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Morning After Q: Will It Ever Be As Good As It Never Totally Was?


Hello, and Happy Friday!

One thing that both makes me laugh and annoys me about BONES is that over the course of a year or two or even a month or two, I tend to forget my frustration with episodes or dialogue, etc, etc. Sometimes it’s soothed over with one glowing smile (like we talked about yesterday), sometimes it’s genuinely ‘fixed’ by the writers revealing more information that helps other items fall in to place.

But the other day, when I was sort of narrowing my eyes at some particular S6 thoughts I was having, I thought to myself, “Oh well, it will never be like it was.”

Ah, but then, I stopped myself in my own tracks, and sort of had to laugh. I haven’t been watching or writing about BONES since it first started, but I have since the middle of season three, and I’ve heard a variation of that phrase, “It will never be like it was” since I started.

And in a lot of ways, that is all true. Bones will never be like it was in season one or in season two. For me, those two seasons were very ‘intimate’, I watched them alone and didn’t know anyone else who was watching. I was free to form my own opinions and no one set out to prove me wrongย  ๐Ÿ˜€

The point is that those times with just me and my TV and the BONES theme song are now sort of sealed/locked in a very pure and rosy haze of nostalgia. But there were mistakes in those episodes. There were plot points I disagreed with. There were lines of dialogue I hated.ย Yet in season four, I longed for those season two days, etc.

And in season six, I was longing for those season four days…see what I mean?

I’m not necessarily trying to make this an open forum to complain about BONES (past or present), but more to ask this question– why are we so likely to smooth over past plot holes as “the good old days”? I’ll be honest…sometimes I feel a real fear that it could get SO bad that we look back on season six as ‘the good old days’. But no, that can’t be true, right? There is such an upswing that it can’t possibly happen, right???

That’s what I said in season four, haha!

Talk to me!

Peace, Love & Bones



78 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Will It Ever Be As Good As It Never Totally Was?

  1. Sarah, people have a tendency to like their shows to present a pattern and keep to that pattern. Bones has been changing every season and for some that can be annoying at best and a turn off for others. For those of us who started watching after season 5 had started and watched all of the episodes from season 1 through 4 in a marathon of Bones frenzy, the changes seem normal for the show. I wasn’t able to identify the show as being set in a particular pattern because the pattern for me has been change all along.

    I will say that with each season I watched I kept saying to myself that this season was better than the last. It is only when I got to season 6 that I could no longer say that. I was puzzled by the character changes at first until I realized that the changes I was seeing weren’t really as drastic as I thought. The addition of Hannah as a character upset my idea of where the show was going; but, as soon as she was gone, I felt the season had changed and I was seeing the show I love so much.

    I am sure if I had started watching the show with season 1 my take on the different seasons would be different; but, I can truly say that my favorite seasons were actually season 3 and 4 with season 5 coming in next. Those that watched from the beginning will probably disagree with me and say that season 1 or 2 was the best and that is right for them. I think it is all a matter of perspective. Late fans to the show probably have a completely different take from those who were the original fans. I am actually happy with the twists and turns I have seen in the show and now that I see what the character, Hannah, was about I am even more happy with season 6. It took me awhile to figure out what season 6 was about; but, now that Booth and Brennan are finally together I will probably be saying next year that the second half of Season 6 is one of my favorites. Not because I expect season 7 to be bad but because I got to see the coming together of two of my favorite tv characters.

  2. I Remember when Stephen Nathan said once that a show is like a live organism that it need change.I don’t like to say the past seasons of Bones is better of the new ones. Season 6 is another case but i always find a way to love every season of Bones on its particular way.I just hope Season 7 be part of this as an amazing experience on our lives.

  3. We have a natural tendency to gloss over past mistakes in preference for the present. We do it with with loved ones or friends we’ve lost to death – we remember the good stuff and gloss over all those moments when they were annoying or made us angry. It’s just human nature.

    I only caught scattered episodes of BONES until I sat down with my laptop and Netflix and watched everything, in order, one after the other for weeks, and that was just last summer! In fact, I didn’t completely catch up until after S6 was several episodes in, and I’ve got to tell ya, having to wait a week – or through those long haituses! – for a new episode when I was accustomed to clicking “next episode” immediately SUCKED.

    But I also really felt, watching the episodes seamlessly through that point in S6, that the story really flowed well from season to season. And having gone back the last couple of months and rewatched everything, I still feel that way. Even Hannah, as jarring as her presence was, in hindsight fits in what I (personally) now see as the grand scheme of things.

    My own personal challenge is to go into S7 with a blank slate, or at least as blank as possible. I want to go into it thinking, “I can’t wait to see what they do next!” and not “I hope they show me [fill in the blank].”

    Because what I’ve come to realize is that my enjoyment is based partly on what I’ve built in my imagination around what they’ve shown me onscreen. And actually, I appreciate that HH&Co. have given me something I can enhance so vividly in my mind, as opposed to being stuck with only what they’re showing. It’s almost like the world I build in my mind as I read a great book, and being disappointed in what the movie version shows me.

    I know not everyone agrees but I feel like HH&Co are giving me a basic story outline and letting me color in the details. I kinda like that.

    • MJ what you said here: My own personal challenge is to go into S7 with a blank slate, or at least as blank as possible. I want to go into it thinking, โ€œI canโ€™t wait to see what they do next!โ€ and not โ€œI hope they show me [fill in the blank].โ€

      I think that is very important. I do find that if I can just go with what they give me…let go of any preconceived notions of what should happen next; then I can be much happier with what I see on my screen (not always, but most of the time). If I have specific expectations then I’m bound to be disappointed because there is no way HH and Co. can know what I’m expecting to see, and there is no way what I’m expecting is what everyone else is also expecting. So if I can let go of my expectations and just wait to see what they have in store for me I do enjoy the series much more.

    • Yes – I really like this, MJ:

      My own personal challenge is to go into S7 with a blank slate, or at least as blank as possible. I want to go into it thinking, โ€œI canโ€™t wait to see what they do next!โ€ and not โ€œI hope they show me [fill in the blank].โ€

      Going with the flow…

    • I have to say, I think it’s awesome that there is such a great mix of Bones newbies and people that have been with the show since the beginning here at BT. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I love what you said about going in to season 7, MJ. I’m kind of in the same boat. I came to Bones last winter because of TNT; watched as much as I could catch and started watching episodes “live” even though I hadn’t seen all the back episodes. The first one I saw “live” was Bones on the Blue Line, and I kept right on watching through the end of season five all the while catching what I could on TNT. It made for some interesting watching, seeing earlier seasons juxtaposed with post 100th Booth and Brennan – there were times when I didn’t know what the heck was going on character-wise, but I was having a blast with it.

      Last night, The Baby in the Bough was on TNT, and as I watched our dynamic duo bickering and squabbling over Andy I just found myself completely giddy and excited to see how things are going to go when it’s their baby. And I was struck with the feeling that the whole episode was epic foreshadowing, while at the same time found myself wondering if HH and Co really had the baby in mind right along or if the idea just developed organically.

      Either way, I’m trying to keep my expectations for S7 to a minimum and want to just sit back and enjoy the ride, because I’m sure it’s going to be fun.

  4. Well I started watching when the Pilot episode originally aired, and I don’t know that I’d say any one or two season(s) is my favorite. Each season has high points and each season has low points. Each season has episodes that I don’t care to watch, and each season has episodes that I can watch over and over again.

