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Scene Study: The Gamer in the Grease: I Will Knock YOU Dead


Hello and Happy Bones-less BONES day to you all! I hope you are having a good day! It’s time for another Scene Study, and I have to say that this scene is one that wasn’t one of my favorites when it first aired, but it grew on me, and now I can’t watch it without grinning from ear to ear like a crazy person. So without further ado, I introduce YOUR JUDGES!

Oh wait, it’s not So You Think You Can Dance.

It’s Scene Study Time.

 (Cue Bones Theme Music… doo doo doo…doo doo doo…BOOOWWW Boom Boom Booowww). Haha.

Okay, this scene starts out with a lovely night shot of DC. Well done, stock videographers!

And then we flip to the Jeffersonian. I don’t always get a chance to read all of the comments every single day, but one that made me laugh recently was when there was a debate about whether or not the lab platform is even used that much for cases any longer. J

As we can see here, it’s used for gaming. And where did that cozy little table and chair set come from? Who knows? These are questions I ask myself…like, is that in the script? Were they rehearsing and someone said, “We need a chair?” Obsessed much? Not too much…much too much!

Also fun fact: Brennan is the one who scans them in. Can anyone pinpoint the last time Booth used his card to scan in? Of course, she is queen of the lab, so it makes sense. Booth is also explaining that their ‘killer’s’ motives made sense. He tells her, “It’s not as crazy as you think. I’m a father, so I sort of understand.”

“I can’t imagine you killing someone for stealing credit from Parker for anything,” Brennan argues (but in a smiling voice).

“Well, not kill someone,” Booth concedes. “But…threaten them.”

“Even something as frivolous as rights to a video game?” Brennan asks, and then…

He never breaks eye contact as he walks toward her. Screen caps do not fully capture the confidence he has there as he…what’s the right word? Struts? Pal Smurfs would call it The Swagger. And yes, with a capital S, baby! But it’s just so delicious, like he’s telling her that it’s soooo not frivolous, and even if it is frivolous that he kinda likes frivolous and plans to show her, right? And can’t you just imagine the conversation they had on the way to the lab, talking about playing the game?

I love that he doesn’t say a word.

Brennan is very pretty and very much trying not to succumb to his charms.

“Alright,” she answers his no words. “How do we choose who goes first?”

“Okay, go ahead,” Booth tells her. “You go first.”

“Why?” Brennan wants to know.

“Why?” Booth answers. “Because…once I start, I ain’t gonna stop.”

*Small commercial break for a homework assignment*. I once tried to get people to dub together Booth saying “I love you” (From Harbingers) with “Sarah” which he says in Plain in the Prodigy, but no one ever did. But now, what I want is someone to create a GIF for me of Booth doing that little pelvic thrust from Proof in the Pudding that I can insert every time it’s appropriate to say BoothChickaWowWow!

Once he starts…he ain’t gonna stop.


It’s one of those moments that makes me scratch my head and think ‘how *exactly* did it take them another entire year and the death of a squintern to rip each other’s clothes off?’

Brennan sort of laughs, and Booth sits at the convenient table.

“Besides…it’s not how the dad feels; it’s how the son feels.” He tells her.

“Weeeee’re discussing the murder again?” Brennan wants to clarify.

“Someone breaks your kid’s heart, you know…your own heart rises up. Gets fierce,” Booth tells her. “Just a natural response.” And just God Bless David Boreanaz who always…always finds a way to make cheesy dialogue completely non cheesy. It just works.

“There’s a flaw in your reasoning,” Brennan tells him.

Booth sort of looks away…

“I believe that due to my superior learning curve,” Brennan begins…

“I can beat you at this game,” she tells him. “DESPITE your superlative strength and your remarkable reflexes.” And your body.

You just know she wants to peel that vest from his shoulders, right? Or would she start with his tie, like she was doing so often those days, much to Booth’s tortured adoration

It’s cute and fun the way she turns to the game and starts pressing all of the buttons really fast to get it to start. “How do I start the game?” she asks him.

“What’s the flaw in my reasoning?” he wants to know.

