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There’s Something About Addy


I’m just curious here, but what exactly is it about Zack Addy that seems to keep him front and center in the minds of a lot of fans? No matter where you go or what you read in any Bones forum, you invariably get the questions about Zack. Will he ever return? Will his side of the story about Gormogon ever be told? Will he ever get to leave the looney bin? There’s even a campaign out there to get him back, not to mention the reference to his plight in the infamous (though hilarious!) Bones/Hitler video.

I guess I’m just genuinely interested in why people find him so compelling. I didn’t start to watch Bones until after the Gormogon arc ended, so I didn’t get to “bond” with Zack in the way people might have if they were watching from the beginning. I’m also sadly the kind of person that tends to peek at the endings of books (bad, bad habit, I know) so I found out what happened to Zack long before I saw all the episodes with him in them. Knowing what was going to happen kind of made my acceptance of his fate a given, although interestingly enough, my daughter knew what was going to happen to him as well yet remains supremely aggravated by his fate. (As a side note, I really bit my lip and avoided spoilers for the finale because I felt that something really good was coming and for once I was willing to enjoy the anxiety that came with waiting. And boy, am I glad I did! I don’t recall ever watching tv and doing the kind of double take I did when I heard the news; I literally had to replay the scene immediately, over and over again just to let the information sink in. Ok, so maybe I won’t peek at the last page of a book in the future…)

So back to Zack. I really like him but I confess that knowing he wouldn’t be with the show forever made me view his exit a bit more sanguinely. I accepted his departure as a way of furthering (or delaying, depending on your point of view) Brennan’s development and giving us the shock that is often expected during a season finale. Having said that, though, I do find his story post-exit to be most unsatisfying, and the reactions of the show’s creators more than a bit perplexing. At first HH and SN seemed amused by the comments from fans, teasing a bit about the possibility of a return. They even threw out The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond, The End in the Beginning and The Parts in the Sum of the Whole as a way of appeasing the mobs in a let-them-eat–cake sort of way. “See, Zack did come back. Now let’s all move on.” Lately the response seems less humoring and more frustrated. “No, he’s not coming back and we’re done with the topic.”

I can see that they want us to move on. I fully accept and enjoy the rotating squints and appreciate the fact that they’ve opened up the show a bit with them, especially in the humor department. Still, although I don’t exactly mourn Zack, I do think it’s a bit unfair to give us a character that was eminently likeable and that people got attached to only to throw him away as a plot device; a sacrificial lamb of sorts.

So what made people get so attached in the first place and then react so strongly when he left? Was it the fact that he was there from the beginning, participating pretty consistently in just about all the episodes until the Powers That Be got tired of him? Was it his interactions with Hodgins? In a way, we did get to see some of the best that Hodgins had to offer through his rivalry with Zack. Or was it that Brennan seemed to grow so attached to him, although it certainly wasn’t always that way? Maybe her reaction to his fall made him more valuable in the eyes of some viewers. Was it that the actor was essentially let go in favor of the rotating squints when he didn’t seem to have other options available to him at the time? I mean, we’ll all miss VNM, but he’s on another show now, so that makes his leaving sort of inevitable.

Or was it, as I suspect, the fact that Zack’s story never had a satisfying ending; that it was left so open-ended? I also wonder if people feel quite as strongly as they once did about a resolution for him; after all, with the recent bambino news, we’re all pretty darn distracted for the moment and will probably remain that way well into the forseeable future. So, to what extent do people still care? I guess for me, I’d like some sense of closure for Zack, some justice on his behalf, and some accountability from those who gave us his character. Gone, but not forgotten. If nothing else, I see posts about him to be sort of like mosquitoes buzzing around SN and HH; not a real danger, but annoying and horribly persistent nevertheless. And it feels good to be just a little bit evil back…

So does Zack still matter to you, or have you moved on?


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  1. I don’t really know. I liked the character of Zack, because he offered an element of fun to the show. He was a lot like Brennan at first, but he never really grew like she did. I loved his interraction with Hodgins, and the experiments they did. That may be the real reason I miss him. I am not on the bring Zack back boat, but I still miss his character.

  2. I liked Zack’s innocence and wildly genius ways. I loved how he interacted with the others and how he was the magic man with the solutions along with Hodgins.

    He’s like the puppy or kitten that is so adorably cute, but backward; smart and dumb at the same time.

    I miss him.

    Yeah, I can deal with the squinterns and I don’t mind that they all seemed to have undergone some sort of radical personality transformation; people do grow, but I do think that bringing back Zack would actually be a clever way of advancing Brennan’s development: She opens up emotionally to people and sees someone like Zack who got misled and she goes to see him and in talking to him comes away with a sense that something doesn’t add up. She investigates and sometimes butts heads with the others only to discover that Zack couldn’t have done anything more than give away the lobbyist’s address. Caroline Julian’s called in to help spring him from the loony bin– time served there is an appropriate length of time for abetting Gormogon– and some sort of “community service” as in he designs devices for handicapped individuals/returning disabled military service personnel using his engineering degree and his knowledge of the human skeletal structure. (Or something like that where his “punishment” serves to help people.)

    It could be a 3-5 episode arc with it being the B or C story at first until he’s sprung where it then takes center stage. I can see it as a product of Brennan’s maternal instincts kicking in pre or post-baby. It gives people a resolution, a nice send-off for Zack and it builds on Brennan’s character.

    I think the big issue within the Bones community is that the resolution for Zack was unsatisfying and almost cruel. I know HH and SN would like to move on, but they could do a nice job with the story, maybe let people see more of how Zack and Brennan had to deal with as they grew up and just how much each one has grown. Or not. Brennan told Booth once that Zack wanted desperately to be part of the real world and I think the show could let him out into the sunlight and make a lot of people happy in the process.

