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Season Six: A Critique- Parts 3 and 4


Hello, and Happy Monday!

Here we are in the last installment of this series. If you haven’t read parts one and two, and you’d like to, feel free. Today is also the day where you can join in the comments, if you wish.

I wrote on Saturday about underdeveloped storylines, and yesterday I talked about Hannah and her part (or non-part) in season six. The remaining two items on my list go hand in hand (and they also coincide at times with points 1 &2) , so I’m tackling them both today:

  1. The over-use of under-developed plot threads resulted in lack of quality.
  2. Hannah’s character was unneeded, poorly executed, and thankfully had little to no effect on Brennan and Booth’s storyline.
  3. Booth and Brennan were treated unfairly as characters, and the ‘punishment’ they suffered did not fit their ‘crimes’.  Likewise, the ‘fix’ they received did not resolve their ‘punishments’.
  4. From a season and series perspective, using the baby/pregnant storyline as a “gotcha” was evil, but not in the genius sort of way.

Let’s get to it!

Cruel To Be Kind In The Wrong Measure

This is probably my biggest issue with the season, and in fact, it follows the arc that goes all the way back to the 100th episode. Actually, it’s sort of impossible to say it begins there, as the 100th episode is the culmination of so many moments in 99 other episodes. But in that scene outside the Hoover, the writers placed B&B in a situation, and their actions/reactions set several things in motion. Yet, I don’t believe that their words or expressions in that scene were reason enough for the suffering each character had to face.

Were the writers trying to teach Booth and Brennan a lesson? This sort of discussion gives me a headache at times, because obviously we are dealing with layers—the characters are acting out what the writers write for them. So a question like “were the writers trying to teach them a lesson” is strange and obscure at best. Yet I just can’t get past this idea!  Both B&B knew (They knew!) the significance of partnership and romance and all of those things, and they took them seriously. They weren’t flippant. They weren’t malicious. They weren’t villains who needed to see the light. Right? If they needed to grow as characters, that is one thing. And sometimes, that growth can bring pain, but this was more than that. This was a breaking-down. To what end? To prove to them and us that they belong together? We knew this. We know this. To prove to them that no matter what, they won’t ever be able to escape their feelings for one another? Isn’t the only reason they were IN this scenario is because the writers wrote the scene in the 100th? Haha, so yes, as you see…headaches.

However, throughout this season, Booth and Brennan were treated like characters in a Greek tragedy, where the main characters are punished for hubris. Despite Booth’s cocky belt buckle, and Brennan’s declarations that she is the best anthropologist in the world, when it comes to one another…there isn’t pride there.

 I would argue that both Booth and Brennan acted out of love in the 100th episode. Brennan didn’t say what she said out of malicious need to reject Booth as immature and frivolous. She didn’t roll her eyes and ignore his words. She cried (so did he!).  Her ‘crime’, in my opinion, is that she loved Booth too much to let him end up with someone like her (in HER opinion…do not get me wrong—I think she has what it takes!). In that way, it wasn’t really a crime at all. At the most, it was an honest mistake. If even, which is worth discussing. The point is that her motivations were pure-hearted, but the ramifications of that decision far outweighed her mistake.  Over the course of the next few episodes, she struggled with her decision. She pursued another man, but also desperately reiterated to Booth that their partnership was important to her.

She went away to think. To be fair, she could have been more forthcoming about her motivations to Booth. But even then—she arrived back from Maluku with a fresh acceptance and a willingness to be open enough to see it.

But it was too late, Booth had found someone else.

Let’s talk Booth.

Did he rush her? Possible. But I still argue that she knew his feelings and dreaded his inevitable confession. Did he have the right to try to meet someone new and make it work? Sure.

Did he feel genuine pain in DitP when he realized she was admitting she didn’t want to have regrets? I believe so. Did he make decisions I didn’t love? Yes. But was he ever malicious? I don’t think so. Is he a good man? Yes. Did he need to learn some lesson that Brennan is the one for him? That fate is true, painfully true?

I guess it’s fair to say that neither one is innocent in the entire transaction, but does that automatically make either one of them guilty?

We saw this back and forth where both characters were masters and victims of their own fates, and in some ways, that is realistic. But the depths of regret, rejection, loneliness, etc that each one faced was not appropriate to the level of ‘error’ either one had made.

I would struggle privately with friends about how it hurt to see Brennan alone, and people would say that it was time for Booth to have some character development. I would say that it didn’t seem fair to put Booth in a position where he failed at finding happiness and had to admit such defeat and would hear that it was really about Brennan’s character development.  And it just can’t work that way! I mean, of course there can be mutual character development, but we had more mutual pain than development.

I didn’t understand why the first part of season six was happening, if only to bring Booth and Brennan to the exact spot they’d been in in season five/the beginning of season six. Brennan was open for more. Booth was hesitant and hurt. People argued that something had to happen in season five because B&B were at a stalemate, but up until the end of Blackout in the Blizzard, they were still at a stalemate.

There were small, little movements, but that’s true for the rest of the series too, right?

I know that when I toss out these “I would say” items that they always make me sound like I’m right, haha! That’s unfair of course, but my point is that it was a painful season to watch, but we stuck through it. Not because we ‘deserved a payoff’, but because we cared about the characters and at the very least were curious to see how Hart Hanson and company worked everything out.

But (like in part one) not a lot really happened, and that was what really frustrated me. I would hear “The BB moments will be subtle and special that way”. Okay, that’s fine, but the pain they suffered was NOT subtle. It was in our faces. Not everything has to be resolved, of course, but when Booth says “Some things are just better left unsaid”, I had to blink several times and clean out my ears to make sure I’d really heard that correctly.

Up to that point, I’d struggled with the plots but held out, sure that the pain B&B had suffered would be addressed and they’d receive redemption. One exception…after the end of Doctor in the Photo, I was devastated, for both B&B. And when Hannah and Brennan ended the very next episode, “Body in the Bag”,  together at the bar, I may or may not have tweeted Hart Hanson (okay, okay…I did), using some profanity and DEMANDING that he make all of this WORTH IT! I’m not proud of that tweet, but I’m not ashamed of it either, I guess.

The way I see it, the writers made things happy, but they didn’t ‘rebuild’ what they’d broken down. As the remaining post-Daredevil in the Mold episodes aired, Booth and Brennan would just sort of shrug to one another and accept everything as okay. I think there’s a lot to be said for both of them knowing the truth and not holding grudges. But at the same time, remember in Blackout in the Blizzard when Booth and Brennan talked about whether or not they DID need to talk about what happened between them? Booth said yes to Brennan’s question, and he said just not then. Brennan accepted it. We accepted it, assuming it would happen. But it didn’t. (And I don’t count the convo in his apartment later).

“Well, we don’t get to see everything.”

I know this, but there were a lot of things we DID see that weren’t that needed. I just don’t know, you guys!  B&B had a moment outside the Hoover building that was the catalyst for their separate lives to go in different directions, and they faced consequences for those. But the consequences were harsher than their actions—unfairly so. But the ‘fixes’ for those consequences were shallow and contrived and unsatisfying for the viewers. Where I personally didn’t want them to suffer for their decisions (and back to the beginning, where I argue they were both out of genuine love for the other), they did suffer. When they needed to be redeemed for that suffering, it was cotton candy and fluff, as if the pain had never happened. It’s a deus ex machina form of writing that sucks.

Which leads me to my fourth point–

Booth, you are the father.

Am I mad that Brennan is pregnant?  No. Did I love the look on Booth’s face at the end? Yes. Do I think it will make for an interesting season seven? Yes.  Am I annoyed that this season ended with something shocking? No…not really.

What I am annoyed with is that this storyline has been used as a punchline of sorts. The ‘gotcha’ moment. I just think Brennan is such a great character that to shove this part of her into a Sweets session (season four) and the final minute of a season finale (season six) is a shame. A shame!

It reminds me of what Emily Deschanel said when asked before Critic in the Cabernet how she felt about Brennan deciding she wanted a baby.

ED: Well….I like this decision, because, you know…one thing I like about Hart’s characters from the beginning is that they have contradictions. And I think I always look at that in a script, because real people have contradictions. You know, so many people write scripts and say ‘well, this character is rigid and she never changes her mind’ and then, they will never have her change her mind. But in real life, people do change, and surprise you, whether you like it or not, (laughs), they change a direction in their life, and they have contradictions. So…I um, I kind of love it for that reason, but at the same time, I really did like the fact that this was a woman who said “I do not want children”. And you know, you don’t see that many times, represented very much in television or film where a woman says vocally she doesn’t want to have children. And how many times have I talked to many women who have said they do NOT want children and they are very happy with that choice. So I love that fact that that was represented, but I also love the fact that she’s a character who changes her mind and evaluates, and you’ll see that there’s some turns in that episode (Critic in the Cabernet), that will surprise everyone. So, yeah, I’m happy with it. I thought it was very interesting. And I don’t think it’s the kind of situation where Brennan just changes her mind. It’s done in a very interesting way, that there’s twists and turns. I guess I don’t want to say much more than that.”

Brennan IS such an interesting character, and there IS the possibility that season seven will honestly show her through the ups and downs of a pregnancy. I hope so. I hope it gets developed. So far, the storyline has been a cheap plot device, and that’s unfair to Brennan’s character (and Booth’s in a lot of ways too). It’s also unfair to the viewers. The season was harsh at times, and for the writers to swoop in and laugh with an adorable OMG BB are having a BABY storyline didn’t feel that cool. From a season seven perspective, I’m excited about the development possibilities. But I can feel that way and still recognize that in season six, it was a cheap fix.


Throughout the season, the writers took some plot risks, but they didn’t seem willing to back those risks up with character development, and that is too bad. But this is enough from me. Now it’s your turn to discuss.

As confusing as it might make it, I’m opening up the comments on all three posts. This way, each issue can have its own thread of discussions.

Talk to you soon!

Peace, Love & Bones,



81 thoughts on “Season Six: A Critique- Parts 3 and 4

  1. I just want to say, Sarah, thank you for this series. You’ve addressed so many of the things that made S6 so painful and bewildering. And, disjointed.

    More on the substantive issues later.

