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Top Five Tuesday: Desert Island


What is up my people! Happy Tuesday to you!

I’m going to try to do something that is close to impossible, but I find solace in the knowledge that I won’t be alone.

I’m going to pick my absolute all time necessary BONES episodes. These are the episodes that, if I were to ever be stranded on a desert island, I would want to have with me. Will I have a DVD player? Yes, yes…all of those details are assumed 😀

And like I said, I’m not too worried about narrowing it down to five, because hey…the odds I’ll be stranded with some other BONES fans are good (I’m hoping!), and you’ll all have your OWN top five, and with any luck, we’ll have a nice collection. Hahaha. But seriously, here are the top five episodes I could never live without, and then it will be your turn.

I’m gonna go backward this time.

#5.  The Parts in the Sum of the Whole;

I love this episode. And sure, it might not always (Sidenote: Does anyone else adore the way Emily Deschanel says “always”? No, just me? I’m okay with that) be the episode I watch from beginning to end, but I just cannot not have the flashback scenes between B&B and the instant sweet chemistry between them. We may never get another BB kiss in the rain, and I can’t pass that up. Love it.
#4. The Blackout in the Blizzard:
Yep, this episode has cracked the top five all time!  There’s just something so *true* about this episode for me, from Brennan and Booth both (and the rest of the cast as well). There is forward movement, there is humor and character struggle, and there is the inherent ‘something’ that I love about BONES in this one. Plus…Thai massage, AND Booth giving a cute football cheer, so win/win/win.

#3. The Man in the Bear.

This episode makes me laugh the most out of all BONES episodes ever. Sure, there have been funnier moments, but no episode has made me smile from start to finish like this one. Haikus, lost flashlights, jealousy, pumping for information, “where is my bear poop?” all of it makes this episode still one of my all time favorites. I love it. There’s just something rustic and sexy about the B&B interactions, and there’s also just something “B&B” esque about them, almost as if we were really seeing them for the first time in some ways.

#2: Fire in the Ice

That’s why.

And the #1 episode I would NEED to have with me above all other episodes is….

The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House.

This is my all time favorite episode. I love it. From start to finish, it is just…so perfect.  From…



…I adore this episode. And I wouldn’t go on an overseas trip without it is what I’m saying. Just in case.

Well, okay…I’ve done the hard part and picked five first. Now you weigh in, and let me know which five are on your all time list (and why, if you are so inclined).

And…would you please pass the sunscreen?

Peace, Love & Bones,



64 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Desert Island

  1. first!
    what a huge leap… to actually pick your top five out of all the episodes… something i am still not ready to do…i don’t have enough courage to do it yet….. can’t even think about it… not even top 10… or top fifteen… no, not yet…
    bravo for you for being so brave….

    • love all your top five though.. but i’ve got to include Judas on a Pole….
      i’m trying to attempt narrowing my faves but still end up with forty plus….

  2. My top five are:
    1. The Hero in the Hold
    2. Aliens in a Spaceship
    3. The Man in the Fallout Shelter
    4. Harbingers in the Fountain
    5. The Dwarf in the Dirt
    To be honest, The Sum in the Parts of the Whole, The Fire in the Ice, The Man in the Bear would have made my top five, but since you’ve already brought them along, I thought I’d choose something else. These are just off the top of my head, and now I’m rethinking. I might have to bump something for Mayhem on the Cross (I just adore that last scene) or The Proof in the Pudding. Ahhh! Only five, really?

    • told ya… it’s not easy….oh…
      THE VERDICT IN THE STORY should make my cut…

      • Well, crapola. Both The Verdict in the Story and Judas on a Pole make my top episodes! But, but…I want them all. Also, Two Bodies in the Lab. And The Man in the Morgue. And The Woman in Limbo (the scene where Booth tells Brennan, “I know who you are” gets me every time.

  3. “The Double Death of the Dearly Departed” is hysterically funny to me. Yes, it is irreverent, but I like the Hitchcock movie upon which it’s based, so, I’d take it because this is Bones which mixes tones and this episode gives each of the regulars a chance to shine in their own way.

