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New York vs. Paris


There is an old Ann Landers column (possibly Erma Bombeck – I’m fuzzy on the provenance) that compares having a handicapped child with going on vacation.  You’re planning on going to New York.  You pack for New York and buy tickets in advance for Broadway shows.  You can’t wait for that first slice of real, New York pizza. 

Somehow, though, when you get off the plane, you’re in Paris.  You don’t speak the language.  You don’t have the right clothes.  The food is covered in sauces.  And you’re a little shell-shocked, because this vacation is going to be nothing like what you planned for and expected. 

But Paris is lovely, too.  And the language, once you learn a few words, is beautiful and expressive. Paris will never be New York, but it has its own rewards and blessings.

The different reactions to the finale of Bones – S6 reminded me of that column. 

We wanted this

And we got this

We expected another 30-40-50 years conversation

and instead

Thanks to bookishandi for the pic!


“I’m . . .I’m pregnant.  And you’re the father.”

Some of us (Hi!) are just giddy to be in Paris.  Some of us are irritated and trying to figure out where the plane went off-course, demanding to be taken back to New York.

In Defense of Comfort Sex

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a vocal, negative reaction throughout BonesBlogWorld to the thought that our lovers might have become lovers on the night of VNM’s death.  The consensus among some seems to be that turning to each other in that moment of pain cheapens the first time, or takes away from the importance of the moment.  I disagree.

In moments of great pain and loss, most of us seek some sort of physical comfort.  Friends and family members who are rarely together cling to each other with long, hard hugs at funerals.  We rub shoulders and pat backs and hold hands and grip arms.  And sometimes, in the quiet of the night, we turn to the person sleeping next to us.  Those moments aren’t just about comfort or forgetting or physical release.  Those moments are a celebration of life, a subtle recognition of and fighting back against the fear we all have of death. 

Neither Brennan nor Booth went looking for comfort sex, either in the arms of a stranger or with each other.  I don’t believe Booth had that motive in mind when he insisted she spend the night.  I don’t believe Brennan went to him that night thinking of sex.  But once they were together, lying in each others arms, once her tears were spent and his heart was full of pain on her behalf, turning to each other was a natural, beautiful, emotional climax. 

I don’t believe there was anything cheap about that moment.  In a moment of crisis, it was appropriately fitting that Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth were there for each other. 

A Date by Any Other Name

Define ‘dating.’  What do you believe is the purpose of dating?

I submit we have spent the last six seasons watching Brennan and Booth ‘date.’  I submit BONES might appropriately be renamed THE COURTSHIP OF MAX’S DAUGHTER.

There has been a bit of furor that this couple – with its very nontraditional, nonstandard female half – has become a couple in a nonstandard, nontraditional way.  Zero to pregnant in 129 episodes. 

I submit this couple’s path has been uber-standard, that they have followed an old-fashioned idea of traditional.  They have courted in the old-fashioned, no-sex sense of the term. 

They have had conversations about religion and politics and children, and about plans for the future.

There have been gifts, small personal tokens that prove how well they know each other.

They have spent time together driven by a desire to spend time together, not by work.  We’ve seen them meeting for dinner and we’ve seen them meet for drinks.  We’ve heard about afternoons at the pool.  We’ve seen them staring at the stars on a summer evening. 

They have gotten to know extended families.  They like and respect each other’s families – even when it comes to Booth and Max. 

They ‘broke up.’

They survived the introduction of another love interest.

And they came back together.

They have killed for each other.

The only thing missing is a front porch swing and mom flicking the light on and off. 

Rather than our plane going off-course and taking us somewhere we didn’t expect to go, I submit for your review and discussion that we may have boarded at the wrong gate.  We planned for New York.  All the other planes in the airport always go to New York.  But this particular flight was always going to Paris. 

Try the escargot.  It’s really good with garlic butter and melba toast. 

And remember . . . the Eiffel Tower is 6 inches shorter in winter.


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  1. That really was a beautiful post (and nice side-by-side B&B reaction! I’m still not 100% aboard the baby train, but I think you explained your reasonings really nicely with your analogy.

    I’m just trying to roll with the punches here. Every time I try to guess what’s next, Bones writers throw me a curveball! Sometimes I am happy with it, sometimes not…but it does seem they are on a certain path, and I’m going to keep watching to see where it goes. I learned my lesson from Hole in the Heart. I, with a few others, was not sure where things were going in the episodes leading up to it (except for I had read some VNM spoilers…oopsie!) and afterwards, I had to beg apologies to the Bones staff for doubting them, because that episode is pretty much perfection.

    So while I am still confused about how I feel…I am trying to not let myself freak out, or even pick a “side” necessarily. I am trying to just reserve final opinions until the show comes back. I am endeavoring not to doubt, but hope (sorry I just watched Emma, Mr, Knightly…sigh…ok focusing!) Posts like these do give me hope for the future–haha, so serious about a TV show!

    If any show could do a back-to-back baby storyline and make it work, it would be Bones. I am choosing hoping instead of doubting. I’m working on faith, baby.

  2. Ah, MJ, I LOVE this!!

    A friend told me the story you referenced in the beginning when my oldest son was diagnosed with ADHD a couple months ago and I was struggling to accept the diagnosis. It’s a beautiful analogy and you did a wonderful job re-telling it.

    I’m with you all the way on the “comfort” sex. One of the reasons I prefer to believe that this is the way things went down is because I see beauty in it. I actually have a book (a Christian sex book for women of all things!) that talks about the value of sex for the purpose of comfort. I don’t see how sex happening in this situation could be anything other than an expression of the love between B&B. That whole scene had love written all over it from beginning to end.

    As far as the fact that they’ve been dating for the past six years – yeah, I can see that too. But then, I’ve never felt at all cheated by this storyline.

    I’ve been to New York. I think it’s time to go climb the Eiffel Tower now. 🙂

  3. I think this is a marvelous metaphor. Except I might exchange Madrid for New York as I feel that it is still close enough, geographically, to Paris, that I can still visit it easily. Because, in fact, I like the coming together over VNM’s death and the whole quiet nature of it all. I agree with you that there is nothing cheap at all about their first time… in fact, I feel it is even more beautiful because of the reasons you stated.

    And I don’t need the whole “Courtship of Baby Booth’s Mother” (yes, very oblique reference to an old old U.S. show), but since Madrid is relatively close to Paris, I would love to see some of that affection…just a smidge more than that adorable bowling alley scene put on for Max.

    How can I not like Paris when we have that amazing exchange of joy between Booth and Brennan at the end of the finale? Paris will be lovely. (With a jaunt here and there to Madrid 🙂 )

  4. Where is the like button on this?? Oh right..this isn’t facebook!! But I love this idea!! And since I’m in Paris, hell, I’m going to make the most of it!!

  5. Love this post!!!

  6. What a beautiful and uplifting post. My enjoyment and understanding of this amazing show is greatly enhanced by BT’s thoughtful posts and discussions. Bon voyage!

  7. I agree with you. Booth and Brennan have been a couple for years. To me this has turned out to be an old fashioned love story. Stories use to be told like this. Two people would meet, they may know each other for years, they “court” each other and they don’t jump in the sack with each other the day they meet, the week they meet, the year they meet. The couple would discover who each other was. They talked and dined. If anyone has ever read Gone With The Wind, Rhett and Scarlett “courted” each other for years (this included her being married twice before they ever married) and in that old fashioned world they didn’t go to bed with each other during that time. That book is oh so romatic and so is Bones.

    I don’t have a problem with them being chase with each other during their discovery with each other and I don’t have a problem with them finally making love to each other when they needed each other the most. They have long relied upon each others friendship to get them through pretty rough times. I think they have been best friends since season two. When Vincent was killed, even though Booth said he didn’t feel responsible, still, he probably did feel that his mistake giving Vincent the phone caused Vincent to die. On the other hand, Booth could have easily given the phone to Brennan and in the quiet of the night, he probably realised that he came very close to losing Brennan. Brennan on the other hand, thought that Vincent may have blaming her for his having to leave this world. Both desparetly need comfort from their best friend. If that comfort turned to a more physical relationship, then it was what they needed. Who am I to say it was wrong when they thought it was right.

  8. Beautifully written. I am still trying to decide how I feel about the storyline- but regardless we are in Paris and should celebrate and enjoy our time here!

  9. I have to say that in the past when people would offer scenarios on how B&B might come together I was very against any of the fight then sex, or brush with death then sex, or comfort sex, any of those, but the reason then was that I felt any of that could be used as a way to bring them together the one time then have them back off from that, to say it happened that one time and couldn’t happen again.

    I don’t see that this is what happened here and I’m happy with the way things are progressing. Now the pregnancy completely shocked me. I had not been spoiled and was not expecting it at all. I took me until the next day to pick my jaw up off the floor.

    I really don’t get the people that think they just had sex the one time, the night that Vincent died then never again. To me the couple I saw in the finale (and yes I saw a couple) were very comfortable with each other, were happy being together. Not the awkwardness I’d expect if they had sex one time and then decided to put that part of their relationship on hold because they weren’t ready for it.

    I love where we are right now (even if it isn’t where I expected to be) and I say bring on Paris, I can’t wait to see what this vacation brings! 😀

  10. I understand what people are saying about the “courtship”, I do agree that’s what they had been doing, just the last episode still is leaving me ambivalent. I’ve seen other courtships develop in ways I thought B&B might. (Here’s me being devil’s advocate here…just to try to explain the “feeling cheated” side.)

    For example, The Nanny, yes I know its a very different show but bear with me. They flirted, and hinted, and kissed for about 5 seasons. Then…he took her on their “first date”, even though they’d had plenty of “dates” in the past, gone on family vacations together, etc. They dated for awhile…and for the purposes of the show, never consummated their relationship, but grew yet even closer even though they’d lived together for many years, they got to know each other as boyfriend/girlfriend, and go through those ups and downs.

    Then, we got an “I love you” episode, an engagement episode, subsequent engagement episodes, a wedding, a honeymoon, a season where they expected a baby, had the baby, and then they ended the series.

    Now, I am NOT suggesting B&B should follow that exact path. Its a different kind of show, these are different kind of characters, etc. I’m just saying that even though you’ve had an unofficial courtship, its nice to throw a bone (hehe) to the fans and still give them that feeling of coupledom. Even though you’ve hung out as friends and partners there are still things as a romantic couple you can discover and go through together.

    All that being said, maybe they will give us some of this in season 7 and all this frustration will be for naught. I am just waiting to see what they will give us next!

    • I am holding out hope that the courtship and coupledom can still happen as she’s expecting.

      As far as the “insta-couple” thing, here’s my take on it. Before, I was so focused on what wasn’t there, that I wasn’t giving proper attention to what WAS there. So it could seem like they went from drinking buddies to lovers so fast. Now, I actually think that they had restored their connection, and I don’t need a kiss or hug to prove it (I only want one so I could squee.) Compare their interactions in the latter half of the season to the first half (it may be hard if you’ve blocked all those memories.) In BitB, when Sweets told Booth he should talk to Brennan, he said they don’t “go there” anymore. But they’ve been “going there” since that episode. Having both fun and difficult conversations. Even just eating together and hanging out (or at least wanting to) even when they don’t have a case. I always felt like I was waiting more for Booth. But we have been witnessing the tender, reassuring, supportive (all towards Brennan) Booth come back. It made me feel again like there’s always this special place in his heart that’s filled with affection for his Bones (cuz, you know, it is his moniker/sign of affection for her.) I was taking the ease and non-physical intimacy of their recent interactions for granted, but when I look at it in that way, that’s been the buildup to tHitH, and I can believe it.

  11. I like this comparison. It was only a let down if you had preset expectations about what you were looking for in the finale. Personally, I just wanted to be shown (or at least told) something that explained how they went from ‘impervious/angry issues’ to ‘new happy confident couple’ (which I think we can see between them both in the end of Hole in the Heart and in the finale). So, I choose to believe there was some sort of exchange that night…. “I could have lost you” “It doesn’t matter if we’re ready, we’re here and that’s enough…” perhaps I also imagine an exchange of ‘I love you’ (it’s my imagination and I can imagine what I want :)) and that leaves me satisfied.

    I also have no need to see the courting. You’re absolutely right that we’ve been watching that for years. So, count me on board for the Paris trip :).

  12. 1) Fantastic post!
    2) I can see how that hug turned into something more — and I think it is a lovely way to think about B&B finally making love. To me it’s slow and gentle and thoughtful not driven by passion and ripping each other’s clothes off. Ironically, it too would be about the journey, being fully present in the moments of making love not just about getting to the release, the “climax,” the breaking of the laws of physics.;-)
    3) The only problem with the analogy: New York and Paris are my two favorite cities. I’d have no problem heading for NYC and finding myself in Paris. I probably wouldn’t mind the other way round either.

  13. Here, here! While watching a fanvid with scenes from TEitB and TCitG, I did notice a difference, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Excellent analogy, excellent post!

