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Morning After Q: (Motility 28.8 million) (End of Imperviousness) + One Night = BoBo Baby?


Hello and Happy Friday!

I know, I know… I should stick with English and not try mathematical equations, but I couldn’t help it. This is a question that is sort of swirling around in my mind, and it likely won’t be until season seven before we have answers (and please, let us get some answers!) on it. But, basically…did B&B have a one night stand? Perhaps that’s not the best phrase for it, as it seems crass. But…was one night all it took (so to speak), or have they been sleeping together since the night Brennan stayed at Booth’s apartment, and one of those instances is when Brennan got pregnant?

I was firmly on Team Didn’t, and I still sort of lean toward Team I Don’t Think They Did That Night But Maybe Another Night. But I could be swayed either way, which is where you come in.

Is it possible Booth and Brennan slept together before that night?


One last thing, and this is just my personal opinion. I’ve noticed in the fandom that there has been some speculation about the fact that Brennan might have a miscarriage—that it might make for a logical plot point to bring B&B closer together and ‘solve’ the issue of not really having a baby on the show, that sort of thing. No one here has been ‘eager’ about that or anything like that—it’s more just something I’ve seen here and there, other places, etc. I’m not explaining this well, but I guess my appeal is just this: let’s (all of us) make a point to not be flippant about a miscarriage storyline. A lot of us haven’t experienced the challenges B&B (and other characters) have faced: abandonment or abuse as a child or teenager, gambling addiction, service in a war, murder solving, victim counseling, etc. Some of us have, sure, but I think the idea of a miscarriage (besides being a bit spoilery) is a little more universal — a very real, non-fictional sadness that many, many, many, many people face. I don’t want to narrow that pain down to a fictional plot point.

Okay, off of my soapbox now!

Before you reply in the comments, I thought you’d enjoy this BONESCARTOON created by pal Hsingyu Lin! It makes me smile every time I see it!

Hope you have a great day!

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124 thoughts on “Morning After Q: (Motility 28.8 million) (End of Imperviousness) + One Night = BoBo Baby?

  1. Just a thought but at one point Booth did tell Brennan “you can have my ‘stuff'” while I am in the please, please let them have got it together corner…there is always the possibility of a more clinical option (waits to be stoned by Bones fandom).

    #Disclaimer I’m in the UK so haven’t actually seen the season 6 finale###

    • I’m in the UK too and because I have seen the episode, I prefer to believe that if they had not hit the sheets, Booth would not so happily accept that he is the father so easily. Maybe.Unless they discussed insemination before she did it. Could they have discussed insemination after all that went down in Blackout?
      A romantic upbringing is an handicap, I tell you!


    • the producers have given multiple interviews to assert that no, it was not sperm donation.
      also, Booth’s offer of his stuff was contingent upon him not surviving surgery.
      also, Brennan wouldn’t do that without his permission, or at least it would be very,very ooc for her to have done so.

      but the big one is that the producers have stated for the record, no, it was not insemination.

  2. I love the mathematical equation!

    I’ not sure where I stand on the whole “when did it happen” thing. I have tried and discarded and accepted again several theories and I cannot say for sure I am happy or 100% on each of them.

    But I know what I would not like to see happen- the miscarriage. Yes, I can relate to it, but Bones and Booth, for me, they are so real, I do not want them to go through it- and not just because of a trite or miss-plotted storyline. I just want to spare them that. And myself.

    Also, it has been done before in Moonlighting. It did not go well.

    It probably says a lot about the me as a viewer that I do not look forward to be put through that particular ringer. *sigh*

    I would much prefer to just see them happy for once. Monkey pregnant wall sex happy if possible.


  3. I was on Team Didn’t and now I’m on Team Didn’t Until They Got Broadsky. I’m not entirely opposed to them doing it the night VNM died but I hoped they waited. And I’m thinking that they have been sleeping together or something since Hole in the Heart just by the way they were acting in the finale 🙂

    • I’m with Megan on this. *fistbump*

    • I’m with Megan on this too.

      I hope they go with Emily’s pregnancy and don’t have her wear a pregnancy suit even after she delivers. Angela already had the worlds longest pregnancy so lets have Brennan have a quick one.

    • I think in one (of the many) interviews following that episode (and the finale), one of the producers hinted it may have been another night…or maybe they just said something like, “Eh, we’ll leave it up to the viewers to decide for themselves.” Which is nice, I like the freedom….but at the same time–Thanks, but no thanks. Just…TELL ME.

      It would make sense after Booth got Broadsky….I mean you though Hannah showing her gratitude under a fig tree was intense? Hah. GO BONES.

      • Welcome to Team DTNBPtNAWBGB, Minnaloosh! T-shirts and coffee mugs to follow 🙂

      • AKA Team “Whoopie!”

        Haha, I’ll make banners and throw confetti.

      • For those who don’t already know from a previous post:

        Team DTNBPtNAWBGB stands for, “Didn’t That Night But Probably the Night After When Booth Got Broadsky”
        (AKA Team Didn’t That Night AKA Team Whoopie)

  4. I am a romantic shipper all the way. I don’t think they did it that night. I’m with the DTNBPtNAWBGB team, but my hopeful side thinks that during the time lapse between episodes, they decided that they wanted a baby, and sometime after that first time, they decided to go for it. It took them a few tries to get it done, and his hesitation was because he was shocked it worked.

    This is my hope for the future. Granted it may not be realistic, but I can always hope. I have seen so many scenes left out, that my imagination has created a lot of fill in ideas that we have missed, so if the show doesn’t show it on the screen, I can create the scene in my mind.

    Then when the show returns in the fall, I will have fun comparing my ideas to theirs. If I’m wrong, that’s ok, and if they don’t tell, I still have my fantasies, but if I’m right. Ohh that would be great!!

  5. I got the opportunity to see “Hole In The Heart” again last night (thanks TNT) and I am back in the “They did it that night camp”. I have changed my mind several times so far, so have not been really firm in what I think happened, until last night. I tried to pay attention to facial expressions, touches, etc and I just think they were so relaxed, so “we are now a real couple” that I believe that in their moment of anquish and fear Booth and Brennan let their walls down and trusted each other when that trust was needed. I think what really clinched it for me was when Angela asked Brennan what happened and Brennan gave Angela such a happy smile. It just spoke to me about how Brennan has really grown so much that she could be vulnerable to Booth and the outcome could be such happiness.

    I am with you about a mis-carriage. That would be so wrong. Two people who really love each other don’t deserve a soap opera moment. Besides, I want to see Mama Bones in action. I want to see Booth as a new papa. That is what I have been watching this whole series for. I want to see two people who had a horrible childhood trying to be the best parents they can be while still doing a job that would make most of us cry.

    By the way, I had a thought last night. It would be really funny if when the season starts up again and Brennan is obviously pregnant, if Sweets still did not know what was going on. He obviously could see that Brennan was pregnant; but, I think it would be so funny if Booth and Brennan refused to acknowledge that anything was going on to Sweets. It would drive Sweets around the bend, especially if everyone else knew and they weren’t talking either.

    • That’s why I love the cartoon above. Imaging our fave baby duck so out of the loop and then suddenly finding out what’s up is just too, too hilarious.

    • I cant believe they showed Hole in the Heart the ONE day i decide to go to the gym!!!! 😦

      • Too bad. TNT showed Change In the Game afterward. I had to miss some sleep to see CIHGA; but, it was worth it.

  6. I think that was the first time (after VNM died). I think the bigger question is did they do it again after the ‘comfort sex’? I really hope they don’t go the miscarriage route. These characters have been through more than enough already without adding the trauma of losing a pregnancy. I hope that I’m not incorrect in saying that I don’t think the show will go there.

  7. I was firmly in Team ‘They Totally Did’ and now I am in Team ‘They Have Continued To Do It’ and here’s why: Booth’s reaction. He knows how painful it is to have a child with someone who your relationship status is shaky with, knowing a child only further complicates things if they are not firm to begin with. We have seen how this affects him multiple times on the show and how he regrets the experience of not being a full time father for himself and for his son. My guess is that no matter how happy he was to hear the news that Brennan is pregnant, his reaction would not be as joyous if there were still major question marks about the status of their relationship and where they stood. There is too much pain from battling with Rebecca about Parker and I think that feeling would have clouded his response. But it didn’t. He looked completely over the moon. Which is why I think they have been sleeping together since that night and they know where they stand with each other in their progressing relationship.

    That and Max pretty much figured it out in a minute when they were at the diner. Love him 🙂

    • I totally agree with this! Woo hoo! Pretty much my thoughts exactly.

      As for the miscarriage story line, as someone who has lived through it 5 times, thank you for asking that it not be a flippant story line. It’s beyond hard, beyond heart crushing and isn’t something that should be just thrown out there for the sake of a story line. I would not wish that on my worst enemy, much less two people who finally deserve some happiness in their life. I have 2 beautiful children now, but not everyone’s story ends that way. So, thank you.
      Happy Friday all!
      Cat a/k/a PolamaluGirl

      • Thank you, thank you for your thoughts. I don’t even want to utter the words or think about it , considering that ED is actually pregnant. Nothing but the best, most positive thoughts for both Brennan and Emily!

    • Your right about Max. He knew something was changed about Brennan and Booth in the diner and Booth saying “what?” just made him more suspicous. Then, when Booth smootched Brennan in the bowling alley and Booth said “what?” again, that just seemed to confirm what he had already figured out. No one can con Max, he sees though people pretty quickly. Just loved Max’s look when he saw the smootch.

    • Yeah, I think Max’s reaction said a lot. He hinted at something, but didn’t pry as much as he usually does. At one time, he had no problem asking if Booth was sleeping with his daughter. I think he felt like at this point, it was pretty likely so he didn’t even want to go into it. He may be frank, but I’m guessing no father actually needs that thought confirmed. He knew something was up in the diner, so he just wanted to check his suspicions by prodding for more affection. After the kiss, his look was like “I see the way you’re looking at my daughter, Booth. My girl just giggled, and my girl’s not a giggler! Remember, I’m a man, too. I’m not stupid. I know what it looks like!” Which is why Booth’s response was, “What?”

      • Yeah, said a lot. If we really wanted to know if Booth and Brennan are a couple, Max confirmed it for us. Booth’s “what?” was an aggravated what?. He thinks he and Brennan are doing a good job of keeping their relationship private and Max is not playing along. I stayed up last night just to rewatch the smootch. I have to get up at 5:15 in the morning; but, I couldn’t resist. Darn you TNT. HA HA

      • Exactly!! Agreed!!

    • I totally agree. A one night stand or comfort sex would have happened a long time ago. NO way it was a one night thing. If they were going to do that it would have happened in season 2 or three. NO way….they are together.They made a huge point to wait until they were ready.

  8. I was on team didn’t after HitH, but after CitC, I have to switch to team did. I’m inclined to think that it just sort of happened that night, no intent, so birth control didn’t happen. The idea that these two would deliberately not use birth control so early is difficult for me to fathom. They are moving so-o slowly and so-o deliberately, I can’t see them lightly deciding to start a family when they’ve barely become a couple. In the context of the night Vincent died, however, I can see how it (the birth control) might have gotten forgotten. If they “had relations” after that night, it would have been with intention, so I think they would have used contraception.

    Booth’s shock and surprise at Brennan’s announcement seems to support the just that night theory. But, maybe not. I would love to get Max’s take on this. 😉

    Re: miscarriages — I think that would be a pretty horrible thing to ask a new mother to do, no matter how good an actor that mother is. For Emily’s sake, if nothing else, I hope they don’t go there. I’m inclined to think we’ll get a birth because that presents many more interesting possibilities as I outlined in my post last week. Yeah, a tragedy would bring B&B together, but I don’t think it would further anywhere near the emotional growth that Brennan will undergo as a result of becoming a mother. I think love for her child is going to be a bigger kick in the rear for Brennan than any loss could be. She’s had plenty of experience with loss, but love — that’s still a puzzle to her.

  9. Since Sarah began this post with an equation, let’s do some more math.

    That Night was really The Next Morning. The clock said 4:47, right? Which is nearly five am. So perhaps the fact that it was really the next day might remove whatever lingering stigma might be attached to the idea of sex the same day Vincent died.

    More math: in Signs in the Silence, Angela says she is 8 months. The 8th month of pregnancy encompasses weeks 32 to 36. Full term pregnancy is 40 weeks (so yes, those of you who have not had kids yet, it’s really TEN months) Angela was two days overdue in Change in the Game

    In Hole in the Heart, Brennan says they haven’t had a case in one week, so presuming Signs was that case, we now have a gap of between 4 and 7 weeks between Hole and Change. No pun intended.

    So the B&B fledgling relationship is between 4 and 7 weeks old. Brennan could know she was pregnant as early on as two weeks, if her cycle is regular. Menstruation occurs approximately two weeks after ovulation. Even over the counter tests can detect pregnancy within days of a missed period. So they could have been together between 2 weeks and 5 weeks before she knew she was pregnant.

    It would seem to be in character for Brennan to tell Booth right away, so it seems likely she only recently found out – possibly during the course of Change in the Game. She went from goofy at the bowling alley to dead serious at the hospital. Was there a pee on stick potty break between the two places? Or perhaps a phone call from her doctor with blood test results?

    I’m not quite sure what all this means, except that there is time available for B&B to have been in a relationship after – and even well after – Vincent’s death.

    • Actually, Barbara, I’m going to disagree with your interpretation of the timing – because, let’s face it – I came *this* close to writing up an entire post about the biology of pregnancy and menstrual cycles and how Stephen Nathan’s “a little over a month” timeline was wrong based on the timeline the show gave us, blah, blah, blah. I firmly believe the timeline we’re given in the last three episodes is very significant, mainly because this is the first time all season we’ve even been given one. And as timeline’s go, this one is pretty specific – but the point it that it works.

