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Sweet Bones Disposition: A Kiss


Good morning!

I hope you are having a great Monday so far! It’s been awhile since I updated this series, and now it’s time for “A Kiss”.

I think my favorite all time B&B kiss is still technically the one she plants on his cheek in Knight/Grid, but this ‘first’ kiss is also very perfect.

Some people might argue that they are very naive at this time, but I’d prefer to call it happy and not-weighted down.

It’s sweet and hot at the same time, and I love the way their eyes alternatingly flutter open and shut. I think if they had slept together, it would have not been good. Okay, okay, it would have been *good*, but afterward would not have been good for them. I don’t see Booth not following her around and I don’t see Brennan wanting to get into it with him. Maybe they needed to have a fight so they could meet up again later on a purely professional level and sort of hem and haw themselves into the ‘partner zone’ as Nicole called it a few weeks back.

But all of that is not even a twinkling in their imagination in this moment, when they both (yes, not just Booth) know that they really, really, really like the other one. And in that moment, Brennan asks him why he thinks what they have is going somewhere, and Booth tells her that he thinks he’s going to kiss her. We’ve each probably got several other moments throughout the series where we think he wants to kiss her and she wants to kiss him, and  it never really happens. But this time it did, and it only took us years to find out about it J

We talked last Thursday about whether or not ‘the chase’ is officially over—that is, that B&B are on the same page and while there will still be a lot of give and take, it’s not like it’s always been. If that’s true, do you think this kiss (and then Brennan gently pushing him away as he breathes out a ‘wow’ and smiles incredibly) is the beginning of that chase?

Thoughts? Either way, where does this kiss rank on your list of all time B&B lip locks?

Peace, Love & Bones,



24 thoughts on “Sweet Bones Disposition: A Kiss

  1. I think this kiss was the beginning of the chase for Booth, but the beginning of running from her feelings for Bones. More later, got to feed the grandkids.

    • “…the beginning of the chase for Booth, but the beginning of running from her feelings for Bones.”

      Well said, Kimberly. I completely agree. Her running from her feelings is what made Booth have to chase her. 🙂

  2. I don’t think they’re ever going to stop chasing. The difference is now… that they’re running in the same direction… That is the fun part of any relationship…

  3. I think this was the beginning of the chase for Booth; but, not for Brennan. Booth was gob smacked the first time he saw Brennan and was ready to pursue her. Brennan on the other hand was very careful about how she conducted her affairs and because she did seem interested in Booth from the beginning, she pushed him away from her so that she wouldn’t risk becoming closer to Booth. I think you are right that if they had hooked up early, it would have been bad for both of them. Brennan would have satisfied her curiosity; but, would never have allowed Booth to get any closer. Chances are she would have even avoided working with Booth after this no matter how hard he tried to get her to. On the other hand the rejection by Brennan would have been almost as bad as it was in 100.

    So far, my favorite kiss is not a kiss at all. It is the smooch that Booth gave Brennan in The Change In The Game. This smooch seemed to be more intimate than any kiss that they have shared so far. To be sure, the kiss in The Santa In The Slush was way hotter; but, that kiss was forced on them by Caroline and was very awkward. It flustered both of them and that is my point. They kissed and were very uncomfortable. The smooch was relaxed and much more intimate. I have seen the smooch several times now and I just love the look that Booth gives Brennan afterward and I love how Brennan just leans into his smooch. They are so much a couple in that scene.

  4. I also think my favorite kiss was from Knight on the Grid when she gave him the peck on the cheek for helping Russ. It was just so unexpected, spontaneous, and wonderful. 🙂

    I think that if with that very first kiss (which really was awesome but that we didn’t see until the 100th) had gone further they could have ended up with a relationship very much like what he had with Hannah. Something that happened very fast and burned out quickly when he wanted more than she felt capable of giving.

    As for the chase. Yes I do think it started with that very first kiss…actually I think it started with that very first look.