    I actually love the fact that the show changes. It means the characters are developing, they are like real people. How many of us are the same people we were in 2005. Surely most of us have changed our thoughts on some issues, and have experienced life in ways that makes us at least a slightly different person than we were then. The fact that the things that happen to the characters do change in some way who they are is fabulous. Many shows would have the characters being exactly the same in season 6 that they were in season 1.

    As the characters have evolved the tone of the show has undergone changes too. That also seems appropriate to me. I’m still very happy with the show overall. I look back on episodes with nostalgia, more than seasons. And yes there are episodes in season 6 that I will look back on and feel that sense of the good ol’ days. I do think we tend to look back at the past seasons and remember the feeling of those episodes we loved, and kind of forget the feeling generated with those we don’t love. I think it will continue to be that way; at least for me because overall Bones it really just a great show for me, even when they have storylines I’d rather they stayed away from.

    So yes I feel nostalgic for the past, but I donโ€™t think the show is going downhill, or losing more than itโ€™s gaining. Itโ€™s just changing, and that is just life. Yes the first half of season 6 was painful, and I have a feeling those DVDs will remain in the box unwatched for the most part, but it wasnโ€™t actually bad. At least for me the episodes were still good, it was the storyline that I didnโ€™t enjoy (Iโ€™m not sure that is making sense to anyone but me). But the last part of the season; yes Iโ€™ll be watching those episodes again. Iโ€™ve already rewatched from my DVR and am looking forward to having them on DVD and watching the extras and hearing the commentary. For me Bones is still a favorite show and I look forward to see what comes next.

    • I agree with you Frankie, I will probably wear out the DVDs that start with The Sin In The Sisterhood (in season 6) and the DVDs before that will just sit in the box. Plus, I’m with you, I always love the extras.

  5. I’ve been watching from the very beginning. I was there in front of the television on opening night, with my husband, watching everything that happened between Bones and Booth. One major difference was that I only watched each episode once, then had to wait until the next week for another one. I didn’t have DRV, at that time, and had never heard of Netfiix. It was different. I watched each episode, had a slight discussion, then moved on to the next one the next week.

    If I had found this post before I got DVR, or Netflix, my opinion would probably be different, but that didnt occur until season 5, so my opinion is skewed. By being able to watch each episode as many times as I want, I can rewind, rewatch, and create my own little Bones Fantasy World.

    My Bones Fantasy World consists of favorite season 3, followed by favorite season 4, 5, 2, 1. I watch them daily, and write my own endings when I don’t like what I see. This changes my perspective on the series. Now when I need a Bones fix, I just turn on the computer, and get what I want.

    In the old days, I forgot the old episodes. I never forgot the looks, but forgot the cases, and the subtle nuances that make up my current Bones World. The rewatch opened my eyes to many missed moments, and my opinion was vastly different.

    I enjoyed those old days, when I just watched for the entertainment of the show, instead of the dissection of every move, but I would never trade my present Bones World for the past, because now I have all of you, and this discussion, though at times frustrates me, is something that I enjoy.

    I don’t think I will ever choose season 6 as a favorite. There a few episodes that I have only watched once, and never wanted to see it again, but as I look back, and compare the old days to the new, I choose the new, because now I have a choice, and I can turn off the episode, if I want, and pick one I like better.

  6. I completely understand your thoughts on this one. I think that those “evil geniuses” are not afraid to take the show in different directions, go new places, and shake things up. Not many shows would in essence “kill off” a main character like Zach, or have the character scatter across the globe, or have main characters reveal their feelings to each other (100th ep) but keep the show going sort of awkwardly with that confession between them. Or “kill off”
    (literally) Vincent the way they did…

    Like during the coma dream episode, I was like WTF!? I had no idea. Doctor in the Photo completely confused me until the very end…but upon rewatching with new knowledge later, I completely “got it” and liked both episodes. The same with season 6 in general. Yeah it was a “different” kind of season and there was the evil Hannah haha, but I really didn’t mind her and I didn’t mind the season in general. I kind of figured they were going somewhere with it. Then, we got the perfectly done Hole in the Heart, and the jaw-dropping finish (for me anyway!) of the finale. And to me, Season 6 makes sense.

    So, while I am still ambivalent over this baby thing…I’m trying not to slam the door of my mind on it before it happens. Because you just never know on Bones! It might end up wonderfully unexpected!

  7. I’m another who didn’t start watching until a few years in & was also accustomed to having Bones on demand so when I did have to wait a week for an episode it was torture. I have loved all the seasons, with the exception of certain episodes of the first half of S6. As others have said those DVD’s will not see much daylight.
    Like Kimberley above me, I loved just watching for the pure entertainment,. It is different once you start dissecting, not in a bad way…just different.
    Oh but I still prefer Booth’s hair S1!

    • Ha ha – I hate season 1 Booth hair as much as I hate season 5 Angel hair. Blech. I love the short, spiky do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • haha stephanie – I hate season 1 hair too! I don’t even know why, it’s just too severe and ‘old’ for me.

        I always maintain that Booth was hottest in seasons 2 & 3. Hair was great, clothes were great, just all round great. Swoon. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I love the spiky hair too. I don’t care for the part on the side.

  8. As someone who didn’t discover Bones until S5 and watched S1-4 on Netflix, I completely identify with what both you and Lenora said. For me, the changes I saw were par for the course. And going along with what you said, any plot holes or inconsistent writing of the characters in the past didn’t really stand out to me because I watched those first 5 seasons in the bubble of my house without no online fandom affecting my perception of the show.

    S6 is a whole ‘nother story for me, and I don’t know how much of my perception of it was a result of becoming part of the online fandom and being exposed to the collective grumbling and gnashing of teeth. But I will say that although I am unhappy with some of the individual episodes and the big gaping holes in plot development or characterization in S6 from a writing perspective (“To things left unsaid!” Ugh, no thanks.) When I look back on the season as a whole, this season had some major stuff going on, major running story arcs that they haven’t really done since S2, and a few episodes that were just knocked out of the park, and for that I really have to give TPTB some props, even if I don’t think the writing sometimes lived up to what they were trying to do and that there was more filler than there was in past.

    I don’t know if I’ll look nostalgically upon S6 the way I did about S2, but who knows? I at least have more appreciation for S6 now than I did when it was happening.

  9. I have been a huge proponent of Season 6 all season. Some of this is because of my eternal optimism – which includes looking for the good, the positive, the why in everything. Sure, it’s a show, but I’m a hopeless addict to it, so it carries the same acceptance into my glass half-full world.

    However, I will admit to feeling like it was not my favorite season at all. This is not me disagreeing with the presence of Hannah, this is not me disagreeing with the storyline as a whole that thread it’s way through the season. But, I felt like some things were forced and the execution of the overall storyline seemed weaker than in past seasons. Some of the characterization felt overdone and regressive… meaning, I don’t think the characters regressed, I merely think the portrayal of them regressed through the reflections of them. For example, Brennan did not regress, but the portrayal of her made her appear to do so through the behaviors and reactions of those around her.

    I think this was a necessary season and I stand by my opinion that Hannah (though not my favorite choice for an SO) was necessary (mwahaha). Plus, the writers had some pretty cool cases scattered about. Sweets and Shakespeare in the interrogation room is probably my all-time favorite scene. I did enjoy a lot of it and I am actually looking forward to doing a re-watch to gage my reactions that way.

    Can’t wait for what Season 7 may bring!

