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Morning After Q: Undercover Revelations?


Okay, so technically, it’s not exactly the ‘morning after’, but I think we’ll still continue these Q & discussion style posts for Fridays; they are some of my fave BT conversations ever!

So blink open those tired eyes– the ones you can’t blame on staying up too late after a new Bones ep any longer– and let’s discuss…

Based on the past, are Brennan and Booth more likely to use undercover personas to allow themselves to reveal more of their feelings to one another?

Off the top of my head, I can remember a few times:

Tony & Roxie in Vegas

Buck and Wanda in the Panhandle

Temperance and Bobby at the high school reunion

Buck and Wanda at the bowling alley


Peace, Love & Bones



63 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Undercover Revelations?

  1. Brennan is without a doubt more uninhibited when she’s undercover. Booth not so much. I have much more to say on the subject and will be back in 30-40 minutes to say it.

  2. Although their undercover personas allow them more freedom to say the things they normally can’t, I think, that in the past, they have hidden how they feel for each other (except Buck and Wanda in the bowling alley). They have been more outspoken and yet at the same time, they were still reticent to talk to each other about what they really mean to each other. To me, Booth and Brennan undercover are less conservative, less controlled and yet they never quite lose that control enough to be totally free to say and do what they want. As an alter ego, Booth still seems to guard himself when he is with Brennan. In The Death of the Queen Bee, Booth was obviously protecting himself (while dancing at her reunion) when he told Brennan, “Heya Bones! Whoa! Ok! Let’s uh, make some room for the Holy Spirit here, alright? …”

    I think we truly got to see Booth and Brennan being more free in The Change In The Game. I just thought it was funny when Booth said Brennan could be his girlfriend when they went undercover. Her reaction, to me, was “uh, I thought I was your girlfriend, oh, yeah, no one knows that yet” so she went along with the conversation in front of Max. As Wanda, I thought it was so cute that she called herself a fiance (thats French you know) and the smootch from Booth, that was so relaxed and sweet.

  3. First reaction: What’s interesting here is whether this will change now that they are a couple of some kind.

  4. I think they are just as likely as ever to go undercover. Hey, our B&B is like an onion. They have lots of layers. 🙂 There is always more to learn about your significant other, and in the case of these two lovebirds, they both have quite the history. Especially because we (and probably Brennan) do not know the whole story. There is still much to learn about them, and for them to learn about each other.

    On the less serious side of things. They. Love. It. Brennan gets to show a different side of herself and let loose in ways she would never allow herself in the lab. Even though she has grown from early in the series, she’s still not really a let loose kind of gal. But as Wanda and Roxie, she can explore new aspects of human interaction and just have fun.
    Now, Booth has loved undercover ops because its been a way to stick close to Brennan, have a pretend committed relationship with her, and to watch her have fun. I think he has liked getting to be the one who gets to see her unfettered and unrestricted by her own personal boundaries. I think those reasons still stand up in the light of this new relationship. Booth can still help her explore different environments, situations, characters and he gets to be with her without all their bruised childhoods and baggage getting in the way.

    The undercover just lets both of them break free from the bonds. And yes, they are solving murders, but still. Booth doesn’t have to have the weight of the world on his shoulders. Brennan doesn’t have to be world famous author and anthropologist. They can just be Buck and Wanda out for a night of bowling. Or just a loving couple out for a high school reunion. They can just be.

    And even if they are now in a romantic relationship, that basic idea of freedom is still there. Its also a nifty way of providing character developments in an interesting way. I bet they will continue to do so in the future. And a baby bump could be a great undercover prop!

    • BB, I think you are totally right. Booth loves to be undercover with Brennan because it allows him to see the more relaxed side of Brennan and like you said, he gets to have a pretend commited relationship with her.

      I also would like to see them go undercover in season 7 with pregnant Brennan. It would be hilarous to see Booth being protective and Brennan so “nothing has changed, I am still your partner”. And yet, we know things have changed and we know they know it too.

      • @ Lenora,

        Yeah I definitely think Booth is that guy that is happy when the person he loves is happy. There have been so many times throughout the series where Brennan is happy about _________ and the camera pans over to see Booth looking at Brennan’s happiness, and we get an adorable Boothy grin. He just loves watching her happy! So even if they are in a relationship now and don’t necessarily need to explore UST, we still have that element of Booth being happy that she’s happy, and I don’t think we’ll lose that.

