp they did not do it. And now they have 2 Babies in the show. I don’t want anything happen, like miscarriage or so, that would be cruel or stupid.
    It will be a long hot summer, looking again at Bones Episodes and racking my brain. I have Bones now also in German (for my Mother) and I tell you she is as hooked as I am. The translation is sometimes very funny and if you would hear the voice of Sweets, you would laugh your head off. He sounds like a little boy.
    P.S Barbara I am with you about a horrible storyline, but if I have my theory confirmed next season (fingers crossed) I will be very satisfied and I hope most people too.

  12. It is so interesting to see everyone’s reactions to this. I can see ppl’s point that this *could* kill the show (even though, I think I like the idea of Bones pregnant). But, as someone who still watches House and watched ER well past when it was good, I will still be tuning in no matter what happens (w/in reason). I think season 7 is going to need to address some major issues upfront: are they ‘dating’?; will they move in together? get married? Maybe the biggest question is, are they going to be a family? As an aside, I kind of hated that Hodgins said “now are a family”. Aren’t two ppl a family? Anyway, I hope that they will have B&B living together by the time the baby is born (season finale, I imagine). To me, the worst case scenario would be to see them raising the baby as friends. And, needless, to say I hope we get to see B&B lovin’ and cuteness over their impending bundle of joy!

    • I totally agree with you about the “family” comment. I also did a double take when he said that because I thought the same thing. I believe Ange even said that in an earlier episode – something to that effect that don’t all families start with 2 people. And I have 6 children, so there isn’t just my husband and I (although that would definitely be nice sometimes!!) LOL

    • Maybe he didn’t mean it like that. They have discussed how they were a family of two people before, but adding a kid to a mix…it’s just, now they’re THAT kind of family

  13. I really liked this storyline. Of course I was shocked by it, probably more than other people, but I think a child can really bring Booth and Brennan together more. I mean, isn’t that what happen’s when Parker is in the episodes and when baby Andy was involved. I think children bring life into most shows.
    I hope that we get to see a flashback of when it happened at some point, but I think just showing us what happened would of been too cliche, Hart Hanson isn’t like that and neither are Brennan and Booth. Television show’s like to create mystery and enigma’s. Leaving out the scene, allows our minds to wander what happened so that we can create our own emotions, it also encourages us, the audience, to keep watching the show as we want our questions answered.
    Now I’m just going to sit back, relax over the hiatus and wait for season seven. I think only then will any of us know how we feel about the whole situation, as it isn’t clear to us in detail yet, you can have opinions but sometimes (as Brennan would say) you need the facts. That’s why they call it a cliffhanger 😉

  14. I have no idea how this is going to work, but I’m going to enjoy watching every single minute of it. Have some parts been things we didn’t want to see? Sure. Life is like that. Doesn’t always work out perfectly & smoothly every single minute. Curveballs are thrown at us all the time. Every single one of us knows that. Doesn’t matter what the writers do with S7…there will be people who love it and people who hate it. Same with every single story line they’ve done thus far. Personally, I’m in the ‘love it’ arena. I haven’t had problems with the way the show has been written and I’m sure I won’t in S7. I trust HH because I know he loves those characters as much, maybe (but only maybe 😉 ) more than I do! And for once…I’m wearing a Hiatus Grin!!

    • And I’m smiling right along with ya!

    • I have to agree with you. To me, this is a story being told. It’s people’s lives being told. Life can’t be predicted. This was so totally not what I predicted. But I’m going to be there watching every little moment because I’m committed to this show. 🙂

  15. Oops…email.

  16. I see that some people are still saying that they are not seeing the love between Booth and Brennan. The kiss on the cheek in the bowling alley was not the kiss of a friend. No way.

    The fact that Brennan said she was engaged and that she flashed her ring to the Don Juan in the bowling alley was also a huge change for her. She has always blasted marriage when it was mentioned, even when they were undercover she refused to pretend she was married. Last night, she came up with the Fiance thing. Also add to the fact that Booth was very calm when the Don Juan was drooling over Brennans hand and told him that Brennan was his girlfriend in a serious voice to me, told me that that they were a couple. How many times have we seen Booth get upset when guys pay too much attention to Brennan. In the past, he has been caustic or outright rude. Not last night. He just seemed assured of what was going on and what Brennan was to him.

    I am very happy with the whole thing and will be watching next season. I think there will be a season 8 and will be very happy to see it.

    • Lenora, in Double Trouble in the Panhandle, Buck & Wanda were married. Brennan even commentd to Booth to “be the Buck Moosejaw I married.” She only refused way back in Season II to pretend to be engaged. Her views have come a long way about marriage.

      • Oh yeah, I forgot. You are right. Buck and Wanda were “married”. Thanks. I still liked that she came up with idea that Booth was her fiance. It just seemed so right to me.

  17. I don’t know what’s going to happen with Baby Bones but I’m willing to wait and see before I decide I’m no longer interested in the show.

    I went on Twitter briefly yesterday morning to take some people off of phone notifications so I wouldn’t accidentally see something I didn’t want to see, and I saw something I didn’t want to see. Someone RTd a tweet that said, “I’m truly disappointed.” So, going into last night, I was prepared for the worst – a breakup, an ex reappearing, an illness diagnosis, whatever.

    And instead, I get an ending with both of them glowing with absolute joy? That’s disappointing? Ok. Whatever.

    I spent the first part of Season 6 hating everything. Hating Booth for not looking at Brennan. Hating that fake friendship (and I want those sunglasses back, dammit! I bet they were expensive!). Hating the distance. I hummpfed my way through a lot of episodes and then groused and bitched some more after they were over.

    But you know, I’ve also hummpfed my way through a few periods of my real life. Coming home in a foreign country with a newborn and having my soldier husband go off to play Army for two months. A five-year old in the hospital because he couldn’t breathe. A 12-year marriage ending. But one day, that newborn gave me his first real smile. We found out the breathing problems were asthma and knew what we had to do. A divorce became a period of personal growth and self-reflection and a move forward. And I looked back, and I understood.

    That’s the way I feel about Season 6. It took me a while to get here. I wish the journey had been different. I still want those damn sunglasses back. But, it wasn’t my journey so those weren’t my decisions to make.

    And, I’m happy. So there.

    I’m going to be happy, dammit.

  18. People were screaming for B&B to be a couple…with marriage and kids and the whole nine yards (yeah, I know they did it backwards, but hey, they still did it). Was nobody serious? People said they believed the writers could do it. Again, do we not believe they can do it? And besides, did we really think HH and his crew were going to do this in a conventional manner? This IS Bones we’re talking about after all.

    Quite frankly people do this in real life all the time – get pregnant that is. And something close to 50% of pregnancies are unplanned. So the way this went down wouldn’t exactly be a stretch in real life, and especially not in a TV show. Trite? Maybe. But it works.

    And the fact that ED is more than half way through her pregnancy already means that they will most likely fast forward through at least part of Brennan’s pregnancy in order to line everything up with ED’s maternity leave. I wouldn’t be shocked if she has the baby by Christmas/the winter hiatus. That’s less than half a season of working a pregnancy into the storyline. I suppose they could choose to extend Brennan’s pregnancy into a season long story arc, but really, why would they when they can just take advantage of ED’s real pregnancy?

    While I do think they will have to confine Brennan to the lab more often while she is pregnant, her staying in the lab isn’t anything we haven’t seen before (beginning of season three anyone?). As it is, Brennan didn’t go out into the field nearly as much this season as she has in the past and they’ve already set precedent for Sweets accompanying Booth so he can give his “shrinky” insights. She can still go to the FBI building, help with interrogations, and go to crime scenes assuming there aren’t any unsafe chemicals or structurally unsound buildings or anything. And really, who wouldn’t want to see a little bit of Booth wanting to keep his pregnant partner/girlfriend/whatever they choose to make her safe?

    The bottom line that is I think B&B are going to learn a lot more about each other through this experience. Yeah, I know they already know each other pretty darn well, but there’s a difference between working with someone (no matter how close the relationship) and going home with that person at the end of the day and creating a life and a family with them. The drama certainly isn’t going to be gone just because Bones went all domestic on us. And speaking of Bones going all domestic – I really doubt that we’ll be drowning in diapers and bottles next season. They can write a baby (or two) into the story line without having every episode revolve around said child(ren).

    Have some faith everyone and give the writers a chance to make this work! We said we appreciated having some reality in our television shows, right? Well, welcome to real life.

    • And that just about sums it up for me 🙂

    • I agree Stephanie. Everyone seemed to be upset because Booth and Brennan weren’t a couple. Now some people are mad that they are. I can’t figure it out either.

      • Because people wanted to see more. Or maybe they don’t like the timing. I don’t see why having a baby would prevent them from doing couple-y things, so we can still get that. For me, it is what it is, and it really helps to see that they are happy about having the baby, even though the road will be rocky for them.

      • C-bones, I have come to think of Booth and Brennan as a very private couple. It was fine to see Angela and Hodgins messing around because Angela is a free spirit and to have her, Hodgins had to do things her way. Booth and Brennan on the other hand are very private in their feelings. Sure we have seen both of them in the sack with other people; but, it was never doing anything. They were just talking or kissing. We still had the sense of privacy with them. I can see that they would carry this idea into the B&B relationship. We don’t have to see them doing anything in bed to accept that they are a couple. It is sort of an old-fashioned way to tell a story and I like it. It is more romantic. We can use our imagination to fill in what we don’t see and we get the air time for them to actually solve the problems that they may have by being a couple. I hope that made sense.

      • Stephanie and Lenora,

        First of all I am not “upset” per se, just kind of shocked haha. But, for me, its not the fact that they are together and a baby on the way, because I did/do want it eventually)…I think the concern people have is that we spent 6 years with tension, flirting, backstories developing, growing/changing, and just when we get a taste of something coming, boom! It’s gone without getting a chance to enjoy the ride, so to speak.

