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Top (Twenty)Five Tuesday: Favorite Season Six Moments


Top ‘O The Tuesday to you! And a verrrry happy First Day of Summer! I’m very excited to announce that for the rest of this summer, Saturdays and Sundays here at Bones Theory will be reserved for “Summer of Bones”, a creative effort led by the lovely Minnaloosh. You’ll hear a lot more about that later this week and of course this weekend!

Sorry for the delay today (as I am well aware it’s “Middle O’ The Tuesday” to ya!), but as promised this past weekend (which, for the record, are examples of posts that would NOT fit the future-fun-vibe of Summer of Bones (which for THAT record, will NOT be shortened to SoB, haha)), it’s time for me to list my favorite moments of season six. As I was coming up with my top five, I was having a hard time narrowing it down. That happens, as you know, and the list was shaping up into a nice Top Ten. And then a Top Fifteen…and then I figured, “Why not pick one favorite moment from each episode (23 total) and round it out with two absoLUTE faves?” And when I talk to myself like that, it’s oh, so easy to answer in the affirmative 😀    So here we have it! From a flea to a kiss, here are the moments I’ll happily remember from season six.

1. The Mastodon in the Room

From Mastodon in the Room

I loooooooved Brennan’s reaction to Booth saying he would take like a flea and chase their suspect. I loved him saying it, and I loved her noticing, and all of that goodness!

2. The Couple in the Cave

Clark’s ‘dam breaking’ for lack of a better word is so funny to me. I just adored it. I also loved how incredibly cool every other character played it. As if to say “Been there, done that, dude. Get the season one dvds”. He’s totally on point of course, which makes it so great.

3. The Maggots in the Meathead

“Eureka–a gathering of guidos!” was on my original ‘narrow it down to all time top five’ list of favorite moments. I just adored that moment. It was so Brennan. This season, the writers did push her over the line at times, as far as her lack of common sense about common things, but I felt Maggots in the Meathead allowed her to be sort of clueless in a lovely way. Not every one agrees with me, but that doesn’t matter. Brennan does, and if you don’t believe it, she’ll throw the crab at you.

4. The Body and the Bounty

I like this episode, especially the chase scene in the hospital. But my favorite part is when Booth and Brennan bicker (heck yes bicker!) about perfect murders.

Perfect indeed.

5. The Bones That Weren’t

Brennan pinpoints a truth when she tells Booth that if he is not the source of Hannah’s dissatisfaction (or lack of being ‘jazzed’, haha! Brennan!), then he also cannot be what fixes it. Sweets agrees pretty much, and he also agrees within a few seconds when Brennan also tells Booth that if he doesn’t put the lid down when he flushes, he might as well brush his teeth with excrement.

Fun fact: With the exception of tWitch and the case (and I think this is where Sweets does the Shakesperean interrogation?), the rest of this episode pretty much was excrement. Ha! Okay, okay…moving on!

6. The Shallow in the Deep

When I typed out the list of episodes in a row, I had to blink. This episode really is number six? It seems so much more…recent! Perhaps it’s because it’s one I don’t mind watching again? Perhaps it left a favorably memorable impression? Not sure. I like this episode very much. I like that Brennan knows all of Booth’s bones so well (insert your own joke here), and I like the case and the pink fuzzy stuff.

The ending of this episode is just divine. But my favorite moment is when Booth and Brennan so easily offer Sweets up on the Cougar Cruise. Hahahahaha!

Duck/Zygote. Tomato/Potato.

7. The Babe in the Bar

My favorite moment in this episode comes near the beginning, when Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray offers Cam the information that there are many great colleges in England. Cam’s response? If he mentions that to Michelle, she will choke him on his own trivia. Haha!

VNM’s response is to suggest that Georgetown is also lovely. And when Brennan chimes in with “it’s closer”, I laugh every time.