“Dougie Seeger is autistic,” Brennan explains. “He didn’t care. His heart wasn’t broken.” Erm….not exactly how it works…

“So the dad loved him twice as much.” Booth argues.

“Alright, you don’t like the reasoning in my math,” Booth tells her.

“I’ve realized recently that you use a different number system than I do,” she answers. And I love this, because I think it means she’s thinking about Booth. She’s always been curious about him, but this seems new, like she’s really trying to see things from his point of view and determining HOW he sees things and why, and all of that. And then she nerds on him, because she thinks he’s cute. “Like the Babylonians, which was Base-60”


“I don’t understand your system, but I can see that it works,” she tells him

Booth considers her words…

And then he just flicks his eyes right back to her…as the soft guitar strumming begins

Brennan turns back to the game, asking him how it works.

“Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t feel a thing…”


And she’s sort of hitting the buttons again, and Booth calls her and whistles at her.

“Oh, a quarter,” as if it’s such a genius move. Love, love, love, love her.

“Knock ‘em dead…”

By the way, did you know that once he starts, he ain’t gonna stop? Just putting that out there…

But seriously, I’d put that last look right up there with him watching her sing in Wannabe in the Weeds. You?

“I will,” she challenges.

“I will knock you dead,”

Oh, Brennan with the trashtalk! Soooo awesome!!!! I need more of this!

Booth sort of just gives this grunt of agreement/”yeah right, Bones” and Brennan gets all cocky and puts the quarter in. “Ah ha!” she exclaims.

“I will prove you wrong!” she taunts, and Booth gets up to walk over to her.

“Big words,” he tells her, but she’s not really listening.

“Level one, baby,” she says with THE MOST amazingly adorable lip smack! Listen to it if you can immediately!

The game ends, and she is flustered. “What happened?”

Booth says, “My turn,”

And Brennan says, “What do you mean?”

“Go sit right there,” Booth tells her.

“I didn’t lose,” Brennan insists.

“Well, you put the quarter in,” Booth argues. “Game’s over.”

“No, it’s not, I–” Brennan sputters a bit.

“Maybe it’s your energy,” Booth tells her.

“it’s the machine broke,” Brennan counters.

“Maybe it’s your math,” Booth tells her, and Brennan sort of laughs.

“It’s not my math.”

The way she says that always makes me think that DB adlibbed that line and ED is genuinely laughing. But I could be wrong. Either way, I adore it.

This is one of those scenes that I feel like could work just as well after B&B are ‘together’. It’s that funny word again, because after all, the writers and actors and we all say they ARE together, and yet they spend a lot of time keeping them apart for fear that once they DO get together…etc, etc, etc, right?

But as I said, I can still totally imagine an episode right now ending just like this—with both of them a little tired, a lot sexy and a nice healthy dose of competition and flirting. Right?


I like the reasoning in that math!

Peace, Love & Bones,



66 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Gamer in the Grease: I Will Knock YOU Dead

  1. Sarah, you know how sometimes when women -ok girls- get together and squeal over something exciting? I’m certain that if I was in the same room as you there would be a lot of squealing. I squealed a lot over this post! And your personal little remarks that you add in make me laugh so hard.
    Oh and wanting to get someone to dub I love you & Sarah together….don’t give up on that. Now if you will excuse me I have to go watch every ep and see if he ever said my name. 😉

  2. I know he never said my name, so booo, but I loved the scene study, and as always, I absloutely, LOVE the pics. Great way to start my morning.

  3. “And just God Bless David Boreanaz who always…always finds a way to make cheesy dialogue completely non cheesy. It just works.” I really agree with this. DB and ED make the weirdest conversations seem pretty normal.

    I thought this was one of their stranger cases. I liked the confidence Brennan had that she could beat Booth at this game. It seemed simple enough. I laugh every time when she starts to play and immediately loses. She doesn’t believe she lost. They bicker. I love when they bicker.

