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Top Five Tuesday: Oh, The Places They Go


Good morning and Happy Tuesday! We’ve already done a Top Five Tuesday on Booth and Brennan going on road trips for cases, so for this installment, I wanted to take a look at the various places around DC that have been home to many conversations, moments, looks, revelations, etc… Here are some places I’m going to miss once this whole series is said and done.


Wong Foos:


Ah, the original…

Home to the white polo shirt (ah!), Booth ignoring Zack, “I’m proud you asked, Temperance”, some nasty soup, the very NOT Nasty but completely great Sid, and a lot more awesomeness. I understand that the logistics of having lots of ‘sets’ or locations for shooting a show in a season is impractical, and I know that this location just didn’t have the space or the lighting they wanted it to. I get that…but I still miss having it around. Or maybe I just miss those early days and early episodes. Of course, I don’t want B&B to be the exact same people they were during those days, but there were some very special times when they were getting to know one another as partners and letting down some of their defenses.



The Diner:


I see the diner as more about ‘family’ than partners necessarily. It’s where Booth is with Parker, for the most part. It’s where Brennan meets with Max, when it’s not at her home (or in prison, haha), it’s where Pops meets up with Booth, Brennan and Sweets, it’s where Angela tells Brennan about her pregnancy, and (well, outside of it) is where Booth said, “There’s more than one kind of family”.  It’s milkshakes, not beer. It’s salads…not scotch on the rocks.


It’s become more of a work-place…where the team can hash out clues or ideas or motives over coffee, but the diner also has a lot of heart. My favorite moments there?


Brennan meeting Pops in season five (especially the look on Booth’s face when Pops says he wasn’t joking about Brennan), the S3 BB convo with Sweets about ‘it was just mistletoe’, and okay…there are about 100 more moments I love, including this “life is good again” moment…





Founding Fathers:


It’s like “the grown-up table” to the diner’s “kids’ table” in that the conversations are usually more serious. Almost always reserved for the post-case drink, this bar has a darker feel. It’s more intimate at times, but also can be more confusing. The home of Brennan’s toast on Booth’s birthday, of Booth placing Brennan’s medal around her neck and many other moments in between. It’s a little more glamorous… Booth might unbutton that extra button (He’s in a bar…and it’s a look) and Brennan might lean that much closer to him.  More than Wong Foos or the diner, I feel like FF allows Booth and Brennan to be more individual. It’s not a bickering moment about salad vs meat…here we have him casually cupping a beer while she sips her wine. They know what they want and there’s no pressure to do anything else.


Their Offices:

OwlStory showed us that the Jeffersonian lab is as much a character on its own as the human counterparts who work there. In my opinion, we don’t see Brennan in her office as much as we should, but I’m not trying to be picky. Some of that, I think, was more that they tried to show that Booth, when trying to distance himself emotionally from Brennan, also physically distanced himself. So we didn’t have him falling asleep on her office couch. We didn’t have him showing up with pizza and pelvic thrusts. We didn’t have him leaning in her doorway, lean hips, wide shoulders, clean shave. Oh, season one!

 hug at the beginning of Harbingers

But we did have some meaningful moments in Booth’s office, certainly, and I like it when Booth is at the FBI building. I don’t need him to be at the lab to prove his relationship with Brennan or anything like that. I like when we see him at work, and I like when he talks with Sweets there.


What do you think? Are their offices important to the storyline/show?



Their Homes

This past season focused more on Booth’s personal life, which allowed for many more scenes at his apartment. Or at least, it feels that way! I didn’t actually count. With the exception of Goop on the Girl and here in this season with Doctor in the Photo, it’s rare that anyone but Booth would be at Brennan’s apartment (despite her best friendship with Angela, interestingly enough). Zack was there once, with Booth in Verdict in the Story. As for Booth’s place, we’ve seen Brennan there (and Hannah of course), but other than Gordon Gordon Wyatt, can you think of anyone else being there? Not even Parker, if I recall.


