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The Fertility in the Story


I’ve been saying that all the discussion of how wonderful season 6 was was all ex post rationalization of something that many of us didn’t like. I will never consider this excruciatingly painful part of Brennan and Booth’s journey as a “gift.” Now, I get my comeuppance. I’m not ceding the point about the painful part of the journey, but I am going to rationalize the new direction that Bones has taken. I’m going to explain why I think that Brennan being pregnant is truly a gift. Let me note that this started as an email to Sarajade that morphed into an essay for BonesTheory when I should have been grading term papers or attending to filial duties. ;-D Anything to avoid grading and my mother. My thanks to Sarajade and rynogeny for their comments and to Sarah for giving us the gift of BonesTheory and for giving me even more space to air my humble opinions.

From a strictly practical perspective, it’s a great move. We’ve all seen shows where they tried to hide the lady lead’s pregnancy, and we all know how lame that is. I just don’t see Dr. Temperance Brennan carrying a humongous purse. The pregnancy helps with other practical matters. By the time they go back into production, Emily will be well along in her pregnancy. She will be subject to all the challenges that the later months of pregnancy produce. She will tire more quickly. She will be less agile. She may have balance issues. She won’t be able to be on her feet as much and so on. (BTW, I noticed that she was wearing Crocs in some of the behind the scenes shots. Nothing is better at preventing sore feet.)

So, not only do they not have to hide her baby bump, but they also won’t have to justify Brennan sitting more and otherwise being much less active. I am also looking forward to an even more overly protective Booth v. “I can take care of myself” Brennan. Talk about unresolved tension. That wouldn’t make any sense unless Bones is pregnant. A Bones pregnancy also opens up an opportunity for all kinds of comedy. How will our favorite kick ass lion-hearted FBI agent react when his Bones goes into labor? How will Brennan herself react? Will Booth have to scoop her up and carry her off to get her to go to the hospital?

Then there will be the reactions of the other parties. What will Caroline have to say? Something ironic and funny and dead on, no doubt, cher. And, Max. Will he be poking at Booth to make an honest woman of his daughter, knowing full well that she’s the one resisting marriage? He obviously knows already that something’s up. The real gift, however, is how Brennan will react to the changes and challenges she will be facing and how Booth will try to help her. It will be funny and it will be poignant, but this is going to be a very challenging journey for our logical, rational forensic anthropologist. Logic and rationality is only going to take her so far. She is about to run into a tsunami of emotions. It will be fascinating to see how she handles them.

First, what will a Brennan “high” on pregnancy hormones be like? Imagine the mood swings. Will she be weepy? Will she be angry? What will she crave? Will she have Booth running out for Thai food in the middle of the night? Will she try to compartmentalize these emotions? Can anyone do that? What happens when she realizes she can’t? What will a nesting Brennan be like? How will that affect Booth and Brennan trying to figure out where to live? Will she try to rationally justify everything about the baby’s room or will she just fall under the spell of a cute stuffed animal or a beautiful hand made crib? What happens after the baby’s born? Talk about emotions. Will she finally let herself fall under the spell that baby will cast over her, or will she try to fight it, try to protect herself from a love so strong that she never has imagined it, let alone felt it? A love so intense and all encompassing that she can’t and won’t run from it. I can already hear all the anthropological explanations, but logic ultimately can’t win the fight with the overwhelming love for one’s child. What will happen when she realizes that? What will a Bones besotted with love for her child be like?

She loves Booth, but it took forever for her to acknowledge and act on that. She protected herself for a long time. This time she won’t be able to do that. She will be plunged into this love headlong. And, it will be informed by Emily’s own recent experience as a new mother. It should be amazing to watch. The pregnancy and the life issues it will force her and Booth to face should also lead to some interesting discussions of the many philosophical issues on which they disagree. How will she respond if Booth wants to have the child christened?

It may seem odd, but this will also provide that window on Booth’s childhood that we’ve all been looking for. Seeing what he wants for them and for the child and why will tell us tell us a lot about his past. As Sarajade has recently pointed out, this is going to be a real test of both their considerable wills. The bickering and banter and the suppressed passion it allowed them to express are what many of us missed this season. It should be back in full force (and heightened by the hormones raging through Brennan). Will we see some role reversal because Booth has experience with an infant and Bones doesn’t? This could be hilarious, but it could also provoke some self-searching on both their parts.

How will they share the childcare responsibilities? How will they resolve the work-family balance issues, especially given that that work is solving murders together? How will her view of and relationship with Max change? With Russ? With Parker? With the squint squad? With Angela? Will these best friends grow closer? They’ve already made it clear that Brennan is closely observing Angela’s experience. Will she look to Angela for guidance on this journey? Will Booth look to Angela for help with Brennan? Will Hodgins look to Booth for general dad advice? Will Hodgins and Booth get closer? The more I think about it, the more brilliant I think this “change in the game” is. It extends Brennan’s journey (what the show is really about) not just in length, but also in emotional depth. I can’t imagine any better or more “organic” way to do that.

I could probably give you another 1000 words of examples, but now it’s your turn to do some rationalizing.


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  1. I completely agree with you Angelena. This change brings so much to look forward too.

    Knowing how upset you have been with this Season, I’m so glad that, quite simply, you are in a good place with all of this again 🙂

    • I’m also happy you’re in a good place…it was hard wasn’t it…but we made it. I’m still thinking about the baby issue a lot. What I’m happy about, above all, is that B&B are connected in a profound way and it’s this that makes me look forward to next season. A season, BTW, that as you said is full of possibilities, but could also be the best if they capitalize on the raw human emotions that Bones has been running away from. B&B are together…how this works out is unknown…but that’s what makes this exciting. I don’t believe they’ll change the core characteristics of B&B just because baby is on board…I think we’ll see an expansion of who they are…yes…but a change to gooey, mushy Mom and Dad…no…I don’t see that because its not who they are. Also, I’m not about to start saying this could be the last season…heck,….I didn’t think we’d go beyond season 6 so anything after this is a bonus to me.

  2. One thing for sure, if we thought they bickered a lot before the baby, we will definitely see more now. The thing about their bickering is that they usually end up agreeing to disagree. With a baby in the picture that may not be possible. One or both will have to compromise and as we have learned from watching this show, neither likes to give in when they think they are right. All said and done, I am looking foward to the battle of wills. I don’t mean I want big arguments where everyone is mad at each other. I want back and forth reasoning until one of them gives into the other. I want a balance of compromise too. I would hate to see Booth having to give way to everything that Brennan wants. We already have that with Hodgins. In order for Hodgins to be in Angelas life, he has had to do everything her way. That is not Booth. I want him to stand up for what he is important to him and yet give way to Brennan when it is important to her.

    Gosh, I think Brennan will actually be a good mother. We saw how she was with Andy. Dancing Phalanges anyone? As for how they will handle the baby, I think I heard in an episode that they have day care at the Jeffersonian so while Mama Bones is out in the field, Baby Booth will be well taken care of.

    I know this will sound sort of mean; but, I would like to see one episode where Rebecca brings Parker by to be with Booth and meets the very pregnant Brennan. I think Rebecca needs to see that Booth does have someone in this world that wants to be with him and Brennan could handle it the way she always does, bluntly. I just think that would be so cool to have someone back Booth up personally for once. Rebecca always has the upper hand when it comes to Parker. It would nice to show her that another child in the mix might mean more compromise on her part. Just saying.

    • I know this might not be popular, but I almost want Hannah to make a return visit. Some kind of resolution to that storyline– a chance for Booth to admit he still harbored feelings for Brennan, or some such rationale. Booth is enlisted by Hannah to really investigate those bad cops and something dramatic happens that simply solidifies the B&B dynamic. I sometimes think some of the story lines should have a bit more closure, but with so much potential, bringing her back might not be all that necessary.

