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Nature vs. Nurture (And B&B!)


I just read something this morning that got my brain to thinking about the future for our intrepid crime-fighting duo. It posed the question; does a person’s upbringing affect them morally? As in, if you had an upbringing that was rougher, maybe a bit traumatic, would that lend yourself to a strong sense of morality in your adult life, over perhaps someone who had a “normal” or “traditional” upbringing, who might take that for granted?

I at first thought about my own family, as my father had a more Booth-y upbringing. He had it pretty rough. But he put himself through school, started his own family, and had treated my siblings and me wonderfully.  It’s like Booth with Parker; he wanted us to have such a different experience than he had had growing up.  I hurt for his hurt, but I got to have such a wonderful upbringing myself. Would my dad have acted this way regardless of his upbringing? Or did his more difficult one drive him to be different, making him an even better father?

Of course, thanks to my new friends here at Bones Theory, my mind immediately attached this idea to Booth and Brennan. Yes, they had elements of “normalcy”, Booth had Pops, and Brennan had her parents for years before foster care, but there is no question that their traumatic periods deeply affected them, i.e. gave them scars on their backs. I’m thinking of course, of Mayhem on a Cross, in which we get two very emotional confessions. Brennan, confessing her breaking of a dish led her foster parents to lock her in a trunk. Booth, not giving too many details, let us know he seriously contemplated suicide as a young man.


I think we’ve seen plenty of instances as to how these traumas have affected B&B. Though they’ve both achieved great success in their careers, successful relationships were still elusive for the both of them. Booth, while he wants to have that traditional home, filled with love, has been unsuccessful, and as Sweets so helpfully pointed out, Booth isn’t getting any younger. Rebecca, Tessa, Cam, Hannah…add to that his emotional scene after Hannah’s rejection; it’s  him crying out, wondering what is wrong with him that no one wants what he has to offer? Truly heart crushing, and to me shows that he is still deeply affected by his past, it colors everything he does and who he is to this day. 

Brennan also has seen little relationship success.  She’s had a series of surface relationships, like when she dated the two men at the same time, and remained free from deep emotional entanglements. She’s used science to dismiss the idea of love.  She has mentioned on many occasions that she’s meant to be alone, and it’s a good thing she prefers to be alone.  Brennan’s crushed my heart many times with statements like these. In Hole in the Heart, we see that she is still plagued by this as she attaches Vincent’s last words to her as being a cold person.

Both Booth and Brennan both have scars, deep ones, and it has affected their own partnership as well as the other relationships in their lives.

So I guess my questions are: Brennan and Booth…do their respective upbringings affect them forming a future family and how? How much is nature and how much is nurture….how much does their past trauma affect them now, and how will it affect them in the future?  Do they understand each other more fully because of mutual “scars on their backs”? Will this draw them together in a family unit or end up tearing them apart?


40 thoughts on “Nature vs. Nurture (And B&B!)

  1. It is, and always will be a product of both. If you think about it logically, though they both had it rough, Brennan only experienced the rougher part of her childhood at the age of 15. She kind of had both worlds thrust upon her. She was raised by a family that loved her, until they left… then the dominoes began to fall.

    Booth, had it the opposite. Though he was abused by his father, he was essentially raised by a grandparent that loved him, and nurtured him, and made him into the person he is today… though he always says that he loves his father.

    Both have used both their abuses and their loved filled moments to become the person they are today. Every life has pain, regardless of the physical abuse and the abandonment that these characters suffered. It’s important for them (and for us), to remember that it wasn’t always bad. It wasn’t always rough… Life is rough, inherently… and whether their child learns that the hard way, or from the nagging and bickering of our dynamic duo… They’ll grow up knowing pain, they’ll grow up knowing love, and they will be a champion bickerer. 😉

    I always listen to the way my husband and I argue and bicker… constantly… silly things, funny things… and all I can truly admit… whenever we do have a child… I can assure you that they will be too much to handle… I mean… The world may actually implode into a wave of molten sarcasm…

  2. Hmm, very interesting topic and one that requires some thought…

    As a started for ten, I’d say they’ve both been profoundly affected by the trauma and environments of their youth and that I do think it effects their behaviour to this day. I like to think of them as kind of kindred spirits – I agree with GG when he said ‘they are in no way opposites’.