More than their offices, their individual domiciles are almost always capped with one or both of them experiencing vulnerability, whether it’s Brennan in Boy with the Answer or Judas on a Pole, or Booth in Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond or Fire in the Ice, or…you know, completely naked in his bathtub in Pain in the Heart 😀


Do you have a favorite apartment moment? Either Booth or Brennan’s? Or both?


The SUV:


Okay, so technically, this is six on my list, but I just couldn’t leave it off. We’ve talked about it before, how Hart Hanson swore when the series began that he was absolutely NOT going to do ‘car scenes’—that is, forcing his two leads into a small acting space, requiring vague and faded background outside images, I assume, and all of that. I don’t know if he thought forcing them (Brennan and Booth as characters) into such a small space was too easy as far as writing, since neither one can actually leave or not. But as we know, there is just magic there. It can’t be denied, which of course is why there were very, very few of those moments this season and most of those were awkward and filled with tension (remember when they couldn’t stop laughing about being…something? I can’t even remember what…except that it was so perfectly awkward)


Fave SUV moments?




So what do you think? Is ‘location, location, location’ important when it comes to a B&B scene, or is it the sort of thing where they are just them…no matter where. Did I leave anything/any place out?


What/where do you want to see more of, and why?


Let’s discuss!


Peace, Love & Bones,



61 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Oh, The Places They Go

  1. About Booth’s apartment – I found it interesting that he apparently doesn’t have a bedroom for Parker. I mean, Parker’s big enough for a regular single bed so you’d think if such a room & bed existed, Brennan wouldn’t have been relegated to the couch – before she took herself off to Booth’s bed.

    Also, I get a little giggle when the scene moves to Founding Fathers. 99% of the time, the show uses the same outside loop with the same couple about to walk into the bar. Probably not noticeable if you watch an episode a week but very obvious when you’re creating your own BONES marathon.

    • there is a door in the Booth apartment set that is probably Parker’s theoretical bedroom. I suppose they didn’t want to actually build it just for the one scene in Hole in the Heart. My personal fanwank is that Parker has a racecar bed or something else Brennan would have felt uncomfortable sleeping in.

    • In the scene in Shallow in the Deep, when Booth is walking through his apartment to answer the door; popping all along the way, he passes a door with signs, stickers and such on it. Many of us have proposed that this is the door to Parker’s bedroom.

      Oh and on the same loop for Founding Fathers…they also have an outside show of the Royal Diner they use a lot. You’ll notice the same older model silver CR-V drive by the same way everytime (I have a CRV so it just jumps out at me).

  2. Late night conversations in the diner – when they are practically the only ones there – are always meaningful, it seems. Singing Keep on Tryin’, and the scene you reference above in Devil in the Details.

    Car scenes are often very revealing – perhaps because neither one of them can leave and they don’t have to make eye contact? (Booth’s habit of looking at Brennan instead of the road notwithstanding).

    I just don’t think it’s any coincidence that Brennan made her confession in DitP in the SUV.

    It’s also where they bicker because it’s easier to get their digs in when the other person can’t leave. My favorites are in Man in the Mansion when Brennan has been teasing Booth about being in therapy and he whips out “you know, we talk about YOU in therapy” and then won’t tell her what he’s said. And in Santa in the Slush Booth is giving her a hard time about going to Peru at Christmas and she says he just needs to accept he won’t have Parker for the holiday. Booth gets all pouty and just leans his elbow on the door –it’s so funny.

    Most of Brennan’s little zingers – eat organic or your penis will shrink, male menopause, God is a zombie — happen in the car. And of course my all time favorite – their discussion of how they would get along if she were a man or he were a woman. “That’s right! I’d be hot!”

