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I Don’t Know What That Means: Rosamund


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Okay, as far as this IDKWTM, I suppose I ‘do’ know exactly what it means. Max is temporarily in a wheelchair after falling out of bed with a 36 year old woman named Rosamund. Pretty straightforward, right?

But what surprises me is that this makes twice this season (the other time was in Bullet in the Brain, I believe) where Max has alluded to being a frisky player in the sack and Brennan barely even blinks. I just find that really fascinating. I don’t know if she’s just not even listening to what he’s saying or if she honestly doesn’t mind. I always imagined that this sort of thing might happen, but then I imagined Brennan would feel at least a little conflict over it. On the one hand, she understands that he’s a man and it’s rational that he would want sex, etc…but on the other hand, she wonders if he feels loyalty to her mother, etc, etc. Right? And then she’d confide in Booth who would be torn, as he’s also a man but he also wants her to believe in the staying power of love. 

This isn’t one of those instances where I’m annoyed when things don’t work out the way I had in mind…it’s more that I’m just curious. I’m curious to know what you think about it. Have we talked about this before? I don’t think we have. I know I’ve talked about it with people before, but I can’t remember if it was here at BT or not.

But what do you think? Is it even a blip on Brennan’s radar that Max would have women in his life? Or has she really (as Russ said all those years ago), made her own family and Max is sort of on the fringe of that, able to do as he pleases without much affect on her? (I guess there is also always the possibility that Max is lying! )

Does it make a difference in hindsight that in BitB, Brennan was single, and in tCitG, she was…well, not as single, both literally (Brennan has a bun in the oven! Ack!) and metaphorically, as she is at the very least excited to be Booth’s pretend girlfriend. That it evolves into fiancée quickly is perhaps another talk for another day. But can’t you just see THAT convo?


“I think I should be your fiancée.”


“Um…okay, Bones…”


“It just makes sense,” she snapped her gum outside the bowling alley. “Rationally.”


“Right,” he mused to himself, holding the door open as she walked in front of him. “Makes perfect sense.”


Okay, I’m getting away from the topic at hand. So let’s discuss Max and the ladies in his life, including Brennan, and her reaction or non-reaction. Thoughts?

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76 thoughts on “I Don’t Know What That Means: Rosamund

  1. My real thoughts? Max’s bedroom antics and Brennan’s non reaction are cheap joke made at the expense of characterization.

  2. I know this isn’t the point of the post, but your ending just struck me as super interesting. Hey, I’m trying to make peace with this pregnancy thing, so I may be in a fantasy world here, but…honestly, your convo in the post really set my mind to thinking. I could see an engagement between these two happening just like that. You’re not going to get a Booth and she-who-must-not-be-named type of traditional proposal for these two, and I’d never thought I’d see one at all for B&B, but after this season 6 ending, anything is possible!

    First…I adore your “fiancee conversation” there. I can imagine that’s exactly what it would have sounded like. And she even had a ring….where’d she get the ring, eh? Is there already a secret “real” engagement?? (Sorry, I just watched Emma for the umpteenth time…Frank Churchill & Jane Fairfax anyone?) Ok, I digress…

    I know Brennan’s previous stance on love and marriage…but she has grown and changed a bit on that I think, and I could see her “logically” thinking through and accepting a proposal. It could be a very similar convo as you chose for Buck and Wanda. That Bones approaches it from an anthropological approach. “Let’s combine our resources of wealth, belongings, and our different skill sets to provide the best environment and situation for our offspring.” And then Booth replies with his Boothy grin like in HitH at the couch. Booth: “That’s very logical.” Brennan: “Thank you.” Engaged!

    And, then, engagement? For realz? (As in, its B&B not Buck and Wanda) Could the evil geniuses take us there? I mean, if Brennan can go from staying as far away from engaged as she could as Roxie to volunteering the fiancee thing as Wanda, that’s a big deal to me. She wouldn’t even pretend to be fake engaged before, and now she’s fine with it. And Booth was not surprised at her announcement, so they probably did have a convo much like you described! Hm….

    • bb,
      I could soooo see it happening like that.

    • It would not surprise me if S7 started that way, with a scene that involved bickering over how much of Booth’s stuff he could move into her apartment and one of them saying something like “after the wedding we’ll buy a house….” and that’s all the discussion we get.

      I can hear the howling from BonesFanWorld now!

      And see Hart Hanson sitting in the corner, rubbing his grubby little paws together with glee.

  3. Barbara’s probably right. Also, Brennan never seems to really care about the details of what Max does if it doesn’t pertain her and if it’s not illegal.

    • Her reaction could have been “What the…?! Whatever. On to really important things, like solving a murder…”

      Which I also think was similar to Brennan’s reaction in tDitP, when Booth and H***** were trying to explain the slow cap.

      • you know, I really loved that scene. I know we are supposed to think Brennan sincerely liked Hannah, but I never bought it. And in that moment, Brennan is so “my god, how do you even have a career in serious journalism, you vacuous little twit.” Or perhaps I am projecting.

      • Yeah, that’s why I like that scene, too! Although I do think Brennan sincerely liked Hannah as her own person. You’d have to be a really bad/mean person for Brennan to actually dislike you.