  2. Waiting to respond until I have time to actually respond but until then, I want the emails.

    But, Hannah ? Oh, Hannah.

  3. Heah Sarah, great job. It is a lot to think about.

    I would say that the problem that I had with Bones in season 6 was my confusion over what Booth was doing. I couldn’t quite figure out if he was as serious as he said he was about Hannah. Most of the time, I felt that Booth had been going to use Hannah as an excuse to keep his distance from Brennan when he came back; but, then Hannah showed up and he was trapped. He had told Brennan that he was serious about Hannah and with Hannah in D.C. he couldn’t tell Hannah that he wasn’t interested in continuing his relationship because he would have looked like a liar to Brennan. Here is my problem, even though Booth was with Hannah, Booth would give Brennan looks that just puzzled the heck out of me (the bow in his hand in his apartment) if not just made me sad (Brennan with the sea shell outside of the diner). I am not sure what the writers were trying to do; but, this confusion is one of the main reasons that the Hannah stories caused me so much angst. I didn’t know what the end result was supposed to be and it looked to me like Booth didn’t either.

    I think Booth and Brennan were put through the wringer since 100 and us along with them. Maybe the writers were shooting for real drama; but, I could have used a little less of it too. I did like season 5 and the second half of season 6; but the first half of season 6 seemed dis-jointed (like Angelena said) and bordered on annoying.

    • I agree with this idea. I think Booth did give Brennan occasional looks, but then why did her propose. It doesn’t make sense.
      I will follow on my own post, but I had to cut in here.

  4. Okay, as for things we didn’t see? Let me lodge a formal complaint here that (among other things) we never saw Brennan and Booth discuss the fact that Booth shared Brennan’s confession with Hannah without warning. I get that Booth is in a relationship blahblahblah and he has to share that sort of thing. Fine. But he should have warned Brennan that he was going to do it first. I know a lot has been made of the “what’s between us is ours” bit in fanfiction, and I really do feel like Booth was justified in sharing with his girlfriend, but come on! This reminds me of the whole Buffy Angel dynamic. I can’t possibly convey how much it bugged me that we NEVER saw Angel say to anyone (least of all Buffy) “Oh, hey, you know how I tormented/tortured you when I was evil? Sorry about that.” That’s the sort of thing we ought to have seen. I feel cheated.

    • CJsMom I had thought that when Angel tried to kill himself in Amends, he was trying to do it so that he wouldn’t endanger Buffy anymore. This was his way of being sorry for the whole Angelus mess. He was saved when it snowed for the first time ever in Sunnydale.

      • I get that, and I’m not saying he wasn’t sorry, just that I wanted to SEE it. I didn’t mean to get into an Angel/Buffy conversation here. I was just drawing a connection between the two series because the writers didn’t allow us to see some pretty important moments that I wanted to happen on screen.

      • Lenora, that scene in Amends is one of my favorites in the series. I’m with you; when he said “what needs killing isn’t the demon, it’s the man” I pretty much felt he was acknowledging what a terrible situation he had put everyone in. The fact that he was willing to die to keep himself from hurting Buffy again was bigger than an “I’m sorry” in my book. But I felt the same way about Brennan’s speech in the bar after she implied Booth was a loser in ConMan. Many people are still upset that she didn’t specifically say I’m sorry. I think what she said was enough, just as I agree that Booth had to tell Hannah about Brennan (they looked like they were going to be BFFs at the time) and didn’t need to go into a ten minute apology over it. If we really get into apologies, then I’d still be waitng for Brennan’s over jumping ship and leaving for Maluku after she asked Booth to stick it out with her earlier. But i’m ok with that being over now.

      • Maria, I wasn’t upset that Brennan didn’t apologize to Booth either. We all know it is almost impossible for her to say “I’m sorry” to anyone. Her speach was her way of saying “I’m sorry” without actually saying it. Booth knew it and accepted that. He knows her quirks.

      • Maria,
        I agree that in Con Man, her speech is enough. I know it sounds cliche, but I remember the saying, in “Love Story”, with Ryan O’Neil(who I love in Bones by the way), and Ali MacGraw, “Love means never saying I’m sorry”. If you watch that clip, and look at her face, you know she is really apologizing to him.

    • Interesting. I never felt cheated in regards to Buffy and Angel thing. Honestly, just the thought of having Angel say that makes me laugh a little in an uncomfortable way. I don’t know, it’s just a first reaction to the idea. But I have this feeling like I would have been, “Right, moving on now”

      @Lenora I see what you’re saying about Amends I tend to agree with you.

      But anyway, I suppose I just didn’t see it as an all important thing that he say the exact words, I am sorry.
      Can’t say I have a problem with Booth not giving Brennan a warning about him telling Hannah about the confession. I don’t know that it would have done anything for me if they had. I mean I suppose it could go like this, “I didn’t like that you told Hannah about my confession without you giving me a heads up about it.” “You’re right, I should have. I am sorry.” As for a scene where he actually does before he tells Hannah. “Bones, I got to tell Hannah about the confession in the car.” “Why?” “Well, we’re a couple and she needs to know.” “Oh.”I suppose either one could have worked or you know something way better than what I posited.

      I’ll stop going on now. 😀

      • I’ve said it before; but, I will repeat myself here. Booth had to tell Hannah about Brennan’s confession for the simple reason that he considered himself to be in a serious relationship with Hannah and it would have been very awkward if Hannah had found out about it in the future on her own. Booth was walking a very fine line at this point. He was trying to be the perfect boyfriend for Hannah regardless of the fact that he was still in love with Brennan. He didn’t think he had any future with Brennan, except as a working partner, so he was really trying to make a go of it with Hannah.

      • I have to second what Lenora says here.

        When Brennan said no to giving being a couple a shot, that ended “what’s ours is ours” on a personal level. “What’s ours is ours” was now with Hannah on a personal level. Since the confession in the car (sounds like an episode title) was personal, she had no right to expect it to be just theirs. In fact, I would say that she should have expected that he would tell Hannah which was what a good boyfriend would do. Booth was trying to be the perfect boyfriend.

      • I am in agreement with you both Lenora and Angelena. 😀

      • Lenora, I have no quibble about Booth telling Hannah about Brennan’s confession. But when Hannah tells Brennan that Booth told her, Brennan’s reaction is clearly shocked. She had no idea Booth was going to share it, and I think that, given the fact that she was attempting to be friends with Hannah, and the promises Booth had made to her in the past, she deserved a warning.

        Angelena, I see what you’re saying, but just because Booth has a girlfriend doesn’t mean that he can’t take Brennan’s feelings into account. I don’t think that his new relationship negates the promises that he made to Brennan in the past (“What’s between us is ours”) and if there are exceptions to that rule (confessions of love that have to be shared with a girlfriend), then he owes her a heads up.

        As for the whole Angel thing, I confess I love on screen drama. I would have gone crazy over a tear-filled, emotionally wrought scene in which Angel apologized, while acknowledging that an apology isn’t enough, yadda yadda yadda. Lots of tears and meaningful looks and gut-wrenching agony. I would have eaten that up with a spoon, and I was very disappointed when I didn’t get it. Actually, I guess that’s how I feel about the fact that, after finding from Hannah that Booth told Hannah about her confession, Brennan never went to him and said, “Where do we stand now? What are the rules? I don’t get it” or something along those lines in Brennan-speak. I just love me some angst.

  5. Disjointed is probably the best word to describe the season. In looking back at the season, the “surprise pregnancy” at the end is very fitting. It fits in and is introduced in a manner that is as disjointed as the season. It’s almost as if season 6 existed as exposition– here’s some background on the characters and what they went through to get to this point and now we’re going to see the payoff.

    In some ways, it seems as if the writers did not want to mess with the basic core of the characters and only went skin deep in affecting them. I know we all have wishes of things we wished we had seen between them. But I think we can look at Hodgins and Angela for clues as to how the writers are going to treat B&B– they’re separated, one pines for the other, Angela moves on and bam! they’re tossed together in a locked jail cell (elevator cage) and suddenly all is right with the world and they’re bam! married (pregnant).

    I agree that the uphill climb these two took this season could have been accomplished in other ways. Hannah’s presence wasn’t as much a catalyst as an excuse. B&B got battered around, but unless we see them coming out of this changed– and not just with a romantic relationship and a baby– it seems that the whole season was for naught.

  6. Again, Sarah, nail on head. B&B WERE (us too) put through the wringer. This is why I was so depressed: they were both so hurt and were so far apart, I just couldn’t see how they could bring them back together by the end of the season in a credible way. As much as I loved the end of S6, I don’t see how they got there that fast. So many holes. Again, not organic at all, just forcing something to make the plot fit the necessary timeline.

    This also makes some sense out of Booth’s quick fold in ep 100. I never believed he would have just acquiesced to Brennan’s rejection that fast and I never believed that it was “organic” in any way. If the point was to teach them a lesson, then it makes some kind of sense. I still think there was a less painful way to do it.

    I also think that this sheds some light on the “bashing” of B & B at various points in the season. They were both being treated too harshly. Depending on your viewpoint, one of them deserved it because they were “at fault.” But neither really was “at fault.” It was just what the writers set up.

    Lenora, excellent point. I always thought this (Hannah showing up in DC forced Booth’s hand) and it explained for me why he was acting the way he was acting toward Brennan — and why I never thought he was being a jerk or didn’t really still love Brennan. I can also see how that might have left someone confused as to what was really going on with Booth. He was saying he loved Hannah, but it was always clear to me that he still loved Brennan. I think he was in a continual state of emotional turmoil which explains any bizarre behavior.

    Which brings us back around to the main issue of this whole series: was the 100th episode and every awful thing that happened after it really necessary to get to where we appear to be today? Was there no other way to get there, or did HH, SN and the writers just not have guts and creativity to come up with something better?

    Again, Sarah, thanks for pulling this all together — and, as always, thanks for BT.

    • Angelena, I never thought Booth acted like a jerk. I really felt sorry for him most of season 6 (along with Brennan) He was possitively torn as to what to do with the women in his life. His confusion (or the writers confusion) just ended up confusing most of us as to how the whole thing was going to be resolved. I also never believed that he fell out of love with Brennan which just made Booth’s life pretty messy. Maybe that is what the writers wanted to do, I don’t know. I just wish they had explained what was going on a little bit better.