      What Angela actually says in The Signs in the Silence is that she has “about a month” to go. That would put her at approximately 36 weeks pregnant – MAYBE a little bit less. But she couldn’t have been much less than that because let’s face it, no one is going to rush to the hospital excited at the prospect of delivering a pre-term baby. They would have been going to the hospital to STOP labor. Quite frankly even a 36-week baby is often considered pre-term, but not nearly so much as a baby born at 34-35 weeks or less.

      As you already pointed out, Brennan says that they haven’t had a case in a little over a week in The Hole in the Heart and Angela says she’s 2 days overdue (so 40 weeks and 2 days) in The Change in the Game. That gives us roughly 4 weeks (plus or minus a LITTLE bit) between The Signs in the Silence and The Change in the Game and approximately 2 1/2-3 weeks between The Hole in the Heart and The Change in the Game.

      The timing is significant because while 2 1/2-3 weeks is, as you already stated, enough time to get a positive pregnancy test, it also narrows the timeline considerably. If Brennan didn’t get pregnant that night (which I think is the most likely scenario), it had to have happened in the next couple nights.

      • thanks for the math clarification Sarah. I didn’t pay that close attention to what Angela said in Signs, obviously.

        I agree that a 32 week labor would be more cause for panic than excitement, but I also kind of wonder to what extent the show is portraying realistic pregnancy anyway. I think Michaela did a fabulous job in the delivery scenes, but in all three of my deliveries, I spent plenty of time walking around, etc. instead of lying on my back.

        Oh well. I sort of hope Brennan shows an interest in alternative-to-hospital birth scenarios.

      • Yeah, I’ll agree that Angela’s pregnancy was not always portrayed in a completely realistic fashion, but I think the mere fact that they did establish a workable timeline shows that someone on the writing staff knows what they’re talking about when it comes to this kind of stuff (and it’s not SN).

        I’ve also had three babies and thought that the L&D scenes, while not completely realistic, were pretty funny. Both Michaela and TJ did a great job. The screaming was overplayed a little bit, but that’s to be expected. Overall, for a TV delivery being played by someone who doesn’t have any kids of her own, it wasn’t all that badly done.

      • I’m sorry I called you Sarah, not Stephanie!!!

        you know, I wonder if they wouldn’t have been better off having Angela be a week overdue instead of just 2 days. Or even two weeks, although that is pushing it toward the time they would have induced.

        It’s not that I care when B&B had sex, really…I guess I just keep thinking of Miss Manners’ reply when asked “when is it too early to announce your pregnancy?”

        “A lady should comb her hair and straigthen her skirt first, at the very least!”

        *and that is meant as a joke*

      • No worries – I knew who you were talking about!

        I believe that they intentionally cut the time line so close because we were meant to think that both sex and conception happened that night. Logistically speaking, I honestly think it makes a lot more sense than some of the other options, but I know that not everyone agrees.

        Either way, your Miss Manners quote made me giggle. 🙂

      • Your math makes sense to me, but …my general policy is not to think too hard about timing within or between eps, because it gives me brain cramps. So I tend to go with what they say, with my fingers in my ears singing, ‘la la la la…’

        (Here’s my favorite math puzzle: the TBitE took place during Little League season (most viewers assume May since that’s when we saw it)…but they were gone seven months, and then The Doctor in the Photo took place in October. So either DC’s Little League season starts in, oh, January, or nearly a year passed between their return home (in December) and TDitP. Yep, yep, yep…brain cramp. But given that, what’s a little ‘impossibly-early-detection-of-pregnancy’ between friends?)

  10. As president and founder of Team DTNBPtNAWBGB, I welcome all the members to this post! Your mission…to convert others to join the team! Got that, Kimberly, Megan, and Gcatspjs? hehe

    Anyway, I do believe that nothing besides cuddling happened that night, but probably a celebratory thing after Booth got his man and they could relax a bit. I just feel that, as Bones talked about by the couch, she took the couch so Booth could have his sleep to “kill Broadsky”, and Booth woke up with his gun drawn immediately because he was focused on Broadsky. Which makes me feel he’d want to have complete focus that night being watchful for Broadsky’s return. If they were, um…busy that night, couldn’t that distract them from Broadsky’s possible attack? Wouldn’t going to that next level after all the years be a bit distracting? I just feel that dedicated sniper Booth is focused on protecting Brennan and all his squints and would be focused on that.

    That being said, I do believe then it would not be a one night stand. It would have been something continuous since the day Booth got Broadsky. I think the dam would have been opened, and you can’t put that water back it once it escapes! I do think, however, they had completely kept it a secret and that only Max, as of CitG, knows anything since they had to be “couple-y” at the alley.

    Also, that cartoon is amazing, and I imagine that is exactly how Sweets will look, if we get to see his first reaction! 🙂

  11. I am firmly on Team Did the morning after VNM died. I am also of the opinion that whether they did it one or a billion times… it’s left up to our imagination on purpose, BUT the conception was that morning.

    • Yeah, I’m with you Becca. Team DID in HitH, and conception then too.

      I think they probably had been ‘doing it’ (haha, can’t think of a more mature way to put that, sorry) since HitH to CitG. I imagine that once they’d finally gone there, even B&B couldn’t find a reason to slow it down after that. I think they’re a fledgling couple in CitG.

      It’s amazing that I’ve summed up in one or two sentences my thoughts regarding questions that have literally kept me awake.

      It’s been two weeks, I’ve been on holiday since and I’m slowllllly getting used to this strange new Bones world. I’m not going to lie, I’m still mightily upset and annoyed that they didn’t show us them getting together. I know it was mature, I know it was brilliant from a story telling / maintaining interest way, but it still shook me. I feel like they spent six years building up to something and then, because it was hard to do it properly, they decided not to bother doing it at all. And more than that, they made out that if you were disappointed or upset about it, you should just go watch porn on the internet coz that’s clearly what you’re after. That is so far removed from the reasons I was actually invested in seeing that part of the story it’s untrue and reading that response felt like a slap in the face to be honest.

      I’m coming round, I see the possibilities in this new story line, but unfortunately my faith in the show has been shaken, so whereas before I’d be excited to see where they’re going with it, now I’m wary. I keep wondering what it is next that they aren’t going to bother showing us. The birth maybe? I’m sure there are places on the internet you could see that instead too…

      I think it was a cop-out to say that it wasn’t that important a scene, and there was no need for it. I posit that it was a mightily more important scene than the sunglasses one… The thing is, it’s not the sex I’m annoyed about missing. I understand giving them their privacy, I just wish we could have been there for those first kisses and conversations as a couple. Ho hum, tis never to be and I’m getting used to it. Sorry, I didn’t meant to rant, and absolutely promise not to comment on Bones Theory every day moaning about the same stuff, it’s just taken this long for me to be able to express my thoughts on the finale coherently!

      Ok, onwards and upwards. Basically, I was on Team Didn’t before I saw the finale, at which point I had no choice and had to concede and move over to Team Did. (My housemate, who watches but isn’t avid like me, has never been so chuffed as when she watched the finale and found out she was right and I was wrong. She was on Team Did straight away. That didn’t help my mood 🙂 )

      • Thank you, Sophia. You just summed up my thoughts and feelings since the finale so perfectly. This is really taking some getting used to. I can’t even bring myself to rewatch the finale yet; it just hurts too much to know all the things they didn’t think were important enough to show us. No; scratch that. It’s not that those scenes weren’t important enough to show us, it’s that we, apparently, are not worthy of witnessing them. Ok, wow, I really need to get over it…it’s a freaking tv show! Maybe by September I’ll feel better. Probably not.

        I would love to be on team DTNBPtNAWBGB, mostly because that’s how I would write this story. But this is HH’s story, and if I’ve learned one thing over my years of watching Bones, it’s that HH (and all the writers) rarely do things the way I would would do them. And that’s not always a bad thing.

        Thanks for letting me vent, BT! This is going to be a very long summer.

      • I still feel the exact same way, honestly, Linz. The more I think about it, the angrier I get, and sometimes I even cry. So I try not to think about it. 🙂 If it were the end of the series, I’d pretty much have moments where I would want to shut this whole blog down and say “Screw it–that was a waste”, but I’m *trying* to wait till September to see what happens. I think back to the 100th episode and how much I loved the flashbacks. I think back to the season four finale and how much I hated the ‘flash forwards’ or whatever. So, I’m not sure what will happen in season seven, and what will be revealed or not or what my reactions will be. I can’t imagine them being able to use flashbacks again and getting away with it-just from a series standpoint. But I never would have thought they could have in the 100th, and I loved it. I’m also trying not to go into it already annoyed, you know? That never really works for me 🙂 Having said that, I get annoyed when people say “well, you should be satisfied with ____ or ______” etc. And I just want to say, “no, but thanks.” It’s not that I’m pouting like a petulant toddler who didn’t get her way, but that’s how people want to portray anyone who doesn’t accept the storyline as perfection. It’s not selfishness (I hope) that leads me to have tiny little ‘tear up’ moments–it’s grief. Sort of the loss of something that could have been special. I have the right to feel a teensy bit of grief that for whatever reason, we won’t see the first time B&B kissed one another as something new and something RIGHT THEN that had nothing to do with tequila or mistletoe or being undercover etc. I have the right to be a little bit bummed that while we’ve seen the following in bed together, we’re supposed to NOT want to see B&B together, because somehow what they have is more special:

        Brennan and Stires
        Brennan and Sully
        Booth and Rebecca
        Booth and Cam
        Booth and Hannah (including a double nooner. A DOUBLE NOONER)
        Clark and Nora
        Sweets and Daisy (on the Cleo bed, and on his office couch. Ew)
        Angela and Hodgins
        Angela and Wendell.

        It’s not like the show has always never entered the bedroom and now they are saying they don’t want to go there. Again, I’m not trying to complain, I just am saying that I also understand the frustration. I love Brennan a lot, and honestly, I would sacrifice the storyline of every single other character (except Booth) to see her moments. I really honestly could care less about the development of any other character (especially squinterns) at the expense of Brennan’s character. I want to see the moment she bought the pregnancy test. I want to see a lot more than we get to see. It’s not that I expect to see everything, it’s that I wish they would use their time better so B&B storylines aren’t shoved in as codas or afterthoughts (this isn’t just a ‘second half of season six’ issue, I don’t think, and I know a tv show is different than other media and it can’t always be perfectly linear, but seriously). Because they wanted the season to end with that big bomb, the writers seemed to have chosen to just disregard story for the sake of sensationalism, and I’ll always be bummed by that. Some people will talk about “does the end justify the means”, and I get that. In the past, I would always say something like “Oh, well next season, this or this or this will likely happen to make this worth it or explained” or whatever, and sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Not that the show has to go my way for it to be good–they’ve totally blown me and my ideas out of the water a lot of times in the best possible ways. And sometimes it requires a tremendous amount of hand-waving. I think at this point, I’m still open to believe that season seven will actually be good. If I’m wrong, I’ll feel foolish like I do now for thinking at the end of season five that season six would be worth the time and pain B&B suffered 🙂 I know I don’t get everything I want, but that doesn’t mean I have to take everything in as acceptable. I’m also not saying I’m right in every way (or even close), but the emotions I feel are true, and I’m not going to apologize for them.

        Having said all of that, I do find a smidge of satisfaction in knowing that we know more than any of the characters (I assume). We did get to see Brennan tell Booth, and that moment was awesome. As far as I can tell, no one knows but them and us millions or so who were watching 🙂

      • Sorry! I read Linz’s words, but didn’t read yours yet, Sophia. I feel the exact same way (and also promise not to inject venom into every BT post). 🙂 But yes, imagine this conversation from a parent to a child.

        P: I have a gift for you, but it’s well…it’s complicated. But if you trust me, I promise it will be worth it.
        C: Okay. But I think I want it now.”
        P: No, I mean it. I want you to trust me. It will take awhile, but I know what I’m doing, and I promise it will be worth the wait.
        C: Okay, but I really think I’m ready for it.
        P: No, just wait, and in the meantime, here are a couple of reasons why it’s worth waiting…”

        C: (after a couple of years): Okay, now I understand better. I’m glad I haven’t received this gift yet. In fact, NOT receiving it has made me appreciate it more. I’m willing to wait as long as it takes.

        P: I’m glad to hear that. Thank you for your trust, and I promise that it will all work out. Maybe not in the way everyone has in mind, but I do have it, right here, ready for the right time.

        C: Thank you.

        (another few years go by with similar conversations)

        P: I know you thought that gift might be special, but here’s another smaller gift. Do you like it just as much? I think it’s really, really wonderful. You should too.

        C: Well, no…not really, I don’t really like it, but I do trust you, and I believe that the other gift will be better than this one, so thank you for this other gift for now.

        P: Well, you can toss that gift away, and let’s never mention it again.

        C: Um…okay? Sure, that’s fine. I really only cared about that gift because you said it was important. I’m totally fine not really caring about that. And it doesn’t seem to really relate to the original gift.

        P: Oh yeah, speaking of that…well, here’s the box for it.

        C: (blinks) What?

        P: The box it came in.

        C: Oh…um, it’s empty.

        P: Well, yeah (Laughs). You didn’t think you were actually GOING to receive the gift, did you?

        C: Well, sort of…I mean, you mentioned it, and–

        P: That’s just crazy. And you’re being selfish. You always want everything the way you want it.

        C: I…I never said that! I just…I don’t know, I guess I could have had something in mind, but really, it’s not that I demanded a certain gift

        P: You know what? Just get on the internet and search for other gifts. Apparently that’s all you care about.

        C: What? I…okay, sorry. Um….thanks for the box?


        Hahaha, sorry for the vague convo-theater there, but that is the exact scenario that has been going through my mind these past few weeks too.

