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Scene Study: The Signs in the Silence- I Want It To Be About More Than Luck, That’s All.


Good morning!

I hope you are having a nice day, wherever you are! I am going to *try* to post scene studies on Thursdays, as little Bones-less Bones-day posts to keep us in the mood, and so for starters, I thought we’d take a little stroll with B&B in one of the episodes of season six, The Signs in the Silence.

The end scene of this episode begins with Booth and Brennan watching as Samantha is reunited with her parents. I love the way Booth looks at Brennan while she is watching the scene.

And then they are walking together in the front gardens of the Jeffersonian. Can you think of any other time they’ve walked there together except for the Pilot episode? (and small side capitalization question: should ‘pilot’ be capitalized when we’re talking about that episode? If so, should I say “The Pilot” or if I use ‘the’ then is it just ‘pilot’ with no capital P? Like when referring to parents how it’s right to capitalize it if you could easily substitute a first name Mom or Dad or Sally, but if you can’t substitute a first name (you wouldn’t necessarily say ‘her Sally), it’s her mom or her dad? Thoughts?)

I cannot think of any other episode where they are walking there, and it brings to mind what pal OwlStory talks a lot about– that Booth and Brennan (per Hart Hanson’s pilot commentary (lowercase p?) as well) were always one chasing after the other…particularly in that scene in the first episode ever (or I can just call it that! Ha!). But here, they are very (deliberately?) much walking side by side.

Does that signify the chasing is over? Either way, Brennan tells Booth, “I think you’re right; we should get a stuffed animal for Hodgins and Angela’s baby.”

Booth replies “A bunny” immediately. When I watched this scene again, I was (once again) caught up in the way Booth gets vulnerable when he’s around Brennan. We can sort of hear the catch in his voice when he suggests the bunny and then waits to see if she’ll think it’s a dumb idea. Brennan has that same eager vulnerability toward him a lot of times too, and I love it. Maria mentioned this episode the other day when she was talking about ……….

Brennan does not think it’s a dumb idea to buy a stuffed bunny. She smiles and likes the idea…

And Booth does that little shove his hands into his pockets thing that is just so cute and continues to stare at her.

“A stuffed bunny would be nice,” Brennan agrees.

“Right?” Booth adds, glad to hear that his idea was a good one.

“I hear you slugged Mike Shenfield,” Brennan tells him. “That must have been very satisfying. I’m sure he deserved it.”

“I lost control,” Booth confesses. “I lost control, and I don’t take any pride in that.”

“He kidnapped and abused her,” Brennan argues.

“Doesn’t matter,” Booth interrupts, a bit harshly, but not in a mean-spirited way. “Bones…” he adds at the end.

“Okay,” Brennan says. “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“I just…” Booth tries to explain. “When I grew up, I had a father…”

He stops talking by just saying, “Never mind.”

“He…he hit you,” Brennan says it out loud. “I know.”

“But it’s not the same, Booth,”

Remember in season five (Dentist in the Ditch, I think? Correct me if I’m wrong), when Booth sort of wonders aloud why it is that he asks her questions, and she tells him she likes it because he tells the truth? And he says something like, “You know, I really do,” or whatever? Maybe it’s Dwarf in the Dirt? I feel like this is one of those moments, where Booth feels sort of uncomfortable, but Brennan is still going to tell him the truth. In this instance, the truth is a good, positive truth (she might argue that all truths are good positive truths, because they are in fact the truth, 😀 ), and Brennan is right, and it’s now completely up to Booth to either believe it or not.

“I gotta do better,” he insists.

“I have a son of my own, and look…I don’t want him to ever see that side of me. Ever.”

Besides the crappy series-level writing of him saying “I have a son of my own” (yes, we are aware, and if someone is watching BONES for the first time in SEASON SIX, well, I’m sorry…but he or she should know that there might be a few things they don’t quite understand! Episodes should not be written toward that first time viewer (IMO). That curiosity to know more is what motivates people to rush out to Blockbuster and rent seasons one and two in the middle of the night! Oh wait, that was just me in season three? And oh wait, Blockbuster is closed? Oh…rats.)