8. The Twisted Bones on the Melted Truck

Between Daisy wanting Sweets to help her cheat, the awkward diner lunch with Brennan, Parker, Booth and Hannah, the “it’s always been sort of bad, but never quite as bad as this” way that the writers had Parker talk like no kid I’ve ever really heard talk, and a few other things, this is probably my least fave ep of the season. So a fave moment?

I guess I’d have to say the scene in the diner when Sweets cracks open the case by identifying some shady trading card dealing. He is SO proud of himself and just wants their praise (“Job well done, right?”), but of course they just shrug and don’t give it to him. Good times.

9. The Doctor in the Photo

I need to watch this episode again. I know this. I’ve only ever seen it the one time, because I know I just knocks me out. I can remember so much of it in clear detail, but I also know I really do need to watch it again. Or 100 more times, as is usually the case 🙂

I love when Booth tells her he followed her to a bad part of town and saved her…the usual! I looooooooooooved that.

And I love how Brennan asks him if he still believes her, even if she can’t prove her theory.

And yes, this all counts as one moment 🙂

10. The Body in the Bag

On one hand, I think it’s weird-creepy that Hodgins buys Angela an apartment that housed their most recent victim, but when I think about it more, it’s just…right.

11. The Bullet in the Brain

Love, love, love, love, love to infinity (which stretches both ways!) the moment when Booth is barking at the crowd to get them to back up and Brennan runs…RUNS to see him, pushes through the crowd and says, “Booth, I want you and your baby.”

Okay, okay…she doesn’t say this. She says, “Booth, I’m so glad you’re okay,” But what she’s really saying is As You Wish. I Love You. I don’t want you dead.

And oh yeah,

12. The Sin in the Sisterhood

Hmmm…another episode whose order in the season shocked me. It felt so much later in the season, but I guess it wasn’t! It makes sense, I suppose.

Fave moment?

I like the way Booth and Brennan watch Cam and Paul. Very nice.

OH! And when Wendell watches Brennan sort of thrust against the lab table and he says “We’re looking for a horny farmer–yes we are.” HA!

13. The Daredevil in the Mold

So much of this episode is discussion-worthy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the scenes end up as scene studies. But for today, one tiny moment that ALWAYS sticks out to me and makes me smile is this…

Just their…togetherness, even in their struggle. I love it.

14. The Bikini in the Soup

When it comes to a man and his gun, a woman is the natural cure.

15. The Killer in the Crosshairs

Um, Booth takes his day off and invites himself to a run with Brennan AND invites himself to a lecture. I love it.

16. The Blackout in the Blizzard

The lighting in this episode is ridiculously amazing. This episode is like artwork. I love it! In other news, I think that one pitfall of a site like Bones Theory is that we talk SO MUCH (um, and this post is already over 1400 words) about moments and weigh them that the moments sort of become cliche, and that’s a shame. Does that make sense? And believe me, I’m the queen of that…so it’s not a dis on anyone else. It’s just me saying that there is something incredibly warm and special about that last BB scene in Booth’s apartment, and it’s because it’s special on its own. I especially love when Booth openly allows himself to watch Brennan as she talks, and when she asks what he’s thinking, he tells her he likes watching her do the math.

17. The Feet on the Beach

This episode is one I need to re-watch to see if I like it as much as I think I do. I really loved Dr. Doug Filmore. I loved him. And there were other things I liked about it too, but there are a few moments that make me narrow my eyes in suspicion. Hmmm…enough about that. A moment I love is at the beginning, in the way Brennan introduces Booth.

18. The Truth in the Myth

This is an ep I should probably watch again to determine if I hate it as much as I feel like I do. But there is one moment I love, and that is when Booth sort of makes a move by talking about their relationship, and Brennan just sort of laughs at him (but in a nice way), and he puts her in a cab. Hopefully for the last time ever without him in it 🙂

19. The Finder

In my opinion, this episode does not count as an episode of Bones. But what DOES count is the moment Brennan receives her science fair medal, along with the newspaper clipping. One of the best moments of the season. One of the best moments of the series.

