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Scene Study: The Passenger in the Oven- Booth Has Librarian Fantasies, Y’all.



Soooooo, since I had already done a scene study this week, I thought I’d do a short mini-one for today. I pondered BONES eps, trying to find a moment that was shorter than most (for those keeping score at home, scene studies require about an hour per minute of episode), and I settled on this ‘librarian’ scene from Passenger in the Oven. It’s only about a minute and a half, so I figured I’d be good. Pull a few pics, gush a little and presto– a scene study.

I pulled over 50 pics.

It’s the power of Boreanaz. It’s the allure of Deschanel. They cannot be denied.

The scene begins as Brennan (who has borrowed (via Booth) a pair of glasses with intense magnification beyond her normal prescription (if she had one) ) is trying to identify elements of the skeleton. Booth comes in the small plane area to ask her a question, and…

“Bones,” he begins…

He’s…having a religious experience right there. Right there. I mean, seriously…

And then, where Booth would normally just blink and move on…he doesn’t. He doesn’t compartmentalize or pretend it’s nothing (not yet). He says, “Right. What I want you to do is take off your glasses…”

“Shake out your hair and say…,” he tells her, and her eyes…Hahahahahaha! They are just all over him, and so amazing. Love it.

“Mr. Booth…do you know what the penalty is for an overdue book?”


Amen and Amen. (Bonus points for anyone who automatically thought “Thanks, Steve”).

But can’t you just hear the sound of his voice when he’s moving closer to her like that? It gets lower and softer as he gets nearer? It’s just wrong how fantabulisticulous it is.

Of course it’s possible that Brennan can’t actually even really see him. FOR SHAME! But possible!

“Why?” she asks. Why Brennan? DIDN’T YOU HEAR HIS VOICE?!?!

Booth is all awkward, and I know I’m not the only one who would volunteer to put a little “reserved” stamp on him! “Nevermind,” he says. Sigh.

But it’s back to the case as Booth holds on to the wall as if he’s pretending that the plane is shaky or something. Or maybe it’s because you just practically seduced your partner, there Booth. Hmm? Ever think of that?

Ha! That is my favorite picture of all of these, I’m pretty sure. After Booth asks her what else she needs to figure out the impression on the victim’s skull, he goes on a search, and she gets back to work.

But of course, Booth’s words are still in her mind, and is too curious not to do anything about it. And Brennan gives it a try and considers it, and gives a classic ” I don’t know what that means” face.

Or does she?

What do you think? Could she have really missed his tone and…heck, his FACE?!? Either way, I love this minute and a half in BONES history.

Hahaha…there are a lot of times on Thursdays where I might grit my teeth at the FOX promo department. The promos can really be misleading and/or, once I’ve seen something, it loses a little specialness when the next Thursday’s ep comes around, right? Not for this scene. Not ever. I knew it was sort of coming, and it STILL was just…guh. Booth. Brennan.

It still is.

Hope you’re having a good day!

Peace, Love & Bones,



32 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Passenger in the Oven- Booth Has Librarian Fantasies, Y’all.

  1. I always feel a little sorry for Booth when Brennan asks him “why?”. He has this whole idea of how sexy it would be if Brennan played along with him and she just shoots a cannon through his fantasy. You can just seem him saying to himself, “Damn”.

    I think at the end of the scene when Brennan gives it a little try, she seems to think about it. She then seems, to me, to get what Booth wanted; but, she was puzzled about why he would be interested in that role play idea.

    This episode is a good bookend with Death In the Saddle. This episode came after that one so we know she talked about role playing with Booth and seemed to understand that some people like it. She may have just been puzzled about why Booth would be interested in that particular fantasy though. She tries to understand Booth; but, sometimes, she really doesn’t understand him at all.

    Just a side note: I think it is interesting that even in Booth’s flight of fancy, his idea of a sexy woman would be a librarian. He is definitely into smart women

  2. I cannot even think about this scene without wearing a big goofy grin. Love love love love it. Especially for that moment when Booth locks on Brennan’s lips as he’s speaking to her. One of the sexiest moves, ever, in my book, when your romantic partner steps closer to you, staring at your mouth.

    Whew….moving on.

    I loved how you noted, Sarah, that Booth’s reaction was automatic, something he’d normally hide but for somehow, this one won out.

    Honestly, I don’t know how ED kept a straight face during this scene. It’s just such a happy, funny, silly thing. I guess that’s why she makes the big bucks and I’m reading blogs about her great work. 🙂

  3. Geez, I clapped like a circus seal at these pics!
    No I don’t think she gets it at all. Oh & I’ve always loved the way Brennan comes out with that ‘why’. She just sounds so puzzled.

