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Scene Study: The Man on the Fairway- Proud You Asked, Temperance


Come on now, show of hands. How many of you got a little shivery when you saw, “Proud you asked, Temperance” ? Is it just me or is that one of those *moments* that will never fail?

This is one of my ‘first’ favorite BONES scenes, and honestly…if you haven’t seen this episode lately, it really is worth a re-watch. Some great Brennan character development and some really good B&B bickering are featured. The episode begins with some fun Brennan and Zack stuff too, but the best stuff is when Booth comes to the Jeffersonian and teases her that she misses him. She denies it and says it’s Zack who misses him. HAHAHAHA! Booth says he and Zack don’t even talk, and Brennan gets on his case about that. Booth says it’s better than shooting him. Word. This episode also includes the wood chipper experiment AND Brennan pinching Booth on the cheek. Yes, it’s worth a re-watch!

While working the case, Brennan and Booth are approached by a man named Jesse who thinks their victim might be his father. Brennan again asks Booth to help investigate, and there is this great moment where Booth agrees, but tries to be all smooth about it, and then he does this double take…

…probably because Brennan is looking at him like this…

Not sure if she’s just pleased or thankful or confident he was going to always say yes 🙂

Considering that a few scenes later, Brennan gets this mysterious smile when Jesse asks her if she had to lean on (or pressure) Booth to get him to help and she says “not at all”,  I think it’s more that she thinks Booth would do a lot for her, if she asks him.

If she’s smiling like that toward a guy that’s not Booth, I at least console myself with the fact that she’s THINKING about Booth! 

It turns out not to be Jesse’s father, but this idea makes Brennan more aware of the disappearance of her own parents. A nice thread throughout the ep is that Jesse is distrusting of law enforcement, and Brennan defends Booth as trustworthy and her partner.

And as the episode ends, Brennan approaches him at Wong Foos. Quick note: Some of these pics might be hazy at best. Some of these season one eps probably had a low budget!

Booth is at his customary spot at the bar while Zack, Angela and Hodgins are at a table.

I like the way Booth looks away there. Sort of that, “Oh, she’s here. Why do I feel so ridiculously happy about that? I know what I’ll do. I’ll look away. Yes, that will prove that I’m completely casual. I’m cool. I’m the cool guy. Playin it cool…”

“How’d Jesse take it?” Booth asks her.

“Like an orphan,” Brennan replies as she sits down.

Booth sort of chuckles, and Brennan asks him, “What?”

“That’s just…that’s a little poetic for you,” he tells her.

“I didn’t mean it that way,” Brennan tells him.

“I want to ask you a favor,” Brennan tells him.

“Oh jeez, another favor,” Booth is kind of a cocky SOB about it…

“I wonder if you wouldn’t mind taking a look at this,” Brennan says as she slides the file over with a few fingers. Booth does the same… as if he’s thinking, “Oh great, another dead body. Probably some ancient someone or other” etc, etc.

Brennan looks very lovely here, doesn’t she? Booth…well, some of you all know that season one hair and the way he’d just unbutton those cuffs always gets me every time! He also is very lovely!

“The file on your parents?” he asks her.

She gives a silent nod, and he sobers up a bit; the cocky teasing is gone.

And, sorry to revert from the plot, but there…that hair right there…that’s…yep…that’s the goods.

Just right there…

The way it sort of brushes against his jacket and shirt. Yessssssss

Kinda reminds me of my all-time favorite Angel hair

From "Waiting in the Wings", and yes, I will never stop calling him pastries.


Okay, okay…this is serious!

“Yeah…yeah, okay,” He tells her.

“Do you want to think about it?” she asks him

“It’s a pretty big favor,” she adds.