20. The Pinocchio in the Planter

As much as we can sort of grouse about the Toyota placements in the episodes, this one where Brennan’s car parks itself, and she explains it, followed by Booth asking if it also solves murders and Brennan saying “of course not” and he says “Good, I like my job” is genuinely funny. It’s one of my fave moments of this season.

21. The Signs in the Silence

I did the scene study already, and one thing that struck me as I was pulling pictures is that it was visually one of the most beautiful scenes ever filmed of Bones. There is just something incredibly lovely about it. And not just because ED and DB are there, you know?

22. The Hole in the Heart

Okay yes, there is SO much in this episode that could be my favorite moment, but I just love the scene in the FBI room when Booth tells Brennan she’s staying at his apartment and she bristles, but then agrees, causing him to just be able to relax a tiny bit. That was the art of compromise B&B style.

But one thing I’ve always wanted to know (since way back in season four) is this…what in the heck is that human head thing on Booth’s desk? Why does he have that??? And where did those elementary classroom sweet maps come from? Oh, art department!

23. The Change in the Game

Probably my favorite moment of this episode is when Brennan says, “Nice to meet ya, The Raven”, haha! But I also love how Max totally pinpoints Booth and Brennan. Good times.

I love how he goads Booth and Brennan into presenting an undercover image of being more affectionate with one another.

So with that 23-way tie for the Bronze medal of favorite moments, which two moments took home the silver and the gold?

24. From Bullet in the Brain, “This Land Belongs To…”

GIF lovingly 'borrowed' from and can be returned (when I'm done with him) to the delightful JennyJenWho

Forget Daisy’s “Days of the Week” undies…that’s what I’d have crosstitched into my skimpies!

25. And my top all-time favorite moment of this season is….

When in Blackout in the Blizzard, Brennan tells Booth that she always assumed they’d be very compatible at making love…

And Booth gets this lovely glazed “ThaiFoodSymbiosisHotBloodedWe’reNotJustPartnersMistletoeBoomClackaMowMowEvolutionBigScreenTVMac&Cheese” look on his face and says…


It’s just so classic Booth in his vulnerable, good-boy classic way. He’s not a prude, but he’s also a gentleman, and he wants her bad! And it’s just the most amazingly sweet and hot Booth moment ever!

Until the next amazingly sweet and hot Booth moment ever, of course! 🙂

Enough from me! What are your favorite moments? Feel free to make a list if you’d like!

Peace, Love & Bones


PS…Today I read an interesting article about TV shows that ‘write checks they can’t cash’ aka…make promises that are hard to keep. It’s from the lovely and talented Allie, and her terrific blog, “Epic Flail“. Some of you might already read her posts, but if you haven’t, it’s worth checking out!


37 thoughts on “Top (Twenty)Five Tuesday: Favorite Season Six Moments

  1. Well, damn.

    I just got that “Well……yea…..” out of my head, and boom! There it is again.

    It’s tough being me, y’all.

  2. I’ll be over there looking at these again and sighing like there’s no tomorrow… And to think that I first thought “how on EARTH did she manage to find 25 moments in a season that was the most so-so of them all (and I stand by that, btw, and not just because of “the one who shan’t be named”)?!” And now I have to say bravo. Queen of the lab you are. 🙂

    P.S.: Ah, what I’d give to be that table…

  3. Sarah, you always point out my favorite stuff. The fact that you left out the Twisted Bones in the Metal Truck except for the counter scene with Sweets, thought the Bones that Weren’t was mostly excerement and you liked the Feet on the Beach tells me we are kindred souls. I thought I was the only one who liked the Feet episode and I despised the other two episodes and have never re-watched them. Great choices for all the rest.

    P.S. I loved your 4 part break-down of Season 6 too-agree on all counts!

    • I liked the Feet episode. I like to think of us as a small but nice and somewhat apologetic contingent.

      • I loved that “small but nice and somewhat apologetic contingent.” That’s us all right.