    • @Janet you explained it perfectly. I’m in your boat completely about season 6 and Hannah, and I’m betting that when I rewatch it in its entirely, I will “get it” so much more, especially now that we have the finale and everything, we can get the “whole picture” that’s hard to see mid-season. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I started watching Bones in season 4– I do not watch much television, and only found it on the Internet (along with an Asian soap opera about a sushi chef.) I saw the tail end of season 4, including the infamous coma dream episode and fell in love with the sheer audacity of a show that would do that kind of an episode.

    I had to watch the rest of the seasons, bought the DVDs and watched from beginning to the end of season 4 and really liked the characters, the take on the will-they-won’t-they that seemed to have depth and heart. I got invested in the show online during that 5th season.

    And that’s part of what changed me. Other voices now tend to disrupt my enjoyment of the show. The negativity over plot issues is almost funny to me now since people rail against things that they can’t really change. I understand the passion, but it’s not my story to tell. (I can and have done that in fan fiction.)

    Each season has episodes that stand out for me. The characters mostly grow and change, which I appreciate. A show like Remington Steele never really allowed the characters to grow beyond their signature bits– he loved her but was a rogue who would eventually, she thought, move on. She was in love with him, but couldn’t trust him enough to take that next step. Hilarity or angst ensued.

    With Bones, the creators have a kind of iceberg approach. We get to see 1/8th of the iceberg and never quite see the rest of the ice underwater. It’s what keeps a great deal of the show fresh. And aggravating as all get out for some people. People are not always one thing or another. The characters grow and show their foibles and sometimes seem to backtrack. But people do that.

    Like the upcoming season. I think the pregnancy, as cloaked in “what the hell happened” as anything, is another audacious moment. Booth gets to relive his choices with Rebecca (and Hannah) in this pregnancy, Bones gets to figure out how to be in a relationship and be a mother in the process and we get to see glimpses into their inner workings. They will aggravate us at times, and they will melt us into mere puddles at other times, but that’s okay. My family does the same thing.

    • I found, particuarly in this season, that I sometimes had to step away from the on-line community because it was killing my enjoyment of Show. Once I took that break and regained perspective, I could jump back in again. I do agree, though, that we all need to remember it’s not our train; we’re only along for the ride.

  11. Frankie I agree with lots of the sentiments in your comment!

    Personally, I think there is lots of nostalgia when you look back on early seasons. Rose tinted glasses etc.

    When I think of current storylines, I almost always think of them in the context of seasons 5 & 6, sometimes 4. I don’t really think about anything earlier than that as being related to what’s happening now. Not that it’s a different story, just that the writers aren’t thinking back to those days either. This is particularly true of seasons 5 & 6, which I see as a complete story arc of its own, as they knew how much time they had to play with. Now that arc has ended, I believe season 7 will start a new one, and the show will change again. I have no doubt next season I will hear some people say, ‘I miss the show Bones used to be, before Booth and Brennan together, and before the baby storyline started’ I may even feel that in fleeting moments myself sometimes. I know there are moments since the finale where I’ve felt (mourned?) the loss of the anticipatory innocence of the characters and me as a viewer. We aren’t going to watch them fall in love any more – we’re going to watch them deal with being in love.

    But that’s normal – and I also have no doubt that I’ll love what they show us and where they take us and will be here at Christmas happily discussing what they’ve shown us and how frustrating it is to be in a lonnnnng mid season hiatus etc.

    The show has changed and evolved through the seasons and there are elements of the old I’d particularly like to see more of now (I prefer it when the episodes aren’t so much in weird niche worlds and are more about families or very real life scenarios. I also prefer really high tension episodes, a race against the clock, or Booth has to shoot to kill at the last minute etc) However, I respect that they’ve changed the show in certain areas for a reason, and I can’t fault them because they’re going into their seventh season with the best ratings they’ve had in years, which is an astonishing achievement.

    Sometimes I have to put my hands up and admit that the people behind the show know the TV world, and what’s going to keep the show on air, better than I do ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. It’s like you read my mind S! I was having similar thoughts yesterday…and some grievances too (whether they made any sense is a whole other story. Note to self – don’t start Bones related conversations at midnight when you should be sleeping!)

    It’s only natural that you look on the past seasons/episodes fondly. People, i think, tend to do that with most things. Be it TV, friendships, family etc…you look on past moments through rose tinted glasses and remember the good vs the bad. You may not have loved something in that instance…you may not have even liked it but time and distance alter your perception. The bad becomes good. The good becomes great.

    One of the things i was thinking yesterday was that Season 1 & 2 are my favourites. I can find something in every Season to like don’t get me wrong, but for those two everything is…easier. When i look at my top 10 (…ok ok, my top 20!) episodes the majority are in those two seasons. But what i find odd is that, even though i love the Season as a whole, Season 2 boasts the only episode i can’t watch. Not won’t….can’t. If it’s on the TV i have to turn the channel. If i put that DVD in i physically can’t make myself press play. I was just figuring out how that can be…how can it be favourite season with my least favourite episode? In the end i realised that, because it’s been 4 years since it aired…4 years since i watched them for the first time, that i kind of ‘forget’ about that episode. Time is a healer after all ๐Ÿ˜‰

    On a slightly different note…i was attempting to De-Bones right? And i failed miserably…obviously. BUT i realised that i didn’t actually need to detach from Bones completely…i just needed to detach myself from S6. For a while, anyhow.

    I’m hoping *fingers crossed* that come S7 i can just look forward to what HH and co have in store. No preconcieved ideas about what may or may not happen.

    Whether this works or not is a whole other story, but i felt the need to share! LOL

    • Laffers! Don’t leave us hanging! lol What’s the episode you can’t bring yourself to watch?

    • If you can’t say it, just give us the first letters of each word.

      • I think it was Truth in the Lye, if I remember correctly from my Twitterfeed the other day. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Janet, I didn’t particularly care for the body in the tub, what was left of it, but I have several cousins who suffer from a severe form of brittle bone disease and so that part of the show was interesting for me. I could understand about the body though. Except for the body in The Science In The Physicist this had to have been one of the worse bodies.

      • Yes, ProfeJMarie has it is right. That episode also makes Laffers very upset with Booth.

    • Yes, the body in Truth in the Lye is one of the two grossest of all time (the boy in the time capsule being the other). Why is it that liquified is so very, very, very sickening? You can’t tell what it is, but it’s so gross.

      On the other hand, TitL has the greatest shirtless Booth scene until Goop on the Girl. Even my sister, who doesn’t really get the whole thing about DB admits that that picture is very, very squee-worthy. It adorns my desktop. I’m going to try to insert it, but it may not work.

      /Users/chasemktg/Desktop/db desktop/sexy-booth.jpg

      • Sorry guys…i meant to say which episode, honest i did! LOL

        Prof and Frankie are spot on (I think they witnessed my late night ramblings on Twitter!)

        Truth In The Lye is the episode.

        It had NOTHING to do with the body though. I’m very much of the opinion that the more gruesome and disgusting the better.

        It’s Booths actions that make it unwatchable for me…totally my issues, but i can’t help it ๐Ÿ™‚ I alternate between angry and disappointed…i learnt early on to just not watch it. That way i can pretend it never happened! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Laffers, if it makes you feel any better, I hated The Truth in the Lye for a long time for the exact same reason (which is unfortunate because the case in that episode is really good). Call me a prude (which I probably am), but I hate the fact that Booth had sex with two different women in the same episode. It just makes me cringe. I’ve watched it a couple times since it originally aired and unless I have to watch one of “the” scenes for research purposes, I’ll start the episode with Booth and Brennan at the crime scene and end it with their conversation in her office. ‘Nuff said.

