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Great Expectations: A Tale of Season Seven


As we wait for season 7, I think it’s fair to say that we have some expectations.  Oh, okay, A LOT of expectations.  And though I’ve always felt it unfair to impose our preconceived, often fanfic-fueled expectations on the show and then be disappointed when they don’t happen, I don’t think it’s unfair to expect some particular things out of season 7.  But what exactly are those expectations or better yet, what should they be?

I guess I should backtrack a little and attempt to deal with the apparent hypocrisy. On the one hand, I don’t think it’s fair to impose our expectations on the show, but then I say, oh, wait, we have expectations of season 7 and they better be met!  And I guess, my answer is, I think of expectations in two ways:

 1) The expectations that we impose based on how we think something should happen, or what we think should be said or how the characters should behave. These are the expectations I believe we’re often guilty of and which are unfair to place on the writers.

 2) And then there are the expectations based on the story the writers have given us and the promise they have made to us with how they’ve chosen to present their story. These expectations I feel are more fair for us to impose.

Number one I blame on our adoration for the show  combined with some excellent fanfiction. I am often guilty of number one and have to constantly remind myself that it’s not fair. Maybe it doesn’t happen to others as often as it happens to me, but I find myself reading a really good story in which the Hannah storyline was resolved a lot more to my satisfaction and think, why couldn’t the writers have done it this way? Or how about this one (my personal favorite): there’s no way Booth and Brennan had sex the night of VNM’s death.  And that’s mostly because of my expectation regarding the first time these two characters would go there and how that expectation simply did not match what the writers gave us.  But it IS their story and it’s not really fair to be upset because I wanted first time to happen in X way, but it actually happened in Z way.

And then there’s numero dos, and the expectations we have accumulated based on what has happened not just in season 6, but throughout the show.  Is it fair to expect that come next season Booth and Brennan will be in domestic bliss with baby girl (insert name of choice)? No.   Though I would venture that if BB have a boy, there will be grumblings because a lot of us, haha, expect a girl. See how that’s unfair? It’s a minor point, to be sure, but what gender the writers pick for the baby should not be subjects to the desires and hopes of all the fans that have been waiting for Baby Girl Booth since the pilot.

On the other hand, is it unfair to expect that there will be no doubt for the audience that Booth won’t have the same access issues with this baby as he had with Parker? To that I say a heck no! And not because  we want a happy, domestic Booth and Brennan, (I don’t think we should expect that) but because to portray otherwise would be to ignore the last six years.  It may be that this is my personal expectation but I don’t think that it is an unfair one to impose on the writers. For six years Brennan has had a first row seat to Booth’s struggles with being a part time father, she knows how he feels about it and to have any kind of storyline that would invalidate that would be to invalidate six years of story and character development.  I guess my whole point is that there are some things that we have earned the right to expect based on six years of storyline, even if that storyline has been inconsistent at times.  

Another example  of something which I would  love to see in season 7, but which would not be fair to cry about if the writer’s don’t meet those expectations, would be a storyline relating to Booth’s father or his family background.

But on the other side of the coin, do I expect to see something more between BB than just two partners having a baby? Absolutely.  The whole premise of the show is that Booth and Brennan are more than just partners, something the characters have never really been able to truly embrace. Do I expect that to change for season 7? Yes, otherwise what would be the point of the last six years?

What do you think? Do you have a different take on the expectations we as viewers have on the show? Are there things you expect because you always imagined happening that way on the show? Are there things you expect because the writers have led you down that path? What are your expectations for season 7? The fun, fanfic-y ones AND the must happen ones? Let’s discuss!  (though keep it spoiler free!)


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  1. I don’t have any expectations for Season 7. After this year when we got a pregnancy before we saw a real kiss between Brennan and Booth I have no idea what the writers have in mind anymore. I’m honestly afraid we will get an Ozzie & Harriet-like Booth and Brennan and by that I mean a very chaste relationship with cheek kisses and then right to the focus on the baby.

    I’m sure the work relationship will be where we Booth & Brennan are still themselves with the bickering type stuff going on, but the intimate part of the relationship, I don’t expect them to act like Angela & Hodgins, but some outward signs of affection would be nice like a cheek kiss, quick hug or even lingering look that makes them smile at each other and not turn away. I figure if I expect nothing then anything they decide to show us will be a bonus.

    That sounds really negative, but I’m one of the fans who are getting tired of having to guess what’s going on behind closed doors between B&B.

  2. I for one would like to see them get back to solving some really tough cases. I think having Booth and Brennan as partners in work and in life will make for some very interesting conversations around crime scenes and in the lab. I actually missed the bickering that they do when both think they are right about something, so add in a romantic relationship and Brennan’s pregnancy and we should have some very funny or at least fascinating conversations.

    Like you, I expect Brennan to be more understanding about Booth’s place in her world when it comes to their child. Brennan was an abandoned child and she more than most would understand the importance of having Booth in their baby’s life.

    The baby, I would love for the child to be a daughter but a boy would not upset me. I think Booth would be more gaga over a little baby girl; but, I can see him being excited over a baby boy also. I sure would love to see Parker come into some stories in season 7. His reaction to the whole thing would be very interesting.