  4. I must to say i loved all of the moments above. I didn’t liked too much of season 6 for obvious reasons or just one reason that begin with the letter H but let’s move on. I don’t need add any more moments cuz your list is perfect cuz it save the season for me.There others of course but this ones are so precious and i loved it.And the head on Booth’s apart is of Oliver Hardy of the comedy duo Laurel & Hardy. It’s part of my childhood memories and must be part of Booth’s too i think.

  5. Your “writing checks you can’t cash” comment is interesting, Sarah. Did you see SN’s tweets about The Killing finale?

    • No, but that (I believe!) is where Allie got the idea for her post! I haven’t watched ANY of THE KILLING, but plan to this summer, because I heard it was good. This is my attempt to beg for no spoilers of that either? 🙂

      • I don’t think it is spoilery to say that after SN tweeted his unhappiness, a few people tweeted back to him about irony and pots and kettles being largely of the same shade.

  6. *raises hand sheepishly*

    Can i admit i psychically recoiled when i read ‘Mastodon In The Room’?! Without you hating me?! LOL I know you like that episode but the entire thing rates on my ‘Things wrong with S6’ list. Not that i have one…but if i did it’d be up there!

    I had to laugh when i read number 17 and 18. If you reverse your feelings that’s me! I need to watch Feet again to see if i hate it as much as i think i do. And i need to watch Myth again to see if i loved it as much!

    I can’t put my favourite moments in the right order so i’m just going to list them in whatever order i think of! Also…i can’t number them either. I don’t want one to think i love it more than the other!

    • Anything Clark related rates up there….i really do adore that man!!!! Particularly when he stripped off in Bikini!
    • Hodgins and the power drill. I can’t remember the episode number (i was a tad distracted!) but i remember it well. Tank top…bare arms…power drill in hand. Oh my….
    • Sweets and Brennan in Dr In The Photo. I am not a fan of that episode, but the moment where he says ‘I consider you one of my closest friends’ made me grin 😀
    • Sweets singing Lime In Da Coconut….twice! Admittedly, the first time is somewhat ruined by what followed BUT the second time…awesomeness! Then they all join in…i was in heaven!
    • Booth singing ‘Doctor’ in HitH. I laugh every time. I recorded it on my phone and if i knew how to share it i would!
    • Sweets on the Cougar Cruise…made my night that did!
    • Any scene with Cam and VNM. Together they had such an entertaining dynamic.
    • VNM apologising to Brennan for bragging about sleeping with her, and then Brennans reaction!
    • Micah.
    • Booths looking at Brenna through the window in Bullet In The Brain, as she holds the shell to her ear. No idea what he was thinking in that moment but i love it!
    • Booths heartbreak in Daredevil. Not that i like seeing him upset…but it is the first time an episode of Bones had made me cry. And no just cry, full on sob! It was beautifully acted by Mr DB and that alone puts it on my favourite moments list.
    • Broadsky. I loved that man. Really really loved him.
    • On a separate Broadsky note, Booth jumping over the fence and then claiming his land? So hot!!! (Again, if i knew how to share the Booth jumping over the fence clip i would!)
    • Sweets Shakespeare interview. Just brilliant.
    • The end B/B scene of Truth In The Myth. Their old banter was back with a new flirtier edge!
    • The Finder. Walter. Topless. Need i say more?
    • The B/B/W scene in Finder, with Booth pimping out Brennan! LOL
    • Walters interest in Brennan. It went nowhere, but it was nice for her to get some male attention!
    • Booth goes commando baby!
    • The HitH montage scene leading up to the shooting.
    • All of them loading VNM into the car singing Lime In Da Coconut.
    • THE BOWLING SONG!!!!!!!!
    • OK, this one i think may be my favourite. The cheek kiss tongue flick check out from Booth. Yeah baby…notice his eye level? 😉

    Haha…that was longer than i’d anticipated. My bad…and i’m sure i’ve missed some anyway!

  7. The table, Ahhh!! Need I say more?

  8. Wow! I need a re-watch of this season.

    One of my favorite moment from The Change in the Game.
    Diner. Booth says to Brennan, ‘You can be my girlfriend’. That look on Bren’s face. Love. it.