      • Can we call them parfaits? Parfaits just might be the most delicious things in the whole damn universe. 🙂

        Watching Booth watch Brennan is another kind of fun. Sometimes in those really awkward car joke sessions, the only thing that’s really sweet is Booth’s expression. The thought bubble over his head just screams, “She’s just so darn cute!”

      • MJ, I love the car scenes too. My favorite is when Brennan pinched Booth’s cheek in “The Man On The Fairway”. The smile he gives her is so cute.

      • Also, a lot of times he wants to be the one to put a smile on her face. In PitO, as he brings the drinks, he says “There’s that smile.” The same thing goes for Brennan. We’ve seen her watch him be happy, and be happy when she’s done something to make him happy.

    • Oops, meant to say: “…they both have quite the history. Especially because we (and probably Brennan) do not know the whole story….about Booth. Sorry didn’t finish the thought.

      I can’t wait to get a glimpse into Booth’s backstory!!

    • Yeah, they do love it—-Though as stated, “Change in the Game” showed us what their undercover work will be more like these days. Not that they weren’t into it to begin with, but given that they are a couple now, those little (but SO telling) gestures (like a smooch) will be there.

      In fact, as an actual couple going undercover as another kind of couple….well pssh, not much need for pretending.
      Like a….

      “Quick Booth! We need to distract them! Make out with me,”

      (probably never gonna happen because Hart knows we would all explode if we saw that….But you get the idea.) 😉

      • I would totally love to se that!! LOL
        And I think I would probably explode

      • haha Minnaloosh – I’m starting to think we’ve shot ourselves in the foot somewhat – telling HH what we want so much just means he makes sure never to give it to us!

        We shoulda been more aloof, dammit 🙂

    • In Double Trouble, after Booth mentions that the FBI office made a special mobile home for them, Brennan says something like – maybe we’ll talk to the mother and the case will be completed and we won’t need to do any of that. I remember Booth replying, “I hope not” under his breath. It was really sweet!

  5. well the most important undercover mission — in terms of their relationship — was their first. As Tony and Roxie they completely indulged themselves in a way that haven’t before or since. It was a release valve for the sexual tension. Booth picked out a sexy dress that was not Brennan’s usual style but certainly speaks to his fantasies. He slapped her behind. She slapped his right back. They hung all over each other. Booth is beside himself when she pulls that wad of cash out of her bosom.

    “That was amazing! What got into you!” Sums up their entire Vegas experience, for Booth at least. He’s seeing a whole new side of her and loves it. (Or, if we want to retroactively factor in the 100th flashback, he might be seeing the woman who propositioned him at the bar).

    I think they’ve never been Tony and Roxie since, and probably never will because that was a special, secret moment. No one at the lab knows about T & R, although the team has “met” Buck and Wanda, at least via video camera.

    On the angst side – when Brennan is so thoughtful and pensive upon learning that Booth and Cam were sleeping together, I always thought that somewhere in the back of her mind was the thought that Booth’s relationship cast a new, not so enchanting, light on their Vegas adventure.

  6. I like seeing their alternative personalities, even in the coma dream. While I don’t have much to add (and I’m definitely supposed to be doing something else right now), I wonder how much of those personas will come out now that they are a “loosely committed couple” and have a kidlet to consider?

  7. I know some people don’t like them because they’re a bit too outlandish, but I love the B/B undercover episodes! Tony and Roxie? It doens’t get much hotter than that, especially when she hugs her bloody man at the end. Those were carefree days… I believe Tony and Roxie had separate beds, same room. Then circus Buck and Wanda shared a bed and were married-this one seems a bit more thoughtful to me, especially how they acknowledge at the end that their alter-egos were so much different than they were. The came Queen Bee, separate rooms. It always makes me sad that Booth volunteered to be her hubby. Although it makes sense as a cover, I think he was hanging on to some hope with her and pretending just made him feel better. She’s not quite into her role in this one (other than for the -ehem-intercourse bit-but she gets vulnerable when they play the slow song and ends up asking him if he could dance with her. The look on his face when he agrees to hold her close is one of the most amazing things ever, from Oh, God, to this feels soooo right. It’s one of those “I’ll do anything for you, Bones, even if it hurts” moments that we love Booth for. I was having so much fun in that one with the creepy janitor and the Seal song, llttle did I know what was coming our way…