        I wanted to see their first kiss as a couple together, the first glances, sneaking around the lab, playing with that will they won’t they dynamic for awhile.

        Now, I’m not writing off this storyline yet or disappointed, don’t get me wrong. I loved Booth’s last look there. Swoon worthy! But it was so abrupt it just took me off guard (obvs their goal) and I just need time (the summer I guess!) to process this!

        It just seems so sudden, and I kinda wish we’d gotten one little, romantic, real kiss that wasn’t forced by Caroline, or in 100th ep Booth desperation, or drunk….a real honest to goodness, B&B first real kiss. I think that’s why people are having trouble with it. We do want ultimate B&B togetherness, but now? How will this work?

        But I think it was the PERFECT cliffhanger for true Bones fans. Something that will keep us talking all summer, and on that, kudos to them. They definitely achieved it with me!

      • I’m not upset that they are going to be an actual real couple, but I would have liked to see just that. Booth and Brennan growing closer as a couple before bringing a pregnancy into the mix, because now it will make me wonder are they closer because they are having a baby together and what would their relationship look like if it was just the two of them.
        I liked Booth’s cheek kiss and how she hung on his arm after the hearse took Vincent away, but I was hoping for more. I think anything than just a casual hug or kiss will just be left up to the viewers imagination yet again.

      • Lenora,

        I don’t see that they are a couple. They tell us they are, but I still don’t see it at all. The first four seasons hinted at where they were probably going with this storyline, with Booth and Brennan, but they never went there. Instead we get season six. I am not going to say ‘I agree and accept’ whatever Hart and his team have in store for these two. Because I don’t agree with what they’ve done. For me this show is about the show as a whole. I take into consideration everything that has previously been written for these two and weigh it against what they are now writing. If it doesn’t hold up or make sense to me, looking at the series as a whole, it just isn’t working for me as a viewer.

        I think it is difficult for some people to understand that others may see this show entirely differently then they might. I often get the feeling that in order to watch or comment on this show, there is only one way to interpret and see this show, in some peoples minds, their way. I don’t think this is realistic. Everyone interprets things differently. You may never understand what others want from this show because what they see and what you see are two different things. You are right about this show, because the way you see it is real to you. How another viewer may see it is completely different from you, and that is o.k. too, because in their mind they are also right. That’s what is so awesome about the human brain and individuality. No two people act and think exactly alike. It makes for interesting thoughts, opposing views and often great discussions.

      • bb-
        I get that people wanted to see things developing, but HH has to maintain the tension somehow. And I’m not necessarily talking about the tension between B&B here, but our tension as viewers. They’ve only given us part of what we want to see and that gives us a heck of a lot of incentive to come back next season to see how things are going to shake out. From that perspective, this is a brilliant move (assuming people are actually enticed to come back and don’t just throw up their hands in disgust and walk away completely).

        Two other thoughts:

        1. I like what Lenora said about this being a more old-fashioned relationship. Barbara said the same thing before last Thursday’s episode. I’m guessing we’ll naturally see some more affection from them as this storyline develops next season, but I’d honestly be okay with them showing less of the spicy bits.

        2. As much as I love The End in the Beginning, some of the cutesy affectionate moments come across as kind of lame to me (as has certain parts of Angela and Hodgins relationship – both pre and post-baby). It’s hard sometimes to maintain that kind of affection long-term without it getting old – especially with more casual viewers who are less invested in the story and more invested in shock value.

        We want what we can’t have – just like we have since the beginning – only now we know that THEY have it, they’re just not sharing! It’s frustrating for sure, but I will repeat what I said last night – HH and crew are approaching this completely differently than most TV shows and I’m willing to give them their props for trying something new.

      • Steph, I agree with you. They can make it work. It’s just going to be a matter of how they do it that will be interesting.

        Will the partnership be threatened? Will they move in together? Will Booth insist that Brennan stay in the lab? Will she propose? Will he? Will she wonder if he’s with her just for the sake of the baby? Can they do this without turning it into a Lifetime movie? LOL I almost feel like I’m writing teaser lines to an old-fashioned movie serial… :p

        And I am with you on overprotective Booth. I want to see Booth in full on AlphaMalePapaBear!Booth mode. I said as much to Sarah last night when we were chatting. You just know that Booth being like that is going to cause some tension and friction between him and Brennan. I also kind of want to see him clock someone who threatens Brennan. Is it bad that I want that? (Maybe all the hockey I’ve been watching is getting to my brain… Yay Bruins! 😀 )

        What you say about them causing tension by not showing us what we want to see… that is a brilliant observation. I went to a writer’s conference a couple of weeks ago and one of the speakers was talking about the difference between macro tension and micro tension and how to balance the two to draw the reader in and keep them reading. Macro tension being the overarching “who done it?” approach to the story and micro tension being the thing that keeps the reader on edge wondering “what is going to happen on the next line, paragraph, page, chapter.”

        Hart and Stephen have managed to give us both time and time again. I think that is part of the magic of Bones. It’s almost like reading a great book. You don’t want to put it down. You don’t want to stop. You want to know more. And you want to know NOW.

        We’ve gone from will they/won’t they, to did they/didn’t they, to holy crap, what!? And we want more. And we want it now. I’m very interested to see how they keep the magic, and balance the story and cases and keep it fresh. And I’m sure they can do it, ’cause I’ve got faith, baby.

      • Jade-
        Thanks for the mini-explanation about macro and micro-tension. That was fascinating. And thanks to you I can now tell my husband (when he asks me why I spend such a ridiculous amount of time on BT) that it’s okay because it’s educational. 🙂

        Oh, and hurray! your Bruins won last night!

      • LOL! You’re welcome, Steph! It was your observation that sparked the a-ha! connection moment for me, so let’s call it a collaborative educational process. 😉

        And yes, my Bruins did win! Squee! Thanks for pulling for them! Bones and Bruins. Last night was a very good night. 😉

    • *clap clap*
      Nicely said.

      • Yes, people want more, but it’s as was said earlier– they need to maintain the tension. The cutesy, sappy moments or the “wall-shattering-bed-quaking sex” may not happen. I’m fine with that because sometimes that’s just so sickly sweet or somewhat embarrassing that it just doesn’t play well. Now, each bit of affection is going to be earned or hard won, a lot like Hodgins/Angela’s comments about his voice and how she smelled. It’s sometimes the little things that make us believe in love and B&B have done well with the little things over the years.

      • Jade
        “We’ve gone from will they/won’t they, to did they/didn’t they, to holy crap, what!?”
        That is so funny, I think everybody feels like this right now.

    • If Brennan is in the lab more, I’d personally be more happy. People watch this show and often take from it that forensic anthropologists get to do all the stuff Brennan does. I feel like it would be more true to the discipline (speaking as a student of said discipline), if they left her in the lab more. Forensic anthropologists get called to the scene to examine and excavate remains and spend their time working up an osteological profile in the lab. They testify as expert witnesses in court. They DON’T go around chasing bad guys and interviewing witnesses. Half the time, they don’t even know the outcome of the case. They submit their knowledge and hope justice is served. While I know it makes for better tv to have her in the field, I’m honestly going to appreciate the honesty to forensic anthropology if she’s in the lab more.

      • tlm2338, first off, I do understand your point. Most forensic shows do that though, where their lab guys are in the field, the field guys are in the lab…stuff that is not real. And you have Angela the sidewalk caracature (sp?) artist creating indepth technological programs…its the nature of the beast.

        Bones kind of gave a reason for it though. Brennan wanted to sit in on interrogations and interviews on the field to learn better people skills and read others’ non-verbal cues and things. The overachiever in her wanted to master this skill was not good at. But along the way, she truly began to enjoy it (and hey car rides side by side Booth, sign me up!) to the point where she and Booth call each other partners in an equal manner. Booth has learned a lot of scientifc things as well (ie. he translated Brennan-speak in the bowling alley, which was hilarious) so he has learned more of what evidence truly is and how a case can be solved with forensics.

        So while I agree that yes, technically, she should be a lab rat, the show has made her character grow beyond the confines of the lab, and to restrict her back too much would be backtracking at this stage of the show. Just IMO.

      • Oh I mean I understand it is fiction, but all I was saying is that if they do have her in the lab more, I won’t be complaining! 🙂 BONES will always be my first show to fanobsess over, and no matter what the writers do, I’ll be there til the end.

    • Stephanie I have been all over the place crazy insane with my reactions to this. From WTF? WHY? To “It will be fine” to “this is interesting” to “OMG NO!”

      What bothers me is that ultimately I feel manipulated by the show pulling out one of the oldest surprise plot twist cliffhangers in the book. The shocking pregnancy.

      If the finale had ended in the hospital, I’d be a happy camper. I’d see the progression we all have been seeing since Blackout in the Blizzard and have discussed ad nasueam here.

      Ultimately all that discussion was kind of for nothing because burned dates and imperviousness and readiness and luck are rendered moot now. It is the pregnancy that finally put B&B together. I am not saying they wouldn’t have gotten there without it, btw.

      But I think the show did it to
      1) create a cliffhanger
      2) make used of ED’s real pregnancy (lazy writing, IMHO)
      3) avoid having to write real conflicts arising from the changing relationship by writing easy conflicts that come with a pregnancy. Where they will live, together or not, names, methods of childbirth. Again I see that as lazy writing. A pregnancy storyline writes itself. The conflicts B&B will have over the pregnancy are the same ones far less complicated characters have.
      4) by jumping into a pregnancy storyline, the show can say to the audience “they are together” without having to write its way out of Hannah, the proposal, any of that difficult stuff. Just pretend they worked it out offscreen! Look at the shiny new baby over here! Again, lazy writing
      5) The mega positive response – yay! a B&B baby! It means they had sex! Hannah who? We forgive you for everything Hart, because you gave us pregnant Bones! – to me that just lets the show know, do whatever the heck you want during the season, just throw out a shipper bone at the end and they all come crawling back.