  3. I really think the decision to put B&B together and complicate their lives with the pregnancy was specifically to enrich the story. There is a wealth of stories available to the writers and this new development allows them to examine aspects of the relationship that have not been yet explored. While fans can quibble about the lack of “romance” in the last two episodes or the lack of evidence of their new relationship, I think this is really rather brilliant. Look at all the questions you’ve generated and all the other questions that others will have.

    I’m interested in the parallels between Brennan’s pregnancy and her mother’s (it would give us insights from Max that I think Brennan will need), and Rebecca’s (Brennan’s seen what not having access to Parker does to Booth and she’s seen the kind of father he is to his son.) How will the pregnancy affect the partnership and the team?

    The other aspect of this new development is that we know they have to be together in some way in order for the child to have parents. Both of them know the heartache of not having family/parents and that will certainly weigh on both of them. The aspects of their partnership that have always kept them together despite disagreements, SOs, and the like might be tested, but they’re also going to be together in the aspects of parenthood that are fundamental– protecting a child that they both love, but may want to rear in different ways. That’s going to be fun to watch.

  4. First of all, I adore the title of this post. Very clever!

    Wow, so many questions you pose, and all are good ones. I am not concerned about the baby so much, as the timin of this, and the shift of the characters not “together” at all to parents at lightening speed.

    But forgetting all those concerns for a moment (I’m trying, I really am!), I think that watching a B&B pregnancy could open up many potential storylines and character development. I could see really funny and interesting stories with Max, Caroline, the squint squad, Jared, Brennan’s cousin (aka Zooey D) etc…

    My biggest question is how will having a baby influence the crime aspect? They can’t just add the new FBI girl in her place because the whole point of Brennan being there is to be the forensic anthropologist…will the squinterns go out with Booth? Will super pregnant Brennan go anyway?

    Does Brennan still work actively in cases? Driving to question suspects with Booth? (I can imagine some funny conversations between them!) Will she be in the interrogation room? Will it be just babies all the time between B&B? How does this all work as far as crime fighting between our crime fighting duo?

    My biggest question, how does this affect the longevity of the show? Does this hint at the true beginning of the end?

    But besides all these questions, I can see the potential of warm moments, touching moments, funny moments…Sweets moments! haha I could also see them having a girl to ship with MSV Hodgins or a boy to wear a mini-Cocky buckle…all are good things!

    I just wish (futile, I know) that I could just put a pause on the baby situation, rewind to HitH, and play back them actually getting together…but seeing as that’s impossible, I need to look forward, not backward. I’m trying BT, I really am!

    • I wonder if Wendell will be stepping up to the plate more. He did ask for more hours.
      Then there’s Clark, who is already a doctor, so perhaps they’ll use him more.

      • well, it will depend on which actors are available, really.

      • That issue seems to be a constant headache for them. Should they have gotten guest actors not as good so they wouldn’t be as busy? I kid, kinda. 😉

      • HH even said that, actually. We have not seen Russ because Loren Dean keeps getting other work. I miss Russ. A lot. I miss the whole Brennan family dynamic. My favorite episodes from season 2 and 3 are the ones with gatherings of the Brennan criminal element.

    • It would not surprise me if this is the beginning of the end of the show. Realistically, how long do series like this last before they start going off the rails a little? I can totally see this being the next-to-last season, with the 2012-13 season being announced ahead of time as the last.

      I would rather see a plan for the end than the show slowly dying before our eyes, losing all the charm and character that make it so great in a quest for to raise flagging ratings.

      So, this year a baby. Next year, Sexy Crime Solving Couple Figures Out How to Live, Love and Work as a Family. And….they bicker off into the sunset, we *sigh* and continue arguing over whether or not little Joy Christine was conceived the night of VNM’s death.

      And…..”All is well.”

      • Well, NCIS had a rebound in its seventh season and is still going strong. You never know. Although yes, I’d rather they chose to end the series and go out strong than be like House.

        Good for Lisa Edelestein for taking the lifeboat off of that sinking ship.

        Oh and IMO? No Brennan baby will ever be named Joy. She clearly rejected that part of her life in Woman in Limbo. “My name is Temperance Brennan.”

        One good thing to come out of this storyline for me, I will have a canon name for my fanfic B&B baby! Which means, sorry, readers, y’all may have to wait until the canon baby is born for me to actually continue that story!

      • I agree, I’d rather see Bones go out on its own terms with an announced end to the series instead of going off the deep end in a fight to avoid cancellation. HH did say at one point that he thought he could realistically get 8 seasons out of the show.

      • Shhhh. Not listening…not listening….lalalalalalalala I want a Baby Joy! 🙂

      • Oh my gosh, Barbara, I am with you on House! Monday’s finale was it for my husband and I. We’re taking a flying leap off of that sinking ship right along with Lisa Edelstein.

      • Well if we are going into awesome fantasy land…B&B twins. Boy and girl. Named Caroline (Carrie for short?) and Hank. Squeeee! haha

      • It would probably blow up Sarah’s server, but I think that would be a great post – Awesome Fantasy Land Suggestion Box. 🙂

    • I don’t know if I’ll make it all the way through the comments before my lunch is over or not (possibly not) and if so, will try to come back tonight – people are making some really interesting observations.

      But as to how this will affect the crime investigations…I think it’s possible that they’ve been preparing for this for a while. We’ve seen this season that Brennan’s going in the field less, with Booth either doing more interivews by himself or with Sweets, and she’s also been doing fewer interrogations at the bureau. I think a lot of people assumed it was somehow fallout from the Hannah arc, but since they would have her present at other times, that never quite worked for me. They seldom (ever?) explain why Booth goes by himself, and why other times she goes with him.

      I’ve tended to assume it had to do with the writing – sometimes they can best convey specific information about the case (or something else such as the plot B of the ep) with a conversation between B&B in the SUV, so she goes, and other times it works better to have it be between Booth and Sweets, or Booth by himself.

      But now I’m thinking maybe it was to begin setting things up for when there’s an actual story reason for her not to do those things, or at least not as often. That if we’ve sort of gotten used to seeing Booth in the field by himself or with Sweets, it won’t see quite so strange.

      Just a theory…

      • Thank you for pointing this out. Its been driving me crazy when I hear people, mainly at other site, complaining about how Bones won’t be going out into the field as much. This has been happening since last season but no one was screaming then. Why has she gone out less? I don’t know…perhaps as you said…it serves the SL better….which makes a lot of sense.

  5. I’m not in a place where I am ready to rationalize this plot twist yet. But I don’t want to rain on y’all’s parade.

    However, I do want to offer an umbrella. I think that having any expectations at this point (overprotective Booth – I see that one a lot, hormonal Brennan, sly Max, visits from Rebecca, insights into their childhood) is just opening another door to disappointment.

    That may sound pessimistic, but I think it’s just being realistic. As you said Amanda, lots of questions have been generated. This season has been a tough row to hoe and frankly, now that we are done I’m not sure I understand the people running this farm! I thought I did – I thought I understood the characters and the story’s motifs and themes and HH’s grand plan and now I just don’t know what the heck he’s thinking or what he’s trying to say.

    And I’m not sure I will know, until perhaps this time next year.

    • Barbara…I hear you and do agree. I was kind of feeling like the only one! I do feel kind of backwards sometimes, because I did not hate the Hannah storyline (because I know the endgame is B&B so she never threatened anything to me), and I do not get the pregnancy storyline.

      I will not try to rationalize the finale ending away because I am still shocked by it and I don’t truly still understand it. However…

      I am trying to keep an optimistic point of view about it. Hole in the Heart was so perfect…I’m trying to keep my spirits up that they will do something wonderful with this and that my fears are unfounded. So while I am not on board with the baby on board…yet…I’m trying to reserve final opinions until next season.

      I’m still not feeling great about this new shift, but, these BT posters do help bring out positive aspect and remind me why I do love and follow the show. So, for now, I’m trying to have faith, baby. I mean, Barbara. 🙂

      • bb, I am trying to go into season 7 with a blank slate. Expecting nothing, hoping for nothing, just seeing what happens. Imagining Brennan actually pregnant on the show is like trying to imagine a dolphin with antlers. (my previous metaphor was a cat with antlers but I thought that wasn’t absurd enough!)