      • Sarah, I probably have a strange take on the end of this season. I know that HH has shown us other couples in bed; but, and here is the weird part, when we have seen these moments it has always seemed to me to be fooling around, something not serious. When we had Booth and Brennan in bed in HITH we were presented with a couple who were in pain, both struggling with their past and seeing that there may not be a future after the next day. Brennan was crying for the loss of Vincent, her mis-understanding of Vincent’s last words, her fear that Booth was going to have to go after Brodsky and Booth may fail. Booth was upset because his actions caused Vincent to die. He was upset to see Brennan upset and he too knew that Brodsky was his equal and that he may not survive his hunt for Brodsky. That we didn’t see anything else was sort of disappointing and I truly understand that a lot of people wanted to see Booth and Brennan say I love you; but, what if they didn’t say that after all. Brennan may love Booth; but, I don’t see her using those words, at least not yet. Booth may not use those words because Brennan doesn’t really trust those three little words. Would it have been more upsetting for us to see them make love and yet never utter those words? In the End In The Beginning we didn’t see Booth or Brennan say I love you and yet we knew that at least in that dream, they loved each other. I am not sure that I am being clear about this; but, to me the relaxed way they behaved towards each other, the arm wrapped in arm, the smooch, the confidence that Brennan would be there to see Vincent off and not run away. These all spoke to me of love at last. Rolling around in the sheets doesn’t prove love. It is the touches, the looks, it’s the politeness towards each other when the couple usually argues about everything. These things spoke to me that me that at last they were a couple, they love each other. They may have to be more comfortable with each other to use those three little words; but, I think we will see it.

      • I’ve spent several hours now trying to decide whether I should comment or not because I think people are entitled to how they feel, perhaps especially if they’re disappointed, sad (even grieving) or angry over how HH & Co. told the story. And I don’t want to say anything that sounds like I’m saying otherwise.

        The truth is that I was disappointed, too, but I’ve worked my way around to being at peace with what they gave us, and want to throw some ideas out, on the off chance that at some point, some of it might help others, too.

        I’ve got several theories on why they did what they did – or rather, how they did it.

        The first is that I think they knew they couldn’t please everyone, or even a majority, and so decided not to try, to leave it up to the individual to fill in the blanks. Is that a cop-out?Absolutely. But despite how, er, verbose I can be, I spend a lot of time listening to people all over the fandom. And one thing that’s become increasingly clear to me over the last year or so is the wide variation in what people wanted to see.

        We can’t even agree on whether Booth loves her or not, let alone other things, like what it should look like when they ‘get together.’ A while back, I took a sort of informal survey of what people meant when they said that (‘They’d better get together soon’) and the responses were rather revealing. Some people wanted to hear them say, “I love you.” Some wanted a kiss, while others wanted the most romantic love scene of all time. Some wanted Booth to apologize for Hannah, while others wanted him to propose. Or for Brennan to propose to him. Then there were those who were simply sure of that they didn’t want: they wanted the words, but didn’t want the love scene, etc. Or vice versa.

        What I took away from that was that, as a fandom, we use the phrase ‘getting together’ as if we all mean the same thing, when, in fact, we all want very different things. I think that was about the point that I predicted on Twitter that the morning after they ‘got together’ people would be very unhappy.

        I suspect I know what some of you are thinking – that no, they could never have pleased the majority (because there was no majority consensus) but they should have made an effort to please someone. And, well, yeah. I get that. I absolutely do. (I’m mostly in Team-would-really-have-loved-at-least-a-kiss, for the record.)

        But I think they were trying to do more than just please people (perhaps especially since they couldn’t totally succeed). As annoying as it is, I think they were trying to keep people interested in the show, and believed a big Moment that was completely satisfying in terms of what we’ve waited six years to see would have been fatal, and I sort of agree with them.

        If they had wrapped up the question of ‘will they/won’t they’ with a climactic scene that was exactly what people were expecting/hoping for, especially at the end of the season, a certain percentage of those people would not have been watching in the fall. (Please, please don’t get angry with me for saying that, but part of why I believe it’s true is that people have actually said it to me: “I don’t know that I’ll keep watching once they get together” and “I think their story has run its course – I want to see them kiss, and I’ll be happy and consider the story done.’)

        (Of course, they’ve quite possibly lost those people anyway.)

        So I think they were trying to avoid a big moment that would say, “This is when Booth and Brennan Got Together.” And they did so in two ways: by spreading that event out, and by focusing more on the emotion and less on the markers that people were looking for.

        I’ve said in a number of places that B&B ‘got together’ in Blizzard. I said so that night (I remember tweeting a rather startled, ‘does anyone else think they just became a couple?!’) and continued to feel that way over the next weeks. I thought their dynamic was definitely different in the following episodes and that in several of them, they were dealing with topics they’d be facing as a couple.

        As I said, I think part of why HH did that was to avoid a big moment that would communicate to people, ‘the story’s over now,’ but I think another part of it was because they’re making a point about relationships. Listening to what people say (especially going back to all the ways there are of answering the question ‘what do you mean by ‘get together’) we have some fairly rigid ideas of what a romantic couple is and does.

        I remember conversations with people last year that kept focusing on, “I want Booth to ask her out on a date” and “I need to see him court her.” Not here, necessarily, but in much of the fandom? There’s just this expectation of ‘we have to see them feel A, B, and C, in that order, and then act on them in X, Y, and Z manner.’ There was a round of that last week on an LJ comm I read – with people saying they’ll never believe Booth and Brennan are in love now, because they never went on a date.

        I think Brennan might well say that the relationship people are upset over not seeing is an artificial construct, and I think Hart’s trying to show that a relationship can be real, and more genuine, for not playing out as we expected it to. So instead of a moment, they gave us lots of moments, instead of words and physical displays of affection, they showed us them loving one another in hundreds of ways that some of us missed because we’re conditioned to think in some fairly narrow ways about what romantic relationships look like and how they begin.

        I think they wanted to focus on the emotion of their coming together rather than those markers that we were looking for, in hopes of saying ‘what’s really important in their relationship is that they’re there for each other;’ by downplaying the physical (even a kiss.)

        And yes, I think some of what they were after was to end the season on a shock of some kind. In fact, proving – in case anyone’s wondering – that I’m completely human here, my first response the way the whole thing played out was ‘I feel manipulated.’

        That’s why I do think all responses to this are valid, including anger and grief.

        But they’re telling their story in their way; we’re just along for the ride. And that brings me to another point (if anyone’s still reading…) I think we tend to assume that a story about two people must include the important moments. We get that they can’t show us everything, but assume they’ll show us the important things.

        Apart from the problem that we’re deciding what’s important, I think perhaps that’s a false view of story. I think the moments they’re giving us are moments that important to the story, which may not be all the moments that are important to the characters – even those whose story is being told. Does that make any sense? They’re not sitting and thinking, ‘we showed Brennan and Sully having sex, and Booth and Hannah having sex, so we have to show Booth and Brennan making love.’ They’re thinking that showing Brennan/Sully and Booth/Hannah was important to the story in a way that actually showing Booth and Brennan, at that point in time, was not. To Booth and Brennan, certainly, and to us, in knowing it happened. But perhaps actually showing it wasn’t essential to the story itself, in the writers’ opinion.

        (Perhaps particularly not when they’re trying to walk a balance that keeps their audience. And in that sense, maybe they failed, and have lost more audience with this delay of showing them physically together in some way than if they’d just said, ‘we know we can’t please everyone, but here, have a big moment of some kind.’)

        Again, please don’t think I’m saying people don’t have the right to what they’re feeling. I’m just throwing out random things I’ve come to believe over the last two weeks as I’ve picked apart what they did and how I feel about it.

        And really, I don’t think any amount of reasons (good or otherwise) for why they made the choices they made will make a difference.

      • Well, and I hope this falls in the right place in the comments…Sarah, you know how I feel. I wrote a tentaive essay about this that I ultimately withdrew because it just seemed stirring up trouble, but since the door has been opened…

        the disppointment people feel is not, IMO, a matter of not properly understanding the story or having some laundry list of things we want to see, or needed to see a bedroom scene.

        It’s the standard structure of fiction. Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution.

        Think back to Aliens in a Spaceship, widely regarded as one of the best episodes of the series. Imagine that the episode ENDED right at the moment when Brennan and Hodgins ran out of air, just before Hodgins announces he can make a Co2 scrubber.

        And then in the next episode, it was a month later and we know Hodgins and Brennan are alive, because they are there, but we don’t know how they got out.

        Would we all be sitting here posting “hey, what are you complaining about! They made it! Would you rather have them be dead! Just imagine how they got out. The only thing that matters is how they got out.” Would we still think Aliens is one of the best episodes ever? Or would we be saying “WTF? What happened?”

        To build up conflict and then instead of showing the resolution, just skipping ahead to essentially the beginning of a new story…that’s just plain bad storytelling.

        The audience does not achieve catharsis, we are still in the emotionally conflicted stage created by the rising action/climax part of the story.

        Why does Bones bother to show us how they find the murderer each week? Couldn’t they just say ‘oh yeah, it was Bob. He used X weapon and his motive was Y.” No, they don’t do that because that is not how you tell a story. Do they go even further and say “oh we solved it. Now on to subplot B!” No, they show how the murder is solved and they show arresting the killer and they explain why and how it happened.

        This. Does. Not. Mean. I. Want. A. Sex. Scene. It means that in the month between Hole in the Heart and Change in the Game, apparently all the conflicts between B&B that existed all season long were resolved. They got out of the whole they were buried in. We don’t know how or why or what they think or feel about where they are now. We just know they got out.

        The story of season 6 was not resolved. It went from climax to…tune in next season. It is perfectly understandable for viewers to feel a sense of unease – it is how any audience would feel reading or seeing a story that did not provide falling action and resolution.

        Now, I understand HH’s need for a “cliffhanger” and “subverting the Curse” but that doesn’t mean I am any less perplexed and unsatisfied by a story that wasn’t completely told.

        Season 6 is done. I hope season 7 is better. But for pity’s sake – it’s okay for us not to be thrilled with the finale. Just because WHAT happened is positive (B&B together, baby) doesn’t mean the WAY it happened is satisfactory from a story telling perspective.

      • Barbara,

        I’ve got a completely serious question to ask.

        The examples you give of stories being resolved (like Aliens, the case each week) are all stories that finished. You wouldn’t have wanted to not see the last minutes of Aliens, wouldn’t want them to skip over how the case is solved. (Good examples, by the way.)

        But to make the parallel back to this season, this would be the end of B&B story. You’re complaining about not seeing the end of their story.

        So…are you saying that you would have seen the parts of the story we didn’t get, even if it was the end of the show? If you had a choice between what we’ve got now, and getting the resolution/explanation you wanted (a scene, perhaps, where we see how they resolved whatever their differences were that you see, and kiss, and agree they’re going to be a couple), as the end of the show, would you rather have had that? (For TCitG to have been the last ep ever, but for it to have given you the parts of the story you’re missing?)

        If so, that’s absolutely fine. I’ve heard others say that, in fact, and I think they mean it: they’d rather have seen the show end, right now, as things are, than to have been left wondering about exactly how it all went down. It just feels to me like that’s what you’re saying, with your examples about the ends of stories – that this was the end of the story, and they skipped over it.

        I suspect that part of the problem is exactly that – that fans viewed what was missing as the end of the story, while HH/SN see it as the middle of the story in terms of B&B’s relationship, and included what they saw as important (to the story, which is not the same as what’s important to the characters.) I think they also wanted it not to be the end of the story, for obvious reasons.

        I don’t know. From a writing perspective, this all interests me, because maybe once an audience has decided what the point of a story is, and what the end point will be, perhaps there is no way for the writer to say, ‘no, actually, there’s more to the story yet.’

      • No, Ryn, it wouldn’t be the end of the B&B story.

        It would be the end of season 6.

        It would be the end of the story arc in which B&B were separated and then came together.

        When Brennan reconciled with Max and he was acquitted, was it the end of their story as father and daughter? No.

        When Cam adopted Michelle, was it the end of their story? No.

        When Hodgins and Angela got married, was it the end of their story? No.

        Look, I know the writers can do this. They did it in season 1. Season 1 was all about Booth and Brennan learning to work together and accept each other. That arc ended in The Woman in Limbo, when she dedicates her book to her Friend and Partner and Booth sees and accepts that dedication. Was their story over because THAT arc was resolved?

        Then we get the cliffhanger phone call launching the Brennan family arc for season 2.

        It’s not impossible to close out one season with resolution and still tease the audience to come back and since these writers have done it before, they obviously know how.

      • In response to some of Barbara’s comments, I’m not sure what you mean by conflicts between B&B this season. Not even Hannah caused conflict between B&B; at least they didn’t act like it did. I remember ED saying in an interview that we wouldn’t see fighting, but that we would see internal conflict, and that is what I believe was portrayed. There was a recognition of that in Blackout and a resolution for each one to overcome what was holding them back, and I think those specific things were resolved.

        I think we didn’t see a lot of other things being resolved because there may not have been that many things we resolved as we might think. That might be the premise of what happens in S7. Just because they got together doesn’t mean they know a lot of things. I think what they are sure of is that they recognize what they mean to each and other and want to give themselves a chance. Brennan previously said no to a chance to avoid pain, and realized that it caused both of them pain anyway. I think they have this need to explore what they can be since they have realized their feelings aren’t going anywhere. Also, they are able to view having a baby together with happiness even among other feelings, and that lets me know that they know they want to do this together. I think this relieves some of the pressure of assuming things happened that we didn’t know about, because I can imagine that it’s possible that those things may not have happened but that they still got together.

        I choose to ignore SN’s porn comments, and hope that if it was HH answering that question he wouldn’t have put it so indelicately. Sometimes I wonder if the intense fandom which has proven to be unnecessarily negative many times (esp. this year) has hardened them a little bit in their responses. Like they’re a little more defensive because they always get flak about every little thing that they do. But I choose to accept their idea of focusing on emotional acceptance versus physical consummation, because in my eyes, they did show the emotional acceptance. Because that’s really what was keeping B&B apart all this time. So like rynogeny pointed out, I can definitely see that as being important to the story they are telling us, but the physical aspect is just important to B&B, even if it would have made some of the fans happy, including myself.

