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Top Five Tuesday: The Heart Chooses What It Chooses


Good morning, and happy Tuesday in BonesTheoryLand! (not to be confused with LunchLadyLand!). I hope you are having a good day. A couple of very random thoughts that will eventually come together just like a Hodgins poop chart:

1. I am saddened to announce the apparent death of one of my external harddrives. This one had all of my “Bones” stuff on it, which is teeth-gritting worthy. It was just the back-up, but it was also the ‘compilation’, so I’m slowly getting all of those things back together in one place. Wish me luck. Or a miracle!

2.  There was this show on ABC ( I think) for awhile called October Road (and hey, fun sidenote: one of the actors was Geoff Stults of “The Finder” fame (though perhaps ‘fame’ is a bit much…yet)), and it was an…okay show. There were things I liked about it and things I hated about it, but I remember the show creator being interviewed once and he was asked why he thought the show had received such horrible reviews.

According to the good-humored exec producers, they always knew they weren’t exactly making The West Wing, but they never anticipated the trouncing they took from critics last season. ”I’ve literally made a many, many s—ty movie in my career, and I’ve never gotten such hateful reviews,” says Rosenberg (Kangaroo Jack, Con Air). ”To me, the show’s a cardigan sweater. It’s a Joni Mitchell record on a rainy day. It’s a cup of hot chocolate. You may not necessarily like hot chocolate or Joni Mitchell or cardigan sweaters, but why would you violently hate hot chocolate and Joni Mitchell and cardigan sweaters? There are shows like Who Wants to Marry My Cousin’s Wife? that got better reviews than October Road. It’s a cozy show about a writer who comes back to his hometown and falls back in love. You would think we were decapitating bunny rabbits.”

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that interview for two reasons. One, it showed that the TV biz is a tough one, but also, it went along with the old but true adage all writers must always keep in mind: know your audience.

3. Like with many BONES songs, I’ll purchase them and add them to my iPod for my morning commute, always sort of smiling when one of them makes it through the shuffle. But lately, Adele’s Make You Feel My Love from the season finale is just stopping me in my tracks. Is any one else having that happen? Cyndi Lauper’s Fearless is another one that will do that and has ever since the season five premiere. It’s more than just…’oh hey, this song was in Bones!’ and more like a slideshow of moments that just scroll across the screen of my mind in high definition. And I’m always left feeling a little dazed and then I always realize I’m smiling–sometimes sad, sometimes thoughtful, but it happens every time!

This isn’t a Top Five Tuesday of songs that make me stop in my tracks, but the point (and how it relates to the other two random notes) is that it’s not really possible to describe– it’s just different. It’s the way your stomach drops a bit, but in a good way. The way everything seems to slow down a bit perhaps. It’s warm and cozy and addictive (addicting? Help, grammar friends!) like hot chocolate or the perfect sweater, but it also can’t be…um, deliberately created? Does that make sense? I didn’t start watching the season six finale thinking “okay, whichever song is played at the end, that’s going to be my song for the summer”. It just…happened. It just synched up to the rhythm of my life in a way that couldn’t be manufactured.

And this relates to BONES for me on two levels:

1. I think that this connection happens between Booth and Brennan.

2. I think it happens between us and them.

So, when I was trying to come up with a theme for this week’s TFT  (and now bringing in random point #1), I decided to scroll through all of the pics I have on file here and see if something struck my fancy. And I kept getting caught by these little moments, and so while they seem random, what they all have in common is that I can’t help but smile…every single time I see them. I chose ten (five Booth and five Brennan) that immediately gave me that… “yeah” feeling. The ones where it just clicked…where I realized after several seconds that I was smiling. Here are my ten, and while you can’t add pics to the comments, I hope you’ll chime in and add your own moments where:

1. You’ve sensed that B&B are drawn toward one another, even despite themselves in some cases.

2. You’ve found yourself drawn to BONES, perhaps even in spite of yourself.

So here we go!