“You’d do it for me,” he replies, and I love that. I love the hint of vulnerability in his eyes—not just at the idea that if he ever needed help, she’d help him, but ALSO that he’s ABLE to help her, right? At that time, we didn’t know that much about Booth. We knew a few things, but we’ve learned over the years that he needs to be needed in some ways, and it’s one of his areas of conflict that he needs to be needed by the woman who (appearance-wise) doesn’t need anything. Or anyone, according to her sometimes (at that point). That’s a vulnerable spot for Booth—wanting Brennan to need him. And it also sort of presses him to be worthy of her, which is another of his vulnerable spots. See? All this good early series stuff!

“Yeah, I would,” Brennan replies, and I love that just as much.


Pal Smurfs and I always call it the “Savage Goodness”—just that raw edge that keeps Booth from being too beautiful and perfect, and yet it makes him even more beautiful. Right?

“I’m proud you asked, Temperance.”

Oh, and he brought out the first name too, which…guh, yes. Yes and yes again. When used sparingly and for effect and by Booth when he’s all serious…well, it gets me all shivery. True Confessions of a Bones-aholic 😀

And for the record, I FIRMLY believe that he means “I’m proud to be the one you asked,” and NOT “I’m proud of you for asking someone, yay look at you and your people skills.”

 One is good; the other is a condescending pat on the head.

Just when it’s getting a little warm in here, Zack approaches.

“Um, Dr. Brennan?” he asks.

“Angela wants to know if we should order anything for you,”

“No, I’m not staying, thanks Zack,” she answers.

“Guess we caught another one, right?” he asks Booth. “One for all and all for one?”

“I’ll take a look at this,” Booth speaks only to Brennan, referring to the file on her parents. “See what they didn’t give you and get back to you.”

Zack is all cool like “I get it, I’m awesome. I’m in the cool club, I’m like 0 degrees Celsius, I’m so cool.”

“Back to ignoring Zack?” Brennan asks.

“Okay, I know you don’t approve,” Booth argues. “But you know what? It works for us. It works for HIM, so…”

“I get it,” Brennan interrupts him and smiles at him,

“And…it’s kinda sweet”

“Hey, you know…” he begins, begrudgingly at best!  “Your people are my people.”

“I have people?” Brennan asks, and it’s one of my favorite Brennan moments. I love this new realization she has.

I love the immediate, slightly incredulous look he gives her. Almost like a combo of “Don’t you know how amazing you are/Don’t you know those people worship the ground you walk on…and I’m a little afraid of how much I’M coming to want to be around you every second/Yes, you have people, and they annoy the heck out of me…that’s how much I like you and you don’t even know it?”

He doesn’t say anything else, and I agree with those of you who sometimes comment that at that point, Booth was struggling with how much he liked her. Even without knowing what we eventually learned in the 100th, that they had met and kissed and all of that, I think we can see at this point in the series that Booth is impressed and intrigued with her. And if they didn’t have cases, he’d miss her. And he wants to show her how amazing she is, but knows it would sort of consume him and he’s trying to stop it? Thoughts?

“Hey,” Brennan sort of shrugs in pleased realization. “I have people.”

I love the exchange of vulnerability in this entire scene. Brennan approaches him and wants a favor. Booth brags but then gets serious. Zack approaches and Booth ignores him, and Brennan thinks it’s kinda sweet. Booth says her people are his people, and Brennan is shocked to learn she has people, and Booth is shocked to learn she thinks that, etc, etc…see? What makes it work completely for me is that usually when there is vulnerability on one side, that means power on the other side. Power to hurt. But throughout this series, neither Brennan nor Booth has sought to hurt the other one. I love that. Not to say they haven’t hurt the other one, but there’s always been pain on both sides there. And most of this episode centered around Brennan defending Booth out loud as someone who does have power, but would never use it to hurt anyone. To see it be resolved in this scene and ALSO have there be a resolution that Booth admires Brennan is good writing. It’s not the cap to an episode that sums up the entire case and gets in just a few witty comments, sexy looks, etc, etc…I think there is real substance to this scene. I also think that it’s interesting to take a look at Booth’s reaction to Brennan having people. We know now that Booth is sort of a loner, that he never really partnered with anyone till Brennan (ever make you wonder why and how he knew all of those “it’s what partners do” stuff? 😀 )

I’ve always kind of argued that I never really saw Brennan loving another man. Her expression of intimate love for another person (letting him/her in to see the good, bad and ugly-beautiful truth and also wanting to know another person’s truth) has always been shaped toward Booth. And in some ways, his view of partnership and love is also shaped toward her, and I think this episode and scene speak to that. Thoughts from you on that?