    “Aliens” is angsty and gripping and shows off the team’s abilities as they battle what is heartcrushing yet, it is the hearts and minds of the team that come through and save everyone from what would be a disaster.

    “Man in the Fallout Shelter” showcases the team, shows them working together (yes, it’s a theme, I want someone to help me get off that blasted island) and working apart and gives insight into the people that make up the team.

    “The Passenger in the Oven” is fun how B&B have to make do to make their case and get their “man.” The librarian moment is still fun as is the conversation at the end.

    “Mayhem on the Cross” works on lots of levels between Brennan’s insistence on “ska-la” to the odd invitation to Sweets to come eat with them. (I always find it interesting that it is Brennan who does the most to solidify Sweets’ place on the team, being the first of the two to suggest it and then opening up with what is truly a painful memory to cement that relationship. Yet she remains at odds with him and in season 6 seems hopelessly out of step with him.)

    Frankly, if I end up on a desert island (with some electricity, of course) I’m taking the
    DVDs so that I can have several episodes including the ones mentioned. It’s a cheat, but, hey, it works for me.

    • What Hitchcock movie is the Double Death Of the Dearly Departed based upon? I am very interested. I have seen a lot of Hitchcock movies; but, obviously not all of them.

      • The Trouble with Harry. Again, a body keeps getting moved around.

        The cast includes a very, very, very young Shirley MacLaine. A very young Gerry Mathers (the Beaver) and, I believe, John Forsythe. I’ll have to check the IMDB, but there are other cast members with familiar faces.

      • Thanks, I will put that on my list of to see movies.

      • Here are the details:

        Harry’s trouble is that he’s dead, can’t stay in one place, and has four people taking credit for his death. Alfred Hitchcock deftly blends suspense and black humor in this film, starring John Forsythe, Edmund Gwenn, Mildred Natwick, Jerry Mathers and Shirley MacLaine (her film debut).

        Edmund Gwenn is Santa in the original Miracle on 34th St. Mildred Natwick is very familiar. She was in other Hitchcocks, Harvey w/ Jimmy Stewart, I think on the Waltons.

        Wonderful movie.

      • The Trouble With Harry! I love that movie! It’s hysterical.

        “Harry’s been dug up and buried again off and on all day…”

        “He looked exactly the same when he was alive. Only he was vertical.”

        “You can stuff him for all I care. Stuff him and put him in a glass case. Only I’d suggest frosted glass.”
        “What did he do to you? Besides marry you.”

        Angelena, you’re right about those. The other two leads are Edmund Gwenn (who played Santa in Miracle on 34th St – the good one, with Maureen O’Hara and Natalie Wood) and Mildred Natwick (who was a character actress and was in a TON of movies; she’s in The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, anyone? 😉 )

    • LOL, Angelena, I was typing while you posted again. 😉

  4. These are must have episodes, in no particular order:
    1. The Change In The Game: Because I finally see Booth and Brennan as the couple I have hoped all along they would be
    2. The Hole In The Heart: Action, Adventure, sadness, happiness, hope
    3. The End In The Beginning: I know, a very unpopular episode for many; but, this episode showed us how a B&B couple could be, so fantasy or not, I loved it
    4. The Knight On The Grid: Action, Adventure, that peck on the cheek and Booth’s reaction
    5. Fire In The Ice: For the reasons you give
    and because I can’t narrow it down to 5:
    6: The Blizzard: every scene is a gem, from the elevator to the Lab

  5. My top five in no particular order:
    Aliens in a Spaceship
    Hero in the Hold
    Beginning in the End
    Mayhem on the Cross
    The Proof in the Pudding
    Some of these only made it because your top five had some of mine…and I’m sure if I really sat down and thought about it I would find some I like better than these 🙂

  6. oh man oh man oh man!

    I have a feeling that I will change my mind at least 20 times before this topic moves on, so I reserve the right – as an early poster – to edit this list.