  3. I’m like you. I came late to Bones and had seen some of the episodes without Zach before I saw the ones with him. This probably influenced how I feel about ZAck. I liked Zack; but, not enough to be upset when he left the show. I preferred the way he was in season 1. Zack was very likeable early in the show; but, to me, the further we got into the show the more distant and unemotional he became. He separated himself from everyone except Hodgins and Brennan and I could never get a feel for him as anything other than Brennan’s surrogate son. On the other hand, ultimately, I think a lot of people were upset he left the show because Brennan was very attached to him and once he was gone the only one she really seemed to count on was Booth. She was friends with Angela; but, when it came to advice and support she only had Booth to rely on. This is probably why HH removed Zack from the show. They wanted Brennan to get closer to Booth and removing Zack allowed that to happen.

    I actually like the rotating Squinterns.

  4. *rubs hands together*

    OK…i am going to try and keep this brief. Well…as brief as i can keep anything!

    I am over Zach. So over him that the calls for him to come back are no longer funny. I’m very much with Hart and Stephen. He’s gone. He’s not coming back. Get over it.

    He was a good character don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed his relationship with Booth, Cam and Brennan. I loved his relationship with Hodgins. But i started to get a little bored with him mid season 2 although i do hold the haircut somewhat responsible! Now don’t laugh because i am deadly serious. After he went from cute, floppy hair to the short, regimental style it’s like he lost some of his personality. He wasn’t as cute or as endearing and come the S3 finale i was a-ok with him leaving and never coming back 😀

    I do believe that his exit wasn’t handled in the way it should have been but the writers strike had a lot to do with that. HH and Co couldn’t handle the entire Gormagon arc quite the way they had wanted and in the end it felt rushed. Some of that is on them, some of it is on the circumstances surrounding them but either way it’s done. In the past.

    I do feel that a certain faction of the Bones fandom has built Zach into this…i don’t know the word exactly but like they hold him up as a talisman to say ‘This….this is what is wrong with Bones!’. Like… ‘This would have been better if Zach had been there’ or ‘If Zach was there then this would have happened instead’. Almost as if they’re using him as a way to say what they dislike (which seems to be everything) instead of either ACCEPTING the new Squinterns and remembering Zach fondly OR, if they couldn’t get past Zach leaving, they should have given up on the show. If you watch ANY show for only one reason (be it for one particular character, or one aspect like the crime element, or the romance) then you are doomed for disappointment. If you focus on only one aspect that you love you are always going to be left wanting.

    One last thing and i’ll stop ranting.

    What also annoys me is that, thanks to certain people who have spent so much of their time(and sometimes their money) pestering HH, SN, Fox in the hopes of getting Zach back, i can no longer look back and remember him fondly because i’m just reminded that there are some people who can’t let a fictional TV character go. I liked him…now i just find the whole thing annoying.

    I mean, i’d love Sully to come back. You don’t see me setting up a campaign, or SERIOUSLY complaining about it, do you?! (Jokes don’t count 😉 )

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now i’m out 😀

    • At least we have Warehouse 13…………..

    • It’s weird. I don’t visit fandom sites too much so I didn’t know there was a campaign to bring Zack back until someone mentioned it on this site a few months ago. I just don’t get why they would want to do that. That shipped sailed a long time ago and there is not realistic way to bring him back. He was an accomplice to murder, which is a felony and that would mean that he could never work in the crime lab again. Just saying……..

    • During the season, every time I saw HH’s, SN’s, and BonesOnFOX’s Twitter mentions clogged up by incessant Bring Back Zack tweets or blogs and YouTube videos clogged with Bring Back Zack campaign ads, I thought of that saying, “You are why we can’t have nice things.” I’m to the point where I hope they don’t ever bring him back even for another guest appearance because I don’t want HH or SN to feed that beast.

      I’ll go back to my little corner of hell now. 😉

      • I agree completely.

        Besides, those never-ending “Bring Back Zach” tweets interfere with my never-ending “Give me a James Marsters guest appearance!” tweets.

        Priorities, people. Priorities.

  5. I don’t know if I’m in the minority but….. I don’t miss Zack and it didn’t surprise/hurt me when he was revealed as Gormogon’s apprentice. I don’t get the whole Bring Zack Back campaign but I don’t put any energy into trying to understand… that’s those fans’ emotion/feeling about Zack.

    I think the ship has sailed for him to come back any capacity other than a guest appearance.

    I probably in the minority on this so……

  6. Sidenote – He’s also been gone longer than he was ever here so… *shrugs*

  7. I don’t miss Zack anymore either. I enjoyed his character, but I like the rotating squinterns just fine although I would like their personalities left alone.

    I think much of the anger and loss people felt was because the storyline for Zacks’ loss was so unrealistic to the character. With the writers strike causing them to have to resolve the Gormogon arc so quickly it ended up being badly done. People needed to see more of Zack’s downward spiral and maybe even his original meeting with the Master.

    The way it played out it was just so out of left field that nobody saw it coming and nobody believed it. There was never any indication by look or word from Zack that he was changing in some way and maybe needed help.

    Personally, I think they should have carried it forward through the early part of Season 4 and maybe have Zack be revealed as the apprentice or have him killed by the Master trying to protect the Lab or Brennan for the November sweeps that year. I think people would have been more open to the outright death of Zack because that would have been an honorable way to end the character.

    They felt betrayed that not only was the character going to be leaving the show, but that he was revealed to be a bad guy. Many have never reconciled to that idea about Zack. Finding out that Zack never actually killed anyone doesn’t negate the fact that he set up the Lobbyist to be killed and worked with the Master for months.