        I have no idea how they are going to pull it off, so all I can do is wait and see.

        I do want to say though — HH and SN have been saying over and over again how much they want to avoid gooey, coupley moments, so midnight food runs or Booth talking to Brennan’s stomach – guys, seriously, don’t hold your breath for those!

      • I’m with you Barbara and bb – still adjusting to the baby train. I think there are some great moments coming, but I’m pretty sure we can’t imagine what they are. They aren’t going to be clichés.

        I’m happy for them that they’re having a baby, but a lot has changed in my Bones world in the last week – things I thought we were working towards got high-jumped. I understand why, and even admire them for their unapologetic telling of the story in their own way, it’s just taking me a bit of time to adjust. Not to be toooooo overdramatic, but I think I’m mourning for the moments that have passed us by, and that we’ll never get back.

        The only thing I do know, is that every time I think of something that I’d like to see in the future, (Booth and Brennan at Lamaze classes would be hilarious, Booth touching her bump, Booth talking to the bump, Brennan throwing up at the site of remains finally ha), I have to remind myself that it’s probably not going to happen. Or if it does, we might well not see it. I loved the finale, but it’s made me cautious for the future 🙂 Does mean I can let my imagination run wild though 🙂

      • Does the baby fit the character development? Well, it certainly does generate story potential, which is the focus of this post. But does it fit the characters? They have unprotected sex (or the condom broke) because of a moment of need/desire/comfort– something that two very controlled characters might not do given just how long it’s taken for them to get to this point. Does it fit them or the circumstances? Yes. (We saw how both Booth and Brennan lost control in other aspects of their personal/professional lives, so it’s not a great stretch for them to surrender to a moment.)

        It’s still a shock and still a curve ball and still an antlered dolphin (or chupacabra?) But it could happen to two very controlled people. Does it leave out a few romantic moments? Yes. . . and no. We got some romance earlier, much earlier in seasons 2-5. . . which is kind of cheating, I know. TPTB hit us with some pretty good episodes this season despite she-who-must-not-be-named: Blackout, Hole, Sounds, Doctor and we know they’ve got the actors to pull off some pretty incredible moments.

        Will it be enough? They managed a season based on a SO– and how much pain and angst and wrongheadedness can you do before that peters out? The baby fulfills Brennan’s need to create a family and have the one person who she can unconditionally love.

        I know, it fulfills the coma dream in a way that is still shocking and there’s probably little anyone can do or so to persuade those not quite on board to the contrary. But it gives us opportunities to see them really together again– somewhat forced, like their partnership, but with another layer of understanding that they do love one another and they both want the same goals. It is a reset– but with layers of feelings that are probably going to be a bit more visible to us and to them.

      • I like what you said Amanda. Very nice.

      • @Kimberly–Yay, Team! 🙂

        Yes, I know Bones isn’t traditionally a big flashback show. But they have in the past (aka Brennan’s past/her parents) and hey, we had the full out coma dream episode, so its not like they can’t go outside of the box! And we had Doctor in the Photo which was an unusual (but still cool) episode for Bones. So I think that’d be nice if they throw us a bone…hahaha

    • Despite our disagreement about the baby SL, I agree with you about having a lot of expectations in mind for the baby SL can easily lead to disappointment, because things never seem to play out how we think they will. I understand all those questions it can bring up, but I’m trying not to speculate my way further than them just having to work through all their differences together. I find that I have more fun analyzing what’s already happened in the show versus having pre-set expectations of what I think should happen.

      As far as you not having HH figured out, I’m not sure he wouldn’t take that as a compliment. Like you said, only time will tell if he explains himself satisfactorily, and each of us will have a different response. I once heard HH make the statement “Closure is overrated” when he was talking about season finales. I can only hope that is not the goal for the series finale.

      • I actually agree with closure being overrated. I do think that endings should be clear enough that we know what the creator’s vision was, but open enough that we aren’t essentially getting a summary of what happens to every character.

        Judging Amy, one of Hart’s earlier shows, ended abruptly, and while the finale wasn’t really meant to be the finale, you knew where everyone was going with their lives.

      • Sophia and Amanda,
        I agree with both of you, I was disappointed this season, but I love the show, so I will change along with it. I still find it hard to believe that the two of them would let this happen accidentally. Booth already faced this situation before, and Brennan seems too logical.

        Maybe HH will show a flashback with them agreeing to have a baby. That would go along with the idea of Team DTNBPtNAWBGB. I hope HH doesn’t leave out other aspects of their lives, like he did in the finale, but if so I again will adjust.

    • as much fun as this post is, I feel more along the lines of Barbara, bb, and C-bones (and many others i’m sure). I’m feeling a little better about the pregnancy storyline in general… at least i’m getting over the shock of how sudden it seemed. But, I believe i’ve also learned a big lesson about expectations… after imagining hundreds of scenarios about B&B finally getting together, and then missing that scene all together, I definitely don’t want that feeling again.

      I love so many of the ideas i’m reading here… but at this point i’m content to go forward with a ‘blank slate’ like Barbara said. That way if B&B inexplicably show up married one day, I won’t be sad… (okay, i’d still be sad…just trying to protect myself here :))

  6. My first thought was that she’ll only send Booth out for midnight Thai food once – the middle-of-the-night heartburn of pregnancy is bad enough without adding those spices into it.

    Now I have to read what everyone else says after this great post on Mama Bones.

    • They might show the mushy scenes once or twice, but not ecery episode. Those scenes are for fan fics! 🙂

  7. This post made me happy for the possibilities. Not that I’m completely over all the unresolved couple stuff… but it definitely changes my perspective on what we have to look forward to. Great post 🙂

  8. I personally can’t wait! I don’t think it’s going to be at all what we expect, but maybe it won’t be bad, either. 🙂

    • “Maybe it won’t be bad” probably doesn’t sound like a good recommendation to people with serious doubts. Other options would be it could be just as good, or better. (It could be bad, but I’m optimistic about this, so I didn’t put it on the list.)

      • True. 🙂

        I just don’t think any of us should expect (or not expect) anything… like someone said above, it’s best to go in with a clean slate.

  9. I feel almost behind now. I’m still trying to piece together for myself when they had sex seeing as I’ve yet to imagine it going farther than holding her in HinH just yet. I guess I just need to let that go and catch up! Haha!

    But I too am just remaining positive. I mean this is Bones; it’s going to be different and great no matter what. And you’ve already said all of the questions I’ve been pondering over as well as answering to my friend that these issues that will be brought up with a baby is a GOOD thing. She asks them as if they’re going to ruin B&B.
    It’s possible it could go wrong, but I think knowing at least DB and ED that they’ll make the weirdest situations the best, unique and entertaining.

    • I also don’t think they did more than hold each other, her crying, him comforting in Hole in the Heart. I do think though that they talked and reached a mutual decision that they were ready for more, and after Lime in the Coconut she tucked her arm in his arm and they went off together, to sleep (and whatever other activities they wanted) together. I do think they’ve been a couple since then, which is why they were so comfortable with each other in the finale…and at all self-conscious in front of Max.

      Now if at some point they do reveal something different than that…like they did make that baby that first night I won’t be upset, I’ll just have to adjust my thinking. I do think though that this is why they didn’t show us anything that definitely tells us when the first time was and if it was the only time. They know we all have ideas of how it would go and so they are allowing us to pick the scenario that works for us. They have definitely let us know it happened!