    1.The Man in the Fallout Shelter: xmas, stoned Booth, family,
    2. The 100th:that early B&B flirting is too hot to overlook. And now that I know what happens next, I’m all good.
    3. Fire in the Ice: teenage crush B&B dating. So cute.
    4. The Verdict in the Story: Bones ep – Booth on the stand kills me every time.
    5. Aliens in the Spaceship: the most gripping episode ever. Booth needing to find Bren. Hodgins. And what did she write in that damn letter?

    And a special mention goes to Santa in the Slush: xmas, tree, misteltoe, grey sweater.

  7. OK….this is going to take me a while so i will be back!

    I do know that none of your top 5 will be in mine. That just means we’ll have a bigger collection 😀 Good times!!

    Now time to put my thinking cap on!!

  8. OK this is nearly impossible I have no idea how narrowed down to 5. But yes if we go with the theory tha tif I’m trapped on the same island as you and we can share episodes there is a better chance of coming up with just 5; but, not really because I don’t think I’d be able to come up with just 10.

    I’ll think about this a bit more though and be back.

    • I’m still working on my list, but feel I need to say this. It really should be 5 episodes per season, that would make it much easier, I can come up with 5 per season!

  9. Only 5? Ok here goes…
    1. The Verdict in the Story
    2. The Man in the Morgue
    3. Two Bodies in the Lab
    4. The Doctor in the Photo
    5. The Widow’s Son in the Windshield

    However, since I’m on a desert island, I don’t want the doctor in the photo and widow’s son in the windshield with me because they’re just depressing (even though they’re good). So I’ll switch them to –
    The Santa in the Slush
    Aliens in the Spaceship (hey if Booth can save Brennan…)

  10. My God what are you make us do ! Pick up the Top 5 ??? Impossible to me. It’s like pick up your 5 fav child among a bunch!Oh Boy :#1 The Man on fallout shelter #2 Alien in spaceship #3mayhen on the cross #4 the parts in the sum of a whole #5 The End in the beggining! But i think i would have room for bring too #6 The dwarf in the dirt.#7 Blackout in the blizzard #8 the the doctor in the Photo #9 The Hole in the heart and #10 The change in the game. Sorry my Top 5 list became a Top 10! Like a said it’s impossible to me choose. I have lot more but let’s keep with these!

  11. Okay, honestly, my original top 5 would include

    1 The Blackout in the Blizzard- because I just find this episode all around pleasing from the direction to the scenes and what not. I love it.

    2. The End in the Beginning- I simply love this episode. I love when coma dream Booth tells Brennan she’s like Iceland, “…cool to the touch but all volcano underneath” or some words to that effect. It connects them in a way that many couples are not connected as well. This is just something I really really love.

    3. The Double Trouble in the Panhandle -um, let’s see Buck and Wanda. Him throwing knives dangerously close to her. Enough said.

    4. The Critic in the Cabernet – Brennan wants Booth’s baby. That’s good enough explanation for me.

    5. The Double Death of the Dearly Departed – Honestly this episode just cracks me up. Absolutely cracks me up.

    Those are the original top 5 to take with me if it was all by my lonesome on the island but since in this scenario we end up on the same deserted island my list looks more like this so as to add to the episodes we have to watch:

    1. The Double Trouble in the Panhandle- because of the reasons I’ve already given

    2. The Critic in the Cabarnet – Again see above reason.

    3. The Signs in the Silence – It was a wonderfully moving episode and I do believe I got all teary-eyed when Brennan was talking to Samantha towards the end.

    4. The Death in the Saddle – Purely for the end conversation.

    5. The Bodies in the Book – Simply because I love Bones version of Strangers on a Train theme. I loved that there were three people involved and the end shots of Booth and Bones with the suspects were wonderful.

    There you have it. My top 5 more or less.

  12. I just want to point out that Man in the Bear also has Booth in that blue shirt that’s missing a button. And may I just say, blue is definitely Booth’s color!

    Moving on . . .

    Top 5 for me

    1. Santa in the Slush – that Christmas tree scene, the smile they shared even though they were so far away they couldn’t possibly see each other’s expression….wow. Want. Want. Want.

    2. Change in the Game – THEY’RE HAVING A BABY!!!!

    3. Death in the Saddle – “I’ve indulged in role-play . . .” Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a thought bubble over Booth’s head.