  8. I’m not really a Zach person, but I’m interested in hearing what others have to say.

  9. Ultimately, I am just happy that they didn’t make Hodgins the Gormogon apprentice. I really love Hodgins and that would have ticked me off to see him leave the show.

  10. First episodes of Bones I ever saw were Wanna Be in the Weeds and Pain in the Heart, so I had no attachment to Zac. I enjoyed his character, but I think he was growing a little stale. I do think the extremely adverse fan reaction is due to the quick and unsatsifying resolution of the Gormagon arc. I enjoy the rotating squinterns, although I have not enjoyed their radical personality changes.

  11. I was very upset when Zack was revealed to be the new Gormogon apprentice, it really did affect me at that time, but it’s been years and it’s done.

    Zack helped a serial killer, he may not have actually killed and eaten someone, but he helped the person who did that. He falsified evidence, aided in stealing evidence, and if he was working with Gormogon when the lobbyist was killed, then that means during Knight on the Grid. This means he essentially set Booth and Brennan up to be blown up. He pointed out the mirrors in the vault which let them to faking moving the evidence in order to catch him, so he was at least partially responsible for that. Zack would never be allowed to work in the lab again, even if it was discovered that he didn’t actually kill the lobbyist.

    I actually love the way they have the rotating interns now. I may not love all of them individually, but I just love that are doing it that way. I know some people keep saying they need to just pick one already, but I just can’t see that happening (aside from the fact that HH has said they are sticking with the rotating interns), I think while they run the risk of one of the actors getting a steady gig that makes them unavailable it does open up things for them creatively. You can just stick in the squintern with the required personality for the story.

    All of this is to say that yes I was upset with the way Zack ended up, but I got past it and I do wish that Fox had given them the time to wrap up that storyline better, but from what I’ve read they were pretty much ordered to wrap up Gormogon by the end of season 3 regardless of what the writer’s strike had done to truncate the season. I’ve made peace with it and am happy with the way they are doing the squinterns now…although they did just kill of my favorite. 😦

  12. I was never a huge fan of Zack. The actor did a fine job and I enjoyed his rivalry with Hodgins but Hodgins has moved on from that too. He doesn’t need a rivalry since he is the teacher and the interns are the students. Brennan doesn’t need a surrogate son. If he came back, it would mess up her faith in people since what he did was not something you just forgive and forget, even though he wasn’t the actual killer. How did he think Gormogon’s plan would end up? If he truly believed in the “logic” of it, eventually he would have killed for it. I was surprised he was Gormogon’s apprentice at the time and it still doesn’t make sense that he was that gullible. I don’t need to see him come back. I enjoy the rotating squinterns — it gives us more story lines.

  13. When I first started watching Bones, which – although I came into Bones late, I still watched chronologically from the pilot on, I didn’t really like Zack. He eventually grew on me by the end of S1 to the point that his exit at the end of S3 was kind of heartcrushing (if not, WTF just happened?) for me.

    But as the A.A. person in Mastodon in the Room says, “That’s life, right? Things change.” And I moved on. I love the rotating squinterns and how every episode has a different tone depending on which squintern is working that day. It keeps the lab scenes fresh. I really enjoyed the Hodgins/Zack banter in the lab, but I think 6 years of that would’ve gotten stale after a while.

  14. Zack never really affected me that much but I do appreciate his impact on Brennan. Zack did not kill anyone. The fact that Brennan does not know that yet, annoys me, and may make others upset. Zack was a main character and I believe that this needs to be resolved. Not only is it cruel to keep Zack in a mental institution for this long, but it most definitely will have an impact on Brennan when she finds out. He doesn’t need to come back to the lab but it would be nice for the writers to resolve this.

    • How is it cruel to keep Zack in a mental institution?

      It’s either that or jail and Hodgins is right…Zack would not fair well in jail.

    • Natbor,

      Zack would still be in jail because he obstructed justice, tampered with evidence, aided and abetted. He still broke many laws, and helped the serial killer get his victim which makes him an accessory to murder. He also set Booth and Brennan up to be blown up. If not for Booth’s quick reactions they’d both be dead. Zack is not innocent in this he helped the man commit murder, he helped him cover it up.

      He said himself that it was them thinking he committed the murder that put him in the looney bin, if they knew he only done the support work that he might not have been judged mentally incompetent and he would be in jail instead, and that he’d not do well in jail.

      • Frankie,
        I agree that Zack is guilty, I just think it would be tough to prove. I also think there is a good case of temporary mental impairment here. Zack did not realize what he did was wrong until Brennan poked holes in his logical reasoning (despite what Sweets may think). He served over 3 years in a mental institution for a crime he didn’t commit. Even if he were guilty of another crime, I think that Caroline could consider it time served.

  15. MJ- I can’t reply to you but that is a definite *fistbump* moment!

    Getting James on the show is WAY more important!

    In a dream world we’d get him back on Torchwood AND on Bones. Then i can die happy 😀

    • ::fistbump:: Word ::fistbump::

      (I have no idea how I end up logged in differently every time I post. One day, I will figure it out.)

      • I have about 4 episodes left to watch in season 5 of Angel and can I just say that I LOVE James Marsters and DB together? I would totally love to see Spike on Bones (but only if he still has that bleached blond hair)!! 🙂

      • I’m working on season 3 of Buffy, and even with that little bit of Spike/Angel exposure, I’d love to see James Marsters on Bones. It would be awesome.

        I just can’t decide if I’d want him to be an old friend of Booth’s, an old nemesis or a newbie bad guy… 😉

      • I’d like to see him as a new intern, one who questions everything, argues everything and just flies all over booth.

        Sort of like the original Hodgins only not paranoid and way more irritating. To Booth, anyway. 🙂

      • LMAO!! MJ, that would be hysterical!