    I wonder if there is a fan video of just car conversations…

    • I do think it would have been quite a loss to us if they had stuck to their idea of not having those driving int he car scenes. They are some of the best, most memorable moments, and give us some great quotes. 🙂 It gives us some additional B&B moments outside of those we normally get at the end of each episode, and each does have a captive audience. 😀

    • I love the discussion on how they would get along if Booth were a woman! It makes me grin every time!

    • I also noticed that in real life,many of my most intense conversations take place in the car. Especially with my teenage daughters. they are just more open to talk in the car, whether it be about boys or problems in school.

  3. I do love the scenes where Booth and Brennan are at either her or his apartment the best. This is where they can be themselves and not on guard against mis-understandings from outsiders. And yes, when it comes to Booth and Brennan, everyone else is an outsider. They are more relaxed when they are by themselves. I also like to see the individuality of their apartments. Both collect things but what they collect is quite fascinating. Brennan collects things that point to an ancient past and point to her interests in old cultures. Booth collects things from the recent past and things that seem to have an emotional connection to him. They are both interested in the past; but, not the same past. By the way, Sarah, we saw Agent Perotta at Booth’s place. She brought him chili when his back was out. I think she may have planned on a little more; but, Brennan was there so that squelched that.

    I too think of the diner as an extension of work. It is where they go to work on problems. They get together with others as needed to work on their cases and sometimes to work on their family problems. We have seen Parker here the most. I also think this is where Booth and Brennan feel the most relaxed when having to talk to Sweets. Sweets office is his domain and he has some control of what happens there. In the Diner, Sweets is on equal footing with B&B and therefore has little control of how conversations begin and end.

    I have always liked it when Booth goes to Brennan’s office. He is more cheery when he does it. When she comes to his office, he is aware of the glass doors and walls in his office and he can’t be as relaxed around Brennan as he is in her office. I always thought it was cute that he felt he could sleep in her office. You never see him do that in his. I did miss his visits to her office and the Lab this year. This just told me that he was very tense in Brennan’s surroundings. I loved that he could return to the Lab at the end of the season. This told me that he was once again comfortable visiting Brennan in HER place. She was never uncomfortable visiting HIS place though.

    When it comes down to it, I love the SUV scenes. They bicker, discuss, get aggravated, comfort each other, work together and all in all, have their most fascinating conversations in the SUV. They can’t escape each other when they are in the SUV so when they say something to each other, the other cannot just leave. They either have to acknowledge what the other said or try to ignore it. I just think we have had the best conversations when they were traveling around in the SUV.

    I left Wong Foos for last. I really liked Sid and Wong Foos. I was disappointed that they stopped going there. It just seemed such a Boothy place to be. He thought it was his place and didn’t like to share the place with the Squints. That is probably why they dropped that place. If they were to become a “family”, then to do that, they needed to be in a place that wasn’t so territorial when it came to Booth. He had the upper hand there. Brennan and everyone else was an outsider.

    • My favorite Wong Foo’s moment was the first episode we saw it in – at the end of the episode when Booth is having his little hissy fit about the squints taking over his place and says fine, the booth is yours, but the counter is mine and all this is mine, mine, mine.

      Brennan completely ignores him and immediately sits right down next to him and starts talking. I just LOVE that. She’s so “yeah, whatever” about it. Even when Booth reminds her the bar is his territory, she gets the last word in with the ID card.

      I think the worst part of losing Wong Foo’s was losing Sid. He was one cool dude, and Booth doesn’t really have a lot of friends (that we see) outside the squints. But I guess Brennan doesn’t either…I guess I just really liked Heavy D.

    • I like Booth in Brennan’s office. A moment that strikes me is when B&B don’t have a case and its a Friday night and Booth brings some pizza for Brennan to eat (then he goes into how the Pizza looks like Michael Jackson…)

  4. The FBI interrogation room. There is a special magic that happens in there at times. And of course who can forget Stewie (The Critic in the Cabernet)? I think my favorite scene there is when Dr Wyatt is questioning Brennan about how she wants to be “one with him [Booth]”. I think it was The Priest in the Churchyard.