        Everybody has a right to their opinion, and this is mine. Well, mostly mine, because I agree a lot with rynogeny. I just don’t want to be accused of rationalizing something that was wrong in someone else’s opinion, or drinking HH’s kool-aid. I can view the story from the writers’ perspective and be satisfied. It’s true that some of the things they do are because it’s a TV program and they have to play by some of those rules (like not making a season finale feel like a series finale), but overall, I think they’re telling the story how they want it to be told, and I can still follow it.

      • C-Bones, of course everybody has a right to their opinion!

        Frankly, what I’m sensing when it comes to discussions of whether or not people like the finale is a lot of condescension.

        “You have every right to feel disappointed” *pats head* “But the problem is YOU. You just don’t get it. The show was brilliant, what happened was brilliant and if you miss the brilliancy, it’s because YOU have a preconceived notion of what should be shown and YOU don’t understand that it’s not your story to tell.”

        Yeah, I do understand that it’s not my story. I get that it’s Hart’s story. I think he did a poor job of telling it this year. It doesn’t mean I don’t “get” it, it means I think he did a poor job of telling it.

        Hart should be on his knees thanking this fandom, because whatever he throws at the wall, we fall all over ourselves trying to make stick. I include myself in that statement.

        This entire blog is a testament to our willingness to mine and parse and analyze the show to death. I think Sarah has proved day after day that she Gets It. She gets what the show is about.

        Getting it doesn’t mean surrendering all expectations that it will be a well-written, entertaining product. Most of season 6 was neither of those things, and rather than deal with that mess, the writers held up a big shiny distraction in the form of a surprise pregnancy.

        This doesn’t mean I hate the show or won’t watch next season, it just means I recognize that they didn’t do a very good job this year.

      • Barbara,

        I’m really sorry you felt like I was being condescending. I assure you, that was never my intent.

        Seeing other sides to things, other points of view, is hugely important to me, and something I spend much of my life doing (even in my job). It’s not automatic, sometimes I have to work for it (such as with this show) but for ME, doing so sometimes allows me to enjoy something I previously hadn’t. And then I try to share those thoughts with others, because my understanding is that’s what we do here. And I try to do it respectfully because I do recognize that everyone does have differing opinions. (I’m sorry – am I not allowed to say that, either?)

        I believe what I believe, but never, ever assume I’m right and everyone else is wrong. Never. And I try to say that, in nearly ever comment, every post, because I don’t want people to think I’m trying to tell them what to think or feel.

        Whatever you intend, the message I’m getting from you is that you’re unhappy and don’t want to hear from those with a different view. Since seeing other points of view is where I live most of the time…I don’t think there’s any way for me not to upset you.

        Since others tell me they enjoy dialoging with me – including those who vehemently disagree with me – I’m going to continue commenting but please feel free to ignore me.

        That’s the best I can offer, because I sincerely never meant to sound condescending to you or to anyone else, and thus can’t guarantee I won’t in the future. And that is absolutely the last thing in the world I want to do.

      • I hope I haven’t come across as condescending, because I certainly don’t think people have to “get” anything just because others say so. We may watch the show for different reasons, and that could affect how we see things.

        Did the BONES team do a good job this year? That is the question.
        I can tell from your response that your answer is (probably) no. But I still think it’s a subjective question. And to me there’s not a simple answer. There are a lot of factors to consider – the writing, the acting, the character storylines, the cases. To be honest, I wouldn’t say this is their best year of writing, but there was some unbelievably stellar acting going on. Your response makes me feel like if I don’t think they did a horrible job at telling their story, I’m putting up all this effort to “fix” it to make it work, like I’m falling down at the altar of HH, completely accepting of everything he does. I think there’s middle ground there. When I don’t like something, I just have a different reaction, that’s all. And when I say it’s his show, it’s not to be snarky. It’s to remind myself not to get myself all stressed out about something that I don’t have control over. It’s really just the reality of the situation. I’m probably preaching to the choir on this last point, because I could almost swear you’ve made the same point, too.

        This year just made me think harder about what this story is really all about. I had to evaluate whether I had expectations I picked up along the way that were never actually given to me. I had to evaluate what was given to me on what to expect and judge the show based on that. At the end of the day, I concluded that I really don’t think they’ve strayed from their MO. That kind of consistency and actually having a game plan is enough for me, at least right now. I’m still entertained, I still love the characters, and right now, I still love the show. I appreciate all the thought-provoking discussions here on BT, but sometimes I feel like I get carried away in analyzing things to the point of where I forget that this is a TV show whose main purpose is entertainment. People are either entertained or they aren’t. And you can be entertained at one point, but no longer entertained, and it’s not a bad reflection on that person at all.

        Even though in one way I think things could have been done differently, I don’t actually know what I would have done to make it different and better. There are some things certain people wanted to see that I’m glad we didn’t see – Booth still pining for Brennan and not trying to move on, Booth dumping Hannah for Brennan, some kind of fight, pettiness, grudges. I’m content with a lot of the choices they made when I consider the alternatives. I guess that’s where we are different, because perhaps you have your vision of things going differently and working out perfectly. HH is and will always be a better show runner than me, even when he’s not at his best. This show has run long enough to have its ebbs of highs and lows, and while this season probably had some of its lowest lows, it also had some of its highest highs. Maybe I have too much optimism in the future, that this show isn’t on some downward spiral, because then this blog would no longer be relevant and the only thing we would be discussing is where it all went wrong. 😦

      • And C-Bones, no I most certainly do not have a vision of things working out perfectly. I do not understand how saying that the writing was poor this season = I want everything to work out perfectly.

        Resolving conflicts does not mean everything works out perfectly. Bullet in the Brain was a fully realized episode with the conflict “who is the sniper and what is his motive” resolved, even though Broadksy got away, thus NOT ending everything perfectly.

        I think you are intepreting my use of “conflict” to mean characters merely disagreeing with each other. I am referring to the plot concept of “conflict’ – the thing that is moving the story along.

    • I don’t think I’m saying that I don’t want to hear from those who have a different point of view. If that were the case…I’d just stop reading. I’m saying “please stop telling me why I feel the way I feel.”

      You say that’s not what you intend but post after post you reference people’s preconceived notions…which, IMO, is telling me how I feel.

      And not just telling me how I feel, but then invalidating those feelings by saying essentially – it’s all your fault. Nothing is wrong with the product, it’s you who has failed as an audience member.

      I firmly believe that it is OK to not love everything about a show, book, movie. You can still be a fan and say “you know, that just didn’t work”.

      I also think it’s okay to say “I get what I am supposed to take away from this work, but I don’t think the creator did a good job of showing it to me.”

      I still think a pregnancy for Brennan is a dubious plot decision. You thought the same thing a few weeks ago, Rynogeny. I’m glad you were able to do a 180 and embrace it so wholeheartedly in a relatively short amount of time. I don’t have such a steep learning curve or your particular insight or what have you.

      • Okay, maybe not working out perfectly. But I know you are a writer, and you know how a story works. If you have an idea of how things could have been handled differently this season, you would have a better idea of how. I was saying I, not being a writer and with limited vision, didn’t know what would have made it better. Based on what I’ve read from you, though, I wouldn’t have been surprised if I would have greatly preferred your version. One day we’ll get you on the BONES writing team. Hannah in theory was what I was okay with – Hannah on the show was a pain to put up with.

        ” the writing was poor this season = I want everything to work out perfectly”
        I wasn’t saying those two statements were equal. This blog is a tricky thing, because people can make similar comments but with different tones. Since I’ve read a lot of your other comments, I knew that wasn’t what you meant. This isn’t your point, but why would I be bothered that you want everything to work out perfectly? I know I do! I can only wish! Even if I have a different idea on what that means. And I don’t think I said anything that contradicted what you said about the writing. But since I misunderstood what you meant by conflict, I could be misunderstanding what you mean about the writing. There’s the writing of the episodes done by different writers, and then the writing of the series as a whole that creates this cohesive story. I’m guessing that you’re thinking they were both lacking this season? I hate to agree only because it’s my favorite show, but there’s a lot of truth to that based on what we know BONES can give us and has given us. I guess in my opinion it wasn’t so bad, or maybe it was that the latter half redeemed itself enough, so that my enjoyment of the show as a whole wasn’t totally shot to the ground.

        I’d rather hear your comments than some others about what you were displeased with because I know you aren’t unreasonable. It keeps me balanced on my views so that I’m not just drinking HH’s kool-aid.

      • I have never, ever, suggested that it’s a requirement to like everything a show, book or movie does. Never. I don’t believe that and people who pay attention to the things I say are quire aware that there are things that don’t work for me, that will never work for me, about the show.

        In fact, what I said yesterday that got me accused of being condescending was pretty much a reflection of that – that people see and experience things differently. So I’m clearly screwed regardless.

        But my basic operating assumption for MYSELF is that if I don’t like something – especially if I really, really hate it – discussing it with others and thinking about other ways of viewing whatever it is sometimes allows me to see it in a different light, and enjoy it, or at least not to hate it so much.

        I prefer to enjoy the show, so, until now, at least, have tried to share my thinking about alternative ways of viewing things in the hopes of helping others to enjoy it too. I’m sorry that’s a problem, am more sorry that I’m viewed as being condescending in sharing those thoughts, especially when I’ve tried very not to be disrespectful and to never sound like I’m automatically right. But apparently even affirming that I know there’s no ‘right’ puts me in the wrong with you.

        It’s a psychological reality that what we expect to see influences what we do see, and I find it useful in MY thinking about the show, for ME, to try and be aware of what I expected, and that, too, I’ve tried to draw attention to. Not because I want people to see things the way I do – people who know me know that’s decidedly not true – but because I have had this misguided idea that maybe others would actually like to find a way to make peace with things they didn’t like, and I think that’s most likely to happen by trying to have an open mind about other views of whatever it was.

        (Just to be clear: not my views. I’m not, in any way, shape, form, size, color, or fashion saying that I have the answers for liking the show, for anyone. I’m saying that for ME, discussing the show with people who have a different take on things has more than once allowed me to change my mind about something I was really unhappy over, and that’s why I share alternative views. Not because I think my answers will work for anyone else, but because I think sometimes, really thinking about other views can change ours, even if we don’t agree with the people who shared their views.)

        I get that that’s not always the case, that there are things that are simply never going to work for us – sometimes to the point that we stop watching a show altogether. And sometimes, we just learn to live with things we hate. There are things I’m still desperately unhappy over from S6, which I suspect I’m going to have to live with. I’ve not often shared those things because I’ve not seen others talking about them, and thus don’t see the point. But trust me, they’re there.

        As to my feelings about the pregnancy arc…you’re right. I didn’t want them to go there. But I see no point in spending the summer being upset about it, and so started trying to work my way around to accepting it – by listening to what they’re saying about why they went that way, and thinking about how it might work to tell interesting stories that I’ll enjoy seeing.

        I’m still not completely enthusiastic about it. I’d just rather spend my time thinking about how it could be good and interesting than being angry that they did something with their story that I didn’t want to see them do. I’m sorry that’s a problem.

      • I started responding to this conversation thread last night and scrapped my reply because I decided there was no way I could say what I wanted to say without coming across as a jerk. But I would like to try and say something now, and I really hope I don’t end up sounding like a jerk, because that’s not my intention.

        Judging the creative quality of a person’s writing (for TV or print) is something that always has been and always will be subjective. Writing style, storytelling, reality vs. fantasy, happy ending vs. sad, etc. etc., etc. – what we expect out of our creative media, what makes us happy or mad or sad – it’s all a matter of taste and perspective. What one person thinks is crap for the garbage heap is another person’s treasure. And that’s okay. We’re allowed to disagree. We do it here all the time and that’s a large part of what makes Bones Theory such an interesting place to be.

        But sometimes it’s extremely difficult to accurately determine tone when all you can see are words on a computer screen. I’ve seen more than one online conversation turn nasty because people misunderstood another person’s meaning or intentions. I don’t think any of us are purposely trying to be mean or judgmental here, we’re simply passionate about this show and therefore passionate when it comes to arguing our opinions about what happens.

        It’s no secret that I like this storyline and that I think how it went down is a stroke of brilliance on the part of Evil Genius and Co., Inc. I just liked it. I did (and it has nothing to do with drinking HH’s kool-aid). Quite frankly, it made the evil not-quite-genius inside of ME very happy. And for the most part, I liked season six. Was it different from earlier seasons? Sure. Was it painful to watch at times? Heck yes! But I like that about a show. I like character evolution. Were there things I didn’t like about season six? Of course. Do I choose to try and put a positive spin on the things I didn’t like? Yes, because it makes me happier and a whole lot less stressed out (as C-bones pointed out, this IS just a TV show). And I’m not going to apologize for any of that. Just like those of you who are disappointed shouldn’t have to apologize for feeling cheated.

        Just remember that we argue because we love…and because we love to argue. 🙂

  12. From the first minute I saw Booth’s little smile when Brennan cuddled up next to him at VNM’s memorial, I joined Team Did. Then all you meanies here on BT with all your rational thoughts and plausible scenarios had me reconsidering my certitude (which is my new go-to word) until I didn’t know which uniform to buy.

    But I’ve decided to take a stand and send in my admission fee for Team Did.

    1. The Brennan and Angela conversation, especially the smiles – Brennan’s coy version before Hodgins so rudely interrupted our eavesdropping on her and Angela’s little tete a tete and Angela’s I’m-so-happy-for-you-guys-I-could-just-bust versions when Broadsky was captured and at the VNM memorial.

    2. Booth’s smile/expression when Brennan put her arm through his at the memorial. I’m using the timeline that the memorial happened the night after Broadksy’s capture. When Brennan walks up carrying the plant, that was the first time B&B had seen each that day, after the emotion of the night before. There’s a look shared between them, a smile they give each other, after Cam’s bitchy comment is shot down by Angela. And he’s watching her when everyone is sharing their Vincent-trivia. But, they’re not standing next to each other and they don’t touch until the hearst drives away and she comes to him and goes arm in arm. And he looks at their arms entwined and smiles, because she’s not running away from what happened between them. And he’s still smiling when they turn as a couple and follow the others, as a couple.