Brennan gets up to leave, and she pats Booth on the shoulder.

(next time someone is bored and watches through every single episode of Bones… keep a tally of Brennan touching Booth and Booth touching Brennan. Wonder who does it the most? It might be interesting!)

As Brennan walks away, Booth picks up the file.

And he looks it over, settling on a picture of Brennan as a young girl. Does anyone know if that is a picture of Emily Deschanel? It could be. Very sweet.

Brennan turns and watches him for a moment before leaving, and Booth smiles, perhaps in spite of himself.

This is one of those first scenes where (even though I’d seen Santa in the Slush and the B&B love was the reason I wanted to see more), I remember thinking, “Oh…this could be kind of a love story of these two people.” I really liked how they made each other crazy but also had this trust–very deep trust, combined with the vulnerability and all of that. And the hair. 😀

Peace, Love & Bones,



37 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Man on the Fairway- Proud You Asked, Temperance

  1. Ooooooh, now I’m all gooey and mushy because I just luuuuuved this scene, and the reason I always come away grinning like an idiot is that very last moment. That moment when Booth is looking, for the first time, at a young Temperance Brennan (I do think it’s ED – it just looks like her!) and he gets that smile on his face and I can feel . . . I can just FEEL . . . his heart shifting a bit.

    This scene also reminds me why I will never ever ever again cut my hair short. I love the romantic way Brennan’s hair falls to the side and surrounds her face as she’s talking to him. It’s so pretty.

  2. I’m proud you asked, Temperance.” I always take that to mean that Booth is proud that she asked him to help her out on something so private. Brennan is such a private person and at this point in their relationship, Brennan trusted Booth and was really letting herself become friends with him. We know after seeing 100 that they both had ended their first case on a very sour note and it took up until this episode for her to really see that Booth was very trustworthy. I do agree that it was significant that she argues with Jesse during this episode that Booth was trustworthy. She is presenting this fact to Jesse and to herself.

    By the way, when they argue earlier that Brennan may have missed working with Booth, I think is significant. She did miss working with Booth; but at this time, there was no way she would admit that to him or anyone else, including herself. She is still very guarded as to whom she will allow to get close to her. That is why she is so surprised when she learns “she has people” and that her people are now Booth’s people, which makes Booth her people also.

    You also bring up an interesting point about partners and how Booth never seemed to have any partners, was sort of a loner and yet seemed to have a lot of interesting ideas of what partners did for each other. The truth be told, I think he made these “truths” up as he went when it came to Brennan. Booth really had to change himself to work with a partner and Brennan was the catalyst for that change. We talk about how Brennan has changed over the years; but, I think we saw a lot of change in Booth as well.

  3. @Lenora, I kind of take your view on that quote, “I’m proud you asked, Temperance.” I always take that to mean that Booth is proud that she asked him to help her out on something so private.”

    Great scene study, I love their little moments like this. It’s truly why we are all fans of the show and these actors. They way the two of them look at each other…its all the stuff they don’t say out loud to each other.

    Also great point about Booth not having had partners before and so he did have to change some to be less of a loner, but I don’t think he was totally making it up as he went along either. We know Booth has certain “ideals” like getting married someday that he wants for himself. Even if he hasn’t had it yet himself, he knows what he’s always wanted, and has certain ideas of what that looks like. Sometimes he’s idealized a situation probably too much, but in the partner thing, I think he gets it right.