1. “Bones is beautiful”

This season four moment from The Bone that Blew doesn’t actually have Booth uttering those words. He’d said them earlier, to Max, when asked why he wasn’t sleeping with Brennan. (Silly Max: Didn’t you know they were getting renewed for two seasons! 😀 )  But I think those words are running through his mind, as he watches her watch Max and Parker. B&B had bickered quite a bit during this case, so that Booth is looking at her this way puts it in one of those “the heart chooses what it chooses” columns.

2. “I’m proud you asked, Temperance”

This is probably one of my favorite season one moments. I loved Brennan asking Booth to take a look at her parents’ file, and I love that he’s cool about it (after teasing her about another favor, if I remember correctly), but even more than that, when he looks at the photos of her as a smiling young girl, he can’t help but smile as well. THCWIC, I think! 🙂

3. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Booth is not dumb. He might not always share what he’s thinking, but it doesn’t mean that he’s not a thinker, in my opinion. I think Booth has thought about what it would be like for him to be partners with Brennan and have another woman in his life. He may have thought about it without specifics, but I think he certainly is trying to figure it out with Hannah around. In this scene, ‘caring’ just permeated each moment between them, is my impression.

4. Bones is beautiful.

Haha, okay, he doesn’t actually say it here at the end of season three, but I think he’s thinking it. And this was a new sort of look from Booth at the time, and it was in public, with all of their friends. So either he doesn’t care, or he doesn’t even know he looks like this when he’s looking at her. But yes, they are just partners. Why do you ask? 😀

5.  Looks and a whole lot more.

This episode, Boy in the Time Capsule, is an interesting one in terms of Booth and Brennan as male and female characters– particularly regarding some gender stereotyping (Booth was ‘that guy’, and Brennan’s reaction to it). But they still both maintain their Boothyness and Brennan-ness at the end, when they gently bicker (so affectionately!) about evolution. Love it.


1. I know who you are.

Okay, Brennan doesn’t actually ‘say’ this ( a mirror to Booth’s words to her from Woman in Limbo), but it’s what I think every time I see this picture. I love it because it’s so pretty in a way that’s different but also very real.

2. Speechless

It’s interesting to me that this season sort of focused on the idea that Brennan would be by Booth’s side when he was having hard times. I never saw that as an issue. She never left him in the lurch (in my opinion, even at the end of season four, but that is another discussion) that I can remember. It was more that if she was having hard times, she might go away to consider them and get a fresh start. So this idea that she somehow is just NOW really there for Booth isn’t accurate, I don’t think. This moment is an example of that.

3. I will knock you dead.

Oh, Temperance Brennan–would you please flirt in your ridiculously cocky way more and more? Sincerely, Me.

4. Have you ever shared a sunset with someone you care about>

With Booth?, I think is what Brennan might be thinking about. This picture never fails to stop me in my tracks, because it’s just so enigmatic. Brennan is just so quietly considering Booth here, and his actions and character, in my opinion. But I think it’s also one of those moments where Booth sort of stops Brennan in her tracks to, where she just can’t quite look away. Very beautiful.



 5. Squee.

Don’t tell her I said that of course, or she might shove my face in the way of a sailing hockey puck. But I think it’s true. Like with Booth in Wannabe in the Weeds, either she doesn’t care that she sounds all breathy at the way Booth looks in his hockey uniform, or she doesn’t even know it. Either way, the heart chooses what it chooses, and in this case, her heart and the rest of her body is choosing her studly partner and team captain.


Okay, enough from me. It’s your turn!

Peace, Love & Bones,









44 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: The Heart Chooses What It Chooses

  1. I also love that song. I think it pulls together their relationship over the past six years. I even wrote a fanfic about it. One of my favorite THCWC moments was at the end of BitG. when he gives her Jasper. The look says I get you, and I still care. I know you are going to make it through this journey we have started, and I will be waiting on the other side for you.

  2. I will say that I love your Booth and Brennan moments. They are great.

    I like Booth in his hockey uniform in Fire In The Ice, when he is in the penalty box, turns his head, and sees Brennan. He is so happy to see her.