    I don’t think I can be swayed from my position that comfort sex is not wrong, but if somebody wrote another reasoned post that said they were not really dating, there’s a (very small) possibility that I could be swayed. Just like I don’t think B&B having comfort sex cheapens anything between them, I don’t think having a baby would cheapen anything between them, either. The love they share between would be just as real, and not just done for the baby’s sake. They’ve been “together” for too long for me to think otherwise. They’ve both made statements with words and actions that indicate their willingness to always be there for the other person, re-emphasized as recent as the latter half of this season. Even further, they have expressed interest in a romantic relationship between themselves with great anticipation, but decided to wait a little longer. They’ve both had desires to procreate with each other, in or out of a dream mode. We know how much they mean to each other, but more importantly, they know how much they mean to each other. So IMO, what they’re getting know, though unplanned, has been desired for quite some time, and they are going to do whatever it takes to do to work through all this not as a obligation to the baby, but because “love and everything around it” is worth it.

    Obviously, having a baby at this point in the game is also a subject of debate. Maybe if Stephanie reads this comment, I’d be interested in seeing what she thinks about it.

    • I would love to comment C-bones – but could you give me a little bit more clarification about exactly what you want me to comment about? I’ve vehemently argued so many points in the last couple weeks that I’m not sure which direction you’re coming from here. 🙂 Are you asking the question (about having a baby at this stage in the game) on moral grounds, does it pertain to something specific I’ve said in the past, or is it because something I’ve said seems to contradict something else I’ve said?

      • No, nothing about morality or contradictions. I guess moreso along the lines of the baby being a good or a bad thing for B&B, their readiness, and if it would make a relationship between them less authentic because of it.

      • No, I don’t think it’ll be a bad thing for B&B at all. It’ll present challenges that they wouldn’t have faced had they proceeded with a relationship in a more conventional manner, and I have no doubt that we’re going to see them struggle because of it, but I think they can handle it. I would have been a lot less sure had this somehow happened at the end of last season, but after everything they’ve been through this season, I believe they BOTH have an incredible drive and desire to work through the tough stuff. And I think that is what will get them through. As we saw last season, all the love in the world won’t make a shred of difference if one or both people isn’t willing to commit, as Booth said, to “try[ing] for a different outcome.”

        As you pointed out, B&B have both already expressed a desire to have a child with the other person (I would use the coma dream as the primary evidence in this case for both B&B. I think Brennan sub-consciously wanted a child WITH Booth in Critic, but didn’t really admit it to herself until she wrote it into the story in The End in the Beginning). I do think Brennan needed some reassurance that Booth still felt that way, but who can blame her? I’m guessing Booth’s grin and her answering smile is proof that they BOTH still felt that way. 🙂

        As to the authenticity of their relationship – I’m not sure that the baby should factor into that. It certainly wouldn’t if they made the decision to become an official couple prior to Brennan finding out she was pregnant. If that decision came/comes as a result of the baby, then I could see where people might make an issue out of it. Personally, I firmly believe the love ship sailed for B&B a long, long time ago. This season was all about them coming to terms with the depth of their love for each other; each recognizing that the other was worth the risk. It was a maturation process of sorts. Let’s put it this way – they’d been on a collision course for each other since the end of Blizzard and it was just a matter of time before the explosion occurred. In my opinion, throwing a baby in the mix doesn’t change that fact one single bit.

  14. Pardon me for adding on, but I had a lightbulb moment:

    If B&B did have their moment on the night of VNM’s death (I started out on Team DID, wavered because of all the good arguments against and am now firmly back on Team DID), it makes a kind of ‘full circle’ sense.

    They were brought together originally because of death. They see death, deal with death, on a daily basis. They’ve each faced death for themselves and faced the possibility of the other’s death.

    They live in death.

    It only makes sense that they’d love in death, too.

    (Sorry, JD Robb. I probably stole about half of your book titles.)

    • Aaack! I read this after commenting first… I love the JD Robb series… 🙂

    • Both your original post and add on are beautifully said MJ. I’ve seen a lot of folks use that same word…because it’s true. Thank you for stating it so eloquently.

  15. Excellent! Well said! “Clapping”

  16. I was shocked to find out they were having a baby, but after rewatching the episode, I feel it was really done the best way. Of course, I did read the Stephen Nathan interview which definitely helped me feel much better.

    I don’t see the wrong in the comfort sex because they were ready. They’ve known each other for over 6 years, been best friends for most of that. I mean, we could argue they know each other better than some people who are married now, except for the physical part of the relationship. How beautiful is it for a husband and wife to have sex after a death? It comforts them in a way no one else can and reaffirms life. Something beautiful happens. To me, that’s what happened that night. They comforted each other and it was a natural progression to showing each other love in the most intimate way on earth.

    We’re not going to get the gooey honeymoon stage, and that’s fine with me. It wasn’t at first, but then I was reminded that B&B will never be a typical couple so why should we expect to see every detail of their relationship? I truly believe that’s why HH and co gave us the coma dream. It’s the closest we’ll ever get to seeing them be the typical couple that gets along. I know that bothers a lot of people, but we can’t expect our favorite couple to change completely just because they are together now.

  17. Oh, I do love Paris. Doesn’t matter where we packed for or what we are missing out.
    Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans.
    And I’m glad they did it over VNM (not literally…) because they are the ones who stand for the dead. It’s about time the dead give them this one moment.

    I love Paris and I don’t think that I will miss New York all that much. People are funny there…


  18. I am so glad that SN and HH spared me all the fluffly stuff that would have happened if they decided to make B&B date. Which wouldn’t have made any sense for them anyway. So I’m happy to have landed in Paris instead.

    I am not a Shipper, i don’t watch the show to watch them get it on. The season 4 Finale was and still remain my least favorite episode, although I like the effect it had on the next two seasons but the episode in itself was just boring to me and kind of out of character, especially for Bones.

    I simply enjoy watching these two people, so different but yet so alike, on their journey to a life as parents, together.

    The 7th season can’t come fast enough!

  19. Geez, I love metaphors.

    For the record (in addition to loving this post), I spent one night in Paris. (and I’m a New Yorker)

    Let me tell you,

    Sometimes one night is ALL it takes. 😉

    Bravo MJ.

  20. Great post, MJ! I agree with everything you wrote, especially the part about B&B being an old-fashioned love story. I have thought that for a while now.

  21. what a beautiful post… very insightful… you just put to words some feelings i have felt since watching the finale.
    angela was spot on when she said booth and brennan are in a relationship-just without the sex.
    their relationship is actually stronger than what the others have since it has been built around six years of partnership, trust, friendship and deep understanding.
    and about my feelings about the finale, Bones just shows us that in reality, we don’t actually get what we expect. i may not be the only one who creates a scenario on my mind after watching the promos. some of us expected in the finale for at least one of them to say the THREE MAGIC WORDS… or a passionate kiss… or a hug… but that is life… what we wish for may not actually come true but the unexpected turn out of events may be better…
    there were no confessions of true feelings… but i like it actually that way… because that is what brennan and booth’s relationship has been… THEIR ACTIONS (AND REACTIONS) SPEAK SO MUCH LOUDER than if those three words were said… and i somehow hope (hart hanson said something about this on one of his interviews a day ago) that they will remain that way, not the cheesy overly romantic sickening kind of relationship… just be booth and brennan and be the best couple (and partner) there is….

  22. Holy crap this is exactly how I feel about the whole thing! Excellent! I was just sharing with my husband (who is a closet Bones fanatic as well, he just won’t admit it.) that we’ve watched them “date” for the last 6 seasons in some form or fashion including the break-up phase.
    Thank you for putting it in words much better than I!

  23. My emotions are all over the place in regards to where we are now. At first I hated it for many reason, the main being it doesn’t feel to me to be the right place in their story for a baby. Oh well, I am over that now and will trudge along and try to make sense of this story.

    The part I don’t get is ppl saying they have been dating for years. No, nope, nada. They have been in a surrogate relationship for years. Their hearts were protected from taking that last step because they were always there for each other as partner/best friends. Apparently they didn’t need more at the time. The one time Booth proposed more , he was shot down and when Brennan approached Booth, she was rejected as she should have been in that one particular case. Eww, propositioning the boyfriend of one of your friends(Hannah) just doesn’t seem to be something I would have thought of Brennan.

    Now I am a very good place, am forgetting how they got here and and enjoying they finally are here but no convincing me that they have been dating for years.

    • I see what you mean, but I think their other relationships were the “surrogates.” There were all those walls, all that protectionism, the ‘imperviousness,’ etc., between them, keeping them from taking that last step toward each other.

      But behind all of that, they were still together, learning about each other. Likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses, do/don’ts. Behind all of those walls, they were falling in love. More than just the fast attraction Booth mentioned in the 100th, the “I knew, right from the start.” The slow building of a lifetime foundation kind.

    • I’m not sure people have been saying that they have been dating for years. They (or at least I) have been saying that Booth and Brennan have been a couple for years. I think Booth has been courting Brennan for a very long time, in a very private way. Courting is not the same as dating. Booth and Brennan have been very close in their friendship and everyone in their life seems to accept them as a couple even if they are not intimate. Of course, I may be mis-interpreting other people on the dating thing and jut putting my own interpertation on it.

    • Yeah, it really hasn’t been “dating” I guess in the “traditional” sort of way (but as so many of us have said: That’s B&B anyway–pretty much against-the-grain)—and yet still a sort of classic courtship. It’s almost like a contradictory mix (just like the two of them are)— It shouldn’t work, but yet…well, damn 6 years and it’s workin’ for us still. 🙂

      From this, and the way I’m seeing it now, our beloved duo are enveloped in a “backward” relationship. If you think about it, and I’m thinking of traditional long-term couples….the deep bond that evolves into a no-need-to-speak understanding and thus unbreakable partnership—that seems to come with older couples (“…who’ve been together for 30,40, or 50 years…” 😉 ).

      Booth and Bren, well heck, they already have that. They attained all of that first. Now she’s with child (before any talk of “dating” or dare I say, marriage).

      They follow their own path, whether they or we like it or not—–I think what most of us (and I mean all of you lovely fans who truly adore and support this series), are feeling is just the awkwardness of it. It’s an unusual and somewhat unfamiliar path we are going with here. We think and expect things because of what we’ve seen with people we know or other shows, and while yes there are some very similar and recognizable aspects, we can’t predict or control it all.

      Sorry for the ramble……and my excessive usage of hyphens and quotes. I abuse them.


    • Dove, I agree with what you are saying. The whole “surrogate relationship” thing doesn’t jive with the “dating” thing for 6 seasons. You expressed what I was thinking better!

  24. Great analogy about the expecting NY and getting Paris — and I remember reading that article (from Dear Abby I think) years ago. I am fine with Paris. The comfort sex part of it doesn’t bother me at all. It’s sweet and wonderful that they could be there for each other in a time of great loss. It shows that their relationship is not just fluff but is lasting. They are clearly a couple now — even Max could see the shift in the dynamic of their relationship and he doesn’t have all the information the viewer has. I loved how Brennan said they would have to ‘pick a fight’ so she could be there for Angela if the baby came… in other words…. they have nothing to fight about so picking a fight would have to be part of their undercover act.
    Yeah I would have liked more displays of affection but I assume we will get some of that in Season 7 — just looking forward to whatever comes next and re-watching over the summer.

  25. The traditional/old-fashioned vs. non-traditional aspect of their relationship has always been an interesting issue. It seemed to me that they were both quite modern/non-traditional at the beginning when Brennan offered sex and Booth excitedly agreed. And she didn’t pull back because she thought it would better if they got to know each other first before adding sex to the equation. It just so happens that the path they took is more like an old romance.

    B&B’s “New York” romance is different from their “Paris” romance, for sure. But I really, really love what they have now, even though I liked what they had before. But they’re love has been tested, and it’s still there, perhaps stronger than ever. I’ve been to weddings of young couples, and it’s beautiful in its innocence. But I just went to a wedding of an older couple, and that was beautiful in another sense. As you grow older, the more awareness you have of the realities of life, and if don’t allow it to disillusion you, you can grow in that knowledge and allow it to enrich your life. And the way I see it, love in its pure form is always innocent, so a mature couple can still experience innocence, too. (I tend to think of B&B as a mature couple even though I still consider them young.)

    Unfortunately, some people don’t like Paris 😦
    I’ve never been there, so I’m excited to see what it offers 🙂

  26. I think the basis of my “discontent” as it were, is the pregnancy. It just seems the wrong time, and that maybe its just because of ED’s pregnancy, kind of forced. I am all for them making a go of it, moving to that next step…but right after Angela’s baby? More baby story lines? How does this affect the show from here on out? I guess I’m just afraid of how it affects the dynamic of everything…I can agree with those that say they are ready for a real relationship, but just the baby aspect seems I don’t know, just not the right time for me. I could be wrong though!! haha I’m just expressing my random thoughts.

    It’s just the timing of it I guess. Like I said, though, I am waiting to see what goes down in season 7 before I run amok here. As of now though, I’m cool with B&B relationshipping, just not baby-making *yet!*

    • I think a lot of people are unsure about the pregnancy part. I think you have a right to worry about how they are going to handle it. As long as they don’t handle it like Angela’s I will be happy. I want to see a very pregnant Brennan in the field. Can you imagine the double take from the those around her (except Booth) as she looks over a very gross body? I think it would be cool for them to bring Genevieve back to be Booth’s back up when Brennan can no longer be in the field. It is about time that Booth got his own squint. I am not sure that bringing Perota back would be a good idea;, but, it might make for some interesting looks and comments from Brennan.

    • But how do you know it’s just because of ED’s pregnancy? Her pregnancy did not have to “force their hand”, so to speak. They could have chosen to hide it, or film some episodes without her, but they didn’t. They must have had their reasons for this route after considering all the possibilities. Who knows what they had been planning all along, anyway?