      • yay, Frankie! You can join my “Team Didn’t Until They Got Broadsky” (it had a wee bit longer name last week but I can’t remember all the initials) we are small, but mighty! 🙂 Go Team DUTGB! haha

      • I’m also on Team Didn’t Until They Got Broadsky! Whoo! 🙂

      • Happy to have you, Megan! 🙂

      • the main reason I would argue that they did make love the night at VNM died is because of the pregnancy. They weren’t planning on spending the night together in bed… so if one thing led to another, I could see them not using protection. If they were comfortably a couple (like that beautiful arm tuck and confident Boothy smile indicated to me at the end of HitH), I see them being much more rational and level headed on that front. Brennan doesn’t strike me as one who would accidentally get pregnant under regular circumstances… just my two cents 🙂

      • Jacquelyn,

        I don’t necessarily see the two of them waiting till after Broadsky and getting pregnant to be mututally exclusive. There are still some options. A) They got caught up in the heat of passion after celebrating Booth’s victory with drinks/Thai food at somebody’s apartment and didn’t think of it, B) That they did think of protection but that it failed unbeknownest to them, or C) Either Brennan, Booth, or both purposely chose to not use protection and just let things happen how they happen.

        It just still seems wrong to me somehow that they’d hook up in HitH. I know what people have said about grief, but about B&B, I don’t get that sense from them. Brennan, remember her logic about taking the couch? Booth needed sleep to get Broadsky. Both of them knew the utter importance of Booth being focused on his mission. If not, either Booth is dead, or another of team. Or other innocent lives. I just feel that they would wait till that resolution before going for it. But again, this is my humble opinion and is open for debate!

      • bb, I am not in either camp (before Brodskly/after Brodsky) so either works for me. Here is somehing to consider though. They may have waited for the day after Brodsky was killed and Brennan decided that she didn’t need or want the protection. When Booth and Breannan were in the diner and were talking about what to buy Angela; Brennan said that soon she would be the only one without a child. She seemed unhappy about that. She had planned on having a baby at the end of season 4. Maybe she decided to get a baby the natural way. What if she decided to take a chance and get the Booth baby she wanted. Just a thought.

      • @Jacquelyn, well sometimes birthcontrol fails, even when used correctly the most effective forms of birthcontrol can still fail.

        Which actually could explain Booth’s utter shock when she first told him. If they hadn’t used any birthcontrol even just once it would have to be in his mind that this was a possibility. If they did use birthcontrol every time without fail, then when she tells him that she’s pregnant it could take a little while for the reality to penetrate.

      • Can you really see Brennan being that deceptive? I mean, she knows Booth already has one illegitimate child. Would she really do that, ‘steal’ a baby from him? That feels off for me.

      • Lenora,

        I don’t know if you read my reply to Jacquelyn, but I think your theory has merit. I could see that. As long as the theory starts with, “They waited until Broadsky was captured”…the exact why she would have gotten pregnant could be a couple different things and I’d be OK.

      • MJ, I don’t think she meant Brennan would be deceptive, simply that she, or Booth, or both, would both be OK to have a child so maybe either or both didn’t think about birth control because they were fine if a baby were to happen. Maybe they both just decided to go for it and let the chips fall where they may?

      • Oooh, I don’t want to hijack Angelana’s excellent post so maybe I’m better off shaking my head at my monitor. I just can’t wrap my thoughts around that, not with her shock still showing and his reaction and….yea. Lots of vigorous head shaking going on here.

      • yes, there is the possibility of birth control failing. I could see that. I agree with MJ though that I couldn’t see Brennan trying to get a baby from Booth on purpose without telling him… that would really shock me.

        @Frankie707, I like using Booth’s shocked look as proof that they used protection.

        The only other scenario that I can think of, is that they didn’t use anything… then rationalized it later thinking that it was a statistically ‘safe’ time. But, Brennan’s cycle wasn’t quite where she thought (which can certainly happen for many reasons, including stress).

        Also, personally, I do think they made love the night they got Broadsky, I just don’t think it was the first time :).

      • I didn’t mean to say that Brennan was being deceptive. I just meant they both may have decided that a baby in the future was ok. Booth already knew that Brennan wanted a baby and he may have just gone along with it. He is in love with Brennan. He wouldn’t stand in her way if she wanted a baby. She loves Booth and she probably would never consider having a child with anyone else. The shock look could have been just how quickly it happened. You don’t expect a baby the first few times you do it. As far as having a baby out of wedlock with Brennan. Booth is an optimist and may hope that Brennan will consider a civil ceremony in the future, something Rebecca didn’t want. I didn’t mean to say that Brennan is a coniver. She isn’t. She is very upfront and honest.

      • Frankie already knows this, but I’ll comment on it for those who don’t: The discussions about birth control had me howling with laughter on Sunday, because after two days of seeing comments about how unlikely it all is given the individuals…

        My niece, who’s a nurse and was careful with the birth control…is pregnant and due in January, after giving birth just three months ago to her son.

        Then again, her mother had three kids in four years and the only thing that worked to stop the pregnancies for them was tubal ligation. (The last two happened in spite of birth control.)

        There are people for whom birth control simply doesn’t work, and it’s not nearly as unusual as we like to believe.

        Brennan’s fertile Myrtle and Booth has super sperm. (We’re shocked by this? LOL.) And yeah, I think the reason she spelled it out for him and that he was surprised was that they did use protection.

      • @Lenora, thank you! That makes me feel so much better about that theory in general!

      • @Rynogeny…haha I love your post! Fertile Myrtle and Super Sperm! And hey, whenever that dam did finally break (the night AFTER HitH ahem) they probably had plenty of…encounters….in between episodes. I’m just guessing. After 6 seasons of will they, won’t they + they would be very compatible + their supposed skills in the bedroom = PLENTY of chances for babies to happen, birth control or not! 🙂

      • @Lenora I like the idea that this was something they talked about, and even hoped for, and the shock was from it working so early on…. the only trouble I have with it, is that it would mean there was yet another incredibly huge conversation we missed out on….

      • “Hey! HEY! My boys CAN SWIM.”

        (Not an exaggeration. 😉 )

      • Me too! The entire series, Booth is preaching his love making thoughts. He wouldn’t want it to be done with Brennan cause of VNM’s death. If we’re still not over it by then, they def. aren’t either!

        BTW, I watched an old episiode with VNM the other day . . . 😦

  10. Since I love this show, I kind of have a hard time understanding the pessimissm about the future of the show. I like to speculate about what is going to happen in season 7; but, I am willing to wait and see what the story is going to be about. This is not my story to tell so I can pretty much go with almost anything they want to do. If I could put up with the first part of season 6 then I am more than happy to see what the future will bring now that B&B are a couple. I am optimistic that HH has a plan that will make for some very interesting stories. Even though the first part of this season was a trial, it was interesting and I most definitely had to watch. Not watching was not an option. I am glad I stuck it out and that it paid off in the end (at least for me).

  11. Okay, so now I am going to say just one thing. I think some times some fans disappointment comes from their own expectations of the show. We try to anticipate how this or that is going to play out and we end up with all these expectations of how it should go and then we get something else completely and people end up disappointed all over the place. That really isn’t fun for anyone. Speculation cannot be helped. But heck even in life we let our expectations get in the way of…oh gee I don’t know enjoying something. It’s like when someone tells you they have a surprise for you and you try to guess. You spend time speculating and then formulating what is the most likely surprise. It ends up spawning an expectation. Of course the surprise turns out to be something other than what you expected so you feel let down because it didn’t meet your expectations. Or wasn’t what you expected to be. Really, you should be enjoying the surprise but it’s just too hard because you’ve let your expectations cloud it. Does that make sense? I hope it does. Oh gosh and please know that I don’t mean that to be directed at any one specific person. It’s just a thought I’ve had and what I think I have been witnessing with Bones fandom.

    I think it’s great to speculate and be able to consider all these questions but to keep in mind that you shouldn’t let yourself form an expectation out of it. Because yeah, if you do you may find yourself disappointed. I understand having ideas about what we think would be great to see because I have them but that doesn’t mean I expect it to happen. But that’s just me. You know. I hope some of this made sense as I am nearing my bed time. That happens to be at about 9am. Ah, graveyard. 😀

    • I was going to comment with something very similar to this, so instead I’ll just say, ditto

      • Well put. I think of the show as Christmas– it’s been a long time since a present surprised me and I like being surprised.

    • THIS.