    I can absolutely see it in Booth in his relationship with Parker, and imagine it will play an even more significant role in the coming season. As someone who is practically desperate to find out more about Booth’s past (specifically, what on earth happened to his Mum?) I really hope they investigate that storyline next season – it would be a way to use the ‘baby-angle’ in an interesting way.

  3. IMO, i believe it is both. Some children are born strong willed and a bit more difficult to raise, then others are born with the inate desire to please everyone around them, there are also many other varities, but I will start with these two. The strong willed child can be molded by his/her parents to use that type of personality to his/her benefit.

    For example, my oldest daughter was extremely strong willed, and when she got older this was a benefit for her. She had her morals(taught by us) and she stuck by them, No matter what the other kids in school did she knew what she wanted and did it her way(ie…no to drugs, sex etc.)

    My son was a born very mellow, to the extreme. Anyone could convince him to do whatever they wanted. He grew up to be the follower. Making bad decisions, but learning from them. He is the best husband ever, but he still can be manipulated by others.

    I have seen many more examples of this as I work in the Special Education field. I believe both Brennan and Booth have learned over time to use their childhood to help them become who they are today. As they grew they learned to adjust their behavior acording to societies standards. We don’t have any idea of what type of teenager they were, so it is hard to understand that part of their life, but I believe that they both learned from their mistakes.

    It is possible that Booth was more violent as a teen, and he used sports to help channel that violence in a safe and productive way. Brennan withdrew from society, as a result from her experiences, and her later relationships(ie… Booth, squints, father.) helped her to overcome some of that withdrawal.

    Don’t hate me for my comments, since there has never been any successful research done on this subject, it is all conjecture and opinion. This is my humble opinion.

  4. By the way great topic. I have been wondering about this a lot lately.

  5. Having a rough childhood can be very influential. My own father had a rough childhood; but, turned out to be a great Dad. He was there for his kids and did everything to make sure that they had what he never had growing up, a loving parents attention. The materialist things were not as important to him as being there for his children, playing with them, helping them and even disciplining them when needed. I can see that Booth and Brennan would be greatly effected by their childhood. It wouldn’t really matter that only half of their childhood would have been a horror show. That is the part that will always be with them. They had first hand experience of the abuse that the weak can have done to them and that is why they are so strong in their professions. They give a voice to those that don’t have one. They try to bring to justice those that thought they got away with something.

    Booth has shown great love for his son. He tries to be there for Parker and worries that he is not doing the best job he can be when it comes to being a father. Brennan worries that she can’t give herself to someone emotionally. In the past, they have both worried that there is no one willing to love them or be with them. Deep down, Booth worries that he may be like his Dad and Brennan worries that everyone she loves will abandon her and leave her to a lonely life. And yet, they have found each other. They love each other, they worry about each other, they would do anything to make each other happy. Now they are going to have a baby. Their joy has to be tainted by fear. They want to be the best parents that they can be and we have seen that Booth really tries to be there for Parker. They both want to be there for each other and for the baby that they will have together.

    Even though we have seen the troubles that they have about their past we have also seen the good that they do for each other and for total strangers. We have seen how they interact with children and they both show how kind and considerate they can be when dealing with these children. Brennan has shown that she has great empathy for children and so has Booth. I think they will be great parents because they have seen the horrible side of childhood. They have experienced the bad things that can happen to a child and they have experienced the good. They will strive for the good.

    • Lenora, they are so good with children as we’ve seen, but I thought it was hilarious how in Change in the Game they have possibly the worst interaction with a child ever on the show: Amber, the little one filled with venom (who by the way, was great!). Here we have tender scenes with Hodgins/Angela and baby Michael and on the flip side, Brennan horrified at Amber’s behavior and Booth totally losing his temper and telling Amber to “shut your mouth, kid.” It set up that pregnancy end scene beautifully, since they weren’t at their parental best the rest of the show! (Plus it helped to throw us off that track for a while.)

      • I agree that they were not happy with the brat, Amber. She would have tried the patience of a Saint. My Mom kept saying where the heck are the parents? I just loved it when Brennan said that Buck and Wanda would never have a child like that. It was obviously a big hint and I was too dense to see it coming.

  6. You know, I just realized that Booth’s anguished “why doesn’t anyone want what I’m offering” could be coming from the prospective of an abused child, too. That never occurred to me before. /hand/forehead/slap/

    I don’t think there’s a direct answer to your question, though. Environment has an impact but in the end, we’re all responsible for our own life choices. Being abused as a child doesn’t excuse growing up and abusing a child. But I can see how growing up in a less than stable home would make it more likely that you’d also create that instability in your own life later on, so I think those people who fought back against their upbringing deserve extra kudos.