    3. Their ease and comfort with each other during CitG. The vibes Max picks up. The “you can be my girlfriend/Fine!” That kiss on the cheek, followed by that ogling, accompanied by that great Brennan chuckle. That all just screams “I know what your private parts look like.” There’s just none of that awkwardness that follows sex that is followed by the ‘that never should have happened and we will never do it again’ conversation.

    4. Booth’s reaction to the pregnancy. That wasn’t the look of a man who found out he’s going to be a test-tube father. And the only time I can see these two having unprotected sex is the night when comfort became physical.

    So for me, the night of VNM’s death was the birth of the B&B couple.

    And I agree with Angelena about giving ED a miscarriage script so soon after giving birth. How awful and thoughtless. I hope the writers aren’t even thinking such thoughts while she’s pregnant.

    I’m hoping to get my Team Did membership packet in the mail any day now. I was told there’s be a free secret decoder ring included.

    • yep yep yep.

      These are all the reasons I was/am on Team Did. Thanks for reminding me. Sometimes I feel like I over think this stuff… we were clearly led to believe that they did, and it was clarified with the pregnancy announcement. Simple.

    • This is exactly how I think it went down, including that they’ve been humping like bunnies since THE NIGHT but that only had unprotected sex on THE NIGHT, b/c they are responsible adults.

      Also agree re: miscarriage story line and ED. I would think that would be difficult for anyone.

    • So, so totally with you! I knew they had the minute she held his arm and he smiled. He was overjoyed that she had chosen him all the way and not compartmentalized after their night together. His reaction was one of relief and sheer happiness, a reaction that would have been out of place if all they had done was cuddled or talked. Lets face it, conversations and hugs have been a plenty between them; what happened that morning had to be very powerful to elicit that little shy look and smile, not to mention Angela’s over-the top face. Besides, it makes sense this was the one time that protection wouldn’t have been used because they were exhausted and drained. And the kiss in the bowling alley-yup, they’ve been at it ever since. Sign me up for all of the Team Did (and then some) memorabilia!

  13. BoBo Baby? That cracked me up 🙂 Love it!

    My head is all messed up from having read so much fanfic over the last few weeks, I don’t know what to believe anymore. After the ep, I was definitely on Team Did…but also believe that cool focused Booth would have waited till after getting Broadsky. Although…the thought of comfort sex makes complete sense to me at that stage too. Totally organic.

    Was it just once? No way. Was it insemination? You’ve got to be kidding me. It could be Walter’s – that’s why she clarified it. nsjfhruhvdkvjd WTF? And thank you for your comment about miscarriage. Why viewers can’t just take this in their stride without needing to look for an ‘out’ for the act that occured staggers me. It’s much more fun to role with the punches.

    Kind of reminds me of the time when Booth ditched the pregnancy announcements to go have sex with Hannah, and people decided that he was lying and was actually heading off to do some undercover work. Unbelievable.

  14. Crap, I forgot to check the email box.

  15. About the alternate to a “normal” pregnancy storyline, I have heard a couple options.

    1. Another dream
    2. Miscarriage

    1. Dream: Well we have seen it before between Booth and Brennan, the shared coma dream reality. Could this be another sort of shared dream they had that night of VNM’s passing when the cuddled only? (haha go team!) Perhaps since they were “in bed” together, that new closeness opened up a new dream they shared and when we get to season 7…they go oops! Gotcha! I’m just saying it is possible as we have some seriously evil geniuses that could go there if they wanted to! You just never know with Bones do you?

    2. Miscarriage–You know, I could see them doing that. They are not afraid to have the main characters go through heart break, and this would be the ultimate for two people who have basically just “found” each other. It would make them face a lot of things. We saw the Gravedigger and VNM shot right in front of our eyes pretty graphically and I think the writers, and our own wonderful DB and ED could go there. And make it real. I don’t think we have to worry about it being flippant or done wrong, I think we might disagree on things from time to time, but on serious subjects, Bones usually gets it right. So I would be fairly confident they could handle that storyline in an appropriate manner.

    3. B&B baby-So there is really a 3rd option, and they may go there too, who knows! I am not as completely opposed as I was right after the finale, so I might be able to handle it!

    • bb, Stephen Nathan has given interviews to the media and specifically stated that it is not a dream. So you can cross that off the list.

      • Ok, thanks for the heads up Barbara! This is why I am glad for this blog, I never see all this extra footage/information.

        What I am wondering though is if they say there are no “dreams” per se, what if they have some other secret, evil way of making it not real? Like the last time was a “coma/writing a book” thing, that I’d never heard of before…so they took the traditional dream plot and Bones’d it up! Could those crazy evil writers have another alternate reality thing up their sleeves? I wouldn’t put it past ’em!

  16. OK I’m very firmly entrenched in the it was not just a one time thing. I think from that night after Vincent was killed forward they were a couple. I still think that they didn’t actually make love the first night (but if we ever find out they actually did I can live with that) , instead he held her as she cried, then they talked, discussed what was happening between them and decided that they did want to be together…they were both ready for that stage of their relationship. Then the next night after the lime in the coconut send off is when they made love for the first time.

    I think they were way too comfortable with each other in Change for it to have been a one time thing. If they had slept together just one time and either didn’t discuss again, or decided it was too soon for that…whatever would have cause them not to do it again; they would have been awkward with each other in that scene where Booth has to spell it out for her that people go to that area of the bowling alley for ‘sexual liaiason’. Instead they appeared to me to be very comfortable with that…actually I just loved the way they were there, and in the diner with Max. All of it indicated to me that they were really a couple and no two people who had a one night stand. Not with knowing these two characters.

    And hey as for the look on Booth’s face when she first told him; before the smile took over. I say they did use birth control every time. It just failed. That’s why the stunned look.

    • I agree. The stunned look is pretty typical, I think. Even among couples who are trying, it’s still a shock when you hear it. Or maybe he’s thinking..

      “What? But we always used…oh wait, did we? What about that time when?”

      And it’s really only a couple seconds that he’s stunned anyway.

      • I like to call that expression the “What? Whoa… Wow!” look. 🙂

      • Hahaha, I love the stunned look. It was very real to me. Just like my husband with our first. I thought he was gonna pass out.

  17. All this discussion makes me think I have to go back and watch HitH and CitG. Bones fandom can be so-o difficult. ;-D

  18. I really don’t understand all this Team stuff going on right now. I have been married 12 years and I can definitely tell you that when life seems the blackest, you automatically reach out to the person closest to you. You just do. “Comfort sex” is a really demeaning way to put it. If I never read that term again, it would be too soon. Am I to believe that reaching out to my husband in the middle of the night the day my sweet nephew passed away made it ugly? Did it insult his memory? No. We are human we need to reaffirm our bonds and ties and the beauty of life in the dark times. Life is beautiful and fragile. So why is it so bad for B&B? I think it isn’t fair to judge them so harshly.

    And I have two cents about the ‘how could two adults “forget protection” issue’. Sometimes your preferred choice are the the pills. And sometimes those pills just don’t work… hence, my first two beautiful children. Just sayin’, lol 🙂

    • Hi Alison!

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but here are my thoughts. First of all, the “team” thing is just for fun, a quick easy way to let the blogosphere kind of know where you stand.

      Personally, I’m not saying “comfort sex” is a bad thing or something to be ashamed of at all. I’m just thinking in the context of the show and situation, that the focus and rest needed to be on top of your game to get an experienced sniper is something that would have caused them to wait until that was resolved. Then they could relax and do whatever they wanted to do. 🙂 My statements are not to imply that you or anyone else would be wrong in having that experience whatsoever. Just that in this specific situation on this TV show, I feel they would have waited until Broadsky was killed before “going there”. Does that make sense?

      • I see your point, I just think that people rarely do what they “should” do. Yeah, Brennan told Booth he needed his rest to get Broadsky, but in the paradigm of the events of the show it is not a contradiction to me that they would veer away from what they knew they should do. It’s real. Like Alice says: “I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.”

        Anyway, I love lurking here. I am a SAHM with a Psychology degree so the cerebral exercise here is much appreciated!

      • bb, I agree that the “team did it” and “team didn’t do it” is just a fun way to get through the summer. Since we are probably never going to know for sure, we will just have to figure it out for ourselves. Some will be comforatable with one view some with the other. Neither side will be “wrong” because HH is not going to tell us, the devil.

      • Alison you make a very valid point and I definitely understand that they could throw all logic out the window to be together that night…but I guess I’m just thinking the danger quotient. If Booth is sleeping with his gun at his side, ordering Brennan away from windows, for all they know Broadsky is watching them from somewhere. Maybe I’m putting my personal thoughts into this but I’m thinking they’d want to wait till the danger was past before…things. 🙂 hehe But that’s the good thing about this site, we can all have these different thoughts, and its OK!

      • I never considered them to be in great danger after Broadsky took his shot in the lab. It was a high tension situation, for sure, but I think it was general safety a bit heightened. If Brennan was in so much danger, that probably meant the team was in danger. But Booth would have said something to that effect in the meeting they were all there for. He just told them to go home and work on the case the next day. He wanted Brennan to come over because he knew that Brennan would need more comfort. Brennan will hold herself together in public, and will often to struggle with something alone later. He just wanted to be available so she could come to him. Going into the bedroom was a big move for Brennan, but telling Brennan she was staying at his place was a big move for Booth, and she wouldn’t have been able to make that move unless he made his. But the way he told/asked her made me think her being close by was for him as well because it would give him peace of mind (the demand was in the words, the question was in his eyes.)

      • And even if they did think they were in danger (which…Booth isn’t sleeping with a gun for nothing, so that element is there) being in danger would seem to me to only increase the sense of urgency.

        Broadsky is very determined to kill Booth and very nearly did. It was a fluke that Booth handed the phone to Vincent. Booth could have handed his own phone to Vincent, or handed the phone to Brennan or held both phones. B&B have to know that.

        So if you think you might die later that day, and you’re in bed with the person you love…are you going to think “we’ll do it later, for sure, assuming I/you don’t get killed” or would you be thinking “now or never.”

      • I am not so sure that Booth thought that they were in real danger in his apartment because Brodsky had to have thought that Booth was the one who had been killed. Booth was the one wiith the phone and didn’t know that Booth had given the phone to Vincent. Sure Booth wasn’t taking any chances and had his gun ready to use; but, if he thought that there was a real chance that Brodsky would show up at his apartment, I think he would have stayed at Brennan’s place. I agree with Barbara about the now or never part. In their moment of fear about the future, they may have just let their walls down and admitted that they loved each other and this may be their only night together. Booth was going after a trained killer and even though Booth is good, it had the potential to turn out badly and Brennan and Booth knew it. Just a thought.

      • It’s interesting to me, you all mentioning Booth with his gun in the bedroom as an indicator of danger, because honestly, I didn’t bat an eye when he grabbed the gun. To me, him having that right next to his bed was more in character than him locking it in the safe next to his front door immediately upon entering the house. For me, him doing THAT was a huge plot device, although I will admit, that safe was pretty cool

        Booth is a cop. He’s a sniper. This is a guy who knows guns. He has lived with guns for, I think it’s safe to assume, his entire adult life, if not the majority of his life. Pops was in the Army, I don’t think it’s too far outside of the realm of imagination to picture him teaching both Booth and Jared how to safely handle firearms. Booth can probably strip and reassemble a sniper rifle (or any other gun in his arsenal) with a blindfold on. He goes to the firing range to blow off stress. He carries at least one backup weapon, and probably has more, and we’ve never seen him bat an eye at being handed a new gun. He just rolls with it.

        Guys who have such an intimate relationship with firearms do not lock their guns in a safe at night. They may keep the majority of their collection locked in a cabinet when not in use, but having one readily available in a nightstand is not something unexpected.

        And before anyone says “but, Parker goes to his house, of course he’d lock up all his guns!” I imagine Rebecca would hate it, but I can see Booth teaching Parker to be responsible about guns, that they are not toys and how to safely handle one. When Parker was little, I’m sure they were locked up, out of reach or in Booth’s direct control whenever Parker was around, but he’s older now, and old enough to learn about gun safety; and especially considering that his dad his a cop and solider, it’d be weird if Parker wasn’t curious about guns.

        So, while I’m sure that Booth would prefer that Parker not lead the kind of life he has led, and he certainly doesn’t glorify his job as a soldier or cop to Parker, I can totally see him teaching his son how to handle firearms safely and responsibly.

        So yeah, sorry, that went on a bit of a tangent, but yeah, I don’t see Booth with the gun next to him as any kind of indicator of more danger, or a fear of more danger. He’s edgy, yes, but that’s to be expected. I’m sure the events of the day were in the back of his mind, but if he’d been really worried about the team I think he would have kept them locked in a bunker or somethng. He told Brennan to stay away from the windows, half an hour after saying Broadsky used a thermal imaging camera to shoot into the lab. And remember, Broadsky used the thermal camera to spy into the bathroom during Killer in the Crosshairs. so he could get his target. If Broadsky had really wanted to take them out, he could have without much trouble.

    • I have also been married for a long time and agree with your thoughts on reaching out and reaffirming bonds. That is what I believe B/B were doing. I know some people are critical of it b/c they were not in an “established” relationship, and it stretched logic for that kind of re-affirmation between them didn’t make sense. My response is that they were in an established relationship, albeit without sex. I didn’t see it as too much of a stretch.

  19. First up, Sarah, thanks for what you said about the miscarriage storyline. As someone who has had that experience in real life, seeing people suggest that Brennan should have a miscarriage is, quite frankly, upsetting. I wouldn’t wish a miscarriage on anyone – not even a fictional character, and while it is certainly a legitimate and realistic storyline that can and should be used in certain situations (with the appropriate level of sensitivity), it’s still not something that should be addressed as a hypothetical in such a cavalier fashion. Okay, I’ll step off my soapbox now and actually answer your question.