  4. Okay, I’ve read the same sentiment in many places – that it’s a big deal that Brennan agreed to be an undercover fiancee.

    I don’t get it — Guys, Buck and Wanda were MARRIED in their last outing. Fiancee is a step backward, not forward.

    • I think some are just wondering where she came up with the ring.

    • I agree. “Where’s the Buck Moosejaw I married?”
      They only used the first names in tCitG, maybe because they were clearly American and Moosejaw isn’t. So they didn’t have to be married. I’m not sure how much I want to read into this. Also, I noticed that the role-playing was different in the two episodes. In DTitP, they weren’t really like their characters. In tCitG, they had their Buck and Wanda personas, but they weren’t radically different from the real Booth and Brennan.

      • it’s not that I don’t think it’s cute that Brennan upgraded herself from girlfriend to fiancee (and I’d see her reasoning as “Booth, I’m 35, it’s ridiculous to call me a girl.”) I just don’t think it’s a huge, revealing detail, since she was previously willing to go undercover as a wife.

        And, in Woman in the Sand, her issue with being a newlywed was that she “didn’t need a piece of paper to prove her committment” not that she was reluctant to committ.

    • Barbara, I understand what you are saying, but to me its still different. Marriage actually seemed important to their role in the circus, as opposed to Roxie and Wanda #2. To be accepted by the circus community. Neither Roxie nor Wanda #2 needed that same level of family that a traveling circus seemed to require. I’m trying to remember all the particulars of this case, I think Sweets had a lot of input on the circus community and their interactions. Did he suggest they be married?

      And it was a place in their relationship, farther on than Roxie, where Brennan had grown to the point where she was comfortable doing more with Booth, but not past the 100th ep and DinP, when they actually declared feelings to each other. Plus, it was before HitH where we actually saw them in bed together. So when she flashes the ring, its like–wait–what happened that night!?!?!

      When she declared she was his fiancee, proudly, flashing a ring. It felt different. I freaked out.

      • They went undercover as a married couple in The Death of the Queen Bee as well. And I remember specifically noticing that at least Brennan, and maybe even Booth, was wearing a ring when I did the research for my marriage posts (and believe me, the research for that project was extensive – although I still managed to miss the fact that they were married in Double Trouble in the Panhandle. Go figure.).

        Anyway, I would love to see B&B married. That’s the one dream I have for them that would probably break my heart if it doesn’t come true (well, as much as two television characters could break my heart), even though I know there’s a good chance it may never happen.

        As far as B&B being secretly engaged – I’m not sure I’d go that far, but hey, if Evil Genius and Co., Inc. are going to play coy with the details, I’m thinking that kind of speculation is fair game.

      • Stephanie, how could I forget! Booth was Bobby Kent, newspaper reporter, right? He definitely wears a ring. And they were working on a houseful of children, having sex whenever they possibly could, as I recall.

        My dislike of Brennan absolutely peaked in that episode. Turning Booth down was understandable, her behavior in Queen Bee was just…NOT.

        I know the conventional wisdom is that all this stuff is planned out well ahead of time but I swear I read an interview with HH talking about the big and little decisions they make all the time. That all through season 5 leading up to the 100th they weren’t sure if they were going to have Brennan say yes or no. I think this episode, had Brennan said yes, would have been played for laughs just like Change in the Game.

        Another thing I swear I remember from that interview – DB and ED wanted Booth and Brennan to have slept together in the flashback, but it got kiboshed. Those two are always wanting to push their characters closer. In the commentary for Two Bodies in the Lab they said they would often “go farther” in their scenes and then it would be cut back. ED wanted to sit on Booth’s hospital bed at the end of that episode, for example.

      • Yes, Barbara, I believe you’re correct about Booth’s undercover persona. I’m not sure why the writers chose to have B&B go undercover as a married couple immediately following the 100th episode, unless it was to show, by way of Brennan’s willingness to play Booth’s wife, that she had sub-consciously wanted to say yes in the 100th. I dunno.

        I thought I remember reading that HH knew fairly early in S5 that Brennan would say no in the 100th, but I could be completely wrong. I DO remember what ED and DB said in the The Two Bodies in the Lab commentary about pushing the intimacy though. I believe they also mentioned DB playing up Booth’s reaction to Brennan’s date in the interrogation room.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Max show up with a girlfriend on his arm and for Booth and the others to be more upset than she is. I think there are certain social conventions that she might know but dismiss because they don’t really make much sense to her. I think a May-December romance for Max would not phase her.

    Is it a cheap joke for characterization purposes? Dunno, but I would not put it past TPTB. I do think it might come up again since they seem to be emphasizing it every time Max shows up. He could be doing other things, but they chose to make him a player.

  6. I don’t think Brennan cares too much about what Max does in his personal life. She may love him because he is her father; but, I don’t think she trusts him and neither does Booth. After all, when Booth was talking to Sweets in Change In The Game, Booth told Sweets “I hope this isn’t another case where Max killed someone”. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for trust.