Okay…so besides that, it is interesting that Booth considers that he does have ‘that side’ to him. Pal BB’s post yesterday touched on that, so if you haven’t visited it, check it out! But back to the scene…

It happens so fast, so the pic is a little blurry, but I love the way Brennan is looking at Booth. I think she knows that he’s such a good person. Maybe she also likes that he’s a little too hard on himself. Not in a mean way from her, but just that she knows that makes him a really good man.

“Your son is very lucky, Booth. You have to know that.”

I love that she says it, and I like that she uses the word lucky. It reminds me of the season four premiere, when they argue about the solpsistic something or other (tomato, potato, call it what you want!) while the London bridge is opening behind them.

I like that even though Booth’s back is mostly to us, we can still see the vulnerability in his shoulders and the way his cheeks are sort of relaxed. Boreanaz!

And Emily Deschanel is fantastique, of course!

“Yeah,” Booth sort of smiles,

“But I just…I want it to be about more than luck” he tells her. “That’s all.”

We talked after this episode about whether or not more than luck meant more than fate, and if so, if that meant Booth was not relying on that (which comPLEments Brennan’s very use of the word luck). If so, then possibly, the chase is still on, so to speak, as while they are walking side by side, now they are weighing each other’s words and thoughts and past words and thoughts and working all of that out.

The rest of the scene is in silence as they share looks with one another. What’s being communicated? What do you think of this scene? Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones,



44 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Signs in the Silence- I Want It To Be About More Than Luck, That’s All.

  1. I’m not sure what they are communicating with their eyes, but I love it!

    This episode was just all around good and made me have confidence in the writers again.

  2. I think in this episode we see Booth and Brennan as very relaxed around each other. They had been tense with each other most of the year and they finally seemed to be on the same page. “We should get a stuffed animal for Hodgins and Angela’s baby”. That is a couples thing to do. I think Blizzard finally let them relax and be the close friends they had been for years. It allowed them to get to this point where they were partners contemplating more.

    I loved the Pilot with Brennan skipping next to Booth blackmailing him. In fact it is one of my favorite scenes for season one and yet I love this scene where they are walking side by side. They are equal in their partnership, their friendship. One is not chasing the other, trying to force the other to listen them. They are listening very carefully to each other and the importance of the non-verbal communication is just as important than the verbal.

    I am not sure what they are trying to say to each other; but, I can guess. Booth doesn’t want his life to be about luck. He wants to be a good Dad and doesn’t want it to be about fate or luck. He likes the idea that he is a good Dad on purpose and that Parker doesn’t have to worry about Booth and how Booth will react to a given situation. He wants Parker to know that Booth is not Booth’s Dad. He also doesn’t want his friendship, his partnership with Brennan to be about luck either. He wants Brennan’s relationship with him to be something that has happened because that is what they want not something that they stumbled into.

    I love the looks they give to each in this scene. Brennan is trying to reassure Booth and Booth is trying to let Brennan know that he appreciates what she said and yet at the same time neither wants to say more. They have a tendency to say too much sometimes and then things get mis-interpreted. This time they have had a very short conversation and said what they wanted to say to each other and have let the silence and looks say the rest.

    • I like what Lenora is saying. To just add a little more, I think this is a nice turn away from gambling that Booth used to rely on. Instead of depending on luck, he is trying to be a better man and take his life into his own hands. This is the middle ground, somewhere between fate and self-determination.

      I also think that the look between the two of them is an acknowledgement that they are no longer “hoping” that the 30-40-50 years works out. They are actively working towards becoming people who can sustain a long term relationship with each other. The discussion in the Blizzard episode about trying not to be angry anymore, and trying to be strong and not impervious was a testament to that. I think this look is a continuation and acknowledgement of that conversation. They are slowly walking towards their future together, knowing that it is a choice and that it will take some work.

      Just beautifully done by the entire cast and crew. Love it!

  3. So apparantley in my De-Bonesing efforts i can’t NOT read Bones Theory. Who knew?! LOL

    I really enjoyed this episode…one of the best this season without a doubt. And that scene was brilliant. I loved the look on Brennans face when she watched the girl with her parents. I can’t quite pinpoint what exactly is going through her mind right then, but Emily has such a look on her face. Love it!