    The short answer: Yep! Booth shot a hole in one baby!

    The long answer: I’ve always been on team “yes they did it that night” (or morning, if you prefer), although I was willing to concede to the fact that I might be wrong. Personally, Brennan’s pregnancy was all the confirmation I needed that it (the sex AND the actual knocking up) happened that night.

    What I wasn’t sure about coming out of The Hole in the Heart, though, was their relationship status. Looking back on the episode post-Change in the Game (and after multiple re-watches of both episodes), though, I think I can comfortably say that I believe B&B had to have come to some kind of understanding following that first “encounter” – and that’s good enough for me. Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me if they had sex just that one night or every night, lunch break, and three times on Sunday afternoons between The Lime in the Coconut and the pregnancy announcement as long as they were comfortable and confident with the way things stood between them.

    I’m also on team “they didn’t use contraception that night but would have thereafter.” I’m not discounting the possibility that contraception could have failed, I just don’t think that’s what we’re supposed to believe happened given the timeline (see my comment upstream) and the way things were set up. I think we’re meant to believe that it happened that night in a totally unexpected and utterly emotional moment of passion. Honestly, Booth’s surprise at Brennan’s announcement is completely believable in either circumstance. No matter how well you understand the risks involved, no one really BELIEVES that their one “oops” will actually produce a baby (I didn’t – *grins sheepishly*)…until it happens to them. 😉

    • Steph, I was firmly planted on Team Didn’t, until that back and forth you and I had a day or two before the finale, at which point, I started changing my mind. And in light of the finale, I’m with you on both the nookie and conception having happened that night. But my personal take is, while them coming together in bed may have started out as an act of comfort with him pulling her into his arms and holding her, I think there was probably a moment after she calmed down when it went beyond comfort and became something more.

      And I agree with you about the contraception issue and that we are supposed to believe it was finally their MOMENT, and in the heat of that moment them being so caught up in each other that thoughts of anything but what’s happening between them going right out the window.

      I can also imagine them having a slightly awkward “what are the odds?” conversation in the light of morning, or perhaps the next night. Because I can’t imagine them going back to not having sex once the dam finally broke; and contraception is surely going to come up. And they were very comfortable in each others’ space in Change In the Game. Not that they haven’t been comfortable in each others’ space in the past, but it was just… I don’t know, different somehow. I’m not quite sure how to articulate it. But I re-watched both eps last night on TNT and I was hyper aware of how comfortable they were in each others’ space after the night in Booth’s apartment.

      • I think I was hyper aware of their comfortableness in each other’s space because it had been missing this season. Which is part of the reason why I think that was deliberate. Would we really have been able to appreciate the shift in that regard otherwise? Some of us were like dry desert plants about to die hoping to soon be refreshed by some B&B closeness. Okay, that might be slightly hyperbolic, but it was a welcome sight to see, nonetheless.

    • Sign me up for Team Did!
      I wasn’t sure after Hole in the Heart, but with the pregnancy reveal, I just can’t help but feel as though of all the times in the 2-3 weeks (thanks for the timeline Stephanie and Barbara!) they would have made love (and they would have, many many times IMO, hahaha!), that would have been the one night/early morning that they probably wouldn’t have thought about birth control.

      That’s my 2 cents. 🙂

  20. Ok, I’m still team DTNBPtNAWBGB, but we all know from the past that Booth likes his ‘afternoon delight’, so maybe they went back to his place, released all that pent up energy, then met up again that evening. Hense, why he knew she would come. They didn’t show up together, because they didn’t want anyone to know. That leads to the idea that when she grabs his arm, it really was after thay did it.

  21. I definately am in the camp of after VNM death and before the next morning. I’d guess morning. I agree though that contraception failed or they forgot the first time. Now, if knowingly failed I’d like to think Bones would have used Plan B, but that’s just me. For me, there are 2 looks that say it happened in that period – 1. the looks they gave each other at the funeral, but 2. the look Booth had when staring out the window the next morning and Brennan staring at the skull. Brennan was more in the remembering every little thing, but Booth definately had a bit of the “what the heck just happened and where do we stand” look.

    I think that once Brennan took his arm at the funeral, she comforted him by not running away. The funny thing about Change was that for once Booth and B&B weren’t denying they were a couple to Max. Brennan also likes to play pretend in undercover, hence the “hey I already am your girlfriend” look followed by fiance Wanda. Also, the “affection, I really can’t get more affectionate these days” look when Max suggests a kiss. Hurrah for B&B silent conversations back again.

  22. I’m starting a new group. It’s called They-Did-It-After Vincent-Nigel-Murray-Died but Before-Singing-Lime-In-The-Coconut (TDIAVNMDbBSLITC)! You can still be part of Team DTNBPtNAWBGB! I honestly don’t know if they did it right after that scene in bed. I keep changing my mind. I don’t think they had sex before VNM died. We know they haven’t had sex before the Blizzard episode because they talk about how great sleeping together would be and I’ve seen no evidence that they would have slept together after that point but before VNM died.

    • Natbor, I like to the think the arm grab and looks at each other mean, “Hey you, you’re comin’ over to my place tonight and let’s do this thang.” So I’m thinking it all went down AFTER VNM’s passing and AFTER the funeral scene. THEN it all Changed the Game. Boom. Roasted. 🙂

      • Oops, I meant after the VNM sadness and after the Broadsky hunt, but BEFORE the funeral. Whew! Sorry its been a crazy day! 🙂 I meant to say that the arm grab/looks at each other suggest that the relationship is now ON. Finally. And that its more than a one time thing. But still after Broadsky. Then “whoopie”! (Thanks Minnaloosh for that!)

  23. I do think they slept together before that scene when they sing Lime in the Coconut because of the looks they give each other. I think that smile Brennan gives makes me think that they have taken that next step. Whether or not that was before or after catching Broadsky- I haven’t figured that out yet!

  24. With all the Teams being built, I feel like I’m back in Harry Potter fandom, with the ship building going on in HPfGU. 🙂 It makes me giggle.

  25. I was on Team DEFINITELY DIDN’T, but I guess I was way wrong. So, I can’t really wrap my head around it and I don’t really have a good guess about how it happened, when it happened and if it happened more than once. Could season 7 start already?! 😉

    Anyway, I pretty much just wanted to say; amazing cartoon haha! I laughed out loud!

  26. I really don’t have an answer to this question. I can’t make up my mind one way or the other… or the other. One thing I do know is that SOMETHING happened. And I’m excited to see what is going to happen.

  27. As the actress herself is pregnant— I think it would be in extremely poor taste to have her character miscarry. I don’t think Hart Hanson would be so insensitive as to put her through that when she’s going through her own actual pregnancy or even shortly after the birth of her child.

    Just my 2 cents on that.

    And I firmly believe that the first time it happened was the night in HitH. I think it was one of those rare rare moments were Brennan was caught up in the moment and was too afraid to say something. And maybe she didn’t want to say something because… if I may be so blunt… she wanted the first time to be without barriers? For all they knew at that moment— it could have been the one and only time for them. Booth could have been killed by Broadsky the next day.

    And I don’t think it was a one night stand either and for multiple reasons.

    1.) SN said that by getting Brennan pregnant so quickly we would be missing out on that “new relationship glow and politeness”— and instead focusing on two very different people trying to build a life together. The word POLITENESS really stuck out for me when he said that. Because if you go back to CitG— what does Max say to Booth and Brennan in the diner? He says they were acting POLITE to one another. I take this as a hint that they are in the beginning of some kind of relationship. They in that polite stage that we miss out on.

    2.) Brennan gets really excited when Booth calls her his girlfriend in CitG. Granted he’s talking about them going undercover— but I got the feeling that it was the first time he’d thrown that word at her since they started knocking boots. She looked really really happy to hear him say that. IF it had just been a one night stand… I think they would be awkward around one another and Booth would certainly not be trying to get her to play his girlfriend undercover.

    3.) The awkwardness at the end of HitH wasn’t a “one nigh stand” kind of awkward. Would she really have taken him by the arm like that if it was? It was more of a new relationship “I’m so happy and giddy and I don’t know how to act around you now” kind of awkward.

    4.) You REALLY think they could do it once— and NOT again? Unless it was BAD— I don’t think that would be the case. Now that they broke the seal….

    5.) I don’t think they were clear about the relationship to us… because B&B were still not clear about their relationship. They were still trying to figure out what they were. How serious is their relationship? Its a new relationship… but they’ve know one another for years. Have already formed feelings for the other. I assume when Brennan has been dating someone for a month— typically it wouldn’t be serious. But with Booth? Its different. What is the pace of their relationship? How can you define it?

    6.) I think they kept it a secret just to mess with us. How do you give up six years of “will they won’t they”? You throw a “did they didn’t they”? at your audience!

    Just my thoughts…

  28. Before CitG aired, I was firmly in Team Beats the Heck Out of Me, (though I was leaning towards Team Did) but after seeing the finale, I became increasingly convinced of that, although I think you can make an argument for it happening after Vincent’s send off, and if people like that idea better, why not?

    But what I’m certain of is that they continued going there after that first time, and, are now a couple.

    To give this some context, I’ll note that, to me, they became a couple – sans sex – in Blizzard. Some of this goes back to what I said yesterday about my view of love, but I think the end of that episode, where they acknowledge that they will be a couple, and make a commitment to that…was, in fact, a commitment. I think they still had things to work out, but if two people agree that they belong together and make a promise for it to happen (at least two people with their history) …that’s pretty much saying, ‘this is what we are to one another.’)

    Plus, their dynamic shifts in the eps after that. We see them beginning to deal with things they’ll face as a couple.

    (I also think that for that to be the one episode in six seasons that HH does a live chat while it’s airing was hugely significant.)

    I guess what I’m saying is that when you have the view of love that I do, it makes sense to me that their becoming a couple could happen gradually and in stages, without the clear ‘yesterday we weren’t, today we are’ that people were expecting.

    And I think sex was sort of that last piece, that acknowledgement that ‘this is it, we’re here now.’ So that was the final commitment they were waiting on until he found his peace and she lost the last of her imperviousness. I’m still not sure of the former, but I think we saw her moving closer to that point in Feet, Silence, and finally in his bedroom. Admitting it matters to her what others think of her was part of it, but another part was trusting him to be there for her when her walls did come down.

    I know I’m being thick here, but I guess I’m not really sure what’s wrong with two people who love one another, who are committed to one another (even if you don’t see them as being in a committed relationship) to come together physically as a response to grief? Given who they are, and where they’ve clearly been headed since Blizzard (at the very least) I don’t think it lessens it or cheapens it in any way.

    I think they laid there for a while, maybe dozed a bit (well, Brennan, at least, given tears can make you tired) and then realized that it was time, that they wanted that between them. Maybe awareness of the risks he faced in hunting Broadsky played a role.

    Apart from those musings, here are the bits I think important in the rest of the ep and CitG in terms of their relationship:

    I think the most logical interpretation of Brennan’s smile when Angela asks ‘what happened?’ is that they went there, and it was ‘as advertised.’ Awesome, in other words.

    When the call comes in that Booth got Broadsky, Brennan and Angela share a look. Everyone there was worried, everyone there would know what it would do to Brennan if Broadsky had killed Booth, but the look Angela gives her says she knows it’s even more than that, now. That Brennan’s feeling even more than the others would have expected her to feel, because her relationship with Booth has changed. (Yeah, some of that’s a stretch, but that look means something, it’s too deliberate for it not to.)

    In the end scene, we have Booth’s quiet confidence that she’ll come, and the looks the two of them exchange while they’re talking about VNM. But I think what’s most important there is what the camera does when she takes his arm. I think it’s easy for us to miss camera shots, and that’s sort of the point – it’s all storytelling technique, so we don’t always notice whether two people are in the frame (we can see them both at the same time) or if it’s a face shot of just one of them, or even just their eyes. We just don’t pay attention. But here? The camera zooms in on her taking his arm, effectively shouting ‘this is IMPORTANT.’ When she takes his arm like that at the end of the 100th, we notice it, but here? The camera is literally yelling at us to pay attention to it.

    And Booth’s smile when she does? I don’t know when he found the peace he’d referred to in Blizzard, but that expression, when she takes his arm, sure looks to me like he’s found it. He’s content. Happy. Not in an over-the-moon way, but just …contentment.

    In CitG, some people have commented on how relaxed they seem talking about sex while at the crime scene, but I’m of mixed feelings on that. They do seem relaxed over it, but I’m not sure they wouldn’t have been, even if they weren’t yet together.

    But the scene with Max at the diner? When he suggests they go undercover, people have most often commented on Brennan’s reaction. But I think the biggest tell in the entire ep (well, until the last minute!) is Booth’s tone/expression when he says, ‘you can be my girlfriend.’ There’s amusement there, an in-joke between the two of them. If you assume they’re a couple and listen to him say it, it’s obvious that that’s exactly what the joke is: you’re my girlfriend, so…let’s have you go as my girlfriend.

    And Max? He knows. I think he knows right then, but later, when he baits them and Booth kisses her on the cheek? Watch Max’s face as he wheels away. It’s a very knowing smirk.

    As to the end…what makes the most sense to me about her saying, ‘you’re the father’ is that they’ve been using birth control, and it failed, and Brennan, being Brennan, needed to spell it all out. (To my great amusement, three days after this ep aired, my 31 year old niece told me she’s pregnant. She has a 3 month old son, is due in January, was on birth control…and as a nurse, she knows how to use it. Birth control fails more often than people want to know.)

    So I assume they did it that night after Vincent died, and again the night after Vincent’s send off, and then between the two eps. I don’t think they’re yet living with one another, because I don’t think either of them would see rushing into that as being important.