  7. This is a very interesting discussion as always.

    I think this season was more about getting two people who have been through denial and fear to see the sides of life they’d rather ignore. This season was painful, omg yes, but it was more about getting them to live their lives instead of living it in the dark (being scared of feelings to fearing the worst of things can happen) I couldn’t agree more that Hannah was not really appropriate plot device for many reasons. I feel that at times the writers were too focused on “liking” Hannah so much that they played down Brennan at times, and that really bothered me to an extreme.

    I wished though they would have waited for them to be together and have a baby because they really need to talk about what they’ve done to each other. I hated “To what we don’t say” or something like that because that tells me that they will have more problems than ever. People that ignore certain situations IMO need to discuss issues like Hannah, love, ect. because like this season, history will repeat itself.

  8. I hated this entire season, from start to finish. You have stated most of my reasons why I disliked it. Thank you for doing this. Throughout Booth and Brennan’s journey I have enjoyed and understood their trials and lessons learned. This season I have felt nothing but pain when watching this show and these characters. Instead of putting Booth or Brennan in situations and having them learn from them or grow this season, it felt like they were making them learn something that they already knew. Booth loves Brennan, and Brennan loves Booth. I knew that already and so did they. I didn’t need this season to understand this. Neither did either of these characters.

    In my opinion it was pointless to take these two characters where they did because they didn’t learn anything new by doing it. The end of this season’s baby announcement felt like they were placing a baby band-aid over a deep gaping knife cut, where these characters were concerned. Season six has tainted both of these characters, as well as their beautiful journey and for that reason alone, it failed for me as a viewer. Comfort/grief sex and an oops baby, isn’t what we should have been given after the build up that that was Booth and Brennan. Their journey to becoming them was beautiful, but their getting together has been ugly. I hate that this is where we are at now.

  9. To hell with work when there’s a BT post to answer. My initial thoughts are:

    1. I love AmandaFriend’s description of “disjointed.” Perfect word for S6.

    2. ED getting pregnant threw a wrench into the writer’s workroom. I know they’ve said it was always a possibility, but really. Another pregnancy right on the tails of Hodgela? Pardon me while I quote Dana Carvey quoting GBI….”Not gon’do’t” I firmly believe that no ED pregnancy = no TB pregnancy. B&B would have (most likely) ended as a couple but not as parents.

    3. Hannah should have been to Sully what Michael was to Tessa/Cam. That failed miserably.

    Is there anyone who doubts that Brennan cared for Sully? Not Booth-level cared, but she did care for him and it was so obvious and so well written and performed. And Booth – geez, we saw how he struggled with that relationship. Struggled to accept it and even to encourage it to develop further. But in the end, Sully sailed into the sunset and it was Booth & Brennan again, the way it was supposed to be. And we felt sad for Sully, because we (generally speaking) actually liked Sully, but we understood because we saw Brennan struggle with allowing that relationship to deepen, and ultimately decide against it.

    Hannah, I believe, was doomed from the start. She was supposed to be someone so fabulous she could knock Brennan right out of Booth’s head, but not so fabulous that Brennan would stay knocked out. Personally, I can point to a few specific reasons.

    a. The actress. Zero chemistry with DB and ED. Their interactions always felt forced – as a viewer, I could see the acting in the performance and that’s not a good thing. I honestly can’t recall one time when I remember seeing the performance instead of the character….well, except for Booth’s head popping up behind the pinsetter at the beginning of Change/Game. Weird, comic effect that fell flat (for me, anyway). I can only remember seeing the actress in one other role (a Matthew McConaughey/SJP movie that was funny only because Terry Bradshaw was funny) so I can’t speak to her other roles. But I know this one just didn’t work. Not her fault; I blame the casting director. Pretty blondes aren’t automatically interchangeable.

    b. The Brennan/Hannah friendship. How was this wrong, oh let me count the ways. Did anyone outside the writers’ room actually buy this? No. Again, I go back to Sully. Sully and Booth had a relationship, a weird sort of manly type sorta friendship/coworkers/whatever it was. And it worked and it was believable, in part because once Sully and Brennan became a couple, we were allowed to see Booth struggle with that new relationship and with Sully’s place in Brennan’s life. Booth never grabbed Sully in a bro-hug and invited him out for beers so they could discuss presents for Brennan.

    c. We didn’t really see Booth struggle with his relationship with Hannah. In fact, his happiness and Hannah’s being the perfect person for him were repeated themes. And even though it’s consistent for TBTB to show us B&B on a small scale, with little moments and small gestures, we didn’t even get those small hints that there might be trouble in paradise. Not until Sin/Sisterhood, with the ‘only one you love the most’ line and his long look at Brennan did we see any hint in that direction at all (unless my timing is off, and if so, I trust the experts here to correct me! :-D).

    Hannah was not treated well by the writers. For how important she was supposed to be, she wasn’t fleshed out well and made into someone we could care about. I do believe it was deliberate, that she was so two-dimensional. But I think it was wrong to write someone so casually and expect her to be so integral to the one major theme of the show, the future of B&B’s relationship.

    I am no longer bothered by the small moments and the “things not said” between B&B because to me, that’s consistent. We’re *never* shown the big stuff when it comes to Brennan and Booth. We always get the signs, the signals, the fade-aways, the looks that speak volumes and the words that don’t. To expect anything different now would just doom me to disappointment.

    Having rewatched this season, again, I love “disjointed” as a perfect description. But I don’t hate it. And I’ve seen enough in the past that I’m willing to let myself hope that now that a major hurdle has been crossed, and a major roadblock removed, the writers will be able to get back on track and even things up more.

    • I love the compare and contrast you did here with Hannah and Sully. You’re absolutely right! Hannah should have been Booth’s Sully, but she wasn’t even close. I totally agree that they chose the wrong actress. Nothing against Kathryn Winnick, but she just wasn’t a good fit. And all of the interactions did feel forced and contrived and just…unnatural. As far as the Brennan/Hannah friendship things…I didn’t really buy it either, but I don’t think you can really compare it to the Booth/Sully relationship because men treat each other differently than women do. I know I’ve said this before, but I can totally get on board with Booth having a girlfriend to move the plot forward. I just think they did a really shoddy job with it. Maybe in retrospect I’ll be able to look back on the season with fondness, eventually, but right now I just can’t feel anything but a little nauseated and disappointed and glad that it’s behind me. And a little hopeful that the writers will do better next season and not screw everything up with this whole baby storyline.

  10. As the person who wrote the “Christmas in May” post, I obviously have a bit of a different take on what happened on the second half of season 5 and on season 6 but I totally feel your pain on many of the issues you bring up. Hannah was first and foremost on the pain list but for me its more tied to how poor the development of her character was, which made her as you so accurately describe, disposable. You could have pulled her right out of the season and replaced her with a different type of angst and nothing in B/B’s path would have been altered. I don’t know if this is in part because the actress was somewhat of a novice who, next to ED and DB, seemed out of her element or because she was given so little to work with. The writers went out of their way to make her one-dimensional and given how many episodes she was in, her shallowness became a glaring defect. It may have been a conscious effort on the part of the writers to keep her and Booth’s relationship from ever becomeing meaningful but unfortunately all we saw was an obvious plot device. On an aside, I sort of had raised eyebrows when Stephen Nathan complained about fans wanting to be in on “the moment” between B/B-“what do you want, porn?” and then I laughed when someone thoughtfully pointed out, isn’t that what you gave us with Hannah all season long? We saw the poor woman more out of her clothes than in them. It’s hard to build a credible character when you have to wear pasties on most of your scenes.

    Still, I’m not sure why I was still ok with season 6. I was so angry after the 5th’s finale, that I either had to make peace with the story and the writers or stop watching the show. Out of nowhere came my seemingly zen moment and I just gave up trying to come up with what could have been different, better and definitely less painful and drawn out scenarious for getting B/B together. It just happened for me, but it could have been drastically different. I can completely see how another person could have come to a different conclusion; we can’t pick what makes us happy or pissed off: “the heart wants what it wants.” I’m just really hoping that season 6 didn’t leave you feeling so discouraged that you give up on the show entirely; we would all miss you and what you have created here terribly. I still remember my attachment to a blog called “Obssessed with Bones.” It was funny, insightful with really inspired reviews. The writer though had enough after the 100th; she really didnt’t like the direction that show was taking and closed her site. I’m assuming she may have even stopped watching Bones. I felt badly for her, because she had invested so much of her time and effort into something and now obviously felt betrayed by the writers. There was nothing she could do to change her opinion of what had happened, and it was disheartening. I really hope that season 7 doesn’t disappoint and that your hopes for the show are met. I’ll keep my positive thoughts out there for you, and frankly, for myself too. Best to you always!

    • Maria, That is funny. I stumbled on to Obssessed With Bones, read everything on the site and only when I was finished reading her stuff did I realise it was not being updated anymore. I thought that was too bad as that is where I became interested on Bones fandom. Thank goodness I found this site a few weeks later.

  11. “Am I mad that Brennan is pregnant? No. Did I love the look on Booth’s face at the end? Yes. Do I think it will make for an interesting season seven? Yes. Am I annoyed that this season ended with something shocking? No…not really. What I am annoyed with is that this storyline has been used as a punchline of sorts. The ‘gotcha’ moment. I just think Brennan is such a great character that to shove this part of her into a Sweets session (season four) and the final minute of a season finale (season six) is a shame. A shame!”

    You make an interesting point here. I loved CitG, up until the last moment. I thought….oh good, HH and crew are giving us a light-hearted, fun, undercover episode to finish us out on a high note after the pain of VNM the week before. We had the adorable awesomeness that is Buck and Wanda: the kiss!, Buck Truck, muffin, and so on. And we got Hodgela’s baby being fine, and I was about to finish out the season on a wave of happiness and awwww moments…and then WA-BAM! Pregnancy.