    I think, if Brennan thinks about what Max is up to, and I honestly don’t think she does, she probably doesn’t believe most of the things that Max says, so if he says he had an accident in bed, she probably thinks he is either lying or manipulating the truth. He did it her whole life, so why change now?

    Of course, I could be wrong and she just thinks that it is normal for him to see other women and it has nothing to do with her mother.

    • Brennan absolutely trusts him. The whole point of Killer in the Crosshairs was her acceptance of his alibi, even without proof. Taking the shell, initiating the memory – that entire scene was about Brennan coming full circle in their relationship. To say that Brennan doesn’t care what Max does or assumes he’s lying all the time pretty much negates the entire Max/Brennan story arc that’s been playing out for four seasons, IMO.

      Booth has always liked Max; even when he murdered Booth’s boss, Booth said he’d be a hero in another era. Why would Booth spend years pushing the Max/Brennan relationship if he was that suspicious? In the diner, Booth and Max were exchanging salacious gossip about Fowler. They poke at each other, they always will, but Max wants Booth for his daughter and Booth considers Max a stand up crook – which he’d take over a crooked cop any day.

      The comments to Sweets about Max killing someone were jokes too – the show does dark humor as well as cheap humor. Sweets’ “I thought he promised not to do that anymore” is a punchline that practically writes itself! Unlike the falling out of bed joke, it relies on our knowledge of Max and of Sweets and Booth’s dry senses of humor. Which made it a good joke, IMO again, not a cheap one.

      • I agree Barbara. I think she trusts Max, I also think she loves Max, in her own Brennan way. I think there have been a lot of of off camera scenes of her and Max. Everyone knows they exist. We all have spoken about the Booth/Bones relationship continuing off screen, why wouldn’t Brennan/Max?

        If we could view her relationship with Booth in a ‘Brennan’ way, why not Max? I know he comes to dinner, and she keeps in touch with him through phone calls, although I can’t remember the episodes. Maybe I’ll go Max hunting later, but for now I’m staying with the loves/trusts Max group.
        I also agree that Booth/ Sweets dark humor idea. I totally saw that as a joke.

      • I think she trusts Max in the most important way to her right now – which is that he is there to rebuild and strengthen their relationship, and that he wouldn’t do anything illegal to compromise that. Which is not the same as getting into the details of what goes on in his personal life. She doesn’t need to know, she doesn’t care to know.

      • Brennan loves Max and would love to trust Max; but, I don’t think she really does. In Bullet in the Brain, Max had said he was in Hawaii, Maui, Thailand and New Hampshire. Max then decided that he had better clear up the situation with Brennan so he brought Brennan proof that he was in New Hampshire. Brennan mentioned that he could have got that proof under less than honest means (I can’t remember the dialogue). The fact that Brennan decides to believe him in this instance, doesn’t mean she trusts him. When Brennan mentioned the receipts to Booth, his reaction, “Just tell Max that drunk in New Hampshire is not an official alibi.” I don’t see the trust. Also, it may have supposed to be a joke about Max being the killer; but, they seemed dead serious to me.

      • Lenora, I see your point. So now I’m not really sure. Although she did try to persuade Booth to take him off the suspect list. She wants to trust him, so maybe she does only up to a certain level. She doesn’t take what he says at face value, so in a way he’s still kinda proving himself to her. I think what she has done has come to a certain kind of acceptance of the way things are.

      • I think Brennan trusts Max and is learning to love him unrestricted again, but I think she also *knows* Max and let’s face it, Max’s sense of morality is flexible.

        Max has killed to protect Russ and Brennan. To suspect him of the Gravedigger shot was appropriate, on first glance. Even if he couldn’t make the shot, Max isn’t above hiring someone to do his killing for him.

      • MJ you are right, Max is very flexible when it comes to the law. Brennan and Booth both know that it was Max who hired the lifer in prison to kill McVicker. Max may not have been able to take the shot that took the Gravedigger out; but, it was reasonable to assume that he could have hired someone to do it. I think Brennan and Booth trust Max in certain areas; but, not in others. They know Max wants to be in Brennans life and is trying to do everything he can to gain her trust; but, they both know that Max will do what he wants to do and how he wants to do it. I like Max. I really do. I just think that when it comes to Max you have to see if there is a hidden agenda going on with some of the things he does. Booth admires Max because he is a standup crook; but, Booth knows he is a crook (or reformed crook) and has to be wary of Max.

  7. I wonder if it is because she is so far removed from their relationship. In SitS, she said she had a difficult time remembering the happy family memories. She has come to terms with her mother’s death, and she has a different relationship with her father now. When my oldest daughter (and I mean psychologically not physically), our relationship turned into a friendship rather than a mother daughter relationship.

    Besides accepting his relationship with women seems like a Brennan thing to do, after all until Booth, she always thought love was ephemeral.

