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Together Again for the First Time


{Edit from Seels: This post from Owl was ready earlier this week, but I still wasn’t sure how it was all going to work with the finale on here, so I asked her if we could wait. She was gracious and said yes…}

A little while ago, random Bones and book quotes were running through my head. It’s a common occurrence for me (quotes get stuck in my head as easily as songs, sometimes), so I wasn’t too surprised when quotes from Bones started to pop into my head. Then three words popped into my head: “self-absorbed bubbles.” I heard them in Caroline’s voice, but I knew that Caroline didn’t say them. In fact, the phrase came from one of my favorite book series, from the fourth book, DragonFire. I even knew who said it (a character named Granny Noon), to whom she said it (the main character, her husband, and their friend and his wife), and, even weirder, that it was at the end of one of the first few chapters. It was strange, though, because the more I thought about the full quote, the more sense it made… with Bones. The human subconscious is strange, isn’t it? I mean, two seemingly unrelated quotes all come together, for one really big discovery. And that’s where it ties in with Bones.

I started to think about where the quote came from, in context. In the story, Wizard Kale Allerion, the main character, and her husband, Sir Bardon, have been married for approximately a year. They have been clearing their home, the Bogs, of an evil race of swamp monsters called mordakleeps. They came out of the Bogs when Kale found the key to get rid of a spell that was steadily killing their friend Gilda, wife to their friend Wizard Regidor. They save their friend at Granny Noon’s home (mind you, this is chapter four of the book, there is more to come), and Kale, Bardon, Regidor, and Gilda, thinking they’re settling down for the evening, are greeted with this:

“The warm room exuded comfort and peace. Granny Noon, sitting in her favorite chair, took up her knitting, gave the rocker a little shove with her foot, and took a stitch. ‘My dears, you’ve been ensconced in your self-absorbed bubbles for too long. I’m afraid it’s time to come out and see where Paladin needs you. We all have work to do.’” Donita K. Paul, DragonFire

Does this quote sound familiar to you? Like say, something Caroline said to everyone as she called them in the beginning of Mastodon in the Room? Does it remind you of what Cam said to Brennan in Mastodon in the Room? It sure did, to me, and it really got me thinking: what if that’s why season 6 is so disjointed? That it’s supposed to be?

This entire season (one of my favorite seasons so far, still), I’ve attempted to latch my fingers around all of the themes. Some are easy, like trust, which I believe is one of the main themes of the series, or giving up everything for love, or changing for love, but some were more difficult, because so many stories were being told at once. Then it hit me, a few nights ago. That’s the point. They are connected in their disconnection.

Before I take that further, let’s talk bubbles.

In the aftermath of the 100th episode, everyone pulled into their own bubbles. Brennan pulled away for perspective. Booth pulled away because he was hurt. Hodgins and Angela fell into each other, and away from the rest (Hodgins didn’t want to break in a new anthropologist and agent, and Angela wanted Paris). Sweets and Daisy fell away from each other, and into their own bubbles (Daisy went to make new anthropological discoveries and Sweets went to discover himself). Cam’s bubble was built around her, relating to her work. Each intern also built a bubble as he went in a new direction, academically, socially, emotionally, or economically.

I think that when Caroline pulled them all back in Mastodon in the Room, it weakened the bubbles a bit… but they still weren’t cohesive, you know? Every issue that was dealt with was very isolated, and alone. Cam’s problems with Paul and Michelle? Alone. Hodgins and Angela’s baby’s blindness? Alone. Brennan’s discovery in Doctor in the Photo? Alone. Sweets’ reaction to the death of the Gravedigger? Alone. Booth’s relationship with Hannah? Alone. Each one of these issues was dealt with alone. Each character did not find solace in each other’s’ advice and Caroline really was the lynchpin in more than one circumstance (bringing them back together, and talking to Sweets after the Gravedigger was killed) and I wonder if this is why Caroline was brought in so often this season – for a while, she was the glue. They were connected in their disconnection.