    4. Double Trouble in the Panhandle – Gotta have Buck and Wanda

    5. Hero in the Hold – Brennan gets to save Booth, and we meet Parker’s namesake. That touches me every time.

  13. Well obviously I would have to copy all the episodes onto my own personal DVDs…that would give me at least three episodes per disc, so I will have fifteen.

    ‘Cause there’s just no way I can narrow it down to five.

    • But if I had to (bearing in mind that I adore Hodgins and would want a well rounded collection)

      1.) Two Bodies in the Lab – Hodgins! Pudding!
      2) Judas on a Pole – Caroline! Her car!
      3) Santa in the Slush – The kiss! Prison moonshine!
      4) Double Death of the Dearly Departed – Becauase it always makes me laugh until I cry
      5) Proof in the Pudding – Booth shooting things and beating people up. What’s not to love?

  14. Completely off the top of my head, because if I think about it too much, I will not be able to choose:

    1. Critic in the Cabernet – classic Bones episode. Humour to pathos in less than 60 episodes.
    2. End in the Beginning – B/B as a couple, even if it’s only a fantasy
    3. Aliens in a Spaceship – b/c it is edge of your seat tension from beginning to end, plus awesome B/B end scene
    4. Parts in the Sum – for reasons already given
    5. Mayhen on the Cross – B/B make a breakthrough plus Gordon Gordon

  15. This deserted island is getting awfully crowded. I hope somebody packed a coffee maker.

    And a waffle iron.

    • I wouldn’t mind if someone stowed Booth onto the island.

      • Did someone call for me to go capture Booth? Yes, yes I believe there was a request for Booth. Be right back.

        Okay, he’s a little unconscious at the moment I thought it best to get him to the island. *whistles innocently*

      • Now that we have Booth, I think I can live with 5 episodes.

      • perfect! then you could just reenact all the episodes.

        with the “special” endings, of course.

      • I am going to love being on this deserted island.

      • I believe we’ll need some sort of schedule to keep everything on an equal basis. I’ll get right to work on dividing the other six days evenly among the rest of you.

      • If Booth is coming, then I am definately in, besides it would be fun to meet all my favorite Bones Theory people. Be back soon to list my five.

      • email

    • MJ, add me to that list. 😉

      Or maybe we should bring a cloning machine, too, so we can all have Booth’s of our own…

      • oh goody! someone thought to pack a Booth.

        So, why do we need the eps again?

      • “Pack a Booth” had me choking in my coffee laughing. I had this sudden image of the Whack-a-Mole game, with Booth popping up out of the holes.

        Linda, you owe me a new monitor. 🙂

      • *SNORT* Wow MJ, that just led to a whole different kind of mental image. Glad I wasn’t sipping my coffee.

        Linda, we need the eps for when he’s sleeping. 😉

  16. ok tricky, off the top of my head:

    1. Two Bodies in the Lab (fave ep of all time)
    2. Aliens in a Spaceship
    3. Salt in the Wounds (Booth pumping iron – ’nuff said)
    4. Santa in the Slush (most romantic moment captured on film ever?!)
    5. Woman in the Sand (just brilliant from start to finish. Booth knows a judge! Of course he does 🙂 )

    hmm..looks like I won’t be enjoying the later seasons unless you guys bring them along!

  17. 1. Judas on a Pole
    2. The Critic in the Cabernet
    3. The Parts in the Sum of the Whole
    4. Two Bodies in the Lab
    5. The Verdict in the Story

    that was hard!! (purely coincidence that they are each from a different season)

  18. Eek! This is going to be ridiculously hard because my top 5 seems to change all the time, but I’ll try.

    1. Two Bodies in the Lab
    2. Double Death of the Dearly Departed – I flipping LOVE this episode and I’m not ashamed to admit it.
    3. The Parts in the Sum of the Whole
    4. The Harbingers in the Fountain – This was an episode I wasn’t blown away by when it first aired, but looking back now it’s my favorite of all of the season premieres.
    5. The Proof In the Pudding – my favorite ep of all time.