      Is some of the “wrong time” about where B&B are in their relationship? I can understand that, but I guess I’ve also seen enough of that in RL to know it’s really up to the parents whether they make it work or not. In RL, there are no guarantees. On BONES, B&B are endgame, so I think we have even less to be worried about.

      I can imagine HH and SN wanting a baby show even less than any of its viewers, and that comforts me. They have a formula for the show that they’ve been doing for years, and I doubt the underlying formula is going to change with the presence of a couple of babies.

    • In the SN interviews he did say they were already talking about this storyline before they ever knew ED was pregnant, and really it wouldn’t make sense for them to incorporate a pregnancy just because she is pregnant in real life, because things may not line up correctly anyway.

      I don’t want to say anything even if it is just pure speculation because this is a spoiler free site and I don’t want to end up in territory of someone saying something that is a true spoiler. I’ll just say I’m looking foward to how they handle all of this next season.

  27. MJ, thanks for the great post!

    My jaw is still on the floor from the finale so bear with me for a minute. I think Paris is beautiful, I really do, but my tickets were for New York and my friends and family are waiting for me at JFK airport.

    Comfort sex
    I can see the beauty of comfort sex, but I still feel bothered by B&B getting together for the first time that way, that day. When Hannah rejected Booth’s proposal, part of me hoped that B&B would get together after drinking at the bar that night. Now, if they did get together, it would be comfort sex so that Booth could stop feeling pain from Hannah’s rejection so that would be very weird; but, I could argue that the pain was really because he felt like no one loved him. I am very glad that they didn’t have sex that night because Brennan would really seem like a consolation prize.

    Then there was the night of the blizzard and I really wanted B&B to get together that night but Booth was still angry and Brennan still had the last of her imperviousness. So I was glad they didn’t get together then either (well, sorta)

    Now, we have comfort sex, for a very different reason – the loss of a friend. I saw that night as the night that Brennan lost the last of her imperviousness, and she finally let her guard down completely. What I didn’t see was Booth lose his anger toward relationships. I needed Booth to acknowledge that he was ready to get back into the game or see something change in Booth to realize that he was no longer angry. I didn’t see that.

    I’m glad Booth told Brennan that it meant the world to him that she was there while he Hannah. I acknowledge that was a good sign but I needed a sign that he wanted to be with Brennan. Having comfort sex when they lost VNM makes me feel that the sex is about stopping the pain you feel instead of the love you feel about the other person.

    Paris, but of course! (Said in Hodgins trying to do a French accent-type voice)
    I’m still in shock regarding the pregnancy thing. I wish I could embrace it but I honestly don’t know how I feel about the whole thing. As someone who likes to be prepared for my trips, I would have liked to at least know that I was flying international, instead of domestic.

    I understand that pregnancies are often unexpected but I wanted to have the relationship between B&B fully acknowledged in some capacity before Brennan became pregnant. I can feel something going on between B&B in that last episode but I don’t feel the acknowledgment yet.

    So, I’m in Paris and I’m dealing with it. I know it’s a beautiful place so I hope I can adapt.

    • I totally understand where you’re coming from. That was my main issue with the finale. I wanted a sign…. something I could grab see that explained why everything finally changed between them. But, we didn’t get that… we never heard Booth give up his anger… the only evidence we have is the happy couple we see at the end of HitH and in the finale. I took it upon myself to decide that even though we weren’t shone, something happened that was more then just love making. I believe that in this moment, when it was never more apparent how short life is, they simultaneously realized they didn’t want to waste another moment waiting to be ready for each other. I also didn’t pack for Paris (I live in New York, and wasn’t planning on packing anything) but since we’re here, i’ll just go shopping :).

  28. Awesome post! Perfectly written! Well done! Bravo! 🙂

  29. I think a lot of us were expecting overt epic-ness (at least I was). I guess we’re learning now that there can be epic-ness in a subtle way too. I look forward to seeing that in S7.

    But for now, to quench my epic romance loving heart, I’ll just go watch Alias – Phase One.

  30. It’s not that I mind being in Paris — as we all know, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey (and heaven knows Paris is nothing to balk at either). And comfort sex is probably one of the more intimate ways to bring two people together — I have no problem with that. But since I admittedly watch Bones to WITNESS and enjoy the chemistry between the two characters — and since for all intents and purposes it is that chemistry that created the fan base that exists for the show — to have that withheld (and I would argue with anyone who says what we saw in the last half of S6 came remotely close to most of the intense tender moments between B&B up through the 100th) just left me cold (and angry and disappointed). I watch the show to SEE those moments, not to infer them. I didn’t need a big hash it out fight post-Hannah, I think having VNM’s death being what finally brought them together is actually quite lovely, and Brennan being pregnant if full of great creative opportunities for the show. But again, if I can’t witness the emotional interaction and transformation between the two characters — and if after 5 years of bringing the audience into the story with exactly those kinds of interactions yet now being told that showing these moments wouldn’t be true to the characters! — the show looses what made it special.

    Thinking back, some of the posts I have most enjoyed in this forum have been based on breaking down those intimate moments between B&B and using the visual facial expressions to illustrate the beauty of what exists between them. Of course the two smiles at the end of the finale were sweet and meaningful, but those smiles are so lame compared to what the actors and characters are capable of and have demonstrated in the past. For me, it’s not the destination that is the problem at all, it’s the way they decided to share (or not) the emotion and beauty of the journey.

    • Jo!!!! I want to give you the biggest “guy hug” right now!!! You have said exactly want I am feeling. Anyone who wants to know what I think….see Jo’s post. Our fav moments on this blog have been B&B’s “moments”. Like HitH bedroom scene?? That, my friends, was a true B&B moment. Real, emotional, honest. And then BAM! I’m broadsided. I almost would have thought (and some have already said this) that the ending might have called for Brennan’s confession to be something like, “I’m ready for a relationship” or “I’m ready for a baby” or, “I’m tired of fighting this, so I love you, and not in an ‘atta boy’ kind of way”. And maybe a really sweet kiss. A true B&B kiss, nothing undercover, both of them ready to committ and be together like that. Sigh…. 🙂 That would have been plenty for my little shipper heart to carry me through the summer, imagining the possibilites! Jo said it perfectly, For me, it’s not the destination that is the problem at all, it’s the way they decided to share (or not) the emotion and beauty of the journey.”

      Although, I’m hopeful they will give us something in season 7 like that, it just kind of feels wrong, that we’ve missed it as of now.

    • I could not agree with you more, Jo! I watch Bones to SEE those moments. It is exactly why I love how Sarah will break down the simplest touch or look between these characters in her scene studies. To me, it feels like my best friends just got married, but I missed the wedding. Heck, it wasn’t even that I missed the wedding…I wasn’t even invited. While I can be happy (thrilled, even) for my friends, it still hurts that I wasn’t there to see it.

      • YES! that’s what i’ve been feeling too! Like they had this amazing shift in their lives. A shift we’ve been hoping for, and cheering on for years! and now… it’s like, “you missed it? oh, you wanted to see that? eh, too bad.” I’m definitely happy and at peace with where the plot is being taken, but i’m a little sad we were kicked out of the car for that moment.

  31. Thank you so much! Yes, I see it the same way! And, I want to say the the word “comfort sex” detracts, in my opinion, from what went on here. These two have been deeply in love, and they needed each other after watching a friend die in their arms. It was love all the way, not “comfort sex”!
    Can’t wait to see what HH and SN have in store for us in S7!

  32. Very well written. I agree with most of what you said. However, since it has been such a short time since the Hannah relationship (including proposal and “anger” from her rejection) I hope they don’t rush into the idea of them having to get married. I would really like to see Booth getting some counseling. Everything just can’t be OK because Brennan is pregnant. Just a short time ago he was willing to completely commit himself to someone else and he was crushed when she said No.
    I know shippers have their own take on that, but I think they must truly show that Brennan is really the one and not just a rebound back. Yes he loved her first, but he was in a very intimate life with Hannah, living together and creating a family like situation with Hannah. I know the writers are not good at continuance or following through with SL’s, but I really hope they address this in some way.

    I really cannot see that Booth is in love with Brennan. I think at one point he was but it seems like now he is more greatful that she stood by him and loves her being his best friend. Booth has been in a couple of love relationships but this is Brennan’s first time. I want it shown that he truly loves her in a romantic kind of way as well. I don’t want to have to imagine it. For once I want an issue addressed and expressed. I want (not sex scenes) but I want gentle touches and yes, I love you’s.
    Six years of watching this show was not for Angela and Jack. That was OK but I want to know that the main focus of this show for six years is real love, and not just two people falling together because they are “partners” and will always stand by each other. I want Brennan to find the love that she thought did not exist and I want it returned. all of Booth’s lectures to her over the years need to be shown to me.

    • Maybe the purpose of Hodgela was to give the viewers two types of love affairs? (i) The by-the-book kind, with all the mushy gushy lovey dovey stuff that everyone expects and the format every other TV show follows and (ii) the WTH is going on here/did that mean what I think it meant/shut up and kiss her already! kind.

      If so, that’s kind of genius, isn’t it? And frustrating as heck, because it’s so different than what we usually see. It’s like giving the best lines to the understudy while the hero is told to ‘exit left, looking thoughtful.’

    • “I really cannot see that Booth is in love with Brennan. I think at one point he was but it seems like now he is more greatful that she stood by him and loves her being his best friend.”

      *Gasp*. I shudder at the implications of that statement. I think we can all agree that we don’t want Brennan as a rebound, but if this is true then instead of comfort sex we’d be talking about “thanks for standing by me” sex. Aaack! I can’t even make my mind go there.

      I wonder if we haven’t seen certain things because they just aren’t there yet. For all we know, the only definite thing is that they’re going to try for a relationship now, and their desires are strong enough to desire physical intimacy. Maybe they’re still “falling in love”. I’m not sure how we’re supposed to feel about Booth’s love for Brennan. I’ve seen what I’ve believe to be snippets of it, but I’m hoping for more definitive proof next season, as well. I think he had pushed his feelings for Brennan away and didn’t dwell on them. So much so that he had convinced himself that he didn’t want that anymore. He had moved on, in a way. But not to the point where I think a second chance was impossible – even if it would be a stretch. But I think Brennan coming to him did a lot to break the ice and stir up some feelings and create some new ones, but there hasn’t been much time between that point and the end of the season to see more results of that.

      Also, I think people have different opinions on the fallout of Hannah’s rejection. I personally think he was crushed by another “No”, and not the fact he couldn’t have Hannah as a wife. I never believe he loved her that deeply to begin with, even if he was committed. And I question how much Hannah loved and knew Booth. She traveled a lot, he had a busy job, so I was never convinced they had a solid foundation to warrant a proposal. I’m really glad she said no. Maybe in time, and if they had really gotten to know each other, I would have been more okay with it. Unless I can be proved wrong, I still think a lot of Booth’s anger was towards himself, and probably life in general. I don’t think we will necessarily hear the words “I’m not impervious anymore” and “I’m not angry anymore”, but to me, it’s been said in their actions.

  33. I have truly been all over the place with my reactions to the pregnancy.

    I am not angry that I didn’t get a sex scene – hey, I wrote a BT post about the fact that we probably wouldn’t even get a kiss in the finale, right?

    My irritation with the pregnancy storyline is that I think it will allow the writers to gloss over the complicated, heavy stuff they stirred up in season 6 by telling us “oh that all got worked out offscreen, look – BABY!”

    There will be a time jump before the season 7 premiere which gives them more opportunity to just skip ahead to a whole new set of plotlines, without having to tie up any of the loose ends for the last set.

    But who knows? Maybe the new plotlines will be sufficiently interesting that I won’t care about the loose threads from season 6. Or maybe I’m wrong and someone, somewhere will ask Booth if he’s good with proposing to one woman and impregnating another in the space of what? Four months?

    I know, I know, we are supposed to know that Booth never loved Hannah the way he loved Brennan and it’s all good. I’m fine with HH wanting us to imagine, oh 90% of the BB relationship. But every now and then I would like a few hints to make sure I’m imagining in the right direction.

    I am going to assume that an offscreen conversation took place in which Booth assured Brennan that he loves her and is over Hannah. And that Brennan assured Booth that she is ready now, and won’t run away again if she is overwhelmed by her emotions. I sort of have to make those assumptions, because the alternative, that they embarked on this new stage without ever discussing the things that have kept them apart for the last year, is too depressing to contemplate.

    I realize that when Booth said “some things are better left unsaid” that was a message to the viewers. We aren’t going to get any heavy conversations. I just don’t think everything can be left unsaid, if we are to understand what the heck is going on.

    • I know what you mean about at least getting a hint you’re thinking in the right direction. That’s an interesting statistic right there – 90%, lol.

      As far as glossing over goes, if they are going to do that, it would happen whether a baby or not was in the picture, because that’s just what they do. (I know, not really a compliment.) Do you think the baby SL will actually make things easier for the writers, or am I misinterpreting what you’re saying? Because I think part of what makes the baby SL interesting in the writers’ eyes and some other viewers is all the tension it can stir up. These questions that you’ve asked could still be asked next season, should the writers decide to go there. A baby wouldn’t prevent that. In fact, some questions will have to be asked and answered sooner rather than later because they are having a baby.