Then something started to happen. With Doctor in the Photo, Brennan started to reach out a tiny bit. She stayed with Booth at the end of Daredevil in the Mold. She tells him at the end of Blackout in the Blizzard that she would like to be together, with him, once she lost her imperviousness. He said that he needed to stop being angry, as well. To hold this promise, they burned paper, together, in the same candle. Maybe the message here is that they can’t do this alone anymore, that they have to do it together.

This was first part of the journey back to “team”. The partnership that originally cemented the team was moving back into place (changed, but back into place). For the rest of the team, though, it needed a budge.

That is where Hole in the Heart came in. The team needed a push. The bubbles needed to be broken. They needed a common cause to rally behind to become a team again.

I read an article a while back where Stephen Nathan said that the death was a reminder to the team that they a dangerous job. In a way, it is a reminder (echoing Mastodon in the Room) that they can’t do what they do alone. What they do, who they are, is not them individually, but how they fit into the bigger picture – the human web so to speak.

Remember in The Finder, how Walter talked about the web of interconnectedness of everyone and everything, and how we have become mollusks trying to understand stars that we can’t even see? What if the Jeffersonian team, Booth, and Sweets, like Walter, are the ones connecting that web, through themselves? What if that connection was broken, during the 100th episode, and now, as we see it, is starting to connect again?

Booth’s anger and Brennan’s imperviousness could not have been breached until they met it together, that night after Vincent’s death. Booth could not have caught Broadsky had Hodgins not have found those items and translated for Brennan, had Angela not figured out the ID tag that Hodgins could not, had Sweets not advised Booth to Broadsky’s motives, and had Cam not kept them going as a team. As the final moments of the showdown became clear, it became evident that the team was regaining its family status once again. They all sat upstairs, together, waiting for the result, and hugged when they knew. In a moment I first thought was annoyingly clichéd and somehow became beautiful, the team would not have been able to mourn Vincent properly, together, had they not rediscovered their fellowship, their connection, in sharing his life and favorite song. Suddenly, they stopped being a team, and once again became a family.

Since the end of season 5, the themes have been giving up something for love, and changing oneself for someone else. Isn’t that, although seemingly selfless, in a way, selfish, in the ways that they did try to change? Weren’t the final goals for themselves, not the person they were giving up or changing things for? Wasn’t it all for need of a greater connection, something that they already had, but didn’t realize? What if this, in fact, was the pachyderm in the room, this need for a greater connection? Isn’t this what Bones is about, the need of human beings to connect to each other? Isn’t that the main goal of Brennan’s journey, for to connect with other people in a way she hasn’t before? Isn’t it, in a way, a search for a family?

And now, the family is found again (and, interestingly enough, as the family grows a little bit more, quite literally). What does that mean for the series? It is obviously not over yet (hooray for a season 7 pickup!). It won’t be an easy journey. Sure, the connections were reformed and the bubbles popped, but it takes time to rebuild. I think that is where this new season is bringing us. We are going to watch the family grow and change, but most importantly remain a family.

So goodbye, Vincent, I’m sorry to see you go.

Welcome back, Jeffersonian and FBI family, we missed you.


Author: Owl

Observant owl-lover that remembers too much, especially about history. Also a museum nerd.

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  1. *claps wildly*

    That’s all i’ve got so…..

    *continues to clap while grinning like a loon*

  2. Wow, good job. You are right. Booth, Bones, the Squints have all been disconnected since the Beginning in the End. It started to unravel in 100; but, the whole Bones family did implode by the end of season 5 and for the reasons you stated. Season 6 has been disturbing in many ways. I have tried to put my finger on why; but, I think you really hit on it. Everyone has been alone in their journey since BitE. Each has been wrapped up in their own problems, their own desires, their own escape from pain. Each has forgotten the strength they derive from being a “family”. We had to see the imbalance of the individuals to then see the balance of the “family”. I too think that season 6 was neccessary, that Hole In the Heart was neccessary to bring the family back together. To make the individuals see that being together is their protection in life, their source of strength and their shield from the evil that can come into your life. We saw them come together in the end with their tribute to Vincent (a song provided by Brenna who knew Vincent better than the others). It brought Booth and Brennan together to fulfill the promise that the friendship has always hinted at. A true and loving partnership.