    Honorable mention – All 3 episodes of the sniper arc (I view them as a 3-part episode). But if I have to pick one – I would put The Killer in the Crosshairs on the list (B&B jogging! Coffee cart! Conflicted Booth! Snipey Booth! Angel/Angelus Booth! It’s only lacking Naked Booth.)

  19. I think this might be impossible.

    1. The Doctor in the Photo
    2. Aliens in the Spaceship
    3. The Woman in Limbo
    4. The Verdict in the Story
    5. The Critic in the Cabernet

    Apparently I want to be very emotional on this island… I am going to add “The Boy with the Answer” as a bonus for my emotional turmoil.

  20. 1. Harbingers in the Fountain
    2. Parts in the Sum of the Whole
    3. Hole in the Heart
    4. Blackout in the Blizzard
    5. Man in the Fallout Shelter

    I would be very happy with 15 or 20 others but I think these are my favs — today anyway.

  21. No way-impossible! At least top twenty. For today:
    1. Blizzard-for the hope it implies like Lenora said (and such a beautifully filmed episode).
    2. Con Man-for angry Booth and the confession at the end.
    3. Santa in the Slush-Santa’s apartment, “the kiss”, “the look” and Booth looking like a choir boy in one grey sweater.
    4.Two Bodies in the Lab-so much personal stuff plus Booth ripping all the med stuff off in spite of too much pudding,
    5. Hole in the Heart-incredibly moving, and I knew at the end (go team did!).
    For tomorrow:
    1. Proof in the Pudding-shattered door, handcuffs and moving fruit-all I can say is wow!
    2. Mummy in the Maze-maybe it’s the costumes, but mainly the scene at the end with them looking charmingly like hell.
    3. Man in the Fallout Shelter: more Christmas and a very high, well-biceped Booth!
    4. Bullet in the Brain: Booth, gun, table, Arnold,injured Booth and “this land belongs to…”
    5. Fire in the Ice: leaves me feeling like a teenager every time I watch.
    For the day after tomorrow…

  22. Sarah, why do you pick this topic to stick to the actual five in Top Five Tuesday? Not fair! 😉

    Okay… my list; in no particular order because I love them all…

    1. Baby in the Bough
    2. Proof in the Pudding
    3. End In the Beginning
    4. Parts In The Sum of the Whole
    5. Killer in the Concrete

    Argh, so now I’m going “no, wait!” and keep thinking of other eps, but I’m sticking with these. :p

  23. Since this is totally impossible, I will use a theme to help me. Just in case we can’t get Booth to the island (oh, please, please, please), my theme is 5 shirtless Booths — without Hannah.
    1. Goop on the Girl — most shirtlessness of any episode, also tons of sexual tension
    2. Pain the Heart — beer hat, rubber ducky, and a lack of conventional modesty
    3. Truth in the Lye — perhaps the earliest shirtless Booth (and the one on my desktop)
    4. Fire in the Ice — this would be on any list for the end scene alone, but we do get shirtless in hockey gear in the men’s locker room when Bones comes barging in.
    5. Since I am avoiding Hannah eps, I will move to Booth in a sleeveless undershirt. This last one’s tough: Double Trouble in the Panhandle, Man in the Fallout Shelter or Woman in the Sand all work. Man in the Fallout Shelter — high Booth is a riot, but there’s more of him in a dress shirt than out of it. Double Trouble — I do love Buck & Wanda and spontaneous sex. Woman in the Sand — Tony & Roxie and boxing Booth. I’ll go with Woman in the Sand. I do love when he takes down that humongous guy and he’s all beat up and Bones has to hold him up. And, Roxie pulling that wad out of her bra. And, the look on Booth’s face when he sees her in the dress. Yeah, Woman in the Sand.

    This is so hard: even with a them, it’s nearly impossible to keep it to 5.

    I hope we do get Booth there, tho’. ;-D

    • I agree with your pick of Woman In The Sand. I wanted to add that to my list; but, I just couldn’t drop one of my other choices. I also favor his dark t-shirt and black leather jacket look. Sigh.