  4. This is my favorite scene of all the episodes. The raw emotion on Booth’s face says it all. I almost died when she said “Why?” I was like come on, you have got to be kidding! How dense can you be?

    I think she understood, but used her, ‘I don’t know what that means?’, card. She uses this quite often to avoid serious conversations. I think Pops, is the only one who called her on it, he knows the real Brennan.

    Seels, thanks for this. It’s a great way to start my day.
    Ahh, fantasy Booth.

  5. That final look of Brennan can mean much more that ” I don’t know what that means”. Seems she’s pondering something about Booth’s loooks or his voice so close to her. But is pretty cute to how Booth express to her his librarian fantasy.

  6. Loved the ‘clapping like a seal’ comment from a previous poster. 🙂 I also had a big smile on my face while looking through the photos. Such a classic scene. It’s not often I get a chance to go back and watch older episodes, so I just want to say that I really enjoy these scene studies! Thanks!

  7. ooh lovely screen study Seels! Hmm lovely, pictures too. First thought – how does that man look so good in a plain white shirt? How defined do you actually have to be to have it mould around your chest like that? I mean, good grief, what are they trying to do to us?

    This is one of my favourite episodes, I just love it from start to finish. From Booth squeezed into the economy seats (emphasises his bulk, drool) to the moment he gets Federal on that kids ass and says ‘because this is the United States of America!’ right before they touch down (great delivery there – I felt both the urgency and also patriotic pride). And the white shirt. Yeah, this episode is definitely a favourite.

    I do love this particular scene, but it’s one of those that actually the more I’ve watched it, the more it’s lost its sheen for me. I think the continuity is off; Brennan has already stated in at least two episodes that she’s well versed in both role play and other more adventurous sexual activities (at least in theory if not in practice) and so it just doesn’t ring true that she wouldn’t have understood what he was getting it. It’s one of the first examples of where I feel they kind of sacrificed who the character of Brennan was because they just wanted to get that scene out there so much, regardless if it was totally in character. And they didn’t want her to shoot him down, so they made out she didn’t understand instead. Compare it to season 5 and her face when Cam walked in on her ‘collecting evidence’ on her knees – no ambiguity there, she knew exactly what Cam was thinking, because that’s what made the scene funnier. I get that it would be boring to have the characters react in the same way all the time and sometimes they have a goal for the tone of the scene, it just bugs me that this role playing one directly contradicts something they’ve established before. But hey, Booth’s wearing his ‘this shirt covers an Adonis’ shirt so nothing’s going to stop me enjoying it 🙂

    Booth takes it well – I mean think about it, that was probably one of the most outwardly flirtatious things he’s ever said to her and it kind of makes me sad for him that it just totally sailed over her head ha. I do love the kind of breathless delivery of ‘why?’ though. She knew something was up (so to speak) even if she didn’t get quite what. To me, I can kind of see him thinking, ‘Yeahhh, that didn’t go as planned’. But I love her giving it a try once he’s left and I love the look on her face, like ‘how impractical. Shaking ones hair around doesn’t achieve anything and could contaminate evidence.’

    Also, how anyone could look at that face, those melty sparkly eyes, low voice and miniscule smirk and not leap into his arms, I will never understand.

    Did we have super smokin’ Booth moments like that in season 6? Seems to me he’s lost some of that roguish swagger along the way…

    • I think the roguish charm came back in the second half of the season (gee-wonder why?!!!) We have “this land belongs to Seeley Booth”, the VD tommy gun grin, the “well, yeah…”, the bowling alley kiss, the look he gives her right before Brennan goes into Angela’s room in the hospital. But there’s also a sort of shyness with her too, like when he thanks her for sticking with him, when he says good night at the door of his bedroom or when he waits for her to make the first move right after VNM’s send-off. So much DB to love today. Sigh…

  8. I just watched this episode last night! It never fails to amaze me the way DB creates an aura of sexual tension with ED so intense that it almost feels like a balloon being popped when the trance Booth is in is broken – this scene and the scene in Blizzard where Brennan is talking about making love being two perfect examples.

    And even after all the times I’ve seen it, I’ve always been so focused on how sultry Booth’s voice sounds when he starts with the “Mr. Booth….” that I have never caught that Brennan’s eyes are kind of roaming over him while he says it. How did these two not rip each other’s clothes off when they were staying together 2 episodes later in Double Trouble?!? (But that’s a whole ‘nother issue…)

    • I always wondered how they slept in the same bed at times, and he didn’t roll over in his sleep and hold her, or maybe he did, and they don’t tell us. Can you imagine waking up to Booth with his arms around you. Mmmm, fantasies.