    • And where Booth decks the wife/child beater in Sign in the Silence and loses his cool with the arms dealer dude earlier this season (old age-fuzzy on the episode; Killer in the Crosshairs?) And who could forget Sweets’ recent interrogation of the Shakespearean guy or the “do you think I’m a loser” conversation with Brennan in the observation room during Con Man in the Meth lab?

  5. Cam and Angela helped Hannah move in so they have been to Booths too.

    • I think Sarah is like me on that one. The Hannah scenes have been sort of blocked from my memory. If Hannah was in the scene, my memory seems to be faulty. Gosh, I can’t imagine why.

    • Cam’s definitely been to Booths 😉

      • Yes I was thinking we’ve seen Cam, Rebecca, and Tessa in Booth’s bedroom (in addition to Hannah and finally Brennan).

        We’ve also seen Michael, and Sully in Brennan’s bedroom, and Mark (is that the deepsea welder’s nam?) coming out of Brennan’s bedroom.

        But I think all of those are things most of us tend to block from our minds.

      • I guess we shouldn’t forget that Brodsky was in Booths place once.

      • Sorry, also, Russ’s girlfriend has been to Brennan’s apartment. It goes without saying, so has Max and Russ We also saw the Deputy Director of the FBI Kirby whom Max murdered. Remember the pool of blood in Brennan’s living room. We didn’t see Kirby, just his blood.

      • And, Howard Epps was in Brennan’s place.

      • Wait! Everyone’s been to Brennan’s — at the Goop on the Girl Christmas party. Even Hannah’s been there at the DitP dinner party.

      • @Angelena
        Yes but in her post Sarah did say except for Goop on the Girl, and Doctor in the Photo, acknowleding those two times a group of them had visited Brennan’s home.

      • Wow, Angelena, your right. I totally forgot Brennan’s dinner party and her Christmas party. Very good memory.

      • By the time I’ve read this far, I tend to forget some of the details of the original post. ;-D

  6. Crazy weekend-good to be back in the fold! Those pictures…thank God I already had my coffee. It would’ve almost been too much to see them without it. Founding Fathers: love the place, with the “you always love one the most comment” and the meaningful look. And home to the “you need to be bad to be good” dine and dash moment. It also has one of my favorite scenes ever (though utterly devastating) : “what is it with women…that don’t want what I’m offering here?” It makes my heart break every time.
    The diner: that Poco song is one of my faves, along with the “making love speech” and when he sweetly takes her hand and tells her everything between her and Angela will be fine.
    Offices: what I really want to see there is Booth stealing a kiss from Brennan in either (or both!) their offices. He has such a little boy thing about him (although there is no doubt he’s full man…) it would be terribly cute to see him doing something vaguely illicit when no one’s watching.
    Her place: Mac and cheese, the hug she gives him when she thinks Russ is dead. We’re going to need to see that place get a workout next season after baby is born (and I don’t mean excercise).
    His place: where he tells her things will happen eventually, where they sit in the stadium seats and agree to tie their fates together, and what can you say, where our little bundle of joy was conceived. Consider what’s her name completely exorcised.
    SUV: the x-files moment where they look at the stars. Also, and I blank out at the episode but it was an early one, one of the sexiest, shortest scenes between B/B. They’re at a stakeout, she asks him what are they going to do while they’re waiting, and he gives her the most intense, enigmatic melting look of the series. “We converse.”
    Sweets office: where she realizes she wants his baby, where he tells her “there is someone for every one.” Where they bare their pasts to Sweets and she puts his handkerchief into his pocket.