  13. There have been some fantastic comments already and a lot said that I agree with 100%.

    Like MJ, I think we tend to look back at the past with a sense of wistful nostalgia. We learn to gloss over the bad stuff and remember the good stuff. And that’s not bad per se, but it can really skew our perspective, especially when, as MJ also pointed out and Frankie reiterated, we allow ourselves to look FORWARD with certain expectations that we may or may not ever see play out onscreen (or worse, may play out in a manner that doesn’t live up to said expectations). And just to be clear, I’ve done all of these things at one time or another.

    I’ve nattered on and on about how much I like character evolution, so I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I agree with what Frankie has to say about changes in the characters and the show itself. I don’t have a favorite season of Bones, but I do have favorite (and not so favorite) episodes. There will always be things I love about this show and things I could do without (and sometimes even hate), but I’m okay with that. I don’t think anyone will ever be 100% happy with the show 100% of the time, nor should we expect to be.

    I’ll be honest, there are certain things that I didn’t want to have to see happen (Brennan’s rejection in the 100th, Maluku/Afghanistan, Hannah), but regardless of how much those moments hurt, at least they moved the story forward and the characters continued to change and grow. And hindsight being what it is, I can now appreciate their role in the story. I used to be a big fan of the CSI franchise. At one time, I watched all three shows (original flavor, NY, and Miami) regularly. How many do I watch now? Zero. And I stopped watching two out of the three because of a lack of character evolution in the lead male character (unfortunately for original flavor CSI, Morpheus just doesn’t do well when you take him out of the Matrix). I stopped enjoying them because things never changed. House was the same way, except that in House’s case the show runners spent a season and a half allowing House to grow as a character before they decided to blow everything up and decree that he wasn’t capable of changing after all (which is a huge cop-out in my opinion).

    While I haven’t been watching Bones from the very beginning (I started with reruns the summer between season one and two, and have been watching live from the start of season two), like Kimberly, I didn’t even have a DVR until two years ago, and I didn’t start re-watching episodes until last summer (when I discovered the re-runs on TNT and my wonderful husband bought me seasons 1-4 on DVD). And yeah, re-watching changes things because it allows you to pick up on the subtle stuff that you tend to miss the first time around. Nowadays it’s very unusual for me to watch an episode just once. Even if I don’t watch it again from beginning to end, I always re-watch the important stuff at least once. And that changes the way you view things – especially when you’re part of an online forum like BT where the meaning of every word, glance, and gesture is up for debate (which is not a bad thing at all).

    All of this just to say that I don’t really think what we’ve seen in the last few seasons is bad. It’s different. And I suppose for some people different IS bad. If that’s the case, then we’ll just have to agree to disagree. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Morpheus is leaving CSI! (Just in case you want to give it another shot next year). Ray as an experienced pathologist but newbie CSI was interesting. When he became Super!Ray and the show became Super!Ray’s Hour of Angst, it all went to heck.

      • Yeah, I saw he’s leaving, but quite frankly, I think the CSI ship has sailed for me and I’m perfectly okay with letting it go. You’re right, Ray wasn’t horrible in the beginning (in fact, I kind of liked him), but I remember laughing hysterically during an episode where they were in a junkyard and I think the suspect got out of the trunk of a car and ran off. Ray was dressed, as usual, in a nice shirt (purple I think) and tie. Nevertheless, he slung a gun on his back, got on a motorcycle, and sped off after the suspect in a totally ridiculous fashion (hence the comparison to Morpheus). That was kind of the beginning of the end for me. I thought the finale where they caught the Jekyll and Hyde killer and Ray got stabbed was horrible. After that I told myself I’d give it one more shot, so I watched the premiere this last season and while I didn’t think it was bad, it still wasn’t enough to suck me back in…especially with it coming on right after Bones. So I let it go with fond memories and no regrets.

    • I bought seasons 1 thru 8 and am on season 6 of CSI now. What season did Grissom leave? I don’t think I want to watch it without him. I had never seen any CSI episodes before so when Wal-Mart put them on sale I bought CSI and Miami CSI. I just finished watching Miami CSI up to season 6 and I really liked it. As long as Horatio is on the show I will continue to watch it.

  14. As much as I love this show, I know I will never look back on the first part of Season 6 with fond remembrances. As necessary as it was for Brennan to come to terms with her regret it was painful to see and not something I care to revisit. I will pick and choose the episodes from my dvd’s like the Shallow in the Deep and Bullet in the Brain, but not many others and none that feature Hannah.

    I caught up with Bones in Season 1 with Skull in the Desert. I actually was waiting for House to come on and put my TV on Fox to wait. I saw David with those khaki fatigues and sunglasses and that was it for me. I have had marathon viewing week-ends with dvd’s and what I liked most about the earlier seasons are the cases. How you cared about the victime and you wanted to catch the bad guy. I love the character development that has grown between Booth & Brennan and the squint squad, but somewhere along the way, the cases became lamer, much less interesting and you ended up feeling like the victim deserved what he got.

    They had good character involvement in the earlier seasons, so I’m not sure why the shift away from the cases being important. I would say since Season 4 that I haven’t really cared about any of the victims anymore. Ocassionally they have one, like Finger in the Nest or Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond, but the overall tone of the show changed drastically (I felt) and the cases became afterthoughts. I enjoyed Season 4, but some of the episodes are borderline silly *Double Death* while others like Fire in the Ice remain one of my favorites.

    I’m looking forward to Season 7 because Booth & Brennan are finally together and out as a “real” couple. It’s about time. I’m sure they will still have a good show even with the two leads together romantically. Not really happy about the baby part of the storyline though. I would have preferred to see just the two of them navigating coupledom first, but it is what it is and I’m on board to the end.

  15. I think this happens to all televisions shows.

    And I also wonder if any television show can really sustain more than four or five good seasons. Law and Order is a pretty exceptional exception. But it’s so much more about the case than the actors that the actors are literally interchangeable. (the same actor will play a suspect one week, a witness the next, and a lawyer the week after that.)

    The reality is, stories do end. I was chatting with a British fan who suggested that many British series were of overall higher quality because the series are only intended to go one or two seasons, the writers are writing to a finite end and not just throwing anything out there to drag the show out for one more episode, one more season.

    It’s a difficult question I ask myself: would I rather have just five seasons of Bones, but every episode was awesome, or would I not mind a few (or more) clunkers if the show could just last a few more years?

    I’m a greedy fan, I admit. I love my characters and I will miss them when they are gone. Even if the actor appears somewhere else. And then there are the characters actors that you know are probably not going to have as many opportunities once the show ends, and will fade into obscurity until they turn up as a murderer on whatever incarnation of Law and Order is still on the air.

    Sarah, I think one of the reasons we look to the old seasons with such warmth and nostalgia is the same reason we look back on our own lives with those feelings. We long for the sense of anticipation and excitement of what might happen next. In the present, we know what happened next (and if you don’t like what happened, those days Before You Knew are even more appealing).

    It’s like Tomorrowland at Disneyland – the yearning for a future that never really was.

  16. Apologies up front for going on and on.

    Let’s see. Sarah, great essay. Everyone, great and thought provoking comments. Where to start.