      • Yes, Kimberly, I can…

        Er…. wait… what were we talking about? Oh. Right. Double Trouble. 😉

        I’ve actually got a theory about how things went in that trailer…

        I think that he argued for sleeping elsewhere and insisted she take the bed. But she insisted they share the bed because logically, there was really no place else for him to sleep that wouldn’t hurt his back, and if some carny came in unexpectedly, they’d have some ‘splainin’ to do. And it’s just sleeping, so what’s the big deal?

        He finally agrees, albeit reluctantly, after insisting that she sleep under the sheet and he sleep on top of it. Which she eyerolls at, but agrees to. And then she wakes up in the middle of the night in his arms, sheet firmly in place between them. She gets out of bed, goes and splashes some cold water on her face, waits a while, comes back and he has rolled over, facing her side of the bed. She gets back in and watches him sleeping until she falls asleep, and when she wakes up in the morning, he’s already up and has coffee ready.

        I actually managed to work that into a fanfic I’m in the process of writing. It’s not up yet though; I’m working on final edits for the chapter now.

      • Great explanation Jade. Let us know when your story is ready. I always pictured Booth lying next to Brennan, wide awake and afraid to move. He eventually falls asleep and during the night ends up spooning with Brennan. He wakes up first, realizes where he is and what he is doing and jumps out of bed. Brennan on the other hand woke during the night and didn’t care that they were spoonning because after all there is only so much room on the bed and what the heck, what can it hurt? Booth really needs that cup of coffee in the morning.

      • Jade,
        I would love to read it when ti’s done. What’s your fanfic name?

      • Thanks, Lenora! I like your take on it, too. 🙂

        I think they both woke up at alternating points, and it was just this thing that they never really talked about or referred to again.

        It’s funny, the way I’m using my idea of what happened in Double Trouble, Brennan is remembering it (I’m working on a post Hole In the Heart fic) but now, thanks to this conversation, I have a full-on missing moment for Double Trouble writing itself in my brain. Silly plot bunnies. 😉

        Kimberly, in terms of the fic itself; I haven’t started posting it yet, and I’m still working out the title.

        What I’ve got in progress is the first part of a companion piece to one I posted a couple of weeks ago at FFN and Bonesology. That piece is called The Couple in the Aftermath. It’s my take on THE missing moment from Hole in the Heart.

        What I’m working on now picks up the morning after. I was hoping to get the first chapter up later this week… though it is the end of the week already. My editing time has been curtailed more than I’d like, but I’m working on it. 🙂

  9. I absolutely love this scene. It never fails to make me smile. Thanks Sarah!

  10. I love this scene — it’s definitely one of the best of the whole series. I amend my list from the desert island post though I don’t know which episode I would replace with this one.
    I think Brennan is compartmentalizing here because she is focusing on the case. However, when she tries it once she is alone, her face looks more like: “really — that does it for him?” — to me like she is filing that info away. I don’t think she truly ‘doesn’t know what that means’! That’s why I always wonder why they are lying across the aisle from each other instead of next to each other on the flight back. I always think they had to do that to keep from at least holding hands.

  11. I love this scene, I’ve always kind of just told myself that while she understands role play, this particular fantasy just isn’t one she’d considered. Of course, I’m not sure how you could miss the point with Mr. Booth’s voice and body language. *Swoon*

    I’ll be his librarian any ol’ time.

  12. Hmm….considering I am a librarian, I think I get first dibs on him! 🙂 I have a coworker who is just as enthusiastic about Bones as I am. When she is having a bad day, I will send her a picture of DB. I think that she might find her inbox filled today when she comes in. So many pictures to choose from! Thanks Sarah for starting my Thursday off right.

  13. All … I … can … do … is ….
    Must … turn … up … the … AC ….

  14. I was listening to Pandora Radio a little while ago and what should start playing? Make You Feel My Love. Gosh, I love when Bones music just pops up.

  15. Now that I’ve had a chance to cool off….

    I do adore this scene. And, nice point about Brennan’s look at Booth. I, too, had never really noticed that before.

    Besides the role playing thing, there’s also the issue of Brennan having watched lots of old movies with her dad. The librarian taking off her glasses and shaking out her hair is one of the oldest movie tropes. It’s hard to believe she’d never seen that before.

    Shout out to: David’s tailor and his trainer!