    I think Brennan is constantly trying to figure out how Booth thinks. She has been doing that since at least season 2. Brennan doesn’t always understand the logic that Booth uses; but, I think in this case, she was telling him that it didn’t matter. It made sense to him so it is ok with her. That is kind of a concession on her part since she usually disagrees with Booth when something doesn’t make sense to her.

  4. Oh, geez, I just love these scene studies. They always – always – put this silly silly grin on my face. Always.

    I’ve wondered if Brennan didn’t get a little off-track here, like she forgot for a moment exactly what they were talking about. After her “flaw in your reasoning” she sees him get that disappointed “she just doesn’t get it look” and switches to the physical humor – “my brain can outwit your muscles” kind of thing. But, he drags her back to what she was thinking when she first mentioned the flaw. That works for me, anyway.

    Also –

    1. I never even noticed they were on the forensics platform until this scene study.
    2. I really need to start paying more attention to the music. Really. Because I think the writers use the music and the lyrics to say what they’re not letting the characters say.

    • God bless Aunt Bea. Email, dangit.

    • MJ, I agree with you about the music. I sort of think of it as another character in the show. The one that is pointing out what is going on under the surface.

      • I totally agree with that. The music is awesome. My you tube runs a constant stream of Bones music and because I can remember a scene or a look it makes the song that much better. My favorite? Margot and the Nuclear So-So’s “A Light on the Hill”. When you hear it you will likely know EXACTLY what ep and scene it’s from (although the lyrics don’t tell the story, per se, the haunting sound of it does.) I also love the song in this episode and, by the same artist (Matthew Perryman Jones) “Save You” which is used at the end of The Beaver in the Otter.”

        But I don’t like Bones music or anything. 😉

      • I never really listened closely to the music choices until this season, and I agree with the songs almost revealing more about the characters’ thoughts and feelings than the dialogue does. And it’s funny, because the day before this scene study posted, I had gone through the Music of Bones thread on Bonesology and bought the songs I liked from iTunes to add to my Bones playlist. “Rain or Shine” is one of the songs I got, but it was one of those things that I never paid attention to this song when I originally watched the episode. So I was excited to see a study of the Punky Pong scene, because now being familiar with that song has made me see it in a whole different light.

  5. Love this! It’s like she is trash talking about the game while she can’t help but reveal that she thinks about him and then she compliments him while she is trash-talking. And he is talking about something else entirely! I always thought this scene took place in the lounge area upstairs — it’s time for a re-watch.

  6. When I saw that first screen cap of the platform I also wondered if that table and chairs had always been there; I also thought the platform looked smaller than I thought it was. I hadn’t remembered that this conversation took place on the platform. The game had been in Angela’s area earlier hadn’t it?

    I do love these scene studies because we do get to see so much of their expressions. Sometimes on the show they can go by so fast that it’s easy to miss some of that (multiple viewings does help with that somewhat). I could just sit here and scroll through those pictures all day. They are two beautiful people with wonderfully expressive faces.

    In this particular scene I just loved the give and take, the back and forth they had going. It just worked so well, the two of them together, bickering…disagreeing and agreeing and just being Booth and Brennan.

    As for the comments here about the music; Bones really does contain some great music that fits so perfectly. Normally I really couldn’t tell you anything about the music when the episode ends. It’s another thing that it takes several viewings before I really pay attention to the music…I’m usually too busy watching these people, listening t their words to really register the music. But yet there are so many songs now that when I hear them I immediately think of Bones.

  7. Booth has said my name but it’s in reference to Fat Pam!!! Yikes. I don’t think I like that connotation at all.

    On another note, I love this scene. I’m not a huge fan of the episode but I will watch the scene multiple times. I am a sucker for vests and ties so that may be part of the appeal. 🙂 I love the cocky offereing of the quarter and how Booth mentions for her to go sit over there. It’s his turn….and he ain’t gonna stop! I agree that I think the laugh by Brennan at the end is very EDish so maybe it was ad lib.

    As for the music, as soon as it starts you can’t help but hold your breath. I have this one on repeat on my iTunes too. Love it.