    He’s had Special Agent training, and I would assume seen other police/FBI partnerships in action. He knows the importance of trusting your partner, being on the same page, etc and how that can be important to basically staying alive in tense situations. On this he would have knowledge, and he teaches this to Brennan who was also a loner. I would say what Brennan gave him in the “partnership” arena is the WILLINGNESS to WANT a partner, which he had not had before. Probably a mix of physical attraction, her intelligence and what she could bring to cases, and of course, Booth “just knew”.

    The show has always been about their give and take, one teaching, one learning, back and forth…and I just love these scene studies that allow us to step back and just enjoy special moments!

    • bb, I think you may be right that Booth had certain ideas as to how a partnership should work; but, being Booth, I don’t think he ever really cared about partnerships until he met Brennan. Like you said, because he wanted to be closer to her, she gave him the opportunity to “want” to be a partner with someone. I could just see Booth planning, after their first case went so bad, how to get Brennan to work with him again and I bet he did think about what it meant to be partners with her. I think he came up with his “what does a partner mean to each other” only when he needed to get Brennan to come on board with the idea of being his partner. Brennan really fought the idea of being his partner in the early parts of season one. Booth even mentioned it at one point, she objected and he apologized for presuming.

      • The presumption about being partners followed by the apology is from the Pilot. And, he calls her Temperance at that point.

        I miss that because he only called her Temperance in moments of seriousness and importance. I hope he called her Temperance in the part of Hole in the Heart we didn’t see.

      • Thanks, Angelena. I remembered the conversation; but, I just couldn’t remember what episode. I need to go back and watch the Pilot.

  4. A thought on Booth and partners: Booth had a partner of sorts when he was a sniper: Teddy Parker, his spotter. Up until Hero in the Hold which is in S4, Booth felt that he was responsible for Teddy’s death. This would have made him leery of having a partner and would have informed his view of how partners should act. (There may be an essay there. Hmm?)

    BTW, I have always adored this scene., especially that very last moment when he smiles at the picture of young Temperance.

    • Your right, I forgot that as a sniper Booth would have been partnered with someone. That would have really influenced how he felt about partnerships. And your also right about Jesse. They guy kind of gave me the willys.

  5. Forgot — I find Jesse kind of creepy. He presumes too much.

    • I find Jesse a bit creepy, too. Which makes me wonder–was that on purpose? Or did they just do a poor job casting him?

  6. Sarah, I would pay a hefty fee to read your Bones screencaps! (Maybe it would’ve been best if you didn’t know that…) I always think of this scene as one of the cornerstones of their relationship. It was a big deal for her to reach out to him and ask, and it was big deal for him take on the responsibility of helping her out. All of these S1-2 episodes show them slowly clawing their way out of mistrust and isolation, and watching the progression of their relationship in these early stages is pretty amazing. I’ve never seen all the episodes in order before the 4th season, but my daughter and were just thinking this would be a good thing to do this summer; this scene study is one of the reasons why.

  7. Sigh. I love that “picture” of Brennan and the way Booth looks at it. It’s like he’s getting to see a side of Brennan that he’s never seen before – and he’s just as dazzled by that sweet, wistful look as he is by almost everything else about her (not in a creepy, gross way, but in a, “so this is what you were like when you were younger” kind of way).

    I also like the way Booth calls her Temperance in this scene. I think Brennan will always be “Bones” to Booth – in a way it’s almost become an endearment – and I love that, but it’s always very special when he calls her by her first (or last, as in The Headless Witch in the Woods) name because he does it so infrequently. It kind of reminds me of the scene in the movie Ever After where the Prince calls Danielle by her real name for the first time and she asks him to say it again because it’s just that meaningful.