    I also like the scene in The Hero In The Hold, when Brennan rescues Booth, in the helicopter. He jumps in the copter, they both look at each other, and then they hug each other. Gosh I sort of choke up with that one.

    The Booth photo that makes me sad is the one in where Booth looks at Brennan as she is holding the sea shell to her ear. It is a “if only” look that can just break your heart.

    The picture that draws me to Bones is the scene in The Critic In The Cabernet, when Booth is in the hospital bed, they are hooking him up, and he see Brennan in the door way and Brennan sees him. Their look is so sweet and caring.

    The Brennan photo that also makes me sad is the one in Mayhem On A Cross where Brennan tucks the handkerchief in Booth’s pocket. You just feel she wants to say more to Booth but she can’t bring herself to do it.

    • Lenora I was just starting my comment when I decided to read the comments first. Just as well as your first 4 are on my list. The one in the hospital makes me teary especially when he is looking to see if she is coming & then that look between them is just lovely.

      • If you needed proof that DB can act without dialog, this is the scene. He gets me everytime I see that hospital scene. He runs through the gamit of emotions in just a few short minutes. Wow. And ED, does the same thing when she stands in the door of his hospital room. Again, Wow.

    • Agreed with Leesa. Lenora, you had almost all my favorites there; the handkerchief, the seashell and the hospital bed scenes immediately came to mind when I read the post. And that penalty box look of Booth’s makes me smile right with him; it’s such a “there’s my girl” grin!

  3. The song that stops me in my tracks is Lizz Wright’s “When I Fall” – takes me back to the balcony and Bones’ mindset every time. Plus I thought it really, I mean really, underlined the story. More than any other song, IMO.

    Bones on the ice, scating with Booth is my favorite pic. That hat!

    Thanx so much for your continuing posts. I am a big fan, even if I don’t post every day!

  4. I was just thinking the exact same thing about that Adele song the other day!! Every time it comes on my iPod it just sort of stops me and I can’t help but think of the finale and all of my favorite Booth and Brennan moments. I love all of the moments that you mentioned. Brennan watching Booth’s hockey game and Booth watching brennan sing girl’s just wanna have fun are definitely two that get me every time.

  5. Booth #3, what I loved about that moment was that Booth totally knew where that phone had come from, whose idea it had been. I can’t remember right now if Hannah mentioned getting the idea from Brennan but even if she did, he knew before then. Only Brennan knows him that well.

    My ‘grinning so wide my cheeks hurt’ moment is when Booth “saves” Brennan from the explosion in the lab. One minute, they’re walking away from an office, the next he has her up against a wall, covering her body with his. And both of them get kind of husky-voiced and quiet and their eyes are locked and . . . . grrr, baby. Grrr. What episode is that? I can never remember.

    I’m not much of a music person; I like what I like but really don’t pay much attention to it. Most of the time, it’s a post here that has me going back to an episode and listening to the music or the lyrics. But, that’s one of the marks of a good producer/director, isn’t it? The music fits so well, it just flows along with the story.

  6. Every time I hear “Make You Feel My Love” I get chills. I think it describes Booth and Brennan’s relationship perfectly and was just the best song for the end of the finale. Ahh 🙂 But I love all these moment so much – great picks!

  7. **Great connection between Booth’s public reaction to her at karaoke, and Brennan’s public reaction to him during hockey. I don’t think either of them knew they were looking like that, or they’d have masked it. Its just an example of pure happiness about just watching their “partner” sort of in their element outside of the lab/office. Booth’s reaction especially while she sings just stops me in my tracks. Such joy there. DB, you’re too cute.

    There are so many moments which are just flat out amazing in this show but one that is a perfect example of what draws me to the show/and what draws them to each other is in the end of Mayhem on a Cross. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but that is one of my favorite scenes in Bones, probably ever.