    And i love the conversation between Booth and Brenann re Booth slugging the jackass…both the verbal and the silent! (Although the silent convo goes way over my head. No idea they were saying….maybe they were discussing the weather? Or is that too British?) Booth regretting his actions is so…Boothy. I may have cheered (loudly!!) but such a loss of control goes against the way Booth sees himself i think. As much as he is more about following his gut than using his brain he’s still always in control.

    I would imagine for a man with his past such a violent loss of control will always leave you feeling vulnerable. That whole ‘Am i turning into my father’ fear that he must have.

    Admittedly, who doesn’t fear they are turning into their parent?! LOL

  4. I just love that the only time Booth takes his eyes off of her is when he’s disgusted with himself. Otherwise, he locked on her every moment. Personally, I think by this point, the chase is very much over.

  5. Was it “Woman in the SUV” that had Brennan wondering why they always solved crimes after they happened, after there was a dead body, instead of finding a live person? And then Booth rushes into the garage where that terrified little boy is huddled under the table and rescues him. I love that episode – it always reminds me of the safe word we had when my kids were little (snickerdoodle) and the child actor just did such a great job in that scene – where was I?

    Right….anyway, I thought of that earlier scene when I watched Brennan watching this reunion. Just this once, a happy ending. I mean, the girl did kill someone but I’m guessing she got off for self-defense and she got her parents back and she got her bunny back.

    And I love that Brennan knows that Parker is lucky, because the accident of birth that gave him to Booth & Rebecca is lucky, but Booth knows that hard work and effort come after luck.

    And I love what they don’t say as they walk together. I love that they’re both replaying that conversation in their heads, weighing words and emotions and motives together, at the same time. And I love that they can’t help looking the other and smiling.

    Chase? What chase?

    • The Mastadon In The Room:
      BOOTH: Why do we only solve crimes when we have a dead body?
      CAM: Seriously? Because I’m a pathologist and she’s a forensic anthropologist? Fresh dead, long-time dead?
      BOOTH: I was thinking about Logan Bartlett.
      BRENNAN: The missing boy?
      BOOTH: Yeah, I checked out the Missing Persons investigation into the father and… The dad buys a car three days after the son disappeared. What kind of father does that?

      The Woman In The SUV was a very good episode though and you are right about the boy being rescued by Booth in that episode. His secret word was Paladin.

      • Ahhhh, I”m getting my rescued little boys mixed up. Kidnapped by father vs. kidnapped bad guys.

        That’s why I keep you guys around – to keep me on the straight and narrow. 🙂

      • We also had a kidnapped boy kidnapped by a crazy woman who wanted a child in Mother and Child In The Bay. It would be easy to mix these episodes up.

  6. I agree that the chase is over. After seeing the finale, then going back and rewatching the episodes, I believe this is a major turning point for both of them. Bones is telling him she knows what they have together is special, and she is ready to accept him. I think her imperviousness is gone at this point. And Booth is telling her I’m almost ready, I can see where we are going and I am happy with this move.

    The looks have changes from the ones we saw in season three, to a more powerful understanding look of acceptance. They are both getting ready to take that next step in their relationship.

  7. Nice pick as usual. Where my interpretation differs a bit from yours is about the ‘I have a son on my own’. I do think it was necessary to put it there to show how Booth is trying to cope with his past (his abusive father) and his reality especially with his line of work and his son. The Booth we knew this season (with or without H) was a conflicted one not only regarding his romantic feelings but more directed towards his inner him. Was it the trip to the war zone, or maybe the fact that his father started to abuse him when he was his age or even Parker’s age?!? You know, in the kind of : ‘I have the exact same age my father had when he started to beat me up. What if I turned like him?’ … I really hope we would get some answers about that subject, just to put some more pieces of the puzzle together.
    About the episode, i really like it because for once, they were able to help the alive victim in a very different way and we saw Brennan opening a little bit more… Plus those gardens are sumptuous, do we know where the actual place is?

    • Real place is the science and industry museum in LA, I believe. Hart says something about that in the commentary on the Pilot on the DVD’s.