    • @Stephanie–

      1. Love the Ever After reference 🙂 Great movie!
      2. About Brennan being “Bones” to Booth as an endearment…I just watched this ep last night! I loved this quote:

      Brennan: His grandfather calls him shrimp. Booth seems to like it, which I don’t understand.
      Angela: Well, it’s because it makes him feel loved, like when he actually was a shrimp.
      Brennan: So the moniker is a sign of affection?
      Angela: Very good, Brennan. You never had a nickname?
      Brennan: Oh, no, just what Booth calls me; just Bones.

      Brennan gives Angela this little smile when Angela asks her if she ever had a nickname before saying, “Just what Booth calls me” as if she just realized he calls her Bones because he loves her, which Angela just told her nicknames mean. And she smiled at that knowledge!! Sigh 🙂

  8. Oh I’ve never once considered any of Booth’s “it’s what partners do” comments to have anything to do with what actual partners would actually do.

    It’s his way of having a relationship with Brennan without her knowing about it (because otherwise she wouldn’t agree to it.) Now the million dollar question is/was – if/when did Brennan catch on to that, and start going along with it.

    Asking your partner for his sperm? Pshaw, it’s just what partners do!

    Apart from creepy Jesse, I loved this episode. The pig and the woodchipper, Hodgins’ glee at lying to Dr. Goodman, Brennan being sneaky for a change, Zack actually finding woodchipper experiments more interesting than looking at ads for escorts and Booth’s disbelief at that. Booth teasing her about missing him “Call me, we’ll do lunch” and when she pinches his cheek and he smiles – OH THAT SMILE. A-freaking-dorable.

    A few days ago we discussed what we wanted to see in season 7 and I think this episode is a good example of what I want to see. B&B on equal footing, trusting each other, unreservedly happy in each other’s company.

    • “Asking your partner for his sperm? Pshaw, it’s just what partners do!” I actually laughed out loud at this line. Love it. And I agree with you, Booth’s “Partner Rules” were just justifications for all kinds of stuff that Brennan would never have allowed otherwise. Your question about when she realized that makes me think, though…when did she catch on to his ruse?

      • I don’t think she ever caught onto it as a ‘ruse.’ But I do believe she decided to use his rules to her advantage.

      • If that’s true, does that mean she realizes that their rules are different than what would be generally accepted? And if so, do you think she just attributes that to Booth (meaning that he would treat any partner that way, not just her specifically)? To be clear, I’m not be sarcastic or smart-alecky, I’m really curious as to what you think about this, because, honestly, this is the first time I’ve given much thought to Booth’s “Partner Rules,” and I’m intrigued. Also, I haven’t been watching much Bones lately, so I’m a little rusty on the details.

      • Interesting question. I think she has even less of an idea what “partnership” means than Booth. I mean, she’s used to subordinates not partners, right? Booth at least had to learn to work with his spotter, and he apparently took the care of that person very much to heart.

        Brennan has been (IMO) more of a loner than Booth. I do think she realizes his rules are arbitrary and they work to his advantage but I don’t think she doubts there are actually partnership ‘rules.’

      • Okay, taking it a little further: Is Booth deliberately deceiving Brennan when he proclaims, “It’s what partners do” or is he just (much like I do with my three-year-old) giving a simple explanation that will satisfy her so that he doesn’t have to try to reason with her about the activity in question. Or is it both? I guess what I’m asking is if Booth is actually trying to trick her to get what he wants or if he just feels like that’s the easiest way to get her to acquiesce without a fight. Is he being manipulative? If so, is that necessarily “bad”? What are his motivations? To keep her in the dark or just to get her to comply without a song and dance on his part? And then as I’m reading what I typed, I’m now asking myself if the two are mutually exclusive.
        This discussion is making me wish I had the time to just sit down, start with the Pilot episode and keep watching until I can’t stay awake any more. However, now it’s time to feed the kiddos.