    1. The way Brennan completely opens up emotionally–to help Sweets!–grabs you immediately. The sadness of her story, and her trying to justify her treatment, is amazing. The way Booth watches her, and how her prompting gets him to reveal somehing huge about his own past–but then quickly close back up–is amazing. How they both shut out Sweets (which they do so well!) as they stare at each other…and then the handkerchief moment….I literally cannot breath as soon as Brennan starts speaking, to the end of the show. I just wanna throw Emmys at them because they deserve it.

    2. Booth’s post-Hannah proposal in the bar. His crying out about women not wanting him, including Brennan in the list, watching his heartbreak. Wonderfully done scene.

    3, Watching injured Booth bust out of the hospital, grab a gun, and race to save his partner. The way he tries to lift Brennan out of her bonds himself, and failing that, does not get someone else to help, but ducks his head down to lift her a different way. He lets her hug him and sob a bit, even though he was in such pain. The way he asks for a ride back to the hospital.

    4. The “baby” moment. When Booth saves her (again!) and holds her, kisses her head and calls her baby. Which you KNOW she totally heard and totally loved it, though she never mentioned it 🙂 and then subsequently when he’s sitting in his office, with her blood still all over him, fretting about his being too late to help her.

    Basically everytime he’s saving her.

    5. On the Brennan-side, I love her when she opens up, because you know those are big moments for her character. It is hard to look away when ED is upset, and actually tapping into her emotions and not being a “cold fish”. Like her reaction to Booth in Doctor in the Photo. I cannot look away when Brennan is emotional.

    6. Or maternal. “Dancing Phalanges” or her treatment of kids who’ve been “in the system” like her.

    7. Any kisses :). Like we’ve mentioned yesterday, basically anytime there is a kiss, Booth has looked totally shocked–with the exception of Buck and Wanda in the finale!–and I know we all love his flabbergasted expressions. From the 100th ep, to the hospital cheek kiss, to Santa in the Slush…he is completely affected by that contact with her, which is adorbs. But what is also adorbs is his new confidence and happiness in kissing her in the bowling alley. FINALLY he is sure that she will not reject him, and there is an easy comfortability in them leaning into each other there…which is great too!

    Ok….stopping here. The evil geniuses to a great job sprinkling these moments through the years to keep me totally and completely hooked! (Now, off to Netflix MonC!)

    • Oops: (MotC) and (email)

      • What episode was that?
        4. The “baby” moment. When Booth saves her (again!) and holds her, kisses her head and calls her baby. Which you KNOW she totally heard and totally loved it, though she never mentioned it 🙂 and then subsequently when he’s sitting in his office, with her blood still all over him, fretting about his being too late to help her.

        I need to rewatch.

      • @ChillyHawaiian

        the “baby” moment was in Harbingers when that Dr. stabbed her in the arm with a scapel and Booth shot him. He as holding her, kissed her on the top of the head, and said “I’ve got you baby.” or something close ot that.

  8. As the Dylan nerd that I am, I prefer Bob’s version. But I absolutely dig Adele’s version for the finale. It’s perfect.

    Now, I’m not quite as obsessed knowledgeable 🙂 as a lot of you, so…can someone tell me the eps or the context of Brennan pics 2 and 4? Thanks!

  9. I could take or leave “Make You Feel My Love” on it’s own, but set to Bones the way it was in the finale, WOW! It’s beautiful and perfect.

    My moments:
    -It’s been mentioned before, but Booth at the end of The Critic in the Cabernet. I love the look on his face when he’s looking around for Brennan, and then when he finally finds her. Like your Wannabe in the Weeds example, it seems like he doesn’t realize that he has “I love you” written all over his face (or perhaps, for once, he doesn’t care).
    -The look on Brennan’s face at the end of The End in the Beginning, when she looks at Booth just before she deletes her book. This is my light bulb “she knows she loves him moment” and it gets me every time.
    – The beginning of The Man in the Morgue when Booth looks at the bruises/cuts on Brennan’s face in the doctor’s office. For me, it’s one of those moments when I know that he can’t help but “rise up and get fierce” on her behalf.
    -When Booth gets caught staring at Brennan at the end of The Sin in the Sisterhood. 🙂
    -And because I just can’t help it – the adorably cute, “I’m gobsmacked and deliriously happy all at the same time” look on Booth’s face at the end of The Change in the Game. It makes me smile. A lot.