    I’m still on the fence. Is it cheesy and taking the easy road just to write in Emily’s pregnancy because it is there? Could they have ignored her baby bump and proceeded with what they’d written? (Because I do feel they just took Emily’s baby as an opportunity and it wasn’t quite organic). On the other hand, could this be a great chance they took and they have great ideas on how to take B&B? I do feel like this is another storyline they’ve shortchanged us on…what happened between HitH and CitG….but again, guess we’ll see next season! I’m trying to keep an open mind, I really am!!

  12. I agree with everything you said and I thank you for keeping a positive site in the midst of such turmoil in the season.

    I am with you…I was ok with the pain and the heartache of the first part of season 6 but we never got a payoff….we never got a resolution. Do I care that I did not get to see their first moments as a couple? Not really….Am I upset that it happened after a tragedy? No…I am one of the few that can totally see it happening after VNM death.

    Booth-Bones are you ok?
    Brennan-It could have been you. It should have been you. That bullet was yours.
    Booth-I know Bones…but I could have handed the phone to you too. It could have been you.
    Brennan-Booth, don’t let go…please don’t leave me again…
    Then some talk about there is never a perfect time to start a relationship…we are never “ready”….Blah blah and someone kisses someone and that is all she wrote.

    I appreciate the ones I love the most in the midst of great tragedy. So I am fine with it happening like it did. NO way was it casual and no way was it a one night thing. That was there moment and that was when everything started for them.

    Am I ok with the pregnancy? Probably….but I think I wanted a “High” that was equivalent to the “Low” we felt.

    I will never understand the proposal. I don’t feel like the Hannah storyline was resolved and I am still not sure I understand why Booth proposed to her. I know he cared for her and loved her but I still think she was his second choice….I think Sweets pushed him into it. But I still just don’t get it. It was a very odd relationship.

    Will I appreciate season 6 later on? I am not sure I will….I LOVED the first 100 episodes…..But since then I can count on one hand the ones I have adored….I understood the process and I just wanted it to be a high like we had the low.

  13. Sarah, I have been thinking about this over the weekend quite a bit. I’ve talked before about the difference between “the story” and “the show” and that some things serve one or the other or both.

    Ultimately, I think everything from the last five minutes of the 100th to the last five minutes of Change in the Game was about the Show, not the Story.

    From a storytelling perspective, none of what happened between B&B makes sense unless we, the audience, jump through dozens of hoops (some of them on fire) and twist ourselves up into pretzel-like contortions to make it work.

    But for the Show? For the Show, they bought another season.

    Is HH really worried about losing too much of the audience when he puts the leads together? Does he doubt his ability to write for them as a couple? Does he just prefer UST to established couples? I don’t know.

    I just know that I saw no narrative purpose to anything that happened this season other than to buy another season.

    Of course it can be argued that Brennan changed in XYZ fashion in season 6. But the writers have all the control. Whatever change they wanted her to have, they could have given her in season 5, if they wanted to. But what they wanted to do was buy time. And they paid for it with character development.

    Buying time is not a new concept in writing of course. It’s not even necessarily a bad one. It depends on what you fill that time with. Writers always have choices. They made a series of bad ones in season 6.

    • I agree with this thought, as expressed in my part one reply. HH just wanted to buy time. I responded to the other two posts, but I need some time to respond to this one. I am still too angry right now. I thought the anger was gone, but this brought it all to surface again. Will respond more later.

  14. Sarah, I agree with your assessment of the 100th, but I don’t think season six was about punishments or crimes – for the 100th or otherwise. I do think it was about choices and consequences. Some of those consequences were good and some of them were bad – but the point about consequences is that you can’t choose them and they’re not always fair. Crime and punishment. Choice and consequence. I guess they’re ultimately the same thing, except that crime and punishment implies that something wrong or bad was done that required discipline and I don’t think that’s the case here.

    It’s true that Booth and Brennan both got hurt – more than once. But I don’t think the writers were purposely trying to cause either character unnecessary pain. Yes, it’s one of those headache-inducing chicken and egg conundrums: if the writers meant to write it, then how could it not be intentional, but still. I prefer to think that Brennan, perhaps inadvertently, toppled a domino in the 100th that started a chain reaction. One thing led to another and bam! Brennan’s pregnant (speaking of choices and consequences…). 😉

    I know it’s been argued that what happened (especially towards the end of the season) should have been more obvious, but feel like I can connect the dots and I’m satisfied with the conclusions I’ve reached (which I’ll share if I ever manage to finish up the post I’ve been trying to write for the last several weeks). I’m not saying I’m right or that other people are wrong to be dissatisfied, but I do think there’s benefit in finding an explanation you can live with.

    Finally, I’ve shared my thoughts about the baby storyline before – about how I genuinely like how it played out. In terms of sex=baby, I can understand and accept everything that happened between The Hole in the Heart and The Change in the Game. I’m not confused. I don’t have doubts. I also don’t think it’s a punchline. Truth be told I’m somewhat relieved that events played out the way they did because I know that I would not be happy if B&B’s relationship became as nauseatingly goopy as Angela and Hodgins. I get that not everyone else feels that way and I’ve pretty much accepted that I’m the oddball in the bunch who is perfectly content to have been cheated out of the big moment.

    And just to be clear, none of these three comments is meant to be rude, or snarky, or condescending. I know tone can be lost in online forums and intentions can be easily misunderstood so I wanted to say that up front. I respect your opinion as well as everyone’s here…I’m simply sharing mine – which just so happens to be different than most. I love BT and hope to continue to participate for however long you’re willing to keep it going. Thanks for providing such a wonderful forum for discussion.

    • But I don’t think you’re the oddball at all! Overwhelmingly what I’ve seen since the finale are people who are very, very happy with the pregnancy and looking forward to season 7. Which is perfectly fine!

      I don’t think anyone should have to apologize for their opinions about the show. I also don’t think liking or disliking a certain plot twist determines one’s loyalty to the show. Not that you said that, it’s just a thought that occurred to me and this is the box I’m typing in at the moment.

      We all see things differently. I never saw Hodgela as nauseatingly goopy, for example. I think Hodgins is eight different kinds of awesome with a side of awesome sauce. I think the Hodgela relationship (even with the generally despised breakup in season 4) has been enjoyable to watch and follow.

      I’ve said this before, but that has never stopped me from repeating myself. Every viewer is going to hit a wall that they can’t climb over or get around. For some that wall was Zack as Gormogon’s apprentice, or Booth’s fake death or the coma dream or the 100th or Beginning in the End or Hannah or the proposal.

      For some, the wall is the sudden pregnancy.

      I really see no difference in the fan kerfuffle over this finale and the kerfuffles over past finales. Except perhaps that the thing causing the kerfuffle is a “good” thing (because babies are good).

      As with all those other walls, as viewers we can decide whether to grab the rope and start climbing or turn and walk away. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with standing at the bottom of the wall and discussing whether we want to do that or not (which is how I see all these discussions since the finale).

      • Oh I know plenty of people are happy about the pregnancy, I was more referring to my not really caring that we didn’t get to see any goopy stuff (sex, kissing, passionate declarations of love, etc). 😉

      • Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, obviously but I don’t think physical affection or declarations of love are “goopy” – which seems to have a pejorative connotation.

        For five seasons, B&B displayed quite a bit of physical affection and verbal affirmations of loyalty and affection. Was that goopy and therefore bad? The handholding the guy hugs, the mistletoe kissing, the hand on the arm…all those moments that are Scene Studied here at BT, were goopy and unnecessary?

        It’s also because we had five seasons of affection, both physical and verbal, that the argument now – that it’s not “them” to touch each other or discuss their feelings – just doesn’t hold water for me.

        I actually never expected a sex scene – see my BT post “Evidence of Love” in which I flat out said we wouldn’t see a sex scene in the finale or possibly ever – but I’m not buying the argument that the near-total lack of ANY physical contact between B&B in Change in the Game is organic. It was done to keep the status of the B&B relationship vague in order to heighten the shock value of the pregnancy reveal.

      • I’m one of those who believes that what we’re seeing this season in terms of B&B interaction isn’t really that different from what we saw in the first five seasons. I don’t mean that we’ve never seen them show signs of affection, but IMO, there’s a marked difference between what we saw of the Hodgela courtship and what we saw of B&B. We did see a lot of affection and friendship but in order to discover how they felt about each other, we had to look beyond what was on the surface.

        The only overt romance we saw was the coma dream, which we knew immediately wasn’t real, and the mistletoe kiss, which was done at Caroline’s urging. Everything else – the hand holding, the small touches, the kiss on the cheek, the looks (oh, God, the looks!) – those we had to look into more deeply (again, IMO).

        Except for the 100th, which gave us very overt, open flirting and some torrid kissing, all of which took place before both of them backtracked into what they were when S1 started, and that last, final kiss in real time before they broke each other’s heart (and mine).

        So when I think about all of that, I don’t see anything different (much) in what we’ve seen in B&B’s behavior since Blizzard. Except much less of it, of course. Much much much less than what they gave us S1-5, but still a lot more than what we had to work with the first half of S6.

        Angela and Hodgins got all the ‘goopy’ stuff – the sex at work, the belly kissing, the OMGILOVEYOUSOMUCH lines. Even with impending coupledom, I’ll be very surprised if we get that kind of stuff for B&B.

        And hey, I’m all for being surprised. Give it to me! But five years of past episodes tell me not to expect it.

      • Barbara-
        I think MJ did a pretty good job of explaining where I’m coming from. I’ve loved pretty much everything we’ve seen between B&B from the beginning up until now but it is by no means the same as what we’ve seen transpire between Angela and Hodgins. There is and always has been an element of saccharin sweetness in A&H relationship that I sincerely hope we never see between B&B. I am not inherently opposed to kissing or declarations of love – in fact, I’m actually a pretty big sucker for that kind of stuff – but it has to be done right. What we’ve seen between B&B in the past – that’s doing it right – but the challenge going forward is going to be finding ways to maintain the chemistry and tension that makes those moments so special.

        I believe HH and co. can write a successful show with B&B as a couple, but I think they’re going to have to walk a very fine line in order to do so. I am nothing if not realistic about the risk they run if this isn’t played right and it’s one of the reasons I feel like the finale worked so well.