      • CJsmom, yes I think Booth was deceptive in his partnership with Brennan. But not maliciously so. I think he just wanted to be with her in every sense of the word, but he knew it wasn’t likely to happen, so he just took what he could get under the banner of partners and hoped she might eventually come around.

        I am torn over when/whether Brennan caught on. On one hand, she has really only had relatinoships with men as colleagues or sex partners. So did she have the emotional experience to understand that Booth’s actions were motivated by love, not partnerly bonds? On the other hand, that’s not giving her a lot of credit, and I don’t like infantilizing Brennan that way (I hated that line from Sweets about Booth’s feelings being an assault).

        I do think that the Booth’s deception bore its bittersweet fruit in season 6, when they became really, truly “*just* partners” and all that other stuff went to another woman, the woman Booth loved. I know Sarah doesn’t think Hannah was necessary, but I think she was for that reason.

        Ultimately, Booth’s decption caused them a lot of pain, so it’s a bad thing, but then again, if he’d been honest with Brennan about his feelings from the start, she might have (probably would have) rejected him ages ago and never changed her mind. Or not. I don’t know. I tend to think that season 2 post-Sully Brennan would have considered a relationship with Booth. Booth sent/sends a ton of mixed messages though.

      • I think that you can safely assume that Brennan was clueless about the fact the Booth’s “partner rules” were total BS without infantilizing her, if you can accept the premise that she trusted him completely and expected that he would never lie to her. In fact, in Pinocchio this last season, it seemed to me that it had never occurred to her that he might have lied to her in the past. I think she doesn’t think to question the motives of others or to suspect that she is being told little white lies because she herself doesn’t engage in those activities. We all project our own worldview onto others to some extent, and if she’s doing that, it would create a huge blind spot for her that more socially adept people wouldn’t have. Especially when it comes to Booth, because she trusts him so implicitly. I don’t really see that as infantilizing, just as being one of her eccentricities.

        As for Sweets’ “assault” comment (just out of curiosity), what is it that bothers you so much about it?

        I think you make an excellent point about Hannah being necessary for Brennan to see that “just partners” isn’t really what Booth had been telling her it is, and that their relationship had been something entirely different than she had perceived it pre-Hannah. I hadn’t really considered that before.

        Another question: was Booth aware that he was lying about the “just partners” business to suit his own needs/desires, or did he tell himself that he was doing it for HER? To open her up a bit more, to give her the excuse she needed to accept the comfort and security that he offered as a friend (or surrogate significant other?) rather than just as a partner?

      • Ooh…what an interesting “partner rules” discussion forming!

        Look, I think they were both “willing accomplices” in the partner rules thing. It allowed Booth to do/say things to her he might not otherwise say/do, and by the same token allowed Brennan to accept those things that she might not otherwise accept, as it might mean something beyond mere partnership.

        The partner rules allowed them to frame that “surrogate relationship” they had going on, allowing them both to be close to each other without crossing any lines. As we saw from the 100th ep, they really met (and kissed!) before the pilot ep we saw. This changes it all, and we got to see they were clearly attracted to each other from the get go…so yeah I think they both knew that the “partner rules” were a bunch of malarkey but they both went along with it anyway. They were both “in on it”.

        (I mean, “guy hugs”?? Pshhh! Brennan knew it wasn’t, but she had to accept it as that so she could accept his hug. Ya know?)

      • I think Booth started the ‘just what partners do’, because he knew she needed to learn how to both accept and give support from and to other people. If I recall it right, it started in season 1. Although, I believe Booth was attached to her in season 1, I don’t think he was in love with her, so it really couldn’t be manipulative in that way.

        I also think by late season 4, and all of season 5 Bones, knew it wasn’t ‘what partners do’ anymore. Just like I think she knows a lot more than many think. Sometimes I think her “I don’t know what that means”. is an excuse to avoid whatever emotional reasponse is required at the time. She has used it so many times, and usually no one ever calls her on it. Pops and GGW did, I know, and I know others have but don’t remember who.