    1) I will never look fondly back on the episodes from 100 up to around Bullet in the Brain. Some of them (including the 100th) are very, very good objectively, but are just too upsetting to re-watch. Yes, I now see the why and how, but it doesn’t diminish the pain.

    2) About going into the season with a blank slate: I don’t think the problem (at least for me for S6) was going in expecting something so much as just dreading what was probably coming. I’m not sure whether I had a blank slate or not in that that I couldn’t imagine how things weren’t going to get worse. What I am loving this summer is that I am not dreading S7. Whatever they give us will be coming from a happier place than we had a year ago.

    Ironically, that’s what got me into the Bones community: I was so upset, I had to “talk” to somebody about it, and in RL no one cares (or worse, they think I’m nuts). ;-D

    3) Something I find ironic about nostalgia for S1 or 2. There have been a lot of complaints about how Brennan became kind of a robot this season and regressed. When I look back at S1 and S2, I come away with a completely different take. Yes, in some ways she was more confident, stepped boldly forward and spoke her mind, but she was also incredibly arrogant and rarely listened to anyone else. She was often dismissive of Booth even where his expertise (as in matters of safety) should have been respected. And, she hadn’t learned that sometimes you should just keep your mouth shut, causing problems, including threats to her and Booth’s safety.

    The Temperance Brennan we have now is still very confident and willing to speak up when she’s in her area(s) of expertise, but she has come to recognize that she doesn’t know everything and that her perspective isn’t always the best one — and that sometimes she should keep her mouth shut. That is character growth. Yes, I’m very sensitive to this growth because it was something that I had to learn the hard way. 18 year old me was a lot like S1 or S2 Brennan. I knew everything. ;-D BTW, what 18 year old doesn’t know everything? Or think they do? ;-D

    4) My big point: While I think we gloss over somethings from the past, I think that what we do is reinforce whatever it is we feel/think about things from the past. If something was good, we gloss over the bad and enhance the good. If something was bad, we gloss over the good and enhance the bad. If you love Bones in general, but hated parts of S5 and S6, I think you tend to emphasize the good parts and gloss over the bad by rationalizing it as necessary to get to the good stuff. Which is what I think we’ve all been doing for the last year especially here in BT.

    Seeing the big picture doesn’t always make things look better; it can make them look worse. There is a person in my life who I now see much more negatively because I do see the big picture. The things that upset me years ago now make sense because I can now see that they were part of the person’s character that I didn’t understand back in the day. That person has not grown in any positive ways; they have grown even more set in their negative ways and refuse to even acknowledge that others’ thoughts/feelings on things can be equally valid. I know that’s vague. Does it make sense?

    5) I came to Bones in S4 from TNT reruns. Two things sucked me in: David and Bones. Meaning: I liked looking at David ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I loved the idea of the brilliant, but socially awkward woman who was also the successful author, etc. This meant that the Sully eps never upset me. I knew he’d be gone. I actually like the last two, finding a fair amount of humor in them as well as enjoying the cases. (Testosterone spill in aisle 4. Always makes me laugh.) There’s also some wonderfully poignant moments as well. (Booth when they are exhuming the body and Brennan tells him Sully wants her to run away with him. It brings me to tears every time.)

    I’d say that S4 and pre-100 S5 are my favorite seasons. There are many eps in the earlier seasons that I love, but for overall seasons, those would be my picks.

    Watching in real time in early S5 didn’t bother me, since I thought I was looking forward to what was coming. From the 100th on until late S6, watching in real time was just heart crushing. Everything seemed to be getting worse and I couldn’t see much hope on the horizon. Except for the extras, I won’t be looking at those eps on the DVD’s.

    Sorry for running off at the mouse.

    • Your number 2) point, thank you.
      My perspective is coming in at end of S4/beginning of S5.
      I can pretty much take Temperance Brennan any way she is. But I feel I can laugh at more Brennanisms now instead of wincing so much. It seemed liked she used to be way more sarcastic, but it seemed like they dropped that from her character, and I never mourned that. Sometimes we take her more recent interactions for granted. In the finale episode, Hercules had been going on and on about God and faith. Brennan of old would have ripped him apart! But while she clearly didn’t share his views, she found a way to try to get information out of him and let him have his own opinions in the process.

      • Excellent point, C-bones, about that discussion in the last ep. I had a similar reaction. I kept expecting something more cutting about having god on his side, but she knows better now. She understands that, instead of bashing his beliefs, she’ll get more information by not slamming him and his beliefs (so obviously.)

  17. It’s really heartening to read everyone’s comments, because as much as fans in general disliked Hannah as a character and as much as we all grieved at different times for Booth and for Brennan since the 100th (and me for Booth since Harbingers), we all in general still seem to have very positive feelings about the show and about the upcoming season 7. Even in other sites where negativity seems the norm, people are for the most part psyched about the baby, although we may all feel varying degrees of loss about the things we didn’t get to see. So thanks to you all for seeing the silver lining and helping keep things positive for those who are unhappy right now; it certainly helped me to come to terms with the beginning of season 6.

    Like Lenora, I came to Bones late; I too don’t feel I’ve missed that much by having seen the earlier seasons later. In fact, seeing things kind of backwards helped me to “interpret” a lot of Booth and Brennan’s earlier behavior, especially Brennans. And like Angelina, I like the later Brennan (and Booth) better. I’m not entirely sure I would have been so enamored of the show if I had seen their interactions from the beginning, when she was so abrasive and he was so combative. Not that I didn’t enjoy watching the earlier shows; just that I was a lot more forgiving of B/B’s early behaviors because of what I already knew. In a way it might have even made me appreciate more what it took to get them from point A to point B (as in Baby!) I guess I’ll never really know how I feel about those earlier seasons since my view was already compromised when I saw them, but I do know that I absolutely loved most of what I saw in the second half of season 6. What happened there also shed a lot of light on earlier season 6 and is now helping me to put up with it better. That second half also leaves me so excited about season 7 that there’s very little by way of nostalgia for me about anything at this point.

  18. I am rewatching the series from the beginning, and today is Harbingers day, so I thought I would post this as a look back on what was season 5.

    • Thanks Kimberly. That is a good one. I love when Brennan sits on Booth and he jumps up from the couch. It makes me laugh everytime. I do like the Cindy Lauper song. It really does make a good theme for season 5.