  3. I think “bubbles” just became my new favorite word…..

    Great and uplifting post. And about hearing quotes from other things in Bones…..Not weird. Not in my opinion anyway. I constantly connect/compare characters and situations from different stories with each other. It makes for not only good conversation, but often through one story I found clarity in another. I see so many snippets of similarity between Bones (both characters and the way the storyline is being handled) in other things.

    All comes back to connections— within and outside the boundaries of this series.

    And to make a note on the VNM tragedy and what that meant for the team:
    What pops into my noggin is the ol’ “Crisis and Opportunity” idea; Yin and Yang….and how “without suffering there can be no compassion”. How good things come out of the bad. All necessary for growth. It’s beautifully sad.

    ….Damn, can someone start a class/course on the “Psychology and Philosophy of Bones”?

    • Had to. One of the best Bones videos. Totally belongs here.

    • Brilliant idea — the course, I mean.

      It’s a philosophy course on the mind-body problem. The Mind-Body Problem: The Philosophy of Bones. Or, The Philosophy of Bones: Exploring the Mind-Body Problem. I won’t go into what that problem is, but it’s a legit issue in philosophy of religion. That’s the trick, to take your favorite pass time and turn it into a legitimate topic within your field. Thus, I have been working on a paper on Images of Business in The Simpsons. Love the Simpsons, am a business academic.

      • “That’s the trick, to take your favorite pass time and turn it into a legitimate topic within your field.”


        I’m in grad school for public history (basically museum studies plus spending a lot of time looking at how the public understands history). I recently wrote a paper on collective memory of museums based on how museums are portrayed on television, and I used Bones as one of my case studies. It was such a fun paper to write.

      • Wait… a museum paper on Bones? *incredibly jealous* That would be so much fun to write. 😀

      • I smell a new project for the summer…..DO IT.

  4. I love the bubble analogy, Owl. You’ve done a great job of tying everything together here. And I love the way you tied in the quote. “Self-absorbed bubbles.” I’ll have to remember that one…

  5. What a great take on this season! I’ve really enjoyed the journey these characters have been on. Even though I sometimes didn’t like the way things were going, I always had faith that they’d come back together.

    I’m truly looking forward to Season 7 and a whole new journey.

  6. WOW! That’s all I can say…wow!! Excellent-ly put!!!

  7. I’ll add another WOW! Totally awesome post.

  8. Another Wow. Well done, indeed.

  9. Wow, just.. wow. 🙂

    (p.s. Congrats on graduating!!) 🙂

  10. Well done,
    I didn’t know BT existed when MitR premeried, but when I saw that episode I felt the same way. I thought HH used that as a way to tell us that this season is going to be about getting rid of that Mastodon. The whole season. I took it as a prequel for what was to come. I could see and feel the disjointedness int hat first show, and knew it was a portent for what was to come. Then when Hannah showed up, I felt vindicated. I said to myself, “You’re right”. They really need to get it together again. Just like Bones and Booth ‘broke up’, the team broke up, and the stupid mastondon was there for most of the season.

    Great insight.

  11. Brilliant summary of the season! I hadn’t thought of it this way. Maybe that is why we didn’t see Angela and Brennan’s friendship as much as we would have liked in the beginning but got to see it more in these last few episodes. The Mastodon did affect the whole team and not just B&B — glad that Mastodon is gone now and so looking forward to season 7.

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  13. Beautiful.

    I was grinning like an idiot as if I had found something I had lost. I totally get what you’re saying, have nothing to add and totally agree.

    Vincent was a good, strong factual glue too.

  14. Don’t mind me. I’ll just be standing over here, doing a slow clap.

    And humming the “Leg Bone connected to the Hip Bone” song . . . .

  15. No slow clap, MJ. Hannah was a fan of the slow clap!

    Fast clap, fast clap!