    What I would hope the writers would show us is how Booth and Brennan handle work and their personal life. I don’t need fluff. I just think the angst Booth would have about Brennan out in the field should be addressed. We know that Booth has always been very protective about Brennan so the writers should show us how Booth and Brennan work around his concerns in the show and show us that Brennan still does not want to be overly protected. Brennan’s concerns that she maintain her position at the Jeffersonian should come into the show early and the writers should at least mention how the FBI caved in and let them continue to work together.

    This is my hopes: I would like to see Booth’s Dad, explain what happened to Booth’s Mom, why does Booth hate clowns, why does Brennan hate snakes, will Booth move in with Brennan or will they both find a new place, and the biggest hope of all, Booth and Brennan at least talk about marriage. I am not saying they have to get married. I would just like them to talk about it and see if it is a possibility in the future.

    • I agree with the sex of the baby. I don’t care if it is a boy or girl, because I don’t think that is important to the story. I doubt the show will still be on the air when the child is a teenager, so the sex of the baby probably won’t matter. Michelle provided enough angst in the teenage years, to give us a little of that.

      I also agree that the content of the cases should improve. This would greatly enhance the show, and take away that soap orers feeling.

  3. My expectations for season 7 are pretty low at this point. I have been fairly miserable over this show since ep 100 and just don’t feel they will give me what I am looking for. Poor me. The great love story that SN is trying to sell me just isn’t coming off for me. I don’t want to imagine important events in their lives. Isn’t that what the show is for?

    So, I guess, get away from the “great love story.” Put it in the background and have Brennan help Booth resolve his family issues as he has helped her resolve her issues with her family. If Hodgela is now the great love story of this series, please send them back to Paris. I just don’t care. My emphasis is still & will always be the interaction between Booth & Brennan, their partnership and love story…. if I don’t have to imagine it.

  4. Wow! Great, but difficult question for first thing Monday morning. I think that the writers owe us some consistency in the plot of the show. Something that didn’t happen in season 6, but that was discussed last week.

    I do have certain expectations for season 7, but I am unsure of what the writers and HH will do. I wouldn’t say that I don’t trust HH, but I have very little confidence in him. I know he needs to think ahead, and what is good for the show in season 8, but I feel he owes us something from being loyal through all these plot twists of his.

    I expect to see some type of relationship between Booth and Bones, and by that I mean something, not porn, but more than looks across a crowded room.

    I want them to be together when the baby is born, if they create another Rebecca situation with them, I think that would be unfair to the Booth character line. He doesn’t deserve that, he has been beaten up, and treated way too cruely the past two seasons, but this is one of my opinions, and it may not be a fair expectation.

    In a perfect world, they would be together at the start of season 7, and moved in together soon after. Since Brennan will be in her third trimester, I think they need to move fairly quickly in order to have them established, by the time the baby is born, but that again is my opinion, not theirs.

    I expect to see the continuing bickering between Booth and Bones. This has been part of their relationship for the past 6 seasons, and if they change personalities, it would be very unfair to us, as loyal watchers.

    I do have more opinions, but I will connect to other BT comments as the arises.

  5. I had a very revealing conversation with my daughter yesterday.

    She’s a fan of the show in the casual, normal sense of the world – i.e., she’s seen all the episodes and knows what’s happened and what’s going on but doesn’t spend any extra time reading blog posts, watching YouTube videos, questioning the significance of clocks or arm holding, or analyzing song lyrics. Like 99% of the TV watching world, she just watches the show and is entertained. (I know, I think it’s sad, too.)

    Anyway, my grandson was asleep when she came to pick him up so in my reprieve from a never-ending loop of Blues Clues, I was watching “Man in the Fallout Shelter.” She said something like, she was so glad they were finally a couple because they were so cute together and that, of course, led me to start a conversation asking why she thought they were a couple, etc. To her, a casual fan, it was just obvious.

    And, I realized the show is really written on two levels and that maybe, I should pay a little more attention to the first level instead of diving right to the second. In order to net a large audience, what the writers show has to make sense to a wide group of people and not just the ones who care enough to delve into the details and look for underlying clues. So, sometimes, what seems too obvious to actually be true is what actually happened, simply because that’s what the large group needs to see. Sometimes, Mark Evans is just a neighborhood boy and not a long-lost family member, you know? But as an added bonus, they give us the extra layer – the clock and the “you can be my girlfriend” and both of them lost in thought the next day, to give those of us who are hungry for more something to chew on. The casual viewer never notices those things because s/he is happy with the story on the surface. Happy enough to keep watching, which is the goal . . . right?

    What I hope for next season is that that the show they give me on the surface is meaty enough that I don’t have to look beneath it to feel full. I’ve read some great, fluffy fanfic since you guys introduced me to it but as much fun as it is and as satisfying as it to read about Max punching Booth or Booth delivering his own child, I know I’m not going to see any of that. I just want them to continue to hold my interest, and to do it in a way that’s organic to the characters I love.

    • Love the Harry Potter reference!

    • I was talking to my cousin Patsy yesterday and she said she had mentioned that she missed the last three episodes of Bones. I asked her if she wanted me to tell what happened and she said yes. After finishing up by saying Booth and Brennan were going to have a baby, her reaction, “it’s about darn time”. She is like your daughter. She is a casual viewer and just loves the show. She watches when she can and if not gets me to tell what is going on. She doesn’t worry about anything going on in the show. She just wants Booth and Brennan together.