    • Stephanie, I agree that it wasn’t about punishment, but choices and consequences. Brennan was very lucky to get a second chance, but either way she was going to accept the consequences.

  15. Ok, I’m just going to say it. I love Brennan being pregnant with Booth’s baby. I don’t really care if the writers had to do it or not. I don’t care if it was planned or not. I did want to see a courtship and didn’t get one. I am a little sad for that but it doesn’t bother me very much. I am just going to be a PollyAnna and say I am happy Booth and Brennan are finally together and they are having a baby. Yayyyyy.

  16. The Hannah character was unneeded and had little impact on Booth or Brennan’s story line? Wow, I couldn’t disagree with you more. Was season six about teaching Booth & Brennan a lesson? No, it was about breaking a pattern that was part of all of the previous seasons up until season six. A pattern that was keeping them trapped where they were.

    Up through the end of season five the B&B relationship was defined & controlled primarily by Brennan. She was the one that determined even if they were together. And yes, that was because Booth allowed her to do that. For Brennan the relationship worked as is, there was no incentive to change it. Even any internal draw toward having something more with Booth wasn’t enough for her to give up her singular control over her own personal happiness or to be willing to accept responsibility for someone else’s happiness. We see this in Critic when she abandon’s the idea of a baby with Booth when he expresses a need to actively parent the child. We see it in End in the Beginning when confronting losing any control over personal happiness or accepting responsibility for someone else’s happiness, she erases her story. Even the prospect of death physically removing him from her life on a number of occasions i wasn’t enough to trigger a change in approach to her relationship with him.

    Eventually and inevitably their relationship couldn’t sustain itself with the current dynamic. Although Booth had made a bid for change in 100 with his stated intention of moving on, by the time we come to the second to last ep of season five, their dynamic had returned to what it had always been with Catherine being nothing more than an inconsequential blip. Inspite of his stated intentions, he’s not able to move on. Why that is, we never really explore. And that is one of the failings of season six and in some ways the entire series. Too much focus is on why Brennan behaves as Brennan does and not why the other half of this duo acts as he does. But back to that second to last episode of season five. Now it’s Brennan who can’t cope with things as they are, but that’s still not enough of an incentive for her to do those two things she is terrified of. Give control of her own personal happiness over in a significant way to someone else or accept responsibility in a significant way for someone else’s happiness. Instead she does what she has always done, she removes herself from the situation long enough for her to compartmentalize her feelings again. Her intent is to resume the relationship as is when she returns.

    Brennan taking their partnership away from him after 100 finally brings home to him in it’s strongest form that their dynamic is self destructive for him & can”t continue as is when he returns. But they’ve already established, that in the end Booth can’t make good on that when he’s with Brennan. Yes he does need a crutch when he comes back. Only the loss of what she has with Booth will push Brennan to face what she fears most and Booth isn’t capable of denying her without something to help him do it. Believing that he loved Hannah is what Booth needed to believe in order not to fall back into that self destructive dynamic. And losing the level of emotional intimacy that she shared with Booth was what Brennan needed to understand that it is possible for her to create a situation in which someone can’t survive, where they have to leave even if they really don’t want to.

    So why is inserting a child into their relationship more than just a gimmick? Professionally Booth & Brennan have always been equal partners with a shared goal. But there is an element of a desire for unconditional love woven into the idea that Booth would never abandon Brennan. In that sense he’s inherited the role of fixing what her parents did to her. Because she wanted it fixed and because putting things right is an essential part of Booth’s character dynamic. Having a child enter the picture at this point changes that for both of them. Brennan can’t occupy the emotional space of child and parent at the same time in either her or Booth’s eyes. Their child now will now occupy that role of unconditional love. Their personal relationship becomes an equal partnership with a shared goal out of necessity. And equal partnerships have both expectations and conditions as part of the makeup of their relationship.

    Booth and Brennan would not have been able to break the pattern that they became mired in during season one through five without Brennan “losing” Booth. And Booth never could have stepped away from Brennan even for that brief space in time needed for her to process that loss without believing that he was in love with someone else. We could not be where we are at the end of season six without what came throughout the season. In that sense season six accomplished what it needed to do. Where it failed was that it accomplished nothing else. It was a season devoted to only one character’s development. Even the other half of this duo’s story wasn’t explored in any depth. We don’t explore the underlying factors that make him need a crutch. To get these two characters to this point plot wise it is only necessary for him to need it and the writers don’t give us any more than that.

    • I like your writing. Very well thought out. And, I agree with what you said. Hannah was a neccessary evil.

    • Wow Rangergrl2, I loved what you wrote. I agree with you completely, and you expressed it with brilliant clarity – thanks!

    • Very compelling argument. I had never really thought about the fact that Brennan has all the control over their relationship, but I see where you’re coming from. I recently watched the first episode of season three (The Widow’s Son in the Windshield) and I remembered feeling kind of sorry for Booth because he seemed so pathetic, practically begging Brennan to come back into the field with him. Then Zack returns, they have their talk about Booth not stopping Zack from going to Iraq, and everything goes back to normal. But you make an excellent argument that Brennan is always the one holding the power, dictating the terms of the relationship, even when it’s not spotlighted so obviously by the writers. But do you think that Booth coming back with a girlfriend was the ONLY way to break that stalemate?

    • Let me add that in my opinion Booth never really loved Hannah. The idea of her rather than its actual embodiment was a shield, a crutch, a device to help him keep himself separate from Brennan. When Booth left Afghanistan, he’d made no arrangements to ever see Hannah again and was surprised when she showed up. Then, as has been said above, he was forced to make good on his assertions of his seriousness towards her. But his emotions, as Sweets hints in the second episode, were fall-out from the battlefield, just as temporary and just as unreal as emotions can be when formed in a heightened physically dangerous environment, added to the misery he was feeling from his rejection by Brennan. Neither Hannah nor Booth knew the other. Hannah is supposed to be a crackerjack investigative reporter yet she never makes any move to discover anything about Booth, his background, his life or his partnership with Brennan. Why? Because she doesn’t care. This was one of the major flaws in the writing to create a character who was willing change her life enough to travel to DC to be with Booth and yet really didn’t care enough to learn about him or establish any degree of intimacy. And this is what Booth never had with her that he has had in spades with Brennan, intimacy, together with comradeship, friendship and the fact that they had no secrets from each other. Booth and Hannah were all about secrets. And Booth’s declarations of love are always made in defensive ways to those (mostly Sweets but also to Brennan in TDitP) who have challenged him about his feelings.

      But most importantly, Booth lies to Hannah about every significant aspect of his emotional life. He tells her in episode 2 that there is nothing between him and Brennan. He lies to her about Parker wanting to meet her, and by omission about his gambling and even his career as a sniper. He lies to her about what Brennan actually said in the car by putting it all in the past tense and claiming he has no feelings for Brennan and that Brennan was talking about a past emotional commitment not a present condition. Brennan wanting his child, that he proposed (or wanted to give it a shot), none of that is mentioned. Then in episode 12 Booth tells Brennan that he loves her most, undercutting his declarations about Hannah. When Brennan turned him down in the 100th but asked to remain as partners, Booth agreed. When Hannah turned him down but asked to remain as lovers, Booth slammed the door in her face so fast she looked confused. He realized that not only had he kept himself and his inner life totally apart from her, he didn’t know anything about her either and when she revealed it with the line about thinking they would have more time, even the ashes were cold. Talk about the things we don’t say!

      Hannah to me was like a character in the Stoppard play Rosenkranz and Guildenstern Are Dead where two minor characters who appear briefly in Hamlet wander in and out of scenes where they each have a few lines but neither understands the major dramatic arcs and titanic emotions that are playing out before them. Their ignorance of the emotional subtext gets them killed. This is what Hannah was, a vague, superfluous character who wandered through a handful of scenes in a bewildered way. The actress always seemed to look baffled by what was going on and given that the character had no idea of what titanic emotions were racing through the two leads, it was no wonder.

      Hannh to me was like a character in Rosencran

      • Wow, EL, wow. Most people’s assertions are that Booth is a stand-up guy, committed and loyal to whoever he’s going out with. But that critique really highlights what was really so horrible about that relationship. I was more disappointed about Booth’s proposal than upset. And I just didn’t feel it when Hannah said she loved him. I feel like the only “proof” we were given of that was her moving to DC and getting to know his son – not solid enough for me. Either she was incredibly trusting of her boyfriend, or incredibly naive. It did seem like she just didn’t care enough to get to know him more. And with her traveling and working so much, they seemed more like passing ships in the night. That Booth let himself become so deluded in denial that he thought their current state was enough to propose (after a drunk Sweets practically humiliating him) was just sad to me. I was so, so glad when she was gone. And interestingly enough, I don’t see any evidence of her marks anymore, either.

      • You know, C-bones, I think any marks were washed away with:

        You’re the father.

        Then that grin. 🙂

  17. I think this was a great assessment of their relationship. It’s possible to have had other ways to break the stalemate but a significant other for Booth was definitely one of the few drastic measures that would have realistically gotten Brennan to understand what she losing by not taking a chance. I suppose the writers could have given Booth a crisis of faith of some sort where he went back to gambling, or they could have brought his dad into the picture. They chose Hannah instead as a way to highlight Brennan’s loss of Booth, not as partner, but as man. Whether the other options would have left us more satisfied, I guess we’ll never know. And I agree with you that many of Booth’s actions were contradictory and not really explained. In a way I think that it’s because season 6 was a mirror of sorts of season 5, which was a lot about Booth and his confusion about his relationship with Brennan, and then his pain at losing her. Brennan’s development was minimal with the exception of her “I believe in love now” speech and her lying about JFK. Conversely, the emphasis of Season 6 was on Brennan and her sense of loss, to Booth’s detriment as a character.