      • honestly, yes. I do think it makes things easier for the writers. Beginning in the End and Season 6 was, IMO, very different from past seasons. Very angsty, stirred up a lot of serious issues between B & B. What they want out of life, what they want from each other, how much they can trust each other, how they’ve changed and how those individual changes affect their relationship to each other.

        Some of these things have been addressed in the show’s typical “parse one sentence to get the final word on this entire subject” way, but some things, IMO, haven’t been resolved. Resolving them would require the kind of dialogue that B&B just don’t engage in on screen. It would require unequivocal language.

        Pregnancy storylines, IMO, write themselves. The potential is there to ditch dealing with the heavy stuff and go for lots of lighthearted bickering over religion, where to live, Booth making his prude face when Brennan talks about breastfeeding, hiring nannies, baby names, crazy Grandpa Max, when Brennan will stop working and for how long. Storylines that frankly could be plugged into any show with two characters having a baby. Sure, Bones will add B&B’s unique spin – not everyone’s grandpa is a murderer, but all baby storylines tend to hit the same points.

        And you know – maybe that will be awesome. Season 6 had a serious dearth of happy moments. The season gave us many powerful performances, but it wasn’t a lot of fun to watch. So maybe that is the right way to go. I don’t know.

        I guess after five days of wailing and gnashing my teeth, I have finally concluded that I won’t know how I feel about the pregnancy until I start watching season 7!

      • @Barbara: “I guess after five days of wailing and gnashing my teeth, I have finally concluded that I won’t know how I feel about the pregnancy until I start watching season 7!”

        I think that is the conclusion I have arrived at myself! Guess we’ll have to wait and see! In the meantime, we have Bones Theory, DVDs, Netflix, Amazon, etc…

  34. So many people who are upset over B&B finally becoming something– whatever that new something is– that they seem to have forgotten to be terribly upset when Angela and Hodgins got together. Didn’t they become a couple after the Gravedigger practically killed him and Brennan? While Hodgela is a different couple, the circumstances are similar.

    I understand the story possibilities for the surprise pregnancy. I also understand how some people feel cheated by not getting the “new couple coping” stories or even bits of affection that clearly show that they are a couple.

    I love the new development because I see it as a way to extend the story without losing some of that conflict that makes B&B so interesting to watch. Conversations about religion and sex and parenthood are no longer theory– they have to somehow put these things into practice. Brennan knows just how difficult it is for Booth to negotiate his time with Parker, how will she change that for him?

    We got the smarmy couplely things in Wanda and Buck– “that’s my muffin at work”– and that’s about the extent that I can take. Yes, I want to see them say or do something that says, yes, we are together in some way (even if they haven’t really defined it.) Yes, I’d like to know that it was more than one night, but I have no problem that they turned to each other for comfort. That’s been missing all season.

    Maybe this is Paris and Brennan will be pulled from the field and the new arena to be negotiated will be their shared responsibility for parenthood. That’s okay. I see a myriad of possibilities and a whole new line of stories that will take shape in the coming season. I think a trip to Paris would be grand, even if I cannot speak the language.

    • When I saw previews for HitH, I thought that B&B would get together because seeing Booth almost get shot made her realize that she didn’t want to waste any more time not being together. I’m fine with B&B both realizing that life is short, make every moment count. Perhaps that was the reason they got together, but they didn’t show anything that would necessarily support that.

      • I would also add – no matter what I’m all in for Season seven. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out. I’m just trying to work out why I may have been bothered by the last episode.

      • I think the ambiguity did they? didn’t they? was intriguing, but it seems unsatisfying to actually not KNOW for certain what/when things happened. And are they a couple now or are they still trying to figure things out?

        HH & Co. have left so many questions to be answered next fall that how can you not tune in and find out? Very clever. But maddening. . . very, very maddening. From his perspective, it’s good story-telling; from ours, it’s just frustrating. Even though I appreciate what they’ve done, it’s still like boarding a plane and not really knowing where you’re going to end up.

    • “So many people who are upset over B&B finally becoming something– whatever that new something is– that they seem to have forgotten to be terribly upset when Angela and Hodgins got together. Didn’t they become a couple after the Gravedigger practically killed him and Brennan?”

      #1 I am not upset that B&B are becoming something, its that we missed them becoming that something and the baby storyline kind of freaks me out haha. Maybe season 7 will help me understand. Holding out final opinions till then.

      #2 Angela and Hodgins…are totally different. They are not B&B, we aren’t as personally invested in their story. The two of them have also been back and forth romantically, together, breaking up, moving on with others, coming back…to me its not really the same.

      I am glad they are getting together. Truly I am, I’m just unsure about how its happening right now. Like I said, Season 7 will help me form my opinion.

    • AmandaFriend-
      I’m so totally with you on the “smarmy couplely” things. I would really like to see B&B say “I love you” and see some judicious use of touching and kissing, but pretty please, writers, don’t go all Angela and Hodgins on us again. I found most of their more goopy moments to be rather lame and annoying. I’m sure many people will be absolutely horrified that I said this, but I actually rolled my eyes during their little scene in the delivery room. And I’m pretty sure my sister and husband did too.

      I am inclined to agree with the evil geniuses on this one – I think a less is more approach is probably going to be key to making this relationship work long-term.

  35. Awesome post MJ!
    I must say there has been ALOT of negativity about the turn our beloved show has taken and that makes me really sad. I completely agree with you about the Booth and Brennan courtship and I have always viewed it as a beautiful thing. I am extremely excited about what has happened and I look forward to seem them continue to work past their differences.
    And incidentally I just recently read the article you have talked about. It compares Paris and Holland and I think it was a wonderful analogy.

  36. What a sweet, perfect post. I can’t believe that I was at an out-of-town wedding all weekend without a computer and missed all the fabulous posts that must have gone down…of all days to be BonesTheory-less! (Though the wedding was awesome.) So if I’m repeating everything that’s already been said in the last couple of days, please bear with me. I’m going to go back and read posts and comments eventually, but I assume it’ll take a while.

    On to comfort sex-it was a beautiful thing, and it was not just comfort or sex; it was love. If any two characters on tv have ever demonstrated their limitless love for each other and their willingness to sacrifce for the other’s sake time and time again it’s Booth and Brennan. The night they shared when VNM died was just an extension of that love, not just some flukey, accidental event. It was all about love and trust; the trust that Brennan had in Booth when she allowed herself to fall apart in his room-trust that he would be there for her, to catch her and keep her safe. And trust for Booth as well, that he would have what it takes to make her feel loved and protected, that he would be enough this time. It was wonderful and heartwarming. It was also fitting that this would be the one time she got pregnant, because they were so completely unprepared for the moment with their emotional defenses at an all time low. I was probably the one and only time when protection wouldn’t have come up, and as one friend knows only too well, it only takes once.

    As to the lack of PDA, I’m perfectly content with how things went down, at least for now. We have to remember that ED was quite visibly pregnant when these scenes were all filmed, making a full on make-out scene possibly a bit indelicate, not to mention uncomfortable for the actors. I got all the love I wanted under the circumstance with the looks and the touches. Her possessive arm holding and his little proud, reassured smile at the end of Hole made me swoon, as did the kiss he gave her in the bowing alley. That was the kiss and the look of a man who’s been with his girl more than once and loves it, something that our sly little Max quickly caught on to.

    And the end, sheer evil perfection. Yes, I would have loved a kiss and/or hug, but Hart is too smart to give us the whole cow right up front; he wants you to come back and buy the milk in the fall, and my guess is that there will be a line out the door for that particular product. Hugs, kisses, passion? Come back in a couple of months! Besides, could anything have been more wonderful than seeing Booth’s full-on, blissful smile (the power of Booth, one reviewer aptly called it) and Brennan’s relieved and thankful smile back? Her happiness was completely dependent on his reaction at this moment, another time when she could no longer control the situation or isolate herself from possible pain. But he so came through. That’s our boy! I mean, who wouldn’t want a man to look at them that way after delivering a news that could have been off-putting to say the least?

    And may I remind everyone, it could have been much, much worse. What if they had cut away right when she delivered the news, without his reaction? Or if they had shown his initial shock, and not what came afterwards? Those smiles, dear people were put there for the loyal fans and no one else. You may be an evil, evil man Hart, but we love you! (Most of us, anyway…)

    • I guess my question would be – how long will you wait for that milk? I agree, Hart is an evil genius. He kept B&B apart for so long that we are now thrilled that they are making direct eye contact with each other and exchanging smiles!

      The cynic in me says that all those B&B moments we had in seasons 1-5 will be rebooted. Instead of Booth placing his hand over hers while they are fixing a pipe and the audience wonders if they will kiss, we’ll get Booth placing his hand over hers while they are building a crib and we’ll wonder if they will kiss.

      Hart has cleverly solved the Will they/won’t they condundrum by saying “they did” but keep us invested by saying “but you can’t see it!”.

      It’s brilliant. I respect the brilliance of that move. I just wonder that if it works – if the audience comes back in the fall for the milk, what’s his motivation to hand over the milk in the season premiere? In the next episode? Or the next?

      I’m lactose intolerant, so I don’t need the milk, but I don’t like knowing it’s being witheld to manipulate me into coming back. Good writing would keep me coming back too.

      • Well, Barbara, there’s always enzyme pills (just kidding!) I honestly think but for her real life pregnancy we would have gotten a bit more on the naughtiness side (had they even decided to get them together at this point), but I agree with you that it would probably still not have been enough to match our expectations. And God knows we have many… Still, I was happy for now and hopeful for the future. And pleasantly surprised that after all these years I’m just as anxious as ever to see the next season. I think I’ve been toughened up by Pride and Prejudice (the book, not the film versions) where we have all this romance and we don’t even get to see a kiss. I do think they wanted to save something for next year, and it sure beats last year’s finale!

      • Ha! GMTA. I just said something about P&P.

      • maria, I see your point but “it could have been worse” and “it was better than last year” are faint praise, IMO.

        I feel that our expectations as an audience have been lowered considerably if we are actually saying “thank goodness we got to see Booth smile at her when she said she was pregnant!”

        And again, that’s brilliant of HH. He may have bought himself two more seasons with this reset. Anything close to season 1 levels of intimacy will be the cause of much rejoicing.

        Honestly, I think we’ll never see sex or morning afters – as I said in my BT post last week, sex has never been what B&B are about, but also because Emily & David, while they have great affection chemistry, strike me as having lousy sex chemistry. Their kiss in the 100th was believable, their bedroom scene in End in the Beginning was awkward.

        I do hope that things eventually find their way back to season 2 “guy hug” levels, although I am not holding my breath on that, either.

    • Maria, nicely put. You are right about one thing for sure. What if HH had just cut the scene after Booth’s deer in the headlight look and not that beautiful smile? We would have been hearing a lot outrage then, including mine. The smile from Booth and then Brennan were what I needed to tide me over for the summer.

    • I wish I could see things the way you do. I thought the scene with they supposedly go together was very emotional, but mostly on ED’s part. I have watched it a number of times and I still don’t see anything more in Booth than him comforting a friend and his partner.

      I guess I have to dream this up in my imagination like SN says. I read all of these posts where so many people see so many things, and I go back and watch and still don’t see them. Am I missing things or are other people just filling in their own blanks and using their imaginations.

      I am not a writer so I really can’t write a fanfic. I guess my fantasies are about my own life.
      I watch tv to be told a story not to make up my own. Yes I can read between the lines, but I have to be given lines. I guess I just don’t feel like the producers will ever give me more.

      So I will probalby watch S7 only after I have read reviews on the episode. I love the Office and after all of these years I still love seeing Jim and Pam. They went through the whole will they or won’t they, had signficant others, but you always saw their love for each other. I have enjoyed every step of their journey, and even after a child get tender moments (not sex) between this couple. I just feel like we will never get these tender moments between B & B and I don’t want to waste any more time creating my own version of what happened to just have that blown up in the next episode. In all honesty, I think they just can’t write a love story and that is why they are avoiding it.

      ED being pregnant is reason to not show sex scenes. Also, I don’t think she and David are comfortable in those scenes with each other. But again, a taking of the hand or a touch of the face, are not too much to ask.

      • I have no idea where this comment is going to end up, but I am so glad that Barbara said what she said about chemistry. I have always thought that Emily and David have awesome chemistry, some of the best I’ve seen. Their eyes, their body language, their little smirks and grins – hot, hot, hot! I’ve watched some of the least physical scenes between them sooooo many times. But that bedroom scene in EitB? I agree with Barbara – it’s awkward. I’m not saying B&B “love” scenes have to stop at just a look or a touch. I would like to see them (the directors?) find the types of scenes that Emily and David can really steam up and go with those over bedroom scenes. Give the audience some hot B&B moments, and I don’t think anyone will mind that they’re not seeing everything.

  37. NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Sorry….i haven’t read it yet but had to say that! I’ll go read it properly now! LOL)

  38. Wow, that was an awesome post!! I loved your analogy. I have been struggling somewhat with the finale, but everything you said makes a lot of sense.