  19. First of all, I should preface this by saying I’m a shipper through and through so, while I can enjoy (or not) other aspects and story lines to the show, my overall contentment is always based upon the B&B relationship at the time.
    I’m another late-comer to the Bones scene, but I like to say that I’ve more than made up for lost time with the obsessive way I’ve viewed the show since I discovered it.
    I watched the final episodes of S4 on Hulu and got the DVDs from the library to catch up before the S5 premier. Two things about that approach were very confusing. First, it’s not easy to get the gist of the show when ‘End in the Beginning’ is one of the first episodes you see. Second, getting the DVD’s from the library meant I had to take them when they were available, so I watched largely out of order the first time through. (You don’t notice many plot holes that way.) But, on the upside, if there was a story line I didn’t like I could watch the episode once and quickly move onto the next one. Sully was gone in the blink of an eye (though I actually really liked him and what he brought out from Brennan’s personality) and the Cam / Booth stuff was even tolerable (but here it helped that Brennan was obviously still number one in Booth’s eyes and he said as much to Cam herself.)
    But the first half S6 was just painful for many reasons. To be fair, maybe part of my dislike was because I was watching it in “real time” and couldn’t quickly skip to the next episode when things might get better. It was months of drawn-out agony. But, these episodes honestly killed nearly everything I loved about the show: the cases were weak (what reality show can we mock next?), the supporting characters all had drastic personality changes (I loved ‘don’t-talk-to-me-about-your-personal-lives’ Clark), Brennan was so different (and not just in hair style and wardrobe), Booth was not ‘Boothy”, and well, there was the H-bomb whose existence I will never be able to justify. I know this isn’t supposed to be a complaint forum, but these are the ‘plot holes’ I can’t forget. It wasn’t “growth” to me. It was a completely different (and inferior) show. Because it was Bones and I’m completely obsessed, I didn’t miss an episode even when it hurt to watch but I was so relieved to see the return of some things (the sniper storyline had some serious meat), and the departure of others (yes, I do mean her) by the season’s end.
    NO, I’m 100% positive I will never look back on early S6 as the good old days. But hey, it’s over, she’s gone, and while I can’t forget, I can try to forgive and enjoy the rest of the story.
    Incidentally, I no longer rely on the library or internet for my Bones viewing. I’m a proud owner of all the DVDs, with two copies of seasons 1&3 (can’t pass up a good bargain.) Whether or not I buy S6 remains to be seen.

    • I’ve convinced myself to buy Season 6 for the extended episode, the gag reel, the commentary and the awesomeness that was the last two episodes. I’m not sure that the first half of the season will ever be removed from the box.

  20. I am pretty sure I came in after Season 2 aired and before Season 3 began. So summer time pretty much. I spent up until Season 5 100th episode waiting for the most part to see the entire season on DVD. Before the 100th, I caught episodes here and there and even watched some online I believe. I am not really sure that I look back on the first two seasons nostalgically. I suppose a little bit because of Zack. Anyway, I enjoy seasons 1- 4 and most of 5. It was painful watching the ending of the 100th episode. But after coming online I was able to gain some perspective. It was also the first time I felt like they might be ready to be together. Translation 1-4 I knew it wasn’t time yet. End of the 100th I feel like I forgot that it wasn’t time still. I’ll move on. I like what a lot of you have said on this subject and while the first half of season 6 is always going to be painful to watch (I tried to be all “It doesn’t matter that you’re here Hannah because of how it ends. It didn’t work. It still hurt) I will watch it. I have already rewatched some of those episodes. I guess I do pain. Actually, I think it’s to look at what’s going on. See if there is something I missed or if I end up with a different perspective. I do agree that I’ll never look nostalgically back upon the first half of season 6 and go gee, I sure miss it when Booth was with Hannah. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little, just typing it. Moving on.

    I understand Hannah being necessary. I liked her too. But those good moments between her and Booth hurt. I think I even cried a bit during some of them. When she was gone I felt like I should have a shirt that said I survived Hannah. I think we really kind of ended up feeling a bit of Brennan and Booth’s pain. Yes, I honestly believe that regardless of how happy or not he was with Hannah he was in pain too. Anyway, season 4 is actually my favorite season. Love The Hero in the Hold, Fire in the Ice, The Double Trouble in the Panhandle, The Double Death of the Dearly Departed (Yes, I thought this episode was funny). Not to mention Critic in the Cabernet, The End in the Beginning and many more as well. I don’t want to go back to season 1 or 2 characters or anything of the sort. I want to continue down this path. I doubt I’ll ever be one to pine for a time when Booth and Brennan weren’t together officially. I am looking forward to season 7 and I am in this for as long as they keep on bringing it.

    Quick CSI comment. I used to watch the original as well. I left when Sara did though I caught some episodes when Grissom was still there and then I left all together once he left. I know she came back but by that time I’d fallen for Supernatural and then Bones. I am just happy Bones and Supernatural don’t conflict time wise. Yes, I shipped Grissom and Sara (still do and always will. GSR For Life ๐Ÿ˜› ).

    I’ve rambled on for far too long. Have a lovely weekend all.

    • Amber, I watched Bullet In The Brain last night and I think I really enjoyed it. I think I was too tense during the first half of season 6 and wasn’t sure what to expect from episode to episode. I think I may change my mind about re-watching earlier season 6 episodes. Since I know what happened I won’t be so sensitive to what Booth and Brennan say and do so I think that may make a huge difference. I will let you guys know how that goes. The earlier episodes may not be as irritating as I remember. Angst can cloud your judgement. At least it can do that to me.

  21. I’ve been rewatching S6 and I’ve found that, from the vantage point of hindsight, I’m not nearly so bothered by the first half. Even the episode immediately following Doctor/Photo, during which I got angrier and angrier at the way Booth was acting toward Brennan, and then stewed in my dislike of Booth for weeks afterward, even that one I can watch now and feel better about it. In fact, I sort of wonder what it was I saw that made me so mad in the first place.

    But as much as I enjoy having almost the entire series on my DVR, I feel bittersweet about watching old episodes and, concordantly, even more excited about my anticipation for S7.

    You know, it’s like catching an episode with VNM, and the whole time he’s onscreen, I’m sorta thinking, “Awwwww, poor guy…..”

    Right now, I don’t know what I don’t know, and that’s FUN. I can imagine and talk about it and read fan fiction (and I’m really not happy with those of you who got me started reading fanfic – it’s addicting, dammit!), but I don’t really know what’s going to happen and I don’t know what to expect and I like that.

    BONES has enough episodes to exist in syndication for years to come, but I feel a little sorry for those who will pick the story up a few years from now, when it’s over, and will come to it knowing how it all ends. They don’t get to “not know.”

    It’s like Harry Potter (because all things circle back to Harry Potter, right?). The Trio, Dumbledore, Snape, Voldemort, Luscious Lucius, they’re all part of the landscape of literary fiction and pop culture now. It’s not just dedicated fans making obscure references that no one else understands. As new generations of kids pick up the books, the story lives on. But, I feel sorry for those kids who didn’t get to experience the magic of ‘not knowing.’ Not knowing whose side Snape was really on. Not knowing Dumbledore would die. Not knowing that Fred…..ack, I can’t say it. Not knowing the story ended with a little boy named Albus Severus. Look what they missed out on! The building anticipation of a new book. Being so excited on release day that you show of up Barnes & Noble before it opens so you can wait there, all day long, just to be the first to checkout at midnight with the newest book. Staying up all night reading, because you just have to know what happens next. And when you finally reach the last page, starting all over again because it was just that good. Sleep? Pffft. Who needs sleep.

    I think the waiting, especially this particular summer when we have the promise (finally) of B&B’s new relationship – and a baby! – to look forward to, it’s part of the fun. It just….it just makes me happy, you know? Just that last smile, Booth’s and Brennan’s. There’s so much promise there. So much potential. And right now, all of that is in the “not knowing.”

    I guess for me, right now, ‘not knowing,’ that’s about as good as it gets.

    • Oh MJ, I am preparing myself for a a massive depression come July when the final Harry Potter movie comes out. My daughter and I read all the books together, attended midnight book release parties and movie debuts together (in costume!). It has really been a special part of our relationship and she’s a teenager now so I feel like I’ll be saying goodbye to her childhood when we say goodbye to HP.

      There better be some Bones spoilers floating around by then to take my mind off it.

      • I so totally understand. My daughter is 22 and we’ve shared the same experiences – although she refuses to dress in costume with me. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is sad to think of all of that coming to an end.