  16. Oh, those pictures; seeing the moment in stop-motion is almost too much. It must be one of the sexiest Bones scenes ever and is defused perfectly when she so cluelessly asks “why?” I have a theory as to how things unfold like they do. Booth very rarely gets that aggressive with Brennan; he’s always very careful never to step over the line probably because of how things ended after the kiss right after they first met. He never wants to intimidate her, or put her in the positioning of having to say no, thus endangering what they now have. But he’s tired, all-night flight, tiny seat, etc.
    And they’re on the road, together alone against the world, and suddenly a very improper image comes up when he sees her so unexpectedly in those glasses. So he just lets things come out, without the ability to censor- and an instant rewind moment is created!.

    Brennan on the other hand is now in her “all business” mode; she’s essentially back at the lab and her thoughts are no way near Booth’s. I’m sure she’s heard of librarian fantasies before, but these are not even remotely on her brain-she’s in her little science compartment. And Seels is right, maybe she can’t really focus that well on his face (more’s the pity for her!) So she misses his vibe entirely, but it still has an effect because she values what he says, even if she sometimes has to file it away for further study. I honestly think for her there was no clue, just a puzzle.

    This was a great way to keep the UST alive without actually moving forward on anything. What I find amazing about this scene is ED’s poise and collectedness; there is no way if I was her my eyes wouldn’t be bugging out of my head and my tongue wouldn’t be down by my knees when he got THAT close, with THAT voice thing going on.

    • I tend to agree. I mean, she’s standing over a victim’s remains. I can’t imagine Brennan going at it in those circumstances.

    • Totally agree with you on this, Maria.

      I’ve found myself wondering a couple of things about this ep:

      1) How many takes did they have to do to get that shot? Because ED’s a pro and all, but how she manages to keep a straight, clueless face is beyond me. I’ve seen the outtakes from the Santa in the Slush kiss, and she was giggling like crazy, no way she did this one without laughing at least once.

      2) Was this scene scripted originally, or was it the result of some improv or ad libbing on one, or both their parts? Because I can totally see DB getting goofy and making librarian jokes on the set.

  17. I may or may not call my dark framed glasses my “sexy librarian” look.

  18. Sarah, I squealed a little when I saw the topic of today’s post. I love, love, love this scene.

    I love it so much, that when I found a pic from it a few months ago – it must be a promo shot, because it’s not in any of your screen caps – of the two of them kind of staring at each other, I snagged it to use as wallpaper on my iTouch. Which is saying something, because before that I had my favorite painting as my wallpaper and I hadn’t changed it in two years. :p It makes me grin every time I turn on my iPod.

  19. This scene cracks me up every time…especially when Booth grabs onto the wall for balance. 🙂 Great scene study Sarah!

  20. Librarians give great subtext, if you catch my drift.

  21. I love this scene! It totally calls to mind the Buck and Wanda flirtatious cheek kiss, and how when Booth/Buck gave her that “come hither” look, Brennan actually (effortlessly) responds…and how we wish everytime we watch this librarian scene, that it played out Buck and Wanda style! Thank heavens the evil geniuses finally let us see Brennan respond to the blatant flirting! How Brennan doesn’t respond on the plane though, I’ll never know.

    And I saw some comments that it seems out of character to know pony play but not this….my gut reaction is that first of all, she was focused on solving that murder when Booth walked in, and also, she truly does not understand the fantasy element of a librarian. If someone sat down and explained it to her in more detail, she’d probably get it. And Booth pulled back from it so quickly, she didn’t have time to process in the moment.

    The fact that she DOES try it after he leaves is the most telling to me. She really, truly listens to Booth and puts stock into what he says. Though she doesn’t really get it, she tries it out anyway, because she really believes that he speaks the truth, and she really wants to understand him and how he thinks. I love that she tries out…maybe they tried it sometime AFTER HitH??

  22. I just love this sooo much! hahaha Brennan shut down Booth and he’s just like “What?” hahaha 🙂

  23. I love this scene. Just re-watched it. I think Brennan asks why because, as we know, she can be sexually active, but she doesn’t believe in love. She knows Booth prefers to be in love before sex. So it is confusing to her as to why he would want this, as she really doesn’t believe she can be loved. This is due to her parents abandoning her. Liked, yes, admired, yes….loved…she just doesn’t believe.

  24. Not only can that man wear a white shirt well but he can surely purr….and I also like the part where they are telling Caroline who the victim is. He is walking up behind Bones and is going to put his arm around her but realizes everyone can see him on the big screen tv and thinks better of it. Makes for an eventful flight.

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