  39. I have to go back to SN’s interview compared to Booth’s line in the final scene. Booth said that Angela and Hodgins loved each other and had a healthy baby. In SN’ interview, he said that B & B were two people who were honest and decent who would form a life around a baby. He never talks about love. This is what he wants fans to imagine themselves: B & B are in love. That is where I am pessimistic about them showing a real love between them in S& except for the fact that they are having a baby. People are thrilled to see protective Booth. Basically he would lbe that way with anyone having his child. I really want this to be about him having a child with Brennan and I don’t think the produc ers think they need to show that side. They believe, in HH’s words that Hogela are the perfect couple and we experienced everything through them. I am happilyl married with children, therefore, I was rather bored with their storyline. Too much sweetness for me and not really real. PERFECT the way the producers see them. The blindness issue thrown in there for drama when you knew the writers would never make that baby blind. Basically you have a couple where Jack just does everything Angela wants and has just accepted everything she has ever done.
    That is just how I see them personally.

    I would never want to see that with B & B. The pregnancy was too drawn out and was their onlly real focus this entire season. Brennan would never be like that during childbirth. I can deal without seeing all of this and rather have them focus on work and other issues.

    Again, I want to see on screen and be told on screen that they are together for love and are building on that love with a child. Yes, the smiles were sweet but a simple hand held would have been sweet. Not having to be told he was the father and some indication that he was happy that it was “Bones” that was pregnant with his child. If Brennan is going to give him his dream of a family,
    I want her to experience being truly loved for who she is, and not just for being a child’s mother.
    I just don’t want to imagine these things. Bones is the star of this show and I want a happy ending when it is all sad and done. I don’t want satisfacory for her. This is when I don’t want real life and that some people don’t get that kind of love. After six years, I want a foreve kind of love for Temperance Brennan.

    • I agree. I want this to be about love not a baby. I think they have loved each other for years and I do think it is about love and their story. Should be interesting!

  40. One thing I would like to say – because as someone who isn’t over the moon about this plot twist and keeps getting told “How can you not be thrilled! B&B are together and having a baby! Isn’t that what we’ve always wanted?”

    To me, the reaction to this plot twist is no different than the reaction to the Hannah plot twist.

    Some people are going to believe that it’s there for a reason and trust that it will be worth whatever bumps in the road come along, some people are going to roll their eyes and say it’s another contrivance, some people are going to scratch their heads and try to make sense of it.

    I have been in all three of those camps over the last three days. I think that’s okay. I think it’s okay to be a fan of the show and sometimes get annoyed with it or not understand it or lose patience with it.

    At the end of the day, I know it’s not my story, it’s HH’s story. I have to find meaning in it or just stop reading it. In the course of finding that meaning however, people go through a wide range of emotions, not all of them positive ones. It doesn’t mean we won’t find that meaning, it just means it may take time, just as it took time for LOTS of people to come to terms with Hannah or the proposal.

    Because this plot twist is a “positive” one – in that babies are never a bad thing – I think it might be harder for folks to understand why anyone wouldn’t like it. Certainly we all understood why some people hated the proposal, hated Hannah, etc.

    • Thanks Barbara! That’s exactly how I feel!

      • Whatever side you land on, it’s perfectly okay not to be madly in love with the newest twist. You hit the nail on the head when you point out that it’s a positive step in a season that has lacked positive motion. But should we be happy?

        Honestly, I like it because I see all kinds of possibilities. But, the bottom line is that we can speculate until we’re mere bones, and the show is going to be the show. Despite liking the general direction, there’s so many holes that need to be plugged that while I’m fairly optimistic, I completely understand why people are dissatisfied. The show kind of cheated– they connected the dots but they skipped over several of the dots. So the picture isn’t quite perfect, it’s so much better than where it had been that we’re okay with the horse lacking one leg right now. We’re willing to overlook the horse being a bit lame– because at least we know it’s not going to be acquiring an additional rider.

        It’s a cheat. They didn’t give us too much info about B&B’s relationship right now beyond what they’ve shared so it’s perfectly understandable that fans feel a bit. . . unsatisfied. But it is a cheat– and while I know it, I’m still willing to let them do it because I got the goopy lovey dovey stuff with W&B and I don’t think I want that for B&B. Tenderness, yes. Passion, yes. Sexiness, yes. And so they’ve made them a couple– a couple of what we don’t really know– but if we don’t look too closely, we can see possibilities. Even if the horse has only got three legs. At least it doesn’t seem to be likely to run around in circles.

        And that might be enough for some of us.

  41. Fantastic post. I loved what you had to say and I totally agree with you that it’s been a courtship for the last six years. They’ve been [best] friends forever and finally they’ve made a step to become more than friends. Yeah, throwing a baby into the mix isn’t what most would do or considered “traditional” (I’d almost argue that it borders on romance novel-ish- but in a good way) but as Stephanie has said numerous times that real life can’t always be planned. I’m excited to see where they go with this new twist in the road for B&B. If that makes me a sap… then so be it.

    Again, fantastic post!!

  42. I’m gonna marry this, okay?

  43. Maybe the crux of the matter is that this is what it looks like when B&B are in love, and we’re disappointed. This isn’t Booth in love/infatuated and rustling the sheets and telling everyone who stops to listen how hot his girlfriend is. This isn’t Brennan maybesortakinda in love-ish, but not enough to sail away into the unknown.

    Maybe this is what it looks like when Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth realize they share that connection, that they’re in the same place, when each one has admitted the same to the other. No flash. No public PDA. Just knowledge.

    It’s very Austenian (is that a word?), isn’t it? I mean, Elizabeth Bennett never kissed Mr. Darcy, but if you don’t believe in that love story I’ll have to sit you down and read P&P to you, repeatedly, until you do. (Don’t tempt me…I’ve done it before!) It was all “fine dark eyes” and “sentiments have changed” and “how long have you loved him” and “woa, Pemberley is a big house!” and “would you mind putting on that white shirt and going swimming again” (okay, that last one is just me).

    After a lot of angst and thinking, that’s what I see in B&B. They know. Those little touches and glances and smiles, they are all about what B&B know. Not about what they want other people (including us, I guess) to know.

    It may not be enough for us, but it seems to be enough for them.

    • I think you make a valid point. It’s something we have to come to terms with, or just not accept. Especially if we don’t get the more we think we’re going to get in S7. B&B have had many moments that have us scratching our heads, coming up with what we think it means, but if you watch them, messages are sent and received silently, including times when they talk with underlying messages. As an observer, I have felt out of the loop at times, because I can see that they are communicating, but I don’t know what it is exactly that they are saying.

  44. I guess I’m just feeling like I’m not in the club anymore, because I’m not on board with the pregnancy storyline, when it was not a problem for fans to dislike the Hannah storyline.

    Not thinking this pregnancy thing is a good idea doesn’t mean I don’t “get” the love story or “trust” HH or “accept” that he is telling “his story, his way”.

    Plenty of people didn’t get Hannah or get the proposal – over time those plot twists have come to be accepted as necessary to get where we are now. Perhaps at some point next season I’ll be saying the same thing about the pregnancy. Right now, I just don’t know how it’s going to play out, and I guess my general nature is to expect little, and hope to be pleasantly surprised, rather than expect much and be disappointed.

    • It doesn’t seem to me that you are the only one who feels that way. I don’t think it’s about club mentality. People here are just expressing their honest-to-goodness opinions, and you should, too.

      I’m not sure that “happy” has been one of my reactions to this storyline. But we just have differing opinions on where it can go from here. I was shocked, like most people. And yes, I am excited. But not really in a “Booth and Brennan are having a baby and that’s so wonderful!” way. If anyone had asked me, it probably would have been best to just be a couple first. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. What’s done is done, and that’s pretty much my approach to life. It’s more like, I’m anxious to see how they deal with this. I think they will have a lot of things to work through and I’m curious to see how it’s done. I’m trying to stay optimistic. If they don’t work things out, and things fall apart, I want my money back. And my life, since I’m just a “bit” too invested in this show.

    • Barbara-
      At the risk of proving your point, I’m going to agree with C-bones. I don’t think you’re the only one who feels cheated by this storyline. Your reasoning may be different, but I don’t think you’re the only one. I also don’t think this has anything to do with being in the club or not being in the club. People are expressing their opinions and engaging in a rather spirited debate (which I’ll admit to enjoying immensely), and that’s okay – as long as the debate remains respectful (which I think it has).

      The tricky thing is that we’re actually debating several issues simultaneously, and from where I’m standing, it seems that very few (if any) of us actually agree on everything all the time (you and I may disagree on the pregnancy issue, but I think we hold fairly similar opinions on the intimacy issue)…which makes forming any kind of “in-crowd” opinion extremely difficult. There’s the “did they/didn’t they?” debate (which has now become the “when did they?” debate), the “is the pregnancy storyline a good idea?” debate, the “are they really a couple (and if so, when did it happen)?” debate, and the “is it really fair that they went there and we didn’t even get a hand hold or a kiss, much less passionate sex?” debate. I’m seeing people agree/disagree on the same issue but for different reasons, and people who agree on one issue but not on others. It’s all kind of fun in a maniacally crazy sort of way.

      But I do sincerely hope that you’re not saying this because of my comment the other day. My intention was not to make you feel bad or left out.

      • No, not really. I mean you aren’t the only one who has expressed the general idea that this is what we wanted all along, so we should be happy…and I’ve seen several people who loathed the show this season, who hadn’t even watched most of the episodes, who have overnight fallen in love with the show all over again once they heard that Brennan was pregnant.

        You’re right, there are lots of different issues being discussed under the general umbrella of the pregnancy. Which is why I think we’re all sort of at a loss until we get some spoilers for season 7 or until we get season 7! Some of the things I wonder about will only be answered when the episodes air. It will be a long four months. Or three months? How many months anyway?

        There’s also a disconnect – for me anyway – between what I *know* and what I think the show has done an effective job of showing me. I *know* B&B are in love, I know they would have been together regardless of the baby, I know they must have had some meaningful conversation before they took the next step to physical intimacy.

        But I know all that because I’ve chosen to believe in the story, not necessarily because the show has put that on the air for me to see. They’ve put out clues…some more subtle than others. I just think we should be able to watch the show and not have to whip out our Bones Secret Decoder Rings to understand what’s going on. It’s not that I can’t follow the clues, I’m just tired of doing it. I mean, I had to work *hard* to see Booth’s love for Brennan peeking through the Hannah episodes. Watching those episodes more than once was not fun. I couldn’t even do Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck or Body in the Bag a second time. It hurt!

        I’m sure I’ll get my energy back by September.

      • Well, I’m glad to know it wasn’t just me. I love to debate, but I don’t want to be obnoxious or hurtful in the process.

        I really do understand what you’re saying about knowing what you believe but (sometimes) wanting to be able to see it too. I also agree that the “clues” in the first half of the season were way more subtle than what I thought we’d see. I’ve learned to try and put a positive spin on things because it’s easier for me to get through the hard stuff that way (The Bones that Weren’t was my personal, “this was not fun and I don’t want to watch this ever again” episode, although when I DID watch it again I found that it wasn’t nearly so painful upon a second viewing).

        I’m not sure if you were around when I did my Still Fighting post, but it was all trying to prove that Booth was still fighting for Brennan, even if it wasn’t blatantly obvious. And yes, I wrote it as much for myself as for anyone else.

      • are you going to buy the season 6 dvds? I’m not. I doubt I’ll watch them on Netflix either. It was a painful season, and I’m mostly just glad it’s over. Even knowing the eventual happy ending doesn’t make those hard times more palatable. I could choke them down without gagging, if I needed to, but I’d really just rather go hungry, if you know what I mean.

        Even the ones where B&B are getting along again are tinged with a sadness of what used to be.

        In some ways, I guess I can see the logic in just starting fresh. Depending on how season 7 goes, I may just create an alternate universe in my head in which B&B embrace in Mastodon, she tells him she realized in Maluku that she couldn’t live without him and drags him back to her place for a season long boink-fest that only ends whenever season 7 starts. Thus, season 6 did not really occur. I mean, why not? They want us to use our imaginations, right?

      • Stephanie, could you tell me where to find that ‘still fighting’ post you mention? I’d love to read it.

      • Here you go MJ:

        “A season long boink-fest” – very funny!

        Yes, I will buy the season six DVD’s. Partly because I am anal and I want the complete set, but mostly because for all the pain in this season, there were some incredibly beautiful moments as well. The Doctor in the Photo. Booth staring at Brennan through the window of the Diner in The Bullet in the Brain. The end of the Sin in the Sisterhood. DB’s incredible performance at the end of The Daredevil in the Mold (although this also qualifies as one of the most painful episodes I’ve ever seen). The Blackout in the Blizzard. The Hole in the Heart. And I know you didn’t like it, but I just have to include those incredibly cute smiles at the end of The Change in the Game. And Hannah or no Hannah, there were a couple episodes that I really loved early in the season as well – The Maggots in the Meathead, The Body and the Bounty, and The Shallow in the Deep. I guess I’m just a sucker for pain as long as I can find at least some beauty in it.

  45. If I ever ended up in Paris instead of New York, I would be thrilled. Granted the cultural change may be confusing at first, but I’m adaptible, and I can adjust. Which has been what I’ve been doing since I watched Bones on Thursday morning. My adjustment was slow at first, and some of those OCD characteristics came out of hiding, but I have adapted quite well.

    I am with the group of ‘have been dating for years.’ I’ve watched this series from the beginning, followed them through all those awakward first dates, watched every romantic look from across the room, and cried when they broke up.

    My heart soared when they first said the words “Maybe then we can try to be together”, then again when he invited her to his bed. I loved the way they closed the door, and whetever happened inside that bedroom was ‘between them, because, remember “What goes on between us is ours.” I don’t need to see that bedroom scene.