    • I think DotQB was one of the hardest undercover episodes for Booth. He really wanted it to be true, and I think until the end he had hope that she would change her mind. When he holds her close, I feel so sad for him. I think she had her doubts there too, because she gets this melancholy look on her face just before she closes her eyes. The comment about the ‘holy spirit’, makes me think of him reciting saints as he holds her.

      maria your right, little did we know what was coming.

      • That dance was quite difficult, wasn’t it? A lot of people give Brennan flak for asking to dance, but I believe her when she said she just liked the song and wanted to dance to it. After Booth’s confession, she pulled back and let him make the decision, and he (of course) said okay, but needed room for the Holy Spirit. So she understood once he reminded her how it could be difficult. But once she had a vulnerable moment, she was reaching for him and he was pulling her into his arms, and all permission was instant and unspoken.

        Their facial expressions during the slow dance were priceless. Bravo, DB and ED!

      • You know what’s weird?

        I actually have more difficulty watching the episodes in the 5th Season following the 100th, moreso than I do watching the episodes with Hannah in Season 6.

        I think it’s just Booth’s pain is hard to watch. I guess in the ones with Hannah, even though he was happy and Bren was hurting….I knew that the hurt was necessary for her realization and acceptance that she did in fact love Booth (plus they shared some FANTASTIC stares/glances).

      • hmm the dance in Queen Bee is bittersweet (typical HH, give with one hand, take away with the other! He’s a wilier fox than Max even)

        While I think it showed a lot of honesty for Brennan to admit that she missed out on something by not going to her prom and now regretted it, as well as how clearly happy she was that her eventual ‘prom-date’ was Booth, it just about breaks my heart how he ignores his own pain (yet again) to do something nice for her.

        When they’re dancing, on one level, it’s beautiful – both for them and for us. But on second watch (or at least once I’d stopped squeeing) I noticed that it’s actually pretty sad. While Brennan is holding him close and looks totally at peace on his shoulder, he looks tense and there is such sadness in his eyes. To me, it looks like he’s thinking ‘I need her not to be so close to me right now, I can’t handle it’.

        Makes me see the ‘holy spirit’ comment in a new light too.

  8. I have a question, about the 100th eisode. I know it doesn’t have anything to do with the question, but I don’t know where else to go.
    In PitSW, when they kiss in front of the bar, does Booth say “Of course we aren’t?” or Of course we are?”. The transcripts say are, but my Captions say aren’t. I’m writing a fic and the true statement is important to the story.

  9. I definitely think Brennan is more uninhibited and able to more freely express what she feels about things (meaning Booth) when she’s undercover. Booth noticed her ability to let go and just BE the very first time they played Tony and Roxy (“what happened back there?!?”). In fact, I am inclined to think that we learn a little bit more about her (and what she thinks about Booth) each time she goes undercover.

    Roxy believed in Tony enough to bet on him (and she really, really enjoyed touching him). Wanda Moosejaw trusted Buck even more than he trusted himself; she had more faith in him than he had in himself. Wanda…at the bowling alley was not only comfortable in her role as Buck’s romantic partner, but willingly kicked things up a notch. Queen Bee is the most difficult to pinpoint, perhaps because she’s essentially playing herself, but I think the mere fact that she willingly agreed be seen by her old classmates as Temperance Brennan…Bobby’s WIFE…is significant…especially given her past views about marriage, and coming, as it did, on the heels of the 100th episode.

    Booth, while he enjoys letting go and playing a different role (and he certainly enjoys watching Brennan do her thing), is generally a little more reserved. He was the least reserved as Tony, I think – which is ironic because he got the crap beaten out of him. But in Double Trouble, it was Brennan who put her life in danger, and that clearly terrified Booth (which is also perhaps a bit telling, except that we already knew he worried about her safety). Even though the knife-throwing cover was his idea in the first place, he still tried to play it safe with the act. Brennan is the one who essentially forced his hand. In Queen Bee, I think we see him walking a fine line between playing the part and protecting his heart. And while his performance didn’t disappoint in The Change in the Game, he still needed to be prompted to “act couple-y.”