    • Exuperance –

      Agree with you about “I have a son of my own.” It’s as if he’s talking to himself out loud, admonishing himself. “You’ve got a son of your own, Seeley Booth. You’ve got to do better than that!”

    • The real place is the LA Museum of Natural History. Go to that site and you will see the “Jeffersonian” in the picture.

      • Excellent, Barbara. I went to school across the street from there at USC for 8 years (doctoral programs can take forever ;-D ) and I still couldn’t think of the exact name.

      • It makes sense that it would be LA. That bright, very clear light has to be Southern California.

  8. A quick comment. You wrote: ” I love the way Booth looks at Brennan while she is watching the scene.”

    My roomie had Bones on when I got home yesterday and it was the one (name?) about the chef who had the famous mac and cheese….so Brennan cooks for him. She has not followed Bones, but I’ve been talking to her about the site and the show… I told her to make sure to watch the ending. We continue finishing the ep, and then we get to the mac and cheese scene…and my roomate turns to me and says, “I love the way he’s looking at her!” and “Awwwwwwwww!”

    Um, yeah. The DB magic look captures even the untrained Bones eye :). I love that.

    • “The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House”

      Love those DB looks too. I love it when he peeks at her too.

  9. In thinking about connections between episodes and their importance, I think we have another one of those here. It felt like Brennan should have put her arm in Booth’s at the end, but she didn’t. She does in the next episode as the walk back into the Jeffersonian after sending Vincent’s body off.

    If we look at the camera’s view, they’re also different. In Signs we have a very wide shot. At the end of HitH, the camera goes right in tight on Brennan linking her arm with Booth’s.

    Not entirely sure what it all means exactly, but I think it further emphasizes that something significant has happened between them.

  10. What a wonderful scene study; this has become one of my favorite episodes already. What with the slugging, the “don’t touch her”, Brennan and Sweets working with the girl (who was absolutely great), and Brennan’s joy when the girl reunited with her parents, there was something for everyone all episode long. But that end scene…your pictures were perfect and they were really needed because looks were kind of everything, as they often are in Bones. I know they were actually saying one thing, but it felt like they were really saying “I’m ready, I’m at peace and I’m open to whatever happens next.” The fact that she agreed with him about the bunny and used one of his favorite words, “luck” while he turns his on his usual way of thinking (gambling) shows how much they already were on the same page.

  11. “Your son is very lucky, Booth. You have to know that.”

    I just love this. Brennan, while she can come across as cold, or unfeeling, or abrasive to others…she is there for Booth when he really needs her. She lets her “inner-Iceland” come out with him. Though she has a hard time understanding others or reading social clues, she knows this man. She knows when he’s hurting, and she knows she is the one that can help him through it. The woman who doesn’t believe in luck, fate, or coincidence, could have said, “There’s no such thing as luck, Booth.” –but she doesn’t. I just love that.

    I also love that they have Brennan present the bunny–from the both of them–to Angela.

  12. The first screencap pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? About the scene, the episode, the season and the series.

    • What she said. 😉

      • I’ll third that. 😉

        And add that the pic that is a “little bit blurry” above “your son is lucky” is something of a reflection of that from Brennan.

      • I agree with you there Jade. I’ve said before – if there were an Emmy category for “outstanding performance with just a look” DB and ED would have a shelf full of trophies.

      • Amen to that, Barbara. Who do we have to petition to get that category created? 😉

  13. ahhh, another post… just made my day…. you BTheorists are the best… you take the best screenshots and put to words what i’ve been thinking and feeling watching the episodes… just shows how brilliant our two crime-solving partners are as actors…emily d gives the best facial expressions, so genuine… all episodes deserve scene studies… my comment will come later… i just want to thank you guys for the posts… don’t get tired of writing for us…

  14. I love the way he looks at her at the end.

    It looks like the sun is in his eyes, so they’re crinkled up. He’s not quite smiling.

    There’s a question there. I’m not sure what. Yet, he’s somehow happy, content to be looking at her. To be there with her. There’s the vulnerability, but “I can say that you and it’ll be ok” there too.

    Once more, bravissimo to David.