    • They haven’t used my name in Bones; but, I can hear Angel say my middle name many times whenever I want to. My middle name is Faith. Of course, Faith was a little psycho on Angel and Buffy; but, I really like DB saying my name.

      • Good point. It is kind of nice hearing DB’s voice saying Pam. We will just forget that he was talking about a crazy, psycho woman when he said it. Maybe if I just close my eyes…. LOL

  8. Sarah, your comments are always as entertaining as as the scenes you pick. Plus, you always do justice to DB and ED’s expressions with your second-by-second pictures. Pure awesomeness! I’ve always loved that exchange between them about the autistic boy: “He didn’t care. His heart wasn’t broken” “So the dad loved him twice as much.” I think it applies perfectly to Booth and Brennan’s situation. For all those times she wasn’t able to allow herself to love him, he loves her twice as much to make up for it. It’s as if there’s enough love from him for both of them.

  9. Once he starts…he ain’t gonna stop.


    ………aaaaaaanddddd thank you. 🙂

    PS. Booth in that vest….yay! 🙂 I also don’t know how Brennan took 6 seasons to get a ticket for that ride. haha

    • I completely agree!

      Ahh! She must have a crazy amount of self control.

      Booth has never looked hotter, he is just GORGEOUS in this episode! *swoon*

  10. eh, email 🙂

    And now off to watch this scene in real time! hehe

  11. What a great scene study, Sarah! You always manage to point out things that I’ve never noticed about scenes before. And I love it when you have a bunch of screen caps right in a row – if you scroll fast enough, it’s like watching a Bones film strip without sound. 😉

    I think Booth needs to break out the vests again in season seven… I miss the vests. They are seriously hot.

    And Sarah, not only is that a convenient!table, it’s kind of a space age looking table… maybe the borrowed it from the Jeffersonian 50’s and 60’s wing. Or the traveling Star Trek exhibit. It just looks so out of place on the platform; but I know why they put it there. I just can’t imagine Booth pulling up a lab stool and resting his elbow on an autopsy table while he’s waiting for his turn. He’d maybe do it once, then realize what he was doing and jump back and give his elbow a look like “OMG, I need to burn this shirt and scrub my arm until it’s raw…”

  12. Guys – sorry to jump in here with this, and I hope it’s not considered a spoiler, but have you heard that Bones isn’t returning until November 3rd earliest? (Depends on the world series….)

    I’m pretty bummed, that 133 days 😦

    • That is a bummer….but I’d rather them take their time and do the story “right” as opposed to rushing it and making it crap. 🙂 haha

      Fox + baseball = no Bones frustration every fall….so I can handle it. I’ve got my DVDs, Netflix, and of course Bones Theory! The screengrabs of Booth will get me through haha!!!

    • It kinda makes sense given everything that’s going on with ED and her pregnancy and the way the world series always screws things up, but that still sucks. I wonder if this is in addition to the three-month hiatus/Finder substitution we’re supposed to get before the show returns in the spring?

      Looking at the dates, I bet it will be. I’m thinking they’ll get 6 MAYBE 8 episodes (if we’re lucky) filmed before ED has her baby so even if they start 11/3, they’ll still be able to air that number of episodes before Christmas. Take a three month break and come back mid-March/beginning of April and run 8-10 episodes straight through to the finale at the end of May.

    • I’m hoping they’re doing that to make it work, with the story, give us a full 22 ep season, and avoid the baseball hiatus. As if Joe Buck wasn’t already annoying enough, having to listen to him run his mouth during the games while dealing with frustration over no Bones (but lots of teaser ads) last fall was infuriating.

      I don’t even remember who played in the Series last year, I just remember hoping the one team would do it without getting to game… was it game six? so we’d get Bones a week sooner than if the series went the distance. :p

      I’m with bb; I can deal. With a little help from my Bones Theory peeps. And Netflix. And TNT Thursdays. And Fanfic. And writing fanfic. And fanvids on YouTube. And visiting Bonesology. And Twitter.

      Yeah, I should be fine with that.