        But, rumors are swirling that JKR’s announcement on will be about a new series involving Teddy Lupin and Scorpius Malfoy. That will definitely help ease the pain!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • LOL! MJ, I was a late-comer to Harry Potter, too… there’s some kind of pattern here, I think. I had absolutely no interest in Harry Potter at first. In fact, I didn’t start reading the series until about two months after Order of the Phoenix came out, and then I only turned to them out of extreme boredom. But I got sucked in pretty fast and read all 5 books in two weeks. The wait for book six was excruciating, but I was in line at midnight for both book six and seven. I never thought I’d be so excited for a book release, but it was fun – especially the staying awake until 4 am trying to stay awake long enough to just finish the chapter. :p

      It’ll be interesting to see what this new website is all about. I’ll bet the server crashes the first day with all the Potterheads trying to find out what is going on.

    • I think I am one of those people who is always late to the party. I decided to read Harry Pottery when the 5th book came out. Like the first one and borrowed the rest from a friend of mine. I had to buy the last one though because she refused to buy it. She made me buy it and then borrowed mine. It was fair though. I will say one thing though, I never trusted Snapes and never once believed that he might be on Harry Potters’ side.

      I am really looking forward to season 7 of Bones too. Gosh I have heard that they will do from 13 to 18 episodes. I sure want at least 18. Would really like 22. And yes, I loved the smile and the promise too. I am trying to stay away from spoilers.

      One more thing, you guys have talked about fan fic so much I checked it out. Man, you guys really caused me a problem. There is a lot of good Bones fanfic out there and I keep getting hooked into really good stories. I am trying to stick to one chapter stuff; but, Someonetookmyname is writing one called Adjustments that is a must read. I have read 15 chapters of her story and it is very good.

      • Lenora, I’d love a link for that story. I’m trying not to be hooked, but I think it’s a losing battle. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I went looking for it a minute ago and couldn’t find it. I have the authors name stored at work so will let you know on Monday. I tried an author search; but, didn’t have any luck. I may not remember the correct spelling. I post emails to myself to remember stuff like that at work. Weird but what can I say. The story, “Adjusments” begins after Change In The Game, so obviously some wishful thinking on someones part. It is well written though.

      • Ok, it was really bugging me so I just looked until I found it:

        the author is Some1tookmyname

      • Oh, wow, thank you. That’s great so far.

        I’ve found some I really like. The different takes on what can/should/might happen are really fun to read.

      • The author is writing one chapter a day. Glad you liked it.

        I am multi-tasking right now, I am looking at this site, the bones fanfic site and watching The Change In The Game in IMDb Video (online). I am switching back to the video everytime I hear Booth and Brennan talk and just listening to the rest of it. Ah, Saturdays…….. It is too hot outside so this is my idea of fun.

      • Lenora, thanks for posting the story recommendation and the link – WOW! What a great story!

      • I’ve tried to stay away from fanfic for Bones because I’m a little afraid of it coloring my view of the show. In the past, I’ve reserved it for when after the show was done, like with the Lois and Clark fanfic site (which I still love!). But your lnik was great, and now you may have turned me into a fanfic monster!

      • I just wanted to say “thanks!” for linking my story here. For real, ya’ll made my year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • I also read Harry Potter from the first book on. Both my daughters also read them, as did most of their friends. We waited for each new book, went to early openings, preordered, so they wouldn’t be sold out, and reread all the previous books, the week before the next book’s release.

      It was awesome. My daughters were 10 and 9 at the time, and it was something that we did togeher for years. I remember staying up all night reading, and then getting together at 5 in the morning to talk over our favorite parts. When my daughter turned 13, her birthday is on November 17th, we had a Harry Potter bday party for her. We ate Bernie Botts Every Flavor Beans, and they swooned over how cute Daniel Radcliff was.

      None of us will ever forget those times. I’ve watched Bones from the beginning, and you are right. There is something that happens in the anticipation of waiting. I don’t like to wait, but the wait builds the suspense, until the next show airs, and i look forward to Thursdays all week. I rewatch the older eps on Netflix, or DVD, but it is not the samre as waiting to see what is going to happen, and then being shocked when it turns out differently that you expected.

    • @MJ: “Iโ€™ve been rewatching S6 and Iโ€™ve found that, from the vantage point of hindsight, Iโ€™m not nearly so bothered by the first half. ”

      A couple of weeks ago, someone here (I think Stephanie) mentioned the interview HH did with Marisa in October, and in the beginning of that interview Marisa is asking him about the change in the dynamic between B&B in the beginning of the season – not necessarily Hannah-related – and HH says, “There’s the real dynamic between them, and then there’s the overlay. The overlay has to shift around a little. The real dynamic between them is still there.”

      So with those words in mind and with knowing how the season ends, I went back and started rewatching those early episodes to see if that made me see things a little differently. It did in some ways but not in others, but I think that was a more an issue I had with the writing than anything else.

  22. Stephanie, I can’t reply to you but I’m trying! LOL

    I’ll be honest (and anyone who knows me at all won’t be surprised by this! LOL) but when it comes to sex my views are very…relaxed! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Booth sleeping with two woman in one episode? A-OK with me. Brennan dating two men? Also A-OK.

    My issue (and I know it’s my issue but I really can’t get around it!) is this. How, as a ‘loving’ father, do you sleep with the woman who, on a regular basis, intentionally keeps you from your son? Do you temporarily ‘get over’ that fact because the opportunity to get laid has come…well, up?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    People have argued that everything re Parker was in the past and didn’t matter. But we know that’s not true…we know her actions in Man In the Fallout Shelter happened more than once, past AND present so…how?

    It’s just something I can’t get passed. Again, I know the strength of my feelings are based on my personal issues but…it is what it is.

    • Isn’t it funny how we can see the same thing and yet not see the same thing?

      Booth and Cam were always much more of a puzzle to me than Booth and Rebecca. I understood Booth and Rebecca. I always picked up heat from their interactions and that weak moment didn’t surprise me. It’s an ex-lover you know isn’t good for you, there were very good reasons for the breakup, someone you’ve sworn to leave be, and then one morning, there you are, again, giving yourself a good talking to, again, swearing never again, again. I mean, we’ve all had those moments, right? Hello? Okay…moving on, then.

      Booth and Cam felt more forced to me. More of a convenience thing that just never really sizzled.

      And you know, until this post, the two different partners thing never even registered with me.

      • I hear you MJ, but again that’s not my issue.

        Sleeping with an ex when you know you shouldn’t? Who hasn’t been there.

        Again…it’s that fact that this is the same woman who kept him from his son out of…what? Spite? Because she could? Who really knows.

        But THAT is my issue. I just don’t think it’s his proudest moment as a father and that’s just something that resonates with me.

        Like i said before it’s totally my issue…but has nothing to do with sleeping with two women, or sleeping with an ex ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I don’t get the feeling their (Booth & Rebecca) relationship is always that testy. He seems to have a pretty consistent schedule, and other than when it interferes with her plans, she seems to be pretty flexible.

        I guess having been a sometimes bitchy custodial ex-wife myself (shocking, I know), I didn’t see anything that unusual. Not that nice, sometimes, but not unusual. It is a sad fact, unfortunately, that custody arrangements are always a power struggle. Although, I can remember a couple of times when I’d have liked Booth to push back a little. She threatened once (if I remember right) to keep Parker away from him totally and she definitely does not have that right.