  8. Why should Brennan invest in her father’s life- amorous or otherwise- if he does not invest in hers?
    Sure, he tries to kill people that try to hurt her, but she would rather have a sweater… Until Max becomes a father- the way Booth is, she will not give a toss about what he does in the sack. (so long as it does not involve criminal activities…)


  9. See I had a different take on that than most seem to have. Maybe it’s just me projecting. I saw her non-reaction as a kind of reaction. A mental form of sticking her fingers in her ears and sing La La La La so that she doesn’t have to hear about her parent’s sex life. To me it seemed that she glossed over it very quickly to move the conversation on to something else. In Bullet in the Brain it was like he hadn’t said anything at all. In Change in the Game after Max said Rosamond was injured in the…and Brennan says (what was it?) physical incident? To me her expression there was just on the border of a EWW (as I said I could be projecting expectations). Then after another comment or two between Max and Booth where we don’t see Brennan’s expression she moved the conversation along back to the case.

    I’m at work and can’t access those scenes right now, so maybe I’m remembering things wrong, but I know my thoughts were that she did have an internal reaction to it that she was not going to acknowledge.

    • This is how I pictured it as well. Plus, Brennan has always been about work and not socialization when she’s working, so it’s easy for her to justify switching the conversation back to work.

    • That was my thought about Brennan’s reaction, too. I recognized that very determined “I’m just going to let that go . . . ” change of subject.

      I do it all the time, with my children. As far as I’m concerned, my grandchildren were found in a cabbage patch and that’s all I want to know about that, thankyouverymuch.

      FWIW, they do the same thing with me. If I were to have an embarrassing incident, we would forever more refer to it as ‘ice skating accident’ or some such.

  10. Ryan O’Neal did not want that line in the show, btw. He said so in the TV Guide story about the episode. He thought it was in bad taste and not his character. I agree, which is why I figured it was just a cheap joke at Max’s expense. The wheelchair was a necessity due to Ryan’s recent knee surgery.

    I must say, I am stunned at the negative comments about the Brennan/Max relationship. I do not see either of them as uninvested or unloving at all! I may need to submit an essay to Sarah on this topic!

    • I read that Ryan O’Neal’s comment too, Barbara, and I agree that it’s not in character for him. I also agree with what you’ve said about Brennan and Max’s relationship.

      • I can’t find the article, but I thought Max was originally supposed to be with a prostitute, as opposed to just a younger woman, and Ryan O’Neal objected to that part of the story line.

  11. I think Frankie’s explanation has definite possibilities, but I also think it’s possible that Brennan considered her father’s actions completely normal and therefore didn’t think twice about it. I do also think the Rosamund comment was meant to be funny, and in that respect, I thought it fell kind of flat.

    Personally, I kind of have this vision of Max as someone who will never do more than engage in a lighthearted dalliance because he found the love of his life (Brennan’s mother), he lost her, and he has no desire to try and replace her. Maybe that’s a romanticized vision of him, but it works for me.

    • I would have to rewatch several episodes but I do know that up until Max’s arrest in season 2, he still wore his wedding ring and he said he missed Christine every day. When Brennan finds the silver dolphin at her grave, Booth says it’s evidence that he loves his wife and still mourns her. And that’s where she and Max encounter each other in Killer in the Concrete, so he visited it more than once.

      But it was a much different show in season 2. Sigh.

    • The whole thing about true love and dalliances for men is probably less than romantic when viewed from a male perspective. Booth had “true love” with Brennan, and yet he had a dalliance in Afghanistan much to the consternation of many women (because a dalliance was all it was at the time.) I bet many men probably wouldn’t find that odd at all.

      • IMO, it’s not dalliance when your true love says no, never, move on, oh by the way I’m leaving the country for a year. Lol.

        I think one thing this show has consistently done is portray the male characters as far more sentimental and romantic than the women.

        Booth, Hodgins and Sweets are all very sentimental. Brennan and Cam, obviously aren’t. Angela was the one hesitant about committing to Hodgins. Even Daisy, with her nicknames and text speak was the one who chose to separate from Sweets. Something in the air at the Jeffersonian must make the women who work there irresistable.

      • Ok, not “technically”. But Hannah wasn’t the only one looking for a good time, so dalliance in terms of having fun and not thinking long-term about it (at the time). He was certainly surprised when she showed up in DC, and without seeing evidence to the contrary, I think that’s when an actual, more official relationship started.

      • oh no, I totally agree with you on that (the dalliance that became a real relationship). At least on Booth’s part. I also think he was retconning the fig tree incident, because he doesn’t like to think of himself as the kind of guy who has sex with women he barely knows under fig trees. Instead of a sordid tale of a one-afternoon stand, it’s the spicy story of how he met his significant other.

        But I meant my comments in the sense that part of the audience saw Booth as having “cheated” on Brennan in some way by getting involved with Hannah. I don’t fault him for the relationship at all.

      • No, he didn’t cheat by hooking up with Hannah. I never thought that he had to apologize for that. Brennan did tell him “No” in no uncertain terms. He said he had to move on, she said she understood, and she never tried to get in his way. They both got hurt in the process (something she didn’t foresee), but that doesn’t mean it was anybody’s fault. They never intended to hurt each other. Actually, I felt like Brennan moreso blamed herself for her predicament. But she certainly grabbed onto a second chance once she got the opportunity.