      It’s not like I need a fix or anything. It’s not like I was looking at the calendar and wondering when in September they’d premiere. No. I wasn’t doing that. Not at all. :p

      • Jade-
        I would be shocked if we get a full 22-episode season, unless they plan to film episodes without ED (and while I haven’t read anything definitive either way, it certainly SEEMS like they have no intention of doing that).

        I’m always in favor of episodes airing back-to-back as much as possible, even if we have to start late in order for that to happen. Lost was so much better when it premiered in January and ran almost straight through until May instead of airing one or two new episodes followed by a week or two of re-runs, etc. etc. (especially with how complicated the story was). Yeah, it was a long wait, but it was worth it in the end. Getting through the summer will be the hardest part (and, yes, thank you BT, DVD’s, DVR, Fox re-runs, and TNT Bones Thursdays for helping to keep me occupied). At least when fall comes, there will be other new shows to watch. Not that they will fill the Bones void, but they will help pass the time.

      • I heard we should expect 12-18 episodes of bones next season because of ED’s pregnancy.

      • Yeah, I’m sure that those numbers are much more realistic… but a girl can dream, right? 😉

      • They have already said it will not be a 22 ep season. I think they said 16-18. But, 22 has never been mentioned.

    • Thanks for this info.

      November is a long time away…

      • Ha, early birthday present for Amber. 😀 My birthday is the Monday after the Season premiere. Well, as long as it stays November 3rd. *throws a party* I am going to have a really really really good excuse for buying a pie to celebrate Bones return. Not just Bones but my birthday too. Sorry, anyway. Until then I’ll occupy my time sufficiently.

      • I meant that my birthday is the Tuesday after the Season premiere.

  13. So am I the only person who gets a sense of deja vu when I look at some of DB’s facial expressions in these screen caps? Sometimes I get this weird (but totally not bad) feeling like I’m looking at Angel (ha ha) and other times I just know I’ve seen that exact expression in another Bones episode. And it’s all in the facial expression, it has nothing to do with how DB “looks” (hair, clothes, etc) in any particular scene. For example, I think I caught a 100th episode rejection look in that first set of B&B screen caps (or maybe it was the seashell look from The Bullet in the Brain…or maybe both). Not that it’s a bad thing that DB reuses his facial expressions or anything (because honestly, I could watch him emote like that all day), but it is kind of funny that I can now start cataloging them. Thank you, Sarah, for enabling me to further deepen my Bones obsession! 😉

    Oh, and yes, I am also officially voting for a return of the vest in season seven.

  14. Such a bummer, but if it means we get more really solid eps instead of a great one or two, a few good ones and a bunch of less than good ones I can take it in stride. I heart Netflix and Bones Theory for my fixes. TNT is good too. And this leaves me more time to read and write fanfic before HH changes what I have to work with. There are some really good stories out there. I can make do with those and reruns and scene studies, and Bones music and my imagination. For now.

  15. I fell in love with this scene from the get go. It was just so much fun. The flirting. The teasing. The honest discussion. And it was just plain sexy! It was like they were both trying to meet each other half way. Being Booth & Brennan.

    What I love MOST about this post today though…yes, I’m shallow, sorry…ALL THE BOOTH IN A VEST PICS!!! And THOSE expressions of his. Holy cow…I just melt! *sigh* I’d love to see those vests again every once in a while!

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane!! I truly enjoyed it!!

  16. The grey vest. THE.GREY.VEST! Um, I’m sorry what? Oh commenting, yes, commenting… Hmm… First, you still don’t have your “I love you, Sarah”? Geez. I will get my husband cracking on that! Secondly, did I mention the grey vest? 🙂 Thirdly does that quarter look really tiny in DB’s hand? Like me holding a nickel or something… Fourthly, I never realized they were on the platform! Probably the damn grey vest distracting me. 😉 Fifthly, this is not my favorite ep but I like the beginning scene when they are bickering their way to the body and then it falls apart and Brennan says “Oh, good for me.” or something. And I love this scene and just think ED is particularly beautiful in this ep. She probably rolls out of bed beautiful! *sigh* but I digress. Speaking of digressing did I mention how much I LOVE the grey vest? 😉 I also love you BT people!