  16. It’s just like you say in your title, “There’s something about Addy”. Those who have followed from the beginning grew to love his character as part of the ensemble. Some of the best moments of the show occurred when he was there. Like Zach singing!!!! When you have show built around an ensemble cast and not just one star, it changes things. Like Booth says after saving Brennan and Hodgins, you take one of them away and they are still in the ground. It took all of them.

    I can’t speak for everyone but part of my still missing Zach is how it went down. I have peace about VNM because I know he wanted to leave the show and move on to his next project, and also it felt more organic. Zach’s departure was precipitated by the strike season in which the writers poorly (in my opinion) wasted a handful of potential storylines by cramming them into a shortened season. Like you said, he was the sacrifical lamb. Eric did not want to leave the show, and has not been seen on TV since (excepting flashback/coma dream on Bones).

    That being said, I have enjoyed the revolving squinterns, and it was an interesting and different way to help bridge that gap.

    You nailed it with the ending. It was too open ended, not resolved. They threw us a bone with Sweets talking to Zach, and then dropped it like a hot potato. I think people would like a better resolution and are still upset with how it was handled in the first place.

    And who else could ask Booth about sexual positions and not be shot like a ice cream truck clown? Only Zach! 🙂

    • I’m probably showing my age here, but when Zach started singing I immediately thought of Gomer Pyle. From “Surrrrprise! Surrrrprise! Surrrprise!” to that amazing voice.

      Same style of singing, too, actually.

  17. Natbor-

    The fact he didn’t kill anyone is irrelevant.

    He’s…what’s the legal term? An accessory after the fact? (Quick someone call NM! She’d know! LOL)

    I think that’s it…he would be jailed as an accessory. He may not have eaten or killed anyone but he was involved.

    He’d be jailed. I don’t know how long for, but it’d have happened.

    • It is definitely relevant. He confessed to a crime that he didn’t commit! I think the action warranted psychiatric evaluation and Caroline could considered this time served. I mean, Caroline didn’t even want to punish Broadsky for his crimes until he went too far and visited Booth in his apartment!

      • It’s really not.

        Yes, he confessed to a crime he didn’t commit. This doesn’t negate the fact that he did in fact break the law. Like Frankie said, he obstructed the course of justice. He tampered with evidence. He aided and abetted a known serial killer. In the eyes of the law he IS a criminal and would be justly punished.

        The reason Caroline didn’t object to Broadsky initally is because he killed a known serial killer, who buried people alive and left them to die. At that point he was a vigilante, and a lot of people will have felt the same way. As wrong as that is a lot of people would be able to justify it…he only killed those who ‘deserved’ it, as it were. But it was still wrong. And Caroline was wrong to think and say that, even if her stance is understandable and one shared by many.

        The people Gormogon killed were NOT serial killers and people who had done wrong and deserved to die. He killed innocent people and Zack assisted him in that. He deserves to be punished and the law would demand it.

      • Zack was an accessory to murder. He told the Master where to find the lobbyist so he could kill him. He worked with him for months. Zack helped a serial killer with his killing. He made him a set of eating dentures from the skulls from Limbo. He is not going anywhere. Zack doesn’t want people to know he isn’t crazy, because then he would have to go to prison instead of being committed in the mental institution and as Hodgins told him, he would not do well in prison.

    • I agree with Laffers. The fact that he didn’t murder someone is irrelevant. He was still Gormogon’s accomplice and he still broke the law which means he would have still ended up in jail…had Caroline not gotten him declared non compos mentis (fancy Latin term for crazy I think). And besides, no one but Sweets knows he didn’t actually murder the lobbyist, and part of the reason he didn’t want Sweets to tell is because he didn’t want to end up in jail – which is what would have happened if they had realized that he wasn’t crazy after all. Getting him institutionalized was, in reality, a gift.

      Besides, I think the audience knowing he didn’t actually murder the lobbyist WAS supposed to be the resolution to the story. Like many other things on Bones, plenty of people still aren’t satisfied with the explanation, but that’s the way it is sometimes and I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers let it go at that.

  18. I have to confess that when I wrote this post about Zack, I also had a few other characters in mind who seemed at some point to be going somewhere storywise but who were never heard of again. Russ, Jared and Pops come to mind. Of these, Pops sort of annoys me the most because he was made to be such an important part of Booth’s life who lives relatively close by and yet we never even hear about him in any context. His character served the only purpose of giving us more background on Booth and this role leaves me somewhat dissatisfied. Jared and Russ I sort of understand a bit more in part because they at least appeared in more than one episode and their unavailability is somewhat more plasuible since they (presumably) have families of their own to deal with. I also see where Max replaced Russ as Brennan’s family connection (which I haven’t minded too much since I love Ryan O’Neal in the role.) Ideally though, I would have wanted all of these people to sort of be what Parker and Caroline have been: essentially, not thowaway plot devices. In Parker’s case, even when he’s not seen he’s at least mentioned, and when he does show up it never fails to give the show a bit of warmth and consistency. Vincent was a different story; I liked his characer a lot and it was sad to see him go, but at least I felt that his departure was handled with grace and depth and had a defined purpose to it (ehem-baby!) Along these lines, my request to the writers would be that none of the other characters on the show are ever treated as unsatisfactorily as Zack.

  19. I liked Zack and was pretty sad/upset when the season three finale ended with him being outed as Gormogon’s apprentice (I had actually been hoping it was Sweets). Because of that, it took me awhile to adjust to the rotating squinterns (incidentally, it also took me awhile to get used to Sweets). But I have adjusted. I like them now and what they bring to the show. I’ve moved on, the show/story has moved on, and more importantly, I’m thinking Eric Millegan has moved on. While I’ve enjoyed all of his guest appearances since he left the show and would love to see him back for another episode in season seven, I don’t see the benefit in bringing Zack back full-time at this point.