      People are already obsessed with the gender of the baby, saying it HAS to be a girl.

      What happens if it’s a boy?


    • Wow. You just said everything in my head. I totallllllly agree with all of it.

    • I completely agree. My issues with Bones coming into season 6 were all because of my expectations. Every time the show or the characters didn’t deliver what i wanted, i got upset.

      The best thing I did was stop having them – go with the flow, enjoy the banter and the other characters without needing to see something big between B&B each week. And you know what? I fell in love again:) Because every exchange became a gift.

      I have no expectations of how S7 will pan out. I know what I want, but I’ll be happy with what I get. My greatest fear was that this show was not going to get a 7th season renewal and that HH wouldn’t get to finish his story. So for me, every exchange is a bonus – and seeing B&B do their thing and be linked with a baby will be just fabulous 🙂

  12. Thanks for posting your thougts. I will never see S6 as a gift. IMO, it was an opportunity that was, for the most part, squandered. There is lots of opportunity for S7, and I’m going to hope that this season delivers (pun intended)

  13. I should clarify that I do think it’s reasonable to expect good storytelling on the writer’s part and the such. Or at the very least storytelling that makes sense.

  14. I am just going to say that I am happy about the pregnancy. I think she will make an amazing mother, and if I remember from the CitC, she said she would hire a nanny. This may solve the ‘bring the baby to work’ thing.

    I think it will be nice to see her bond with Angela over the babies, but I also wonder if she will have a traditional delivery, or go with the deliver at home in the manner of some tribe from the Amazon rainforest. LOL

    I am also trying to face this with a positive attitude, and not let my thoughts and speculations run away from me.

  15. It’s no great surprise I’m sure, but I agree with Angelena and AmandaFriend – I see a B&B pregnancy as a natural progression that is meant to enrich the story, not take away from it. Furthermore, it’s a logical next step considering what we’ve seen this last season in terms of Brennan’s character development. We can argue timing all we want (which we have and probably will continue to do for quite some time), but at least doing it this way will allow the writers to maintain the tension between B&B and maximize the potential for drama (both of which they’ll need to keep viewers invested in the story).

    Season six was all about Brennan opening up – choosing to consciously and intentionally love another person (who, unlike her father, has no inherent reason to love her back), despite the risks to her own heart. The love a mother has for her child is perhaps one of the most natural things in the world, but it’s also one of the scariest, and I look forward to seeing Brennan navigate the emotions and insecurities that pregnancy and motherhood will inevitably bring.

    I do agree with Barbara on one point though – based on what SN said, I doubt we’ll see a whole lot of gushy pregnancy moments between B&B, and I definitely don’t think it’ll be all pregnancy all the time. I’m not sure exactly WHAT we’ll see, heck, I’m not even exactly sure what I WANT to see, but I am looking forward to finding all of that out.

    By the way, Angelena, I’m glad you’re in a better place with the storyline now. 🙂

    • I am right there with you on this one, Steph. I’m looking forward to seeing how Booth and Brennan tackle this challenge. I’m looking forward to seeing what challenges this brings to their work and, more importantly, to their relationship. Brain and Heart tackling parenthood – together – is going to be amazing to watch.

      And I’m glad that SN said it’s not going to be gushy and mushy. Honestly, I don’t think I’d be comfortable watching them gushy all over each other, because it’s not who Booth and Brennan are. And if they tried to be, I think I’d want to yak. :p They aren’t Angela and Hodgins who, while sweet in their own way, did get to be a bit much at times and I don’t them to try to be.

      I think (hope?) what we’ll see is a natural extension of what they already are together. Brennan is still going to be Brennan. Booth is still going to be Booth. Having a baby isn’t going to addle their brains and turn them into baby-talking fools. They are still going to have their issues, both as a couple and personally and through the lens of parenthood, some of those may come to the forefront and need to get dealt with; especially in regards to their respective childhoods.

      I can, in the quiet moments where it’s just them, see Booth being sweet and, well, Boothy; doing things like rubbing her belly and talking to the baby and bringing home little retro rock band onesies. Asking Brennan to let him be a guy and put the damn crib together. Fuss at her for lifting things and hovering to the point where she has to tell him to back off.

      I can see Brennan buying every book ever written about pregnancy and parenthood and reading them until the spines wear out. I can see her facing issues about the loss of her mother and being terrified that she’s not going to be able to be a good mother. I can see her being absolutely fascinated by the changes happening to her body and being able to describe each stage of her pregnancy in detail. And I can see her acting tolerant of Booth when he’s talking to her belly, but not wanting to admit how much she really likes it.

      But I can’t see the slapstick kind of stuff we got from Hodgela. Booth’s not going to be running around screaming “where I my keys?”. Brennan is not going to scream “it’s show time!” at the top of her lungs. They are going to have a bag packed, plan in place and be ready to go when the time comes.

      And I’m just glad we’re going to be along for the ride. I can’t wait to watch it unfold. 🙂

      • My mom said the other day, that she was glad that my Dad wasn’t like Hodgins when it comes to emergencies. She thinks he is too emotional and not very reliable. Poor Hodgins. I would rather have Booth around in an emergency than Hodgins also. We know that Booth is pretty calm when it hits the fan. I agree with you Jade. Brennan will have a check off list, bags packed, a GPS system on Booth so she knows where he is and everything prepaid so that she doesn’t have to worry about anything. Of course, I don’t know how calm she will remain when it comes time to have the baby; but, I can’t imagine her being mean to Booth like Angela was Hodgins while she was having her baby. That would not be Brennan to me. That will be interesting to watch.

      • Lenora, I totally agree with you about Brennan not being mean to Booth during the birth; in fact, I can see her making sure that he’s included as much as he can be because of what he missed with Parker. I imagine that it would be, at the very least, a subconscious effort on her part to reassure him that he’s a good father and deserves to be included.

        I also think she’s going to be much calmer during birth than Angela was. We are not likely to see her screaming and yelling and carrying on. It’s just not who she is. And she does seem to have a fairly high tolerance for pain, so I imagine we’ll see hand-holding and the mashing of Booth’s fingers, but it won’t be the same as Angela tearing out Hodgins’ chest hair during the contractions.

        Angela’s raging hormones, while amusing at times, were also a little eye-roll worthy at times. Though I must say, I did like the bit between them just before the baby was born. I know some people thought it was sappy and mushy, and it was, but I liked it. It was just so… THEM.

        Of course, in that respect it doesn’t hurt that I agree that TJ Thyne’s voice is incredible. I could listen to that man read anything and be a very happy girl. I love that he did the narration in TEitB.

        I also agree with you about preferring to have Booth around in a crisis… but then, I’d prefer to have Booth around for just about anything. *whistles innocently* 😉

  16. As others have already stated I do think we have to be careful about expectations; especially those of us who read fanfiction and will probably an even larger than normal number of Brennan pregnant fics this summer. I really don’t expect the show to go into fanfic mode now. Of course the whole Brennan getting pregnant as soon as they become a couple is straight out of fanfic; I just don’t think that will be a continuing trend. I’m trying very hard not to cling to a laundry list of things I want to see next season.

    I do anticipate loving to see them adjusting to being a couple and expectant parents in between the solving cases. Maybe we’ll see Brennan going to the crime scenes, but not so much in on the chasing down suspects. Really with Sweets being used for interrogations, and the introduction of Agent Shaw in the finale, maybe they’ve been setting that up already.

    I am anxious to find out just where they take this and am doing my best not to let me fanfic favorites turn into expectations for what I’ll see on the show. I was one of those kids that would get upset when things didn’t turn out exactly like I expected. I ruined trips to amusement parks, family vacations, or just dinner out for myself quite a few times growing up by being like that. I also made them less than pleasant for other members of my family. Once I learned to just take a more go with the flow attitude and appreciate what I got instead of lamenting what I didn’t get I started getting much more joy out of life, and so did those around me. Hey my step-mother even started liking me more. 😛

    I figure if I can just hang on to that same attitude with the show I will hopefully enjoy it for the full run.