  6. This show is like that boyfriend that you just keep taking back (or at least sleep with again). You know he’s never really going to change but you just can’t stop yourself from holding out the tiniest spark of hope…

    Eh. For season 7, I expect nothing and everything. By which I mean I think the writers have set the stage for multiple scenarios. B&B could be “together” or they could be contemplating being “together” or they could have been together and broken up already. Or they could be partners platonically and amicably trying to raise a child together.

    No, I don’t put any stock in Stephen Nathan’s interviews. He was careful to qualify everything “together as much as they can be” and “forced into a situation” and only in the very last interview did he finally use the phrase “in love.” But look, B&B have been in love with each other for a long time, that doesn’t mean they plan to do anything about it.

    And what the showrunner says in the summer and what actually appears on the screens come fall and winter…

    I hope that the writers are as tired of the angst and misery as I am and would like to give all these characters a little freaking happiness for a change. But the ratings were just fine during the Season of Pain so why should they change things?

    And since keeping B&B at arm’s length is such a successful ploy, why give that up? Season 6 has reduced shipper expectations so much that we are practically wetting our pants because OMG after she said she was pregnant he effing SMILED at her. Hallelujah! True love! Five years of countless examples of physical and verbal affection and we are thankful that Booth smiled at the woman he has allegedly been in love with from the moment he laid eyes on her when she tells him she is pregnant with his child. Oh be still my heart. But it was a BIG SMILE so see? That makes up for everything!

    Bitter, party of one! Yes, apparently I am still bitter.

    HH is actually brilliant in a malicious sort of way. He’s given the audience what they seem to want – B&B had sex, here’s the proof, she’s pregnant – but he gets to keep his will they/won’t they. The prospect of seeing B&B actually touch each other or exchange words of something vaguely resembling fondness will be the big juicy carrot dangled over every episode.

    So that’s what I expect. A relationship between B&B that could be anything and is expected to exist largely in the imagination of the viewer.

    I really hope I get to eat crow on this one, because what I expect to see doesn’t strike me as much fun to watch.

    • I’ll join your Bitter party. I have said it before on different sites, that I will be happy to be proven wrong about B&B’s non-relationship. I’m really hoping that everything romantic does not happen off-screen.

      I’m fine with the cases. The really intense ones went away some time in Season IV when HH decided to make the show more light-hearted and I don’t think we’ re ever going back to those although he may sprinkle one or two throughout the season.

      Since HH & DB have always maintained that Booth & Brennan are together I don’t really expect too much more in the way of how they interact romantically with one another.

      • I thought a few of the cases in season 5 were of the intense nature of past seasons. Plain in the Prodigy – I really liked the “random act of violence” aspect, because as often as not, people get killed for really stupid, pointless reasons. And the case in Goop on the Girl too. I also liked Harbingers in the Fountain, for the “can’t get him on murder but can get him on other crimes, is that enough justice?” aspect.

        Season 6 had a lot of victims that I honestly didn’t care very much about. I think the characters’ personal issues took precedence over the cases and even though I am a diehard shipper, I think that was a mistake. Would my expectations for a meaty resolution to the B/B/H triangle have been so high if it had been as far in the background as say B/B/Cam?

        I don’t know. I do think, however, that whatever is going to be put front and center in the episode needs to be worthy of that placement.

        In the past I would agree with HH and DB – that Booth and Brennan have always been together. If so much emphasis had not been placed on the relationship/love triangle then it might not matter to me so much that we have no outward sign that they are now “together” together.

    • We think so much alike.

  7. It’s a television show. I expect to be entertained. Full stop.

  8. I find that with fewer expectations I actually do better. Not because I’m sure the show will disappoint and that way if I expect the worst things are bound to be better, but because (for the most part) I’ve always been surprised and generally pleased with the ways the writers have tackled storylines. So why create a mold for myself that is bound to different but no less good that what ends up being provided? Leaving the length of the Hannah arc out of it (one of my main problems with it), I’m pretty satisfied with the way things have developed so far. Still, just like you I have broad expectations for next season based on what we’ve been given. Tops is that they are a couple (which I think is a given given the bowling kiss) and that at some point they will be living together (I also hope this isn’t one of the things we’ve missed, but I realize it’s possible.) And I’d love to see a little affection although I know it won’t be Hodgela style, but I’m also fully prepared for the fact that anything with even moderate sizzle will have to wait until after Emily’s maternity leave. I respect the current “expectant” situation and i wouldn’t want the actors to be made uncomfortable at this point just to satisfy my own needs. After the leave though, I would want something along those lines; we’ve been waiting for ever at this point to see a little love between B/B and not just to “feel it.” Considering all we got in season 6 were two hugs, a kiss on the cheek and a massage, well, I’d say we’re overdue for some,

    • I agree wtih you Maria. I would like to see some sizzle after Brennan (ED) has her baby. It sure wouild be lovely to see. In the mean time, meaningful looks and cuddles and kisses would be fine with me.

  9. I can’t help but expect some changes in the way B & B interact with each other. I expect some romance and of course some of their topics of discussion should be of a more personal nature. In my mind, the cases are there to further the character development and relationships. I do usually enjoy the more intense cases especially when they are used to show a character’s past. As to specifics, I am trying hard not to put too many expectations into it because I don’t want to be disappointed and I don’t want it to skew my opinions about what happens on screen. Sometimes I am afraid the writers will pay attention to what the fans say and purposely do the opposite just for the shock value –and that is sad that my trust in the writers is that weak!