  20. @Stephanie, no I can’t see how he’d work coming back full time either…but a guest spot or a mini-arc resolving his storyline would be great. I could see them having some kind of case or something that they need Zach for and during the case, they somehow explain/finally resolve Zach and in doing so, help B&B learn something/character development. It could be a nice tip-of-the-hat to long term fans, but just be something short and sweet that serves to help the storyline along.

    • bb-
      I don’t necessarily need to see a resolution to Zack’s story (I want to see him again because I like his character), although it would be hard to have him back to guest star in an episode (that doesn’t involve flashbacks) without addressing the issue. This may not make sense to anyone but me, but sometimes the resolution to a story is that there is no real resolution. Sometimes people take their secrets (and other people’s) to the grave and no one else ever finds out. I find myself saying this a lot on here, but…at the end of the day, I’m okay with that.

      • @Stephanie, yeah I do agree with you on that. I don’t “need” to see Zach come back..but I was just saying that if they were to try it, it would need to just be a short story arc, I don’t think he could ever come back as a series regular.

      • I agree. There’s no way they could have him come back full time without compromising the integrity of the lab. On the other hand, Max is a convicted felon and a murderer (even if Brennan got him off) and HE got to work at the Jeffersonian. 😉

      • Haha good point about Max…I guess the rules are bendable when they need to fit a storyline, eh? 🙂

        But didn’t they also horribly disfigure Zach’s hands so that he could not come back to work in the same capacity? I guess they wanted to erase all potential for him to return full time anyway so all our opinions are really moot.

      • Yes. I almost mentioned his hands before. I’m pretty sure they said that the damage to his hands would prevent him from ever working at the lab in full capacity.

      • Max doesn’t work in the crime lab. He wouldn’t be handling evidence or testifying in court. That’s how they can have him in the Jeffersonian despite his past.

  21. Zack was fun but I don’t need a return. He was a great character. I still laugh when I watch flashback Angela meet Zack for the first time, watching him mentally calculate force. “Is he doing that in his head?” He was a brilliant kid. BUT I have to wonder, if Zack had stayed, at what point would fans have been begging for character development and if we had gotten it, would it have killed what we all loved about Zack in the first place? I think it might have.

    I also read once that Zack was originally supposed to be a victim of Gormogon but that was changed to allow the actor to make a few guest appearances. I’m not sure how true that is.

    I will say that if they mess with Hodgins, it is ON like DONKEY KONG. I felt that way then, and now. Don’t mess my bug and slime guy. Just. Don’t

    • Zach was supposed to be killed off, but the writers strike kept them from working that storyline through, so they made him Gorgonzola’s apprentice.

  22. Oh, and I can think of PLENTY of storylines and plot points and such I’d rather HH and crew deliver on than a Zach return. If we get a fan “gimme” it shouldn’t be Zack

  23. If I ever wanted any storyline on BONES to be wrapped up it would be “what Brennan wrote in the letter when she was buried alive” and Zack. He will always be my favourite squintern. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rotating squinterns too, but they’re not Zack. Probably the same reason why Brennan would never love any squintern like she did Zack. I came really close to “Zackerizing” VNM, but they had to kill him too (albeit for a reason). For a show that is all about truth and justice, I would love to see the “truth” come out about Zack and some “justice” to be done to Zack’s character. The other thing I find a bit weird is why such a meddling (and I mean this is the nicest, funniest, most adorable, baby-duckish way) like Sweets would lay an issue as big as “Zack is innocent” to rest without the slightest protest. I mean, he’s got his confidentiality thing going on, but STILL!!! Zack doesn’t necessarily have to come back if the storyline was resolved, so won’t it make for a good cliff-hanger, anyone???

    • I often question Sweets’ morality. Sometimes he plays the highly moral psychiatrist and other times he messes with people’s lives…

    • Sirikanya, I agree with you about the letter. I would like to know what it said. I have two other things that I would like HH to let us in on: What happened to Booth’s Mom and why is Booth afraid of clowns.

      I think the Zach story is a closed story. He was gullible, he helped a murderer kill, he got a pass by being put in an institution and not a Federal prison. Don’t forget when he was messing around with evidence, that evidence belonged to the FBI so he broke a Federal Crime. Accessory to murder is the same as murder in many states in this country so he really got away with murder.

      I agree with natbor, Sweets plays it a little loose when it comes to what is right and what is wrong.

  24. Natbor –

    How would it be difficult to prove?

    *confused face*

    Zack confessed. He explained how the Master recruited him. He will have confessed to everything he did. Assisting the Master, tampering with evidence etc. The fact he didn’t kill the Lobbyist has no effect on everything else he confessed too.

    Personally, i believe Zack should be in jail. The fact that he’s not is a frustration for me as, like Sweets said, he is not crazy.

    Question for everyone else…do we know that Zack actually confessed to killing the Lobbyist? I thought they actually assumed that about him, or read that into what he said. He never actually confessed confessed though, right?

    • Other than his confession, what evidence do they have? Non compos mentis, actually means “not of sound mind” and, as far as I know, is most commonly used legally to justify why a patient may be unable to stand trial. I don’t feel like this was an accurate diagnosis, which I think is what Sweets felt too.

      I still maintain that the point is not whether or not Zack would have went to jail then but rather that if the new information came to light, Caroline would consider his time served.

      In any case, I think the writers do have to consider how they could wrap this up without opening up a whole new can of worms. If they could accomplish it, I think that this would be ideal. I understand that the writers may consider the fact that Zack didn’t kill the lobbyist to be the resolution but I wish that information came to light before Zack was institutionalized. I would have been much happier if Zack confessed to aiding the lobbyist, tempering with evidence, etc. then was declared non compos mentis and institutionalized (and the conversation with Sweets never happened).