    • I also didn’t like the idea of him sleeping with Rebecca. Cam didn’t bother me as much as Rebecca did.

    • Laffers-
      I figured your reasoning was probably different than mine as we seem to have polar opposite viewpoints on a lot of things. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just wanted you to know that you weren’t the only one who couldn’t watch that episode for reasons other than the case.

      And I have also wondered how Booth could just casually sleep with the same woman who so capriciously denies him access to his son. It’s…yet another reason not to like that scene.

      But yeah, it all goes to show that we can watch the same thing and like or hate it for different reasons.

  23. MJ

    For me, i can’t get beyond ‘Man In The Fallout Shelter’ – ‘Please don’t make me beg’.

    And his conversation with Goodman, how his rights are, what was the word? Vague…that’s it, vague. (I may or may not have had to look that up. I will neve tell! LOL). And in S3…S5 etc.

    Unlike you i’ve never been the ex….but i have been the child.

    How we view certain situations are coloured by our own experiances…and in this we differ ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Ah, I see. Yea, different perspectives.

    I tend to blame Booth for that vagueness, actually. He gave Rebecca too much power, and she took full advantage of it. I didn’t remember the begging line until you mentioned it. It sort of suggests she has a habit of making him do just that, right? Which makes me wonder if he has any formal, legal rights to Parker. In writing, I mean.

    Which makes me wonder what that means for the new baby. What he’ll do different this time.

    • My son is going through something similar to this. He has gone to court at least five times in the past two years to get visitation of his son. He pays 120.00 a week child support, never misses, but when he goes to see him she isn’t home, or she has some excuse as to why it’s not a good day. Everytime he goes to court, he looses a days pay, and has to pay court costs. She never pays anything. His son is 5 this year, and he sees him maybe once a month.

      Custodial mothers can make life difficult for the fathers.

    • Exactly!

      I know that some of it is a matter of reading between the lines, but the begging line/vagueness discussion added with bits from S3 and S5 suggest that keeping him from Parker has happened on more that one occasion . Which makes his decision to sleep with the woman keeping him from his son difficult for me to accept or understand.

      I’ve wondered re his rights to Parker as well. Has he ever attempted to get them legalised? Does he just accept it the way he is? Or does he assume due to his occupation and gambling past that he would be denied them? It’s something i don’t see HH and co explaining any time soon but i’d love to know.

      You know what also P’s me off about this epi? The scene at the Hoover, initially between Brennan and Rebecca and then Booth and Rebecca.

      Brennan says that Booth thinks she said no to his marriage proposal because she thinks he’s a bad father (or something like that!) and then Rebecca says to Booth ‘You’re a wonderful father’ (again, those may not be the exact words! I’m too lazy to look it up ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I watch that and get very frustrated. If she thinks he’s a wonderful father, then why the (insert swear word/s of you choice here) does she make his access so difficult? The last time i watched it (this is going back a few years! LOL) i’m pretty sure i yelled something similar at my TV! LOL

      Anyway…i’ll stop yabbering and get back to watching Buffy!

      • Here’s my fanwank: given the nature of Booth’s work, a nonformal visitation schedule is probably to his advantage. Say he had a set schedule. And there’s a murder. He’d be canceling or rescheduling left and right which would reflect badly on him and mess with Parker’s head. “Daddy canceled AGAIN!”.
        He might actually lose whatever rights he’d gained in court by being unable to adhere to a schedule.

        What is likely the case: writers use Rebecca for whatever point they want to make in a given episode. She’s a B in season 1 because they want the pathos of Booth being denied his son at Christmas. She’s a B in season two when they want to show Booth’s insecurity at being replaced in Parker’s life. She’s an Understanding Ex when they want to bring up the theme of Missing Your Moment.

      • The thing that bugs me about Rebecca is she knows that Booth loves Christmas and yet she manages to go out of her way to sabatoge that holiday for him almost every year. I think he really tries to keep on her good side for Parkers sake; but, I really don’t like her.

      • From a perspective of child of divorce, I always saw the Christmases of not Rebecca necessarily being a B, but that it happens to be her year to have Parker for Christmas. For many, many years me & my siblings spent one Christmas with our Mother, and the next one at our Dad’s, and I always assumed that was the case between Rebecca & Booth because the Christmases we see are always every other year. Maybe they were having a rough batch during S1, maybe because they both live in DC and Parker was so young they shared Christmas, but you know, Christmas lung fungus might be kinda scary for a kid, I don’t know. Booth still has a right to be bummed about missing Christmas with his son, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Rebecca does it out of spite always. Now if someone could remind me whether Rebecca has done something like this in a non-Christmas context I’d like to hear it, because I don’t currently remember any, other than her not appreciating Booth looking up her current boyfriend, which was kinda out of line for Booth.

  25. Ah, BT friends, I am finally back! I was gone all day Friday and just now getting on Saturday….with 63 messages from you all in my inbox! ๐Ÿ™‚ What a great way to return home!

    On my mini road trip, I was telling my friend about our discussions and she was questioning what’s going to happen with Baby BoBo and the whole custody issue, and will Booth end up with another Parker situation on his hands.

    I know the evil genuses are capable of doing something like that to us…but I sincerely hope they don’t go that route. I know I’m shipping here, but I’m hoping by the end of the series they do form that family unit like Hodgela. After Booth’s unbelievably heart wrenching scene about why no one wants what he has to offer, Brennan watching that and being there for him, I just would HATE if they go back on that. Especially Brennan’s softening on the marriage issue. They are both learning to trust each other and help each other overcome their whole messed up family thing. I want Booth to find the stable family unit he craves and that really Bones has craved but has hidden her desire for. I’m not sure I’ll know exactly what I’m wanting to happen until/unless I see it, but I hope they don’t regress the two of them just for the complications they can get from it.

    And can you imagine how EXCITED Angela would be to be her matron-of-honor?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just saying, I hope they don’t break up our two lovebirds and make Booth try to juggle two custody situations. And rats to my friend for putting that in my mind!

  26. I found snippets of Bones at the end of Season 3, and was given the DVD’s for Season 1 and 2 for xmas that year. I remember seeing them and thinking ‘Oh. Ok. I mean, it was an ok show, but not enough to warrant this’. Oh my, how I’ve had to bite my tongue given how often I’ve watched them.

    Those 2 seasons stand out because I wasn’t spoiled. For nearly every episode since the start of Season 4, I knew something. Except Season 6, where I stayed generally spoiler free. In hindsight, the good old days for me come from the ability to watch when I want, how I want and just enjoying the storyline and characters and science (which was what captivated me from the start). As soon as I got too obsessed with B&B my enjoyment decreased, hence what can only be termed as a semi depression post 100th. I needed to return to this overall outlook approach to begin enjoying again.

    I can’t say that I’ll wait till the DVD to watch Season 7 like hubby will. But I will avoid spoliers and just enjoy. As for favourite season? Well, I’m currently thinking Season 6. There is so much growth, emotion, stellar performances, bizarre cases and amazing science that I can now rewatch with enjoyment (except for that line from H in Doctor when she asks Brennan ‘Temperance, are you alright?’ How someone can screw up such a simple line astounds me).

    So the good old days were simple and fun, and family focused and sweet in a teenage courtship way. But Season 6? Bam! It made me laugh, scream, cry (on many sincere occasions), wow and in the end smile with contentedness. And I can only appreciate it now that it’s over.

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