    • I always thought of his dad leaving, more than the abuse itself, that Booth feels the most. It’s sad but true that children often feel the abandonment by a parent deeply, even when that parent hasn’t been very good. Booth doesn’t know why his dad left or that his Pops actually told the guy to leave, so he may be left thinking that his dad didn’t love him and had no problem leaving. The guy may actually have felt he was doing his family a service by accepting Pops’ orders; it would be nice for Booth to hear his dad’s side of things and might cause him to come to terms with some of his anger.

      • Sorry to blather on and on, but I just figured out why Pops didn’t tell Booth what he did, but why he thinks it’s important for him to know eventually. He’s probably afraid that Booth would be angry at him for making his dad leave. Not that Booth would be anything but grateful towards his grandpa, but people can be irrational sometimes.

      • Maria, you are probably right about Pops. Pops did what he had to do; but, he probably feels guilty for making Booths Dad leave and thinks Booth would hate Pops for what he did.

  7. There’s a lot that goes into who a person becomes. It starts with parent’s, home environment and what not and it grows. Other people influence and situations. But yes as MJ said we are indeed responsible for our own life choices. Interestingly, the life choices we make are like I’ve said informed by experiences and influences of other people. Oh gosh, I am not sure I am being very clear or making too much sense but I have a good many thoughts on this. I suppose I also have this sense of in any given situation you are going to make a decision based on who you are, your past and present influences and your past experiences. With this I feel also that in a situation you were always going to respond in that specific way. So, for example every decision Brennan and Booth have made were decisions they were always going to make given who they are, what their past and present influences are and their past experiences (when I say influences I mean people). Yeah, I am going to stop now because I really don’t think I am explaining myself properly at the moment. I am not even sure I am being completely relevant. I’ll give more thoughts later.

    • Its a tough subject. When I took Psychology in college, I think we spent a lot of time talking about nature vs nuture.

      • Ah, college. Yes, we talked about this in my psychology class as well. I am super tired right now (it’s close to my bed time. It’s in like 2 hours 9am). Not explaining self correctly generally happens this time of morning. Go figure.

      • I think those ‘nature vs. nurture’ discussions in an entry level psychology class are sort of a teacher’s day off. Ask that question and the rest of the class takes care of itself.

        Like “BCS vs. Playoff” on a sports talk show. Or, to get back on topic, Sarah could post a blog that said only, “Hannah is the reason Brennan and Booth are together” and watch the comments wrack up.

        Which would be pretty funny, actually. 🙂

      • …comments “rack” up. RACK up. As in, add up. As in…oops. As in, why can’t WordPress give us an edit feature for our comment, goshdarnit.

      • MJ, we also covered abnormal psychology which I found very interesting. I guess that is why I like shows like Bones and NCIS. The crazy behaviour of someone who thinks it is ok to kill is very interesting. I don’t understand it; but, it is interesting to see.

  8. I believe it’s both. We are born with certain tendencies, and yet we can’t help but be shaped by our life experiences.

    Brennan may have believed that she was incapable of really loving or truly caring about something, but time after time, her actions proved her wrong. Paying for the funerals in The Woman in the Garden. Baby Andy and rebuilding the bridge. Attending the victim’s funeral on Christmas morning in The Goop on the Girl so that his mother wouldn’t have to be alone. And don’t even get me started on all the things she’s done for Booth. I think her cold exterior and inability to relate to others is a learned behavior – a result of her parents and Russ abandoning her as a teenager and her time in foster care. In reality, she cares about things very deeply – as coma dream Booth said, she’s like Iceland. 😉 Perhaps in some ways, season six was about Brennan shedding the effects of nurture and letting her true nature take over.

    Booth…well, now, he’s interesting. He clearly struggles with anger, although to his credit, it’s something he’s learned to control – most of the time. I’m not sure whether we’re supposed to think that his anger is a product of his nature – a tendency he was born with, or if it’s a learned behavior that comes from having an abusive father. Ultimately I’m inclined to think that WHERE the anger came from doesn’t matter nearly as much as the fact that he’s resolved to not let it control his life. It’s an issue at times, sure, but for the most part he doesn’t let his anger dictate his actions or how he lives his life (which is perhaps also a learned behavior?).