    • fanfic has its pros and cons. I think it’s pure fun to see everyone’s speculation and see who comes closest to what happens on the show. It can also “fill in” some missing scenes. But it can put ideas into your head, or feed into one’s expectations. If an author is good, you want their ideas to happen in the show. On the other hand, if they’re not that good, you thank goodness HH is the one in charge!
      I’ve already read so much fanfic since the finale that my biggest fear is seeing Brennan in full-out sappy mode and terribly riddled with insecurities the whole time. I’m okay with her level of “sappiness” and insecurities now. But I don’t think they would do that to us, unless they play up the pregnancy hormones.

  17. Okay I am going to allow myself one – not expectation, but hope, at least. Perhaps if THE big B&B issue is over – i.e They Did It, focus might shift back to the cases. In seasons 1-4, we had a lot of compelling cases through which we learned about the characters. In seasons 5 and 6 (moreso 6) the cases seemed to exist as a backdrop to B&B’s personal problems. In season 6 especially, they were either vehicles through which B&B’s relationship could be expressed (couple/Cave, Doctor/Photo) or total afterthoughts (Daredevil. Does anyone even remember that case?)

    Earlier seasons had plenty of B&B interaction but also plenty of damn good storytelling. If they can get back to that, I could probably overlook a whole passel of B&B kiddies back home.

    • I would lke to see better cases also. I remember the Daredevil case, though, as I thought it was very interesting how he got on the roof. The reason for the death was kind of stupid though.

  18. Thanks to everyone for all the amazing responses. This was amazing to wake up to today.

    Also, thanks to Linda and Stephanie and everyone for being glad I’m in a better place about the show. It is a huge relief to be happy with where B&B and the show are going for a change.

    Let me add a reply about expectations. The point of the essay is less about expectations than about possibilities. To those who are having trouble with this turn of events, look at the range of possibilities the pregnancy opens up. Which ones we’ll get, I have no idea. Hart Hanson is a(n evil) genius, and I won’t even try to imagine what insanity he has planned for us, but I am certain it will keep us analyzing and discussing at length here in BT and elsewhere. ;-D

    Again, thanks to Sarah for BT and for letting me have my say. 🙂

  19. I just wanted to say that that this was a great article Angelina! 🙂 There are no words for how impatient and eager I am to see Season 7.

    Since other people have mentioned it, I’m not sure how I’d feel about Rebecca and/or Hannah showing up and seeing a pregnant Brennan together with Booth as a couple. I can see such a scene ending positively, but the coward in me sees the potential for it turning out badly too.

    After read this article and all the comments, I’m just trying really hard to not have a shopping list of “things I’d like to see in season 7” list, based on HH’s and SN’s comments and what others here have said. I think overall if I just see some affection and whatnot between them, like they have in previous seasons, that will be enough for me.

  20. Well, i’m still sticking to my story-the last two seasons were a gift, at least to me, which is great (for me!) because I’ve been invested in so many other shows that took and took and ended up giving very little by way of return at the end-or anywhere else. Remington Steele-boo, Angel and Buffy-double boo, Dawson’s Creek-bah-humbug until the (yah for Pacey!) finale, Moonlighting-arghhhh, etc to infinity. Of course, things could end up not so good on Bones, but I’m still glad I got these last two seasons, though as I said in my “gift” post, it may come at a price that clearly some of us were not happy or prepared to pay.

    If things go wrong in the future I’ll do what I always do when things I dislike come up, like election season-pretend it’s not there-plugs up ears-la la la…and go back and rewatch only the seasons we’ve had until the derailment. We’ll always have Paris, I guess. But for now, and this is for MJ, I’ll look at it from Mr. Darcy’s point of view when he and Elizabeth are finally on the same page and he has to go to a function where he’s around her mother and sisters: be determined to be pleased and thus end up being pleased. I’m good and determined to enjoy my “summer of hope” to the max (no pun intended), which I earned after last year’s finale. Like Lenora (you rock, girl!), I’m pretty darn happy so far. Maybe it’s the perennial optimist in me, but I’m completely foregoing an umbrella for now. Let’s just hope it’s not tornado season on Bones next year.

    Otherwise, I’m totally with you in the sentiment that the baby storyline has great potential, plus it has the benefit of being for the most part uncharted territory in a show of this sort. Angst over the baby for one or both of the characters would have been the automatic reaction that most producers would have chosen in this situation–and I’ve seen that way too often. Thank God we appear to be spared that by those goofy, wonderful smiles so that other more interesting issues can be explored next season.

    • While I think the she-who-must-not-be-named storyline of season 6 wasn’t exactly as TPTB intended, we got a Brennan who, as someone earlier said, opened up considerably. The fact that they probably won’t go the gooey love story/goopier baby story with these two will help preserve the special qualities of the show. Let Angela and Jack have the saccharine moments and let B&B bicker and banter and eventually compromise. They have to figure out a way to make this work because that’s in their natures because of their pasts.

      And I agree– when a show goes south it really goes south. I can watch and rewatch Remington Steele and I still get a kick out of it. . . except for that last “season.” As game as the actors seemed to be (at times) it was so hard to watch. Same thing for Moonlighting.

      The real “curse” of those shows was a lack of direction or a desire to slap something together and throw it out there without really allowing the characters to grow or letting behind the scenes shenanigans alter the course of the show. Is that the case here? I doubt it. Bones has always been kind of scrappy, surviving scheduling moves that could have killed it. They seem to know how to re-invigorate the show when they need to.

    • Maria, believe it or not, I wasn’t as upset with Buffy and Angel not getting together as I was that Angel wasn’t allowed to get together with Cordy. I really hated the Conner part of the show. That was disappointing; but, once Conner was out of the picture the show got very interesting again. Shows can go down hill for awhile and just seem to pick themselves back up again. That is why I guess I am an optimist about Bones. They may have strayed off the path but eventually they got back on. I am happy where Bones is going also.

      • I’m sad in general that Angel never got the girl (regardless of who), sort of like Booth…until now!

  21. Someone said that maybe birth cntrol doesn’t work for Brennan, but we need to remember that she wasn’t a virgin, as a matter of fact, I took her statements in the past to be that she was quite skilled. If she was so fertile, wouldn’t she have ended up pregnant before this?

    • @Kimberly…I think they meant she’s super fertile only with Booth’s Super Sperm! Cuz they are meant to be and all that, ya know! haha Not even birth control can keep them from making a lil Booth family 🙂

    • I’m thinking that, ultimately, the point is that she got pregnant – birth control? no birth control? – we’ll never know for sure (nor does it really matter), but we’re going to drive ourselves crazy if we keep chasing our tails around like this! I say pick whatever makes you happy and stick with it. 😉

    • Not necessarily. The sperm does matter. The niece I mentioned above lived with a guy for three years without getting pregnant. Perhaps it’s a combination of factors?

  22. It’s fun to disagree and the fact is that we may never know when the exact event happened. But my two cents worth is that we were shown that one night for a reason. It only makes sense that two exhausted, emotionally drained people who have verbally expressed their desire to be together would hang to each other for dear life on that particular night, and that a simple hug and maybe a kiss on the forehead could lead to something much intense (I can totatlly see it…) The arm holding and his shy, reassured smile at the end of Hole kind of sealed it for me because it showed that something very intimate happened, although I could see how you could interpret these “signs” differently. It also makes sense to me that the last thing on the minds of these two otherwise experienced, careful individuals would have been contraception on the night of VNM’s death. They most likely used it subsequently (we’re given every hint that they’ve been going out for a while in Change), which, in conjunction with it probably being a month or longer since the original event, would make his initial surpirse understandable. It was a while back and me thinks that they’ve been going at it like rabbits since (bowling smoocheroo), so it’s easy to picture that Booth would have sort of put out of his mind the fact that nothing was used the first time. He is a guy, after all.