    Briilliant essay. The center must hold, after all, right? The center did not, and it knocked everyone for a loop. Now the center is back, and everyone’s back on board, locked in, tight, all those good Boothy euphemisms.

    I have no idea what is up with the pregnancy or how that will factor in and I don’t even want to think about it actually, but at least at the end of Hole in the Heart we had our Jeffersonian family back together again.

  16. I think that, perhaps, there’s another layer to be found in that beautiful “connected in their disconnection” bubble analogy. I have no clue if actual science supports this analogy, but it seems fairly accurate based on my experiences blowing bubbles with the kids in the backyard. 🙂

    Have you ever seen two bubbles that are connected? Instead of becoming one big bubble, each bubble retains it’s integrity, joined on one side, yet still completely isolated from one another by their shared wall (connected in their disconnection). BUT, once connected, the bubbles can’t be separated again without at least one (if not both) of the bubbles breaking. Perhaps, in a way, this is what we saw happening with some of the members of the team in the second half of the season. I’m thinking specifically here of Hodgins/Angela and Wendell in The Blackout in the Blizzard and Booth and Brennan in The Daredevil in the Mold/The Blackout in the Blizzard, but I think you could extend the analogy to several of the other characters as well.

    As the second half of the season unfolds, small groups of bubbles begin to form. And as they do, they draw strength from each other, even as they maintain their separation. When Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray made his confessions in The Truth in the Myth, all of those smaller bubble groups – Hodgins and Angela (and Wendell too), Cam, and Brennan (and by extension Booth, who I think would have brought Sweets along for the ride too) – join into one big, drippy, bubbly mass with VNM in the center. Connected, but still disconnected…until VNM’s bubble burst in The Hole in the Heart and started a chain reaction. One by one (or maybe even all at once) all the rest of the bubbles burst (leaving them all a little bit wet and soapy)…connected, yet no longer disconnected.

    Wow that sounds sappy. But I think it works.

    • I love that analogy.

    • I like it. It doesn’t sound sappy to me. It’s a nice analogy.

    • it’s not sappy, it’s soapy!

      Poor VNM in Truth in the Myth. 😦 I was spoiled then and I remember watching it and thinking “oh drink up Vincent, your days are numbered anyway!”

    • Steph, that’s a great analogy – and a great observation about bubbles. Makes me want to go play with some. 😉

      • How many times had the group gotten together? How many times did we see everyone together in the same room?

        A few times– Mastodon (where they broke apart into separate groups again), Brennan’s science guy performance, Cam’s presentation on the slave ship– but the times when the group is together in a social setting are almost nonexistent. Booth doesn’t go to the baby announcement party. After that, the next time (and I could be very wrong on this) they are a group is after Truth in the Myth where they all go out for drinks afterward. Then they are all in the conference room in Hole in the Heart.

        Your bubble analogy is so appropriate as is the observation that bubbles don’t always connect when they come together. The whole season has a uneasiness about it because we were missing so many “typical” moments– Booth wasn’t in the lab very much, Brennan wasn’t in the interrogation room much, the gang didn’t celebrate much of anything together.

        I wonder if we’re going to see more moments of everyone together next season or times when the entire gang rallies around one of their own? Certainly a Brennan pregnancy is going to shift the axis of the center a bit.

  17. This just struck me. It’s not exactly on point, but I want to get it out.

    Brennan is so Brennan in that last scene. As well as she knows Booth and even though they have moved things forward in some way with HitH, she is still concerned that he will be upset by her news. The person who should know best, doesn’t realize that this news won’t upset him; everyone else knows it will make him incredibly happy. It is quite literally a dream come true for him.

    There is something sweet about it. It’s almost a kind of naivete. She is still so afraid of hurting him, of forcing him into something that he doesn’t want, she can’t see that this could be the exact opposite: something that he dearly wants, that the only way she can hurt him is by not telling him, by not letting him be part of it.

    It just struck me. When his face lights up, she looks so relieved.