  10. I’d like to see more exuberance in Brennan. Like the kick in the first Hot Blooded. Or her performance in the circus. She is so much more fun when she’s happy and unrestrained. More risk taking by Booth, a little more on Max’ background. And some great cases with unexpected twists. But I’ll take what I can get. I love this show!

    • Yes! I think all it takes is a happy Brennan and a happy Booth? Bring it on!

    • I agree with you about a happy Brennan. Also, more Max stories would be cool. Like you , I will take what the writers send our way. I may have some expectations but this isn’t my story so I am happy to see what comes next. I too love this show.

  11. Bones expectations? None. Whatever the fans hope to see happen, never will. If you expect A to happen, Z will actually occur. Is this good writing? Are they keeping me on the edge of my seat with this type of writing? Not really, in my opinion. I didn’t get excited when he smiled at her. I thought to myself this great build up of the culmination of what was suppose to be Booth and Brennan’s journey had officially turned into a crappy story at that moment.

    I used to look forward to what they were going to show me, with these two characters. Now I watch to see how further they are going to destroy this story. I have absolutely no more expectations with where they are going to take these two. It has now become the show I watch to see how it will eventually implode. Booth and Brennan’s story used to be beautiful and now it is just painful to watch, in my opinion. Instead of it being a great story I couldn’t wait to see unfold, I now watch to see how they will further ruin this show and these characters. Bones has now become a television show train wreck that I am now watching out of morbid curiousity.

    Predictions for season seven:

    1. We will see two work partners who are preparing to have an offspring, nothing more.
    2. Booth will still be putting Brennan through little tests to see if she is still worth his time.
    3. Poorly written predictable cases, with the usual Chia pet body of the week.
    4. I’m thinking that since they tried to show us that Booth is such an honorable guy and that he supposedly never ever cheats on any woman he is with. This will be the year he actual does. Now that he is with Brennan and she is pregnant, this will be the year that we see Booth cheat. That is something we would never expect to see. So that is probably what they will write for him next year. Of course we can’t have Brennan doing anything other than forgive Booth and pretend like it doesn’t really matter to her.
    5. Stephen Nathan still giving interviews, making an attempt to explain what they are supposedly trying to get across, with every other script they are writing for this show. The audience still not getting it, though.
    6. The writer’s like to paint Booth as good and Brennan as bad. I expect that this will continue.
    7. Booth will continue to be right and Brennan will continue to be wrong.
    8. With season seven, I expect this show to further diminish in quality. I base this on what I’ve seen them attempt to write in both of season five and six of this show.

    • This makes me feel sad. I suppose it might be like a car accident on the highway or post-natural disaster photos – a compulsion to view?

      I would not want to continue to watch a show that made me feel as this show now seems to make you feel. In fact, I have stopped watching programs for exactly this reason. This is the beauty of entertainment vs real life – there is an off-button.

      • I agree with Janet, the reason we indulge ourselves in these shows i cuz were escaping from reality but whats the point if the show makes you feel worse than problems in real life?

      • I’m all for constructive criticism, especially because I do think it does sometimes gets back to the writers, but like ProfeJMarie says, why continue to watch and comment about something that makes for so much unhappiness? I’m honestly perplexed by that.

    • Wow, K, while you’re certainly entitled to your opinion (and it’s an understandable one considering a lot of what happened in season 6), I honestly wonder why you bother to still watch the show. I don’t say this to be mean, but it sounds like the show is simply making you miserable and you don’t even like the characters anymore. Is morbid curiosity really that strong?

      Some of your predictions for season 7 could be valid and if they come true, there’s obviously a problem with the show. For example, the possibility that all we’ll see it’s two work partners preparing to have a child together is something that doesn’t bear thinking about but I guess it’s not impossible that the writers won’t show us more than that. (I believe they will, but a lot of the times what they mean to convey and what we actually see are not the same things.

      However, something like prediction number 4 is just a little too much for me to accept. Not because I think Booth is a saint (I do believe he’s handled some things wrong this season) but because I just simply can’t see the writers doing something like that. The character of Booth is not perfect (and we’ve seen that this season) but to actually think the writers are going to write him cheating on the woman he’s been in love with for years and the mother of his child … that’s just … I can only laugh because where could you possibly be getting this from.

      I understand bitterness with season 6 and I”m not going to pretend I don’t share a lot of it, but I will watch season 7, optimistically. Maybe that makes me utterly naive, but when the show starts making me so miserable that I can’t find the main characters likeable at all, that’s when I’ll stop watching.

    • Hmm. I really don’t understand, I guess, the appeal of continuing to watch something you hate. I will say that I think you’re probably likely to see what you expect to see (well, apart from Booth cheating on Brennan – they’re too aware of the characters they’ve created to do that.)

      But I don’t see Booth always being ‘right’ so I expect that whatever it is you see that you interpret that way will continue to be there, because I really don’t think we’re going to see big character changes in either of them.

      As to Stephen Nathan explaining the show…I hate to say this because I know the response I’ll probably get, but from what I can tell, most of the time when he does that it’s for a specific subset of the audience. I work with a number of people (six or so, from different buildings, who don’t necessarily know one another) who watch Bones on a casual basis – they’re big enough fans to have watched the finale live (not DVR’d) but not one of them posts on message boards, reads TV blogs and Q&A’s or etc – and not one of them expressed any confusion about how the season ended.

      They were rather perplexed when I noted the Q&A SN did and fan anger about how the season ended. There was nothing ambiguous about it at all. Two of them weren’t wild about the pregnancy, but are still planning to watch the show and see what the show does with it.