    Regardless, it’s fun to speculate and even funner to think of a possible flashback. But if one happens it won’t be with Emily out to there, so we’re going to have to be patient. My question is, when did she know? In the bowling alley (she makes comments, but doesn’t look particularly suspicious) or right before getting to the hospital? She obviously changed her clothes in between and her demeanor is markedly different in the hospital than it was in the bowling alley. Any thoughts?

    • Brennan kept saying things like Buck and Wanda would never have a child like that (something lke that). I think she already knew then. Just a guess of course.

      • You’re probably right; she just may have become more thoughtful waiting for baby Michael.

      • Loved the way ED/Brennan reacted when she was sitting in the waiting room and heard Angela yelling at that last push moment. That was just so real, that moment of ‘holy crap, that’s going to be me in a few months!’ It was very well done.

    • I’m thinking she knew from the beginning of the episode. Remember the phone conversation with Angela when she was walking to the diner? She was preoccupied with baby stuff even then. And both she and Booth were still wearing their Buck and Wanda clothes at the hospital so I’m guessing they went straight to the hospital from the bowling alley.

  23. I personally dislike baby storylines in television shows. It seems like once a character becomes pregnant, there is no dialogue other than baby talk and baby/pregnancy references. We just got done with Angela and Hodgin’s year long baby storyline, and now we’ll have Booth and Brennan doing it all over again. I’d rather it be a pregnancy that is seen, but not heard about in every other sentence out of their mouths. Personally, I’d like to see Brennan being pregnant, but the dialogue on this show not discuss it. I would rather it be used as a tool to bring up their pasts or to tackle other issues other than the pregnancy and the baby on the way. Two consecutive years of baby talk on this show is too much, for me. I’d rather see Booth and Brennan deal with and talk about other issues, besides just this comfort/grief sex, oops baby they are having.

    • I think there will be a deliberate attempt by TPTB to create a different dynamic with this pregnancy. HH has said that he doesn’t want to repeat themselves, so I would expect a different take on the pregnancy. I agree with you– too often the nascent romance is too sugary and the baby talk is too gooey for words. The pregnancy might very well be one of those elephants in the room at times– which would be fine with me. We’ll see. I really can see Brennan forging ahead, pregnant and all, because women have been having babies for centuries and haven’t always had to put their lives on hold. While it might not be The Good Earth where the woman pauses, has the baby and goes back to the rice paddy to work, it could be closer to Fargo’s pregnant sheriff. We’ll see.

      • Amanda,
        My grandmother was working in the fields planting when she went into labor with my Dad. She was back at work when the sun came up the next morning, barely twelve hours later. I could see Brennan, fighting for the right to do that.

      • LOL! Amanda, the visual of Brennan as the sheriff from Fargo as me cracking up.

        “Bones, did you find something over there?”
        “No, Booth, I just think I may vomit.”

        But in all seriousness, I agree that she’s likely to go as long as she can and isn’t going to let anything stop her unless it has the potential to harm the child. I can totally see Booth trying to put his foot down about some things and Brennan just trying to steamroll on through.

  24. Personally, I feel like I’ve been reading a thoroughly engrossing novel, and I can see by the number of pages I have left that the story must be coming to a close, but it doesn’t feel like they’re wrapping things up fast enough. “You’re the father.” is the last sentence on the last page. I read it, and I’m like, “What?! Tell me more! I need more! What happens next?!” And down at the bottom of the page, in itty bitty type, it says, “Volume 2 to be published and released in September 2011.” Gah!

    What I’m trying to say is that I am so interested in the story being told, that I refuse to have expectations for it or to try to predict where it is going. I can see the numerous possibilities ahead, and I am still so interested in the story that I absolutely cannot wait to see which possibilities become actual chapters in the book, so to speak. I may not love or agree with everything that happens in the story, but overall, it is still so very interesting to me.

    I had a discussion with some English teacher friends of mine one day – ravenous book readers, that bunch. I asked them if they ever quit reading books they found they weren’t interested in or if they felt obligated to finish a book once they had started it. They all agreed that it was more than ok to abandon a book at any point in the story. One of them said that there are so many stories being told that we must find the ones we’re interested in and stick with them only if they become a part of us.

    Saying that the story of Brennan’s journey has become a part of me sounds insane, I’ll admit. So maybe I won’t go that far, but I will say that I, personally, am invested in this story, and I’m excited for all the possibilities that could follow this new twist. I can’t wait for the next installment. That’s good storytelling, in my opinion. We love it, we hate it, but we keep coming back for more.

    • BonesDon’tMelt, I don’t think it sounds insane to say that Brennan’s journey has become a part of you, because it has become a part of all of us, in our own ways. I’m sure we could all relate some kind of anecdote about a particular episode (or more) that just resonated on a personal level. We’re here because we care and we are all invested in the story of these two amazing characters and their friends and families. We have a community built up around it; not the only one out there by a long shot, but it’s still a community. And that, if nothing else, means that their journey has become our shared journey. And I love that about the show and about Bones Theory. 🙂

      I like your book analogy, I think that’s awesome, and I agree with you. You’re right about the way they have constructed the stories being good storytelling; in fact it’s actually great storytelling. They are balancing all kinds of tension, so the natural inclination of the observer (reader/viewer) is to wonder “what’s going to happen next?” So we speculate. And we wonder. And we create scenarios in our heads. And we talk about them here. It’s that speculation, the whole “what will happen next? is my theory going to be right?”, that keeps us coming back for more.

      Well, that and Booth. 😉

  25. I thought the book analogy was wonderful. We really have become very involved with this story and are continually wanting to know what’s going to happen next so we keep coming back. Please know that with my other post that I wasn’t saying we shouldn’t look at the possibilities or speculate. Just that we need to be careful of them turning into very specific expectations is all. Speculation is wonderful and I am guilty of doing it. Anyway, I am very much looking forward to this pregnancy/baby story line. In fact, I’ve loved the idea of Brennan being pregnant and having a child with Booth ever since she decided she wanted a baby. I even have a few very short one shots of her and Booth and a daughter. I know there are plenty of stories out there that are probably like that but I am just saying well, I guess that I love that Booth and Brennan are going to have a baby.

    I must admit that I am indeed in the camp of wanting the baby to be a girl but I am cool with it if the baby turns out to be a boy. Some of that might actually be because I already have my own version of their daughter written. I don’t know. I am really looking forward to seeing how HH handles Brennan’s pregnancy. There are so many possibilities. I can’t wait for next season. I am really happy that Bones Theory is here. Though I don’t know you Angelena I am happy that you are in a better place with this pregnancy story line.

    I’ve loved reading everyone’s comments here. They are all so…just well thought out and very nice explanations of what’s going on for everyone. I appreciate that so much.

  26. OK.. so S6 was one hell of a rollercoaster ride.. I seriously loved every minute of it… even when it made me want to puke.. I refused to get off.. I consistently said to anyone that I spoke to that the whole Hannah thing was only going to be part of the journey… I was right (thankfully, cos eating my hat would have been awkward). The thing is whilst it was distressing at times, I seriously had faith that Booth & Brennan would find their way back to each other eventually… I’m just glad it happened in S6 and we didn’t have to wait through the summer deadpatch to find out. The whole thing with Emily getting pregnant obviously sent everyone into a frenzy.. and I really didn’t think Hart would go there, and then the cheeky bugger up and went there!!! And I’m happy he did. Those that have claimed they were cheated because they didn’t get to see them together as a couple….? What have you been watching for 6 years cos in my opinion they have been a couple.. just not a mushy all over each other couple.. they have been real and honest and hurtful and caring and loving (yes, they have loved each other) and I don’t need to see the moment of conception to know that it would have been wonderful and emotional and right for them. Seeing Brennan pregnant will be a hoot… I would give anything to see her poking around a manky skeleton, leaning over, chucking up in a bucket and then going back to poking about her bones… Booths overprotective nature will definitely kick in, how can it not? And it will be wonderful…. Roll on S7 and Hart Hanson is my new crush!