    I could probably come up with a million more, but I’ll let it go at that. 🙂

    • @Stephanie…How could I have forgotten Booth at the end of Critic? Him, almost frantically looking just for her while all the medical staff flutters around him, preparing. He doesn’t seem to notice anyone else in the room, he is searching for Brennan. When he spots her, his demeanor completetly changes. He’s instantly calm, smiles, and knows its going to be OK. That scene as well just stops me in my tracks. And asks her to be in there with them, because he knows she won’t let them slack. And the hand holding on the way to surgery…..that’s a great B&B moment! It has me screaming at the TV, “Just get together already! Sheesh!”

      • Booth searching for Brennan at the end of Critic reminds me of when Brennan and Daisy were at the airport about to leave for Maluku with and she was searching for him. Brennan seems to be kind of stalling and glances at the crowd hoping to see Booth. And when she does, the others fade away and she walks straight toward him.

  10. 4 is from Salt in the Wound, just after he tells Clinton, that he fathered three children.

  11. the Adele songs stops me in my tracks too…I knew it before the episode aired, and it was a favorite of mine, so even when it started playing in the episode i was stopped in my tracks, just really surprised and happy that they were playing that song…I can’t help but think of Bones now when i listen to it haha
    I really love looking at your choices! Especially the two pictures where they either don’t realize their expressions of love or don’t care to hide it…amazingg. great post.

  12. There are so many moments to love, and certainly I count all the ones mentioned above on my list. Another I’d add is the episode where Brennan admits she is jealous. I can’t remember which episode it is in, but she basically says she is jealous of Angela, Hodgins, Booth, Cam, because they all believe in Love. She wants to believe in that. Her vulnerability is so endearing. She is NOT a cold fish! And of course, Booth’s reaction–wow. Really gets me.

  13. Both of their faces in The Change in the Game just make my heart melt. It’s like finally they can show each other their feelings and not care who sees. 🙂

  14. I hear the first chord of “Make You Feel My Love” and my heart just melts.
    For some reason, last summer, nearly every time I was in Kohls, “Kandi” would come on the speaker and I honestly wanted to cry. I’m so glad to have happier Bones thoughts this year.
    You should do a top 5 Bones songs post. “Far Away” is another one that will always be B&B to me. I hadn’t heard it lately, but when it came on the radio Saturday, I immediately thought of Ace in the karaoke bar.
    This post was great and made me smile at least 10 times My personal favorite part was your plea to Brennan to flirt more often. In the words of DB from that lovely extended mistletoe kiss, “She’s so cute!”

  15. LOVE this post! (This may or may not have to do with the 5 pictures of one incredibly fine Mr Boreanaz. I’m not telling 😉 )

    For me, the majority of my ‘Woah’ moments come in the earlier seasons. Particularly Season 1.

    The scene you have there, the ‘I’m proud you asked Temperance’ is probably one of my all time favourite moments. OK, my favourites change on an hourly basis so this may not mean a lot BUT even when they change this scene is there somewhere! LOL

    Also, i love the moment in ‘A Boy In The Tree’ when Booth says ‘Very impressive Temperance. You got that one right.’ and the moment leading up to that. So many good Season 1 moments…if i had to chose one Season to take with me if i was stranded on on desert island it would be Season 1. (Working on the assumption that i have prior warning that i’m gonna be stranded…obviously! LOL)

  16. Sarah, you have my sympathies on the hard drive failure. Those suck and they suck big time. Especially when your backup is what has crapped out. Bleh.