      I’m not in any way criticizing people who didn’t see what they wanted to see and are unhappy about it. But I think SN’s explanations are for the part of the audience who expects to see something very specific rather than those who simply watch the story every week and take it at face value.

      I’m not saying all casual fans liked the season or how it ended – I know that’s not true. I’m just noting that there really is a difference in how the majority of casual fans interpret the show and in how those of us (including myself here) who are, um, rather rabid about it and prone to having very specific expectations do. And most of the online interviews and Q&A’s, etc. are more for our benefit than the people I know who watch the show every week but never go looking for interviews or comments on it from the writers.

    • See….posts like this confuse me. They honestly do.

      I watch Bones because i enjoy it. Do i enjoy every aspect of it all the time? No. But after i watch an episode i am more likely to come away feeling satisfied and content than disappointed and sad.

      TV is entertainment. It’s an escape from real life. When things get bad you can flick to your favourite TV program, or a favourite episode and feel better for a little while. It’s here to be enjoyed and the moment you stop enjoying a TV show is the moment you turn the channel.

      I’ll apologise now because i’m probably not going to be as pleasant as others (mainly because i’m not as nice 😉 ) but that’s because i lost patience with people who watched the show (and any other show for that matter) just to complain about it a long time ago. If you don’t like a show….if, as you’ve said, the show started to diminish in quality in S5 then why watch S6? And if you hated S6 so much, and think so little of the writers and the characters they’re creating, then why watch S7?

      So you can complain? Ruin others enjoyment? Because your TV is stuck on Fox? Or have you lost the remote?

      Watching something you KNOW makes you miserable is something i’ll never be able to understand. No one is holding a gun to your head and if you turn the channel the world isn’t going to end.

      I have stopped watching shows for exactly the reasons you have stated. The writing diminished in quality, the stories they told no longer held my interest and the characters lost their originality. That was my choice…i didn’t force myself to watch something i disliked in the hopes of seeing it fall further in decline. The fact is, the show i no longer watch is still on the air and people still watch it. I’m just no longer one of those ‘people’.

  12. I haven’t had a chance to read people’s answers but here are my two requirements for season 7:

    1. Full acknowledgement of a B&B romantic relationship- this could be accomplished through a B&B conversation, B&B conversations with friends or through #2 but it needs to be said aloud (not like with Angela)
    2. PDA, damnit! I don’t mean affection in front of their friends – I mean affection in front of us!

    There is a lot more that I want out of Season 7 but I need the two requirements to be met for me to even start to feel that these seasons have been worth it.

    What I want is an entirely different story. I want a little angst. Before Brennan was pregnant, I really wanted her to be in danger just so we could see how much she REALLY means to Booth. I just want to see that somehow. The fact that Booth wanted Brennan to stay at his apartment wasn’t enough for me. I want to see a little of that “She is the one and only and I can’t live without her” look that I know DB can pull off very well! Anyone have any recommended fanfic I can take a look at to help pass the time?

  13. First of all, “Or how about this one (my personal favorite): there’s no way Booth and Brennan had sex the night of VNM’s death.” Long Live Team DTNBPTNAWBGB!!!! 🙂

    Secondly, as far as expectations, I don’t really know what to want to expect, if that makes any sense. They really threw me a curveball when they decided to write in Emily’s pregnancy, which I honestly thought they would not do, so I have no idea! How does B&B continue to do what they do with a baby? What about Parker? What about….well, so many questions arise in my mind….

    …but I guess when it comes down to it, I would like some sort of “coupley” behavior. Somewhere in between the “wild monkey” stuff and like, hand holding. I would like more of the Buck/Wanda comfortability between the two of them, a pay-off of sorts for the years of UST they shared. I’m truly trying to keep an open mind here and just see where they take us, but it is hard to keep expectations from controlling my happiness or contentment with the show.

    Like you said, I want them to do things that are true to the six seasons we’ve seen of these characters, like you said with Brennan watching Booth’s fathering struggles. They’d better not put Booth through it again, because that would negate her growth, and just cause more pain for Booth. As long as they stay true to these characters that we’ve followed for so long, I think we’ll have a great next season! *crossing fingers*

  14. Also, others have stated this, but I do recommend getting some DVDs or Netflix, and rewatching some of the “magic”. Last night, stopping my my parents’ house, they had on the ep, where Gordon Gordon was back and being a chef, Booth was worried about passing his marksmanship test, and the death was of the little person in the sinkhole (not sure of the ep name)…but Gordon Gordon is talking to Booth in the kitchen, advising him about his feelings for Brennan and that a woman is the cure for his problem, and that if he brings Brennan to the test, he will not fail her. He is to protect her, so he needs that certification, and so, he brought her. And he did not fail. Sigh 🙂

    These moments are important to the series. We cannot take and base our feelings on a few eps in season 6. We have to take in everything as a whole and try to look big picture. I think that is what HH and crew want us to do anyway. When I watch really sweet moments (like as in GG telling that to Booth), it restores my faith and joy in the show. When I watch Booth knowing her favorite planet is Jupiter, I smile. When I watch Brennan trying to make jokes saying “I’m becoming quite amusing”, I smile. When I watch them going out as Wonder Woman and Clark Kent after a really bad first date, I chuckle.