        One thing I would like to see in season 7, is Booth calling her on that.

      • So I was mulling on this whole conversation while I was cleaning up after dinner and I remembered an episode that I caught the end of on TNT recently–I think that it was The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond–in which Brennan is pestering Booth to let her help with his back, but he’s resisting. And in the final scene, she plays the partner card, using his rationale to get him to allow her to help him. Holy Moly, that sentence feels convoluted. Anyway, moving on. So it seems to me that at least by that point, which I think is the beginning of Season Four, Brennan has figured out how to use the partner thing to manipulate (that’s such an ugly word–influence, maybe?) Booth. As for what she makes of that, I’m not sure. Just an observation. As I was writing this, I remembered that there was a recent Scene Study posted about this very scene, so I’m going to go and reread that now. Anyway, I think that scene is an important milestone in this whole “just partners” stuff.

        Barbara, I’m totally with you on the mixed messages from Booth. But I’m not sure that Booth’s deception should be categorized as a bad thing just because it resulted in pain for both of them eventually, because it also resulted in the most recent developments as well: possibly a relationship (?) and definitely a baby. (Though as far as I’m concerned, the jury’s still out on whether this baby means good things for the show or not). I also think that it would be hard to argue that Brennan’s openness with respect to personal relationships in general would have progressed so far if Booth hadn’t pushed her so much in the name of their partnership. As far as between B & B specifically, if they hadn’t had the “just partners” guise to hide behind, their relationship would likely not have become so close, personal, and intense as it did, which would have changed EVERYTHING in the long run, in my opinion.

        bb, I like your idea that they both knew this whole time that the “just partners” this was a charade, but one in which they both willingly participated.

      • I have no idea where this will fall in the comment layout!

        CJsMom, I didn’t like Sweets line about Booth’s feelings being kind of an assault on Brennan because I just found it really insulting to her. I didn’t like Cam’s comment about “once you crack that shell,..” I felt as though the writers wanted to create a reason for Booth to doubt his feelings (see also, the PET scan nonsense) but they ended up doing disservice to all the characters involved.

        For Sweets the whole situation makes him look like an idiot. For two years he’s been all but begging Booth to admit his feelings for Brennan but now that he wants to, Sweets is all “PET Scan! You’ll assault her!” It’s inconsistent.

        For Cam, it’s just silly. Cam does not know Brennan, period, full stop. Angela knows her, Booth knows her. Cam knows Booth. For Cam to be the one pontificating on Brennan’s inner self, I was just…no. I didn’t buy it.

        For Brennan – it was an insult to her character. This is a woman who held her own mother’s skull in her hands. She can handle be told that her best friend loves her. And Brennan acknowledged in the 100th that she knew Booth was trying to protect her, but he didn’t need to, so that tells me she could handle it. And Sweets (as usual) had no idea what the heck he was talking about.

        The hard part about using a word like “deception” is that it has negative connotations and I don’t think Booth or Brennan meant to cause any pain to each other by creatively defining “partner”. They deceived themselves more than anything.

        Ultimately, I think the big problem for the two of them is that they are afraid to ask for what they really want from each other, even though they both want the same thing! I think that’s what SN meant with his comment about “dealing with getting what they have secretly wanted.”

        Brennan knows Booth will never abandon their child, therefore she will always have a place in his life. Booth knows Brennan will never withhold their child, therefore he will always have a place in her life. Perhaps with that knowledge, they will feel safe enough to admit that they want more than just a place. Or not. Frankly, I can see B&B dancing around each other until the kid is old enough to tell them to poop or get off the potty seat already.

      • Barbara, okay, I’m with you on the points you made about Sweets. Now that you mention it, I remember that the first time I saw that episode I was a little confused as to why Sweets would write a book about the two of them being in love with each other and then tell Booth he’s not in love with Brennan. It would have made more sense for him to say, “She’s not ready to hear this” or something along those lines. Talk about a flip-flopper.