  15. I think Brennan understands Booth the best because she keeps lists in her head about him. She knows when something is right and when something is wrong. When Booth was complaining about not knowing if he liked brown sugar on his oatmeal, Brennan told him to call her, she knew he likes brown sugar on everything. She loves Booth and wants to understand everything about him. She may not be able to easily read anyone else; but, she definitely can read Booth. I too liked that she used the word luck. It is not something she normally says and yet for Booth she will use the word he understands the best.

    I also like that Booth keeps lists in his head about Brennan…. daisy, jupiter…

  16. I love this show. Der – they think. But seriously, I could watch ED & DB do their thing over and over again (which I do…) The sheer weight of what is expressed when these two look at each other propels me from make believe into reality and makes me forget they are acting. I guess that explains why I hang out with you lot!

    Oh, and the shared bunny present? Very coupley. And decided on before they did the deed. Shows where their headspace is that they make this decision together 🙂 Of all the expensive practical gifts that they could choose, they go for sweet and cutesy. A pre-love Bren wouldn’t have agreed to something like this.

    As for the Pilot vs pilot, because we are talking about a specific Pilot, it deserves a capital P. In this context we all know what Pilot we are talking about.

  17. So I’m watching Mummy in the Maze (thanks, TNT!) and I found a quote that to me is a companion to the title quote from Booth.

    Booth in this study says, “I want it to be about more than luck, that’s all.” Booth, who is the “heart” guy, wants it to be about more than luck, he wants it to be more factual….
    Brennan in “Maze” says, “In the end, even someone who believes in empiricism and science has to take a leap of faith.” The woman who believes in brain over heart acknowleges that there is something to taking a leap of faith.

    I just love that they learn from each other, brain and heart. Yay! 🙂

    Oh, dear, they just got to the room of snakes…
    “I’m finding it interesting that I’m only scared of snakes when Booth is around to jump on.”

    • Also, just watched “Mummy in the Maze.” Love the end of that esp when Brennan tries spinning around. There is a Family Guy ep where Superman flies by Wonder Woman flying her invisible plane. Turns out she’s in the lave at that moment. ’nuff said. ;-D

      What wouldn’t one be afraid of if she had Booth around to jump on?

      Also, I really, really hope we finally get to learn why Booth is afraid of clowns. That’s OOC and I’m still dying to know why.

      • Haha Angelena…I would be actively thinking of things that Booth could protect me from! 🙂

        About the clowns though, I don’t know if its necessarily OOC…it could just be a quirk they’ve given the character to make him a more real person…like I’m afraid of large groups of birds congregating ever since I watched “The Birds” in high school. Its not out of character for me, its just a random fact about me….that being said, it would be interesting to know if it was precipitated by something or if its just a quirk. I mean, I think clowns are pretty creepy myself….I haven’t shot at one before, but still….creepy.

    • I watched “Mummy” too!

      Great point, bb about her speech. I love how Booth was all “wait, what?” in response to what she was saying. She really threw him for a loop with that.

      I had to laugh at the snake scene; I had forgotten that she jumped on him after the bullet ricochets and hits him in the leg. But then, who wouldn’t want a genuine reason to jump on Booth? 😉

      Angelena, I’m with you about the clowns. I really want to know why he’s so scared of them, but I don’t feel that it’s all that OOC for a guy like Booth to have something he’s illogically afraid of. I know some pretty tough guys that are afraid of all kinds of weird things: needles, swimming, snakes, spiders. There’s really no rhyme or reason to it. It just happens.

      I actually find it kind of endearing that Booth is afraid of clowns. Here’s this big, tough guy who faces down armed murders and miscreants and the like, but clowns make him jumpy and nervous. It’s just cute somehow. And man, DB does the jumpy thing so well. It seems like the more frequently I watch these eps, the more blown away I am by both him and ED and their talent. I always seem to find some kind of new nuance to what they do and I love it!

      • Jade, you are my BT kindred spirit! Well said!

      • I totally agree, Jade, that his fear of clowns, being so unexpected from an FBI guy/Ranger sniper who has a badge and a gun, is wonderfully endearing. And, yes, DB is brilliant whenever Booth has to face one.