    Season 6 was like breaking your arm. Yeah, it hurts like heck. You have to set it, and let it heal. Usually breaks heal stronger in that spot then they were before. I think that is what they are going for in Season 7 (I’m seriously hoping so!)

    So, I’d recommend watching those older eps. And not just the really amazing ones, but also the ones that fall by the wayside…because alot of those have little wonderful gems between B&B and they remind us, well me anyway, of the bigger picture of Bones. And I’m happy again!

    • I agree bb! That made me smile just reading it!

    • See, I have the opposite problem. When I watch older episodes it depresses the heck out of me, because it just reminds me of what is gone and can’t ever really come back. Maybe that’s a truism of life in general, I don’t know….

      Last night I watched The Witch in The Wardrobe and it’s a post-100 so it’s B&B at one of their lower moments. And yet, you felt the connection between them, at least, I did. When Booth burned his little totem of Bones, it was obvious that he still cared for her and he wanted her to be happy, even if he ultimately wasn’t a part of her happiness. I got none of that in season 6. And maybe the things that happened by then are the reason he didn’t feel that way anymore, fair enough.

      So show us how he feels now. I don’t think we got that. I honestly do not know how Booth feels about Brennan. He was excited at the prospect of a future relationship with her in Blizzard. Then he kept her at arms length until she literally begged him for a hug in Hole in the Heart. Then he smiled when she said she was pregnant. These are not enough clues for me and honestly, I don’t think it’s because I lack imagination.

      • I agree that the older episodes sometimes do make me realize just how lacking in quality season 6 was. And that’s sad. Good storytelling and character development just didn’t happen in season 6 and that’s just something that we accept in one of two ways. One, we decide season 7 will be more of the same and thus stop watching or two, decide that we’re going to give season seven a try and hope the writers do a better job. To me it’s a simple as that. Was I thrilled with season 6? Not even close. Am I giving up on the show? I’m not there yet.. Do I plan to watch season 7? So far yes.

        I too hope that the connection between Booth and Brennan does not become so subtle that you have to squint to see it. Though, I don’t think that Booth kept Brennan at arm’s length after Blizzard, nor do I feel that in HitH, Brennan had to beg Booth for comfort. I know there’s been general dissatisfaction with that scene– and I respect that as we all see different things– but I honestly think Booth had pushed enough that night and just needed to be sure that he wasn’t crossing some line. I mean, he’s the one that flat out tells her she’s going to stay at his place, he’s the one that takes her hand and sits her on the bed with him and in the end this is Brennan and I think he’s still very much feeling his way with her. Whether he should be so cautious or not, maybe that’s another story, but in that scene-to me-there’s no way he doesn’t want to comfort her (I don’t think he had her stay home with him so he could keep her safe), he just needed to make sure that she wanted that comfort.

      • This is the principal cause of the major cock-up that was season 6. All of the plot points that started and were dropped and the whole Hannah arc end with the fact that we, the viewers, have no idea what was or is going through Booth’s head. Brennan was easy to follow given that she spent the season figuring out what she should have known years ago, that she loves Booth and will stand by him. But given what the writers did with episodes that featured intense looks by Booth at Brennan followed by flippant remarks about her, on again, off again, it was impossible to follow. We had writers telling us that Booth would never stopped loving Brennan followed by interviews where they told us he really loved Hannah followed by lines that told us Hannah wasn’t a consolation prize followed by episodes where he would always love Brennan the most. I’ve never seen such a screwed up narrative. Now a couple of looks and a smile are supposed to settle all that? Don’t think so. Paint me not happy with the present situation.

      • I’m not ready to give up yet either, bbmagic, but I’m to the point where I’m no longer willing to do all the heavy lifting for the show.

        I think I understand the story HH thinks he is telling; two damaged people who don’t know how to ask for what they want and aren’t even sure they can be happy trying to reach each other and finally succeeding.

        But if I don’t actually SEE that? I’m not going to parse and pause and analyze every frame and line of dialogue to make it appear.

      • Barbara, I get it and I agree. One big problem with season 6, I believe, is that it required the viewer to do a lot more heavy lifting than in any other season. One big fail is that what the writers wanted to convey (based on what they said) was NOT what was conveyed. I mean, it was kinda of a mess, right? “Oh, you’re going to see this and that” and a lot of it, we were like what? We didn’t see any of that! And the writers should have just said, oh, my bad, that didn’t come across how we expected. But of course, they didn’t, they were stubborn and refused to admit that a lot of the storylines where falling flat. I can only hope they learned from their mistakes and apply that to season 7.

        I do not, however, feel like the scene in HitH was one of those where we had to do the heavy lifting, lol. I guess I felt I understood what the writers were doing and the actors did a great job with it, imo. Everything from Brennan’s immediate but millisecond bristle to Booth trying to figure out what to do not to leave the living room, lol. But of course, reasonable minds can disagree, lol! 🙂

        I’m glad you haven’t given up. I haven’t either and I really do hope that season 7 doesn’t make me!

      • bbmagic, I agree that Booth’s pussyfooting around in the living room during Hole in the Heart was his way of hanging around in hopes that Brennan would ask for what he wanted to give. The problem I had with the rest of that episode was that TPTB just had to have their little 4:47 Easter egg and that little detail means that Brennan sat alone in the living room crying for hours before seeking comfort. And that’s just sad to me.