    I’m not raving about how great every part of season 6 was, but I don’t feel that the significant other aspect of it was wrong, just some of the execution. And to highlight what you said about the B/B stalement, I’ll bring up Night at the Bones Museum. Here’s Brennan actively dating Hacker against her partner’s wishes. Yet at the end (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that scene) she brings Booth as her “date” and fixes, in the most provocative of manners, his tie. I don’t think she’s a tease, but I don’t know what else Booth was supposed to think about her willingness to go further with him after that moment. Of course he was hopeful she would reciprocate in the 100th. Rewatch the scene and tell me what guy wouldn’t. It was truly the most surrogate of relationships and Booth wanted more where she was perfectly satisfied with the way things were. Even after her rejection he stays (even though she’s still dating Hacker) and proceeds to put himself out there like a doormat. Few other plot devices would have broken this pattern as effectively as removing Booth from the surrogate relationship that was so destructive to him and having him date another woman. So for me, plot device good, execution so-so. Still, with all its faults, I love the second half of season 6 which I plan to rewatch with wanton abondon once it comes out on DVD. The Hannah half, not so much.

    • I meant to reply to rangergrl2-lack of glasses will do that to a person! And I thought your comment about B/B joining together as equals for their baby was very insightful-I’m really looking forward to that part of their relationship.

    • And I think you are right, the intent (with the 2 season pick up) was to do mirror image seasons with Booth’s struggle in season five mirrored by Brennan’s in season six. But the execution of Booth’s struggle was a more
      subtle execution. The focus of the writers was never so single-mindedly on it and feeding it that it crowded out the other characters or subplots of the rest of the season. But season six was a season where an entire episode was told entirely from the viewpoint of one character. And that ended up being symbolic of the single
      minded focus of the writers on feeding and focusing on Brennan’s struggle this season. So much so that they didn’t really seem to have any energy left to devote to the other characters.

    • “It was truly the most surrogate of relationships and Booth wanted more where she was perfectly satisfied with the way things were. Even after her rejection he stays (even though she’s still dating Hacker) and proceeds to put himself out there like a doormat. Few other plot devices would have broken this pattern as effectively as removing Booth from the surrogate relationship that was so destructive to him and having him date another woman.”

      I think you make an excellent point here Maria. I think we can differ on exactly how we feel about Hannah, perhaps its the actress herself, or that we feel for B&B with another woman in the mix, or maybe she wasn’t developed to our individual satisfactions, but I think at least having the Hannah plot point is valid and helps to move the story along. I mean how long is the guy supposed to hang in limbo? I think it was a decent storyline, it was short & sweet (ok not sweet, but you know what I mean), and ultimately we got B&B together after all the pain and suffering (i.e. Buck Truck, and “my muffin”) so yay for us! 🙂

    • I also agree with you Maria.

      • (Warning: this has turned into an absurdly long comment. Got excited and carried away 🙂 )

        Loved your comment too Maria – I agree with what you said about Booth and Night at the Bones Museum – I’m not sure what else he was meant to think. After all, I’m certain the audience viewed it as a move forward on Brennan’s part too.

        Put bluntly (ducks from flying projectiles), I think for a long time Brennan’s needs were completely satisfied by their surrogate relationship, while Booth’s really really weren’t. She didn’t need to move forward or give him anything else, because he didn’t ask it of her. Even after the 100th, he still provided that role for her.

        That’s why I categorically believe it was seeing him with another woman in that role (previously her role) that made her see the wood for the trees. I don’t think a crisis of faith for Booth, or a personal loss would have had the same effect because it didn’t need a situation where Booth was miserable and he leant on her to make it through it. That would have had a big effect on Booth, but it wouldn’t have changed their status quo for Brennan at all. If anything it would reinforce her position as his ‘go to’ person thereby satisfying her surrogate relationship role.

        It was far more effective (and therefore painful, for Brennan and the audience) to see Booth happy with someone else in that role. That was the real game changer. A miserable Booth wouldn’t have changed their status quo – as we saw at the end of season 5.

        I think alot of this season was about making them equals, as has been said. Brennan had to get used to the loss of Booth’s blatant adoration and come to accept her own adoration of him. Booth had to put boundaries in place for the first time – he told her she hurt him and he couldn’t think of giving her anything other than partners for now. That’s a first.

        Booth wasn’t entirely wrong in the bar when he asked why no one wanted what he was offering. I know lots of people have said that it’s because he went for the wrong sort of woman, too independent, too feisty etc. But I also think it’s because he didn’t tell them what he wanted enough. He seems to want to do whatever makes them happy. Cam was the first to comment that when she was with him, she felt ‘satisfied’. (Great line – which episode is that?) but really that theme runs through most of his previous relationships – he’s doing all the satisfying, while ignoring some of his own needs.

        This is definitely a factor for me in terms of his relationship with Brennan over the years. He’s wanted more, but knew she didn’t, so kept quiet and bore that pain for years. She wanted his child – but only if he wasn’t involved, and he seriously considered it, despite knowing the pain and guilt of not being able to be there enough for your child. She wanted to still be partners after the 100th, he did it, despite how difficult it was. She wanted to be able to talk to him about dating other men, despite knowing how he felt, he let her. She wanted him to be her ‘prom date’ despite it being hard for him, he let her.

        Over and over again we see how Booth did anything he could to make her happy and in the end it made him miserable. He needed the emotional break from Brennan that Hannah afforded him, because it meant he could come back to her on equal footing, right down to waiting for her to ask for support and comfort in HitH. And Hannah afforded Brennan the opportunity to see what she really wanted, and to Brennan’s eternal credit, once she realised what she wanted, she told him and stuck by him until he was ready.

    • Sophia, there was definitely a lack of equality in the relationship that began to surface (in my opinion) in season 4 and became acute in season 5. As others have said, it wasn’t about punishment with Hannah, but about the consequences of your choices in life. The consequence of Brennan leaving Booth physically and emotionally was that he found someone else. Which after so many years of being practically dateless, is not an unreasonable thing for Booth to do. The consequence of him forcing himself to move on by squeezing his light as air relationship with Hannah into a perfect relationship box was that he would inevitably end up destroying it and getting turned down. That people got hurt in the process is pretty true to life; relationships are inherently messy (who hasn’t got hurt in one?), especially where there are imbalances in them.

  18. IMO, I feel cheated, this season. I felt like we were drawn into this wonderful experience, only to be kicked to the curb, and ignored.

    We did not get to see the affection between B&B, in season 6, or I should say the end of season 6. I think the writers, by way of HH, wanted us to stay tuned until next time, hoping to get that. I never wanted to see a sex scene SN, so don’t put me in the porn group. PLEASE!. But, I did want to see some type of affection.

    The season ended with a cliffhanger, and no contact between the two, because they wanted us all back in September. That is also why we never got to see the kiss,IMO. HH decided that, if he showed us what we have been waiting 6 seasons for, we would all run away. This is so not true, at least for me. I feel cheated, and if in September he still doesn’t show us that kiss, i will still feel cheated.

    Although we know they did, because now there is a baby, i still feel like the season is in the will they, won’t they phase, and I am hoping that we will get to see some affection in season 7. I don’t want the type of affection you see in fanfictions, but I would like to see something, and not porn. Just something. When SN said that they are going to skip all the lovey-dovey stage, the first thought that went through my mind was, that we were not going to see any of the affection they should have toward each other. After all, they are having a baby, so they should show something.

    The writers, have led us on this journey for 6 years, avoiding the physical portion of the relationship, what’s to say they are going to do season 7 any differently. When I am in my very negative stage, I wonder if every week we will wait for something between them, and every week it will be avoided.

    I know some say that Brennan isn’t the type to be overly affectionate, but she sure was with Sully. There were many times even in the lab that she kissed him. Why does it work for Sully, but not for Booth? I just hope HH and the writers give us something that shows that they are in a relationship, and they don’t leave us hanging from one week to the next again.

    • Kimberly – I understand what you feel, particularly towards whether they’re going to show us any affection in season 7.

      I’m actually not sure at all that what we see on screen will differ to what we’ve always seen on screen in terms of their closeness. I think the show writers know that what we’re all happily anticipating is close moments between the two, same as we always have. They know the value of them and so only deal them out every so often, on special occasions ha.

      Scenes which are happening in my head (and are apparently ‘revolting’) that I’m stealing myself will never happen…

      Booth touching, talking to the bump
      Booth and Brennan co-habiting in the way that new couples who don’t live together do (staying over, waking up, getting ready for work etc)
      Booth and Brennan chatting / reading in bed
      Brennan writing her next novel while Booth watches the game on her couch
      much sign they’re a couple in front of their friends
      holding hands
      saying ‘I love you’
      many other forms of physical or emotional affection

      Ha. That sounds a bit depressing when I write it down, but it’s helping my expectations to think these things in my head, while preparing myself for not seeing them on screen any more than we ever have. The writers know what pays their bills, and it’s the audience watching, waiting, every week for these moments (or thousands of others that I haven’t even imagined yet). And that’s ok for me, because that’s what I’ve always loved – so I’m kind of ok with still having the anticipation of it.

  19. I think ‘disjointed’ is the perfect description for season 6. Neither Booth nor Brennan deserved to suffer the way they have. Their punishments have been too tough to fit the ‘crime’. The Finder & the tribute to New Jersey Shore seemed like fillers and barely moved the story line along. The Hannah arc was poorly written and executed. Other episodes leave too much unsaid. We shouldn’t have to read fanfics to speculate on where they are at or why.
    Then the baby story line — I really wish they hadn’t gone there yet. Since they have, I hope they make it clear in Season 7 that they are together for life because they want to be and not just together because of the baby. Having the baby story line happen so soon leaves the show vulnerable especially since they haven’t shown much romantic affection since they became a couple.

  20. OK…i’m going to share my thoughts but i think i’ll just comment here. I can’t really seperate my thinking to comment on each invidual post!

    First off, thank you for posting this S. Some very very good points, and i think you’ve helped me sought some of my feelings regarding this season. Or at least you’ve made me feel better about being less than satisfied overall.

    I think i mentioned it before (somewhere on here) that, after i’d watched the Bones finale for the 14th day in a row, i decided i needed to De-Bones. Certain individuals were…skewing my feelings and i figured that going Bones free was the way to go. I stopped reading fanfic. I closed the Bones column on twitter. I stopped watching ANY episode. And i stopped reading Bonestheory. Now, all in all i think i lasted…a day. Maybe…at a push. Maybe more like 12 hours! LOL

    Throughout S6 i was one of those annoying positive people. I liked Hannah (I still do in fact. Probably because she’s very like me in certain ways so i…got her, i guess.), i was positive about the direction they were going and that, in the end, it’d all be worth it. It’s only now, looking back, that i realise that i may have been lying to myself. This doesn’t surprise me (i am an expert in denial after all) but i just never thought i’d be that way about a TV program, ya know?