      • Aww, thanks, bb! 🙂

        And this is totally silly but after watching Mummy, if they do another Halloween themed ep, I would love them to do something with vampires. It’s probably a direct result of watching too much Buffy in the last week or so, but I would get a kick out of seeing Booth react to something that might point to vampires being involved in a murder.

        I can see it going one of two ways: either he freaks out and starts crossing himself and making with the crosses and holy water and garlic, or he’s totally chill and tells them stuff about vampires and the whole gang gives him this collective look like “who are you, and where is Booth?” To which he responds something like “What? I watch TV.”

        I just think it’d be awesome if done right; kind of like when Castle did the nods to Firefly fans with the “space cowboy” Halloween costume, and the speaking Chinese to the restaurant guys. “Exchange student?” “TV show I used to watch.”

        Yeah. I know. I’m a geek. 😉

      • @Jade! Cut it out! I was also thinking about what a new Halloween episode would look like…especially with what we’ve seen in the finale!! I mean, what would Wonder Woman and Clark Kent’s baby be on Halloween? haha..

        And maybe they could have another character, like Sweets or something, dress up as a vampire, and have Bootn make some kind of “Angel/Buffy” comment to him. I just wanna see more Squint Booth. 🙂 Hot.

      • LOL, bb, I think the timing’s not exactly right for the baby to appear in a potential Halloween ep this year, but I’ve gotta go with bumblebee because there are two B’s in it…. Yes, corny, I know, but I could not resist. 😉

        You know, I can’t see Sweets as a vampire. The goth thing didn’t really work for me on him in Mayhem, and I think I’d have the same trouble with a vampire. How about Booth as Dracula? Complete with cape and accent. You just know Angela would say something like “Oooh, Booth, I’m totally loving this whole Dracula thing. Very sexy.” I mean, yeah, she’s married, but she’s still Ange. 😉

      • (PS. yes, I know there are three b’s in bumblebee, but I’m ignoring the middle one to make my corny joke work. :p)

      • Loving the Halloween discussion.

        Maybe Sweets and Genevieve could be Angel and Buffy. ;-D I also love the idea of Booth surprising everyone with his knowledge of vamps and saying it’s cuz he watches TV. All that kind of goes along with a guest appearance by one of the Angel/Buffy cast and they’re being a “you look familiar” thing going on.

        On the babies. MSVH could be a tiny Billy Gibson. I love how glasses look on little kids, so baby BB could be a tiny squint — so-o cute. Then maybe it could be daddy and kid dressed up the same, esp if it’s a little boy. Picture Booth walking around with a little baby also in his squint get up. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! I’m getting all “oooooo sooooo cute” – squee! Or dress the baby up in little fatigues or FBI gear. I must admit the idea of a little pudgy bumblebee is wonderful too.

        I wonder if that could be worked out this year especially could they have the baby by then? Total speculation: I wonder whether baby BB will be born before ED’s or after? And, will we see it or will it also take place during ED’s baby hiatus and then pick up somewhere after it’s born?

        I just remembered. My nephew’s second Halloween was a little Count Dracula costume and he looked so-o completely and totally adorable. I suspect he’ll be a tiny hockey player this year as he’s totally obsessed with hockey now that he plays. That’s another baby BB idea – a tiny hockey player.

        For a more Brennan related look, how about baby eco-warrior? Or Brennan as Wonder Woman with a baby Wonder Woman? That would be squeeable. Probably wouldn’t work this year given ED’s pregnancy. Booth with baby Wonder Woman would be pretty cute too.

        I have to stop. I could go on with this for hours. It’s just too much fun to contemplate everyone inc the babies in costumes.

      • James Marsters absolutely positively most certainly HAS TO make a guest appearance on BONES. HAS. TO. Every so often, I’ll tweet the same to @HartHanson and @squarechicken. I know they say they don’t read their tweets but I’m hoping that occasionally they sneak peeks.

        They had Freddy Krueger, for cripes sake. We can’t get Spike?

      • I agree with you MJ. James Marsters would be cool as a guest star. It would be even cooler if he was a clown.

      • James Marsters as the clown that finally leads to the story of why Booth “hates” clowns. ;-D

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