  24. These are in no particular order:
    1. Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House
    2. Foot in the Foreclosure
    3. Blackout in the Blizzard
    4. The Hole in the Heart
    5. Two Bodies in the Lab

  25. I’m not sure I could narrow down a definitive top five, but the two that would definitely be on the list are:
    1. Two Bodies in the Lab
    2. The Hole in the Heart

    Possible, but not a lock…:
    3. The Man in the Morgue
    4. The Verdict in the Story
    5. Judas on a Pole

    …because maybe I like one or more of these ones better:
    6. The Critic in the Cabernet
    7. The End in the Beginning
    8. The Baby in the Bough
    9. The Man in the Outhouse
    10. Mayhem on a Cross
    11. The Goop on the Girl
    12. The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

    And I’m sure I could think of more if I tried.

  26. Can I just choose not to go to the island? Otherwise can we assign seasons and episodes to other islanders? Because I don’t think I could pick beyond these 3:

    1) Aliens in a Spaceship
    2) The Verdict in the Story
    3) The Sum in the Parts of the Whole.

    But if I knew my bases were covered by others then I could pick.

    As long as I’m not assigned any of the “Hannah” episodes….

  27. I agree with all of your choices except #1 (just not a huge fan of the episode). I’d pick Dwarf in the Dirt (or whatever 5×07 is) instead, I love that episode.

  28. OK here goes.
    1) Two Bodies in the Lab. For the hug that Bones gives Booth. It seemed so pure and instinctual, as if Brennan didn’t think and just went with her gut.
    2) Woman in Limbo. For the scene on Brennan’s couch.
    3) Aliens in a Spaceship. For Bones vulnerability.
    4) Night at the Bones Museum. For the almost kiss. I can drean that it happened.
    5) Wannabee in the Weeds Booth’s smile.

    I can’t do this. I think I will take mine, and make two other people be shipwrecked with me. Then I will have fifteen.
    So, I choose Jade, because I like her list, and MJ because you gotta have Buck and Wanda. Then of course Sarah would come with her list. That makes twenty.
    Oh, I forgot Amber would have to come, because she’s bringing Booth. That makes 25.

  29. I’m a big list-maker (I’ve ranked all the Bones eps I’ve watched in order of preference), so I totally have this covered.

    Top 5:
    1) Judas on a Pole
    2) Verdict in the Story
    3) Parts in the Sum of the Whole
    4) The Change in the Game
    5) Harbingers in the Fountain

    But I can’t survive with only five! I need at least a dozen…a baker’s dozen.

    6) Santa in the Slush
    7) Man in the Fallout Shelter
    8) Blackout in the Blizzard
    9) Dwarf in the Dirt
    10) Mayhem on a Cross
    11) Hole in the Heart
    12) Pilot
    13) The End in the Beginning

  30. Sarah, you are making this very hard for us!

    My top 5 as of 9:27pm EST are:
    1. Blackout in the Blizzard — the hope, love and genuineness of the characters
    2. Parts in the Sum of a Whole — I totally believe in fate baby!
    3. The Verdict in the Story — Bones having so much heart. Makes me cry every time
    4. Two Bodies in the Lab — The first hug between B&B and boy the Hot blooded scene …..!
    5. Fire in the Ice — only because of the 1st and last 5-7 minutes of this ep
    Since my 5th is not equivalent to a whole episode, I think have to add some more on my list to actually make it 5. So here goes:
    6. Doctor in the Photo and Pain in the Heart — Because I am a huge fan of Emily and she was amazing in these episodes