  17. I think it is interesting that when Brennan says “I’ll will knock you dead” she has a smirk on her face. She then has a look of concern on her face and looks at Booth. She wants to have fun and trash talk, but, she also checks to make sure that Booth isn’t mad at her for saying that. They bicker a lot and they both annoy each other; but, they usually make sure the other isn’t really mad at them. I like that about their friendship.

  18. Haha I love how our responses are fast devolving into “Booth” “vest” “hot”. 🙂

  19. One of the things I love about this scene is that it is where Booth is completely in his element. Brennan clearly has no experience with arcade games. And so, I LOVE it that she dies in the game immediately. She is wicked smart, but for once, she didn’t adapt right away. Often we see scenes like her making a basketball shot on the first try and even though most of me really, really likes that this woman can do anything she puts her mind to because I really believe in that, sometimes I get all Booth-defensive and think, can’t he even have THAT? And here, he has this little thing, without it being a strike or slight against Brennan at all. And I like it.

  20. Anything that premieres in the Thursday night Bones slot, will not be shown in my house. That is Bones time for me, and anything else can get cancelled as far as I’m concerned. I don’t mean that to sound rude, it’s just I’m so tired of Bones being cancelled for stupid shows like American Idol last year.

    • Except that in this case, it’s not an issue of Bones being pre-empted as much as it’s Fox having to decide how to best handle what is likely to be a shortened season due to ED’s maternity leave.

      I wonder if they’ll show Bones re-runs in the weeks between the initial X-Factor W/Th 2-hours-each-night premiere and when the MLB playoffs/World Series would start pre-empting Bones anyway. I can’t imagine having 3-4 hours of X-Factor each week for the first month plus. Yuck.

      • I don’t mind watching other things while ED is on maternity leave. She deserves time with her baby, but in Sept, it is not maternity leave. Besides I’m tired of singing and dancing shows.

      • Actually it is if they have to shorten the season because they can’t shoot while ED’s on her maternity leave. They’re not going to have a lot of episodes in the can before she has her baby so it makes sense to start the season later.

        Let’s say they get 6 episodes shot. If they start airing them November 3rd, that means they can air three in a row in November (thus taking advantage of sweeps), take a week off for Thanksgiving, and then air the last three episodes back to back in December (ending on December 15th). Then they take a break for Christmas/New Years, start The Finder in January, and bring Bones back in mid to late-March/early April to finish out the season. But if they start airing episodes at the end of September like they usually do, assuming again that they get 6 shot, they’d likely air 4 of them by the MLB break, leaving them only 2 to air in November and probably a month of trying to figure out what to plug into that slot before The Finder starts.

        Logically, IF ED has her baby sometime in September and takes a 3 month maternity leave, that means the EARLIEST they’ll start back filming new episodes is sometime in December (and that’s just filming, not all the editing and other post-production stuff that has to happen before an episode is ready to air), so the only episodes they’ll have available to air prior to Christmas is whatever they can manage to get shot between mid-July (or whenever they start shooting) and when she has her baby. Anything filmed after her maternity leave ends will likely have to be aired in the spring.

        So yeah, I really don’t think they’re doing this because of The X-Factor.

      • You’re right, I didn’t think of it that way. I thought they would have Brennan’s baby born around Christmas. so in this sceanerio that is possible. I just hope we get our Christmas one this year. Afterall it is due.
        I didn’t like Finder, so I probably won’t watch that.

  21. Ohhhhhhh! Thank you!!!!! This might me one of my top three BB moments. The game, the song, the vest … it has it all! When Booth whistles and shows her the quarter, I don’t know why, but I freaking melt and Brennan is just too adorable! Ahhh, big smile on my face right now! 🙂

  22. Ok you guys, TNT moment here. Just finished Skull in the Sculpture!

    BOOTH: They’ll never work. They’re like complete opposites.
    BRENNAN: I agree. For all her faults, she’s a woman of science, Sweets bases his life on the vagaries of psychology and emotion.
    (Booth scoffs)
    BRENNAN: You know, there’s no common ground.
    BOOTH: Right.
    BRENNAN: You need common ground. What else is there?
    BOOTH: Absolutely.