    I’ll definitely be interested to see if this dynamic changes, and if so, how, in future undercover episodes.

    • @Stephanie…

      Change in the Game is a very interesting undercover episode. Yes, we know that clearly a real relationship has already been started at this point, but they still needed “prompting”, though really, very little. This one is a new dynamic for our B&B…instead of fighting to keep their attraction to each other under control for their own sakes, now they are trying to keep their new relationship unwraps from others. (And, they stunk at it, starting from the diner!) I think Booth this time had to be prompted by Max because he didn’t want his attraction put out there, because obviously that’s always been a challenge before but now that they are actually together…

      And what happens when he does let loose a little bit? We get that fantastic kiss, looking her up and down, and his smile at Brennan’s laugh. Sigh. haha

      So, while they are still going to have to try to hide their attraction undercover, it is against other people instead of themselves. And this time its because since they now know how awesome it is to be together, they have to keep that attraction reigned in. I can see some good undercover moments in the future like that!

      (Although, if they chose to do their Tony/Roxie alteregos again, they could really let the sparks fly and it would work perfectly. Brennan could hang all over Booth then, for real. Someone tell HH, more Tony and Roxie!)

      • bb-

        From a purely outside the show point-of-view, I’m inclined to see the undercover episodes as a way for Evil Genius and Co., Inc. to make the shippers happy without disrupting the actual B&B dynamic (because obviously when B&B are undercover, they’re pretending to be something they’re not).

        Part of me wonders if that dynamic may change going forward considering that the status of B&B’s relationship is changing, while another part of me thinks that if we’re not going to see the “goopy” parts of the B&B relationship in their “real” lives, then there will be some benefit to retaining that kind of over the top flirty intimacy that typically defines their undercover outings, again, as a way to kind of give the shippers what they want without really giving them what they want. Know what I mean?

      • @Stephanie, you definitely are on the right track with that, I’d say. With this last one, it was the only “dating evidence” we as viewers got to see before the bombshell they dropped on the Bones universe. haha

      • well seeing as HH is so very opposed to giving us what we want, perhaps we should all pretend to want the opposite of what we want.

        Let’s start seeding the internet with articles: “Why Booth and Brennan Should Remain A Foot Apart At All Times.” and “Eye Contact: Practically Porn!”

        I kid, I kid….

      • Yahoo, Barbara,

        Well said.

  10. B&B have always struggled to outwardly show their affection for each other, especially in front of others. When they go undercover, not only can they be more affectionate with one another, but they can do it in front of other people too.

  11. I agree with pretty much everything that’s already been said. I just wanted to add that Tony & Roxie were my favourite undercover act by Booth & Brennan, and the episode as a whole is one of my top favourites. I absolutely adore that act – the butt smacking, Booth looking Brennan up and down, the “just kiss already!” moments…. *le sigh*

  12. For the record:
    I seriously want to see Booth and Brennan do a “Bonnie & Clyde” sort of undercover thing.
    Pose as sexy outlaws….

    (I think that tea I drank this morning was too strong….Oh boy. Hahaha)

  13. Insight into B&B’s current relationship?

    Bones: Seeking sexual gratification through the manipulation of power. Probably the oldest of fetishes, master-slave. It’s all about dominance.
    Booth: Well, this sort of thing only comes up when the bloom goes off the rose if you know what I mean.
    Bones: I don’t know what you mean.
    Booth: You know, when the regular stuff, when it gets old you need to spice it up, it’s over. When the sex is good, you don’t need any help.
    Bones: That’s for sure.
    Booth: I’m sorry?
    Bones: I was agreeing.
    Booth: Yeah, well, don’t, okay? It kind of freaks me out.
    Bones: I was just saying that I, myself, feel no inclination toward either pain or dominance when it comes to sex.
    Booth: Are you sure?
    Bones: Yeah, I’m sure.
    Booth: You can be very bossy.

    Ep. 1×08

    • I think Booth and Brennan are plain vanilla and that is fine with me. I am more interested in seeing them handle themselves with others. They are very private people and if they think something is no ones business, they can both be very offended.