        Now I, personally, assumed they had sex that morning. But the great debate and kerfuffle – even after Stephen Nathan gave an interview that said of the pregnancy “they had sex in the last episode and this is the result”, people still disagree whether they had sex – – well, that tells me something wasn’t communicated well and I’d say what wasn’t communicated was how they went from crying to sex. A single line of dialogue would have bridged that gap.

        It strikes me as similar to Blackout in the Blizzard, when they went from “we’d never work as a couple” to “Let’s burn dates and promise to try!” without any onscreen transition either.

        Whatever they show or don’t show – I just want it to make sense and be clear. I don’t want a car conversation about why Brennan doesn’t want to move in together and then there’s a scene were she’s packing, you know what I mean? If the audience is supposed to KNOW it, then SHOW it, is my motto for season 7.

      • haha, that’s a good motto! I’m really hoping season 7 is good and I guess my general feeling is that after season 6, there’s nowhere to go but up! 🙂

  15. I’ve always had low exceptions for a show because it’s just a show. If a show grows on you yeah, you want what is best for it and some of us tend to see what we want instead of what we really see. For me, I’d like to have exceptions, but it’s not my story to tell; it’s HH’s. That is what I think makes fanfiction great so that we can tell a story the way we want and have no one else tell us otherwise. On the other hand I kind of hate fanfiction because it makes you forget why you love the show for what it is in the first place. Your expectations get in the way of when they are telling their story rather than the way your story is going on in your head. Does that make sense?

    I just love the show for what it is, and I don’t think it is as bad as some shows have gotten (I am so not going to name some.). Bones is one of those that hasn’t made me angry YET.

    I’m trying not to be a pain in the you know what, I’m just saying that sometimes you have to enjoy a show because you like it and quit making high markers at where they should and shouldn’t stand. It isn’t going to be on forever and sometimes you just have to accept what they are and aren’t showing. That’s just enjoy the ride while it’s still here.

    IMO – Sometimes when people write fanfic it sounds more like soaps to me than the show. I hate soaps, and I think Grey’s is more soapish than Bones ever is. Bones is a crime show, and not really a (Molly is sleeping with Greg, Greg is sleeping behind Molly’s back ect.) I really hate those kind of shows…… XD

  16. What would I really like to see in season 7? A return to the witty two-way banter of early seasons with the obvious undertones of affection.
    I missed that so much in season 6…mostly Brennan’s wit and Booth’s affection.
    I don’t care if the baby is a boy or a girl. I don’t care if they live together or get married. After season 6, I have very low expectations. I’ve realized they usually lead to disappointment and I’m tired of being disappointed in my favorite show.
    But if they skip over the baby’s birth the way they did everything else…well…I won’t do anything. I’ll keep watching regardless. It’s Bones and I’m addicted.

    • Completely agree. The basics of the show is what I love. My previous disappointments came from too many expectations. I want to be excited and love Season 7, so I plan on not thinking too much about it in the meantime.

  17. Oh! Light bulb moment!

    What do I really want to see out of Season 7?

    I want to see Brennan learn to look forward. Her whole life and career have been about looking back, to the past.

    I want her to learn, from Booth, that there is value in looking to the future.

    • That I think is the best comment so far, IMO. That would make for a great season 7. Love it!!!!! 🙂

    • I would love that too! Hope for the future…along with Happiness. Love, laughter, friendship, purpose… and a dance. I want to see all of it at the same time.

  18. I want to see witty banter.
    I want to see more happy times between B&B.
    I want to see stronger cases.
    I would be perfectly fine if the number of sentimental moments between them stayed the same. To me, they’re sweeter that way, and I want it to stay in character (whatever that means.) I still like the subtle aspect of their relationship, but hopefully things won’t be too subtle.
    Mostly, I just want to be entertained.

  19. It’s fascinating to me that many of us equate expectations with what we want. I’m not sure it’s the same thing, or maybe that’s just for me.

    There are things I’d like to see which I think are unlikely. But I’m satisfied with what I expect to see.

    Bearing in mind that part of the problem (IMO) is that we see different things in what they show us, I expect to see two people with a deep bond, who’ve loved one another for years, struggling to figure out what being a couple actually means for them. I think we’ll see Brennan exploring how she feels about being a parent (and I won’t see any contradiction between that and Critic if she has doubts.)

    I think we’ll see moments of connection and love between them – though probably not a lot of what I think a lot of people are hoping for – as well as moments of conflict as they try to work out their relationship. I expect episodes to end with moments between them that highlight their bond and connection, and that they’ll still bicker over case stuff.

    I think the pregnancy will be played very differently from Angela’s, including the birth.

    I don’t think things will be as different between them as many want, because I think that’s sort of the point – they’ve been ‘together’ for years in terms of love and that bond, and are going to be the same basic two people, just with a different facet to their relationship.

    I know this isn’t shared by many but I saw a change between them from the end of Hole in the Heart and CitG that’s consistent with what I was expecting from them once they were a couple (but then, I think they actually became a couple at the end of Blizzard) so that dynamic is what I’m expecting from S7. And I’m good with that.

    As to fanfic…I see fanfic as alternate universes. They’re just as valid the show universe and I can fully enjoy them (well, the good ones…) without being thrown because they’re not following canon. It’s the best of all worlds from where I sit. 😀

  20. One thing I’ve always wanted is to see Booth shave. Even more than that (and I guess all of this falls in to the fanfic-y dreams 😉 ) I want Brennan to watch him shave. Just very casually–the two of them, one morning. He’s in a pair of boxers, and she’s wearing his dress shirt, and it’s cliche, but whatevs 🙂

    It isn’t (or at least something like that) completely outside the realm of possibility–when we consider the awkwardness that was so deliberate in some of the Booth and Hannah scenes at his apartment and we consider the natural smoothness of the ‘dream’ scene where Brennan helps Booth with his tie, and they kiss.