  31. Ok everyone! We have…
    Booth cloning machine
    What else? Oh yeah…episodes…

    The Parts in the Sum of the Whole
    The Blackout in the Blizzard
    The Man in the Bear
    Fire in the Ice
    The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House
    The Hero in the Hold
    Aliens in a Spaceship
    The Man in the Fallout Shelter
    Harbingers in the Fountain
    The Dwarf in the Dirt
    The Double Death of the Dearly Departed
    The Passenger in the Oven
    Mayhem on the Cross
    The Change In The Game
    The Hole In The Heart
    The End In The Beginning
    The Knight On The Grid
    The Beginning in the End
    The Proof in the Pudding
    The Verdict in the Story
    The Man in the Morgue
    Two Bodies in the Lab
    The Santa in the Slush
    The Dwarf in the Dirt
    The Doctor in the Photo
    Double Trouble in the Panhandle
    The Critic in the Cabarnet
    The Signs in the Silence
    The Death in the Saddle
    The Bodies in the Book
    Judas on a Pole
    Salt in the Wounds
    The Woman in the Sand
    The Harbingers in the Fountain
    The Con Man in the Meth Lab
    The Mummy in a Maze
    The Bullet in the Brain
    The Baby in the Bough
    The Killer in the Concrete
    The Goop on the Girl
    The Pain the Heart
    The Truth in the Lye
    The Foot in the Foreclosure
    Woman in Limbo
    Night at the Bones Museum
    Wannabee in the Weeds

    Waffle iron
    DVD Player

    I’ll add:
    Gigantic power generator
    Sunscreen (mostly for Booth, not me)

  32. Oh yeah I wanted to add that I’m willing to just go to a deserted island and stay there with all of these items …I would be pretty happy!

  33. *cracks knuckles*

    OK….i’ve got this.

    1) The End In The Beginning
    2) Aliens In A Spaceship
    3) Proof In The Pudding
    4) Two Bodies In The Lab
    5) Judas On A Pole

    It’s taken me 24 hours but i’ve done it…AND i’ve stuck to 5 so 😛 LOL

    Along with those episodes, i’m also bringing Booth with gun, whipped cream and a pair of handcuffs. I hope you don’t mind. I may even share, who knows 😉

  34. OK so combine Sarah’s with Laffers’ and then add mine. I still might need more but add these 5 and I’ll at least be on my way.

    Man in the Fallout Shelter
    Woman in the Sand
    Verdict in the Story
    Hole in the Heart/Change in the Game (I think these two need to be together)

  35. Oh gosh. This is the most absolutely thoroughly difficult thing ever. Not that I haven’t mentally made many a Top 5 list…but committing it to this computer screen and hitting “post comment” seems so FINAL! Still, we all must persist.

    1) Aliens in a Spaceship. (I fell in love with Booth at the moment he ran down that hill. I think it will always be my favorite of all time).
    2) Blackout in the Blizzard. (The intimacy and honesty and vulnerability and inherent optimism of it all just floors me).
    3) Judas on a Pole (There’s more than one kind of family, and this family is one of my favorites)
    4) Parts in the Sum of the Whole (THAT FIRST KISS)
    5) The Blonde in the Game (I will never, ever, ever tire of the look on Booth’s face and the little “hmm?” he makes as he reveals Jasper)

    Honorable mention goes to
    Killer in the Concrete (Brennan sings a little bit and Booth LOVES IT)
    Dwarf in the Dirt (I started watching regularly in season five, and I realized I was hooked when I practically cheered out loud over Booth’s marksmanship re-certification. That’s when I started catching up on what I’d missed!)
    Goop on the Girl (shirtless Booth AND a teary funeral scene? Merry Christmas indeed)

    I could add about 20 others, but I’ll try not to 🙂 Thanks for getting us all thinking! I think I would enjoy this island very much.

  36. Welp, I’m pretty late to this party (darn places with no internet connections!) and most of you have claimed the bestest of episodes….so I’ll just say:

    “win/win/win”–is someone watching The Office? Because that is soooo Michael Scott right there.

    Any episodes featuring the “grey sweater” should be on this list.

    Hole in the Freaking Heart. Best episode in a while. Honorable mention: Doctor in the Photo

    Also, any kissing episodes. Because ED and DB’s chemistry is off the charts, they don’t give us much PDA.

  37. Ah, Glowing Bones in the old Stone House. “Like it, I wish I could be alone with it!” LOVE. I want Booth and Brennan to have more dinner scenes like this in the future. No matter the stuff they need to figure out, or challenges to overcome, they can give one another more moments like this….while baby BB is sleeping soundly off in his/her crib. In fact, they can have a scene just like the end of this episode, only speaking in hushed tones. A well-deserved and shared meal after a long day of bone scavenging/catching killers/ putting a wee one down for the night.

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