    • I always look forward to your comments. You should write some posts…oh wait, you have! (Any other thoughts you can turn into an essay? hint, hint)

      I share your view of love, and I also think B&B have it, so I have no problem with the recent canon. As Stephanie said earlier, I do feel as though we led to believe it happened the night Vincent died, and the conception happened then. But whether they continued we don’t really know. As others said, I don’t see why not.

      Maybe I’m weird but I’m okay with practically all the scenarios that have been presented here. That night or the one after. Forgotten protection or failed birth control. Just the one time (so far) or going at it like bunnies ever since. A clearly defined relationship or still working out the details. Whatever. I’m just happy because they’re happy.

      I also agree that the Blizzard episode made them inevitable as a couple, and confirmed to me that the love was still there. The fact that he was as excited as his “little boy” self about them trying again not long after Hannah speaks volumes. (Even in the 20th, Brennan said he had broken up with Hannah not that long ago.) He just wanted to work out some of his issues first and give it time. I guess that just goes to show true love can’t wait too long once it’s ready, lol.

      I love their giddiness in the diner with Max. It’s just so funny to me. I love how sweet that kiss was – not just the smooch itself but their smiles right before and after that to me spell love, followed by a not-so-sweet look by Booth, in front of her dad, no less. It’s hard for me to imagine that would happen after just one time. I guess it could come from making out a few times even if they haven’t gone there again, because Brennan’s actions could support that. Except I don’t think they support Booth’s reaction – that look and he made some kind of rough sound in his throat. (B&B having sex and making out? I feel like I’m in some alternate BONES universe saying that. I have to see it to believe it! haha, j/k)

      • Yep, all across the board. I will note that I don’t see the point in their making out but not making love again, not given who they are and their relationship.

        I guess for me it’s really more about their relationship than the sex. If they became a couple – in the way that people mean when they say that – in HitH, then I assume they had sex more than once.

        If they didn’t have sex but the one time, they’re not yet a couple, are still only moving in that direction.

        Those are the only two choices I can see, because I can’t imagine why they’d become a couple and then not be having sex.

        Since I think it’s clear they are a couple – from things like the camera focus on her taking his arm, to his tone when he says, ‘you can be my girlfriend’ – I assume they have sex more than that first time (whenever it was.)

        (And, er, thanks for your comment about my posts. LOL. Sometimes I can’t imagine why people don’t just run screaming when they see I’ve commented. But yes, I do have some posts in the pipeline.) 🙂

    • As you so often due, you’ve read my mind and then written it perfectly.

    • Ryn, I like the little moments you pointed out here from the two episodes. After re-watching them both (again) last night, I was really noticing the subtle (and not so subtle) things, and noticed the same moments you outlined. I agree with your assessments; they were all very significant moments. Especially Brennan’s grin and the look she shares with Angela after Booth captures Broadsky. Which makes me wonder how in the heck I was ever on Team Didn’t… 😛

      I love that you pointed out the camera work in HitH. You are so right about that screaming “PAY ATTENTION FOLKS, THIS IS IMPORTANT”. It couldn’t have been any more blatant if they’d put big red arrows flashing on the screen pointing at it and sounded a siren. 😉

      Also, I agree with you that they made a commitment to each other in Blizzard. That was definitely a “we’re waiting to take the next step until we’re both ready, but we are not going anywhere” kind of conversation.

    • I agree with you that their commitment to each other in Blizzard was just that — a commitment. They know the goal and have both been working towards that since then.

      I am back to Team Did, if not at 4:47 then within a few hours. I don’t have a problem with the timing so soon after VNM’s death. If they were a new couple in the just getting to know each other stage, it might bother me. But these two completely trust each other and know what the other needs as if they have been together for a very long time.

      They have been together ever since or they wouldn’t be so comfortable in the finale. After a few more viewings of each, I conclude that Brennan said ‘you’re the father’ more to fill the conversation vacuum while the news sunk in for Booth. It has more of a confidence to it now then it did when I first watched — as if Brennan is just stating facts that include his role and not out of some need to reassure him that there is no doubt of paternity or that she will let him be a part of his child’s life.

    • rynogeny, everything you said! Ijust recently found this site so I’m late! But, yes, I keep seeing people stuck on when they did the deed, if they are a couple and the whole bc issue. I agree with you assertion that they began working on becoming a couple after the blizzard episode. That episode was SO different than any other episode prior to it because they REALLY talked. They pretty much spelled it out. Booth even said – Booth! – “you know what we’re talking about here?” and Brennan DID. Some people are still hung up on Hannanh and think there needs to be closure. Nah. Closed. Sorry, I don’t see tne need to ever go there again. I think B&B’s end of episode scenes were very “date-like” after the blizzard episode as well. Some people commented that there was no “eye sex” or flirting but, to me, it’s because they were beyond that. It was real, two mature adults who have admitted that they want their relationship to be more. They aren’t kids. The tone I felt from that was that they weren’t rushing into anything. One scene that doesn’t get a lot of attention is the scene in PITP where B&B are in the diner and Brennan bring up the “pacaderm in the room”. The scene, the way Booth is with her, seems very couplish to me – and not in a flirty way…..just a comfort or something…”I know you won’t forget”. I myself felt that Booth not falling all over Brennan during those episodes felt very mature, or content or just real. There is a difference between the Booth in episode 100 who “thinks this may be going somewhere” and a Booth who really KNOWS this IS going somewhere. They both seemed VERY content by the end of HITH and at the beginning of CITG. No, A LOT of logistics were probably NOT worked out by that point – in fact I’d argue that the diner scene with MAx is probably the first time Booth even threw out term “girlfriend”….like that’s what she is and they know it but I’d venture to guess neither are real big on labels. I like to think that they were just really enjoying their new reality…..they were them but with an added perk;) They aren’t sticky sweet/vocal like Hodgins and Angela and they are Sweets and Daisy (thank god!) doing it in public places – they are B&B. I think ED and DB portrayed – in the little glances body language – a content couple. A little giddy/sweet/playful/affectionate. I DO agree they were a little different in that sex reference at the beginning of the episode…. I thought Booth was a little “wink/wink”. Booth seemed to have it on his mind too I think when he was talking to Max about the rumor that people snuck off to a certain spot in the bowing alley….how sweet it is, right Booth? But, overall, I just think they seemed….happy. As for the baby. Well, the whole bc thing is just boggles my mind. Babies DO happen unexpectedly. Period. Could Brennan have gotten pregnant even while using bc? ABSOLUTELY! In the beginning of S6 it sounded, to me, that Hodgins and Angela weren’t trying… So, yeah, duh, it HAPPENS! I just can’t get over how people find that so ridiculous. Brennan saying “you’re the father” was very, to me, Brennan. Plus, I like to think she was happy to hear she was pregnant and was hoping that Booth would be okay with it too….okay in that he would still, as he said in the CITC, would want to BE a father. I think Brennan’s concern was the timing. When Booth was telling her that Angela and Hodgins were happy with their baby – despite the changes it will bring- because they “love each other” Brennan’s face seemed to me like, okay, just remember what you just said because, in her mind, she probably felt that was where they were but…well…it was a very new development for them. It took them a LONG time to get there but they were happy and a baby, well, that’s just going to speed up some more changes that they probably were going to have to face, say it with me, eventually. Nature/the universe intervened. And for the people hemming and hawing that we didn’t see them make love for the first time well….parents have secret lives, otherwise they wouldn’t be parents. I just hope and feel that S7, at least the beginning, will mostly be about them working out the logisitcs of who they are…they had a very short but productive “honeymoon” period;)

  29. I think I’m seeing a consensus here. While we may have to disagree on exactly *when* they began their physical relationship…I think most of us agree that it was not a one time deal, right? Because while I am still on Team Didn’t that Night, I would have to say that once would not be enough for these two. Just wouldn’t make sense. Once they “went there”, I would have assumed it was a continous physical relationship. And yes, the bowling alley closeness seems to warrant that assumption. Love that cheek kiss and Brennan’s laugh. Sigh…oh wait, where was I? haha So I think we all pretty much agree on that? No one night stands for these two lovebirds!

    Not sure where I feel on the birth control issue. Did they, didn’t they? I could see that not even coming up. Brennan having been theoretically celibate for sometime may not have been on something, and perhaps subconciously (or conciously) as she’s wanted a Booth baby in the past, thought…well if it happens it happens! And perhaps Booth either assumed she was on BC and never asked, or he either subconciously or conciously wouldn’t have minded a BoBo baby, so he didn’t much minded whether she did or didn’t. We don’t have a big timeline here, so their relationship (whenever it started!!) would still be relatively new. If they were hiding their relationship and it was still new, maybe they were basking in that new relationship glow and just hadn’t discussed it? Its not really a big sticking point for me if they used it, it didn’t work, or didn’t use it. I just assumed that Brennan’s addition of “You’re the father” was just to make sure Booth was on the same page, and to provide us as the audience with at least that much clarification before summer!

    But I think we mostly can agree on no matter when it exactly happened, the 4:47 was to let us know something was up, and once they started, it was full fledged phsyical relationship time and not a one time deal.

    • The birth control issue is one of the main reasons I’m on Team Did. I don’t know how many of you are single, but birth control\safe sex is just not something you “don’t think about” when you have sex with a new partner. Once, in an emotional catharsis, ok. But again, when things have calmed down and you know you’re going to be having sex? Nope. Not today. And not for someone like Brennan, who overthinks everything, and Booth who hasn’t gotten anyone pregnant since Rebecca.

  30. Question: Would Booth/Brennan’s dysfunctional upbringing cause them to have a stronger will to maintain their own family or end up causing it to break down the road?

    I just read an interesting piece posing the question of would someone with a “bad” upbringing be more or less disposed to have a strong sense of morality (because they’d fight for what they never had) over a person with a “good” upbringing.

    It caused me to think. My dad had a strict upbringing with a father who drank. He was treated terribly as he grew up. However, my dad is an amazing guy, put himself through school, had a family, good jobs, and he has been a great dad to me. Was he predisposed to it? Or did his rough upbringing cause him to want to be a good dad himself that much more than a guy who had a “normal” childhood? Even though he suffered, I benefited from a great dad.

    All that to say, will B&B’s crazy pasts help them to form a great family bond together? I can’t say as I ever saw them in this family light together before, so these are new thoughts to me. But if you have a rough past, does it push you to be so different in your own life, you are pushed to that above a “normally” raised person who just accepts that’s the way it is?

    Wow…I’m deep for a Saturday morning!

    • Barbara: This… “So if you think you might die later that day, and you’re in bed with the person you love…are you going to think “we’ll do it later, for sure, assuming I/you don’t get killed” or would you be thinking “now or never.” ”

      Okay…that just made everything click for me in that question in my mind. Thank you. While we think Broadsky figured he’d killed Booth, we (okay, I) think that Booth and Brennan (especially Brennan for some reason in my mind, maybe because the episode did sort of center around her (as episodes often do)) understood that at the end of the day, it was going to either be Booth dead or Broadsky dead (that Booth left Broadsky alive is a different story). Broadsky was going to shoot Booth to kill, and sure, while there have been other moments where Booth’s life was in danger, this was a very real, very personal reality for B&B. And they both recognized it. So I think makes a lot of sense (and not in a soap opera “OMG our plane is crashing and so let’s screw in the plane bathroom” kind of way, but more a what ‘really’ are we waiting for). And I have to also laugh because right after HitH, I was talking on the phone with pal Smurfs and she was asking me if I thought BB had done it, and I was sort of heming and hawing, sort of like “Well, it WAS nearly 5 AM, and they had to sleep a little and get up the next morning, so I don’t know if they had time”, and she exclaimed, “They could have done it three times!!”. I had to laugh then, and I laughed again today when I thought of it. Yep.

      • LOL!!! You know, when put this way, because it’s such a lightbulb statement, how in the heck were any of us ever on Team Didn’t? :p

      • Er… that should have posted as a reply to the above by Sarah. Strange…

      • This argument doesn’t change my mind from not until Broadsky was captured. Booth and Brennan have missed so many moments when they should have made a move and didn’t. When Booth was shot in Season 3, when he was having a brain tumor removed in Season 4 and when he was leaving to go to a war zone in Season 5 they didn’t even hug. So no, I could totally imagine them not making love until later. If HH is going to argue that they are not like most people and their relationship is different than anybody elses’ then why would I think they would follow the same reasoning anybody else would?

        I’m still think they came to an understanding between them, but didn’t have sex until after Vincent’s send-off. Then they went at it like bunnies after that first time.

      • I couldn’t have said it better. Still on team DTNBPtNAWBGB!!

      • @ Lisa and Kimberly: Yeah, long live Team DTNBPtNAWBGB!!

        Lisa you make VERY good points as to why it still makes complete sense as to the fact they waited. Our dear B&B have been in PLENTY of potential “compromising situations” and never went there before. I think its completely believeable that they could have waited again, and that Brennan’s final look to Angela after getting the “Booth got Broadsky” call, was like, OK, now its time to get it on! haha She could have easily told Angela that she crawled into bed, they discussed things, and that after this case, they were going for it. Angela’s looks would still be totally plausible because that’s still HUGE news for B&B! So long live our team!! 🙂

      • @Lisa (and Kimberly!): Long live Team DTNBPtNAWBGB!!

        Lisa, you make really great points that I have not been able to verbalize! B&B have been in PLENTY of close quarter situations where things could have happened, and they never did. They’ve shared plenty of “guy hugs”, been on undercover operations, and just generally gazing at each other longingly for so long with no “pay off” haha. I completely see the logic in having nothing happen that night. Brennan could have just as easily been telling Angela, I crawled into bed with Booth last night (gave her that little grin…which to me means she’s just proud of herself for taking that step, and it was nice! hehe) and we cuddled and talked about our future…but we’re gonna wait till Broadsky’s captured, or something to that effect.