    But something else I sort of expect to see happen is that it might be possible for the team to sort of drift apart realistically–especially Angela and Hodgins. Or at least by the end of the series (whether that is this season or not), I think there will be a natural separation that might occur between the characters (not B&B). I don’t know– it’s possible.

    I’m also nearly desperate to see Brennan as a mother, and not in a hijinks kind of a way (though I’m sure there could and will be a couple of moments like that), but in the way a mother looks at her newborn after bringing it home from the hospital. Or in the way she reads science articles to her (haha, yes! GirlBabyBooth! With blue eyes and a dimple in her cheek, kick ass brains and a heart of gold!) in a soothing voice. I don’t want the story to be told about Brennan (which I felt this season was like). I want Brennan to be the story.

    We shall see! Only about 4.5 months! 🙂

    • I really really want to see the new parent scenes, with both of them,

      But, and I hope this doesn’t sound as weird as I think it probably does, but I don’t want to see the belly-worship scenes we saw with Hodgela.

      This isn’t a fake pregnancy, like Angela’s. It’s real. That’s Emily’s baby, not a padded belly. I know they’re professionals but that just doesn’t work for me. It feels . . . disrespectful.

      It won’t affect my desire to watch the show if we suddenly see Booth kneeling in front of the belly, a’la Hodgins, but it will create an ick factor. For me, anyway.

    • Interesting thoughts regarding team separation. I think it would be an interesting theme to explore: would they remain friends without the shared bond of work? Clearly, they had no trouble going their separate ways between seasons 5 and 6 and apparently nobody contacted anybody in that time. So is the Jeffersonian the only thing they really have in common?

      We “know” that Angela and Brennan are friends and Cam and Booth are friends but their non-work interactions tend to revolve around drinking at the Founding Fathers.

      As for seeing Booth shave – hmm…I think the shaving is theoretically possible, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on the Brennan in Booth’s shirt thing. Although after the Hole in the Heart fanfic bonanza of Spontaneous Sleepover AND Loaned FBI Tshirt, anything is possible I suppose!

    • Sarah, please stop! Booth shaving. It’s just too much for my heart to take. ;-D

      Give me a sec. I have to turn up the AC. ;-D

      Booth shaving. OH MY! Fanning self wildly. ;-D

      Your “lips” to HH’s ears. I’d forgive them completely for S6, if they gave us Booth shaving. ;-D

      What is it about a guy shaving that sets my heart racing? And, if the guy is Booth. OH MY! OH MY! OH MY! ;-D

      I just … can’t … go … on … right now. I have to … lie … down and catch my breath. ;-D

    • Your first paragraph actually reminded me of a moment between Grissom and Sara from CSI though Sara wasn’t watching him shave. She was the one shaving his beard and asked him if he trusted her. It was a wonderful moment. Sorry for the trip down memory lane for a different show. Yeah, I would love for the baby to be a girl too.

    • I remember watching this random movie at some stage…Phenomenon with John Travolta who played the angel. Anyway, there’s this scene when the chick (possibly Kyra Sedgewick) sits in front of him and shaves him with an old fashioned razor. One of the.hottest.scenes.ever. I can’t recall the rest of the film, but that scene has stuck with me for years. So yeah, a B&B shaving scene, with Bren then delicately feeling his smooth face has my vote 🙂

  21. I think what most of us are looking forward to from our fav couple is their personal, intimate connection, more than just their partnership. Does it have to be spelled out on the show, probably not, but if they return to solving cases and ignoring the personal relationship or having it play off screen, I wonder what is going to keep the show going. I need to feel their connection, so far, I really don’t other than they are great best friends.

    Yes, HH says viewers tune in for the cases, but I don’t trust or believe him. Both lead actors have said what makes this different from other procedurals are the relationships. Somehow they have to keep the heat between them and it has to be obvious, not just in my imagination. It is just not acceptable, at least to me, that the producers have to explain their motivation after the show has run.

    Some are asking those of us who are disappointed in the series why we still watch. For me I have devoted 6 years of my life to following this show and am hoping for a better or different outcome than I have seen so far. I haven’t reached my line in the sand yet. I guess that is what HH is banking on, just keep that carrot out there dangling.

  22. I don’t know what Season 7 has for us, but I think we need to all channel our inner-Hodgins at this point and have a little faith, baby. Let’s give next season a real shot, and see where it takes us. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised? I’m hoping so!!

  23. I decided at the end of S6 (when i’d calmed down! LOL) to go into S7 with no expectations.

    My problem is what i wanted to see and what i thought we should see…but the fact is this isn’t my story. This is HH’s vision and he’s going to handle it his way. He’s not perfect and I believe he has made mistakes but in the end he is going to write what he writes regardless of what i or anyone else wants.

    So I am going to roll with the punches….go with the flow…and any other metaphor i can think of 😀

  24. I have promised myself to be free of any expectations, but I do have one thing on my wish list: I want to see Brennan singing to her baby. I love her voice, and it would be such a sweet moment. HH, are you reading this?

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