    • Rewatching it this morning, it occurred to me that they were walking together back to Booth’s apartment. That neighborhood looks like the street scenes we’ve seen glimpses of as the camera panned up to his window.

      And that’s just so sweet….and couple-y.

      • Great observation! Man, I love this blog. I’m racking my brain, but I do believe we’ve never seen that. They may show up at each other’s door later, but I don’t think they’ve headed to one’s place together at the end of an episode. Now, did she stay the night again?

      • After the look on his face, no way in hell he’s letting her leave his side that night. In my world, they fell asleep with his hand splayed across her tummy, and he woke her up the next morning calling her Mama Bones.

      • It’s actually not near Booth’s apartment. They were walking down the street towards the Royal Diner. You see Brennan at that same spot earlier in the episode when she was on the phone with Angela, waiting to cross the street to the diner to meet Max and Booth. You also see Angela and Hodgins meet in that same spot in Hole in the Heart during the montage.

        And I agree with MJ…there is no way that he leaves her side that night, whether they end up back at his place or at her place.

  18. Just feeling the love from seeing Buck and Wanda again (that kiss on the cheek *squee!*, ok sorry, refocusing)…I would love to see a post on the theme of their undercover missions. Screencaps, best moments, where did they sleep theories….haha I’d love to see the thoughts of those smarter than I and discuss what undercover ops mean to B&B…how they are free to cut loose a little bit, what do we learn about them, etc. Obviously they love going undercover together….I’d love to explore that a bit more!

    • You are not the only one enamored by the kiss on the cheek. Do you realize that whole moment was like 6 seconds? Oh what DB and ED can convey with a kiss on the cheek for a few seconds. It sounds like such a simple thing, but they packed a lot into it. They are just that good!

  19. Haha! I just read Sarah’s tagline in the header. Very apropos!

  20. Owl, this post is just… WOW. That is what kept resonating through my brain as I read. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. WOW.

    I just love how you made connections here and I am just blown away by them.

    The thing that struck me particularly, was this quote: ‘My dears, you’ve been ensconced in your self-absorbed bubbles for too long. I’m afraid it’s time to come out and see where Paladin needs you. We all have work to do.’

    When you asked “sound familiar?” my first thought that it’s a reflection of what Brennan has been coming to terms with; especially this: see where Paladin needs you. My brain jumped to “Paladin. Tell him paladin.” “Paladin… it suits you, Booth.” Because really, Booth needs Brennan as much as she needs him.

    I was also struck by your title: Together Again For The First Time. My brain immediately went to the song “For The First Time” by The Script, which has, at times this season, made me think of Booth and Brennan.

  21. Have I exceeded my number of comments for this post? How gracious of Sarah to not make us limit ourselves. 🙂

    Anyway, I wanted to say that I loved this post, too. There’s always somebody here who can tie together so well the thoughts running rampant in my disorganized mind, or just to offer a new and fresh perspective.

    Brennan is pregnant! (Can you tell I’m still shocked?) We know it’s a long way from the old Brennan, but if you want to see some solid proof of how much she’s changed, Season 2’s “The Mother and Child in the Bay”, Ep. 2, will really make your head spin at the difference. Her and Cam’s conversation about having kids while Booth is standing there is one of my favorite conversations and I laugh every time.

  22. Okay, just to add on the to the notion of quotes/lyrics/etc that remind us of B&B and their relationship….
    I adore The Civil Wars (these two are just….whoa, how they sing together)…and when I heard “Poison & Wine”, I seriously thought of Booth and Brennan.

    (have a listen at your leisure: )


  23. Thanks for the great thought provoking post. I feel a little bit like Booth did in Science in the Physicist…I’m the dumb one hanging around with all the smart people. LOL!