      • His confession as far as i’m aware is enough. But they also have the teeth/jaw thing he created and lied about and the explosion he caused in order to get the Lab cameras shut down. I imagine there’s other circumstantial evidence aswell but his confession is the main factor. That’s all they need.

        And i wouldn’t have thought that whether he’s served his time or not would be just down to Caroline? I don’t know enough about this sought of thing (i’m not a lawyer) but i would have assumed that there’d have to be a trial? And then the judge would decide the punishment? I didn’t think the length of time in prison would have anything to do with Caroline? Again, i don’t know as i’m not a lawyer.

        And the writers going back to this story line would serve no purpose. Again, he’s been gone longer than he came and it would be pointless.

        Also, i think the fact Zack did confess to killing the Lobbyist is partly why the ‘he’s crazy’ thing could be sold. Without that confession i think the only option would have been jail. The whole ‘he’s crazy’ thing wouldn’t have washed on him if all he’d done was tamper with evidence and obstruct justice.

      • maybe one of the reasons the Caroline/Sweets/the show writers made it so that Zach could be institutionalized is because if Zack had to go to trial, Brennan and Hodgins probably would have had to testify against him. That would have been so much more heartcrushing!

  25. Ignore that question!!!

    He says to Sweets that he said – ‘I killed him’ because he lead the Master to the Lobbyist, so technically he killed him although he didn’t actually ‘kill’ him.

    Not sure anyone else gives a damn but it was annoying me so i had to look it up!

  26. Stephanie –

    Qn…is Max a convicted felon?

    I’m trying to remember…he was suspected felon. And he was then arrested for the murder of the Deputy Director of the FBI and found innocent. So on that matter, in the eyes of the law he’s innocent.

    When else was he convicted and jailed for?

    I’m having a thick day, i can’t seem to remember anything! I could look it up but i’m being lazy 🙂

    • Max did mention previous stints in jail back in season 3. But that doesn’t mean he was convicted of anything, he could have just been in jail while awaiting trial, etc.

      Russ’s parole was mentioned extensively during his arc so if Max had been convicted of something, I’d think his parole status would have been mentioned too. Although if he served his whole sentence he wouldn’ need to be on parole….

      I would just love it if the show ever mentioned that Booth has arrested all three Brennans.

    • I believe so, yes. It came up in The Verdict in the Story. Give me five or ten minutes and I’ll pop the DVD in and check…

      • I got this off Bones transcripts online:

        In 1966, Max Keenan was sent to Cook County Jail for robbery. He was attacked.

        That could imply convicted or not…..

    • Booth testifies in The Verdict in the Story that Max was sent to prison in 1966 for robbery and was attacked by another inmate. He fought back with a copper pipe (which became his trademark weapon, hence why they thought that he used a copper pipe to murder Deputy Director Kirby) and had eight months added on to his sentence. I suppose it’s possible that the robbery could have been a misdemeanor, but what about assault with a (potentially) deadly weapon?

      I don’t have my season four DVD’s right now so I can’t check The Bone that Blew. Does anyone know whether or not he’s actually referred to as a convicted felon in that episode?

      • Thanks Stephanie!!

        I couldn’t remember for the life of me and it was winding me up 😀

        And i have to say, being convicted of a robbery 40+ years a go is a lot different to being commited to a mental institute for murder in the last 3 😀

      • Max is still a murderer though, he just got away with it. 😉

        Because I’m anal like that, I checked the script for The Bone that Blew. Everyone is very careful to not refer to Max as a convicted felon, but he does admit to Booth that he killed Deputy Director Kirby. Go figure.

      • Brennan says repeatedly that Max is a convicted felon in a number of episodes. That it was 40 years ago is irrelevant from the perspective of working in a crime lab. Once a convicted felon, always a convicted felon.

        On the time served thing: if it came to legal light that Zach didn’t kill the lobbyist, he could be convicted of criminal conspiracy to commit that murder. As to whether he would get additional time could be decided in a negotiation with Caroline or other prosecutor subject to the agreement of her boss and the court. Usually judges go along with plea deals. The deal that sent Zach to the mental institution reflected a similar negotiation.

      • I don’t think he is in the episode, but he has to be a convicted felon. Robbery is def a felony. Larceny may be a misdemeanor, but robbery, deadly weapon or not will carry a sentence of more than a year. And for that conviction to come up at his trial it would have had to be less than ten years old. Convictions over 10 years wouldn’t be admissible evidence, haha, not that Bones is likely to be concerned about little rules like that, lol. It always drives me crazy that Caroline seemingly calls and does a direct of Russ even though he’s the defense’s witness and then the judge says, “Mr. Whatever his name is… cross?” I always scream … noooooo, he’s his witness, you can’t cross him!!! He’s not even an adverse witness!! Ahh, somebody please, get a consultant on the show to advise you! Every time I watch 🙂

    • Wan’t it mentioned at some point that Max robbed banks? Was this before his initial arrest, or was it after he and Brennan’s mom went on the lam? I believe he was also supposed to have killed that second dude at the end of Judas on the Pole. It’s interesting that this second murder was never brought up again and even more so that Booth lets it slide, because normally he is so strict about justice. Of course, it’s Brennan’s dad and I suppose he himself would have happily killed the drug lord and the Vega guy if she had been hurt by their actions. Just the tiniest of double standards where his girl is concerned…

      • I think he went to jail for that, because they mention that he was in prison before.

      • Yes, Max and Christine were both bank robbers. That’s why they changed their names, etc. And now that you mention it, Max presumably killed 2 people in Judas on a Pole (the former FBI agent who was stalking Russ and Deputy Directory Kirby) and yet he was only tried for Kirby’s murder. I wonder why.