    • The Titan On The Track:
      Bones: We wait? For how long?
      Booth: However long it takes.
      Bones: Well, what do we do while we wait?
      Booth: This is a stakeout. We converse.
      Bones: Well, I tried to initiate conversation about the drug war, but…

      Miy favorite is in The He In The She:
      Brennan: Would you like me just as much if I were a man?
      Booth: Oh yeah, much better. Wouldn’t have to be so polite and accommodating. How about you, would you like me better if I were a woman?
      Brennan: No. I would not.
      Booth: Why?
      Brennan: I’d be jealous that you might be prettier than I am.
      Booth: I would be too. I’d be hot. Smokin’ hot.

      Where our little bundle of joy was conceived. Consider what’s her name completely exorcised.
      I totally agree with you on this, Maria. Hannah who?

  7. There’s also the forensics platform – which, I think is even more “Brennan’s domain” than her office. Booth’s first goal was getting Brennan to work with him, his next goal was getting his own access card – the freedom to come and go from her domain. In the earliest days, she did a lot of slapping his hands away or otherwise dismissing him – she still does it when she’s annoyed with him.

    The platform is the setting for the wonderful “ohhhh there’s magic!” moment.

    I always thought Booth brought Russ to the forensic platform first because he knew that while Brennan might haul off and punch her brother in her office, she wouldn’t do it on the platform!

    In season 6 of course Booth isn’t on the platform at all – even when he reappears in the lab. I sort of wonder if Booth’s absence from the lab and Brennan’s lack of time in the field weren’t their way of acknowledging that they never *needed* to be in either of those places. They chose to be where the other one was, under the guise of work and once the personal side of their partnership is over in season 6, there’s no reason to keep up the pretense.

    I guess I will find out if Booth is back on the platform in season 7.

    Oh and of course the Lab Lounge, where the ‘finely structured’ and ‘are you sleeping with my daughter’ conversations happened. I think my favorite moment there actually, is when Sweets is all bummed over the fish lady dumping him. Long before Gordon Gordon tells them he’s their baby duck, Booth had adopted Sweets, dragging him off in the chair to take him bowling….at the bowling rink.

    • Booth was on the forensics platform when VNM was shot in The Hole in the Heart. But I think that’s the only time we saw him up there all season.

  8. 1–Wong Foos: You know, I don’t really miss it in the more recent seasons, but I do agree with you point that it is sort of where it all began, and there were some nice moments there in the beginning. But now, with the Founding Fathers and the diner, I just don’t feel any Wong Foos void.
    2–Royal Diner: I adore the Royal Diner and it is impossible to list all the moments that I love! I adore “Keep on Tryin” and the most recent Max moments as he stares quizzically at our “undercover couple”. haha It’s the place where B&B can sit across from each other at a table and stare longingly into each other’s eyes. It is where many meaningful scenes are born, and I love all of them!
    3–Founding Fathers: Ok, that Booth screencap you included stopped me in my tracks! It is a bit more intimate, we have a lot of very personal moments between B&B and it is also a fun place for the team to meet up for drinks together. I’m thinking of after “Queen Bee” when Brennan announces that the team are her true friends now, and Angela and Hodgins announcing their pregnancy. It is a place big enough to host the whole team hanging out, and we get some great times with everyone there.
    4–Offices: Santa in the Slush anyone? The guy hug? The egg? Ah yes, the hug after Brennan sits on Booth from the screencap…sigh…! Also, what about Sweets office scenes!?! Some of my fave B&B moments are them sitting on that couch, bickering, supporting and defending each other, working with Sweets “whoa” “horse”, MAYHEM ON A CROSSSSSSSSSSSS. Yep. Offices are good 🙂
    5–Homes: Showing up with late night food, more hugs, Hole in the Heart….Hot Blooded!!!!!!!! It’s just fun to see them in their “home environment”, kind of see where they spend time separate from each other, and the dynamics of having each other “invade” that space from time to time. Also, macaroni and cheese. hehe
    6–SUV: It works between B&B because of that close space. They can’t hide, and avoid each other when they are zooming down the street stuck in a car together. They have to have important, and sometimes difficult conversations…ie Doctor in the Photo. Or if they are discussing religion, families, anything. It’s good to be careful not to overuse the scenes, but they can force the characters into sometimes difficult conversations.