      I think a surprise pregnancy is just a cheap, lazy plot twist done for shock and to lure back disgruntled fans who left during Hannah. I don’t think it makes any sense in the context of the season.

      • Of course the shocking pregnancy doesn’t make any sense. Unplanned pregnancies rarely do.
        But perhaps that’s the point?

        While I understand and respect your opinion, Barbara, ultimately we’ll have to agree to disagree. I actually think HH took a fairly big risk playing things out the way he did – essentially risking the ire of fans who wanted to see some sort of intimacy after waiting for so long. He took a trite storyline and essentially turned it on its head. But regardless of whether writing in a pregnancy was a risk or a cop-out, in no way shape or form do I believe that adding a baby to the mix at this stage in the game will make things easier. It wouldn’t in real life. I know fiction is often different, but it doesn’t have to be.

        I get that you want to see the Hannah storyline (including the proposal) resolved, but quite frankly, I think the writers AND the characters have put that to bed already. Pregnancy or no, I’m not sure that we would have ever seen B&B deal with it, at least not in any real depth. But then I also didn’t feel betrayed by the Hannah storyline to the point where I feel like I need any more resolution. It is what it is. A desperate act by a desperate man who was hellbent on protecting himself at any cost. That he recovered from Hannah as quickly as he did is proof positive to me that a) he never stopped loving Brennan and b) that whatever love he had for Hannah wasn’t going to last (at least as long as Brennan was in the picture) no matter how much he wanted it to at the time. (On a somewhat related note, I think rynogeny’s post on the different types of love goes a long way towards explaining BOTH why Booth and Hannah wouldn’t have worked and why a B&B pregnancy can).

        The funny thing is that I’m actually starting to think you may have been right in your assessment last week that B&B were a couple at the end of The Hole in the Heart. Last night’s episode certainly seemed to suggest that they were together before Brennan’s announcement (or at least Max thought so). At the very least there were enough hints to make that a viable possibility. And at this point, I’m cool with that. Mostly because those adorably endearing smiles they shared at the end of the episode proved to me that they were both okay with the situation they were faced with. Quite frankly I would have been a lot more worried if Booth hadn’t smiled at her the way he did.

      • I’ve made my peace with Hannah ages ago, and the proposal. I get what you are saying. Frankly I was stunned Booth said her name in Pinocchio, I thought we’d never hear it again.

        That being said, it was just a few months ago that he was ready to marry someone else, and then he was mad at whatever he was mad at, and I don’t think we saw the resolution of those issues on screen, really. I know we are supposed to know they have been resolved, but I feel it’s because we have been TOLD, not shown.

        I also don’t see how a plot twist that admittedly makes no sense can have a point! But you’re right, agree to disagree.

        I guess we will have to wait and see, and again, we can’t talk spoilers here so I can’t mention the SN interview…but to be vague, it all sounds like a rehash to me. B&B will have the same arguments they had in seasons 1 thru 5, just in the context of their baby. That’s what I think will make the writing easier. B&B bicker over marriage, let’s reboot the discussion they had in season 2, when Hodgela were getting married. B&B bicker over what religion to raise their child in, reboot their arguments over religion. B&B bicker over money and where to live, reboot their discussions of suburbia and her income versus his. All they really have to do is rearrange a few words and add “Because of the baby” in there somewhere.

        And instead of a cute moment under the sink, we’ll get a cute moment over a mobile in some baby store or something. But the end result will be the same. They’ll say something that might be construed as flirty, they look like they might kiss, and oops! Episode over.

        Of course I don’t know this, but it’s what I see happening. HH is very clever indeed. He turned will they/won’t they into “she’s pregnant but do they/don’t they”.

        We will still tune in for the payoff. I just think it’s kind of sad that we will be tuning in to see whether or not a committed couple who are expecting a baby will actually kiss or hug each other. I expected the B&B relationship to be mostly offscreen, but not entirely offscreen. It just feels manipulative.

      • Well I do wonder if we’ll see some give and take in those arguments now that we didn’t see the first time around.

    • I have no idea where this is gonna land, but this is in response to Barbara’s and Stephanie’s last posts. I think Stephanie makes a good point here. They may bring up the same issues from previous seasons, but we know they both aren’t the same people as when they started as partners. The question is, how much have they changed? It’s possible we could see more resolutions, compromises, and changed viewpoints. We could also see what they won’t compromise on. To be honest, there is no unique situation (nothing is new under the sun). They would have to respond to cliche relationship stuff even if they were starting a new relationship with no baby. I think people are moreso interested in what style B&B will handle it in. I once saw a fan comment that they would watch an episode of B&B going to buy bath mats. I don’t think everything will be done just for the baby. (Even so, parents do a lot for the sake of kids, so I’m not sure what the problem really is.) In general, maybe it would be a concern. But they have a long history and a proven track record of always trying to gain a sense of equilibrium in their relationship just because they want to be together in whatever form – partnership, friendship, or more. As some others have said, the baby just ups the ante for these two, who I’m not sure have ever made significant relationship changes without one.

      • I don’t know where this will land either C-bones! Does it not alarm you a little that you aren’t sure they would have made any changes without the baby? I think that specter will hang over the relationship always, even if we tell ourselves “yes, they were going there all along”.

        And while he isn’t a real person, I rather feel sorry for Booth. Yes, he looked incredibly happy in that end scene, but I don’t think this is how he wanted things to play out. He doesn’t like being a part time father to Parker, he is going to want the whole shebang and I fear the drama next season will be milked out of Brennan not quite giving it to him. That seems to be the pattern. One season she has the upper hand, the next season he does.

        I am also confused because two episodes ago, the show tells us Booth doesn’t want it to be about luck. But in the end, it was all about the random draw of sperm and egg. Are we back to Fate? I thought Booth was embracing reason, not Fate now. I feel I am getting mixed messages.

      • I did say that I wasn’t sure that they would have made changes without the baby, but even I’ll admit that’s just speculation. Maybe they were going there, anyway. But if not, it won’t be the first time a baby has brought people close together. So I don’t really see it as a bad thing either way. I think the safest thing to do is not fear the worst when we haven’t even seen anything yet. So I won’t assume that Brennan isn’t all in. Being apprehensive is okay, but if she doesn’t let him be full-time father that would feel so contradictory to how she feels now, IMO. Brennan would have never taken steps to be with Booth again if she wasn’t prepared to make some different decisions. Brennan knows Booth is a good father, and I can’t see her taking any of that away from him. Accepting him as an involved parent would feel more like a 180 degree turn from her asking him to be a no-strings-attached sperm donor.

        Luck, fate, and reason. I don’t think luck and fate are the same thing. Maybe he was embracing reason along with the others instead of relying so much on the two. I think it’s really a philosophical debate, full of personal opinions, so I don’t think any clean and clear answers are to be found in RL or on the show.

      • I absolutely think something would have happened regardless as I have no qualms about HH’s promise that B&B are endgame. This happens to be the way they chose to go, which again, I don’t have an issue with.

        As far as what Booth said about luck in The Signs in the Silence – I don’t think that has any bearing on the pregnancy at all. Nor do I think Booth would. And I’m not so sure HH and SN are trying to say that B&B were fated to end up this way either.

        And I don’t believe for a minute that after what we saw Brenna go through this season where Booth is concerned that she would deny him access to the baby in any way. She wants a real relationship with him – why is there any reason to believe that a baby would change that? The Brennan of season 4 who wanted to be a single mom with a no-strings attached dad is NOT the same Brennan who looked at Booth with fear in her eyes as she told him she was pregnant with his child. I think she was afraid that HE would walk away, that she had lost what she wanted so badly before she even had a real shot at it. She was happy (possibly even relieved) once she knew he was happy.

      • eek! Stephanie, you really think Brennan was afraid Booth would walk away from her? I agree she was nervous, but it makes me sad to think she’d even consider that Booth would not be there for her. That it is even a viable interpretation – which it is, totally – kind of speaks to the whole “just what is the status of the relationship that happened offscreen” problem. I get that B&B are subtle in their interactions but there’s such a thing as too subtle. When the executive producer has to give an interview following the episode to explain HOW Brennan got pregnant, I think that’s too subtle.

        Re my other comments, t’s not that I see Brennan witholding the child from Booth – she’s seen what he goes through with Parker. But the conflict has to come from somewhere, doesn’t it? Isn’t that the point, to keep the conflict going? Happy family stuff = boring show, according to Stephen Nathan.

        I know, I know, there isn’t any point in dwelling on the negative but I really think this is the last season and I’m sad because there will never be B&B as a couple, without the baby in the picture. The scenes in the bowling alley and the diner will literally be the only scenes in the entire series that show B&B as a romantically involved couple, before the pregnancy/baby entered their lives. We will see them as expectant parents and parents, but this was our only opportunity to see them as a couple and…well, we didn’t actually know what we were seeing until it was over. And they weren’t even “them” half the time, they were Buck and Wanda. And at the diner, they were with Max. So we will actually never get a personal B&B moment where they are just the two of them happy and in love together, not “partners” or expectant parents or parents, just them. All the “just them” moments happened offscreen.

      • Actually I do think she was afraid it would ruin things between them. WE know that Booth would never walk away, and deep down inside I think she would have known that too, but fear makes us think strange things sometimes. And don’t even get me started on pregnancy hormones. Bottom line, I think she needed to see that he was okay with things before she could relax about it completely. But then that’s one of the reasons I thought the scene felt very real. Who wouldn’t need reassurance in this situation? They were either on the cusp of or had just entered into something 6+ years in the making and boom! everything changed in an instant.