        Then, when they get that “all clear” phone call and Brennan shares that look with Angela, it could easily be an “OK, so now that Booth is safe, Broadsky’s captured, now we are going to hook it up!” hahaha

        The looks and the arm grab at the funeral for VNM just to me indicate the fact that they’ve had that convo in bed, and are now ready to act upon it. I see completely where Team Did is coming from, but doesn’t Team Didn’t That Night have some logical evidence as well? We don’t disagree that they kept at it after they started, it was not a one time thing (I think we all agree on that point)…but I see how both sides can interpret the evidence in the different ways. Except for Team DTNBPtNAWBGB just happends to be right! hehe

      • bb, you are right about this. It really doesn’t matter when they started doing it. Most of us agree that they kept doing it afterward. I don’t think it is anything to get to worked up over as to when they did it first. It is fun to speculate about it and you have very good reasons to believe it was after. Some of us think it was that night; but, eh, it just a theory. It adds to the mystery of Booth and Brennan and that just makes me love the show even more. I am quirky that way. I love the open ended possibilites in the show. I guess that is why I was a huge fan of Lost. I don’t need everything explained to me. I like to put my own thoughts into what I am seeing. It makes it more interesting for me. I know others don’t feel like that way and that is their right. Some people love crossword puzzles, others hate them. You can’t help what you like, you just do.

        Oh just in case some people think that my take on the show is the right one as far I am concerned and that everyone else is wrong, please don’t think that. I don’t believe that. I love reading everyones theories. They may not jive with what I believed happened; but, the various theories give me a different perspective and sometimes they make me change my mind about what I saw. On the other hand, like C-bones, I am a HUGE optimist and am one of those annoying people you may know that see the sun peaking through the clouds on a very cloudy day. When I give my theories about something, it is just my theory and I want to share it. I don’t expect anyone else to agree with me; but, I think it is important that I give my theory just incase someone else would like to use it. No more than that. So if I have offended anyone, that was not my intention.

  31. I guess we’ve seen that already with Booth and Parker. He’s wanted to provide everything for his son he didn’t have, surround him with love and affection…I’m thinking of B&B and baby (and Parker too) as a family unit. I don’t even know what I’m thinking exactly but how does their combined childhood trauma affect them as they forge ahead as a unit…?

  32. You’re asking good questions. Unfortunately, based on what mental health professionals see, the answer is ‘all of the above.’ There’s not even a ‘what happens most frequently.’

    People are made up of more than just one experience or set of experiences, so two people from nearly identical backgrounds can respond in totally opposite ways. Thus we see alcoholic abusers who are the children of alcoholic abusers as well as those who go the other way and never drink, never abuse, who are, in fact, good parents. (Just as we see kids from good homes who, for whatever reason, become abusers.)

    In Booth’s case, I frequently see people who simply forget about Pop. They act as if his only family experience was with his father, not taking into account the grandfather who claimed to have raised him (Pop’s words, not mine.) Is Booth influenced by his abusive father? Absolutely. But he is also the product of his experiences with Pop – who, I’ll note, apparently had a healthy view of marriage.

    So, Booth, at least, has seen both sides of family – the destructive and the positive. And I think that positions him well to want to be a good dad (as, IMO, we’ve seen he is with Parker), and, I’d say, a good husband as well. Unlike some, I don’t think there’s a hidden, dark or mysterious reason for why he’s not married yet. I think he’s simply drawn to women who don’t want the same thing he wants, or at least not at the same time he does. (Thinking about Rebecca saying she later changed her mind.)

    Brennan is …different. She, too, has benefited from a solid family experience, as there’s nothing to indicate they didn’t have that prior to Max & Christine fleeing. But emotionally, Brennan wasn’t ready to be without them yet (due, I think, to her social awkwardness) and thus, rather than clinging to those memories (as some might – note again the differences in how different people respond to things) she rejected them, rejected the idea of family, and love.

    But now, she’s not only had family shown to her by Booth and the team, she’s seen her father choose to stay with her at a cost to himself (trial, possibly resulting in life in prison or death).

    In other words, I think the two of them are positioned well to make a solid family, because both of them have first hand knowledge of both dysfunctional families and functional ones; and because both of them have made a commitment to stick with the other even when it would have been easier not to do so.

    Having seen them both choose to do that when it was just them, now that they’re a couple with a child, I can’t imagine they won’t fight to make their family (whatever it winds up looking like) a strong and healthy one, and I think they have a very good chance of success – both because they know the pain of failure and because they’ve seen the healthy modeled for them, if neither of them in a completely traditional fashion.

    Does that mean it will be easy? Heck, no. It’s not easy for anyone. But they love one another and have the concept of commitment down flat, IMO. And that’s the biggest hurdle.

  33. After watching Hole in the Heart, I was on team “they didn’t”, but after the finale, I’m convinced they did that night and that whether they continued to sleep together or not (I’m guessing yes), the baby was conceived that first night. My reason is simple; Brennan strikes me as the type to be fastidious about birth control and I can only imagine that her grief over Vincent distracted her enough not to take the necessary precautions. I can’t imagine either of them knowingly doing that on a regular basis. Though, of course, contraception can fail, so maybe my theory is crap anyway.

    • ha! And now that I’ve skimmed the comments, I can see that this has already been discussed extensively.

  34. Sarah(Seels) said:
    The more I think about it, the angrier I get, and sometimes I even cry. So I try not to think about it. If it were the end of the series, I’d pretty much have moments where I would want to shut this whole blog down and say “Screw it–that was a waste”, but I’m *trying* to wait till September to see what happens. I think back to the 100th episode and how much I loved the flashbacks. I think back to the season four finale and how much I hated the ‘flash forwards’ or whatever. So, I’m not sure what will happen in season seven, and what will be revealed or not or what my reactions will be. I can’t imagine them being able to use flashbacks again and getting away with it-just from a series standpoint.

    Sarah, I agree with you. I feel cheated this season. I have been watching the series from the beginning. When it first started, we didn’t have DVR or anything else, so I had to be home at certain times to watch it, but I was always there. I think the writers cheated us out of a great part of the show. I am so angry, but because I love the show, I will continue watching, and hope they get season 7 right. I know my right may not be their right, but I feel like 6 years have led up to something special, and then they left it out. Just ignored the whole process of them getting together, and jumped to the end of the story.

    It reminds me of a book that I read a long time ago, and 23 pages were missing. I was more than halfway through, and I realized that the best part of the story was gone. I had to call the library and ask to get the book from another library, so I could finish it. By the time I read it, the moment was ruined.
    I hope they do include some of the romance in the next season. I am afraid the HH thinks that if we see the romance, we will stop watching, so he isn’t including it, and he will make us wait until the next episode. This way we will keep watching and waiting for that little bit of something we missed from season 6. I will be there waiting for the first episode in season 7, just like I have been there these past 6 seasons, and I hope that they do right by us.

    • @Sarah and Kimberly…I have the same feelings as the both of you. I was literally OK with all of season 6…even with its ups and downs..until the last seconds. I’m struggling with feeling cheated. And they’ve given us such beautiful episodes like HitH, that I’m really trying to stay positive and strong this summer and wait it out….because maybe the 1st ep of season 7 will blow our minds (in a good way) and we’ll wonder what we worried about! I’m hoping that’s how we feel anyway! I love having you all for support though, I think BT will get me through till the fall! 🙂

      • You know, it is possible that the more people talk about their disappointment, the greater the chance of getting something to address it in the premiere.

        My fear for those who were so disappointed – including those here who feel like they waited six years and then were cheated of something absolutely essential to the story – is that, listening to what SN/HH said after the finale, I think they honestly believe they showed the important parts of the story. That B&B love one another and now a couple.

        And thus I’m very much afraid that those who are waiting for the fall to fix it, with a flashback or something, may be further disappointed. While I don’t know if we’ll ever see them actually making love (which I know isn’t what many are after, anyway), I do think we’ll see PDA’s between them…but as things stand now, I’m not hearing anything to make me hope they’re going to go back and address what we missed, because I don’t think they view it as being important to the story. (Which again, isn’t saying they don’t think it was important to the characters.)

        But last year, after TBitE aired, people were angry about a number of things – really, truly upset, and kept saying so – and Hart went from explaining/ justifying those decisions (as they’ve done with not showing B&B becoming a couple) to attempting to fix them in Mastodon. After saying they had six eps completed in late May, he was writing Mastodon just a few days before filming began. So while I think the overall plot of MitR (Hannah) was the same as it would have been, I also think they significantly changed it -including largely rewriting it – in an attempt to address what people were so upset over. (Parker, the team abandoning Cam, being apart a whole year.)

        They know people are upset at not seeing them ‘get together’ – TVGuide referenced it in their discussion of Bones having one of the best cliffhangers of the season – so the more people continue to discuss it and reflect on how disappointing it was, the greater the chance that they’ll address it in some way.

  35. I’ve been at Convention all weekend and have thoroughly annoyed everyone by fiddling with my Blackberry every time a new BT comment was posted, so thanks to all of you. Usually I have to work a little bit harder to annoy everyone. 🙂

    What allowed me to enjoy the last two episodes of S6 as they were, and bask in the glow of “what I think happened” without too much angst over what I didn’t get to see is that what we got is pretty much what we always get with B&B. Except for the coma dream, which was Not Real and which was obvious right from the start was Not Real, what we didn’t see with B&B is what we always don’t see. Their relationship has always been handled differently from the others we see. It’s always been less Big Conversation/Sexxy Times and more about the small signs, the little gestures, the side glances, the facial expressions. The one time one of those Big Conversations was real was in the 100th and look what happened. B&B fled to the opposite ends of the globe.

    So, for me, having B&B in a Big Moment/Sexxy Times for the S6 finale would almost have been pandering. They’ve never given us those moments. Why give them to us now when they’ve kept us enthralled using the little things? We obviously don’t need them. We’re still watching and discussing and arguing and analyzing.

    Now, wanting to see those Big Moments/Sexxy Times is a different story. But I don’t see the way S6 ended as out-of-character at all with how the rest of the series has run.

  36. I just watched BBinR, and this scene struck me as possibly fitting for season seven

    BRENNAN: What do you want?
    BOOTH: Breakfast.
    BRENNAN: I’m not hungry.
    BOOTH: Oh, come on, huh? What are ya gonna vomit when we come across one of those, uh, horrific cases?
    BRENNAN: I don’t vomit.
    BOOTH: Give it time, Bones, okay? Give it time. Everything happens eventually.
    BRENNAN: Everything?
    BOOTH: All the stuff, okay, that you think never happens – it happens. You just gotta be ready for it.

    I wonder if morning sickness will make her vomit while checking remains at a crime scene?

    PS: I love this episode.

  37. Way up there in the comments section, I wrote (/ranted?) talking about how upset and disappointed I was at the twist and turn at the end of season 6 and several people were kind enough to come and contribute their thoughts. I can’t reply up there unfortunately, but I wanted to come back and say thanks and wow, to everyone who commented. It’s been really interesting, and genuinely helpful to read everyone’s responses – both those who also felt a bit let down or sad by the turn of events at the end of last season (was so glad to find I wasn’t alone!), and those who saw the good in it and took the time to try and make me feel better – thanks very much.

    I’m aware that throughout the series, there have been storylines that have truly upset people; Zach’s departure, Season 4 finale and the Season 5 finale for example. My disillusion with the end of season 6 is actually quite overdue considering I didn’t mind Zach being the apprentice, loved The End in the Beginning and understood why the heart-wrenching of season 5 was what those kids needed right then. I guess feeling bereft at the end of season 6 was just my time.

    I really like that people all have their own views here, it makes for a much more varied and engaging community. There are comments where I think, ‘yes! This is what I think too, but they’ve expressed it better!’ and there are comments that make me think ‘huh?! What the hell, where on earth did you get that from?!’ but almost all comments make me see things in a new way, from a new perspective and give me things to think about – which I love.

    I have to say, I’ve turned a bit of a corner this weekend. Reading all the comments helped, and I also watched Critic in the Cabernet thinking it would help to have a comparison between how the baby storyline was delivered then, compared to now.

    And it made me realise a few things – I feel like HH and co have told an entire story between the end of season 4 and the end of season 6. They knew they had a two season pick up and it makes me feel better to think they’ve been working towards this since then (one of the reasons I saw red over the pregnancy storyline was because nothing they said could have made me believe they wrote it in for any reason other than ED’s pregnancy. Which I understood, but it shook my view that HH had an end-game he was working to. I was annoyed that they could just chuck something as huge as a pregnancy in there willy-nilly, it made me think it wasn’t all quite as planned out as I believed. But (and there may well be some clutching at straws going on) I think I see the ‘full-circle’ ness of those two seasons better now, and can more easily believe it was on purpose.

    Brennan’s come so far in that time, from saying something as (funny but) outrageous as ‘I don’t see why he’s being so protective over his semen’ to where she is now. They both have, watching Critic really brought that home.

    Also, I realised that whatever I’m disappointed I didn’t witness or see at the end of season 6, the fact they didn’t show it means I kind of still have it to look forward to. I mean, sure, we aren’t ever going to see what happened in that bedroom – but there will still (hopefully) be a time we first see them kiss as a couple for example (and the powers that be will know it’s the first time the audience see’s that, so it should have thought behind it), and I don’t actually think their interaction will vastly change despite now being a couple. The writers are going to maintain some distance and tension between them, because that’s what the show is built on.

    And, I actually like the distance and tension, it makes every look and every touch significant and that’s what I’ve loved about the show all along. So, going into next season, it’s going to be quite a lot the same – there’s going to be scenarios I wish we could see (B&B hanging out at home, snuggling, haha – neverrrr gonna happen) but there will also be those magic two minutes at the end of episodes where we see them be cute. I think they’ll still have that in the show, and that makes me happy.

    So I hope you guys catch this comment because I’d like to say thanks – thanks very much to Becca for the original comment I replied to and to Linz, Sarah (Seels), Lenora, Rynogeny, Barbara, C-bones and Stephanie for carrying on the conversation – you guys honestly helped me, and you’re all fab. Long may the impassioned conversations continue!

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