    Great post idea BTW!!

    • Oh I agree about Sweets office. There was always a different kind of dynamic there, where they fiercely defended eachother and formed one block against Sweets to drive him crazy. Good times!

      • Fav B&B messing with Sweets moment:

        Booth: I just think that he doesn’t want to admit that he likes us.
        Brennan: Do you liiike us?
        Sweets: What?
        Booth: And he wants to spend time with us.
        Brennan: Is that true Sweets? You like us?
        Sweets: No.
        Booth: He wants to spend time with us.
        Booth and Brennan: (sing-song) He really likes us.

  9. Ahh, but what about those precious mall/coffee cart scenes?

    I mean heck, that’s where they agreed and remembered to meet all those months after that heart-breaking departure. Definitely holds some meaning there.


  10. What about the scene in the museum (A Night In The Bones Museum) when Brennan fixes Booths tie and he pulls her hair back a little bit. Gosh I love that scene.

  11. I really miss Wong Fu’s, but I gotta say I love the diner and Founding Fathers too 🙂
    And there’s actually been a lot of people in Booth’s apartment I think….Cam and Angela were there earlier this season and Agent Perotta and Broadsky. But yeah i think its weird that we haven’t seen Parker there, maybe we’ll get to see that next season!
    I think Booth not going to the lab very much was very deliberate, as was him starting to go in the SUV with other people other than Brennan like Sweets and Geneveive. (sp?) but this season they have no reason to be apart, so i’m excited!
    I especially want to see more episodes end in places other than the Founding Fathers/Diner for a little variety. Remember them talking in the back of the SUV, or in the X-files episode on top of the SUV? Also they need to go to “their coffee cart” more. One of my favorite endings is the one on the Lincoln Memorial, i love how cute drunk Booth was!

  12. So true I just realised why this season 6 felt weird… Booth is almost never at the Jeffersonian and never on the platform (until the hole in the heart) and brennan is rarely in the interrogation room… this definetely is a way the authors used to show how there was a disconnect and that something was “wrong” “different” between them.

  13. Ahhhhh! The car scenes. I’m hopefully looking forward to lots of car bickering about baby topics (names, schedules, religious education, etc.) Brennan being all Brennan!bluntTM, and Booth driving and therefore being completely unable to strangle her…Sigh, I can just picture it.

    I like how there has always been a sense of intimacy and care when they were at each others homes. Like Brennan cooking for Booth, and Booth allowing Brennan to take care of his back, and feeding her Ice-cream with his spoon. It has always had something very couple-ish about it.

  14. I don’t miss Wong Foo’s as much as I miss Sid. 😦 He was awesome.

    There have been some great scenes at all of the places you mentioned, Sarah – especially Booth’s SUV (or Brennan’s Prius/Highlander/whatever that really expensive car was that she had before Bones started peddling Toyotas) and the diner, BUT the Founding Fathers is my absolute favorite location, hands down.

    It’s more than just the million or so heart-stopping, intense scenes we’ve seen there, it’s the setting itself. I love the name, the sign with the picture of Ben Franklin on it, the decor…everything. I know I complain about some of the geographical inaccuracies on the show, but there SHOULD be a restaurant/bar named the Founding Fathers in or around DC (okay, so maybe Philly would be the more historically accurate location, but still…)! I would totally check it out.

    Oh, and count me as one more person who would like to actually SEE Parker at Booth’s place next season.

  15. Eugh, I have to be really quick (busy at work, dammit) buuuuuut

    I liked Wong Foo’s, but I think it’s because I’m all nostalgic for those first episodes 🙂

    Big fan of the diner, Booth’s office and Booth’s apartment, Booth’s SUV (pretty much anywhere Booth is alot 🙂 )

    Strangely, I’m not an enormous fan of the Founding Fathers. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just not intimate enough for me ha! I think it’s because last season it felt like the majority of episodes ended there (how many I wonder) and yet they weren’t having interactions I’d found as satisfying as previous ones in their offices and apartments. Not the FF’s fault, but nearly every week when the final shot opened of those people walking in it I thought, ‘Really? Again?’