        As to how Brennan got pregnant…well I think that’s pretty clear. 🙂 The clock was really the kicker for me, but the conversation with Angela kind of sealed the deal. It was obviously purposely left vague to keep people guessing until the finale, but the fact that she’s pregnant clearly and effectively proves that the sex did happen – whether it was that night, the next night, or even the night after. TV shows leave exact details up to interpretation all the time (Lost anyone?) and in my opinion, that’s not always a bad thing. I watched Lost from beginning to end and while I hated the way it ended, I loved being able to chew over the mysteries from week to week. Bones doesn’t have as many mysteries but it still leaves us with plenty of things to think (and obviously) talk about.

        And honestly, I get your disappointment that we won’t get to see B&B have that time together as a couple, but this is the way HH and SN chose to take their show and there’s nothing we can do about it except to choose whether or not we want to tune in next season.

        Remember the lessons you said you learned from writing fanfic? “It’s harder than it looks. You can’t please everyone. That’s not what I meant. Lack of detail is a gift, of sorts. We all have our own story.” It’s all applicable here. And I mean that with the utmost respect (because really, that was a fantastic post).

  19. I don’t have time to write much now but I’m thinking a time jump. A year sounds good. All the baby stuff could happen in the background and B&B would work again together.

  20. I don’t know how they are going to do this either but I trust HH & Co to make it work. We do have Genevieve as well as Sweets to help in the field. I was shocked at this baby story line though because I was firmly in Team Didn’t. Even in this episode, when ‘Wanda’ kept mentioning a B & B child, I thought at the end she was going to express her interest in having one with Booth instead of the leap we got — but I’ll take it!

  21. I love how they did this and I think it will work so well for Bones as a show. It reminds me so much of the Anne books again, how the romance was alluded to, but never specified. It is so much nice to leave something to the imagination and hope for little moments that we can see between them while they travel this path of parenthood together. I love it! What goes on between them is theirs. They meant that. 🙂

    • Oh gosh, Lorraine, in all the posting madness, somehow I missed seeing this post of yours! You are so right! It is somewhat reminiscent of the Anne books and how Gilbert and Anne’s romance was there, and we got moments, but nothing “in your face.”

      Once again, BT ties Bones to Anne. I love it. 😉

  22. It will work….rough, bumpy, awkward, uncomfortable, tense….it’s a machine still getting into gear….Or rather it has totally shifted gears so you can bet there will be squeaks and kinks.

    “…A rocky road to a happy ending.” — isn’t that what writer Carla Kettner said in that interview a while back?

    I keep that thought in mind. How often is it that the things that really matter are never easy.

    Answer: Pretty much always.

    I’m with the folks who say they’ll be watching no matter what. I feel, like it or not, I’m with these people on this journey. And you certainly cannot control everything that happens to you. You just gotta keep rolling with it….

    …Besides, I don’t really watch TV other than Bones. (except maybe Fringe, and if anyone follows that, well. I’m winded after pretty much every episode of it….especially now.)

    Bring on the baby.

  23. OK to start, last night I was completely dumbfounded. I just really didn’t expect them to go there right now. That said, I am not at all upset, and after reading a couple of interviews with Stephen Nathan (both saying essentially the same thing) I really do feel a sense of anticipation to see how things play out next season.

    If you’re not averse to reading a general guideline of how they plan to play this out you should check out those articles. He doesn’t give any specifics and is his usual vague self, but he does give basic information on how they plan on handling the finale’s announcement, and what their thinking was.

    This is Bones they don’t usually do things the way other shows do it, so why should they start now. I like that they did the unexpected, and have to say I was much happier last night than I was after the season 5 finale; much more anticipation last night than dread. This is a show where I really am willing to just go along for the ride and see how things play out. I have stopped watching shows in the past that have either begun to just not be interesting, or to irritate me so much I couldn’t stand it any longer. Bones has made me feel many things, but I’ve never felt the desire to not watch any longer. I always want to see what happens next. This season finale maybe even more so than in the past, I want the next season to start right now!

    • “I always want to see what happens next.”

      Perfectly said Frankie. Bones might make me sad, irritated, upset, disappointed, happy, super duper excited, etc…but no matter what, I watch. I’ve always watched. The chemistry between the characters, the unique cases, the little moments they give us from time to time…they keep me coming back…and that’s ultimately the point.

      I might be concerned with this new “change in the game”, but I was concerned with Zach/Gormogon, I was concerned with the Gravedigger, and I was concerned when they split up the team. But then they make it right again. So I’m cautiously optimistic. They did the one thing that would make most people/fans to go WTF just happened, and make us talk about it, and get us ready for next season. So while I may have reservations, I’ll always want to see what happens next!

    • Thanks Frankie for the heads up about the interview with Stephen Nathan. I went looking for it and I really liked how he explained what they were trying to do last night. I won’t mention it here just in case someone might consider it a spoiler.

      I loved his reference to the time 4:47 being their version of the smoke monster from Lost. Pretty clever.

  24. So, even after a night of sleep, I still have mixed emotions. My reaction right after the episode, was that nothing was actually explained. While I LOVED the looks, and the kiss on the cheek, and of course Booth’s absolutely breathtaking smile I really needed something more. I wished that our answer to the did they/didn’t they question was answered by a conversation or a flashback of some kind, and not, “i’m pregant.”

    Honestly, I felt like we weren’t given any specific confirmation at all about where Booth and Brennan stand, and it left me feeling worried. I felt like, for the first time, the writers were purposely leaving us in the dark. It hurt my feelings as a viewer… I don’t mind that Brennan is pregnant, but felt like after 6 years of caring for these characters like they are our dear friends, we were totally left out of the biggest change to take place in B&B’s realtionship.

    I don’t know if we can discuss SN’s post finale interview, so i’ll just say that it really gave me some peace of mind. At least there were clear answers to some of my questions.

    As far as next season, I imagine Booth wanting to protect Brennan even more (can you imagine!!) and I can see Brennan reacting by wanting to be more independent. I hope we see the whole marriage question discussion. I’d would like to see a wedding, and a little family… it seemed to bother Booth that Parker was born out of wedlock. The last we heard from Brennan she said she needed a reason to get married. Perhaps she’s found that now with Booth.

    I hope they continue to work together…. I can’t see Hacker trying to keep them apart. (maybe Hacker can come back now since NBC’s Outsourced will be no more…)

    • Jacquelyn,

      The more I’ve been thinking about it today…I think a marriage would be kind of awesome. Just because I would have never thought that Brennan would consider it when she was all “impervious” Bones. I think it would definitely be unexpected. And no, it doesn’t have to be Soccer Mom and Dad all the time or anything, but I’d to see how B&B would go about it. I don’t think I’m ready for it yet per se…still not sure how I feel about this baby thing either…but everything happens eventually, eh? Our dear Boothie had so much pain over not being able to find that one person who would be willing to commit to him in that way, its very important to him…so if they compromised for Brennan and kept their assets separate and all that, I think I could actually agree to her willing to marry.

      I mean, the way she volunteered saying she’s his fiance and flashing a ring, I was like whoa. And Booth did not seem at all surpised…which at the time made me think. Oh my gosh are they secretly engaged???!!! I could actually see that now, when I could have before. These last two episodes really did change the game for me. It opened my mind to ideas that quite frankly, I considered impossible. I’m still freaked out, let me tell you, but I’m optimistic…and wishing it was September already!!!!

      • I also wish it was September already!!! 🙂

        I’d love a secret engagement! That way we wouldn’t get a proposal that could be construed as just because of the pregnancy. (i’d certainly like a flashback if that was the case though :))
        But, if they’re not engaged yet, it’d be great to have a discussion where Brennan thinks of pros and cons to being married, and Booth is able to give her compelling evidence that marriage is a good idea by combining romance and logic :).

  25. I’m 100% spoiler-free as far as S7 is concerned. I won’t even read the SN piece from last night. But could someone help me with the logistics? We’re supposed to get a few ED eps starting in September, then a Bones hiatus with Finder eps filling in while ED is on maternity leave, then a regular spring, right?

    Personally, I think some time will pass in Bones-land between now and September so that when the season begins, Angela and Hodgins are more settled into their new roles as parents. I think the baby and all the new parent shenanigans will be referenced a good bit, but Angela and Hodgins will spend most of their screen time in the lab/field, solving murders.

    Although some time will have passed, it will still be early enough in the B&B pregnancy for two things that I’m really looking forward to, now that I’ve had time to process the news: 1.) I can’t wait for the rest of the team to find out and to see and hear their reactions. I think those scenes can run the gamut from very sweet and touching to absolutely hilarious. 2.) I think we’ll get to see the defining of the B&B relationship in ways we might not have expected. I’m confident they will fill us in on what has happened so far, maybe not in great detail, but enough so that we’ll know where B&B are emotionally and watch them go from there.

    I think the few early ED eps will be like a mini season, complete with pregnancy. This allows the spring to act as a separate season, and I think the B&B baby will be handled in much the same way as the Hodgins baby.

    This is going to sound really cold, but it seems that in shows with a select focus like crime procedurals and medical dramas, extraneous characters are used only when needed. In order for the crime solving and medical care to continue, and it has to because these aren’t family- or lifestyle-focused shows, the extra characters – significant others, parents, friends, and yes, even babies – have to take a back seat. And that’s ok because television isn’t like real life. There are many reality shows out there that depict exactly how babies affect all aspects of everyday life. Scripted dramas don’t do that. The ‘presence’ of the babies will be used to give us great tv moments, but it doesn’t mean that all shows with babies inevitably turn into ‘Family Ties’ or ‘Growing Pains’ or ‘Full House.’ And I’m comfortable with that. I don’t watch CSI:NY thinking that the Messers are horrible parents just because their screen time is devoted to catching bad guys. But the presence of their daughter has noticeably affected the characters and influenced storylines. We might not get to see the parents goo-goo-ga-ga-ing over their precious baby, but we don’t have to see late-night diaper changes either. Because that’s not what the show is about, and it’s ok. (And before anyone calls me on it, I realize those characters aren’t nearly as important to their show as B&B are to ‘Bones.’ Best example I could think of – I watch very little tv.)