  5. *sigh* I actually watched the 100th and saw ‘that’ kiss last night! I agree it’s hot! I also agree that had they pursued a relationship at that point, it would have been a flash in the pan and over just as quickly as it began. They wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn about each other slowly over time. They both have spit fire temperaments. They would have blown up and not had the level of caring about each other that always brings them back to each other.

    I’m sure most people will not agree with me, and this episode is controversial at best, but I believe the kissing they did throughout End in the Beginning was great too. I know…Booth was in a coma, blah, blah, blah. But if you think about it…Brennan was writing it because she was thinking about it, wanting it. We know Booth wanted it. So, that was the first time we got to see the life they both wanted at that moment. We got to see the possibility of a future.

    One other thing, I agree with Lenora…that smooch in the Change in the Game just melts my heart!

    • ceeray3. You are not alone, I love the kissing and hugging (and yes the bed scene) in the End In The Beginning too. Sure it was a coma dream; but, they were so happy. Since Brennan wrote it she had to at least subconsiously have wanted those moments and we know that Booth wanted something more intimate with Brennan.

  6. First of all, that kiss is off the charts hot. I still get goose bumps when I watch it. For me, the kiss at the end of the 100th feels forced, Brennan’s kiss on Booth’s cheek in Knight on the Grid is sweet, the mistletoe kiss is intense yet awkward, and Booth’s kiss on Brennan’s cheek in The Change in the Game is cute (however, I can’t watch it without cringing thanks to that awful mullet)…but this kiss? This kiss is just plain hot…and I think you hit the nail on the head, Sarah, when you said that it’s because it wasn’t weighted down. There’s no history behind it; no misperceptions or pre-conceived notions (quite yet); nothing holding them back, and therefore no pain. It just is. And that makes it awesome.

    I would definitely agree that this “first kiss” is the beginning of the chase for Booth – both literally and figuratively! 😉 But if Brennan had been chasing Booth (at least sexually) up until this point, I think his gambling comment changed everything. After that she spent a lot of time, as Kimberly and Lenora already pointed out, running away. As to when she stopped running away and started chasing Booth herself, I suppose that depends on how you choose to define “the chase.” 🙂

  7. My favorite kiss is still Brennan kissing Booth on the check. The first time I saw that episode, I swear I think my heart stopped along with his for a fraction of a second. The way he had to swallow before he could force words past the rock that had jumped into his throat . . . that was just an amazing piece of work on DB’s behalf. As a viewer, I actually felt what Booth felt. Yet another reason S3, as short as it was, is my absolute favorite.

  8. I agree with Gcatspjs, that they are still chasing, and will maybe continue chasing for a while. I think that Bones felt something in that first kiss, and that is what made her run. IMO she became defensive from that point on, and that is where all the fighting between them started. She was pushing him away, because she was afraid of those initial feelings.
    I’ve been in that first kiss position, when I knew this was meant to be, and the rush was incredible. I think that is what scared her. It took everything he could do to break down the wall she built to keep him out, but he finally did it, and the kiss in CitG showed that.
    I also loved the kisses in EitB, because it showed what could be, if neither of them were defensive, and scared of their feelings. As I watch that episode, and think about this season, i imagine how it could be between them, if HH would just give us a glimpse of their relationship.

  9. I just recently found this blog and I must say “wow!” I thought I was crazy obsessed haha! I’m interested to see what people say. After the mistletoe kiss Booth’s face is just priceless =]

    • haha Nina you will love it here then! 🙂 I found it just before Hole in the Heart, and I’m so glad I had BT to help me sort through those last two episodes! It’s been fun!

  10. ooh yay, an invitation to think about B&B kisses 🙂

    First off, my favourite kisses are: the uncut version from Santa in the Slush (so wish they’d left the whole thing in there, but it did rather give the game away haha) and the kiss when Brennan is straightening his tie in End in the Beginning. It’s just so cute and natural. I know those are ‘odd’ choices because they’re not actually themselves, or in the show or whatever, but that’s what makes them my favourites. They aren’t weighed down by the rest of ‘themselves’.