  12. I don’t think it bothers Brennen because it’s a lady-friend/companionship rather than love of another woman. I don’t think Max could love anyone like he loved Brennan’s mom, and, if he did, Brennan would be bothered by that.

  13. I love Max, I really do; everyone loves a charming rogue, and the fact that he has wanted Booth for his daughter for ages makes me love him more. And as much as I believe that Brennan has allowed herself to love him again and to trust him (somewhat) it’s not the same level of trust she has with Booth. Her dad has done many questionable things by his own admission, including commiting errors in judgment that got her mother killed. He also left her in the care of an obviously not-prepared Russ. He left because it was the only way he thought he could keep his kids safe, but the fact remains that Brennan ended up in a very bad situation regardless and that he didn’t come back into her life for a long time. He came back to protect her, it’s true, but from her perspective seeing him only to be left handcuffed to that bench was another abandonment. Booth knows this all too well which is why he confronts him later with “you think she doesn’t feel it when you pop in and out of her life?” She loves him, yes, but trust is being established slowly. He’s also gone for long periods of time doing God knows what-the fact that he could be falling out of bed repeatedly has got to be the least of her worries when it comes to Max. It’s more an issue of possibly criminal acts taking place that are a concern to her, because that could mean he’s out of the picture for good, as in jail or dead. Which is why I don’t think she gives much of a hoot about his bedroom antics given what else he could be doing. Max is like a grown up kid, impulsive and unpredictable, which is way more worrisome. Also, Brennan’s mom has been dead a very long time; I don’t think she would expect him to remain celibate this long. In a way, it’s a tribute to her mom that he hasn’t been able to hook up with anyone long term since his wife died.

    As to Booth, he obviously likes Max enough to want him to reconnect with Brennan because he knows the importance of family, but it took him a long time to undo Brennan’s abandonment damage and Max’s presence hass to make him a bit wary. I think he’s always afraid that Max will do something to inadvertently hurt his daughter, like he tried to do by taking out the Gravedigger. By the way, your engagement conversation was smile-inducing and totally in character-definitely material for a post of its own. I saw a different dynamic for them at the beginning of the episode and knew something was up, as did our charming Max who has the radar abilities of a bat when it comes to B/B.

  14. I think Brennan (with Booth’s considerable help) has determined to have a relationship with her father no matter what he does. She accepts him, warts and all. That doesn’t mean she agrees or isn’t bothered by his behavior, with Rosamund or anything else he does. She wants to cherish some good memories and perhaps be a good influence on him. It wouldn’t do any good to chastise him so she just compartmentalizes and moves the conversation on to the case. The fact that Max emphasizes that Rosamund was 36 is a sign to me that Max doesn’t feel the need to impress his daughter or care too much about her feelings — he is sleeping with someone his daughter’s age… EEW!
    I loved the whole fiancee’ thing. Clearly Brennan stepped up the Buck and Wanda relationship a bit and it wasn’t necessary for their undercover story like it was in Double Trouble. I loved that her attitude was so different from her aversion to marriage when playing Roxie. Definitely a step in the right direction.

  15. The Max we see on this show and the Max Brennan grew up with are essentially two different people. Max had plastic surgery to change his identity. Brennan didn’t even recognize him when they first met. There is a disconnect in their relationship that doesn’t allow her to totally connect the two Max characters. They are two separate people in Brennan’s eyes. Max the father and Max post abandonment aren’t the same two people. She allows the new Max a lot more leeway than she would have allowed the father who raised her. My take on the Max and Brennan relationship is that she acknowledges that Max is her father, but he isn’t the man who raised her. There is the Max that loved her mother and was a science teacher and good father, but he is also the bank robber, killer and child abandoner. Brennan sees all this and has compartmentalized them into two characters.

    Brennan has never been a prude where sex is concerned. She doesn’t or wouldn’t feel threatened by Max’s sex life, in contexts to her mother or her memory. The Max she knows now isn’t living a lie. This is the real Max. The father who raised her wasn’t the real Max and as an adult I think Brennan realizes this.

  16. Have any of you seen this?

    Press Booth’s chest and he squeaks!

    Haha I’d like to be able to test this out in person!

  17. I think she just moved the dolphin ring from one finger to another! Besides, she was feisty, she loves being undercover and adopting personalities… which is kind of cute.
    Regarding Max’s sex life, Brennan sees sex as it is, she has learned (s3, s4, s5) what’s the difference between sex and love. If Max shows love sentiments towards Rosamund, I know Br. at least will pay attention to him, but it’s sex and there’s nothing further there that can be interesting or relevant for her.

  18. I would like to see more of the Max/Brennan relationship in light of the pregnancy. With Brennan suppressing her childhood memories of her mother (foster care must have been pure hell) I would really like to see how he can enrich her memories, or if she’ll even let him. She did, in the past, shy away from mentions of her mother. Couple that with Max’s “dalliances” and that might be the spark that really gets her to react to Max as a “ladies’ man” or whatever the heck he’s being portrayed as these days. He comes by, starts to fill in some of the gaps she’s dug for herself and then, WHAM, oh, by the by, here’s Rosamund, my special lady friend. Part of the pregnancy storyline seems ripe for that kind of conflict.