    And then I screamed, “Just get together already you guyzzzz!!!!” And then I realized they did! 🙂 Haha…I think I’m off to watch Buck and Wanda again!

    • I watched that last night, too! I love that look she gave him after she said that. It wasn’t just the writers sending a subtle message, she was totally projecting about her and Booth. But yeah, they are actually together now. Those crazy kids!

  23. Oh the games I could play with that man, in that vest, on that chair…

    Wait, what was the question, again?

    • *totally unladylike snort* 😉

      • LOL.

        I come to this site each day, with the stubborn insistence that I am going to write an intelligent and coherent response which may generate some further discussion. And then I see ‘that man’ in all his glory and I am reduced to a squeeing mess and all I can produce is a post that elicits a snort.

        Yup. Time to concede defeat and accept that it is futile… and that I’m so ok with that 😉

      • It’s okay, in case you couldn’t tell by my response, the same thing happens to me. 😉

        Coherent, articulate thoughts just aren’t possible when there are multiple screen caps of vest-clad Booth. Especially now that you’ve got me thinking about games one could play with the subject of said screen caps…

      • ooo, yeah, I’m with you.
        Enjoy the fantasies 😉

      • Ahhh! The games we can play…

      • Hehehehehehe… With such wonderful subject matter, how can you not enjoy the fantasies? 😉

      • Hey, I’m trying to work here.

        (Not really, I just thought someone should at least pretend to say something responsible. Please, carry on.)

        (No, really. More, please.)

      • LOL, MJ, who cares about responsible when we have such delectable eye candy and the over-active imaginations to know exactly what we would do with said eye candy? :p

        (Hey, didn’t you say there were cookies down here in the gutter on the dark side…? 😉 )

      • The fact that the vest is already open…makes a girl want to pull a Brennan and check out the rest of the “evidence!” (And this is why I never look at this site when my hubby’s around!)

      • As soon as I saw yesterday’s screen shot, I bought cake. I knew cookies wouldn’t feed the crowd. 🙂

  24. Booth + vest = hot 🙂

    It always makes me smile when we talk about Booth’s ‘vest’ because of the slight language difference between the UK and the US.

    You know in Woman in the Sand when Booth’s boxing against the bad guy in that white top? (I think they might be called ‘undershirt / wife beaters / singlet’ in the US?) but that’s what we’d call a ‘vest’.

    I’d call what Booth’s wearing in the pictures above a ‘waistcoat’ as part of a three-piece suit.

    Obviously, this isn’t an important or interesting distinction, it’s just always made me smile because I remember when it first aired everyone was talking about his vest and I was like, ‘what?! I missed a shirtless Booth? This isn’t possible!’ haha.

    So, yeah he’s totally hot in either a vest or a waistcoat, but he does rock the waistcoat particularly well. I love that it just seems to give him an ounce of additional swagger. Ah, be still my beating heart 

    • Sophia, in the U.S. the undershirt is called a t-shirt. They come in both sleeveless and sleeves. Either way, I’m like you, I love Booth in a t-shirt or no shirt for that matter.

      By the way, a singlet in the U.S. is the skintight suit that the wrestlers wear. Hmmmmm. Ok, have to get that picture out of my head. I have to go back to work now.

  25. I’ve always adored that scene. It is a really big concession for her, and her immediately losing and her insistence that she didn’t has me laughing every time.

  26. I have nothing really to add because this scene study is just awesomely good but…

    How did i forget how hot DB is in this scene? How….just how?

    I mean…he ain’t gonna stop? Oh mama….not…gonna….stop………

  27. I love all of these comments about the vest, because honestly…I hate it. I mean, it’s hot, but it’s not Boothy. I can’t believe I forgot to mention that in the post. Haha, oh well. 🙂

  28. I loved this! There are some seasons that I didn’t even realize I actually liked until you’ve done a scene study on them 🙂 *Squeee* Those stills were perfect 😀

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