    I do believe their respective life experiences, as well as their own inherent natures, will factor into who and what they are as parents. There’s no way it can’t. It is who they are after all. Will it draw them together? At times I think it will. On the other hand, should they end up on opposite sides of a parenting debate that’s been fueled by those scars, I think there is a real possibility for divisive conflict.

    • Stephanie – that’s interesting what you said about Booth’s anger and whether he was born with it or it was the result of his childhood. I’ve always assumed it was a direct result of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father. He knows that wasn’t right, and that makes him angry. We see that lots of injustices make him angry throughout the show.

      I have to say, Sweets’ words that he carries a ‘vast reservoir of rage’ point more to ‘nurture’ than ‘nature’ to me. Whether I agree with him is a different matter. Part of me thinks Booth is heart-breakingly complacent about the abuse that came his way – we’ve never heard him rail against his father for instance. Sometimes I feel like he just accepted it as his lot in life. He thinks as little of himself as Brennan does sometimes.

      A separate issue, and one not developed much on the show, is the fact that Booth was captured and tortured during his time in the army. That might also have contributed to his anger problems. Interesting also that it was Hodgins who was introduced as the character with anger issues, that theme came through for Booth quite a while later.

      • This just muddies the water even more, but we can also ask the question (and I think this has been mentioned somewhere in the comments already): Might Booth have been born with a tendency towards anger that only became an issue as a result of his life experiences (childhood abuse, time in the military, etc)?

        Round and round and round we go, where it stops, nobody knows! 🙂

  9. Nature vs. Nurture. To me it’s always a combination of both, and I think Booth and Brennan are perfect examples of this.

    Brennan; who admits that a child some days the only word she spoke at school was Polo in response to her brother’s Marco, would probably never have been a socially adept and emotionally demonstrative person, but the abandonment by her family pushed her even further into that reserve and to someone who didn’t trust her heart.

    Booth; you know I really would like to know more about his childhood. What happened to his mother? Was his father’s drinking and abuse always there, or did that start at some point in his childhood? I have this theory about that but have no idea if we’ll ever find out for sure (or if HH and Co. even have that set in their minds). The things I’ve been thinking would really work to explain why Booth is the way he is, and yes it’s a combination of his inherent nature and his experiences throughout his childhood from very early through his time with Pops. I have this notion that from the beginning Booth was one of those sweet kids that more naturally shares their toys such, but that his experiences in childhood pushed him into an even more protective mode. I also picture that it made him harder, turned him into someone who could become an Army Sniper, that the person he is by nature would never have been able to do that without his life experiences.

  10. I do agree it’s a combination of both. It’s never just one or the other. They both play a role.

  11. firstly!!! The thing with Booth saying that no one wants what he has to offer, is that on the other side he doesnt want what other people have to offer him. Hannah was willing to stay just not marry him he rejected that offer to. (yeah) The only offer he has accepted is Brennan’s to be his partner after 100th that gives me hope. Then she accepted similar terms in daredevil too giving them a solid foundation once more. Accepting this solid ground between them is important to both of them it means that when they do take the risk both side know that they could go back to partners. In my opinion if BB did not work out, this knowledge that they have hurt each other before and yet where able to remain partners would meant they have a back up plan a safty net for there relationship. They arnt taking a gamble this time with there relationship like it would have been in the 100th, they know that they can have some kind of relationship after because they have both seen what it is like already and survived.
    Yes there past affects them but they have been working through it, or at least trying to understand it. Booth Knows that it was Drink and the failure to beat the addiction that made his dad that way not that it is who he was his dads nature if I may. He has learnt that he is genetically more suseptable to adddiction- that is in his nature, but his nurture taught him what not to do, who not to be. It gave him a self check system of values. He strives to be a better man everyday because his dad didnt and he wants to be better than him. Booth is in a constant state of competition with his deamons, but he is winning and that is good for Booth. My fear is that in his stuggle to be better than his deamons he may go to far and push to much as a protector or as afamily man and fail to appricite what he has a chieved because he is always looking to get further ahead. Brennan appriciates what she has and this needs to be taught to Booth.
    Brennan is different her nature is long forgotton. who she was is completely irrelevant to her as she has turned her back on that girl in order to survive. Brennans Identity comes from her struggles now but as we have seen Brennan is trying to reconcile with her nature once again and having a child will allow her freedom to explore that. having a child will allow her to rember what it was like to be a child without it being a burden. Brennans abandonment will mean she will never leave her child, In my opinion Brennan will be a real mama bear overprotective to a point where the kid is going to resent it as they grow. The child will never know what its like to be alone because Brennan will never allow it. poor kid! She will need help in knowing when to step back Booths experiance as a weekend father will come in handy then because he has experiance lots of occasions when he just had to have faith that parker will be ok and hopefully he will be able to teach Brennan.
    As a couple they will be a perfect parnership with both of them able to step up where the other fails. Overall this kid is going to be overprotcted and loved. It will also learn values such as working hard from watching his or hers parents examle, however there will be alot to live up to imagine having BB as parents the pressure to be succsesful just from being there kid is going to be horrendus. not the BB will put pressure on there child but society will.