    Knight on the Grid is an awesome one – agree that DB’s acting knocked it out of the park in that scene. Isn’t it funny, the change in Brennan from then to season 5? The later Brennan could never have done anything as relaxed as thank him with a kiss on the cheek.

    As for the ‘big’ kisses – the ones between them that really mean a lot, for various reasons I have issues with each:
    Big kiss 1 – in the rain in the 100th. Great kiss and a turning point in the story, but as I’m not a huge fan of the episode it makes it hard for me to like. Also, there’s something a bit odd about the direction of it, or the camera position or something. It was very, sort of, upright, quite separate. They weren’t leaning into each other, or holding each other or anything. I think I want a kiss where Booth puts his hands on either side of her face, or in her hair or something.
    Big kiss 2 – kiss at the end of the 100th. Heartbreaking. It’s such a last ditch attempt from Booth to try and make her see and it just winds up with her physically pushing him away and shouting ‘No’. Which results in the most pained look from Booth I’ve ever seen on TV. I just can’t bear it.
    Big kiss 3 – The kiss on the cheek in Change in the Game. It’s a great kiss and I love the moments preceding and following. I especially love Booth’s ‘come over here, you’ head nod. Hot. And even though I’d have loved to have seen a proper kiss, that would have given the game away. I felt such white hot rage after the finale that I’m still struggling to be objective about the episode as a whole ha.

    I’m hoping that the progress in their relationship will mean kisses are more common next season. I think it’s unlikely though – they know how to keep that tension burning!

    • It’s funny how sometimes, there’s just something “off” about a kiss and when it’s obvious, it makes it a little uncomfortable to watch. The Buffy-verse kisses were some of the strangest for me and since it was the same with everyone she kissed, I’m going to blame it on SMG not knowing how to stage a kiss. I mean, if you can’t kiss DB and James Marsters and look like you’re having fun doing it, there’s definitely something wrong with your technique.

      I like most of the direction for the kisses on BONES. Although I’d like a little more movement, and especially the hands on the face/in the hair you mentioned, you can feel the heat between Brennan and Booth.

      • SMG looked very young on Buffy and Angel. Hiatuses are desperate times, as we know, so I started watching Angel on Netflix and I noticed it especially in the episode where Angel gets to be human for a day. When he picks Buffy up in the kitchen and plops her on the table, she’s just so tiny; it really looked like he was picking up a child!

      • I started in on Buffy a few weeks ago, I’ve never watched it before, but I am hooked. I’m on season 3 now; just watched Helpless last night, but I have to say, eps 7-10 were incredible in terms of the Buffy/Angel story line; Lovers Walk and Amends just blew me away.

        MJ I noticed the awkwardness in the kissing scene between DB and SMG in Revelations, which is funny, because the UST is certainly off the charts between them, and the way she grabbed his face and kissed him in Surprise in season 2 just before they did the deed and he lost his soul was pretty hot and didn’t seem awkward at all. But I agree with your sentiment – I think I’d enjoy that quite a bit. 😉

        Barbara, it’s funny you mention how tiny SMG is, I was noticing that last night watching the beginning of “Helpless” when Angel and Buffy are using the workout as an excuse to feel each other up training. It was quite amusing to see her toss him around like that.

  11. I agree with all of the comments thus far. But, instead of kiss, I’d like to see what people think about touch. B&B are so reserved, yet so frightfully intimate, that I don’t think of kissing as the natural extension of their affection. Instead, I associate it with touching. Their hugs, the arm holding…

    The one instance that comes to mind is when Brennan is fighting with Angela about the pig. Booth, Brennan and Sweets are at the Diner and Booth has just said he’s not going to get into the middle of a fight because Brennan and Angela are best friends and they would just wind up blaming him once they work out their problem. As Brennan leaves, Booth grabs her hand and holds it and basically says everything is going to be all right. That touch to me, was just so sensitive, reassuring, and yes, loving. Ah.