  19. Personally, this post got me thinking more about B&B and their “separate views” on marriage…since I think it’s safe to say that issue will come into play next season (with the Bone-baby and all). Brennan was always against the idea of marriage….and yet accepts that others choose to do it. Fine. Good.
    But it’s rather funny to me how when she goes undercover, she chooses to be the wife/newlywed/fiancé to Booth. I’m sure her reasoning would be somewhere along the lines of:
    “It’s undercover work. It isn’t real. It’s not what I really am and choose to do” yadda yadda.

    (she SURE DOES enjoy it…..almost too much, eh? 😉 )

    Anyway, upon reading this and considering how she’s grown so much within the last year….I’m thinkin’ perhaps in the future all those types (those monogamous, marrying types) she’s portrayed might not seem so phony. I think “Change in the Game” really showed that. Even though technically yeah, fiancé is a “step-backward” from wife…..this time, she actually kicked it up a notch and they seemed more like an engaged couple.
    (We went from pushing a trailer back and forth to actual (public) gestures of intimacy (aka that sweeeeeeet kiss from Booth)— There’s more in that than just saying “Yes, I am your wife.”
    Actions speak louder than words, no matter how small. (Everyone say, “Awwwww”.)

    Max? I adore him. The guy’s been through a lot. His love/sex life can be whatever he wants. He’s still in love with Christine, no doubt. As we have learned on this show, Love & sex are all too often very separate things.
    I honestly can’t wait to see how Max reacts to having a grandchild. He’ll be ecstatic. (another tyke to do household experiments with! Yay!)

    • @Minnaloosh,

      Well we have seen him do that already with Parker, and B&B watched them doing an experiment together, so Brennan and Booth already know how good Max can be with children. As long as he promises not to kill any more people (haha Sweets….that was hilarious!)

      And yes our Brennan does love the undercover stuff, I’m thinking here of Wanda #1 where was so gleeful about getting knives thrown at her :).

      Reminds me of a scene in Never Been Kissed where Michael Vartan is telling his class about disguise in “As You Like It”:

      “And it´s when she´s in costume that she can finally express her love for Orlando. See, the point Shakespeare is trying to make is that when we´rein disguise, we feel freer. We do things we wouldn´t do in ordinary life…See, disguise changes all the rules.”

      • Good ol’ Willy.

        Old plays.
        Old ideas.

        New “actors” playing the parts. All the time.

      • When B&B are undercover, they can be a lot more openly affectionate with each other (under the pretense that they are a couple). However when we have scenes like in the waiting room, when B&B aren’t even sitting next to each other (granted I have no idea how long they were waiting for Angela to give birth but those are the moments when we feel close to our loved ones and I would think Brennan would want to be next to Booth, especially with what she must be feeling) I have to wonder if they are together or if it was just that one special night and nothing has been discussed since. I think that’s why part of me is still gripping with the pregnancy idea.

      • But there was a moment, when Hodgins brought out little Stacc and everyone moved toward the baby like magnets connecting, there was a moment when B&B shared a look and a smile and it was lovely.

        I know, I know. That’s one of those little details that we’re all so tired of getting in place of the Big Moments but it was still there. And it says something that the first thing Brennan and Booth did was look at each other.

      • More than just B&B sitting apart, everybody was actually spread out in the waiting room. I’m not sure why. She was closer to Booth than the others, though, before Wendell came. Actually, I just rewatched that scene and they were all just in their own worlds at the time.

        Maybe they just don’t want to act too differently in public or around their friends yet, or they are still figuring out how they will let the physical aspect permeate into their lives.

  20. I had read thta article where Ryan O’neal had said he thought the way they wanted to explain his condition was “a little tasteless” and I had agreed. I even thought that article said they changed it for his benefit; so I was surprised to see it played out in the episode. But maybe I’d misinterpreted? But I remember myself admiring Mr O’Neal for having the guts to say what he really thought. It *was* tasteless, for me, and I agree with Barbara when she says it felt like a cheap joke in the expense of the characters.
    If we accept that and go on to Brennan’s reaction, even though I haven’t read all the comments above me I think I agree with Frankie’s comment the most, because that seems like such an in-character thing for Brennan; the “sticking her fingers in her ears and sing La La La La so that she doesn’t have to hear about [it]” part, to quote.
    As for the whole “engagement” thing, I too made the connection to Woman in the Sand, regardless of the fact we saw them pretending to be married in Double Trouble or Queen Bee. I believe it might be due to the fact that Brennan’s portrayal of “Wanda” in Change felt a lot more like “Roxie” than like Circus “Wanda” or Bobby’s wife in Queen Bee. Maybe it’s the whole chewing gum thing, maybe it’s the make-up, I don’t know; but to me Wanda #2 felt more like a less-loaded-and-less-upperclass version of Roxie: a pliable “chick”, a “doll” (as “Buck #2” calls her), meant to ‘decorate’ her boyfriend/fiance’s side. Back in Sand, I had viewed Brennan’s constant denial to accept the engagement thing as her way to revolt against that very notion of her persona; in Change, that element was missing. Wanda #1 might have appeared frivolous, as her circus persona demanded, but she was obviously an equal to her “husband”. And in Queen Bee she was pretty much Brennan herself, since she was among her former classmates; just married. So I believe this might be the reason why many fans (myself included) compared her behavior in those two episodes, seeimingly bypassing Double Trouble and Queen Bee. And of course, seeing Brennan flashing and waving “her” engagement ring in front of man’s eyes is always a sight! 🙂