        As for Cam…I don’t know. I can agree that she doesn’t really “know” Brennan the way Booth and Angela do. However. Brennan’s trust issues and her penchant for keeping herself closed off are pretty obvious to anyone who has two brain cells, and Cam is portrayed (in my opinion) as having superior interpersonal skills. They made a whole thing about it in the early second season (“That’s why she got the job instead of you,” was said to Brennan by just about everyone at some point). So while I can see that you don’t feel like she really has the authority to speak on Brennan, that conversation still rings true for me for two reasons: 1) She knows enough of Brennan and of Brennan/Booth to know that he is one of the few people Brennan trusts and that if he screws that up, it might be enough of an upheaval for her that it shifts her whole worldview in a big bad way and 2) She’s the only major character (other then Brennan) who knows Booth well enough and is trusted enough by Booth to give him brutal honesty.

        Finally, I can see what you mean about them dancing around each other indefinitely, but I feel likes that’s because The Powers That Be may need them to do that to keep some tension in the show, not necessarily because their characters aren’t ready anymore. And I love that last line! Hilarious. You totally crack me up.

  9. Great scene study, like always. I love Booth pictures in the middle of my day. I agree that he was proud that she asked him to help with something so personal. They really didn’t knwo each other well at this point, so he request is a big deal to him.

  10. I love this scene. Absolutely love it. Sarah, I’m not sure what gave you the idea to do scene studies, but I’m happy you do them. They always allow the opportunity to look deeper and find even more to love about this show, and sometimes point out things I missed. 🙂

    And I have to say… now I’m kind of tempted to do a series re-watch and keep tally of how many times they touch each other in any given episode. :p

  11. Excellent scene study. It’s been ages since I watched season one (excepting the Pilot), so I had totally forgotten about this scene. I guess it’s time to dust off Season One.

    I loved the small Angel reference, but my favorite part of this post was the “Savage Goodness.” I mean, there are (objectively speaking) men who are more beautiful than DB, but I’ve always found him more attractive anyway, and I couldn’t really explain why. I think it’s a combination of what you and Smurfs call Savage Goodness, and also the characters he plays. They are so tormented (I just love me some angst!), and so desperately trying to do the right thing…and honorable. That whole package is what makes him so appealing, I think. Plus I’m a sucker for dark and swarthy.

  12. Hi! great post as always Sarah!
    How I love season 1 and 2!! Although I got hooked in season 3, when I went back to catch up I absolutely fell in love with their dynamic, and this conversation is one of my biggest subjects of obsession. Sarah explained so nicely the way they give and take from each other, and the looks in between and the underlying issues of each other’s pasts… it’s amazing. The good timing, the natural chemistry between ED&DB and the characters’ complexity given by earlier episodes made it very real and authentic.

  13. Going to watch this now 🙂

  14. First things first. I LOVE that you love Season 1 Booth!

    Booth is hot in all seasons but S1 just has that little bit extra ‘oh yeah’ that gets to me. He’s cockier…more arrogtant…and a bit of an SOB and i LOVE it. I can admit that Booth being all romantic isn’t as attractive for me…i liked him when he was a bit rougher around the edges. He still has some of that edge to him, but some of him has been smoothed out a bit. Evolution and all that jazz i guess, but i miss him 🙂

    (Plus, S1 is my favourite season partly down to moments like this. Every season has B/B special moments but for me the moments in S1 have a tad more…well, just more. More substane maybe? I dunno..they’re just on another level.)

    If i had to give you an all time top 10 of Bones scenes this one would definitely be there. Excellent writing in that scene and the entire episode. Love it!

  15. I’m very late to the game but i just watched this whole episode (though I had scene it before) and there is A LOT of touching in this episode. Hands on shoulders and all that. I like it.

    And I also took Booth’s “I’m proud you asked” to mean “I’m honored you asked.” 🙂

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