    It’s not that i hated the Season. Watching Hannah, or Hannah/Booth, or Hannah/Brennan etc wasn’t a trial for me. Part of that is because i liked her, and i still do. But the other part i think is that, like you said, she didn’t really DO anything. Her impact on B//B was non existant. Booth was always going to distance himself from Brennan, regardless of whether he had a GF or not. It was a matter of self preservation for him, i just think Hannah made it that little bit easier for him. And, again like you said, Brennan was always going to feel that distance regardless of Hannahs presence.

    There were a few episodes that i really didn’t enjoy in this Season. Mastadon, Doctor, Bikini and Feet spring immediately to mind. But i realised that the only episode i have watched more than once is Change In The Games. The only one…that is so unlike me it’s almost scary. For the first 5 Seasons i’ve watched each episode repeatedly but this time…only once. Even the episodes i claimed to love immediately after i only watched once. I didn’t consciously NOT watch them, i just never made the time and again, that isn’t me! LOL

    For me, it’s as if the end of the Finale has…tainted it somehow. Anyone who spoke to me after knows i reacted somewhat…negatively immediately after the ‘I’m Pregnant’ announcement. (In my defence is was 3am. I was tired and my patience had worn thin! LOL). What frustrated me most of all was that up until that moment i had LOVED the finale. Everything about it…the undercover personas..that did they/didn’t they moments between B/B…Max…Angela/Hodgins & baby…the cheek kiss tongue flick check out moment…THE BOWLING SONG. Everything was just brilliant…and then at the end they couldn’t resist a ‘Ta Da’ moment.

    It was as if they were saying ‘Well…this Season may have been painful and you may have hated some of it but LOOK! *points at B/B* They’re going to have a baby!’. Like we were suddenly supposed to forget everything that had come before and kiss their feet in thanks. What annoys me even more is that some people did just that. People that had hated the Season suddenly turned around and said ‘OMG isn’t that the best? A B/B baby’ and so commenced the discussion on whether it’d be a boy or a girl (Side note- It turns out we have some psychics in the Bones fandom. Because they just KNOW! LOL). And it annoys me to see people let something so…cliche suddenly change their entire opinion on a Season. A baby shouldn’t suddenly make everything magically better, ya know? It doesn’t in the real world and it shouldn’t in the fictional.

    I feel like it’s Angela and Hodgins all over again. They went through hell (let’s be honest…Jack went through hell, Angela got laid…a lot.) and then suddenly ‘Look….yeah Angela screwed around with Wendell and hurt Jack but *points at A/H’ Married in a jail!’. And suddenly all was perfect and rosy again. We never got any conversation…any signs that anything had actually been resolved. We were just thrown something new and shiny and expected to be distracted by it. And most were.

    Exactly like B/B and, as much as i am NOW looking forward to S7, i do think that to me some of the magic has been lost.

    • Well said, Laffers. It feels like a slap in the face. It’s like HH said, you wanted them together, well now they’re together, but we got the last laugh. Right after the finale aired, I told someone that I diodn’t trust HH in season 7, and got my head chewed off. I don’t know what to think anymore.

      I also haven’t watched many of the episodes more than once. But, I will make myself watch them at least once more before season 7, because I need to accept that we may not get to see what I want to see.

      I know I shouldn’t have expectations for what I want, because it is not my show. but I base my feelings on the past episodes, and I feel we need some type of affirmation of their love. Not verbal, because I don’t think we will ever get that, but something that shows they are together because they want to be, and not because of a bbay.

    • Well, y’all are killing my buzz so I’m just going to ignore you.

      LaLaLaLaLaLaLaLa…can’t hear you….LaLaLaLaLaLaLaLa

      Babies and happy thoughts and babies LaLaLaLaLaLaLaLa

    • We disagree on a lot of things Laffers, but on this our feelings are identical. I mean down to the last word, this was exactly how I felt. Staying positive through the season, thinking it would be worth it, loving the finale up to the pregnancy reveal, losing my mind over it, thinking it the finale was a big shiny distraction, being mystified at people who hated the season and were suddenly okay with everything because babies make it all better.

      • *fistbumpofsolidarity*

      • LaLaLaLaLa….On the good ship . . . Lollipop . . .

      • MJ I really don’t want to kill your buzz but the thing is – people don’t change unless they have to. If something works for them, they keep it up.

        To go all meta here — just as Brennan would have been happy to go along with the partnership just as it was until Booth moved on, TPTB have no motivation to change the way they are writing this show. Ratings are fine, up, even.

        I’m trying to be at least neutral about season 7. I mean, I don’t see how it could possibly be worse than season 6 unless…SN’s interviews notwithstanding, there really wasn’t any unequivocal evidence on screen in Change in the Game that showed B&B in a committed relationship. There was a cute kiss and their behavior in the diner. But then, did we not see plenty of moments pre-100th that indicated Brennan was open to a romantic relationship with Booth?

        By not showing any B&B discussion of their relationship and by choosing to physically position B&B apart from each other whenever they were “themselves” not undercover, by staging this episode so that B&B never interact with other regulars until the birth, when focus is not on them, the writers avoided any situation that would define the B&B relationship. They leave open the possibility of a season 7 in which B&B are committed to co-parenting but still deciding how they feel about each other. The will they/won’t they lives on!

        Then when Brennan gives birth, Booth will give her a really big smile from across the delivery room and that will be our gift to savor over the winter hiatus.

        I guess I’d rather expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised than get my hopes up and be disappointed.

    • Oh, it’s so nice when people read my mind and type up a nice long post explaining my thoughts:)

      Regarding Hannah, while I never liked the use of “SO as plot device” ( I felt like we touched on that in Season 2 with Sully/Cam, and the writers probably weren’t going to improve on the storyline with a second go at it), I didn’t love her or hate her, but I was strongly disliking the writers for taking a reasonably solid plot point and executing on it so poorly that I was rolling my eyes. And I don’t necessarily blame the actress (nor do I absolve her completely either), because she walked into a long running show with some deeply developed characters and was supposed to hold her ground immediately and totally. Talk about being set up for failure-it’s a very rare actress who could do what needed to be done for this character when it often seemed that her creators weren’t sure who she was. (She’s a sexy minx who likes nooners! She’s a daring reporter who faces down corrupt cops! She’s a commitment phobic adrenaline junkie who is a whiz at using search engines!) And a brief and unimportant gripe that I’ve been nursing for quite some time and must let out: Dear Bones Costume Designers, When a female character is described as a respected professional in her field with an assignment as part of the White House press corps, a see through sleeveless shirt is unacceptable attire. Sincerely, Me

      With B&B heading into Season 7, I haven’t given up hope, but I am more wary than I’ve ever been in my time as a fan, mostly for these reasons:
      1) I see a lot of echoes of how they handled the Hodgins & Angela relationship in where B&B seem to be heading, where the issues and angst between the couple are suddenly solved by a few happy turn of events (jailhouse wedding/baby) without any of the issues ever being addressed, solved or even mentioned again. To quote laffers, some of the magic of Hodgins and Angela disappeared for me after the quickie wedding, and I’d like not to end up feeling that way with B&B.

      So I’m still hopeful (and watching) but this season’s missed opportunities have me wary of investing too much in this storyline until I see what is actually delivered to my screen.

      • I totally agree with what you have said….and someone else said that Hannah should have been to Booth what Sully was to Brennan….but I kept trying to figure out what exactly she was….to anyone….and then I still have no idea about the proposal! What the heck????

        I don’t think the SO was written well at all. And I agree that Kathryn Winnick didn’t pull it off either. If they had gotten a lovable actress (at one point I heard it could have been the actress that played Renee on 24 opposite Keifer Sutherland-totally could have loved her) things would have gone better.

        The SO could have been fun, productive, but I never knew if Booth was totally over Brennan and moving on completely or just trying to convince himself. I have no idea what “There is only one you love the most” means when a week later he proposes to Hannah….

        I have no problem with subtle….and I think Bones has done that well for years….I have no problem debating what something meant or what happened at any moment….but I can’t remember a time where SN and HH have ever had to explain so many things so often before….and from Bones Theory I have learned that Bones fans are well educated, well read and intelligent….so when we don’t get it there is a problem…..HH and company made things a little too subtle…..

        I am trying to not give up hope….but I am starting too….I was holding on until I got to the high point after the low points of this season, Blizzard, The Sniper Episodes, The Deaf girl one really got me excited ….And I even liked Change in the Game…..and I am ok that she is pregnant…..However, so much has not been resolved. At least H and A had a conversation in the jail cell before they got married. I am not sure I count the Blizzard conversation as enough to have a baby together or even be together….I know you can’t fix every problem and you can’t resolve every difference…but come on….there are some things that need to be discussed! Even if they just agree to move forward….

        Mostly I am just confused and wondering exactly what happened and is Booth all in….I am pretty sure Brennan is…..I am just worried that Booth might still be holding back some….

  21. Ha….my initial comment was so long and yet i STILL forgot something!

    I also meant to say that in terms of punishment i think the people that were REALLY punished were us. The fans. Something has been…stolen from us i think, and i don’t imagine us getting it back.

    Part of me does think HH and co must be laughing at us. We wanted B/B together and they gave it to us. Just not how i think anyone really wanted it.

    Side note – A few people have suggested that this was HH and co’s plan from the beginning of S6, possibly even earlier. If that is the case i am seriously worried. If this is what they come up with when they actually plan something in advance then we are so screwed.

  22. While I do believe that the 1% of the loud & noisy fans that HH does NOT listen to are overwhelmingly accepting this pregnancy storyline, that is still only a very small fraction of his entire fanbase. We are so influenced by what we read and who we talk with that we forget that millions do not follow every blog or article written.