  21. Maybe Max wasn’t really getting his groove on with a 36 year old “lady friend.” Maybe that was a cover story. And it’s a really smart cover story. No one wants to think about their parents or their friends’ parents going at it. So all he has to do is say he did it in a bedroom mishap, and the subject is dropped. Both Booth and Brennan are virtually sticking their fingers in their ears singing “la la la la can’t hear you” and crying TMI.

    Maybe what really happened is he was teaching some nefarious gang of criminals how to break in to something, you know, a To Catch A Thief style heist, and he hurt his knee demonstrating something with ropes and pulleys and slinking over laser beams. Sure, like John Robie, he’s retired, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have the talent and know-how to pull off a job. I’ll bet bad guys would pay him big bucks to teach them the tricks of the trade.

    I mean, why else would he have been traveling all over the world with no one, not even Brennan, really knowing where he is, as was alluded to in Bullet in the Brain? Honestly, I was a little surprised that he’s stayed in the DC area long enough to even consider joining a bowling league. Didn’t he jet out of town at the end of Bullet?

    I think Booth is smart to be suspicious of Max. I would be if I were in Booth’s shoes. 😉

    • Good call on the cover story angle. I hadn’t even thought of that. It sounds really plausible.

    • That would be a cool spin-off, Jade.

      • LOL it would be, wouldn’t it? Or at least a follow up story later on. And Max, being Max, would likely try to get out of it on a technicality.

        “Max, I thought you said you weren’t involved in this kind of stuff anymore.”

        “I don’t ask questions, Booth, I just… you know… offer up my experiences as a consulting service. I don’t actually commit any crimes and I don’t know what the targets are. I don’t ask questions. I get paid. They get whatever they’re after. It works for all parties. I mean, do you have any idea how difficult it is for an ex-con to find a job that doesn’t involve paper hats and ketchup?”

        “Alright, you know what? I’ve heard enough. Max, you’re under arrest. Turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

        “Tempe’s not going to like this, Booth.”

        “She’s going to like it even less when you get yourself killed for tangling with the wrong den of thieves. Now, you have the right to remain silent, I suggest you use it. Let’s go.”

      • Ha ha! Love the dialogue Jade!

    • Didn’t occur to me-but it sure sounds good!

  22. As far as the Rosemund thing, I just took it to be a bit of a throwaway line basically. They needed to work in Max’s (Ryan O’Neal’s real) injury without taking up too much precious finale time. With a couple comments tossed in for comedy’s sake, we moved right along. I think they wanted a bit of humor out of it instead of saying, I tripped on the sidewalk. But I really didn’t get the feeling that it was even meant to be more than that, or any kind of actual storyline. But that’s just MHO!

  23. Okay so I know that this post is totally irrelevant what we are actually talking about but I NEED to get my feelings out because I have been going CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alright so I know it has been a full week since the season finale, but it has taken me this long to finally let myself look at my blogs. With that, I would like to just get my feelings off my chest and tell everyone that I am severely disappointed in how the season ended. I feel a bit reassured that others feel a bit disappointed as well but…

    Okay so Bones is the only show I watch on TV. Has been and always will be. When Hannah was on the show, sure I was really disappointed but I kept watching. And even though I am disappointed now, I will keep watching faithfully.

    However, I cannot ignore my feelings. I was really disappointed in how abrupt everything happened. Sure, that happens in real life all the time. My family has had plenty of surprise pregnancies, trust me. But that is not how I would have liked HH to have written the show. Sure this happens all the time, but it also does not. HH could have decided to take another route. I would have liked another route. Now I feel like if B and B get together it is primarily because of the baby. I wanted to see real dating. Not just work relations. I wanted to be there every step of the way because we have been thus far. There is always “only theirs” between B and B but us as viewers have been included as well–mostly.

    I am a college student and cannot really relate to having kids. I do not/have never even have a boyfriend. Now it seems like the show is going to center on having babies and doing this and that. I just wanted to see more courtship. Not a rush into whatever is going to happen. I just feel really disappointed.

    As bad as this is going to sound, as soon as Brennan was talking to Angela about the birthing process I KNEW Brennan was pregnant. I could tell from her face. And I was praying that that would not be the way the show was going…but no, it was headed that way. Full force. And, like I said, as bad as it sounds, I want the pregnancy to be a mistake. Or a miscarriage. Or something. I am not ready for a B and B baby. I am not ready yet.