  24. Owl just got home from some outing and found your post. Wow our minds must be alike. I had the same theory after watching the first few episodes again, after being depressed at the first time I saw them. They all went away in different directions and disconnected, except Angela and Hodges. So when they all came back, there was the Mastodon in the room and they had to try to get together again. The Mastodon was sure the problem everything went out of balance during the first part of the season. Remember Booth said: “That thing is big” and Brennan said: “a lot to work around it” and then Booth” “We have worked around bigger things”.
    And now, that this is all out in the open (hope this is not a spoiler anymore) I remember HH saying once, we should look at this season like the pages of a book. And it sure was. Every person had a page or more, but the book was never bound together. All loose leaves floating around. So no physical contact between Brennan and Booth, no more real connection between Angela and Brennan. Everybody was on a different page. Now I can understand why Sweets was sometimes so annoying, he is still so young
    So in order to stay true to your character, you do need the support from the “family”. Of course every episode had its own moral and teaching about different things. And I think through this “ Book” Brennan was the most beneficiary person to learn. Now we can see that they together in the “Book of Life” again and I look forward to season 7. I have to watch the season 6 again in the fall on DVD, because I did not get every episode. Too bad the DVR does not have more memory; I had to eliminate all older episodes.
    I wish I would be better in expressing myself to go deeper into my thoughts, but ……..

  25. I am actually kind of glad that Bones is over for summer. Why? Well, i do have all the dvds and netflix so i can rewatch at least 5 seasons to tide me over but also, i NEED some time to wrap my brain around this new shift! I keep alternately between overjoyed, apprehensive, excited, nervous…
    My brain is really having a hard time balancing this “insta-couple” with the B&B of the past. and I am glad they are growing and changing and not staying the same 2 dimensional people…but how do we go from the beg of the season to now soooo fast?
    Although my shipper heart squees at my faves getting together…i still have a hard time reconciling the fact that we missed them getting together…like others have said, the first hand hold, kiss, secret date…and yes the evil geniuses behind this torment can make it work….well i guess i am just actually glad to have this hiatus! I am sure to be checking this site obsessively this summer because everyone has such amazing insights!

    • I know that it seems like they have become an “insta-couple”; but, to me they have been a couple for years. They didn’t think they were, they denied it constantly and yet they were truly a couple (just without the sex). That they went from a close friends (and a couple), to a painful separation to “just partners” back to close friends and then an intimate relationship is complex and the last may seem to be too fast; but, I see it as the end of a very long day.

      I don’t know if you have ever seen Ground Hog Day. It is about a man who lives the same day over and over again. No matter what he does, the day starts over from scratch each day. At first he squanders the time he is being given; but, then, he finally grows to realize that if he grows and expands his world, if he grows in how he sees and interacts with the world, that anything that comes to him will come to him because it is meant to be. He becomes comfortable in his own skin and because of that the woman he loves comes to respect him and is amazed by him. At the end when he finally earns the love of the woman he loves, the day changes to a new day and he says that it has been a very long day. That is sort of how I see Bones. We have had 6 seasons of Booth and Brennan expanding their universe. They have both grown and in that growth have won the one they love the most. It may seen that they became a couple very fast and are now going to be parents because of it; but, they have been living a very long day and that day is now a new day.

      • I think they have been a couple for at least 5, maybe almost 6 seasons, but I still want that kiss. It’s not about the sex for me. I don’t need to see that or even see bed scenes. I just want a kiss, and not a ‘Santa in the Slush kiss, a real B&B kiss.

      • I understand what people are saying about them having been a couple for a long time, but I’m not sure I 100% agree. Either he was ready, or she was ready, but neither was ready at the same time. Booth has his anger and trust issues, Brennan had her compartmentalizing and impervious issues, and they had tons of fliratious energy, but they’d never entered couple zone. Booth tried in the 100th ep but was shut down. I agree with Kimberly that “I just want a kiss, and not a ‘Santa in the Slush kiss, a real B&B kiss”, something truly “couple-y”. Something not forced by Caroline, not something under an undercover identity. Booth as himself, Brennan as herself, finally feeling the moment is too much, and crossing that line.