  9. Arghhhhhh……my pc screwed up mid post so the comment request didn’t take! LOL

    While i’m here….Booth with a gun. Any instance in which he’s had a gun. So god damn hot! 😉

  10. Great list Sarah – especially Clark’s outburst (probably one of the funniest – and perfectly acted – things I’ve ever seen on Bones) and your write-up for #25. I’ll raise you another (all new) 25 (one from each episode plus two extras) favorite moments:

    1. Mastodon in the Room: the welcome home hug
    2. The Couple in the Cave: Hodgins meets Hannah on the phone
    3. The Maggots in the Meathead: Brennan greets the bouncer at the door of Club Elegante (“Yo, ‘Sup!”)
    4. The Body and the Bounty: Did you know Freegan’s are real?
    5. The Bones that Weren’t: the street performers
    6. The Shallow in the Deep: Daisy: “I was returning a book.” Brennan: “And your pants fell off?”
    7. The Babe in the Bar: Booth mentions oompa-loompas (complete with choreography from the movie) and Brennan has no idea what he’s talking about.
    8. The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck: Brennan does cannon balls.
    9. The Doctor in the Photo: ipso facto columbo oreo
    10. The Body in the Bag: “Wipe it all off into evidence bags, and whatever you do, don’t open your mouth.”
    11. The Bullet in the Brain: Booth watches Brennan with the seashell through the diner window.
    12. The Sin in the Sisterhood: Booth checks Brennan out when she isn’t looking.
    13. The Daredevil in the Mold: Brennan stays.
    14. The Bikini in the Soup: The return of C-Synch (aka Cupid).
    15. The Killer in the Crosshairs: Hodgins gets a new tattoo but…”we won!”
    16. The Blackout in the Blizzard: Hodgins tells Wendell he’s an LCA carrier (heartbreaking but superbly acted).
    17. The Feet on the Beach: “Don’t let the Americans take my shoes.”
    18. The Truth in the Myth: “I’m very good with ribbons.”
    19. The Finder: Booth and Walter get “reacquainted.”
    20. The Pinocchio in the Planter: “When you were going out with Angela, I planned your murder with great detail.”
    21. The Signs in the Silence: Amy/Samantha is reunited with her parents.
    22. The Hole in the Heart: “I’m the human.”
    23. The Change in the Game: Little Michael Hodgins meets everyone wearing his muppet hat.
    24. The Shallow in the Deep: Cam memorializes the victims of the Amalia Rose.
    25. The Hole in the Heart: Brennan: “Well if there was a God, he would have let Vincent stay here with us.” Booth: “That’s not how it works.”

  11. Gosh, all of them; every single one posted by everyone here! Also (lazy, no time for ep names): Booth’s “thumbs up” and incredibly cute Brennan in her skeleton outfit (and every single line between Jude dude and Hodgins); Broadsky and Booth in Booth’s apartment; red-bow moment; Booth beats the hell out of dad moment (and the look on Sweets’ face when it happened!); “why would I want them when I can have you” from the cougar cruise: Vincent’s confessions (and Hodgins “I thought of the ways I’d kill you” confession to Wendell), the arm taking scene at the end of Hole, and yeah, “I’m, I’m pregnant-you’re the father. With smiles!