    I was telling my dad all of this the other day and he had a couple of questions for me. First he scolded me for wanting someone to have a miscarriage but I cannot help it. I just am not ready. He then asked me what others thought of this. And I can see that most people are happy. And my dad said that the writers cannot make everyone wait just because I am not ready. Which is true. But I just felt that if others are invested in the show as much as I am, they might share the disappointment I feel. Reading the responses, I guess not, and that makes me even more disappointed. Sure, a pregnancy will raise more questions and is better strategically but I am severely disappointed that it actually had to happen this way. He also asked why she would say “And you are the father.” And I did not have the answer. Why would she say that? Who else would she be sleeping with?

    So…I will continue to mope this summer about my beloved show. No matter what I will still watch because it is my only show and no matter what I love it. But I can love it and be disappointed in it at the same time. And that seems to be the path I am on right now. I’m so sad that I cannot even watch other episodes because I feel so heartbroken.

    • I’m sorry you feel so disappointed now. If you read through the other posts since the finale and peoples’ comments, you will see that you are not alone in your disappointment. Today’s comments seem a little bit tamer because there has been ranting since last week. I won’t try to convince you to like something you clearly don’t. I just hope next season will exceed your expectations and that you can find enjoyment in your favorite show again.

      • Expectations, expectations, expectations. Those little buggers always seem to intercede and get in the way.

        I certainly hope that you katie are able to find enjoyment from Bones again next season. I am sorry you ended up disappointed. I hope you have a nice summer.

    • When Booth had the stunned look on his face, he was still digesting what Brennan had said. I think she just said you are the father because she didn’t know what else to say. Brennan always adds info whether or not it is needed.

      You have a right to your feelings. Some of us are a lot older than you so have more life experiences. Those life experiences can cloud how we see things. Those of us that are happy are happy because love is love in all of its forms. To many of us, Booth and Brennan have been a couple for years. They were not intimate; but, that didn’t keep them from being very close, from being in love with each other. We have seen them hang out together, worry about each, rely on each other, save each others life, meddle in each others lives. They “broke” up, saw others and are now back together again. Those that are unhappy wanted to see the intimacy first. They want proof that Booth and Brennan are really in love with each other. They think a baby is not proof of love; but, in this case, a baby probably is proof of their love. They are a mature couple and know the ramifications of unprotected sex. They obviously did it anyway. To me, this means that they were ready to form a family with each other and if a baby appeared then that baby would join them in their family.

      I hope you will consider that Booth and Brennan love each other and the story that is being told is one love and hope. We don’t know how HH is going to handle next year; but, he has said it won’t be handled the same way as the Angela/Hodgins prenancy was. It won’t be baby all of the time.

    • On the why would she say “And you’re the father” question. My thoughts were simply that she is Brennan, she doesn’t believe in jumping to conclusions. She believes in gathering (and presenting) all the facts. So she told him she was pregnant, and she told him he’s the father to make sure he had all of the facts. I think it’s just the way she handled the uncertaintly she was feeling then, by being very factual.

  24. I really don’t think Brennan is the type to care. Her mother has been gone for over 20 years, and she knows Max is entitled to move on and do whatever he pleases with his sex life. I really don’t see why people think it’s a big deal that she doesn’t care what he does. I’m sure she understands that he loved her mother, but she also understands that she’s gone now and he has every right to move on.

  25. YOU GUYS ITS THURSDAY BUT NO BONESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! How’s MSV?? How’s baby B&B?? Is Booth out buying Philadelphia Flyer onesies? Is Brennan singing Dancing Phalanges to her tummy?? What does Sweets think about this? Do B&B dress up as Buck and Wanda sometimes for their own “physical incidences”?? Do they still have Lime in de Coconut in their heads??

    These, and other questions, dear BT….

  26. Just came across this scene randomly on youtube (had to get my Bones fix!):

    BOOTH: (taps Brennan on the shoulder) I know your password too. It’s daffodil.
    BRENNAN: I never told you that!
    BOOTH: What? I got eyes. I mean you guys aren’t exactly CIA material.
    HODGINS: Daffodil?
    BRENNAN: What? They’re pretty.
    BRENNAN: I’ll have Zack check all these as possible murder weapons. (to Booth) And I’m changing my password. (moves to the computer, using her hand to shield the screen.)
    BOOTH: Daisy?
    BRENNAN: How did you know?
    BOOTH: It’s your second favorite flower. (Hodgins smiles) I know you Bones. Try a planet. (walks away, Brennan nods and begins to type. Booth walks a few steps and then snaps and turns around) Jupiter!

    Hahahaha….Classic B&B moments, you gotta love ’em!

    • Yeah and that’s a great moment. I love that he knows this about her. It’s also funny. Ah B&B. 😀

      • And this was early in the series too…I did also love the fact he knew all the little things about her…

        I think I’ve just found my summer assignment. I need to start at the pilot and work my way through all my DVDs to remind myself of the little moments and reasons why I love the show. I’m still reeling from the finale, but I think this will help the time go by faster and help me fall in love with B&B all over again! 🙂

      • You can also watch the hundreds of Bones videos on YouTube that are full of B&B moments. Or maybe you can make one of your own!

    • I just love this scene. I think it is wonderful that they both keep lists in the their head about the things they know about each other.

      • C-bones,
        Do you have to buy a program to make your own? I’ve always wanted to do do that.

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