    Bottom line – it’ll all work out just fine. It always does. Then again, I could be wrong. 😉

    • I think you’re right no the mark with what you’ve posted here. Both with the way the season will be split, and with the way they’ll incorporate the baby(ies) into the show.

    • Stephen Nathan said about how the episodes will air (no spoilers):
      We’re gonna do as many episodes of Bones as we possibly can. There are realities that we’re dealing with: Emily’s going to be having her baby and taking some time off to enjoy that moment, as she should. And then when she comes back, we’ll do as many episodes as we possibly can. We have a number we hope to achieve, but we just don’t know. Those things are a bit up in the air.

      • I wish we knew that that “number” was 😛 I know ED volunteered to work during the hiatus, but, of course, everyone might not want to do that. I hope we get ~6 eps before ED takes her maternity leave. I won’t be tuning in for the Finder.

      • I don’t know about you folks, but I always want as many episodes of Bones as I possibly can get! 🙂

      • Mary, I am with you. I did not find anything enjoyable about the Finder. He was a cocky jerk. Booth is cocky, but its more born out of a confidence. The Finder was just a whiny guy to me, and kind of weird (what was with that bathroom scene anyway?). So yes Bones, Bones, Bones pleassssssse! 🙂 Thanks

  26. I like the pregnancy– it happens, even to very aware and professional, well-educated people. I think this opens up a whole can of worms for both characters:

    Booth has to wonder if he’s repeating himself with Brennan by having a child out of wedlock as he did with Parker. Brennan, knowing just how hard it’s been for Booth will want the baby to be available to him with few restrictions. How will that work? Will they become a couple and have to navigate and negotiate their different viewpoints on the world, religion, marriage? Will they move in together? If so, where? Will they marry?

    How’s Brennan going to deal with motherhood and the partnership which will more than likely leave her in the lab more often? How will it affect her ability to travel or consult or teach? Will it impede her role as the world’s best forensic anthropologist?

    And how will their real and surrogate families react? I see so much potential here that I really love the idea. I know many people want the goopy or sexy love story, but I think we’re going to get a bit of both along with bickering and angst and comedic moments. We’re going to get B&B back while they are trying to make sense of this whole new dynamic.

    I can see Brennan in the lab more and Cam wishing she was outside with Booth. I can see Sweets sticking in his two cents and Angela being the earth mother and liaison between them at times while she’s trying to be a mother. I can see the interns getting a hormonal Brennan, a harried Booth and a Cam who would rather not be the referee in the almost-but-not-quite domestic squabbles.

    I have no idea how this will work, but I like the potential, I really do. I do know that Booth and Brennan, having endured childhoods fraught with problems, will put the child first, sometimes at their own expense. It’s a TV show– and while sometimes things are presented in ways that require a bit more explanation down the road, I’m going to accept this as a good thing for the show. B&B will have to be parents if not a couple and they will have to work together solving that riddle even if they don’t partner to solve crimes in the same way.

    • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head hear on exactly what they’re going for and what stories they want to tell. 🙂

  27. So, I just had a random thought occur to me… last night was episode 129. They renewed for a full 22 episode season for season seven. That means that the penultimate ep of next season will be episode 150. I can’t even say how awesome I think that is…

  28. You know I’m with most of you guys. I’ll keep watching. Always. I mean this is the only show I watch on TV these days.
    I have faith in the writers. I had faith in th 100th ep and everywhere else and I’m not going to le that wane until I have evident proof that the writers don’t know what they’re doing. No evidence, no conclusions. I will happily await the seventh season in eager, anxious anticipation!

  29. I’m really bummed that I have to head out very shortly and can’t hang around to read all the comments until much later today! But I had to give my two cents worth…

    I said in my Christmas in May post on Tuesday…that Hole in the Heart and the finale ep appeared to be heading full circle back to the S4 finale…End in the Beginning…and that’s just what they did. Even though I felt this, it still surprised me that they went there complete with the “I’m pregnant” thing. Which opens up a whole can of worms in my mind.

    I cannot stress how nothing for B&B has ever been conventional, and won’t be now. HH has never given the fans exactly what they want…and fans should know this. If they expected him to switch gears and change his approach, that’s only wishful thinking. Not gonna happen. And that’s why I watch. It’s not predictable. However…

    We can’t dismiss the fact that the network chose this storyline to continue season 7…over all the scenarios HH proposed. Fox wants the show to work…they are invested in its success, however HH does it. They must have some measure of faith he can pull it off, because, again, the bottom line is business/money.

    I can see how this could work and cause a myriad of situations and problems for B&B to overcome, but I feel a little apprehensive about another baby storyline so close to A&H’s. Personally, that was enough for me…being front and center for a good part of this season…which makes watching Brennan go through the same things anti-climatic. So…

    HH has to change the game, and I believe he has every intention of doing so. Just by announcing the pregnancy first, he’s changed it. We watched A&H do it the normal (and boring for me) way (and I never appreciated A&H being the surrogate couple for B&B). Now we’ll get a whole different set of circumstances to shake up the standard. We’ll get to see B&B work on their relationship, while dealing with a baby on the way, and who knows what else. So even if HH&Co didn’t reinvent the wheel, they are making it go backwards. I think it’s an interesting concept I hope they can pull off.

    I didn’t doubt that B&B “did it” in Hole in the Heart, and that they were a couple in the finale, because these eps had to tie in to EitB. Plus…B&B do subtle…they don’t do big and dramatic. HH has never written them that way. Sure I’m just as anxious to see a little more passion and love from both of them, and I think we will. But what we have now are two mature people who have loved each other for a long time who consummated their relationship in total B&B fashion, but still have many issues to work out. Bring on season 7!!

    • Shrinky, I totally understand your apprehension at the thought of another baby story-line on the coat-tails of the Hodgela baby. I had a fleeting similar thought, but you are so right about them not treating Booth and Brennan’s experience the same way, because they are such a fundamentally different couple. I just don’t see Booth and Brennan having all the slapstick pregnancy cliches as part of their experience that we saw with Hodgins and Ange.

      I mean, can you picture Brennan taking Booth’s pudding because the baby likes pudding? Or him running around like a wild man trying to find his keys?

      I can’t even type that without laughing my head off at how ridiculous it would be. It’s just not who they are. They are overprotective AlphaMalePapaBear!Booth and I’mPregnantNotHelpless!Brennan.

      She’s going to be doing this the scientific route, and I imagine that he’s going to be kind of gushy when she lets. But sometimes she’s just going to need her space. That alone is going to make this an interesting journey. And I think it’s a brilliant idea. They’ve got our attention, that is for sure.

      One other thought; I think you hit the nail on the head with your comment about Booth and Brennan doing subtle and not doing big and dramatic. The eye sex, the lingering looks, the quiet talks, Brainy Smurf, Jasper, the telephone (we all know he knew who that was from), the Christmas tree outside the jail, the Tommy guns, the late night Thai food. That’s what these two are all about: “The what happens between us is ours” moments.

      I think some people are a little put out we didn’t get to see the consummation in the relationship (sorry, couldn’t resist :p), as though we have somehow been left out. But I’m as okay now, with not having seen it, as I was last week with not knowing what happened. That moment was, imho, the ultimate “what’s between us is ours” moment, and I kind of love that they left it that way. But I also love what we were seeing in the aftermath – the calm, and the affection, and the stupid grins. And the confidence that they don’t have to talk about. Or at least they haven’t had to yet. I’m sure a conversation will happen, and I hope we are privy to it. But I’m okay with them having their giddy honeymoon period.

      I’m sure we’ll see the fire and the passion in the bickering and the arguing that is bound to happen as they try to figure out where they go from here. I’d love to see an argument or two where one just ends it by kissing the other and shutting them up. Please Hart? 😉

      • I agree, absolutely. We got to see the unimportant sex (at least, the fighting bed sheets) they had, with Rebecca and Cam and Hannah and Sully and professor guy (can’t remember his name), etc.

        But *that* moment between B&B was just theirs. All theirs. Me, I’m okay with that. It gives it importance, gravity. It says to me, “This is serious. We’re not going to cartoon-ize it.”

        I like that.

      • completely agree – this discretion has always been paramount- and beautiful to watch.


      • Jade, you make my point even better!! We’ve always been shown the sex-for-fun stuff, and the point is that it means nothing in the scheme of things. It is what it is, no more, no less. We did get to see the dream-sex, which was enough for me. Now that dream is a reality, and I don’t need constant reminders, via sex, that these two love each other. Like you said, it’s their eye contact, expressions, and touches that are the most meaningful. So we see them having sex? Big whoop. What does that prove? Nothing, other than they can do it like anybody else. There’s nothing special, in the literal sense.

        What is important is between B&B. Like always. HH is trying to tell everyone that this is serious…it’s real love. And how often have people quoted that line “what goes on between us is ours” – a phrase HH used to explain how B&B act and relate to each other…thinking it was so sweet…but now hate that line, because they don’t believe it should be just “theirs” anymore. They cry foul.

        If people want in-your-face, spell-it-all-out-for-me couples, then there are plenty out there to watch. The uniqueness that these two characters have created is refreshing, to me. Will we ever get to see them actually rolling in the hay? Probably not…unless HH makes a mockery out of everything he’s defined for these characters. But we will see the looks, expressions and touches that are the hallmark of their relationship…in addition to some kissing and holding…but the deed itself? Don’t hold your breath.

        (But just let me add that if HH does decide to change the game, again, and actually show some private moments, I won’t turn my head away…LOL) 😀

      • Shrinky, I lol’ed at your disclaimer at the end.

      • I think we’ll get the private moments, but rather than tangled sheets, it’s going to be tangled ideas and emotions. I think it was tasteful not to show them having sex after Vincent’s death. I think we got the goopy lovey dovey stuff at the bowling alley. HH basically said, here’s the terms of endearment– doll and muffin?– and the smirks and he dressed it up as the clownishly attired Wanda and Buck for a reason. Cute, but the essence of B&B is tied up in how they can talk and have meaningful looks and make sense of their world.