  12. Using Stephanie’s format, here are my favorites:

    1. Mastodon in the Room: “Well you seem very heavily armed in this photograph”
    2. The Couple in the Cave: “Seems like we were never away from each other, doesn’t it?” Of course the moment is then ruined when Hannah comes in but the beginning of that scene was nice…
    3. The Maggots in the Meathead: Brennan’s first description of “guidos,” I crack up every time.
    4. The Body and the Bounty: The absolutely amazing expression ED has when Angela tells Brennan that she wants to name her daughter Temperance.
    5. The Bones that Weren’t: Making the plastic skeleton. Arastoo: I come to work and I find myself in the future! I also like when Booth asks Brennan which of the suspects in the interrogation room, she thinks did it. “Guess! Guess! Guess! Guess!” It’s cute.
    6. The Shallow in the Deep: Brennan tells Booth that the victim is 21 at the most. I love the smug look on Brennan’s face (and the expression of hiding a smile on Booth’s face) when they go to the “victim’s” house only to see the husband still at home! I also like Booth’s expression on the cruise ship when Brennan tells him not to be so hasty (she hasn’t yet reached her sexual prime!)
    7. The Babe in the Bar: I don’t like this episode. If I had to find something it would be: “Love is an idiot” I like when they walk toward the bar where Hodgins is about to make an important announcement (until Hannah calls)
    8. The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck: Definitely that Brennan does cannonballs.
    9. The Doctor in the Photo: Definitely the moment in the rain.
    10. The Body in the Bag: “What’s happening?” “Chanel is what’s happening!”
    11. The Bullet in the Brain: Brennan listens to the ocean.
    12. The Sin in the Sisterhood: Booth checks Brennan out when she isn’t looking.
    13. The Daredevil in the Mold: “There’s something wrong…” Wonderful acting!
    14. The Bikini in the Soup: Happy St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Booth!
    15. The Killer in the Crosshairs: Running in the park
    16. The Blackout in the Blizzard: Tuesday, October 21, 1980. Game Six of the World Series. DB tells his story beautifully.
    17. The Feet on the Beach: Brennan’s excitement over a body rupturing from distention.
    18. The Truth in the Myth: “Are you trying to confuse me?” “I might be…”
    19. The Finder: Brennan gets her medal back.
    20. The Pinocchio in the Planter: “I’m avoiding what I’d really like to talk about…”
    21. The Signs in the Silence: “Then Bang! Mama Bones!” Gestures and all!
    22. The Hole in the Heart: I talk about this one all the time. The look Booth gives Brennan after Sweets says, “Really? Cuz that’s my jam.” I love it!
    23. The Change in the Game: The looks B&B give each other when Michael meets everyone for the first time.

  13. I love in BitB when Angela comforts Hodgins. It was so sweet because he had been comforting her all episode and in the end he needed it more. Also in CitG when Max says “Did you to have a fight or something” and they just kind of look at each other before answering 🙂

  14. I never realized how many good scenes are in season 6. This is great!!

  15. One of my favorite moments is when Booth thanks Brennan in the hospital for saving Hannah’s life. Take Hannah out of it, I think it was one of those moments when Booth was dazzled by Brennan. Loved that look he gave her.

    I am also very glad that the episodes that I thought were awful….Babe in the Bar and the Melted Truck….other people didn’t like either….Very glad of that! Hopefully season 7 will be outstanding.

  16. Favorite photo caption of your list: Okay, okay…she doesn’t say this. She says, “Booth, I’m so glad you’re okay,” But what she’s really saying is “As You Wish”. “I Love You”. “I don’t want you dead.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA….nice Princess Bride tie-in.

    Also your screen shot of Booth saving Brennan in the rainy, dark night is wonderful. How many times is he gonna have to save this gal??? (Hopefully many more times, because he’s so good–and good looking–at it.)

    Finally, “This land belongs to Seeley Booth” may be the best quote of all time. It’s pure DB-amazingness and I LOVE that.

    I agree with all your moments, some I had forgotten in the B&B-on-the-bed/ B&B baby madness. Thanks for helping me remember the OTHER moments :).

  17. I didn’t see it mentioned but I loved these two scenes in Sin In the Sister Hood:
    Booth: Where are we?
    Brennan: I have no idea
    Booth: I should have brought the GPS.
    Brennan: Or a periscope.
    Booth: (locks hands) Here, you can be the periscope.
    Brennan: No thanks.
    Booth: You want to be the guy holding the periscope?
    (she steps into his hands)
    Booth: Agh, what do you see?
    Brennan: Everything! This height is extremely advantageous.
    Brennan: I thought we were lost. This crime scene is very remote.
    Booth: And the corn is creepy.
    Cam: It is, right? For a vegetable. Or is it a grain?
    Brennan: Maize is actually a grass.