        We got the briefest hint of it in HinH. Both let their guards down enough to comfort each other. I still don’t think “it” happened that night, but sometime after in between episodes. I would have loved to have the awkward “morning after” scene where she wakes up still cuddled in his arms and his bed…and having to table a real discussion until after Broadsky….then perhaps meeting up that night and getting at least some kind of passionate discussion, or glances between them, or kiss, or something!!

        And then the subsequent episodes of them trying out this new relationship ground, or hiding it from the team or Sweets….just trying to date or something…I just feel like I missed a season or something and turned it on having missed some crucial episodes! I feel like Booth waking up from his coma dream “Who are you, B&B?”

        I want to see them couple-y, I want loving B&B time, don’t get me wrong. But they really had never opened up enough to be a true couple, and I guess I’m still feeling like I’m missing something, and maybe I need to just put my thoughts on the back burner till next season and see what the evil geniuses have in store for us 🙂 but I’m just still really confused I guess. I guess my brain is too slow wrap my brain around this!! That’s why I need the experts here to help! 🙂

    • This is exactly how I feel. I have been trying to say this for two days, but it always comes out wrong. I am extremly happpy that they are together. I have watched the show from the beginning, but I also am disappointed that I didn’t even see a kiss. The kiss at the bowling alley almost did it for me, but not quite.

      I am skeptical about next season, because if we couldn’t get a kiss when she said she was pregnant, how can I be sure we will see that ‘getting together part’? I don’t know maybe it’s because I’m a visual person, but I need that, and since I didn’t get it, I apprehensive about season 7.

  26. Brilliant, brilliant articles. I agree completely. 🙂 So excited for season 7 I don’t even know where to begin. Stephen Nathan is really cranking up the anticipation already with his numerous interviews/articles, and we’re not even into June yet!

  27. That was just SO brilliant!! Owl, snaps for you (Legally Blonde 2 reference haha)!! The bubbles thing makes so much sense the way you explained it! Now, I love Caroline even more 🙂

    All I can say is brilliant 😀

    Thanks! 🙂

  28. I just read a fanfic story that mentioned Booth’s relationship with the squints, and it reminded of a scene in “The Hole in the Heart.” When the young FBI agent asked Booth if Vincent was a friend, Booth looked a little shocked like it was the first time he had ever thought of any of the squints as being friends with them. Because if he could consider a squintern a friend, how much moreso the key team players? Booth is much nicer to them now than when he first started working with them, which is a credit to growth in his character. Before, they were just part of the package deal with Brennan. He just put up with them before, but now he values their expertise.

    This season there had been complaints about Booth being in the lab a lot less, and many viewers attributed it to the presence of Hannah. SN said it was because Booth was really a FBI agent and didn’t really need to be at the lab. I thought his response made sense at the time, but in retrospect, it was one of the few times I thought maybe he was pulling our legs. It’s true that Booth doesn’t need to be in the lab as much as he was in the first couple of seasons, but it seemed he was there a lot more when Hannah was gone.

    It was nice to see them all out to drinks in “The Truth in the Myth.” And in tHitH, Booth gathered the whole team in a meeting and really acted as their leader. Also, in the ending scene Booth was standing with the team (not even off to the side) waiting for Brennan. I could be reading more into that scene, but I think the writers did want us to feel like the team was becoming a family again.

    • Great points about Booth and the team. We’ve seen glimpses of it for awhile…like in the Gravedgger ep with Brennan and Hodgins underground, Booth says he thanked God for all of them, because if you took one person away, they’d still be buried. Great nod to the team there. Then with Agent Perotta on the scene, they were strictly “Booth’s people”. He’s felt guilt over not bonding with Zach enough and I’m sure there’s more guilt to follow after giving VNM his cell phone. So while he has the primary and strongest bond with Brennan, he also has a strong bond with most of the team, and I really like the ensemble dynamic that Bones has in its cast. They really all do fit together and make the show something special.

  29. Season 6 was supposed to leave the viewer uncomfortable, and even angry and hurt, because that’s what the characters in the story were feeling. The fact that so many people did react so strongly just shows how successful the season was in accomplishing that goal.

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