      • MJ, great point about the way this has been handled adding weight and seriousness to it. It’s not just another roll in the hay for either of them. And it’s not going to get treated as such.

        Linda, I think it’s beautiful too. I’m so excited to see how much more so it can be. 🙂

        Shrinky, yes, yes, yes! I love what you said about people who were all gooey about “what happens between us” are now going “hey! that’s not fair!”

        And I laughed hard at your “Big whoop. What does that prove? Nothing, other than they can do it like anybody else. There’s nothing special, in the literal sense.” So very true.

        But back to the “hey, not fair!” folks. They are going to have to come to terms with the fact that, just like there’s more than one time of family; there is more than one type of intimacy. In this case, give me the looks and the gestures – the kind of intimacy that reinforces that this relationship is here to stay – over the breaking the laws of physics kind.

        But, hey, if they want to show us some of those kinds of moments, I’ll be right next to you not looking away. I’ll bring popcorn. 😉 And if not, there’s always fanfic.

        AmandaFriend, that is an excellent point about the goopy, lovey-dovey Buck and Wanda moments. The arm tucked into Booth’s and that kiss on the cheek and the looks before and after were pure Booth and Brennan, they were just dressed in goofy clothes.

  30. Speaking of S7, you know what I want to see?

    I want to see Hannah come back, when Brennan is out-to-here pregnant, and be told the baby is Booth’s.

    And I want something along the lines of, “I tried, but . . . it was always Bones.”

    I know that’s cruel of me, and I don’t care. 😀

    • MJ! I had that exact thought too! In your face Hannah! hahahaha I can see her flying in for some story, stopping by just to say hi to Booth, and then wa-POW baby bump! haha

      • This would be a great summer hiatus post – ideas for S7.

        Are you there, Seels? It’s me….MJ. 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s a little cruel, lol. But there was no love lost between me and Hannah when she left. They’ll probably be all maddeningly adult and mature about it, though. *Sigh*. Even though that would have its own comfort – I would hate to seem them being petty. But if it was me in Hannah’s shoes, I would have a lot of questions about the real story of Booth and Brennan and how I factored in.

    • On the other hand, having Hannah show up (for one episode only) would make Booth admit that he had been forcing himself to move on with Hannah and that he is grateful and happy that it didn’t work. It might clear up any questions Brennan has about the whole Hannah thing. (If she needs it that is)

      • Oh, Lenora, I like that idea! I still need some closure for Brennan with the whole Hannah disaster. Hannah showing up and seeing B&B happy and expecting a baby would be just perfect! I had previously thought I would only want her to come back as a corpse, but this could work 😛

      • Mary, plus we would get the satisfaction of seeing Brennan smiling at Hannah, knowing she had Booth and Hannah is out of luck. Gosh that sounds terrible; but, I hated Hannah forcing a friendship on Brennan and Brennan going along with it to keep Booth in her life. Hannah just rubbed me the wrong way after the sunglasses incident. To quote Caroline, “does that make me a bad person?”

      • Lenora,

        Not at all! Don’t even get me started on Hannah. I just hated her from the get go (I blame her annoying voice/accent). As my grandmom would say, good riddance to bad rubbish!

      • I’m not sure we need Hannah. Whatever Booth said in TDitP the fact is that Hannah *was* a conselation prize and clearly, Brennan is The One. Hannah coming back? All that would happen is Booth would realise how good Brennan is – I mean all that sexual compatibility PLUS the fact that after 7 years they love each other to bits (and always have.) You can’t beat love! Even Brennan realises that now and if Hannah did turn up, I agree with C-Bones, it would all be grown up and civilised – Hannah was never a bitch.

    • LOL! Oh wow, MJ. I have just had so many mental images flit through my brain at that one. It would be an interesting thread for them to tackle, that’s for sure. And difficult to do well and not go into soap territory. But if anyone can do it, it’s this crew.

    • Totally agree with MJ! I don’t think it’s cruel…it’s just closure! 🙂

  31. Reading everyone’s comments from last night and today has really helped me find peace with last night’s episode. I am thrilled for what the characters will be experiencing and I look forward to witnessing more of their story next season. In the meantime, my imagination will be in overdrive 🙂

  32. Random Bones connection of the day!

    Reading an article about Jimmy Fallon spoofing Charlie Sheen/Ashton Kutcher, I came upon this: “Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon believes he’s found the perfect role for Sheen. If Kutcher gets “Men,” then Sheen should get “Punk’d.”…Those puckish acts include pouring soda on some guy’s keyboard, eating an unsuspecting woman’s apple and irritating one office worker by flicking his overhead light on and off.”

    Thank you Caroline and Santa in the Slush for introducing me to the word “puckish”, and thank you to for reminding me of that lovely Bones Christmas kiss.

    • LOL I feel like for a lot of us here, Bones has become like a “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” thing.
      I love it!

  33. Ok, another comment. Can’t help it! Sorry if I’m over-posting!

    I just came across a comment on imdb from someone who said that of course they had to have “done the deed” the night of VNMs death because why else would Angela be so excited…and I know we’ve talked about it, but after last night we know more.

    I think its completely reasonable, still, that Angela would have been THAT excited for just crawling into bed for a cuddle sesh that night. Because Brennan had been avoiding a relationship with Booth for 6 seasons and this would have been BIG news for a best friend I would think.

    And since we’ve worked out a timeline of about 3-4 weeks since HitH, that’s enough time for them to have become intimate and have a pregnancy without it happening that night. Does that make sense? I don’t really like the idea that they started out because of grief like that.

    However, if they started the day/night after Booth came back victorious from shooting Broadsky…I’d be into that idea 🙂 haha. Her man comes home, having saved the day, and because of their cuddle sesh the night before…then they went for it? That seems more plausible, and less icky, to me. They’d still have plenty of time to have been seeing each other secretly in between episodes. I just like the victorious Booth coming home to her and then they start out together as opposed to doing that out of a grief stricken moment.

    Any thoughts?

    • Besides, if they are hiding it because its “theirs” its more reasonable that she told Angela of a cuddle session, than to reveal any intimate connections they made later. The cuddling, Booth probably wouldn’t mind her sharing with her BFF, but anything more is “theirs” and it came later.

    • bb, didn’t you think it was funny that Max kept giving Booth looks and Booth kept asking What? I thought the second time that that happened I thought, maybe, that Booth and Brennan must be dating on the sly and Booth was annoyed that Max wasn’t buying the innocent act. The smirk on Max’s face at the bowling alley told me that he had figured out something about Booth and Brennan and liked that he knew.

      • For me Booth’s reactions to Max’s reactions were really an indication that B&B were finally a couple, a real couple. And it sure did seem that Max thought so too. 🙂 Even if no one else was aware or gave indication of being aware.

      • Lenora…yes! I loved Max’s reaction. It started at the restaurant, when he was suspicious of them already. It took me right back to earlier when he’d asked Booth if he was sleeping with his (Max’s) daughter…and then told Booth he wanted a good man for her. Then at the bowling alley, when he saw that kiss…Max knew. Crafty ol’ Max…he knew. And Booth knew he knew. Loved that moment!

      • bb, that may have been why Brennan had a look of concern (or dread) on her face when she was outside the restaurant. She knows that Max is very observant and he had a sense about people like Booth. She probably knew that the jig would be up once they were around Max.

      • Lenora, that is a really good observation. I bet they were doing a great job of keeping it secret at work, especially if there hadn’t been many cases after Broadsky…but you bring Max into the picture, and they’d have more trouble hiding it there! And I thought it was so adorable that they couldn’t keep their new relationship hidden all the way with little touches, glances, and mentions of babies 🙂

      • bb, and the kiss in the bowling alley was so happy. There wasn’t anything forced about it. They were relaxed and it seemed so affectionate. Like a couple that are committed to each other. Yay…….

    • I think they left that as an open possibility on purpose for those who feel that way. Sort of like, “Yeah, they did it. But we’re not saying exactly when, or how often!”
      Personally, I wouldn’t have minded if they did. This is just one of those issues people will be split on, so it’s hard for me to label right/wrong here.

    • bb, it reminds me of arthurian legends where the queen gives an item of hers to her favourite knight before he goes into battle and the knight gains strength from it and triumphs in battle. Booth was at peace the morning after. After the conversation with Agent Shaw and he was walking out the door saying ‘…help me get revenge’, he smiled which is very unlike him considering the fact that VNM had just died and he was trying to find the sniper.
      They have been in a ‘relationship’ for a very long time – maybe not the way we know it, but in a form of it – so them consumating it whenever was a case of when and not if.
      All the looks, touches and smiles did it for me. If they keep those up, I’m a happy camper.
      Angela was too happy for them not to have done it. They’ve shared rooms/beds before on assignment so if it was just a cuddle, Angela would not have that big smile on her face all through to the end of HitH.

  34. I almost forgot to say this!! The ending sort of threw me off track….haha…but anyone notice who the mom was in the opening sequence???? She was the “enemy” in the Sabrina the Teenage Witch!!! Libby, I think?? I noticed it right off, but B&B distracted me just a tiny bit!

    • Yep, that was Libby! And that kid was horrible.

    • bb, THANK YOU for posting this. I kept thinking “wow she looks familiar… who is she? I know I’ve seen her somewhere” and then got distracted by the epic awesomeness that was the episode and forgot all about her. How fitting is it that Libby had a bratty kid? 😉

  35. Hello, a long-time lurker here.

    I’m loving this discussion as much as I enjoyed the finale and I LOVE that Brennan is carrying Booth’s baby! I also think it would have been nice to see a bit more obvious kissing etc though but Booth and Brennan looking at each other by the end, there, that kinda made up for most of it.