    Then when she stood scared and frightened, on that street corner, looked him in the eyes and said, “I’m..I’m pregnant”; again, I cried, but somehow I missed that ‘first kiss’.

    That first time he took her in his arms, and placed his lips on hers. The first time her hands went around his neck and pulled him close, and they let themselves feel what they had been hiding for so many years.

    That first time that it was mutual between the two of them without her ‘imperviousness, and his anger’ getting in the way. Somehow I missed that part. If anyone knows how I missed it, please send me the link, so I can watch it again, because I don’t need the sex, but I feel lost and alone without that ‘first kiss’.

    • Sorry, the only kiss we got was the smootch in the bowling alley.

      • Yeah, that’s the one I got too. It was great, but I still feel left out of something better.

      • Yeah, that is why some people are a tad unhappy right now. They wanted the big kiss. I wouldn’t have mine seeing that either; but, HH just gave us the smootch and the smiles at the end. (not to mention the baby bombshell).

    • I’m willing to wait it out for the first couple of episodes of S7, but if they keep holding out on us like that, maybe we can start a petition and send it to HH.

  46. I think in the Bones story we have to process a little and often we don’t see the whole story until the second or third time watching an episode.

    I am fine with sex after VNM death. I think it helped them celebrate life! I was however, firmly in the “didn’t” camp until the end of the finale episode. It was not cheap sex…that would have happened years ago if that was going to happen.

    It was two people realizing that they did not want to wait any longer because one of them could be gone in an instant. Was it in their plan for the night. I don’t think so. Was it their date on the paper….I doubt it. Was it a moment when they both realized there will never be a perfect time and we need to celebrate what we have now…..that is what I think happened.

    I often feel closest to my husband in moments of great tragedy. I am totally fine with the “dam” breaking at this moment. I am just ticked off that we didn’t get to see it or hear the morning after conversation!!! That is what I wanted…..

    I am wayyyyyy happier than I was this time last year. And now that I think they are both happy and moving forward together, I can’t wait for next year.

    Great post and I agree! On board all the way!

  47. Wonderful article MJ! I agree completely. 🙂

    Like some other people have said, I wish there had been a liiiiittle bit more affection between B&B in the bowling alley, even if just for Max’s sake. The kiss on the cheek made me squee enough as it was. But in the end, I like how the finale went – and as someone else said, reading some interviews from Stephen Nathan has helped clarify things a little too.

  48. I just had a thought. Does anyone think the lack of physical intimacy could be Emily’s hesitation, because of the pregnancy and being a newlywed?

  49. I always have thought that B&B don’t have the same kind of love than the rest of the TVcouples and that they shate an oldfashioned kind of love (love the THE COURTSHIP OF MAX’S DAUGHTER name! haha).

    I’m totally agree with you @Kimberly! It would be uncomfortable for Emily do sex scenes given her state and maybe is a bit uncomfortable too to kiss David dude she’s a newlywed but this last one does not convinced me so much because she is very professional.

  50. I really enjoyed this post. I agree with you on the comfort sex. They know each other so well, in every other way, that I didn’t find the comfort sex a huge leap.

  51. This is a beautifully written post, MJ, and while I neither wholeheartedly agree with everything you said, I don’t vehemently oppose anything either. I come to Bones Theory for the different perspectives and insights that are shared here. That, and the smokin’ hot screen shots, of course. 🙂

    This is the first time I’ve been part of the online community of Bones fans for a season finale, and I have to admit that the overwhelming response, the sheer magnitude of it in all its forms, both positive and negative, is wearing me out.

    I have my own metaphor that I would like to share, although this might stray a bit from the focus of your post.

    Cliffhanger episodes – especially season finales – remind me of the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books I used to love when I was younger. My sister would always follow the handsome prince, or an ogre’s directions to a dungeon where a handsome prince was being held captive, or a talking newt that she was certain would turn into a handsome prince. I always went in search of treasure. What can I say? We were each after our own shiny baubles. But my point is (and I do have one) that no matter how different the paths were that got us there, there were only so many endings that had been written for that particular story. And we often ended up arriving at the same outcome.

    The story of Brennan and Booth and now their baby is one that, come September, will only have one outcome (fanfics notwithstanding). But between now and then, we can debate and speculate all we want. It was just that one time; no, it was more than that; they’re officially a couple; they’re not really a couple yet; they’ve been dating for years; no they haven’t; he’s always loved her; no way in the world is that possible; oh, but it’s true; no way; yes way; damn you, Hart Hanson; no damn you, Hart Hanson; wait, did we just agree on something? See, this is fun, right?

    There are those who are wiling to believe certain things – that B&B are a couple, that they love one another, that physical intimacy came to pass because of this love and for no other reason – and they’re willing to let what happened between B&B to get to this point remain theirs. What they’ve got is faith, baby.

    But isn’t it ironic that there are others who need evidence beyond the expressions in that last pic above that everything is the way it ought to be in the lives of our favorite duo?

    I will “choose my own adventure” all summer long, but as soon as the season 7 premiere episode starts, I’m all in for whatever story HH&Co. choose to tell.

    I’m hoping they’ll put a little sugar in my coffee though, and let me taste that it is indeed sweet.

    • Agreed on the “Choose Your Own Adventure” bit, for sure. I think that’s the point really. This is going to sound like a “duh” thing to say, but it’s helped me process.

      September is a looooooong way away from where we’re standing, and from a business standpoint, HH&Co. not only want to <em<keep the 10 million+ viewers they had for the finale (congrats, Show!), but even gain viewers come Season 7 September. The way they played the finale seemed to me to be perfect from a business point of view. I feel confident in saying that every single one of us–excited about Baby or not–will be glued to our screens to see just how they’re going to play this out. And the fact that we really have no definitive idea of where Booth and Brennan stand as a “couple,” or what that even means for them in a feelings-admitted kind of world is only money in the bank for HH&Co. It admittedly felt really weird to look back on that whole last scene knowing that they HAVE slept together, at least the one time–millions of questions come up. Do they think they’re dating? Are they sleepING together? Was it just the one time? Are they purposely keeping it a secret? Have they talked about it? Haven’t they? Why in heaven’s name aren’t they touching each other?? (You have to admit, if nothing else was, THAT was weird. They were alone! Why wouldn’t there at least be some shoulder bumping??) The lack of physical…anything felt off to me specifically, but I think it was manufactured for that exactly, to make my couple-y questions all the more burning, all the more urgent so I’m primed for September when it finally gets here.

      I get–and agree!–that Booth and Brennan have never been about conventional couple-y-ness, so it makes sense that they didn’t make out, or declare their love for each other from the mountain tops, but there’ve been precious few episodes without at least one sigh-inducing moment, though rarely conventionally “romantic” moments. It’s been Booth looking crushed at the sight of Brennan kissing someone else. It’s been Brennan squealing as Booth helps keep her frontal lobe from getting too much like a dried-up raisin. And in the finale, we DID get a suspiciously real-looking smack from Buck, um, not to mention “I’m pregnant”–the knowledge that they, in fact, “did.” It was just delivered in such a way as to keep us guessing until September. From will-they-or-won’t-they, to did-they-or-didn’t-they, to are-they-or-aren’t-they?

      We’ll likely spend a good chunk of season 7 getting the answer to that last one, and I’m confident it will be with a healthy dose of the Booth-and-Brennan moments we’ve gotten to know and love over the years, since the four-month-attention-sustainer will no longer be necessary. Will they be whispering I-love-yous googly-eyed over the table at the diner or holding hands at crime scenes? Um, I doubt it. But I don’t think any of us have ever really wanted them to be that couple anyway. But I do think we’ll get back to the together-ness we’ve enjoyed for the last five seasons. I don’t think we’re gaining coupledom at the expense of…well, coupledom…or rather gaining an admission of a romantic relationship at the expense of the romantic aspect of the relationship that’s been there for years.

      I, for one, can’t wait to see where HH is going with that. He teases and shocks and confuses, but he hasn’t yet let me down. I’m pretty confident that after six whole seasons, it’s not really even a possibility anymore. Season 7 can’t come too quickly, or to a more rapt viewer.

  52. Thank you for this post! I love BT authors for such positive thinking 🙂

  53. Is there anyone else besides me in the “Team Didn’t That Night, But Probably the Night After When Booth Got Broadksy” ?? Because ok, I will amend my original thoughts in my belief that nothing happened between episodes but a new awareness of each other (obvs) but I still would like to think that after we got that look between her and Angela after finding out Booth “got him” and then that arm grab after the coconut song….then I’m thinking they went to somebody’s place and well…we don’t know exactly the rest.

    I just get a warm fuzzy feeling thinking that Brennan let her guard down emotionally, therefore Booth did too, and he just held her super tight, let her cry, and then they got awesome restful sleep together to get Broadsky…I just feel like Booth especially would want to be focused on getting Broadsky out, and then start something with Brennan…anyone else in Team DTDNBPtNAWBGB with me? 🙂

    • I’m with you on that. I mean something DEEP did occur the night of VNM’s death…I suspect that was the turning point and then the “fun stuff” happened the next night.


      There was “fun stuff” more than once (both nights) but the actual baby-making took place the next night.
      Okay, now I sound ridiculous.

      • Haha Minnaloosh, there is no ridiculous-ness on BT, its all good! But I vote on your first opiton. Cuddles/opening the dam, Night #1….Baby Making, Night #2.

        It reminds me of a quote from “The Nanny”. After they FINALLY get married and hook up, Fran finds out she’s preg (turns out to be a fase positive)…but the butler goes up to Max and says, “Ooooooh, how fast is that you stud!”

        And so….one way I could reconcile this pregancy in my own mind is that its, “Yay, we got Broadsky” sex, not “Awww VNM” sex. And then I could tell Booth that after 6 seasons of flirting and one night with Brennan, “Ooohh…how fast is that you stud!”

        Now I think I’M being ridiculous 🙂

    • This just totally makes me think of the scene with Angela and Sweets at the bar, and they are toasting to various things (love and whatnot)…and she says (VERY LOUDLY) with a huge grin..

      “…AND SEX!!”

      Cheers, bb.

    • Stephen Nathan basically said they did have sex that night.

    • HEY-O! I am NOT opposed to the idea of their sleeping together celebratorily, haha. I personally can accept the VNM night being The Night, but I know it’s a hard pill to swallow in a hard-to-describe way. The way I see it, whatever Stephen Nathan says on the outside, if there wasn’t factual evidence in the episodes, then what’s the harm in believing an easier-to-believe scenario? None, I say. Long Live Team DTNBPtNAWBGB!

  54. Lovely article MJ! I really like how you paralleled the traveling analogy to what we as fans are seeing/getting from our favourite couple. I still have my misgivings about how everything has happened, but I’m willing and moreso excited to see where it will all progress. Besides, I love to travel…New York, Paris, Madrid…all great places to visit! 😀

  55. THIS! “I really cannot see that Booth is in love with Brennan. I think at one point he was but it seems like now he is more greatful that she stood by him and loves her being his best friend.”

    This is my problem. Whoever said this up there got why I’m unsettled about this. We all knew that Booth was in love with Brennan from seasons 2 through season 5. But then he went off to Afghanistan and fell in love with Hannah. Meanwhile, season 6 was the season that Brennan finally realized she was in love with Booth. Now, we saw Booth propose to Hannah, get rejected by Hannah and finally get over Hannah — but aside from writing a date on a piece of paper, we never saw Booth reconcile his feelings for Brennan! I’m sorry if someone said this already — but it just came together for me.

    I get that Booth would be happy to have a child and to have that child be with Brennan but I guess I just want to be reassured that he was in love with her too. If they tried to show us he was, it was way too subtle for me cause I missed it.

    Is that what Brennan’s hesitation was at the end of TCitG? Was she unsure too? Is this something she’s going to struggle with next season, wondering whether Booth is happy to be with HER or whether he’s happy to be with his baby’s mother?

    Sorry, I’m rambling. I’ll shut up and read the posts I missed now…

    • I think the crux of this issue is whether or not you believe that Booth ever fell OUT of love with Brennan. I think he was in love with her all along, he just did a really good job convincing himself otherwise for awhile. I know a lot of people disagree with my take on this, but I think he realized he was still in love with Brennan at the end of The Bullet in the Brain and that he proposed to Hannah not because he loved her more, but because he believed that she (Hannah) was the safer choice.

      I simply don’t think it was that difficult for him to move past the anger of rejection (which is what he seemed to struggle with the most) and back to what he had never stopped wanting in the first place. But I could be wrong.

      • oh I’ll go back farther than that. He knew he still loved her when he first saw her in Mastodon in the Room. But I agree, Hannah was the safer choice. In Doctor in the Photo, I think he was just in shock. When he tells her he’s with someone, etc. he’s saying that to convince himself, as much if not more than Brennan.

        I have a lot of thoughts about the proposal, but they all boil down to Booth thinking he could make himself be happy with second best, which is what Hannah always was to him.

        That controversial “consolation prize” line – that word came to Booth’s head because he was thinking it. Very Freudian, that.

        I think his anger was at himself, for making such a mess of his, Brennan’s and Hannah’s life. Booth’s a good guy at heart, he can’t feel good about realizing he pretty much used Hannah to try and get over Brennan.

        But I could be wrong too, because this is all the stuff they’ve chosen not to explain to us!