    I am loving all the time spent in Booth’s apartment. I’d like to kick back there with a beer. With him, obviously 🙂

    ps: Veerly slightly off topic: I hope this doesn’t jinx it, but has anyone else noticed that whatever Toyota product placement they do with dialogue, it’s never Booth’s SUV that’s the focus? It’s in it almost every episode (which is probably why), but they’ve never had any of the cringy dialogue about the actual car. I’ve also noticed, that it’s never Booth who’s singing the praises of whatever car they’re talking about. I wonder if that’s a character thing, or if DB is loath to do it.

    (Just realised that the Police officer in Queen Bee said something like, ‘nice car, nice bod, nice face. Nice’ which is complimenting the car, but done in such an amusingly honest way that it doesn’t grate me as much)

    • Booth is sort of impressed with the car in “Pinocchio in the Planter”:
      Booth to Brennan: What are you doing?
      Sweets: Whoa, ghost driver.
      Booth: How’d you do that?
      Brennan: It’s called intelligent parking. The car guides itself into the parking spot.
      Booth: Wow, look at that. Does it solve murders?
      Brennan: Of course not.
      Booth: Good, I like my job.

      But, I agree, at least they don’t have DB singing the cars praises.

      Booths SUV was praised by Brennan and the car saleswoman in The Bones That Foam; but, again not by Booth and it wasn’t blatant like the Toyota mini comercials.

      • I actually like that the commercials are so blatant and that the show makes no effort to disguise them anymore. I mean – we all know, Brennan NEVER gets to drive right? Unless Booth is injured or he’s rewarding her for ticking off a hitman. So when they are just in her car and don’t even try to give a reason, I think it’s sort of a meta -commentary “we know this is annoying, and it annoys us too” thing.

    • In The Bones that Foam when they first visited the dealership the sales lady comments on his SUV calling it something like a honey of a can do car. But that’s all I can really think of and it did sound as much like a commerical as some of those others have.

  16. I do love the SUV scenes, but the single best car scene is still injured Booth in Hodgins MiniCooper.

  17. The street scenes are also very intense, maybe because they’re kind of consisdered neutral territory. He told her that there’s more than one kind of family, that he loved her-in an atta girl kind of way, that he wanted them to give it a chance and later, that he had a g-friend. He also said that he did what he always does when he follows her to a bad part of town and finally that he didnt want to leave things only to luck. She told him she couldn’t give them a chance, was leaving for Maluku, that she chose-like him-to be alone on Valentine’s Day and best, best ever, that she was pregnant with HIS child. It’s interesting they picked that street to deliver the news. She probably felt that if it didn’t go over well they could go their separate ways a lot easier than if they were in either of their apartments or a social setting. Like that was ever going to happen…

    • I totally agree–the sidewalk scenes are very important. There haven’t been a lot of them, but I think that is the point. The sidewalk scenes are also pretty important to Angela and Hodgins, which leads me to believe the sidewalk is a very important location.

      When my husband and I were dating, we used to go for walks in the park when we needed to discuss very, VERY important things. There is something about walking and talking, and then stopping, that helps to hear and say difficult things.