    • I think the touching is very important also. In season one, Booth said it often enough, Brennan doesn’t like to be touched and yet ever since The Soldier On The Grave, Booth and Brennan touch each others arms, hands and back a lot. It is almost like they have to reassure themselves that the other is really with there, near them. One of the funniest scenes they have done is in Judas On A Pole , when Booth rushes into Brennan’s office and pulls her smock off of her and tries to hussle her out the door. She slaps his arm, laughs and says “why do I always feel like you are abducting me”. She only lets Booth get away with stuff like that.

  12. Late to the party; Great America beckoned. Oh man, that kiss was so very sexy… I loved how flirty she was, almost predatorial. And Booth…well, he’s Booth. He looked so utterly enraptured and amazed, she could have talked him into just about anything at that moment and he would have done it. That’s DB’s subtlety and intensity, for you. And I want more. And I’d agree with everyone’s favorites, although there’s been so few; I hope they fix that situation next season. The only terrible one was the last one in the 100th only because it was so desperate, and we all know how badly it ended. That part will always make it hard to watch. Maybe I can watch it in the future with a chaser of “Change in the Game”.

  13. Wow, its 8 pm my time and I am JUST NOW getting to a computer to respond! Wow, a day without BT is a long day indeed! I am attempting to comment directly to the post and not be influenced by comments! 🙂

    I have a Top Three of kisses: Santa in the Slush, the 100th ep, and the cheek kiss.

    Santa in the Slush–because it was our “first” kiss FOREVER and it was great. The extended kiss, BTW, is the best ever. Their nervousness before, their awkwardness after, the “Thanks for the gum.” Squeeee worthy there.

    100th ep–I agree with everything you say. It was a kiss about pure attraction on the most basic of levels. Before the deep history together, and the saving each others lives and the connection they have now, this is just a real, true, immediate attraction, and it is really nice to see them just **together** without all the drama in the way.

    Cheek kiss–DB is the BEST at his post-Brennan kiss reactions. In all three he has the stunned look that we love. And it is the best in the hospital. He just stops breathing. Sigh.

    Will they kiss more next season? Will Booth always be knocked off kilter by his reaction to her? Will they keep exchanging gum?? These and other questions…:)

  14. So my favorite kisses are as follows:

    1 – I love the “first kiss” from the 100th. A couple of people have said it’s a bit awkward, and perhaps it is, but I think I love it all the more because of it. We, the viewers, have the benefit of knowing what comes after all that, but for them it was the beginning. They didn’t know each other well but they knew they were attracted. The kiss is just sweet and full of promise, and just when it feels like it’s getting to the point of roaming hands… it’s over. But the impact is still very much there.

    2 – The cheek kiss in Knight on the Grid. Just like every one else who has mentioned it, I love how staggered Booth is from just a simple little peck on the cheek. It’s the little things like that which make me say that DB is the best actor on TV. Period.

    3 – Santa in the Slush. I love how quick Brennan is to say “NO!” when Booth says he’ll talk to Caroline, and then that little glint of eagerness in her eyes as she approaches Booth, and then how he is staggered, yet again, afterward and how they’re both stumbling over their words at the end about “stuff”. It’s just awesome.

    4 – I know it’s not a “real” B&B kiss, but I love the one from End in the Beginning when they are in the bedroom changing and she comes up to adjust his tie and they come together in a kiss. It’s just sweet and very “them”. I hope we get a similar one in season seven. Is that too much to ask, Hart?

  15. Wow, I agree with everyone. As much as I love the kisses and we haven’t really had a couple kiss from them yet, I do think that almost everyone else’s kisses are ‘hotter’ or at least more relaxed. Hodgins and Angela’s for instance are much more loving in a lot of ways. I’m really hoping for more S7 touches and romance.
    Bring on ROMANCE!

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