  27. All I can say is: BRING ON SEASON 7!!! 😀

  28. I love love love reading all these positive thoughts! Regarding the whole issue of Bones and Booth having sex the night that VNM was killed… I agree with those who feel it would be very very natural and okay, (not “comfort sex”)… and would even go a step further and say that it would not have been something they “fell” into out of grief etc… but that Booth’s impending show down with Brodsky, as well as Brennan and Booth BOTH having just faced the mortality of the other, actually had WAY more to do with them finally sleeping together.

    They both were standing within a foot or two of VNM when he was shot. They knelt together to witness him dying… Booth accepting what was going to happen quicker than Bones could… While the shock and horror for Vincent was first in their minds, right on the heels of that HAD to be “Oh my God, what if”…. And of course the guild that brings as well, to grieve for a lost friend while simultaneously thinking “Thank God” that someone you love more than yourself didn’t get hit. So I believe with all my heart that THIS is a big part of why Booth said “you’re staying at my apartment” to Brennan. He simply could NOT let her out of his sight, because God forbid if something happened to her if he wasn’t with her. They were faced with how temporary life is, and Booth (always the one to “feel” things first IMO) simply couldn’t ignore that. Even if the worst was to happen, and Broadsky came for either of them, they needed to be TOGETHER for whatever occurred, because hearing about a tragedy later would kill the other. I know I’m rambling here, but all these feelings, (which caught up to Brennan a little later, specifically- in the middle of the night when she went into his room) are what led to the intimacy that night, for me. Add to it the whole fact that Brennan knew Booth would face Broadsky soon, and could VERY EASILY die… and wouldn’t it only be natural that their MAIN overpowering thought was “this could be it”… and how silly all the waiting and fears and games would seem at a point like that. They would want to grab life with both hands and stop hiding from each other… because behind all of it, is the little thought that it could all be over.

    And I don’t think that’s “grief” or “comfort” sex… I think it’s a devastating signal sent from the universe that served to ring a huge alarm for B&B, and helped them see what mattered and cut through the rest. And while I was put off by the baby storyline at first, I’m on board with it now. I think it has great potential. Not witnessing “the moment” b/n B&B is okay with me, cause I think we’re supposed to have a feeling of a connection on THAT night that would have been hard to translate onto the screen. I think we will get those romantic scenes (not “soap opera” style but fitting with the style of the show, the loving looks, some angry tension, some “breaking of the dam” as issues are resolved… but all within the context of the show going on as them two solving crimes and still having a back-and-forth b/n them… but “THEM vs THE WORLD” in terms of anyone else.)

    Just my 2 cents, although it ended up $2.00! LOL Sorry so long!

    • Never apologize for a long post! We all do it!

      I read every single word, and I think you brought up some points not mentioned before and fleshed others out, so thank you. I also got the sense that Booth telling Brennan to stay with him was not just about protection. I know one theory is that they waited until Broadsky was caught to begin something. But what you said makes sense – if life has no guarantees, and they recently witnessed that very fact, why would they wait?

      Man, there’s a reason the word theory is used in the title of this blog.

    • That was beautiful and more than sums up how I felt about the whole thing, which is why I’m also so ok with baby on board. Feel free to share as much as you want-if there’s ever been a group of people who appreciate intellgent and thoughtful discussions, I’ve found that this is it!

    • Well put Christy. I agree. I too think Booth having Brennan spend the night was about them needing each other emotionally at such a critical time more so than just about protecting her from Broadsky.

  29. Ok I have to join the video group. Here’s one I really like.

    • OMG I messed it up. How do I delete?

    • Seems to work just fine for me. And yes, this is definitely a good one!

    • I have a YouTube account only so I can like/save videos….and right now the majority of them are Bones videos….most of the ones posted I already have, pickin’ the best of the best here: song, editing, quality, etc. (great minds here 😉 )—Excellent stuff. I’m so happy people are finding these and I’m not alone….lol…guilty pleasure.

  30. I am obviously totally copacetic about the baby.

    I was in camp didn’t after HitH, but it didn’t bother me at all if they did. The notion not so much of comfort as of being drawn together because of what might happen makes sense, esp once they are in each others’ arms.

    It isn’t about comfort, but I think it would have been slow and gentle and thoughtful — about being together. More about just holding each other than sexual passion. About extending the moment(s) as long as possible because they might be the only ones. I loved the idea of it the minute I thought about it.

    Something no one seems to have mentioned is what happens when she does fall into Booth’s arms. At first she is kind of wracked with sobs, but then she puts her hand on his chest and rests her cheek there and let’s out this huge sigh. I think she was finally realizing what she had lost and might never have again: the warmth and safety of his arms. She hadn’t had that much since the 100th, except in Queen Bee (when she knows she isn’t being entirely fair to Booth), in Boy w/ the Answer and that one hug when they meet on the mall. In the past she had been uncomfortable always falling into his arms (hence the invention of the “guy hug”) when the least little thing went wrong. Then she didn’t have that for a long time.

    I also agree that Booth telling her she would stay at his place was more about wanting her near — and knowing that she was going to need him — than about protecting her. As someone pointed out, leaving her out on the couch didn’t make a lot of sense if protection was the big issue. He wanted her near — and he knew she’d need him.

    Lordy! I love that scene. I’ve watched just those few moments over and over again. It was a wonderful payoff for the nightmare that was early s6. And, Change in the Game also changed the tone. No more awful sadness. The early part of s6 was so-o sad for both of them – and us. And, once things started to turn around, it was still pretty angsty because of where they were. And, then VNM dies. OMG! But, bowling, mullets, Bones chewing gum w/ the hairdo, Max figuring it all out and the kiss and the baby announcement (and Michael Staccato Vincent’s birth) — it’s all good — and happy for a well-deserved change for them and us.

    Can you believe how the mullet and the general scruffiness can turn such an awesome specimen of American manhood look like a scuzzy dolt? And, he talks differently and carries himself differently. Bravo, David. Emily was great too. The hair styling staff deserves some kind of recognition for that ep too.

    Where did all that come from? Usual place. LOL

    • I’m pretty sure ED’s hairstyle came after someone saw me walking down the street on a hot, humid Nashville day. Screw you, ‘guaranteed no frizz’ hair care products!

      I should check the credits and see if I got a line. 🙂

      • I know about this. Boston’s not as bad as Nashville, but with the ocean right there it can get muggy. I’ve been in town for my 35th college reunion and staying in the dorms — NO A/C — so there’s no drying the hair. And, then I get all sweaty and poof — major frizzies and fullness.

        ONce upon a time I paid a ton of money to have someone do that to me deliberately. It was not a good look for me, although it was way-ay easy to take care of. I just gave up for the rest of this week.

  31. I LOVE BONES!!!! really don’t see what everyone is complaining about. Let’s be for real the whole let’s put a girlfriend or boyfriend in between them to complicate things scenario was getting old. For me brennan getting pregnant by Booth was a way for the show to progress without changing who the characters on this show really are. I think that the pregnancy will provide the writers with more things to right about. I love the baby storyline. I think that the baby not only provided booth and brennan with what they wanted it also provided with us with what we wanted. We wanted them to be together and now they are. Without the pregnancy they would have probably ended up dating other people, which is always what happens. Yes things will change, but the changes aren’t going to be as bad as people things it will be. Brennan will be the same strong independent brennan who rationalizes everything and Booth will be the same strong protective lion-hearted Booth who cares. They are going to still bicker and argue. That’s who they are. I loved s6 and enjoy having everything play out the way that it did. I really don’t about when they did the deed or how many times the did it. I’m just happy that they finally did. And I can’t wait to see what a pregnant brennan will be like. I pretty sure that the writers will make Bones pregnancy and the birth of their baby completely different entertaining and unique. I personally can’t wait for season 7 of Bones. Its already taken forever to get here, and I wish I could somehow make time go by faster. I hope you got my point and understood what I was trying to say

  32. Watch the last thirty minutes of the baby in the bough episode to have at least a little idea of what it’ll be like for those two to have a baby together

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