  18. I love B&B wherever they are!
    Wong Foo’s was a little dark but I do miss Sid and how it was Booth’s place. My favorites are when Brennan gives him the access card and when he is looking at her parents’ file.
    The diner’s great — love the scene where Booth holds Brennan’s hand when she has the fight with Angela about the pig and of course the Change in the Game with Max knowing something’s up.
    Founding Fathers is the best name ever for a bar in DC but I got to thinking they were doing a little too much drinking in season 6 and hopefully we won’t see that so much in season 7 with the baby and all.
    I hope we do see more scenes in their homes and offices. Some of my past favorites are: The greeting in Harbingers in Brennan’s office, Brennan fixing Booth’s back and looking at his sore tooth, the hug in Boy with the Answer and of course Hole in the Heart, also love the earlier ep’s with Hot Blooded and when Booth peeks at the manuscript to her book and finds she had dedicated it to him.
    SUV favorites: laying on the hood in X in the file, and Baby in the Bough (both dancing phalanges and the scene on the tailgate where Booth tries to encourage her to get a house in the town with a big screen TV)

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought there seemed to be more drinking this season. I guess Brennan has always liked to drink. Ice cream doesn’t cut it for her – she’d rather have beer. 😉
      But you’re right, we won’t be seeing it to that extent if at all next season.

  19. Add my voice to the cries of “I miss Sid!”

    I like to think that Sid finally just had to lay the law down with Booth, “Look man, the lady doc is cool, but you bring that whole crowd in here, and they start talking bodies and, well, I’ve been getting complaints. It’s just bad for business. You can come by any time, my man, bring Parker. Hell, bring the lady doc, but leave the squints in the lab.” So yeah, in my mind Wong Foo’s is still there, it’s just like Brennan’s pool, it happens off screen. 😉

    As for the other locations… I have multiple moments that I love about each one, so here are a few of mine.

    In the diner, there’s breaking the laws of physics, Keep on Trying, and Brainy Smurf.

    In The Founding Fathers, there’s the birthday toast, the toast to love, and brown sugar oatmeal.

    In their offices, there’s her mother’s earring and dixie cup scotch.

    In their homes, there’s mac and cheese and shared ice cream and beer.

    In the cars, there’s the scene in the pic Sarah posted, which I adore – especially when Brennan sticks the pacifier in his mouth – and the conversation in London in the tiny little car involving sex and laughing and “you think I’m special?” “of course I think you’re special.” I just love that scene between them.

  20. I love the diner scenes especially the breaking the laws of physics scene and the Keep on Trying scene.

    And is it wrong to be excited about Booth and Brennan eventually no longer having separate apartments but just one? You know together. Seriously, I had no idea I’d be this excited about it. I mean think about it Booth, Brennan and BABY 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 . Sorry, moving back on topic. Yeah B&B have had a number of people in their apartments. Though Booth and Brennan are the only ones who are consistently in each others apartments. Interestingly, I don’t count Hannah’s however many months of living with Booth when talking about this. Besides, I am talking about over the seasons not just one.

  21. Right, so apparently what I typed before didn’t take.

    I love the Royal Diner scenes there’s a lot of great scenes there. Even though many people have been to Brennan and Booth’s apartments they are the only ones to consistently be or go to the others. If that makes any sense. I love the breaking the laws of physics scene and the Keep on Trying one. There are just so many scenes to love between them in their different locations. Yeah, I noticed the guard having to swipe his security card for Booth too. I was like time for Booth to get a new one apparently.

  22. I miss Wong Foo’s so much! Im not sure if ts the place itself that i miss or if its Sid, but there have ben some great scenes there. ;y favorites are when Brennan gives Booth the ID card for the lab, When Brennan lets Booth look at her parent’s profile and when its Christmas and she hangs out with Parker and Booth for a while.r

    The Diner: I loved it when he gave her the brainy smurf, the breaking the lwas of physics scene, the scene with Max in tCitG ofcourse, and im drawing blank on all the other scenes but i know tere like a million more that i love!

    The Offices: i love the egg scene, the guy hugs, the scene where they meet in Harbingers, when Booth falls asleep on Brennans couch, and many many more. One thing i noticed as i was typing this is that most of the scenes that are our favorites are in Brennans office. I dont know if im just forgetting some very impotant scenes in Booths office.

    I wanna write more but i really have to go orelse many peoplewill get angry at me haha.

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