    I also really adore the conversation you mentioned in the elevator in the Blizzard. It is so promising.
    Actually I love almost every scene from Blizzard. It was just a great episode full of gems.

    I also loved the bickering Booth and Brennan were doing in The Body in the Bounty; but, you just have to love a show that can talk about bones eating snot flowers.

  18. And definitely the look and the tone that goes with the “you’re staying at my apartment tonight”-it’s a perfect mix of command and question. Sends shivers right down my spine…

  19. thank you so much for this. Since we talked a little about the problems with Season 6 earlier this week, we can gush on about all the good moments. I am glad you pointed out a great moment (and others did too) from each episode since there are a few episodes that I don’t care to re-watch. These lists and pictures make me want to remember those with fondness too.
    Some other great moments:
    — Caroline listening to Sweets in Bullet
    — Angela and Hodgins saying what they love about each other right before Michael’s birth in Hole where all their examples don’t require sight — your voice, the softness of your skin, etc.
    — Solving a case during a blackout in Blizzard
    — Max’s reactions to the B&B dynamic in Change

  20. Random DB/Booth sighting on Facebook!

    There is a game Sorority Life, that I used to play like years ago, and I just clicked on it randomly, and they have a new “boyfriend” you can purchase if you care to spend money on it (which I don’t!)….and his name is “Don the Detective” but looks EXACTLY like DB/Booth so with his nickname, that’s obviously who they mean. Anyway, it made my day to see Booth on Facebook! 🙂

  21. Thanks for this happy post. However, I’m glad you were honest about how you felt about all of S6 and didn’t try to keep up a facade that “it’s all good”. It is your blog, after all 🙂
    I’m happy that at least for right now, BT will live to see another day, even though I keep thinking I need to go BONES-less for a while. I’m not sure if being part of the online community was more helpful than hurtful since I began about two years ago.

  22. I love this! The Bones that Weren’t & Twisted Bones are two episodes I will probably never watch again because of the sheer craptitude of them. “The Babe in the Bar” would be up there too, but I’d watch it again if only for the VNM scenes. “Thailand!” and “I beg of you not to look at me directly” are 2 of my favorite moments of this season for sure.

    My other favorite moments this season:
    – Max’s Spidey Sense in the diner. Booth: “What?” Max: “I don’t know…there’s something weird here.”
    – Booth having to stop Brennan’s Thai massage. /OhcrapSweetscomingbacknohappyendingplz
    – Hungover Booth in Daredevil.
    – Sweets & Caroline in Bullet in the Brain, then Booth asking Sweets later what happened to him, “Caroline hollered at me.”
    – Booth being all snipey in Killer in the Crosshairs with Brennan as his spotter – HolyMotherOfGodHOTHOTHOT

  23. Great. Now I’m going to have to go back and watch ALL of these episodes again. 😉 Nice review!

  24. I’m loving reading everybody’s fav moments! (And yes, Spidey, “Booth being all snipey” is the best thing ever!) I was kind of getting down in the dumps about Season 6….even though I seem to be in the minority that didn’t hate it….but I love this post! It reminds us that even though we might not be in agreement with every decision the writers made, there were PLENTY of great Bones moments that make it still Bones. It helped balance out the discontent in other posts and sort of rebalanced everything in my brain again. I was going to buy Season 6 anyway, but now I’m more excited about it again! 🙂

  25. Why did my brain write “Spidey” instead of “Firefly”???? I have NO idea! Sorry! 🙂

    Oh, I think because you said “snipey”….my brain got lost. Wow. Its summer vacation, ok?!