    I have the same reaction to “Make You Feel My Love” and I also have it with “Kandi”. I love both of those songs so much because of Bones. In fact, I hadn’t even heard “Make You Feel My Love” until the finale, so for me it will always be tied to Bones, and I’m okay with that. I was actually thinking about those two songs yesterday, and I kind of feel like “Kandi” is Booth’s song and “Make You Feel My Love” is Brennan’s. It’s not that the song doesn’t fit them both, but the way she’s just so nervous and unsure through the end of the episode fits the lyrics so well and feels like a reflection of her at that moment, just like I feel “Kandi” was a reflection of Booth at the end of BitE.

    I have so many moments that I love, I’ll probably repeat a few that have already been mentioned – in fact, I know I will, but here goes anyway, and in no particular order:

    1 – The look on both of their faces at the beginning of Fire in the Ice when she waves to him in the penalty box and he smiles and does that little double take and breaks out in THAT GRIN and waves back.

    2 – The end of Double Trouble when Booth is outside the camper and Brennan comes out of it, hands him a cup of coffee and he switches mugs with her. It’s just such a sigh-worthy moment for me because it’s just so natural, there’s no pretense, no bickering, it’s just… happens.

    3 – When they slide down against the wall in Science in the Physicist and are talking about sex and relationships and Booth tells her about good people leaving metaphorical marks on each other and she just doesn’t get it, but she’s fascinated anyway. It’s just such a classic exchange between them.

    4 – The look on Booth’s face in Blackout – two looks actually. First there’s the “yeah…” look after Brennan comments about what making love would be like between them… oh Booth, you are in so deep it’s not even funny. And second is the look he gives her while she’s calculating the odds of the stadium seats being the ones he and his father sat in and how he gets kind of shy when he says “I just like watching you do the math.” He loves her brain and loves watching it work, and for me, that is just so hot.

    5 – The mutual looks at the end of Santa in the Slush. ‘Nuff said.

    6 – The look on her face when she stands by at the firing range while he’s re-qualifying and the little thumbs up she gives him.

    7 – Fixing the plumbing. Another ’nuff said moment.

    8 – “My mouth moves, words come out, but nothing gets across the drawbridge to the princess I know, who waits within.” “What princess?”

    9 – Keep on Trying in the diner.

    10 – Passenger in the Oven – “Mr Booth, do you know what the penalty is for an overdue library book?”

    • I just have to say, your number 4? 😀 😀 😀

      “I always assumed we’d be very compatible. Didn’t you?”

      “Well . . . . . yea. . . .”

      I cannot be the only one who squealed out loud and laughed the first time I saw that scene. That “well . . . . yea . . . ” I’m also not the only one who’s repeated those words a few times out loud since then, either. Go ahead, admit it! “Well . . . yea . . . .” If I weren’t at work, I’d probably squeal out loud again. 🙂

      • MJ, I flailed during that scene and probably would have squealed if I hadn’t been trying to keep myself contained so I could hear the dialogue. But thinking of it now, yeah, I want to squeal. 😉

      • There are so many times I’d like one of those little comment bubbles to pop up over Booth’s or Brennan’s head, just to tell me what they’re thinking of right that minute. That’s one scene where I don’t need a comment bubble. I know exactly what Booth is thinking – and what pictures are running through his head – when he comes out with that, “Well . . . yea . . . ”

        Tsk tsk tsk, Booth. 😀

  17. This reminds me of your most excellent 100 Days of Bones post, in that just about every episode can be counted on to have something that we all love; the looks, the songs, the touches. The Adele song was perfect because it described what was going on without anyone having to tell us. They love each other in just the right way, and now they both know it. It’s one of dozens, if not hundreds, of “read between the lines” moments that for me define Bones. I’ve always appreciated the fact that the show’s creators rely on the audiences’s intelligence and don’t feel compelled to spell every moment out for us. I know it doesn’t always leave everyone happy, but it’s usually worked fine for me, kind of like her arm-holding in Hole in the Heart. (go Team Did!)