      • They may have decided to not try the first murder because they really didn’t have any evidence that Max did it. They found a Columbus coin in the guys mouth and a page from the murdered FBI agent (the one that was killed in 1978) down his throat. They then found evidence that Russ was being stalked by the first murder victim; but, that is not evidence that Max killed him, just that victim was up to no good. The only forensic evidence that they really had was for Kirby’s murder. They had the murder weapon for that one. They suspected that Max killed the first one; but, the evidence was all circumstantial and it probably didn’t get out of the grand jury. At least that is my guess on that one.

      • Thank you; I had my facts mixed up. Great episode, but it has your head spinning by the end. One more question, since we’re on the topic. Just why did they rob banks? I believe Christine was an accountant and found out about the mobster’s business, which is why they were given new identities by the govt. That must have meant that they testified at some point against the guy-so just when (and why) might these robberies have happened? (Or did the mobster make them rob?) Aaahhhh, it’s always bugged me and makes me think I missed something-my brain just can’t handle that much information these days! Just wondering, if anyone knows.

      • Maria, the FBI agent that talked to Brennan and Russ said the FBI never understood why two stand up con-artists would team up with a strong arm gang like they did. Max and Christina would just figure out how to get at safe deposit boxes and break in after hours. Then they hooked up with a strong arm team and everything changed. Max and Brennan weren’t in witness protection. After they broke into the bank in Ohio, they found that FBI info from the murdered FBI agent, realized that their lives were in danger, stole identity and disappeared. They quit the strong arm team. Max became a school teacher and Christina became a bookkeeper. Christina Brennan testified against some former employers. Later I guess McViker, either at the behest of the corrupt Kirby or the strong-arm team sent him to look for Max and Christina and that is why they abandoned their kids. They didn’t want Russ and Brennan to get caught up isomething that dangerous.

      • Bless you Lenora! Although now I must say that I don’t feel like a complet putz for not being able to figure all that out; it really was sort of convoluted. Kudos to you, though! (I think I’m going to print out your answer for future reference.)

  27. I don’t miss Zack. Maybe it’s because I am a latecomer to the show, but I enjoy the squinterns a whole lot more.

    That’s not to say that I didn’t love Zack’s character for what he was during season one and two, but in season 3 it felt like he was just lost; or like they didn’t know what to do with him. I’m not really sure. Perhaps that’s got something to do with the writer’s strike. I don’t know.

    I was genuinely surprised when Zack was revealed as Gorgonzola’s apprentice, and I was happy that he’d never actually eaten anyone, but beyond that I can’t say that I cared that much that he was gone.

    Now Vincent, I’m going to miss. But like I said, I don’t really miss Zack, and seeing “bring back Zack” ads and mentions all over the place make me roll my eyes. He’s gone. It’s done. Get over it and enjoy what we have now. 😛

  28. well, I’m not clamoring for Zack to come back but I did enjoy him very much as a character. He was the lab’s little brother, Brennan’s relationship with him showed a warm, wonderful, nurturing side of her. He and Hodgins were very close – Hodgins called Zack his best friend. And he was an all purpose genius. As Hodgins said, he was good with bones, good at math, fun to blame with experiments went wrong….he’s irreplaceable.

    But the rotating interns brought/bring a different dynamic to the show and while they could have had both Zack and new interns (I remember reading and old, old interview with Eric Millegan in which he said he hoped Zack would get an intern) that would have made an already large cast even larger.

    Over the years lots of characters have been trimmed: Goodman, Cullen, Agent Charlie, Marcus the FBI tech, some other FBI guy whose name I forget….it’s hard enough fitting in all the main, in-the-credits cast into a plot. I can see why they’d need to drop Zack to make room for new interns.

    I don’t miss Zack, but I do miss what we got with Zack, which was Brennan truly teaching – Cam and Hodgins interact with the interns more than Brennan does these days – and logical progression. Zack got his doctorate in season 2. I think we need to send a few of the current interns off on their careers and get some new ones in.

    Just think of the potential – a new intern who perhaps messes up the evidence. Or one of the former interns works for a rival lab and ends up as a defense expert testifying against Brennan…

  29. Lisa, you bring up a very good point. The cannibal dentures. I completely forgot about that. That basically changes everything and actually makes it much easier for me to rationalize Zack staying in the institution. I’m over Zack too but I did feel that they didn’t end things well with him.

  30. Whats the hitler bones video??
    And I really like having Zach, but like you, i knew what was going to happen when i was about halfway through season 3 so i was prepared, but it still really upset me. I would like to see a resolution, but i really doubt they would do that since it was so long ago and they sometimes don’t tie up lose ends…its too bad.

  31. Stephanie –

    In the eyes of the law he is innocent so the fact that we know, and they know that he killed Kirby is irrelavent. He was tried and acquited. Nothing else matters.

  32. Angelena

    The thing with Max is that he doesn’t work in the Lab. He works in an area of the Jefforsonian that is completely seperate so there is some wiggle room for him there.

    The crime element of the Jefforsonian is a very small part compared to the rest of it…i think! LOL

    • Do we know if Max even works at the Jeffersonian anymore? It seems to me that if he still worked there, he’d see his daughter more often and know more about what was going on in her life.

      • I think you’re right. My impression has been that he hasn’t worked there in some time. He definitely wasn’t working there from the season premiere through Bullet in the Brain because he had to ask Angela and Wendell if Brennan and Booth had finally gotten together. I don’t see any way he could have been working at the Jefferesonian and not known the answer to that.

    • Definitely. If the Jeffersonian is truly based on the Smitsonian, there is much, much more to it than the lab. Brennan had made it very clear that he was not to be allowed to work on anything related to any cases…and she fired him when it got close to one, suggesting an experiment they could do to help them figure something out in the case.