      You know they can only keep their relationship a secret as long as Brennan is not very noticable, so, for us, I don’t think we are going to see that secret relationship. I sure wanted to though. Sigh. When the season starts ED is going to be very noticable and therefore everyone they work with is going to know about Brennan’s preganancy. I think it would be nice if they mentioned the sneaking around though. As least give us a tease about it.

    • I don’t think ‘bossy’ translates to dominance in a Dom/Sub relationship. Obviously we haven’t seen what a real sexual relationship between the two of them looks like but we do have at least the coma dream which Brennan wrote, and there’s nothing there to suggest Dom/Sub.

      But I do have a case of the giggles thinking of Booth as a submissive. That’s a great way to go through a Friday before a holiday weekend. 🙂

      • MJ!!!

        No I didn’t take the bossy to be literal or anything, it was a hilarious conversation they had, pretty early on in the series! I just found it funny.

        But also! Along with the dom/sub thing…I just watched a “couples counseling” where they were trying to figure out what to talk to Sweets about and Booth lets it slip that he had a “pony play” dream because of their recent case….Brennan gets all interested, asks him a bunch of questions, and he clams up. She asked “Who was your partner?” and “Who was the pony?” Booth did not answer either. So I’m thinking we know who is partner is….but maybe he was the pony? haha There’s a train of thought for your weekend, MJ!

      • I don’t think those couples counseling bits are actual scenes. Those are separate clips just for fun. But yeah, that was a funny one!

      • Was that like a fanfic thing or did I totally miss that in an episode? Because if so, I demand to know where it was so I can watch it now! 🙂

        I loved the pony play episode. Booth is all upright and uncomfortable and Brennan is all “I’ve indulged in role play” and you can totally see the little movie projector start to run in Booth’s brain. When he did that “Do you know what the penalty is for an overdue book, Mr. Booth?” later on, I did laugh out loud. Yes, Mr. Booth. Please let Dr. Brennan broaden your horizons a bit. 🙂

      • I believe some of them did air and some not. I think you can watch them on or if not, they’ve been posted on youtube! I love all the “couples counseling” clips. Its B&B banter heaven!

      • I just YouTubed them – OMG, what else do I not know about? What else are y’all holding out on me? I feel deprived.

      • If you don’t have the DVD’s and haven’t seen the deleted scenes, those are on You Tube as well (or at least they were). As I recall, the ones from season 3 and season 5 are particularly good.

      • MJ, the “smiley vs sad clown” couples counseling clip is really funny.

      • I can’t believe I didn’t know about those clips! I agree with you MJ, what else are you guys holding out on? Spill, pronto! Maybe there should be an entire post devoted to B/B related videos, quirky sites.

      • Marie, MJ A Booth/Brennan video- titled ” Bicker ”

        It is one of my favorite.

      • I’ll be 46 in a few weeks….is that too old to SQUEEEEEEEE!!!

        Not that I would. You know, squee.

        Just checking.

      • Thanks Lenora-I love it!

    • Yeah, we definitely need a spot to recommend videos and maybe other (non-spoiler) misc. items. I just found another video today I want to share:

  14. I think we all love the undercover situations and how B&B allow themselves to be a little freer. There are no repercussions to their actions there since they are ‘role-playing’ so they can ‘feel it each other up’ as Brennan puts it. Another instance where Brennan at least has the opportunity to express herself without repercussions is through her books. She can always deny that Andy is Booth. I’d like to see her admit that Booth is the basis for Andy. That would be great.

    • She can deny Andy is Booth because it’s true, because she can list all the differences. Everybody jumps to saying “is”. But has anybody asked if Booth is just the inspiration? That’s what I would like to see her try and deny.

      • But, it’s like not admitting to herself that she loves Booth. She is so good at not seeing the obvious where feelings are concerned. Of course, Booth and Andy nearly the same. What else could it be? 😉

  15. How did I not know about these totally cute Couples Counseling videos!?

  16. So this is totally off-topic but I just wanted to say that Bones Season 5 has been removed from Netflix Instant! Which is crazy because it was up yesterday. I’m sad.

  17. I hope and would think not. It’s not exactly a brave way to reveal what you feel. I think they are now a lot stronger than this.

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