    Other top moments for me (your picks, as always, were dead on): when she looks at him after he shoots the sheriff and saves the hostage in Conman (it’s like she’s seeing him with new eyes); when he says “you are the standard” because he just can’t help himself; when he gives into the slow dance in Death of the Queen Bee; when she tells Sully no and then looks straight through the glass at Booth; THE LOOK at the end of Santa in the Slush; the plumbing for dummies scene, and of course, the undressing Booth moment in Goop (maybe we can get a repeat of that one post-baby in Season 7? Pretty please??? He wouldn’t need to recite the saints this time…

    • Ooooh, just one more (sure, that’s what they all say!) The way she looks at him when he tells her that he had Caroline drop his case and adds “I’m not going to let you do this alone, Bones.” She seems incredibly touched that even after she rejected him romantically he would still be there for her so completely. Also the “thumbs up” scene when she’s onstage with Jude, the science dude; it almost made me forget the horror that was what’s-her-name. And that first smile they shared when they saw each other at Vincent’s send-off; it was all about relief and reassurance and set up the arm-holding perfectly. See, I told you there’d me more than one…

  18. I knew and loved Make You Feel My Love long before the finale, as it was massive in the UK for aaages, and I have to boast a little here: from the first time I heard it, I nicknamed it ‘the Booth and Brennan song’ it fit them that perfectly! And when it came on in the episode, my heart literally melted. I love it even more now!!

    I have to agree with the others on Kandi and When I Fall, they still tug at my heartstrings, and I do enjoy a bit of Joshua Radin’s The Rock and The Tide (S6 Sin in the Sisterhood episode I think?) whenever it shows up on my iPod.
    I think to answer the actual TFT question, I’d say almost any of the Season 5 episode endings, especially Booth’s look to Brennan after hugging her (Proof/Pudding). Lovelovelove!

    Here’s me wishing you luck, even though the Brennan voice in my head is informing me ‘There’s no such thing as luck’! Does anyone else ever have Brennanisms pop randomly in their head, or is that just me being nuts again? I told my friend about the faecal particles thing when you flush landing on your toothbrush, lets just say she wasn’t exactly pleased to hear that, haha!

    • I do Brennanisms all the time, and everytime i flush my toilet I think of Bones. LOL,

      PS My toothbrush is in a covered container.

  19. Thought I would mention that I love the songs, You by Fisher (from Bonelss Bride In The River) and Low Is A Height by Great Northern (from The Knight On The Grid). I forgot to do that this morning.

  20. Every time I hear “Have yourself a Merry little Christmas” by Tori Amos from the season one christmas episode i get a little teary eyed.

  21. I agree Natalie – ‘Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ is a definite Bones song for me.

    My other is ‘Heartbeats’ by Jose Gonzalez from the ep where Angie breaks up with Roxie. I heard it in the supermarket the other day, and just found myself stopping and smiling wistfully. I now hear the lyrics “One night of magic rush, The start a simple touch” and think of B&B 🙂

    It helps that my kids love the Sony Bravia ad with this song and the bouncing balls 🙂 we might have it downloaded….

  22. Awww, absolutely love Brennan at the end of Gamer in the Grease! I think there are a lot of underrated moments in season 6. For example, in Pinocchio in the Planter when Booth tells Brennan that maybe he lies to protect his own feelings. I think that’s one of the most honest things he’s ever said and the look on his face that only DB can do is great. I’m also a fan of the end of Blizzard when he tells her he likes watching her do the math. Brennan’s face at the end of Signs in the Silence is another great moment, because I think (hope) she understands what he’s saying.

  23. Just rewatched “Woman in the Sand” last night. I love that episode! And there are (at least) three moments from it that fit this category in my mind.
    First, of course for Booth is when he first sees Brennan in the black dress he picked out for her.
    “Like this?”
    (Swallows the lump in his throat) “Yeah, like that.”
    The other two are for Brennan. When Angela and Cam are on the the phone and Booth zips her up and tells her, “That’s hot,” she lets out the tiniest of smirks. I’ve watched the episode many, many times and just caught that smirk for the first time. Too cute, ED!
    And, when Booth is first showing off his boxing skills in the gym, Brennan’s eyes on him are not just that of an undercover girlfriend who’s proud of her man. She thinks he’s hot, no doubt about it.

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