      • I don’t think he ever stopped loving her.

        HH and company even said at the beginning of season 6 that b and b love each other even then.

        I think the anger was at another rejection even when he went with the safe choice. I think Brennan has and will always be “The one he loves the most.”

      • That raises the question, if Brennan is the one he loves the most, does she know that?

      • And there is me who felt that up until the episode that Hannah was shot, Booth was struggling.
        The producers said that this episode was about change, and this is when we no longer saw those looks at Brennan. I think this is when Booth really fell in love with Hannah. In his proposal he talked to her about never thinking he would meet someone again, and then he met her. He knew Brennan regretted her decision and he still proposed. Whether or not he thought she was the safer choice, He was in love with Hannah. Even all of the producers, even ED, have said, that.
        My problem lies in that if he really was in love with 2 people, how can he just stop loving Hannah after she turned him down. It does not work that way with love. That takes time. This whole relationship with Brennan has only started not long after Hannah. That is why I want to see or be told something that it was Brennan first. If not, how could Brennan really think (rationally after seeing direct evidence of Booth’s relationship with Hannah, his love for her, and his breakdown of being rejected by her) that it is only her. As much as I hate it, I would not mind Hannah returning and seeing Booth making his feelings perfectly clear.

        Unfortunately, TPTB have made it perfectly clear that they don’t need to explain anything. So to me Brennan just does not look like that love he truly wanted, but simplly someone who stood by him. Deep down she is very insecure about abandonment and I just don’t see how the Brennan I have come to know and her feelings about love would just automatically accept that she is the one and only for Booth. I guess that is why I stopped watching the show live this year and I won’t watch live next year. Their story as it is told does not read like the characters they created.
        I know many people in their 30s who want to settle down and they find someone compatible and they do. But you can always tell that the spark is missing with that element of romantic love.
        I know many people who marry for a second time who have told me it is love, but yes, it is also security.

        I just want Temperance to have that spark of love I don’t want her to be that security of a relationship. I just don’t see that spark between these two characters anymore but more of a contentment. And just having DB smile every now and then does not make me melt like it does for others. I just don’t feel that chemistry anymore and to be told to just imagine it does not give me any incentive to watch Season 7.

      • that’s a good question C-Bones. Does Brennan know? I think Brennan, being Brennan, thinks that love is ephemeral. She can rationalize that Booth loved her, she missed her chance, he loved someone else.

        I hope that offscreen she heard him say he loves her now, and he loved her then, or at least that he’s over Hannah. Because after hearing him say he’s mad, but not at her, and that he needs time, the only reasonable conclusion I think she can come to is that he needs time to get over Hannah.

        But see…these are the hard discussions that can be glossed over when we start season 7 with Brennan five months pregnant. Just tell yourself it all happened offscreen!

        I just hope we get to see the birth and a car seat doesn’t just appear in the back of the SUV one day. Oh that? Yeah, they had the baby three months ago in show time. Isn’t it cute?

        *that’s a joke, btw

      • I really hope we don’t just get a car seat.

        I’m with Evelyn on this one gals. I believe that Booth has always cared very deeply about Brennan but he definitely loved Hannah. Of course, we know it wasn’t to the extent that he loved/loves Brennan but he believed he loved her enough to ask her to marry him. I don’t agree that he consciously took Hannah as his consolation prize. I think he truly and honestly wanted to make it work with her and had she said yes, I think he would have married her. But then she broke his heart — we all saw how crushed he was in Daredevil.

        The part I have a problem with is that we haven’t seen him reconcile that thought in ANY way. If not to anyone else then at least to himself. If B&B are in fact in a full blown relationship then the following would’ve had to have happened:
        1. He got over Hannah
        2. He stopped being angry at women

        We’ve seen enough evidence of the first two but of the last? Not nearly enough.

      • You know, for the life of me I don’t believe Booth had a thought in his head to marry Hannah until Sweets (damn him!) put it there. Look at his reaction when Hannah comes home to candles, etc. and is afraid he’s proposing.

        Once Sweets had him thinking he (Booth) was going to grow old(er) and feeble and unloved because he was in his 40s and had never been married, Booth did what Booth does. He took it and ran with it. Oh, no….I’m getting married right now! And it’s my idea! All mine!

        And yea….that didn’t work out so well.

        I do believe he loved Hannah, mostly because he so desperately wanted to love Hannah.

        And that’s why I believe he loves Brennan. Because he so desperately wanted NOT to love her, and failed.

      • I’m with mj on this one!! Totally!! I believe that he has always loved brennan but hid it and tried to convince himself that he could love Hannah. He only made the decision to propose as he thought that could make it all right and perfect with Hannah. Trying to the fill the void that he had.

        Love all the posts

  56. Hi! What can I say? Beautifully done!

    I’m digesting some of the items in this SF but after reading your post I can only conclude this:

    I love NY, it’s a fact but then just remember : We’ll always have Paris!

    Tks and Congrats!!!

  57. In one or some of the comments above, dropped storylines were brought up. I just think it’s funny that it had seemed like they had dropped the “Brennan and baby” SL, but alas, they brought it back with a vengeance! As far as we know, Brennan didn’t want a baby until 4×26, and it was briefly mentioned in 5×01, never to be heard of until 6×21. I guess that just proves the saying, “Be careful what you wish for, ’cause you just might get it.”

    • I’m sort of going to disagree with you there. Brennan doesn’t verbalize wanting a baby until 4X26, but she’s intrigued by the idea of having a child. In season 1, she’s very matter of fact about not wanting to be a parent. Not anti-child, just not interested. Yet she questions Booth about it frequently, once she knows he’s a parent. In season 2, she raises questions – is it worth it, considering all the pain it can bring? In season 3, she got close to her de facto nieces and she absolutely fell for baby Andy.

      So I think her interest was there from the beginning. If she were truly indifferent to the idea of having children, she wouldn’t be curious about parenting at all. And it’s also worth noting that the bulk of her comments about parenting are to or about Booth. I don’t think she’s ever considering parenting without Booth figuring somewhere in the picture.

      Now, from 5X01 to 6X21…I can see that. But for most of that time, Booth as the father of her child was off the table as a viable prospect. I don’t think she’d ever have a baby at all, if she couldn’t have Booth’s.

      • I do agree with you. Brennan had discussed the subject on several occasions. I was talking strictly about the fact that that was the first time she declared verbally to others she wanted to be a parent. That’s why I never thought it was a sudden desire because of the instances you mentioned.

        I also understood why the SL went “off the table” so to speak, and it was for the reasons you stated. I just made my comment because there were others in the fandom who were upset that it wasn’t mentioned for a long time.

  58. Wow, there are so many good comments on here, I don’t know where to start. I also feel cheated by the last three or four episodes, well if I be honest the whole season. I also agree that the spark seems to have gone out. I can’t remember the last time I saw a real loving look from either of them, and we all know that those looks are what the show is all about.

    Now, if they were to the point where they were both ready to sleep together, shouldn’t we have seen the looks. I know there is a whole group out there that says the looks aren’t important anymore, because their love has progressed to another level, but I remember in TBitL when Booth looks at her and says “Whatever happened to seeing someone across a crowded room, eyes meeting, that ol’ black magic gets you in it’s spell?” Come on, he couldn’t have changed that much. Once a romantic always a romantic.

    That’s what they had in the pre- Hannah episodes, and I want that back. I think if I had that I could forgive HH for the no kiss. Wait that’s a lie, I’ll never forgive him.

    I’m sorry, but a baby doesn’t mean love, and I hope my nightmares don’t come true next season, because I have a feeling where HH is taking this, and I am going to hate it.

    Last of all, I think he never stopped loving Brennan, he just used Hannah as a substitute, to try to hide the pain, and that is why he avoided Brennan so much in season 6.

    And by the way I am definately on the Team DTNBPtNAWBGB!!

  59. well look, if we are being asked to imagine the entire B&B relationship, let’s just go for it.

    How about, they became a romantic couple shortly before Signs in the Silence, hence their discussion of joint baby gifts. Perhaps they even kissed – if I have to pretend they kissed, I’ll pretend they kissed then. I’ll even pretend some heavy petting.

    So the sex in HitH didn’t come out of nowhere, it was the natural progression of things. And I was totally on Team Did, although I would guess – because all we can do is guess of course – that they cried, embraced, dozed off, then woke up and made love just in case Booth died in pursuit of Broadsky and they never got the chance.

  60. Beautiful post.

    I feel like the jetplane has taken us all over the world, with separation, SO’s and the like. But these 2 have been on a journey since the start. This decision to land in Paris is a shock, but it’s not unexpected.

    I’ve just rewatched the finale, and remembered my first thoughts. I really thought she was going to tell him she wanted a baby. Instead, she’s pregnant. Really though, what’s the difference? We still missed the ‘start’ of something, but we’ve been watching it start for years. I love that they took that leap without me watching. I love that they came together because they needed to feel alive. It’s unexpected. But it’s real.

    I kept switching camps, but all I could remember was HH saying ‘it’s organic’. In the end it happened so fast, but it was real. And sometimes, it does just happen that way.

    As for what happens next – well, we get to watch them navigate this new ‘city’, without feeling like they’ve exhausted the ‘stuff’ we want to see. IMO TPTB have been clever. 12 months ago the rerouting of the plane made me hole up in my room and complain that it wasn’t what I was expecting. Today, I’m just pleased to be on holiday – even if it is not the conventional road. B&B are together and are going to be ok. That’s all I ever wanted.

  61. I’ll get used to Paris. But I gotta say – if I have to spend all my time in the subway, while my tourguide Stephen Nathan tells me to imagine the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre and the Seine – I’m not going to enjoy my vacation very much.

    • As was mentioned earlier, I am inclined to think that the extreme lack of touching was a deliberate move designed to work everyone up into a frenzy/keep people guessing/bring them back in droves for the start of season 7 (worked for me!). I can’t imagine that The Evil Genius Co., Inc. will be able to continue B&B’s on-screen-near-total-hands-off-policy to that degree in season 7 without it backfiring on them eventually. I don’t think we’ll see a “season long boink-fest” 🙂 (you might have to keep using your imagination there), but I should hope to shout that we’ll at least see SOMETHING spine-tingling (a look, a touch, a kiss, whatever) every now and then!

  62. Maybe we do have to imagine what happened more than what we feel like we should but then maybe that’s what the writers intended. At first I imagined that their first time would have been after Broadsky was caught but then the birth control aspect would have been more likely to be considered. So it makes more sense that the first time was that night. For me, sharing that means that they are also intimate in every other way — that the love and trust are there. One thing that bugs me though is Brennan feeling like she had to say “you’re the father” like there was any doubt. I hope their relationship is more solid than that but maybe she thought Booth waited too long to react while the news was sinking in.
    About Hannah — I still haven’t come to grips with the idea that Booth proposed to Hannah. That seems so ‘out of the blue’ to me and I do think it needs to be resolved. Booth needs to admit to Brennan that he messed up there and that his anger was at himself and not over his loss of Hannah.
    On a side note that will hopefully bring some cheer: My son follows Bones as well but has missed every episode since Blackout due to his heavy college load. He watched the finale with me spoiler free and was really shocked at the ending. Then we went back and watched Hole in the Heart and when Brennan went in Booth’s room, my son starts quoting Joey on Friends (when watching the video of Ross and Rachel mailing Monica’s invitations) and singing “you’re gonna get pregnant”…. Cracked me up!

    • well, I think the “you’re the father” line was for casual fans who may not have realized what happened last week or maybe haven’t tuned in in awhile?

      But yes, I think it’s reasonable to conclude that she clarified it because he just looked so shocked that she wondered if he didn’t quite understand what she was saying.

      And I think he looked shocked because he DIDN’T. She says “I’m pregnant” , not “we’re having a baby”. “I’m pregnant “doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a family. When she says “you’re the father” it is a call back to Critic in the Cabernet, when he says he can’t be a father unless he can BE the father. She’s letting him know she understands and accepts that he will be there.

      All that said, it’s not really a testament to the stability of this new relationship that they are both so unsure about where they stand.

    • I guess I’m just not taking the statement “You’re the father” as seriously as other people are taking it. It was a fact, and all facts are fair game for Brennan to say, even if she’s stating the obvious. Or maybe since Booth didn’t respond right away, she decided to be more clear. And I think the hesitation is more about the fact that it was unplanned and so soon. I think she was nervous about being pregnant for all the reasons she stated, and it’s not like that’s uncommon. I would be disappointed if it had anything to do with a lack of faith in each other, because it seems like they would at least have that after all this time. I think she just wanted to be reassured that they are in this together, and they are.

  63. I have enjoyed reading all of your views and comments and especially the article. Wha I have finally realized is that I don’t think I can ever see this show in a positive light again. To be hones, after the Season 4 finale, when i saw B & B together, it really did not feel right to me. I did not feel that chemistry. They were dull to me. In season 5 I saw very little chemistry between them, and in Season 6 the same, pre and post Hannah. Sure every now and then it will be forced, but especially for Booth, I see no feeling in him. I did not feel a chemistry between he and Hannah either, but at least his feelings were voiced. Everyone says that they look for these very small signs of his feeling for Brennan, but as hard as I look I could not see them. I honestly would have preferred if they had both moved on. I loved the chemistry with Brennan and Sully and I thought she and Stires had great chemistry. I know ED is capable of having chemistry with other actors. Maybe it is just that she and DB have worked together for so long, that they just need to invest more time in it. I don’t want to force myself to see it. It should just stand out like it did in the earlier seasons. Again, I did not even feel anything from DB in that scene in the bedroom when he was comforting Brennan.