  12. I’ve read a number of books on criminal profiling (hey, it’s not that weird; I watch Bones after all!) and the main thing I’ve gotten is that two people can grow up in the same situation and emerge from the experience in completely different ways. Each child is born with a specific temperament; where one child may have the ability to go with the flow and adjust the other may not. Hence, where one kid may be ok in a bad family, another may become a serial killer.

    Brennan grew up in a loving family and was in it until she was pretty old. But she was clearly “different” to begin with; extremely smart but socially not very good, so that her parents’s disappearance during her difficult teenage years really had an impact on her. As Gcatspjs pointed out above, Booth had it the opposite. Bad family life first and Pops’ nurturing love later. A different guy might have become an abuser or a drifter, but Booth’s innate inner strength and his ability to adjust allowed him to come out of the ordeal fairly intact. They are both scarred to be sure, but I believe at this point in time they’re both extremely self-aware as to what they think their shortcomings are regarding parenthood: Booth with his temper and Brennan with her fear of commitment and having to rely on others for happiness.

    He’s continuously working on not following his dad’s example with Parker or with Brennan, so I think he’s good with his issues although he knows he will always have to work at them. And the fact that Brennan had already considered a child before with all of the binding ties that one implies, as well as her coming to Booth for comfort and choosing to come back to him after all was said and done, speaks volumes as to where she’s at right now. Plus, I’m with the “no protection the first time” group; if this was the case, then she didn’t turn to a “Plan B” measure soon after the event when she could have. This means that she made a conscious choice to accept whatever outcome their night together would bring with all the commitments that follow. There will be lots of work to be sure for both of them, but that’s what life is about-adjusting and growing.

  13. Great topic, bb – and congrats on your first post! 🙂

    I think, as many people have stated above, that it’s a combination of factors. The environment in which you grow up, and your experiences during that time are certainly going to have an effect on who you are as an adult, and they will color your worldview.


    At a certain point everyone has a choice. You can choose to let your childhood (or whatever other crappy event has occurred) control your life, or you can choose to say “okay, shit happens. I got through it and I am not going to be a victim to it. I am not going to let this experience dictate the rest of my life. I don’t want to give it that power. I’m the one in control.” Getting to that point doesn’t mean you don’t have insecurities and you don’t have issues that continue to crop up, it just means that when they do, you deal and drive on.

    I think that’s what Booth and Brennan have done. They have, in their own ways, chosen to deal with their crap and keep on trying. (Hmm, maybe “Keep on Trying” should be “their song” instead of “Hot Blooded”…) Admittedly, they sometimes deal with their crap by avoiding it for a while, but sooner or later, they do work it out, even if it’s not easy.

    To answer your question though, when it comes to the future, it’s certainly not going to be all sunshine and daffodils for our intrepid heroes. They’re going to have their issues and insecurities. But the thing about Booth and Brennan is that they are stronger together than they are apart. (And I don’t mean that to sound like they are codependent, though there may be aspects of codependency in their relationship, admittedly my one psych class was a long time ago and I am not an expert on the topic.)

    What I mean is that they’re going to face things together. They have seen each other at their best and their worst. They each know the truth of the other like no one else does; they possibly even know the other better than they know themselves sometimes. They’ll bicker, and they’ll argue, but when faced with a challenge, they are PARTNERS in the truest sense of the word, and have each others’ back. No matter what the challenge or issue, they’ll deal with it together and they’ll find a solution. It won’t always be easy for them, but they’ll do it. And especially now that they’ve got a child coming into the world, it’s going to be rough sometimes, but they’ll get through it and make the best decisions they can, together, for their relationship and their child.