  33. Stephanie –

    I’m working on the assumption that he doesn’t work there anymore. Or if he does, it’s on a contractual basis and it’s not on a regular basis.


    Who knows?! LOL

  34. I know this doesn’t fit with the Zack theme, bit I had to post it. Enjoy!

  35. Well I haven’t joined the ‘bring Zack back’ campaign but yes I would love to see him back. Now I know that isn’t going to happen but for me he was such a joy to watch. Yes I blame HH for the shockingly bad way Zack’s storyline ended. HH has said himself that the writers strike had a lot to do with that but the fact remains they screwed it up. I understand characters get written out all the time but I think my sadness/anger is how they went about it – not that they did it.

  36. I never moved on, I never got over Zack’s departure. He’s still and will always remain my favourite character. For reasons, I believe all of the above together. I believe a character like Zack deserves better than to have his story just forgotten without closure. I always find that part of shows really annoying; the part where they get rid of a character that means a lot to the rest of the group and then completely forget he or she ever existed. They show us the lives and emotions of a group of people about each other, about their environment, but when one of them is gone, he or she is no longer considered a factor on how the group developed, it’s merely left aside as if there was never any attachment or consequence to consider.

    That happened to Daisy as well. She just disappeared and never was again mentioned or alluded to, like nobody there knew or had any attachment to her so her departure was of no importance to anyone, not even her former fiancé. She might return, but as she is also in another show I doubt it. While she remained, she was made something of, but when no eyes saw her, she was completely forgotten. What does that tell you about human attachments? This is the kind of things I always find annoying when watching a serial show: characters and their influence on the dinamic of the group completely forgotten once they no longer appear.

    Zack wasn’t even alluded to in those episodes that dealt with cases in which he participated, like the Gavedigger trial and the proofs given there. I was expecting any mention on his involvement in finding out the truth that never came, just as if he never existed.

    As for why I choose to like Zack Addy over all other characters, there are many reasons and you stated most of them in the post. First, if you love Brennan, you must love someone so similar to her yet more childlike, less developed in his personality. The child face also helps to care about him. He’s like an underdeveloped version of Brennan, someone you expect to grow from the relationships he made along the way. It doesn’t help that you learn he cares about those things very much but only after he went wrong anyway because of his logic.

    He was really a scapegoat for the development of the show. He was made a statement on how a brilliant mind lacking in emotional development can be led by its very logic to commit morally wrong actions in the pursue of a truth. He was an example of the difference between Brennan’s seemingly unfeeling character and someone as good but without the emotional development she aquired. He served to make a contrast with her true identity.

  37. Nup – moved on.

    Zach was good – and his place in the early seasons is relevant, but I feel that they have all just moved on. Once Sweets turned up, and started to highlight (almost like a Greek chorus) the relationship aspects of the interactions – especially between B&B – Zach became less comfortable and, in some respects, necessary.

    Zach both accentuated and mellowed the awkwardness in Bennan. Because she was on his level, she was comfortable, and could accept logic and reasoning as the ‘answer’, because he made it ok. Compared to him though, she was quite ‘normal’.

    When I look at where the characters are now….I don’t see how Zach fits into that. Between Hodgins pining over Angie, Angie’s thing with Roxie, B&B and what they went through, and Cam with Michelle, they are all so family focussed, that Zach’s ‘little brother’ position doesn’t seem to fit. In some respects it was replaced by Sweets, who very quickly became the voice of the audience.

    So no, Zach was good, but that was then. He doesn’t have a place in the current set up.

  38. I really loved the episodes that Zach was in. He is such an interesting character. Coming from a big family and being so smart and awkward. It just baffles me, but in a good way. Mostly I enjoyed Brennan and Booth’s relationship with Zach. He best represents Booth adopting Zach as part of his circle because he is a part of Brennan’s circle.

    I also love Brennan’s expressiveness when it comes to Zach after he is gone. I think it reveals a lot of her character that she often keeps hidden. I think it is season 6 in the episode about the feed that Booth says something about how he knows who Brennan is, and he thinks she should let others in on the secret. Zach does that for her.

    All that being said, I have never tweeted, emailed, or harassed anyone to get Zach back on the show. I like the actor and I like the character, but I don’t really want to tell anyone what to do. That, and I have other things I need to get done in my day-to-day life. BUT, I love going back and watching those episodes. It makes me feel like the lab really is a family. Although, I wouldn’t say Cam is the best mother figure (not that she’s old enough, she is very young and beautiful). Cam just has the weirdest lines and positions on things sometimes. It weirds me out. But that is for another post, if we get there.

  39. I love love loved dr addy and I will never get over it ! its like angela real first name maybe its just ot keep us all waitin for a few answer but I love zack and wish he wld just confess he didn’t do and spend alil time and then get out even if he cldnt b n lab always he cld b around he is missed and loved and no one really cld believe he actually kill some one on one and fans from the beginning will never ever get over the lose and the unknowing of zacks out come ! missed always

  40. He was great and his character was hilarious even being super serious. He made bones not look so only of the weirdness on the show! He was more unique then Temp. I meet people like her but never like him. The way he was eliminated was so not fair nor even thinkable to do be something he will do but in real life we learn people can do stuff that one would never feel as if they could have done so! That’s normally not how TV works stuff in the real world never seem to make it on TV which helped me love Bones even more. However this young man was never a known actor his character from bones made him known and loved by fans so now he’s worth more then his normal contract and may have gotten other acting jobs offer to him! He could have been on it when he went to Iraq then he came back earlier probably because the job got drop and then repicked up and they had to do something fast because it seems to fit with everything that happened! If so that means he would have been written off when he traveled to Iraq at first! At least they allowed his character to break out of a nut place and helped them one more time it made him likable again and he didn’t leave with a bad taste in fans mouth!

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