    I just wanted to throw in a curve ball. I”ve pondered on this for a long time.Is it possible that ED and DB have exercised their right as producers to generally stay away from the schmooching? They are really good friends in real life and if you see the SitS extended take, the background post- comments on EitB etc. they seem to do a lot of mucking about when it comes to love scenes and kissing. Maybe they just prefer to avoid it? I mean, it’s probably like kissing a sister/brother in that sort of relationship.

    …Or that, just maybe, they are consumate professionals and HH and SN are pulling all the strings. 😉


    • Sometimes I kinda wonder about that, too. But they are actors. I don’t think they have the actual power to say they won’t do those scenes just because it may feel a little funny to them.

      • By rationing the kisses and the touches and whatnot on the show, it makes each one special. Can you go back and catalog the Hodgela kisses and touches in the same way? Nope.

        It creates tension, pure and simple. Think of it as that special treat– it makes it that much more special when you indulge yourself. While I think ED and DB might have some input on some aspects of their characters and the show, I doubt their personal feelings are the reason for the scarcity of kisses and hugs.

        The two smiles at the end of the episode saythis is a good thing. If they sealed the deal with a kiss or a hug, what does it add? Yes, they are a couple? Leave the kiss and the hug out and the question remains: Are they a couple? Without any evidence, it draws us back in. It may not be “real”. per se, but it is good TV.

  36. For those of you needing a pick me up, I found an awesome fanvid:

  37. Here’s a thing I realized in the shower today that probably ties in with this discussion. This murder was solved really quickly, I would guess within 24 hours. As such, we wouldn’t get to see much of Booth and Brennan hanging out as a couple because there wasn’t time. The only break in the day I can feasibly imagine is that they discovered the body the night before and then got the Thunderballs information the next morning. And NO WAY would HH & co give up the goods that early in the show 😉

    I can’t help but think that one night of grief sex-(and here’s why the pregnancy makes a lot of sense to me, because big emotional moments need a release and usually you’re not thinking about protection) one night would not be enough. They wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off each other. I mean, we all can see this plain as day, right? If they are tentatively exploring a physical relationship, I can imagine them wanting to keep things on the DL. A place where they know they’re going to get together, but right now the commitment aspect of it seemed a bit too much to take on emotionally. In which case, they wouldn’t be advertising it–both of them know that it will be a BIG FREAKING DEAL to everyone else when they get together. Once it’s official, in a way, it’s not theirs any more. Therefore, HH & co give us a day where they’ve been together and they’re trying to act normal (but they’re just a little too chummy and the chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS, as Max notices), and between the case and the other big news (another reason to keep quiet–they don’t want to steal the Hodgins-Montenegro family thunder)–they’re too busy to make out or kiss or whatever.

    And so we speculate, as we so love to do!

    The smiles really do tell us all we need to know: as Booth says, “They had a baby, and they love each other. This is the best day of their lives.” And, well, it’s clearly one of the best days of their (B&B’s) lives. Then the evil geniuses cut right after the smiles. I’m pretty convinced by body language that there would at the very least be a very big hug coming (Brennan sort of leans back a bit and then moves toward him once she starts smiling).

    Happy sighs.

    • I love your analysis! It makes me feel a lot better since we, the audience, didn’t really see much of booth and Brennan’s “relationship”. I guess it’s ok if everyone else on the show is out of the loop too 🙂 I really hope we learn more next season, though.

    • In the shower. Don’t you just love how thinking about this show happens just about everywhere, at anytime?

      Ah, obsession. Such a great companion 🙂

    • Bookishandi, I’ve had this exact same thought too! I figured that the dam “would break” (to quote a certain Dr L Sweets) and once they’d done it the once, the outpouring of emotion would mean they’d be at it like rabbits.

      What do we know? That on at least two occasions before the end of TPitH, Brennan exchanged a look – of relief and happiness – to Angela – that the man she loved, and had just made love to, was safe and killed the bad guy. Then we see that wonderful eyesex with Booth when they’d bought Vincent’s coffin out, only it was more than that – there was a look of adoration between them. Then the big one and the little bit I have replayed 20 or 30 times since (I’m such a nerdy shipper, *lol*) the way Brennan takes Booth’s arm. The way that gesture was made and the body language surrounding it, how she put her head on his shoulder, how he so happily noted she’d done it and leaned into her a little, Angela’s reaction – all says “you too are *so* a couple” to me. And I squeeeeed. 🙂 Hugew credit to ED and DB as well for the acting. I don’t know why ED gets a hard time about her line delivery etc when she is clearly a terrific actress – the nuances in her reactions are wonderful.

      We also see at the beginning of TCitG how comfortable they are, although clearly HH and co are keen not to give us too much… but the way they are in front of Max – they really are like an old married couple and actually I didn’t think it was about them being “polite” to each other, they were like a couple at ease with each other spoke volumes to me.

      I guess, as Megan says below, we just don’t get so much of the relationship at this stage.

      The only question I have is whether they’d have had repeated sex. My gut says “of course they would”, as they themselves agreed, they would be extremely compatible and once two people with healthy sex drives who are madly in love go down that road, they wouldn’t be able to resist each other. Hy head says “well that’s all well and good but how would they have tackled the birth control issue?” and by this I mean the first time, spur-of-the-moment comfort sex would have happened and I can’t believe they wouldn’t have had an awkard conversation about birth control. Brennan is very circumspect about these things and would have realised pretty soon afterwards what had occurred. Subsequent couplings would have been less spontaneous and surely at some point they’d have considered condoms or something. Maybe the emotion of the moment gave them a touch of amnesia on that count.

      I love that they are together, I love she is pregnant with his child but my only small crumb of sadness is that I would have liked to see them enjoy being together for a while with the full relationship but without the pressure of the pregnancy and then the baby, because for the first few months, that baby is going to take over everything.

  38. Just a random thought regarding the UST.

    Whilst they may have done it (May? they did – I am so not in tune with those who think she was inseminated. What the?), we haven’t seen it. The tension is still there because we haven’t seen B&B at that level. Brilliant writing, in my opinion, as it allows us to continue wanting more while getting rid of the ‘will they won’t they’.

    We need to see more to fully appreciate these 2 as a couple because we haven’t been given enough yet. If we’d seen the build up to the moment, we’d feel like this was the end. With this development we are still going to get excited by all the displays of affection because we haven’t been bombarded by it, yet with the safe knowledge that these two will be OK 🙂

    As an aside, I LOVE the idea of the post Broadsky love making which happened after a grief filled night of cuddling and declaration. My little head will believe this until proven otherwise 🙂

  39. This comment will actually be in response to Sarah’s post, because I think I was just commenting off other comments. How exactly will this work?
    We just got hit with the news of pregnancy recently. They’ve explored different possibilities of what to do, and came up with this one. I would hope that they have a pretty good idea of how this will work, changing everything yet nothing. Once again, there is a plan, so I’m just going to rest assured in that, and while speculating can be fun, I’m not going to speculate myself into woe and doom by choice. I would need further evidence 😉

  40. I, for one, LOVE how subtle this entire ordeal has been. I thought the way they had B&B finally getting together sans the drama of romantic scenes was genius. And I totally agree that they could not keep their hands off each other after one night of sex (they’ve totally been sneaking around). I don’t need to see them being all “coupley” because, let’s be real, we’ve had six seasons of them in pre-dating phase. I just would’ve liked a hint of confirmation. So, they best bring on one great opening scene for the premiere.
    However, the baby thing is a little premature for me (but I get it ED is preggo for real, it has to be done). Honestly, I think B&B will have plenty of backup with a baby on the way. There’s Max and Cam’s daughter, who has taken the year off from school to work, etc. Heck, they may even bring in a better character for the B&B nanny. There’s a lot of people saying Bones writers jumped the shark, but who is not excited to watch Brennan be pregnant and deal with baby and baby daddy issues? Especially when that baby daddy is Booth? Sounds EXCELLENT to me. They have so many personality issues that the character subplot is just going to thrive off of. Not to mention, how awesome would it be if she has a girl? Baby Bones and Baby Hodgins?! I’m squealing already.

    I am worried about how they’re going to fit Parker into all of this. Don’t give two cents about Rebecca, but Booth does have a kid already.

    Also, their partnership?! I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot more of Perotta, which I’m sure will raise some interesting issues for B&B as well.

    Overall: PSYCHED!!!

  41. I’m still processing that she’s pregnant, as I’m sure a lot of you guys are too, haha, but I’m really excited about it! It would be nice to have seen all the couple-y things before she gets pregnant but hopefully we’ll get them next season…There’s no way to know what its going to be like and I CAN’T WAIT TIL SEPTEMBER. I really hope the show doesn’t become all about the baby, and I definitely don’t want a repeat of the Hodgela baby plotline, it would be so repetitive…But B&B are so different from A/H so their experiences better be unique, I just can’t see Brennan’s pregnancy going the same way Angela’s did.
    I loved the Adele song they used in the last scenes, it was so perfect..I was tearing up!
    And I really hope they have a girl! How cute would that be!!

    • Rachel…yes. They need to have a girl. Then Brennan can suggest an arranged marriage to be formed by both families for Little Girl Booth and Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins. You know, to consolidate the families wealth (Hodgins and Brennan=superwealth), ensure a proper gene pool to come together with the varied abilities and skills of all 4 of them, and because that’s how ancient civilizations used to do it. It’s totally rational 🙂

      • Like 🙂

      • I smell a story cookin’…..(the new) Dr. Brennan, Hodge jr, and Parker— new team of awesome.

        (I don’t read much fanfiction, but if someone decides to write about everyone 20-something years in the future, my interest is peaked….)