    I had lunch last week with several friends who know I am a Bones nut and I spent the entire time trying to explain to them the current storyline. They were mostly shocked and appalled by it. They were women in their 30’s who do not believe that a baby solves all the problems of the world or relationships.

    I do believe the writers/producers are laughing at us…here we are a whole month after the finale still talking and debating. Just what they wanted.

    I will be there in Sept. but they better not be partners raising a baby.

    • @Dovepage…I understand what you are saying about the B&B baby thing, but honestly, if they AREN”T partners raising a baby I will be upset, And I don’t mean just work partners. I mean life partners.

      Them having a baby randomly is not my first choice, believe me. However, now that they’ve done it…

      I think it would be terribly unfair to Booth’s character to saddle him with another woman who doesn’t want what he has to offer. Or a future custody battle with this new baby ala Parker. After Brennan listens to him pour his heart out about it in the bar, knowing what she knows about him, and then confessing her regrets and love to him in the car after he’s tried to move on from her…and then obviously they crossed the line and started a physical relationship (after Booth got Broadsky, right Team DTNBPTNAWBGB?!)….for her and Booth to not be together would be painful for me.

      Personally, I’d rather them not have gone there baby wise, but they have, so I’m trying to hope for the best!

      • @bb I agree with you….I want them together and you have made some great points as to why I think they will be together.

        Long ago I heard an interview with HH and he said that he didn’t know how it would go with B and B but he knew how he did NOT want it to go. My thought was that he never wanted them to get together and break up. (I totally buy into the argument that their break up was season 5 finale/100th but that is a different discussion.)

        As long as it has been and as much as I did want to see a little bit of the “get together”…..I do admire HH for not getting them together and splitting them up and for not getting them together for a one night stand or friends with benefits. I think and hope….that now that they are together they are together for good.

      • @A—yeah I just really hope you are right and that its for keeps. I would agree that Brennan’s rejection and Booth’s “moving on” is their break up, and now they are together for good. They haven’t had an on-again-off-again thing before, its been a slow, but steady building of a partnership and trust.

        To take a “Bones” analogy here, their relationship was broken, it had to be reset, and now is strong. Actually they can heal stronger, if it was treated correctly the bone will heal, then an extra layer of bone grows over the area you broke. To me HitH, fully healed up their relationship, and now it is stronger than ever.

        I HOPE! 🙂

  23. Season six has me not really caring what happens to these characters anymore. Special moments mean nothing anymore, especially if they aren’t specific to the exact moment they are happening. Plots aren’t important for this show anymore and things that seem to hold special meaning really don’t. If there is anything you hope to see happen between Booth and Brennan in any meaningful or fullfilling way, don’t hold your breath, it’ll never happen. I am on the fence about whether this show is really worth my time next season. I hated everything about season six. I believe its quite possible that season seven will be even worse than season six. It seems that what Hart and the Bones writer’s think is enjoyable to watch, and what I enjoy watching are two different things now. A baby saturated season, with confusing and dropped plots, Booth and Brennan acting like siblings, and follow-up scene and plot explanation interviews by Stephen Nathan sound like another aweful season. There is nothing to look forward to where Booth and Brennan are concerned with this show now.

  24. I think I’m a person who sometimes plays devil’s advocate just for balance. Since a lot of people have been heavily displeased with a good number of things about S6, my immediate reaction is to defend it because I love the show and can reason my way through almost anything. Perhaps if this post was about how wonderful and perfect S6 was, I would have been the first one listing all my complaints. Long story short, I have a hard time summarizing my feelings on the season. Maybe I would say if I give 4-5 stars for previous seasons of Bones, I would give this season 3-4 stars. So not the highest rating, but enough to watch with some level of enjoyment. Well, maybe it wasn’t so hard to summarize, it’s just hard to explain.

    Even though I’m not one to chime with completely negative posts about the show, I actually hope that some of the displeasure gets back to HH and it makes a difference for next season. We know we can still get quality writing from Bones, and we still want it. But if we just let anything fly, who knows what would happen with the show. I honestly could have done without SN’s snarkiness with the whole seeing B&B together=porn thing. I don’t think they need to bow to the wishes of any part of their fan base, but I felt like he was assuming that’s what we were all expecting to see, and he should know better by now. For now, I will only direct my displeasure at SN because he’s the one who made that comment; I would like to think that 1) he regrets how that came out, and 2) anybody else who answered the question would have been more graceful in their answer.

    For some reason, I don’t see the pregnancy as a “Gotcha!”, or a way to redeem themselves with viewers. I hardly think they are sitting around talking about how gullible we are. I just see it as somewhere where they wanted to take their characters, so I’m really not upset about it. I feel like the show is basically: put Booth and Brennan in ________ situation, and let’s see how they react; what does it do to their dynamic?

  25. I had a long comment typed out that I deleted, as I think it’s more appropriate elsewhere. But I did want to make a note about S6.

    I’ve said before that I think for many, their response to S6 is tied to their view of Brennan. (I think this, btw, because I spent the season listening to what people were saying. But note the ‘for many’ as in ‘not all.’) But I’ve never really fully unpacked my view of her.

    I think she’s a brilliant woman who’s capable of feeling things quite deeply, but who sometimes chooses not to feel them, while at other times struggling to understand exactly what it is she is feeling. I think we take for granted that if we’re sad, we know we’re sad, and we know why, and thus assume the same is true of Brennan. The reality is most of us have times when we feel things without being able to point to a reason (“I feel blue today, and don’t know why”) and that many emotions overlap in terms of how we experience them. (For example, for many people, the feelings associated with being hurt and with being angry are very similar. It’s not uncommon for someone who’s been hurt (emotionally) to respond with what looks like anger.) Plus, not everyone responds to the same emotion in the same way – not everyone cries when they’re sad.

    I think it’s possible to love someone and not be sure if what you’re feeling is what the rest of the world calls being in love; I also think it’s possible to be a completely functioning member of society and not want to be in a romantic relationship at all, even with someone you have deep feelings for/love/are in love with.

    I think people are frequently contradictory in what they say and do, and that no one changes overnight. And it’s not just that it happens slowly, change can have a lot of ‘three steps forward, two steps back’ moments. So the person changes in some way, then appears to change back, and so on. In real life, this can cause people to say ‘he didn’t change at all, was just faking it.’ In fiction, change is seldom portrayed this way (i.e., realistically) because the writers get accused of writing contradictory, inconsistent characters.

    All of that is how I see Brennan. I think seasons 1-6 have been about her changing (and I expect S7 to continue with that., in that I expect her behavior toward Booth to look contradictory at times.) Did she need to change? No. From a psychological point of view, she was an obviously successful, highly contributing member of society when we met her. I don’t think someone has to be in (or want to be in) a long term relationship in order to be ‘right.’ But the writers wrote her as someone who wasn’t emotionally intimate with many people, and they wanted to show her becoming so. So we see her views of love, relationships and trust changing, and I think everything we saw was part of that, from Sully, to conversations with Angela, to what happened with her father.

    That view of her is why I don’t think she was ready for a relationship with Booth in the 100th, nor even in Mastodon. I think she loved him, but was not prepared to call those feelings being in love with him, and that where love is concerned, if we don’t ‘own it,’ it’s not real. I don’t think things like her contribution to the coma dream or Night at the Museum prove she was ready, just that she was asking questions, exploring what she was going on in her and what it meant. She was moving in that direction but wasn’t there yet. I also think she liked their relationship in S5 and didn’t want it to change.

    And all of that is why I think what happened in S6 – including Hannah – was necessary. Can I imagine a version of the story where she didn’t reject Booth in the 100th, or where she was fully ready for a relationship in Mastodon? Yeah. I just don’t think either scenario would have felt completely right to me in terms of her changes.

    All of that is also why I’m okay with the pregnancy. Just being in a relationship would have allowed them to explore her changes and growth, but being pregnant ups the ante tenfold in terms of the things she needs to come to terms with.

    Just to be as clear as possible here: this is why I view things the way I do. That’s it. That’s all. It doesn’t mean I’m right about Brennan, or the show, or anything else, nor am I trying to convince anyone they should view her or the show differently than they do. I also do not intend any of these comments to be seen as critical of Brennan. As I said, I think she was a brilliant, compassionate. fascinating woman when we met her in S1, but if she was ever going to be in a long term, successful relationship – which I don’t view as being necessary for fulfillment – she was going to have to change, and that change is what we’ve been viewing, and still are.

    • That was incredibly well said!!!! Thank you for sharing…

    • Yeah, I really like that. The whole series is about Brennan learning to be more comfortable with the softer side of herself, even if it includes some painful struggling. My view of Brennan is very similar (i.e. I want to say the same, but absolutes are hard for me), so I seldom got upset at her because I’ve always felt she really struggled with identifying her feelings, and even more how to deal with the more intense ones. From day 1, she was this incredibly strong, yet vulnerable woman. She was first identified as being part of a family, but when that was taken away, she had to redefine herself. Defining herself by her intelligence and beauty got her the ultimate professional success, but since it was the only way in which she valued herself, it left her vulnerable to emotional attachments, where she questioned her worth and what she was capable of giving.

      The main issues a person has ultimately boils down to what that person thinks of themselves, not what others think of them. That, I think, was the crux of the 100th. Because of that, I, and some others, are of the opinion that no matter what Booth said, Brennan’s answer would have been the same. And the realization and change had to come from inside herself; her struggle in S6 was rather lonely, but necessary, because she didn’t need the interference of others to tell her what she was feeling and what she should be doing. She figured that out on her own.

      The other thing about Brennan is that I am very similar to her in many ways. For me, the reality of the actions of a TV character is determined by whether I think that it is possible that there exists a person who would act that way. And I pretty much am always satisfied because I can almost always find an example. For Brennan, it’s usually myself. It’s why the interactions of Brennan/Booth/Hannah thing didn’t bother me as much; I would totally be the same way. It only bothered me because a certain actress’ acting always felt a little awkward, and the situation between our beloved characters was awkward. But then, I’m rational to a fault. It could have something to do with me being a mathematician, IDK.

    • Let me just say that I agree. Very nicely said.

    • Beautiful, ryn.

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