  26. okay, so I know I am late in my comment on this post but I feel I have to share my bit as being one of the few who loves s6 to a fault —- blinded by all the negativities. All I see are the good things. So here goes my list… on top of all that has been mentioned here already. Whaaat? As I’ve said, I love this season!
    1-BBs 1st eye to eye and hug. God, their excitement to finally see each other after 7 months is exactly how I felt missing my fave show for 2 months! And have to add, the look Brennan gives booth at the end of this ep is one I won’t forget.
    2-at the royal diner- bones: sometimes when I was away I would imagine us together…. Our duck’s reaction is priceless!
    3-overprotective booth mode when the bouncer shoved bones. The ending, although painful and left me with a heavy heart, still love it. If I could just erase hannahs face, the scene would have been perfect. Hahaha
    4-bb having lunch together. Dunno, feel like booth is being flirty with bones here especially with the thing he did with his chopsticks
    5-bones n arastu awed with angela’s futuristic method
    6-booth: you can workout somewhere else, she’s not interested etc etc
    7-the whole gang acting surprised with hodgins announcement. This is The bones family friends! Don’t wanna think much that booth was not with them for a very unpleasant and unreasonable circumstance
    8-Parker adoring bones @ the diner
    9-can’t choose. I so love this episode! Superb acting and directing! This ep really made cry buckets of tears!
    10-bones in pink; bb subtle magic while they were in the apothecary
    11-brennan n max moment having coffee; diner scene til the end shot of tempe listening to the ocean while booth stares at her thru the window
    12-periscope thing; cocky booth in the diner; bb car laughing car scene; founding fathers end scene
    To be contd….. So sleepy now

  27. It a buble head Bobbie, he got from the guys at Scotland yard in the season 4 double episode opener.

  28. The look on Booth’s face when Brennan tells him that she’s pregnant and that he’s the father is priceless. I’m not sure I’ve ever been happier watching Bones than I was while watching that scene. Best moment from Season 6 for me, and definitely in my top 5 for the whole series.

  29. Thank you! Thank you for finding a good moment from each episode. When I first started reading this, I was all “How on earth did she manage to find nice moments from EVERY EPISODE?! Especially those including She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?!” But you did, and I’m very impressed 🙂 And I *may* have to rewatch a few of those early ones. I can’t promise that I’ll watch the whole episode, haha, but I’ll at least watch parts 🙂 Thanks! 😀

  30. “Well….yeah”. Enough said:)

    Brennan, Booth and Max at the diner in CITG. Booth’s “I will get you there, come hell or highwater, yyyeah!….what?” LOL. Booth was SO CUTE/giddy and SO busted by Max there.

    I LOVED the way Brennan introduced Booth as her partner to Dr. Filmore in Feet on the Beach. It was with great affection.

    Booth butting in on Brennan’s fun with the younger dude on the Cougar Cruise in Shallow in the Deep. “Don’t be so hasty”. LOL.

    I also liked the scene at the end of Bullet in the Brain with Brennan/Seashell and Booth looking out at her and being dazzled before reality set in and he knew…

    Booth listening to Brennan take phone calls from perspective Valentine’s Day Dates. “I’m not her mother!” and “Jean-Paul”.

    Flirty Booth at the end of Truth in the Myth. “Kind of like us. We make no sense at all”. I think Booth had gotten over his “anger” by that moment and I think he may have been hoping she was loosing that remaining shreds of imperviousness….I think that cab was looking awfully good to Booth there;)

    Sniper Booth at the end of Hole in the Heart. Intense. HOT. HOT.HOT.

    The good akwardness between B&B while Brennan is making the couch up to sleep on in Hole in the Heart…I think I held my breath the first time I watched that scene.

    The look Booth gives Brennan when he sees her for the first time after capturing Broadsky in Hole in the Heart….the first time, presumably, since the previous evening. MMMMmmm-hmm.

    I also loved B&B running together at the beginning of Killer in the Crosshairs and Booth inviting himself to the lecture. But one moment, one quick little moment that really amused me from this episode is when Brennan tells Caroline that Booth was a “fan” of the Polyponesian War and was looking forward to going to the lecture with her. Caroline’s reply? “Of course he was” and Booth gave Caroline that little annoyed look. Busted, buddy. Busted.

    And, of course, Booth’s WONDERFUL smile and Brennan beaming back at him when she saw that he was happy to learn that he was going to be a father again.

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