    And I, for one, can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

    (And am I the only one still getting a little giddy thinking about the baby? I want to flail all over again just typing that…)

    • Yay, thanks Jade! 🙂

      (Also, thanks for getting Keep on Trying *and David Boreanaz singing* in my head!)

      • You’re welcome – on both counts!

        (And that scene is one of my favorites… they’re just so gosh darn cute together. And I love that song – I saw Poco in concert a few months ago and they played “Keep on Trying” and I cheered like a crazy fangirl and sang every word right along with it. Y’all will probably think I’m nuts, but DB can sing to me any time… I honestly wouldn’t mind. 😉 )

      • Umm…agreed. If DB was to look at me like he looks at Brennan…he could sing as long as he wants, whatever song he wants! 🙂

      • bb, Exactly, my dear. Exactly. 😉

    • Jade, believe me, you are not the only one who is excited about the baby. I just love the idea of a Booth/Brennan baby. Brennan will be so protective and Booth, well, if he was protective of Brennan before……. Look out.

    • Ah Jade! Did you have to ask if you were the only who still gets excited thinking about the baby? Me! Me! Me! Maybe for slightly different reasons than most, but I still love it!

    • I’m still wildly excited about the baby. Almost as much as when my sister was pregnant. ;-D

    • LOL! Okay, I’m so glad I’m not the only one still flailing over the baby. I hadn’t had a squee moment about it in a while, and then I typed “their child”, what I had typed registered, and it happened all over again. 😉

      • Ha, I was reading a fanfic earlier where there where one shots of Brennan and Booth and the pregnancy. Though at the very end (Last one shot in series of one shots) the baby had been born and alive for like a month. I was so excited. Yeah, it was fanfiction but then I kept imagining how I am going to handle them talking about the baby and stuff into regards that I am just like flailing and so so so so so so excited.

  14. Haha, psychologists have been trying to answer this question of nature vs nurture for decades. 😉 I think it usually comes down to a combination of both.

  15. First I was excited, then anxious, then anxiously excited. I just had a revelation that makes me think even more it’s a good thing.

    SN mentioned they wanted to avoid the lovey-dovey new couple phase where they have to be polite. We know they were being polite in the diner, and had a sweet kiss at the bowling alley. I really, really loved those moments ya’ll. But it’s not how I’m used to seeing them operate on a daily basis. I was missing those zingers from Brennan to Booth, and even a little of Booth’s snarkiness. I think we all love the bickering, but it won’t happen until they stop being so polite. They’ve always had sweet moments, so if they’re going back to their roots with the “family” back together again, I expect to see those sprinkled in.

    I know many people wanted to see more of the precursor of Booth and Brennan getting together. I guess even I thought we would see it gradually happen, and get to witness some of their firsts (except I don’t need to actually see them have sex.) But they made it unlikely the way it went down. It seemed as sudden to them as it did to us. If they were going to show us their first kiss, it would have been while we saw them in bed. But how many people would have been okay seeing them cuddling in bed, then kissing, then having the screen fade to black since they weren’t keen on showing the actual deed? And in another way them coming together wasn’t so sudden. They had been having couple-like talks since the 16th, feeling each other “up”, so to speak.

    • They were couple-like long before that. They hadn’t been this season, but I was watching a rerun on TNT tonight. The one where Gordon Gordon determines why they are fighting all the time. The ep where Brennan keeps insulting the priest. Angela observes that it seems like a couples thing. And, that’s, what, early s3? If we go back, we can find examples of being couple-y even earlier.

      I’m pretty much ok with what those evil geniuses have given us. I’m just so relieved that they are finally together. I would have liked to see a hug after Brennan’s big announcement, but that’s ok. I don’t think we’ll get a lot of lovey dovey, but I think we’ll eventually get the “I love you’s” and a bit more affection (not just in response to Max telling them to act that way). I’m good with that. Will we get to see the end that we saw in the beginning of the End in the Beginning? [ I confused myself with that. ;-D ] We’ll just have to wait and see.

  16. Okay, so I said I was going to explain better later. That would be now. What I was talking about before is really apart of something I’ve been going over and at times I think refining. But yes, it’s both (I spelled booth first). In fact, what I was going into before has more to do with a kind of second form of destiny kind of. I won’t actually go into it in great depth anymore but I could and use B&B for examples. But I won’t.

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