  42. Not really disappointed, but like most of the other commenters I’ve read, it would have been nice to see at least a hug. A touch, even. After six seasons and 130 or so episodes, I do not mind a change in the relationship. I am guessing that when Season 7 opens, we will be fast-forwarded to a few months from now. If so, I will miss seeing the initial reactions of several characters. Didn’t M. Conlin do a great job last week in reacting to Brennan (“I got into bed with Booth last night.”) Wouldn’t you like to see the reaction of, say, Angela, Sweets, Caroline, etc. hearing that Brennan and Booth are expecting? I wonder if we will see a glimpse of some other characters next season. How much will we see of Parker? What about Pops? Wouldn’t Gordon Gordon like to hear the news? Maybe Avalon (C. Lauper)? Or Hannah? Is she still friends with Brennan?
    I don’t it’s going to be all baby all the time. Most of the episodes aren’t all relationship all the time. It seems like most episodes are 90+ percent about the case—with maybe a tidbit about the Booth/Brennan relationship at the end.
    I assume the writers will spend hours thinking how the relationship will turn. Wouldn’t it be consistent for Booth to want to get married? Will they even live together? Will Booth insist that Brennan stay out of the field—and of any danger? What about the whole FBI frowns on partners becoming intimate? Will the baby be born in the middle of the season, or in the season finale? Many more questions, I’m sure.

    • Elp, regarding your last paragraph, I think this exactly what will be addressed next season. They disagree on some many things – marriage, religion etc etc that the writers will have some fun addressing these issues whilst still moving the charaters on their path to happiness. I do note (with caution) Brennan’s comment to cousin Margaret back in S5 that she hadn’t found a reason to get married or something similar so I believe she is moving in that direction (if you compare to S1 Brennan who outright hated marriage.) I can easily see Brennan proposing to Booth such is the quirky nature of their relationship, and also Booth’s track record with proposals. Mind you, third time’s a charm… 😉

  43. You know, its weird, but as the day has worn on, I do find myself more pessimistic about this turn of events. I do feel cheated. I mean, instant baby? I think there are creative things they can do, but I was all set to just be excited about Angela and Hodgins little one, and this kind of stole the thunder! I was all set to be uber excited about the “falling into bed with Booth” thing all summer because thats a huge leap in itself…but then they leaped again! I do feel kind of robbed, straight to a baby, eh?

    And its not like I don’t want it eventually. I do want a happy little Boothy family someday, but the timing here seems forced. I want to see them date! Or hide it from the team for awhile…play around with Sweets…something! We go from the 100th ep breakup to this in lightening speed! And yes, I know that these things can happen in real life….but this isn’t real life, its my fantasy world! haha

    I don’t know, I’m just feeling weird, and apprehensive…I find myself wanting another coma dream situation (though I really don’t) or maybe it be a false pregnancy scare??? Oohh has anyone mentioned that yet? I would not want them to suffer something so sad as a miscarriage, but maybe a false pregnancy might fix it! Oh dear, I’m rationaliizing here.

    But someone mentioned only getting to see them as a couple during the bowling ep. And if that’s it, I will feel sad, because there is something special about watching them go through this new relationship that we got just a hint of as Buck and Wanda, that I’d love to see more of.

    Its just funny that I’m feeling worse as the day has gone on, when last week after HinH, reading the comments and theories here made me feel so good! Am I making sense at all here? It is rather late/early, but I had to share!

    • I think a big change like this SHOULD cause a mixed-bag of emotions—which is EXACTLY happened with the fans. I can only imagine what Brennan herself feels….Kind of a like a happy slap in the face. It’s not a bad thing really, but wow, does it pack a punch.

      We are all just that much more anxious to see if there are hints of all the things people are mentioning/questioning. Reading the interviews made me feel somewhat optimistic, but still worried me a bit because (though I think deep down I don’t believe it) I didn’t really want them to be together just for the baby (but now typing that out and reading it, I kind of can laugh about it)— If that were really the case, just staying together for the baby, then the show we all watched over the last 6 years was a different one.
      I guess in a sense, it is….These two have grown closer, but in that we see a behavior that seems more distant. I see couples, like my parents, get to a point after being together for so long, where the bond is so strong that not much needs to be said or done. It really becomes a deep “partnership”…..

      ….It’s like Booth and Brennan (now especially with the baby coming)—have done everything backwards; done everything THEIR own way. And going by the interviews as well, I mean really, can we expect anything less? This is THEIR story. It won’t always and often be what we want or even THEY want. It’s unique and with all it’s kinks, it’s still a beautiful thing.

      I still have faith in Avalon’s words:

      “Don’t worry. This all works out.” 🙂

  44. Hi,
    De-lurking to unload a little…
    Anyone else feel the twinge of betrayal that we have not seen B&B keep their candle-burned promise?
    To me it’s like this: The actors and the story are working to make *us* feel certain emotions. The idea of B&B together is an investment that they wanted us to make.
    From Hannah-gone to Blizzard there is an *intentional* focus on that investment. To not ‘finish’ that scene (the candles burning the dates) in an equally intentional way would suggest that — well, what? The writers forgot? It was never serious?
    I hope not.
    If they don’t close the loop and take us down the romance-road and let us see the love that was building, then we are right to feel betrayed.
    I don’t think this has happened yet, but I feel it must, and before we all forget the impact of the scene. If it never closes, then I really will feel betrayed by the show.
    So, my prediction: There has to be some kind of intentional closure, or as you Bones-bunch call it, shipping. Even if it’s only the start of some new level between B&B, there has to be a visible acknowledgment of the story so far.
    Imagine writing a paragraph, and just not endi
    (See? Like that. It would suck.)


    • I never really thought that the dates and the candle-burning were real. It really was more whimsical. It may have been cute, but there are others who hated that. Brennan certainly didn’t believe in it, and that was actually the only reason she did it. My understanding was what we were supposed to take from the moment was that these two people still had the desire to be together, but when the time was right. It’s not like they could actually predict when. Maybe the reality is that they can make certain plans, but things happen in life to derail them (coffee cart, anyone?). I guess that would be the writers going with reality over fantasy, so of course it would make some upset.

      • Hi,
        Yeah, I see what you mean, but surely they poured-on the ‘special’ in that candle scene?

        It was an intentional manipulation of *us*, giving hope that there would be closure. If they simply drop that arc then why did they bother to make it quite so special?

        I guess I am talking about story-telling. Why build to a fever-pitch and then not close? Too many devices like that splashed with the cold water of ‘reality’ and I begin to feel there is no point in reading the book any further.

        I know I am a part of the deal: I am the audience. Unless I invest in the emotions of the show, I may as well not watch. Or watch only the murder-mystery bits and tune-out on the B&B subplot. See what I mean?

        If the writers are worth their ink, I think they have to close the B&B arc that they so skillfully began to draw in the end of season 6. If not, then I will not trust the rest of the story: it becomes arbitrary.

        That candle scene was a promise between B&B about closure (of the initial stage) as well as a promise between them and *us*. I guess that’s my point in a nutshell.

        Well, this B&B thing has been a ride. For me it’s like a dirty secret; like keeping a cache of Mills & Boon under my bed! 🙂

        In a state of pure hope, even as the Imp of the perverse clutches my shoulder, I will keep watching anyway.


  45. When Parker met Hannah for the first time he asked her, “Would you have kids?” Hannah says something like, “No. There are children in this world that need good homes. If I decided to have a child, I would adopt one of those children.” Parker responds, “That’s a good answer.” I remember thinking that Hannah’s answer seemed very much what she felt and something that she had never discussed with Booth. Do you think Booth planned to have more children with whoever he ended up with?

    I wonder how Parker would feel about having a little brother or sister. Personally, I think he would love it. I sincerely hope that HH&Co address it.

    • honestly, i think Parker will be like many kids who at first get jealous of their new sibling because the baby of the family gets all the attention- but then later learns to love the baby. I think this would make for a good episode because it would include Booth making sure Parker getting all the attention he needs and probably Brennan hanging out with Parker as well and they would all be a family together and i just think that would be awesome. It makes for some conflict and a lesson learned at the end of the episode from both Parker and B&B. I dont know about other people but I am hoping there will be an episode like that when the baby is born.

      • I just discovered this site today! Booth’s reaction to Brennan’s news was just pure joy. No, it wasn’t planned but I think them becoming family was something they both wanted. Booth clearly loves being a father to Parker, even if it happened under circumstances that were probably not what Booth could have envisioned for himself. I thought it was interesting that in TCINTG when “Wanda” expressed concern to Buck about having a child like Amber to “Buck” Booth’s response seemed to be more abouut a child of theirs just would never be like Amber…. The timing of the baby may be early in the relationship, but I think it’s something they both would have wanted at some point. Can you imagine if they had tried to plan becoming parents? Despite the fact that that has been done ad nauseum on telelvision, I think the issues surrounding having a child could have gotten in the way so, really, this is the best way this could have happened for them. As for Parker…. well… I think that will be interesting. I could see him being a little jealous of a new sibling after having his dad to himself all his life….also if Booth and Brennan establish a home for their child – one where they are all under the same roof – I think it’s believeable to have Parker wonder why this couldn’t happen with his mother or worry how he’ll fit into the new family dynamic. I also agree that in hindsight the scene with Parker and Hannah is very telling. He liked her answer, he seemed to like that she didn’t seem to want to have a baby with his dad. As for Booth dating Hannah and her not seeming to want children…. I could see that. Who knows, Booth may never have thought he’d be a father at all but when Parker was born he fell in love with his son, no doubt. He said several times during the series that he loved his son and wouldn’t trade having him in his life – even if it wasn’t alway easy, i.e. his and Rebecca’s relationship. However, he never talked about having or hoping for more children in the future. However, he did seem very content with his comma dream where he and Brennan were expecting. … and I think that had a lot to do with becoming connected to her specifically creating a family with her.

        For some reason, I can see B & B getting a nanny/housekeeper to help keep their household running while they are doing their thing. Brennan could certainly afford it. I don’t see their home life/child taking up a lot of time….maybe glimpses every once in a while…. and, of course, little related parenting debates coming up in the midst of an investigation.

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