    Therefore, I think it is just time for me to move on. I absolutlely loved this show until the 100th but really lost interest this season. I can’t even watch older ones anymore. What used to be my absolute favorite show is now about number 6 on my list. I guess I can thank HH for that because I only used to watch a few shows and this year opened up my time. Thankfully when Bones is on I can watch Jim and Pam and no matter how dull a married couple can be on tv, that spark between them is still there and that makes me smile. I have started watching Parks and Rec and have loved the budding romance of Leslie and Ben.

    I hope that all of you keep your faith in this show. I have had a very difficult year in my life with very ill family members including my child. Since I have been confined to home, I have tried to watch programs I enjoy to take my mind off the sadness. This season of Bones could not do that. then for the producers to just go with the attitude that they don’t need to explain things, it is their story, tell the fans to watch porn, etc., that really rubs me the wrong way. I don’t twitter or send them nasty notes I don’t belong to Fox forums, but I know there are a lot of people who have been dissatisfied.

    Probably next year I will read reviews. I am sure I will watch the series finale, since I am pretty confident that it will be the last year. I want to use my imagination to hope for good things in my own life and not for two fictional characters. I want to watch a show and be told a story, and one that is complete where there are no chapters missing. I doubt I will ever get that from Bones.
    I envy you all for being so optimistic and dedicated.

  64. I was so excited to be going to Paris at first, but now I feel freaked that we missed out on New York. And a lot of you guys really are making me feel a lot more hope for next season, that maybe we’ll get to see what we want, even though I am nervous. But I think all this speculation on my part is making me a little crazy…I think it would be so much better to just take a BONES break, wrap my head around this, and be ready to see season 7 with an open mind. Basically, I don’t want to imagine all i want to happen next season and then be really disappointed when it doesn’t go that way.

  65. I’m checking in rather late tonight, but OMG, MJ, that was a brilliant post. I love what you had to say here.

    I wish I had the time now to read the conversation that has ensued, and the brain power to add to it, but I don’t, so it’ll have to keep.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  66. Beautiful post! I agree. However, personally, all I ever wanted was to see that first, real kiss that was going to change everything. I’m still hoping for a flashback-episode next season where we get to see that and maybe a few other moments we missed!

  67. Lovely post first of all. Next to Kimberly, I agree with you on that Booth never stopped loving Brennan. It really was why he had such a hard time being around Bones in the first half of the season. I see Booth’s behavior with Hannah after Bones said what she did in The Doctor in the Photo as him grasping at something. He was trying to hold onto a relationship, yes, because it was safer but also because he had committed himself to the relationship. Booth just isn’t the type of guy who goes, “Oh, well it was nice being with you, Hannah but my one true love just admitted she wants to give us shot. So bye.” Anyway, all this trying to hang on to his love and relationship with Hannah finally came to a head in The Daredevil in the Mold. Sweets is sitting there talking about proposing to Daisy and making these comments about Booth being old and unmarried. Mind you they’re drunk and Booth makes a snap decision. One that he has to know somewhere inside that it’s not really the best one. But on a conscious level isn’t thinking about it or really aware of it. His proposal to Hannah is his last ditch effort attempt at, I don’t know trying to prove to himself that he’s moved on, that he’s not in love with Bones anymore. Or to hold on to the safer choice. I know that’s a lot of options but I think they are all possible. However, when Booth proposes to Hannah he starts off with, “I never thought I would meet anyone again…” or something along those lines. Interestingly, Bones is found in that sentence because in around about way he’s referring to her. He didn’t start off with a moment between him and Hannah or anything of that sort.

    In a lot of ways that proposal wasn’t about Hannah. Yes, he loved her (which is why it did hurt when he or it ended between them. Even why there was some anger but yeah most of the anger is towards himself) and yes he was hurt. But he didn’t even give much thought to the ring and his decision to marry her was done in a drunken moment. It was a decision made for the wrong reasons.

    It takes everyone a different amount of time to get over different people. While he didn’t get over Bones he did indeed move on from Hannah. His love for her was in fact on a surface level. They never really seemed to know each other quite so intimately as Booth knows Bones and as Bones knows Booth. It appeared to me that she knew very little about Booth. He loved her yes but she was a band aid to cover the bullet hole. So to speak. It was painful watching with Hannah there. Every seemingly good moment that they had crushed my heart just a little bit. But for me Booth and Bones haven’t ultimately lost their spark. I absolutely love that they are going to have a baby. I am really rather ecstatic about it and am looking very much forward to how this will all be handled in Season 7. I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. To me Booth and Brennan are a beautiful couple to their core. No one or anything has really been able to touch them. They’ve both attempted to fight fate and lost which is a very good thing. They are so intertwined together that the thought of them separating is just not possible. Last sentence actually stems from a quote that I think describes them quite perfectly. I am fortunate I haven’t doubted for a second that Booth loves Bones or that the spark is there.

    One last thing. I feel that many people just brushed aside when Booth came for Brennan in The Doctor in the Photo. You know when he followed her. It was like, “Oh that’s just typical Booth behavior.” Interestingly, that’s my point. For Brennan, that’s how was and still is even when he was with Hannah because I’ve taken it through his actions that losing her/her dying is always an unacceptable outcome to him. Even just the possibility of it. Because Booth couldn’t know for sure that she was going to go to a dangerous part of town and that a car was going to come when she was out in the middle of the road. He followed her because he couldn’t not. Truly, he should have been able to let someone else follow Brennan to make sure she got home okay (you know because he has a girlfriend and all that at this point). However, Booth did it because he had to. No one else was going to work.

    Okay, I’ve rambled on for long enough. Again thanks for the lovely post.

    • Amber, what a beautiful post yourself! I think you make really good points about the Booth situation. Booth sticking with Hannah, even knowing about Brennan’s feelings is very “Booth-y”, its those qualities that make us like him. So I was never really as upset with the Hannah situation as others, because I know B&B is the endgame, and its a matter of time. I knew that Booth was hurting, he needed/wanted to move on, and he meets Hannah. I think that in his concious mind, he was moving on with someone quite similar to Brennan, in the fact she’s a career woman who says she doesn’t want marriage etc etc…so at that point he NEEDED to make it work with Hannah to prove he could, subconciously. I think he really thought he loved her, but ultimately couldn’t break that strong bond with Brennan. But I loved Booth for being honorable and giving the Hannah thing a great deal of effort.

      To add something, I think Brennan has a similar feeling as you said Booth does. “Booth did it because he had to. No one else was going to work.” I’m thinking here of Brennan in the helicopter, helping to save Booth from the Gravedigger. Does she need to be in that helicopter? No. Are they capable of picking Booth up? Sure. Did she NEED to be there for him. Yes. As she told Gordon Gordon, “I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do for Booth”.

      Sigh. It’s lines like that that will keep me perserving through this summer to season 7!

      • Thank you bb. I apologize though I kind of was on a tangent that didn’t have much to do with the Booth and Bones having a baby thing. I think it was because I’ve been trying to say what I said there for so long. I hadn’t found a way to explain myself clearly until now. In fact I have started a post or two on tumblr on the subject and then deleted it. And I agree with you bb about Brennan having that similar feeling to Booth. Really, I find I rather agree with your whole comment.

        I do understand why some people are having trouble with this journey. There are as people have pointed out a number of things that have been left up to speculation. Plus there is an uncertainty in exactly how HH and SN are going to deal with the pregnancy. Some people probably just don’t want to deal with another pregnancy on the show so soon. I get that.

        Oh my, before I end up with another very long post I am going to end it there.

    • You put into words what I want to say, but can’t, thank you!

      I definitely think that sometimes we forget that B&B are different, and that wanting their lives to turn out our way won’t necessarily happen because most of us still want a fairy tale ending for ourselves.

      I always forget that Booth came after Brennan. For me, the only time I felt betrayed by Booth was the proposal, but I can see why he did it. However, I know I would have a hard time trusting him to love me after that, so I can understand why many people question his love for Brennan.

    • Amber, I love your post, too. I know what you mean about having thoughts and not being sure where to put them. Your post brought to my mind that I believe that no one loves Booth like Brennan does. Rebecca and Hannah both said no to Booth for their own sakes – and I’m not saying that to bash them. Brennan is the only one who said no because she thought it was in his best interest. Notice in the 100th, one of the first things Brennan said was about him needing protecting. Sure, she wants to protect her own heart, but she demonstrated how much she cares for Booth in her rejection. She didn’t feel like she was enough for him, because she just couldn’t let those walls down yet. If he was going to be giving his all, it wouldn’t be fair to him if she wasn’t going to do the same, even if she wished she could and didn’t know how.

      • Yes, I love what you said there. I agree so so much. 😀 I don’t take what you said as bashing either of them at all. It really is the plain truth. I am glad my post is appreciated/loved.

  68. LOVE this post. Seriously sersiously love it!

    You were basically describing me in that…well, the me of three days ago 😀

    I got off the plane and totally freaked. I didn’t want to be in Paris…i was pretty sure i wasn’t going to like Paris. And i had REALLY wanted to go to New York! But then i remembered…the French accent is pretty hot. Plus i’d always wanted to go to the Louvre…and i was still travelling with the same people. In the end…maybe i should give Paris a chance? Who knows…i may love Paris!!

  69. I have had that New York vrs Paris analogy shoved down my throut so many times that I begin to regurgitate now when I see it. Even when it is applicable.
    I like HH’s love story he is writing. It is old fashioned and crazy as a fox. It is quite dynamic and out right comical. It makes absolutely no sense, but it is completely true. In its ambiguity it appeals to the masses. It is no wonder that his show has such high ratings, and so many people write, blog and post about it. Hey, HH, can you say Shakespeare?

  70. And fiance is French!

  71. This was beautiful 🙂

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  73. What wonderful posts about the relationship between Booth and Brennan. I was thrilled with the finale, and unlike some fans I am happy that Hart Hanson chose the route he did. I did not like the cheapened sex scenes between Hannah and Booth, but it did accurately portray their relationship…no depth…just physical. And in contrast we did not see Booth and Brennan because when they first got together, because seriously, who really wants to watch someone else “make love.” Tastefully and artfully done…hats off to Hart Hanson.
    I see Booth’s proposal as something completely different than others see it.
    Booth “knew” Hannah wasn’t the “marrying kind”…she told him, he knew that part of her, he knew her dedication to her work and carefree lifestyle…so why propose?
    “The Doctor in the Photo”, put Booth on the spot…here the woman who he truly loves has announced her love…now what…he can’t leave Hannah just like that…who is to say that in that drunken stupor with Sweets that he didn’t find his way out. Somewhere deep inside he knew she would reject his proposal and then he would have his way out…it was a gamble he took, and he won…
    Now he would have the harder task, and that would be to not get his prize, Brennan, without her seeing how desperate he was…
    So consequently, the hurt speech, the pride flying, he needed time…
    My spin on it all…he didn’t need time…he just wanted to see Brennan fight a little more for him and well it worked…look where they ended…right where they belong…in each others arms…
    love this show…

  74. Thank you for this! Beautiful. I have no idea what is coming in S7 but I DO know that while I wanted Booth and Brennan together, I didn’t want them to go the traditional route shows often take…lots of sex, jealousy, cheating fears, etc. S6 gave us angst, it gave B and B sometime to reflect and grow. No, it wasn’t fun but looking back, I don’t know, I guess I look at it as you only hurt the ones you love. And guess what? They survived it. At the end of A Hole in the Heart, even the “morning after”, there was such a sense of peace. I submitt that no “first time” scene could have EVER lived up to meet all the expectations of fans. To me it felt that what happened between Booth and Brennan in Booth’s room was “theirs”. Will we get more some day? You know…I think we might- but something along the lines of the beginning scene of EINTB. Hannah and Booth were so “traditional” in their sex and their ooy-gooeyness….it felt too forced, too much, and not just because it was Booth with Hannah it was just….too much. Now, if we start S7 with Booth and Brennan just planning to raise a child together as friends/partners and insinuation that they conceived their child through a ONS only THEN I will be pissed but, now, I’m okay. I just go back to the look on B & B’s respective faces the morning after Hole in the Heart….the end scene when Brennan puts her arm in his….the kiss in the bowling alley AND, of course, the glowing smiles they exchanged when Brennan told him she was pregnant. BOTH Brennan AND Booth seemed at peace at the end of HOle in the Heart. I believe they did come together that night out of gratitude for life….they lived. They had one another to hold on to. Life is short, you never know when the universe can make you leave. They were ready. Was the baby planned by Booth and Brennan? No. I’ve seen people writing that it’s ridiculous they got pregnant but, guess what, it DOES happen!!! It IS going to change their lives and I think they are OKAY with that. They aren’t teenagers, they aren’t strangers AND, I suspect and hope, it’s because they ARE in love with one another, at peace with what they are in that moment, and while it’s unexpected, they are HAPPY. There just seemed to be something so sweetly real in the way this unfolded… unique in this day and age on television. I liked it. I’m grateful for it. And, really, wouldn’t the world be a better place if ALL parents had the reaction Brennan and Booth had when they first hear their lives are going to change because a baby is on the way? The child is very lucky….but it’s more than luck.

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